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Archives: March 10, 2017

*****BREAKING*****Brooking, 15,000,000 will lose their insurance under Chump Care

Charles P. Pierce: What Will Become of National Parks Under Republican Rule?

Trump tweets out more BS than anybody, UNCs Roy Williams says

Dolt-45's hammering/dissing the IC makes more sense if he already knew Russia/Assange

Day Three: Tweety's spanking of the Thump continues.

EIGHTH Russian Connected To Trump Found Dead

Any modern day POTUS would be outraged at Wikileaks

Trump supporters call for liberal genocide and deportation of Jews at Arizona Rally

Republican platform

It's beyond narcissism when you're prepared to destroy your own intelligence agencies

Jerry Garcias Legendary Guitar, Wolf to be auctioned to benefit the SPLC

The Luck of the Irish is Definitely NOT with Trump!!!!!

After promising to revitalize inner cities, Trump decides to shred affordable housing

Those bastards never give up and MSNBC keeps giving them a microphone, a pulpit, and legitimacy

Judge who told complainant to 'keep your knees together' resigns

Does Bannon have top security clearance?

Former Gang Member Transformed by Gospel, Now Leads a Church

Now let's take a minute to look at Trumpcare.........

this is funny...

New Hampshire legislature blocks bill on transgender rights

Anyone familiar with this site?

Up next on CNN Outfront: FBI investigating computer link between

Founder of EPA's environmental justice office quit after 24 years at the agency. Here's his letter:

Jordan Peele's "Get Out" Meets The Trump White House

Alex Jones: Master Of Self Control (?)

Vermont businesses watch anxiously as Canadians turned away at U.S. border

CNN personality Reza Aslan causes controversy by eating human brains with members of Hindu sect

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 March 2017

Let's Talk John McCain....

A hot dog made Patty Duke lose control. For Ted Cruz, it's TrumpCare, Pence, and reconciliation.

Wolf Blitzer 3/9/17 ONE ON ONE Bernie Sanders

Laziness isnt why people are poor. And iPhones arent why they lack health care.

Thump is at 41% approval at Gallup. The only thing holding him up * is the stock market

Trumpcare? Think it should be named Trumpdon'tcare

ACLU files ethics complaint against Sessions with Alabama Bar

Robert Reich is live now.

Steve Bannon is doing us a favor.

Was the latest WikiLeaks "bombshell" an attempt to discredit

Great AARP ad out against Trumpcare.

After watching all of the political posturing today on the healthcare bill,

State Dept. has gone chillingly dark - Tillerson to ditch press on Asia trip

Huntsman's fam biz has 6+ offices in Russia

Trump Adviser Roger Stone Pushes Trump's Wiretap Lie On Russian State TV

Our Revolution Announces New Slate of Local Endorsements

GOP health-care bill would drop addiction treatment mandate covering 1.3 million Americans

APNewsBreak: Illinois official's pay was tied to health fund

Trump administration sends judges to immigration detention centers: sources

"The Most Hated Woman in America" trailer -- about the leader of the "American Atheists"

George A. Olah, who won Nobel Prize in chemistry, dies at 89

So Proud to be Living in the Bluest State...

Have patience, children....this snowball is rolling downhill.

Since the GOP Health Law creates such Momentous Changes, why not put it to a national referendum?

More troops in Syria: Trump orders boots on the ground to battle ISIS

1,000 words, for sure

My friend has a Kickstarter for this awesome "Basket of Deplorables" board game!

Breaking Now: MSNBC reporting that Michael Flynn was a Foreign Agent

GOP tries to discredit agency reviewing its health care bill

Jon Huntsman fam biz monthly magazine talks about their regional offices in Russia

Office supply chain Staples to close 70 stores

Trump Fix for ObamaCare Cut 1 $Trillion Tax and LET IT DIE!

A small grey & white is meowing & demanding lap space at the Rainbow Bridge from an angel

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! I am Woman Dont Grab My Pu$$y! Live Uncensored & a

Which US Senator is going to break Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd's record as the longest serving

WOW. The #GOPs reason to object to insurance covering prenatal care? Why should men pay for it?

China to step up patrols to create 'first class' navy

Mark Cuban Just Responded to Trumpcare with a BRILLIANT Solution

Union tips off Border Patrol in immigration crackdown - The Buffalo News

Trump Busy Installing Loyal Spies In All Of Our Federal Agencies. Move To Secret Government.

I realize the penalties for treason can and have varied. But if a death penalty should

Rachel is continuing her "Russian Connection" story tonight.

ACA: My experience

Every Day Brings New Horrifying/Terrifying Revelations.

Sessions: Gitmo is a "very fine place"

Who said this on International Woman's Day?

On Russian State Television (RT), Longtime Trump Adviser Roger Stone Pushes Trump's Wiretap Lie

Tom Cotton is a big fat chicken

Welp? I wasnt a big fan of Rachel for years..Too much smiling and fun..

Newest GOP Meme - "Lock Him Up, Lock Her Up" ' That Is Obama & Hillary.

me want

So it's 2017. Where are the unpublished JD Salinger works?

Imagine how great America would have been if we passed Truman's Fair Deal proposals

Australian horse named President Trump gelded - this is NOT the Onion!!!!

What round of hearings would we be on if HRC's staff touted Bowling Green?

ACLU filing an ethics complaint against Sessions for false statements made during his confirmation.

