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Archives: January 6, 2017

Uhhhh, Holy shit.

DeBlasio isn't that bad

Its Pointless To Try To Reason With The Alt-Right

Fugitive accused of military gun heist caught in Massachusetts

Does anyone know how many years the Chicago4 are facing ?

Performance Today (NPR) celebrates 30 years

Democrats demand probe of Trump health nominee

Democrats demand probe of Trump health nominee

Take a Trump break. Watch this!

Thank you President Obama - Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments

New York and New Jersey agree to plan to fund train tunnel, bus terminal

Judge rules doctors can refuse trans patients and women who have had abortions

Brooklyn train was speeding before crash: U.S. investigators

*PBS NewsHour interview with V.P. Biden tonight

If there was any sanity in this country,

Former CIA director James Woolsey has split with Trump, 'effective immediately'

In The End The Only Thing That Will Stop GOP Is A Bar Room Brawl.

Kentucky moves toward requiring ultrasound before abortion

U.S. Army eases rules on beards, turbans for Muslim, Sikh troops

U.S. Army eases rules on beards, turbans for Muslim, Sikh troops

Safety info: Peanut butter alert

NOAA challenged the global warming pause. Now new research says the agency was right.

Norway first to start switching off FM radio

House GOP rules change will make it easier to sell off federal land

U.S. plans to name nuclear reactors using potentially flawed Areva parts

Trump's tweeting again tonight about hacking

Nuclear, missile tests show 'qualitative' improvement in North Korea capabilities: U.S.

Disabled Man Kidnapped and Tortured in Chicago, And Our President-Elect Really Can't Complain

APNewsBreak: Trump may pursue border wall without new bill

Re the hack of DU: did you inform those whose email address was obsconded with by the hackers?

Trump, amid legal battles, gives deposition against chef

Corzine to pay $5M penalty to resolve MF Global case

Risk shifting: the long con

Bohemian Rhapsody Played On A 100-Year-Old Fairground Organ

With no Trump-style incentives, Tyler lost its Carrier plant to Mexico

Judges to keep North Carolina election law blocked

Big & Rich to Perform at Trump Inauguration Gala

House panel warns of "peril" in Texas mental health system

U.S. intercepts capture senior Russian officials celebrating Trump win

Oh My - Joy Reid just destroyed ReTHUG Mo Brooks

How The Womens March On Washington Has Gone Global

New Texas bathroom bill may spark North Carolina-like uproar

House GOP, Trump team hatch border wall plan

Giving Trump more information won't solve the problem

Good New Yorker Toon:

*Dr. Strangelove on HBO/StarzEncore now.

GOP jams Senate Dems with confirmation blitz

Hey Assewipe it's Thursday .

Clearly, fRump is selling the U.S. to Putin to pay his business debts

I fear Trump will bomb someone soon

Guy Philippe, Haiti's former rebel leader, arrested after radio show

How Philly's Dems are and have been screwing up

In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys Are Denied Extensions Past Inauguration Day

John Kerry press conference 1-5-16

In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys Are Denied Extensions Past Inauguration Day

Sterling K. Brown Joins Black Panther Movie

50 years ago last Sunday - what is different today?

Is the Bleever in the house? Bleever are you still here on DU?

Tesla Flips the Switch on the Gigafactory

Sources: Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall

Another Great Lie - Sources: Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall

Finally we learn what "Replace Obamacare" really means / New Yorker cartoon

Following North Carolina's lead, Texas GOP unveils so-called "bathroom bill"

For the love of all that is rational MSM stop, at long last stop, normalizing Drumpt. n/t

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Make America Sick Again! Live, Uncensored & a new

Inauguration of Donald J. Trump Itinerary released

Good Advice for the New Year

Kasparov aide: You can get most Trump tweets a day in advance browsing Kremlin-friendly Russian web

How a felon with a fake name convinced a federal agency and the Texas GLO to fast-track project

Second-Ranking House Dem says he would support challenge to Electoral College vote certification

You know that sick feeling you have had every morning since the "election?" I have a name for it.

Obama Publishes Piece in Harvard Law Review, a Presidential First

Intel report says US identifies go-betweens who gave emails to WikiLeaks

by Senator Van Hollen:'The fight to stop Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans from cutting

Turn to Rachel. She's on fire! If you don't catch it, watch for the video of her show.

Wasn't it the turtle senator who said that if Hillary were the president

All the confirmation hearings are scheduled simultaneously.

Poor Texans left in dark as state electricity aid program ends

Flynn, Roger Stone and ManaFart ... I'd put some money own it...

