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I would again remind all that when you see Paul Ryan interviewed tonight to not forget that he

US Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) should be mentioned as a potential 2020 Democratic candidate.

This is what Obama told Sasha and Malia the day after the election

Trump conned his supporters into believing he was a populist for the working man.

Poll: De Blasio approval rises, as challengers lag

The fallout from the hate crime on the Indian engineers

Texas Senate approves call for a Convention of States

Trump wants Make America Great Again like this.

Missouri Supreme Court upholds St. Louis minimum wage hike

Sen. Sanders Response to Trump's Address on Facebook

Things you'd rather do instead of watching the orange syphilitic turd address Congress

Chris Matthews on at midnight after blotus

I will be getting my dogs anal glands expressed during the blotus mess

The Supreme Court just advanced a lawsuit to nullify 2016 election

How many Trumpkins does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Sen. Sanders Facebook Live: Response to President Trump's address

Saw an image on FB that's been burning me up all day.

Bill to change name of Columbus Day takes step forward

LIVE Stream: 9PM EST - Joint Address To Congress - NBC News

Liar Liar Pants on Fire (Luckovich cartoon)

In response to #Jointsession, Beshear will say President's attacks on intelligence agencies, court s

Donald Trump Blames SEALs Death On Military: They Lost Ryan

Thats yer Commander in Chief , right there , telling you where the buck stops.."They Lost Ryan"..

#BREAKING:@TheDemCoalition Urges Ppl to #BlackoutTrump During Speech Tonight-statement below

Massachusetts Named Best State by U.S. News & World Report

Soaring pension costs still crippling Phoenix budget Petition: Prosecute Wall Street NOW

Mr. Fish Toon: Just A Reminder

Scottsdale woman accused of shooting boyfriend in genitals

Fake social media accounts spammed you 5:1 pro-Trump during campaign

Any bets on how many times Trump says "Believe Me"?

Arizona Senate defeats bill allowing guns in public buildings

Greta is on the apres speech panel on MSNBC. Buh bye Chris and Rachel. Deal breaker.

I was told my Job position was terminated today

So McCain has the you-know-what?

Arizona House Speaker declares controversial 'protest' bill dead

Pre/Post State of the Union feels thread... there is goodness in the world.

Trump's state visit to U.K. postponed: report

Is there a thread for Trumps speech tonight?

Arizona may face another billion-dollar school lawsuit

Tonight: the Donald Trump Roast of Congress....every one have there drinks ready?

SotU? No. Watching "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre".

Tucson urging high court to overturn law penalizing cities

Tornadoes in Northern Illinois on Feb 28

There She Blows! Italy's Mount Etna Erupts

Trump passes blame for Yemen raid to his generals: They lost Ryan

Jeffery Lord AND Rick Santorum? See ya CNN.

OmfZ, cable yakkers in a *tizzy* over DRUMPF reading. Tweety hyper. They're hoping he'll be HOPEFUL!

@Astrid_NV will deliver the democratic spanish response.

Bankers ask for help saving seniors from financial scammers

The bar is set so low

Trump going to try to be less of an asshole tonight;

Work on Trump's border wall to begin near Tucson, 2 other locations

Trump says Obama behind leaks

North Carolina school board rejects ban on Confederate flag

They had Spicer pegged back in college.

I'm saved! DC-area Channel 20.1 is showing back-to-back episodes of The X-Files.

Burr under fire for ties to Trump

They found one! Voter fraud!

Big FU to Todd and Sustern saying Trump will 'reach out' tonight

'Good' news: It's raining in DC,

Congressman Ted Poe's Kingwood office gets visit from his district's Indivisible TX-02 group (VIDEO)

For Tonight's Alternative Viewing: "Slacker Uprising" by Michael Moore (2004)

Hes a Performance Artist Pretending to be a Great Manager

Trump Admin Threatening to Publicly Release the Private Data of Immigrants and Foreign Visitors

Another huge shoe dropped in the money laundering angle.

Angela Davis to speak March 4 at New York City unity rally

Fuc$ face is practicing his speech in the car!!!!!

Justice Ginsburg Planning to Skip Trump's Speech to Congress

A Call To Action begins tomorrow and will continue

i just got off the phone with my 86 year old mother...

About Emmy Noether.

For Tonight's Alternative Viewing: "Slacker Uprising" by Michael Moore (2004)

Dismal Voucher Results As DeVos Era Begins

Trump, asking for money before his speech:

I'd watch the speech but

Laissez les bon temps roulez, y'all!

Hey @BernieSanders who are you wearing? Jane's reaction: Priceless

A Little Trump-Speech Fun, Anyone?

Speech Excerpt Facepalm

FBI offered to pay British spy to continue investigating Trump Russia connections


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Dark Knight Rises! Live, Uncensored & a new

LMAO at Andy Richter!

Trump has turned on light in car to "practice" speech in front of tv cameras. I still can't believe

So my dog got in trouble for Trumping another dog at doggie daycare

Bernie Sanders' prebuttal


tfw mitch mcconnell

There! Can you feel it? I'm not sure I am, but I think/hope so!


The weather in DC is fugging up the coverage

Same outfits

"I would like to hear the president say..."

Why doesn't Trump just say what he wants to the American people?

Ryan + Pence equals bridesmaids

As many of you know, Healthcare is complicated. Who knew??

OK the look on Turtle's wife's face was enough for me


A campaign speech, with cleaned up syntax.

(Tom) Perez and (Keith) Ellison jab Trump (MSNBC)

A software engineer was detained by U.S. Customs and given a test to prove hes an engineer

This is fucking SURREAL. He's not even looking in the Democrats' direction.

President* Trump Is Ready for His Participation Trophy

Wave of laughter from House Dems when trump says he has begun to drain the dc swamp

Bernie Sanders interview on Donald Trump Address To Congress

Trump's child care plan is gift to the rich, report says

Read the Entire Text of President Donald Trump's Speech to Congress

9th Circuit Court: Fired Maricopa County Employee Not Entitled to $300K Award

I think he just got a BINGO

Rep. Pelosi Fact Check

Do Illegal Immigrants Really Bring Down Wages?

'Education Governor' Doug Ducey: No Cash for Computers That Pay Arizona Teachers

Trump address to Congress... I think he's coked-up again

Jesus God, he just gave a shout out to our fuck Scott Walker

Check out these "massive" Trump rallies

*************OFFICIAL THREAD********* Number 2

Trump: Obama created more debt than "all previous administrations combined."

