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Thump had told Preet Bharara his job was safe.

Life in Pieces......soooooooooooo funny.

Trump attacks Obama because he needs a black boogeyman

I am watching Spin City on Laff TV channel and the orange haired doufus was guest starring.

Louise Mensch is going after Preet Bharara on Twitter

Millionaires Will Get $157 Billion In Tax Cuts If Republicans Repeal Obamacare

Threads That Speak: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Inca

"There is no contradiction between faith & Science ..."


We need an INDEPENDENT investigation!

Preet Bharara busted a Russian spy ring in NYC in 2015.

Something the American people need to understand.

Am I late for the semi-annual complain-a-thon about Daylight Saving?

Carinal Tobin leads effort to help man facing deportation

WATCH: The Resistance Training: An ACLU Town Hall Live in Miami, FL / Training!!

"The east is red, the sun is rising..."

Here are the 5 most cringe-worthy arguments Republicans have made about Trumpcare this week

Ask a righty

Democrats should FIX the ACA in 45 pages

Arson suspect wanted to 'run the Arabs out of our country,' sheriff says

Steve Bannon reported to the FBI for allegedly violating campaign finance laws

More Bharara vs. the Russian Mafia

Let's back Ossoff in Georgia!!!! Stuff we can do NOW!

These are real names of Committees/PACs from the FEC website - some are hilarious

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Santa Anita Handicap

One congressman's comprehensive guide to Trump-Russia connections

Deplorable tried to burn down store because 'Muslim' owner didnt have his favorite kind of juice

Slide to digital questions

Everything Trump Did in His 7th Week That Really Matters

Trump voters lose the most under Trumpcare.

great thread from Balloon-Juice on Trumpcare.

Bligh's Bounty

Hey America, Are We Great Yet?

During his political rise, Stephen K. Bannon was a man with no fixed address

"F**k it, I'm out": Josh Barro quits GOP, joins Democrats.Oct. 2016

💕💜💗I love you guys 💗♥️💙💚

If Preet wasn't investigating Trump in any way, this will all blow over quickly. If he was, hang on

Ben Sasse criticized Assange/WikiLeaks, now getting numerous "password reset" attempts

I would like to see peer reviewed research on what percentage of Americans have authoritarian...

Talk about timely! The Manchurian Candidate is being shown on Channel 13/WNET

Warning: The Talking Point Six Months From Now Will Be: "Trump Wasn't Really A Republican."

Blind Labrador Lost For A Week In The Mountains Waits For One Last Sign Of Hope

I keep wondering why the US doesn't have the smart people like Russia does so we

Though it's been out for a while, I am watching "Where To Invade Next"

Why Honeybees Dont Have A Chance In The Midst Of Pesticides

In Washington, D.C., Another Contractor Stiffed by Trump March 8, 2017

Archaeologists Unearth Impressive Rock Art Carved In 4,000-Year-Old Tomb

In Washington, D.C., Another Contractor Stiffed by Trump March 8, 2017

In Washington, D.C., Another Contractor Stiffed by Trump March 8, 2017

The G.O.P.s High-Risk Strategy for Health Law Repeal

Scarlett Johansson is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. It is

Meet the Democrat running against Rep. Jason Chaffetz and raising loads of money

Playing with shots of the moon tonight

A Dutch Police helicopter is currently escorting a Turkish govt. plane out of Dutch airspace...

Across the aisle, uproar over Preet Bharara's firing

Trump reached out to Bharara on Thursday. Bharara alerted Sessions office

Pence says Obamacare failed Kentucky, where 500,000 gained insurance through thelaw

Blind Labrador Lost For A Week In The Mountains Waits For One Last Sign Of Hope

WaPo: Bannon is under criminal investigation in Florida for voter registration fraud

A Depraved and Deplorable mind

House Ethics Complaint on HHS Sec Tom Price for embezzling $41,950

Undercover Lyft with Richard Sherman

Next time the Republicans say the Canadian Healthcare System is broken...