Coachella Owner Donates to LGBT Hate Groups, Denies Climate Change, Has Koch Connections

Surprise: Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall

Rural America: When you come to an obstacle, go around it.

Guard who was shot at party sues UT fraternity

Colombia military murdered more civilians under Uribe than FARC did in 30 years

Tolerance is not a moral absolute. It is a peace treaty.

Fear --- Fascism

Colombia military murdered more civilians under Uribe than FARC did in 30 years

MD Anderson cutting staff by 1,000 workers via layoff, retirement; no doctors affected

MD Anderson cutting staff by 1,000 workers via layoff, retirement; no doctors affected

Paul Ryan: Well Defund Planned Parenthood In Our Obamacare Repeal Bill, Too

Colombias left formally files Bogota mayors impeachment request

Trump and the Flawed Nature of US Democracy: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Rural-voters-dont-understand-that-cities-subsidize-their-lives article makes no fucking sense

WTF???!!! Rachel is falling all over herself,

Incarceration Crisis: 1 Killed Every Day in Brazil's Prisons

Black Flags: The Rise of Isis [MPR NEWS PODCAST] Powerful!

Black Flags: The Rise of Isis [MPR NEWS PODCAST] Powerful!

With the way this interveiw sounds at times, could Joe be looking at 2020?

Great ROBERT REICH piece today.

Review: Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, at Home in Bright Lights

Review: Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, at Home in Bright Lights

I knew Greta Van Susteren was obnoxious but I didn't expect these details about her

Trump - All Ears (Luckovich Toon)

Bernie: Dems lost because they "took they bait," meaning "Wall Street money."

Joe Biden to Trump: 'Grow up, Donald'

Study reveals the importance of grazers for coral reefs

Jason Kander

Sources: Cavs in talks to acquire Kyle Korver from Hawks

Dan rather on intel agencies identifying Russia - Wikileaks Go-betweens: "This Feels Big"

Golden Spiderlings Hatch from Bizarre 'Silkhenge' in Amazing Video

Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, And Bernie Sanders Have A Bill To Kill Trumps Muslim Registry

Golden Spiderlings Hatch from Bizarre 'Silkhenge' in Amazing Video

Odebrecht to pay Peru an initial $8.9 million as graft scandal grows

Last female speaker of indigenous Amazonian language murdered

Shooting range cleanup to cost Forest Service nearly $1 million

Visiting physician sheds new light on Lyme disease.

Last female speaker of indigenous Amazonian language murdered

Heres What The Wharton School Of Business Really Thinks Of Donald Trump

I want this! The "CATable"

Ex Inmate Presides Over Peruvian Supreme Court

Colbert Does It Again - This Time Suggests Calling It "Trumpcare"

Public Transit in L.A. Is Growing in Leaps and Bounds but Where Are the Riders?

Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Israeli Agent Involved in Brazilian Bribes in Peru

DNC Race Expands with Two New Candidates

MyGod.. Just saw Jackie..

Tenants of Fresno's Hotel California must clear out after city says its a fire hazard

Watch: Pre-incan pyramid discovered in Peru

Military welcomes first women infantry Marines

Workers say Hemet mental health clinic is unsafe

Leaked Rough Draft of Donald's Inaugural Speech

Next on the GOP Extermination List: Transparency

Reopeniung of Inquiry on Former Peruvian President Saluted

Jim McDermott: Trumps health-care plan has already been tried

The Republican Party needs to listen to one of their own party from the past on Social Security.

PHOTO ESSAY CONFLICT: Digging Graves The Ixil Mayas enduring nightmare of ethnic cleansing

PHOTO ESSAY CONFLICT: Digging Graves The Ixil Mayas enduring nightmare of ethnic cleansing

President Dwight Eisenhower, Republican, uttered these words on November 8, 1954:

Here's How To Foil Trump/McConnell's Little Trick Next Wednesday. PROTESTS!

Julian Assange Alleges No Collusion with Russia: APT Show Episode #1

San Francisco Ethics Commission fines Broke-Ass Stuart $2,500 for misuse of campaign funds

Now Trump's claiming his Twitter was hacked

Fifty Years Ago Dr King made a Statement which Accurately Describes Dump & fans..

3 Orange County hospitals among 14 fined by state for putting patients at risk

Get Ready For Crackdown On Protest Groups By DOJ, FBI & Homeland Security.

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 8 - Woody Allen Double Feature

Legal Or Not The GOP/Trump Will Purge Non Supporters & Democrats From Federal Employment.

