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Traitor-Trump repeatedly used the results of Russian Hacking as Ammo to attack Clinton

FBI Knew About Florida Shooter--the Convenient Guy With the Latino Name Who Wanted to Join ISIS

Carrie Fisher's urn is shaped like a giant Prozac pill

Tonight at the Hideaway Piano Bar...

Texas will have first state affiliate for Our Revolution

"I hope you'll work for ALL of the American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings."

OMalley: Im Going to Use My Voice to Bring Forward New Leaders.

Trump downplays Russian meddling in election despite intel report

An interesting old immigration documentary

Where have you seen these RT headlines before?

Gov. Paul LePage set to unveil 2-year budget to Maine legislators

Gov. Paul LePage may seek referendum to abolish income tax

Trump briefed by intelligence agencies about how the


DHHS workers get layoff notices

So my local weatherman talked about climate change

Didn't Groper Don the Con promise to submit his tax returns?

Should everyone automatically be an organ donor unless they opt out?

Rick Scott went to Ft Lauderdale.

Pro-Trump PAC backed by Linda Bean in trouble with FEC

Damn you Firefox! This is the third time...

Large-scale tornado outbreaks increasing in frequency, study finds

Putin Ordered Influence Campaign Aimed at U.S. Election, Report Says - NYT

BLOTUS -- it suits him.

DHS designates election systems as 'critical infrastructure'

RT stars in ODNI report on 'Russian activities and intentions' in US presidential election

LePage says two companies may close over high energy costs, erasing 400 jobs

Robert Reich was live.

US report: Putin ordered effort to help Trump, hurt Clinton - McClatchy News

What would it do to you to watch people die for a living?

dRumpf goes after Intelligence Community

Who cares

Huge Antarctic ice block set to break off: scientists

Tea: milk or no milk?

More inmates beheaded in Brazil as prison riots continue

The Father of Fake News

China takes global lead in clean energy

Lawmakers, Advocates Debate Psychiatric Facility Proposal

What would it do to you to watch people die for a living?

Why is Godzilla jumpy?

Maine Legislators to Once Again Consider New Mining Rules

For my 5000th post I would like to discuss the most important issue of our time: climate change

Why isn't HRC on every tv station screaming bloody murder? Don't tell me DEMS are too polite.

Happy New Year From Your Friend Vladimir Putin - Esquire

Right-To-Work Will Likely Be A Big Issue for N.H. Lawmakers in 2017

A rogues gallery

After eight years, still no respect in the person of Rick Scott, who called the

China to plow $361 billion into renewable fuel by 2020

Why in hell can you carry a gun AND ammo in checked in luggage? I am

From Waterville Valley To A Gold Mine: Sununu Family Interests Built On Political Clout

"When government fears the people,

Trump is NOT legitimate. We know that now with certainty. What are we going to do about it?

N.H. Lawmakers Vote to Keep House Committee on Children & Family Law

Trump's Inauguration Committee Ousts Longtime Parade Announcer

US Intel Report: Vladimir Putin Sought To Help Donald Trump In Election

In inaugural address, Sununu calls for business regulation moratorium, school choice

That's 2 for 2. Stolen Supreme Court seat, Stolen election.

Perhaps Trump supporters believe this?

Why is hacked material so much more exciting to Americans than investigative journalism?

Congress and religion

I'm not a Bernie Sanders fan per se but I just saw one of the most disgusting things on FB

How many votes for Trump were more of a vote *FOR* Clinton?

It Is Going To Take Pitch Forks & Torches To Stop The GOP From Destroying US.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Make America Sick Again! Live, Uncensored & a new

GOP now out to destroy liberal cities too - they want TOTAL control

Jan 10 - Sen. Sanders will propose amendment increasing number of votes needed to cut Medicare, SS,

Crimes against whites equals small percentage of hate crimes

Republicans May Not Have the Senate Votes to Repeal Obamacare

SNL-"Through Donald's Eyes"

I went to the county Democratic Party meeting last night.

Mexican veterinarians sue Idaho dairy for human trafficking

Mexican veterinarians sue Idaho dairy for human trafficking

Really enjoying Maddow-she is giving a history of how Hillary spoke up against Putin election

Bernie Sanders points to Comey and Putin interventions as causes of election loss.