Extreme Left Made Up. A Myth. It Is A Scare Tactic To Inflame The GOP Base.

This is a must read piece by someone who knows what he is talking about

Can I make upside down mini-trifles and freeze them?

How Trump and his team are trying to change politics through the use of language

South Korea Removes President Park Geun-hye

Dear Healthcare insurance companies.....

Awwww. Sir Patrick Stewart meets Ginger (pitbull they are fostering) for the first time


Ladies and gentlemen, the first born son of 45 ( I think thats Uday) just retweeted this shite

How Far Have We Come Since March 9, 1954.......

S. Korean president impeached

Look where this story is going....WH is going to try and pin the hacking of DNC on the CIA...

Drug that halts Alzheimers, removes amyloid plaques on the horizon

Americans' Satisfaction With Direction of US Remains Low

How would Repugs reacted if Trump had lost?

Henderson (NV) woman accused of selling "do-it-yourself" Botox

You gotta love CNN

TPM - Marshall - "White House Demonstrably Lying About Flynn"

Slate - "The GOP Dream is Impossible"

Paul Ryan is a lying sack of maggot shit.

If the US cannot afford expensive healthcare, why is there so much

Trump skips meetings with veterans sends Omarosa in his place

Ethics office concerned about White House not disciplining Conway for ethics flub

OKAY....I have to get one of these posters.........

How russia weaponizes fake news

Holy shit, Shep is Not. Playing. Around. It's glorious.

5 Jack and cokes deep

45 has a lot in common Putin

Connecting Trumps Dots to Russia

Ann Arbor woman pleads guilty to making up hate crime

Authorities: Man held on device charge set Texas mosque fire

NO ONE breaks down Paul Ryan's plan for "Obamacare Repeal" BETTER than Oliver Willis. NO ONE.

Nigel Farage visits Ecuadorian Embassy, home of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Lessons from Putins Moscow for Living in Trump's America By Michael Idov

Con artists prey on immigrants fearing a Trump crackdown

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell says Sec. of State Tillerson is making official

The Destruction Of The State Department Is Tantamount To Treason

Chief: Outside demonstrators involved in college protest

RT tweeted 30 minutes before Podesta hack documents were leaked.

Trump travel ban could prevent United States hosting World Cup

If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!

Farage cant remember why he was meeting with Assange

Discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 10, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - Starring Richard Burton

Russian intel officer flew in for Convention to oversee Trumps platform change

TPM - Dumpcare vs ACA subsidies - "Sorry Alaska!"

Congressman Marc Pocan tweeted an explanation of Trumpcare

Congress Warns Trump: Stop Deleting Your Tweets.

Can D.C's Homeless Live in Discarded Subway Cars?

Poll:Majority Say Sessions Should Resign/ Illegal Immigrants Should Stay!!!

Marc Pocan tweets an explanation of Trumpcare...

Clinton Labor Secretary: There are now four grounds to impeach Trump

The Police - Every Breath You Take (VIDEO)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 11, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - WWII Italy

Okay, I'm back online!

Feinstein: If Assange's Claims Are True 'This Is A Major Release'

Rep. Maxine Waters Comments On Russian Dossier

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light (VIDEO)

'It's a tragedy,' Clive Hamilton says of Turnbull's climate transformation

Is that not correct?: Male GOP lawmaker asks why men should pay for prenatal coverage

Donald Trump Weakens, Hollows Out State Department Rachel Maddow

Friday nights...after school..homework my car.....and this song on the radio.

The poor just dont want health care: Republican congressman faces backlash over comments

***SPOILER ALERT*** From SHIN GODZILLA BEST Scenes. God I love this movie!

New Facts On Russia Influence On GOP Platform Rachel Maddow

Secretly Filmed Anti-Immigrant Video Claims Indians 'Ravaging' the Midwest

Police, FBI seek tips, offer reward in shooting of Sikh man

A breach of trust (in our home)...(Update)

Cory Booker pushes to block updated Trump travel ban

The Ocean Blue - Ballerina Out Of Control (Video)

South Korea impeaches and removes corrupt President...Now it's our turn

The Animals - San Francisco Nights (VIDEO)

Rolling Stone - Inside the Democrats' Plan to Fight Trump

Send in the clowns...

Mayor Frank Jackson sees Cleveland as a successful city poised on greatness

Al Green - Tired Of Being Alone (VIDEO)

Cleveland teachers pass new contract killing most of merit pay plan

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 12 - Dorothy Dandridge

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle (VIDEO)

TCM Schedule for Monday March 13 - Directed by Philip Leacock

Trump unaware Flynn was a 'foreign agent', Spicer says

I just love AHSOKA TANO ...

McConnell on Mexico paying for Trump's wall

Why state lawmakers are trying to reform payday loans

The Fuse Is Burning (TPM)

Ohio income tax revenue 27 percent short of February estimates, 3 percent short for fiscal year

Ohio bills aim to curb food stamp, Medicaid fraud

WikiLeaks Damaging US Intelligence Efforts

More states join Hawaii's challenge of new Trump travel ban

Mayor Frank Jackson protests to state that budget plans would cost Cleveland millions

Trumps Lawyer Scrambled After Conway Plugged Trump Clothing

If you are willfully ignorant of treason, does that make you culpable in treason?