TCM Schedule for Monday January 9 - Movie Night Menus

Anaheim scrap metal recycler targeted in catalytic converter theft probe

Police official defends destruction of municipal ID records

Trump's DC hotel facing $5 million in unpaid workers liens.

We Are Entering A New Era Of Violence, Intimidation, Suppressions Against LGBT/Minorities.

Legislators: Rep. accused of beating his wife should resign

California YouTube daredevil misses pool in illicit jump from hotel

Ex-Haiti rebel leader wanted in US arrested during talk show

Ex-Haiti rebel leader wanted in US arrested during talk show Evens Sanon, Associated Press Updated

Those drones produce some magnificent footage

Who we should or shouldn't have nominated NO LONGER MATTERS.

Essentially Trump Siding W/Russian Aggression.

Trump started week bragging he knew things others didn't

On Last Word - GOP Setting Up Federal Employee Purge.

'Real Housewives of ISIS' sketch causes outrage

So now budget deficits don't matter?

Sage College closes doors amid dispute over accreditation

Halozyme reports pancreatic cancer trial success

For anyone who hasn't seen it, the new Netflix series Sense8 is brilliant.

Fed up with politics, Brazil cities swear in outsider mayors

Californias new budget program will take millions more to finish

China Aims to Spend at Least $360 Billion on Renewable Energy by 2020

Only 1 in 5 Americans supports Republicans repeal and delay Obamacare strategy

Sen. Dianne Feinstein will stand between Trump's nominees and power

Roosevelt Rosey Grier to launch fearsome run for governor

"Dead Agenting"---The Normalization Begins...

Democrats should introduce legislation requiring transparency in foreign investments

Huge Antarctic iceberg poised to break away

Hillary Clinton tried to warn us.

Documentary on climate change, "Years of Living Dangerously"

Lawmaker wants to move up presidential primary

Agents Seize Approximately $20 Million and Arrest Brazilian National in Scheme to Launder TelexFree

Former Newspaper Publisher, Mortgage Broker, Title Agent and Others in $10 Million Mortgage Fraud

Will California state workers vote to raise their pay?

California voters just approved more taxes, but the new state budget could still be lean on cash

China cementing global dominance of renewable energy and technology

Fool says Biden Comments are "Beneath the Office of the Vice President"

Trump's deportation vow spurs California farmers into action

In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys Are Denied Extensions Past Inauguration Day

Forget Carrier and Ford. Trump just destroyed 10,000 jobs at Macy's.

In 2014, it was ebola. In 2016, it was e-mails.

Medicare Failed To Recover Up To $125 Million In Overpayments From Private Insurers

Groper Don the Con cannot be landlord and tenant at that

Daily Holidays - January 6

Who spent Hawaiis $1 billion surplus?

How the CIA Infiltrated the World's Literature

Liberal Redneck -- Thanks Obama

Police: Beating of mentally disabled man on video began after friendly encounter

The idiot just issued his first tweet of the day.

Craftsman Tool Lovers Worried For Brand After $900M Sale To Black & Decker

What If The Government Gives A Takings Party, But Doesn't Show Up? (Northern Marianas)

Trump is about to have a lesson in Civics 101.

TAKE A BREAK: Hilarious Obama memes

James Woolsey will be coming up on Morning Joe MSNBC

Alaska can expect even more job losses in 2017 than last year

Mayor says Anchorage needs a sales tax for Seward Highway patrols, property tax relief

Rep. Katherine Clark - part of NoBillNoBreak sit-in, boycotting the inauguration.

Need help with title of an alt-history book I saw yesterday in the library.

New Alaska Senate president on upcoming session: 'Its OK for politicians to fight'

Senate Bill to Slash Embassy Security Funds in Half Until US Embassy Jerusalem Officially Opens

Obama administration moves to protect some of the most remote areas of Alaska

Obamas Anger Translator Helps The President Make His Farewell Address

US House passes motion repudiating UN resolution on Israel. Approved with vote of 342-80

Tiny Nikiski makes ambitious bid to become Alaskas biggest city

Report: GOP Lawmaker used campaign money on pet rabbit's airfare

As railroad business declines, talks with unions for Nebraska workers screech to a halt

As railroad business declines, talks with unions for Nebraska workers screech to a halt

Koterba toon: Congress on healthcare

Norway and its national church part ways

Alaskas budget crisis hits lawmakers where it hurts: their stomachs

Agency for Alaska's mentally ill tests legal limits with $40 million real estate investment

Aldi (UK) becomes first supermarket chain to pay all staff MORE than the real living wage

Trump the Religious Trend

Legal weed is hard to come by in Alaska

Chris Collins (R-NY) "We never came up with an ACA replacement because Obama would never sign it"

Maines Catholic diocese offers training to prevent, respond to violence in churches

British Columbia to clean up mine near Juneau

Democrats prep bill to fight Trump's Muslim registry plans

To hell with Facebook

It's not the economy, stupid. They hate Democrats because they need a boogeyman.