Study documents tree species' decline due to climate warming

"Come back Woody Guthrie"

Catch the rerun of Rachel. She's on top of the report and calling trump

Will the Trump Administration Approve a Military Deal Between Honduras and Israel

A Recipe

'Is There One Senator Who Will Join Me?' [BradCast Podcast 1/6/2017]

Will the Trump Administration Approve a Military Deal Between Honduras and Israel Allowing the deal

Obamas lawyers are set to empower Trump

Study: racism and sexism predicted DT support much more than economic dissatisfaction.

Are we, as a nation, going to take this Russian hacked presidential election crap lying down?

99 Luftballoons.

Snake of Light, A Long Cement Stairway Painted With Spectral Colors That Shine Brightly in the Sun

Is sugar the worlds most popular drug?

Friday Talking Points (420) -- Red Queen Meets The Underpants Gnomes

Seeking the long-lost 'City of the Monkey God' in dense Honduras jungle

So, we're about to enter Bizarro World War Two.

The State of Vermont has learned a valuable lesson: it's all in the marketing...

Have you liked this Facebook page yet? It is the shit.

Seeking the long-lost 'City of the Monkey God' in dense Honduras jungle

Report: Rupert Murdoch Advising Trump on FCC Boss Pick

The White House Has Released A Plan To Deal With An Asteroid Impact

Did Trump respond to today's intelligence...

Who has to fear the coming "clearing out of the Augean Stables in our bilateral relations"...

Pennsylvania senate staffer thinks menstruation is too graphic to talk about but OK to vote o

Donald Trump put himself in a box when he admitted Russian hacking.

Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon met with Trudeau aides today. Apparently

What Will Our Troops Be Risking Their Lives For W/Trump In Charge?

Sorry, but Putin won America fair and square.

The Saturday Night Massacre.

The GOP. Blood on their hands.

Keith Olbermann hits another grand slam.

Malcolm Nance is my new favorite person.

Paul Ryan sent security guards to block Planned Parenthood supporters from leaving petitions at his

Michael Moore

Last Word is about to do segment on Women's March on Washington, Jan 21-msnbc...

Elizabeth Warren announces shes running for re-election

San Francisco Residents: Show up Sunday to vote for reform Dem delegates to the State Dem Party.

I wish we could break free

Anyone see Rachel's promo for Greta Van Sustern?

UPDATED weather info:

Recent weather info, updated:

Today, all day , I was wishing to see this ...

My local station in Nashville reported the Intelligence finding and

"Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place." Who's the aut

It Will Be Hard To Challenge Trump With A Vichy MSM.

We Should Convince Medimatters To Calculate The Amount of Time Fox News Dedicated To Reading

To be fair and just: We need a do over of the presidential election. eom.

New bill could force states to allow visiting gun owners to pack heat without a permit

5 reasons why the North Dakota pipeline fight will continue in 2017

Loki - Adventure Cat goes kayaking

Why didn't Bernie join the congress members who tried to prevent Trump from being certified?

Former President of Mexico, Fox, goes OFF on Trump on Twitter.

How Trump got his party to love Russia - WaPo (something you can ask the RW'ers you know)

Anyone know the demographics on rural America? Why no proportional representation of PoC?

Trump wants a much bigger Navy

Not even ONE Senator would object to the Electorate vote today? WHY?

Rachel Maddow Has a Good Intro on Putin and Hillary History

Hillary Clinton 2011 in regards to Russian election: "....manipulate voter list..."

Medicare for all should replace Obamacare

Watching Tim Gunn on Jimmy Fallon

On Watching a Democracy Die -

Rachel: "The president-elect lied to us", said

Last chance to request a Presidential Greeting from someone worthy of the title..

If you want to know why, here goes....

My Christmas present to myself - an Amazon Echo. Pretty amazing little toy!

...Trump a Russian spy?

Scott sets himself and state a financial challenge

Car & homeowner insurance bundles

Senate briefed on updated sexual harassment policies

One of my "friends" on facebook decided to "yell" at me for lack of respect for Assfaced Shitgibbon

Former state senator McAllister to stand trial next week in second sex assault case

Is the next question who colluded with the Russians to undermine our election? Pootey had help.

