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"We've got Trump tax returns."

"24 million people is the entire population of Vermont, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota...

Fitzmas. Remember Fitzmas.

Breaking on CNN! COMEY going on record re: existence of Trump/Russia probe

Rachel Maddow claims to have President Trump's tax returns


Bald Eagles shelter their eggs from Winter Storm Stella: Updat. One has hatched.

Dan, I understand that republican scientists are still searching for earth's edges. Any truth to tha

"There have been more ethics violations in Trump's 7 weeks than the previous 8 years."

If the definition of "Treason" is giving aid and comfort to an enemy in order to topple

He did it all himself, he says! We're just Gerbals (The Propaganda Minister?)

Being from Ohio

Official Rachel Maddow Show Watch Party thread!

Rachel says Tax Return is from 2005

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Bwah ha haaa, poor Julian.

Steve King: Blacks and Hispanics 'will be fighting each other' before overtaking whites

A question (thought) about sacrifice

Trump to nominate Goldman Sachs' Donovan as deputy Treasury secretary

Advocates call for paper ballots in Georgia amid FBI review

PLEASE someone on EDT start Rachel thread with Details for us on left coast who get it 3 hours later

Islamic Headscarf Ban Ruled Legal in European Workplaces

What are Trump and the Justice Department Hiding?

trump's 2005 tax return prediction thread

Selection Sunday Gets Hacked By Russia (Colbert)

WH comments re: Maddow tax return announcment...will they go after her???

CNN Anderson Cooper says breaking news on Trump's taxes coming up

My patriotic gesture today was to order a Bourbon Pecan pie from Three Babes Bakeshop.

SERIOUSLY. Tune in 9pmEST to catch @DavidCayJ on @maddow @msnbc breaking biggest

Trump releases tax info ahead of TV report

This isn't the first time Kelly Ann Conjob's credibility has been rejected...

WH releasing details on 2005 Tax Returns! Trying to get ahead of Rachel's story! On CNN

White House responding to his 2005 tax returns being released. He

Be Heard! Call Congress with 1 Tap, Download the App.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Join the Fun and Frivolity! Live Uncensored & a new

China Warns US & North Korea Are Set For Head Collision Amid Rising Tensions

Warming "In Your Face" W. Second Straight Year Of GBR Mass Death; Right. Fucking. Now.

My wife is a tax attorney: David K. Johnston (source of tax returns) is a VERY reputable source.

Maddow live-stream

How to pay for Trump's wall

WH responds to MSNBC report on Trump tax returns: "you know you are desperate when you willing to

Dear trump

One more reason to watch All In with Chris Hayes

Report: Trumps 2005 Taxes Revealed

One view (mine) - things can't happen fast enough for we here at DU - it is so horrific. BUT....

They're no schedules with Benedict Donald's Returns

So, basically, she has nothing

Anyone besides me think that

It's all trickle down, the alleged three prong plan, GOP Rep on All In admitted it is trickle down

I'm getting a strong whiff of Dan Rather's cologne and Mary Mapes' perfume.

Where's Rowdy when you need him?

Some hope from TPM - "Time To Apply Pressure" - re ACA changes

Tax story is valuable just because it will recruit new viewers to trms.

Sorry Rachel;

Because it pisses him off. That's why.

Screen shot of Maddow Show

Can someone take depreciation on construction on a personal tax return?

Sick of people here ripping one of the few voices connecting the dots on Russia.

"People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook."

Shame Rachel Shame! EDIT My Apologies To Rachel!

Quick! Someone announce they have his 2016 taxes...

I KNEW this would happen...

This release is very important

2005??? What about 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 & 2006???

Did I See A "Client Copy" Stamp On The Tax Return?.....

Heavy trafffic on Rachel's website...

BREAKING: Benedict Donald's 2005 Tax Returns show him wanting to get rid of AMT benefits......HIM!!!

He has no excuse to not release his full 2016 returns

Why did Rachel tweet that she had his 'returns' plural?

Why would a leaked return

A man from Bolton is dressing as a parrot in a bid to sell his house

Consider the last hour of your television viewing: One fact. 55 minutes of speculation.

Anyone got two $10s for a $5?

I don't want to plead ignorant, but can someone explain to me how Rachel's release of...

Question, Was this what you expected from Rachel?

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell live stream

Don't know what to make of Rob Reiner's tweet re dump's taxes


Kitchen appliance buttons, according to Kellyanne Con

My hero got played tonight.

Why Trump self leaking the 2005 Returns is the most likely explanation

Capehart: Too many of y'all are acting like Watergate was one big reveal.

donnie is the clear and overwhelming winner in this latest tax release

Short Form Tax Release Wasn't Leaked To Rachel. So Stop Saying She Was Targeted

What media sources do you subscribe to?

Bannon tried to do to Rachel, what Rove did to Dan Rather

IF fRump DOESN'T tweet tonight his indignation at the leaker, HE's the leaker.

Trump rejects push to oust NSC aide

Why don't we all idiotically repeat the right wing talking points on the 2005 tax returns?

If Trump did indeed leak the return to Rachel via Johnston....

Steve King And Charlie Manson Have the Same Racial Theory. Not Kidding.

Biggest news in the 2005 Trump tax release

Maddow's show and tax release tonight is bad for DJT and good for Americans

Question about ignore feature

What is going on? Watch Lawrence! It is explaining everything!

DNC: Trump Releases Some Tax Info, They Can Release ALL. They Are Using this

Justice Department to announce indictments in massive Yahoo hack: source

Justice Department to announce indictments in massive Yahoo hack: source

The released 1040 is stamped 'client copy'. Somebody else

Plaintiffs in U.S. lawsuit say Monsanto ghostwrote Roundup studies

No, Donald. We want the original long form tax return.