Looking out at Congress ...

Biggest fucking liar on the planet. Worst example of a leader one could ever imagine.

Trump getting trade advice from President Lincoln.

Ryans's REAL opinion about the ACE ("ObamaCare")

Ugh... I love my Harley Davidson!! crap...

A retired admiral has a message for Trump


No mandate for Trump's health insurance replacement. Somehow

Tim Ryan-OH says no to 2018 OH Governors Race, Any chance he is targeting the 2022 US Senate

Tibetan women's soccer players denied US visas for Texas tournament

NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! (health care)


So leaves are starting to sprout from my hydrangea bushes...

Am I the only one who wants to slap that smirk

So no healthcare

Saying the Same Things

President Shitstain And The Thunderstorms Of February

Long on bullshit and lies

Need quick help from a Bernie Supporter...did he say

Police State on the way.

What I want to know is:

While he's rambling on about "rare disease survivors" and "more miracles" never forget

Tune for the SOTU

Duke of hazard? University could face penalties after uranium leak


President Trumps State of the Union-style address to Congress, annotated by Vox staff

Millions! Billions! And Trillions, oh my!

Trump will start VOICE victims of immigrant crime enforcement? Reminds me

I'm convinced my new boss is trying to kill me.

My take on this speech: After his impeachment, this will be analyzed as the ultimate joke

Trump spending gets applause but President Obama spends


That poor lady, Ms. Ownes..

I Thought They Didn't Generate Any Valuable Intelligence....

He used the dead navy seals wife as a prop. I really despise that.

tell me when the Democratic response is on

Isn't this over yet?

Can't Wait To See His Tweets Tomorrow....

I Will See Your Four Victims and Raise You 20 Elementary School Children

now he's talking about Thomas Edison

If I were the widow of the Navy Seal, I would not...

Trump just said that a dead soldier is smiling b/c he "BROKE A RECORD" for APPLAUSE

Veteran dies after medication error at NC VA hospital

Apparently the fights of Democrats are ...

My cat just hacked up a fur ball.

Democrats Are Running Out Of the Chamber

VOICE...Victims of Immigration Crime Enforcement (Gestapo)

Well that is it. War it is.

Drumpf mentioned the 250th anniversary for America.

One word.......Deplorable

I heard nothing, nada, zip tonight but platitudes. nt

He Just Made The Jobs Of Ryan And McConnell.....

Trump breaks record of continuous applause

I see a big room full of a lot of crooks.

Now He's Going To Dinner At The Trump DC Hotel....

All that shit he just said about "togetherness" and throwing Dems some bones...

I don't see a single woman or minority person there shaking his hand at the end.

CBS kissing his ass

I fucking hate him.

I cannot believe this muthafucka went there. VOICE. Really?


Chris Wallace calls first Reagan comparison

He has ZERO integrity to be in this position.

*Gov Beshear with Dem's response now.

Maddow .... NOT .... normalizing Benedict Donald like the rest of the fucks

Democratic Response - Steve Beshear - ON NOW

Steve Beshear speaking from Kentucky up now for Democratic response.

Chicken cluck cluck cluck - he chickened out on immigration reform/CitizenshipDreamers n/t

Let him bask in the evening

Steve Beshear talking now.

VOICE...Victims of Immigration Crime Enforcement (Gestapo)....

THIS is a Russian Ryan fan speaking on Obama and the deficit...

We need VOTS, Victims of Tr**p's Supporters, more!

Did anyone just watch The Detour?

"El Douche A" really tries to look like Mussolini with his mannerisms and poses doesn't he?

WHY do you all KEEP THINKING the GREEDIA will change?

Democratic Response -- wow! big words!

We used to be better people, once (Sinatra 1945)

That was like watching a 3rd grader reading a schoolbook.

Everybody gets a pony! Whoopie!

Al Franken speaks for me. Well, his face does.

I'm so very glad I didn't watch the SCROTUSSOTU. Netflix is great!

The DEM response should have been by Elizabeth Warren (or an equally passionate progressive)

The Problems with Facts and Persuasion

"He became president tonight"

Tell me what you think is going through their minds.

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*** WINTER Seasonal Photo Contest now accepting Submissions***

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Van Jones is crying and saying Trump just "became president" They are LAUDING THE ABUSE OF

Just heard on MSNBC by Chuck Schumer regarding Trump

My response to President Trump's address to Congress, Senator Sanders

Kellyanne bravely back at work after losing her legs at Bowling Green

Jimmy Carter and Trump. Compare and Contrast.

Yemen raid: so who's lying, general mattis or the intelligence community?

He said something about Obama raised the debt more than any other President.

More bad news...House Judiciary Committee

Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

David Duke liked the speech.

House GOP defeats resolution requesting Trump-Russia documents

I just got home and there was an old white man on TV

Fuck Joe Manchin. nt

I'm sort of assuming he said nothing of giving a pathway to the undocumented?

Bernie just gave his own rebuttal on FB. Should be up on his site soon.

Michael Moore, Kathy Griffen and Bill Maher to be on MSNBC at midnight EST

So if Republicans are going to cover up Trump's Russian coordination, how do we force the issue?

Trump could have dropped his pants, shit a big turd, and the so called "news" media

Oh fuck you Chris Mathews You shill for the New Hitler

President Trump's disingenuous middle-class tax cut pitch

So the pundits are grading Trump on a curve... again.

The man ordered a mission that killed that poor woman's husband and he used her to cover it up

Gingrich calls for 'independent' coordinator on #TrumpRussia ties (to help Trumps problem go AWAY)

Malcolm Nance breaking down how Russia got Trump elected & turned him into a puppet.

$50 billion more for the military even if allies "pay their fair share" makes no sense.

Not so unifying: Jake Tapper nails Trump for nationalistic undercurrent in speech to Congress

The TV news media blows in the wind

Did John Fugelsang have something to say about Trump's "death-sploitation"?

do you remember what we did with bush the dummy and magazines-books

Shell knew: oil giant's 1991 film warned of climate change danger

Worst f'ng orator EVER all I can say is too many people have LOW standards

So. Does it only take one good performance for a despicable human to be forgiven?...

Trump questioned who is really behind anti-Semitic threats and vandalism

Lava Jato scandal: Odebrecht e-mails show $20 million in bribes involving key Macri rail project

The Only Time President Trump Really Got Booed During His Address to Congress

Senate Remains Evenly Split Following Special Elections

Senate votes to give business more time to fix potential disability violation

House attorney says bill targeting voter initiatives legal

The only one who can stop Trump now

Trump Barely Stepped Over a Low Threshold By Reading a Speech...

