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Archives: January 27, 2017

The destruction of our Federal Government

Seems Paul Ryan is having some problems with the public.

Arkansas bans common second-trimester abortion procedure

Dr Seuss in Trumpland

Dayton, GOP legislators strike deal on insurance rebates

How long will it take the Republicans to realize they are like the frogs in warm water?

Dayton proposes fishing, deer-hunting license fee increases

Response for Bannon - "Oh Please" - Josh Marshall

Dayton seeks $8 million to rebuild child psychiatric hospital in Willmar

Anyone else like this?

We the People, will pay for the wall twice

Donald Trump's Bizarre Eating Habits

Whenever we storm the gates and overthrow the government, who should we install as the 46th Pres?

Guilty of fraud: Maplewood man sold fictitious dream of Hmong homeland

Billionaires like Peter Thiel get citizenship abroad so they can run from the problems they create

Ha, ha! Local news said that Grassley stayed in IA and skipped

What one Republican thinks:

Trump administration asks top State Department officials to leave

Federal judge who surrendered cases takes medical leave

Trump pressured Park Service to back up his claims about inauguration crowd...

Where will Trumps aides draw the line on lies? - Yahoo News

JANUARY 26: Keep the Russian hack of the US election on the front pages! Click these links!

Drumpf pressured Park Service to back up his claims about inauguration crowd

ALJ Orders Dish Network to Reinstate 18, Resume Bargaining

Automation is the fly in Trump's soup. There are no jobs to come back

ALJ Orders Dish Network to Reinstate 18, Resume Bargaining

ALJ Orders Dish Network to Reinstate 18, Resume Bargaining

Trump pressured Park Service to back up his claims about inauguration crowd

The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child

Another Trump Assault Victim

St. Paul teacher loses 15 days pay for Trump remarks, offensive behavior

Four More Oil and Gas Parcels Sold Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Hard to believe-not even a week in...

Do you agree with Donald Drumpf that we should fight fire with fire and torture our enemies?

Help The Orbit Fight Dr. Richard Carriers SLAPP Suit

tRump's Fevered Executive Orders Leave Capitol Hill in Chaos - Vanity Fair

Remember this? Donald Trump wants to 'close up' the Internet

Trumps Victory Is The Triumph Of Business Elites Over Intellectual Elites

State House says hell no on religious exemptions bill

SO IMPORTANT! How Google affected Dylan Roof, and what we can do about it.

Thousands of anti De Vos calls jam Senate lines.

NAACP president slams Trump: Only place youll find fraudulent ballots are beside the fake birth...

Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his claims about inauguration crowd -- ROFL!!!!

My friend's brother is an ER dr. in D.C. who just tweeted:

Trump administration debates designating Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group

Catholics oppose Trump actions on border wall, sanctuary communities

Trump's first week: 400 scientists inspired to run for office.

Travis commissioners consider $500,000 payout for Judge Julie Kocurek

'Mucho Sad': Lindsey Graham tweets Trump's wall tax would 'drive up costs of Corona, tequila'

Trump abruptly pulls Obamacare ads.

Trump's Anti-Democratic War on Facts and Free Speech

Former state Rep. Molly White unleashes profane rant at reporter

Carole King re-released "One Small Voice" because

The Democratic Base Is Marching Right Past Its Leaders

Republicans won't pay for a multi-Billion dollar wall!

Trump Thinks Journalists Should Act Like Publicists and Ghostwriters

Trump Booed And Met With Shouts Of We Hate You, And Go Home in Philadelphia

Travis County sheriff: I will not allow fear, misinformation to be guiding principles

WAIT !!! Trump's claims of voter fraud undermines the credibility our democratic elections....

Question: All these atrocities being "done" by the Trump admin: Are there any lawyers out there

"NO" - Jake Tapper to Steve Bannon

Trump's plan for a weekly report of crimes by aliens in sanctuary cities has been done before

Get Ready For Body Bags. Generals Want To Send 1 Combat Brigade To Syria.

Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his claims about inauguration crowd

Alone Among Senate Democrats, Kirsten Gillibrand Is Standing Against Trumps Cabinet

The psychology behind why the never-ending patterns in nature soothe your soul

Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights

Another Example of Draining The Swamp? Trump Hires Huckabee's Daughter As Assistant.

Making It Up As They Go: Trump Team Now Pretending They Never Proposed 20% Wall Tax

Kitteh stuck in engine is rescued

Time we formed the Jedi "Religion"

Is There A List Of ALL Trump Enterprises On Net We Can Call?

U Up? Drunk calling Obama to see why he left us.

US Citizens are now in an Zeta Alien Hybridization Program

The State Departments entire senior administrative team just resigned

Proclamation of National School Choice Week, Jan 22 - Jan 28: Signed on Jan 25 & Released on Jan 26

Dog Who Spent 15 Years on a Chain is Going on So Many Adventures

Waffle Buffet

It really is sickening that Trump is doubling down on the racism...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Alternative Facts! Live, Uncensored &

Theresa May flies into a storm as state visit is overshadowed by President Donald Trump's extreme...

Trump Building Mexican Wall As Undocumented Crossings Reach 40-Year Low


Tyranny? Trump Trying to Bring Back Torture with Executive Order

Trump Makes Good on His Nativist Campaign Promises

While we're (correctly) worrying over criticism of Trump's kid

AGU Sends Letter to Federal Agencies Urging Protection of Scientific Integrity and Open Communic...

the defination of insanity

Ethnic business advocate: Trump's immigration policies threaten Washington's economic vitality

Do you presume DEMS will choose to fully obstruct tRump's SCOTUS nomination?

Very gutsy in this era of Trump for the NFL to name it Super Bowl Li

No habla espanol? The White House website no longer speaks Spanish

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 January 2017

Bizarre, plausible, alternate reality theory.

Insurers may say 'we have to get out' if Obamacare repealed without replacement

Video appears to show Texas officer push teen with foot

Study: How Climate Change Threatens Mountaintops (and Clean Water)

Has Putin Just Arrested Two American Spies? (Is The Wall kerfuffle a distraction from this?)