James Comey to confirm Wednesday if FBI is investigating Trump campaigns ties to Russia: CNN

Omg - #ThingsYouCantUnsee lmao

I am coming down on the side of someone other than Trump released those two pages of returns

Comey will be a nothing burger, and we STILL NEED a special prosecutor

When Republicans call Obamacare a 'disaster'

Wow. Broadchurch......WOW! UK drama, two spectacular seasons.

Why Won't Steve King Assimilate and Embrace American Values?

T-minus 1 year until rocket launch site construction starts in Nova Scotia

what are the different varietys opinions on suicide?

BREAKING!!!...Federal Court Smacks Down Bundy Land-Seizure Theories

74% Think Trump Should Release Taxes. This Story Doesn't Help Trump. At All

NYT columnist Charles M. Blow finds the leak of this particular tax info very suspicious

How CNN is playing this - "Rachel Maddow's epic buildup to ... 2 pages from Trump's 2005 tax returns

Lawrence O'D live now.

Russian connections, the disgusting healthcare debacle from the current admin...

Here's the Biggest Revelation From Donald Trump's Leaked Tax Return

'Cabbagegate' vexing Layton residents after field of cabbage was left to rot

Monsanto ghostwriting research on glyphosate - pure evil!!

Nude selfies a big problem in Utah schools, officials warn

Journalist mailed Trump's tax return: 'Entirely possible' he leaked it himself

Does anyone else miss President Obama doing his NCAA brackets???

British security official denies UK spy agency eavesdropped on Trump

South Salt Lake, West Valley mayors stand firm against homeless shelter plan

Need to apologize...

Tillerson May Face Deposition About His "Wayne Tracker" Climate Change Emails At Exxon

Rachel Just Scratched The Top Of The Scab, The Full Pull Off Will Come.....

Canadian Girl Guides cancel US travel ahead of ban

Winter Storm Endangers Cherry Blossoms in Washington.

Harrop: Who benefits most from GOP healthcare plan? Rich, blue states

IS Mosul commander killed, government forces battle for bridge


Mexico violence: 250 skulls found in Veracruz mass grave

MormonLeaks reposts LDS Church apostasy presentation, rebuffs faiths copyright violation claim

Eugene Robinson: Not hard to decode congressmans racism

Chaffetz, Lee take aim at Utah haze ruling

Its Getting Frosty and I Dont Mean the Weather

Anger over UK ship's damage to pristine reef

Meet the Democrat running against Rep. Jason Chaffetz and raising loads of money

Prerequisite for Key White House Posts: Loyalty, Not Experience

Constitution Article VI, There shall be "no religious test".

Utah's $16B budget boosts school spending, state worker wages, Medicaid growth

Rant mode on - Re: DUers

GOP Recommends Americans Set Aside Income From One Of Their Jobs To Pay For Healthcare Under Bill

This is horrendous and needs to stop.

For Trump, Three Decades of Chasing Deals in Russia

Another shiny object?

GOP Senators Say House Health Bill Wont Pass Without Changes

Can anybody name one damn thing that,,,,,,,,,

Louise Mensch's take on what Rachel is up to:

Who was the "spokesperson"?

Question: Did Donald Trump leak his best tax return himself?

All the hallmarks of a "Modified Limited Hangout"

There Has Been A Concerted Effort To Discredit Progressive Figures Like Maddow

To the people behind I-1552, I say 'not today, mutherf*ckers

Drumf and his "doing what was best for my family and employees" excuse

I am not the person castigated in this post,

So , I noticed a SINGLE Democratic House member voted to NOT have #45 release his tax returns

You know what the problem is regarding Rachel and DUers?

Funniest thing I read on DU today...

Anyone here pay your mortgage to Ditech? The karma train is coming to them.

whatever you do around a federal monument -- DON'T DANCE

Inside source must be The BLOTUS himself

Rachel Maddow Beats CNN And Fox In Ratings per NYT - Rachel is a hero for beating out Fox!

The final scenes from "All the President's Men"

Uline Corp. president goes all out for right wing trump policies on Uline corporate website...

I think Rachel took the bait tonight..

Trump loyalists sound alarm over RyanCare, endangering health bill

Rachel wasn't played. All those viewers who turned in to hear about tax returns

Xenophobia Ignorance. We re all humans on a small floating rock through this galaxy together...

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse: Comey to say whether FBI probing Russia, Trump campaign by Wednesday

Former President Barack Obama spotted in Hawaii

Could Rachel actually be a republican?

What A Fool Believes

Fox News: "Standing up for journalism is anti-Trump rhethoric."

Not just DU, Twitter Slaughters Rachel Maddow

Why is Rachel in the barrel tonight?

I just finished watching every movie that has won the Oscar for Best Picture

Tomorrow Rachel Maddow is going to open Al Capone's vaults

"This isnt an episode of 'SVU.' Itll take more than an hour for a conclusion."


3 of the 4 Yahoo hackers are in Russia

Re: Rachel and the tax returns...both things could be true

What Rachel did was nothing short of brilliant!

Beautiful Thailand!

Trump today in WH w/ Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the home of:

Christian Leaders Call For Boycott Over Gay Character in Beauty and the Beast

Site is back up again! DCReport‏


Arizona Supreme Court rejects minimum-wage challenge

Russian drone and special forces seen in Libya near Egyptian border.

Bipartisan criminal-justice reform bills working through Arizona Legislature

Gov. Doug Ducey will support extending education tax

Senator: Comey to say whether FBI probing Russia, Trump campaign by Wednesday

Vacancies on Arizona State Retirement System board limit its oversight of $34 billion pension fund

Dump Trumpcare and call it RIP (Republican Insurance Plan). 24K Will die a year.

I have a PIPE question.

