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I think Bannon is setting himself up to be the political enforcer for the NSC like the Soviets did

Trump-Era Political Violence Begins As Liberal Activists Are Beaten, Hospitalized

4 those who enjoy good singing, She by Jack Jones (much better that Elvis Costello) w some orchest'n

Ebell: Expects President Shitstain Likely To Toss Paris Accord In Next Few Days - Independent

Guam EPA will begin testing for Agent Orange

I found a link to contact MSNBC. If you want to register your objection to terminating

Luckovich Toon - Relocating

texas mosque burnt down. jewish community offers key to the synagogue

If I might say something controversial?

Exclusive: Trump administration to allow 872 refugees into U.S. this week: document

Trump faces growing state department mutiny against immigration ban

DC police camera network hit with cyberattack

Cheetoman heading to Milwaukee Thursday

somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked trump around some

Match a DFT lackey to their corresponding Nazi

I wrote to Flake and McCain

Qubec City mosque shooting: man charged with six counts of murder

Northern Mariana Islands company ordered to pay $52K for refusing to hire US-based workers

Trump flag on military convoy?

Virginia rejects bill to make schools warn parents of 'explicit' books

Guam Speaker: Governor's minimum wage bill "fake proposal"

Merkley asking you to sign his petition: Tell Senate to oppose nominees other than Garland

KellyAnn, Spicer, Priebus, et al - Did They Have To Sign 'Pre-Nup' Agreements?.....

Schumer is on Tweety now n/t

"Spicer: Safety of Americans comes first" BULLSHIT!

Guam clergy sex abuse cases up for hearing unless judge recuses himself again

Homeland security chief: officials are complying with travel ban court orders

Heitkamp a no on DeVos. Release notes: "95% of the almost 1,400 North Dakotans who contacted Heitka

Learn From Europe

Ollie, a Standoffish Bobcat, Is Missing From the National Zoo.

Trump drafting LGBT Executive Order

Quebec City Mosque Shooting Suspect Criticized Refugees and Supported President Trump Online

McCaskills new Senate watchdog role is fraught with political risks

Honeymoon Over

From a high school in Iowa

Iraqi MPs call for US entry ban as translators condemn 'betrayal'

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

Intellectual godfather: Jeff Sessions

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver to hold town hall in Kansas City on immigration

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver to hold town hall in Kansas City on immigration

Backlash grows

Georgia (country) eases draconian law on cannabis use

A Little Perspective on Your Chances of Being Killed by a Terrorist in the US

Mexicans boycotting US products

From the "they make lousy pets but.." file

When someone says, "This isn't a Muslim ban" ask them...

Hugo Chvez TV series faces backlash from family and President Maduro

AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states

Students stranded worldwide

Travel ban wouldn't have stopped deadly terrorists

How The Refugee Ban Is Affecting Texas

Tiny bits of good news -- what brought a smile (even bitter) to your face today?

Letter From Sally Yates, Acting Attorney General of the United States

Jason Johnson (The Root): Bannon IS A TERRORIST! On Chris Matthews

This Is Getting Serious Folks....

Trump's embrace of torture increases pressure on Canada to repeal CSIS directives

There's one in every litter.

Actions warrant general strike

I'm having a hard time figuring this out.

Senator Cortez Masto will not support Tillerson nomination...

Crossposting: Found a great site for those who want to help with the resistance.

Mike McCaul and the Case of the Mysterious Flip Flop on the #MuslimBan

***BOOM*** Acting AG says Justice Department will not defend refugee executive order in court

Your guide to better chopstick etiquette (mostly Japanese)

Your guide to better chopstick etiquette (mostly Japanese)

A welcome setback

Houston's 10 Best Places to See Celebrities During Super Bowl Week

He doesn't care about protests....Is he unstoppable?

A man who Trump has promoted as an authority on voter fraud was registered to vote in three states:

Flirtation With Holocaust denial

Deplorable Donald Drumpf is talking about us again

Robert Reich was live.

Rise. Release. Resist.

Am I a Bigot .... if I Hate Most Republicans??

Would you folks stop panicking

Texas Rep Placed Under State Protection After Filing Bill to Ban Abortions

SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid

Sen. Jeff Merkley .(D-Ore.) Pledges To Filibuster Any Trump Nominee to the Supreme Court

Wow! Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor now. She's on fire.

Donald Trumps Inauguration Speech Was Put On Pornhub And Its Actually 100% Appropriate

San Antonio Cop Suspended for Poop Prank Again

Any Waltham voters here? Please sign & share this petition.

Which is better, adopt a house district of my choice or give to the DCCC?

Trump reportedly set to sign order overhauling high-tech visa program used by Microsoft, Amazon

Maxine Waters 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning - Press conference re: POTUS ties to Russia (Updated)

Boy Scouts ends policy barring transgender boys from boys-only programs

Toomey two-step on Muslim Ban EO

Palestinians protest UN chief for affirming Jewish ties to Temple Mount

Trump's Refugee Ban: Sports World Reacts

Bezos blasts Trump immigration ban, puts 'the full extent of Amazons resources' behind employees af

Bernie Sanders Congressional Democrats Speech on Immigration Ban

Recruting tool

Trump Small Business Executive Order - Goodbye Employer Mandated Healthcare

Rudy Giuliani Admits It Is a Muslim Ban

Bill Moyers: Donald Trump Is Turning American Democracy into a Demolition Derby

STOP!!! Stop calling it a refugee ban

Trump makes a box of rocks proud of their intelligence.

Onion totally nailed it, and Spicer doesn't get it.

Tell Senate Democrats: Stop Trump's Supreme Court nominee (PETITION)

Donald tRumps family tree exposed.

Tech industry calls Trump immigration ban 'bigotry' and 'un-American'

Congressional Democrats Hold Rally on Immigration Ban - Jan 30

A stunning violation of our deepest American values: Universities respond to Trumps order

AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states

At the core of the muslim ban case is a simple fact...

Seattle-area members of Congress slam Trump immigration order except for one

Sessions fights for racist outcomes. Who cares what's in his heart?

Betting odds for Trump impeachment are even!

Important steps for immigrants who get stopped ( share this far and wide)

Boy Scouts, Reversing Century-Old Stance, Will Allow Transgender Boys.

Who needs a good laugh? I have one for you.

Hill staffers secretly worked on Trump's immigration order

Senate panel vote on Trump Treasury pick delayed as Democrats object

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Seven Days To Fascism! Live, Uncensored & a new

Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states: AP

123 Yorkie dogs were rescued from a heart-breaking hoarding case and need your help!

Does anyone out there drive a Subaru Impreza hatchback?

Ugh just deleted 2 pages worth of material in my novel.

