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Archives: March 14, 2017

New footage shows giant waves crashing into a cruise ship

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Town Hall in WVA with Bernie Sanders - MSNBC, now

On MSNBC Chris Hayes right now: Bernie in WV town hall meeting.

Malcolm Nance asks "Could our government be an active arm of the Kremlin itself"

"ACA will collapse upon itself."

Cartoon: Snow storm warning

Is this real? LOL

Faux news: "Trumpcare mixed bag: Millions would drop coverage, costs would fall under bill"

UN chief warns women globally are suffering 'new assaults'

Bernie Sanders on MSNDC in WV right now

When the Democrats retake the House in 2018,

A Sketch for the Women - SNL

No one has the rug pulled out from under them ...

We love you Obama - diner at restaurant where the Obamas lunched with Bono and his daughter

Population declining in Rep. Steve King's district

"Wire tap" equals Surveillance

St. Louis car dealer takes out newspaper ad to blame liberal teachings

Sen Mike Lee on Mark Levin show predicts the Ryan plan will fail in Senate, probably in House too

2020 Democratic Ticket -Kander/Harris or Kander/Booker

FDA OKs new Novartis drug for type of advanced breast cancer

Robert Reich was live.

Trump gives CIA authority to conduct drone strikes: WSJ

Netflix Will Distribute Tohos 2017 Godzilla Anime Movie

Today I'm really feeling my favorite MJ song.......

The process elected Donald Trump. The people elected Hillary Clinton. eom

Don't watch if you haven't seen Hell or High Water

Need some Peace Of Mind? Try "Impeachara"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! WIN A FRUITCAKE! Live Uncensored & a new Puppy gif

Beware the cult of Brexit

Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) of Canada cancel trips to US, citing travel concerns

Heads up- CNN Special right now about Vladimir Putin/Trump

Florida Gov. Scott signs death penalty fix into law

Must be a patriot somewhere in IRS who'd leak the tax returns...but if T is laundering dirty money..

the planet is warming quite a lot more than we thought

Leahy: Sessions Should Have "Courage" on Trump's Wiretapping Charges

llinois congressman holds Chicago immigration office sit-in

I am now going to refer to Trump as a Fart in Church

Is your microwave oven spying on you?

CBC: Girl Guides of Canada cancelling trips to the U.S., citing travel concerns

Arkansas official: State has drugs to conduct 8 executions

Poland to seek extradition from United States of suspected Nazi commander

Senate confirms Seema Verma to head Medicare and Medicaid

Snowed In? Heres What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More.

Odebrecht scandal putting unprecedented pressure on Colombias corrupt politics

What happens with *music* when you're not in the mood for it? Post MUSIC, I dare you/am NEXT!1


Corruption-ridden politicians lead march against corruption in Colombia politics


Stand Up Comedy - Melissa Villasenor, 23 America's Got Talent 2011, Seattle Auditions

Ryan seems to worship at the feet of Ayn Rand.

Oh, dear GOD, Kellyanne was RIGHT! And no, I do NOT believe this has been Photoshopped.

What is this fuckery?

Democrats and Republicans draw different conclusions when seasons are too hot or too cold

40% of Keystone pipeline steel manufactured by Russian company owned by:

We need a John Dean right now:

never going back.

Kellyanne talks about tRump's lying

Environmentally friendly, almost electricity-free solar cooling also serves as a heat pump

Recycling misery: How Coca-Cola profits from garbage collected by Mexican children

Recycling misery: How Coca-Cola profits from garbage collected by Mexican children

In Photos: 1,000-Year-Old Tomb With Colorful Murals Discovered in China

Satisfying- Justice served

Satisfying- Justice served

The parts left out of the CBO report.

White House's OWN estimates show 26 Million would lose insurance - worse than CBO!

The Republican health care bill makes no sense

Gutting Health Care Will Kill Americans

Exclusive - Russia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role: sources

Trump SIL Kushner is going to make 400 million on some NYC real estate deal?

Trump gives CIA power to launch drone strikes: report

What? White House own internal analysis of Trumpcare is worse than CBO:

White House analysis of Obamacare repeal sees even deeper insurance losses than CBO

Nuttin New under the Sun

#1 on Trending American Health Care Act: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I want a cuss word keyboard so I can call these motherfuckers "motherfuckers" like a champ.

Watching Rachel tonight

I saw someone on here refer to the the republican "healthcare" plan as DonTCare

State hospital denies patient despite judge's order to admit

Does any body remember "Logans Run?"

Laurence Tribe on Bharara, Deutsche Bank, and Trump - and protecting evidence

Well played Texas State Rep. Jessica Farrar...well played ( $100 fine for each masturbation event )

New penalties become law with governor's signature

Did Drumpf get shut down?!1 Silence!1

White-supremacist signs posted at George Washington University

Does anyone else get White House mail?

All In with Chris Hayes 3/13/17 Bernie Sanders in Trump country

FULL TEXT of today's EO on "reorganizing" aka shutting down much of the federal goverment

White House Seeks to Cut Billions in Funding for United Nations

What physical aspect annoys you the most about dolt45?

How much harm has Fox News done to the US over the last 20 years?

A federal grand jury is being seated in the Fox News probe -- NYT

This just makes me smile

Northeast DU'ers: Check in

DOJ Needs Time To Create Some Wire Tapping Evidence. Trump Will Never Recant.

In final hours, lawmakers to boost state employee, teacher pay

Looks Like Ryan & Company Determined To Move Forward On Repeal. No Matter What.

