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A 9 yr. old girl died after a tonsillectomy; the hospital had sent her home even though

We can't have it both ways about "DINO's." If we want to have

QUESTION: Is Russia going to do LESS hacking of our elections since MiniPoot is going to be prez?

Outspoken Montcco commish, who likens himself to Trump, strains working relations

Did anyone see this in GD?

Inside Quebec's far right: Radical groups push extreme message


How will Trump taunt and heckle half of America in his Inaugural Address?

Could I ask one favor about Trump?

Philly to pay $4.4M in shooting; largest police settlement in city history

To open a dialogue regarding Joe Manchin

Who will be Trump's official food taster?

Let the states that want a wall, pay for it!!

My husband and I are both sick with the wiki flu. It first appeared in our area on

Could the Russkies have been behind Brexit, too?

What the Muck of Walden Pond Tells Us About Our Planet

Hillary Clinton received an ovation on Broadway today

Rhode Island's governor: Democrats need to be 'obsessed with job creation' in the age of Trump

Bear Encounter Warning

DJT is short for iDJiT.

Hillary doesn't owe us a damn thing

FBI owes better answers on Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

Pennsylvania House revises rules for expelling members

Handmaid's Tale

Women are less happy than men in marriage, but society pretends it isn't true

Ex-Pennsylvania AG Kane fights conviction over leak

You know what's embarrassing? The Raiders came the closest to pulling the upset.

Golden Globes just started and 4 Trump jokes right out of the box

Bakker: Forces Of Hell Oppose Donald Trump Because He Stands For Righteousness'

How a Nebraska soldier's letter about visiting his brother's grave sparked a lifelong romance

How a Nebraska soldier's letter about visiting his brother's grave sparked a lifelong romance

Jimmy Fallon should be careful he doesn't end up chump's enemies list

How Vietnam Changed Everything

Bernie Sanders Becomes A Massive Thorn In Trumps Side With One Statement On Social Security

ELECTION CONNECTIONS: RUSSIA........The truth ......must read

Are you going to show up on January 15th to protect healthcare?

I think those of us with white privilege

Priebus: Trump doesn't want to 'meddle with Medicare or Social Security'

Do we no longer get emails after DU jury duty?

Robert Reich: The 3 Big Reasons Republicans Cant Replace Obamacare

Venezuela minimum wage to rise by 50% 'to combat inflation'

Fiat Chrysler to build 3 new Jeeps, create 2,000 jobs in US

Allan Lichtman: The democrats must not work with Trump or they will get rolled over

Trump dumps gentleman who has announced every inaugural for last 60 years

So then according to Mitch McConnell...

I won't be there.

Donald Trump fires announcer who has covered the Inauguration since Ike (1957)

Family Finds Stray Kitten Cuddling Up to Unlikely Friend in Chicken Coop

Planned Parenthood vows to fight GOPs threats to defund it

Cuomo announces early voting, automatic and same-day voter registration

Many Insured by Obamacare Voted for Trump: Inside the Numbers

1913: The Woman Suffrage Procession (pic heavy)

Meryl Streep is really giving it to Trump.

STREEP is *EVISCERATING* Drumpf - taking off from his mocking the disabled reporter.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOD! N/T

Go Meryl !!!!!

Charles Pierce predicting a Tweetstorm Cat 5 by 4am over Meryl Streep's remarks

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity...

Perfect song for the Inaugural Ball

Lindsey Graham: Anyone Celebrating Russian Interference is a 'Political Hack'

Video of Hillary and Bill Clinton receiving a huge ovation at Broadway show

Trump Bedpans For Sale To Help Fund Tutoring for Inner City Children of Latino Immigrants

Video of Hillary and Bill Clinton receiving a huge ovation at Broadway show


I Will Never Apologize for My Identity Politics

Video of Meryl Streep Speech @ Golden Globes

Was anyone else blown away by tonight's Sherlock? (No spoilers)

Meryl Streep @ The Golden Globes

Who can lip read? What did Eddie Redmayne say in that clip where the

Jill Stein. Unbelievable...

Ten Greatest Voice Animated TV characters ever (which an honorable mention)

Great Vid with Bernie and Keith

Are You an LLBean Customer? You Might Not Be After Seeing This

Question about office etiquette.