Canadas Supreme Court Just Gave Trump AWFUL News

Ohio lawmakers renew push for convention to amend the U.S. Constitution

D.C. Restaurant Sues Trump, Claiming 'Unfair' Competition

A Hedge Fund Happy Hour: Trumps Mar-a-Lago

Some southern rock to accompany moonshine. (Little Feat)

Betty Sutton to run for Ohio governor

The Wiki leaks CIA release of documents was a Russian Intelligence Operation

Kasich wants teachers to do business externships? He should have to job shadow at schools, Democrats

Racist message, swastika found on door at Akron's Ellet High School

Well look what Ryan was doing just before...

Let's start St. Paddy's day early!

A Business Conversation with Martin O'Malley

Deadly "virus" hitting hard and it isn't a health issue...

Residents vent anger as Grant County raises taxes, avoids bankruptcy

Controversy Over Crosses on Proposed Villanova Bridge, being paid for by penndot.

Anti-addiction advocates: Health bill could kill treatment

For Democrats, Sherrod Brown is key voice in Trump era

Medical Marijuana Demo: Watch how it works using a vape pen

Park Geun-hye: South Korean court removes president over scandal

Revised rules allow 50% more medical marijuana shops, prohibit home delivery

Powell man faces charges in Columbus State gun incident

Former Mount Sterling administrator gets 10 years for stealing from village

FBI probing connection between Trump's server and server of a russian bank.

TCU stuns No. 1 Kansas in Big 12 quarterfinals

Contractors suing Trump for $5 million for work done on Trump hotel in Washington DC

Watch this little girl get caught in a huge gust of wind.

"Meet the Nonvoters Who Can't Stand That Trump Is President"

Wright-Patterson employees can't bring handguns to work

Have my fellow red staters also felt lonely since Nov 9th?

Disputes with local governments could create fresh conflicts of interest

Daily Holidays - March 10

Aura of lawlessness a struggle for us all

In a Small Ohio Town, Police Are Charging Overdose Victims with 'Inducing Panic'

"Trump keeps saying American companies are taxed at the highest rate anywhere in the world..."

Guantanamo Delusion

Trump's populism is dying

Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration: Amazon Book review

Connecting Trumps Dots to Russia

#NativeNationsRise meets with Sen. Sanders

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Donald Trump unaware Michael Flynn was a 'foreign agent', Sean Spicer says

Investigation continues into computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization

Native Nations Rise - March 10

Here's a game you can play with Republicans: What is their favorite Trump-quote?

Trump is in bed with the Russians. The GOP leadership must face that fact.

State Commission: Consider abolishing Board of Education

Hopeful for more troops, US scouts basing options in Germany

Airbnb raises $1 billion in new financing

Stephen Colbert: The Creators of TrumpCare: Don't Call it TrumpCare

Recall petition targets Warren Mayor Fouts

DTE Energy says recovery will take days; 90% will have power by Sunday

US military nude photo sharing scandal widens beyond marines

More than 60 warming centers open across Michigan

Listeria from raw milk cheese kills two in US

Volkswagen expected to plead guilty to fraud

Bambi coming soon...

Does anyone else out there fear for Rachel Maddow's safety?

Iranian Member of International Cybercrime Conspiracy Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Proposed bill says no tax return, no name on ballot

Detroit's QLINE light rail to launch May 12

Sign of a bad day beginning.

State of Michigan employees' salaries would be public under House bill

Michigan House OKs keeping expelled lawmakers from filling own seats

I'm looking at an Alaska tour that involves a road trip

Head of DeVos-backed group resigns in wake of domestic abuse comments

Kimberly Dozier: Spies Live in Fear of Trumps Next Tweet

State-worker unions respond to unfriendly environment

Hey Reporters: Two Questions to Ask the VP!


Air control tower was evacuated when Univ. of Michigan basketball team plane wrecked

Pope signals he's open to married Catholic men becoming priests

Transit authority still reviewing CEO's expenses after $19K payback

Lawsuit goes after state computer contractors for unemployment insurance flap

About that "odd" Russian/Trump computer connection.

Olympic committee asks USA Gymnastics head to resign

Mexican FS was in Washington at the WH and State Dept was not aware....

Brothers high on mushrooms fight naked on Indy's south side

Chump Care is so remarkably shitty if it passed the political damage would be infinite.

Joe Scarborough is blaming Bill Clinton ..

The Impact of DonTCare, GOP's Repeal of Obamacare

Lawmaker won't 'give in to terrorists' after troll takes over his Twitter account

If we Democrats can't derail Chump Care we might just have to find a new country

Trump's first economic report card

Pence gives President Man-Baby belated "praise" for shitcanning Foreign Agent Flynn #damagecontrol

Trumpcare Is Not Real, No one is this stupid.

GBR: Mass Bleaching Underway For 2nd Straight Year; 22% Of Reef Died In 2016, In 2017?

Lets Lighten the mood...Best Serious TV Interview/Nanny failure ever

Cummings Asks White House: Which Ethics Rules Don't Apply To You?

The Second Coming of Nixon

Freedumb! Two Dead, Four Hospitalized In Cheese-Borne Listeria Outbreak

Right wing radio let's cat out of bag

NARTH Co-Founder and Leader in Ex-Gay Torture Movement Joseph Nicolosi Dead at 70

got a call asking for $ from a group purporting to be against Trump: Progressive Priorities PAC

O' what a tangled web they have woven.

