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Archives: March 17, 2017

Mexicos drastic bid to reverse decades of deadly pollution

James Cotton, Blues Harmonica Veteran, Dead at 81

Mexicos drastic bid to reverse decades of deadly pollution

"He's no better than the weirdo in the basement pulling the fire alarm just to hear the sirens."

'He's the guy in the basement calling 911 just to hear the sirens"-Chris Matthews

Old men like 2X T shirts

The 11-year-old Brazilian boy teaching his mother to read

These are the 19 agencies Trump would stop funding entirely under his "budget blueprint."

Does Mexico fund 'Meals on Wheels' ?

The 11-year-old Brazilian boy teaching his mother to read

Sources: Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on Juan Williams

Newsweek yesterday: All of Europe knows about fRump's attack on nato through Putin

Mexico authorities complicit in mass grave: prosecutor

To those of DU who have multiple hyperactive GIFs in your sig line: WHY?

End Jewish Privilege Poster Circulates on Chicago College Campus

Imagine how funny this would all be. Or interesting. Certainly curious. If......

Budget Director Pick Spoke at a John Birch Society

BBC Interview girl and Library of Congress girl


Pilot project to introduce a basic income in Ontario gets strong public support

You need a machine gun to order burritos but I'm the snowflake?

"A budget is a moral document."


Stand with Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.. Share Your Story!

State workers: Raises and bonuses are coming, slowly

Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative.

The Trump team reminds me of ISIS fighters who used sledgehammers on Iraq's antiquities.

HA-HA! FoxNews just realized that it does matter what they say.

Just weeks after Oroville Dam crisis, damage found in another key California reservoir

Why CalPERS is pouring millions into a Southern California water deal

Shoot - just on CNN...Nunes says 'no other evidence picked up via russian calls other than Flynn'...

Don't let anyone mislead you: killing Federal funding of Meals on Wheels would be a devastating blow

GOP defense hawks say Trump's Military budget of $54 billion, like his fingers, is "not big enough"

China and Germany Unite Against Trump's Protectionism

"Should we be asking coal miner in WV or a single mom in Detroit to pay for Mar-a-Lago trips?"

DUMP the f*cking RACIST Steve King. Support the INCREDIBLE Kim Weaver instead.

BAIER threw Paul RYAN under the bus, he & O'Reilly bend backward to save DRUMPF

Green Tie on Anger Spice, y'all... Best thing EVER!

Am I right or wrong? Trump's people say he said Obama used "wire taps".

Trump supporter calls the ACA a "blessing from God" - thinking Trump deserved the credit.

US soldiers train for jungle warfare in Hawaii rainforest

Keebler Elf SOLVES opioid epidemic with the safe, sane solution...just say no.

Dickens nailed it.

Grudgingly, CalPERS cuts pensions for 200 workers of defunct LA agency

Trump GOP Announces Plan To STRIP 10 Million People Of Food Stamps.

Amy Klobuchar-MN should be on the 2020 Democratic Presidential Ticket.

Rep. Steve King: GOP colleagues 'patting me on the back' after controversy

New Flynn bombshell: in November, while he had security clearance, he took money

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Big 500! Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

Blues Harmonica Legend James Cotton Dies at 81

Trump to name coal lobbyist as deputy EPA chief: report

Groper Don the Con and his ReTHUG goons are pissed that American Agencies discovered

Jussie Smollett's new video might be the wokest thing ever created in human history

Feeling sorry and not sorry for Andrea Mitchell...

MSNBC live stream

Poll: "Not that Bright" or "Everything is Propaganda"

Workers at troubled Oroville Dam need dust-control plan after cancer-causing asbestos detected

Paul Ryan called out by Ali Velshi for lying CBO report at briefing (VIDEO)

I wonder whether Repubs believe the definitions of words in the dictionary?

Anti-Semitic vandalism found at law student's dorm at UC Hastings

Hawaii's new slogan

Highway 1 reopens between Big Sur and Carmel, but southern sections remain closed

Sen. Susan Collins comes out against House GOP healthcare bill

Democratic and Republican legislative leaders join to fight campaign finance rule change

This is how revolutions start

I live in Virginia. I get lots of phone polls. Should I lie and identify as a Republican?

Maddow hammering away again

Democratic challenger hits Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Russia

Immigrant families are starving themselves because of fear of Trump's immigration policies

School districts would get state money to build teacher housing under new bills

Northern Marianas Islands Medicaid program model for nation

I need to go back to the ship.

Basically sums up the Trumpublican position

Republicans Probably Agree With Trump Budget & Cuts To Vulnerable Populations.

Rachel just went there...

There's our first ad. Does DNC have ad money? Someone with money...please

Some local teens keep sabotaging this dentist's sign in Casselberry (no, no BDSM dental offered!)

An apropos quote for the times we've been in since November 8, 2016

A word of congratulations to my fundamentalist friends:

I stopped doing fundraisers a year ago...Jacks Fundraiser! (MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue)

Settlement talks set to begin March 31 in Guam Superintendent's $7M suit

I stopped doing fundraisers a year ago...Jacks Fundraiser! (MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue)

I stopped doing fundraisers a year ago...Jacks Fundraiser! (MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue)

Spicer's Lie: GCHQ denies WH claim that #UK spies helped wiretap Trump

Attorney needs time to review discovery in Guam healthcare fraud case

Nonsense: British Intel Agency GCHQ Responds to Report from Foxs Napolitano Cited by Spicer

Another PR disaster for Downing Street! Larry the No 10 cat catches a mouse in his claws only to....

Waiting for my "tele town hall" call.

Have ya'll noticed the Washington Post new banner?

Search warrant reveals deplorable conditions in Natalie Finn's home

If anyone asks whats in it for white people to fight racism, here it is:

Any Response from Ted Cruz On Trump's Budget?