Religious protection bill supporters, critics hope to sway gov's decision

I had an impromptu lunch today with a member of Party Leadership...

Are there advertisements attacking Trump Care? If not why?

"The Resource Will Be Developed": Trudeau Gets Standing O From Oil Executive Audience

White House: CBO 'Simply Has It Wrong' On GOP Healthcare Bill

South Dakota lawmakers deal with ethics bills, short funds

TIMELINE: Flynn Lobbied For Turkish Interests In The Thick Of The Campaign

I have had several students and parents email me through student grade site

Fire Island - SNL

Maxine Waters: investigate @DeutscheBank, Russian money-laundering, & Trump conflicts

Unique musical park coming to Lead

Amazon launched a fake radio station to promote The Man in the High Castle. Angry Trump supporters

Rep. Swalwell updated the chart of Trump & his teams ties to Russia

South Dakota governor signs religious adoption protections

Fraud investigation: Tillerson Used Alias Email for Climate Messages

Kushner family to make $400M from real estate deal with Chinese firm: report

South Dakota university looks to add hotel to park

NY Times - Trading Health Care for the Poor for Tax Cuts for the Rich

Late night check in with Tenacious Topper Shutt with the latest updates on the storm DC area

Krugman - Trumpcare vs. Obamacare: Apocalypse Foretold

Fargo man arrested in bomb threat that forced evacuation of apartments

That was a very good town hall that Chris Hayes had

Angry Trump supporters thought Man in High Castle Ad Was Real

Discarded UND logos created by design firm can remain private, attorney general rules

Thousands of Americans will die: Sanders uses CBO report to slam GOPs immoral health care plan

NBC News - Trump's Backing a Healthcare Plan That Breaks His Promises

Welfare drug screening bill debated with emotions, data in ND committee

Just wanted to say that you all in NY and the East Coast stay safe with the impending storm.

Guns in the crosshairs at the Capitol

Law enforcement scales back as cleanup finishes at protest camps

HOT HOT HOT! Did someone turn the heat up in here? Because the

Elizabeth Warren slams Republican health plan after CBO report

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand vows to fight legislation that would ease restrictions on gun silencers

Paul Ryan predicts bloodbath if Republicans dont unite behind Obamacare replacement bill

Tribes ask judge to stop Dakota Access oil from flowing

Opponents: North Dakota-owned casinos would hurt tribes

Trump WH page collecting "Obamacare Disaster Stories" misspells "White House"

Slate - Republicans Have Absolutely No Idea How to Handle This Awful CBO Report

North Dakota Supreme Court rules against Dunn County

Careful where you wipe!

Trumps Lie Obama Tapped Phone Was a Diversion over Jeff Sessions will Recuse Himself!

Hey, Ever'body!

When Kelly Ann Conway Makes One Of Her Absurd Statements When Being Interviewed.....

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 16, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - Treasures from the Disney Vault

General fund revenue expected to be $46M less than predicted

Lessons From the Fake News Pandemic of 1942: Politico

The GOP health plan is an act of class warfare by the rich against the poor

This May Look As An OLD Rotting Tree But Look CLOSER

Phase II of Trumpcare--more Medicaid cuts,....

All In Chris Hayes 3/13/17 Bernie Sanders TOWN HALL On "ALL IN AMERICA" In Trump Country (FULL)

Vladimir Putin "The Most Powerful Man In The World" Full Documentary

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 17, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - St. Patrick's Day

A hero's exit for fired US Attorney Preet Bharara as he leaves his office for the last time today.

Has anyone asked Paul Ryan

Montana's Anti-Pot Crusader is Fired, Finally


Montana: Gianforte an avid supporter of hate groups

Dark Money Koch Bros Group Targets Montana Senator Tester

Is Spicer

Save Lives Montana

Republicans Refuse $446,000 for Montana Jobs

A break from the madness

Montana Senate president calls cyclists 'rude,' 'self-centered' before safety bill dies

Frontier Airlines ends its flights to Cuba

Montana bill says fetuses can feel pain, outlaws abortion after 20 weeks

So Bannon installing Agency Heads opposed to their very existence was Phase -1 is Phase-2

Montana House endorses measure to clarify open meetings laws

Montana:Indian relay faces uncertain future in Billings; organizing body under fire for unpaid bills

Without valid identification, Montanans will soon no longer be allowed to fly commercially

Montana man charged with burglarizing and desecrating church

FBI Investigating Trump's Connection To Russian Bank

Does your household qualify as "middle class"?

Montana budget panel rescinds some cuts for higher education

Quist holds campaign kick-off event in Whitefish, Montana

Montana bill would exempt some seasonal outdoor jobs from minimum wage, overtime laws

GOP Plan Ryan Plan B - Just Call CBO Partisan Declare Report Fake. Ignore It. Move On Anyway.

Bill proposed to legalize blackjack in Montana

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 18, 2017 -- TCM Memorial Tribute - Robert Osborne

Bill would create Montana standard time

Montana lawmakers look at changing power structure for state parks

Gov. Bullock calls current Montana budget unacceptable

Ack! What happened to my feed

Peter Alexander

The only thing trump loves more than himself is trump tower.

Malcome Nance to Edward Snowdon.....

State Department lawyer launches watchdog group to investigate Trump corruption.

#ProjectB2: Strangers unite to form chain to get rescue cats home in 300-mile relay

Happy Pi Day (3/14) but Pi is still wrong.