Permafrost Collapse, Coastal Erosion, Infrastructure Failure Coming For Alaska; No $ To Pay For It

TPM: Straightforward Proof White House Demonstrably Lying About Flynn

Dear Leader Stumpy is shooting off missiles. South Korea ousts it President. And WE have . . . .

Seven Years For This ?

Statoil Announces Cuts Of 20% In GHG Emissions By 2030. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

Nazi medal-wearing Gorka proclaims: "No persecution based on skin color" in US

Shell CEO: Renewable Energy Good Blahblah Expand And Support Blahblah Climate Blah

This is Fake News!

Trump keeps claiming he's created U.S. jobs since Election Day. Not so.

Secular Mennonites are protesting Trump.

ACLU is launching 'People Power' project to resist Trump policies in cities

Rude Pundit Give Ryan a Tutorial on How Insurance Works:

US Heading For $1 Trillion In Coastal RE Losses; T***p Is Only Going To Make Things Worse

Must see video here:

Bonus! GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill Depletes Medicare Trust Fund Faster

On The Friday Lighter Side: Weekly Top 10 To-Do List Items for Trump Supporters

Trump Weakens, Hollows Out State Department Rachel Maddow

The truth about the wikileaks CIA cache..

Ten dots on Trump's Russia ties, waiting to be connected.

GOP Lawmaker Calls On Senate To 'Go Nuclear' To Pass Health Care Repeal

Dead Sharks Are Popping Up In Florida Parking Lots and Driveways

EPA's Environmental Justice Head Resigned After 24 Years. He Wants to Explain Why.

So what's wrong with having only 1 healthcare provider in an area?

Payroll employment rises by 235,000 in February; unemployment rate changes little at 4.7%

Andrea Mitchell escorted out of room where SoS Tillerson was having a meeting.

Trump family now boasting openly that they're getting rich off the presidency

Sources: FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Org...

"To Hell With Science"

Donald Trump Signs On to Paul Ryan's Let-Them-Die 'Health-Care' Crusade - Joy-Ann Reid

"Obama was seen planting listening devices in the Oval Office!" Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

When's that CBO report on Trumpcare coming out? "Widely expected" early next week.

'Where is the help?': black tea and dark despair as Somalia edges closer to famine

Exclusive: Leaked emails reveal Nigel Farage's long-standing links to Julian Assange.

Is the American News Media Up to the Task? Will They Be Dan Rather or Judy Miller?

No power: Day 3

Even Fox News' Shep Smith: "It's too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke."

Hillary Clinton To Speak In Pa. Next Week


The origin of Superheroes: Flash


From "The Nation": Against Kremlin-Baiting

Oh, Barack Obama the Republican Party just cant quit you

Donald Trump, the Miley Cyrus of Presidents.

Slate - "The Big Con" - how Trump is betraying so many

Republicans loot the palace: GOPs plan to govern looks a lot like the way it "rebuilt" Iraq

slate - "Donald Trump and the Chamber of Secrets"

The Authoritarian Playbook

ACA: My Experience

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Start saving up your iPhones

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Insane

Trumps Lawyer Scrambled After Conway Plugged Trump Clothing, Emails Show

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Jim Hightower - What Should We Do About A Mentally Ill President?

Stress Reliever from tRump Idiocy

Why does the Ecuadorian embassy give Assange safe harbor?

TGIF! Let's dance...

With the different groups arrayed against Chump Care

AP Top News: Ex-adviser's ties to Russia, Trump campaign draw scrutiny

Chaos in South Korea follows impeachment of President - Russia, China stand to gain

Have an old iPhone with cracked glass?

Mother Jones-James Comey Elected Donald Trump President

Trump tweeted Obama wiretap claims after aide slipped a Breitbart article into his reading pile...

The Russian coup continues...

Trump's disputes with local governments could create fresh conflicts of interest

Could still go up, but I believe we've made the turn for the year

This isnt just a trend for us: why New York women went on strike, in their own words

Media Watch From Sidelines As Trump Administration Retreats Into Secrecy

The Media's inability to say it's the Republicans.

Don't let Trump or the republicans say they didn't know about Flynn.

Why have some decided the only way to improve the party

'The hypocrisy is staggering': Morning Joe panel scorches Trump team over Mike Flynn's work for ...

Serious question: Why the CBO? Why can't the Republicans rate their healthcare-bill?

If Rural Voters Were Angry Before, Wait Until The GOP Repeals Obamacare

TPM - "Bonus! GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill Depletes Medicare Trust Fund Faster"

Attention Trump Supporters: YOU OWN THIS.

Trump's executive powers may block CIA torture suit

Maybe Trump Voters Should Reach Out To Us

Trump team taking more and more credit for Obama successes

Trump will try to con Nashville on March 15

Nobody that voted for Trump can say they didn't know what they were voting for?


I'm not a huge fan of the CIA*, but I think it is unwise for Thump to throw them under the bus.

This is chilling

Senators demand to know how Jared Kushner will avoid overlap between business empire and government

"Impeachment of South Korea's President Sends Waves of Envy Across U.S."

Minister of Lies and Misinformation - PURGE The Government

Wikileaks server now located in Moscow?

