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Archives: January 25, 2017

Trump Spokesman Confirms Trump Is A Conspiracy Theorist

Unions expected to protest Right to Work in West Chester

Trump Wont Back Down From His Voting Fraud Lie. Here Are the Facts.

President Costanza

consider this, blotus was so convinced he was going to lose


Texas Rep. Lamar Smith: 'Better To Get News Directly From Trump'

What is the Emoluments Clause? Does it apply to Trump?

Let me get this straight - NAFTA and the Pipelines

For all USDA, EPA, and other gov't scientists: here's how to share info confidentially

Trump's Politifact Scorecard

Millions of families will wait longer for their tax refunds this year

White House Twitter accounts open to hacking..

Comrade casino silences several Federal Agencies

For a few hours, Badlands National Parks was bad to the bone in defiance of Trump

Sexist, vulgar posts on women's marches rebound on officials

Did DU change requirements for cookies today? I can't log on from my computer.

Trump Creates Ten Million Jobs for Fact Checkers

Watch any disaster movie ever made, and then imagine Trump is the President.

Lincoln gives his blessing to the Trumps on inauguration day.

GOP Really Wants To Stop Social Security Checks & Medicare Abruptly.

There is no more important issue than our right to vote.

Brazil prosecutor says Temer labor reforms illegal

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest

Brazil prosecutor says Temer labor reforms illegal

our trumpian future?

our trumpian future?

Trump Administration Restricts News from Federal Scientists at USDA, EPA

Trump Introduces Developer Tax Credit For People Like Him

Trump won this little chunk of Los Angeles, where half of voters are linked to Scientology

standing to sue

Top Democrats Explain Decision to Support Ben Carsons Nomination


The horrifying way some drug addicts are now getting their fix

CIA Targets Its' Newest Asset: Trump

Op-Ed: Will Trump be the end of the Pax Americana?

Jerry Brown: California is not turning back. Not now, not ever

Boys Inspire Their Dad's Anime Creations

No Democratic Vote For Any Drumpt SCOTUS Nominee

Israel plans West Bank settlement expansion amid policy shifts in Washington

East Texas judge doubles down on 'a million fat women,' calls protests 'a hissy fit'

How to Take Action and Stay Sane in the Trump Era

Europe faces droughts, floods and storms as climate change accelerates

Questions arise over attorney general Hawley's residence

S. Carolina state rep. Chris Corley resigns; faces domestic violence charge

Time to boycott Leinenkugel's

Trump Just Ordered Government Scientists to Hide Facts From the Public

Who will step forward and lead the opposition?

Trump karaoke

"Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal."

From Russia with love:

i am sure HRC's first actions would be global gag order on contraception/abortion

Please call your Senator if they are on this list

Minitrue, Miniluv, Minipax. FDT

You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

Bernie Ecclestone: Why F1's titanic leader was loved and loathed

Scientists Use 100 Billion FPS Camera to Capture Lights Sonic Boom

Southeast devastated by tornadoes, 15 dead, Trump does NOTHING.

..."Felony Riot" Charges Against Inauguration Protesters Signal Dangerous Wave of Repression

Exclusive: Trump Expected to Sign Executive Orders on Immigration

So basically little Donnie has attacked womens issues and the arts in his first few days...I'm SURE

Speaker At Group Supported By Betsy DeVos Says Hitler Was Good At Reaching Children

Gov. Abbott pledges to approve school choice bills this session

I decided to boycott my alcohol dealer.

Bastrop mayor, manager direct staff to delete recording of council

TV news showing Trump's confab with auto makers.

Sick Day Soups

CNN - "Lying has worked for Donald Trump -- so why stop now?"

melania questioned obama's birth certificate too.

A deranged man is destroying the United States of America

Trump: Stranger Danger, Kids.

Nikki Haley confirmed as new U.S. envoy to the United Nations

Trump Signs Executive Order To Remove plaque from the Statue of Liberty museum

Slate - "Protest Works. The Trump administrations meltdown proves it."

Slate - "What Happens When Trump's Rhetoric Is Too Outlandish for His Press Secretary to Defend"

Draft Dodger Trump's Latest Attack on Veterans---the Federal Hiring Freeze

Sen. Brian Schatz: "It's just not reasonable to vote against Elaine Chao."

"What is pissing you off tonight?" Time

Trump was not elected to protect America. He was chosen to protect whiteness.

MSNBC responds to Trump Lie With Real Time Fact Check Of Claim Millions Voted Illegally

Cry me a river! TPM "Report: Trump Complains Negative Press Means He Can't 'Enjoy' White House"

I Was at Trump's Inauguration. It Was Tiny. (David Zirin, The Nation)


Here's Kellyanne Conway's 1998 Stand-Up Comedy Performance

If women made laws about male reproductive organs

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Alternative Facts! Live, Uncensored &

I don't know if people know this, but Drumpf is a little slow

Japan launches first military communications satellite

I just wanna say thanks.

Texas bullet train, Dallas-area rail line among Trump's transportation priorities

"Justice Democrats?"

Coming to America: The difficult choices children face when seeking refuge from El Salvador's ...

O'Reilly just reperpetrated a smear on Choice,conflating a serial killer(GOSNELL)as an"abortionist"

All 3rd Party voters please sign in, so I can put you on ignore.

Facebook page where people are invited to admit their regret over voting for Trump:

"To My Conservative Sisters"

Hostility toward women is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support

SAPD: Suspects threatened to kill mother, daughter at Ingram Park Mall, fired shots before fleeing

Rep. Chris Corley resigns following indictment on CDV charges



Twitler has twitted

Asteroid to pass between Earth and moon

Daughter, SIL, and grandson moved to the midwest from the deep south

So Called Liberal Welfare Cry Babies! Facts vs. Myth

slate - David Brooks Column About the Womens Marches Should Be Dumped in Acid and Set on Fire

Now Trump threatens martial law:

Twitler has twitted again. Misspelling and all.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 28, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website: sources

The sea dragged cars parked near the Malecon (Havana)

He is fucking nuts

Twitler wants to " invade" Chicago due to "carnage"!

