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Archives: January 28, 2017

Do Democrats Need to Think Outside the Box?

Court to Wisconsin GOP: Redraw election maps

A slightly more subdued Trump faces the media

nutritional yeast {update1/30/17}

The coward Commander-in-Chief hides behind his Defense Secretary

With abortion rates now at a historical low

Russia parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence

Donald Trump '100% behind NATO' after Theresa May talks

Malia Obama Takes On Trump: Former First Daughter Is Standing With Standing Rock...

Donald Trump could 'do something mad' and provoke war, says ex-military commander

McConnell all but rules out filibuster change

Joy Reid is on fire...

Chris Matthews is threatened by Joy Reid

It's sort of like the time you woke up in that motel with a stranger beside you in bed

Trump backs down when confronted

Judge extends injunction blocking Texas' fetal remains burial rule

Trump signs executive action to keep out 'radical Islamic terrorists'

3.5 million people marched on DC last weekend. A fraction of that turn up at March For Life.

Never mind the optics, Theresa May's US dash was mortifying

DUer Hermetic has been posting daily petition links on the activist forum

Reversing course, Trump administration will continue Obamacare outreach

Callista Gingrich Ambassador to Vatican!

Woman on Hardball claims Planned Parenthood has quotas each month for abortions

People Magazine's Final Interview With The Obamas

Federal judge again blocks Texas fetal remains rules

Federal judge again blocks Texas fetal remains rules

Don't get too complacent about trump backing down when opposed on an issue. Remember

So Chuck Todd is telling us that the media was soft on Hillary because of political correctness

As Trump regime begins, 1984 hits #1 and is sold out on Amazon

Ryan sidesteps Trump's goal of health coverage for all

Resist and

Is it possible to pin a link to email Congress on activism page?

Lamar Alexander is helping get Betsy De Vos confirmed

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit on CIA Torture

Canada to increase reproductive health funding in response to Trump decision

Trump Promises to Build Giant Net to Stop Zika from Spreading, Will Make Mosquitoes Pay for It

Tulsi Gabbard's Response to Richard Spencer And One Other Tweet

We began down the road to Donald Trump on July 7, 1987 when Oliver North testified before Congress.

10 Hate Crimes Inspired by Donald Trump's Hateful Rhetoric

I need HS graduation gift ideas

In Iowa, Trump voters cheer changes, dismiss petty fights

Britain becoming U.S. vassal state, says French presidential hopeful Macron

It is still surreal to wake up in the morning and realize Trump is POTUS.

A Heartstopping Reminder Of Why We Have Asylum Policies

Melania doing this? I think not!

New development about that wall

Robert Reich is live now.

Barbara Hale, Perry Mason's Della Street dead at 94

A Trump supporter was charged with voting twice. Her lawyer says she shouldn't stand trial.

New Yorker Toon - Bright Bart News

Donald doing this? I think not!

This just in - US Turning away family because they are not Christian

Judge: Lawsuit can advance in Mississippi election dispute

Judge: Lawsuit can advance in Mississippi election dispute


Wyoming proposal would require utilities to use fossil fuels

The Return of the "Ugly American"

FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

Racially-charged trouble brewing on the Waterloo City Council

Does it seem like Mike Pence and his creepy smile are in EVERY picture with Trump?

California clears hurdle for cancer warning label on Roundup

'Lesbianism' listed as condition on North Carolina woman's medical chart

Banks Agree to Talk With Tribe (While Handing over Millions for Dakota Access)

Temperament Tantrum

Study says grass carp have invaded 3 of the Great Lakes

Malia Obama Joins Protest Against Trump DAPL Revival, Stands With Water Protectors

Pope Francis takes over Knights of Malta after condom dispute

Donald Trump stumped over question about torture

Legislative leaders want boost in their mileage rates

This very sad picture says it all.."Trump Slams Door"..front page ..Huff Post..

Rep. Dan Kirby meets for nearly four hours with committee investigating sexual harassment claims

Muslim woman assaulted at JFK airport; man charged with hate crimes

The biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning...

Trump's wall could cost an estimated $120 per US household

OU President David Boren honored for 50 years of public service

'Alternative facts' and the anti-abortion movement

Tougher than a _____________?

Everything 'on the table' as lawmakers tackle $868M budget hole, Republican Senate leader says

Refugee Rule May Block Military Interpreters from US

"The Founder A Trumpian biopic of Ray Kroc

Emmy winner Barbara Hale, who played Perry Mason's secretary, has died at 94

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Alternative Facts! Live, Uncensored & a new

Introducing the new, premium replacement plan for the Democrat's Obamacare: Republicans Don-T care!

Post about David Brooks?

Report: Oklahoma tribes paid state $1.123 billion since 2006

Theresa May's Brexit Plan Will Leave Britain Subject To Secret Global Trade Courts

Why is this POS allowed to lie so much?

'It's Tearing Families Apart'

New Baylor lawsuit alleges culture in which drugs, alcohol and sex were encouraged

Lawsuit Alleges 52 Rapes by Football Players in 4 Years

O.K.. Ill say it. This guy is Drunk..

New data shows 85% of humans live under a corrupt government

RIP John Hurt

Trump's voter fraud expert owes the US $100,000 in unpaid taxes.

I taught in a public school today where the library has been abandoned.

