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Archives: March 2, 2017

GOP Pass Secret ACA Plan. Then Hire Police To Arrest Protesters At Their Town Halls.

Good news re: ACA

Supply-side economics v2.0 and that $20T deficit 63M Americans think belongs to Obama.

Only $20m in existing funds found to pay for Mexico wall, document says

Just something I ran across

The Supreme Court just delivered a major victory for gerrymandering opponents

Hey msnbc, about that special tonight on Trump/Putin

I never said 'Thank You' for my hearts. THANK YOU

Dreamer detained by Ice agents while in process of Daca status renewal

Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump's speech to Congress

Sneak Peak at GOP's Replacement for ACA

Trump lied. Right-wing extremists  not foreigners  commit more terror attacks in the U.S.

How Доналд Трамп makes me feel we're all living A GAME OF THRONES

New American Spy Satellite Launches on Classified Mission

USGS: In Last 30 Days, 662 Record US Monthly Max High Temps, 1 Record Max Low Temp

OMG: Chris Matthews is an ass!

For the 10th Time Now

Antarctica Hits Record High Temperature of 63.5 Degrees Fahrenheit

Trump manipulated CNN anchors for positive coverage.

Trump address Twitter numbers appear to be boosted by 'bots'

today is a good day to call & remind Pols that no speech will shield their refusal to investigate Tr

CNN trailer: Was it a Pivot or was it a Performance? ha ha.

FBI liaison: Jewish center threats unlike anything we've seen

AP: White House staff ordered to preserve Russia records

March 10 and 11 - Tisch Climate Action Conference NYU - Senator Bernie Sanders via teleconference

GOP lawmaker: 'Poorly dressed' Democratic women wore 'bad-looking white pantsuits'

Double amputee victim of Bowling Green massacre invited to the Oval Office

March 10 and 11 - Tisch Climate Action Conference NYU - Senator Bernie Sanders via teleconference

President Trump's disingenuous middle-class tax cut pitch

Dropkick Murphys stir the "Blood"

Well, well, well I learned something new about Sean Spicers wife today!

"You people are doing an amazing job!" The resident to Historically Black College and University

Need a good laugh? My fav. story of the day. Bonus - hilarious comments section

Adam Schiff: Bipartisan agreement by House Intel committee to investigate Russian active measures

"There was no mention of Russia meddling": Shep Smith breaks with Fox News praise of Trumps speech

Donald Trump's speech down in audience, down in approval, destroyed by Barack Obama

Alec Baldwin Plans Satirical Donald Trump Book

Republicans In Pence's Indiana Warn Of Obamacare Repeal Fallout

Boeing discloses 36,000-employee data breach after email to spouse for help


Trump suggests ignoring World Trade Organization in major policy shift

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

Officials: Still No Actionable Intel from Yemen SEAL Raid

With An Indoor Voice.

Republicans Hide New Obamacare Draft Under Shroud of Secrecy

I'm Just ... Tired

Heads up: Crazy Van Jones will be on CNN tonight to double down

Sensing Chaos, Russia Takes A "Wait-And-See" Approach To Trump

Is John HickenLoopper (D) related to Sean Hannity???

Child care for active duty military hit by federal hiring freeze

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

Tibetan women's soccer players denied US visas for Texas tournament

ATale Of Two Speeches, Did The Media And The Vets View The Speech Differently?

"Army of Amnesiacs"

Came home tonight and found a flyer stuck in my door

Abuse survivor quits pope's commission citing 'shameful' resistance

The Worst Performance of Trumps Presidency Now Belongs to the Press Corps

Pittsburgh City Paper: "Keith Rothfus is a Clueless, Arrogant Syncophant

Here is a scary thought...

Trump's America is great for holidays if you enjoy vigorous frisking by men in uniform

Finland Allows Same-Sex Marriages For The First Time

British&Dutch provided US w/ intel showing Trump associates met w/ Russian govt officials in Europe

BREAKING - Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

A "pivot" for Pussy Grabber???????????????

AP Exclusive: Taxes Could Flow with Dakota Access Pipeline

University of Texas System kills proposal for Houston campus

Texas Supreme Court hears gay marriage case

Ryan Medicaid Plan Would End Long Term Care For Poor Seniors. Cost Would Fall On Children.

PolitiFact Texas: Abbott falsely says sheriff flouting immigrant law



Judge Eckhardt: Travis County is planning for volatility from state, feds

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I am angry.