Hemp farming supporters want Mead to sign bill

Wyoming adopts first new abortion restrictions in 28 years

Wyoming Experiences 911 Services Outage

Why Did Anthem's CEO Endorse The GOP's Healthcare Plan? Simple. HE WAS BRIBED.

Input sought in effort to review Wyoming math standards

I remember hearing that trump castle, hotel and casino in Atlantic city, NJ went bankrupt

Bernie Sanders Wins Over Crowd Of Rural Trump Supporters By Exposing The Truth About Trumpcare

Bernie Sanders Wins Over Crowd Of Rural Trump Supporters By Exposing The Truth About Trumpcare

Court Decides to Censure, Not Remove Anti-Gay Marriage Judge

Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawyers invite prosecutors to quit case after they ask for back pay

What are DSH Funds, and why could this bankrupt hospitals, especially urban/rural if the ACHA passes

Texas congressman tells rowdy town hall attendee to 'shut up'

Teachers, pastors hit Texas Senate's school voucher bill as sinful privatization

More international bands headed to SXSW 2017 encounter visa problem

Austinites cheer on as palm tree takes root on Mopac

Former U.S. Rep. and chair of House Agriculture Committee Eligio 'Kika' de la Garza dead at 89

San Antonio's Straus seeks to light a fire under Senate on budget

Spicer's walk back re Groper Don the Con's vile charge against President Obama

Daily Holidays - March 14

Texas AG rejects court ruling on state's congressional maps

well it looks like some Democrats may call for a government shutdown if trump includes the wall in

A Year After a Corruption Scandal, Crystal City Works to Pick Up the Pieces

Marshall Zelinger Wins Cronkite Award For Keyser Fraud Story

Coffman would vote for GOP health care bill in its current form

Is this a thing? or is Spicey screaming for help?

Since they've shut down many of the exchanges, and there is no web site ...

Lewandowski has a protection racket going on with business.

Jared Polis Owns The Town Hall

Waria trans women of Indonesia

For the Simpsons fans in the path of Stella...

Democrats choose bridge-builder Morgan Carroll as new state party leader

1 million NYC homes cant get Verizon FiOS, so the city just sued Verizon

Breitbart leaks October clip of Ryan saying he wont defend Trump "not now, not in the future"

West Slope lawmakers to Front Range: No more West Slope water until you use up your own

Charles P Pierce: This Is Not a Healthcare Bill -It's a tax cut.

Rep. Joe Salazar rules out run for governor for a shot at attorney general

Bob Gates: "I am totally convinced that Russia meddled and covertly intervened in election"

Congressman handcuffed by police after refusing to leave ICE office

So where's Perez? Thought we were gonna be smarter, more media

****WINTER Photo Contest WINNERS****

****WINTER Photo Contest WINNERS**** thread is posted in GD

The Snake

Deadly Virus Confirmed In Farmed BC Salmon; Confirmed In Wild Salmon, Highly Contagious

A Real Life Voter Fraud Conviction!

Richard Spencer's white nationalist group loses tax exempt status as the IRS investigates Trump ties

Mangroves Die Along 1,000 Kilometers Of N. Australian Coast, Thanks To Extreme Heat, Drought

"Not today, mother f---er", female jogger turns table on Deplorable

Rate Of Increase In Atmospheric CO2 Fastest Ever Recorded: Welcome To The Post-400 World

Huge Investment Bank Black Rock Climateblahblah Assessing Risk Harrumph Sustainable Blahblahblah

Breitbart: Paul Ryan will take the fall for Trumpcare

Mother Jones: "We know that Breitbart and Steve Bannon have long loathed Paul Ryan. So..."

Stand Up Republic - "Sunlight" (calls for tRump/Russia select committee to investigate)

Winter Storm Stella seems to be bypassing NYC

So Mulvaney is saying the cbo estimate assumes

Before retiring, Harry Reid told Elizabeth Warren to run for president

CA Inc. to Pay $45 Million for Alleged False Claims on Gov't-Wide Information Technology Contract

Some glimmer of hope?

California Businessman Sentenced to Prison for Concealing Over $23.5 Million in Israeli Bank Account

Trump promised not to cut Medicaid. His health bill will cut $880 billion from it.

We are witnessing history

Meow Madness: The Purrfect mix of kittens and basketball

Meow Madness: The Purrfect mix of kittens and basketball

What is the word that means "bigot against another religion"?

Steve King Is Who Trumpers & GOP Are.

Trump Supporters at Rally: Kill Liberals and Deport Jews

Trump Now Trusts "Fake, Phony" Jobs Numbers

Paul Ryan is a practicing Catholic. How can he lionize Ayn Rand, an avowed atheist?

Braving The Storm

Justice Department seeks more time after Congress requests proof of Trump's wiretap claim

Bill seeking tax hike for transportation spending praised, panned

A Tune for the Stella Storm Snow-bound

What The CBO Reports Is What The GOP Intends. And That Is OK With Them.

tom price is on the morning shows selling 'access'

MEANWHILE, at Lake Tahoe:

Pam Bondi, Jeanuuuuuuuuuus

Actually, "access" is at the core of the American Dream.

'Dont Tread on Me' themed microwave covers is an idea who's time has come!

Trickle Down Trumpcare

Even If ACA Repeal Vote Were To Order 24 Million To Report To Termination Centers --

Liberal Redneck shreds Trumpcare: The whole g*ddamned thing is such a f*cking abortion

GOP - 24 Million Are Blacks, Hispanics, Illegals & Slackers Who Don't Need Care Anyway.