Mexico can and should invite American Workers to move to Mexico

Rachel has just given us an idea of why drumpf and bannon have

Rachel Maddow discussing purge at State Department/ Russia connection

Trump only hung a pic of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office b/c the Hitler watercolor .......

Fucking Moron clause....

@POTUS is linked to a gmail account, on lowest security setting.

Message from EPA

Bill: Alter Mississippi execution methods to sidestep suits

Trump was not elected to protect America. He was chosen to protect whiteness.

So we should pay 20% more for these products so Trump can make a wall?

Student guilty of black church arsons wants pro-white group

Charred, Browned, Blackened: The Dark Lure of Burned Food

Watch Rachel.

Somebody call the DNC and tell them to turn on Rachel right now!

Iowa spill is largest of diesel fuel in US since 2010

Let us Remember the 25th Amendment, section 4

Female Marines to sleep next to male Marines in field

Wow, whoever watched Rachel tonight was in for a treat!

TPM breaks down questions related to FSB agent Sergei Mikhailov

The Immigrants March: May 6 in Washington DC !

The Pipeline (Update on #2, Today at 5;30 they applied)

Booker: Trump spreading lies and 'propaganda'

Al Franken calls out AT&Ts shady attempt to acquire Time Warner

Trumps first bowel movement in White House twice the size of Obamas, Press Secretary reports

Trump's Catch 22

How is a wall going to prevent the cartel submarine fleet from

Alone Among Senate Democrats, Kirsten Gillibrand Is Standing Against Trumps Cabinet

A message to .@realDonaldTrump from former Mexican president .@VicenteFoxQue

Trump CDC cancels climate change event appearance - Al Gore steps up, stands in

Once Brazil's richest man, Eike Batista sought for graft

Mary Tyler Moore Is Mourned by Dick Van Dyke and Other Stars.

White House misspells UK prime minister's name in official memo

Mike Thompson: Into the ditch, or off a cliff (DeVos)?

What are your wishes for the year of the cock?

Warning: Voter Purge Dead Ahead!

PLEASE READ. GOP Policy On Health Care Makes Murderous Epidemic More Likely And Uncontrollable.

Charges dropped against mother and daughter in viral video with Fort Worth police

You know who commits 70% of the crimes in the US? White people!

Mexican designers envision a Trump border wall that could take 16 years to build


Apple, Samsung, IBM and More Will Protest Texas 'Bathroom Bill'

Many Trump Supporters I know are subdued and quite these days

Trump is the Seven/Eleven Idiot in Chief

President Appoints Philip A. Miscimarra NLRB Acting Chairman

President Appoints Philip A. Miscimarra NLRB Acting Chairman

Ryan Budget Will Be Like A Political Nuclear Bomb Meant To Completely Rearrange The Country.

6 Ways Not to Resist Donald Trump

President Appoints Philip A. Miscimarra NLRB Acting Chairman

Trump Acts To Sabotage Obamacare Enrollment, Days Before Deadline

Mike Flynn's phone call was early December wasn't it

So what do you suppose will happen at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this year?

Understanding the Trump Mentality

Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy that could revolutionise technology and space-

Cats Are Just as Smart as Dogs, Study Suggests

Is Trump Paranoid about Pompeo for some reason?

Trump staffer who shared racist posts online to join Education Department

Trinity University professor turning hate-filled message into opportunity for acceptance

Badlands, Tiny Hands

John Dingell's Doing Throwback Thursday Right

9 Terrible Things Trump Has Done in Just a Week

If You're Scared about Trump...

Brian Williams looks downright depressed right now.


Anne Frank Center's urgent statement: Trump is driving our nation off a moral cliff.

Just curious, why does Trump always speak with his tiny fingers when he knows

Trump's Administration reminds me of someone throwing shit against the wall to see what will stick

Colombia: Killings Of Peasant Leaders Cast Doubt On Peace Holding

Lawrence O'D was live.

French Prosecutor Opens Probe into Pay of Front-Runner Francois Fillons Wife

Welcome Welcome Emigrante!

My, these guys are on the ball!

Trump's approval ratings are the highest they'll ever be. And they suck.

Report: Dallas ISD teacher on leave for shooting at Trump image with a squirt gun in class

Donald Trumps Orders on Border Wall Stir Concern Over Presidential Power

Donald Trump to speak with Vladimir Putin on Saturday

Stephanie Rhule nails Steve Bannon's hide to the wall just now

German man, 51, charged in alleged far-right attack plot

So, I got to drive a newish Dodge minivan today for work... Two questions:

Some political lessons from a math teacher

Scientists move Doomsday Clock to 2 1/2 minutes to midnight.

Flag burning protest sets off clash in Iowa City pedestrian mall

A Must Have App - Countable

After heated debate, Iowa Senate OKs $118 million budget reduction bill

Barack Obama & Misty Copeland on Race, Body Image & Staying Humble (TIME The Influencers)

Nazi camp memorial says nationalist lawmaker not welcome

Traffic ticket cameras would stay under competing Iowa Senate bill

Top Iowa Democrat airs grievances with outgoing party chairwoman in fiery letter

administration debates designating Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group

Iowa uneasy over Trump's proposed imports tax on Mexico

Trump's Forever War of Diversion

For Christs Sakes MSNBC..

Iowa Legislature close to agreement on K-12 school funding

Growth-stunting gene may spare South Americans from dementia

What was in the box Melania gave to Michelle

Meet the Young Ecuadorians Behind the First Kichwa-Language Radio Show in the US

This Chocolate Collective Is Giving Families Hope in the Amazon Rainforest

Growth-stunting gene may spare South Americans from dementia

There was a rather disturbing development today.

Trump Falsely Claims Two People Were Killed During Obamas Farewell Speech

Iowa state employees being asked to give up raises

Emergency rally for Muslim, refugee, and immigrant rights at ASU and downtown Tempe. AZ


Sensing a sea change today....


