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The center has fallen, and white nationalism is filling the vacuum

The Philippines have their own Drumpf and it's a pity !

Under The Trump Administration We Need A New Discussion Group Here On DU....

Confirmation hearing 1/10&11&12/17 Sessions Kelly DeVos Tillerson Chao Mattis

The damned media really sucks rocks people.

A group of Biden/Obama memes. Funny, funny, funny.

Is it likely that Lindsay Graham and John McCain vote

Oops! Israeli diplomat caught on camera plotting to 'take down' UK MPs

***WARNING*** FUD MEME: "... America interfered with other nations elections too ... "

Trump's Systematic Attack on U.S. Institutions

FOX type, proTrump "news" is now mainstream.

Sweet going away present from the Sanders office to Mike Casca

Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book

No title necessary


Cold deaths across Europe as deep freeze continues

Fans of George Lakoff, David Cay Johnston, Robert Reich and Mark Blyth...

how do you unfuck a roll of Saran Wrap?

Mexico WILL Pay For Trump's Wall, If By Mexico He Means... You

The winter of my new furnace.

Unless the party gets rid of the "Automation deniers"

This would make my year!

Montel Williams Tweet re: Chicago 4

This was McCain's last election. He will never have to face the voters again.

Does this about cover it?

Is there anyone else here

Every Dem in the Senate and House should have stood with Rep. Waters in not accepting the results...

Do restraining orders work? They may have failed a South Jersey mother

Listening to some old Atheist Experience videos and heard a great line

It's not a question of blaming trade deals OR blaming automation.

The Limited Owner Almost Doubles Investment

Superstar Corey Feldman to headline inauguration?

Lobelia herb or "Indian tobacco" can help you stop smoking and heal your lungs.

Rumor: 'Cloak & Dagger' and 'The Runaways' to Begin Filming in February

Elizabeth Warren's Tweetstorm: Trump nominees "must put our country's interests before their own"

The Liberal Redneck: Thanks Obama

10 most damning findings from report on Russian election interference

Protest Stopped the Predators. They Will Be Back.

Republicans and their Benghazi B.S.

*Tootsie, on TCM, now.

Liberal, Mo., is now a misnomer

Homeless Dog With Cancer Was Living Alone On The Streets, But All He Wanted Was To Be Hugged

Trump is not who he says he is, but who his people say he is. Are they united? No.

CNN: Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book

The Handmaid's Tale First-Look Teaser (Official)

WI Pee-In-A-Cup congressman is back. (Joel Kleefisch)

January guide to the bright planets

Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence

"What's the Big Deal?" Trump supporters don't care about Russian interference

monokuronokeshiki --mucc

Instead of calling them "Red States"

Benedict Barnum

Trump mentioned Wikileaks 164 times in last month of election, now claims it didnt impact one voter

I buy Captain Morgan the cutest little toy critters to play with.

Charles Manson back in prison after reported hospital stay

The Plot Against America - Novel About a Celebrity Nazi Sympathizer Winning Presidency in 1940

State Republicans Are Preemptively Blocking Liberal Policies

Overwhelming numbers...

American Psychiatric Association Should Meet With Congress

Sadie - Itoshisa wa Kodoku no Shihaisha

Russians Ridicule U.S. Charge That Kremlin Meddled to Help Trump

This is SO Alabama.......

*Bright Lights, Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher on HBO now.

NYT: Whats the Big Deal? Ask Trump Voters on Russia Hacking Report

There are 122,814 legal full-time cannabis jobs in America.

Women's March On Washington - January 21

Ethics office sounds alarm on GOP rushing Trump Cabinet confirmations

Prosecutor seeks testimony from Argentina's Macri for self-victimization incident.

Ha ha! - A Collection of Regretful Trump Voters

Should news sources be "accredited"

Why, WHY, did the Dems never run against the Do-nothing Republican Congress?

NYT Practical way to cut down fake news!

Judge Roberts deserves most of the blame for the Affordable Care Act's difficulties

Cuomo Tuition Plan Stands to Help Students Make the Last Mile

I hate mosquitoes but I don't kill them. I just slap the shit out of them.