Pittsburgh area DUers: Emergency Rally tomorrow 1/28 for #NoBanNoWall

John Hurt,best known for playing the Elephant Man,dead at 77

Rachel is becoming unbearable for me lately

Hair Fuhrer's First Dance? I think not!

So let me see if I have this some what correct...

"America First!"- Pat Buchanan, 2000.

Shaun King is promising a damning new video of Trump

John Hurt, Oscar-Nominated Star of 'The Elephant Man,' Dies at 77

To Understand the Trump-May Relationship, I Binged on Britains The Apprentice

Anyone not really trust Mattis either?

He banned refugees on #HolocaustRemembrance Day.

Bill Brennan for NJ Governor: Power NJ with 100% Renewables

So where is all the coverage of that pro life march today????

Does he even know what he is signing or does he just sign whatever they give him?

Trump backs Bannon: The media is the opposition party

Slate - "What the Hell Is Wrong With Senate Democrats?"

I guess he can sink lower than this:

Like Pink Floyd? Dislike Trump? Yer gonna luv this! Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Lawrence O'Donnell on a beautiful rant on MSNBC now.

CW 6 San Diego shuts down March 31

Anyone else watching Lawrence O'Donnell?

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Apparently this is true? Gross!

Colombia: Spain agrees to extradite Farc 'abortions nurse'

Colombia: Spain agrees to extradite Farc 'abortions nurse'

trump scalp

Many e-mails

Ring of Fire: Lack of Empathy From Republicans is Ruining America

OOPS!!! Trump-cited study author (still) refuses to show proof of voter fraud

I have lost all my joy.

Chicago To Trump: Go F*ck Yourself

Saudi Arabia travel ban?

Russian Charged With Treason Worked in Office Linked to Election Hacking

Trump adviser Gary Cohn's $285 million Goldman Sachs exit raises eyebrows

Slate - "The First Week in Donald Trumps Kleptocracy Was Very, Very Kleptocratic"

Have you ever seen such a spectacle?

Trump Signs Muslim Ban

Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy's dossier on Donald Trump

DNC forums to meet candidates for DNC chair

Re: Why Trump's insists on the phrase "Radical Islamic Terrorism": "The 8 Stages of Genocide"

The danger of attacking sanctuary cites

Watching these Executive Orders is like watching a guy wearing khakis who got drunk, wet his pants,

Syrian refugees

How I Learned to Hate Walls.

Sorry, you can't come in. (EXTREMELY FUCKING GRAPHIC)

Power to the People

Miami-Dade Will Comply With Trump's Sanctuary-City Ban Despite Gigantic Population of Immigrants

Dem senator (Chris Murphy) hits colleagues silent on Trump's refugee ban

You do realize that a terrorist is going to fuck us real bad, don't you?

Trump fucking with Canada now...

This is a mental struggle, moreso than anything else at this time.

Can We Trust the Russian Bear? Here's Your Answer...

Our Revolution Montgomery County Meeting January 29th

I am scared: North Korea appears to have restarted plutonium reactor

Signed said so

North Korea appears to have restarted plutonium reactor: think tank

Interesting that the three Muslim countries noticeably absent from the list of banned

Parents and kids smoke weed together for the first time

Where is the List of Republicans Who had Abortions?

Scientists Create First Human-Pig Hybrid Embryo

Ford doing Russia

Trump issues executive order to put "TRUMP" on the Washington Monument in gold letters.

The State Department is still functioning.



How Shin Godzilla Makes Godzilla Scary Again

Friday Talking Points (422) -- Tiny Hands, Tiny Crowds

First they came for the Muslims. Then they came for the Mexicans. Need I say more?

This is WAR

Donald Trump clears out State Department to put in Putins Spies/moles

Russians Charged With Treason Worked in Office Linked to Election Hacking

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Trump favor for unpopular Russia raises questions of influence - MSNBC

Trump Protests: Marches on Washington 2017

Democratic Politicians need to get Republicans on board to take down Trump

What do you hate most about Trump?

Trump Purged Top Officials State Department W/100 Yrs Experience. No Replacements In Sight.

President Obama: "We Didn't Raise the Statue of Liberty With Her Back to the World..

What if NORML and the SAF joined forces?

I'm just going to put this out here.............

Judge: Lawsuit can advance in Mississippi election dispute

Judge refuses to toss lawsuit on harsh CIA interrogation Nicholas K. Geranios, Associated Press Upd

China Responds To President Donald Trump On New Relationship

Ferguson missed deadlines in deal with Justice Department

Thought I'd try a tweet...

Lawsuit: Police used Taser 7 times on autistic man

Which is the REAL "Opposition Party"?

California bans state travel to Kansas over LGBT discrimination concerns

This is the best first week for Trump we could have hoped for. Yes, best.

Kansas legislative chambers take first three Fridays off, creating slow start to new session

Eaton announces plan to close Hutchinson plant by October; 100 jobs would be affected

Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed for her recounts.

The biggest polluter in Florida and contact information

New bathroom bill introduced that allows attorney general to investigate

Keith Olberman. If you haven't sween this most recent, here it is.

Nebraska legislators hope Internet sales tax proposals will help narrow budget gap, decrease income

Nebraska Legislature fails to adopt permanent rules after fierce fight over filibusters

In Nov. 2015, DT approved of a database of US Muslims.

Legislative bill aimed at making private schools more affordable for some comes under scrutiny

State Sen. Bill Kintner to resign after months of criticism, saying you won't have me 'to kick ...