Wyoming Bill Would All But Outlaw Clean Energy by Preventing Utilities From Using It

How the US global gag rule threatens health clinics across Kenya and Uganda

Congratulations to La La Land

Watch What He Does, Not What He Says

Just had the craziest flashback to my early childhood.

The Federal Hiring Freeze Just 1st Step In Eliminating Civil Service & Contracting Out Jobs.

Trump plans on Wednesday to sign an executive order to direct funds to the building of a wall

*Frontline, Trump's Road to the White House

I'm sure Trump's threat to send Feds into Chicago for the 'carnage' has nothing to due with this...

Costa: Trump told aides he'll personally oversee aspects of the project/construction of the wall

Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Bill Limiting Trump's Ability To Launch Nuclear Strike


Does Twitler understand the difference between president and dictator?

Heres what we actually lose when scientists cant talk to the public Popular Science POPULAR SCIE

Please DON"T Mail To: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Washington, DC. 20500

Peyton Manning to join Trump in GOP retreat.

There Are 62 Million Americans I Will Never Forgive This This Travesty.

I want to say something about torture, because it's going to be coming back soon

Trump to hang photo of inauguration crowd in front of White House reporters

When you're three days into a job and you just want to go home

The GOP Is As Insane & Ruthless As Trump And Even More Dangerous.

WAPO - "Trumps disregard for the truth threatens his ability to govern"

Now NASA has taken to Twitter

Strawberry Fields Forever

Trump's temper tantrums over crowd numbers are DISTRACTIONS

Expect A Lot More Election Fraud Initiatives From GOP. Goal - Make Elections Permanently GOP.

National park deletes tweets about climate science

Why Trump tweeted about Chicago tonight -- Rahm Emanuel went after him yesterday

Trump Explained in 1955

Four More Journalists Who Covered Inauguration Day Protests Were Charged With Felonies

Right now I'm afraid for our country

Trump Not Enjoying White House as He Feels He Deserves

We Are A Nation In Extreme Crisis Right Now We Just Do Not Know It Yet.

congratulations liberals, you were right again. this authoritarian nightmare was forseen

Official resistance account of the US Natl Park Service on Twitter

We don't have to treat the first lady Melania like a wallflower

Where are the RW Constitution lovers?

Trump: The Readers Guide

Federal Debt Projected to Grow by Nearly $10 Trillion Over Next Decade

Just heard morning Joe verbally felate Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham

That FASCIST Trump to implement his MUSLIM BAN TOMORROW.

"It was the strawberries!"

Will Twitler shut down the internet?

Strawberry Fields Forever

Intelligence Operatives Are In Mortal Danger Right Now. Particularly Our Russian Sources.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons

Follow AltNatParkSer on Twitter -- renegade NPS employees

If Dayton decides to step down, will Lt. Gov Tina Smith take his place

Here comes the wall and anti immigration legislation...

Obama makes healthcare plea in handoff letter to Trump

Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website: sources

Obamacare repeal: Big difference between access and coverage

This pResidency Is A Fucking Joke, And It's Only Day 4...

Another knockout punch in Richard Spencer's backyard

Shaking with fear and anger

What Next? A Federal Law Making It A Felony To Say "Climate Warming" Or "Climate Change".

NOAAs GOES-16 Satellite Sends First Images to Earth

#alternativefacts what are yours? It can be anything apparently

Malted Milk

Didn't the GOP say Obama's executive orders were illegal?

Ironic ... watching PBS

I'm actually beginning to hope my children won't have kids

What will it be like in a month or two?

To Donald J. Trump

2018 Elections Are The Real Test - Will We Continue to Enable Crazy?

BREAKING NEWS - Trump Order Satellites Turned Off The Earth Is Flat.

Maybe DT is encouraging the leaks about how crazy he is.

'1984' sales soar after Trump claims, 'alternative facts'

Trump Looks A Little Wild Eyed At Times Right Now. Am I Imagining Things?

It is so, so painful to think of how different the world would be

Roger Cohen, NYT: DT is laying the groundwork for totalitarianism

Gabriel the Burned Puppy Gets His Well-Deserved Happy Ending

How does a wall stop...

Fascism has begun. Inauguration day protestors rounded up near minor skirmishes ...

Trump Didnt Just Reinstate the Global Gag Rule. He Massively Expanded It.

Seriously Wondering About Seeking Asylum...

Thanks To Trump & GOP We Have A Rogue Government Right Now.

A survivor's guide to being a muzzled scientist

Nation As We Knew It Could Be In Critical Condition By Spring.

NYTimes Editorial Board: We the People Demand Mr. Trump Release His Tax Returns

Impeachment Rallies Should Be Up Next!

Scientists March on Washington

Hell. Is Trump planning on paying for his wall by redirecting funds meant for sanctuary cities?

Things Seem To Be Going To Hell Fast.

Democrats Keep Talking In Soft Language. Take Out The Brass Knuckles Damn It.

Senate committee moving forward with Russia hacking probe - The Hill

Killer Mike Has Some Advice For White Liberals Afraid Of Donald Trump

Another good idea from a FB post

FYI: Xanax is dangerously addictive

Police frisk former running back Ricky Williams for taking a walk, suspiciously???

The day after President Puss-pocket was....

Can we stop the lie that Trump's crew want but can't hold him back from disastrous statements?

GOP Committee Members Take First Vote To Protect Trumps Conflicts of Interest

Google allowing anti-sanctuary city ads

Scientists march on Washington!