Huge ruling: federal court finds Texas Congressional districts intentionally discriminated against b

Hubble finds young super star cluster, giant star

Bannon was illegally paid a million bucks during the campaign

Maggie Haberman, NYT: Trump aide called Bharara Thursday, asked him to call back, Bharara couldn't

Breaking: Image of Jeff Sessions getting arrested for treason

Andrew Boynton is taking his red pen to Trump's word salad again

Don Jr hosts political event in Dallas.....This is definitely not legal.

Flynn had FIVE calls w/Russian Ambassador Kislyak day of sanctions.

Do you think Preet Bharara was in the midst of a investigation of Trump and/or his associates

Obamacare premiums through the roof? Only for avery, very few and Trumpcare makes it worse

Trump Knows the Feds Are Closing In on Him

The Bernie Sanders Campaign Faced A Fake News Tsunami. Where Did It Come From?

In Asheville NC talking gardening got to meet an amazing DUer

When Calif. builders dig, paleontologists are there to bag the fossils even whales

How Did Fish Evolve To Walk On Land? They Used Their Eyes First, Says Study

Robert Cassady: Keep Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument intact

trump going down? Ain't gonna happen.

RNC on Ossoff race: We must protect our majority at all costs or risk getting Pres Trump impeached

Intel panel calls for wiretap evidence by Monday

Winter Storm Watch Issued For Maryland.

What's your favorite malaphor?

The 1930s were humanity's darkest, bloodiest hour. Are you paying attention?

Low level of oxygen in Earth's middle ages delayed evolution for two billion years

RNN: Planet Will Burn Before Corporate Media Covers Climate Change

Reps. Issa and Hunter confronted by protesters at separate town halls

Does anyone know the deal with Mattis and Syria/Iraq/Kuwait?

WE NEED A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!!! How many drips does it take?

The Resistance Training: An ACLU Town Hall

Ghosts and bad vibes drive Brazil's president and family from palace into smaller digs

SNL Cold Open

I have no idea what to say to you all my fellow DUers. Is your President out of his mind?

Three Russian Spies in NYC charged with espionage

Suddenly Flush With Cash, Brazilians Can Help by Spending It All

Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

Trump Ally Nigel Farage Visits Embassy Where Julian Assange Lives, Doesn't Remember Why He Was There

Trump Ally Nigel Farage Visits Embassy Where Julian Assange Lives, Doesn't Remember Why He Was There

It's nearly income tax day.

Ecuador's ruling party candidate leads presidential runoff polls

Please people. Call it what it is. GOP Healthcare Deform

Threads That Speak: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Inca

"Complicit" -!1 SNL zings Ivanka, "She could stop it but won't" - sells perfume Complicit

Anyone seen Hap & Leonard from Sundance channel?

SNL: Cold open kinda lame, even with Baldwin doing 45/140. But hilarious was . . . . .

MTA 'See Something, Say Something' Posters Get #Resist Makeover

Republican Congressmen Torched At Angry Town Hall Meetings In California

I want to holler and scream about why the Dems in the Senate and House

In Paris, a Place for Coffee, Cocktails and Small Plates

Yeah Tucker, we got yachts to buy !!

The Japanese Academy Awards named Shin Godzilla last years best movie

#RoguePOTUSStaff tweets

It's a new day. Spring Forward!

Its a Japanese takeover with Ekotumi on this weeks K-Pop Korner Listen now on demand!

Wikileaks, Farage & Trump to blame the CIA for a FAKE #TrumpRussia Conspiracy

Trump's surrogate Jack Kingston, showed up in Russia in Dec.

Bannon reported to the FBI for allegedly violating campaign finance laws

Wednesday, Bharara received this letter to investigate Trump

"no evidence" backing Trump's wiretap claim

This Twitter Thread EXPOSES Reason Trump Fired US Attorney; Was About To Bring Trump DOWN

Serbia's Stephen Colbert runs a satire candidate---and wins.