Fear robots, not China or Mexico

Harry Bordens portraits of Holocaust survivors

"Your ban contradicts everything that this country stands for."

I have discovered a way to shut down the Trumpers around me

SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid

The Dissent Channel-'no reprisals'. Maddow.

New From Keith Olbermann: On Behalf of America, an Apology

WOWSERS.....Nixon Saturday Night ALL OVER.

Woe! Oh wow! I say! Woe! (hahahahahaha)

Steve Banon and Trump $$$ Stock Market drop

Quebec City mosque attack suspect known for right-wing online posts


From Twitter

Spicer says Yates is out

"When We Stand.Together"--Nickelback

SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid


Trump fires acting attorney general Sally Yates. Of course he does.

Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates

Monday Night Massacre: Trump fired Sally Yates

New acting AG is Dana Boente. Also an Obama appointee.

Anti-Trump protest Thursday at Harley Davidson in Menomenee Falls

Trump just fired the acting Attorney General

Why Bastrop's Lost Pines Could Actually Become Lost

Dana Boente - Wikipedia page

Sally Yates is a hero.

Monday night massacre.

Twitter Question


WH statement on firing Yates says she "betrayed" the DOJ, calls her "weak on borders, immigration"

Sen. Sanders: Rally Interview Clip

'Substantial evidence' the universe is a hologram

So what does firing Yates tell us?

Hey Donnie Dump...3 words...

Please, hope and pray for me.

Texas lawmakers fired up about state CPS and foster care woes

This is a great, great...great read-

Transgender woman stopped from seeing children because it is 'incompatible' with their Jewish faith

Democrats make Texas central to 2018 midterms strategy

Lawrence Tribe on Rachel, re: firing Acting AG: it's historic.

Groper Don the Con made a big mistake

Deplorables Poll

I am in favor of a wall.....

Trump/Bannon Now Linked Forever W/Nixon In Worst Way Possible

If you don't remember Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre:

We Must Make This Presidency Severely Embattled. There Will Be No Peace For Trump Or GOP.

In Houston, DNC chair candidates talk fighting Trump, turning Texas blue

Is Germany now the "leader of the free world?" And is that potentially a good thing?

Dana Boente needs to do the same thing Sally Yates did NOW.

Lawrence Tribe on Rachel

It's time for the Dems to unite and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct! n/t

***Breaking News: Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban

Dear Leader

About 90000 affected by travel ban

They'll Be Working Late At The White House Tonight.....

The shout that awakened nations

Language of a dictator in Trump's purge of Attorney General

Senate Democrats Call For Investigation Into Trump Officials Failure To Obey Court Orders


Today's Google Doodle - Fred T. Korematsu who fought Japanese internment in the USA

White House aides who wrote Trump's travel ban see it as just the start

Call me crazy & make me a tinfoil hat

The language of malignant narcissism...loyalty tests.

Since righties like pilot/captain analogies for Trump, here's one for you

National Security Council has big change

Texas clerks look to derail web-based public access to court records

Here's a strategy! Focus news on Bannon. Trump...

Obama backs protests

Infantile and vengeful.

Fire Marshal, FBI task force still investigating Islamic Center fire

Trump Is Shooting Himself In The Foot Here....

Stocks post worst trading day of 2017

Responding to Trump and GOP lies

Lounge *ALERT*!1 - a musical blockbuster, PROUST thing-THING-*THING*!1 - Supertramp

Look guys, it's historic, but it's not illegal. RUSSIA OTOH

Well, the White House has lost Joe Manchin

LMAO - Roast of Steve Bannon is trending on Twitter.

Any Democratic Senator voting for Sessions for AG are not Democrats.

*Richard Ben Veniste on MSNBC now,

Trump wouldn't have gotten Dana Boente unless he knew one thing...

My RW nephew at conservative Texas A&M just posted to FB

San Antonio pub faces social media backlash over 'Trump shot' marquee

Monday Night Massacre - The start of a civil war.

Time Associates trump with Right Wing Quebec Mosque Terrorist

Sally Quillian Yates: The Next Junior Senator From Georgia.

Saturday Night Massacre

To whom will Trump's appointees be pledging allegiance?

Creative Creations owner gets 63 months in federal prison in travel vouchers case

Three. Republican. Senators.

Keith O: Also, this announcement has been dictated by a profoundly deranged individual

Is John Kelly next?

Supporters turn out in solidarity with Bryan-College Station Muslims

BREAKING NEWS: Another Trump firing in the Immigration EO controversy...

Another Trump firing...Acting ICE Director

BREAKING:Dana Boente was sworn in as acting attorney general about 40 minutes ago - CNN

Rachel on AG firing, Boente, Saturday NIght Massacre


No Ban No Wall! March for Muslims and Allies! February 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm 8:00 pm Foley Square

That Closed Intelligence Meeting That The Dems Came Out Of Shocked.....

Saw this Trump bumper sticker, it is at zazzle

Monday night massacre - Tuesday reality check by Senators?

Fuck every last fucker who voted for this monster and international embarrassment

DHS Secretary Kelly announces Thomas Homan to take over as acting ICE Director, no reason provided

This is what a patriot looks like:

This is by far, worse than Watergate

Trump fires head of Immigration Enforcement

2000 human traffickers arrested, hundreds of victims saved by ICE...

Hang on to your 401s

Enough already

I would like to see a Democratic member of the United States House introduce a resolution to impeach

David Corn just posted

The Dems voted to get rid of the filibuster for most nominations three years ago

Trump blames Delta for airport chaos!

Looks Like A Category 5 Storm Coming From Trump & Friends.

Democrats Seize the Moment !

AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states

One more time I just have to say Cheetoman,

#ALERT Tomorrow Trump will be signing a 'Cyber Security' Executive Order. But here it is today. UR w

African Union Leader Condemns U.S. For Taking Its People As Slaves But Blocking Refugees

Bill Brennan for NJ Governor: Power NJ with 100% Renewables

Liberal Redneck Muslim Ban

Hundreds protest Trump travel ban at Dallas vigil

border patrol union endorsed trump. a jobs preserving endorsement for a problem that is diminishing

I am going to have to amend...

I think it's time

SHIT JUST GOT REAL!! Rubio just put out a statement....

@senschumer getting trashed on twitter. If you are a twitterer - send him some

Tweets from Chuck Schumer about firing of Acting AG Sally Yates-and Sessions

Ruling like a one but trump & inner circle have been involved in policy.

Talk on CNN that Jared Kushner is not available sundown Friday to Saturday

I'm not upset Trump fired the leaders.

We need to think "Bannon" . . . . Trump was just the key to get in.