Federal Employees Could Be Forced To Cough Up Data They Saved by FBI.

Looks like Gucci trolled KellyAnne...

Phony Voter Fraud Allegations Will Be Used As Excuse For GOP To Push Extreme Voter ID Laws.

Philosopher's Soccer Match...

Federal employees who are gagged are starting "alt" Twitter accounts

The New Colossus (Emma Lazarus 1883)

Protest Leaders Could Face Harassment, Arrest & Jail Sponsored By Trump & GOP.

Trump's HHS pick: Right to Medicaid may not be guaranteed under block grants

Our next march against Donald Trump - Tax Day

Trump knows very well he's lying. He's giving the script to Fox 'news, his troll army and drones,

Trump is threatening martial law in Chicago

It Really Does Look Like Pre Nazi Germany Or Even What I ISIS Takeover Looks Like.

Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website

mr trump, the are some policemen here who'd like to speak with you and your staff...

Propaganda Barbie.....

On punching Nazis

Medicaid Is The Most Likely Road To Universal Care. That Is Why They Want To Kill It.

GOP Is OK Killing 43,000 Americans Denying Health Care. They Are Ok W/How They Deal W/Protest.

1,000+ protesting outside the White House...

I wonder how many federal employees voted for Twitler

Reminder for federal workers getting silence orders this week: here's a secure way to reach the Was

Someone took issue with my argument that the donald took the oath of office and

Is silencing a section of the government a lawful order such as the donald did

Syphilitic bloviating gas bladder

TRUMP's Shallow DOF...

Being Silenced on Trump? Federal Employees...don't let not so great wannabe President silence you.

Ban-the-box policy to hire ex-inmates is gaining backers

More than 23 million people could lose coverage. And the superrich will get a $197,000 tax cut.

Other countries should stop taking our food exports

Why 1,000 Calvin College alumni, students oppose Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary

The whole Trump-CIA-saga, summed up in six short statements:

Scary thought:

5 things to know about the proposal to phase out Michigan's income tax

Trump to meet with CEOs of Detroit Three automakers

Should Indiana governor, other offices get raises?

Bosma: No demotion for Indiana lawmaker over controversial Facebook memes

Toyota to add 400 jobs by 2019, expand Highlander production

What is the current status of repealing the ACA?

2 Indiana lawmakers under fire for posts after women's march

Court docs: Man burned cat alive after Bible study

Democrats aim to up their game via action, workshops

Maryland lawmakers filing 'end of life options' bill

Florida governor wants more than $600 million in tax cuts

Today is WALL Day

American Experience: Rachel Carson

After 2 weeks away, North Carolina legislature begins in earnest

Daily Holidays - January 25

Anguished advice to my liberal American friends

Why the hurry of all the executive orders in 72 hours

Tennis fans - OZ Open

A Tale of Two Tornado Disasters (one under DT and one under Obama)

Working in the trump junta is like

QOTD (maybe the year or even decade): Dems vs Repubs

Is DT's administration ready for a major disaster? No, it is not.

Religious Services Now Being Held in OH and WV Prisons for Pagan, Wiccans & Satanists

Tuesdays with Toomey

Wednesday TOON Roundup 1: Alt-Liars

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Cheeto In Chief

Please, IRS, take one for the team!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Wear Red to Protest Betty De Vos as Sec of Education Today!

Californias Jerry Brown Laid Down a Direct Challenge to Trump

Trump Aides: The president is a 70-year-old child whose TV time must be closely monitored

Donald Trump Warned Of A Rigged Election, Was He Right?

Ohio mosque is first to join sanctuary movement

POTUS should not be pushing fake news about our democracy. That's what the country's enemies do.

Get ready for it. Trump's going to try to further restrict voting rights- new tweets

Another Trump Voter Loses Confidence: "I tried, Trump, I really did"

Trump to order "Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud"

Get ready for the first shocks of Trump's "Disaster Capitalism"

Trump calls for 'major investigation' into voter fraud

Trumps freeze on hiring federal workers may thwart his plans for deportations

Sanders Joins Senate Leaders to Unveil $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Sanders Joins Senate Leaders to Unveil $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

The reason trump lies about vote fraud.

Who Are We?

Conservative Republican lawmakers to revise Florida's "stand your ground" law

Rafter of Turkeys at feeder

CNN committing serious JOURNALISM this morning!!

"Sometimes you can watch 2 different stations and get 2 different weather reports"

Don't Worry GOP Will Make Up Facts To Support Voter Fraud Claims By Trump. Like Hillary Emails.

Manager at Russia's biggest cybersecurity firm in charge of investigating hacking attacker-arrested

I would love if Twitter deleted Trump's Account

Counterintelligence investigation into Team Trump casts a wide net

I think we should call for a 'major investigation' into Trump's mental health.

The whole foolishness about voter fraud is a set up by Don and his

FIRST: the lie THEN: the attack on voting rights

What Will Trump Do In International Crisis? Now We Know He Is Unhinged.

Luckovich Toon: Trump/Spicer - Stovepipe Tinfoil Hat

CNN is getting Repubs ON RECORD admitting that "voter fraud" is BS.

Believe Your Lying Eyes ?

Trump tweets about Chicago 'carnage,' says he may 'send in the Feds!' if not fixed

Here's Why You Should Call, Not Email, Your Legislators

The Trumpf gestapo! eom

Woman Power

Commerce Nominee Explicitly Pledges To Protect NOAA Mission, Science, Data

Brown Slams "Blatant Attacks On Science" In SOS Speech

Public schools dean charged with sexually assaulting eighth-grader over 8 months

Is media turning on Trump for the wrong reasons?