Fired worker files religious discrimination suit against Cherokee sex offender unit

An Undoing World-The Klezmatics

Have empathy for rural white people?

Finding it hard to keep up? Here's a handy guide:

Mike Connors, Principled Private Detective on 'Mannix,' Dies at 91

Trump doesn't like unflattering images if him posted so be sure to honor his wishes. Kay?

"Leave me alone. I'm trying to watch Chris Matthews!"

Gotta say, I'm grateful to Donnie for all he's done for mental health awareness

DT wants to muzzle them but govt. employees have broad freedom of speech rights.

Klezmatics-Come When I Call You

Lawmakers say Missouri inmates should keep cable TV channels

How do You Get Progressives To Support A Regressive Sales Tax? Call It An Import Tax!

Please don't share this photo of Donald Trump.

'God told me to do it,' semi driver said after fatal crash in Seymour, documents say

Trump's Mar-a-Lago doubles initiation fees to $200,000

Greetings from Asbury Park Women's March (Pic Intensive)

Poll: Trump voters OK with a private email server

Missouri Senate advances right to work

Mikhail Gorbachev: It 'looks as if the world is preparing for war' as nuclear threat re-emerges

In some ways the beauty of Trump is that he actually is going to try to do all of it...

Lincoln and Liberty

Democratic senator's inquiry finds $118 million more of Missouri money invested in Russia

Judge says too many poor people kept in jail awaiting trial

Chuch Norris is on a United Healthcare commercial.

Could Trump's tough talk on trade backfire on U.S. jobs? (Bergengruen/McClatchy)

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day

NASA orders more space taxi flights from Boeing and SpaceX (

weren't potential presidents given medical exams

We Are Stronger Together

Holocaust Remembrance Day: LA man shares harrowing story of survival

President Trump Says Military More Important Than Balanced Budget

Holocaust Memorial Day: Rise In Hate Crime Parallels The Darkest Days Of The 1930s, Warns EJCs Mo

Prepare to lose your lunch, Hannity interviews Chump

RIP Overend Watts of Mott the Hoople.

As a career diplomat,I experienced many transitions & never saw anything like this dangerous purge

British Journalist Expelled from Russia Warns America

tRump is creating problems...inventing them

Revelations on Trump

"1984" is sold out on Amazon. Thanks Trump.

We are smart enough to create new organs for humans but stupid enough to elect Trump

A Former Buddhist Kingdom Reckons With Modernization

Those that say it cant be done should get out of the way of those doing it

Turkey and Russia skeptical of Trump's plan to create safe havens in Syria

Donald Trump, You Are Being Set Up By These Suckas In Washington

'Global gag rule': stop playing politics with women's lives, MSF tells Trump

'Global gag rule': stop playing politics with women's lives, MSF tells Trump

New Gambian president Adama Barrow returns home to joyous scenes

Canadian scientists lend support to muzzled US counterparts

US Border Patrol chief ousted after Trump revealed wall plans, official says

The Democratic Base is Marching Right Past It's Leaders.

Bernie Sanders' digital team offers a way for people to call the White House

Bernie Sanders' digital team offers a way for people to call the White House

Need advice for a very not well dog...

Do a google search on "the dog who caught the car"

Boy, I thought trolling Free Republic was fun (do they even exist anymore?)

Just a brief reminder:


Trump Says Military More Important Than Balanced Budget

Trump pressured parks chief for photos to prove 'media lied' about inauguration crowd - report

Trump Mexico tax plan would hurt Texas

Immigration Order Expands the Definition of Criminal

Trump claimed --- but it never happened

Tribe aims to block Trump's border wall on Arizona land

Labor Pick Faces Slew Of Legal Complaints

How Corporate Media Threatens our Democracy - By Bernie Sanders

Watching Trump with horror around the world

Amazon will start charging sales tax in Missouri

"On Zorblax, businesses with humans are ranches for tax-purposes." (toon)

Duke reportedly banned from wearing team gear after Coach K calls meeting

Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded handgun in committee room

KCPD officer involved in multiple excessive-force lawsuits no longer with the force

These Large NASA-Supporting Twitter Accounts Did Not Exist The Other Day

Trump cancels already-paid-for Obamacare enrollment-ads to save money...

Kansas privatized Medicaid program gets the federal brushoff, setting back health care in the state

Prosecutors: Man Attacked Muslim Airline Employee At JFK, Said 'Trump Will Get Rid Of All Of You'

Russian parliament decriminalizes forms of domestic violence

Missouri House approves regulations for Uber, Lyft

OZ Open fans - spoiler

"Click for Regime Change"

Long contract impasse ends for KCK firefighters, Unified Government

This one won't be velvet

Kansas City Council fails to advance minimum wage measure for April ballot

PG&E Ordered To Develop Compliance And Ethics Program (and fined) For Engaging In Crimes

Columbia man accused in shooting thought new Missouri gun law protected him

Fevered executive orders leave Hill in chaos

Last night I saw the play "Wiesenthal" at Bob Jones University.

St. Louis' bid for soccer team back in play after second vote

Report: Callista Gingrich under consideration to be Vatican ambassador

Anybody remember the murder of Seth Rich?

Investigators on the Trump-Russia Beat Should Talk to This Man

Only one week in with President Elevator Fart.

Papua urges US miner to pay $376M in taxes, penalties

Iowa spill is largest of diesel fuel in US since 2010

Alarming Post from FB Group

CNN reporting now. There's a draft Executive Order to drop (some?) Russian sanctions.

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts approves new death penalty protocol

Barack Obama & Misty Copeland on Race, Body Image & Staying Humble

Dogs not doing well.....

Daily Holidays - January 27

Reports: Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks committed suicide

We all belong here We will defend each other

McMullin: Trump team's media attacks are authoritarian-like

Arkansas judge arrested after car chase

Donald Trump and Animal Welfare

Photo: Idiot Wind

"Male Ally" (toon)

Arkansas Lawmakers approve governors $50M tax cut plan

Russia treason arrest seen as tacit corroboration of US intel (Rachel Maddow gets it)

50 years ago today: Tragedy on the Apollo 1 launch pad

Sept 2016 - Bernie Sanders Rips Pathological Liar Donald Trump

Did FEMA ever get to Mississippi?

