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Archives: January 29, 2017

Anti-choice advocate admits to Joy Reid her ultimate goal is to make birth control illegal

Amended bill would match Wyoming, federal minimum wages

Could we have an emergency preparedness group?

Out with the old

Johns Hopkins Psych finally said it: Malignant Narcissism

China steps up preparedness for possible military conflict with US

THE KREMLIN (Not The WH) Releases Statement on Call Between Trump and Putin

Do you know that there is a mumps outbreak in the US? Video at link

Colorado considers ending longtime switchblade knife ban

Where the hell is he? Hiding? Giggling in a corner with Flynn?

Protests shut down Arrival road at San Francisco Airport

Judge: Texas Can't Suspend Teacher for Getting High in Colorado

Trump orders Joint Chiefs to draft ISIS strategy, restructuring of security council

Sen. Franken on Betsy DeVos, "She would be a terrible Sec. of Education"

PM Trudeau Says Canada Welcomes Refugees

Trump receives first official instructions from Putin since #Inauguration

How long before it blows up in Drumpf's face ? He cannot control this country.

Blessed mind numbing: The Mary Tyler Moore Show Marathon

If WW III started on Sat night, would MSNBC still have Dateline on?

Dictatorship. We're on the list for this also. Tweet:

This shit if far more serious than Bush/Cheney.

Trump Halts Program to Bring Jewish, Christian, Baha'i Refugees from Iran

Trump does the impossible: He's gotten New Yorkers to go to JFK when they don't have to

California governor to undergo treatment for prostate cancer

Thank you, Prime Minister Trudeau.

crowds of protesters at major airports, Dulles, Kennedy, OHare

Russia appears to now be helping out the Taliban

ACLU in FED Court-TONIGHT-in Brooklyn Seeking Nat'l Stay In Challenge To Trump Muslim Ban.

Take my money, Please!

A whole flock of Ibis showed up earlier (short video)

Corey Booker in 2020?

Periscope from DFW airport.

New York Taxi Workers Alliance Halting JFK Airport Pickups To Protest Immigration Ban

Call Paul Ryan NOW. Take the survey! #carenotchaos #SaveACA

Martin O'Malley at Mother Mosque of America.

Martin O'Malley at Mother Mosque of America.

Tom Perez gets it

ACLU sues Trump for Discrimination (1.28.2017)

The man is crazy

Note that the people getting detained are not terrorists or refugees...

Senator Brown has issued a statement about the Muslim ban

You may not agree with me (shut down airports)

How would you rate Trump's first week in office?

China military official says war with US under Donald Trump 'becoming practical reality'

Wants to be the President who will be remembered as a King. His words, not ours.

Trump has Divided the Muslim Ban into Two Groups of Countries

*Joy-Ann Reid Hosts DNC Chair Candidates Forum

World leaders should refuse to meet or speak to Cheetoh

Take to the streets and shut this country down

Don't Be a Sucker Redux (NSFW)

Now, he's hurting Lady Liberty...

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Immigration Order

Trump and Putin discuss coordinating on ISIS and Syria, Kremlin says

A fact check on Donald Trump's first week in office

Twitter users - Please give NY AG Eric Schneiderman a little support!

NYC Taxi Workers just called for a work stoppage

This breaks my heart

Re-org of NSC Principals Comm. to include Bannon (!), not always incl. DNI, Chairman Joint Chiefs

Washington governor Jay Inslee says if Trump's wall is anything like his inauguration crowd ...

Russia Has Taken Over the National Security Council

Fuck this fucking orange piece of dingleberry hanging from a baboon's fucking ass

Up Is Down: Trumps Unreality Show Echoes His Business Past

Take down the statue of liberty.

He's a filthy, filthy subhuman

The country is vomiting up trump and his whole damned administration.

Republicans were too cowardly to enter Philly Train Station because of protests..

Koch political network to spend $300M to $400M over 2 years - McClatchy

Sen. Sherrod Brown Ohio has a statement on his twitter about

Pennsylvania teen at center of Holland Tunnel gun incident dies

Apparently, this is the Trump administration's version of busy work.

Senator Warren at Logan Airport:

if you like the chaos so far,

LINK: Streaming Live: Travel ban protest outside JFK

And while Kellyanne primps in front of a mirror:

I'm so glad people were fixated on Hillary's emails!!!

Statement from NY Gov. Cuomo

Rep. Bob Brady & Sen. Bob Casey are stepping up at Philadelphia International Airport

Senator Warren at Logan Airport Protest in Boston

Cuomo reverses Port Authority and allows protestors to use AirTrain to get to JFK.

Tweet from Elizabeth Warren

Anyone watching livestream of JFK protest?

When is the next Black Lifes Matter protest?

California Files Suit Against Muslim Ban

Can anyone here ID this bas-relief?

"Whole world watching"

Fuckstick trump is going to feel the wrath of The People

there's somethin happenin here.

Chris Hays saying the stay has been granted in Brooklyn court.

Stay has been ruled in Brooklyn!! MSNBC...

Trump removes DNI and Chairman of Joint Chiefs from National Security Council. And adds Bannon

Iran bans Muslins

Trump Visa Denials target same countries Bush vowed to Overthrow

This is Bannon in action I bet:

Bennet Says Hell No To Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Calling on NOVA residents!!

And they'll pinch themselves and squeal

Temporary restraining order granted in New York Court in Trump's executive order!!

Prosecutors will not pursue Bridgegate charges against New Jersey governor

shit is gettin real.. NY governor directs state officials to protect people detained at

President Trump Celebrates Year of the Rooster

A Federal Judge Just Issued A Stay Against Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban"

TRUMP DEFEATED - ACLU: Stay is granted-Court temporarily blocks Trump regime's immigration ban

18 arrested for trespassing during protest at Cory Gardner's office

I've a friend who is on a cruise ship that's returning tomorrow and there are passengers who are

Republican Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Trump to Halt Enforcement of Muslim Ban

Trump aides divided over policy shielding 'dreamer' immigrants: sources

Relevant passages from week one: The Trump Bible, King Don Version.

Cities that are holding anti-ban rallies:

Federal court halts Trumps immigration ban

Donald Trump Says His Order To Bar Refugees And Travelers Is Working Out Very Nicely

Link: Federal court halts Trumps immigration ban

MSNBC is actually covering this at the moment (no lockup)

Great blow by blow of stay....

"In a way, Trump and the GOP are refugees because they're always running away from the truth"

Ok trump, now it's personal

all living presidents need to come out and say it. arm in fucking arm.

Let me be the first to say it: DEPORT TRUMP

J.K. Rowling tweet about handcuffing of green card holders:

France24 News is also covering this live

Views of President being asked of those wanting entry...

(North Carolina) Lawmakers won't publicly commit to 'bathroom bill' repeal

Rep. Tim Leonard Works Out His Personal Problems Legislatively

Somewhere President Obama is smiling big

Broad and important (and temporary) nationwide stay of Trump's Muslim ban granted!

Russian Infiltration of the US Government:

Just donated to ACLU!

Trump calls for abolishing all judges in 5...4...3...

Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama need to hold a meeting asap

Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric

CNBC: ACLU wins emergency stay of Trump's refugee ban.

Over/under on Monday's stock market drop?

Protect People's Rights & Liberties

"I'll Have my Crown NOW, NOW, NOW!!!"

I have a feeling the big shoes are going to drop on Superbowl Sunday

House Speaker Paul Ryan publicly supports Trump's executive order. He is Trump's chief enabler

Democratic congressman: President Trump is 'mentally unstable'

Blah blah - groan - piss - moan

Would Pence be any less "evil"?

Listening to the news every day is more alarming than the next. Something big is coming....

local connections tell me jan schakowsky has been on the phone non-stop.

A small part of me is going "neener neener neener, f* you, you small narcissistic bully"

House Speaker Paul Ryan publicly supports Trump's executive order. He is Trump's chief enabler

Gov't employees have formed resistance groups, can be found on twitter at:

Trumpanzees bitching about EO block. Whats the matter, SNOWFLAKE?! (eom)

Unlike DT, Hillary called for a 550% increase in Syrian refugees,

Same famous walls and lines and their effectivness

Just donated to ACLU again.

Pa Gov. Tom Wolf, Democrat, welcomes immigrants at Phi Intl Airport

If you are a 7 year old African-American child...

Boom! Checks and balances, baby. Checks and balances. Epic Twitfit tonight!

New Step 1. Do NOT listen to Trump if he orders nuke launch !!! Old Step 1. Put Obama back in

Christo Pulls Plug on "Over The River" To Protest Trump

Taxi driver asked what airline. I said protest. He gave me a discount.

Jeeeesus! How do you kick the head of the Joint Chiefs from NSA and add Bannon?

Donald has been watching this on TV

Shout out - immigration lawyers descending on major airports! GOOD ON THEM!!!

Why does tRump hate our troops?

Guys, I know Hillary would have made us proud..

Cory Gardner Concern Trolls Womens Marchers, Clears Up Pence Vote

The Pope says "you can't refuse refugees and call yourself a Christian". I say, too, you can't call

So our soon-to-be Atty Gen & his flying monkey Stephen MILLER are running the Ban

"First they came for the Muslims. Not this time FUCKERS !!!!!!!"

Judge Blocks Part of Trumps Immigration Order. NYT

It looks as though only green card holders are protected by this temporary stay.

Construction begins on Hotel Prado and Malecn in Havana

ACLU: Sorry, our full site is unavailable due to unusual traffic levels.

I'm dammm proud of the citizens of this country tonight.

Dan Pfeiffer: Trump put a white nationalist w/apocalyptic worldview at table 4 every natsec decision

Neither Bannon Nor Flynn Were Elected Nor Confirmed By Congress-

Trump Continues Assault On Media, Calls New York Times Fake News

would you consider a DU money bomb for the ACLU ?

Bill would OK gun training for school employees

I always referred to W's time as the CheneyBush regime. I now call this misadministration

I am usually so happy and proud to hear, "Welcome home" when I enter immigration coming back

Colombia narcos set to testify against Mexicos El Chapo


If President Trump's border wall is anything like his inauguration crowd assessment...

Colombia narcos set to testify against Mexicos El Chapo

A large intellectual coalition of legal scholars, the ACLU, law school professors will cross swords

Anyone know a 100% PTSD disabled vet?

Ryan and McConnell have a decision to make

Stretching your meat.

The whole world is seeing what Democratic Progressive

Threats to 'blow up' refugees investigated in Aurora

I wish the crowd would chant, 'Bring Obama back" just to irritate cheeto! for list of airport protests

For the second time in a week, I feel hopeful

Mexico 'Astonished' at Israeli Leader Netanyahu's Wall Tweet

Mexico 'Astonished' at Israeli Leader Netanyahu's Wall Tweet

Colorado State University shares game-day plans for new stadium

Appropriate music for tonight

Once of the last threads of our democracy is the internet

WHAT will it take?

Paul Ryan Cheers the Courts Blocking the Presidents Overreach!

How long before Trump and the GOP simply start ignoring federal judges...?

Trump Mexico wall will destroy lives, Berlin mayor warns

Ex-Breitbart Nazi promoter Steve Bannon is author of Trump's executive orders

Trump Mexico wall will destroy lives, Berlin mayor warns

Warren decries Trumps immigration order at Logan

Boston-area academics are facing bans on entering US

Trump Must Be Shocked

Thousands are facing down a line of police that continues to grow at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, polic

Peoples mic + Elizabeth Warren... Occupy never ended

Democrats Slam Trumps Immigration Ban As Callous And Cruel

If I could re-write tonight's SNL cold open it would be Trump and Kellyanne wrestling WWE style

The Times They Are A Changin Bob Dylan @ the White House Live

Democrats Slam Trumps Immigration Ban As Callous And Cruel

Time for Amendment 25?

Protesters chanting, "We are the wall and Trump will pay"

WH: No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too

How Low Can They Go? - TPM - "Bannon's Deathly Hand"

Republicans - The Enemy Within

Trump tasks son-in-law Kushner, a diplomatic novice, with managing Mexico dispute

Trump tasks son-in-law Kushner, a diplomatic novice, with managing Mexico dispute

Perfect movie for today!

This headline makes me want to puke

The "alternate reality" appears to have taken root...

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone

Senator Bob Casey (PA) is at Philadelphia Airport:

University (of Michigan) Refuses to Disclose Student's Immigration Information

Politics Countries where Trump does business are not hit by new travel restrictions

Senator Casey is at Philadephia Airport:

Apple CEO blasts Trump immigration ban

America is effectively a one party state

Thank you Hillary - She stands with everyone defending our values and our Constitution.

Aleksandr Dugin-- THIS is the man you should know about !!!!!!

Check in if you've now joined/donated to the ACLU.

An America first philosophy? During Mays visit, its more like Trump first.

John Dean: It's clear DT is in charge of signatures and pomp but Bannon's got governing and policy

Governor Wolf went to Philadelphia Airport:

Trumps wall has revived old fears and hatreds in Mexico

We will protest Pence also

Tweets, posts, blogs - nice, feel good - but I think it is going to take daily, regular,

Trumps wall has revived old fears and hatreds in Mexico

I do hope the White House has protected truly historical pieces from his temper tantrums

If Trump is removed from office

Hey, Democratic Senators,

Trump is scamming for donations, NOW!

Crap-msnbc just went to regular programing (Lock up!!)

Canadian scientists offer support to muzzled US counterparts

NCR: DT's statement on the Holocaust remembrance does not mention JEWS,

If we play Slim Wittman music directly at the White House, might their heads explode?

That does it! I'm going to write an angry letter to The White House!

Dear World From America (must read)

I just busted my cat with her head in my cup drinking my blueberry banana smoothie

Trump admin/CBP is not complying with the court order

Meanwhile...when we were distracted...