New Multi-Agency Estimate: Up To 8 Feet Of Sea-Level Rise By 2100

Con Trump is tweeting about made up voter fraud

David Duke?

This is what Trump voters said when asked to compare his inauguration crowd with Obama's

To the "Trump is the same as Hillary" crowd - this is just day 4 of his presidency:

Well, Well, Well - EPA Grants Protected Water & Air Quality In KY, IN - Until Now

Dems plot 'constant campaign' against Trump in war room

Has FEMA done anything for the Florida/Georgia tornado area?

Trump's voter fraud claims undermine the democratic process and his presidency

KY's Enviromental Commission On Brink Of Dissolution; No Director, Funding

Trump threatens to 'send in the feds' to address Chicago 'carnage'

Who will suffer from a government hiring freeze? Veterans.

Sorry but my mailbox is full .. too bad, chump

Tom Price is Exhibit A for congressional ethics reform - WaPo Editorial Board

Trump Promises Major Investigation of Voter Fraud

Trump says he'll send in feds if Chicago doesn't fix 'horrible carnage going on'

Trump Not Enjoying White House as He Feels He Deserves

So, Trump is threatening martial law in what's essentially a black community

4 barely known reasons American Healthcare sucks

While New York Times Editors Bickered, Trump (And Putin) Got Away - Gene Lyons

The New York Bubble with Stephen Colbert!

Here's a page whose days are surely numbered...

Is Con Trump threatening to violate the Posse Comitatus Act ? *


Dont Expect the First Amendment to Protect the Media

A "wall" exists and it doesn't deter much. This is a con.

Move to DC Will Net Goldman Sachs Exec $100 Million

The Shocking Affront of Donald Trump's C.I.A. Stunt

CNN fires back at Trump on inauguration ratings winner

In medieval times

Does this sound better than "Build A Wall" ?

To anyone who had "Chicago" in the "Who does Trump threaten to invade first?" pool.....

Scientists, angry after being told to be quiet, are planning a march on Washington

"President Trump" is an anagram of "Mr Putin's Red Pet"

On @cspanwj NOW today-- Talking progressive resistance, media malpractice, Trump's abuse of truth--

We need an official pinned I contacted my representative thread.

i can only draw one conclusion: the new president is out of his fucking mind.

Trump Reminds Me Of Popeye Character "Bluto".

So the (P)resident evil wants to investigate election fraud. Betcha Ayn Rand Ryan obstructs that.

Trump Appears To Cite Chicago Crime Numbers Pushed By Fox's Bill O'Reilly

Virginia House Appropriations Committee stops student debt relief measures

Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism...This is where we are right now. Let's talk

Does Captain Queeg remind you of anyone re voter fraud?

This is what Trump voters said when asked to compare his inauguration crowd with Obamas

'Morning Joe' rips apart Trump's voter fraud delusions: 'His team cant bear to tell him the truth'

"Oh we have a madman in the presidency because the Democrats forced Hillary on us"

Man behind conspiracy theory of 3 million illegal voters claims he may release their names

Enough of drumph already

If 5, 000, 000 illegally voted for Hillary why didn't they spread out to give her an E C win?

The inaugural gigapixel is cool, somewhat creepy fun.

Donald Trump Has a Much Higher Approval Rating in Russia Than He Does in America, State Pollster Say

Conservative radio host freaks out: Trump is launching an 'alternative reality administration'

I'm a bit suspicious of these leaks from the White House

Dow just passed 20,000...

DOW hits 20,000 for the first time ever

Dec. jobless rates down in 10 states, up in 1; payroll jobs down in 5 states, up in 3

R.I.P. Allman Brothers Band founding member Butch Trucks at 69

Kuwait hangs seven people including royal

Don't look now: It's President Pence! Donald Trump can be deposed, even without impeachment

DoD trolling Trump? Tweet about Iraqi refugee turned Marine on day Trump to announce refugee ban

Air pollution in London passes levels in Beijing... and wood burners are making problem worse

Usain Bolt loses one Olympic gold medal as Nesta Carter tests positive

If Trump sends in the military to patrol heavily African American areas of Chicago will you approve?

OMG! Kellyanne's old stand-up comedy unearthed! Really!

White Nationalist Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Sucker Punched, Won't Denounce Hitler, Talks Jews

You Can See the Moment When Trump Crushes Melania's Soul

I'm looking for a well-organized unified resistance. Help me out here

Another garbled message from himself, says he is gonna "strengthen up voting procedures!"

Trump is Disintegrating Further into Madness, So Why Not Help Him Along?

Political music...

Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. 'Black Site' Prisons

On 26 Jan, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists may change their doomsday clock.

Keep Humiliating Trump Because it's Working

Opinion-When Fascism Dawns in America, You'll Know It

His first week a catastrophe, the next 4 years will be like this, and that's actually great news.

I subscribe to eSkeptic, and

Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump Is Not Of Sound Mind And Must Resign

List of Universities that are profitting by broadcasting sports on Hate Radio

This is just sweet!...Resist!!

Trump's Attorneys (Including His White House Counsel) Even Said in Court There is No Evidence of...

Trump biographer: "He's an actor who's been playing himself for his entire life."

how did I get to 60? happy birthday to me I guess

Trump to sign executive orders enabling construction of proposed border wall and targeting sanctuary

Trumps disregard for the truth threatens his ability to govern

Stop a Douchebag SPB - Hamed

Jury service on videos

2017 Version of Book-Burning

I have a feeling that the American public is not going to tolerate Donald Trump for much longer

Evan McMullin to launch conservative group opposing Trump

No wonder Snowflake's making so many mistakes. He's going too fast

Half Staff for the Half-wit

EPA Scientists' Work May Face 'Case By Case' Review By Trump Team, Official Says

How the Gun on the Original Duck Hunt Worked

Steve Bannon registered to vote in Florida and New York. Voter fraud!