This Does Russia have leverage over Trump on GEM$NBComcast now


Rick Santorum: "Millions of Americans with preexisting conditions are scammers stealing health care"

US authorities order recapture of Colombia ex-minister

US authorities order recapture of Colombia ex-minister

Brian WILLIAMS subbing on Rachel. This smells like big bad news for DRUMPF/Russia

Sessions spoke twice with Russian ambassador during Trump's presidential campaign

Colombia gold exporter used homeless and deceased to launder $450.000

Sessions spoke twice with Russian ambassador during Trumps presidential campaign, Justice officials

Why the Falcons lost the Superbowl... halftime was too long..?

McCain and Graham on CNN now.

Andrea Mitchell says the key is to get Rump's tax returns

Canadian government mistakenly releases military plans with the US

Whoa. "Sessions spoke twice with Russian ambassador during Trumps presidential campaign"

Former Kentucky Steve Bashear on Chris Hayes Tonight... Just Explained..

Gawd, I was just about to discuss how hard it is for women to make it in corporate America

You need to campaign on hope.

Anyone watching McCain/Graham town hall?

This looks like perjury to me:

Hate-crime victim to defendants: 'Why you crying now?'

On now Very Interesting in depth dscussion with


NYTimes: Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

Big fashion brands join B.C. group's efforts to halt destruction of endangered forests

Jury weighs fate of ex-Utah attorney general in bribery plot

Feds: Austin Bergstrom International Airport baggage handler stole guns from bags, traded for pot

So one good manufactured nees cycle for the chump.

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

US judge clears Arkansas police officers in backseat suicide

Sessions lied to Senators about Russian contacts

Anyone watching MSNBC? They have a special about trump/putin. They just got a

Police kill two people for wearing women's clothes in Saudi Arabia

Texas Senate approves sweeping child welfare reform legislation

Any tweets from the Con yet?

Blast from the past...worth perusing...

Did I hear right?? Please correct if wrong.

Same-sex weddings finally begin today in Finland

Kellyanne Conway, is she a sleazy or unpleasant person? Please vote and kick.

Marshall, TPM - "Trump's Shame"

The Latest: Clerk shot in Kansas in critical condition

Slate - "Trump has no Valor. So he Steals It"

Is it just me, or does something smell like

50 nations seek to counter US ban on family planning funds

slate - "U.S. Officials Dispute Trumps Claim That Yemen Raid Uncovered Any Vital Intelligence

Evidence for early life in Earths oldest hydrothermal vent precipitates



I think by tomorrow the bloom is off the rose of Trump's speech.

Must win Democratic States in 2020 are FL,NC,VA,AZ,CO,NV,and NM.

At 1 minute mark: Sessions tells Senator Franken "I DID NOT HAVE COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE RUSSIANS"

Let Van Jones know how out of bounds his weird normalization is

Only $20m in existing funds found to pay for Mexico wall, document says

their plan

Johnny Manziel has reportedly re-hired agent, drawing interest from NFL teams at combine

GOP lobbyist: Russia murdered DNC data analyst to cover up pro-Donald Trump hacking

(Hundreds of) ABC News alums urge a public stand against Trump press treatment

If Obama had all this preserved evidence, why didn't they make it known before the inauguration?

Lush heartlands of Nicaraguas Miskito people spark deadly land disputes

Texas Rangers open investigation into Baylor after sexual assault scandal

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is toast!

Burger King animal feed sourced from deforested lands in Brazil and Bolivia

Burger King animal feed sourced from deforested lands in Brazil and Bolivia

Obama Aides Left Intelligence Trail on Trump-Russia

Houston decriminalizes pot; let's hope Dallas is paying attention

Drip, drip, drip. Now Sessions is involved with Russians, and not truthful in confirmation hearings

"Archie" Cox

Something Bryan Williams said in his round table discussion:

If Sessions is not arrested...

I can hear the whisper in the breeze blowing throught the trees.

One private meeting took place in Sessions' Senate Office

Nevertheless she persisted-always remember McConnell punished Warren

Graham, McCain want answers on Sessions-Russia report

These fuckers are sitting in the power seats because they colluded with Russia to commit an act of

Someone needs to make sure Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak doesn't have an accident!

Now David K Johnson is laying it out, bank scandals involving

Malcolm Nance got me through today - yet again - when he tweeted this morning,

A curious thing about "Breaking News."

Listening to this MSNBC 2 hr. special, I feel like I'm watching a poorly written mystery movie.

White House rebuffs ethics office recommendation to discipline Kellyanne Conway

Seth Meyers' Take On Trump's Speech

Our new national anthem.

Psssst. Jeffy. Yeah, J Beauregard, you. C'mere, bud . . . . .

Not only did Sessions lie, he lied to Al Franken!

WTF? Brian Williams says American people are to blame

Looking to Understand the Mind of Steve Bannon? Watch His Documentaries

Dallas man, woman get prison time for 'pill mill' that used homeless to get oxycodone

Austin man accused of filming girls through window says he had feelings that he was unable to contr

Woman tells jury ex-San Antonio officer made her drink alcohol, do push-ups in swimsuit before ...