First Democrat to challenge Ducey talks about sex life, debt

Men's Wearhouse

Bernie Sanders' response to President Trump's address to Congress

Cory Booker Joins Bernie Sanders In Backing Drug Re-Importation Bill

Got home from my concert - scanned news sites - and one word comes to mind.

Full Democratic response from former Gov. Steve Beshear

Former L.A. Times interpreter in Iraq is Sen. Cory Booker's guest for Trump's speech

Just deleted another FaceBook "digital friend"

Elizabeth Warren invites Iraqi refugee to watch Trump's speech to Congress

The new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer is here (VIDEO)

MSNBC continues to promote the debunked exit polls that showed Donald Trump winning 29 percent

Watching The West Wing now!

It was done here before...VOICE

I fucking HATE that goddamned Tweety Bird.

Job numbers for Intel's new Chandler plant questioned

Mesa homeless camp told to vacate state land

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 2, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 30

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 3, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 31

Sweet Jesus.. Rachel Ive been on your ass for 18 months..

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 4, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - Starring Barbara Harris

Happy March!

Watching Supreme Court Justices Watch Trump Is Your New Favorite Hobby

We have the lowest uninsured rate in like forever

So with Trump dropping the mandate in any future health care plan

This may have been posted, but if not, Enjoy!

It sounds like the broadcast media just suffered from a massive attack

I Cannot Accept That There Will be 4 Years of This Shit

Developers looking to build the 'next Disney World' in Casa Grande

Uber CEO apologizes for dissing driver, says he needs to grow up

Tonights CNN Poll showing that 7 out of 10 think Trumps Speech..

Uber CEO Kalanick Argues With Driver Over Falling Fares


Trump highlights victims of crimes by immigrants, new office in joint address

Real news - TPM - American Carnage Redux: Trump's Dark And Misleading Picture of America

My Thoughts on President Trump's Speech to the Joint Session of Congress (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews drives me crazy

Nancy Pelosi aint having it

Rosie ODonnell Cuts Down Trump In Fiery Speech Outside White House

Trump never laughs.

Bill allowing guns in libraries fails again

Las Vegas judge banned from bench after handcuffing public defender

I Think Trump's Speech Is A Turning Point! He Hit The Reset Button!

The most disgraceful moment in trump's speech.

Wait! Y'all see how tweety went from pro trump to laughing at him within five minutes?

FBI terminates Las Vegas-based agent who shot at police sergeant in Michigan in December

Van Jones is a goddamned, fucking IDIOT.

Nevada Supreme Court and Court of Appeals move into new home in Las Vegas

I keep seeing posts saying, "the other shoe dropped"...

Bulls**t alert! Democrats support bill that would legalize female genital mutilation

But are you brave/foolish enough to do this???

And..there it is - CNN - Corp for Normalizing Nutcases - "Presidential Trump"

DMV crackdown cites unlicensed auto shops across Las Vegas Valley

Every time trump opens his mouth

Manziel tries to reassure judge after missing court deadline

why am I getting all these messages in blue and underline?

Read a translation of the Spanish-language Democratic response to Trumps speech

Repugs are trying to polish up their golden turd...

Ex-Las Vegas constable pleads not guilty to theft, wiretapping charges

Discipline panel says Las Vegas judge violated ethics codes

When the biggest applause of the night is for a dead man sent on a useless mission ...

Nevada senators submit bill to ask Congress to give state millions of acres of land

Tesla files for $8M incentive tied to Reno factory

Education committee pushes 5 bills through Nevada Senate

What exactly are you trying to tell me???

The WA Post: DT's speech was "filled with numerous inaccuracies."

Van Jones looked stupid as hell on CNN tonight

FBI investigating bomb threat against Jewish center in Las Vegas

Ammon Bundy testifies in second Oregon standoff trial

Berta Cceres court papers show murder suspects' links to US-trained elite troops

Berta Cceres court papers show murder suspects' links to US-trained elite troops

Have Trumpsters NO shame? Wild police pursuit in L.A. after man steals taco truck.

Nevada Democrats want to treat opioid addicts with marijuana

How can one room contain so much smug arrogant assholery?

Nevada bill could switch early presidential caucuses in favor of primaries

Energy Department issues scathing evaluation of nuclear project

Faulty ID sent Idaho man to prison for life, Supreme Court says in freeing him

Bingham County pays hacker ransom to restore servers

Why does Idaho need an ethics czar? Democratic leader actually draws you a picture

For 9 years, Idaho man plowed his neighbors walks. This year, it landed him in court

Idaho lawmaker pulls $10M Medicaid gap bill

Dolezal still making waves

Former deputy arrested in Caldwell strangulation case


So You Wanna Be a Socialist? In Seattle, You've Got Options

Arvo Part: Timeless to Me

Is the Russia story good and buried now?

Alternative Facts And Snake Oil From The SLS Mafia

Washingtonians turn out to help Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky

Superwealthy entrepreneur decides to go all out with property-tax plan to fight Seattle homeless-

Seattle council member has plan to help workers save for retirement but Congress may kill it

Washington Senate approves REAL ID compliance bill

Trump sons open hotel tower in Vancouver, B.C., as officials boycott event

Judge won't dismiss Seattle's suit against Monsanto over PCB cleanup

Why Republican lawmakers are pushing for votes on Democratic governors tax raises

State attorney general vows to defend Washington's recreational pot laws

Bill allowing robots to travel on Idaho sidewalks wins House committee approval

Please take the GOP survey on Trump's first month in office! Let them know how you feel!

Senate OKs bill to add hundreds of ballot drop boxes in state

Attempt to tie Boeing jobs to tax breaks struggling

People praising him for that speech last night are high or insane

Oregon bill would help transgender residents change vital records to reflect new name, gender

Sex trafficking, evictions, gun reform among top priorities for Womens Health & Wellness Alliance

Oregon reproductive health bill rally draws dozens

The same Ryan whose death was blamed on the military

Kate Brown to Greg Walden: Don't kill progress made under Affordable Care Act

Oregon bill would crack down on driver cellphone use

Undocumented immigrants in United States stage rally by ICE building

Watch My Lips: Avoiding Making A Complete Ass Of Yourself Does Not Constitute "Presidential"

Kate Brown gets an early start on 2018 campaign

Company with 'baggage' proposes Wilsonville mental hospital

Republican lawmakers introduce bill to ban late-term abortions in Oregon

Daily Holidays - March 1

Bill prohibits employers from firing employees who use marijuana

County's largest homeless shelter provider plans 'innovative' affordable housing project in North...