Report: US Anti-Semitism, Hate Crime Up 20% in 2016

What Arizona's latest abortion bill really does

I buried my negatives in the ground in order that there should be some record of our

The fact is now everyone wants to see more of his tax returns

Nineteen People Indicted on Fraud Charges Related to Telemarketing Enterprise

Daily Holidays - March 15

Jaywalking Crackdown: A Tax On Poor People, Tempe Light-Rail Riders Complain

Rep. David Stringer Strikes Again: Teaching an Easy, Part-Time Job; No Special Skills Required

Title Agent and Co-Conspirator Plead Guilty in $10 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

South Florida Home Health Owner Charged for Role in $15 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Ali Velshi: "Lie! No Federal Boundaries To Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines!"

Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty to Stealing Medical Equipment Intended (for) Deployed Marines

Breitbart News Leads The Charge Against GOP Health Care Bill

Arpaio to take second try at disqualifying judge from racial profiling case

Snow totals from our winter storm, over 20" in @RacineCounty and 11" in #Milwaukee! WI

Vandal desecrates Quran at Islamic Center of Tucson

Lindsey G. coming up on Morning joe (who has off today)talk about Trump claim of wiretapping by

New Mexico man guilty in Arizona Medicaid billing scheme

Arizona man awarded $2.5M in medical lawsuit vs VA hospital

Trump wants to abolish the Alternative Minimum Tax

Treatment programs face shutdown because of minimum wage increase

Arizona lawmakers address pool builders' consumer worries

Relief from the freeze: DoD schools now hiring teachers, school nurses and others

Hear that? Yeah, that. Crickets. 45 NOT bitching that his taxes were leaked.

Sailors targeted at more than a dozen Navy commands in growing military nude photo sharing scandal

Officials preparing for once in a lifetime runoff

The Canadian Girl Guides have canceled travel to the USA for now.

Impact fees bill effectively gutted in Nevada Legislature

Disabled grenade turned into Carson City Sheriff's Office

VA finalizes disability benefits plans for contaminated water exposure at Camp Lejeune

Nevada lawmakers asked to fund fight against Yucca Mountain

Iditarod winner sets record for oldest, fastest musher

Rachel Maddow Lands a Scoop, Then Makes Viewers Wait

ICE arrests 61 immigrants in Nevada, 25 in Reno

(Germany) Audi offices raided in Dieselgate investigation

Folk Fights Back for Immigrants & Refugees, Nashville March 19

'Motor voter' passes Senate, heads to governor's desk

Calls for ibuprofen sale restrictions after study finds cardiac arrest risk

Nevada lawmaker seeks ban on anti-gay clinical therapy

Trump released his more than a decade old tax return as a diversion

Bill bans expiration dates on gift cards sold in Nevada

Lawmakers to debate school funds, inhalers, public records

Measure would let Nevada victims of stalking, rape break a housing lease

Assembly backs bill to help undocumented juveniles in Nevada obtain federal immigration relief

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Oh, the choices you'll make!

David Cay Johnston: Sad! Let's have open debate, not threats.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

He's Tweeting Again....

Nevada Assembly committee tweaks Equal Rights Amendment, moves it step closer to passing

Save Red Rock claims Clark County Commission violated open meeting laws

Nevada legislators not inclined to open their communications to the public

Claire McCaskill: Right to work will drive down wages

Employees fire back at Giant Eagle over labor charge against union

Trump budget would slice domestic programs, foreign aid

Rockford Public Schools strike: What parents need to know

Uber enlists anti-union podcasts, texts and drivers for Seattle fight

Rep. Steve King and the Racist Origins of 'Right to Work'

Irving imam, who has denounced extremism, threatened in ISIS videos

Trump Tweets: I love Detroit jobs, tax returns, why no Snoop outcry, & "big fun Nashville rally"

Second Las Vegas hospital severs ties with union

Gettin' Real: Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trumps Border Wall

Could Texas Turn to Charity to Fund a Rape Kit Testing Backlog?

Unspeakable Realities Block Universal Health Coverage In The US

Author of men's masturbation bill says GOP seeking retaliation

Cecile Richards was FANTASTIC on NPR's All Things Considered yesterday

Missouri scrap metal businessman admits tax evasion

11 more bikers sue in federal court over Twin Peaks arrests

While you were sleeping, a message with a swastika took over Twitter

Syria conflict: Suicide bomber targets Damascus courthouse

EPA delays West-inspired chemical storage rule amid terrorism fear

Baby see's dad for the first time with new glasses after he returns home from deployment

Former (R) Senator:"Unfortunately, Republicans now control government & have to Learn how to govern"

SPOILIED: Since Faux snooze and Koch's tea party, the rw'ers are ungovernable.

Remember when Woodward and Bernstein revealed the smoking gun that brought down Richard Nixon...

Sen. Shaheen Introduces Bill to Investigate RT News

There's a $1 trillion crisis threatening the American way of life as we know it

Wikileaks clearly linked to Russian hacker-- new analysis

Trump in Graham's cross hairs as Russia probe kicks off

GOP's health plan could cost older, rural NC residents thousands each year

Slate: The Presidents Top Adviser Is Literally a KKK-Level White Power Scumbag

I dove into the DU archives to see what DU posted on June 18, 1972*. Heres what I found:

3,000 postcards to DT written at just one event. Have you mailed yours today?

People are scared: Paranoia seizes Trumps White House

Comey's comments today could lead to impeachment?

U.S. Retail Sales in February Post Smallest Gain in Six Month

Any This Is Us fans.....questions

Unsealed Documents Raise Questions on Monsanto Weed Killer

Bannon & Kushner overrule McMaster on Flynn's NSA pick

The meaning of the Ides of March...

The cost of failure on health care? It may be the rest of Trump's agenda.

Black teen killed in hit-run white driver gets probation

Who leaked Trump's Tax Returns

Why is Thump dissing my man, Snoop?

"The truth is whatever I say today!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Spicer!!!!