Stuck in traffic? Just fly away (some day)

Uber settlement giving drivers $1 each doesn't fly with judge

Comey is the lynch pin for whole scenario, if he's truly compromised

D.C. judge slashes Jesse Jackson Jr.'s child support payments

Rauner 'generally supportive' of gun crimes plan but has questions

Rauner: Democrats leading a 'coordinated activity' to 'create a crisis' in Illinois

Emanuel calls governor emperor without clothes; Rauner aide suggests mayor has 'Napoleon complex'

Bill would allow municipalities to give taxpayer info to third parties

Neil deGrasse Tyson draws crowd of 1,000 to presidential museum

Bourne calls on House to take up her state employee pay bill

Munger's salary listing removed from health fund

Protests after Netherlands bars Turkish official's plane from landing By

Madigan proposes making ALPLM stand-alone operation


Illinois Supreme Court asked to decide if workers can be paid

Texas high school has a prayer room for Muslim students

Rep. John Shimkus questions why men should pay for prenatal care

Chicago State University to pay off $4.3M owed to whistleblower

Goodnight comrades.

McHenry County residents protest Gov. Bruce Rauner at Crystal Lake appearance

Labor experts unsure of future if Illinois state government workers strike

Rep. Sam Johnson: EPA "too big for it's britches"

Kankakee County Sheriff confronts questions of online etiquette with Trump/Obama meme

Southern Illinois University Carbondale's University Museum loses national accreditation

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel aide gets 17.5% pay bump

New subscriptions flood DNR magazine as Wisconsin officials pull plug

Non Sequitur Toon - Spring Forward

Sunday's Doonesbury- Creating History at 4 AM

It's the middle of the night and

The Widowmaker.

Lawmakers reintroduce bipartisan bill to make WEDC fraud a felony

Dear Daughter

Bills backed by anti-abortion groups would ban research using aborted fetal tissue

Daily Holidays - March 12

Snowstorm for the Northeast Mon-Tues?

Demise of state treasurer's job next goes to voters

Scott Walker issues order making it easier to find state public records

Budget proposal is best in a decade for UW, Ray Cross says, but items remain on wish list

In Seattle it's Uber vs. the unions

Joni Sledge of vocal group Sister Sledge dies at 60

Democrats question Trump 'conflict of interest' with Deutsche Bank investigation

The "feeling of being watched"--is there really anything to it?

The Walking Dead 7.13 "Bury Me Here" (spoiler alert)

Storm to hit Northeast; blizzard watch for NYC, Boston

One thing the Republicans love to TIME...

A holding pattern.

Protecting Wall St., (and FOX) is clearly more important than

So what will Groper Don the Con tweet tomorrow as the deadline for 'evidence'

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Woodchuck Envy Edition

Pennsylvania people....


Boston's restaurants... What do you recommend?

So, what's up with this call from Trump to Bharara?

CNN discussing Tillerson ditching Press on upcoming overseas trip. Basically unprecedented.

Geese picking on Gorilla-Sunday A.M. laff

In first month of office, Trump brought unemployment down from 25% to 4.7%.

Rachel Maddow is on Rev Al's program now n/t

I made Trump cookies...

Revised travel ban already faces legal challenges

"Fire the Fool" rally is April 1st on the National Mall.

Fire that kills 3-year-old girl leads to death of responding firefighter

If I were a foreign leader....

Lawmakers demand evidence for Trump's wiretap claim

Just saw "Get Out". Some thoughts. (Spoilers)

Sister Sledge singer Joni has died

The process of "normalization" continues...

Pakistan's War on Atheism

There IS still hope for this world

Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill

Muhammad Ali's Son Stopped Again at Airport

Washington speaks up for Catholics

India to expand virtual tourism with 3D reproductions of Buddhist Circuit monuments

GOP wants to make it legal to gas wolf-pups in their den... in wildlife refuges.