So if putin has Donald could we get a October surprise


Malcolm Nance on MSNBC now with Brian Williams

FBI accountant details multiple cash and check deposits going to Dallas Co. commish John Wiley Price

Graham, McCain want answers on Sessions-Russia report

Rep Elijah Cummings calls on Sessions to resign

Plano lab employee headed to prison after inappropriately touching 6 teenage patients

Let's make this easier. Who in the trump administration IS NOT working for Russia?

Plot Thickens. Investigators Probed Jeff Sessions Contacts With Russian Officials

How Far Does The Russian Connection With Repugs Go Back?.....

Sen Franken statement: Sessions must recuse himself from the Russia

Beauregard? A turncoat against the Union? Who could've seen it coming?

It is one thing to have so many people with Russian

Pelosi demanding Sessions resign! (nm)

Pelosi just said Sessions should resign. MSNBC, just now.

I want to know who put the policy that benefitted Russia on Trump's policy slate at the convention

Holy Shit. Pelosi, Warren, Cummings call for Jefferson Beauregard to resign

This is a "Credibility Problem"

Texas woman convicted of voter fraud says she voted Republican

How does this truck not flip onto its side?

The good news about Sessions, he is no longer in the Senate.

16 Arlington cops give up police licenses to avoid criminal charges

Must see video: Africa's Great Civilizations

My niece went to get her test strip and needles and they told her obamacare doesn't cover it anymore

Russian Ambassador is a top spy for Russia

Bap-Bap_Bah-Bah , Bap-Bap_Bah-Bah , Bap-Bap_Bah-Bah, Bap-Bah-Bah.... Twitler Storm is coming

Jeff did nothing wrong...

The Fat Lady is getting off her very fat ass to belt one out of the ballpark.....

Not so much wind in your sails tonight, Captain Trump?

Manafort: Duh duh, that's what he said!

Listen Jeff Sessions Forgot.. No Biggie.

While the Pussy Grabber in Chief "pivoted" and " became presidential"

Pelosi just said Sessions must resign.

Then there's this right after Session's confirmation:

Can we stop with the "OMG this latest {whatever} will bring them down"?

Jeff Sessions to Sen. Lindsey Graham ... 1/18/17 .... on the Russia interference in our elections

Melania Trump Looks Down On Husband From Gallery With Loving Grimace

Music for Tonight......

Beer, Far, Wherever You Are

Sessions talking perjury! 1999

Jeff Sessions said that people who commit perjury must be removed from office.

Who prosecutes a purgury case when the guilty party is the AG? nt

Top Democrats call for Sessions resignation after bombshell report he lied about Russian contacts

George Takei tweet on Sessions - Funny!

Trump's aides told to preserve Russia-related materials

Sooo....the joint address honeymoon lasted 24 hours

Whussssup, White House?? How's your evening, anyway? Steverino! Stepherino! Jarad-baby!

Robert Reich: Trump Has a Devious 10-Step Plan to Manipulate the American Public

Sessions says allegation is false. That he never met with any Russian

Wasserman Schultz bashes Conway tweet on Navy SEAL widow ovation

The White House is considering direct military action to counter North Korea

If you were suspected of doing something bad but you didn't do it,

Rosie O is really trolling the hell out of trump

WaPo - Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose

What is really sickening to me is that all the jurnalists on CNN and MSNBC

Malcolm Nance just said on MSNBC that 30 yrs ago this was called "treason"

Argentina's Macri pledges transparency as prosecutors probe family ties

Jeff Sessions Just Issued A Statement That Made The Russia Scandal Worse For Trump ...

Goldman Sachs Speeches!!! Emails!! Snakes on Epstein's Plane!!!

Is There Anyone In Trump Administration That Hasn't Met With Russians?

To lighten the mood: McCain-Graham Tear Up Talking About Their Friendship

In case you missed it, the Brian Williams Trump-Russia show is now being repeated

The "Thank You" Tweet

David Rouzer Town Hall

"A spokeswoman for Sessions confirmed the meetings..."

Pic Of The Moment: "I Did Not Have Communications With The Russians"

Consolation prize for Sessions - "He's #1! He's #1!"

Yesterdays NYT article tying Sessions, Bannon, and Miller planning all this together

Why did Jeff Sessions meet with Russian spy?

Trump's "presidential moment" erased in what, less than 24 hours?

DIY Miracle Grow and Roundup

Nothing Is Going To Happen W/Sessions. With GOP In Charge Will Be Protected. They Are All In.

Need a wrestling buddy?

Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access pipeline

Hillary Clinton to speak in Houston in April

Hillary Clinton to speak in Houston in April

Colbert: Trump Went From "Unhinged Narcissist" To "Hinged Narcissist"

Nothing will happen with Sessions. He is a Republican.

More cover up, repukes block effort to get Trump's tax returns

The Trumpster Gang Circling the Wagons

New York gallery owner denied entry to US

Remember, Flynn resigned because he lied to Pence

I do appreciate the irony in that MSNBC's 2 hour special on Trump's ties to Putin and Russia

Businesses line up against Dan Patrick's high-priority insurance bill

At Planned Parenthood fundraiser, Bush daughter emphasizes group's importance under Trump

Juno Spacecraft Is Rewriting What We Know About Jupiter

If Sessions resigns, who replaces him?

Former Detainees Can Sue Private Prisons for Forced Labor

Texas Lawmaker Wants to Ban Wrongful Birth Lawsuits

The "Diplomat" is also a "Spy - Recruiter." Trump's got some trouble in his cabinet...

All the sudden, we are over-run with folks saying NOTHING TO SEE HERE

Puppies explain #RussiaGate to kittens

Trump finally gives a speech with limited crazy and Sessions crushes the next days news cycle.

Here is What will happen to Sessions

Malcolm Nance on Obama admin distributing classified info broadly in the Intel Community...

What needs to happen..make them wish they had never heard of Trump.

Tennessee has declared war on same-sex families: Inside the legislation that would eradicate nearly

Sessions just got tossed under the bus.....

Whats should Nebraska's state reptile be? Public can vote for 6 animals

Austin Sexual Assault Advocates Demand Answers for Rape Kit Negligence

Democrats urged to join fight against SB 4

Faux News Sinks To A New Low: 'Exposes' Beau Biden's Widow's 'Affair' With His Brother.

Did anyone else hear the news story...?

Texas is out as host for Gay Games

Until FOX and the"alternative facts" media decide to report on this..

San Antonio Islamophobic Group Fires Leader for Being Too Islamophobic

Trinity Univ. Conservatives File "Harassment" Claim Against Students Who Returned Their Event Fliers

12 Glaring Omissions, Contradictions and Lies Bernie Sanders Spotted in Trump's Address

Fox: "Dow 'BLASTS' Through The 21,00 Mark On Optimism After Trump's Speech."

Laser's eToys case gets major break

Daily Holidays - March 2

Texas Republicans Attempt to Hijack CPS Reform with Racist Amendment Backfires

Am I the only one up waiting for morning joe to start?

James Comey's boss is Jeff Sessions.

Children's Climate Lawsuit Aims to Unearth Documents From Oil Group API

Oklahoma's earthquake threat now equals California's because of man-made temblors, USGS says

We are experiencing something that we have never seen before.

Sportscaster Dale Hansen Rips Phobes Over Transgender Wrestler Mack Beggs

Check in if you are observing Texas Independence Day.

Accused Anti-Gay Attacker Who Told Key West Couple 'You Live in Trump Country Now' Arrested and ...

UAW orders thousands of Caterpillar workers to stay on the job as contract expires

Hershey to cut 15 percent of its jobs

What Jeff Sessions Said About Perjury During The Clinton Impeachment (no one is above the law)

The people are asking for nothing they do not deserve to have...

Gov. Hogan declares state of emergency in heroin, opioid crisis

Marine Le Pen loses immunity from prosecution

A.M. Joe went there: Ties to russia: Need to independently investigate.

Pennsylvania woman loses nearly 200 pounds in one day thanks to cyst removal

Trump administration has found only $20 million in existing funds for $21.6 billion wall

Patrick Leahy has tied them up in an interSessional

Huge Large Hadron Collider experiment gets 'heart transplant'

Brazil's Portela samba school crowned Rio carnival champions (environmental theme)

Toon: What Smell?

CNN: Pentagon may greenlight some military missions being approved

Well!.. I have just one thing to say about this whole big stinkin' Russian thing:

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

Today Show this morning wrt Sessions and Russia. Even NBC is taking a good look.

Bush's ethics lawyer on Sessions talks with Russia ambassador: 'Good way to go to jail'

Wife chided Reeves after theater shooting and he told her to shut her mouth

In a nation of millions of voters

More tests needed on Russian UN ambassador's cause of death

Even RT is failing at spinning the Sessions-scandal:

Come to this protest demanding that Jeff Sessions resign, noon Thu 3/2 at the DOJ.

19 People Indicted Following Investigations Into International Fraud and Money Laundering Rings

Former NFL Player and Former Bank Executive Sentenced for Ponzi Scheme and Money Laundering

ICE takes man into custody after standoff near Zebulon

A LOT of Trump nominees/cabinet members have made false claims to Congress under oath

Cardiologist, Neurologist, And Others Charged In $50 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Okay... CBP is officially out of control.