ACLU celebrates: 'I hope Trump enjoys losing'

NOW, again! WATCH Joy-Ann Reid Hosts DNC Chair Candidates Forum

Hundreds protest at DIA against Trump's immigration and refugee ban

Twitter blowing up over Day 1 Muslim ban, airports in chaos

I think it is so important that each protest, each demonstration

A big thank you to the lawyers! #nomuslimban


Ancient Mayan Superhighways Found in the Guatemala Jungle

Ancient Mayan Superhighways Found in the Guatemala Jungle

Massachusetts Bill Aims To Mandate 100% Renewable Energy By 2035

The toddler-in-chief is no doubt throwing a massive temper tantrum right now.

Read this - "With Friends Like Us" - pertinent to the EO - Slate

Bill would increase penalties for texting while driving in Colorado to $500 from $50 for 1st-timers

Just came through Dulles Airport.

Religious freedom bill dies in Colorado House

How long before the repuke congress and talking heads get worn out from all the extra work Trump is

Bannon has got to go.

Born Rich: Children Of The Insanely Wealthy (Ivanka tRump)

GACKT - Arrow

Trumpco Hating On Others Is Coming Back On Them Exponentially

Colorado lawmakers push PTSD bill to address pleas for medical marijuana

Rep John Lewis vs Immigration official

DECO*27 ft. Topi - Sandglass Eng Sub

Bill would gut shadowy state loan fund intended for disability expenses

DECO*27 ft. Topi - Sandglass Eng Sub

Republicans do not yet realize.


Time to shut down the airports

i'm sensing a shift in the force.

Who remembers the "last" Saturday Night Massacre?

What will be our Reichstag Fire moment...?

In President Trumps First Week, ACLU Hands Him First Stinging Rebuke (ACLU release)

Why hasn't there been any protests outside of the offices of the House and Senate?


I would just like to know when the bombs will start falling.....

US Jewish lawyers save Muslim refugees from Christian political party led by Trump

Journalism returning to CNN?

Dark times ahead, for sure...

Looks Like Trump/GOP At War With The Country. US Descending Into Chaos.

Who will Trump bomb first?

This is not your father's Republican Party

Immigration Ban Is Unlikely to Reduce Terrorist Threat, Experts Say.

It's A GAME SHOW......isn't it???

supreme arrogance

Keep on Rockin in the free world. (For the time being)

Republicans Go Largely Silent As Trump Bars Refugees And Immigrants From U.S.

was there a protest or gathering back in the 1970s

Trump intentionally left Jews out of holocaust statement "to recognize all other victims"

Maglock bike pedals lock in a new way to cycle

Trump boots top officials but includes Steve Bannon in reshuffled National Security Council

Kellyanne Conway-Stand Up Comedian

HRC tweet standing with defenders of Constitution

Cory Booker is working for the people tonight at Dulles!

Inspiration from the past: The day they levitated the Pentagon

A Popover With a Deep Secret

Don't need a weatherman tonight...let's keep on fighting...

Equality Utah asks for injunction on 'anti-gay' school laws as lawsuit proceeds

Trump's First Week

Judge will allow hearsay statements from co-conspirators in Swallow public corruption trial

Hats off to Judge Ann Donnelly

The people defeated Drumpf today with their written words (and help from the courts)

Hey Repugs

First on the First - post the First Amendment on the first day of every month!

Trump team couldnt run a two-car funeral: WA governor blasts train wreck immigration mess

Is it time for a national demonstration like "moral Monday"?

Veto leaves New Mexico Legislature without cash

Abortion clinic closes doors in Las Cruces

Lee Atwater's 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy

New Mexico lawmakers approve emergency court funding

Leviticus 19:34 -- mic drop

Someone shared this on my FB -- Anonymously troll Trump on Twitter

Second judge issues TRO against donnie's EO for Dulles

New Mexico Legislature considers legalizing marijuana

"Today Went Well was a success"

Correct me if I am wrong:

Trump's Executive Order "banning Muslims" is really a shopping list

Guliani: Trump wanted a Muslim ban "Show me the right way to do it legally"

Something is happening but you don't know what it is

Univ. of New Mexico suspends $3,400 fee for group to host far-right speaker

IMPORTANT. Donald Trump filed with @FEC for 2020 reelection on January 20th, 2017. This is major...

Google co-founder Sergey Brin joins protest against immigration order at San Francisco airport

Drop the mic!!!!

Giuliani: Trump asked me how to impose a ban on Muslims lawfully

Are any of you cashing out investments?

a friend posted: 'Received word that ALL SeaTac detainees have been released.

DeVos Help needed. They are three votes short of blocking her.


Judge halts implementation of Trump's immigration order. Betcha the Con is pissed...AGAIN!

Schumer calls for Trump admin to 'rescind' refugee order

Thank you Judge Donnelly, ACLU, protesters, attorneys helping defend

Trumps "War" against the media.

As Families Reunite At Dulles, Lawyers Say Customs And Border Protection Is Violating Court Order BY

Steve Bannon is the man behind the curtain...

Stop saying "good Germans". That phrase has been replaced.

Hours After Landing in U.S., Cleveland Clinic Doctor Forced to Leave by Trumps Order

One idiot president's decision is another country's gain

U.S. colleges rush to help students, scholars affected by Trumps immigration order

Dems Come Out To Airports Around The Country To Support Muslims, Refugees

Rick Perry's Deep Ties to Dakota Access Pipeline

ENOUGH of this SHIT!!!

Stunning meteor turns the sky emerald green as it burns up over India Toby Meyjes for


The Fishermen Braving the Freezing Mediterranean to Save Desperate Refugees

Port Everglades Backs Out of Agreement With Cuban Government

Port Everglades Backs Out of Agreement With Cuban Government

Anthropologists Discover 38,000 Year-Old Engraving On A Limestone Slab

Dogs share food with other dogs even in complex situations

Dogs share food with other dogs even in complex situations

why 120 days? (for the refugee ban)

OZ Open Rafa v The Fed

Nikki Haley at United Nations: US is taking names of those that dont have our back

Listen folks the American political system and institutional strength is


Are we still pretending that this election was about economic anxiety

What Political Party Dominates Your Occupation ?

TRump is agent of russia

Humans not the only visitors to Machu Picchu

Humans not the only visitors to Machu Picchu

What we actually lose when the USDA and EPA cant talk to the public

Remember the name. Remember the face. Thank you, U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly. #ACLU #MuslimBan

Order from fed judge restrains Trump from "further acts & misconduct in violation of the Constitutio

Trump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights

A whole new low in government trust

6 Cringe-Inducing Moments From Trump's First Week You Might Have Missed...

And so it begins: What we know about malignant narcissists

Trump regime to IGNORE court order by saying nothing in the filing says so

Found on Twitter

FULL TEXT of NY judge's ruling granting stay of removal + Federal complaint

A snake-catching tribe from India is helping Florida clean up its loose pythons

Three, Just 3 Senators could restore balance.

Russia Indicts RFE/RL Crimea Contributor for "Separatism"

First underwater images of newly discovered Amazon Coral Reef captured by Greenpeace

First underwater images of newly discovered Amazon Coral Reef captured by Greenpeace

Malaysia: boat carrying dozens of Chinese tourists missing off Borneo

Let's have a song, then!

"Give me your tired your poor..."