Dallas court halts pay to prosecutors building case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Statement from DHS Secretary John Kelly gives no reason for Trump's dismissal of Acting ICE Director

President Bannon

Democrats consider backing off big battle over Trump's Supreme Court pick

Breaking: Trump Fires ICE Director Daniel Ragsdale, Appoints Thomas Homan

John Dean: I've never read White House statement as nasty as Trump's attack on Acting AG Sally Yates

Soooo many trumpiteer tweeters' screen names now are "KGB Susie"

Pelosi Statement on the Firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

30 Artists Responded To Trump's Refugee Ban With Powerful Drawings

Executive disorder: This scene accurately predicted Trump 46 years ago....

Who remembers the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre by Nixon ?

LOcal News Is Reporting DT Had George Will Fired From Fox...Allegedly

Appeals Ct. Halts Prosecutor Pay Paxton Fraud Case

Major Robert Anderson, move your garrison from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter

Per Brian Willams show, 100 employees of the State Dept are signing a letter to Trump

Y'know, more than half of eligible voters didn't or couldn't vote...

The attorneys general from 15 states and the District of Columbia have united against Trump

Gallup: GOP Maintains Edge in State Party Affiliation in 2016

From a FB Friend: If you Voted...

Boente says he will defend travel ban executive order in court

With The Stroke Of A Pen, Trump May Have Sparked An American Brain Drain

Mexico sees signs of U.S. change on wall payment

NY Times: President Bannon?

We should not support the impeachment of Trump

Tweet from John Dean

NYT went there...President Bannon.. The De Facto President..

More than $900,000 raised to rebuild fire-ravaged Texas mosque

I never miss Limbaugh in the afternoon.

Which Senator Has Most NeoNazi's Following Him On Twitter? Epidemiology Says Jeff Sessions.

MSNBC is staying up late tonight

It would appear that at least 3 other officials told Trump to f*** off before new Acting AG accepted

"Shock Event"

Utterly horrifying.

"Steve Bannon, Trump's Top Guy, Told Me He Was 'A Leninist' Who Wants To Destroy the State "

Trump consier executive order - deporting immigrants if dependent on government assistance.

here's a guy who thinks a coup is in progress, and has compelling facts

Steve Bannon Is Making Sure There's No White House Paper Trail, Says Intel Source

Could Trump and Bannon be deliberately trying to provoke predominantly Muslim countries?

This is a shock event (and I think the election was too)

No Red State Republicans, I won't be outraged for you now that you're mad.

Sen. Susan Collins defends demonstrators, criticizes Trump immigration policy

Obama's Protections for L.G.B.T. Workers Will Remain Under Trump

Gov. Paul LePage pressures Legislature to provide money to regulate marijuana

A chilling thought...

Trump Signalling Aggressive Action On Mass Deportation.

KKK fliers distributed in Freeport and Augusta neighborhoods

Look who was asking questions at Sally Yates confirmation hearings..

Collins, King blast Trump's decision to put Steve Bannon in security meetings

Sean Hannity has his tin foil hat on

BREAKING NEWS: Former VP Dick Cheney to receive heart transplant.

Is there a best source of info for activism? To know where/when protests are, and other stuff?

Thanks Trump, for helping Canada's tech sector!

Jonathan Alter on Bannon serving on the NSC:

UK Parliament condemn Trump..

Bath Iron Works hosts ceremony for final stealth destroyer to be named for LBJ

Mayor Michael Nutter Questions Dump's Mental State on Don Lemon's CNN Tonight!

Rubio: State Department Not Talking To My Staff About Travel Ban

Trump & Co. Likely To Purge Federal Agencies And Demand Only Loyalists.

Copy and paste from my FB feed

just started reading "The Plot to Hack America" by Malcolm Nance

My prediction...

Jeff Sessions has a question for Sally Yates

Does Anyone Think That Bannon Might Be Blackmailing Trump.....

Trump fired head of ICE after just one week in job

In The End I Bet Trump Will Defy Federal Rulings Against Him

If you're in a giving mood, the ACLU is not the only part of the resistance.

Oregon Newspaper Publishes Letter Calling for the Shooting of Protesters

Diary of a Mad President...

The World is Upside Down When Frmr. Rep. David Jolly (R) is the "voice of reason" on MSNBC.

what do you think about us not being able to use drivers license for Id

Dana Boente was not next in line of succession.

Won't someone PLEASE step up?

Walker has traveled to DC and California twice each in past four days

Trump has Already Replaced Newly MINTED HERO Sally Yates

That time in 2015 when Sen. Sessions asked Sally Yates if she should say no an unlawful presidential

Donald can resign and save face at the same time. Before his wife and

Patton Oswalt - do NOT bait him if you are a Trumpie Realtor from illinois

"I was trained for the culture wars in home school awaiting someone like Mike Pence as a Messiah"

@MalcolmNance? "Putin sees election of Trump fastest way to destabilize U.S."

I was at LAX yesterday

Is the GOP leadership as stupid as they seem?

we have not been attacked since 911 why is blotus creating this mess? I feel they are planning some

A badass judge in Texas!

If America could actually learn one thing from this whole sorry shambles

Protesters will march to Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago during his Florida vacation this weekend

The ACLU has received more donations in the past two days than in the past five years

Argentina toughens immigration law, speeds up deportations

Had to downgrade my bourbon.....

Let's inundate him w/ the Constitution

It must be really overwhelming to be the object of all the hate being cast at

Would like to thank all who kept Guinni in there thoughts....

Scientists find 'oldest human ancestor'

As I sit here trying to endure this living nightmare, it suddenly occurs to me

Matt Taibbi finds Trump presidency both Hilarious and Horrifying

Question Do You Think tRump Will Pull Plug On Internet??

Trump has made the world a VERY dangerous place for everybody.

Fact Check: Just FYI, Mexico Did NOT Build A Wall On The Guatemalan Border.

Stephen Colbert: How Much Damage Could The President Do In One Week?

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Trump's Travel Ban Sparks Global Backlash

Act Today to Help Sen. Chris Murphy Overturn the "Muslim Ban"

Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states.

tRump's DC hotel made not in the USA

Confirmation Hearings: Sen Jeff Sessions Questions Sally Yates

Barbara Hale, the indomitable Della Street, has died at age 94.

Donald Trump Poetry: the Best Poems of Donald J. Trump

Steve Bannon Is Making Sure There's No White House Paper Trail, Says Intel Source

Every morning that I awaken, I am immediately in shock that President

David Frum: How to build an Autocracy - the preconditions are present in the U.S. today

Daily Holidays - January 31

If we don't have a functioning federal govt.

What happens during a Constitutional Crisis and how do you get out of it?

So, how far is fRump through his candidacy shopping list? What else is coming?

The secrete little lie about "the wall"

Mark Cuban tells blockhead Hannity that he, the Illuminati, and Stewie "bankrolled" airport protests

NATO Shows Off Firepower at 'Not Just a Training Exercise', take that putin and trump

Twitler is at it again this morning.