One (more) Reason Why Trump Voters Are So Angry

Senate Judiciary chairman: No deputy AG vote until we get an FBI briefing on Russia

If Trump did not send the tax forms to David Cay Johnston?

Are these our babies or someone else's? I can't tell anymore...

E. TN Residents Face Landslides, Contaminated Water In Wake Of Fall's Massive Fires

So.... Twitler has spoken.

Trump's new entry ban to be challenged in courts hours before it takes effect

Knoxville TN Newspaper Notices That Gutting EPA Would Be A Bad Thing, Would Not Enhance Freedumb

Republicans serve appetizer, complain that you haven't praised the whole meal - By Philip Bump

Ry Cooder was born on this date.

Today is the IDES OF TRUMP . . .

Sly Stone was born on this date.

Before we get too excited about Comey today, ponder this.

30 Cities Considering Buying 114,000 Electric Cars & Trucks - And It's All A Fuck-You To Trump

TV Network News Ignores High Drug Prices

Jerry Jeff Walker was born on this date.

Bee Populations In Austria Collapsing; Regional Death Rates Projected As High As 70%

Trumps Border Wall Sh*t Just Got Real-Texans Receive Notices To Sell Or Have Their Land Taken

W. PRC Parliament Meeting Safely Out Of The Way, Beijing Smog Back And Worsening Rapidly

The GOP masterminds behind Obamacare's 'death spiral'

700 MSU staff say they won't help federal immigration officials

Rare tape of breakfast with the trump family!

Republicans should really read the CBO report - by the WaPo Editorial Board

Germany very concerned about developments in eastern Ukraine

EXCLUSIVE: Trump court docs listing owners of different Trump properties

Never before released footage by Fmr. Digital Director for Bernie Sanders

Trump Wrote Off $100 Million in Losses in 2005, Leaked Forms Show

Neil Gorsuch Has Web of Ties to Secretive Billionaire

Can hypocrites have amnesia? Guess so. No more tax breaks for billionaires.

How do I get a job as a paid political agitator?

2005 tax returns, who cares?

Mothers Seeking Office Face More Voter Doubts Than Fathers

BLS reports: CPI for all items up 0.1% in February; Real avg hourly earnings increase 0.1% in Feb.

note: I love the way the hulking bully GLARES at the cameras (and us)

Just a reminder: Trump's own man credited Comey w/ helping "win" him the election

Sandy victims, not Mexico, may have to pay for Trump's border wall

Indian Comedians Attack Trump With Hilarious Village People Parody

Dogs caught up in brouhaha over South Korean leader

Trump Tax Reporter, David Cay Johnston: I'm Getting Threats

"Its such a great country that allows you to be here." -Sean Sphincter, ne Spicer

More HOPE from TPM - "Trumptanic Approaches Repeal Iceberg - Everything Is Fine"

'There isn't going to be any evidence b/c frankly if there were I would know by now'-Rep Adam Schiff

White House consumed by paranoia & mistrust: "Everybody actually is out to get everyone else" #MAGA!

Kellyanne Conway Suggests Obama Could Spy on Trump Through Microwave

Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Under Criminal Investigation for Voter Fraud

Texans Receive First Notices of Land Condemnation for Trump's Border Wall

Scarborough accuses Trump of TR leak

Is Sean Spicer Rump's official taster?

Bill Would Allow Texas to Refuse Same-Sex Couples, Non-Christians as Foster Parents

Justice Department charging Russian spies and criminal hackers in Yahoo intrusion

Congress Passes Law to Drug-Test More Unemployment Recipients

Trump Decries MSNBC Tax Reveal As 'FAKE NEWS' After WH Confirms Info

The "Room Of Tears"

Gas Glut Reverses Lucrative 2016 Trade

Breaking: Jesus Returns. Deported by ICE.

Canadian volunteers denied entry into US so they wouldn't "steal American jobs"

The REAL reason CBO is so devastating. It's forcing Rs to reveal and own their true priorities:

Twitter Hilariously Burns Kellyanne Conway For Microwave Comment

The Trump tax returns are significant. Here's why:

Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy

Yachts of Trump financial backer, Russian oligarch seen close together

Slate - re dump's taxes - "Demand More" - and their take on the Maddow reveal

Luckovich Toon - OOPS !!!!

PPP poll just out: 24% support GOP health care plan.

This is a big deal, folks.

Surprising Research Finds More Sexual Activity on Mostly Catholic Campuses

Trump merch contractor paying people to show up at his Nashville rally!

BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy

Ryan Insists Phase Three Of Repeal Plan Would Get Democratic Votes

Canadian church group denied entry to US over fears they would 'steal' jobs

OK. It took some digging, but I found it:

Cruz Throws Cold Water On GOP's 'Three-Pronged' Obamacare Repeal Plan

How today's Dutch election works...

Remind me again of the significance of The Ides of March.....

Yahoo hack was done with the backing of a nation state, DOJ to announce; the nation is Russia

"Be Respectful" Angry GOP senator Snaps at CNN reporter asking about Trumpcare

Texas Senate tentatively approves "bathroom bill"

Justice Department charging Russian spies and criminal hackers for Yahoo intrusion

A conversation

Why don't you respond to the "ATA" questions more frequently?

Steve Bannon's journey to economic nationalism

what worries me about the future...

Get by without Planned Parenthood? One Texas effort stumbles

Lindsey Graham: House Health Care Bill Is 'Mortally Wounded'

"62 Million Reasons I'm Not the Same Anymore"

"RIP" Republican Insurance Plan

Phone records released in hit and run of ex-Apopka public official.

Sen. Joe Manchin warns Trump: Your supporters will know who took away their health care

He Got a Bad Grade. So, He Got the Constitution Amended. Now He's Getting the Credit He Deserves.

Are You A Wealthy Citizen of Another Country? You're Welcome in Trump's USA

An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America

He said he had a secret plan to defeat ISIS

West Virginia Senate bill eliminates mine safety enforcement

Two +generations

Bangor police FB page

'Painfully obvious': Scarborough accuses Trump of leaking good tax return to distract from Russia...