Fortenberry faces fury of Lincoln town hall crowd urging rejection of plan to replace Obamacare

Want to get behind replacing Steve King (N-Iowa)?

"CIA can put sensors in your toilet so they can know how you wipe." Come CAPTION Kellyanne Conway!!!

cnn: trump's plan to dismember government

A question for music affectionados

Despite warnings, assisted suicide bill advances in Hawaii

Stark contrast between Donny's bronze face and pale hand

Catholic Charities of Omaha hopes to end all government contracts by 2018

The Trump administration really doesnt want this climate lawsuit to go to trial

Voting Today in Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Virginia

Rabbi says Popes homilies could threaten Catholic-Jewish relations

White House Seeks to Cut Billions in Funding for United Nations

Poor Pat McCrory Cant Find A Job

Married Catholic men need not apply, 'viri probati' not for St. Louis region

Colorado House passes two bills to curb growing pot at home

New AHCA: "Shift and shaft." Make states pay for health care. Bravo, boys.

Only 60 Percent of Evangelicals Voted for Trump?

For the laziest activists among us--ResistBot

Here is the real reason the Republican plan sucks

Audio Emerges of Ryan Saying He Would Abandon Trump

Holy Cross Hospital agrees to settle in pension case

GOP scrambles after scorching health bill appraisal

Ignorance fearcowardesssavagery: what we are seeing is just the beginning.

Malcolm Nance on Trump: Benedict Arnold

Christianity Not Dying Out, but Atheism Is in Danger Due to Contraception

Trump Is the Conservative's Dream President

Glenn Beck attacks Steve Bannon as a dangerous Leninist

Arkansas panel rejects health care religious objections bill

Mesa County Clerk: I'll close offices one day a week if forced to cut budget

Trump Has Spent 15% of Presidency at Trump Properties

The anti Chump Care ads write themselves.

Spicer: Parenting is hard

There's a fair chance that TrumpDontCare could fail to pass.

Danziger: Paranoia Strikes Deep

The Origins of Totalarianism

Democrats hope to use Obamacare rewrite to turn activism into change

Seth ROGEN re dissent against DRUMPF. Doesn't take special ability to know he's a jerk. We're NORMAL

The CBO Says Trumpcare Would Be Very Bad News for Women

"Steve King Thinks Im a Threat to American Civilization."

CBO: Defunding Planned Parenthood would lead to thousands more births

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Robbing-Hood Care

Pat Buchanan said if Trump camp colluded w/Russia they should go to jail.

The CBO shows there is no rational justification for the GOP health plan - WaPo Editorial Board

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Trump and his Crewe

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Voting Today in Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Virginia

Expose the trolls- Douchebag Debbie Lusignan "sane progressive" gives Breitbart interviews

Les Brown was born on this date.

In wake of CBO analysis, Ryan-aligned group launches TV ads seeking to give GOP lawmakers cover

Quincy Jones was born on this date.

Looks like Ryan is in Granny's place and Groper Don the Con is

'Never Trump' Republicans join call for #selectcommittee to investigate Russia and Trump

High European Union court rules workplace headscarf ban is not discriminatory

Facing long odds in blue states, Republicans call Democratic candidates 'unhinged'

President Trump's Lawyers Plan a White House Legal Attack on Federal Agency Power

White supremacism is ready to roar - By Eugene Robinson

Remote Nicaragua village backs pastor in fatal exorcism

John McCain and Lindsey Graham: Why we need more forces to end the stalemate in Afghanistan

Drone Shootdown Legislation Protects Corrupt US Senator

Clinton's unexpected new ally in the email investigation: President Trump

Medicare for all is so much cheaper and simpler than subsidizing insurance companies

Everything We Know About Trump's Ties To Russia, From Start To Finish

France's Francois Fillon charged over 'fake jobs' scandal

40,000 Ku Klux (1925) - is some version of this what Trump is bringing for all minorities ...

Why do none of the media hacks ask ReTHUGs why they never speak

Spike In New Zealand Citizenship Applications

NPR's continued and tireless efforts to normalize the Trump agenda

Two Trump Companies Discovered in Russian Offshore Tax Haven

Bernie's presentation last night in McDowell County, West Virginia, went very well!

Was there any comment at all from the White House on Steve King's deplorable comments?

New South Dakota Law Legalizes LGBTQ Discrimination

Egyptian Prosecutor Orders Release of Hosni Mubarak, President Toppled in 2011

Congress has abdicated its constitutionally mandated oversight duties of the executive branch

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson now has an email problem

Refusing to Watch LGBT Video, Houston Judge Sues Employer for Religious Discrimination

Rare pictures of Trump secure staff meeting made public

Democrats' Line of Attack on Gorsuch: No Friend of the Little Guy

How about a Tuesday mind clearer?

Watch out for Russian honeytraps

Is Yahoo email down because of the Verizon sale?

Trading Health Care for the Poor for Tax Cuts for the Rich - NYT Editorial Board


Group of Lawyers Launches Effort to Hold Trump Accountable...

Whats at stake in the Dutch elections?

Preet Bharara: A Prosecutor Who Knew How to Drain a Swamp - NYT Editorial Board

Trumpcare gives us a good view of what a 'death panel' actually looks like

Chris Hayes: Bernie Sanders WV Town Hall

Louisiana wetlands struggling with sea-level rise four times the global average

The Trump administration dons a tinfoil hat

These Repugs are setting an absolutely horrible example for young people.