PERFECT Twitter response to Trump whining about the Keebler Elf

Trump White House official tells reporters that Trumps White House Chief of Staff is incompetent

Florida Pastor flees naked and afraid, begs forgiveness for tryst

State Dept. Officials Should Quit if They Disagree With Trump,

Financial Times subscription?

Based on Betsy De Vos' qualifications for Ed Sec, here are my SP Court Predictions

Muslim Ban. (Period)

Donald Trump is a disaster for Brexit

This is what democracy looks like.

Austrian government moves to ban full-face veil

"Their View": This is how they view Muslims In The WH

Worn Out American Dream

The Problem With Our Media Is Extreme Commercialism

Fake news: Why the West is blind to Russia's propaganda today

Putin wants more of the Ukraine

Heartland Hack Will Lead President Shitstain's Transition At NOAA

DO NOT retweet Trump. RTs give him credit. Some suggestions:

Global Nazification by Bannon

Thought this was very interesting.....on clothing being sent to France.....

Alaskan & Bering Sea Waters Warm, Threatening Key Fish Stocks & Pushing Invasives North

New ICE head, Thomas Homan

I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that moment ...

When President Shitstain's Nominees Speak, Remember: Humans Driving 100% Of Warming Since 1951

Federal Prosecutors Charge Birmingham CPA in $11 Million Embezzlement

Source says Jared Kushner was "fucking furious" at Trump last wk & has lost 7 lbs since inauguration

Anybody know how to email Sally Yates? I'm so glad she stood up to the Donald.

Discussing the muslim ban with the appropriate advisors

Other Nations Stand Ready To Accept Next Generation Of Foreign Scientists America Is Rejecting

Sally Q Yates took oath & swore allegiance to the Constitution - NOT - Trump

The Republican Fausts - David Brooks

At State Department, 'Dissent Channel' In High Gear With Refugee Ban Protests

It IS a Muslim Ban, Damn it!!

Trial Balloon for a Coup?

Foreign Policy reporter: MORE THAN 1,000 diplomats have now signed the dissent memo

Liberal Redneck - Muslim Ban

Ask Richard: Older Atheists Have Difficulties with Their Religious Families, Too

Her husband was murdered in the San Bernardino terrorist attack -Her message to Trump is going viral

Dark humour could be a sign of superior intelligence

Purse Strings

Spokane City Council votes 7-0 against religious registry

2 new avatars, please: RESIST, & Trump (name or image) with the No sign (prohibition) superimposed,

Trump is just a Symptom

Catholic bishops describe Trump refugee order as shameful and a dark moment

Not so fast Trump

Martellus Bennett: I probably wont go to White House if we win - Let's show support before Brady

Whats good for the goose

The Attorney General of the United States Cannot Sign FISA Warrants.

Yemen conflict: Rebels in deadly attack on Saudi warship

The Brits don't want Drumpf to embarass the Queeen. Bigly.

California legislator calls for Melania Trump immigration records

How Nigel Farage's taunts prompted hasty offer of Trump state visit (Guardian)

I think the odds are better than even that Trump will use a tactical nuclear weapon

Iranian PhD Grad: "They didn't say it with words but with their actions-that my life doesn't matter"

Tom Toles Nails Bannon, the power behind the throne

Actor Kal Penn Raises More Than $500,000 For Refugees After Receiving Hateful Tweet MSNBC

Betsy DeVos Invests in a Therapy Under Scrutiny

Tamron Hall being let go from Today Show

My god--morning Joe really going off on Steve Bannon and Steve... and Trump for keeping

Traitor Trump didn't realize Steve Bannon needs Senate confirmation for NSC

Quebec Mosque Shooter Was A White Nationalist

Trump is attempting to overturn constitutional government in the USA.

Jonathan Turley makes me want to vomit

Asshole-in-Chief tweets

My thoughts on the Yates firing

Where is Congresswoman Waters' press conference?

What sort of skullduggery will he perform with Friday's jobs numbers?

This site says Joy Reid NOT fired. NBC in process of negotiating her contract.

Deutsche Banks Bill for Russia Trades Reaches $629 Million

CNN rehashing ban interviews, same people,


Man helps robin find tasty worms

What happened to Maxine Waters press conference?

Trump's Talk About Muslims Led Acting Attorney General to Defy Ban

A great day for evangelicals!

#1 threat to US economic growth

A quietly powerful cold open from last nights Late Late Show.

So what are we calling this?

Some CEOs 'scared out of their minds about being attacked' by Trump

Maxine Waters tweet

A White House Devoid of Integrity

Trump's Saturday Night Massacre

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee ...

Republicans have no shame by Ann Telnaes

Summary of emergency national Indivisible call from last night

I've lost all hope. My country is not the country I thought it was.

Have moderate Trump supporters condemned the Quebec City shooting, mosque arsons yet?

Even the historical record is subtweeting Trump: Hitler made Chancellor of Germany on Jan. 31. 1933

I just called my senators and asked them to vote against Sessions.

Asia Co-Founder and King Crimson Vet John Wetton Dead at 67

So... Didn't take long for the "voter fraud" story to evaporate...

No, Trump, Not on Our Watch - The New York Times

Angela Merkels Censure Of Donald Trumps Executive Order Puts Theresa May To Shame

The White House Is Outraged Democrats Arent Giving Trumps Supreme Court Nominee A Chance

Beating Women on TV

The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and Were Falling For It

No Words.....

Elizabeth Warren Storms The Senate To Take On Spineless Republicans: Where Are You?

Mhairi Black, youngest MP at Westminster, schools Theresa May

Anyone else feel that hatred for Trump is reaching EPIC proportions?

So Donny is afraid of stairs and Sean is terrified of five year olds?

Senator Chuck Schumer: 'Sally Yates Was A Profile In Courage' NBC News

Brian Klaas: I Study Authoritarian Despots, and Trump Is Borrowing a Lot of Their Tactics

Trump isn't an evil genius

"Trial Ballon for a Coup?".....Any thoughts?

Top Donald Trump Aide Steve Miller Rips Politicized Justice Department - MSNBC

BREAKING: Russian FSB agents suspected of treason-being charged with passing secrets to CIA

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Cartoonists Hitting Hard on Immigration Issue

Let's say You and I are Republican Congressional Leaders..

How Obama will take on Trump

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Clueless Orange Monster and his Henchman

Maxine Waters introducing bill to demand investigation of Trump, Assoc, & Russians

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Trump's first week: For many in Arizona, it doesn't get any better than this

Paul Krugman: Either Trump or the republic, in any meaningful sense, will be gone quite soon

Alt-Truth: Fact check: White House claims 109 affected by travel ban - it's more like 90,000

Trump is bad enough. Let's not harm our credibility.