Kochs, House, and Trump gut voting rights, internet freedom, and clean air with a single bill

Bomb threat closes Champlain border crossing

I wonder if Assfaced Shitgibbon reads his Twitter responses. I know he doesn't.

I was just wondering what classic dystopian nightmare scenario that we're all going to face soon

Since the wall is back in the news and we are now being told we

The odyssey that led authorities to $20M in a bed

This Is Pretty Much What Trump Administration Cabinet Meetings Will Look Like.

Boston Public Schools chief warns against rat race of school closings, cuts

Urbanisation signal detected in evolution, study shows

Fort Lauderdale gunman was "receiving psychological treatment"

NATO and Russia in game of cat and mouse in Baltic skies

Judge freezes ex-Indy Boston chief's assets

Here are a hundred 'Thumbs Up' For our terrific MIRT team tonight!

You know it's pretty bad when the only thing more than half the country has to look forward to is

Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker signs bill allowing unused Worcester land to become biomanufacturing site

Play Trump Whack-A-Mole

Providence, firefighters' union approve 5-year contract, ending long standoff

US tanks arrive in Germany to help Nato defences

Raimondo takes steps to boost minority businesses

Urbanisation signal detected in evolution, study shows

Just how much did the Trump campaign coordinate with the Russian cyber spy operation?

Buzzfeed gave us all what we needed: 520 hours of Shitgibbon speeches in one place

"PUTIN WILL MERKEL STUERZEN" Russian spies will cyber attack German Elections

Owner Of Utah-Based Pharmaceutical Distributer Pleads Guilty To $100Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Daily Holidays - January 7

U.S. Nuclear Engineer Pleads Guilty to Violating the Atomic Energy Act

Can't think of a town more deserving of an apocalypse of some sort

Following tense first meeting, respect rules the day in basketball rematch between Center HS, Warren

Hey! I got a great idea!

Russians Hacked Local And State Election Boards

Connecticut's Unfunded Pension Liability Increases To Worst Level In Years

Suspect in Florida airport shooting 'lost his mind' after Iraq tour, family says

Rep. Beto O'Rourke "very likely" to run for Sen. Ted Cruz's seat in 2018

President Obama's Exit Memos

Trump: "Gross negligence" by DNC allowed hacking, RNC had a "strong defense"

Malloy Asks Labor To Continue To Help Solve Budget Deficit

'Caucus of Three' Ready to Wield Power in State Senate

Skakel Lawyers Make Bold Push At High Court In Notorious Moxley Murder Case

Ex-Mansfield School Superintendent Admits Stealing From Taxpayers

Malloy: Spending Cuts Likely, Tax Increases Not Ruled Out

Anti-LGBT Group Removed From List Of Approved Charities For State Workers

Trolling down sidewalk...Alec Baldwin taunts Trump with fake Make America Great Again hat

It's January 7th. We've have six mass shootings this year alone! Six. Gun Humpers are rejoicing

Friendly reminder/Upcoming VA special elections on 1/10/17

Upcoming VA 1/10/17 Special Elections

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada latest tweet to Trump...

Trumps glorious victory for anti-intellectualism: Drain the swamp just meant the eggheads

Pelosi: "Putin's assault on American democracy was political thuggery in support of Donald Trump."

Well yesterday turned out to be a total bust...!

A teenager bought his town's newspaper. Now he'll cover his politician father.

Not forgetting Nagasaki: Obamas gift of origami cranes

Why is No One Holding the Media as An Accomplice in the Russian Hacking Scandal?

How is it possible-if intel reports are true-to count 2016 Presidential election as unsullied?

Security analyst warns Russian hack report undermines legitimacy of Trump presidency: He knows it

what's the difference, and I mean the real difference, between hot chocolate and hot cocoa?

Saddam Hussein's death warrant signed 'on day one' after 9/11, former CIA analyst reveals

Weekly Address: President Obama's Farewell Address to the Nation

Mens health and ED treatments.

How about we all use an inverted American flag avatar?

Do your part to keep the Russian hacking of the American election on the front page.

Project Steve

Luckovich: "...and they say..."