Lawmakers examine impacts of rent control, just cause eviction

University of Oregon laying off 75 nontenured faculty in cost-cutting plan, union says

Two 13-year-old boys arrested in connection with arson at North Eugene High School

Longtime Eugene police detective quits amid accusations of extramarital affairs

what did you think of the president's speech

China angrily reacts with threats after South Korean missile defence decision

Video: Bernie Sanders' Response To Trump's Speech To Congress 2/28/2017 RBC NETWORK

South Korea, U.S. begin large-scale annual drills amid North Korea tension

Bernie Sanders on prospects of working with Trump - CBS Evening News

Bernie Sanders on prospects of working with Trump - CBS Evening News

Trump administration would ignore WTO rulings it sees as anti-U.S.: FT

When hate is the new normal: Another threat at Dallas' JCC, a swastika on Woodall Rodgers

San Antonio man let friend have sex with dead prostitute before he burned body, police say

Tagged animals at risk from hunters and nature-lovers

Let the normalization begin...or as the media says

Last night: Bunnies and Rainbows. Today: HE has to actually work

Good morning and do not turn on the morning news shows

The sickness of this man: Michael Moore blasts Trump for record applause boast as grieving widow

Evidence that presidential environment rubs off on even the most stubborn tv whore.

Florida man steals, sells neighbors monkey for cash, police say

Robert Reich on dt's lies last night

4 ATVs, 2 trucks fall through Fort Peck ice on same weekend

Analysis: How does the US military need strengthening?

Corpus Christi judge hears arguments in Texas voter ID case

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Lowering the bar

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Shipping slump: Why a vessel worth $60m was sold as scrap

Not so unifying: Jake Tapper nails Trump for nationalistic undercurrent in speech to Congress

I quit watching trCHUMP after the 3rd or 4th standing fake/forced ovation

'Best ever' view of what a dinosaur really looked like

French election: Francois Fillon faces charges

About Trump's speech. I think the Republican Party, or some of them, decided that

Trump fails the leadership test of commander in chief

McIlroy on Trump security

Yes. YES. Notorious suck-up Paul Ryan actually swooned over Trump "hitting a home run."

His Mussolini-like facial expressions are revolting

Exporter Of Microelectronics To Russian Military Sentenced To 135 Months

"Bar?" What bar?

Bernie Sanders rips Trumps speech: Hell gut Obamacare and give the money to his billionaire frien

Stephen Colbert's Monologue: Trump Lays Out His Vision For Moving Forward

Sixteen Individuals Charged in $60 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Senator Schumer's remarks are slightly disturbing

Donald Trump read from a teleprompter and wore a nice suit, and suddenly hes presidential?

So.... What did Putin think of the speech?

Seven Defendants Plead Guilty to Millions of Dollars of Fraudulent Sales to Defense Department

...And the neat part was when he used a dead guy's wife to make himself look good

Franois Fillon faces formal investigation over fake jobs allegations

At least one dead after tornado roars through near Perryville, Mo.

HIV Rates Spike In Phillipines, But Church & Conservatives Kill Condom And Sex Ed Plan - NYT

Hey voters, Tallahassee wants to stiff you again

Best costume theme in NOLA yesterday

John Schindler on generals' faces last night, Trump's exploitation of Ryan Owens's widow

Can we give Trump a little respect where due, please?

Yay, Murka! Nearly $1 Billion In Tax Money For Vikings Stadium - A Death Trap For Birds

Huh - President Shitstain Didn't Say A Thing About Gutting The EPA, Destroying Environmental Laws

So last night was Trump's best speech ever? He'd broken all records for lowest bar ever before that.

Feds say Navy contractor stole $13 million, but U.S. government still works with it

Alabama-Sized Area Of Canada's Permafrost Melting Rapidly, Portending Rapid Carbon Release

No Snow On Ground In Chicago In Jan-Feb; 1st Time In 146 Years Of Record-Keeping

President Shitstain Wants 10% Cuts At Interior - Esp. ESA, Land & Water Acquisition Funds

Important to remember Trump's initial address last night NOT as successful as Obama's and GWB's

The fucking MSM...

Polls showing majority support and approval for Trump's speech reflect a media failure

95% of his appointments are people who want to destroy the agencies they

Kakistocracy, a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens

Fidelity announces $4.95 trades

In his first four weeks, Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress cut taxes for 160 million workers

Junta lite: how generals and billionaires took over Trump's militarized America

Nothing Short Of Staggering: USGS Maps Showing Arrival Of Spring In 2017

Why Trumps Call for Unity Is a Lie

CBS poll finding 82% said Trump was "presidential" had only 18% liberals, 23% Dems

Sanders Meets With Israeli Arab Leader Ayman Odeh, Day After Calling for End to Israeli Occupation

Ouch, That Stings! Canada Fines Murphy Oil $14.44/Barrel For 9,000 Barrel Spill Unnoticed For Weeks

BTRTN February 2017 Month in Review: Random Acts of Mindlessness

I am sorry I watched last night.

BTRTN February 2017 Month in Review: Random Acts of Mindlessness

House Cmte Meets To Debate Carbon Costs, Ends Up "Debating" Existence Of Warming

Watching the TV last night made me feel better

Dan Rather: Bubbling beneath surface of Trumps speech was a president who is stoking division

It's happening elsewhere

the love boat.....

Media: His optimism is presidential.

Ed Garvey Was the Progressive Populist Who Inspired Bernie Sanders and Paul Wellstone

George Takei, Alyssa Milano, Patton Oswalt & Sarah Silverman on Trump's speech

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "The speech and reality have never been more detached."

So, All Trump Has To Do Is

Questions to ask my Congressman, TX-26, for town hall

Sanders' response to Trump speech

Putting THIS here before Trump tweets HIS speech was best ever...

I know what happened to Van Jones. It's all explained in the movie Get Out (Semi Spoiler Alert)

A nice summation

Calling him "Ryan" instead of "Sr. Chief Owens" makes my skin crawl. It's being disrespectful...

There were no public beatings of minorities during the orange one's speech

What is the purpose of the criminal undocumented worker registry other than to demonize all of them

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus to all of the Welsh among us!!

"God needed a Bible. I only need 140 characters!" . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Looks like the DOW will open up over a hundred points this morning. Of course wall street is

So Drumpf put a human face on his ersatz American fascism and the media went gaga.