Now will Senate Democrats unify?

Trump should go nuclear on his Supreme Court nominee (WP Opinion - Marc A. Thiessen)

COINCIDENCE? Countries Trump Does Biz With MISSING from Muslim Ban List

SHOCK: KGB Source for Trump Blackmail Dossier Found Dead

Insiders: Donald Trumps crazy National Security Advisor Michael Flynn already self destructing

GOP failure - let's hope they don't think they can merely APPEASE twitler

So far there is not a WH petition to remove Bannon from NSC and the White House staff

The greatness of a man can be measured by what makes him angry

Vermont's republican governor (gulp) has come out against Trump's immigration edict.

Trump wants to force other countries to pay more for US companies' drugs, to lower prices here

tRump on air now sucking Big Pharma dick..

Trump: "Piss on it"

Protestors form a human chain around US Embassy in Ottawa:

While Trump Fiddles, Putin Steps Up the War in Ukraine

RIP John Wetton - Voice of Asia, U.K. & King Crimson

Donald Trump and his followers are

Another analogy for the unfortuate President Trump vs. President Pence dilemma.

My latest published crossword today...

Protect it? President Trumps travel ban threatens America

Canada Mosque Shooting Suspect Known For Far-Right Views

Senate panel debating Sessions as ATTY GEN on MSNBC now

If Trump cuts approval time for new drugs, he'll also give Big Pharma a firewall against lawsuits

Gropenfuhrer's last 3 tweets

Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, and Tom Brady are Trump worshipers- Go Falcons

DOW TANKING again today,down 162...

Putin starts more trouble in the Ukraine - coincidence?

Don't Like the Ballot Measure Voters Approved? Just Ignore It, Some Lawmakers Say.

Perrys Energy nomination advanced by committee

Exxon Mobil badly misses on earnings, takes $2 billion impairment

The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

Which director to make "Trump" the movie?

Netflix sucks

Devos appears to have lifted passages from other sources on her questionnaire

Purported statements from Kim Jong Un re: disloyal officials.

Senator Elizabeth Warren's floor speech on Trump's Muslim Ban (1.30.2017)

If youre a Democrat, these 3 charts should really worry you

MUST SEE: British PM grilled over visit to Trump White House

No - Bannon does not need Senate confirmation to sit on the Principals Committee at NSC

Sally Yates stayed on AT THE REQUEST OF TRUMP. This is the thanks she got.

Oldest root of Trump family tree found in China.

CNN's Chris Cuomo being blunt...

The Dark History of the White House Aides Who Crafted Trump's "Muslim Ban" (Mother Jones)

Bannon: Power behind the throne

HOT MIC! Rep. Ryan, Sp. of the House, just whispered "Waste of my FUCKING Time" after presser

So The Repugs Are In Bed With Trump .....

"America Banned From Entering USA"

Today Senate Finance Democrats refused to move forward with nominations of Mnuchin & Price

Its Unconstitutional: Trumps executive order is an unlawful attack on Muslims that must be struck

'Morning Joe': The 'frightening' way Trump fired Sally Yates was something an 'autocrat' would do

Down Memory Lane - Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence

Democrats boycotting Finance Committee vote on Mnuchin

Lewis Black"I did a lot of hallucinogens to prep for any eventual reality & I never saw this coming"

ELLEN: Wanna know what I thought about Trump watching "Finding Dory" in the White House?

Paul Krugman says democracy and Trump can't coexist: 'Either he or the republic will be gone soon'

"I'm taking care of your mom...BUT...I can't go see mine"

Iraqi general who works with American military kept from visiting U.S

Senator Elizabeth Warren's floor speech on Trump's Muslim Ban (speaks over 1 hour)

Senate Democrats Boycott Confirmation Votes On Two Top Trump Nominees

'He is running a cabal': White House leaker says Steve Bannon runs 'shadow NSC' with no paper trail

President Trump's U.K. Visit Puts Queen Elizabeth in a 'Difficult Position'

Senate Democrats boycott committee vote on Trump nominees Mnuchin and Price

C-Span LIVE Link: Jan 31 Judiciary Committee Vote on Attorney General Nomination

Madeline Albright rails against the travel ban: Trump officials need to 'actually read...

Rump is rapidly destroying whatever "mandate" his delusional mind thought he had.

Straight to the Point

Has anyone been hearing about rising resignations/firings of LEOs?

Dems hammer Trump for Nixon-style 'massacre'

'Military' convoy with Trump flag rolls through (Louisville, KY)

Why is Someone Who is Lazy Called a Couch Potato?

Try not to fall for: Trump will do this, because it props him up when he doesn't

Cheeto will not voluntarily resign and cite family or health as reasons

Where is Melania's Speech writer?

Donald Trump UK state visit to be debated in Parliament

Paul Krugman says democracy and Trump cant coexist: Either he or the republic will be gone soon

Meet Sally Yates

Dear Ryan, you'd better watch for being Christiefied or Giulianified

U.K. Posthumously Pardons Thousands of Gay Men

Leahy on "3 million illegal votes claim":"The next thing we're goint to hear is that unicorns voted"

Massachusetts to join court battle against Trump travel ban

Good grief, read this.

Although I DO agree with Senator Collins, She can STILL go fuck herself.

Budweiser's super bowl commercial is about an immigrant making america great.

Donald Trump, Our 'America First' President, Is Profoundly Un-American

Trump wants suggestions on new book

Democrats vow to fight Trump immigration order on several fronts

Steve Bannons Long Love Affair With War

Architecture, Art and Reading. How much better can it get?

Is Twitler's Refusal to Divest a Violation of the Constitution?

Mob lawyer mentored Trump Labor pick

CBS "news" continues downhill

Trump Fans Post "You're Fired" Memes In Response To Sally Yates Firing

****BREAKING**** Congressional aides helped write Muslim ban, didn't inform bosses

Mosque Shooting Suspect in Canada Known for Extreme Views

Young Turk Cenk Uygur calls for Trumps impeachment over Sally Yates: What choice do we have?

Another Chicken GOP'er hiding from his constituents over Obamacare Repeal

And if you thought Alex Jones is a kook...

Article 50: MPs must honour British people's leave vote

Democrats Boycott Price, Mnuchin Committee Votes This is how you fight, Democrats!

Think the liberal protests are big? Just wait.

Donald Trump firing Sally Yates isnt the big story. How he did it is.

Spanish protest after young boy's body is washed up in Cdiz

Priest tells anti-Trump protesters to commit suicide

Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies

For some reason I imagine A Trump Cabinet meeting going like this

Donald Trump didnt realize Steve Bannon needs Senate confirmation for National Security Council

Trump needs to talk to his people before they start mass-killing Muslims and worshipers here in U.S.