Craftsmans famous lifetime warranty in question after $900 million sale

December 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 404.48 ppm; December 2015: 401.85; December 2014 398.91

'the president-elect isn't 100% sold on the idea of russia's influence in the election'

The Limited is closing all remaining stores by Sunday; all online sales are final

Donnie attacks the messenger (intel, MEdia), attacks the victim (DNC, HRC)

Should Vladimir Putin resurrect and give the Order Of Lenin model to Donald Trump?

If Obama is a Muslim, is Trump a Russian spy?

Rude Pundit: "It's pretty damn clear who the real elitists are."

Mitt Romney: Trump has made a smart choice for education secretary

Some of what Trump supporters are reading today.

'Allahu akbar'-chanting mob sets alight Germany's oldest church? Shocking story, if it were true.

Yesterday's news should cement this fact, once and for all:

Obama set for pardon frenzy as he leaves office

Thousand fired in new wave of Turkey coup purges

There's A Masive Restaurant Industry Bubble, and It's About To Burst

The 'Hillary for mayor' story proves that we learn nothing

David Remnick: Trump, Putin, and the Big Hack


Hackers Tried to Break Into DNC Again

Trumpty Dumpty (Part 2)

ugg, yeck, yuck

OK! I'll make it easy for you! Keep Russian hack of US election the top story. Click THESE links:

Weekend toon roundup 1: Russia's B...h

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Single Payer isn't the Policy of the Far Left, it's the Policy of the Majority

This is where the DNC fails. Take the bully pulpit away from

Alt-Right Frames Wrong Esteban Santiago for Shooting, Kickstarts Racist Conspiracy Theory

Hillary haters warned us that if a majority of people voted for Hillary

Illinois Dairy Queen closed after racist spat

Obama's 'historic' conservation legacy beats Teddy Roosevelt

Food stamps will be accepted at online grocers starting summer 2017

fox news asks if the DNC is to blame for hacking?

Key & Peele: Obama and Luther's Farewell Address

'We Feel That Way': Kellyanne Conway Confirms Trump Thinks Intelligence Report is Political

Russian official: 'Republicans trust Putin more than the Democrats'

Penn State abuse scandal costs approach a quarter-billion

Christos Razdajetsja! Merry Christmas to Orthodox Christians!

LOL - Tweeted to Trump

Concerns over dumping Obamacare growing among GOP lawmakers

Ex-CIA chief Panetta on Trump's distrust in intel: 'I've never seen anything like this'

I nearly fell on the floor.

A new war on birth control: Trump's victory has empowered the sex scolds

WOW Cover of NYT: Putin Led Scheme To Aid Trump.

Senate Republicans Giving Mr. Trumps Nominees a Pass

The Most Extreme Party Coalition Since the Civil War

David Corn: The Many Times Donald Trump Has Lied About His Mob Connections (from 9/2016)

Joy is opening the show reading Cheeto's tweets....please Joy come back to us

On January 20, 2017 the United States will officially become a satellite of

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: Trump "doesn't seem to understand the enormity of the Russia hack"

Listen, there's a RUSSIAN REASON this was all in the Friday News Dump

OMG -Don't click unless you have eye bleach

Pacifist professor who said his wartime experience was 'boring' dies aged 93

Binary Stars To Merge, Explode In 2022

Somethings is REALLY bothering donald this morning...

Here's a link for you

What political books are an absolute must-read for DUers?

Ryan Refuses 87K Petitions in Support of Planned Parenthood

Senators Introduce Legislation to Block Establishment of Federal Religious Registry

12/25 Typhoon Nock-Ten Landfall At Cat 4; Strongest Late-Season Landfall Ever In NW Pacific

New App Alerts Stockholders To Trumps Tweets

Compare Intel Report To Trump's Statement

From the batshit crazy department - "Rand Paul: Trump Backs Plan To Repeal, Replace Obamacare

Obama says Sanders' supporters helped undermine Obamacare

OK.. this is getting personal.. Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.. stay out of my country!

University of Minnesota Rushes Football Coach Hiring

With all the winter storms and weather, make sure your birds have open water

'We can pretty much do whatever we want to right now': Republicans plot their course on rising...

Jared Kushner, a Trump In-Law and Adviser, Chases a Chinese Deal

Shifting Alliances, Talks Show Colorado Basin Water Shortage Starting To Bite

Christos Gennatai! Doxasate!