State Dept Sidelined?

San Carlos Reservation (AZ) Heavily Contaminated W. Dioxin From 1960s Herbicide Spraying

Seven Baltimore City Police Officers Arrested for Abusing Power in Federal Racketeering Conspiracy

Lawd! Trump is really trying to end life on Earth.

Mike Rogers, former FBI agent, etc, just told Sessions, Russian Ambassador, what to say

The Flaming Lakes Of Bangalore; Waste Foam Toxic Enough To Crack Windshields - Guardian

Has Idiot-In-Chief tweeted yet about Sessions?

So far in this Trump/Putin/Russian election rigging we have the possible following crimes:

So what happens if Sessions did perjure himself to Congress?

Will Trump fire Sessions??

Why didn't the Khans deserve the same accolades as Carryn Owens?

So glad to see Russia back in the headlines!!!!

Mark Serreze: Antarctic Sea Ice "Record Low Minimum No Matter What Happens Right Now" - WP

So the old Confederate lied about meeting with the Russians.

Trumps team nixed ethics course for White House staff

Flynn not only one believed to have told Russians would be policy changes under Trump

Lots of ReTHUGs are in the know

Clinton lies about consensual oral sex: impeachment. Sessions lies about treason.

NYT Reminds Us: Sessions, Bannon, & Miller worked closely together before the campaign

A really important thing happened to me yesterday

GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Sessions should recuse himself

Too Little, Too Late. Sessions 'Offers' to Recuse Himself "When Appropriate"

How many of J Beau's colleagues met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak?

Does Donald Trump have a relationship with Vladimir Putin? Allow him to tell you.

Sen. Al Franken: Theres' a dark cloud over the Trump administration and there are a lot of questions

Meet Russian Amb to US: Sergey Kislyak.

Do you believe Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has engaged in potentially seditious behavior

Photo of woman used in Russian honeypot operation against Jeff Sessions

Yesterday my daughter was threatened by a Trump supporter.

So, I'm at a local pub last night hanging out with some old mountaineering buddies and we get roped

Trump Supporters Today

Sessions - isn't this treason?

White House likely gets Russia subpoena

And the media said nothing:

1999-Jeff Sessions said that people who commit perjury MUST BE REMOVED from office

A Presidential Pivot or a Deal?

I Did Not Have Relations With That Country, Russia

What was the Russian ambassador doing at the Republican National Covention????

Trump administration is admitting the Session/Russian envoy discussion was about the election

Full page ad in the NYT yesterday saying MSNBC outdrew CNN for Feb,

Sessions will be gone by the end of the day, today. March 2..

I couldn't help but wonder

Sessions committed perjury & broke Logan Act. Those are CRIMES. It's not recusal it's resignation.


Sessions matters because-yet 1 more Trump inner circle guy mtg with top Russians & concealing it.

The CT special state senate election. Definitely a sliver lining.

For fun- Evil Villains that remind you of Trump

The Cars: "Moving in Stereo".....Is it wrong, that even after all these years....

Why did Sessions talk with the Russian spy?

This country needs a caretaker government.

Abortive Trump Speech Riddled with Alternative Facts

229 Republicans Vote to Hide Trump's Tax Returns

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Orange menace

Silence implies consent

This Session is over

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Great Orange Megalomaniac

I see : officials plural not official singular the Russian ambassador.

Generals May Launch New ISIS Raids Without Trumps OK

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Red Sessions

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

If you voted for trump for ANY reason.. then you are among the stupidest people

Sydneys Swelter Has a Climate Change Link, Scientists Say

A good way to keep up with the really important news.

Where "Beauregard" becomes "Number 3480134." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeff Sessons!!!!

House Intel Panel Agrees to Investigate Any Trump-Russia Ties

It's For Sure A White Man's World In America......

Maps Show Where Americans Care about Climate Change

Top Republicans call on Sessions to recuse himself from Russia investigation

When exactly did Republicans become traitors?

From the Conan show

This tweet says it all re Trump and Putin, and Kellyanne too:

Question of the Day: Will Trump Replace Sessions with Foghorn Leghorn?

Tibetan women's soccer team denied U.S. visas

One of his meetings with the Russian ambassador was AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION.

Sessions lied about contact with the Russians. When will he resign?

New Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke rode a horse to work today, per source over there.

Never forget that he stood up and did this...

Trump's Russia headache gets worse, as Sessions struggles to spin undisclosed meetings

Muslim teen found hanged in woods near Seattle; family seeks answers

Where is Meredith McIver?