Charlie Crist misses vote condemning UN resolution on Israel settlements

South Korea accelerating creation of "decapitation unit" in case of war with North Korea

January 6, 1912. Alexander Wegener publishes theory of continental drift.

Gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg Joins Race for Democratic National Committee Chair

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg for DNC Chair

Giant Eagle planning to close five supermarkets

Now that f----ng guy is throwing shade on Arnold, lol

Award-winning Indian actor Om Puri dead at 66

Vincente Fox won

Key Question For Parents Choosing Their Kid's School In Beijing: Does It Have Air Filters?

As Trump targets Toyota over Mexico, Nissan faces bigger risk

Boulder Hospital Told Gay Staffer to Remove Rainbow Flag Screen Saver or Be Fired, So She Quit

Worth a repeat. This book should be added to your reading list.

2 New Studies - Odds Of Weakening Or Collapse Of N. Atlantic Current Higher Than Thought

Duterte hopes Russia will become Philippines' ally and protector

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Cheeto Tweeto

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Repeal and Replace, with Blood Suckers

Payroll employment rises by 156,000 in December; unemployment rate changes little (4.7%)

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Luckovich: "We'll figure out a replacement later..."

Orlando City Soccer Club Unveils Permanent Seating Section Dedicated to Pulse Nightclub Victims

A Time Capsule

Keith Olberman has a great commentary for those who still support Trump

Democrats Have 700 Pages Of Opposition Research On Zinke, All Ready For Interior Hearings

How Quaint! TN Attorney General Wants Water Pollution Data From TVA Coal Plant

GOP votes to Ban CBO from calculating effect of Obamacare repeal on budget

Larsen C Ice Shelf: Crack Has Less Than 20 Kilometers To Go Before Calving

Chris Collins (R-NY): U.S. Taxpayers will pay for the wall, but Trump WILL get reimbursed by Mexico!

Woolsey bailed, will Mattis be next?

"What He Cannot Do Is Erase The Mark Of The Man"

Arrest Made in Murder of Testers Nephew

President Fucking Elect takes Twitter victory lap over Schwarzenegger "Apprentice" ratings

Mattis clashing with Trump transition team over Pentagon staffing

U.S. trade deficit climbs 6.8% in November


Joe Madison:He hasn't even been sworn in yet and he's fucked up

Hillary Clinton to speak Tuesday at new State Department museum bearing her name

We don't need a stinking wall!

John K. Howard and selective outrage

Why won't our media talk about WHY the Russians wanted Trump and Republican House members?

Keith Ellison votes against GOP-backed Israel resolution

Conservatives ready to support $1 trillion hole in the budget

Dream for today....When Trump gets "security briefing" today...


What do you think Trump's attitude about Russian hacking will be after his briefing?

Bernie Sanders Says Trump Won Because Democrats Are Out Of Touch

The good news is that the next advancement in Healthcare will be a full public option

Yahoo Finance: worst typo ever

Obama: Chicago Torture Attack Despicable

In case you haven't heard...

U.S. intel report identifies Russians who gave emails to WikiLeaks -officials

If Drumpf's transition team is purging federal employees with no

Repealing Obamacare could cost 3 million jobs, study finds

Trump Claims Russian Hacking Briefing Delayed, Officials Call Out the Lie

Armed White Supremacist March Against Jews Is Happening

Obama leaves office with longest job growth streak in over 75 years

The disturbing undertones of today's Trump-Arnold Twitter spat.

Its taken worry away: Trump voter says he hopes Trump doesnt take away his Obamacare

Will Snowflake (Trump) still be able to Tweet in office?

twitter poll on Obamacare backfires

Cuban troops bizarre chant: Well make Obama a hat out of bullets to the head

Selfie nostalgia

Trump Backtracks, Says Taxpayers, Not Mexico, Will Pay For His Wall

25th Amendment and Presidential Disability

Bernie Sanders On Obamacare: Its GOPs Job To Come Up With Alternative - MTP Daily

Bernie Sanders On Obamacare: Its GOPs Job To Come Up With Alternative - MTP Daily

Obamacare repeal costs: 3 million jobs gone, $1.5 trillion in lost gross state product

And today, Trump gloated about poor ratings of his successor on Celebrity Apprentice

"repeal and replace" is an admission that obamacare was a big improvement

The republcans in congress are the ultimate death panel.