A Federal Judge Just Blocked Part of Trumps Executive Order on Immigration

Daily Holidays - January 29

Is he going to sign an Executive Order firing all federal judges next?

wtf anyone see this?

Woman impersonated lawmakers wife, snuck into GOP retreat

Sanders Condemns Trump's Order Barring Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries

It's serves no purpose to claim economic issues didn't play ANY role in Trump's victory.

To anyone who was mildly inconvenienced by civil disobedience at the airports:

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Math Salad Edition

2018 plan: take back the house

2018 plan: take back the house

I just for a moment, want to reiterate Steve Bannons' adoration of Richard Spencer...

With the Muslim Ban, Trump is already at Yellow on his Failure Level

Has SNL been silenced on the internet ??? I can't find any clips on their website,

Troll the Hotel on Twitter

Hillary Clinton: "This is not who we are"

Believe the autocrat.

Show your papers: Maryland police question U.S. citizen's immigration status

Britain's Observer:"Trump is ignorant-prejudiced & vicious in ways that no American leader has been"

What if . . . .

PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT FOR TRUMP.......for real??????

Who wore it better?

Spoiler alert... Austrailian Open

CNN: DHS concluded exec order shouldn't apply to green card holders, but was overruled by Bannon

Heartwarming indeed.

"Let them eat cake"

Our dinner party

Leahy, Sanders, Welch condemn Refugee Ban

How did Andrew Breitbart die?

Thank you, Trump, for trying to protect me from these very dangerous octogenarian green card holders

21 hours without a Trump tweet. Sad! Unfair! Fake! Rigged! Meanwhile, Bannon was "elevated."

State-controlled media weighs in:

Sunday's Doonesbury - Women Doctors

A Clemson professor got deported. I'm just at a loss for words.

We should tie Trump's business interests to this.

list of all the protests happening against the Muslim Ban

Department of Homeland Security vows to enforce Donald Trump's travel bans, despite court order

From Twitter

Dear World, were sorry and we hope you'll endure these days with us.

This CNN report shows what an utter mess Trumps immigration order rollout was

Sunday's worrisome, scary and somewhat NSFW toon roundup

The GOP owns this Trump/Pence/Bannon Mess!

A rafter of Turkeys at cam two

Trump team couldnt run a two-car funeral: WA governor blasts train wreck immigration mess

What are your views on Groper Don the Con?

JK Rowling took out a Trumpkin on Twitter:

Judge Donnelly: This admin-with no apparent historical & constitution rudder-will not go unchecked

Apparently, Trump's favored "leadership" facial expression is "pissed off and constipated."

Orange Twitler, this morning: Someone should buy "fake news & failing" NYT & "run it correctly"

A different message to the world

Atheists Challenge CA Countys Donation to a Church to Build a Homeless Shelter with a Chapel

Peter Thiel: Ban is not religious test

I have a question for frequent overseas travelers regarding paperwork.

VIDEO: What does Georgia import from Mexico? What does your state import?

First they came for the ______________

Trumpanzees at it again

American Commando Killed in Yemen in Trump's First Counterterror Operation

Churches Not Quit of "One Voice' as Francis Addresses Catholic-Orthodox Meeting in Rome

$100 Bucks says Trump names Judge William Pryor to the Supreme Court this week

Mike Pence, 2015: "Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional"

Keystone Pipeline Crack

Photo: StreetArt in Philadelphia

UPDATED: Merkel, May Blast Trump's Refugee Ban

Johns Hopkins Top Psychologist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis

Long-haired cat problem---bad tangles-what to do?

Donald Trump's Refugee Ban Has Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions' Fingerprints All Over It

Time to start applying Gene Sharp's From Dictatorship to Democracy to Trump and the GOP bad joke gov

If you aren't following @RoguePOTUSStaff on Twitter, you should!

how many prez. orders in a week. my head is spinning.

Steve Bannon wants to destroy the government.

This is serious. This is horrifying. The threat from within...

Steven Bannon and Kellyanne Conway will not allow Trump to be impeached.

Some of us need to stop cowering in the face of Trumpism.

Trump's SCOTUS pick will green-light torture, by whatever name...

nytimes: Donald Trumps Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous

Something Fishy? Boris Epshteyn Special Assistant to Trump

President Trump's Muslim ban excludes countries linked to his sprawling business empire

DHS: Trumps executive orders remain in place

"Because of Donald Trump's visa ban ... I can't go and hug my son."

Remember GOP Is A Co Conspirator In This Mess. THEY APPROVE OF HIS EVERY MOVE.

ACLU -Trumps "going to lose so much, we're going to get sick & tired of his losing"

don't hold the nazis and the nazi party responsible for hitler. they probably just wanted a tax cut.

Looks Like Trump Is Deliberately Trying To Smash Ship Of State Into Iceberg.

Priebus thinking of resigning?

NYT on immigration ruling: Cruel. Bigoted. Cowardly. Self-defeating.

NRA files lawsuit over ban on assault weapons in Mass.

White House discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info and cell phone contacts

A Tell Tale Sign of How Badly Trump is Fucking Up

CNN host slaps down Congressman who cites American killers as justification for Muslim ban

Malevolence Tempered by Incompetence: Trumps Horrifying Executive Order on Refugees and Visas

My fear now...

Scores of people are deleting Uber after the company serviced rides at JFK airport while taxis were

The Trump bulldozer

Ambassador Rice: "This is stone cold crazy. After a week of crazy."

It's like magic.

Fort Hood (2014), Kalamazoo, Charleston, Chapel Hill, Sandy Hook, Oak Creek, Roseburg, Isla Vista

Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it.

Are you afraid we are not powerful enough to ultimately stop Drumpf*

Theresa May's team says she held hands with Trump at Trump's request, because he is afraid of stairs

Bannon said he was a Leninist and wanted to bring down the state.

Steve Bannon personally overruled DHS decision not to include green card holders in travel ban: CNN

States discussing lawsuit over Trump immigration order

Abortion rates went up in some countries the last time 'global gag rule' was in effect

Petition calling on UK to cancel Trump state visit reaches 100,000 signatures

Just in case someone on the Sunday Talk Shows says: "This is NOT a Muslim Ban"

I just realized that I have 648,967 files on my computer, according to my online back up service.

Bravo Elmac - stop STDs - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahhaha

the logic behind Trump replacing generals with Bannon on the National Security Council

A Force More Powerful: take heart

Has anybody else started their Super Bowl drinking yet?

Dan Rather -Today I shed a tear for the country I know and love"

Lyft says it is donating $1 million to the ACLU in protest of Trump's refugee order

Moyers: Trump Turning American Democracy into Demolition Derby

The wheels seem to becoming off the cart and the cart headed toward the abyss.

Lyft will donate $1 million to ACLU after Trump immigration ban

I love Ana Navarro when she gets her rant on

Anyone else having to do Facebook cleanup these days?

Are these loony EOs the collective straw that will break the gerrymandering camel's back?

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: "Let me be clear: POTUS exec action is unconstitutional."