Meryl Streep slams Trump in emotional awards speech

Fuck You Jimmy Fallon.

China: End one-China policy and we will take "revenge".

A Prediction

ACA repeal: Like 'shoving sm1 off a cliff, saying 'We'll figure it out before you get to the bottom'

He's nuts

You can't avoid this ear worm...

Kushner: Trump didn't believe conspiracy theories

Why are there little pictures next to some of the responses?

Just a little knowledge of what will happen to Medicare and the Donut Hole.....

Obama's Farewell Address....

Use you own birthday when you need a handy excuse...

I will Keep My Hillary 2016 sticker on on my car.

Republican Economics 101...

Former congressman Fattah seeks to delay prison term amid appeal

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Joey Porter arrested hours after team's playoff win over Miami, police say

(from July 2016 "Donald Trump's Shrewdest Investment Was In the Mafia"

"Celebrities shouldn't talk about politics!!!"

Hillary Clinton to speak at State Department event on Tuesday, January 10

I'm now thoroughly convinced....

Isabelle Huppert Golden Globe de la meilleure actrice dramatique pour "Elle"

The perfect response in support of Meryl

Governor orders state offices to stay closed Monday

Unimaginable cold.

How Christian Is The New Congress?

I sure hope that California and other progressive states (such as NY) vote earlier in the primary!

Dumbass meghan mccain tweet on Meryl Streep's Speech

After More Than 100 Years, California's Iconic Tunnel Tree Is No More

Minimum wage, sales tax, education among legislative priorities for business groups

State worker compensation key issue in upcoming session

Lawmakers to weigh enhancing jail oversight, boosting mental health treatment of inmates

Ex-DMV employee awarded nearly $400,000 after wrongful firing

No Shit...

Former attorney assistant files $2M lawsuit

Elizabeth Warren Plans To Introduce Bill To Resolve Trumps Conflicts of Interest

Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Trump Takedown: full transcript

Lovely speech by Streep

Gov. Roy Cooper's first week in office sets tone

ACC likely to move championship from Charlotte again if HB2 remains

Hannity deletes 'Make Russia Great Again' endorsement

Gov. Roy Cooper promotes consensus while demanding a repeal of HB2

What you can do about Trump and his underlings:

Gov. Roy Cooper moves to expand Medicaid

"I can't wait for Trumpcare! It's going to be great!"

Daily Holidays - January 9

WTW? Obamacare repeal GOP looks at making employer health benefits into taxable income

Thanks, Obama! High speed Internet in rural Tennessee

Critics call for U.S. Sen. Richard Burr to recuse himself in vote for education secretary, cite ...

After being apart for years, four prisoners released from Guantanamo are reunited with loved ones in

Charlotte's scamming diploma mill set to reopen Jan 17

I'm looking for a main dish with a dill or somewhat pickled taste to it. Any ideas?

F.B.I. Arrests Volkswagen Executive on Conspiracy Charges in Emissions Scandal

Trump responds to Meryl Streep: denies mocking reporter

California Proposition 64 excise tax + sales tax + county tax

Things I am boycotting

Look at this FB exchange and then you'll understand why I believe Hamilton was right

No charges in S.C. so far despite 400 complaints of price gouging during Hurricane Matthew

Trump doesn't know that you can't buy respect.

General Assembly to fight old battles, forge new ground

Jeff Sessions, the Grim Reaper of Alabama

Be Black in the army: Get "Die N----r" spray painted on your car, tires flattened.

For SC's 35,000 state workers, Legislature promises only pain

What the hell does this even mean?

A perv, a Fascist and a con artist walk into a bar

The GOP war on the Federal workforce will hurt black workers the most.

Hillary Clinton Receives Ovation at The Color Purple

So he just tweeted his response to Meryl Streep's speech.

Suicide Truck Hits Egypt Security Post in Sinai, Killing 10

Trump just tweeted that Meryl Streep is "one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood"

Pretty much every day for the next 4 years

US Treasury fined Trump's casinos $10 million for "significant, long standing anti-money laundering

DNC: 'We can all appreciate why Donald Trump is embarrassed at how he won the presidency'

Inmate threatened to blow up Myrtle Beach if demands weren't met

Utopia: Daring to dream

Golden Globe attendes find an extra special letter..