Largest Nachos Ever

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Fired Sally Yates For Doing Exactly What Republicans Wanted Her To Do

Fake news: Why the West is blind to Russia's propaganda today

State Rs "lay low" in reponse to immigration EO

US-China conflict would be 'disastrous' as tension mounts under Donald Trump, experts warn

A petition to silence animatronic Trump

Sanders: Will Trump Really Take on Pharmaceutical Industry? I Hope So

AP FACT CHECK: Trump claims on travel ban misleading, wrong

Email from Madeleine Albright

NY Times ..... Russia is tying up loose ends of their people who helped Trump "win" the election

Sanders: Will Trump Really Take on Pharmaceutical Industry? I Hope So

How to reach WH staffers by phone

Fox & Friends Debates Whether Jesus Was Really A Refugee (Proving They've Never Read The Bible)

#CrookedDonald took credit for cost cuts for F-35 but it was already planned by Defense Dept:

Add Plagiarism to list of reasons Betsy Devos is Unqualified

NO Sessions (Period).

This is not a Presidential administration by any stretch of the imagination.

Nearly 400 health care experts urge Congress to reject Trumps HHS Secretary

Sign in U.S. Holocaust Museum

Sample legislative call script

Pharma CEO Now Denies Price Was Offered Exclusive Deal On Stock

Betsy DeVos Nomination Clears Senate Committee, Despite Staunch Democratic Opposition

Anonymous Group Reveals Direct Phone Numbers For White House Staff

A Better Way to Farm Algae

U.S. Embassy Reassures Israelis Born in Arab Countries on Visas

I am feeling a little better about our chances

I believe Trump is the new defendent in historical case on rights of children against fossil fuel

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly joins officials to discuss how exec orders are being impleme

Goldman Sachs 're-evaluating' Raiders' Vegas relocation, move in 'jeopardy'

Kellyanne and the Don the Con -- I KNEW They Reminded Me of a Famous Movie Duo ...

Senate panel votes in favor of Betsy DeVos, Trumps education secretary pick

A bit of dark humor via an unsettling dream...

Signs of trouble on Team Trump? Jeff Sessions could be in trouble; Michael Flynn could be toast

There are 1450 days left in President Trumps term

Ouch - Steve Bell's Brutal Trump Toon re: UK Visit

Cruz: Nuclear option on the table if Dems filibuster SCOTUS pick

Trump pushes drugmakers for lower prices, more U.S. production

Dollar plunges after Trump, Navarro signal push to weaken greenback

Trump Fires Attorney General after Copy of Constitution Is Found on Her Computer (Satire)

Obamas America Rises Again

DOW down 129 @ 12:30 p.m. edited TWICE:

Tesla kills the duck with big batteries

David Brooks: Republican Fausts

how the blue do it- hate has no home here.

My friend is just another white guy from Texas who understands what Trump never will

In just two weeks...

For all the Trump fans:

Question about recess appointments and pro forma sessions

Collins: 'Entirely Inappropriate' For Steve Bannon To Have Seat At NSC

Heartwarming & inspiring: Neighbors Cover Lawn Of Georgia School For Refugees With Warm Welcomes

Trump is fear personified

Deep concern over 'fascist appeal' brought to White House

If I were an airliner captain

Rep. Goodlatte Explains Why His Staff Helped On Trump's Executive Order

Lady Liberty

A question For DU Lawyers. esp. those with Constitutional/Government Expertise.

So, what will tRump be selling at his Presser tonight besides a uniquely unqualified nominee for

The attack on the homeland is happening at the white house. eom

From a FB group on Steve Bannon

This deserves attention; Keith Olbermann

How Obama Will Take On Trump

Murkowski (R) and Collins (R) posture like they may not support DeVos on the floor

Flashback of the Day

I don't trust supposed White House insider leaker stories

KO: An Apology- We are better than this --the light of the world has been extinguished

KO: An Apology We are better than this --the light of the world has been extinguished

50th anniversary of the 25th Amendment

Brent Musburger

First they came for the Muslims, and we said, not in America, you dont.

Microsoft excel question

One thing that has been heartening to see amidst the terror is the support of good people...

Senator Tim Kaine: Public Outcry Will Help Democrats Do Their Jobs Better Morning Joe MSNBC

The New Colossus By Emma Lazarus

Democrats Are Awake Now

My darling aged husband


If the Obama administration did such a piss-poor job of national security

For some, Sally Yates' firing resembles Saturday Night Massacre

Houston Chronicle: Resist Now!

I have been reading the X-Men comics from the very beginning. I'm on issue 147

The hottest tax idea in Washington right now would cost average families $1,000 a year

Why the Trump-ban selloff may just be the tip of the iceberg

Facing 10 years in prison for protesting

A Shit load of White House Direct Numbers. Be polite.

So is the fact that Deadpool received no Oscar nominations final proof they are bullshit?

Let's get real. There are reasons to support the Muslim Ban

Senate easily confirms Trumps Transportation pick

Trump education secretary pick squeaks through committee, may face Senate fight

Down the Hatch!

Senate Democrats Boycott Key Votes On 2 Top Trump Nominees

It has taken 2 questions for Spicer to become shrill.

Must Read Transcript of Sen. Leahy's Statement in Opposition of Sessions Nom

Judge Neil Gorsuch told he is likely Trump's Supreme Court pick: CNN

GOP senator: DeVos 'has not yet earned my full support'

This is Bernie telling DeVos and all of Trumps picks that they are not qualified

More People Affected By Travel Ban Than White House Initially Claimed

Trump Wont Take No Guff From Prince Charles, Whose Dead Ex-Wife He Totally Could Have Nailed

My Senator Markey (Mass.) will vote against DeVos.

Breitbart reporter removed from CAIR presser (more like repeatedly asked to leave)

POLL: Sheriff David Clarke Deeply Unpopular, Basically Has No Path to Victory in Reelection

What's the deal with Trump's "Show-and-Tell" theatrics after signing an Executive Order?

Spicer is one excitable boy!!!1

Boy, that Sean Spicer is an erratic loon

'Well, They Are Idiots': GOP Senator Tees Off on Democrats Over Committee Boycott

Obamas Protections for L.G.B.T. Workers Will Remain Under Trump

About that "coup" theory.

Pelosi aide apologizes after accusing Ryan of cursing reporters

Trump: "We have to take out their families"

The One Obvious Reason Why Every D Should Have No Problem Voting Against Trump's Nominees

They Are Prisoners In the White House.

Dems delay Sessions vote

From big to small - A Tuesday trip on perspective

In the US Holocaust Museum

Someone wrote a message to America in the sand of Acadia National Park

My TV will be turned OFF tonight at 8:00.