I wonder if fuckface is still mad that Snoop told him he had a little penis

Official: Tax Mar-a-Lago owner to help pay for cost of Trump visits

Trump Pink Slip Day - March 15, 2017 - Mail those post-cards TODAY

Chris Cillizza: Bernie Sanders still doesnt know what the Democratic party stands for

Trump Admin May Let States Impose Medicaid Work Requirements

Belle Gibson misled public with cancer claims, judge says

Palm Beach may slap Mar-a-Lago with big tax to pay for "devastating" cost of Trumps weekend trips

Who is Betsy McCaughey

The National Immigration Law Center is live-tweeting a MD Court challenge to the Trump Immig ban

Mail A Post Card To Trump DAY - TODAY March 15, 2017

Businesswoman Who Bought Trump Penthouse Is Connected to Chinese Intelligence Front Group

The Republicans' Obamacare replacement bill is overwhelmingly unpopular

I had an epiphany about Social Security

I think we need to consider a parliamentary type approach regarding anti-Trump Republicans.

I'm tired (GREAT read)

Chinese firm invests $400 million in building owned by Jared Kushner's family

Donald Trump's tax returns: What do we now know, and what do we not know?

Group of 17 Republicans sign US House resolution to fight climate change

West Virginia isn't the only place where state mine safety rules are being changed

*****BREAKING*****White House source-Chump Care as is can't pass Senate.

Epic Christoph Verhage string of responses to Trump tweet rant

Obama up to his "Shadow Government" tricks again.....

Another day in customer service

Trump's Lawyer Warns Scarborough: 'Better Have Proof' For Your 'Big Mouth'

"It's kinda like a Rube Goldfarb kind of thing"

Achtung Adolph Ryan!


'Um, no': Sessions says he never gave Trump any reason to believe Obama wiretapped him

House Intel leaders Nunes & Schiff say no evidence Trump Tower tapped by Obama administration.

Li'l Donnie's Diarrhea of the Mouth and Hands

Why Do Corporations Get FREE Limited Liability Protection?

Odd Number on My Cell Phone Call Log

Watching Rep Nuez and Rep Schiff presser on live TV. Amazing how intellectually SMALL . . . .

Trump document dump coming today at 1PM

Cheetolini is coming to Michigan today

Pic Of The Moment: With His Buddies Backing Away From "RyanCare," How Long Before Trump Bails?

Legal scholars to Trump: White House can't legally defund 'sanctuary cities'

Cheetolini is coming to Michigan today

For God Sake - Microsoft Or Apple Please Donate....

Cheetolini is coming to Michigan today

Justice Department announces charges tied to breach of millions of Yahoo accounts.

David Petraeus confirms Kellyanne Conway

Mayo to give preference to privately insured patients over Medicaid patients

I'm sorry, but if you're in a UNION and you vote for a party that wants to destroy unions

*****BREAKING***** Russian spies (Friends Of Trump*) indicted for massive Yahoo hack

BREAKING: U.S. indicts four individuals, including two Russian intelligence officers

*****BREAKING***** GOP leader (Devin Nunes) - No evidence Trump Tower was tapped

Is Trump acknowledging that he's a clown - tweet about Snoop Dogg's latest music video

Current Headline at Huff Post, "Trumpcare Circles the Drain" 11:48 ET

The GOP is imploding

Reagan Democrats give Trump a long leash -- but deeply distrust GOP

'We don't have any evidence': GOP House intel head Nunes disputes claim Trump Tower was wiretapped

April the giraffe STILL has not had her baby! 18 days after live stream started and counting.

General Mattis on climate change

Trump Calls Obama To Talk About Microwaves

from Chris VanHollen:

Roger Stone has acquired two attorneys.

Readings from the Republican Bible

The Minority President is actually the Potentate.

From Facebook: Why what Rachel did with the tax release is crafty AF

Hero cop who danced his way into our hearts at Pride dies of 9/11 related cancer

Don't let GOPERS off the hook. 52 attempts to repeal aca during president Obama's

I want President Obama to sue the pants off of

Guess FOX couldn't find another pretty girl shot by a dirty immigrant.....

Plea deal reached for man who fired shots inside DC pizzeria

White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery Opens At Noon Today

Ryan: GOP healthcare plan was written with Trump

Coming up 3/19, @berninglovefilm has its US premiere

Roger Stone claims secret warrant led to discovery of his contact with hacker

Hey, waitaminnit.

Oregon man's petition to strip Congress of their public health care plan goes viral

And Now For The No-Shit News

Mayo Clinic to give preference to privately insured patients over Medicaid patients

Police suspend dispatcher 8 days in Tamir Rice shooting

Employers' Hijab Ban Isn't 'Direct Discrimination,' European Court Says

It is not Trumpcare. It is not Ryancare. It is Trump-Ryancare.

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - Need I Say More?.....

Suddenly remembered Tiger

Videos and multimedia

Mind-boggling politics --TY Prez Obama

Pic Of The Moment: Lying On Purpose, Or Simply Insane?

Article: Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong,

Sessions Smoking Gun--His Mouth

It seems like a few Republicans are turning from the darkside..?

Nunes throws Trump under the bus on "TAPP"-gate, but fails to specifically mention microwave ovens

Is Gascony the Most Delicious Corner of France?

BREAKING: Sessions says he never briefed POTUS or gave him any reason to believe wiretap happened

People are scared: Paranoia seizes Trumps White House

Threatening to cut off 24 million Americans' health insurance is taking it's toll... on Trump?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-16: Wheel Of Corruptions Long Halftime Walk Edition

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Head-Shaking, That Is...

O'Malley tests 2020 waters with Iowa poll

How Kellyanne Conway Muzzled Mitt Romney

A fish rots from the head first.