The Floridian Riverkeeper Fighting Back Monstrous Algae Blooms

Pics Of The Moment: TrumpCare Vs. The Truth

Trumpcare vs. Obamacare: Apocalypse Foretold - By Paul Krugman

Rachel Maddow Stopped Covering Trumps Tweets, And Her Ratings Soared

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Childrens Author and Filmmaker Dies at 51

Audio of Paul Ryan Dumping Donald Trump

When Trump loved and embraced the CBO - Today, not so much

Brietbart vs. Paul Ryan

Why is the GOP so,,,,

2018 will see the RW double down of all their dirty tricks

Troubling.......Preinstalled Malware Targeting Mobile Users

I Can Hear GOP Say WTF From My Microwave

It seems RW europe and RW ameriKKKa

IRS strips tax-exempt status from Richard Spencer's white nationalist nonprofit

IRS strips tax-exempt status from Richard Spencer's white nationalist nonprofit

Will Groper Don the Con's tax returns be submitted during the investigations

13 Times Trump Embraced CBO Estimates to Attack Obama

Tillerson Used Alias Email for Climate Messages, Schneiderman Says

IRS strips tax-exempt status from Richard Spencer's white nationalist nonprofit

Senate Intel Chair: I Got 'Sufficient' Answers On Trump Wiretap Claim

The Liberal Redneck is coming up on "The View".

Trump May Throw Goodies Into O'Care Repeal Bill To Appease Conservatives

Cute article about Biden's favorite meme

Asheboro leaders denounce planned KKK rally

RYAN: Steve King "misspoke"

Just listening to Ali Velshi trying to talk to a Trumpcare supporter...

Trump's biggest supporters are uneducated white men

Cabinet maker in Ryan's district pissed off about RyanCare tax cuts for rich, but still likes Trump

Happy pi day. As irrational as it may be.

Polls Must Show GOP Will Keep House / Gain In Senate If They Destroy Health Care.

'You, sir, shut up': GOP congressman demands constituent stop complaining about violence against...

Bill Palmer just posted this on Facebook - and it's true because I have been following him

South Dakota adoption discrimination bill becomes law

Chase chief economist shreds Trumpcare as ridiculous and irresponsible

Stephen Reaches Out To President Obama Via Microwave I walked by my microwave this morning...

Meanwhile...Pirates hijack freighter off Somalia's coast

Just googled, Bible verses on Patriotism and pride...

Paul Ryan's Twitter call to go sledding on Capitol Hill does not go well at all.

Bill to allow Bible course in Kentucky schools moves forward

Does It Feel Like We're Still Moving Backwards. That Town Hall Protests Having Little Effect.

KO:Gutting Health Care Will Kill Americans- What is our government for if not to ensure that we live

Author blames Rove for severe polarization of politics.

Why not let people buy into Medicaid?

KO:Gutting Health Care Will Kill Americans -What is our government for if not to ensure that we live

Alberta independent Christian schools face defunding threats from public unions, teachers

In case anyone cares...Trump's lowest approval ratings in Rasmussen today

#Trumpcare is a raid on #Medicare using tax breaks for the rich.

Has there been any news out of Rick Perry's Dept of Energy?

Preet Bharara, Fired AG, Had Donald Trump In Purview Rachel Maddow MSNBC

LePage: Decertification of state psych hospital was retaliation by Obama

CBO: Republican health care bill raises premiums for older, poor Americans by more than 750%

Ask your doctor about Impeachara

Westminster Christian Academy athletes under investigation for hanging noose at baseball field

So, what do you all think about me doing this.

Dem: "The presidency should not be a get-rich-quick scheme."

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Tulsa dentist, Tulsa Christian School after metro baby killed

Don't Get Over It

Des Moines Register: Editorial: GOP needs to oppose King's re-election, not just King's words

Barstow Christian admin: School bears some responsibility in child sex case

Things kids say

US to deploy missile-capable drones across border from North Korea

10 guesses as to what day it is today (Tuesday does not count)

Jesuit Pope Francis is Coming Out; Backsliding on Pedophile Crackdown, Catholic Official Says

LIVE: Senate Dems Challenge President Trump to Support FAMILY Act

Cotton Calls BS On House GOP Repeal Plan: 'There Is No Three-Phase Process'

REMINDER: send your postcards to SCROTUS tomorrow!!

Legal Questions Abound For Stephen Bannons Shady Address Book

Belgian astronomers name planetary system after beer

Jack Russell does it his way - Gotta love it

Exposing the Audacious Project to Make Christian Converts in America's Prisons

LIVE: Announcing our bill to ensure all American workers receive paid family & medical leave.

Trumps Childcare Plan Will Only Help the Rich

Name ONE thing that Trump has done right since becoming president.

What's the difference?

The 319 People, Places and Things Donald Trump has Insulted

No Magic in How G.O.P. Plan Lowers Premiums: It Pushes Out Older People

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance on Trump scandal: "As close to Benedict Arnold as we're ever...

(France) Catholic school apologizes for distributing pro-life, pro-family pamphlet to students

LIVE: Announcing our bill to ensure all American workers receive paid family & medical leave.

Bernie: We need a better definition of family values."

Someone just had to do funny


BLS reports: January jobless rates down in 5 states; PPI for final demand increases 0.3% in February

The symptoms of a heart attack and blunt force head trauma are apparently very similar.