VOX: He doesnt want to be president, he just wants to play one on TV.

Putting THIS here before Trump tweets HIS speech was best ever...

Well I trusted my instincts and they proved me right AGAIN!!!

Republican disarray over their health care plans

Junta lite: how generals and billionaires took over Trump's militarized America

Does a 70 year old man learning a new job

Heads up everyone! Check what your state legislatures are doing..while we are off focusing on

I don't understand what the problem is...

CNN: 'the white house made the vice-president available to every tv network except CNN'

Fillon refuses to quit French election despite charges

WTF? Trump got 7653 retweets and 38,667 likes for tweeting "THANK YOU!"

Trump Revives War on Marijuana & Private Prisons on SAME DAY

Trump: I Saved Air Force $1 Billion; Air Force: What?

Ash Wednesday

Happy birthday, Glenn Miller.

Just in case you thought something changed last night...

Davd Frum nails it.

Dem Senator: Donald Trump Was Childish To Ignore Climate Change In His Big Speech

Will Pence and Ryan show up next year in matching suits and ties

Maybe I'm just paranoid

Has Ryan Owens Father Made Any Comment Yet On....

Donald Trump wants to run the government as a business. But hes never been any good at that either.

We just have to take it...Drumpf will go back to being Drumpf again

If Trump gets high marks for a decently presented speech in front of Congress

The DoD/Pentagon spends 69 times more than the EPA. Guess which one Trump wants to cut. . .

Quick! Does anyone own a DeLorean?

"Salesman-in-chief"-- excellent write-up by Michael Grunwald

Hidden figures no more: female Nasa staff to be immortalised in Lego

MSNBC Interviews Sen. Chuck Schumer after President Trump's Address to Congress

Bill Maher On President Donald Trump's Speech MSNBC

Trump/Putin Power Play tonight at 9 ET

Do you want clean air and water, or do you want to dismantle the EPA?

Hundreds Of Women Accuse Major Jewelry Chain Of Widespread Sexual Harassment

Texas GOP pushing bill that would make it legal for your doctor to lie to you

This not unexpected normalizing of Trump by the MSM is at all of our peril.

25 Things That People ROMANTICIZE Way Too MUCH

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum says hes running for governor

If You're Dismayed about the Reception for Trump's Speech,

Joe Conason -- Fuzzy Math: Why Trump's Congressional Address Simply Doesn't Add Up

Trumps long applause last night was frightfully Stalinesque

Do you think Van Jones has lost his mind?

Kurt Eichenwald -- How Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is Fueling ISIS

Oil Industry Attorney Says, Under Oath, Neither He Nor Industry Aware Of Atmospheric CO2 Levels

Yemen SEAL Raid Has Yielded No Significant Intelligence: Officials

Oil Industry Attorney States, Under Oath, Neither He Nor Industry Aware Of Atmospheric CO2 Levels

Michael Moore: We Are Witnessing New Chapter In George Orwells 1984 MSNBC

slate - The State of Our Union is Debased (psst...some real journalism)

Trump's VOICE (Victims Of Immigrant Crime Engagement) program

Three Cheers for Our Women in White!

more real news - slate - The Night Cable Pundits Fell Over Themselves to Declare Trump Presidential

After Backlash, DeVos Backpedals on Remarks on Historically Black Colleges

Eight Democrats join Gov. LePage in minimum wage rollback attempt

Now, more than ever, TELL them...Trumps Chumps LOVE being TOLD

"Indeed, there is a growing body of evidence that supporting womens rights leads to more security"

Visions of Trumptopia - By The NYT Editorial Board

trump LIE... "94 million americans are out of the labor force"

Everyday Misery In Venezuela

Ms. DeVos's Fake History About School Choice - By The NYT Editorial Board

Infants are now starving to death in socialist Venezuela

Grab your popcorn. GOP must raise debt-ceiling by March 15th.

Trump seeks to parlay post-speech boost into action on contentious agenda

Where is all the whining about the teleprompter?...

The 2018 Florida governor's race just got its first serious candidate

Read a translation of the Spanish-language Democratic response to Trump's speech

Ellison quote nails Trump to floor ...

So I made a 6.56 bone in pork butt roast and have considerable leftovers...

Some people don't want to have to think about politics and just want to pretend everything is ok BUT

Trump's speech to Congress was mostly devoid of substance

Update From Chase Iron Eyes (2/28/2017) Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe's Hearing To Stop DAPL

Trump reprises his bleak vision of America but offers few ideas for fixing it - WaPo Editorial Board

Cartoon: Trump Steaks, well done

The TNT series "Claws" is filming an episode at my parents hotel!

"Who's boss now, spud?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

This wont be the first time Donald Trump has offered optimism

Oprah Says She's Rethinking If She Could Be President

David Duke: "Hail To The Chief"


Congresss telling body language during six key moments of Trumps address

Van Jones should have listened to General Ackbar

WH Staff are laughing at media pundits & are boasting about the con in public.

Even Republicans like clean water

Americans Are Not Stupid; CNN's Poll Was Rigged

"Best Presidential Speech ever delivered to Congress"

Results of the CT special election: Dems win 2 out of 3.

Generals May Launch New ISIS Raids Without Trump's OK

Donald Trump Finally Sounds Presidential. For 60 Minutes.

Claire McCaskill: Trumps Biggest Issue is a 'Death Struggle With the Truth'

Jim Nussle on CNBC today

18 year old in stolen truck goes airborne!

I like cut of this guy's jib

Funny signs from anti-Trump marches

His speech was filled with lies

The same media that is now normalizing Trump will backstab him at the first chance:

It's all smoke and mirrors, folks:

Cheese Recall Expands to More Bulk and Retail Cheese Products

Pelosi Weighs in: Trump's Speech 'Utterly Disconnected From the Cruel Reality of His Conduct'

With the stroke of his pen, Trump has allowed the EPA to abandon #cleanwater protections and create

Dow breaks above 21,000 as stocks hit all-time highs after Trump's speech

Quick injection of Repub cognitive dissonance...

'Grading on a curve': Morning Joe rates Trump 'almost normal' because he didn't threaten to crush...

Name a movie that just floored you.

The Handmaids Tale is a handbook for surviving oppressive systems

"We strongly support NATO," Trump says...I guess his policy is to embrace NATO on Tues & Thrus!