The fatal unforeseen flaw in the Constitution

"Arguing with a Trump supporter is like playing chess with a pidgeon.....

Investigate The Hackers And Ignore Trump's Chaff - by Joe Conason

Time for progressives to stop appearing and hosting shows on RT.

LOL! The South ...

Painting away the trauma of Syria's war

Bookcase Tetris

Joy REID might be a DU reader!1 Now doing the "mob ties" & other DU threads!1

NZ Atmospheric Data Show 400ppm Carbon Far From Most Human Emissions In Global North

Rand Paul: Trump Backs Plan To Repeal, Replace Obamacare Simultaneously

Lola in the Southern Snow "I'm supposed to do what, exactly?"

The Center Has Fallen and White Nationalism is filling the Vacuum

Latest run-of-the-mill "gun script kiddie" tops Putin tricking America into electing Trump

Donald Trump's glorious victory for anti-intellectualism: "Drain the swamp" just meant the eggheads

Thousands brave cold for tickets to Obama farewell speech

Intel experts worry Trump will go rogue

Is The GOP Congress Sane Enough To Pass H.R. 6535: Nuclear Sanity Act? Probably Not.

Keith Ellison on *AM Joy right now.....

"Fact-Checking Wont Save Us From Fake News"

What did Trump know and when did he know it?

Who is Trump?

10 Trump Fails and Lies from Just This Week

New GOP equals Fifth Column

What percentage of Americans do you think approve of the Trump, Putin, and Deplorables collaboration

Unions need to clean house

Proud owner of a new shotgun.

Intelligence Report On Election Hacking Says Russia Plans To Do More

A bright new star will burst into the sky in five years, astronomers predict

Common sense. Tolerance. Honesty. Sensitivity. Patriotism. What I thought I knew of all

Fort Lauderdale airport shooter 'came here specifically' to attack, FBI says

Trump: Only 'stupid' people think warm ties with Russia are a bad thing

Trump's Twitter Archive

Dumbest guy on the Internet strikes again...

I am praying for another deep throat or a act of god.

Sanders, Schumer to rally for health care at Michigan rally

Breathing Is A Privilege And Not A Right To The GOP.

Obama fans in line as early as 4:30 a.m. for speech tickets

Huffington Post: Bernie Sanders Should Not be Allowed to Hold the Democratic Party Hostage

The GOP Can Fuck Anyone They Want Now That They Control Elections.

How Russia Wins

Summa doctors say leadership needs replacing after ER staffing shakeup

'No, You're the Puppet'

NRA/ALEC Republican "Constitutional carry"

Who will tRump blame when we experience a terror attack because he ignored intelligence?


Trump Finds Attack Dog Strategy Has Its Limits

Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book

"Is Donald Trump A Traitor?"--DECEMBER 22, 2016

I just watched the DVD of "The Atomic Cafe" this morning.

HACKERSACK - Sack Cartoon

California's ban on taxpayer funded travel to four states goes into effect

UK study: Bathroom signage should describe what - not who - is inside

I love DU

Megyn Kelly Moving Her Ignorance From One Sinking Ship to Another

Blaming the Democrats for the Russian hacks

Trump Says Only Fools See Good Relationship With Russia as Bad

Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book

Gunman shoots, wounds US consular official in Mexico

The NRA Comes To Conclude That To Prevent Mass Shootings In Airports & Nightclubs To Outlaw....

'Highlights' bows to pressure and finally features same-sex parents for first time

Federal Ethics Office Takes Shot at Republican Rush on Trump Cabinet Confirmations

Our new reality.

Judge Refuses to Release 4 Accused of Beating Shown on Facebook Live

Headline I would give my eye teeth to see: Independent Panel to Have Public Hearings on the 2016

My post-election balance sheet looks to be true

Leading Democrats to rally in Warren for Obamacare

Ethics office warns that Trump, GOP rushing Cabinet confirmations

Monica Crowley

How Samantha Bees Full Frontal Tracked Down Russias Pro-Trump Trolls

The Georgia home factor in Donald Trumps fight with U.S. intelligence

Trump, Putin and The Big Hack, David Remnick, "The New Yorker"

So When Will Trump Have To Re-instate The Draft?.....

Trump: Only 'Stupid' People Wouldn't Want Good Relationship With Russia

Anyone else with any computer problems?

In Statehouses Won By Republicans, the First Move Is to Consolidate Power By Weakening Unions

Dear DNC, Please start a weekly program titled "Clarifying the Week." Get the

What do you think? Is Bibi going to use 'Donnie-Dumb-Shit' to take out Iran?

WikiLeaks Dox Fail

Why didn't ANY SENATORS join the congress members who tried to prevent Trump from being certified?

Donald is "going rogue"


Garrison Keillor takes down Orange SHitler TinyHands as only Garrison Keillor can...

Kentucky Republicans Pass Right-To-Work, Dropping The Hammer On Unions

UK intelligence gave US key tipoff about Russian hacking, report says

Has this been posted on DU yet? (the Indivisible movement)

Our Surrealist-in-Chief!

Anyone up for a Trump limerick contest?

Let's revisit this - it is TIME for a NC DUer meet up. Like never before!

Feeling like some Def Leppard this morning. Post your favorite Def Leppard songs, if you have any!

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now

I Hear A Lot Of Talk About The Russian Hacking But Little Talk About.....

Today's petitions

A U.S. President is NOT a Ruler, but a PUBLIC SERVANT!! A President is not the boss of the people...

So many things along the way remind me of Bernie

Report Casts Light on TV Channel's Role in Russia's Propaganda Efforts

New Journalism Beat Developing: Climate Disaster/Resilience - Lots Of Openings Coming Soon . . .

US ethics office struggled to gain access to Trump Team, emails show

'Overwhelming' interest in new alternative to payday loans

AG Schimel buys "Kicking Ass Every Day" gold-plated coins with $10,000 in taxpayer money

How nostalgia for white Christian America drove so many Americans to vote for Trump

Then-Gov. Perrry Gave $30 Million To Non-Existent "Texas Energy Center"; Shoveled Cash To Oil Majors

Former Mexican president throws Twitter shade at Trump

Trudeau Seriously Pissing Off BC W. Oil Decisions While Sawing Own Party Members In Half


Obama job chart

"I Am Not Your Negro" James Baldwin Documentary Teaser Trailer

Would boycotting Russia wipe the smile off of Putin's face?

Some funny s#!t i came across....

Maybe RT Has a Bigger Influence on American Politics Than We Think - Mother Jones

German police quash Breitbart story of mob setting fire to Dortmund church

CNN: Frmr Mex Pres Vincente Fox trolls Trump on Twitter: "Are you a legitimate President?"

I've been a trucker for 20 winters, and each winter it gets harder.

NY Times - An army of well-paid trolls has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet

Does the Democratic Party need to "re-brand" itself?

Donald turning to Russia is okay however...

Our First Stand Rallies Set from Coast to Coast

Putin led attack vs Clinton -- 'Trump is Putin's candidate' -

Serious question: why is RT, owned, operated and controlled by Russia, a foreign

Follow the money: Robert Reich explains exactly why Trump wont condemn Russia

Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book

Egads! Were not only dealing with Trumps own conflicts of interest but also his family's.

Critical Special Election on Tuesday in Virginia

Trump's pick for intelligence chief spent years lobbying

FIXED: Vladimir Putin wins his last round against America - The Economist

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 7, 2017

Trumps Crime Wave Cabinet Is Trying To Dodge Disclosing Conflicts Of Interest

Did anyone else note that many of the jackpine nutties are

Tyranny of the Minority

Paraphrasing President Elect PutinPuppet: You're upset about Russia because you're stupid

Why is the media spending 90% of the news cycle

The reason it's a "good thing"

Trump Twitter swamping major news sources.

We must look totally like a horrible nation with this disgusting POS coming on board

Denver Womens' March DU Constituency.

Do You Think The DVD Of The Orginal Frank Sinatra Version Of The Manchurian Candidate....

"It had to be noted..."

Something Americans aren't taught in Civics 101

Good news and bad in Texas.

Ex-Fox News analyst and Trump appointee Monica Crowley committed plagiarism in 2012 book: CNN

Russians Ridicule U.S. Charge That Kremlin Meddled to Help Trump.

"Remember, you are a lady."

Why is no one pointing out Trump's conflict of interest on Russian hacking?