Sept 2016 - Bernie Sanders Rips Pathological Liar Donald Trump

After one week of Deplorabilism do you have a higher opinion of the philosophy?

Its ridiculous to say the Defense Department is trolling Trump on Twitter, Pentagon says

That arrested FSB-agent is accused of being a US-spy... which means somebody compromised him.

Good Morning, time to get your meme on...

Rep. Maxine Waters: We are not playing. We're stopping Trump.

TPM: Dems, Make Trump Own His Wall Humiliation

Naked female burglar surprises Baxter County resident

After a week of Trump, America is having a Flight 93 moment

Arkansas House votes to restrict 2nd trimester abortion procedure

At one end of Trump's revived Keystone XL pipeline, there's a scene you must see to believe

Alt-Fact Kellyanne

Screech owl in nest box and Eagle in tree nest

My anger at tbe Democratic Party establishment is growing!


Is Deplorabilism an effective and legitimate governing philosophy?

We need to "brand" the border wall tax as the Trump Tax.

TransCanada Submits New Application To Build Keystone XL Pipeline

McConnell and Ryan really not comfortable talking about Trump's wall:

World Bank "Clean Energy Fund" Propping Up Fossil Energy Projects - BBC

LOL@Lou Dobbs

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Freedom's just another name for nothing left to lose

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Liar in Chief

Parks chief DID send WH crowd photos, but they didn't prove point. Yet WH stuck to inflated size

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Wall

Friday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

Potsdam Institute Study: 20% Loss Of US Wheat Output By 2100; 40% Of Soy, 50% Of Corn

Trump and the Republicans Are on a Suicide Mission Together

Kremlin: Trump, Putin to talk Saturday

"Trumps government looks an awful lot like a badly run business, No wonder his companies kept going

Unite & Resist

Monsanto Has A Solution To Resistant Superweeds - More Herbicides; Lawsuits Piling Up

Now? Our friends are enemies, our enemies, friends...

Paul Krugman, this morning, on Trump's "insecure-ego death spiral"

"Trump is his administrations own worst enemy on foreign policy"

Arkansas governor signs abortion restriction into law

Ugh, Pence to participate in anti-choice march today.

Trump just tweeted to praise Gregg Phillipps / VoteStand

1,000 Homes Burn Overnight In Chile; 7 Confirmed Dead, Record High Temps

When Deplorables talk about vote fraud they are talking about black and brown people.

And now the Orange Oaf is attacking Mexico again

Dan Savage: Impeach the Motherf*cker Aready Campaign

Arkansas panel advances tax break for retired veterans

Donald, you seem tense. Why dont you sit down and play a nice game of solitaire...

Lawyers to receive $1.9M payment for Marlboro case

Elijah Cummings says Turtle has vowed no 2nd term for Trump

"Hustling Hitler" by Walter Shapiro

Those with Twitter accounts

Which nation do you think Drumpf is most likely to make rich?

Oklahoma DOC seeks $1.6B as inmate population soars

Trump boarding Marine One will fill you with patriotism, joy, and patriotism. #MAGA!

U.S. economy expanded 1.9 percent in fourth quarter, 2016 GDP rises 1.6 percent

Trump's Galaxy 3 phone is a massive security hole (vastly worse than Hillary's server)

"Ex-Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev: World Is Preparing for War'"

As Trump takes office, Wells Fargo website to aid employees vanishes

Australian Open... Spoiler

Illinois attorney general asks judge to stop paying workers

Deep Character Flaws Will Ultimately Define Trump's Presidency

San Bernardino massacre yields second immigration fraud conviction

Temperament Tantrum. Some say President Donald Trump's personality isn't just flawed, it's dangerous

CEO of Russia's state oil company offered Trump adviser, allies a stake if sanctions were lifted

NY man linked to Islamic State gets 20 years prison for New Year's Eve plot

'It is now illegal to ejaculate'

Duterte pleads with Philippine rebels to rebuff Islamic State advances

President Trumps first seven days of false claims, inaccurate statements and exaggerations

'White House Inc' redirecting complaints from closed WH switchboard to Trump properties

Al-Shabaab claims to have killed dozens of Kenyan troops in Somalia

Turkey threatens to cancel Greece migration deal in soldiers' extradition row

Deadly wildfire razes entire town in Chile: 'Literally like Dante's Inferno'

Fox Philadelphia anchor suspended for saying Conway 'good at bullshit'

Louisiana colleges and universities bracing for cuts, shift of costs to students

There is no soft landing, no waking from this

Gov. John Bel Edwards isn't changing parties, and GOP says it wouldn't have him after odd rumors ..

Louisiana judge who mysteriously surrendered string of cases takes medical leave

Sarah Kendzior BRINGS IT in re: Breitbart & other FAKE "news"

Nielsen: Trump's 1st primetime interview had less than half the audience that Obama got

If Fox News Says the Earth Is Flat, Will Trump Believe It?

There will be a bloodletting in the Democratic Party

Trump: Waterboarding 'Was Just Short Of Torture'

So, The White House Turns Off Phones...Not exactly

Exclusive: Expecting Trump action, U.S. suspends refugee resettlement interviews

John Bel Edwards to make case for special legislative session on budget

LOL, Trump approval rating is at 36%...

The White House website, in describing our government, has omitted the Judicial Branch

The nations top scientists cant get through to Trump and theyre alarmed

Man Accused Of Attacking Muslim Airline Employee, Saying Trump 'Will Get Rid Of All Of You'

'Not true': Woman admits she made up claims that led to Emmett Till's brutal lynching

Message from my 94-year-old Louisiana mom

Research shows young girls are less likely to think of women as really, really smart

Bill Kristol slams Bannon as an 'insecure snowflake' for calling the media the 'opposition party'

Labor secretary nominees confirmation hearing delayed again

Carl Bernstein exposes Steve Bannon: He's concerned the story is moving to 'Trump's emotional...