Shaun ran a marathon carrying a portrait of Bernie Sanders.

China to Trump: We dont want a trade war but if there is one, youd lose

Did 45 release his own tax form?

Call it Republicare. Don't let them escape their deeds.

House considering nixing continuous coverage piece of health care bill

O'Malley tests 2020 waters with Iowa poll.

Will post Trump's formal written apology to President Obama over "tapp" as soon as he tweets it.

how many of you feel that he who shall not be named is wagging the dog is

Richard Spencer Says Steve King Has His Support After Controversial Tweet

Trump to challenge Obama fuel economy standards

Repeal Bill Makes Worse A Problem GOPers Complained About Under O'Care

No coincidence

i've like "don'tcare" a lot, but i now think calling it anything-care is a mistake


LOL- I Lied to My 5-Year-Old About Donald Trump

Defense secretary threatens to 'walk' unless Trump axes fanatic loyalist, source says

Hydrogen on Demand

Democrats preview line of attack on 'pro-corporate' high court nominee

Sources: Mattis, Ricardel clashed over Pentagon appointees

Alex Jones challenges Alec Baldwin to bare-knuckled fight

How To Fuel a Hydrogen Car: 2017 Honda Clarity Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Monsanto Forged Academic Research & Killed Gov. Review Of Company

Say Hello to Finger-Lickin Lab-Grown Chicken

New UN report blames pesticides for food insecurity

Oratorious RBG

It's days like this

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates for Third Time Since Financial Crisis.

U.S. military likely to send as many as 1,000 more ground troops into Syria ahead of Raqqa offensive

Fed raises rates at March meeting

Wisconsin setting stage to remove hundreds of thousands of names from the voting rolls

Fed hikes interest rate, hits brakes on growing economy

Someone just did a post on a tweet from Dworkin which he made on Tuesday.

Adam Schiff (D-CA): Trump "standing up to his responsibilities" will probably never happen

Paul Ryan foresees no major changes in Republican healthcare plan

sweaters for chickens

Trump and Bannon using Breitbart site to get rid of Paul Ryan?

The new Kellyanne Conway Selfie Stick

Pierce: We're Witnessing a Dangerous Detachment from Reality

Trump checked the box on his tax returns to support public campaign finance

Republicans risk midterm meltdown

Are these assholes all turning on each other?

Republican code words. List them here.

The Plan Colombia flop: 17 years and $10B later, coca in Colombia up 38%

"Deport all the Mexicans." Alex Jones Freudian Slip

MEANWHILE, in Russia:

Trump barrels toward clash with Congress over border wall

Ah...winter sports

Is climate change a 'forgotten issue'?

UPDATED - Comey will testify publicly on Russia investigation next week

Killing the attorney with evidence Colombias military assassinated 6,000 civilians

In a Repudiation of Trump, a Senior House Leader Rejects Wiretap Claim

Detroit Three automakers busing UAW workers in to cheer at Trumps visit to Ypsilanti

Trump to celebrate Andrew Jacksons 250th birthday in Nashville, attend a rally

How Could Trump With A Straight Face Say - "Buy American" - When He.....

It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding...

Flip the script - RE: "wiretapping" - The "evidence" is that Trump lied after reading a Breitbart

Senate confirms Trump's pick for national intelligence chief

We'll use our First Amendment Solutions....

The medical community reacts

Instead of letting the SCROTUS lie die, the howdy dudy attorney general

So if there is an FBI investigation how does Comey testify openly

Happy Birthday, dear Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg!

It looks like Trump is pulling the rug out from Paul Ryan over Chump Care.

Mexico's Lopez Obrador Pledges Legal Rollback of Energy Overhaul

Trump Dump : 419 files on Trump uncovered-shows how Trump sues NYC for tax breaks.

One Certainty of G.O.P. Health Plan: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Trump Calls Obama To Talk About Microwaves

It looks like we are about to roll Thump, the Deplorables, and the GOP on Chump Care

KellyAnne warned us about drumpf

Widow names raw milk creamery linked to listeria outbreak in wrongful death lawsuit

Slate "Woman Who Paid Trump $16 Million Cash for Apartment Has Ties to Chinese Military Intelligence

Canadian church group denied entry to US over fears they would 'steal' jobs

Anyone else participating in Ides Of Trump day today?

Why is Bannon trying to cause a rift between Trump and Ryan?

Birth Certificate VS Worth Certificate

This Breaking News just in:,,,,,,,,

Saw trump talking in Ypsilanti

Republicans Search for Someone to Blame for Trumpcare

Robert Reich & William Kristol Discuss Preservation of Democra...

Cherokee activist Albert Bender on the Trump/Andrew Jackson connection

Poll: how many men have used the word pus*y the way Trump did?

Roger Stone tweeted this . . .

Tiring of the Mussolini thing.

Donald Trump's tax plan would've nearly wiped out his 2005 tax burden

This Explains It

FBI to brief Graham, Whitehouse on Trump warrants: Graham

Steve King plays with his concentration camp Lego set

Senate Investigation Into Russian Hacking For Trump

Trump's hiring Bear Stearns economist who promised the economy was fine right before it went...

Can someone go over to Raw Story.

Right-Libertarianisms Cozy Relationship with Fascism.

Trump ally Roger Stone says US intelligence tried to assassinate him in Wednesday hit-and-run crash

OAS head calls on members to suspend Venezuela

Donald Trump Really Doesnt Want Me to Tell You This, But

Scott Dworkin just updated his report about TrumPutin . . .