Warren announces shes running for re-election

and trump is STILL two weeks away from being president.

Trump's wall is right in the middle of the range of the Arizona Jaguar

Trump Swears He Will Still Make Mexico Pay For The Border Wall!

Sen. Sherrod Brown Says He Will Not Vote For Jeff Sessions To Lead DOJ

WikiLeaks and Donald both tweeting about #RussiaHacking...

Donald Trump Has Not Given to Wharton

This has got to stop

Why is Donald Trump resisting the Russian hack findings? Michael Flynn may hold the answer

Texas Democrat: I'm 'very likely' to run against Cruz

GOP puts public hunting, fishing lands on chopping block

I can't believe...

Why the Democratic leadership contest is urgent: It will shape the opposition to Trump

Ukraine's military denies Russian hack attack

More media fail - a Slate headline - re ACA repeal - "Will Dems Get Stuck with the Blame??

WTF- NYPD paid extra to wear body cameras?

Tilikum, Sea World orca that killed trainer, has died

Trump Distracts From Today's Intelligence Meeting With Talk of TV Ratings and 'Apprentice'

I need your opinion: "When?"

"He's Making a List - Trump is more paranoid and dangerous than Nixon."

Obama Is Trolling Trumps Inauguration So Hard By Booking A-Listers To His Goodbye Party

House Reinstates 1876 rule - $1 wage for civil servants

Malcolm Nance (Counter terrorism expert) said on CNN that the next question for DJT

US tanks roll into Germany to bolster NATO deterrent

Columbia J School Digital Journalism Director Calls on Journos To Treat Trump As Media Organization

Factory orders tumble 2.4% in November

Even Polilticians Do Not Know What ACA (Obamacare) Does

How about Chris CUOMO in '20 (let's skip Andrew). 20 minutes here against Kellyanne:

I have to believe there is some buyer's remorse among Drumpf voters.

Photo found of Russian hacking

Ex-President Fox: Mexico Won't Pay For Trump's Racist Wall

A Florida mom put her 10-year-old in a timeout. Then came the gunshot, police say

The WikiLeaks-Russia connection started way before the 2016 election

Trump: Mexico will pay US back for 'Great Wall'

HEADS UP....Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 11th.

Donald Trump isolates himself by living in a state of denial on Russia

Trump Says Focus on Russian Hacking Is a 'Political Witch Hunt'

Can someone tell me why this case wasn't classified as a hate crime too.

Great Barrier Reef almost drowned (at the beginning of the Last Interglacial)

Democratic congresswoman won't normalize Trump by attending inauguration

Retailers Risk Mutlibillion Dollar Earnings Hit Under GOP Tax Plan

It seems almost everyday I wake up and the news is awful


Flip-flop: Trump will ask taxpayers and not Mexico to pay for building the wall

Tilikum, the SeaWorld orca that killed a trainer, dies

Rally Calls for Override of MD Renewable Energy Bill Veto

My fly-on-the-wall dream of the Intelligence briefing today

******BREAKING*****Trump Says Focus on Russian Hacking Is a Political Witch Hunt

okay cat lovers, this cracked me up!

Tilikium, of Blackfish fame, has died. RIP dear one.

Cracks in the Wall - by Josh Marshall

Michelle Obama final public remarks upcoming

The Wall and the environment

Who Loves Tucker Carlson? Mysoginists and Neo Nazis!

What I think happened with Trump and Putin?

Tell me all about religious tolerance.

Trump says he's unleashing his dogs on NBC.

Obamacare repeal will cost 3 million jobs.

so those torturers have been wreaking havoc on my hood.

Joe Scarborough Rips Sean Hannitys 'Bromance' With Julian Assange: 'It's Repulsive'

FLOTUS has me in tears with her farewell speech. Absolutely wonderful and she sort of broke

Real GOP Goal Is SEND ALL Federal Authority To States & Privatize/Contract Federal Employees.

Putin's poodle MUST learn to piddle on the paper.

Obama dares Republicans:Give me better health plan and 'I will publicly support repealing Obamacare

Is anyone surprised that Trumpco is the disaster we all feared and predicted?

A glaring Trump transition story hiding in plain sight: Trump is historically unpopular

Top U.S. senator: Trump administration won't toss Iran deal

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week -- Friday Roundup


Repealing Obamacare will raise prescription prices for seniors

Your favorite Kate McKennon line from SNL!