The Most Stupid, Ugly, Hateful Statement Ever About "The Poor"

Before you judge

Who's that w/ SCROTUS' "football" carrier?

There's something worse than prison for the Trump and his co-conspirators

The GOP are trying to teach us personal responsibility.

This is how to frame the Health Care proposition

Why Republicans Are Opposed to Supporting the Poor - An Open Secret

workplace wellness genetic testing

The climate change lawsuit the Trump administration is desperate to stop going to trial

Follow the money folks.. Nothing happens over night.. Our Democracy is under attack!!


Tim Cullen looking to run for Governor

Nelson Mandela's presidential memoir, Dare Not Linger, due in autumn

Trump slammed for plan to pay for border wall by hiking flood insurance rates

A peek at Friday and ....

MSNBC host needs just 12 seconds to crush Republican upset about men paying for prenatal care

Florida may expand prayer, religious expression in public schools

Drumpf State Park a dump

Guardian Interview: Bernie Sanders on Trump and the resistance: 'Despair is not an option'

Guardian Interview: Bernie Sanders on Trump and the resistance: 'Despair is not an option'

Ryan On Millions Losing Care: 'Never Going To Win A Coverage Beauty Contest'

General Mike Flynn only decided to register as a foreign agent a couple of days ago?

(Kentucky)Lawmakers OK bill to protect religious expression in schools

(missouri) Legislation would clarify protection for religious groups, school activities

GOP Leaders Shoot Down Moving Up Medicaid Expansion Phase Out Date

LIVE: Native Nations March on Washington DC


ACLU Files Complaint Against Sessions Over Senate Testimony Regarding Russia

Nostalgia as a symptom of late-stage capitalism.............

Price: Some May Be 'Moved' To Insurance That's 'Much More Desirable'

Sham Hannity Calls For Trump To Rid Obama Holdovers, Blames Them For Leaks

On, the headline reads "Trump on track to deliver promise of jobs." "In President's

Babies videobomb BBC interview

Good Idea! After 1 Million Acres Burn, KS Leg Moves To Join Great Plains Fire Compact

Are you missing 17K?

Little-noticed House Republican bill would let employers demand workers' genetic test results

The big push for the corporate tax cut promises a jobs renaissance just like Brownback

Senate panel takes up bill allowing praying aloud in Indiana schools

CBS News: How Russian oil giant Rosneft could claim U.S. oil

Don't believe those phony numbers

(Iowa) Republicans seek religious exemption in boarding school law

We're facing the biggest threat to America in our lifetimes.

Nate Silver Concludes That 'There Really is an Elite Media Bubble'

Citizens United

One More Damn Thing to Worry About: Radioactive Wild Boars

Can we get at least ONE?

National Action, March 15th: mail a POSTCARD to the White House

It's not just this or that, it's a whole lot of this and that.

Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger is Thinking About Running for Senate in 2018

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week: Friday Roundup

Pence is lying: Top Democrat sent letter to Mike Pence in November warning of Michael Flynn's Turkey

Betsy Devos' husband

After Trump took office, a whole slew of his trademarks were quickly approved in China...

Her disastrous insurance cancer story should give Obamacare repeal advocates pause (VIDEO)

Pence and other Trump people tell another lie: Flynn resigned. He didn't get fired.

BREAKING: Wikileaks is hosted in Moscow

Be careful what you wish for - My article in my local paper to my neighbors

U. Chicago Divinity School: We support free speech, unless its too offensive

White Evangelicals Believe They Face More Discrimination Than Muslims

wtf? cnn: 'trump's on track to deliver 25 million jobs in 10 years'

Top Democrat sent letter to Mike Pence in November warning of Michael Flynn's Turkey lobbying

Two JK stories from yesterday - he bought a house on Martha's Vineyard and signed a book deal

Little-noticed House Republican bill would let employers demand workers genetic test results

Try giving a skype interview on TV when your kids bust in....hilarious!

Sex orgies, prostitution, porn: Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy

Sanders Hits Trump's China Trademark Scandal

Report: 15 Million People Will Lose Health Coverage Under GOP Repeal Bill

Top Medicaid doctor breaks from his Trump-appointed boss and comes out against Republican plan

The Pathetic Lives of Putin's American Dupes.

Resistance Radio -- worth a listen

Stop asking me for a review every time I buy something

How to fix the ACA: Create a default govt. health insurance plan--The Public Option

How do I address post card to president bannon and when should I mail it

Catholic Healthcare Forgets Mary Had a Choice

(religious) Hospitals' residency programs must abide by Title IX

Over 80 Comox Valley doctors want to keep new hospice beds away from St. Joseph's Hospital


Study: Soils Could Release Much More Carbon Than Expected as Climate Warms

US State Department staff 'left with literally nothing to do' under Trump - Independent

I will pretend I am a reporter.

Could Trump have bi-polar disorder?

This sums it up.

IU chemists create molecular 'leaf' that collects and stores solar power without solar panels

Mike Flynn: Bought and paid for by the Turks and the Russians

Standing Rock DC March is loooong

It's this simple. No graphs, charts or polls needed.

Does GOPcare remove the employer mandate to cover employees?

Need for Catholic health care has never been greater, says cardinal

Have republicans become the most disloyal? This is a nation in which, supposedly, we are all in this

AARP speaks out on Obamacare replacement bill & how it affects Medicare subscribers.