Sign of the day.: St. Paul's Church of God..

I am compiling a list of our conservative allies colloquially known as the Never Trumpers

The Sheriff of Manbij: US makes debut in the Syrian War

Purdue Study; Tropics May Be Uninhabitable As Warming Grows; They Were During PETM

LOL. He expected protocol??? Nobody in this administration can even spell protocol. Please.

There is always a way.

Trump's Dictator Chic (Politico article by author of book on autocrats' design tastes)

So, what is the DNC doing in preparation for 2018?

We need to stop the BULLSHIT Notion that this wasn't TREASON bc it is.

Quiet State-by-State Fight Over Electric Vehicles

Republican Congressman can't name one country where free market healthcare works

Breakthrough offers hope for Tasmanian devil cancer cure

FBI Director James Comeys October Surprise doomed Hillary Clintons candidacy: analysis

Utah Lawmakers approve concealed firearms for 18-year-olds

Ivanka Trump- "Complicit"

You should protest the Hell out of right wing yahoos who want to speak...

New Ferguson Video Adds Wrinkle to Michael Brown Case

Easy Activist Alert: Call NY AG no matter where you live...

Bharara busted Trump Tower Russian mobster for biggest NYC illegal gambling ring

Massive oil discovery in Alaska is biggest onshore find in 30 years

The millennial surge fueling Europe's right-wing populism

Flashback: In 2013, Putin banned Preet Bharara from Russia.

Why are Republicans dragging their feet on investigating the Russian connection in our elections?

Russian Bharara convicted did arms & drug deals for Igor SechinCEO of dossier Russian oil co.

Treatment of Pain Gets the Green Light

Kislyak says they are pushing trump to release Russian mobsters Bharara convicted

Bharara convicted Russians may have dirt on leaders in Russia

Navy releases concept image for future USS Donald Trump

What's Happening in Brazil? Exactly What the Coup Leaders Said Would Happen

Lemme fix that for you

TRIYAN CARE....I love Joy's name for the GOP's chaotic attempt at healthcare.

Ethics Chief to WH: Not Punishing Kellyanne Conway Undermines Ethics Program

The Moral Failing of Obamacare Repeal

Macron strengthens core vote, seen beating Le Pen in French election

WA Post: Bannon lied under oath to claim Florida residence, avoid taxes

Palin: Healthcare Repeal Is 'RINO-Care'

GOP's Darrell Issa represents a clear test for anti-Trump Democrats trying for electoral gains...


Obamacare almost didn't pass because of...

Outrage in Britain as unaccompanied migrant children are abandoned

The Moral Failing of Obamacare Repeal

"Russian Trolls Fooled Sanders Voters With Anti-Clinton Fake News"

Religious leader heads effort to help man facing deportation

Wallace to Trump Economic Advisor: Why Should We Believe Jobs Numbers Trump Used to Dismiss?

Congressman Introduces Bill To Strip Trump Of His Power To Go To War

Are Deplorables really going to support having their own health care taken away?

Trump and company lied *twenty* times that was NO - ZERO - contact with Russia

Appoint Preet Bharara as Special Prosecutor to investigate election influence by Russia (Petition)

Dmitry Rybolovlevs flight patterns point to role in Trump-Russia blackmail negotiations

Legislators propose allowing FPL to charges customers so it can invest in fracking

Price Says 'Nobody Will Be Worse Off Financially' Under GOP Health Care Bill


GOP senator reports hacking attempts after WikiLeaks criticism

Trump To Push Conservative View Of Government In First Budget

Arnold Schwarzenegger refutes rumors about Senate run

Re: tweet links?

White House Budget Director: GOP Health Care Bill Is 'Nice Framework'

Cummings: There 'very well may be' connection between Bharara firing and investigations into Trump

Trump scammed his voters on *two* levels. - And the outcome could be doubly cruel:

Trump must decide whether to try to arrest WikiLeaks' Assange

Deleted scene from Kong.