Atheist blogger on trial in Russia for playing 'Pokemon GO' in church

AZ falls. If 4 more states vote 4 Constitutional Convention? Completely closed borders, no Roe v Wa

Atheist parents are better at raising children

Do NOT give these Trump Chumps a NOT give them a reach around.

He Seems Nice - By Josh Marshall

Does anyone here have an appliance that is connected to the Internet?

Psychopath Paul Ryan Encouraged By Report That Says Millions Would Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan

I told a deplorable yesterday they couldn't be against abortion and for trumpcare

Instead of calling it Trumpcare or Ryancare...

I don't see why people celebrate pie day.

Gaia had her kittens early this morning!

Mormon church baptising thousands of dead Victorians - atheist or not

Newt Gingrich slams "corrupt," "dishonest" Congressional Budget Office

MormonLeaks Goes to Battle With Mormon Church Over Leaked 'Enemy List'

Des Moines Register editorial: GOP needs to oppose King's re-election

Here's why a court found Kellyanne Conway too unreliable to testify in Whole Foods lawsuit

Court Doc:Trump evicted a disabled US Veteran because he had a therapy dog

Reid Urged Warren to Run for President in 2020

Issa's Own Poll Shows Trump Is a Burden

I propose that congress adapt the "Richard Feynman-Rule".

The HILL: Former SEN. Ted Kaufman Objects to SEC Nominee

RIP Inside the Collapse of the Mark Steyn Show

Im sick and fucking tire of hearing,,,,

Any John Sinclair fans on DU?

The Narcissist's Labyrinth: A Manipulable President

The Narcissist's Labyrinth: A Manipulable President

Pence calls Assange tweets about 'Pence takeover' of White House 'absurd' and 'offensive'

Fox News: "What if there's no wiretapping-evidence because Obama used british secret agents?"

NFL player shuffle continues: Eddie Lacy, Brandin Cooks, among others

Texas funds anti-choice Planned Parenthood Alternative, Gets Scammed

Somali pirates just hijacked a commercial ship for the first time in five years

White House eyeing even deeper EPA cuts: report

Trump Was/Is So Bad Howdy Doody Should Have Beat Him Handily.

Trump polls nosedive! Gallup poll - Trump down 6 points in 2 days! Rasmussen - Down 7 in 11 days.

*****The Resistance Is Working ***** Thump Approval 39% Disapproval 55%

IA-1 Blum's healthcare survey

Wilders Party Slumps in Shock Dutch Poll on Eve of Election

Hours before Paul "Atlas Shrugged" Ryan debuted bill, Blue Cross/Blue Shield gave him $120 Grand

If you are 60 or older a shingles shot is recommended.

Hospital stocks fall after Republican health bill seen leaving 24 million uninsured

World War Meme: How a group of anonymous keyboard commandos conquered the internet for Donald Trump

'Deport the Illegal Aliens': GOP Congressman Presents Solution to Make Healthcare More Affordable

Al Gore Likens Trump EPA Chief to Flat-Earthers: Hes Denying 'Most Basic Scientific Truth'

So Now Cheeto has 2 Devils on his shoulders whispering.....

McConnell, Ryan, and their allies should either be insulted or worried

Spin. I sure wish they'd start calling it what it is. Lying. Plain and simple

CBO estimates that a 64-year old making $26,000 per year would pay $14,600 under trumpcare

Twitter slams Kellyanne on microwave comment.

Do you ever worry...

I did an irrational thing today, with a slice of key lime Pi.

20 days until the season opener:

Reporter Owned By Snow Plow

Rising for International Women's Day (some pics and stories from around the world)

Olbermann disembowels Republicans with personal example - His Dad

"Very nice people": Trump confuses Saudi crown prince by sarcastically insulting the press

Who should be appointed to lead a bipart. Russian ties etc. commission??

in tweet, trump confuses CEO optimism with 'America's' optimism

What's wrong with everybody? The GOP philosophy is in plain sight, and no one sees it!

Rising for International Women's Day (some pics and stories from around the world)

Tom Price looks like John Gotti with Antonin Scalia's old eyebrows.

Pat McCrory's "sad" story (or when "bad" things happen to worse people)

Best cartoon for snow preparation

CNN just reported that speaker ryan is forging ahead with trumpcare without any changes...

The repugs have asked for "obamacare" stories.

what happens to alternative/holistic/natural medicine and therapies and supplements, etc?

TOKYO LOVE STORY (Honami Suzuki and Yuji Oda)

Top Trump backer: Its time to throw Paul Ryan and his health care "death wish" under the bus

Q: Did the right spend this much energy/time fighting for justice 2008-on?

Greenwald working with Snowden BEFORE he went to Booz-Allen?

phone numbers for Cong. Steve King

Cartoon: White House coffee

Freepers up in arms over TrumpCare

LaVar Ball Seeks To Become A Billionaire Off His Basketball Playing Sons

How Much Snow Has Fallen

Holy F*ck -newest Exec order

First Act

The Executive Branch Is About to Be 'Reorganized' into Oblivion

Today we launched our latest ad campaign, "Sunlight," targeting Trumps Russia Crisis. Press Releas

Thank you elleng! I made one of the Indian Dishes

In the fine print of a bill in NC is language that would criminalize acts of peaceful protest.

The most Expense Health Care there is,,,,,,,

Hottest Japanese Female Guitar players in the world! Incredible!