Mem Fox on being detained by US immigration: 'In that moment I loathed America'

Takei goes OFF on Trump's speech in 11 tweets

guys, we have been here before. he delivers a normalish speech, media declares he's presidential

Dem AGs Hint They Could Sue Over Trump Rolling Back Clean Water Rule

Pence: 'No One Is Going To Fall Through The Cracks' In New Health Care Law

Hamster with dementia

Remember that dossier on Trump and Russia? Here are 16 reasons we now know it wasn't fake news.

You want medications available quicker?

White couple sentenced 33 years (combined) for violating Georgia's street-gang terrorism law

Trump Associate Tries To Spin Tweet Suggesting Dems Behind Anti-Semitism

Woman throws glass at comedian John Caparulo over anti-Trump joke

Virginia agency says it will not exempt information on fracking fluid from disclosure

What a bizarre conundrum those who have IRAs and 401Ks are facing

US top court hands partial victory to challengers in Virginia voting case

First generation immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are less likely to commit all types of crime

blotus concerned about food safety, not so much

Well he can't catch a break - Ratings 17% lower than Obama's First Speech

Head of DeVos' anti-public ed group wanted to manhandle uncooperative official 'like I shake my wife


Has your language gotten more obscene?

WH staffers shocked at how easily they can hoodwink media. Don't even have to offer any new ideas o

Damn, that's a lot of money

"So it's time, domesticated reporters, to go feral. If you want to survive, go wild"

Kellyanne Conway explains feet on Oval Office couch: 'I certainly meant no disrespect'

Can we please get back to the investigations?

A "proposal" for change to ACA is a "proposal" that is all.

The problem with fluff is that it's...fluff.

Besty Devos lied about the history of school choice and she knows she lied.

Remember the Muslim ban is for 90 days so Trump can "research and implement" new procedures. . .

I was in a real dilemma last night.

'How genocides begin': Internet stunned by Trump plan to set up VOICE program targeting immigrants

Apparently Ivanka didn't want to get her dress messed up...

Tax Credits Inflame Internal Fight Over Leaked GOP Obamacare Repeal Draft

Google delists Mike Adams Natural News website.

Ryan Zinke has been confirmed as Sec. of the Interior:

A Few Thoughts on Trump's Speech - By Josh Marshall

The bar cannot be set any lower.

Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross wore $600 slippers..w/ a custom Commerce Dept logo, to Trumps speech

Senate confirms Ryan Zinke as Interior secretary


Missouri Senate votes down LGBT discrimination protections

Analysis: Only 3 percent of reports on CBS, NBC positive for Trump

Trump's going after Medicaid

Is it me or did the video of Der Twitler "reading" the speech in the limo seem way too rehearsed...

Wed. - Aww, that's cute relief video

Something fun: Vote for the Google4Doodle finalists!

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Speech: I'll Make America Great


Pretty funny.

fact checking buzz windrip's address to congress:

"250 years ago America was a wilderness full of frightened, violent lunatics"

The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left

Former Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, ex-County Attorney Lando Voyles subject of FBI probe

march is women's herstory month-this year honouring women trailblazers in business and labor

The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

march is women's herstory month-this year honouring women trailblazers in business and labor

march is women's herstory month-this year honouring women trailblazers in business and labor

On December 5, 2016, former Vice President Al Gore met with President-Elect Trump.

march is women's herstory month-this year honouring women trailblazers in labor and business

Summary of 45's speech

Twitter Turns on CNNs Van Jones After He Praises Trump: How Dare You Normalize Him

Get a FREE trip to New Zealand Courtesy of The Government?!

51 lies in 61 minutes - Con Man extraordinaire

Wells Fargo cuts pay for CEO, other top executives

Donald Trump, pseudo-president: Media embraces his latest "pivot" like the proverbial drunks under..

Women's Herstory Month: 31 days of amazing women

There Should Be A Registry For Victims Of Trump Voters/Hate Crimes:

So THIS is the media that we go to battle with against Comrade Trump?

Women's Herstory Month: 31 days of amazing women

Is it Watergate yet?

Women's Herstory Month: 31 days of amazing women

Terminally ill Tucson restaurateur holds 'pre-wake wake' to say his goodbyes

Oprah Is Thinking Maybe She *Could* Run For President

KO: Let's Be Honest: Trump's Banning Muslims and Purging Hispanics Just look at what's going on here

OMG, ex-Sentor Bill Frist now believes in climate change and protecting

KO: Let's Be Honest: Trump's Banning Muslims and Purging Hispanics Just look at what's going on here

Was the Widow Owens *unaware* that she was being used as a cynical political prop?

Carl Hiassen glad to have Kellyanne Conway back, muzzled for a week.

How long before Van Jones has a job in the White House?

".. the most pessimistic and divisive message I have ever witnessed.." go Barbara Lee!

Arkansas voted for a federal constitutional convention to ban marriage equality

Calling a woman a skank, tramp, bitch, whore, stripper is still misogyny

Trump deported their mom three weeks ago and they don't think his speech last night was a "pivot"

Am I the only one who was outraged by the "tribute" to Ryan Owens?

Democratic rebuttal

Trump gives nod to Republican tax-credit proposal on Obamacare

I have got to comment on THAT dress.

I really miss the old days when an idea like VOICE would be met with

THIS!! Slate - A Touched Donald Trump Thanks the Media for Forgetting He Is Donald Trump

Maddow reveals Trump Commerce pick's shady Russian ties (vid)

Rachel Maddow battles Trump apologist defending him blaming generals for Yemen (VIDEO)

Not everybody was fooled by the speech:

A Rudderless State Department

since 1975, jihadis from 7 banned countries have killed 0 Americans in US-while guns killed 1.34 mi

Song that defines my day so far

Trump's Speech Filled with Inaccuracies

A clarification on twump's "THANK YOU" tweet.

I Donated To Jon Ossoff

Fact-checking Donald Trump's address to Congress

White House Parries OGE's Request For Probe Into Conway's Ivanka Promo

vacation in Antartica

Trump--51 Lies in 61 minutes #Jointsession address .....

what do men get that women don't? here are a few things:

what do men get that women don't? here are a few things

Please protect yourself if you smoke pot.

what do men get that women don't? here are a few things:

China smashes solar energy records, as coal use and CO2 emissions fall onceagain

Twitter Will Start Using Algorithms To Crack Down On Abusive Accounts

Back Forty Beer introduces "Mandarin Chief"

"Nefarious Intent?"