Port Authority cops bust N.J. man who allegedly owes $94,000 in unpaid tolls

Can Cabinet Secretaries Be Sued

Did you ever think you would live to see this day?...

Cuomo to propose bill that clamps down on wage theft from out-of-state companies

A friend of mine in Juneau posted this clip on Facebook.

Charles Schumer steps into new role as foil to Donald Trump

I'm wondering if Donald has been monitored?

Circle of Heroes monument planned for Buffalo waterfront

Israel Cuts $6M in U.N. Funding Over Anti-Israel Resolution

Why Trump Teamed up with Jerry Falwell Jr. to repeal 1954 Johnson Amendment Liberty University

Merrick doctor wants pain pill case tossed

George Takei Owns Bryan Fischer: Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the 2016 Election Treason Bothers Me so Much

Some genius printed North Carolina's bigoted bathroom law on toilet paper, where it belongs.

Trumps Picks Won't Be Vetted. The GOP Won't Allow It. Will Shove Them All Through.

I am Mad as Hell....

remember when obama got in for his first term?

What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire

Cuomo proposes doubling of child care tax credit benefits

Black mannequin found hanging at N.J. school prompts investigation, report says

GOP- Government of Putin

N.J. man's medical marijuana should be paid by workers' comp, judge says

Newark Teachers Union claims 11 school admins unqualified, should be removed

Laser pointer strikes military plane flying across New Jersey

A look at N.J. governor candidate Wisniewski's tax returns

Daily Holidays - January 8

If I Can Dream

Blue lines on New Jersey streets illegal, feds say

Dear Trump supporters, you lost, too. It just hasn't hit you yet.

George Washington Bridge guards say harsh working conditions hurt security

Paterson firefighter to get $145K in case of missing Rose Bowl ring

Nonprofit health insurer won't be coming back to New Jersey

How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime

Hackensack debt collector claims attorneys using Mafia tactics

I'm going to go on record and say Bob's Burgers is an awesome show and H. Jon Benjamin

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hill Areas Edition

Bridgegate defense cites ruling for new trial request

I am basically optimistic about human nature

C'mon Trumpster, Make Macy's Great Again! Make Sears Great Again! Make a deal! Make a deal! ?????

Eatontown drugmaker Heritage focus of price-fixing charges

Memorable moments with Obama

Memorable moments with Obama

Trenton school board hires acting superintendent in face of legal challenge

Russia already producing Trump-Putin memorabilia. This calendar says "Christianity, Superpowerness,

Reflections on Obama

Booker discusses religious discrimination in New Brunswick

Jim DeCesare (R-KY): "This is our time to shine. We can pretty much do whatever we want to."

"What a Map of the Fake-News Ecosystem Says About the Problem"

Trump's claim that Wikileaks had "absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election" debunked:

Russian treachery is extreme and it is everywhere

Sounds like Comey and his FBI should have been more interested in helping Esteban Santiago than

Snowy in the golden morning light

Netanyahu Caught on Tape Negotiating Mutual Benefits With Businessman

Our Revolution Endorses: Vincent Fort for Mayor of Atlanta

Sunday's Doonesbury: Trump Target

Even in Illinois coal communities, Trump's anticipated impact on industry is a source of debate

John King on CNN is waging a war against Der Fuhrer-elect...

Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. and silencer makers want to change that.

Nat Hentoff, an Anti-Abortion Atheist and Free Speech Advocate, Has Died at Age 91

Coming Soon to the U.S. Army: Turbans, Beards, Hijabs, and Dreadlocks

Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. wants to pass "the Hearing Protection Act"!Uga!.

In Attempt To Do . . . Something, Beijing Dispatches Police To Note Dusty Roads, Sources Of Smog

Jerusalem attack: Four dead after lorry driver rams soldiers

This quack is the head of an institute?: Cleveland Clinic docs anti-vaxxer rant sparks backlash

Have the republicans come up with a replacement for the ACA yet?

Anybody watching Rev Al?