Russian treachery is extreme and it is everywhere - The Guardian

Blast from the Past: The Agency June 2, 2015

US Consular Official Shot in Mexico, in Stable Condition

The Limited says it will close all its brick-and-mortar stores at the end of this weekend.

Security analyst: Trump is going to gut the intelligence community to cover up Russia hacks

Where is our free and independent press core?

The Questions Donald Trump Needs to Answer About Russia - by Joy-Ann Reid

Federal judge: Pasadena (TX) deliberately worked to reduce voting clout of Latinos

Capitalism Is the Problem

Hello Presidency - Goodbye Debt to Russia!

Federal judge: Pasadena deliberately worked to reduce voting clout of Latinos

Labor Opponents Already Have the Next "Friedrichs" SCOTUS Case Ready to Go Under TrumpLabor Opponent

W&M professor wants to make the world better through childs play.

WTF - the numbers don't agree...

W&M professor wants to make the world better through childs play.

Someone checks in with nothing but a gun case

Flood warnings, frantic sandbag prep as atmospheric river barrels toward California

I shall be referring to the Septic Sphincter not as "POTUS" but as "BOTUS"

Trumps Debts Are Widely Held on Wall Street, Creating New Potential Conflicts

Russias RT: The Network Implicated in U.S. Election Meddling

Yes,,,,if you want, you can still buy a typewriter.

Heres the real reason Republicans hate food stamps

Why wasn't even 1 Dem who would

Haven't been able to log onto Google News for a few days.

So, two weeks ago a mentally ill ex-soldier walks into an FBI office to

Why Marine Le Pen wont admit that Russia hacked the U.S. election

Really good things did happen in 2016

Learn what Russia has to do with Trump's conflicts of interest from two former White House lawyers

Ethics office accuses GOP of rushing Trump Cabinet confirmations

Born again Christian claims Aaron Rodgers for his team.

When You Smile at the Falling Snow

Your favorite line from Blazing Saddles?


Marijuana Monster Money: California Makes More from Cannabis Than the Next 5 Largest Crops Combined

Russians dismiss U.S. report accusing Putin as 'one more giant fake​'


700 Days: The 114th Republican Congress By The Numbers - from ofc of Democratic Leader

The Media did not REPORT the News. They MANUFACTURED IT.

Flawed: Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good If Youre A Female Presidential Candidate

Dear Saturday night/Sunday morning DUers

Results of jury duty?

Some believe our system protects the minority... but which minority?

2017 The year of the rooster...

Is it possible to FOIA Trump's Tax Returns?


Gotta love the comics...

Any Sopranos fans - A metaphor for the Trump-Putin relationship.

Who cares that Russia was involved in electing the president*

Here's the thing...if we bar Bernie and the Sanders movement from playing any role in the party...

Frank Bruni: Rumors of Hillary Clinton's Comeback

America's Shame & Twit in Chief calls for Closer ties with .....Russia

US ethics office struggled to gain access to Trump Team, emails show

Portugal's democracy founder Mario Soares dies aged 92


Any word from RMoney on Groper Don the Con's latest tweets

Fake Trump Tweet

Seems I remember when the old Soviet Union when under, they were desperate for

Trump Finds Attack Dog Strategy Has Its Limits

UPDATED LIST of "Our First Stand: Save Health Care" Rallies on Jan 15

Buy American Mention of the Week - The World Will Never Be Flat (1-7-17)

WikiLeaks alleges someone in the White House is leaking things, and thats making them mad

Found it U.S. aid to Russia

So which are the Republican who may start standing up to Trump first?

I'm aging myself here but when a girl liked you she would pull your

DUers - watch this

No one can touch Donald Trump. Everything just slides right off of him.

Leading Democrats to rally in Warren Michigan for Obamacare - Jan 15

Freddie Gray case: Judge allows malicious prosecution lawsuit against Mosby to proceed

Lifting the 435 seat limit on the size of the U.S. House would make the Electoral College fairer.

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Sham Stakes

Ex-CIA director: Trump's comments will lead to 'wave' of resignations

trump names new director of national intelligence.

American Family Association: If You Arent Devoted To Jesus Christ, Youre A Traitor To The US

U.S. official in Mexico shot in chest, in stable condition

Russian official: Obama undermined US democracy, not Moscow