How to get involved - simple!

A Mandatory Civics Class Should Be Required for All in

The Nib: A Complete Rundown of Every Shitty Thing Trump Did This Week

Trump says Mexico has taken advantage of US, must change, now!

New Rule: All Candidates for Office Will Be Required to Take the Citizenship Exam.

hannity & trump talked some serious U.S. policy in interview last night

"...because it doesn't affect me"

GQ makeover for Genghis Don, at least he can look more presidential

Astoundingly Complex Visualization Untangles Trumps Business Ties

The best summary of the power structure: Donald Trump is okay with Pence being the President.....

Florida Democrats walk out on hearing to protest racist speaker

Is there an anti-choice protest in your town?

It's my birthday!

Trump Takes New Title: Imperator Rex

Mass resignation at US bureau of weights and measures leaves citizens in chaos and anarchy

I'm waiting for the moment when the orange menace starts fucking with the unemployment numbers

Trump at 36% approval rating. Where will the numbers be when he kills SS, Medicaid and Medicare?

Does the new DU automatically log me out after a certain amount of time?

Trump Hangs Portrait Of Genocidal Racist In The Oval Office

Drumpf just figured out terrorists don't wear uniforms

massive anti-choice rally in DC?

Here's A Good Video Explaining Planned Parenthood And Why It Should Not Be Defunded

To Republican House Members: Help Make Donald Trump's Term in Office

Democrats launch scorched-earth strategy against Trump

I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah

These LGBT Refugees May Be Trapped By Donald Trumps Immigration Plan

To Trump: The Honeymoon Was Over on January 21.

These LGBT Refugees May Be Trapped By Donald Trumps Immigration Plan

Madonna pegged DRUMPF as "a wimp" as early as 1990. Remember "John MILLER"?

An FSB Officer had a bag pulled over his head, then arrested for treason during a meeting.

Trump's 20 Million Twitter Followers Get Smaller Under The Microscope

Trump Considers New Slogan for His Administration

Pres Merkin Muffley "Dr Strangelove"

So the next time a trump voter posts pictures of themselves sunning in Cabo

Voter-fraud conspiracy-theorist: You can reach a conclusion, and then still verify it.

"The 20% tax on imports will strengthen the dollar" according

Tulsi Gabbard needs to be primaried

Russia parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence

Pic Of The Moment: The Big Story That POTUS Will No Doubt Be Devoting All His Attention To Today

Trump Is A Genius With Respect To Mexico, The Wall, Illegal Immigration & Jobs For Americans......

NYT: "Donald Trump and the Theater of Access"

My name is Margot Hirsch. The US turned me away at the border in 1939.

J.K. Rowling Issues Warning to Theresa May-who is about to heap Praises on Trump

Trump gets schooled with some facts about trade after whining about deficit with Mexico

If Charles Manson was not still in prison, which cabinet post would Trump have offered him?

I just realized something....

New Mississippi bill would strip accreditation from schools that don't fly state's Confederate...

The alt-right arrives in Alexandria

The more of the GOP that jump onto Trump's clown car, the more insane

The alt-right arrives in Alexandria: Alexandria, Virginia's newest Nazi, Richard Spencer.

Jobs in the coal industry are not coming back

AP-NORC Poll: Broad worries about potential health care loss

Hmm... Almost like there's a connection between the two:

Democrats' risky new Trump strategy: Pry him away from his own party, and win back his voters

Official: Trump wants to slash EPA workforce, budget

OH MY GAWWWD. You gotta see this. LMFAO (just wait til he sees this)

It's only been a week

China 'steps up preparedness for possible military conflict with US'

California lawmakers introduce bill adding a non-binary gender marker option for driver's licenses

Trump Embraces Conspiracy Theorist to Promote Illegal Vote Claim

'Calexit' supporters can start work to make ballot

Can we say INFLATION?

Colorado congregation joins growing list of LGBT affirming evangelical churches

Somebody added Paul Ryan to Wikipedia's Invertebrates entry

It looks like a President has three options

FOX: Hey Donald Trump, if you're watching, turn some lights on and off!

Trump's lies are pure Big Brother crude (Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker)

Trump Has Already Filed for Re-Election (2020)

Female contestants on History Channel's "Alone"

OMG! The Obama photo is "backwards" too!

CNN: Rump warns U.N., paraphrasing,

Good morning

Not sure if this has been posted before but it could Make America Great

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Democrats introduce bill to curb Trump's ability to launch a nuclear strike

'I had the largest audience in the history of inaugurations, I did'....this is a week later!

Author Michael Lewis made some great points last night in Portland, Oregon!

USA - June 1941

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump "likes" and "shares" picture from "Dissney World" facebook page.

Trump ignores question about Standing Rock Sioux after signing DAC order.

Chris CUOMO takes apart the wingnut freak who is the source for DRUMPF's "illegals voting"

Twenty five accomplishments we can thank Pres. Obama for

LeBron's Cavaliers Lost An NBA-High $40 Million Last Season Despite Championship

They *HATE* being called "Trump Chumps" because the truth hurts

The Democratic Base Is Marching Right Past Its Leaders

Middle American values that resonate with the rust belt working class...

Scott Walker: Parents should work 80 hours per month to get food stamps

Restoring the Integrity of Our Democracy

How long before Trump voters start denying they voted for Trump?

Just to let you know, the man who the President of the United States is claiming has data.....

Americas Far White: HATE THY NEIGHBOR (Full Episode)

ACLU: No, Bannon, the media should not 'keep its mouth shut'

In private meeting, Pence vows 'full evaluation of voting rolls' over claims of voting fraud

German Fraud Probe Tagets ex CEO Winterkorn

In private meeting, Pence vows full evaluation of voting rolls over claims of voting fraud

A deplorable assualts JFK airport worker wearing a hijab.