What is the orange dufus doing about disaster relief in the South?

Photos: Activists drop banner at the White House in resistance to Trump

For the poor souls who placed faith in Trump's promise that unlimited drilling would bring jobs:

Does Trump represent the apotheosis of GOP politics or does he represent a radical departure?

"Honey, I shrunk the press secretary". - GoFundMe created to get Sean Spicer a new suit

UPDATED - VIDEO ADDED to Photos: Activists drop banner at the White House in resistance to Trump

"Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become presiden." Grover Norquist

Could Trump's tweets calling for voting fraud investigations provide the impetus - and cover -

Train into FedEx truck

Steve Bannon registered to vote in two states despite Trump's cries of 'voter fraud'

Fears Of Trump Spur Large Crowd At Rep. Gutierrez Town Hall

Tornado-ravaged Mississippi still waiting on disaster relief after Trump promises to 'expedite...

Scientists' March on Washington

Forget Spicer...

Santorum whitewashes Trump's voter fraud lie

Trump To Chicago: Fix The Carnage, Or Face The Feds

For Trump, Everything is a rating

Bad Lip Reading: Inauguration Day.

Trump and Kim Jong-Un impersonators hit Hong Kong

Please Sign the Petition: Trump Must Release His Tax Returns

Edward Snowden's attorneys appeal to European Union's parliament for asylum

Greenpeace activists unfurl 'resist' banner from crane near White House

Retro Rants Against Words. Today's word: "Sure"

Greenpeace activists unfurl 'resist' banner from crane near White House

They will never impeach him.

Putin sings Soviet 'cosmonaut anthem' with Russian students

Secret Service looking at agent who suggested she wouldn't defend Trump from bullet

A New U.S. Budget Blueprint May Affect Genealogists

A New U.S. Budget Blueprint May Affect Genealogists

Trump considering reopening CIA 'black sites' outside US

Thanks to Trump, Scientists Are Planning to Run For Office

Throw those women in jail if they get an abortion

How long before Spicer is out and Kellyanne is in as Presidential spox?

"INAUGURATION DAY" A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

Satellite imagery shows N. Korea preparing possible ICBM launch: U.S. expert


Give 'em the alt-right hook

Moscow: "No illusions" about restoring ties with US quickly

Historically unpopular Pres. Trump's approval rating soars to 70 percent in Russia

What Europe is thinking. Jonathon Pie

Donald Trump Freezes EPA Grants, Tells Employees To Stop Talking To The Press

hey shitgibbon- the feds are already here. obama sent them.

Sometin' Silly - The Wednesday Dance

ERIC vs CrossCheck

Trump will be addressing joint session of Congress Feb. 28. We need massive protests Feb. 27.

How 'bout we collaborate on a petition re: Interstate Crosscheck.

PLEASE call them what they are - Republicans

Here are the TeaBagger freaks DRUMPF believes woo about "illegals voting"

This is for those folks who miss David Letterman.

Trump Hotels to Triple Locations in U.S. Expansion, CEO Says

Pierce: The Democrats Need to Figure This Thing Out

How to Make America's Robots Great Again

"The Slants:" A Band Name Too Racist to Trademark!

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Infrastructure Plan: Brought To You By The Makers Of Trump University

Elon Musk thinks Rex Tillerson (and presumably the Trump administration) supports a carbon tax?

Any UK-U.S. trade deal will put Britain first: PM May

When Killing A Cat Was Punishable By Death - Ancient Egyptian animal relationships

Donald Trump's Science Denial Is Becoming National Policy

Talk to me. I'm bored.

Subject: URGENT pro bono project - Protecting Refugees Arriving at Airports (Today through Saturday

Texas Border Cities React to Donald Trump's Border Wall

Do you think they'll take us back?

House Dems demand voter fraud cases from state officials

Anti-Trump ad from Evan McMullin's new group

No more Honey's in the courtroom or Darlings

Trump Was Upset Because Windmills Off The Coast Of His Golf Course Would....

Mississippi Awaits Federal Relief Help for Tornado Damage

Polish town elects gay man as mayor in near-unanimous vote

McCain: 'Leaning against' voting for Trump's budget pick

Steve Bannon registered to vote in two states despite Trump's cries of 'voter fraud' NY & FL

This is my fear

Discuss: What will be Trump and the republicans Reichstag fire?

NPR is having a call-in from trump supporters....they love the guy

Beware the shiny objects while Trump and the GOP fuck us

Dems: Trump voter fraud 'fantasy' a distraction from Russian help

Woman shocked to discover 'lesbianism' listed as a problem in her medical history

The US has been downgraded from a full democracy to flawed according to the Democracy Index

Netherlands moves on abortion funding after Trump reinstates 'gag rule'

Donald Trump stopping US government scientists from speaking out publicly is 'chilling'

Hamas warns Trump not to move embassy to Jerusalem

McCain to Trump: 'We're not bringing back torture'

New settlement homes are just a taste, Netanyahu tells MKs

Raw Story: Man Behind Conspiracy Theory Of 3 Mil Illegal Voters Claims May Release Names.

WHITE HOUSE official twitter full of re-tweets from trump personal account. Republicans fix this!

When Will Trump Realize That He Is Being Used/Played By The Repug Party?.....

When I lived in California, I was registered to vote in California

Top Ohio Election Official Hits Trump On Plans For National Voter Fraud Probe

Dept. of Defense tweets re refugee who became Marine. They're resisting!

I've been thinking and thinking. Can't find an answer.

The US has been downgraded to a "flawed democracy," but not just because of Trump

We may not want to jump so quickly on the No-Fraud bandwagon. Could be a trap?


Americans are more likely to be struck by lightning than commit voter fraud

Keep Our Eye on The Ball....