Howard Dean: 'Thx, NYT'

The Long Career of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

In a Facebook post, Dan Rather nails the Trump Tweets vs "Journalists" phenomenon.

Catholic nun organizes national pre-inauguration event to foster peace

Be on the lookout for H. L. Mencken! I've found evidence that he time-traveled here for inspiration.

I thought this Hannity tweet was a mistake but it's been up for 30 minutes.

Red panda cubs play in snow

The Canadian businessman who sponsored 200 refugees

It seems to me

Your Handy Guide To All The Hacks, Whores And Ideologues Who Just LOVE Scott Pruitt For EPA

Southern China's Turn: HK PM 2.5 At 190 ppm; Meanwhile, China Deleting Pollution Critics Online

School superhero day, there is hope

Big Talk From China On Pollution, But Coal Capacity On Track To Jump 20% By 2020

Bluefin Tuna Sells For $632,000 At Tsukiji Auction; $1,356 Per Pound

モーニング娘。'16『セクシーキャットの演説』(MORNING MUSUME 16[Sexy Cats Speech])

I hope Drumpf*, the Deplorables,* and the GOP don't try to lock her (Meryl Streep) up.

Bernie Sanders Town Hall Live Stream: How to Watch Online

Bernie Sanders: Trump has to rescue Obamacare or admit hes a liar

I proudly stand with Meryl Streep in shining a light on Trump's malevolence

A US Navy destroyer has fired warning shots at an Iranian Guard vessel in the Strait of Hormuz.

Chicago 1969: When Black Panthers aligned with Confederate-flag-wielding, working-class whites

Donald Trump will gain more power as time goes by.......

Even tough Lindsay Graham and John McCain criticized Trump

Trump's catchphrase "Dishonest media" equals Nazis' "Lugenpresse"

Trumps Win: Americas Failures of Representation and Prospects for Democracy

Seriously. Is there anything likable about Trump?

Buy or Sell-Trump is the most despised president elect in American History

The Limited Is Closing All 250 of Its Stores And Cutting 4,000 Jobs. Where's Drumpf?

President Veruca Salt

Watch This Star-Studded "Farewell Video To President Obama"

Gavin Newsom understates Californias big drop in gun homicides

Gish Galloping the Cabinet...

ok don, the world has seen this, it's time YOU watch YOU mocking a disabled reporter

Meryl Streep offered a master class on how to use influence and privilege for good.

Will President Obama be the last real US President

CNN playing Meryl Streep clip

Would there be uber-rich without freebies from government?

Assad welcomes French presidential candidate Fillon's views on Syria

Just read a rumored spoiler about Alien: Covenant (spoiler alert)

Keith Ellison Speaks to New York Progressive Leaders

Thanks, Obama....

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Orange and Red

I'm sorry, Donald. Not everyone can be in "Ghosts Can't Do It."

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

For the Record

Best Comic Book Series

Indivisible: A Practical Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda

You'd think he'd be much funkier

Sanders: Trump Must Pledge to Veto Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

countdown to 2020 election

Kim Kardashian West robbery: 16 people arrested in France

Kim Kardashian West robbery: 16 people arrested in France

The die has been cast.

I am tired of hearing how Hillary blew it

Don't you find it very telling when rich hollywood stars

The Committee to Protect Journalists is what Meryl was talking about. Share it!

TPM - "Five Points On Where The Obamacare Repeal Saga Stands Right Now"

The bittersweetness of Meryl Streep bringing up Trump's mocking of Serge Kovaleski's disability.

TPM: "Report: Jared Kushner To Be Named Senior Adviser To Trump"

Obamacare repeal's doomsday scenario

VAN SUSTEREN on Morning Scabs uttered "fair and balanced" (fare UNbalanced) - lying *then* or NOW?!1

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting Trump Agenda

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting Trump Agenda

Inauguration parade announcer since 1957 replaced

Landmark global scale study reveals potential future impact of Ocean Acidification on species ...

He is their useful idiot.

Slate - "The Obama Paradox"

Wisconsin's climate may need to adapt to Trump:

Since we're hearing more #WhyTrumpWon BS...