Rep. Suzan DelBene to Trump: Americans Need Certainty and Stability, Not Chaos

WMO Confirms All-Time Record High For Antarctica - 63.5F on 3/24/2015

Countries with the largest defense budgets.

Women: Past, Present and Future

Former Mexican president trolls Trump's address

Dear MEdia: The WH is laughing at you

Women: Past, Present and Future

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-14: Wheel Of Corruption's Home For Peculiar Children Edition

Trumps VOICE Is About Justifying White Supremacy

Drumpf The Charlatan

Sen. Sanders: "Republicans are not so cocky anymore ..."

The division was never more obvious than last night.

Ruby Tuesday Waiter Warns Jill Stein Her Green Party Response To Trump Speech Disrupting Diners

DRUMPF better get a dog.

40 Days And Nights Of Donald Trump

Onion: Melania Trump Looks Down On Husband From Gallery With Loving Grimace

Bullet Hole Discovered In Indiana Synagogue Window

Burke: Use of weasel words making common ground slippery

Breaking Butterflies: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & J. Edgar Hoover

State Senate OKs bill to add hundreds of ballot drop boxes

Do Americans know how the US and alies created Bin Laden, ISIL, etc?

Retirees could face poverty not seen since Great Depression

How this blue state is handling voter suppression...

Dept. Of Labor Proposes Delaying Rule That Brokers Work In Clients' Interest

Any minute now, Trump will ruin the good impression he just made

Mo Brooks (R-greedy jerk) "If you kill the goose that lays the golden egg, then no one gets anythin

Babushka Lady?

I think this tweet sums it up:

Trump is selling snake oil to the Rust Belt

Russian jets accidentally bombed US-backed forces in Syria: US general

Cities are following Seattle's lead in dropping Wells Fargo, bank leader says

Trump to lift federal coal ban, other green rules, next week: White House


DNC chair: Trump's speech was 'Bannon on steroids with a smile'

Fact-checking President Trumps address to Congress

Your Racist Asses Are Going To Jail Mike Malloy Show

okay, folks, it is decorah eagles time:

Ash Wednesday at Homeland Security

okay folks, it is decorah eagles time:

Nielsen: Ratings of Obama's first congressional address dwarf Trump's

Texas Supreme Court hears challenge on same-sex marriage rights

61 statements, 51 False... Orange Crush is lying 84% of the time...

Things have changed: White supremacists cite Trump in bomb threat targeting Muslim students

What in the world were they thinking?

Nothing has changed

Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented in Canada, Portends Huge Carbon Release

FBI corruption probe just the 'tip of the iceberg' for Trump's scandal-plagued Border Patrol nominee

Fantasy Wedding Vows ...

At least the tennis in Dubai is great - spoiler

Senate Democrats Comment on Trump Speech

I thought the state of the union was just a boring version of his stump speech.

Colbert's critique of Trump's speech

Missouri Supreme Court upholds St. Louis minimum wage law; will be $11 by 2018

James O'Keefe can't be honest about ANYTHING.

Is white the color of women's suffrage?

Heavenly Bamboo

Utica Greens: A Central New York Staple With Multiple Identities

Commanding Photos Chronicle 20 Years Of Protests In New York

In short: the Madman proposes an ultra-creepy propoganda program against a targeted demo group......

ACLU: the rule reinforced a stereotype that people with mental disabilities are violent

soooo, douche boy rips HRC for the Khans, but uses Owens' widow as political

Trump has set the bar so low that if he acts in a low key way

Dear Betsy ...

Hello VOICE I have been a victim of crime by foreigners-

World's oldest fossils found in Canada, say scientists

The State of the State Dept.

Comedian John Caparulo Attacked By Trump Supporter

Update on April the Giraffe - basically nothing new

Trump's TV ratings fall short of Obama's.

Twitter user BIGLY SMOKES Trump as he takes a victory lap for last night's speech.

State Dept. fearful under Trump: They want to blow this place up and turn diplomacy over to Kush

Ex-NSA analyst rips Trump for exploiting trapped widow: She didnt want to stand up we know why

Cupich to priests: Don't let ICE in without a warrant

Alec Baldwin To Co-Author Book Based On SNL Trump Impression

Constant Insults + "time for trivial fights is behind us" -- ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP

Best one yet.

Bravo! Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access pipeline


this is bullshit

David Pakman analysis on drumpts speech

#AltGovt Megathread: Unofficial Government Agency Twitter Accounts, February 8, 2018

Finally, the media is waking up.

If another poster keeps accusing you of not "living in the real world", is that acceptable here?

Madrid bans Catholic group's anti-transgender bus

Tomi Lehren /Tabby Lexus/Toni Lobotomy blocked me on twitter - Akilah

Georges St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping for the middleweight title

CNN: Trump lied to anchors about immigration to get positive press coverage in run-up to speech

Kellyanne Conway: Comments about FeetOnSofaGate are "venomous, vicious & it bothers my children"

In order to understand what's happening, you need to understand Chekism.

Charles P. Pierce: Why Trump Sounding 'Presidential' Only Makes Him More Dangerous

Anders Bering Breivik loses human rights case against Norway

It feels like watching a marriage counselor try to patch up a brother-sister marriage

Oh My CNN breaking - Russia accidentally bombs

***BREAKING*** Drumpf's pal Russia has just " accidentally" bombed US backed forces in Syria

Trump Address To Congress Draws Fewer Viewers Than Obama's 2009 Speech

Ex-CIA officer pardoned for role in 2003 kidnapping of terrorism suspect

Karl Rove: Democratic Responses To Trump's Speech 'Affected His Delivery'

CNN: Trump lied to anchors about immigration to get 'positive press coverage' in run-up to speech

White House Lies To CNN...before speech.

Afghan-Canadian doctor asked about 'tribal chief' before being barred from US

Trump's speech TV ratings are down from Obama's first state of the union...

It snowed in St. Paul, MN, this morning. Therefore there is no climate change.

50 nations seek to counter US ban on family planning funds

The media

Heads Up - Eyes on Upcoming Georgia Special Election

Damn this man and his anti-immigrant agenda!

blizzard warning for Hawaii today and tonight....

Trump's Proposal To Gut The State Department Runs Into GOP Buzzsaw

White House supports renewal of spy law without reforms: official

I clicked 'alert' on the wrong comment

White House supports renewal of spy law without reforms: official

Do you believe the Russian attack on American backed forces in Syria was accidental?