Moment Melania Trump's smile turns to a frown the second Donald looks away

Trudeau welcomes Trump's Keystone XL decision

tuna casserole recipies please

Anyone live in NoVA? Well, in case you didn't know, Nazi Richard Spencer is our new neighbor

Death Valley Natl Park trolling Trump, reminding people today of Japanese-American internment

The Gun-control "movement"

Nancy Pelosi Mocks 'Insecure' Trump For Voter Fraud Investigation: 'I Felt Sorry For Him'

Self-Aggrandizing Propaganda at

Democrats push for a broader inquiry into Russian electoral interference

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful..."

Dem Leader Pelosi's shade on Trump is wicked and beguiling

Don't adapt "Republican" tactics

New nickname for Trump heard on the Young Turks

Details here on how trump's dealing with his new life, fyi:

It's Breitbart's White House now: House organ of the alt-right builds a power base in the West Wing

Russian intel officer, cybersecurity investigator arrested for possible treason

Butch Trucks, Allman Brothers Band Drummer and Co-Founder, Dead at 69

Just thought of something: what if Orly Taitz was a Russian plant?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-10: Just The Alternative Facts, Ma'am (Or:Party On Your Pussy) Edition

For folks in North Carolina

USDA lifts gag order: report

Could some DUers please support the National Kidney Foundation's legislative priorities?

For folks in North Carolina

Please support the National Kidney Foundation's action efforts:

Minnesota bill would make convicted protesters liable for policing costs

Still No Federal Response In Mississippi Or Georgia. No FEMA In Sight. They Voted For Change.

A white Trump voter explains why he was inspired to leave a black waitress a $450 tip

Margaret and Helen: Trump has skin thinner than his wife and an ego bigger than my ass.

Margaretand Helen: Trump has skin thinner than his wife and an ego bigger than my ass.

It's time to get real people

is trump going to rule by executive order? congress has had no input at all.

Margaret and Helen: Trump has skin thinner than his wife and an ego bigger than my ass.

Keep track of this date, for when the excuses start flying.

Good Trouble Tennessee--a resistance workshop Feb. 11

Better pic of Greenpeace #Resist banner overlooking WH...

Could you imagine if the Soviet Union demanded we pay for the Berlin Wall ?

Dems: Trump voter fraud 'fantasy' a distraction from Russian help

Steve Bannon Caught In Shady Voter Registration Scam,..

Mr. Fish Toon - Dig It

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest

China to crack down further on 'cult' activities

11 stories from President Trumps first 100 hours that deserve more attention

MUST-WATCH: Bad Lip Reading's take on Inauguration Day

Sen. Jose Peralta defects to IDC, sources confirm


Trump lover shoots man in stomach at protest

If the US ever went to war with China, it would be a Trump distraction technique

Philly-area DUers: There is an event tomorrow to save health care:

Spicer just said investigation on voter fraud will focus on bigger states

The Gators have a tough defense this year.

Attorney General nominee defends anti-LGBTQ 'First Amendment Defense Act'

Supreme Court Brexit ruling: What happens next? (sorry; accidentally posted an earlier news item)

Kim Davis' lawyer: Police traumatized by walking in blood from gay Pulse victims

Spicer had a press conference.

Dad And Son Accused Of Raping Teen Girl Will Base Defense On Bible, As One Does

OH BOY! One daay thge Con puts a hiring freeze on Fed workers & today he orders the Border

Russia Arrests Top Cyber Security Expert Amid Allegations of Treason

Oh..and just *wait* until the first time that pussy grabber goes golfing. js

From NYT story today: Trump is still using "his old, unsecured Android phone" in the White House

Update: TV Icon Mary Tyler Moore Dead At 80

Trump is reportedly still using his unsecured Android phone

Comrade Casino still using an unsecured Android phone.

Republicans to kill US rules on corruption, environment, labor and guns next week

US will probably pay Mexico to build the wall - material and labor will likely come from...

Best news of the day: MSNBC viewers dumping Morning Joe.

Frustrated residents seek response from Sen. Cory Gardner

The Gonzo Presidency!

this truly looks like a headline from the onion or andy borowitz

Trump White House Senior Staff Have Private RNC Email Accounts

How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps

Health insurers quietly shape Obamacare replacement with fewer risks

The year is 2017. America is a tire fire. The resistance is led by

What you do when your new boss is a total moron--

The women's March seems to have emboldened tv producers

Kellyanne Conway and other top White House staff caught using private RNC email system: report

A woman marched alone in a small town in Minnesota

Trump starts offensive against Democratic cities

Harsh California rainstorm brings some unexpected beauty

Dog saves another dog from possible drowning death

NYT: Trump Still Has His Unsecured Cell Phone To Keep Him Company

Uh Oh, Steve Bannon registered to vote in two states despite Trump's cries of 'voter fraud'

Trump Press Secretary's Predisposition For Bigotry

Leahy On Trump Voter Fraud Investigation: 'Absurd, Even For Him'

On Hartmann Bob Nye Says Blackout Could Be About Diverting Money From Blue States To Red States.

WH Spox: Trump's Voter Fraud Probe Will Look At Big Blue States

Donald Trump threatens to impose martial law in Chicago,

The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund

The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund

The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund

Today's petitions

The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund

This President is unfit for office.

Spicer: Mexico Will Pay For Trump's Border Wall 'One Way Or Another'

Restaurant Manager Accused Of Calling Black College Basketball Player & His Classmates 'N***ers'

Trump resistance boycott these retailers:

The GOP hates Trump, but he's their wet dream

A taste of their own medicine III

Report: Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort Doubles Initiation Fee

Why not this?