Trump STILL stiffing contractors (and workers) right and left

Joni Ernst Fantastic Fantasies Tour starts this Saturday in Iowa

Did Trump actually do better than Rubio or Bush or Cruz or Kasich would have done?

Kerry will be on PBS Newshour tonight.

The worse is yet to come

Gay Indiana mayor joins crowded field to lead national Democrats

anyone noticed that the trump kids have disappeared?

Michelle Obama delivers emotional final speech as first lady of the United States

At what time is the donald going to get the intel briefing?

Germany sued for damages of 'forgotten genocide' in Namibia

UK wind power overtakes coal for first time

If Trump didn't profit from "The Apprentice," I'd say watch to give Arnold higher ratings.

How funding Donald Trumps border wall could go south real quickly for Republicans

So since Trump is going to charge we the taxpayers for the wall

Obama now has the longest unbroken period of jobs growth of any President in 75 yrs.

State braces for floods, mudslides, chaos as giant weekend storm rolls in

Trumpy: I am asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intellig

More Trump insanity: All U.S. Ambassadors told to resign

Arnold spanks Donald

What an amazing coincidence

Wikileaks has profoundly jumped the shark, unbelievable!!!!

KO:Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You --A modest appeal to think about things ra

How Exxon and Trump Are Helping Rex Tillerson Put Off a $71 Million Tax Bill

Public Citizen launched a new site on Trump administration corporate ties -

KO: Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You A modest appeal to think about things r

Dunno 'bout you, but..

congress should be forced to have the same healthcare they provide for the masses.

(WMU)P.J. Fleck accepts head-coaching position at Minnesota

Yale study finds that gun violence is a contagious social epidemic

Cher To Star In Flint Water Crisis Lifetime Movie From Craig Zadan & Neil Meron

New York Times Editorial Board condemns Donald Trump for spewing nonsense

Cher To Star In Flint Water Crisis Lifetime Movie From Craig Zadan & Neil Meron

Whoa! I am speechless!

Our country's image of being sober & mature under President Obama is over

I'm at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Shots have been fired. Everyone is running....

Trump and Russians use same talking point to disparage CIA, Congress over hacks

Obama DAREs Republicans: Show me a better plan and 'I will publicly support repealing Obamacare'

Objection to Florida's and Georgia electoral votes

Trump campaign staffers who have Russian ties

MAGA is actually the plural for maggot, a fact I just learned recently.

Ark Encounter: Get a first look inside Northern Kentucky's newest attraction

U.S. approves first fix for 70,000 polluting VW diesel vehicles

What's a wurst movie you never saw?

Biden: "It's over."

We do realize that Trump is basically in APPRENTICE stage, right?

Pelosi: Intel Report On Russian Hacking Is Stunning

"You guys are a f*ckin joke": The internet rips WikiLeaks for whining about leaked report on Russia

Intel Report On Russian Hacking Is Stunning

Trump Intelligence Briefing Delayed - Satire

Trump Nominee Jay Clayton Will Be the Most Conflicted SEC Chair Ever

Only one egg hatched in the Southwest Florida nest. E9 hatched 7:33am 12/31/16!

Cuomo to announce closure of Indian Point

Right now, a handful of Democrats are challenging the validity of the elect. college certification

Five reasons the McCain cyberwarfare hearing should worry Trump

Rally Monday, Jan 9

RIP America

Author of anti-net neutrality Internet Freedom Act gains leadership position

Sears plans to close its anchor location at Alderwood mall

When I was 17, I was grounded by my father.

Beheading attire and sexy suicide vests? Satire of ISIS wives stirs anger and praise

Michelle Obama's Final Remarks: 'Don't Be Afraid. Be Determined' (VIDEO)

Why the Democratic leadership contest is urgent: It will shape the opposition to Trump

Trump DC Hotel Will Make Martinis Great Again, If By Great You Mean Disgusting

Today's petitions

Keith Ellison Wants An Economy For Everyone Even Trump Voters

Who will really win in an Obamacare repeal

Electoral Vote Count: Trump Wins, Despite Objections from Democrats

Trump to seek probe of secret report he says was given to NBC

'It is over': Biden quiets Democrats as Congress meets to make Trump victory official

Trump's Toyota attack sets off alarm bells in Japan

Wikileaks is losing it

Ex-Republican Party head Barbour to lobby U.S. for Ukraine

We know what Russia did. But what we really need to understand is why.

They finally dropped all pretense at WikiLeaks. Look at this new creepy-as-hell tweet:

Thank you President Obama- JOBS

Mark It Down: GOPers Claim No One Will Lose Coverage With O'care Replacement

Gabby Giffords: My Pledge


Multiple people shot at Fort Lauderdale airport via bbc

What's with all the lists of people being formulated?