2017 edition of #AssaultOnReason explores the current state of our democracy

An Important Reminder in the age of Trump: Fourteen Characteristics Of Fascism

Members of Congress Not Expected at Town Hall This Week: Senator Joe Manchin has now agreed to att

the real "death panels" are the committees voting to approve trumpcon'tcare

When the Children Crashed Dads BBC Interview: The Family Speaks

A Nerd Tried Rewriting '50 Shades Of Grey' And It's Better Than The Real Thing

The Rude Pundit's take on gopcare

Hottest Japanese Female Guitar players in the world! Incredible!

Defense Secretary Mattis withdraws Patterson as choice for undersecretary for policy

Spicer's press conference on NOW:

Ivanka Trump Will Now Try to Sell You Affordable Jewelry Instead of Fine Jewelry

Breitbart & Fox links in emails


Remember the right wing shitstorm after "You can keep your doctor"?

Religious People Make Better Citizens, Study Says

Ever notice how the conversation is ALWAYS about ...

Stephen Colbert Reaches Out To President Obama Via Microwave

lot of shit sandwiches being served up today

Counterfeit $20's

Trumps Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge

The combination of cruelty and incompetence boggles the mind (#Trumpcare)!!--IMMORAL!!

THEY SAY the only way to defeat an Ear Worm is to substitute a better Ear Worm... What's Yours?

Dems and allies on healthcare would serve the public well

I'm sure you have other things to deal with, but...

OK, so that weasel Sean Spicer

spicer has been defending trumpcare for an hour at his daily presser....guess the prez is all in.

I've tried to fact check a right-wingclaim that Janet Reno fired 93 U.S. Attorney, but only

So Let Me Get This Straight - The CBO Might Not Be Proficient In Counting People.....

Vancouver boy, 4, dies after dental procedure

FiveThirtyEight: Liberals Would Be Foolish To Primary Joe Manchin

Good Lord, can we just make Steve King ...

Trump Is Confident Probe Into Wiretap Claims Will 'Vindicate' Him

Trump approval slips to 39% in Gallup. Disapproval up to 55%.

House Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) nailed the Republican Party with another example


Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers

President Trump on witness list in Palm Beach lawsuit involving billionaire pedophile

Listening to Sean Spicer right now.....

This Is How Neil Gorsuch Thinks

Michelle Obama continues her mission as former First Lady

YES! Premiums lower ... but for wrong reasons

Chaffetz welcomes increased air pollution in national parks

Why does Trump need an investigation into his charge that President Obama had Tapppppppppped .....

Ivanka Trump Imported 53 Tons of Chinese Goods During Her Dads Buy American Speech

The new targeted shoppers for Ivanka's brand

Official: Sanders shares blame for minors voting in primary

Will Millions Go Uninsured Without ACA Mandate? Spicer Says 'Sure'

Admiral, seven others charged with corruption in new 'Fat Leonard' indictment

Area clown who vows to eliminate NOAA, weather prediction experts, EPA & climate facts has warnings.

Charles Pierce: The Executive Branch Is About to Be 'Reorganized' into Oblivion

Monica Crowley Lost White House Job, Now Shes Got One With Pro-Russian Oligarch

Slate - "The Presidents Top Adviser Is Literally a KKK-Level White Power Scumbag"

Can Moral Americans Make an Argument

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 14, 2017

Kal Penn is lifting the lid on some of the grossly racist roles hes been asked to play

WOW! Check out Gallup for the past two days!

Yahoos New Male CEO Will Get Twice Marissa Mayers Salary

Would someone please tell Sean Spicer, if the GOP had a better health plan than the ACA

JR Ewing pegged Paul Ryan

Scientists harness solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass

Re Spicer's nonsense, let's stop pretending Trump cares about the details. All he wants is a "win"

Daily Show does BBC guy with Spicer, Cheeto, Carson and Kellyanne as the Mum

Spicer wears flag pin upside down...

Price's letter recommending CBO nominee Hall.

BIG: SecDef Mattis understands climate change risks far more than the head of the EPA.

Kellyanne capitalizes on microwave "spy-gate"!

"My Scientist friend George who works for Exxon ..."

To all the feminists on DU-- a t-shirt idea

Scientists MIA

Cheeto tweetered about Barney Frank's nipples protruding in Congress

Now Remember, This Is A THREE PHASE Plan...

A cross post on suppressors

From Joy Reid's Twitter Feed

Email problem resolved. Here's how.

People on welfare are "gaming the system" but Mr. Trump just "took advantage of all available loopho

'Oldest plants on Earth' discovered

83% Of America's Top High School Science Students Are The Children Of Immigrants

Snoop Dogg - BADBADNOTGOOD (Controversial Video)

The Dance of Death (Chris Hedges)

The Atlantic: Profile of Kellyanne Conway

Republicans believe in "State's Rights" ... except when they don't

Police respond to reported standoff (update just a few blocks from me)

Meet Prof. Robert Kelly and his family (the man whose BBC interview was interrupted by his children)

Snoop Dogg 'shoots' Trump clown 'Ron Klump' in new video

Does anyone have figures on insurance coverage if Medicaid hadn't been cut back?

What affect will the GOP health care plan have of bankruptcy

Let me share with you a poem I memorized in high school because I liked it so much.

Republicans are threatening to expose Trump as the emperor with no clothes

Do you think Sean Sphincter, ne Spicer is honest and trustworthy?

This isn't a Healthcare Bill it's a Tax Cut for Millionaires

Let's hear it for states' rights!!! (Tillerson)

Did ANYONE know it was a "three-part plan" until after it crashed?