Pelosi: Republicans Are 'Afraid' Of CBO Score On Obamacare Repeal Bill

Accounting for Extreme Rainfall

Trump to Republicans: If Your Healthcare Plan Fails, I'll Blame Democrats

The super-secret division in charge of the Russia investigation

2 Republicans Sign Onto Demand for Trump's Tax Returns

Georgia Republicans Pass Racial Gerrymander to Kick Black Voters Out of GOP Districts

I will pretend I am a reporter. (REDUX)

When wrongful convictions affect blacks more than whites, can we call it a justice system?

American Diplomats Comfort With Tillerson Gives Way to Unease - Bloomberg

KO:Trump's Amazing Speech Sure Didn't Age Well-The high water mark of his presidency looks pretty t

Why Even Russia is Turning on Trump

Trump. Right. Okay, the world's gone nuts: Russell Brand The Trews

KO:Trump's Amazing Speech Sure Didn't Age Well-The high water mark of his presidency looks pretty t

Researchers find neurological link between religious experiences and epilepsy

Ivanka Trump's D.C. landlord is tycoon behind planned Ely copper mine

Hypocrite? Or just an asshole?

The mystery of the New Jersey cemetery

(nevada) Bills would ban religion exception to birth control coverage

Investigators: Threats to Jewish Groups in U.S. and U.K. Are Linked

Trump Sending Nuclear Armed B-52 To South Korea. China Not Happy About That.

Wrong on Twitter this week (#7)

I Want Trump/Bannon Prosecuted And McConnell/Ryan Squeezed

NoDAPL TV Ad by Lakota People's Law Project

About that 'Trump Bump'

Coverup : State Dept asked NYC Medical Examiner not to disclose cause of death of Russian UN amb

Immigration crackdown will hurt the US job market

Mike Pence says Turkey ties are "affirmation" of decision to fire Michael Flynn

New Nanofiber Marks Important Step In Next Generation Battery and Water Electrolysis Development

Trump scammed his working-class supporters

Late at night, in the bowels of the White House,

Obamacare repeal must be stopped. Don't be confident that they won't get it through

Maricopa County Trumpers/Oath Keepers Have Declared War On Liberals Via Violence.

Sanders: 'Despair is not an option'

Video: Trump Voters on Obamacare...from Kentucky..


The Democratic Women of my county have over 2000

Afghanistan Is Now Trumps

The super-secret division in charge of the Russia investigation

Trump keeps claiming hes created jobs since Election Day. Not so.

House Republicans would let employers demand workers genetic test results

For Whom Did Donald's Server Toll? Trump, Putin and Alfa Bank

Building better batteries: Researchers report new approach to improving lithium-sulfur batteries

Guess the ICE raids are working. I got a glossy postcard

Gay conversion therapy advocates heartened by Republican electoral victories

US senators seek relaxed screening of border patrol applicants

Dusseldorf attacks: Man, 80, assaulted with machete hours after nine hurt in station axe rampage

Americans oppose bathroom laws limiting transgender rights: poll

Judge denies 'stand your ground' defense in movie theater shooting

GOP conspiracy theory explains away Trumps Russia problem

Scientists Store an Operating System, a Movie and a Computer Virus on DNA

Space Energy Technology (thermionic conversion) Restored to Make Power Stations More Efficient

trump is coming to nashville, tn next wednesday for a 'campaign stop' per aide.

Wikileaks was twisting the truth about its dumped CIA cache. Of course.

Trump has hurt American democracy in just 50 days

Pelosi: Trump is 'making fools' out of GOP

On The Faulty Logic Of Wanting Year-Round Daylight Saving Time

The State Department Is Out of the Loop

Elon Musk Tweets Offer to Fix Australia's Energy Crisis in 100 Days

Reporters ordered to leave White House Roosevelt Room by one of Trump's personal security agents

RIGHT NOW on Cspan2

CCNY-based team develops sustainable, high energy density battery

Dynamic of City Council meetings with Scientology leader a rarity

Am I wrong because I don't want Trump impeached?

Ryan: Healthcare failure could stall other GOP priorities

Train carrying ethanol derails, bursts into flames in Iowa

Bill Clinton: Nationalism taking us to 'the edge of our destruction'

Bears Ears National Monument, sacred to native tribes, faces a challenge to its status

Rep. Ron Kind decides against run for Wisconsin governor

Ex-gay pioneer Joseph Nicolosi is dead. Thats good news for LGBT people he hurt

Dem uses new tactic to get Trump's tax returns

Schwarzenegger for Senate?

An obituary: The National Endowment for the Arts, 52, of unnatural causes

Second wave of mass bleaching unfolding on Great Barrier Reef

Ruh-Roh BREAKING: Trump transition was told Flynn likely needed to register as foreign agent

White evangelicals say Christians face more persecution than Muslims: Poll

Churkin's death cause hidden due to diplomatic immunity--but previously, causes HAVE been released

Trump team was told Flynn might need to register


Radioactive boars are running rampant in Japanese towns six years after Fukushima

Post Your Favorite Sci-Fi, Extraterrestrial Song, Video, Movie Clip, Etc. Daft Punk: "Contact"

DREAMer Daniela Vargas to be released, her attorney says

Homeland Security Finally Vows To Fully Join Investigation Into Hate-Inspired Attacks

Firearms bans


007 in jeopardy. Screenwriter says Trump is the real life James Bond villain.