Nebraska legislators hear arguments on bill requiring HIV tests for pregnant women

OZ Open - here we go Venus v Serena

Charges refiled in alleged theft of $150,000 from Sherwood Foundation

Real Time with Bill Maher: Monologue, "WTF Is Going On?"

Nearly 300 fewer employees in state government after Ricketts' hiring freeze

Kintner reports his car being vandalized

German Scientists Propose Removing Uranium From Fertilizer.

Fraternity disputes allegations from Women's March

What could POSSIBLY be more PATHETIC than this? This image KILLS me.

Twitter account of Jewish refugees turned away by the US

TOON: Alternative Heaven

Great Tweet about size of tRumps 1st TV interview!

Thank goodness I'm not a member of UNITE....

Remembering that Anne Frank and her family were denied US refugee status.

"I am THOR, God of where did I put that damned HAMMER?"

What Jesus said about Franklin Graham and his ilk:

Any US residents in training looking outside the US to practice?

Oscar nominee may be kept from attending Oscars thanks to Donnie's ban

Following President Trumps executive order green card, visa holders already blocked by airports

Metaphor of the week: An Actual GOP Ghost Train Left 30th St Station This A.M.

Berlin's mayor just issued this message for Donald Trump. It's quite something

Renters from hell -- The Zimmer Experience

The New Yorker: The Womens March

Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff

South Dakota Senate OKs alternative teachings on scientific theories

Punching Nazis?

Who Should Our Government Work For?

Senate pumps the brakes on ethics law repeal

S.D. lawmakers file bill barring transgender students from shower, locker rooms

Mosque burns; cause undetermined

COVER-UP? - Mystery death of ex-KGB chief - LINKED TO - MI6 spy's dossier on Donald Trump

Lawmaker to resign after sexual contact with interns

Daily Holidays - January 28

Preach it, Sister!

Is there anything more Brit Christopher Steel can do to shed light on Trump?

Neither audience nor legislators back proposed Spearfish state park

Betsy DeVos inspired video.

London to hold 'biggest protest ever' against US President

Iraq War veteran, pulls no punches on Trump: "I am ashamed that he is our president."

Three Plead Guilty in $55 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme at Two Brooklyn Medical Clinics

Weekend Toon Roundup


Here's something you can make for all your friends who voted for Rump,

The 25th Amendment and the Courage to use it

JANUARY 29: Keep Russian hack of US election on the front pages! The "HOLY CRAP!" edition.

They came to us for help. We just told them "get fucked."

Donald Trump Muslim ban will keep Oscar-nominated director Asghar Farhadi from 2017 ceremony

Gregg Phillips, Donald Trump's Voter Fraud Guru, Blasted as a 'Revolving Door Hustler'

Russia grounds Proton-M rocket for 3 months

Go, Smokey! We are with you!!!


Practicing psychotherapist: DT "dangerously mentally ill & temperamentally incapable" of being prez

Twitler at it again this morning...

The world should be alarmed at the actions of Donald! We are marching to

Trump refugee order dashes hopes of Iraqis who helped the U.S.

Donald Trump has gas, y'all.

Refugees Detained at U.S. Airports, Prompting Legal Challenges to Trumps Immigration Order

Fun way of looking at things....

Bill would require women seeking abortions to be given sex trafficking info

Two letters and an apostrophe

Astoundingly Complex Visualization Untangles Trumps Business Ties

Congressional GOP Utterly Silent After Jason Chaffetz Busted Using Personal Email Server

Trumps Immigration Ban Is Illegal

Thank you, tRUMP!

he's tweeting about the New York they're fake news

How long before he wants to go home

hang your head in shame america, compliments of donald j. trump

Refugees Detained at U.S. Airports, Prompting Legal Challenges to Trumps Immigration Order

Trump, not happy with BBC

The forgotten story of Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust

Feds sentence North Dakota pastor for poaching trophy elk in national park

WA fed judge says suit can proceed against psychologists accused of helping the CIA develop torture

He tweets as camouflage...focus on the issues.

Trump will self-destruct because he is mentally not well. Please read this analysis. Thank you.

Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston - Love this guy!

Malala Yousafzai's statement on President Trump's executive order on refugees:

Trump is attacking the NYT and WaPo this AM via Twitter (replete with typos)

Sen. Chris Murphy speaks for me

thanks to donald j. trump AMERICA IS NO LONGER GREAT

Jesus, Dick Cheney on Trump's Muslim Ban

Voter ID again comes before North Dakota Legislature

ND panel hears proposals for no concealed weapon permits, guns in churches

Tim Heidecker - Richard Spencer

Anyone watch "The Maher" last nite?

How Americas rejection of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany haunts our refugee policy today

Countdown to Paul Ryan flip-flop on opposition to 'religious test'

Amid efforts to repeal North Dakota's blue laws, opinion divided on all-day Sunday shopping

John Hurt - Jabberwocky

Robert Reich on the Muslim ban

I know many on DU don't care for sports analogies, but...

North Dakota Democrats again push for ethics committee

Donald Trump is not ten feet tall.

A Uniter

North Dakota denies feminine hygiene tax exemption bill

Today's Google Doodle: Chinese Lunar New Year

Dear People Demanding to Know Why Hillary Clinton Isn't Doing Whatever It Is You Think She Needs to

Univ. of Wyoming: Yet unknown who covered American flag with gay pride flag

who the fuck do 'we' think we are?