We should change the narrative from "recuse himself" to "Special Prosecutor"

Are we watching the largest "pump and dump" ever by GOP/Wall Street?

The War on Womens Rights Wages On

It's now political suicide for Republicans if they don't call for deeper investigations on Russia


"In his robe, a ketchup stain from his well done steak prominently visible, he shouts 'WWHHYY!?'"*

'The fuse is lit': Dan Rather says Trump-Russia scandal is about to go off like a bomb

A tribute to Gloria Steinem...

Senate Democrats RE: Trump/Russia connection (video tweet)

Has Trump become the 'dont blame me' president?

Trump's team nixed ethics course for White House staff

Do you believe the evidence suggests Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III committed perjury ?

Boom: This is worse than Watergate:

The Republican conscience is speaking out...

Sessions: I Didn't Discuss Campaign With Russians

NYT report appears to confirm COLLUSION Between Trump Aides & Russian Officials During Campaign

Baldwin on playing Trump at correspondents' dinner: 'I wouldn't say I'm not lobbying'

Best question ever posed on Twitter:

On Trump & Russia: divide & conquer

Trump transition team canceled plan for ethics training for staff: report

Hal Crowther ----- I stop everything and start reading when he chimes in

Huntington Beach to Become State's First Plastic Straw-Free City?

Democrats vow that GOP will take more Trump votes

Kansas shooting victim's wife asks the question in every immigrant's mind

Any stats on how many non-Trump supporters watched the speech?

don't even begin to tell me Pence is oblivious to this all. He was Manaforts pick.

Pelosi on Sessions: 'We are far past recusal'

Chuck Schumer Press conf. on cnn right

Rachel Maddow: Something's Up Between Jill Stein & Putin

More Allegations Emerge Against OC Deputy Accused of Raping Porn Star

Tom Perez: Sessions must resign. We're well beyond the point of recusal.

Sacred Stone Update From LaDonna Brave Bull Allard (3/1/2017) Live From Standing Rock

Strategy Sessions

irobot - im allergic to bullshit

Jobless claims fall to nearly a 44-year low

Schumer calling for J Beau to resign and for a special prosecutor

TODAY: Police BLOCKING Private Native Land From Owner,

Stand Well Back, Folks! The Pressure Is Growing at the White House.

Drone Footage: BIA & FBI In Sacred Stone Camp (3/1/2017) Live From Standing Rock

Trump posts victory lap tweet over Stock Market, resulting in a flood of responses about Sessions.

LAPD Mum on Cop Who Pulled Gun on Anaheim Teens

Standing Rock Updates (3/1/2017) Digital Smoke Signals & Women's Indigenous Media

Trump State Visit to U.K. 'Pushed Back to October' in Bid to Quell Protests

Is the Trump administration the most corrupt administration in the annals of history?

KGB re: "The Most Recruit-able People"

To President Donald J. Trump: Protect Yourself! Resign Now!

Chuck Schumer Goes There! "Sessions Should Resign!"

California Is an Economic Battlefield for Women

It's really weird that this happened to the "Party of National Security and Patriotism."

ACLU calls for an investigation into potential perjury under oath by Jeff Sessions

T-Rex snow shoveling!

Allegedly Shady Super PAC Money Flowing Into LA City Council Race, Candidates Say

I love Hallie Jackson's coat this morning...

Fox & Friends: Timing of Sessions story "interesting" and "suspicious" after triumphant Trump speech

Its now political suicide for Republicans if they dont call for deeper investigations on Russia

It's not illegal for a Senator to speak w the Russian Ambassador. So why lie about it under oath?

Alaska Air, reversing course, will hire baggage handlers it outsourced

This is like the Profumo Affair on steroids.

Bay Area Might Adopt Worlds First Regional Oil-Refinery Emissions Caps

Nancy Pelosi Calls for Sessions to Resign

More Popcorn Please

Newsom Pens Letter to Trump in Opposition of Marijuana Crackdown

Dan Pfeiffer: Russian ambassador at GOP convention when pro-Russia platform adopted

Stephen Colbert: "If it quacks like a duck"

Has anyone heard any public statement from Jill Stein or Johnson.

Josh Marshall: The Gravity Is Strong

Proposal to drop Napa High Indian mascot draws protests

Schumer Calls For Sessions Resignation, Special Prosecutor

This (already) great country didn't deserve any of this.

With Sessions scandal, the Alabamafication of America is complete

Terror Group Gains Ground In USA

Judge rejects effort to withdraw guilty plea in massive $100M Ponzi scheme

Cruz Calls Sessions' Meeting With Russian Ambassador A 'Nothing Burger'

tRump associates' links with Russia: what we know so far - The Guardian (with pretty pictures)

Drunk leaves baby in car in below freezing temperatures...