Report: GOPer Said 'Poorly-Dressed' House Dems Wore White For Clinton

Oklahoma faces continued risk of quakes linked to drilling: USGS

Too Bad We Don't Have Plague Epidemic That Just Strikes GOPPERS In Congress.

Judge okays release of Florida nightclub shooter's widow from jail

Busted: Iowa GOP lawmaker's alma mater turns out to be company that ran Sizzler steak house

U.S. communications agency considers helping in probe of Jewish center threats

More Wells Fargo customers may be affected by sales scandal: filing

Hello fellow DUers.

by Chris VanHollen

Sorry folks, but the Democrat's rebuttal to 45 was a mess

White House: Conway acted 'without nefarious motive' in Ivanka Trump plug (Won't be disciplined.)

Utica Greens: A Central New York Staple With Multiple Identities

Investigation into Husband and Wife Pastor Duo Reveals Decades of Abuse at North Carolina Church

Doctor detained for 5 hours by US border patrol was grilled about his tribe chief

Van Jones.. You more interested in ratings than telling the truth?

Trump acts presidential, and here's what we've decided passes for that now - Tom Toles

WA Post: Four potential investigations of DT/Russia

Hey Kids! Join the Trump Youth Movement!

Constitutional Convention?

Trump still wants you to be very, very afraid - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

FCC blocks stricter broadband privacy rules from taking effect

Ruby Tuesday Warns Jill Stein Green Party Response To Trump Speech Disrupting Other Diners

New York's Catholic Church seeks $100 million loan to pay priest victims

The fortieth governor of the Golden State speaks

School board in key transgender case seeks US high court delay

Wells Fargo strips CEO and 7 top execs of 2016 bonuses

Generals May Launch New ISIS Raids Without needing Trumps OK

Angela Rye confronts Van Jones over Trump: "I definitely dont think that this is presidential"

Making America Great, a poem by Marcus Bales (found on Facebook)

AP Exclusive: Taxes Could Flow with Dakota Access Pipeline

Oklahoma's earthquake threat now equals California's due to man-made temblors, USGS says

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: The Complete Second Season (So Far)

Response to fellow DUer worried about hating Trump

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 1, 2017

"Ms. Conway acted inadvertently and is highly unlikely to do so again"

Indivisible Clay activist movement taps into national sentiment

Meanwhile . . .


Progressives Need to Build Their Own Media

The Reagan Legacy: 37 years of fake issues, make-believe policies and contempt for democracy

Marco Rubio Tampa office refused lease renewal by landlord.

Louise Mensch: did Russia invent the recent Weiner case, in order to plant

Breaking Butterflies: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the Paranoia of J. Edgar Hoover

Being presidential


Americans were deceived.

ICE raids have 'blown up' in Alabama since Trump immigration orders went into effect

My pussy hat came in the mail today!

New studies on vouchers are bad news for voucher queen DeVos.

Alec Baldwin on Jimmey Kimmel tonight, Amy Schumer on Seth Meyers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sean Connery asked the question in "The Untouchables" that we should all be asking ourselves as

I swear to God trump fucker is going to get us nuked

Best News Bloopers February 2017

Name a time (historical event) in which you were most proud of our nation

Name a time (historical event) in which you were the most ashamed of our nation

Repost from GD: ACLU launches to help organize mass resistance

Major win: Supreme Court reverses ruling that protected Virginia GOP's legislative gerrymander

Obama 2017 drive gathers steam in France

NSA risks talent exodus amid morale slump, Trump fears

Call Speaker Ryan NOW!

Software Engineer Detained At JFK, Given Test To Prove He's An Engineer

What to do with Marmite?

President Trump Baits the Hook ...

Will McCain or Graham say anything interesting at their townhall tonight?

TN pastor angry at PP donations in his name

Rachel Maddow: To Diagnose the Russian Problem And To Fix It Is Not The Same Thing.

I was never a fan of Greta Van Susteren, now way less as I've learned she's a Scientologist. In fact

Remember Mario Cuomo's dictum that you campaign in poetry but govern in prose.

DREAMer detained by ICE moments after speaking at immigration rally

Editorial Board: Trump would explode the deficit: Our view

Donald Trump, Master of Low Expectations

What happened to General Michael Flynn??

Bait and switch

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs Concept Dog-friendly Car

So Van Jones has now become an authority on-

Netflix Series: Travelers--Loved it!

THIS CHART: How GOP O'Care Plan Shifts Tax Credits From The Poor To The Rich

Pastor Greg Locke is Pissed: People are Donating to Planned Parenthood in HIS Name

Kerry will be a visiting distinguished statesman at the Carnegie endowment for International Peace

Fact-checking President Trump's first address to Congress Lies even when previously Fact-Checked!

Tx Credits Won't Work. Millions Will Not Have Coverage.

"Illegal Aliens Are Trying to Kill You with Obamacare!" (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)

If the bar is set any lower, we'll have to hire an excavator.

Mount Etna's lava spewing captured from drone

Should Business Owners Be Able to Hire Anyone From Anywhere for Any Pay? (w/Guest Charles Sauer)

White House eyes plan to cut EPA staff by one-fifth, eliminating key programs

47 years today

An English Sheep Farmers View of Rural America

Josh - TPM - Day 2 musings on the speech - "It's all the same"

So stupid that even the GOP don't buy it

Oprah for President?

slate - more like it..."Unpresidential Address" (at least some in the media get it)

Michael Savage knows who the *REAL* subversives are!

Shy Persons Guide to Calling Representatives

Reports: the House GOP is planning a remarkably secretive rollout of its Obamacare (attack) plan

Bernie's new twitter video about Trump, Social Security, Medicare

Ryan & McConnell Don't Care If They Screw Millions. They Know Elections Are Fixed In The Future.


Bernie Photo: "The proper response to Trump"

Trump Advocated White Nationalism With An "Indoor Voice," And Pundits Loved It - Media Matters

20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

Oscars president: accountants who caused best picture mix-up banned

FCC head Ajit Pai: Thank me for carriers new unlimited data plans - Coincidence or Causation?

In the Trump era, Black women must be allowed to lead

What are you giving up for Lent? Here's mine:

This is disturbing on so many different levels...

GOP Hides Latest Draft of Obamacare Replacement

That wall is going down.

Democrats guide to 270ev is winning all of the Clinton 2016 states 232ev plus

Democrats need to set a marker.

When William Kristol makes more sense than Van Jones . . .

Trumps Speech Filled with Inaccuracies

Wednesday Open Thread No More Defenses for the Deplorables

Stephen Responds To Democrats Responding To Trump