Trump ally Roger Stone says US intelligence tried to assassinate him in Wednesday hit-and-run crash

Fox News can't handle Rachel Maddow's tax scoop

Scientists mobilise as bleaching resumes on Great Barrier Reef

If a lesbian brings down Trump I will wear Doc Martens and hoop earrings for the rest of my life

My Life in the Seminary: Part 1--Lent

Jury awards ex-Ada County official $1.7 million in whistleblower lawsuit

Charles Pierce has a great piece on Maddow's tax show I suggest everyone read

Call to action to stop Trump's SEC nominee

When the sea ice melts, juvenile polar cod may go hungry (and they are key to the Arctic food web)

Alfa Bank shell company bought 2 Trump FL condos in 2014

Steve King: "This is great. So, when do we build the actual wall?"

Idaho House tussle interrupts budget debate

In the spirit of the Ides of March

Warning to Fence Contractors:

They had to (try to) discredit Rachael Maddow any way they could..

How cold are you? How about 1 billionth of a degree above absolute zero?

If you think this is fun now, just wait till Friday! The net is closing.

James Comey is pretty much Ben Affleck's character in Gone Girl.

Looking at the states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, we could certainly form a Western

Bernie on Tapper re wiretapping

45's OK Campaign Head and OK kGOPb State Senator caught in motel with underage boy

An interesting string of tweets about hack of John Podesta email (HRC campaign Chair)

Idaho Senate introduces 2 faith-healing proposals

Large Sections of Australias Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find

Bill limiting early voting dies in Idaho Senate

Just found out that one of the founders of the Physician Assistant profession died today.

Anti-motorcycle profiling bill spiked in Idaho Senate

Conservative Christians Are Fighting an Alabama Bill That Would Protect Kids At Childcare Centers

AP tweets exit polls suggest Wilders (Netherlands) had unexpectedly poor showing in election

Google's New Tool Says Nearly 80 Percent of Roofs Are Sunny Enough for Solar Panels

A Stolen, Then Recovered, Stradivarius Returns To The Stage

Looks like the left doing well in the Netherlands.

Bill exempting yoga regulation heads to governor's desk

Roger Stone just missed second assisination attempt - he lived through "Polonium" poisoning - (:

Senate kills bill adding Idaho questions to civics test

Dutch election: Mark Rutte's VVD party leads in main exit poll live

Idaho lawmaker says some teachers 'clearly' overpaid

Grassley Accuses FBI Of Withholding Information On Russia Investigations

Must have been pretty obvious

Name a food you've always wanted to try but haven't had a chance to try yet.

Trumps Wall Threatens Last Jaguars in the U.S.

Tangerine Tanned Muskrat scrotum skin, Lacefront Possum fur Wig President..

Two of former Jefferson County sheriff's felony convictions vacated by Idaho Supreme Court

This video can't possibly be real:

Proposal to repeal abortion laws headed to the Senate floor

Trump Is So Unpopular That Car Companies ...

Trump is sending anti-LGBT activists to UN Womens Rights conference

Sen. Inhofe's influence over the EPA snowballs

McCain: Rand Paul 'is now working for Vladimir Putin'

Have you reached that point yet - Doctors ad infinitum

Trump campaign leader: Mormons who didn't back Trump should ask for forgiveness

Thank God for Serena Williams

Trump Lied to Office of Gov Ethics in 104-Page Financial Disclosure

Oh. Wow. - Roger Stone contacted Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 at least 16 times during 2016 election

Forensic audit planned of $623,000 shortfall in Bannock County Landfill budget

Fox News can't handle Rachel Maddow's tax scoop

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 15, 2017

A lot of Roger Stone in the news today.

Details revealed in Idaho State University embezzlement case

70 FOOT WING SPANNED PTEROSAUR. They Ruled For Over 100 Million Years.

Is Trump falling into Paul Ryan's trap?

STUDY: Concerns About Race Relations in U.S. at a Record High

Does Donald Trump cry? Only like this. Sad!

Netherlands Elections turnout...

How the AHCA could come to a screeching halt tomorrow

#TRUMPLEAKS: 419 files on Trump uncovered-shows how Trump sues NYC for tax breaks.

Trump Is So Unpopular That Car Companies Offered Bribes To Autoworkers To Attend His Detroit Speech

The White House wants you to look over here

Breaking: Russians are spying

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) coming up on CNN to discuss #RussianHacking & #TrumpRussia

"Match". What an intense movie. And Patrick Stewart is amazing

Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong

Trump Defends Allegations: 'Wiretap Covers A Lot Of Different Things'

Wiretap covers lots of things -

McCain: "The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin."

Everything You Think You Know About the Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong

Coal miners to get more of the shaft

Roger Stone contacted Russian hacker at least 16 times during 2016 election

Trump & Compay Wants Someone Worse Than Ryan For Speaker.

slate - "Stop Saying Donald Trump Is Mentally Ill" ('s worse - read this!)

Intelligence Expert Malcolm Nance Believes That Donald Trump Could be the Benedict Arnold of Our Tim

"Alternative Wired Devices"

If nobody in the press covered the Trump taxes story...

Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca found guilty on obstruction of justice and other charges

First of all, any network that had the 2 pages of Trump tax returns would have run with them.

Tillerson to warn China of sanctions over North Korea

The Award for MOST INCORRECT Take of 2016 Goes to Edward Snowden

Trump's original pick for deputy @ NSA is now lobbying for a Ukrainian oligarch

Anyone watch Jake Tapper wash Paul Ryans Feet?

Is the rethug party imploding in front of our eyes?

Patients Lose Sight After Stem Cells Are Injected Into Their Eyes.

Radical evil

Another addition to "Faces Of Meth..."

As Drug Costs Soar, People Delay Or Skip Cancer Treatments

Republicans introduce bills authorizing military force against ISIS

Julian Assange can't get Twitter-Verified

Trump Tower Istanbul cocaine trafficking partner Yesil not to be confused w/ Trump Tower Philadelphi

Maddow yet to Tweet

Donald Trump Budget Slashes Funds for E.P.A. and State Department.