Fifty years from now will there be a Righteous Republicans memorial like the Righteous Gentiles one

Senate Dems plan late-night protest over ObamaCare

#ThingsTrumpThinksAreOverRated Trump slammed on Twitter

Retro Review: Coal-Powered Turbine Engine Oldsmobile

Kellyanne Conway Says Donald Trump Shouldnt Be Held Accountable For The Things He Says

What Meryl did is what we need our politcal leaders to do.

Bernie Sanders: Trump has to rescue Obamacare or admit hes a liar

"Public Health" Argument for Universal Healthcare

Deplorables- Please tell me how this makes America great again

Bernie Sanders: Trump has to rescue Obamacare or admit hes a liar

TOM TOMORROW: Farewell Address

The Meghan McCain offending rural America barometer

Things not what they appear - fun film clip

Tom Arnold on a Trump Tweet Storm this morning.

Ah.......I don't want to mention that Russian election mess or anything......

Trump blasts Meryl Streep after Golden Globes speech

Mark Hammill Reads Trump's New Year's Tweet As The Joker

It is Jan. 9th 2017 and we have had 8 mass shooting so far this year.

Bernie: Trump has to rescue Obamacare or admit he's a liar

The Hidden Gun Epidemic: Suicides

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Responds To Streep


Syrian war: Assad says Aleppo bombing was justified

I'm meltiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg...........

Fort Lauderdale shooting suspect to make first court appearance on federal charges

Ryan GOP plan would remove the tax exemp for employee health care- benefits as taxable income

Gaslighting--used by Conway to defend Trump against Streep--is an abusive technique of narcissists

On the Russia scandal, Trump's lies start to pile up

Sorry to demean you Donald, you're a fuckin' genius

State GOP Wary as Republicans Push Repeal of Health Law

Martin Shkreli suspended from Twitter for alleged harassment of Lauren Duca

Some guy with a bow tie is on CNN talking about "coastal elites".

Is Dear Orange Leader even going to

Drumpt Scenario I Fear

For national security reasons, should Trump's twitter account be terminated after he

out of the woodwork! "Santorum Shocked GOPers Don't Have Obamacare Replacement Ready"

My letter to the Washington Post

DRUMPF ain't draining the swamp, he is filling it..

Proving the accordian is the instrument of the minons of Satan

Report Shows New Transmission Can Help Wind Energy Supply a Third of U.S. Electricity

Governor Cuomo's NY State of the State address...

I love the fact that Meryl Streep never once mentioned 'his' name.

He tries to bend reality and truth to his will

NREL Pioneers Better Way to Make Renewable Hydrogen

People keep posting that Trump should be ordered to do or not to do

Toll roads poised to boom under Trump plan

Just got Vanity Fair in the mail....COVER advertises 5 anti-Trump stories!!

Kellyanne Conway: In this video, Trump was only telling you what was in his heart

Does the White House have an unlimited budget?

Is their new media-strategy seriously that Donald Trump's real beauty is on the inside?

House GOP passes rule allowing them to sell off public land without considering/debating cost

#TrumpEffect: Girls basketball team greeted by hanging black dummy at mostly white NJ high school

Photo of Hillary at The Color Purple yesterday - And VIDEO at link

I really disliked this guy before today

I guess there's no way to watch the Alabama/Clemson on broadcast TV

The Coverage Gap: Uninsured Poor Adults in States that Do Not Expand Medicaid

Watch President Obama's Farewell Address Tomorrow here:

C shu Nie - supercell MV

C shu Nie - supercell MV

I think there was a conspiracy at the Golden Globes.

11 days before the Inauguration and Trump has already been warned of "revenge" by Chinese media.

Governor assigns state attorney to investigate complaint against Bondi

Well, that SETTLES it! Mike DeWine (OH-R) knows Jeff Sessions' heart, and he's not a racist

Crystallization method offers new option for carbon capture from ambient air

Obama to Ryan + McConnell: Why do you feel obliged to repeal ACA before showing the replacement?

Customers rally around beloved waitress stiffed by white couple who dont tip black people

This explains a SHITLOAD.

Ramapo nears breaking point

Ramapo nears breaking point

Some thoughts on Streep v. Trump.