I missed Real time last nite.

No Muslim Syrian refugee has killed a single American in the US, BUT:

Kellyanne Conway's Previous Profession as a Comedian

NYDN: Muslim ban excludes countries linked to his sprawling business empire

The Times letter Trump describes as an apology is actually a sales pitch.

Trump is detaining refugees already vetted & living in the US

The "Law and Order" Presidency is exactly the opposite. Has ANYONE mentioned a "mandate"?

Scientists turn hydrogen into metal in breakthrough that could revolutionise the planet

Claire McCaskill Statement On Muslim Ban

This is a combined Computer/DVR issue.

Spoiler? Williams Wins OZ Open!

Iranian Oscar-Nominated Director Will Miss Ceremony Due To Trump's Suspension

Quinipac has MiniPootin at 36%, for perspective Bushs approval rating was 36% but only after totally

Jill Stein Actually Did Get Recounts Going In Multiple States, That's The FACT.

Drumpf is pooping on the New York Time again like an incontinent and petulant child.

One Certainty of Trumps Wall: Big Money

Who will Trump OUT today in his Putin phone call?

Joy Reid begins with Groper Don the Con's conflict of interests in Musim countries

To Trump: Expel Scottish and German Immigrants and All Descendants Now!

The LGBT March on DC Is Happening: Five Post-Election Reasons This Is Important

The LGBT March on DC Is Happening: Five Post-Election Reasons This Is Important

Activism idea to cause maximum irritation - hit him in his tweet box

Does anybody have the tweet from Drumpf praising the NYT during their detente period?

Trump the Bully: I found the literary character the president resembles most

Why does DT find it necessary to turn all of his EO's to the cameras

Trump's executive hate crimes

Went to the pharmacy bright and early to get my meds, pharmacist not there, all locked up

He made America protest again

Trumpy whinny about nytimes & WPost today--Keith O and John Nichols tweets......

Pakistan: trans party celebrates with police protection

Netflix original "iBoy". Exciting sci-fi revenge movie.

Does anybody have any good krill recipes?

"After all, a fleet of armed drones is just as good as a wall." (DT)

How humiliated must Theresa May be...

GOP Meme Government Jobs ARE NOT Real Jobs So We Can Get Rid Of Them. Don't Need Them.

Police Arrest Alleged U.S. Spy Working in Heart of Russian Cybersecurity

With that decree yesterday, Trump sure took the focus off his phone call with Russia today.

Trump's wall would be just another boondoggle

Trump Will Probably Give Putin A BJ.

tRUMP vs. The Rethuglicans

"But you want a wall."

Saturday Silly GIF

First Lady Melania Trump appeared dripping in diamonds on a #VanityFair Mexico cover ... and people

Whitehouse whistleblower Twitter account has been shut down

Stop thinking like a Democrat for a moment. Think like a Trump supporter.

Physicists have found a metal that conducts electricity but not heat (

Potential DHS Hire Jon Feere Promoted Anti-Immigrant White Nationalist Website

With this announcement, Canada just became a target.

Having Dick Cheney say you have gone too far,

Navajo Coal Plant - 7th-Largest CO2 Source In US - Edging Towards Shutdown

Meet Gregg PHILLIPS (again) - DRUMPF's source for voter lie, a grifter in 2 Red crony States

Gizmodo: Amazon Sells Out Of 1984 As America Decides To Read A Goddamn Book For Once

Trump Triumphant (toon)

Arthur Rubinstein was born on this date.

They just don't get it - they refuse to get it

Refugees detained at U.S. airports challenge Trumps executive order

I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah

Russians Charged With Treason Worked in Office Linked to Election Hacking

First bird picture of the new year, a bumper bird

We should consider Trump as more than just a threat to democratic institutions/principles

Christian Love At The Women's March

Couch Commander

I'm sick of being told that I don't like Tulsi because she supported Bernie.

TRUMP doesn't want you to see this, but Heres How To Sign Up For Obamacare BEFORE 1/31!

Death of pregnant Texas doctor draws scrutiny to heart issue

Dogs attack cat - Well, it is a BIG cat

Texas Is Leading the Right-Wing Crusade Against Planned Parenthood

Lie Lie Land: Featuring "Alternative, Factually Yours"

The Simplest and Most Perfect Explanation of Privilege

Stupid people cheering Trump's stupid 20% tariff on Mexican goods

Steve Bannon To Journalists: Kneel Before Trump

Populism For Dummies

Please Remind your Trump Chumps about Fox News Admitting they Invent Stories

Announcing to the world - Trump beats his chest

massive hypocrisy

Johns Hopkins Top Psychotherapist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis Of President Trump

RWnuts wanted our country to be ran like a business

How is everybody coping so far?

What all those dead trees mean for the Sierra Nevada

Protect access to reproductive health care in Illinois. ACLU Action Alert

Talk about a f***ing laughing stock of the world. A Tremendous Roundup Of Street Art Ridiculing DT:

Happy Year of the Cock Everyone!!!!

worth noting.....

Oh, well that is nice....

"To the Brave Men and Women of Standing Rock"

we must keep reminding donald j trump that HE LOST THE POPULAR VOTE.

Theresa May signs 100m pound fighter jet deal with Turkey's Erdoğan

Dear World, From America

"Call your Senator! Call your Rep!" Who do we call?