Stephen King: DT "a hooligan pouring sugar into the gas tank of an expensive & well-maintained car"

#StopPresidentBannon...Trending - Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America..

John passed away on Thursday


Malevolence Tempered by Incompetence: Trumps Horrifying Executive Order on Refugees and Visas

Let's start a list of Righteous Republicans and give them succor on their twitter and facebook pages

Ambiguous announcement from DHS:

Our DHS has issued a press release stating that DHS intends to defy the orders of the judge

OMFG -U.S. Commando Killed in Yemen in Trumps First Counterterror Operation

Home page photo

Drumpf's insipid war on the print press

If we start calling him President Bannon, maybe

Turn on AM Joy - Bannon and National Security NOW n/t

Joy Reid starting to discuss Bannon NOW on MSNBC

We're a Bannon-a Republic now.

Drump is engaged in an extraordinary diplomatic row with the Prince of Wales over climate change..

Did you ever buy into conservatives' supposed allegiance to "freedom"???

Fareed Zakaria is killing it in his op ed on CNN.

'It's a small price to pay': Kellyanne Conway defends 'upside' of chaos caused by Muslim country ban

FB Repost/Dulles Airport

FB Repost/Dulles Airport

So, whoever told me that Generals Mattis and Kelly would be the checks and balance lied.

Priebus On Uproar, Chaos Over Travel Ban: We 'Apologize For Nothing'

Steve Brannon claims he is a Leninist

No sentient person wants bad guys or gals coming to America and thinks we can allow everybody here

About to board a plane from Europe to JFK

CNN To Host Town Hall in NYC with U.S. Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi - Jan 31 9PM

Love the way that Joy digs into issues with no hesitation. She just called

California Just Threatened To Stop Paying Taxes

Gee, I'm completely shocked this is the result.

David Corn to intel community, other govt officials & employees: "Leak now, while you still can."

His biggest lie - past, present & future

The refugee furor is being used as a smokescreen for Bannon's move on the NSC.

The detainees were being forced to sign a paper

President Bannon is the new leader. Please adjust your post.

U.S. Commando Killed in Yemen in Trumps First Counterterror Operation

Fmr. Tx. State Rep. Molly White hurls profane rant at Austin Reporter (including Video)


19 million Americans pay tax on SS benifits, will you be

Christians answer me this.

Let's try this again. Fight or Flight

Check out this new Aeromexico ad:

This CNN report shows what an utter mess Trumps immigration order rollout was

So, we currently have PINO Trump and the real President is Bannon.

i said in a prior post that i didnt recognize ths country since 2000

White House discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info and cell phone contacts

In the midst of all this, I need the Sunday Salmenchanted funnies. Did I miss them?

American Volunteers

If Trump can threaten my rights, he can do the same for any of us

JoyReid: European Leaders calling Trump insane. Word "Fascist" used openly!

Reince on Face The Nation....

Todd and Dickerson let Priebus skate

Trump May Help Galvanize Europe Against Le Pen & Other Fascists.

Trump: Obedience is Freedom!

Preibus to Todd: "Just slow down and listen to me". "You never stop talking"

JoyReid NOW Bannon Russian Alekandr Dugan. Malcomn Nance calling Bannon "Commissar".

more shit coming down the pike...Cell Phone Screenings Next?

Trump A Donk....

Because we all need to smile...esp. after this weekend

I found the source of Trump's staircase fear.

If Congress does not enforce the Constitution

Song of the day.

Bannon Disciple of Aleksandr Dugin- Russian/Bolshevik Who Wants All Out War/End Times

Steve Bannon calls for total ban on ...

Here's how to hack Donald Trump's phone

First President Bannon has to go, and next Kellyanne has to go. RESIST!

Time for a Million Muslim March

It seems to all go back to Russia

Kelleyanne's '1%, small-price' defense of Trump Muslim ban has dangerous historical echo

Myanmar ruling party lawyer shot dead at Yangon airport

Rudy Giuliani says on Fox that Trump called him and said, "I want to do a #MuslimBan. How do I do i

I own a small business. I run it like a liberal.

White House Official, in Reversal, Says Green Card Holders Won't Be Barred

Kellyanne Conway: Yesterdays Airport Chaos Was A Small Price To Pay For Greater Security

If the FLOTUS leaves the country

The Drumpfs have been here over a hundred years, not one has served in the armed forces.

Immigration Ban Is Unlikely to Reduce Terrorist Threat, Experts Say

I'm off to the hardware store in my

The Muslim Ban is a distraction - A SHOCK EVENT

Stephen King on Twitter

Get to Know the Memes of the new white supremacists and Never Miss a Dog-Whistle Again!

If things get so bad that Calexit becomes a serious option, is water CA's biggest vulnerability?

Trump's own Attorneys flat-out conceded in court - They don't know how to justify his Muslim ban

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64

John Hurt 1984 Official Trailer

Trump wants to enlist local police in immigration crackdown

John Schindler: "Yesterday's WH recasting of the NSC...amounts to a coup" + more, tweets

Amid distractions of his own creation, Trump moves swiftly to change the country dramatically

We are violating international law.

How do I counter this argument about the Trump's Muslim ban

A Stain on America's Conscience That Can Never Be Erased - and Should Never Be Forgotten

Cat sneeze has power to make others jump

McConnell: Let The Courts Decide If Trump's Travel Ban 'Has Gone Too Far'

How long before Orange Twitler communicates: "Courts Support ISIS. They Hate America. Judges Need to

Republican Sen. Rob Portman: Trumps Immigration Order Was Not Properly Vetted

Boston Globe's Michael Cohen: Shame on you, Mr. President

I'm sorry but how many attacks have been made on America from ....

Tell their stories

Adding Insult to Injury, Trump Flirts With Classic Holocaust Denial

Holocaust survivor Rae Kushner: "But it can happen here if you don't watch who comes up."

The biggest falsehood trump voters failed to recognize is now being exposed.

Just 2 Of Trumps 19 CEO Advisers Publicly Condemn Order Targeting Muslims

Sawing off the branch you're sitting on

Can the CIA do anything about Bannon?

White House Blames President Obama After Muslim Ban Backfires On Trump

Finally, some good news. We can all go to Canada! WooHooo!!

Dump Trump--Enjoy Life: Icona Pop's "I Love It"

Kellyanne Conway: The Media Failed; When Will People Be Fired?

It is a small thing

Customs agents ignore judge, enforce Trumps travel ban: ACLU

Surprised? Of course you are. That is the intent.


Face the Nation's John Dickerson

Troops Who Cleaned Up Radioactive Islands Cant Get Medical Care

Frank Zappa's many warnings of the threat of RELIGIOUS THEOCRACY

Anti-Trump rallies are popping up around Maine today

McCain: Trump Exec Order May End Up Giving ISIS 'Some More Propaganda'

RW is hitting back with "Obama did it"

March and Rally 2PM on SUNDAY, Jan 29th Battery Park NYC

"Woke up, fell outta bed, dragged a 'mower across my head..."

My Threat to Congressional Democrats

Protests against Trump's immigration plan set in more than 30 cities

President trumps approved attack that just killed US serviceman & 30 men, woman, children

Putting it in chart form - Trump vs. Obama's cabinet

We must root out the "moral monsters"

Does anybody have a link to market futures or markets already trading?