A new low for humankind: Russian government uses racist trolls Pepe meme in official tweet

Trump and the insane merry go round.

Meanwhile out in Texas...

Trump Predicted in 1958 - you can't make this stuff up

Imagine you were such a f*ck up that

Donald Trump says D.C.s dress shops are sold out of inauguration gowns. Wrong!

It's Not Hillary's Fault that so many Americans don't believe in Climate Change

Ex-CIA chief warns Trump to beware of tweeting after Inauguration Day

AP-NORC Poll: Americans high on Obama, divided on his legacy

A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow!

Trump confidants serving as presidential advisers could face tangle of potential conflicts

As a general, Mattis urged action against Iran. As a defense secretary, he may be a voice of caution

We shouldn't be dismissive of our power to effect change, even if the political odds are against us

A California law boycotting States denying Transgender bathroom privileges is in effect now

Kim Jong Un isnt the first tyrant to play Trump, and he wont be the last

wow. having a sane conversation w the ex.

Everything you want to know about the Trump Cabinet confirmation hearings

Not enough cat

Dairy Queen shows what a responsible business is really like.

I love Meryl Streep. Susan Sarandon can go pound sand.

Republicans dont want to hurt real America. By repealing Obamacare, they will.

Trump, "Meryle Streep is overrated" .... List of awards and nominations received by Meryl Streepp

Republicans condemn university's masculinity program as a 'war on men'

App will alert you if Trump tweets about your investments

Trump Urges Spy Agencies to Lay Off Russia and Focus on Threat Posed by Actresses

Brennan says Trump ignores intel community at nation's 'peril'

Brownbacked: Internal investigation of Kansas Guard pinpoints toxic (racist) leadership

Dangerous Divisions

Trumps Auto Bluster - WSJ Editorial

Kristen Wiig And Steve Carell Funny Skit The Golden Globes 2017

Are you as tired as I am being scolded about hurting the feelings of the Deplorables?

Tell me about enlightened, sophisticated urbanites


Lance (NJ-7) co-chair of Communications and Technology subcommittee

IMPORTANT- Were Trump's casinos an elaborate Russian money laundering scheme?

Have you heard about the new site, "Crooked Media"?

my daughter is so terrified.

A 5,000 sq km glacier is about to break off Antarctica

Senator Scott Wiener models state solar bill on S.F. law

Source: Jared Kushner to Serve as Trump Senior Adviser

NY tabloids today:

Russia rebuts US Intel report using EXACTLY same language as Benedict Donald (MSNBC 12:37am ct)

The GOP Stole The Election & They Know It. They Will Murder Americans W/Policy & They Love It.

Putin's -and Trumpsworldwide deceit... Nice GRAPH....

Larry Klayman, Who Called For Anti-Obama Coup, Accuses Obama Of Organizing A Coup

Trump Just Dismissed the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal

Do trump's Christian conservatives know?

Fox turns on Trump for attacking Meryl Streep: How does name calling make American great again?

Something interesting I noticed in the audience, during Meryl Streep's speech


A rarely discussed benefit of the ACA (Obamacare)

m$nbc has a 'countdown to greta' clock....

Government ethics office says Trump keeps ignoring warnings to sell hisassets

Kerry Apologizes For Past LGBT Discrimination At State Department

Trump Just Fired the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal

Schumer To Hold Senate Floor 'Late Into The Night' To Protest ACA Repeal

Okay, Kellyanne. I'll bite. You said Trump needs to be judged on his "heart"....

Dems Miffed That Black Lawmakers Have To Testify Last At Sessions Hearing

Danziger Toon: The Running of the Bull......

Trump's Health Secretary Nom Sought Special Treatment for Industry Donors

White House defends Meryl Streep's anti-Trump Golden Globes speech

Sen. Baldwin: "I was not elected to the U.S. Senate .. to take away people's health care...

Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing to shine light on history of racism claims

Russia used the Observer, Jared Kushner's publication, as a conduit to feed FAKE Clinton foundation

Brazil ordered to pay $5m to workers formerly enslaved on cattle ranch

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Troubled By Donald Trumps Pick For Education Secretary

Donald Trumps revisionist history of mocking a disabled reporter

Astro Jeanette

Hillary Clinton and her family are extremely wealthy, white, mostly cis-hetero, and connected.