Trump Personally Called National Park Service Chief About Inauguration Crowd Size

Conway: Lifting Russia Sanctions 'Under Consideration'

The National Mall livestream doesn't lie: @realDonaldTrump wrong predicting bigger #MarchforLife tha

Trump Has Already Filed for 2020 Re-Election

I'm from California, & I approve of this message!

New US UN envoy Nikki Haley warns allies: have our back or we'll respond accordingly

Republicans Quietly Admit There Will Be No Obamacare Replacement

Trump isn't lying, he's bullshitting - and it's far more dangerous

A response to your petition on Chief Judge Merrick Garland

Republicans Repay Union Voters With Anti-Union Agenda

Alabama Privacy Act: To have attendants at every bathroom

Republicans Repay Union Voters With Anti-Union Agenda

How long will Trump be in office?

Republicans Repay Union Voters With Anti-Union Agenda

'Pro-Life Demonstration'

A Lennon discrepancy

As of 12:00 EST, we are a bit more than 1/208th through the scheduled Shit Show

BEETHOVEN's #4 played!

Draft executive order shows how Trump wants to grow the U.S. military significantly

A Pro-Life Democrat Explains What That Means, Exactly

McCain says he plans to fight Trump over lifting the Russian sanctions.

why is the lyin' cheatin' dishonest media covering anti-constitutional rally in washington d.c.???

Looks like Pence has quite the crowd there on the mall

They are not lies. He does not expect you to believe them. They are power-play.

My "WTF?" of the day, some guy who claims to be a black "conservative."

WH meltdown, cont.: Press officer snaps at UK journalist for laughing at birth date format confusion

Mike Pence is a sanctimonious hypocrite.

Chinese New Year is this weekend

Chinese New Year is this weekend.

Dozens of survivors pay homage to victims of Auschwitz

The "Nothingness" grows

Why this Catholic will not join the March for Life

Fifty years ago today: the Apollo 1 Fire

Kellyanne Conway throws shade

A Trump supporter was charged with voting twice. Her lawyer says she shouldnt stand trial.

WH press schedule misspells British PM's name as Teresa May, name of a soft porn actress

Donald Trump could 'do something mad' and provoke war, says ex-military commander

McCain warns Trump not to lift sanctions on Russia

Friday's quote to wear as armor in these times

HELP ...Fleeing America !!!!! 🚙......🚗.......🚢 toon

Somebody bought ''

President Donald Trump's First Negotiation Was A Humiliation - MSNBC

Congrats to all - We made week #1

Questionable posters seem to abound

President Donald Trump's Complex History with China, Explained

Senate Dem Leader Schumer Voting No on Tillerson

Are we ready for the May-Drumpf shit show?

Trump and wife in earlier times

The beginning of the end?

Harvard Now Providing an Online Course on Buddhism that You Can Take for Free

Mexicans Launch Boycotts of U.S. Companies in Fury at Donald Trump

Joan Jett does Love Is All Around

In case you wondered - Where did all the elements come from?

So reporting the news is a felony?

Is the DU payment system safe?

Michele Bachmann: Gays, Muslims, BLM are working together to bring down America

Insane Clown Posse march to protest 'gang' status moving forward

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Meets with Porn Star Teresa May!!

UH OH! BBC is stressing Trump out!

British PM has to bail drumpf out of his first question. He's already trashing the British press.

Wyoming legislators withdraw bill allowing anti-LGBTQ discrimination

Get Daily Action alerts sent to your phone

Pence Promises 'Full Evaluation' Of 'Voting Rules' And 'Integrity' To Reps

FB hacked?

The Truth about the crowd size with links to high Res photos.

Why does Trump's statement on Holocaust RemDay neglect to cite the (6 million) Jews who were killed?

Is he on his meds

Memos: CEO of Russia's state oil company offered Trump adviser, allies a cut of huge deal...

Sanders does not endorse N.J. lawmaker who backed him, is now running for governor

Kitten with a drinking problem

Anything you like to send to Solly Mack during her recovery: Post it right here / let's keep it up

Who DO You Think would win?

bannon Takes Control -While Trump lies, the former Breitbart chief seizes the reins of power.

Trump busted again---lying sack of s***!

The Bannon coup

"Let Chief Justice John Roberts Explain Why the Global Gag Rule Is Unconstitutional" - Slate

Trump Inauguration meets Spinal Tap

Russia parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence

Trump Enraged as Mexican President Meets with Meryl Streep Instead

Finally some fairness in Wisconsin....

Ignatius: Trumps wrecking-ball approach may swing back to hit him

U.S. wage disparity took a turn for the worse last year

He is so freaking rude & ignorant....

"Sanctuary cities see legal holes in Trump's immigration orders" - Reuters


Haha Ryan.

Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare

Trump and America lose again: The Mexico blunder

Trump is starting a trade war we dont need

Damn - Everything he does puts my stomach in a knot

A historic note from the White Rose Society

May - trump press conference, view when you want.

Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights (Updated)

You know that sea of white in the Trump Inauguration photos?

How soon can we get numbers on their march?

What an embarrassment...

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day and She Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a disagreement

In Trump's America even the Super Bowl is a LI(e)

The nations top scientists cant get through to Trump - and theyre alarmed

Nikki Haley just threatened our allies for no good reason.

Britain Quits European Nuclear Body

Mark Zuckerberg has dropped his lawsuits that would compel Hawaiians to sell their land

David Gregory was giving Drumpf props because he acted like a reasonable person for twenty minutes

Melania Trump can proceed with libel lawsuit, judge says

As well as being the Lunar New Year, today is Mozart's Birthday.. 261 years young.

John Miller: Madonna and Kim Basinger totally wanted to date Donald Trump

Google, in Post-Obama Era, Aggressively Woos Republicans

Republicans pee their pants over owning "Trumpcare" and its impact on the 2018 elections

Sky News Video Interview Jan 19 - Bernie Sanders: US has not had a less qualified president

Mark Hamill on Trump Tweets: "I Haven't Had Dialogue This Good" Since '90s 'Batman' Cartoon

I wonder if Tim Canova (DWS challenger) wasn't the beneficiary of some Russian funny business?