#BoycottHawaii trends on Twitter after Trump travel ban blocked

Trump budget would hit Texas hard

Racial slur reportedly preceded Nanakuli attack

Trump loves to read, but the phone rings, & he's working hard on getting costs down & lots of things

I think something bigger than any of us

State Dept. Dismantling Is Trump Revenge Against Hillary.

On a lighter note - today's affirmation of joy

American Samoa Rep Calls on Trump to Undo Fishing Bans in Obama Tuna Monuments

Let them eat diamonds...

Sorry, Hawaii: Your tax-free shopping on Amazon is about to end

Coach K Roy Williams reiterate opposition to North Carolina bathroom bill

A trump supporter just contacted me.

Trump Is Getting Away With His Shit & GOP Is Cooperating In Helping Him.

Teenager finds 7.44 carat diamond in Arkansas state park

Lawrence O'Donnell - calls Trump

Rachel Maddow Bags Biggest Audience Ever With Donald Trump Tax Document

Wait a minute. Does anyone know where this 'proverb' came from? Trump again:

TrumpRyanCare Indirectly Cuts Medicare

Sierra Leone pastor finds huge 706-carat diamond

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 19 - TCM Remembers Robert Osborne

GOP Plans To Let Medicare Go Insolvent And Then Just End It. Think About What They Are Doing.

So is Obama wiretapping accusation just a way for Trump's handlers to isolate Trump


Did Trump Even Care About Health Care? Or Was It Just Because It Was Called Obamacare?

TCM Schedule for Monday March 20 - March Malice

BuzzFeed: Why Is Donald Trump So Obsessed With Surveillance? (Spoiler: He does it himself.)

On Not Being Offended by Avril Lavigne in Japan

The final 4 SNL hosts, spoiler Melissa McCARTHY on May 13. *And*all 4 to air live across the country

Winning! - Luckovich 'toon

Where Is Mike Flynn Now Since He Was Fired?....

Go out to vote!

Almost Feel Like What A Witness To The Hindenburg Felt Like. What Disaster Awaits?

MSNBC is promoting Greta Van Susteren heavily. Her show must be cratering big time!

UH-Hilo predicts awarding $50M in financial aid

Exit polls are accurate. So....

Conservative judge slams 'personal attacks' on judiciary

2 indicted, accused of cyberbullying 18-year-old to suicide

Fuck the poor, fuck the hungry, fuck the unemployed...

Lawmakers slash own pay

Juneau sees record dump of snow Tuesday

Coal miners who voted for Trump realizing his commitment to them ended with putting on that hard hat

Permanent Fund Dividend on the chopping block

A bit of a flashback, we've seen this before... Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families

I've got huge stacks of papers from this week to grade and return by Wednesday

Someone posted today that Texas wants to allow religion in science classes

WaPo provides today's example of 45's supporters being the dumbest people alive

Flynn did not report his Russian $$$$ to the Pentagon or on the Security

4 sentenced in Anchorage check-fraud scheme

Republicans want to do this to everyone

Trump's budget cuts deep gash into Alaska's federal funding

First international crisis

White House Says Cutting Meals on Wheels Is Compassionate

Has anyone else changed their social relationships

There is no getting around it, the republican budget proposal is DEATH PANELS in action....

He clearly has a death wish

A new runway in Aniak is in the works for $55 million. People who live there don't see any need.

Fox poll: 63% want congress to investigate Trump-Russia connections.

WH Takes Sean Hannity's Word Over Their Own Intelligence Committee Chairmen

trying to help/deal with, my almost 99 YO father...

Ivanka @ RNC: Dad will "make quality child care affordable and accessible for all." OOOPS!

So Youre a Trump Supporter!

Agency sues over audit of grants to counsel pregnant women

Marxism in its finest form: Louis Althusser was right

Child welfare workers fear legislative push to outsource their jobs

Web pages and even Twitter now cover 1/2 the page with advertisement! I want to see the whole

Hidalgo County wants to build border wall

LOGAN'S RUN Deja Vu Except This Reality IS NOT A Movie. And It Is Deadly Serious.

A Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon

Just try and imagine the outcry

Should it be "Spinner Spice"? C'mon man! He has to get a "Spiceboy's" nickname!

Pyongyang warns of war, Tillerson says diplomacy has failed.

Arrest made in connection with theft of money from Ponder High booster club account

Constituent confronts Chris Collins: Why are you on CNN when you wont hold a town hall

Suppose the Russian connections go nowhere

Four Months After Win, Trump Rips Clinton; , 'Lock Her Up!'

Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman accused of violating federal election law

Wendy Davis: Abortion is Not the Only Issue That I Care About

Texas is No. 1 again in hate group recruiting on college campuses

Color Me Nervous

Sean Spicer starts international incident blaming British intelligence for Trump's wiretapping lies

Lies told by the new President of the United States during the first 100 days

Buenos Aires chosen as Pacific Area Travel Writers Association "City of the Year"

Fox News: Bernie Sanders More Popular Than Trump

Quit stalking immigrants at California courthouses, chief justice tells ICE

Maine, Iceland universities to sign off on agreement

Common painkillers increase risk of heart attack by one-third, new study finds

In Budget - LIHEAP Is Eliminated By The....

by Robert Reich:'Ive spent much of this week in Washington

In the 16th century England and Spain were both world powers, more or less on an

Gov. Greg Abbott's top health appointee draws bipartisan fire at hearing

If you type "Trump" into Google, suggested searches are...

Satanic Temple billboard in Texas town speaks out against spanking students

I have CNN on in the background ...

Trump budget defunds agency that seeks to boost Maine's economy

60 Degrees In North Denver 3-17 @1:20 am. Like Late May In March.

Maine Lawmakers Set to Consider Wide Range of Firearms Bills

Activists Stake Out Collins' Office With Calls to Save Health Care

Lawmakers Oppose Bill to Slash Lawmakers Benefits

PII (Personal Identifying Information) of 33,698,126 Americans leaked online

Woman accused of defrauding elderly gets 5 years in prison

Happy Saint Patratic's Day to all green nerds!....

So who else ditched friends or family over a Trump split?

Sanders talks ACA, grassroots activism at event

Walters: Bernie Sanders Gets the Rockstar Treatment

A Vermont Senator With A National Constituency - Vermont Public Radio Link

Malcolm Nance is worried about Tillerson/N. Korea

Meals on Wheels feeds 500,000 veterans per year

Do you think 45 is going to usher in a revolution?

Fox Tries To Bail Out Trump With New Lie: Brits Wiretapped Trump!

That thing about taking Money from Single Mom in Detroit

PSA: 2920 Days Since Chickenshit Sean Hannity Volunteered To Be Waterboarded For Charity.

Financial Advisor Sentenced for Operating $21M Ponzi Scheme, Stealing Investors' Money, Tax Fraud

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all, here's some Rory Gallagher!

Let's ask Mulvaney

After school programs "reap a host of positive benefits." (Harvard report on large scale studies.)

Daily Holidays - March 17

We shouldn't be going backwards...

Paul Ryan doesn't expect Trumpcare to pass the Senate and doesn't care.

Pence has been a big supporter of public broadcasting. Will it matter?

I have not watched morning joe for a while. Mika is hosting. The panel seems subdued, wondering

Are the Republicans pushing things so far that there will be a significant backlash?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! "Carrickfergus" Bryan Ferrry

When you lose Rick Santorum...

Donald Trump has a way of telling people what he is going to do before he does it.

Pentagons FY17 supplemental sets up budget caps fight

Bob Woodward is WAY past his sell date.

TILLERSON: It may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action against North Korea

Sean Hannity Suggests Travel Ban Judge Did Weed And Blow With Barack Obama

I'm watching Mourning Joe here...

We cannot begin to understand 2016 until we acknowledge power & reach of socialism for white people

Does this sound like someone who can read to you?

Mysterious Whale Swarms Perplexing Scientists

Woman interrupted during BBC interview

NYT: The Trump Budget Looks Less Like A Political Philosophy & More Like A Sexual Fantasy.

Deb Fischer fields questions, boos at town hall in Holdrege, Nebraska

US has apologized to Britain after Spicer citied Fox News report that UK helped Obama spy on Trump

CNN/ORC poll: Americans break with Trump on immigration policy

Selfie of white joggers in African American neighborhood sets off debate, and quest for understandin

"Let Them Eat Fighter Jets"

Trump supporter credits Trumpcare, which hasnt taken effect, for dramatically lower health costs

Immigration Police

"There is no demonstrable evidence that feeding kids helps them do better in school"...

Pritzker establishes exploratory committee to consider a run for governor

Sen. Collins says she can't support House health care plan in current form

Profiles in courage.

Trumps budget makes PERFECT sense and will fix America, and I will tell you WHY

Democrats' comments touting welfare to lure immigrants under fire

Conservative Republicans and others don't care about the Deficit and balanced budgets.

$1.1 million from one of Maine's largest pot busts goes to law enforcement agencies

Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon

Better get a canoe. I just read they're thinking about cutting disaster relief!

Maine nears deal on REAL ID rules

Lincoln pursuing Superfund designation for former mills $20 million cleanup

LePage says he didn't sign emergency budget bill because of provision he proposed

Tillerson says 'all options are on the table' when it comes to North Korea

UK's 'Victorian era' CO2 emissions achieved without driving up energy costs

Happy St Patrick's Day let's fight!!!

Cape Elizabeth lawmaker pushes paid sick leave requirement

US military Syria mosque airstrike kills dozens of civilians

Campaign Pledges Haunt Trump in Court

Author Of NYT Story Cited By Trump To Boost Wire Tapping Claim: Thats Not What The Story Said

U.S. policy of 'strategic patience' with North Korea over: Tillerson

A missing comma keeps Oakhurst Dairy labor lawsuit alive

George Soros: When Hate Surges

Out-of-staters owe Maine almost $17 million in taxes

It says so in the dictionary...

Tesla will kill the duck in Australia in 100 days or its free

New England marine monument gets bad review from lawmakers

US makes formal apology to Britain after White House accuses GCHQ of wiretapping Trump Tower

When Chris Matthews get's mad & hits it out of the park.....Rare, but - Wow.

Augusta to take Howard Hill property despite concerns about potential future financial obligation

Trump's vow to run the government like his business is proving less a promise than a threat.

GOP Inspires Mental Health Care Debate

When Trump goes ...

Florida men charged with using stolen credit cards at Waterville Wal-Mart

The Trump Budget: Winners and Losers

Syria fires missiles at Israeli warplanes on bombing run

Meals on Wheels is 'not showing any results' only if you ignore all these results

Bill to raise the minimum wage in NH is defeated

US military confirms Syria bombing, denies mosque was hit

State education boss Edelblut donated to Croydon's legal fight with department

The Gilded President. Donald Trump prefers to be sealed inside his WH bubble of isolation and...

State Senate passes bill to tighten requirements for food stamp recipients

After 2 Driest Years On Record, Cape Town Within 100 Days Of Running Out Of Drinking Water

Trump budget proposes cutting home heating help to nearly 28,000 NH households

Sirens Blare as Japan, Fearing North Korea, Holds First Missile Drill

33 Months Into Biggest Bleaching Event Ever, Reef Forecast Calls For More Of The Same

"Let them eat want ads!" . . . Please come CAPTION OMB Director Mike Mulvaney!!!!

US makes formal apology to Britain after White House accuses GCHQ of wiretapping Trump Tower

My Cousin, A Trump Supporter, Just Changed His Mind.

2nd Trump Muslim Country Travel Ban BLOCKED

Full N.H. Senate Backs Bill to Create Special Child Advocate Office

Polar Heat Wave Pushes February 2017 To Likely 2nd Hottest February Ever

Paul Ryan Admits Trump Helped Write Terrible Healthcare Bill

Satanic Temple Wants to Save Kids from Abusive Teachers

so spicer pissed off the British to provide cover for his lying, ignorant boss

Is Tillerson the most dangerous sec of state ever? Is his taunting of North Korea designed to start

NBC asks: What happens when a president cries wolf so many times?

Susan Rice: The cost of falsely blaming our closest ally for something this consequential cannot be

Trump when told the biggest losers under 'Trumpcare' would be his own voters: 'Oh, I know'

'Collective narcissism' explains at least some of President Trump's support

Job openings little changed at 5.6 million in Jan; annual hires flat, quits up in 2016

trump administration ready to go to war with north korea after not negotiating for 50 days

N.H. Senate Backs Bill to Hire Full-Time Election Law Attorney

Drought Monitor 3/14 - Central Plains Drought Growing, Spreads South; NC/AL/GA Drought Intact

Only official state media (FOX) allowed.

Trump seeks to ax Appalachia economic programs, causing worry in coal country


Trump decides the best North Korea policy is to be an 8th grader and poke Kim Jong-un with a stick.

The origin of Superheroes: Batwoman

Ten of Trump's budget's cruelest cuts

Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Skeptical Of Federal Agency Power

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Budget from hell

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Health Plan from Hell

Flynn received $11K from subsidiary of Russian Co. specializing in "uncovering Western gov spyware"

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - President from Hell

Trump retweets something, and you WILL have a reaction to it. Please, share your thoughts.

Outrage fatigue

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Running the Country Like a Business

Trump's "Intelligence Sources" are apparently Fox & Friends. JIHADIS ARE COMING! BOO! #BuyIvanka

Pennies From Heaven

School lunches, Meals on Wheels, the Arts?

Troy town meeting turns into dispute over gift bequeathed to town

Beauty and the Beast (R)

Steve Bannon Pushed Trump to Go Full Andrew Jackson

The House Intell Committee to hold open hearings on Russian involvement Monday

"I never tell a lie"

Unions back bill to curb double-dipping


Remaining Defenders Of Trump Wiretap Claim Find Themselves Out On Limb

Satire: Trump Announces Plan to Solve CO2 Global Warming

New Hampshire firefighter uses right to know to achieve $52M refund

Happy Halloween

JFK Airport: Man attacks Muslim woman yelling, "Trump will get rid of all of you"

Former Rep. Stockman Arrested on Election Law Charges

Remember Hiding Under Desks In School And "Duck & Cover"?

N.H. Democrats Call for Edelblut's Ouster

Trump morning Tweet: "North Korea is behaving very badly."

Trump is that loudmouthed, obscene guy who is always

Jury Duty Question

A conspiracy theory Trump read and tweeted about has led to an int'l incident with the UK

Thank God for Serena Williams

Danziger: The Draft Dodger's Budget

Luckovich: "SO MUCH WINNING"

Tillerson reportedly cut short diplomatic consultations about North Korea because he was Tired

31 Somali refugees killed in helicopter attack off Yemen coast

More Cuts To Hit President Shitstain's Voters: Energy & Heating Assistance To Rural, Elderly

Image of the day...

Keith Ellison getting thrown under the bus in T-minus 7...6...5...

Rush-SHA, Rush-SHA, Rush-SHA - Connie Schultz

Trumpers: 2016 vs 2017

What might Trump do in North Korea?

45's accusations of President Obama is a distraction...45's attempt to divert from Russia.

GOP Rep. Says He Would 'Never Vote' To Cut Meals On Wheels Funding

We have a current "president" who can never be trusted. Once a liar, now a liar, always a liar. MSM

Why is the Trump presidency such a rolling disaster?

Japanese government planning to build 45 new coal fired power stations to diversify supply

Trump's Irish proverb isnt a proverb, its a poem, and no one in Ireland seems to have heard of it

In Nashville after the Trump rally, a friend of mine who works with the homeless

Trumps favorite Irish proverb might be from a Nigerian poem #TuraLuraLuraWTF

What is tRump offering the Freedom Caucus for Health bill support?

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Gets His Money From Louisiana Cotton Fieldsand the US Government

Mick Mulvaney's "compassion" justification for slashing Meals on Wheels isn't going over so well

Ministry of Trump Facts & Information

Angela Merkel is coming to White House today, and she is taking questions from the press.

Past as prologue: Does the ACA battle of 2010 offer Democrats a way out of the GOPs health-care...

Spicer: OK, you got me, Fox News was wrong, there are NO British spies in our microwaves.

White House Tries to Soothe British Officials Over Trump's Wiretap Claim

Even the apologies are convoluted - CNN - "White House apologizes to British government over spying

RIGHT! We've waited long enough for this so called Global Nuclear Apocalypse.

Trump wants to turn Lil Kim into Lil Marco

Trump Slams North Korea For 'Behaving Very Badly,' China For Doing 'Little' Help

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump

Trump Budget Makes It Official: Youre Paying For The Wall, Not Mexico

Special election in Georgia's 6th District. Our 1st chance to flip a district!

Ok.. "All the Nos are Yes" - Now that the Freedom Caucus has folded on Health Bill . . .

Did John McCain violate Rule 19, which was used to silence Elizabeth Warren?

Harry Reid International Airport?

A Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon

The good news is, Trump's budget killed the myth of "Compassionate Conservatism".

These self-proclaimed 'religious' men of the GOP seem certain there is no Hell.

***Tell your Congresspeople: Take the First Nuclear Strike Power out of the Madman's Hands***

Trumpcare has lowered costs for this TN woman

An Irish Proverb

The right to discriminate against LGBT students: A "religious freedom" bill in Kentucky is one...

Netflix replacing star ratings to just thumbs up or down.

And a Happy St. Patrick Day to all (everyone today)

Type 2 Diabetes Reversed in Trial Using New Medical Treatment

Is Atheism a Belief?

That's a great idea. Let's all call for trumps resignation. Seriously. If he gets more calls for

Trump is taunting N. Korea on twitter

'He maliciously lies: 'Morning Joe' panel shreds latest attempt to defend wiretap conspiracy

TPM - Josh Zings the MSM - "Your Fault, Folks". Bravo, Josh!

I want to know who started calling Obamacare the ACA now???

Trump uses word "rejiggered"

Irish PM shames Trump with stirring tribute to immigrants, as the president stands right next to him

Tillerson on North Korea: Military action is 'an option'

The Greatest Leprechaun Sighting of All Time

The Irish potato famine was caused by wealthy landlords who prized profit over people

Saddam Hussein's biggest mistake may have been to put out a 'Beware of Dog' sign without

Trump goes before the Press today at 1:20 PM

there were a couple posts a while back admonishing us for using the word "Deplorable"...

Trump Admin Apologized to the UK for Trump's Fuckery. We need to DEMAND he Apologize to Obama!

Of Mind and Music

Retro Review: 1991 Ford F-150 SuperCab

GOP CONGRESSMAN (Charlie Dent)- Thump must apologize to Obama

You can tell that Trump really, really, really, really enjoyed the Irish PM's speech on immigrants.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump says, "But Nigel Farage said it was cool to claim the GCHQ spied on me."

Does Rump actually have an agenda, or is everything he does just all about feeding his ego?

Trump seems to have left out his VA Secretary from his 'major meeting on the VA at Mar-a-Lago'

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Enjoy An Intimate Coffee

My exchange with a Libertarian caller to Politics Done Right (VIDEO)

Just how stupid are the Trump supporters?

Supreme Court Justice Alito: Gays treat conservative Christians as bigots

Pic Of The Moment: Serious Threat To World Peace

Paul Ryan: "States can experiment with Medicaid."

My mother died today

Sean Hannity hints at drug use by Obama, Hawaii judge

Friday, a great day for some SPICER TOONS

Pressure is building for Trump to apologize for wiretap claim - Will he do it?

Great Freudian slip on NPR's 1A just now...

The new Koch Brothers. On steroids and VERY scary.

Major Hospitals Group: GOP Needs To Hit 'Reset Button' On Repeal Bill

Trump-loving former congressman hauled off in handcuffs for allegedly looting his own charity #Sad!

White House Tries to Soothe British Officials Over Trumps Wiretap Claim.

How the Rich Republicans think......just one word.

Trump's Cruel Budget Caps off Bad Week: A Closer Look

Sean Spicer's joke press briefings: How the WH packs its press briefings with "Skypeophants"

Trump: "Major meeting" tonight at Mar-a-Lago to "talk all about the VA" *turns to VA Sec.* Will yo

GOP congressman: Trump owes Obama an apology over 'reckless' wiretap claims

An e-mail from a friend-with slight edits

I Think Orwell Left One Out

House to vote Thursday on GOP Obamacare replacement

dumpt wants a war so badly-I bet he thinks it will save his shit show of a misadministration

Maybe they shouldn't eliminate Meals on Wheels

Irish Labor Party leader will boycott a visit by Trump

AARP to Alert 38 Million Members How Their Members of Congress Vote on Health Bill

I hate many things about living in Phoenix...but one thing I truly love is our feral rosy-faced

My buddy is an ESL teacher in Bucheon

China Would Consider An Attack On N. Korea As An Attack On Mainland China. Not Good.

Hillary: 'Things I Learned Today'

Who is Andrew Napolitano, legal analyst who first claimed GCHQ was asked to wiretap Trump Towers?

Pic Of The Moment: Ireland's Prime Minister Gives Trump A Lesson On The True Meaning Of America

Following rural area news feeds on Facebook

Congress' wiretap slap leaves White House fuming

Move over Kochs - Meet the Mercers

All Lives Matter?

How long until Americans start emigrating to other countries?

if blotus is not stopped, and we live through this

And people called her humorless

State Senate Democrats, IDC Slam Each Other Personally as Budget Talks Heat Up

LEAKED: Trump's apology to Obama for false wiretapping claims

Derek Walcott, Poet and Nobel Laureate of the Caribbean, Dies at 87

Trump to Kim Jong Un:

Prediction about the AHCA

NO, former MTV Real World star Sean Duffy...Trump & Spicer don't "have something."

I empathize with German Chancellor Merkle. She will have to be pleasant and cordial while

Laptop holding Trump Tower floor plans, Hillary Clinton email investigation info stolen from Secret

On a happier note: to the 1,864 living in the wild...

Paul Ryans High-Risk Pools in Trumpcare is corporate welfare & hurts Americans (VIDEO)

Pretty sure Trump needs a war to salvage things at this point

Well there's the TFR for Palm Beach,Fl for this weekend...AGAIN?!?!?

Iran's 'exemplary' refugee resettlement efforts praised by UN

Single Payer has been brought forward in California

Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump on Twitter

A Day Of Apologies.

Press release from JC Penny on upcoming 130+ store closings.

Obama's REAL farewell address with his anger interpretor (Key & Peele)

Trump Budget - Military Rations (Luckovich Toon)

This week's tune for the weekend:

Runaway New Zealand sniffer dog shot at Auckland airport

Tech Wars tests, rewards students

Louise Mensch explaining FISA on 3/11/2017

Will we remain the Democratic Party...

I have never spent any time looking at free-republic until recently

AFA boycott of new Beauty and the Beast movie appears to have fizzled already

Monopoly replaces boot, thimble and wheelbarrow with a T-Rex, penguin and a rubber ducky


Proposed federal budget would devastate cancer research, advocates say

WH: Sharing Baseless Report On British Spying On Trump Wasn't An Endorsement

SCROTUS Is looking like the last place in the world he wants to

Jussie Smollet Resistance Video F.U.W. Happy Weekend!

A month from today is the annual White House Easter Egg roll...

GOP Rep. Amash: Health Bill 'Remains A Disaster,' 'Not True' That Con's Flipped

Photographers: Can we get a handshake? Merkel (to Trump): Do you want to have a handshake?

A quiz to guess your level of education:

Who was that hayseed on my tv-CNN ?

Four Republican Governors Come Out Against Obamacare Replacement Plan

Secretary Zinke claims Interior Department is in the "energy business"

Irish boat skipper convicted over 80m cocaine cargo

The microwave song

Constitutional Amendment Proposal : Gerrymandering & Capping Congressional Representation

basically, what's happening is

Bloomberg News: Behind Trump's Russia Romance, There's a Tower Full of Oligarchs

Don't forget--People died because of Rove:

Reading comprehension skills needed at White House.

What is the best way to store potatos?

A Call to Action: Let's Keep It Going

Your Irish Ancestors

A Call to Action: Let's Keep It Going

A Call to Action: Let's Keep It Going

Everyone loves Bernie Sanders. Except, it seems

Democratic push to end gerrymandering, helmed by Eric Holder, to begin in Va.

Angela Merkel looks like she's rather be getting a root canal than be there with "him"

***OMG*** The Chump In Chief refuses to shake Angela Merkel's hand.

 Can a Feminist Be Pro-Life? Without abortion rights, there isn't a lot left to the fundamental ide

Man who triggered seizure in Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald on Twitter arrested by FBI

Can a Feminist Be Pro-Life? Without abortion rights, there isn't a lot left to the fundamental idea

National embarrassment Trump refuses to shake Merkel's hand in photo op.

Can a Feminist Be Pro-Life? Without abortion rights, there isn't a lot left to the fundamental ideal

Can a Feminist Be Pro-Life? Without abortion rights, there isn't a lot left to the fundamental ideal

Kellyanne Conway's husband is frontrunner to head civil division at Justice

Shamus K. felt the need to post this on my mother's Youtube video on the day she died

Trump on track to spend more on travel than Obama

Are you proud of Donald Trump?

Kellyanne Conway's husband will be nominated to key DOJ post: report

Please caption this photo

Police investigating whether troublesome Ann Coulter-loving couple peed on Qurans @ Santa Fe library

White House Promotes Fake News Article Praising Trump Budget

Rex Tillerson just said war against NK may be necessary

Trump administration sends hate group members to UN for women's rights meeting

Playing through!

trinity college? j.d from gw university law school? year abroad oxford? and still an idiot.

Joe Rogan, TJ Kirk discuss how their podcasts led to Milo Yiannopoulos' downfall

The latest hot takes on Russiagate from our "friends" on the alt-left:

DU Lawyers

Live Feed: President Trump and Chancellor Merkel Hold a Joint Press Conference

Oregon lawmakers prepare to protect LGBTQ people, women from Trump

Disney reaches agreement on pay practices with US Department of Labor

500,000 tax dollars per day!

While Michael Flynn Lobbied for Turkey, His Firm Told Congress to Extradite Turkish Dissident

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold a joint news conference

Hey, look, the leader of the free world is on TV.

GOP Sen. Heller Says He Won't Vote For Obamacare Repeal Bill

Virginia's Metro board rep says transit systems $300 million shortfall could double by 2019

$100 mill in property at Trump holdings purchased by Russian passport holders

My girl friend was worked to Death, recently.

Years later, Vermont sex offender registry lacks addresses

HAAAAAAAA! The German press is going right for his BALLS. YEEEEARGH

He just admitted to being a "trader"!

Board declares impasse in Burlington teacher talks

Angela Merkel

Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Said to Have Been Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price

Controversial gay bar opens in Winooski

Was there any Word from

Donald Trump says: "I am not an isolationist"

Town hall erupts in boos when Republican senator says she 'carefully vetted' Betsy DeVos

Does trump have a limited vocabulary?

You're Not Irish-Seamus Kennedy

Gov. Scott, House leaders at odds over budget

Vermont bill would take guns from suspected abusers

Green Beer & Rank Hypocrisy

Someone could be secretly spying on mobile communications at White House and Pentagon - but who?

Otay I did a shot at each trump saying disaster

Paul Ryan channels his inner Ayn Rand: Health care is neither a right nor a privilege

Trump just blamed a Fox attorney for the wiretap charge vs. Obama

Health Care is Not a Right Nor Privilege Raw Story Article

Merkel just tried to put lipstick on a pig!

The leader of the United States is acting like a spoiled kid throwing a tantrum.

What! Merkel and Trump have Obama spying on them in common

Trump is a blithering idiot

Song for Ireland

How a Pagan celebrates St Patricks Day

Our standing in the world

Chancellor Merkel's face says it all.

Hospitals Group Ad Urges Congress To Protect O'Care's Expanded Coverage

The Leader of the Free World and the orange doofus with the small hands.

My immigrant husband's white priviledge (speaking of St. Paddy's Day)

One Direction: Trump 'kicked us out of his hotel' for refusing to meet his daughter

let's face it, our president is a first-rate asshole.

Wow, that Michigan game!

A commentary on Pennywise

Never has any schmuck ever been in this far over his head.

I was listening to CNN was that Mark halpren of Joe scum?

Floor plans and evacuation procedures for Trump Tower on a stolen laptop? Probably no biggie.

Senior care

Happy St. Gertrude of Nivelles Day, Patron saint of cats (x-posted in Pets)

"Saint" Patrick did not "drive the snakes out of Ireland". that is christian propaganda

Happy St. Gertrude of Nivelles Day, patron saint of cats (x-post from C&OC)

The "We Have Something In Common" Retort By Trump.....

trump holds press conference, our media disappears...

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: March 17, 2017

"No, I don't think we regret anything," says White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer over GCHQ spyin

UPDATED Trump: Being Wiretapped By Obama Is Something Merkel And I Have In Common

So the WH has apologized to Britain but not

Tucker Carlson asks President Trump what he reads.

Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitanos commentary, Shepard Smith says just now on Fox.

Sanders Says: All Trump wants not possible to get

Conway: No one can take a joke in Washington

Latest marijuana bill seen losing momentum again

Fuel assistance program lauded

WATCH: Angela Merkel looks in horror as Trump accuses German reporter of being 'fake news'

Vermont faces a mess after storm; ski areas are jubilant

i don't ordinarily go for full window stickers on my vehicles

Trump Refuses to Shake Hands With Angela Merkel, and It's Very Awkward

Depeche Mode live stream on the Twitter machine

was half hoping one of the german reporters would call Trump by his original family name:

Vermont bill helps journalists protect sources

Of Course White Nationalist Richard Spencer Gets Millions in Federal Subsidies for His Familys ...

Vermont dam deal gets nod from state agency

Fugelsang today

The cover up begins: Alfa Bank says its servers hacked to make it look like comm. w/

German tweet: The leader of the free world and her rude host.

Trump budget cuts would gut federal funds to Vermont

Here's how a preemptive strike on North Korea would go down

Burlington mayor chides lawmakers for not addressing opiate crisis with sufficient urgency

Trump is Shakespearean in his grotesqueness

University of Vermont Medical Center being investigated over staffing reports

Trump: Don't Blame My Admin For Baseless UK Spying Claim, Blame Fox!

Trumps wants to privatize FAA and fire 30,000 of its workers.

So with in a week trumpy has managed to piss off

State union wins boost in pay grade for court workers

My favorite "Trump Regrets Retweeted" so far . . .

Raiders may try to acquire Marshawn Lynch

House seeks governor's help on budget as administration puts gag on agency heads

Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower floor plans, details on Clinton email probe stolen in NY

Trump on British Spying: "All we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind"

Japanese Government and Utility Are Found Negligent in Nuclear Disaster

Preet Bharara Was Probing HHS Sec. Tom Price before Trump fired him

Question. As spring MAY be arriving here, southern MD,

Dont you just go out of your mind...

Tillerson leaves South Korea event early due to "fatigue," but U.S. media isn't there to report

Russia court to consider Jehovah's Witnesses ban

Three reasons why government should not be operated as a business:

Sen. Bernie Sanders at St. Anthony HS 3/17/17

Sen. Sanders is taking a tour of the Stafford Hill Solar Project

We should be a country where every veteran gets the health care they have earned...

"As Seen on TV!" Trump poll

Best Fucking Part of Today..

Somebody's NOT happy with the President's claims that the wiretapping story came from Fox News...

UN's Rima Khalaf quits over report accusing Israel of apartheid

No Shit...

63 Russians invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings in Florida alone

White nationalist (Richard Spencer) gets his money from cotton fields and the government

For your viewing pleasure..drunk Donald Trump

Shepard Smith said Fox News has no evidence of any kind that Trump was surveilled

Trump administration files notice it will appeal ruling against second version of travel ban

Spicer: "I dont think we regret anything. I was just reading off media reports."

'Outrageous': expert slams White House for denying school meals' link to learning

Ok, he says Obama surveillanced him, now he says the British did too..

Say what you want about Sean Spicer. Dude's got a wicked, kick ass tie.

Sound the privacy alarm! Police get search warrant for everyone who Googled a certain name

Here it comes.... Rex.Tillerson (Sec of State) puts an attack North Korea

White House-GCHQ row reveals a leader willing to alienate allies to save face

What's for Dinner, Fri., St. Patrick's Day, Mar. 17, '17

Fleischer defends Trump conspiracies: If Americans didn't want this they would've voted for Hillary

House Intelligence panel receives documents on wiretapping

Trump Is Intimidated By Merkel.....

South Dakota governor vetoes bills trying to loosen gun laws

Mr. Fish Gives Thanks

N.J. first to pass presidential tax return bill

Top Kansas court clears way for new coal-fired power plant

Trump Throws FOX Under the Bus - FOX Returns the Favor: 'It just feels off the rails'

45's failure to be ... a GOOD HUMAN BEING

17 House Republicans say climate change is real and its time to fight it

The governor's race that could define the Democratic Party's future - By John Podesta

How do you like that worker's comp law the House GOP passed?

OMG - Agent Orange quoted WAPO, not understanding 'satire'

logging in got message the connection was not secure

It looks like the Merkel visit REALLY isn't going well...

Armed man arrested on drug 'rescue' trip to seek pardon

New Monopoly tokens. Do you like?

tRump's Credibility Agenda

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

California Wants to Hire EPA Staffers Who Are Sick of Trump

Republicans join Democrats against Trump's Great Lakes cuts

I try to Pay it Forward Homeless are suffering too-Sometimes it's the little things

House Intel open hearing on Russia investigation - Comey & Rogers (director NSA) testify Mon. 10 am

Trump's budget makes sense if you include magical thinking - By Tom Toles

Trump administration crafting big new arms sales to Taiwan - sources

Federal cyanide trap injures eastern Idaho boy, kills dog

Kenny Wayne Shepherd rocks with kids at ArtBreak 2009

Md. Gov. Hogan calls to ban fracking in the state.

Brazilian giant meatpackers targeted in corruption probe

Preet Bharara was Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price

Apparently it was "take your daughter to work day" again at 1600 PA

EPA awards $100 million to upgrade Flint water system

Merkel's face -- then Trump's face -- after he said At least we have something in common, perhaps.

LEVEL: IAG Announces Its New Long Haul LCC

Outrageous-This is why we lose elections

They were wrong when they said the Merkel visit was "high stakes."

Cost for NYPD security for DT's NYC pad: $500K a day. $183 million a year.

Prosperity gospel

Conservative GOP Lawmaker Arrested After Allegedly Hiring 17-Year-Old Boy for Sex

A protester asked "how do we get Trump out" @SenFeinstein responds:

Sanders in Springfield, VT

Ellen Meets A 5-Year-Old Geography Expert Whose Map Hilariously Burns Trump

It's five in the afternoon and this was supposed to be a big reveal day.

Q: How are we going to get him out? A.Senator Feinstein: "I think he is going to get himself out."

"World leaders love me! I'm so presidential!"

Is Trump Counterterrorism Aide Sebastian Gorka a Sworn Member of Hungarian Nazi-Allied Group?

Fatal Consequences of Masturbation

Once more the witching hour approaches...

Bonus Quote of the Day

Pete don't care one bit... lol

Sinead O'Connor - I Want Your Hands on Me

Trump is saving jobs, so these Boeing layoffs must be fake news:

Bharara Was Investigating Price Stock Trades

Boeing plans layoffs for May

Forgive me for being slow here, but what did he mean by

anybody have experience with Cera-Q? supposedly, 9 CLinical trials showed sign improv in memory

Very uncomfortable

I'll never forget when we discovered that war criminal Dick Cheney

Malcolm Nance retweet re: Trump org shell cos. - what a miasma of...well, brain lock, for moi:

UPDATED UPDATE: Landing pad ready for Marine One at Mar-a-Lago

Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Said to Have Been Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price

Waltraut Dunz, reporter who asked Donald Trump why he keeps lying.

So where's the Democratic Party unified message?

Imagine if a Democratic president threw the NSA under the bus like Thump did.

Fox News Is a Brainwashing Cult - Thom Hartmann

Commissioner O'Neill of the NYC PD. sez about POTUS budget cuts:

New Study Found No Link Between Immigration and Increased Crime in Forty Years of Data

Is this whole administration insane?

Lithuania parliament moves to impeach MP over #RUSSIA TIES.

"The Wall"

This West Virginia newspaper front page should scare Republicans

The distractors ABOUND today...anything to keep RUSSIA from the lead

WTF is it with this administration: White House: No apology to British government over spying claims

@_MealsOnWheels has less than 8000 followers. How about giving them a follow and a share to amplify

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings, records show

American Mennonite UN peace worker abducted in Congo

Exclusive: Immigration judges headed to 12 U.S. cities to speed deportations

WATCH: Angela Merkel looks on in horror as Trump accuses German reporter of spreading "fake news"

Here's how a preemptive strike on North Korea would go down

#Trumpcare must now pass: ....Swarm the phones!

White House: No apology to British government over spying claims

Tillerson only allows faux 'news' to cover meeting at DMZ

The Four-Day School Week Is Becoming More Popular In Rural Districts

Donald Trump Challenges The Cousins and Loses Bigly

Gov. Baker: Trumps Travel Ban, Budget "Bad For Massachusetts"

Trump backer Robert Mercer is fine with dropping nukes, said they made Japanese citizens healthier

First-Year Medical Residents Will Now Be Able To Work 28-Hours Straight

Legal Marijuana a 'Powerful Force' in Oregon Economy

For your viewing pleasure "I am a trader (traitor?)"

Trump to spend 7th consecutive weekend at Trump-branded property, at enormous cost to taxpayers

On my way to PetSmart to get that canary before they sell out

***Breaking *** WH: No apology to British government over spying claims - CNN

tRump: Our Nation's International Embarrassment

Accidentally watched a few minutes of GVS on MSNBC.

Where is the wealth going? @SenSanders points the way.

Note to self: Never wear a green tie on TV.

Why aren't they calling them Ego-Stroking Rallies?

Jesus Christ; when will the GOP say ENOUGH?

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

U.S. Treasury begins more cash management measures due to debt limit

Terrifying email from school advising students from Muslim countries not to go home for spring break

Gretta is not getting better. Time for a termination letter.

Here it is: The Guinness Sheep Dog Trials for St. Pat's Day!

"How did this (Trump) happen?"

US denies that Rex Tillerson was too tired to attend South Korea meetings

Short Fingers, pissing off Uncle Rupert is not a good idea

Tweety is in on three minutes....

A new site lets you find videos of almost anything

Ann Coulter says it out loud and makes it OK now "Let's Make Russia Our Sister Country"

'Passions are high' as Ben Sasse fields questions during Elkhorn South town hall

Meals On Wheels Sees 500 Percent Surge In Volunteers Since Budget Cuts Proposed

Did humans create the Sahara desert?

Syrian Kurdish YPG says Raqqa attack to start in early April

Trump budget: UN sounds alarm over foreign aid cuts, while OMB dir. is proud to ignore famine

"President Trump's First 50 Days Approval Survey"

Anyone hear about all the postcards that were sent yesterday?? Haven't heard a thing about it. eom

Trump says 'very seldom' regrets tweets despite criticism of wiretap charge

The Mercers and Stephen Bannon: How a populist power base was funded and built

War with NK for sure, clearly.

Canada apologizes to men tortured in Syria, agrees settlement

Artist Launches The Peoples Campaign To Engage, Empower Local Communities

China, Russia block U.N. council concern about Myanmar violence

Help me win a Nintendo Switch?

Mayor: Palm Beach may need to raise taxes to pay for Trump security at Mar-a-Lago

Trump Thinks the Constitution 'Makes Us Look Weak'

Iran challenges need to ship out excess material under nuclear deal

Happy St. Pat's Day Poll: Is the Trump White House Still in Contact w/and or Working with Russia?

2020 Democratic Ticket - Andrew Cuomo-NY/Kamala Harris-CA

Good site for keeping up with DT and cronies:

Libertarian killed while protesting socialist snowplow.

Portland pilot program puts homeless in residents' backyards

Anti-Trump billboard along Phoenix road stirs controversy

Donald Trump Does Not Respect Women (and the wise ones know he's a lunatic)

In honor of St. Paddy's Day

We are in the Midst of Revolutionary Change

An old high school friend is dying

A painful lesson as Donald Trumps words are put into action

Breaking: Ukrainian prosecutors want to question Manafort

"Merkel has a PhD in quantum chemistry. Trump misspelled 'tap.' Not exactly a meeting of the minds."

Erdogan calls on Turkish families in Europe to have five children to protect against 'injustices'