Butch Trucks, Drummer and Founding Member of The Allman Brothers Band, Dies at 69

Contractor files $2 million lawsuit against Trump for unpaid bills

Moral Monday March HKONJ 11th Annual

It HAS to be asked: Are Trump and Flynn already outing CIA assets for Putin? (link)

Kleptocracy watch

Let's create a shadow EPA

Why doesn't ms media report this: Mexican immigration net 0.

House science chairman: 'Get your news directly from the president'

Congress intel committee wants documents on Russia election probe

Carl Edwards not ruling out US Senate run in '18

Spicer looks like he hasn't slept since he took over this week

Outrage Overload.

Mary Tyler Moore has passed away.

Mary Tyler Moore dead at age of 80

Blue States Cannot Expect Federal Funds After Natural Disasters In The Future.

He really is trash.

Bad Lip Reading: Inauguration Day

Most difficult position to play in pro team sports?

Sen. John Thune: Torture Is Banned As 'A Matter Of Settled Law'

Trump's mentally ill says Paul Krugman this morning

Please don't get distracted by the shiny objects Trump is dropping.

Like Steve Bannon, Tiffany Trump is Registered to Vote in Two States

31 out of 1 billion votes were fraudulent.

Activists Announce Peoples Climate March

Why Mary Tyler Moore mattered to me

Trump cabinet nominee Steven Mnuchin is also registered to vote in two states

The New Arab-Israeli Alliance

Breitbarts influence grows inside White House

Its Simply Not True: Jake Tapper Slams Trump Over Belief That Millions Voted Illegally

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Tribute: Mary and Friends 1

Trump will sign Executive Order every day so he can have his rallies

Trump signs directive to start border wall with Mexico, ramp up immigration enforcement

Trump is prepping an executive order with drastic cuts to the U.N.

Is This Donald Trump's Kenyan Half Brother?

So...Can we FLIP FIFTY in the US House?

Crosscheck - wasn't that used to disenfranchise people registered to vote?

They are not "Executive Orders." They are UKASES. n/t

Trump White House senior staff have private RNC email accounts

The Only Official News

Trump Prepares To Halt Syrian Refugee Admissions, Limit Muslim Entry

Obamacare Repeal Threatens A Health Benefit Popular In Coal Country

Arkansas State Outreach official resigns after tweeting its 'Trumps's America ya bunch of homos'

At what point is there a Nationwide General Strike? n/t

So far, the EPA's Climate Change Website Pages Are Still There

Trouble Brewing at FDA?

RESIST. keeping it out there this afternoon

BREAKING: UW Suspected Shooter and Victim Identified

Seems to me trump is getting carried away with the decrees he's putting out there.

MTM Full Episodes

Understanding tRump's narcissistic personality disorder.

Doomsday Clock expected to move closer to midnight as threat of global annihilation grows

Tiffany Trump registerd to vote in NY and Pennsylvania says NBC news.

Couple of Petitions Credo Mobile and NAMI

Apparently the two favorite activities of the living dead are eating brains and voting against Trump

Trump on waterboarding: 'We have to fight fire with fire'

WOW - WAPO: "If he cannot accept reality, he is not fit to carry out the duties of the president"

Lock Him Up: Trumps White House Is Using a Private Email Server


The State Department has Flushed its Daily Press Briefings page

Mary Tyler Moore, Who Incarnated the Modern Woman on TV, Dies at 80.

Get involved: Help this RAW ONION get more Twitter followers than DT.

Feldkamp faces charge in Virginia of secretly taping himself having sex with a college student

"If women can't back out of pregnancies, men shouldn't be able to either"

'It's day 4 and it's already happening': Maddow sounds the alarm on Trump's climate gag order

List of Congress Critters to call about changes to the ACA? I meant to bookmark it

Department of Energy - Last News Release was on January 16, 2017

Looking for an app

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) Warns Lives Are At Stake If Obamacare Is Repealed Without Replaceme

Department of Transportation - Last Press Release was January 19, 2017

Chaffetz Plans to Wipe Out Federal Employees Pensions

Department of Education - No Press Releases Since the Inauguration

Republicans to kill US rules on corruption, environment, labor and guns next week

Department of the Treasury - Last Press Release on January 19, 2017

Read Draft Text Of Trumps Executive Order Limiting Muslim Entry To The U.S.

We the people, resist.

Department of Labor OSHA - Last Press Release on January 19, 2017

"We have to fight fire with fire...

Nuff said.

Trump administration to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants

Some More F*****g News

Jason Kander a new Progressive voice. Great tweet.

Health insurers quietly shape Obamacare replacement with fewer risks

How Antonin Scalias Ghost Could Block Donald Trumps Wall

Activists Announce Peoples Climate March - April 29, 2017

Trump - 4 Mississippi counties disaster areas - nothing on Georgia yet

Talk about "useful idiots", it seems the republicans like that in their presidents. We had

Suggestion: If Mr Trump Does Not Show His Tax Returns

117 rights defenders assassinated in Colombia in 2016: report

117 rights defenders assassinated in Colombia in 2016: report written by Stephen Gill January 25, 20

The Dow Jones just broke 20,000 for the first time heres why it doesnt really matter

man the hypocracy just keeps growing and growin. my head hurts.

Guardian: The weakening of the 'alt-right': how infighting and doxxing are taking a toll

This "sane progressive" twit is still posting videos LOL

How to fight an authoritarian on Progressive Radio right now


Medellin mafia wants to topple mayor

If you are on Twitter...

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan 25, 2017

Has DU done this before

Jose Peralta joins Senate IDC, becomes eighth member (NYS)

Authorities to finally investigate Colombias biggest corruption scandal in history

Tulsi Gabbard Confirms She Met With Assad During Secret Trip To Syria

Just under 90 days. Is it possible to organize....?