So, Jared is officially on the payroll. Next up: Announcement of Cabinet position for Barron?

Martin McGuinness resigns as deputy first minister of Northern Ireland

Tillerson could be the most dangerous Sec of State this.

Orlando police officer shot, killed; $60,000 reward offered for suspect

Donald & Jared: Two rich bridge-and-tunnel kids out for revenge on a cultural elite that mocked them

Expect GOP/Trump Loyalty Oaths For Fed Workers. Civil Service Laws Be Damned.

Supreme Court will not examine tech industry legal shield

South Carolina church shooter refuses to defend himself

Trump's director of communications for the Inaugural Committee: "This is not Woodstock"

Note the latest meme

NY State to shut Indian Point nuclear plant: Governor Cuomo

How do you come back at those slander Michelle

DT wants to appoint Jared Kushner as an advisor,

Rep. Keith Ellison Outs GOP Plan To Hide Cost Of Obamacare Repeal!

What's Wrong With Protecting American Jobs? (w/Guest: Andy Roth)

Ghost Organs - The Bioengineered Organs That Will Save Lives

Jewish Centers in Several States Targeted With Bomb Threats

Bitcoin exchange operator pleads guilty in U.S. case tied to JPMorgan hack

Ron Howard rips Trump fans hypocrisy over Streep: Trump was a reality TV star spouting birther lies

Trump and Obama talk about their own daughters

This may be unpopular to say but....I think rich celebrities should shut the hell up

This is great! Schumer Nails McConnell

Tallahassee Florida Event - The Inaugural Bawl (With an awesome image)

About those cabinet appointees. Found this on Chuck Shumer's twitter page.

Aim is for Trump security team to be in place by Day One: U.S. Senate chief

Aim is for Trump security team to be in place by Day One: U.S. Senate chief

Fiat Chrysler smacks down Trump's boasts: President-elect not involved in company's job creation

The Committee to Protect Journalists - Meryl Streep

Trump Trackdown

The worrying secrecy surrounding TTIP must not be repeated . . .

I used to be Freedom of Information Officer in Wisconsin

Ethics officials clear Trump EPA nominee

Bills to end training and licensing requirements for concealed carry

The Latest: Father of slain Muslim soldier protests nominee

Tallahassee Florida Event - The Inaugural Bawl (With an awesome image)

it's 79 in Kingston and Mobay


Fake Medical Journals Are Spreading, And They Are Filled With Bad Science

New York Police Lose It Over a Drone

Crybaby McConnell Tells Dems To Grow Up And Confirm Trumps Horrible Cabinet

Trumpsters are attempting to stifle the free speech of Meryl Streep.

White progressive analysis of politics is fundamentally broken.

Gowns of the First Ladies

Trump Vodka is not Kosher - seriously - pulled from shelves

Are black armbands appropriate dress for January 20?

trump and putin both call election hacking 'witch hunt'

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 9, 2016

Morford: California floods, America burns, irony explodes

It Will Be Time To Go To War With Trumpers And GOP At Some Point.

Morford: California floods, America burns, irony explodes

This headline should run in every paper:


Republicans - the party of racists

virtual vacations

Chuck Schumer: ... I'll return this letter to @SenateMajLdr with the same requests.

Donald Trump to be sworn in on book of carpet samples

🐦 Sen. Sanders to pay special tribute at the King Centers annual commemorative service January 16

Report: Patriots not even planning to cheat to beat Texans

Did you see who Trump fired? Poor ole guy Charlie Brotman - been inaugural announcer since 1957

A year ago yesterday (01-08) we were wishing David Bowie and Elvis Presley a happy birthday.

A conspiracy theory to befuddle the anti-vaxxers:

Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses

Happy 73rd Birthday Mr. Jimmy Page

Bernie Sanders: We need serious talk on serious issues

We Are Facing Keystone Cops Administratin Except It Won't Be Funny.

The Jesus freaks just can't be bothered with what is real...

Streep was right-Trump did mock a disabled reporter &Trump was wrong about Kovaleski's reporting

Toyota to invest $10 billion in US over five years

Meghan McCain: 'This Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won'

Vertigo anyone?