Need some advice on nutrition and foods for weight gain.

Did I just hear Spicer equate the Obama administration with the Deep State?

Ryan: Covering more people is just a "beauty contest"

I keep getting a mssg "Do you want this website to open an ap on my computer?"

Does Sean Spicer have a 3rd nostril?

Failure Is The Goal

Bernie on Trump & the resistance - advice for those who are scared: Despair is not an option

Spicer needs to go on a meditation retreat.

UN: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (do you suppose drumpfy &co care?)

Toon- Meeting of Trump's team

The president has high standards for everyone who works in this administration. - Sean Spicer.

DAPL Protesters Brave Winter Weather In D.C. March

Wisconsin panel sidesteps open meetings law on youth prison tour to exclude public

Elon Musk Tweets Offer to Fix Australia's Energy Crisis in 100 Days

Faith leaders to stand with undocumented immigrant at deportation hearing

'Sam: Why are you so bent on countering these idiot leaflets?

WE are building Forces today to go to War in Syria... Bet many of You had no Idea...

This is legit the only thing I know about "Hell on Wheels". I've never seen a minute of it, but

Spicer Signaling Distress today

"Stories" like this make me want to stab something

Marines Tasked with Firing Howitzers in Syria are "Just Advisors" Says Sean Spicer

Thousands expected to march to protest nuclear power today

This weekend's tunes

Say what now??

I was refunded the money I donated to GoFundMe for

'Trump lies all the time': Bernie Sanders indicts president's assault on democracy

Grand opening of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Park

Fox Is Said to Settle With Former Contributor Over Sexual Assault Claims

I was away from the computer for a while, and logged back in to see a FB post: "And so it ends."

Did I hear that right?

Concerns emerge over guarantee for Toshiba's U.S. nuclear project

Russia's coming attack on Canada

Married Catholic men may be allowed to become priests, say Pope Francis

BREAKING: Rachel Maddow beats all cable, Fox and Tucker Carlson.

Attorney General Sessions has asked the remaining 46 U.S. Attorneys appointed by Obama to resign...

White House civil war breaks out over trade

LISTEN UP! Congresscritters should only be allowed to walk back

Today's petitions

On Fishing Lures, Web Design, and Elections

Can Sessions Be Disbarred For Making False Statements UNder Oath

The best interview of 2017. Hands down.

Top Democrat sent letter to Mike Pence in November warning of Michael Flynn's Turkey lobbying

How to impeach a president

Actual exchange at WH Press Briefing

ICE arrested and tried to deport actual US citizen just because.

Reporters: This means you have to treat Wikileaks like Trump. Assume they're lying.

What Democrats Need To Do!

Spicer claims jobs numbers may have been phony before, but now theyre very real'

13-minutes: Top U.S. & World Headlines March 10, 2017 (Democracy NOW!)

Trumps and the republicans favorite four letter word. Mine.Mine.Mine.Mine.

WP reporter: U.S. attorneys asked to submit resignations

Sean Spicers Quick Twitter Reaction to Jobs Report May Break a Rule.

Is this real or satire?? Spicer handed a note...

Indian Dishes Better Than Takeout

Tillerson's State Department has ordered NYC to hide Vitaly Churkin's cause of death. Leaked source

Way to go Team Trump - 2 grreeeat months of job growth

Bernie Sanders Interview with Wolf Blitzer 3/9/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions seeks resignations of 46 US attorneys

Trump is in bed with Russia. Trump had Russia corrupt our fair election system.

Donald Trump invites foreign tourists to the White House, then bans them

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer threatens SNL podium move against reporter (VIDEO)

Man tries to burn store he thought was Muslim-owned in Port St Lucie, FL

Florida judge denies 'stand your ground' defense in shooting

Trump supporters call for liberal genocide and deportation of Jews at Arizona rally

WH says Trump unaware of Flynns status as having to register

Twitter user comes to a six-word conclusion regarding his vote for Trump.

I don't care what happens to elderly Republicans anymore

A song for Cat Lovers from DOUT

Harsh sentence for racist Georgia couple has white supremacists across the country freaking out: rep

What are your nominations for firearm related Democratic vote losers?

Relax - enjoy- calm down for an endless trip

Trump wants to cut the Energy Star program and, with it, billions in consumer savings

Dissident newspaper "Gateway Pundit" receives prestigious Kim Il-Sung Prize for truth and accuracy

EXCLUSIVE: Queens tenants fight religious group trying to evict them and turn building into homeless

Name one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. Or of any genre.

South Dakota governor mum on religious adoption protections

It is LEGAL when the Attorney General asks US Attorneys General to resign....

Yes, Trump scammed many of his working-class supporters. This new analysis leaves little doubt.

Boris Epshteyn, who pushes Trumps message out on the airwaves, has offended network bookers and co

One of the greatest drummers, period? Of all time?

How did the GOP come up with this awful health-care bill? - By Jennifer Rubin

'Don't Say Gay' Christian Values GOP Lawmaker Accused of Affair With Employee Who's Also His Patient

MEANWHILE, in Los Angeles...

White House: Trump Didn't Know of Flynn Plan to Register as Foreign Agent

Trump Already Wavering on Trumpcare

Late at night, in the bowels of the White House,

Pence says he didn't know about Flynn's lobbying 4 Turkey. Rep. Cummings sent him a letter in NOV

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy: IV-Finale

ABC News: Hundreds of Christian Anti-Gay 'Conversion Camps' for Kids 'Operating Across the Country'

Trump to select Scott Gottlieb, a physician with deep drug-industry ties, to run the FDA

White House Suggests It Hired a National Security Adviser Without Googling Him

Fearing gov't control, trans bathrooms, Christian preschool closes

BREAKING: Trump nominates Scott Gottlieb to head the FDA - White House official.

Congressman Swalwell Launches Webpage Outlining Trumps Ties To Russia

The new alarmism: How some Christians are stoking fear rather than hope

Slate - "Trumpcare Might Break the Insurance Market"

Spicer: Trump Says Formerly 'Phony' Jobs Numbers Are Now 'Very Real'

That Dipstick From Accounting Doesn't Know Squat

why is it that they talk about the "trump rally" every single day

Betsy DeVos' Holy War

Krugman: AHCA More like Obamacare 0.5

The mystery of Donald Trump and the New Jersey cemetery.

Muhammad Ali Jr. detained at airport for second time

Two Oregon occupiers guilty of conspiracy in second trial: report

Spicer accidentally wears flag pin upside down at start of press briefing - The Hill

All together now: One shattering collective scream.

Every person deserves to rest in peace: Muslims Help Repair Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

Is Trumpcare intended to fail? Some in WDC say 'yes.'

Funny: GOP proposed PSA.

"What is trump hiding?" Establish this meme.

Five Long TV Cons Worth a Short Binge.

A Movie For A Friday Night in Trumpland......

Bless there evil little hearts. A house bill to eliminate the EPA

Fox News Reporter Angrily Calls Out White Supremacist Homocon Blogger In White House Briefing Room

Panel rules Venezuela won't have to pay $1.4B to Exxon Mobil

Panel rules Venezuela won't have to pay $1.4B to Exxon Mobil

Trump about official statistics? 'They may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now'

Trump to ask Merkel for advice on Putin, Ukraine: U.S. officials

Update: TMZ staff uncomfortable with Harvey Levin's Trump ties:

Top 10 Things to Do in Shanghai, China

New Slogan on Woody's Guitar - "How Did It Come to This?"

Schiff: I haven't seen any evidence Obama admin wiretapped Trump

Flynn was paying ex FBI official McCauley

Trumps St. Patricks Day Hat Got Flak for Its Design. Now Its Gone From the Website

Official: Russian UN ambassador died from heart attack

Video: Bernie Sanders on the resistance movement in Trump's America

Amazing. I drove from Raleigh to Asheville today - listened to NPR much of the drive

Bernie Sanders on the resistance movement in Trump's America

More schools cancel Christian sex ed program; emotions run high at public meetings

Congress probes Islamic State counterpropaganda operations

Congress probes Islamic State counterpropaganda operations

If Flynn's SF-86 answers were ignored, who else in admin currently holds a high-level pass that way?

Dreamer detained by Ice agents in Mississippi to be released

Offshore windfarms set to become cheaper source of electricity than nuclear power stations

is donthecon in Florida this weekend

Andrea Mitchell just had some interesting info about Tillerson (on MSNBC).

Nancy Pelosi urges FBI director to debunk Donald Trump's wiretap claim

Trump Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign

Presidency Is Good News for Trump's Bottom Line

Jeff Sessions urges US prosecutors to target drugs in push against violent crime

The French Love to Eat This. Why Dont Americans?

A reporter asked Trump for evidence of wiretapping. He didnt answer.

I need reassurance that this can be fixed

Theodore Roosevelt vs Betsy DeVos

Is the GOP Health Care Plan Designed to Die?


Republicans' hand-picked CBO chief is likely to trash Trumpcare

Fewer FBI Agents Investigating Russia Than Clinton Emails

Mexico's Congress Is Cooking Up Dozens Of Anti-Trump Measures

Exposed: Donald Trump's Sham Populism

Roger Stone, Trump confidant, acknowledges innocuous Twitter conversation with DNC hackers

So according to the NY Times...

Why Don't The Dems Put Out Their Own Healthcare Offering....

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) Says Obama Running a Shadow Government (w/ video)

How about PutinCare?

Where the media has failed and continues to fail the American people?

Dan Rather: To put jobs #'s in perspective, 76 months of jobs growth is a record.....

Read: Oversight committee sends letter concerning trump's deleted tweets

The super-secret division in charge of the Russia investigation

Folks. ...ITMFA!!! gear is available

The Dutch far rights election donors are almost exclusively American

Lying liars continue to just make sh!t up ...

A note on the timing of the mass U.S. attorney dismissals today:

Brushing Maru and Hana:

Republicans are trying to destroy the very idea of neutral judgment

Trump supporters think that novel-based anti-Nazi audio-drama is an actual political broadcast.

RCMP (royal canadian mounted police) respond to missing person report

Boston St. Patrick's parade to allow gay veterans to return

Boston St. Patrick's parade to allow gay veterans to return

@aclu + @peoplepower over 100,000 from all over the country are doing this training tomorrow

U.S. senators seek relaxed screening of border patrol applicants

The ACLU has an easy to use form to contact congress: Hands off our healthcare: don't repeal the ACA

"... every word out of Sean Spicer , ne Streicher's mouth, including and and the, is a lie..."