Can't wait for a judge to say new "vetting" is illegal and for Big T to erupt

Chris Christie Rewarded: Prosecutors won't seek charges against Christie for Bridgegate

The birds *finally* discovered my new feeder

"Science might save my daughter. Dont kill it."

Maybe what's needed is a SPINE-ATHON (Telathon)

Brutal toon depicting Trump

If you're feeling bewildered and overwhelmed, there's a damn good reason for it.

"Instead of John Cusak holding up a boombox, it was 1/2 million women with "Eat shit, Trump signs"

Mary Louise Kelly and NPR

It's time to get serious.

Authoritarian followers

Is it better to not help someone and let them die rather than kill them directly?

Hours after Trump signs Muslim ban, Texas mosque goes up in flames

Lesson from the Berlin Wall

Is there any chance that this person can be removed through impeachment or the 25th amendment?

Don't leave. Better to be arrested for trespassing than to cower to evil.

"Every Life Is Precious"

My 10 point Donald Trump survival guide. Hope it helps.

Does What Trump Is Doing Now Mesh With The Project For The New American Century (PNAC)?....

Trump sued after Iraqis detained at airport

Cows vs Turtle.

Trump says US will prioritize Christian refugees.

I am getting tweets about the media at JFK and they're protesting the Muslim Ban

BREAKING: Trump's business interests determined the banned-refugee countries.

A tRump refugee meme I just made

We're Taking Names? What?...

BREAKING: ACLU sues Trump over refugee ban.

The Dismissal Of The Womens March And #BLM Shows Why Theyre Needed

Coming To America - Neil Diamond

Breaking News: Iran Bans US Citizens - CNN

Lets flip some congressional districts in California:

Does ALEC Have Their Hands In These New Laws Being Considered In Red States.....

Trumps consistent Twitter rant..Ny Times and WAPO..

The incompetence continues

Trump supporters should feel embarrassed and ashamed. You can help them to.

Need a little break? Read "The True, Correct Story of . . . Trump's inauguration."

My prediction about the trump is coming true.

(Re : DeVos) Angry and frustrated, teachers feel unheard by Lamar Alexander

It's payback for the Khzir Khan episode...

HELLLLLLP!!!!America is being held hostage!

Trump's First Interview Ratings Well Short of Obama's

Dangerous Liaisons: A CIA vets thoughts on Trump, loyalty, and the agency

Why did twitter shut down the whistle blower but still allows drumpf

This was a promoted ad on Twitter. What the fuck???

To All The American People That Have A Child Husband, Wife, Family Member Or Significant Other.....

A Profile in Cowardice

Protests & Marchers Just Sore Democratic Losers We Can Ignore. GOP.

World leaders condemn Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Iran says to ban U.S. visitors in retaliation to Trump move

How Would You Rank Top 5 Worst Trump Cabinet Nominees?

One of the Muslim detainees worked for the US govt. for 7 years during Iraq war.

Private debate, captured on tape, reveals rift in GOP over military spending

Malia Obama joins protest against Trump DAPL revival, stands with water protectors

Here we go

Trumps Immigration Ban Is Illegal

Uber's CEO:We must work with President Trump.

Stop HB 1753

"INAUGURATION DAY" A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

Attn VA Residents/Stop HB 1753

We 'Hit the Ground Running': President Trump Delivers First Weekly Address


Somebody edited the Invertebrate Wikipedia Page to Include Paul Ryan

Great Idea: Netanyahu Tweets in Support of Trump Border Wall Plan

I'm not "bashing" Democratic Senators

HELP. How Does One Register

I'm 60 today YIKES!

Trump is asking for a major torrorist attack. I think he wants one...

I am heartbroken: Malala criticizes Trump for closing the door on children fleeing violence

Provision in Trump EO Forces Agencies to Surrender Immigrants' Private Data Provided Under Obama

GA GOP lawmaker recovering after being shot at adult cinema parking lot carrying thousands in cash

Mark Zuckerberg dropping lawsuits seeking to buy Hawaii land

Drump's call with Putin...

Mr Fish- It's Going to Be a Long 4 Years

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now NYT

Mr Fish Toon - White Now

We are watching the reincarnation of Hitler and our intelligence agency is

White fear of demographic change is a powerful psychological force

Let's be honest

Can the military overthrow the trump administration?

An America first philosophy? During Mays visit, its more like Trump first.

I am so angry that tRump's cabinet picks got Dem votes

How to turn your anger into action

Donald Trump has broken America's promise to the world

Trumps erratic first week was among the most alarming in history

Donald Trump has broken America's promise to the world. And people are already suffering for it.

Declaration No Longer Applies in U.S.

How to fight for the ACA

In leaked audio, Republicans destroy their own public talking points on Obamacare


Did anyone catch David Brooks last night on PBS Newshour?

She Is Best Known for Goodnight Moon, but Her Life Was Full of Color, Too.

Woman set for deportation to Chile attempts suicide at JFK

Dan Rather Ends Retirement, Announces Historic Project to Topple Trump

From this day on I am going to call Fox News the "Alternative Facts Channel" that's all nt

Odd: DRUMPF is called a liar multiple times daily & doesn't complain

Are there ANY sane Republicans left???

Dear God...

was the ACA "doughnut hole" specifically calculated to...

Trumps 10 Troubling Deals with Foreign Power-Players

Madeleine Albright statement on refugee ban is uplifting!

A mosque was burned in Texas. Was it arson?