He's back...Kissinger's Washington Is Coming Back Around

Pope tells women to feel free to breastfeed in church

Multi-Year Ice Was 20% Of Arctic Pack In 1980s; Now 3%; Beaufort Gyre Speeding Up

Truck rams soldiers in Jerusalem in suspected deadly attack

"Trump Cabinet's net worth greater than the world's 70 smallest countries"

British intelligence among first to sound alarm over Russias US hacks

Gas Flaring Hit 147 Billion M3 In 2015, Up 6 Billion In 2 Years, And Oil Companies Don't Give A Shit

At least four dead in Palestinian truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem: police

TV alert..Stephanopolous has Obama on in 10 minutes

A Slogan/Soundbite to Use Against the GOP:

Trenton park ranger allegedly called n-word by ex-mayor to receive $195K settlement

'09-McConnell to Reid: nominee "financial disclosures must be complete... prior to hearing schedule

Apportionment of the U.S. House of Representatives (and the Electoral College)

Bill Scher in Politico, comparing Trump to 1987 miniseries "Amerika" about Russian takeover

Mark Hamill reads Trump's New Years tweet in the Joker's voice

Suicide attacks kill 20 people in eastern Baghdad

Catholic women's equality requires a shift on the night watch

How do we reach out to patriotic Republicans, if such persons exists?

Preliminary: 2016 Global Temps Hottest Ever; On Track For 2.3C Over Pre-Industrial Averages

Here's a Toyota baseball commercial that reminds me---

Mail turtle food to McConnell

coal powered Oldsmobile prototype from the early 80s

Pro-Trump Californians hope his victory can fuel a GOP revival in the Golden State

Ethics Office Warns Confirmations For Trump Nominees Are Moving Too Fast

"..but I did not get the pony I expected..."

January 20, 2017, will be recorded as one of many sad days in American History. eom

It's a rare moment when I feel like stomping on my Senator's face with golf spikes. This is one.

trumps says he wants to work with Russia. What he seems not to know is Russia

A hemp haven? Overlooked provision in Prop 64 may have a big impact in California

President Obama Says 'Obamacare' Will Survive Beyond His Presidency ABC News

Did the DNC really ignore FBI warning

State budget grim, but leaders hope to avoid tax increases

I know tradition demands Presidents Bush and Clinton attend Drumpf's Inauguration but should they?

Pres. Obama: "I don't think I underestimated" Vladimir Putin

Fight over state leader pay increases brewing

Busted: Netanyahu caught on tape offering to cripple paper's competitor for favorable coverage

Hate crime just happened in my neighborhood.

Christopher Hitchens got Assange right:

Navy, Trump planning biggest fleet expansion since Cold War

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 10: Stars Behind Bars

Chuck Woolery Slams Celebs Wanting to Overturn Election

Congressional Black Caucus to be more aggressive under Trump

Ex Mexican President Fox Trolls Trump on Twitter: Are You a Legitimate President?

Giant Prehistoric Apes of South East Asia [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Just like women "allowed" Don The Groper to grab them by the

Poor hardworking miners, their troubles are great

Serious question--When and why did it become cool to be Republican?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 11: Edward Hopper on Film

Sean Spicer wants to "solicit talk radio" to get questions for Trump press briefings

Rough ride for Uber as Morocco cabbies sabotage app

President Obama Says He and Donald Trump 'Are Sort of Opposites'

Chris Hedges on The Myth of Human Progress -- "The honest eye of Starbuck fell downright..."

DAY 2. Keep the Russian election hack on the front page! Click on these links and spread the word!

Is there a way to stop the confirmation of nominees who have not received the

I created my first meme. What do you think?

Someone needs to make this into a bumper sticker

2017 Horse Racing - Inside the Kentucky Derby Trail

Graham: Republicans happy about Russian meddling are political hacks

Union members say lawmakers launching attack on the working people (Kentucky)

Obamacare repeal GOP looks at making employer health benefits into taxable income

Trumps health-care plan has already been tried. It was a disaster.