CNN having discussion on how news media operates under authoritarian regimes.

The Political Thought of Stephen K. Bannon

Merkel tRump conversation. I kid you not!

Should Officials Resign When the Government Goes Crazy?

Dump Trump-Enjoy Life: Icona Pop's "I Love It"

Calling your Senators and Representatives

Spicer Says Obama Influenced Which Nations Made It to Refugee Ban

Uber CEO supports Trump, while a high percentage of cabbies are immigrants...

Kahzir Khan rips 'un-American' Muslim ban: Trump is writing a 'dark and ugly chapter' into history

Trump defends refugee policy, attacks New York Times

Say, Right-Wing Christians: Who Would Jesus Detain?

From George Takei: Please Share

Global backlash grows against Trump's immigration order

Merkel's office says she explained the Geneva Convention over the phone to Trump on Saturday

What would we ba talking about today had the Coup not been successful? Curing cancer?

Let's all get in touch with our inner Ana Navarro.

Muslims for Trump (comedy)

"Life in the bubble": Ivanka Trump slammed for posting glamour photo as Syrian refugees denied entry

Trump, Bannon, Flynn

I bet a Clinton administration would be pretty boring.

Netanyahus Support Of Donald Trump Is Already Causing Him Problems

Trump immigration order restricted by judges in 3 more states

CNN had Breitbart editor Joel Pollak on this morning who said that one or two

Thread supporting lawyers working pro bono to support innocent people in our airports.

John McCain - Drumpf's Muslim ban Will help recruit terrorists

Drive a wedge between Trump and Bannon...

So why would military folks and CIA folks put their lives at risk on the orders

I just bit my lip. Why is it you KNOW you are going to bite your lip but you can't stop it???

The movies Omen, Damiem, Final conflict

Two other judges have signed broader rulings on the immigration EO

President Trump (aka President Bannon)

"I believe in an America where religious liberty ..."

Thank You Steve Bannon For Showing Us Your True Fascist Colors


Lawfare blog on DT's executive order: "Malevolence tempered by incompetence."

Why GWB didn't allow Rove to even attend NSC meetings

POTUS fuming after judge order last night. Suggested having agents to "do it anyway"

That little girl does look pretty terrifying

IMPORTANT: Donald Trump filed with @FEC for 2020 reelection on January 20th, 2017. MAJOR...

Video: "DONALD TRUMP's presidency is UNDER ATTACK!"

Mindblowing - Zoom in on the Andromeda Galaxy - Universe full of stars

'Christians in the Middle-East have been executed': Trump fights criticism over travel bans

Trump Orders Statue of Liberty Removed and Melted Down to Recover Metals

small anecdotal positive sign?

I read the Indivisible guide and it helped me cope

Go To this site to leave message for Mr Trump

Trumps BP Defies Judge, U.S. Senator at Dulles Airport as His First Constitutional Crisis Unfolds

How could we "take" Iraq's oil without committing genocide?

This Whole Travel Ban Issue Has Completely Knocked Off The Putin/Russian Story.....

Keep this in mind..."Trump Started This" issuing order..

Rally and March in Burlington, VT in progress

'Upset and afraid' Glasgow vet caught in US flight ban

My first original post. Thank you Donald Trump!

Quote of the Day

Trump Is Afraid of Stairs?

After Court Rejects His Policy, Trump Moves To Undermine Judicial Branch.

Social media users troll Trump Hotel with their "favorite travel memories"

Trump's First Big Defeat

Schumer: Dems may be able to overturn Trump's ban

If the Trump Administration actually defies the orders

Koterba toon: Steve Bannon

4 pieces of evidence showing FBI Director James Comey cost Clinton the election

Kellyanne Conway: "I Was Stopped Many Times After 9/11" Though I Don't "Resemble" Terrorists

Sen. Chuck Schumer breaks up in speech defying Trump

More US federal judges halt enforcement of Donald Trump travel ban

Well, in an hour I am headed for Olympia Wa to Percival landing for the protest there.

U.N. experts warn Saudi-led coalition allies over war crimes in Yemen

Please read this article....Bannon & Russia

Conway: When will reporters who 'talked smack' be fired?

CSPAN has Schumer and the Elias family, all of them bawling

Not Surprised by this tweet

Power struggle in the White House


Any one esle find themselves thinking "Rasputin",

Fox just reported that Trump & co are watching "Finding Dory" in WH movie screening

Peter Leyden: Why Trumps Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era  but the End

A 'small price to pay' to protect us from a five year old

Rebecca Solnit gives me strength...


Floridians pay big for environmental messes

IPad experts please help

Conway Claims Judge's Ruling 'Really Doesn't Affect' Trump's Executive Order

White House Official, in Reversal, Says Green Card Holders Wont Be Barred...sort of.

What are you reading this week of January 29, 2017?

The Second Coming of Hitler...

In a matter of a few days, years of careful, thoughtful diplomacy...

GOP Rep. Take Money Out Of Medicare/Medicaid To Fund The Wall - Crooks&Liars.

Trump wants to enlist local police in immigration crackdown - AP

and at LAX woman had green card - citizenship ceremony was in 2 weeks.

Kaine casts Trump officials as Holocaust deniers

Trump is a transition figure. Pence will be cast as the next Gerry Ford.

The United State Of Women

Kellyanne Conway should change her name to Joseph Goebbels...

Dear Twitter, how many foreign born are employed by you?

THANKS - Trumpshit Voters You Got Your Fucking Change. Now We All Suffer.

Authoritarianism has arrived: "Better to get your news directly from the president"

Live Protest at National Mall, WH and Boston..

To support marchers and protestors

2 more going to NYC Battery Park Protest

"Everyone suffered through slavery in America, including black people," said @Reince Priebus.

Well worth a read- "A Clarifying Moment in American History"

Christian Leaders Denounce Trump's Plan To Favor Christians

Trump sold America a miracle cure, but he won't be blamed when it fails

Democratic strategy on Nominee votes... yes, folks, there's a strategy

Trump gives no sign of backing down from travel ban

Watching The Man in the High Castle...

William H Pryor: Perhaps the most polarizing Supreme Court justice possibility

How very apropos. Goebbel's secretary dies at 106.

4 yo had a Women's March protest with dolls /This 'Hidden Figures' cosplay is the cutest

A ship full of refugees fleeing the Nazis once begged the U.S. for entry. They were turned back.

Voter intent on medical marijuana ignored

How close is trump to forming his own "loyal" military and intelligence agencies?

Trumps Border Patrol Defies Judge, U.S. Senator at Dulles Airport as His First Constitutional Crisi

Why California's governor may emerge as top defender of liberal values

The Welfare Of Each Of Us

Neil Diamond - America

McCain: Bannon's spot on NSC a 'radical departure'

OMG. The Guardian!

The most outrageous CEO salaries and perks

Schumer: Legislation to "undo" Trump's illegal EO will be introduced

What we have here, folks, is an "Autogolpe"

McCain is speaking out against the ban

Conway: Inconvenience To 1 Percent Of Travelers Is Small Price To Pay

The $4,500 injection to stop heroin overdoses

I imagine this number will cover all airports

Protesters Return To LAX In Opposition Of Trumps Refugee Travel Ban

Trump is showing signs of being an amazingly effective President

Pandering to fear

Your favorite Grateful Dead song(s)?

Protesters are streaming toward the White House/Capitol right now

Onion: Lindsey Graham Cowers Behind Tree Trunk As Trumps Hunting Dogs Close In

Trump Immigration Ban Still In Place Despite Court Ruling, Says DHS (Constitutional Crisis)

Trump shuts the door on men and women who have sacrificed for America

LIVE - Gov Cuomo making Announcement

another Market Rally this week ? (just a question)

Here's a link to a list of airport protests all across the country:

CONSTITUTION CRISIS Is Not Relevant. Who Is Going To Arrest Those Who Defy. GOP Supportive.

20k + and Elizabeth Warren in Boston say No Ban, No Wall.

I think we are going to find out IF this country has any true patriots

Advice from longtime journalist: Challenge everything

Chart of Senators' positions and statements on Trump's travel ban

Uber triggers protest for not supporting taxi strike against refugee ban

Inslee calls Trump order cruelty; protests at Sea-Tac

What punishment does the new cabal deserve?

Travel Band Is Also An Attack On Democrats, Liberalism, & Progressivism.

Heres how the world is responding to Trumps ban on refugees, travelers from 7 Muslim nations

Talking to Congressional Offices Again

American Car Buyers Will Pay the Price for a Mexico Tariff

Can we assume that trump will attempt to control the internet and communications infrastructure?

LIVE Stream: Battery Park Rally

McConnell: We dont have religious tests in this country

First they came for the Muslims

Schumer condemns executive order, talks actions, refugee families speaking out with him on C-span

Here's an idea

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner Attends Koch Brothers Donor Summit in California

this is how bad it is, my internet-computer was acting up this morning. I feared

Even NYTimes Maueen Dowd is waking up to stupid Trump: Wild Child Takes Charge

Trumps First Defeat: immigration order creates an international mess & political embarrassment

My heart feels really good right now (Facebook is awesome)

Priebus: U.S. citizens expect more airport scrutiny traveling to/from countries listed on Trumps EO

Will you stand up for Justice, or silently allow Trump to destroy America?

What is the Democratic Party's base?

Suburban Bar Apologizes, Rescinds 'Build-A-Wall' Burger Special After Backlash

Only three ever issued at the time of *W Bush. Do you remember ITMFA ?

Benoit Hamon wins French left-wing presidential primary against Manuel Valls (Socialist Party source

Remember that in January 1942...

Break the tie, please.

Hundreds gather outside TD Bank to protest Trumps pipeline order

This is about white supremacists: Rula Jebreal erupts at Jonathan Turley for defending Trumps ban

Stop doing anything that could be construed as Free Speech w/out a permit -Denver PD @ DIA

High school teachers vs. College Professors (FB)

Why Twitter Is Talking About Steve Bannon with the Hashtag #StopPresidentBannon

China military official says war with US under Donald Trump 'becoming practical reality'

Trump's wall would cost the average American an extra $200 a year in items imported from Mexico

Sen. Chuck Schumer becomes emotional speaking against Pres. Trump's immigration order

The Koch Brothers Condemn President Trump's Immigration Ban

Maybe Trump was right. This image could explain why inauguration attendance was

Trump and his Nazis want a white ethno-state

Hey trending on Twitter right now : #StopPresidentBannon

First it seemed like just random acts of violence

Just suppose there was a certain group of people...

Slate - "The Travelers Trapped in Horrific Limbo by Trumps Immigration Order"

CB radio installation question.

Author! Author!

I am terrified. I am disabled and sick. My other half is a white albino

Our Pres. Once Used Twitter to Defend Paparazzi Stalkers Who Took Topless Photos of Kate Middleton

Well my FB timeline is scorched earth aimed

Paul Simon - American Tune

Kirsten Gillibrand: An honor to raise my voice with thousands of New Yorkers in Battery Park today.

Remember that Conway and President Bannon belong to secret group.

Bannon's Blueprint. Read it for yourself.

What to do: Protest, volunteer, donate (add to this list)

US Senators On Muslim Ban-see where yours stands

Senate positions on ban

Best protest sign today:

Incredible crowd gathered here at the White House. and other Sunday Protest pics....

"The 70-year-old 7-year-old"

Travel ban impact outside the U.S.

They want to defy a federal order from a judge?

Isn't the Super Bowl next Sunday?

Richard Farina: Lost Genius Who Bridged the Gap Between Beats and Hippies

EEOC: Scottsdale Wine Bar Bosses, Staff Harassed Workers Perceived to Be Gay With Slurs, Taunts

Will Arizona Gay Rights Lawsuit by EEOC Be One of Last Under Trump Administration?

If Republicans Gut Endangered Species Act, Arizona Could Lose Big Time

Abused Baby Orangutan Whose Story Broke Our Hearts is Thriving At His New Home

VIDEO: Mother from Iran, 5-year-old son reunited after he was detained at Dulles Airport

Top teachers call for 4 percent pay boost rather than 0.4 percent

Live-stream of protests around the USA

Pelosi & Schumer inviting Dem lawmakers to join them Monday 6p.m. on steps of U.S. Supreme Court to

Meanwhile . . .

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio goes back to court this time as civilian

I have to believe we still have strong patriots

@Rogue POTUS Staff

Obama, you need to come home (NYDN)

Where Congress Members stand on Trump's Muslim Ban and how to contact your elected officials

Lesko proposal could greatly expand school voucher funds

Ducey defends using public funds for private schools

swimmer's ear

Republican lawmakers aim to create separate state university governing boards

Trump is a racist. Want proof?

I'm sure, as it is with you...


In 24hrs, over 1.3M have signed petition to UK parliament to stop Drump visit to UK

Fired executive director sues Arizona Democratic Party, alleges self-dealing

I had no idea that so many Americans would take to the streets in the middle of winter

Labour leader says Trump shouldn't visit Queen yet

Got this request from drumpf, is this illegal?

Giuliani claims Trump asked him how to ban Muslims "the right way, legally"

Are you afraid of Aleksandr Dugin?

political stress cooking V2

Parliament committee calls on Baghdad to 'reciprocate' travel ban on Americans

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: Trump 'delivering the goods' with refugee ban

Here's Trump's boy Bannon---he wants war.

Organizing the resistance

Gallego to GOP leaders: 'I hope you are proud of yourselves' on refugee ban

Scott Walker asks to sit in President's chair and Trump gives in and lets him.

Washington's governor slams Rump's "gross incompetence."

Former President Jimmy Carter receives humanitarian award in Phoenix

Bobby Jindal: It IS about time, Trump is exactly right, immigration without assimilation is invasion

Is Trump a pathetic, Social Security cutting puppet?