Former Mitsubishi Plant In Normal Now Owned By Rivian Automotive

If you live in central/northern California near watercourses, be ready.

WikiLeaks floats creating database of Twitter users' personal data

Time for a rewrite...

Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Multiple people killed, suspect in custody

Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Krugman: We're in much deeper and more treacherous waters than even the pessimists are saying

Amtrak suspends service for much of Va. ahead of snowstorm

Amtrak suspends service for much of Va. ahead of snowstorm

Amtrak suspends service for much of Va. ahead of snowstorm

Wikileaks thinking of making an online database with all "verified" twitter accounts/family/job/etc

I am listening to my scanner app and the police are headed to the 6th floor.

Watching the live feed from the Lauderdale airport I noticed ...

Florida Legislature Was Set to Consider Bill Allowing Guns in Airports Next Week

Trump Administration May Soon Take Clinton's Side in Email Lawsuits

Senator Bill Nelson is giving updates on

Why Does The GOP Keep Protecting Investment Advice Thieves & Hustlers?

FDR's Four Freedoms Speech Turns 76... Will We Ever See His Dream Become Reality?

Sister marches for Women's March January 21.

Trump Still Wont Say Russia Hacked DNC Even After Intel Briefing

Intel Chiefs Say Trumps Twitter Account Was Hacked By Four-Year-Old (Borowitz)

Snow likely Saturday in D.C. area, heavy amounts possible in southeast suburbs

Another Day To Be Proud You're An American!

Always good for breaking news events.

Frigid temperatures as low as minus 44 set records in Wyoming

is anyone else just terrified?

I was just offered a new position

In a story related to the FLL shooting...

Like The Movie We Are Facing The Political "Sum Of All Our Worst Fears".No Way Out Of This Nightmare

Just saw the film Jackie this afternoon

NYPD captain not 'too worried' about spikes in rapes because they weren't 'true stranger rape'

Another Obvious Attempt To Take Our Guns

Gee, Don, are you sure you want to go out on a limb like this?

After Security Meeting, Trump Admits Possibility of Russian Hacking

Trump After Russia Hack Briefing: 'Tremendous Respect' For Intel Community

The 'immaculate conception' problem: Maryland medical marijuana growers must break law to grow plant

Ok, serious question regarding the "do not bash Democratic Figures" rule

Having A Bad Day? Get A Gun & Take It Out On Several Strangers

Retired ironworkers could face pension cuts next month

Democrats shouldnt squander their one advantage

Nancy Sinatra say her dad "Frank" would never perform for a bigot like Trump.

Wow.. Airport Shooter came in on flight..CNN:

Are there any DUers familiar with auto insurance rules that could point me

Russia says it was in touch with Trump's campaign during election

Who is this lunatic on Local 10 Florida?

Here's the US Intelligence Report on the Russian Hack

Coping with chaos in the White House.

Read the US Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking

Not one Senator objected to the EC vote...

An economic handoff Trump better not fumble - By Jennifer Rubin

Fuck It..... Ill say it..

More Guns Equals More Security

Members of Congress are learning to play Trumps ethical blame game

Arnold should challenge Drumpf to a shirt off, lol...

Florida DUers, please get some details on the lunatic who was on Local 10

Republicans reach staggering new heights of hypocrisy

Is it true that Julian Assange outed Afghan informers...

The 1876 House Rule reinstatement models Hitler's means to create his authoritarian regime.

There's a little-discussed obstacle to citizenship for many people:

Trump meets with intelligence leaders after calling Russia case 'witch-hunt'

An open apology

Important. Please read

The Real Reason for Benghazi et al

Ungovernable 2017

Just saw Hidden Figures

Time to press Trump on GUN CONTROL!!! - Get him tweeting and talking...

U.S. intelligence agencies: Putin ordered intervention in presidential election

Obama administration moves against federal contractors that owed back pay to workers

Republicans to Investigate Obama over Russian Hacking

CNN has one of those Counter Terrorism EXPERTS"

CNN: Breaking


BREAKING: "Russia maintained access to multiple US state or local election electoral boards" (sic)

don trump has been in touch with rick scott.....when was the inauguration? i missed it.

America Has Always Enjoyed Shooting & Killing

CNN is actually discussing the intel report


If They Said Russia Had Hacked The Electronic Voting Systems

Read the US Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking

We have to take off our shoes & no liquids, but GUNS AND AMMO in checked baggage w/little security..