SF to sue over Trump's executive order targeting sanctuary city

US in the middle of a coup by Donald Trump, Michael Moore warns

General Strike on Friday February 17

Weak quarterly reports push stocks lower for a second day

Trump's New ICE Man Was Previous Prez's Deportation Champ

The next Doctor?

Martellus Bennett won't visit White House if Patriots win Super Bowl

Miami developer Jorge Prez calls his friend Trumps border wall idiotic, report says

so, how many troops are going to have to be stationed at the construction sites for

Can't believe a thing Trump says - His lie about Big Pharma

Spicer Signals Getting Fired For Dissent 'Comes With The Job' In Trump Era

"Its The Apprentice, Supreme Court Edition, as Trump Summons Finalists to White House"

From order to disorder: How Trumps immigration directive exposed GOP rifts

WH announces first picks for 'Skype seats' at press briefings

Bomb threats at multiple Jewish Community Centers in US

Stan Boreson, King of Scandinavian Humor, dies at 91

Donald Trump's primetime SCOTUS circus: Is his empty showmanship starting to lose its power?

Over 1,600,000 sign UK petition against Trumpthen House of Commons jumps in and pummels him

"Republicans dont have the quorum needed to move forward...." BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Imagine Day 7 of a Hillary administration

Experts on authoritarianism say Trumps presidency is getting even worse

It's not much, but I can't just sit and do nothing

Trump immigration ban could jeopardize $20 billion in Boeing deals with Iran, Iraq

Gosar eyes primary challenge to Flake

My staunchly Republican wife is so outraged by Trump that she vows to vote "for every Democrat

Trump immigration ban could jeopardize $20 billion in Boeing deals with Iran, Iraq

Slate article: What happens if Donald Trump refuses a federal court order

Susan Brooks won't challenge Joe Donnelly for U.S. Senate seat

Ken Buck Only Member of Colo. Delegation to Back Travel Ban

Trump Fires Attorney General after Copy of Constitution Is Found on Her Computer

BREAKING NEWS: Top Supreme Court candidates to do battle in The Eliminator obstacle course tonight.

How to remove Trump from office

Politico: Dems struggle over SCOTUS opposition strategy

Trump is doing great things for the economy!

T-Mobile on Trump: 'Were not talking about this'

Israeli president apologizes to Mexico over Netanyahu border wall tweet

Progressive Activists Beaten and Hospitalized as Trump-Era Political Violence Intensifies

T-Mobile on Trump: 'Were not talking about this'

Senate panel approves McMahon to lead Small Business Administration

Eugene Robinson: Trumps exercise in cruelty wont keep us any safer

Trump Is Treating His Supreme Court Decision Like Celebrity Apprentice

The Westminster Dog Show will now feature...cats

'Hottest places in hell' reserved for those remaining neutral: Former US Ambassador unleashes on Tr

Travellers Times-The Oldest Show on The Road, by Damien Le Bas

Sean Spicer is right. That five-year-old refugee has diabolical plans.

Impeachment or Impairment -- the Inevitability of Trumps Removal

Male House clerk earns nearly $19K more than female Senate clerk who's been on job 21 years longer

I pledge a 24 hour blackout - TURN OFF TV AT 7:58PM Tonight

Stocks drop again as worries about Trump's policies linger

Who gets The Rose tonight? 🌹

Democrats should not hesitate to remind Trump and the Republicans..

Researchers confirm the existence of a 'lost continent' under Mauritius

just heard by me from Trump.....

"Waste of my f*cking time": Hot mic at GOP press conference catches griping as Paul Ryan walks away

US military botches online fight against Islamic State

Does anyone remember which sites leaked the "LGBTQ rollback EO"

Dump just now during cyber security briefing

Trumps hard-line actions have an intellectual godfather: Jeff Sessions

If there were ever a red line for Republicans, Trump crossed it Friday. Or not.

Red Cross to hold gala at Trump resort

With Trump, Twitter transition stirs confusion

Group leaks White House staffers direct phone numbers after Trump kills Obama's feedback line

Billionaire closer to mining the moon for trillions of dollars in riches

Why Do Cooks Love the Instant Pot? I Bought One to Find Out.

My friend is just another white guy from Texas who understands what Trump never will

Today's petitions

My ex-military RW relatives response to all of this...

Let's see if this turns out to be true

Feinstein eviscerates Keebler Elf in closing arguments

Re: DeVos - If you are not on your school PTA, do so now. If you can run for school board, do it.

For a smile break. A dawg rescued from a puppy mill

Taken together does the rhetoric of these posts encourage violence?


Sean Spicer: Merrick Garlands Supreme Court snub is different because it was Obama's "fourth term"

Serious question about Court Orders and US Federal Marshals

I wonder how many people know that Trump's pick for the Education Department, Betsy DeVos, is

Trump Could Still Undermine the Obama LGBTQ Order He Just Reaffirmed

Climate change (global warming) have you run a snow blower-shoveled this year?


I DO NOT Want Senate Democrats To Block EVERY SCOTUS Nominee That Trump Puts Forward.

Repubs flip out at Democratic boycott of vote on nominations. Forget all about their own boycotts

Senate panel votes in favor of Betsy DeVos, Trumps education secretary pick 12-11.

Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad Tells an Immigration Story

Remember to thank PA Dems standing up to Trump

So why are French Canadians from Quebec not on the severe vetting list?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 31, 2016

Did Paul Ryan and General Kelly lie for Donald Trump??

EU chief puts Trump administration in 'threat' category

Jared Kushner is f*cking furious about reduced role and has lost 7 lbs since Inauguration Day

"It was Obama's fault"

Trump replaces acting Immigration Enforcement head

Legislator demanding Melania Trump Immigration Records

Sean Spicer Insists Muslim Ban Is Not A Ban, But He And Trump Both Called It One

Trump's voter-fraud investigator is registered to vote in 3 states

Supreme Court Reality Show.

Jake Tapper on CNN -- Spicer says "Don't call it a ban."

how many "apprentice" contestants are now saying

Reports from LA that US Marshals are refusing to enforce fed court orders against CBP

Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies

notorious RBG. keep healthy madame.

Wall, no problem.

i know this weekend was really shitty, but it's been heartening to see so many American Jews

Can I copy your homework?

Report: Feds Weigh Child-Porn Charges Against Anthony Weiner

Trump kibbitzing Press Conferences?

Dove Pokes Fun at Trump With This #AlternativeFacts Ad That Lies About the Product

Alleged shooter in Quebec City mosque attack admires Trump, far right

They're not masterminds. They're incompetent -- John Scalzi

Help the Democrats maintain a trifecta

Has trumpy got a press conference at 8?