Boys and girls, keep up the good work. We are going to roll Trump on Chump Care

Wow... I just saw Mccain trashing ChumpCare.

"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship,

Rep. Steve King Being A Nazi Out Loud Again

I am getting a pop up when I click to enter my password when logging in

Republicans talk and throw out numbers with no data backup. Let us not forget

Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less (free speech)

Monica Crowley, who nearly joined Trump White House, registers as pro-Kremlin foreign agent

I'm glad that the Congress and media are defending Obama as an honorable man

Surprise (not really)

Conservative columnist calls for single-payer

This bit of Ogden Nash reminds me of republicans.

What a standard to aspire to - U.S. worse than China in economic inequality

Are The Repugs Scamming Us On This Healthcare Thing?.....

Slate - "This White House Lies About Everything.and other lessons from the Flynn-Turkey- Trump saga"

Texas School Triples Recess Time, Solves Attention Deficit Disorder.

Texas School Triples Recess Time, Solves Attention Deficit Disorder.

I've been getting Breitbart news updates....

Corporate America Just 6 States Short of Constitutional Convention- Pushed by ALEC and Kochs

LOL from Slate - "Professional Victim Pat McCrory Has Slid Into Paranoia and Delusions of Grandeur"

Name the most likely winger hidey-holes...

Low Notes! Favorite bassists (then and now)

Is Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan crazier, more demented and crueler than the Orange Anus? Just asking.

The CBO was too generous scoring Obama Care according to trumpites. Oh we are in the deep stuff

Roswell firefighters vote 57-2 to form union

When Trump Voters Say They Suffered For 8 Years Under Obama, Heres The Perfect Response.

New Mexico Legislature races clock to fix budget shortfall

New Mexico lawmakers abandon gun background-check bill

New Mexico Senate weighs tax increases, spending plan

Homeland and the alex jones type person

Scientists Catch Star And Possible Black Hole In A Rapid, Dangerous Dance

Wikileaks-Russia link worse than you think

Nothing new here, but a thoughtful summary of Russian ties

An interesting social experiment

Once again, Sean Spicer is the voice of cool, calm reason in the "Let's Kill Medicaid" debate.

America is a white nation

'I'm coming for you': Whoopi Goldberg blasts fake web story

Cons insurgents rage 4 more HRC emails, while Bush admin "lost" millions of emails never supplied to

just got Medicare and have ?s

CBO scored Ryan bill, and the other bill HR 1275 is different.

Turns out Kellyanne had her appliances confused

If Barack Obama Calls You Asking for Money, Don't Do It.

Trump White House wont condemn Steve Kings racist comments

Rattled by CBO report, moderate Republicans turn against GOP bill

Trumpcare cuts deficit by $300 Billion

Americas system of checks and balances has collapsed and cant be fixed heres who to blame

More Kleptocracy: Jared Kushner, Trump Son-In-Law, Set To Make $400M Off China Tower Deal

Competing minimum wage bills moving along

Senate votes 34-7 to override governors veto of teacher sick leave bill

Bill pre-empting local labor initiatives derailed in Senate panel

The CBO's other bombshell: the Affordable Care Act isn't imploding

GOP Rep. Joe Barton tells town hall attendee to shut up during heated exchange

Pregnant workers protection passes

Soda tax goes to Santa Fe voters May 2

Spicer: Investigation Will "Vindicate" Trump on Obama Wiretapping Charges

The Verdant Food of Iran Entices at Persian New Year.

Texas doctor can't be sued in New Mexico, court rules

.@WaysandMeansGOP Fixed it for you.

Louise Mensch has developed evidence that Wikileaks is an FSB/GRU front

Al Gore & NPR All Things Considered Interview 3/14/17

The White House wants you to share your Obamacare nightmare story with them

Federal judge: Border Patrol in Arizona violated court order

Trump Is Deporting Thousands Of Veterans And Only Democrats Are Trying To Stop Him

NYPD sergeant who raped 13-year-old girl gets just three years in prison

Slate - "Republicans Can't Defend Trumpcare on the Merits...So they're not even trying."

Senator: Governor lobbied on lease bill benefiting donors to her campaign

The GOP Is Americas Party of White Nationalism

Pair suspected of urinating on copies of Quran and Bill Clinton's autobiography at Santa Fe library

☘ 2016 - Celtic musicians record for Bernie Sanders

Hurricane Katrina Pierson Turned Down White House Gig

Russia and the United States each have 9,000 nuclear warheads aimed at the other.

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Hits Record Levels

Just Remember...the Farthest Left and the Alt-Right didn't Like TPP....

There is NO debate cigarettes cause cancer and there is NO debate

Utah hate crimes bill sponsor questions public hearing void

Lawmakers approve hardened polygamy law before session ends

The "Get Out" syllabus

GOP senator on health care plan: 'That's not what President Trump promised'

Trump's Labor nominee picks up Democratic vote

Popular YouTuber "JonTron" Has Some Batshit Crazy Thoughts on Immigration He'd Like to Share

Top GOP senator to Democrats: Offer your own bill to fix ObamaCare

Just now saw on Rachel Maddow's feed:

Bannon complements Kellyanne Conway and says

Vibrator maker ordered to pay out C$4m for tracking users' sexual activity

More BREAKING: We've got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET. MSNBC.

Daddy urges "BUY AMERICA" - Daughter buys 53 TONS of Chinese stuff

Toon- Why the Military Needs More $$$

I made this travel ban meme

America may be getting caught in a Russia/China pincer attack.