Bernie Sanders Demands That Trump Keep His Promise! - How Will The GOP Respond

Rep. Keith Ellison Talks DNC Campaign AM Joy MSNBC

Trump opposition sets up blue-state headquarters

Mitch McConnell ignoring cabinet confirmation procedure he demanded in 2009

Only Solution for Trump's "Less Expensive, Far Better" System: Medicare-for-All

Amazon Alexa mishears child asking for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting Trump Agenda

Donald Trumps Pick for Spy Chief Took Hard Line on Snowden, Guantanamo, and Torture

The GOP Is Trying to Kill You

Fake Olive Oil Companies Revealed Stop Buying These Brands Now

As Trumps Inauguration Looms, the Window to Release Guantnamo Detainees Is Closing

So during the campaign Trump kept saying he knew "the best people"

Ignoreguration Headliner

Almost No One Likes the GOPs Repeal and Delay Plan for Obamacare

Liberals must learn Tea Party tactics, say creators of Indivisible guide

Cabinet Picks

"The Crown" on netflix is a new series chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth II

Her Super Hero

I see people here asking why there isn't there more discussion of the Chicago torture hate crime?

Bernie Sanders Town Hall Tomorrow Night! January 9 at 9 p.m. ET CNN / CNNgo / SiriusXM channel 116


Nothing to see here: AZ lawmakers possibly 'compromised' after computer screens show up in Russian

Glenn Greenwald running cover for Trump/Putin on CNN

60 animated movies coming out this year!

Bernie Sanders Quotes Trump on Entitlement Benefits

Is patriotic Republican an oxymoron?

"Newly Elected Head of Indian Affairs Supports the Dakota Access Pipeline"

OK, riddle me this .. regarding Sanders.

If you like alternate history (Japan & Germany won WWII),try "The Man in the High Castle" on Amazon.

Donald Trumps glorious victory for anti-intellectualism: Drain the swamp just meant the eggheads

SUNDAY more of the same... lots of green means its wet and mean!

Obama Shows A Reverence For The White House That Is Lacking In Narcissist Trump

In Tampa, Food Not Bombs activists arrested for feeding the homeless...again

Anti-Establishment Does Not Necessarily Mean Progressive

music by Lindsey Stirling

Great editorial on Kerry's speech on Israel -- posted in the John Kerry group

Just say

Clemson vs Alabama! NCAAF Championship!

This deserves a repost: A manifesto for the Entitled.

How Breitbart Draws Putin

Legislature Rep. Call: Regarding Steve Bannon

Repukes new approach to women voters - attack porn

5 Deranged Right-Wing Moments This Week From Trump on Down


Influential former Iranian leader Rafsanjani dead at age 82

Today is the FIRST day I've looked at the NYT since December.

With Benghazi and the private email server investigations

Harry L. Coaxum - Talladega College Board Chairman purchased a 900K Condo in Trump Tower

Major French newspaper drops opinion polls ahead of 2017 elections

Lexi the Samoyed eats dinner at the table:

Why would they threaten Eastern Europe when US alone has a military 5 times bigger?

James Baker, former Sec of State for Reagan just gave Trump permission to dismantle

Ex-CIA officer questions Trumps patriotism: He only 'consistently defends Putin and the Russians'

19-year-old newspaper owner leaves Fox News host Tucker Carlson speechless

Spicer: Media doesnt treat Trump with respect, cheers on Democrats

Tammy Bruce?

Isn't putting Jeff Sessions in charge of justice kinda like putting Jefferson Davis in charge of

How Trump Got His Party to Love Russia

Warren: No confirmation hearings for Trump appointees until they're vetted for conflicts of interest


'There's no reason': Reince Priebus claims background checks on Trump's cabinet are a waste of time

McConnell: No Votes on Trump Nominees Until Ethics Paperwork Complete

North Korea says can test-launch ICBM at any time: KCNA

This is how Emperor Orange Pig's Ass

Media's new "normal"

Cuomo is proposing early voting, same day, and automatic voter registration.

Author Nat Hentoff Dies at 91

Here is the Intel Report on the Russian Hack . .

What are you reading this week of January 8, 2017?

January 20, 2017 should become known as RED DAWN. We have one week to

Lindsey Graham: Intel Agencies Investigating Whether Certain Campaigns Coordinated with Russia

"Putrumpkin". Like Potempkin. The Putrumpkin Era commences soon.