Immigrant Ban Causing International Chaos & Anger. We LOOK LIKE SHIT To The Rest Of The Planet.

Fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. The ringleader was from Egypt.

Google CEO Comes Out Against Trump's Immigration ban

Pit Bull Bans and the Human Factors Affecting Canine Behavior

Rep. Keith Ellison: "To everyone afraid...I say, 'You are not alone. We are with you.

Keith Ellison Statement on Trump's Muslim Ban

Hours after Trump signs Muslim ban, Texas mosque goes up in flames

Union membership down nearly 40 percent in Wisconsin

Another way to ease into activism:

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf on people being detained at U.S. airports with valid visas

(Fox) News from tomorrow.

Fire destroys mosque in Victoria; cause undetermined


The Silver Lining of Donald Trump's Refugee Ban

Franklin Graham On The Doomsday Clock: Dont Blame Trump, Blame Yourself For Not Loving Jesus Enough

President Trump's Muslim ban excludes countries linked to his sprawling business empire

New Trumped Up Slogan - 'Make America Fear Again!'

You may think this is silly but from all you have seen is this safe to think?

White America is stuck in the 50s.

Please Call 202-224-3121 & Tell Senators Why Betsy DeVos Can't Be Our Secretary of Education!

2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report

Boeing KC-46 aerial tanker schedule 'unlikely to be executed' on time

I remember "let only women and children in" being an acceptable attitude towards refugees on DU.

What if Western European countries decided

Please Call 202-224-3121 & Tell Senators Why Betsy DeVos Can't Be Our Secretary of Education!

Iran, today is banning US citizens from entering that country.

Euthanasia dilemma: Dutch doctor forced patient to follow through with death wish


When, nearly a half century ago, I volunteered to serve . . . . .

Iran to ban US citizens after Trump order

Imagine - it was ReTHUGs who fucked up the Middle East

Latino soldier ordered to dance with Melania.

How long before Drumpf and Bannon make Muslims wear yellow Ms on their clothing?

Trump Grill Taste Test The Try Guys

Photovoltaic milestone: 300 gigawatts of global installed PV capacity

I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters

So let me get this straight


Today's petitions

Msnbc is reporting that Trump had NO guidance for airport TSM personnel on how to handle

Resistance: the readings

CNN: Iran announcing a ban on entry of all US citizens to their country.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp Democrat, ND wants you to contact her on how to vote for Rump nominees...

Air Canada: Canadian Passport-Holders from 7 Trump-targeted countries cannot board flights to USA

Trump Just Likes to Sign Things.

Atlantic alliance of hate: Donald Trump and the European far right

The Evolution of the Desk.

NYC Taxi Workers on Trump's immigration order: "We say no to inhumane & unconstitutional ban"

I said earlier this ban was to take the spotlight off his phone call with puddin.

IMO, Sen Kirsten Gillibrand, can vote against all the GOP appointed, is she will not

U.S. Highway 190 redesignated as Interstate 14

Breaking: State Department says dual citizens with those seven countries ARE banned from the US

From Dr. Seuss in the early 1940s. It still resonates.

Japan PM Abe to visit US, meet with Trump

one good thing agent orange has done

Teaching hospital receding offers of residency to medical students from countries Trump has banned

Contact your Representatives and demand they stop Trump

Gallup: Trump Net Approval Rating Drops 8 Points In First Week In Office

Click for the largest beneficiary of Drumpf's war with Islam

Trump disapproval rating rises 8 pts. to 50% after 1st week.

We need more forums - not enough to have general discussion and breaking news

Kremlin COVERED-UP Murder of KGB Chief Who Did Trump Dossier


Advice for Those Weighing Jobs in the Trump Administration

President Mayhem

With every monstrous act by Trump I have less and less empathy for the Deplorables who empowered him

Aeromexico's Ad in Response to Donald Trump

Legislators upset at being left out of UT System land purchase

Is The Alt-Left Creating Conservative Atheists?

Just saw Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez on BBC

The quickest way to put the fear of God in Drumpf, the Deplorables, and the GOP is a tanking market

So what is he tweeting now? Castigating the WaPo for saying he will lose the election.

Pope says: "Christians who reject all refugees are 'hypocrites'"

I just heard that later today the minority president will sign three more exec orders!

Republicans move forward with plans to gerrymander the Electoral College in three states

Most Presidents Handle Issuing Executive Orders Carefully.

Trial Begins Monday for Christopher Duntsch, Ex-Neurosurgeon Criminally Charged for Patient Harm

"60 Minutes" looks pretty good for tomorrow night.

Mike Pence once criticized Trump's Muslim ban. He now applauds the order.

When does all this mayhem affect the stock markets?

Pelosi Statement on Trumps Executive Order Targeting Muslims

Mrs. Lib noted today that Cheetos is missing a good bet by not making

What Registering Non-Christians Looks Like

Trump Refugee Ban Clashes With Faith-Based Groups' Religious Missions

Readout of Trump/Putin phone call released by Kremlin: "importance of restoring trade, economic ties

Joy-Ann Reid: A Man Without Grace Meets a Party Without Conscience

Syrian family with U.S. visas denied boarding Paris-Atlanta flight: Lebanese airport sources

The executive order continually references 9/11 yet omits the country where most of the

Kudos to Canada & Trudeau for so proudly rejecting Trump's politics of hate and bigotry.