(Not Florida) Substitute teacher drinks boxed wine in classroom, vomits in front of students

Gov't report: More than 12M signed up for 'Obamacare'

Safe to say there isn't a better healthcare plan: Or someone would have suggested it.

Why is Ted Yoho (R-FL) leading Trumpcare charge in House?

2017 Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts

Jay Inslee Says 700,000 Will Lose Coverage Under the Republican Health Care Plan

FU sean hannity!

You Cant Afford It: 40 Percent of All Homes for Sale in Seattle Are Listed at More Than $1 Million

Sen. Feinstein on meeting with FBI Dir. Comey:

White conservatives confuse loss of cultural dominance with actual oppression ...

Jon Grant Says He's Signing Seattle's Homeless Up for Democracy Vouchers

Bernie: No evidence of President Obama wiretapping President Trump?

To lurking (D)eolorables, whatever faults we on the left have...

Insurance Commissioner: Trumpcare Is a Case of Robin Hood in Reverse

The Battle That Almost Ended the University of Washington

Warren: GOP Health Care Plan Designed to "Help the Rich Get Richer"

White supremacist posters at the U of Maryland:

Guys, I give up and so should you. Trump's a trustworthy, up-and-up fellow. Face the truth.

**BREAKING** Anti-Islam Deolrable Geert Wilders had unexpectedly poor showing in election

MICROWAVES (Are Watching You!) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody 👀

Do you think that Ryan will bother to put his plan up for a vote?

'How can you say that?': Tapper confronts Ryan over claim he and Trump are on the 'same page'

Katy Tur shoots down Mo Brooks' complaints about the media

Trump Can't Even Watch TV Correctly -- The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Key U.S. Senate committee leaders say Russia sanctions must remain

Where Brietbart got the "Wiretap" story.

Feinstein and Grassley grim and silent after Trump-Russia briefings with Comey

Paul Ryan's full interview with Jake Tapper 3/15/17

Obama tried to take Andrew Jackson off the $20. Now Trump is visiting his grave.

DutchNews coverage of Netherlands election: exit poll predicts defeat for Geert Wilders.

BULLCRAP ALERT!! Trump claims evidence about his "wire tap" claim to come out in next 2 weeks....

Time to Loosen the Tin Foil Hats

Roger Stone reportedly in accident

How Russia's attack on Freeland got traction in Canada

My 2017 Letter to 1967 Me

Snow forces two congressmen on a bipartisan road trip from Texas to D.C. singing along the way

His ban blocked again

Yachts of Trump Backer and Russian Oligarch Meet

Federal judge in Hawaii freezes President Trump's new executive order

I am so freaking tired of "BREAKING NEWS". Anything that used to be regular news is now

BREAKING: Federal judge, Hawaii, freezes Rump's travel ban hours before it was to take place!

***BREAKING*** Federal judge halts new travel ban nationwide.

Rachel Maddow Turned a Scoop on Donald Trump's Taxes Into a Cynical, Self-Defeating Spectacle

Federal Judge in Hawaii halts travel ban 2.0 Prevents it from going into effect tomorrow nationwide.

Kushner's family so tight with Israeli PM, that Netanyahu slept in Jared's room when visited yrs ago

Trump Immigration policies kiill work visas for specialized Canadian nurses

Trump begins rollback of Obama's car pollution standards to curb emissions

How to we know tRump's 1040 isn't fake?

Ugh-Drumph is in my city tonight. I'm feeling the darkness. Nashville is actually a very blue oasis

Sen. Graham & Whitehouse on letter to FBI re Trump's Wiretapping Claims - video

Tanzania broadcaster suspends staff over fake Trump news

With Chump Care and his ersatz Muslim ban in tatters Thump doesn't know if he's coming or going

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 March 2017

Where does Trump think his grandkids will live

If he leaked his own taxes, it was because... immigration.

Transparency Matters

Badass shingles update.

Immigration authorities to deport Afghan man who helped U.S. government

Hawaii Judge issues restraining order against Muslim Ban #2

One Certainty of G.O.P. Health Plan: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Are you ignoring the GOP health plan because youre covered at work? You shouldnt.

Every time Trump gets upset he has a rally. A pattern has been set.

Deplorables harass David Cay Johnston

Trump Org could face Criminal Prosecution for Breaking U.S. law in Azerbaijan

Travel ban Judge ...

McCain is right. What's behind the accusation that Rand Paul is working for Putin?

Ryan: Health care plan must change to pass the House

Trumps Lawyer Warns Scarborough: Better Have Proof For Your Big Mouth...

Defense Secretary James Mattis Breaks With Other Cabinet Members On Climate Change

Am I the only one who feels like the ground is shifting? Like, we're in colossal sh&%?

More Low Voter Turnout Elections Yesterday

Medicare For All, Obamacare and Trumpcare Explained In Real Estate Terms

Federal Judge Cites Guliani/Miller Racist Talk in Ruling....

a couple figures the CBO scoring of TrumpCare bill left out..

America is a white nation: More racist fliers spotted at University of Maryland

Im kinda liking Joe Kennedy....

I want to call it Trumps care, or Trump scare, Trumpscare?

Ivanka promotes a Russian app that tracks Americans

take a bow, Stephen.

Whoa! Look out below:

Kayleigh McEnany

Mein Furor

Parenting is hard, as we saw from the BBC interview of the professor

MOM: Ivana Trump writing book about her kids ...

Breitbart is already attacking the McCain-Montenegro story by intimating McCain is "senile."

Coming out of the coverage of Dutch election gains by GreenLeft Party

How can we celebrate this day without this song?

Latest Fox Poll "Favorable ratings".

Sen. Graham: "All I can tell you is that the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections."

Federal judge temporarily halts Trump's new travel ban

here's a funny video. till you realize this is what the GOP does to "average" Americans every chance

Thousands protest Trump outside #TrumpTN rally.*seems more Protesters than fans