Never Forget: Coretta Scott King tried to warn us about Jeff Sessions

We know Trump & Co. are tarnished by their Russian connections

McCaskill Calls For Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Resign

Police shooter linked to criminal Houston gang called 52 Hoovers

My bet is that the GOP stonewalls until the 2018 elections

Did anyone see the spokeswoman from the Russian Foreign Ministry on CNN just now?

UPDATED - Cornyn: 'Premature' For Sessions To Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

Patrick Stewart And Stephen Colbert spoof Donald Trumps Obamacare Repeal

Jeff Sessions Calls For Bill Clinton's Prosecution Over Perjury Allegations in 1999

"....the most revolutionary act..."

Old mold from penicillin discoverer auctioned for $14,617

Fox News' first swedish security expert was an impostor. Second is a full-blown swedish Nazi.

Is Rep. Darrell Issa backtracking on call for tRump-Russia special prosecutor? - Sacramento Bee

Colbert: Just Because You Act Presidential, Doesn't Mean You Are

When the investigations begin, Jill Stein should be called before the committees,

Busted again: Fox caught using 'militant Nazi' collaborator as expert on Swedish violence

NOW is it Fitzmas?

Good people don't smoke marijuana, or lie under oath. OK, he only said that FIRST part.

Advice to Trump Administration Officials: Sauve Qui Peut!

Oakland: Off-duty officer targeted in freeway shooting on I-880

Whoa, if true

Retired Hayward police sergeant convicted of 9 felonies at highly contentious grand theft trial

Kremlin says unaware of US Attorney Generals meetings with Russian envoy

Putin's RT asks: "How do you like us now?"

Yesterday news broke that while serving as a top Trump campaign advisor, Jeff Sessions spoke

I bet: among the calls for Sessions' resignation, the loudest the WH hears

Police say they were 'authorized by McDonald's' to arrest protesters, suit claims

Shumer & Pelosi hammering Sessions at pressers


Alameda to consider impeachment resolution of Trump

Any truth to the rumors that Fox News and RT will merge?

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) calls for Sessions to resign

ACLU calls for perjury investigation into Sessions: 'It's now clear' he 'plainly lied' under oath


As Jeff Sessions Scandal Brews, We Need a Public Probe of Trump's Ties to Russia - Democracy Now

...really "hinky" - Franken

Watch Sessions memory suddenly fail him...


I would suppose the Republican leadership is trying to chase down their members this morning...

Pic Of The Moment: This Morning In The White House

What is more deleterious to the fate of the United States?

Life Inside Alabama's Most Sadistic Christian Bootcamp

Is the media still polishing the Turd like they were yesterday, or have they pivoted to JBS?

The tweets seem to be few and far between. Wonder if

Lyin Paul Ryan coming up on CNN

Charles P. Pierce: Americans Have the Power to Push Back

Republicans begin calling for Sessions to recuse himself. Really?

PG&E pressured to remedy power bills that are shocking customers

Diseased Rat Alert for Washington, DC!

Rachel Dolezal Changes Her Name To Nkechi Amare Diallo

Golf cart chop shop found after $17,000 golf cart recovered, deputies say

Looking for trouble like a group of bosses - step back

If it is routine for Congress to talk to Russian Ambassadors...

Key G.O.P. Lawmakers Say Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry.

Federal judge tosses SEC suit against Texas attorney general

Barack Obama named recipient of JFK Profile in Courage Award

U.S. Code 1001 - Statements or entries generally

Fuck Paul Ryan

Ted Cruz shrugs off Sessions ties to Russia as "nothing burger": Questions just "political theater"

California billionaire donates $5M to San Jose flood relief

OMG, Rick 'Batboy' Scott names Carlos Beruff to chair the powerful Constitution Revision Commission

Should AG Jeff Sessions resign ? Take the survey at !

Lock Them Up! Lock Them All Up!

Day 42

Florida looks to expand 'stand your ground' immunity

How to think like a R: The Problem isn't that Sessions lied under oath

ACLU calls for perjury investigation into Sessions: Its now clear he plainly lied under oath

People are saying that Fox News and RT are going to merge...

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal gets new African name

Chris Cillizza: Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble. Bigly.

Judge: Proof that wife helped Orlando shooter is 'debatable'

If Sessions is saying he doesn't remember what he talked about to the

Schumer Senate Minority Leader Calls On Jeff Sessions To Resign As Attorney General

What does Obama know?

A new hunt for remains of victims of Perus internal conflict

Republicans will be unable to resist not covering this up

RW media, Trump supporters getting dangerously hysterical about the Obamas' DC home

California pot growers now qualify for discounted PG&E rates

I fully expect Putingate 2016 . . . .