I am heartbroken: Malala criticizes Trump for closing the door on children fleeing violence

Kellyanne Conway--has brutal comments for us.....YEAH KELLY_get used to the Resistance!

Poll: Voters back abortion rights, funding for Planned Parenthood

Well, this ban on certain nationals personally affects ME!

Trump visa ban applied to those with dual nationalities

Haunting faces, scenes and stories from the Knickerbocker Theatre roof crash 95 years ago

Please! see this part of the immigration ban order he just wrote:

Killard House Special School choir singing Hallelujah

Paul Ryan hearts Trump's compassionate Muslim ban

Kamala Harris: 'Make no mistake this is a Muslim ban'

Trump screws Canada auto workers.

Booker: Trump ban on admitting refugees 'fundamentally un-American'

Muslim detainees were asked their views on Trump before they were released

Sanders: Trump 'fostering hatred' with refugee ban

DHS source tells reporter WH DENIED THEM INPUT ON BAN: "Nobody has any idea what is going on"

Key Till witness gave false testimony

Paul Ryan Gets Added to Wikipedia Page on Spineless Animals (Invertebrates)

Madeleine Albright's heart felt response to the Muslim ban:

Don't even know why I'm posting it fake news??? You tell me....please.

countries with Trump business dealings exempt from ban

Before the fall: America's public lands on clearance rack

Please whatever higher powers than there are, please let us get Comrade Trump saying on camera

"Well here we go kids!"

Egyptian artist Ayman Fayez finds his mission in icons

Thank you to everyone who dropped everything to protest at JFK.

Wu-Tangs RZA Directed An Episode Of Marvels Iron Fist

What is the red line for Senate/Congressional Republicans right now?

Son of White House National Security Advisor

Well, don the con has finally broke it. How will the repugs fix and spin it?

Fuck you (Donald Trump) - Lily Allen

Important reminder from TPM - "The Republican Congress is Responsible"

North Korea appears to have restarted plutonium reactor: think tank

I love my cheeto daddy I do I do I do I do.

WH: We did "remarkably professional/seamless job" implementing new visas policy-"Few Ramifications"

Dang...Cheeto banned me from his FB page

It isn't Trump

What happens when more countries ban US citizens in response to tRump's executive (facist) order?

All immigrants should pretend to be Christians. You know, like Republicans do.

Detained Iraqi Immigrant Speaks After Release at JFK

To the rest of the world: I APOLOGIZE!!!!

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial: Trump's first days resemble those of a dictator

2018 elections...

Has it really been 31 years?

Target list. Which programs will they attack?

The Right-Wing Suddenly Has Alzheimer's.

A Man Without Grace Meets a Party Without Conscience - by Joy-Ann Reid

New Dallas Group Launches To Fight Pension-Driven Tax Increase

Don't yah love how RETHUGs have no problem with Constitutional violations

Anxiety About Muslim Refugees Is Stoked Online by the Far-Right Media

We're going to need to start organizing some resistance.

Time to take back congress begins now...sitting around wringing our hands is of no use....

Kremlin Releases Statement on Call Between Trump and Putin

Despite bitter cold, sea of protesters at JFK keeps growing

First Baptist Dallas Says It Won't Surrender to Fear of ISIS Threat

Have you noticed Kellyanne gets a bit more haggard at every appearance? Could...

Trump Ex. actions being written with no input from DHS, State, DOD, etc.

Kellyanne: "Get used to it"

I have questions about our military and this mess.

Trump's immigration attorney thinks his ban is unconstitutional

NYT, WaPo Respond to Trump After He Says Their Subscribers Are 'Dwindling'

Melania Trumps Own Immigration Lawyer Condemns Refugee Ban

In His First Seven Days, Trump Has....

2 Christian Syrian families detained at PHL, returned to Qatar

Russians, Spanish, Czech Gov'ts-& Interpol-have arrested 4 ppl suspected to be involved in elec hack


Senator Chris Murphy Posts Photo of Dead Syrian Boy to Blast Trump Exec Order

Easy and Shrewd Activist Tactics - to add to the great advice in the "Indivisible Guide":

Trump-loving & oil-loving state senator proposing sneaky bill to make protesting a felony.

GOP Rep Urges Halt To Trump's Executive Order Banning Refugees

Trump just signed an Executive Order; "Defeating the Islamic State of Iraq."

Gen, Flynn's crackpot son mocks Statue of Liberty poem, happily labels what Trump's done #MuslimBan

We now know Trump lied about his secret foolproof plan to defeat ISIS

Well See You in Court: Why Trumps Executive Order on Refugees Violates the Establishment Clause

Two Tampa area mosque fires ruled arson

Is 'extreme vetting' unconstitutional?

Indivertable: A Guide for Understanding and Fixing out News Media

Montana Democratic Congressional Candidate Forum - 2/1 - Billings

He's evil

Pence once called Trumps Muslim ban unconstitutional. He now applauds a ban

ISIS doesn't share its own propaganda anymore. It just shares CNN & NYTimes articles about TRUMP

Sanders: Trump 'fostering hatred' with refugee ban

Are We Losing Time By Not Hoisting Torches and Pitchforks Today?

I NEEDED to DO something today, (besides call, email, sign petitions)... So, I donated to ACLU

"Never Again" Means Everyone

Still no official readout of Trump/Putin call from WH. Did Putin tell Trump to wait?