How should we "look into Trump's heart", Kellyanne?

That one table during Meryl Streep's speech

White House blasts Senate Republicans on Trump picks

Did you vote for this?

President Barack Obama is changing up his retirement plans

Ron Wyden, Sen. OR-office flooded with calls related to nominations. Hope all Senators offices are

DC! Come To The Women's March *And* Watch The Naug, With Your Extra Special Guest, Wonkette!

DC! Come To The Women's March *And* Watch The Naug, With Your Extra Special Guest, Wonkette!

This week's anti-Trump Facebook post

Stephen King Just Summed Up Trumps Attack On Meryl Streep Brilliantly..

are you ready for four years of insomnia?

Is it time for the Blogroll to be refreshed?

As Venezuela's Economy Collapses, Talent Leaves The Country

Combating Hate Crimes Must Be Top Priority For Trump And New Attorney General

Joan Baez 76 today

Obama Says the World's Move Toward Renewables Is "Irreversible"

I don't remember hearing that ANYONE voted for the whole Trump family! Now he's appointing his son-

The Universal Joint of American Democracy

Dear msnbc

by Robert Reich:'People ask me how they can deal with the hatefulness Trump has unleashed.

El Nino, Pacific Decadal Oscillation implicated in domoic acid shellfish toxicity

How the tables are turning on Obamacare


I think the executives at MSNBC are more excited about Greta starting her show on their network

For The 100th Time, I Never Mocked A Disabled Reporter(Would Never Do That)

Bernie Sanders: We need serious talk on serious issues

The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening World of Puppy Mills

Bernie Sanders: We need serious talk on serious issues

John Kerry's speech on climate to MIT


I'd love to see Charles Manson say something really kind about Trump.

To My Friends Who Support Defunding Planned Parenthood

More classic Fugelsang

Trump, Aug 2015: "Meryl Streep is excellent; shes a fine person, too"

Trouble Is Racial Hatred Resentment Sells. All GOP Has But It Has Worked.

Cheeto just Twittered a pic of him and the Reagans...........

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Santa Ynez Stakes

Greta VonSusteran, a member of Scientology, nuf said

A Conservatives Guide to the Right to Work Bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Conservatives Guide to the Right to Work Bill

A Conservatives Guide to the Right to Work Bill

Dayton (Ohio) brewpub slammed, praised for Toxic Trump inauguration party

"Remember me? I'm back!"

Bernie Sanders Town Hall Live Stream 1/9 on OurRevolution.TV

Audits unveil new Jindal-era financial problems: misspent money, shoddy bookkeeping, lost property

No Shit...

The Foxification of MSNBC is Official:

Audits unveil new Jindal-era financial problems (Grovernomics Experiment FAIL)

X-post from GD on the horror of puppymills

Why we won't hear much from Mitch McConnel about the hacking..

MSNBC 1-212-664-4444

LOL! I'm officially old. I quit smoking 8 years ago. Twenty Seven

Legal Question about These 20 Week Anti-Choice Laws

Stephen King: Trump's reaction to Meryl Streep childish

He's tweeting a pic of shaking hands with Reagan

For the 100th time-- Yes you did mock a disabled reporter...

Self before country in White House, party before country in Republican majority of Congress

Kellyanne's looking a little fatigued after setting the record straight on so many shows

The Russian government just tweeted an image of a white supremacist frog


repost, 'cause you can't mis this

Senate to Begin Confirmation Hearings for Wealthiest Cabinet in U.S. History Despite Lack of Vetting

Fox News quietly settles with former host over OReilly sexual harassment claims

US sanctions five prominent Russians including Litvinenko suspects

Internet Troll Now Advising Trump Team

*Democracy Now, re: Saturday uproar

Epic take down of Trump and Conway concerning Meryl Streep's speech

NOooooooooooooo! Just heard on local Ottawa news

Earliest Human Presence in North America Dated to the Last Glacial Maximum: New Radiocarbon Dates

So...heard anything about Rudy, Christie, or Newt?

Schumer brilliantly exposes GOP hypocrisy by sending McConnell his own 2009 confirmation letter

Are the Iranians prodding for a drumph (over)reaction?