Senator hammers Jeff Sessions over his 'willful blindness' to Russian interference in 2016 election


FBI Shuts Down Prominent New ISIS Recruitment Website

Trump Breaks Promise To Reduce Drug Prices

Two crazy liberals, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush talk

Confirmation Fight

Ex-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates' memorandum on the unconstitutional Executive Order

My 86 year old mom said today....

After meeting with pharma lobbyists, Trump drops promise to negotiate drug prices

Defiant Trump mocks Democrats over order

I don't care if they're Masterminds or Keystone Clown Kops...

So Trump is going to leave President Obama's lgbtq directives in place.

"All that we share"

"Steve Bannon and company have embraced the worldwide politics of white nationalism"

After meeting with pharma lobbyists, Trump drops promise to negotiate drug prices

Vanity Fair: Kushner unable to control Trump; furious his efforts are being undermined

Dulles Border Officials Coerced As Many As 60 People Into Signing Away Rights, Lawsuit Says

Christie calls rollout of Trump immigration order 'terrible'

Fake news is about to get even scarier than you ever dreamed

So, where were the captured Yemini taken after the raid?

The data that turned the world upside down. Brexit and Trump

Hitler's phone - used to order millions of people to their deaths - to sell at auction

Does anyone know if joeybee12 is OK? He has not posted since Nov. 8! nt

Democrats escalate their attacks on Trump, while Republicans accuse him of leaving them in the dark

Thank god for Saturday Night Live!

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Traps out, but can't seem to catch mice!

It's going to be awkward seeing Judges Gorsuch and Hardiman holding hands as Trump announces....

President Trump probably isnt going to like what the Fed will do next

Christie's approval rating sinks to 17% (Quinnipiac)

Yoko Ishida - Towa no Hana

Sam Waterston: The danger of Trumps constant lying

Yoko Ishida - Towa no Hana

My Take Is That Protests Won't Do Any Good In The End. US As We Know It Will Be Smoldering Ruins.

Let's talk about the Republicans...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Infowars taps Trump-friendly birther to lead Washington coverage- CNN

There are new signs Republicans are going wobbly on the Muslim ban

Where We Go From Here: 5 Key Ways to Build a Movement

Americans Divided Over Trumps Travel Ban (depressing)

5 Surprising Facts About Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

Two theories about why Steve Bannon midwifed such a bad executive order

This Danish ad will challenge you to step outside your defining box

Lame! Lame! So lame!

Supreme Court standard and what is left of Trump's term

Sean Spicer sounds like a Holocaust denier

The resistance to Trump is big, diverse and ferocious

Finally: a report in the MSM of Bannon's need for confirmation to NSC.

Is Trump going to ignore ALL court orders

Mr. Rodgers message to tRump.

just wanted this group's opinion on this topic

Lewis Black on tRump Bullshit.

Milwaukee Trump trip cancelled after Harley

Christie: Trump's Staff Bungled Rollout Of Immigration Order

Aww...Trump cancels visit due to protests...

Psychological diagnosis?

Want to understand what Trump and Bannon are up to? Look to the Russian Revolution of 1917

Make Trump A Prisoner In The White House.

Donald Trump cancels Milwaukee visit

Pentagon Trying to Get F-16 Pilots Exempted from Ban

Leaked Trump order proposes deporting legal immigrants who use social services

A sincere suggestion for the welfare of DU during Trump's regime (quick may it die)

Why more Republicans aren't standing up to tRump and Putin

Nominate Sally Yates for Profiles in Courage award!

US Holocaust Museum's "early warning signs of fascism" sign is going viral

State Dept. Dissent Cable on Trumps Ban Draws 1,000 Signatures

I predict Shouty Spice will be doing a lot of desperate explaining tomorrow...

Steve Bannons Long Love Affair With War

Looks like Jon Stewart will be on Stephen Colbert's show tonight.

Who all will be watching tonight's dog & pony show?

As Sun Tzu advises, know yr enemy: Bannon

So disappointed that I'll be missing the Trump Show tonight. But there's something more compelling

Sargon of Akkad Twitter Suspended for Tweeting Pornography

Is the Trump administration worse than you expected?

Gretta and Mark Halperin- That's a double dose of yuck. I quickly changed the channel.

Noticing the posts that get all the attention lately have been FAKE NEWS?

Raul Labrador...Perfect name for a Trumpster lapdog..

Trump To Fulfill Promise To The Religious Right With Supreme Court Pick

The State Department "Dissent Channel" memo has been signed by a paltry..

FBI investigated white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement agencies: Report

Before You Call Your Senator, Read This On How Our Trump Scores Work

'The world's doors were closed': Jared Kushner's grandma on refugee life - Guardian

Buddhist monks draw a crowd as sand mandala gets under way in St. Petersburg

Over one and three-quarter million Brits don't want Orange Julius Caesar to have

Geez- Drumpf should have made Judges Gorsuch and Hardiman have a mock trial and arm wrestle.

Please consider alert for fake news...!!

Harley-Davidson Reportedly Cancels Trump's Visit Over Planned Protests

Coming up on CNN - Canadian mosque shooter's ties to the Alt-Right.

Trumps FCC May Let ISPs Sell Your Private Data Without Your Consent (inc. Browsing & Emails)

How about Survivor! Supreme Court

Wow, on a Town Hall meeting with my rep

Chris Christie tears the ban a new one

Mr. Fish offers an analogy

Mysterious intruder rattles GOP lawmakers

Honest Government Advert - Centrelink Fail

Rep. Paul Labrador (R-ID): "American Muslims SHOULD be worried" !!! (on CNN right now)

Jerry Falwell Jr. Says He Will Lead Federal Task Force on Higher-Ed Policy

Pushing Impeachment as we go along this year

Vigil Mambisa will ask Trump to grant visas to stranded Cubans Lupe Garcia 8 hours ago

Betsy DeVos nomination for Education secretary clears Senate committee vote

Betsy DeVos nomination for Education secretary clears Senate committee vote

How The U.S. War In Laos Was Key To The 'Birth Of A Military CIA'

new Exec Order: mindless elimination of regulations - scrap two regulations for each new one adopted

900 career State Department officials have

Trump Humiliated After Bill Nye The Science Guy Explains Why He Is An Idiot

Fuck You Orin Hatch!

Rep. Dave Brat: 'The women are in my grill no matter where I go'

More Than 1,000 Progressives Signed Up To Run For Office Over The Weekend

Did DHS Bully Immigrants Into Signing Away Their Rights?

slate - "Seat Merrick! Trumps nominee shouldnt get a hearing until Merrick Garland is seated

Did DHS Bully Immigrants Into Signing Away Their Rights?

CNN - DeVos plagiarized answers to Senate committee questionnaire

KING: The world should be grieving over Canadian mosque shooting

state of afairs so far.