I'm With Her

Police: Boy shot classmate, then asked victim to shoot him

Madeleine Albright on Muslim registry: I will register as a Muslim

Melania's Secret Service code name should be "Fhostus"...

"Waterboarding absolutely works."

Any truth to the rumor that one of the states Steve Bannon is registered to vote in...

Donald Trump orders EPA to delete all climate change information from its website

"You said it all in those Womens March signs"

Groper Don the Con once said he's the same now as he was at five

Children witness shooting at Maryland school bus stop

John Fugelsang unique Hitler comparison

D.C. Police Chief Wont Comment on Journalists Charged With Felony Rioting After Mass Arrest

Belgians, Dutch join in opposing Trump's anti-abortion plans

Trump draft order could lead to new CIA-run black sites: Where or who wrote this Draft??

Mike Max thinks do anything to win is good

Stacking the deck before the next general election

Texarkana radio station bans Madonna songs after Women's March speech

Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties

Earth Day , Saturday April 22

A proposal and a poll-(this is totally unofficial and may just be me venting).

First legal Cuban cargo in more than 50 years arrives in US

First legal Cuban cargo in more than 50 years arrives in US

Someone Please Answer My Question

**Big rally in NYC right now for Muslim and immigrant rights**

Will Democrats Take the Gloves Off? (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

Serious questions for DUers

Will Trump Take Us Back to Iraq to Get the Oil? Back to war?

Wife of ex-Brazilian president hospitalized after stroke

Russian MPs back bill reducing punishment for domestic violence

Dan Rather launches gutsy newsgroup to counter fake news & alternative facts

Panama charges 17 in Brazilian firm bribery scheme


South Carolina governor must quit 'segregated' golf club, ex-lawmaker says

Bana Alabed: Syrian tweeting girl pens letter to Trump

Former Missouri SOS, Kander said Trump's claim is "a lie." (claim of 3 to 5 illegal voters)!!...

I still think THIS could happen:

U2 -- Moment Of Surrender (from Linear)

Donald Trump now says he cant enjoy being president. Why doesnt he just resign?

"Rogue" twitter accounts are being set up by gov agencies under gag orders

Republicans move forward with plans to gerrymander the Electoral College in three states

I can't keep track of it all anymore...

Alt US National Park Service Twitter

Might Putin consider a nuke attack against the U.S.?

'We will not retreat': Boston mayor will shelter immigrants threatened by Trump in his personal ...

New Mexico Legislature considers legalizing marijuana

OMG He really said that?? Those millions of illegal votes weren't for him? waaa

Donald Trump is having a SAD, because we don't love him enough, and it's all our fault!

George Orwell's '1984' hits bestseller list again

Leaked: "Muslim crackdown" draft text of executive order limiting Muslim entry into US

MSNBC without cable (best deal I've found)

No end to how disgusting Trump fans are on the internet

New rule: Lamar Smith's committee shall henceforth be known as the Pseudoscience Corner

Read this - I don't know what to make of it -

Today was the day of Solly Mack's surgery

Trump will stop federal dollars to NYC cause it is a 'sanctuary city'.

The USA wins GOLD at the Bocuse dOr' in Lyon France..

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada is tearing Trump a new one...

If Trump's BFF Putin put a dead man on trial, why his ruckus over them voting?

'Do I regret it? Not for a second': Swedish journalist goes on trial for helping refugees

The drumpf administration is like watching a bully in the schoolyard. It is amazing

Trump administration backs off plan to scrub climate pages from EPA website

Why I know america will save itself from this maniac.

Protests Planned For Philly This Week at the GOP Retreat (Updated with film)

Raul Castro: Cuba won't compromise sovereignty to normalize US relations

Raul Castro: Cuba won't compromise sovereignty to normalize US relations President said Cuba hopes

Donald Trumps approval rating is at a healthy 70 percent in the former Soviet Union.

Beware of the distractions

Republican threatened to deport 'Muslim' Obama and family

Nirvana fans?

Why is requiring a person to pay for a state approved photo ID in order to vote not a poll tax?

Tourist boom for ayahuasca a mixed blessing for Amazon

Love On The Wing - Jesse Colin Young

Mary Tyler Moore ad endorsing President Jimmy Carter in 1980

Thrilled about our latest initiative here at Badlands National Park!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sons of Panama's ex-president Martinelli under investigation in bribery and money laundering case

Your red friends are feeling the heat

Abbott to seek law to remove Texas sheriffs who dont help immigration officials

BOOM: WaPo went there.


The Wall

Trump Aides Just Revealed The Protests Are Stopping Him From Enjoying His Presidency

Trumpsferatu sayuz dead people voted

Has Trump declared a state of emergency in the tornado hit area?

Trump, Truth and the American Way

Mattis, Pompeo stunned by CIA 'black sites' report

Charles Pierce: A Pipeline Celebrates President Trump's Executive Order By ... Bursting

Cleve Jones has an autobiography out in Nov 2016

The plan to wipe out all things Obama has begun...

More on the protests in Philly tomorrow (1/26) :

Small Species Restore Ecological Balance in the Caribbean

How many red neckties does Trump have in his closet?

Bwahahaha!!! A Trump Chump just demanded to see my tax returns!!!

Photos: Washington Square NYC Resistance Rally tonight

Small Species Restore Ecological Balance in the Caribbean

Its Breitbarts White House now: House organ of the alt-right builds

Trump administration: EPA studies, data must undergo political review before release

Bernie: Does Trump really want to lead this country into shame and barbarity?

Trump lies, votes die.

Paul Ryan: House will "front" wall $$$, "a lot of different ways of getting Mexico to contribute"


Now more than ever we need the ERA

Trump reels golfer Bernhard Langer into his voter fraud lie.

Gov. Abbott doesnt want to see border wall in Big Bend

Cinematic reference: