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GOP Effort Underway to Undermine the House's Ethics Watchdog

Crazy Cruise III... Bunch of pics

Syrian family to reunite in Toronto, thanks to unlikely partnership between synagogue, mosque

Syrian family to reunite in Toronto, thanks to unlikely partnership between synagogue, mosque

The Rights Hatred of California Is Really Fear of a Future that Already Is Working

Noam Chomsky: 'The Republican Party Has Become the Most Dangerous Organization in World History'

U.S. is on fast track to health care train wreck - We need Medicare For ALL

Very interesting Bloomberg article on disability

Kellyanne Goebbels Conway on Hardball...who will take one for the team??

Elroy: I'm not running for governor'

music for America's Shame, Jan 20

Lessons learned from the Podesta email hack

Kelly Anne Conway just had an interview with Chris and led him around

(Rescheduled) Jan 2 - Rachel Maddow interviews Bernie Sanders tonight at 9PM ET, MSNBC

Yves vegetarian souvlaki on skewers. I'm just saying.

I listened as they called my President a Muslim...

The Popularity of Putin and What It Means for America

Wm. McPhail nails it in his New Yorker cartoon ..

Dayton Works On Final Budget, Remembers 2011

Will Trump be sworn in on the Bible?

GOP House killing Office of Congressional Ethics

If you thought 2016 was a bad year,

OxyContin's global drive: 'We're only just getting started'

FTLOG, It's NOT Fake News, it's Willful PROPAGANDA

More cases of Russian cyberattacks come to light

A lie, is a lie, is a lie: Dan Rather shreds WSJ editor for reluctance to call out Trumps bullsh*

Trump's victory lap tour is over, but the end of his victory laps is nowhere in sight

Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready to Do More Deals With Trumps

Putins Real Long Game

Woman owing $250K in taxes arrested again in 2008 case

I I LOVE the eagle that tried to bite Trump.

Chippewa County jury awards over $10 million in abuse case

Are Glenn Greenwald and Oliver Stone trying to gaslight us regarding the Russian hacks?

People For the American Way Stands Up For The Constitution In Supreme Court Brief

Let me just say this. It was always going to be hard

Trump and GOP could create a populist revolt?

GOP Really Doesn't Care If Anyone Has Health Care Or Anything Else.

IPERS weighs cut in pension investment target

Choosing Trump in the starwars universe.

CNN: Joe Scarborough against the world

BBB revokes MyPillow accreditation....Owner is a big Trump supporter..birds of a feather

Iowa Legislature likely to have minimum wage debate - or two

If Trump starts a war with North Korea and densely populated Seoul is destroyed in a missile barrage


Former Delhi city clerk accused of stealing $165,000 waives initial hearing

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Is it Trump Yet? Live, Uncensored & a new

NBC: Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready to Do More Deals With Trumps

He is flipping out again on twitter

"I'd give it a few minutes, kid."

A lie, is a lie, is a lie: Dan Rather shreds WSJ editor for reluctance to call out Trumps bullsh*

Once the beating was over, we were free

Americans Must Understand that a Bullet Has All of Our Names on It

The coal country voter

Poll: Trump will start off term in historically weak position

If you got elected president, what would you want to be sworn in on?


republican legacy.....Worst Congress in History

I never thought that I'd want USC to win any game.

TROJANS!!!! Fight on!!!

Chicago vs. Boston. The bands not the cities. Which one is better?

Overt racism is in! It's probably a good thing.

New Years video reveals Trump partying with mob associate Joey No Socks Cinque.

Mark Hamill's Carrie Fisher Tribute: "Making Her Laugh Was a Badge of Honor"


Watching American Experience:1964

House Republicans vote to rein in independent ethics office (of course)

Bernie Sanders Message to Progressive Democrats of America

Excellent Facebook post by Michael Moore

Is Keeping People of Color From Voting the Key to GOP Electoral Dominance?

Has the cyber war started, what is hitting all the airports, looks like it.

Former Chicago cop somehow blames high murder rate on BLM activists

Procrastination and Ambivalence Society update

Why I'm Proud to Be a Hollywood 'Sissy'

Republican chairman of House Judiciary Commttee moves to abolish Office of Ethics

Rolling Stone: Morning Blow: How Joe and Mika Became Trump's Lapdogs

headlines next to each other a brief glimpse of our "future"-- trump parties with mobster, gop guts

Dakota Access pipeline protesters march behind Rose Parade

When did we so manifestly lose control of our country?

Tensions within gop rise over how to handle Russia

Why REWARD Media for reporting LIES to you? Stop watching the news! (please)

4 children die when pesticide, water mix creates toxic gas

When kleptocratic oligarchs stick together, dystopia grows... Setya Novanto Trump, Putin

'Its Hard to Show the World I Exist': Chelsea Manning's Final Plea to Be Seen

Jack Pine nuts jobs rooted for Trump and...

George Carlin - little things we have in common

Can you say Coup d'tat?

MSNBC ready to roll the dice with Greta Van Susteren

twitter diplomacy is not going to's his only skill....he's playing with fire.

CALL your reps if you can re: Ethics Committee

Impeaching Trump, The process begins now.

Starting new job tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Vermont utility hack not linked to Russia

Feds Test Bridgeton Houses Near Landfill for Radiation

Any word yet on how to shut dt down because of

Lawmaker wants unhappy couples to live apart for 3 years before they can divorce

Paid time off for childbirth proposed for Missouri state workers

New Missouri laws make it easier to carry a gun and a small amount of pot

Yeah, but . . .

KCK high school struggles to get by, but sees hope in school funding lawsuit

Missouri Gov.-elect Eric Greitens new hire faced sexual harassment allegations at Huffington Post

Rough year.

Greitens: 'I have completely ruled out state funding for stadiums'

Did Obama push hard enough for Merrick Garland?

She lost the house. But the city still wants her to pay for those high weeds or go to jail

Is there a group to help mobilize support on social media?

Man killed by Springfield police had mental illness, family says (and he was black too)

Uncertainty about legislative session, funding worries K-12, college leaders

Missouri Gov.-elect Greitens to make budget cuts

Donald Trump, Bureaucracy Apprentice NYT Edit.

Gut the office that is investigating you ... LMAO

To Stop Trump, Democrats Can Learn From the Tea Party.

This POS said 2 wks ago that some of the leaks looked Russian..get your story straight!!

Edward R Murrow.. he could have been talking about trump

17 days left

Former Alabama Gov. Albert Brewer has died

Talladega College Band to march at Trump's inauguration, igniting controversy

Poll: How soon after Jan 20th will Putin invade eastern Ukraine

Former Arkansas Gov. Dale Bumpers Dies At 90

They don't have a clue how to do that trick Rand....

Nixon Tried to Spoil Johnsons Vietnam Peace Talks in 68, Notes Show

South Texas fossil could be reptile that swam 90 million years ago

First biker trial over 2015 Waco shootings set for April

Truth Time, Republicans

Arkansas lethal injection drug is about to expire

Yes I do believe that the sexy TV star from 50 years does look a lot different now.

Would-be pot growers out $7,500 just to apply

Fascism 102.

Calling All Lawyers. File Your Trump Civil Suits Now.

Get Ready for Trumps Vindictive Side: Golf Course Tiff With Biographer Is Just the Start

"some people say that youve compared Mr. Trump to Hitler and that just sounds kind of hysterical"

River Parishes seek nearly $500 million from feds for levees

Here are some of the laws that take effect New Year's Day

while he criticized Clinton for her private email, Mike Flynn himself used a forbidden private inter

Puerto Rico's new gov seeks statehood to help end crisis

I think it would be a real hoot if the Russians hacked Trump's twitter account.

Wall Street Journal Editor Says His Newspaper Wont Call Donald Trumps Lies Lies

DNC Chair Candidates Address the Texas Democratic Party

In John Bel Edwards, Louisiana finally has effective, full-time governor

Sharon Weston Broome sworn in as Baton Rouge's mayor-president

Found on Twitter--Not what a Commander in Chief Looks or Acts Like ....!!!

Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan Quits NASA

Lead found in Saint Joseph drinking water in 20-plus percent of homes, businesses

2 Brutal Attacks On Gay Men Spark Fears Of Anti-LGBT Crime Wave In Austin

Transgender Suicide Prevention Hotline Founder Detained by Border Patrol

This Passage from Teddy Roosevelt Proves Why Trump is Unfit to be President

With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office

Texas Rangers and FBI to Investigate Dallas Police and Firefighter Pension Fund

Donald Trump says US safe from North Korean nuclear strike - no thanks to China

Daily Holidays - January 3

Outcry after Republicans vote to dismantle independent ethics body

Trump's NAFTA Stance Could Cut Access To High-Skill Labor

Dave Barry's 2016 Year in Review

U.S. judge blocks transgender, abortion-related Obamacare protections

U.S. judge blocks transgender, abortion-related Obamacare protections

After getting shot in head, Texas lawmaker planning "celebratory gunfire" bill

Four killed in possible tornado as storms lash U.S. South

Naomi Klein: Neoliberalism is to blame ...

In diverse Fort Bend County, election raised prospects for Democrats

Amarillo family of 10 overcome by lethal gas. Four siblings killed and six injured.

U.S. judge rules South Carolina church gunman can act as own lawyer

Man suspected of stealing Army Reserve weapons escapes Rhode Island jail

just a note to fellow group members

(updated) Man suspected of stealing Army Reserve weapons escapes Rhode Island jail

J.C. Penney sells Plano campus for more than $400 million

Hair Comrade Dumkopf

New Mexico Store Bans Obama & Other Muslims

Harris County officials sworn in after Democratic sweep

Secular Community-Building Is Hard Work

Huston Smith dies

Pope declares 'zero tolerance' for sexual abuse in Catholic church

Dont destroy the planet you f*king clownstick: Internet rips Trump for alarming North Korea tweet

'Obama & other Muslims not welcome here': Convenience store's signs spark outrage

New Year.

Former Bev Perdue aide part of Gov. Cooper's new team

Reason for hope

Trump Said He Felt He Was Going to Lose the Election, Despite Denying It

WikiLeaks founder: Obama admin trying to delegitimize' Trump

GOP Rep: Ethics complaints "need to be aired in public" after secret, anonymous, closed-doors vote

House Republicans To Gut Ethics Watchdog

Controversy over black marching band's decision to play Donald Trump's inauguration

The War on Drugs Halted Research Into the Potential Benefits of Psychedelics

Dan Rather Scolds WSJ For Refusing To Call Trump On Lies

Don't forget scandal (Abramoff) that led to creation of the (modern) Office of Congressional Ethics

Many Parts Of Oklahoma Are High-Level Math And Science Deserts

Without a Counter Balance to the Pravda Cable News Network, aka Fox" News"

Russian gov't hackers do not appear to have targeted VT utility, say people close to investigation

The accomplices.

Utah may lower the legal alcohol limit to .05% -- a first in the nation

January 20

Warren slams GOP move to gut Ethics Office: 'Who thinks problem with DC is too many ethics rules?'

How are impeachment proceedings started?

"We have met the appetizers, and they is us."

Prosecutor: No charges against ex-Oklahoma sheriff

New law allows taxpayers to donate refund to state's coffers

So much for draining the swamp: Pelosi blasts GOP for gutting Independent Office of Congressional

Trump's business partners know he's just bullshitting

Gasoline tax increase likely to be considered as state legislators look for new revenue

With the GOP House gutting the ethics office

Heat Index Of 163F In July, 2016 Offers Preview Of Iran's Environmental Future - New Yorker

I THOUGHT I had heard Trump's comments about hacking somewhere before....

Day Arrives (Maybe) for Trumps Promised Revelation on Hacking

David Frum is a brave man

"Our intelligence is wrong about hacking so it'll be wrong about anything else they find."

Trump's big revelation will be Russia didn't hack the DNC because Julian Assange said so

Do we have any licensed clinical social workers here?

All you need to know about republicans: House GOP guts ethics panel

Stealing money from children with cancer. Stealing money from children with cancer.

Eugene Robinson: Trump's America is not the only real America

"OCE may not undertake a review of any alleged violation that occurred before the 112th Congress"

Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: "I Bailed You Out Twice" (Jan 2016)

DU members... we need some forum hosts

Trump's America

In political Washington, 2017 will be the year of the chicken

cons are gonna vote to repeal the aca then claim victory

Here is why Bernie would have won.

Exclusive: Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance

Nixon was more than a crook, he commited treason, costing 35,000 Am lives

Cuomo, Sanders to propose free tuition at New York state colleges - 10:30 AM Presser JANUARY 3

Cuomo, Sanders to propose free tuition at New York state colleges - (ADDED VIDEO) JANUARY 3

Tralfamadore is about to get two new citizens

The Missouri Auto Dealers Association Hates You, Tesla & America

Another market mover tweet by Drump - blasts General Motors

Catholic priest accused of organising orgies in rectory and pimping out 15 women

White Money vs. White Privilege: Philanthropy and Civil Rights From Selma to Ferguson

Pope declares 'zero tolerance' for sexual abuse in Catholic church

Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Jeff Merkley are stepping up

General Motors responds to Donald Trump tweet about Chevy Cruze production

So, Trump's decided to chip in with republican gutting of Office of Ethics?

Sounds like trump is abusing the workers building his golf courses in the middle east.

Bernie Sanders: We are not gonna be successful unless we rally millions of people

Eugene Robinson:Trump's America not the only "real" America

Cuomo to Propose Free Tuition at New York State Colleges for Eligible Students

When Groper Don the Con is President-Elect

Here is a nice way to begin the new year

Donald Trump makes top Republican fear environmental future

Heres how Republicans are trying to kill porn by declaring a public health crisis

Trump aware of 'urgency' of North Korea nuclear threat: South Korea

anyone think POS's big reveal is the same as Melania's interview about

Trump insists North Korean intercontinental missile 'won't happen', berates China

Attacks that would have been used effectively on Sanders if he were the Democratic nominee

Mass molestation in Bangalore blamed on Indians copying west

Companies must refuse to build Trumps Muslim registry (Credo Action)

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Republicans 'Gutting' Ethics Office

The Media Outlets Poised To Become Trump's Personal Propaganda Machine

Last time Republicans had control in D.C., (2005), first move they made was to weaken ethics rules

Harry Truman's 1948 campaign speech on Republicans

Utah Democratic Party Approves Creation of Secular Caucus

Ads on Craigslist Sell A Plastic Bag Filled With A Gift Of Marijuana

Eugene Robinson: Trumps America is not the only real America

What could be the biggest religion stories in 2017

Far-right Israeli minister plans bill to annex one of biggest settlements

Is Trump deliberately manipulating the Market with GM tweet?

Boxed in...

Contact your Reps and Senators of all strips about stripping the ethics comm-let them know your

5 Reasons Why Resisting Trump Is Not Enough Here's How We Might Be Able to Save Our Democracy

At Mar-a-Lago on New Year's Eve Trump Promises Very Rich He Will Cut Their Taxes and Kill Obamacare

"The Bear Essentials"

Assange: WikiLeaks Trump info no worse than him

A right-wing militia trains Russians to fight the next war with or without Putin

M$Greeia believes Democracy is the peaceful transition of power

Russia's New Favorite Jihadis: The Taliban

TOON: Dems stategize for 2020

Kellyanne Conway defends GOP gutting of ethics panel: 'Consumers' have been filing too many...

Potential leaders of a populist opposition campaign to Trump includes Sanders, Warren

Feeling very depressed and discouraged this morning

Repubs are saying members have spent millions defending themselves from trivial charges?

"Theres Not Very Much Time": Robert Reichs Plan to Fix the Democratic Party

What Democrats Must Do To Stop A Right-Wing Hijacking Of The Judiciary

Crushing toilet paper and ice with RED HOT HYDRAULIC PRESS

Trump knocks GOP for gutting 'unfair' ethics panel as their number one priority

First Day Back at Work

What we need now: Someone in the IRS department to Snowden Trump's IRS forms.

Trump has properties all over the world. They're now major terrorism targets.

Freaking wow! Indian firm makes carbon capture breakthrough

I think we need to keep our eyes on actual events today.

Can't keep up with the lies.

Make America Dust Again; 2016 Global Temperatures Crush Prior Records; 3-Yr Record Run Unprecedented

I thought it might take them (GrOPers) a week or two to overreach.

Could Technology Remove the Politicians From Politics?

How Julian Assange Turned WikiLeaks Into Trumps Best Friend:

How Julian Assange Turned WikiLeaks Into Trumps Best Friend:

Indias Top Court Bars Campaigns Based on Identity Politics

New GOP rules ban ethics office from reporting crimes -- even if lawmakers are 'raping children'

GOP- Your daddy doesn't like your priorities !!!

Groper Don has 140 char limited brain

These are the 4 MEN who will be controling women's Reproducive health...

Why am I seeing so much shocking and outrageous news about Trump from Google News?

Donald Trump spends New Year's Eve with convicted felon, Dubai billionaire: "The taxes are coming...

US construction spending hits highest level in 10 years

Just wait for Groper Don the Con versus

Guardian: Liberals risk becoming a permanent minority in America

Ryan Defends House GOP Vote To Weaken Ethics Watchdog

Hey Girl...

Ronnie had Alzheimer's, Georgie was a dry drunk, Donnie has syphilis...


Cornish village marks 25 years of UK wind power

Who Knows? Assange Answers Hannity on Whether WikiLeaks Changed Outcome of Election

Please safeguard your access to discussion and action.

Morning Joe Rips Into House GOP for Gutting Ethics Watchdog: 'Complete Arrogance', 'Horrific...'

Where Do We Go From Here?

So It Looks Like All We Can Do Now Is Stand By Helplessly As The Repugs Methodically Dismantle.....

Record number of (UK) oil and gas firms go bust as renewable energy revolution begins to bite

Release of tax returns as a requirement

Robert Reich: 15 Signs of Impending Tyranny Under President trump

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 17

Ford cancels Mexico plant. Will create 700 U.S. jobs in 'vote of confidence' in Trump

Republicans Have No Choice But to Repeal Obamacare -- No Matter the Cost

INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

Pic Of The Moment: Finally In Complete Control Of The Federal Government, The GOP's First Move Is...

Paul Ryan on CNBC Squawk Box

Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes an Announcement -Tuition Free College

So, what are YOU going to do?

Crying Wolf

Video: Governor Andrew Cuomo Makes an Announcement - Tuition Free College

Very good things DID happen in 2016

USA: Air Liquide operates the worlds largest hydrogen storage facility

Ryan Defends House GOP Vote To Weaken Ethics Watchdog


"If we do not hang together, we will all hang separately."

Heavy Snowfall Triggers Sierra Avalanche Warning

House republicans backs off gutting ethics office after deluge of opposition by press public & pols

Breaking News: House GOP reverses course on gutting ethics panel

Fun to watch? Trump Rebukes House Republicans Over Bid to Gut Ethics Office.

Scotland's wee ones are welcomed to the world with a cardboard box and a poem

Tuesday Toon Roundup

House GOP Reverses Course on Gutting Ethics Watchdog

Republicans back off gutting of House ethics office after critical Trump tweet

biden swearing in senators

Historically Black Talladega College Band Marches Into Controversy Over Trump Inauguration Appearanc

House Republicans Drop Efforts To Gut Ethics Watchdog After Onslaught Of Criticism

Will the centrist Republicans save us from chaos?

Democrats would be smart to embrace Keith Ellison as DNC chair

Understatement of the day: Trump may not fully understand North Koreas nuclear program

Tonight on PBS, Frontline is doing something simply titled "President Trump"...

SHitler Says GM Cars are "Mexican made" - they're actually made in Ohio

Hey, MEdia. People jamming the house phones is what killed the ethics bill

Megyn Kelly Is Said to Be Leaving Fox News for NBC.

Former Labor Sec. Hilda Solis endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

My response to a friend who ridiculed the Hitler-Trump comparison

Congress now voting publicly for speakers

Megyn Kelly to leave Fox News for NBC: report

Canadian Christmas Driveway Ice Hysterics LMAO

*Potentially* Free Tuition for City and State College in NY

Watching the House LIVE on C-SPAN

How Taxpayers Subsidize AirBnBs Cheap Prices

The Democratic Party builds a war room to battle Trump

Megyn Kelly Is Said to Be Leaving Fox News for NBC

Nov. jobless rates down over the year in 271 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 303

Inside Trump's Strategy to Remake the Supreme Court

4 children die in Texas gas poisoning; others injured

Can I come in? It's too hot out here.

Even Jack Abramoff Says GOP Attempt To Gut Ethics Office Was A Bad Idea

"I'm shocked," again.

Schumer is making an anti-trump speech on the Senate floor. (1 p.m. ET)

Lest you had any doubts about NBC/MSNBC . . . . .

I'm sorry...Chuck Schumer's rant would have more impact...

Leah Remini says Tom Cruise is 'brainwashed' by Scientology

Satire: Congress Passes Bill Banning Trump Toilet Paper

Julian Assange claims he was not given the hacked texts by Russia or any "state party."

Roof found competent for sentencing, gets extra prep day

"But...don't you want to support the President for the good of the country?"

Chuck Schumer is bringing the fight to Trump and republicans right now

The downside to Kelly going to NBC is Chuck Todd or Rachel Maddow will probably get squeezed

The only scenario where Trump would investigate Putin

Is Trump so broke that he can't pay salaries of his team?

Jack Abramoff slams GOP over House ethics changes

Nice Photos of Bernie with Andrew Cuomo at LaGuardia Community College Presser today

BuzzFeed News hires FOIA terrorist Jason Leopold from Vice News

Nonprofits try to match used medical equipment with elderly in need

Zinc eaten at levels found in biofortified crops reduces 'wear and tear' on DNA

Oh poor, poor Paul Ryan!

Celebs call on Congress to 'Stand Up' to Trump

Top Aide Says Trump Will Hold Press Conference On Jan. 11

Vos cool to drug testing high schoolers, open to parks fee increases

Titanic not sunk by iceberg, experts claim.

Thanks to Calls from Angry Constituents, Republicans Have Withdrawn Measure to Gut Ethics Committe

GOP Hilariously Thrilled To Sentence Numerous Americans To Misery & Early Death.

so so true...

Obama administration: We're "100 percent certain" on Russian interference


Paul Ryans new reality: Second fiddle to Trump

Congress vs the Septic Sphincter: BONANZA for Kabuki Fans!

What songs should be performed at Trump's inauguration? (The Guardian)

Paul Ryan is easily reelected House speaker

First Victory. GOP pulls measure killing ethics investigation group.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Not So Fast, Media: GOPer Says Trump Tweets Didn't Prompt Ethics Reversal

U.S. senator introduces resolution to repeal Obamacare

Great news! The Democratic Party builds a war room to battle Trump

Justice Roberts Sets New Filing Deadline In NC Racial Gerrymandering Case

Joy Ann Reid's tweet about talking points this week

Catholic Church sues to preserve their right to discriminate redux part II, Electric Boogaloo.

Kellyanne Conway Panhandling For Own Salary Now

'NBC has hired a racist': The internet bashes network for hiring 'ideologue' Megyn Kelly

Happy Birthday, Thomas Bangalter, co-founder of Daft Punk!

BBB yanks accreditation from Trump-backing founder of MyPillow for false advertising

Car Falls Off Ferry Into Sea Off Australian Coast

Thom Hartmann reports 1:15PM Clintons will attend

Tea Party Explained

Drumpf channels King Canute

We May Not Have To Suffer Long - Trump Likely To Start Nuclear War Sooner Rather Than Later.

I'm watching My 600lb life

Not So Fast, Media: GOPer Says Trump Tweets Didn't Prompt Ethics Reversal

CNBC Host: People Just Need to 'Get Used to' Trump's 'Little Conflicts' of Interest

Virginia governor vows to veto 20-week abortion ban bill

Now you scratch mine: Ford says it'll keep 700 jobs in Michigan, but wants Trump to deliver....

Alaska Airlines poised for historic flight to Cuba on Jan. 5 with local dignitaries aboard

Is Trump Stiffing His Own Transition Team?

Im a former health insurance CEO and this is what Obamacare repeal will do

Why Haven't Dems Educated The Public On The Danger Of Another Scalia?

Trump is going to body slam the GOP a lot more in 2017

Was Ivanka the Courier of which Groper Don the Con

Whatever happened to "Hate Mail"?

I must have missed Cheetolini's inside information on the election hack.

Trump Tower project in Buenos Aires cancelled

Trump Tower project in Buenos Aires cancelled

We have been dragged back into history. We are in free fall. We are waiting.

Eugene Robinson: In 2017, knowledge, experience, truth matter more than ever

Seems like most news (esp. the breaking kind) needs a day at least to marinate in these times

North Carolina environmental chief moves to block his own removal by new governor

Senator Bernie Sanders on Governor Cuomo's Proposal to Make College Tuition-Free for Middle Class

So Bill Ford is a friend of Trumps...

Resist! Sessions Edition

CEO: "Trump is bringing in the best people to run our company"...WTF? "Our Company"???

Will Trumps White House have computers?

UPDATED: Reports: Hillary And Bill Clinton To Attend Donald Trump's Inauguration

Trump Said He'll Rebuild Our Infrastructure... But At What Cost???

Can You Be Friends With A Trump Supporter?

Bill and Hillary Clinton Will Attend the Trump Inauguration

When you leave people with nothing...

Your Independent Office Of Congressional Ethics Vote Checklist

Brazil may soon have married priests

Ford's Plans in Mexico Have Nothing to do With Donald Trump

Why Obamacare is unlikely to die a swift death

Congress remains overwhelmingly Christian as U.S. shifts: survey

The GOP race for lieutenant governor is getting ugly in Virginia

If Republicans Were Smart, They'd Do Something That Would

Will the Alt-Right Promote a New Kind of Racist Genetics? (The Atlantic)

Sort of Iced-In in St. Paul

The auto industry could break sales records yet again. But analysts say the decline is coming.

Take a moment to fathom what just happened with that attempt to gut the House ethics office

Axelrod re: House ethics drama stagecraft

Don't Let The Republicans Trick You into Attacking Democrats

More than 1,100 law school professors nationwide oppose Sessions's nomination as attorney general

Note to (dumbass) media: report all lies, the public will decide moral intent of lie(s). NOBODY

The Republicans are getting what they've always wanted. They may end up regretting it.

Photo: Bernie Sanders in Union Station today

How a climate change skeptic changed his mind

Trump is the distraction congressional Republicans had hoped for - By Carter Eskew

Session Nomination A Golden Opportunity To Focus On Republican Voter Suppression/Disenfranchisement

Questions mount as Trump loses more VA secretary candidates

Dont know if I feel sorry for Megyn Kelly or not

Schumer Says He Wishes Dems Hadn't Nuked The Filibuster For Cabinet Picks

Licorice All-Sorts complaints

As Trump and North Koreas Kim spar, China poses as the responsible actor

Reel Presidents: Post a Pic of a President from TV or a Flick

The NAACP is occupying Jeff Sessions' Mobile office 'until he withdraws as AG pick or we're arrested

Is there ANYTHING that Trump will NOT get credit for for the next 4 years

Immigrants who challenged in-state tuition policy win case

Why are you a Democrat? last week a DUer I respect asked that question in a contentious thread

I fixed the Tea Party (Gadsen) Flag

U.S. fines TransUnion, Equifax for deceit over credit scores

A more liberal nation: Fewer Americans are calling themselves conservative these days

Solution to automation and the unemployment and wealth disparity it creates (VIDEO)

Schumer: My views are exactly the same as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Leveled Playing Field: Little discussed Jobs Act provision one of Obama's great achievements.

New grocery store to become oasis in Wichita food desert

Senate push for new Russia hacking probe fizzles

A question about how government works

The Congressman Who Helped Gut the Ethics Office Was Once Sued for Sexual Harassment

Best of Craigslist: Used Bernie 2016 blue bumper sticker (with free 2005 Ford Explorer)

Trump may create an immigration czar; Kris Kobach could be it

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 3, 2017

be 30, 50, 100 thousand dollars in debt And Flippin burgers...

Kansas supply-side tax policy at center of legislative budget debate

Obama should congratulate Ford

Andy Borowitz...LOL

The Free-College Dream Didn't End With Trump's Election

In ancient times, Chinese emperors surrounded themselves with eunuchs ...

Sound Familiar???

Theocracy The Cost For Christian Vote In 2016

Raskin, Van Hollen Sworn In:

Prominent Trump Backers Sign Letter Pushing To End Conflicts Of Interest

Bill & Hillary Going To Inauguration? Why?

Deputies shoot man who opened fire in ER at Cypress hospital

Secrets of Noah's ark

Frontline tonight is about Hello Twitty.

Wall Street investors get in the landlord business and the results are profits from evictions

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Ok Ted, A broken clock is still broken and never right...

30 year old R male wants Ryan's to reform SS so it will be there for him!!!!

It's like magic! Take your age and add five to it.

You're right America

NoDAPL Rose Parade Protestors

Not comforting...

Menards violates labor law, NLRB says

The reversal on the ethics vote could be a marketing maneuver.

Rolling Stones anyone !

Need roll call votes on gutting ethics/restoring ethics

New Model available Mid 2017....

Don't Read Too Much Into the Vermont Hack Debacle

Blustering Toward Armageddon-How Donald Trump will take America to war

Twitter video shows North Carolina officer slamming student

Gretchen Whitmer files to run for governor in 2018 (Michigan)

Teen faces charges over alleged racist video of another teen Updated 3:46 pm, Tuesday, January 3, 20

Utah plan would give state strictest DUI limit in US

Why would the president connect himself in public with a convicted felon?

APNewsBreak: US yanks funds from unbuilt windmill farm

I recently watched "Cowspiracy" and enjoyed it very much.

Severe Bolivian drought hurts crops, threatens capital Carlos Valdez, Associated Press Updated 3:06

I proudly stand with the NAACP in their opposition to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Severe Bolivian drought hurts crops, threatens capital

London zoo to animal residents: Stand up and be counted

McCain and Graham bow to McConnell's obstruction of Russia hacking investigation

SEE IT: Donald Trump appears alongside convicted felon with mobster ties at New Year's Eve party

The great and powerful dictator has spoken

2 January 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 401.83 ppm; 2 January 2017 407.05 ppm

There's an honest Republican on CNN

Gretchen Whitmer files to run for governor in 2018 (Michigan)

Chaffetz threatens to investigate President Obama

Never been happy to hear it is a UTI before

Seriously Groper Don the Con getting praise for

Today the Gov of NY joined the rank of "automation denier" by proposing a

I think we had some very large obstacles, they are called Republicans..

"Put Paul Ryan on it. He's a sneaky little shit, just like you." (Ethics gutting only DELAYED)

Reich Wing Repeal of ACA Will Be Annual Death Sentence For Thousands

Clintons & Carters attending inauguration

We should be embarrassed


My New Democratic Senator...Congratulations

Why this conservative radio host quit after Trump's victory.

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