Puppies Rescued 5 Days After Devastating Avalanche in Italy

In 1980, Cheech & Chong predicted Trump's US-Mexico policy with frightening accuracy

Trump's voter fraud expert owes US more than $100,000 in unpaid taxes

White House Theme Song - "They're Going To Take Me Away Ha Ha" They're Going To Take Me Away Ha Ha

alt-fact Kelly...

In Trump's mind, it's always 'really sunny.' And that's terrifying.

Trump's voter fraud expert owes US more than $100,000 in unpaid taxes

WA Gov: "If Trump's border wall is anything like his inauguration crowd assessment-It'll be 8" high"

Congressman wants to pass a law that only US Citizens can vote in Federal Elections.

Trump's voter fraud expert owes US more than $100,000 in unpaid taxes

The Trump Administration Is Stepping into a Diplomatic Mine Field without

Who does Steve Bannon remind me of??

McCain warns Trump he'll fight on lifting Russian sanctions

Berlin mayor to Trump: 'Dont build this wall'

Trump's wall: a fitting monument for an unfit leader

"Theresa"??? Really? "Theresa"? n/t

Wall Street Journal: Trump's treatment of Mexico is amateur hour

Why I Live Where I Live:14 Alaskans Tell Their Stories

Fuck the forced birthers AND their march!

Trump/GOP Strategy. Let's See How Much Shit We Can Throw Out & See How Much Sticks.

Among the multitude of things DT does not understand

Chaos Defines Trumps First Week

General Motors to Lay Off up to 600 Workers at Ontario Plant

Mexico claims Trump agreed to not debate wall in public

Luckovich Toon - MEXICO will pay


Why is Trump wearing high heels?

Trump's first week: Well, that was intense


With 'sanctuary cities,' Trump might be starting a fight he can't win

My new political cartoon

I'm registered to vote in two states; one of them is Kansas

We Are Quickly Becoming An International Embarrassment.

Everything Trump does is connected

Talked to a few Army recruiters today, Word is the Draft is near.

Alexa, Stop Making Life Miserable for Anyone With a Similar Name!

Back in the day, the Russians were the guys in ill-fitting, bad suits who

Obama Wastes Little Time In Condemning Republicans For Repeal and Replace On Obamacare

Holocaust game room shut amid outcry

The COMPLETE 4-page Guide to Surviving an Authoritarian Regime, in graphic form

Amazing: Obama Helped Stranded Stranger 20 Years Ago

Evidence that E-mails matter:

Trumps statement marking Holocaust remembrance leaves out mention of Jews

Onion: WH Staff Reminded To Place Lids Firmly On Trash Cans After Steve Bannon Gets Into Garbage

Who Is Gregg Phillips, the Man Trump Name-Checked to Prove Voter Fraud?

Trump & Republicans Are on a Suicide Mission Together And we'll all have to live with the fallout

Alt right shilling for Tulsi Gabbard

Looks like the 'Bully Pulpit' is about to become that, literally.


Trump Just Undermined Americans Access to Health Care Out of Sheer Spite

Today's Many petitions

Bottom Line: It costs the moneyed set nothing if people

Who's gonna build your wall?

Texas Governor Abbott threatens Austin sheriff over "sanctuary cities" policy with immigrants

Here are names of wavering GOP. Flood them with calls. Throw their own concerns

Congress gone wild! While Trump grabs headlines, the House has been hard at work pushing GOP agenda

Bad hair day...I'm sure he will ban all photos near helicopters.

Will A Wall Be Effective For Stopping Drug Trafficing In This Age Of Drones?.....

If trump made sean spicer change to a dark colored suit cause he didn't like the

Was Trump's Romney dinner a scheme?

Palestinian family was first to help bus crash victims, call police

GA GOP lawmaker recovering after being shot at adult cinema parking lot carrying thousands in cash

The British Prime Minister Tried to Rein in President Trump

Tired of Pokemon Go? Try Trumpster Diving! and listen to the future of America here...while you can


Trump on Air Force One - commercial blaring on TV

Does anyone have a link to Rachels show on msnbc from last night?

Time to check in with the countrdown...

WSJ: Trump told Congressional leaders he wanted to replace Electoral College w/ nat'l popular vote

What happened when a fake police officer was hired to improve a Texas jail

" goes to 11!" Trump WH tour with Spinal Tap dialogue

How long should Donald Trumps Swearing In Ceremony last? It's been a week & I'm still swearing. nt

February 6th The New Yorker cover image (Rosie meets diversity meets pussy hat)

what drives Trump's habit of awful tweets

Are You Better Off Today Than You Were A Week Ago??

Obama condemns 'repeal and replace'

In a first, Alaska divorce courts will now treat pets more like children

Loving Russia and hating Mexico

Sean, the Parrot is Dead

The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child

Does anyone know how it is that the GOP can use reconciliation to repeal ACA

'We're not going to shut up': CNN's Christiane Amanpour slams Bannon and Trump's 'totalitarian...

Sweet Jesus...We gotta go through this complete bullshit again?

Trump smirks and scoffs when a BBC reporter takes him to task about torture, abortion and banning Mu

Trump says evangelicals will love his Supreme Court pick: TV interview

Oh, man, I need DT when I've got T.Rex

It boggles the mind. republicans wouldn't pass a decent infrastructure spending bill when

Ohio Officers Release Dog On Black Man Filming Them (Video)

Disgraced Duggar minister and accused molester cited as 'strong influence' over Trump's...

'Devastating': Trump Mexico tax plan would hurt Texas, lawmakers say

Trumps definition of voter fraud now appears to include his daughter and three top advisers

Say goodbye to our national parks.