Large Trump protest has overflowed international arrival hall at Philadelphia International Airport

Five Groups of Americans Who'll Get Shafted Under Trump's Hiring Freeze

The WH is preparing for an earlier announcement of @realDonaldTrump's pick for Supreme Court

Trump's travel ban from 7 countries may hurt F-16 training in Tucson

Garrison Keillor: Trump is what he is, and God help us now

Steve Bannon's philosophy ...

Are Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway Under Orders to Get Trump Kicked Out of Office?

Russia and China have to be absolutely giddy Drumpf has declared war on 1.6 billion Muslims.

Workers Need to Organize Worldwide Now!

Why Trump has been able to get away with it: in a word, religion

Fuck you Jill Stein...

Denver police to protesters: Stop doing anything that could be construed as free speech

Crowd of 500, including some Oregon standoff defendants, salute Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum

List of active airport protests right now. All over the country.

Former White House Assoc.Director of Public Engagement has started fundraiser for Syrian refugees


Lyft says it will donate $1 million to the ACLU

Just heard a CNN reporter ask, "what's the significance of having the protests....

Trump manages immigration crisis by holding White House screening of cartoon about a fish

LOL Thomas Roberts calling orange mans BS

Truck driver has lost his marbles

I wish Prime Minister Trudeau would cancel his meeting with Donald Drumpf

White House defends having Bannon at national security meetings

New tweet just now. McCain and Graham are WRONG!

Just now figured it out...Reince Priebus is Eddie Haskell as a grown-up.

"We know all their names."

Trumps EC on Immigration and Right Wing Christian Values

Trump: Media falsely reporting Muslim ban, I will always help those who are suffering

Princeton University President Defends His Immigrants Against the Illegal Ban.

At JFK on Saturday: blog from an Iranian-born American citizen who flew back then

trump accusing McCain and Graham of starting World War III in latest tweet?

Gross Donald Trump tweet about Kate Middleton resurfaces

Arizona State University fundraising drive has $1.5B target

The very long list of Republicans in Congress who have taken no position on Trump's refugee ban

Bill Richardson: For Negotiating Tips, [Redacted] should read "Art of the Deal."

Customs agents at Dulles airport not letting lawyers see anyone detained, or saying if anyone is bei

Mother should I run for president?

Trumps EC on Immigration and Right Wing Christian Values

Here is the Statement on Immigration made by McCain and Graham that caused Trump's latest tweet

Which is the "minority religion" in these Countries? . . . Shia or Sunni?

I am traveling to the UK and Europe next week.

Writing environmental ruin, or how to write an obituary for an embattled planet.

Arizonans express opposition to new I-11 freeway

#BREAKING: #ImpeachTrump is trending #20 on twitter!

Iranian Oscar Nominee not able to attend Oscars b/c of Trump Muslim ban

Ducey sidesteps decision on driver licenses for 'dreamers'

CNN has a live feed of protesters at airports.

Profiles in Courage (or not) list

Trump warns senators looking to start World War III

Kellyanne Conway: I Was Stopped Many Times After 9/11 Though I Dont Resemble Terrorists

Masha Gessen how to survive in an autocracy

US Sen Foreign Relations Cmtte Chairman Corker: Trump should 'immediately' revise refuge exec order

Twitler is challenging ISIS to attack us

The ACLU Raised $10 Million Since Saturday

16 state AGs from NY, CA, PA, WA, MA, HI, VA, OR, DC, CT, VT,IL,NM, IA,ME,MD issue statement on ban

What songs are you playing to survive this madness

This puts the LIE to their "It's not a Muslim Ban" crap:

Ain't no one checking into Trump Hotel right now

Denver police: 'Stop doing anything that could be construed as free speech'

Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and others...

Governor Jay Inslee from Washington

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Big Mistake for Trump to Exclude Members of National Securi

Hillary Weighs In

Global backlash grows against Trump's immigration order

What will President Bannon do next since we know Trump is politically impotent

Rep Don Beyer: We have a constitutional crisis today

What happened after Trump kicked the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the DNI off the NSC?

The Good Show

*** January Photo Contest *** Winners

January contest winners announced:

Statement from McCain and Graham

i think everyone in the white house is just trying to exert power.

Pat Tillmans widow on immigration ban: Not what he died for

Guess What Trump's Favorite Film Is?

New trump tweet accuses McCain, Graham of "...always looking to start WWIII" "

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 January 2017

Who Hasn't Trump Banned? People From Places Where He's Done Business.

Here's a happy bit of news for us....

Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom. ( UK Govt petition)

Will these protestors vote in '18, '20 ?

If the Arab spring led to dictators being overthrown

Democrats are marching and protesting the wannabe dictator. What are the Republicans doing?

The (growing) list of Republicans in Congress who have criticized Trumps immigration order

Trump - Obama - Carter. Differences primer/summary

"Travel Ban?"...Talk about normalizing. N/T

Actual photo of America

Total non-Trump votes

Just on CNN's feed a couple of minutes ago.

NBA players, executives denounce Donald Trump's Muslim ban as 'B.S.'

To All those who are angry with the election results please consider this

The Salt River Canyon, via US 60. In 3 minutes, 10 seconds. (Vertigo warning)

what we mean when we say we are afraid

Epic rant found on Facebook. --- Gin and Tacos.

White House says it intentionally left Jews out of Holocaust Memorial statement

The Stock Market is Up

18 Chicken Breast Recipes for Busy Nights

Massive crowds gather at White House to protest Trump's immigration plan

Aeromexico's Ad in Response to Donald Trump

The Kellyanne Conway meltdown transcribed.

"Jobs, jobs, JOBS!", right? - So hey, has DFT sent George Soros a big thank you note

o'er the la-and of the frSHUT UP! SHOW ME YOUR PAPIERS! and the hoooome of the brAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Drumpf (Joachim von Ribbentrop) still doing the bidding of Putin (Vyacheslav Molotov)

Thank you, NYC taxi drivers!

Prime Minister Trudeau- Would Prime Minister King have met with Adolph Hitler in 1938 ?

Trump defends travel ban and lashes out at GOP critics McCain and Graham

Trump asked for a Muslim ban, Giuliani says and ordered a commission to do it legally

Feinstein to introduce two bills in response to Trump's ban

Trump keeping us safe?

In 1969, King Crimson recorded "21st Century Schizoid Man." In 2017, Trump...

Just saw a documentary about Stalin on American History Channel

Hey Ya'll; BLOTUS spent his day watching cartoons. Seriously.

How many sycophants surround Trump?

Kaine likens Trump Remembrance Day statement to Holocaust denial

Who wore it better?

In memory of....John Hurt..Chestbuster Scene..from Alien (1979)...please read warning...

CBS news tonight - they are being as honest about what's going on

John Schindler: The day Mattis resigns is the day I closely check on my ammo, water, & canned goods

Twitler tweeted a link to a defensive statement on Facebook 20 minutes ago

The Drumpf junta's Holocaust denial is a kick in the mouth to American Jews. Josh Barro nails it

BREAKING: Secretary Kelly's statement on MSNBC regarding detainees:

Steve Clemons on MSNBC now

The numbers of Americans killed by citizens from the 7 banned countries since 1975: