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US a 'powerful company,' er 'country,' Trump declares

How much is Trump paying the Enquirer

The Most Soulless Person to Associate with Donald Trump Championship

just entered lottery

"Remember?" (Found on FB)

When congress ended pork they ended cooperation. There was no more

After I posted about Jack yesterday, over $600 came in from around the US

Mayo Clinic: Patients with private insurance get priority

Peru floods kill 67 and spark criticism of country's climate change preparedness Devastating downp

Trump budget would strip $1 billion from Massachusetts, Markey says

Russia is Trump's Watergate. Will he react like Nixon?

Russia is behind the White Houses wild claim that GCHQ tapped Donald Trumps office, say top spi

Seth Meyers Goes On Brutal Tirade Against DISGUSTING Donald Trump, Trump Is A LOWLIFE!

What the actual **** is going on at Secret Service?

Mayor Walsh has a lot to say about Trump's budget--none of it good

Angela Merkel has a PhD in quantum chemistry

Trump's Secret Plan to Defeat ISIS Looks Like Obama's

These are some of the biggest damn liars!

Roberta Flack: Killing Me Softly

Roberta Flack: Killing Me Softly

Charter school fight headed to high court

Reuters Investigates: Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

Trump Sends Anti-Birth Control Delegates To UN Commission On Women

Employer-Backed Insurance Could Take a Huge Hit from GOP Healthcare Plan

Gov. Baker wants greater control over state water supply

Wise and sensible words by a Canadian

Paul Ryan says he's been "dreaming" of Medicaid cuts since he was "drinking out of kegs"

"You shouldn't be talking to me. You should be talking to Fox."

Trial date Monday for retired Springfield Police Detective Kevin Burnham, accused of stealing nearly


Hampshire College student faces charges after allegedly assaulting visiting basketball player over

Justice Dept. delivers documents on wiretap claim to Congress

I rarely do this ( refer to Anderson Coopers Show)

17-mile backup on Massachusetts Turnpike follows crash

HOT TOPIC Massive Movement Launched to Strip Congress of Their Healthcare, Over 400,000 Join

The problem with Shaun King's analysis...

World leaders' reactions to meeting with the White House resident

Trump Administration Files Motion Aimed At Controlling Consumer Protection Agency

Trump Tower vs Meals on Wheels

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! LUCKY YOU! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Breaking: Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukraine corruption case

Fox Said Approached to Thwart Possible Tribune-Sinclair Deal

Why aren't Mark LEVIN, Hannity, Andy NAPOLITANO (& more) ever *accountable*?!

An anti-Islam Dutch leader is barred from power. His supporters say: Just wait.

I think hes going to get himself out: Feinstein hints that Trump may resign at Q&A session

To distract myself from fretting about trump*, I'm watching a show on Charles Manson

How much does SCROTUS Dumpf love coal miners?

Did Sen. Feinstein hint that Trump may resign?

People are sending EPA employees chocolate chip cookies and thank you cards

Looking at this-Why do Conservatives hate Muslims-So much in common

Rachel on a roll again...

Postpone or cancel Gorsuch

trump is a dick

Catch the next half of Rachel

Friday Nite News to pick up your spirits

The German perspective on the Trump/Merkel meeting

So Who Is Going To Call Westchester County Child Protective Services on Trump, Inc.?

Put the water in here!

Mercer-GOP $$$ Man: "There are no white racists in America today, only black racists"

Why Trump won't admit the truth about wire tapping, plus....

It was not only Merkel, he did same to Irish PM today.

Hillary: 'I'm ready to come out of the woods'

Remember When You First Heard...

In the mindset of the Trumpeteer:

Misogyny of the electorate

Another $3 million trip to Mar-a-Lago. How many Meals on Wheels could you get for $3 million?

Trump and Ireland

Sen. Warren, in Worcester, comes out swinging against GOP

Has anyone done the math on how many people are

Jay Gonzalez, Democratic candidate for Massachusetts governor, to address Wilbraham Democrats

State audits identified $17.6 million in improper MassHealth payments in a year

From Reddit

New Trump Idea

CONSERVATIVE Views. All Domestic Aid Should Come From Churches/Charities.

Trump administration rolls back protections for people in default on student loans

Trump & Company Are A National Security Emergency On Steroids. Deacon 4.

Ancestral Climates May Have Shaped Your Nose.

Trump's Budget Is Pure Cruel Conservatism (Rolling Stone)

Two arrested after shot fired through door at Masonic temple in Quincy

"Why is his daughter in this meeting!?"

Into the Mystic - Van Morrison

Shepard Smith Bitch Slaps donald dick

Prediction: Trump will resign within the next three weeks.

do not look at these... awww...... kittens. whatever you...... awwww.... do..... not... awwww

Medicaid coverage under Republican health plan could cost RI up to $70 million by 2021

What 'America First' agenda could look like


President Bannon handles Twitler

Punctuated by students cheers at hearing, Raimondo makes case for free tuition

Got a flat? A spare might be tougher to find if this R.I. bill is passed

Walmart bought Modcloth

Woonsocket hospital owner facing government fraud suit

Ugh. D senators to introduce Gorsuch (!!) -- Colorado residents, speak up

Smithfield historic center closed indefinitely

Sarah Silverman took control of her own money and sent a FU to Big Oil

The Legal Joust Over Opening 38 Studios Grand Jury Documents

I just figured out the most likely locations for the future Trump Library.

well, another day comes to a close. and once more trump was a bag of shit.

Democratic Lawmakers Aim To Strengthen Hate Crime Penalties, Forget To Include Republicans

New Bipartisan Coalition Calls For Action on Education Funding

State Settles Food Stamp Class Action By Improving Timeliness

Connecticut's Top Law Enforcement Officer Says Gun Permit Bill Doesnt Offend the Constitution

Irish PM Gives Pro-Immigration Speech Right In Trump's Face

No Bill Maher, you cannot have it both ways

Is It Time to Increase or Eliminate Connecticut's Bottle Bill?

'I'm not sure, but I think Paul Ryan has a more punchable face than fucktard45. I could be wrong.'

I have had IT !

A little humor re: the meeting between Merkel and 45

Woman halted racial abuse on subway

Woman halted racial abuse on subway

Former Texas Rep. Steve Stockman blames 'deep state' conspiracy for arrest

I can no longer feel for these people

The Revolt of the Judges

It looks like Drumpf didn't tweet about his visit with Chancellor Merkel. nt


slate - "Investigate Obama, Don't Investigate Us" - It's a Game Trump Can't Win

Former State GOP Treasurer Avoids Jail In Child Endangerment Case

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Ivanka Trumps Lesson in Canadian Values

Add another check to the Republican sex offender list. Oklahoma senator charged with child

Watching clips of Mulvaney over and over on the tv.

Don't be fooled.

Elevator trivia

A Dire Situation!

Anxious Equipment Makers Await Trump Spending Plan

Malloy, Casinos Tout Tourism As Major State Industry

Bill Maher tonight

Former Racist Reveals Why Some White People Fear African Americans

Paul Ryan: I've Been Dreaming About Kicking Poors Off Medicaid Since I Was a Drunk Frat Boy

Is Trump Stashing Away Cash in Russia in Preparation for Running Away From DC?

"The more help you need, the less you get."

CNN Sources: DOJ report does not confirm Trump's wiretap claim

Suspected Hack Attack Snagging Cell Phone Data Across D.C.

Lawmakers, business leaders discuss transportation challenges, state budget concerns

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

What happens when a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist smoke weed together?

What to Cook This Weekend

Learner's permit?

Subway Sues TV Network for $210 Million Over Report About Its Chicken

Burrowing Under Luminous Ice to Retrieve Mussels

Texas House Ethics Chair Probes Anti-Abortion Group Contract

Extent of Navassas Mess Clearer; What Next? 03/17/2017 by Trista Talton

Bureau of Ocean Management NC Activities

If Trump is a bull in a China shop, are we in fact the culprits for giving him the China shop?

Americans Are Stiffing The IRS To Protest Trump

What to ask about Russian hacking:

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn't Understand Diversity

LOL! Daily Show's commercial for McDonalds/Trump is spectacular

US a powerful company, er country, Trump declares

Ernst faces confrontational crowds at 2 town halls in Iowa

Andrew Cuomo's Billion-Dollar Brooklyn Promise Is TBD

Real Time with Bill Maher - aired 3-17-17

Trump's spelling coaches...

Impeachment Bookies Love Trump

The Only Viable Health Insurance Reform is a Single Payer System

Donna Brazile: Passing debate questions to Clinton camp 'a mistake I will forever regret'

Gotti grandson sentenced to eight years in prison

If Impeachment Proceedings Are Initiated Against A President Are....

Guinea Pigs eating Brussels Sprouts

America Awakes to Anti-Semitism

Holocaust survivor confronts resurgence in anti-Semitism

Man tries to grab gun of security person at Orly Airport in France. He was shot dead.

Blizzard shifted north, state workers buried

Orly airport: Man killed after taking soldier's gun

New drug cuts 'bad' cholesterol by 60% on average, reducing heart attack risk

Is Trump for free trade like the Ryan/Priebus faction or against trade deals

Anesthesiologist and Forest Park Medical Center Founder Pleads Guilty to $40 Million Kickback Scheme

Former Credit Union (CEO) And Operator Of Unlawful Bitcoin Exchange Guilty- Fraud, Bribery

Hillary traveled 1 million miles as SOS & visited 112 countries.

GAO: More Information Needed to Oversee Use of Medically Important Drugs in Food Animals

​Disney to pay $3.8M in back wages to Florida workers

George Osborne to become editor of London Evening Standard

Budget proposal to eliminate federal library funding.

The Tinkerbell theory: Politicians blaming their failures on our lack of belief

The Rude Pundit sez

My family and I are in Holland on a visit

Is it hard-wired into the human species to believe that they'll never get old?

Sanders connects with Vermont's future

Local government & Mayoral elections on 4 May

Trump's immoral budget

Sen. Sanders visits MAU

Heads up - Earth Day March for Science

Pres Trump approval slips, even as more vtrs feel economy improving @FoxNews Poll details:

Round 2: "Not today, motherfuckers"

Have groups like the Tea Party soiled the word Patriot beyond repair?

How would the world and the press have reacted if Angela Merkel was male?

Meals on Wheels has been replaced.

"He has kept none of those promises, yet no one in Congress has shown much interest in oversight."

O'Malley's band playing Baltimore this weekend

Lol- Vicente Fox continues to troll Trump on Twitter

India's "hidden figures" female scientists send rocket to Mars

This is what its like answering all those phone calls to Congress

The chilling thing is Donald Trump is what a Deplorable thinks a leader is.

LM: What to Ask About Russian Hacking

Do you think this should be America's face to the world?

Russian Parliament backs investigation into US media

Ellen brought a 5 year old geography genius on her show and this happened.

"I'm not stupid like everybody says! . . . I'm smart." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

"She's everything you won't ever be. You keep on embarrassing yourself!"

Trump drags key foreign allies into controversy over unproven wiretap claims

Meals on Wheels reports surge in donations after WH's proposed cuts

This is a magnificent takedown of Trump in defense of our country & our ally.

Top NSA official ridicules allegation Britain spied on Trump

Im not a big media press access person. I personally dont need it, Secretary of State Tillerson

Are you surprised that Trump has not reached out even one time to the Democrats?

5-Year-Old Genius Wows Ellen & Trolls Trump Yuuugely

What would happen if Britain withdrew their ambassador over Trump's libelous wiretap allegation?

So far, Trump has been mercifully incompetent - By Dana Milbank

Trump wants the forgotten men and women to stay forgotten

All Eyes on China as U.S. Signals New Tack on North Korea

When the dust settles they'll have unearthed the

What happened to Trump's one trillion dollar infrastructure plan?

Franken 2020, he's got what it takes

What did I tell you about hiring Nazis?

Trump's relationship with the truth is becoming a national embarrassment

when it comes to international politics,rex tillerson doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground

The guy behind the "whitey tape" was the source of the UK-spied-on-Trump claim!

Fareed Zakaria: Trump 'indifferent to things that are true or false'

Time to Call Out the Big GOP Lie on Obamacare - Joy Ann Reid

trump tweeting about fake news this morning

Merkel wondering what Ivanka was doing at her meeting w/the president

Donald Trump Jr describes his hardscabble upbringing in a Manhattan penthouse

Neither Spicer nor Trump have apologized for GCHQ/Trump allegations--they simply have

Napolitano's "intel community" source for GCHQ spying claim was RWNJ Larry Johnson

Don't know who did this, but perfect.

Even today, our idiotic, asshole president still has a 43% approval rating! HOW???

Trumps wall......

"Meals On Wheels" Trump Style

Why would average premiums to down? Numerical example:

Yes, Ms. Merkel - We agree with you.

Trump in 2015: "Im not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid. "CBO today: $880 bil cut; 14M will lose"

Edina police ask for whole city's Google searches

What happened to Trump's promised lawsuit against the women who said he groped them?

Trump blows up at Germany over vast sums of money owed to NATO in series of tweets

LGBT RESIST marches today around the US

Four bakers arrested over illegal brownies in Venezuela's 'bread war'

LGBT RESIST marches TODAY across the US

Russian company that paid Flynn deemed 'unsuitable' by Pentagon

LGBT RESIST marches TODAY across the US. Join if you can (and allies, of course!)

Judge Dredd to Napolitano: "Thanks for lowering the Bar"

Monday will mark two months of Benedict Donald's time in office

Trump supporter credits Trumpcare which hasnt taken effect for dramatically lower health costs

So, What Republican Started the "The Russians Are Our Friends" Meme?

Are you suffering from Trump Induced Anxiety Disorder? Then this is for you...

As a Money-Saving Measure, Trump Outsources White House Kitchen

"What did I tell you..."

--Or just try being a decent human being. That works, too.

Man shot dead at Paris airport after attacking soldier

As our interstructure falls apart - Let's look at Japan's newest train

Are ads running in appropriate districts to educate voters...

My wife and I went to see Beauty and the Beast last night!

Donald Trump is thinking "short term" survival...

Help me become a troll.

State wants insurers to offer prepper discounts

The Irony of a Man Who Never Pays What He Owes Saying

Comptroller, AG: Woman concealed moms death to collect state pension

Trump administration ramps up efforts to block media

This drives conservatives crazy.

Cuomo's free tuition bill will likely see tweaks

I think we on the left and some on the right have something big in common with 45/140

Tamil Nadu man hacked to death over atheistic Facebook posts

In WaPo today, there was an article about the budget proposal

PSA regarding my support for future threads...

America's New Isolationism under Trump

City agrees to pay $8.5 million in fatal crash involving APD officer

Buffalo to pay $3.25 million to twin sisters injured by police tow truck

City agrees to pay $8.5 million in fatal crash involving APD officer

City agrees to pay $8.5 million in fatal crash involving APD officer

45: typical 18th century monarch effups but with hourly 21st century social media coverage & video

Central NY business owner sentenced on sales tax fraud charges; must pay back $70K

How to Convince the Republicans to Impeach and Remove Trump!

Are public donations to Meals on Wheels the answer?

On $150 million dollars in income, Trump paid 25% in taxes.

Our Opinion: There's a reason why most everyone loves Bernie

On this site and no other my cursor disappears while

When Seniors Visit a Cannabis Store, There Are Questions Aplenty

Never ever say anything good again about worthless Meghan McCain...never!

Science works. Bitches!

Is Donald Trump ein Sexmonster? ( DA! ) (me: "duh")

The D.C. Chicken Ranch is always on-target with their Word of the Day feature. Here's today's:

Reading list to inspire the resistance?

When logging onto DU, Firefox gives me a warning that this site is not secure.

Don't Poke North Korea with a Stick Just to See What Will Happen

Without Trump's Tax Schedules

Tapper tells Maher Trumps behavior is empirically indecent .My children know better than that"

Tom Brady!

Big government is coming for your crotch anomalies

Tillerson: 'I'm Not A Big Media Press Access Person'

Trump's Parents Failed to Teach Him the Basic Rules of Etiquette.

Ann Coulter said the USSR executed their hockey team for losing the Miracle on Ice.

3 Dem Senators Call For Investigation Into Background Of Sebastian Gorka

American couples win medals in ice dance at World Junior Figure Skating Championship

Texas needs a remedial lesson on voting rights

Time to Launch a New Meme -- The Mad President

Dana Milbank: Obamacare isnt failing. Its being destroyed by Republicans

Bernie Sanders remains one of Americas most popular politicians

The Pacific Standard....

Gov. Christie Proposed Cut of Security Funding for Private Schools Draws Criticism

They know you can vote them out. And they're scared.

Young Americans: Most see Trump as illegitimate president

Tillerson didn't allow press pool to accompany him to NK border, but he let a RW reporter fly w/him

'Fearless Girl' statue advocates call on NYC to make it permanent

Alex Jones embarrassed by Jesse Ventura

Republican congressman Tom Cole tells Trump: Apologize to Obama over wire-tapping

SEPTA announces fares hikes on trains, buses

Reading list to inspire the resistance?

Does Donald Trump know what the GOP health bill does? - Ezra Klein

Trump rescinds Obama guidance on student loan defaults

The Leader of the Free World vs. America's Asshat in Chief. #merkel #Trumprussia


Billionaire makes us pay for his golf weekends & tells us we can't have food/health, science or art

Dear House Intelligence Committee, this is what you need to do:

What did the media miss in the CBO report?

Cold as Trump's heart? Not THAT cold.

Obamacare isnt failing. Its being destroyed by Republicans

US man held for sending flashing tweet to epileptic writer

I want to echo it again! Merkel, Leader of the Free World!!! Trump Zero! n/t

My prediction about the 2020 election.

Celebrating Food and Wine in Bordeaux

One Beneficiary of GOPs Tax Bill: President Trump

interesting article on a major string puller behind trump

Trump budget would eliminate federal agencies working to boost rural Alabama economies

Elaine Chao ( Turtles wife) has terribly freudian slip on Hannity

So about that "It Cant Happen Here" bullshit

Remove the mole

Former U.S. ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder fact checks Trump's inaccurate tweets on NATO funding.

Trump budget derails Amtrak in Alabama, but advocates urge calm

EPA awards $100 million to upgrade Flint water system

Hillary Clinton ready to 'come out of the woods'

Trump's budget proposal is bad news for housing across the nation

Ivanka, Jared, Eric, & Don Jr. & 100 Secret Service jet to Aspen

New rifts emerge as Trump administration rejects free trade statement at G-20 meeting

My fear is that horrible behavior of Trump will be normalized...

Computer scam alert...

Senator Feinstein implies Trump may have to resign in Q&A with constituents (VIDEO)

"Soon we must choose between what's right and what's easy"

poor little snowflakes. they ruined their own business by jumping on the

Looking for a Blog

Hey, let's cut him some slack, okay?

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Trumpcare is a fraud, Obamacare - no death spiral, High-risk pools

Gioachino Rossini Guillaume Tell

Martin O'Malley Rocked St. Patrick's Day

Have you voted on the Fox budget poll yet?

In which J.K. Rowling totally nails Trump

Weekend TOON Roundup 1- So-called budget

Weekend TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Congress May Lack Technical Expertise to Properly Investigate Russian Hacking/Cyber Warfare

Merkel schools Trump

App for Resisting Trump

This has to be the best trump* voter quote about cutting 'Meals on Wheels', ever

The 10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken In The World Today

What is Rush Limbaugh saying about TrumpCare? NT

a thought on surveillance state & mind of financial elites

My senator's aide said it's absolutely important to call even if we agree with him. 2 reasons why:

The investigations start next week. How ugly do you think it will get?

Ecuador's right-wing candidate linked to 49 tax haven companies

Best Tweet of the day so far..

Share something beautiful.

Ecuador's right-wing candidate linked to 49 tax haven companies

Kasich Warns GOP Leaders Not To 'Jam' Repeal Bill Through House

Trump associates' Russian connections:

The Donald lectures Dr. Merkel on Uranium

Bernie: "time to join the industrialized world and guarantee health care"

Your daily Greenwald

A Note for Low and Middle-Income Trump Supporters:

Our allies are asking: "How could the American people have put this man in the White House?"

Georgia Middle School Teacher Arrested in Massive $6.2 Million Cocaine and Heroin Bust

Which Trump State Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2018 wins and

Any way that we can contribute to buy Angela Merkel a beer or a good bottle of wine? For

Nice list of DT crimes over the years (with references)

Trump-Mussolini faces.

Cracks Are Showing in Trumpcare - 13 Republican Senators Have Deep Reservations - (Petition)

Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump

#TrumpRussia Dossier analysis to be given to Members of Congress in briefings next week


Secret Service Racks Up Bills for Trump Kids' Trips.

'Trying not to laugh': Ex-CIA director ridicules Trump officials accusing British of wiretapping...

Senate PAC got 2 million from Ukrainian Linked to Oil Deal

Memo to the Media: How Not to Cover the President

the irony is delicious

What do you guys think about this?

Bill Maher CRUCIFIES Donald Trump, What Is The Proper Response To Insanity?

Where are the Democrats? Here's one we need to keep an eye on!

Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it.

Virtually all Trump voters and/or acolytes

I'm so excited! The FBI wants to give me $10 million!

Insider's View Of Russia's Election Hacking

Live Town Hall CA Dist 1

Kellyanne Conway - Buys Kids clothes at Target with 2 SUVs and 4 Secret Service Agents

Trump backhands Appalachia

Why Trump Is Struggling to Staff His Government

stopped by randomly today and am now teary eyed (with bonus gratuitous kitteh pic)

Whats for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 18, 2017

Let's not forget how Mr. Rogers fought for PBS in 1969

Perhaps We Owe Thanks to The Mad President

Kim Jong-un will not disarm, he will not negotiate, he will not meet with anyone...

Trump Scandals Eclipse Navy Corruption Case

Tom Perriello-VA becoming a Democratic Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate in 2020 after

What is it with Trump and handshakes? This is getting awkward

I have a concern that there some here that create division purposefully.

Analysis of Merkel & _____'s body language

I fear that peaceful protests will not remove drumph

I miss our intelligent, dignified, statesmanlike Secretary of State.

Q Link ...?

Bill Maher wants future CA Governor Gavin Newsom to be the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee.

Trumps Naval Buildup Is Bundled Up in 50s Nostalgia

Russia Payments Intensify Michael Flynn Scandal

Court Blocks Most of North Carolina GOPs Legislative Coup, Including Election-Board Power Grab

City seeks members for MSD Advisory Committee Post Date: 03/14/2017 2:56 PM

I'm going down

Breaking: NC Court Rejects Law Changing North Carolina Board of Elections to Help Republicans

Life vs. Death of Republican Politics

703 owners of units in seven Trump buildings are LLCs, having the ability to hide their identities

I just walked past our local Planned Parenthood. There was the usual desultory group outside,

Cape Fear Coalition of Democracy NC Resumes Meetings

The Trump Statue Unveiled

How Trump's Budget Would Hurt Vermont

To any Trump voter looking in who just found out that Trump has abandoned you

Memo to the Media: How Not to Cover the President

The Secret That Brings These Pancakes to Life

The Big Con...

Photographic evidence of Trump being spied upon by Obama at Trump Tower. Not Photoshopped! SAD!

Florida man charged with threatening to hunt down U.S. congressman and hang him from a lamppost

Every picture tells a story

Can we have a 2020 Forum

Trump may not last a year, his Supreme Court shouldn't last generations

Program Helping Brenham Recover from Blue Bell Crises Melts Away Under Trump Budget

Could Sherrod Brown-OH be on the 2020 Democratic Ticket after he wins re-election in 2018 and

Franken may be the perfect senator for the Trump era a deadly serious funnyman.

Trump is right - Health Care is too complicated - No one can do it

name a song whose original artist and/or songwriter surprised you

because you don't leave the wounded on the field of battle.

In One Rocky Week, Trumps Self-Inflicted Chaos on Vivid Display

By Thursday afternoon my steps were still covered with 4 inches of snow...

After reading this, you'll know what kind of government is ruling

Winter Park man accused of threatening congressman dares feds to arrest him, and they do

Trump voter facing end of her Meals on Wheels "was under the influence that he was going to help us"

***Important***HUGE effort underway to pretend incidental collection is direct collection

It's almost here!

GOP Rep. Defends O'care Repeal Plan As Town Hall Crowd Shouts 'Vote Him Out'

CNNs Brian Stelter rips Trump's 'Fox News presidency': 'He's in a feedback loop with one outlet'

US Homeland Security seeks proposals for 'imposing' but 'aesthetically pleasing' border wall ...

Breathtaking hypocrisy. Sad.

Trump wants to build 30-foot-high wall at Mexican border

This isn't even funny. On MSNBC, they just said tactical nuclear strikes real possiblity

To Protect Climate Money, Obama Stashed It Where Its Hard to Find

If Oprah Winfrey were to seek and win the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination, who should be her

The Liar-In-Chief & The Dangers of Post-Truth Politics - by Toure'

Step Back for the Bigger Picture - Josh Marshall

OK, I am watching "Pretty Woman" for the first time.

Chuck Berry has died:

Take one away from Trump, help James Thompson win Kansas today

CNN: Nuclear War with Russia

Maxine coming up next on Joy's show. n/t

Our NC Industrial Food Chain (videos)

Kitten Season is upon us!!! New foster Mom's and their kids [PIC HEAVY]

Exclusive: Immigration judges headed to 12 U.S. cities to speed deportations

Court Blocks Most of North Carolina GOPs Legislative Coup, Including Election-Board Power Grab

China rejects Trump criticisms over North Korea

Cinco de Mayo parade canceled over Trump immigration crackdown fears

My/our osprey is back!

LA Governor John Bel Edwards being on the 2020 Democratic Presidential Ticket.

"I'm not smart enough .... I'm not good enough..."

Rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry dies, age 90

Trumps Secret Plan to Defeat ISIS Looks Like Obamas

Helluva question...

Just spent week with conservative daughter, not happy with trump.

Joe Piscopo decides he won't run as a Republican in N.J. governor's race

Why is a Handbag Designer at this Meeting?

Trenton to pay $350K to settle suit claiming negligence in death of woman in lockup

Woman kept in leg irons and a belly chain while giving birth in jail...Trump's buddy, Sheriff Clarke

Christie administration satisfies suit requiring N.J. find homes for mentally ill

Chuck Berry is dead at the age of 90

Some N.J. lawmakers want to make it easier to raise property taxes

Magnificent! London anti-racism march draws tens of thousands of protesters

Powerful South Jersey Democrat's business to get $86M tax break, report says

Trump won big in these places. Now he wants to eliminate 3 agencies dedicated to helping people.

Wilmington Reception in Support of the NC House Caucus

Jack Totheroh - 1914-2011 - actor

Important from TPM re the trump lies - "Step Back for the Bigger Picture". Please Read!!!

Decorah Eagle watch

Democrat Jim Johnson hoping for more exposure in N.J. governor's race

Would you consider our military system...

We keep marrying other species + other ethnics. Finns marry other Finns so they have a pure society

Deranged man attacks climate change funding with budget ax

Pete Sessions to constituents: You don't know how to listen

I reach "retirement age" soon. Like in fifteen minutes. So, now what?

Just facts:

Design submissions requested: specs for Trump's wall, must be "imposing"

If You Believe the President, Please Raise Your Hand

Scientists Brace for a Lost Generation in American Research

Dangerous constitutional amendment proposal would limit states ability to thrive (video)

Republican Senator Joni Ernst (Iowa) calls for Trump to release Tax Returns

Democrats challenge judge's ruling on how to shrink Salem freeholder board

Kamala Harris-CA/Julian Castro-TX ticket in 2020.

So the Con fired all of them to fire Preet

@RepMikeTurner is missing from his #TownHall.......Dayton, OH #wheresmike

From ward of state to Notre Dame: An Asbury Park triumph

Conservative Fantasies, Colliding With Reality by Paul Krugman

Flynn took money from multiple Russian firms

Sometimes it seems that way...

Firebrand Hindu Cleric Yogi Adityanath Picked as Uttar Pradesh Minister

SNL circa 1977

Atlantic City firefighters won't face layoffs for now

Ignore me...

Report: Trump adviser's husband (George Conway) picked for Justice post

4 reasons why people ignore facts and believe fake news

The major source for Trump's UK wiretap claims was Larry Johnson!

Randy Rainbow: The Terrifying, Tolerance-Promoting 'Beauty and the Beast' (video for NYTs)

'Huge' quantity of deadly fentanyl seized in South Jersey

Disney's $3.8 million labor violation: Costumes push paychecks below minimum wage

Obamacare is not in death spiral Joy Reid and her panel debunk this false Republican talking point

Johnny B. Goode - -RIP Chuck Berry