Joe Scarborough predicts media will 'crush' Donald Trump if he doesn't change behavior

In Trump's White House, a day of confusion and change

The Stamp Stampede Team - email I just got

Thanks for Twitter software upgrade! Can we now

Republicans should be scared of repealing Obamacare, and this poll shows why

In Russia you are now allowed to beat your wife once a year.

Nikki Haley has been caste to pull out of the UN and a replacement

Franken: No Dems will vote to confirm DeVos for secretary of Education

Trump Says He Will Prioritize Persecuted Christian Immigrants For Legal Status

Trump could remove sanctions on Russia as early as this weekend-says MSNBC

GA GOP lawmaker shot at adult bookstore.

Trump's Stance on Torture is Totally Crumbling, But He's Too Stubborn to Admit It

The Beast is speaking...time for Lily...Warning language

I heard part of the presser with PM May, a ?

Trump: "The less immigrants we let in the better!" Pence: "The fewer!" Trump:

Trump at Pentagon making sure he kisses their ass after CIA fuck up... two exec orders

Pence had to administer the oath of office to SECDEF, with Trump watching

What Sen. Tim Kaine has been up to

Check out who doesn't need Planned Parenthood...

Texas Supreme Court rules against UT Regent Wallace Hall in records case

Jill Stein spoiled the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton

Soiled tampons, pads sent to Abbott to protest fetal burial rule

Japanese Train Station Protectively Built Around a 700-Year-Old Tree

Why Donald Trump is 100% wrong about his claims about vetting of refugees

Wash. D.C.: Hundreds Drawn To Giant Alien Penis Are Reluctant To Touch It

Texas sheriff's deputy and his adult son found dead in home

I will not salute or stand for the American flag...

What we need to do if the Republicans just let the ACA hang there.

UT regents chairman apologizes for saying black perspective on board not 'critical'

I don't think DUers get it

Tarrant Democrats should set example, work with the GOP


need to know who had more attendees on the nat'l mall

Bury this!: Used menstrual products pelted at Texas governor after he signs fetal burial order

Trump: Persecuted Christian refugees will get priority

Today's call to action, support a bill for congress to declare war before launching nukes

"I view Mr. Trump's fear, lust and sloth and I do not envy him."

Children Learn What They Live

DU This Poll Please

Man, these are some really, really incompetent barbarians.

OK, now that guy just said that he's never met Putin....

How to Culture Jam a Populist

Malia Obama Joins DAPL Protest @ Sundance

Massachusetts Man Charged With Hate Crime At JFK Airport

Splitsville: 2-Mile-Long Crack Opens in Arizona Desert

Why are rural, red state Republicans so concerned about terrorism?

Senate Democrats may block Trump's plan to fund border wall

For future reference: Obamas Legacy: Nearly 450 Accomplishments, With Citations

Man, son guilty of shackling, raping girl who escaped house

Frightening. I will be no part of this.

Nordic countries are bringing about an energy transition worth copying

Malala Yousafzai's statement on President Trump's latest executive order on refugees:

Police chief: No charges for restaurant owner who used slur

Toxic Mercury in Aquatic Life Could Spike with Greater Land Runoff (caused by climate change)

Is there a butt-o-meter for presidents?

With California's 'sanctuary cities,' Trump might be starting a fight he can't win

Colorado considers ending longtime switchblade knife ban

Obama: Its Shameful to Say We Should Just Admit the Christians and not the Muslims.

Trump-May love in.

For 1st time, Colombia calls general to trial for mass killing of civilians

For 1st time, Colombia calls general to trial for mass killing of civilians

Californians compete for a rare prize: a blue-collar union job paying up to $200,000

Climate models may underestimate future warming on tropical mountains

Voters Just Want Changes to Obamacare

'5 Calls' site makes calling representatives easy

Trump backs Bannon: The media is the opposition party

How to delete your tRump supporting Uber account

Before Trumpenfuhrer takes it down, site has the current vetting of refugee applications:

Trump's Border Wall Will Be Awful for the Environment

Students: Chancellor failed minorities on pro-white agitator

Jimmy Carter and Al Gore to host CDC's canceled Climate Change Conference

Should someone tell Donald?

Randy Rainbow just posted on Facebook: Breaking - Mexico will pay us back for the wall

Bel Air Police detain woman walking, question her immigration status

They need to pull William Howard Taft's bathtub out of storage I think

If they start a Muslim registery, what are you prepared to do?

Serena speaks - IF I were a Man...

Globe-trotting pollutants raise some cancer risks four times higher than predicted

Democrats risky new Trump strategy: Pry him away from his own party and win back his voters

Kellyanne Conway thinks that dictatorship is an alternate form of democracy

We Want Only Christians In This Country. Everyone Else Leave. Message I Get.

Where did we go wrong as a nation?

Iron Workers pension cuts approved; retirees to get smaller checks

Extreme Vetting...

International Holocaust Remberance Day and "We don't want them here"

Earth's orbital variations and sea ice synch glacial periods

Shields and Brooks on PBS NewsHour today:


Aw Now He's Playing The Bad Cop/Good Cop Routine

Renewable energy costs dropping across the globe

Dem rep on Trump's refugee order: 'I am ashamed that he is our president'

Renewable Energy Sector is the Fastest Job Creator in the Country

Poll: Most Americans oppose defunding Planned Parenthood

Well GOP: Are you happy now ?

I think we have lost control of our elections and we should demand reform.

Shout out to Mexico and Mexican Americans

The "Opposition Party" meme

Website That Tracked Fake Science Journals Has Suddenly Vanished

New York to Build America's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Astrodome joins Alamo as historical state landmark

Anybody else disgusted by MSNBC?

For real.

Republicans paint a bleak picture of our country

Trump: Persecuted Christian refugees will get priority

Why should local police ask only about your Federal immigration status?

2017 Horse Racing - Free Brisnet Ultimate PP's for 2017 Pegasus World Cup race

Trump Signs Two Executive Orders; Expands Power of Military, Extreme Vetting

Pro Life and Pro War Camps... Same Tent?