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 6, 2017

Never, never, never, never, never, my president! Intelligence report

Swedish Meatballs, From the Comfort of Home

Putin 'Ordered' Campaign to Influence US Presidential Election, Intelligence Community Says

Kellyanne Eva Braun Conway's hands are as dirty as all the other minions in

Hey Donald, want to go down in history as a truly great man?

Just a Survey .............. Are you Afraid of Terrorists??

just a post to see if I've successfully changed my avatar

An election redo

Been listening to Pres Obama talk of ACA on cspan. He is so patient

Netherlands trains now running on 100 percent wind power

Nice Try Blaming Canada

Narcissists have a great deal of resistance to change - (Cheeto won't change)

Killer Is Proud American Gun Owner

Follow The Money, See Why Trump Is Putin's Useful Idiot

How to Counter Fake News

Now that the medical dispensaries have been closed down

Charles Pierce: Some Louisiana Water Is So Contaminated That Pastors Are Suspending Baptisms

"Trump is good. Assange helped Trump. Therefore, Assange is good?"

Is FOX NEWS an ersatz Russia Today?

Roger Stone is a Traitor

Republicans Just Voted To Hide Massive Cost Of Obamacare Repeal From Public

China pollution: 'It can be completely dark'

Who don't these hacks discuss the problems associated with war

Well that proves it - Trump won because of Russian hacking

Putin Ordered "Influence Campaign" To Help Trump, U.S. Intelligence Report Says

Governor Rick Scott talked to Pence and Trump to keep

Rick Scott has not reached out To Obama but he has spoken with Vice President Pence

Esteban Santiago: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Governor Rick Scott reached out to Trump & Pence and not Obama, WTF??

Obama says Sanders' supporters helped undermine Obamacare

Rick Scott is an idiot...called Trump and Pence over airport shooting but not Obama

Josh Marshall - "Mind-Boggling". And to me, that is an understatement.

All the Terrifying Things That Donald Trump Did Lately

Fl Gov Rick Scott decided to call Trump/Pence @ shooting and not Obama ...

The Case Against Sugar

Those who use Twitter--please comment to Speaker Ryan about Obamacare

Conservatives Now Willing to Explode National Debt

Senator Bill Nelson on the Fort Lauderdale shooting -- WTF?

****BREAKING****Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-Patriot) "...the elections were not fair..."

For cat lovers, I've found your dream work place, Poopy Cat

I was born in 1969 so I don't remember Watergate

The Trump Ah-nold tweets? Come on guys, see the pattern....

WATCH: Chris Cuomo goes toe-to-toe with Kellyanne Conway over Donald Trumps response to Russia hack

How Edward Snowden Sabotaged the War on Terrorism

3000 year old city (Nimrud) wrecked by ISIS left for looters

Riots over gas price hikes in Mexico turn deadly

The Wall is Pure Bullshit

Liberal Redneck - Thanks Obama

Whadya wanna bet the CIA is sitting on evidence of Trump and his camp communicating and colluding..

U.S. embassy is no longer accepting Venezuelas collapsing currency

Art of the pay-to-play deal

Corporations Prepare to Gorge on Tax Cuts Trump Claims Will Create Jobs

Starting to take our country back one rep at a time...

Third lien on new Trump hotel brings alleged unpaid bills to over $5 million

nytimes: U.S. Says Putin Ordered Broad Campaign of Influence to Help Trump Win Election

"Monitoring the terrible situation in Florida. Just spoke to Governor Scott."

Where is the outrage??? It is always the poor white guy...

*** NFL PICKS / 2016 WILDCARDS ***

A guide to travelling with your gun

Sabine Weiss: Photography is not an art but a craft

I had a rather useless and unproductive attempt at a conversation with some conservative/trump

Labor Dept. lawsuit: Worker fired by beef jerky plant for dialing 911 after coworker's thumb cut off

Ask Yourself...

"So who will do something...and what are they going to do to fix this?"

Guest list for Obama Farewell Party vs Trump Inauguration. Who ya got?

Restore the voting rights act..

West Virginia man stole work tools, then accidentally called boss when selling them

Take a Walk--and Try Not to Die---on the Supply Side of Health Care

After Passing Regulatory Rollback Paul Ryan Parties With Lobbyists at Fundraiser

Can FBI Director James Comey be tried for treason?

No Shit...

What could go wrong

Yeppers, Pay for that Wall

U.S. charges ex-Haiti coup leader with drug trafficking conspiracy

when your field of fucks are barren.....

What did Trump know about the Russian hacking program? And, when did he know it?

Dog's got moves.

Mr. Trump, Washington Could Use a Few Good Managers.