WINGS "Let 'Em In"

Feds find Montana State Hospital put patients at risk, almost terminated agreement

We are still getting played by twitler

Are all of these executive orders necessary to move these things forward or is it for show?

State apologizes for fraud fiasco, wants to reduce penalties

New York Taxi Workers will join the protest at JFK TERMINAL at 6PM TODAY:

Conservative MP now banned from entering US as a result of Trump's executive order

trump's has not banned travelers from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey...

Paul Ryan ignores message from father.....

I'm curious

Trump causing panic and confusion at airports around the globe.

How much has Comrade Trump cost the US economy in the last 2 days?

Bill would allow Legislature to cut salaries for education employees across state

Wyoming lawmakers pull controversial religious rights bill

In Venezuela, we couldnt stop Chvez. Dont make the same mistakes we did.

Working Families Party is live now.

Airport Protests

The People Of The World Need To Know This Is All On Trump & The Repugs.....

Where is Trump Jong-un today? Is he hiding himself away from all the damage he

How long until the man-child starts demanding loyalty oaths?

University of Montana president requests information on buyouts for budget planning

ACLU alert

Verbatim: Dick Cheney Criticizes Donald Trumps Muslim Policy

Stock market will see new reality and start falling Monday.

Anyone here going to the protest in Olympia Wa tomorrow?

slate - This is a Constitutional Crisis

Here is what you can do to help:

Repeat After Me   - Torture Doesnt Work

Trump hotels have bedbug outbreak

cooking from frustration/kitchen political rant

RoguePOTUSStaff Twitter account

slate - Trump Supporters Refuse to Believe Their Own Eyes

Plea deal accepted in Ponzi-scheme case in Montana

Pennsylvania REPUBLICAN Congressman Charlie Dent just on MSNBC commenting on the negative

Chaffetz: "It's time to get rid of the BLM and dispose of federal lands"

Montana senators seek waiver from enhanced driver's licenses

desperate to take away people's Obamacare, the dictator kills ads from I am drinking...and I don't drink.

Up Is Down: Trumps Unreality Show Echoes His Business Past

Dear "There's no difference between the two parties" people...

White House Defends Executive Order Barring Travelers From Certain Muslim Countries

Montana State University pitches Romney Hall to lawmakers

Reading/Re-reading Nineteen Eighty-Four.

How [Redacted] Could Make Himself a Hero in One Announcement. And beat Obama's popularity...

People at JFK chanting "Why are you in riot gear?

Main headline news in Jamaica

Why detain them at the airports? Why not just put them on the next plane home?

Democrats! Congressional Candidate Forum in Billings on 2/1

Bill would amend Wyoming civil rights law to regulate bathroom use

David Corn tweet, a few hours ago: "Today would be a very good day for the UFO aliens to land."

Gregg Phillips, Donald Trumps Voter Fraud Guru, Blasted as a Revolving Door Hustler

When America was great

Facing Mexicos fury, Israel backtracks on Trump border wall praise

Stopped by the nearest Mosque, made a few friends and dropped off a note.

Liz Cheney questions necessity of clean coal technology

Bertolt Brecht returns from the grave to respond to Steve Bannon:

DT's 7 country ban also includes 500K who hold green cards

Will Any Democrat Challenge The Constitutionality Of These Executive Orders?.....

About 1000 marchers show up for Pittsburgh rally against Muslim ban.

Political World Embraces Encrypted-Messaging App Signal Amid Fears of Hacking

DEms Had Better Get Their Act Together Now

I am drinking

Thank You Trump - This Is Surely Not Making America Great Again.....

View from the left: Journalists must start covering the elephant in the room-Trump's mental health

Qatar Airways to 'enforce' Trump travel ban

Has Turtle& Ryan been to the WH today to point out the obvious problem?

Spot The Difference. One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

Those in positions of power that are not speaking out are going to be called collaborators

The Immigrant (with lyrics) - Neil Sedaka

*If affected by trump's immigration order, e.mail

More Republicans are speaking out against Trump's refugee ban. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell aren't

I'd like to see the three former Democratic Presidents jointly condemn

Donald Trump Puts Coal Lobbyist in Charge of Prosecuting Environmental Crimes

Trump claims it's not a Muslim ban and he's right.

Donald Trump, the refugee ban, and the triumph of cruelty

A Trump supporter was charged with voting twice. Her lawyer says she shouldnt stand trial.

Hey Senate Democrats, get it now? VOTE NO ON EVERYTHING. Do NOT enable this monster

FULL TEXT of Trump's Presidential Memorandum asking for a plan to defeat ISIS

Rep. Hunter mixed personal and campaign expenses, trips

Trudeau says Canada will take refugees banned by U.S.

How long before Drumpf builds a wall on our Canadian border?


How long before dipshit declares war on Wikipedia?

Should we send the Statue Of Liberty to a nation more deserving of her?

Trumps Immigration Ban Is Illegal

At Dulles Airport, Va. Gov. McAuliffe, AG Herring Push Back Against Trumps Racist Anti-Muslim...

Have your senators commented on / condemned the ban yet? WA State senators have:

Lawyers now working pro bono to get releases

Governor Terry McAuliffe @ Dulles:

This live video feed of JFK protest is working now. Takes a minute to come up.

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Pegasus World Cup

A good story about Chicago (Syrian refugees)

Wyoming lawmakers want study on gender wage gap

One of the green card holders who can't get back is an Iranian surgeon who went to Italy...