Exhibit of photographer Burk Uzzle's work in Greenville, NC

Booker: GOP can't force Obamacare replacement 'down our throats'


Monty Python's The Flying Circus----- Argument Clinic and " Sunday Talk Shows"

Law and odor. . . . Please come CAPTION Sheriff David Clark!!!

Problem is not a Deep State; Problem is a shallow man-an untruthful, vain, vindictive, erratic Potus

Elizabeth Warren tweet, just now: You can't fire the rule of law, @realDonaldTrump.

Imagine Hillary Clinton in the White House and

Info on Case to Nullify Election from Attorney

McCain Says Trump Should Provide Evidence Or Retract Wiretap Claims

Decades-long, credible reporting around Trump-Russian mob-Kremlin ties

'SNL': Scarlett Johansson's Dog Is a Surprise Trump Supporter (Video)

Is there criminal tax investigation of Trump?

Benedict Donald: "hack HRC emails".... Hackers hacked DNC more.... ENOUGH SAID !!!

Elizabeth Warren: 'Trump wants a bunch of tame prosecutors who wont investigate him'

Feingold: The Very Legitimacy of Our Democracy Is Under Threat

Question about a mistake made with food..

Cummings says investigations into Trump could have led to Preet Bharara's firing.

Hightower: "Trumpcare at its most basic: What to do about a leader who's gone off?"

Nikulin Indicted

Don't let them frame the fucking Narrative...we do NOT need to reach out to Trump Chumps

Price Says 'Nobody Will Be Worse Off Financially'

It seems like everything he does is really a hate crime.

Sunday Toon Roundup

Governor Kasich, don't be a dummy, Thump told you what you want to hear

Sec Health & Human Services Tom Price Calls Millions of Trump Voters "Nobodies"

Trump vs. UN: 10 ways the UN makes a difference in the lives of millions every day.

Pruitt is outright lying... selling out American people

Firing of #PreetBharara is far from normal partisan politics #AMJoy

100% of Trump voters who cut their own stupid throats are convinced that they were only cutting mine

NYT went to Chaffetz district. Read this.

Will the Trump voters finally catch on? Or is this just more 'fake news'?:

It Looks Like Our Government Is Crumbling before Our Eyes

Rep. Jim Jordan on coverage for 11 million: "I dont view success as keeping Americans on Medicaid"

Backyard birding tips

Jim Jordan (R-OH): We didn't tell voters we'd kill Medicaid, so we're keeping our promise

I know what they're doing thanks to that Price post. They are using Silva mind control of positive

Trump voters would be among the biggest losers in Republicans' Obamacare replacement plan

Face the Nation: Bernie Sanders calls new healthcare bill "an absolute disaster" for working class

Replacement for Bharara include Ailes's one time lawyer & Giuliani "Protege" Marc Mukasey

The Putin-RNC-Trump-Assange-Stein Pentagon:

Face the Nation: Bernie Sanders calls new healthcare bill "an absolute disaster" for working class

Cartoon reminded me of a thought that came to mind after Twitler won

Prepare for O'REILLY meltdown, TOOBIN called him out "would be fired anywhere else"!1


Face the Nation: Full Interview - Paul Ryan, March 12

Ohio police investigate killings including teen at party

Thump's Bigly Insurance Promises

GOP Senator: Repeal Bill May Put House Republican Majority 'At Risk Next Year'

Republican senator: GOP risks losing House majority if health bill approved

Ryan: Number Who Will Lose Health Coverage Under Repeal Is 'Up To People'

Sanders: GOP healthcare proposal a 'absolute disaster' and a 'disgrace'

Alien Attack Cold Open - SNL

Face the Nation: Rand Paul says Senate conservatives "not going to vote for" new health bill

Help me find full list of attorneys fired by tRump

Trump supporters in the heartland fear being left behind by GOP health plan

Young people playing grown folk music makes me happy

Crowds greet Pence as he arrived in KY yesterday.