"For as long as I remain director (Office of Govt. Ethics)..."

The terrorist is us: Americans commit more than one mass shooting every day

Beware of Mike Pence's Dominionism

Anybody else smell rotting fish?

Good question.

Obamacare was created to fix a multitude of problems - Repeal brings them back

Poland-bound US tanks roll east in military signal to Russia

McCain, Graham call for greater sanctions against Russia

Mother and her boyfriend rape, murder, and dismember their 14 year old adopted daughter

McCain, Graham call for greater sanctions against Russia

The Trumpocalypse Is About To Begin.

Rhetoric reversal: "Trump derangement syndrome". WTF...

Is Donald Trump The Ultimate Neoliberalist?

Hillary has the right and almost an obligation to say Trump didn't win.

'No one can listen to that much bullsh*t': Internet rips Trump's gripe that NBC cut Conway's airtime

Here's an even more horrifying thought:

Stay Safe and Dry, Bay Area.

McConnell to Dems on Cabinet hearings: "Grow up"

Women's March Slogans (feel free to use & add to the list)

Republicans have no clue how to keep their promises on Obamacare

A suspected terrorist and drug trafficker just became Venezuela's vice president


USSRs effort to destroy Islam created generation of radicals

Diving in Costa Rica

Timothy Egan in The New York Times: Erasing Obama

Trrmp's MAGNIFICENT Wall, now featuring a 75 mile wide YOOOOOOOGE GAP.

Should news organizations label Trumps falsehoods as lies?

"It's a Wonderful Life" on the editorial pages.

Interesting Electoral Map

Arizona lawmakers possibly 'compromised' after computer screens show up in Russian

Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty (VIDEO)

Let 'em

Did Obama's strong support of the TPP up until the election harm Hillary?

Malcolm Nance interview 1/5/2017 at WAMC - Here's the link to listen online

Bernie Sanders On MSNBC: We Have To 'Create A Damn Government That Represents All Of Us'

Reince Priebus: 'There's No Reason' To Do Background Checks On Trump's Cabinet Picks

Wikileaks to respond to CIA report on Monday

What went wrong? Dem. Party contestants to face tough questions

Indivisible: A Practical Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda

The Russian Mob now owns two world leaders, Putin and Trump.

The American people demanded change and a Trump Cabinet without unnecessary background checks

Trump throws ethics out!!!! Who the hell needs ethics?????

Looks Like A Lot Of Ponding, Dark Snow On Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica

The Curious World of Donald Trump's Private Russian Connections

Young Black Men Still Overwhelming Victims of Police Violence

2016 Closes Out With Global Sea Ice At Record Low Levels

McConnell to Reid in 2009: Nominee "financial disclosures must be complete..."

Need help with an online argument.

Overpopulation and how a frank discussion was missed ("Inferno" spoilers included).

You elected a lunatic - he is not healthy enough to be President...he's not well -KO

Donald Trump Is Very Upset That The Media And American People Are Mocking Him

Education leaders wary of Gov. Hogan's announcement

County liquor board officials, business owners arrested over bribery conspiracy

I have been counseling a male friend on understanding his first wife's abortion.

Government, counties see road fixes as 2017 priority

10,000 dead fish in Bird and Gunpowder Rivers caused by toxic algae blooms

Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning (VIDEO)

Yacht from 'Caddyshack' on sale in Pasadena

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 8, 2016

Maryland lawmakers face budget gap, political warfare in new session

Amen!: (Piece of shit traitor) Sean Hannity Thinks America Should Make Russia Great Again

The Return of Civil Disobedience

Trumps NYT transcript: Read it, and weep for our country

Decade-long legal battle to scrub segregation from Maryland universities returns to federal court

Here's why Kellyanne Conway must be ignored

Hogan announces plan for manufacturing incentives, job training

Background Checks....Then and Now

Drug-free for 20 years. Tobacco-free for 4.5 years. Alcohol-free for 4 months.

Thom Hartmann video of Bush Inauguration Day pelted with tomatoes, etc..

Maryland's highest court hears arguments from Holder, opponents on bail reform

DC Mayor: Obamacare Repeal Could Cost City $623 Million

Propane Jane, tweeter-extraordinaire, is also a psychiatrist

Cool DC Area Map Shows What Languages Are Spoken in Your Neighborhood

Wireless Carriers Prep for Big Day in DC as Ignoration Approaches

Inauguration Day in the DC Area: How Jan. 20 Will Affect You

My mother is dying.

Cuisinart Food Processor blade recall

Store Owners Say They Have Until Jan. 31 to Vacate Landmark Mall

Why Do Democrats Stay Silent In The Light Of This Absurd Rhetoric.

The Big Cons Amerika

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 January 2017

Bernie Sanders: I Want To Revitalize the Democratic Party PoliticsNation MSNBC

Bernie Sanders: I Want To Revitalize the Democratic Party PoliticsNation MSNBC

Mitch McConnell ignoring cabinet confirmation procedure he demanded in 2009

A word about the OGE 450 form (financial disclosure for government employees)

SOB: Trump drops inauguration announcer who's done them all since Eisenhower

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican

Decided to make this an OP re: Trump Voters

Trump Disgraces The Presidency By Attacking Meet The Press For Not Pushing His Propaganda

Republicans threatened to not confirm ANY Hillary nominee for Supreme court.

If Obama is a Muslim, Is trump a Russian spy?

Osweiler returns to lead Texans over Oakland 27-14


Joy-Anne Reid destroys media for getting played by Trump with their headlines (VIDEO)

Rick Steves donating Trinity Place housing complex for homeless women, kids to YWCA

Osweiler returns to lead Texans over Oakland 27-14

If Trumps Twitter Account was Hacked...

America Has a Republican Problem and the Media Is Partly to Blame - Neal Gabler - Moyers & Co

No Shit...

Buddhist hardliners stop Myanmar Muslim ceremony


The Israeli Submarine Scandal: What We Know

Officially my favorite movie of 2016

Donald Trump 'not denying Russia was behind hacking campaign', says Priebus

Right before our eyes

Is this Giants' D going to hold up?

OK, a real question seeking real advice in a sticky family sitch.

Obama Ignores Trump in Releasing More Prisoners from Gitmo

In the last 3 changes

"McConnell did not define what he meant by "rapidly." it could take two years to fully replace ACA"

Trump Taj Mahal money laundering violations.

What is the Democratic Party's Plan to Fight Mitch McConnell?

Will Dems Throw a Real Fit This Week?

Ted Cruz meets Taiwan president and fires his own broadside at China

Mexican agents arrest suspect in shooting of U.S. consular official

Live Streaming Reno Flooding

An actual literacy test given to black voters by the state of Louisiana in the 1960s

Imagine this

Turtle talks about how they let Obama confirmations in 08 i call bs

Dkos: No, Senator Sanders; YOU are out of touch (opinion piece)

Plane Carrying Dallas Stars Players Makes Emergency Landing

Senate to act this week on Obamacare repeal, McConnell says

Senate to act this week on Obamacare repeal, McConnell says

SLO Progressives slate for AD 35 Won!

Found on FB: Boycott of companies that advertise on Breitbart:

Ghana president faces outcry over plagiarism in inaugural speech

What is the difference between FOX NEWS and Russia Today?

So about that showers/gas chamber thing

City honors Giffords, other shooting victims on anniversary

Cross-city skiing.

Trump Voters Don't Care........Whats the Big Deal? Ask Trump Voters on Russia Hacking Report

Martin Shkreli is suspended from Twitter for 'targeted harassment' of a journalist

NEW YORK TIMES- Deplorables say it is a good thing Russian hacking helped Trump win !!!

It's Time To Say Goodbye

US to send 300 Marines to Afghanistan's Helmand province

I predict the nation's mood the evening of January 20 is going to be very sobering.

Trump has taken few steps to disentangle from private empire

Piscopo denies fundraising for possible run for New Jersey governor

Expedia stole $350 from me.

Former congressman seeks to delay prison term amid appeal

Oh, snap!!! That's going to leave a mark!!!!