U.S. Senators to Trump: Leave State Marijuana Laws Alone

Instead of charter schools why don't they have classes for gifted kids within public schools?

Millionaires Will Get $157 Billion In Tax Cuts If Republicans Repeal Obamacare

Two important tasks

The Republican Party is Up Sh*t Creek---and They Expect Democrats to Paddle for Them

Warren slams Trump over US attorney's firing

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Columbia Climate Law Climate Deregulation Tracker

Why has job creation remained so sluggish in the Badger State? Two Words--Scott Walker

Lemme get this straight:

Large crowd for Native Nations Rise rally at White House

If we show alarm about Russia it means we want war?

Is the House GOP healthcare bill the "win" President Trump needs? - Face the Nation

If you were to create a short message to go viral about Republicans' DonTcare, what would it say?

Ten things that will happen when Americans lose Medicaid.

I was once a full-blown, untreated alcoholic.

Mature Americans should be fighting Obamacare repeal TOOTH AND NAIL. The Medicare phase-out is next.

Pragmatism vs. Idealism in a Real World

The Health Care Debate Is About Values

Documentary reveals overlooked footage in Michael Brown case in Ferguson

Can the states do anything to investigate Trump?

"president" Bannon is dismantling America

Is there a DU thread/list of all the crimes of all the Trumpsters?

Republican Rallying Cry: "Obama's Fault"


Instead of charter schools, why don't they have classes for kids who want to learn

Bloom County today

When the ecosystem collapses, I'm going to do what every intelligent, well-prepared person will do.

"None Of It Made Sense": Martin OMalleys Long Year After Running For President

They still don't see it.Meme on Facebook: "It's been six months and still no evidence on Russiagate.

The Rolling Stone top 100 Guitarists List

ALERT! This serious AF thread by karynnj posted yesterday should NOT be missed.

Wall Street bro humps Fearless Girl statue

Why Republicans are inexplicably winning when they shouldn't: use of propaganda and psyops.

Duplicate Post - Sorry.

YouTube of SNL's Ivanka perfume "Complicit" - and matching cologne for Jared

Meet Clyde: former coal miner, current Medicaid patient, and voter who had "put his hopes in Trump."

Good 'effin' grief

Palin slams GOP healthcare plan

Please god let this be true about Flynn

tom price is a liar too!

Can we have a forum for 2018 Elections?

The Price is wrong

Rachel Maddow says Trump is a massive failure: Nothing they like to brag about actually succeeded

South Dakota is the first state to legalize anti-LGBTQ discrimination in 2017

Have you noticed the really ignorant conservatives think we do what we do ....

The Man Who Wants to Unmake the West

How Did Steve Bannon's Jacuzzi Wind Up Covered in Acid?

Knowing We Dont Have Liberty and Justice For All, These Seventh Graders Wrote a New Pledge

Chris Hayes twitter recommendation - Washington Post report - McDowell County.

Another factor in Bears Ears debate: religious rights of native tribes

Another name for AHCA..."ICBA"

Red State Democrats Steve Bullock-MT and Jason Kander-MO running in 2020 for higher office.

Governing goes off the record in Minnesota

US Attorney fired by Trump was banned from entering Russia by Vladimir Putin

British intelligence warned UK political parties that Russians were interfering with US election...

What's this about, now?

What are you reading this week of March 12, 2017?

In an America where millions of people are underinsured or without health insurance

Paul Ryan: "If you're not covered under Trumpcare, it's because you decided to be not."

Please tell your Congresspeople: they need to broadcast the message that Obamacare repeal

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Claims Russian Authoritarianism Is Morally Equal To USA

New footage challenges police narrative that Michael Brown committed robbery in Ferguson

Send vibes please. Shingles hurts worse than anything.

Northern Minnesota mayor held, suspected in weapon assault, other felonies

Minnesota legislators salaries slated for a 45 percent bump

North Dakota's 70-year-old parking meter prohibition may fall

Fucking Kidding Me? Preet Bharara fired?

This! This is why we all must Persist and Resist.

HP:Bernie Sanders Campaign Faced A Fake News Tsunami. Where Did It Come From? The trolls set out to


Mayo Clinic to invest $217M to expand, upgrade Saint Marys

Unregulated mastubatory emissions.

All charges dropped against UMN law professor accused of stalking, rape

Video shows environmental activists defacing popular Trump golf course

Trump aides launch attack on agency analyzing costs of replacement health care proposal

Why the shock? This was always part of Bannon's plan and he told us so.

Testifier brilliantly trolls MN House gun hearing with rant on 'savages' and lynching

Ryan Leaf shares his harsh assessment on his journey from the NFL to prison to recovery

Why They Take Atheism Personally

Minnesota Sen. David Senjem's bill would double prices for e-cigarette smokers

Kasich: if all you focus on in life is what's in it for me, you're a loser. You are a big-time loser

'Republicans are counting on Democrats to step in and help repair GOP health care disaster': NYT

What kind of security clearance process MISSED that Flynn was a foreign agent?

Drugs are killing so many people in West Virginia that the state cant keep up with the funerals

Most of rural white America will stick with Trump till the last dog dies

Why Ed Murray Cant Quit the Catholic Church

MCCAIN ON RUSSIA: 'There's a lot more shoes to drop from this centipede'

Ryan can't say how many will lose coverage under GOP plan

They are poor, sick and voted for Trump. What will happen to them without Obamacare?

Popular Science: If the EPA doesn't believe in science, what is it good for?

Michael C. Burgess (R-TX): "It will be worth it" if TrumpCare "claims my congressional career"

This Daily Mail piece (I know, DM), connects many, many Russian/Trump dots.

This compensation is grotesque and inexcusable.

House Repugs would let employers demand workers genetic test results -will be in NEW Plan!!

One scenario for life after 2018

Ridiculously Easy Recipes for When You've Lost an Hours Sleep Thank you, daylight saving time.

They arrested the wrong "troubled person"

How much do you wanna bet that when DT gets impeached

Adidas lost out, big time, by ignoring this. Have a look. Bring a box of tissues...

Fired US attorney invokes shuttered New York corruption panel in tweet

Steve King no longer needs to tweet with a hood on... he does in the open

Web Extra: Bernie Sanders says GOP healthcare plan would "devastate rural America"

Web Extra: Bernie Sanders says GOP healthcare plan would "devastate rural America"

Extra: Bernie Sanders looks for the president's support in lowering costs of prescription drugs

Extra: Bernie Sanders looks for the president's support in lowering costs of prescription drugs

Confirmation hearing for Trump's labor pick now March 22

In the words of Bob Dylan USA, Nobel Prize Literature

Bernie Sanders to pitch populist agenda to coal county

Fact-checking White House criticism of CBO health care analysis

Ted Lieu Is An Awesome Democrat. He Is Speaking Out & Deserves Praise

Trump tried to call New York prosecutor Bharara before firing him: source

Linking unfounded beliefs to genetic dopamine availability

Our JCC was evacuated this morning.

Money from Russia helped finance Trump win

Ethiopia rubbish landslide kills 48 in Addis Ababa

Rep. Steve King: We cant restore our civilization with somebody elses babies.

Having great insurance won't protect you if Obamacare is repealed and you require

Watch this video if you watch nothing else. A woman answers a critic of her looks.

Talked with a friend that went to be with the water protectors at Standing Rock

At least 38 killed after Haiti bus plows into parade

At least 38 killed after Haiti bus plows into parade

Trump USA YMCA Parody Song (Warning: Language)

Right-Wing Billionaires Plan to Rewrite US Constitution

100s of Trump moles installed the executive bureaucracy

I think we should all start asking our republican congrescritters and Senators

Obama makes quick trip to Omaha, has lunch at Happy Hollow Club with Warren, Susie Buffett

SheriffClarke's Jails-- Milwaukee inmate's family says dehydration death was torture

They are poor, sick and voted for Trump. What will happen to them without Obamacare?

The evidence that Wikileaks is Russian


Hospitals worry about caring for newly uninsured in GOP plan

Media groups push back after fake news defined US elections

Hulu is filling SXSW with silent Handmaids (includes video tweets)

If a Democrat works with the Deplorables to dismantle the ACA should he or she be shunned?

Rep. Steve King warns that "our civilization" can't be restored with "somebody else's babies"

Barack Obama and Donald Trump comment on their daughters.

Mexico OKs new Trump trademarks for hotels and tourism

Investors Ready for Week of Events That Could Rattle Markets

Preet Bharara's clever move

In praise of Tucker Carlson?

How Will Repeal of the ACA Affect Healthcare & Jobs in Your State?

Guy suing a "naturopath" shoots and kills the quack..

Rep. Steve King warns that our civilization cant be restored with somebody elses babies

Wikileaks is Connected to Russia Despite Their Claims

McDowell County Town Hall Twitter Photos

dufus don said he would not take his salary

6 years of ACA retrospective with pictures

We Are Family-Sister Sledge(In Memoriam Joni Sledge)

McDowell County Town Hall Twitter Photos - Bernie Sanders with Chris Hayes

Accumulation of Perfluoroalkylated Substances in Oceanic Plankton.

Retract wiretapping claim or prove it

What's for Dinner, Sun., March 12, 2017

After Pledging to Donate Salary, Trump Declines to Release Proof

After pledging to donate salary, Thump declines to release proof

Key Offices Gather Dust Amid Slowest Transition in Decades

Russian Connections: Lot of Shoes to Drop

My mother at the Museum of African American History and Culture

Tourists scared to visit the United States

LM: Wikileaks is Connected to Russia Despite Their Claims

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Trump's company secures trademarks in Mexico

It's a two pronged attack...

Aides attack agency that will analyze health bill's costs

Intelligence committee requests evidence over 'wire-tap' claim

BREAKING: Angela Merkel unable to meet with Trump prior to her purchase of "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt

Charles P. Pierce: This Level of Corruption Is Unprecedented in the Modern History of the Presidenc

Germany rebuffs Trump's call for a big jump in military spending

Are the Republicans scared to death of what might be found if there is an investigation?

John Kasich is so full of it

Trump administration considers $6 billion cut to HUD budget

Rep. Steve King blasted for "our civilization" tweet

US Attorney Preet Bharara Was Investigating Fox News When Trump Fired Him

FAST AND FURIOUS: Lawmakers rush to enact destructive legislation

My neighbor is from Spain

Iowa Democratic Party picks new executive director

"Communist" Russia?

Derailment prompts call for quicker replacement of old cars

Looking for Mortgage Lender Recommendations

Iowa House votes to block local minimum wage hikes

Iowa House approves voter ID bill following 12 hours of debate

"What's the message coming from Wikileaks and the misinformation campaign?"

Profits over People

Iowa bill to keep volunteers secret may shield criminals, critics say

Sleeper issue of Medicaid could prove to be ACHA's stumbling block

More obstruction by Trump and Sessions?

Iowa facing more budget woes?

from Alexander Hamilton

Pentatonix Uses Cover of Lennon's 'Imagine' To Support Inclusivity

The Republicans Obamacare repeal bill is a scheme to transfer even more wealth to the rich

Email to my repug rep re OBAMACARE

Steve King alleges paid protesters are disrupting town halls

Full Moon rising

Judge Dismisses Issa's 10 million$ Defamation Suit ag Opponent Applegate

Who do you want to run in 2020? Here's a chance to be counted

New bill would keep Kansas colleges from regulating guns on campus

This. Yes.

Campaign flier on KC's infrastructure proposal understates tax increase