Living in WI I detest Ryan...he just asked WHO ARE YOU to a press person

Federal appeals ruling in 2009 Fresno police shooting could cost city even more money

I have no relationship with Putin. I do have a relationship. Putin even sent me a beautiful present

Pundits gushing - Sack Cartoon

Sessions on Bill Clinton perjury:


San Francisco Mayor Lee's promised Airbnb regulation working group never set up

Kamala Harris calls on Sessions to resign, tells Twitter followers Congress needs to hear from them

New Mexico republican party praises t's speech (of course)

Sweden brings back military draft amid regional security worries and soldier shortage

Just calling it now, nothing will happen to Sessions

Sanders: Sessions Must Resign

Golden Gate Transit pays $4 million for wrongful death in fatal pedestrian crash

J Beau may well be 45/140 longest term supporter. 45/140's loyalty is about to be tested.

Chickenshit trump just skipped out of DC

How to topple a Dictator

Jeff Sessions Needs to Go

White House: Sessions Was '100 Percent Straight' With Senate Committee

FWIW, Dow is down 45 points at Noon today.

Hey RW lurkers! Here's your boy:

Today...First Job Interview after 11 months unemployed......wish me luck!

Gene therapy relieves sickle cell in world first: study

Donald Trump Jr. Was Likely Paid at Least $50,000 for Event Held by Hosts Allied With Russia on Syri

if sessions is investigating russiagate, is it ok for people to lie to him?

6 Queens You Should Know About for Women's Herstory Month

On Twitter, Spicey says the Senate has confirmed Trump as the next Secretary of HUD. #MAGA!

In my best Casey Kasem voice, Nancy from San Francisco dedicates this song to Jeff in Washington

6 Queens You Should Know About for Women's Herstory Month

WH reporters: Trump not answering questions as he leaves WH, Bannon/Priebus not with him

The million dollar question. What was a Russian Ambassador doing @ the Republican Convention?

So, are we still in the "give him a chance" phase of the Trump regime?

I wonder how those in chumpville are feeling about these revelations?

We should all call our Congressional reps and senators

Families of victims of Colombia's paramilitaries get their day in US court

No recusal, resignation or else!!!

Families of victims of Colombia's paramilitaries get their day in US court

ESPNW Releases Inspirational 'When I Play' Film for Women's Herstory Month

With Drumpf it's like everyday is Fitzmas

ESPNW Releases Inspirational 'When I Play' Film for Women's Herstory Month

Spicer: Anyone asking for Sessions to recuse himself from Russia case should be "ashamed"

Environmentalists urge French bank not to finance Texas fracking project

Sanders: Sessions should resign

The Great Trump Pivot barely lasted one day before Russia ruined everything again.

Dem senator: Russian hacking may have been 'act of war'

Whoa! Left behind to do yeoman's work?

If Sessions resigned, would that save him from being charged with perjury?

President Obama has the facts. All Congress has to do is

Balmy! Antarctica Hit Record-Breaking 63 Degrees F in 2015

On Ash Wednesday, ashes to go with a little extra sparkle for LGBT Christians

Kim Davis' lawyer is fighting to overturn Jacksonville's human rights ordinance

Nepal & other areas fears over US ban on international 'abortion aid'

USS Gerald R Ford

so, pussygrabber in chief went to the african-american museum during feb. what is he

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions lll- " No one is above the law."

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Warns Donald Trump: Dont Mess Around With Us

Has everybody forgotten about Rex Tillerson?

Sean Spicer: Anyone asking for Sessions to recuse himself from Russia case should be 'ashamed'

Mexicos Maya could predict hurricanes

Sessions should NOT resign nor recuse himself...

Trumplissimo America! Russia has a Trump Band Villi Tkarev Youtube

Nevertheless, he perjured.

Mexicos Maya could predict hurricanes

Is Trump heading for Mar-a-Lago again?

Trump UK visit rescheduled to coincide with Parliament recess, so they can't "snub" him.

Federal judge tosses SEC suit against Texas AG Paxton

Has Bannon pardoned Sessions yet?

Ryan: Still No Evidence Of Collusion Between Trump Campaign, Russia

ACLU calling for investigation into perjury've to got to get mad...

'We learned late in the afternoon yesterday that Vice President Mike Pence will be visiting

I wonder what would Trump's hero Roy Cohn think of links to Russia and Putin?

So GOP Sen. Rand Paul just asked to see the GOP ACA replacement bill...

Partial Mar-a-Lago Membership List

Paul and Tonko demand access to room "containing Obamacare replacement plans", find nothing

Donald Trump and the end of American exceptionalism?

After just seeing the documentary film, "I Am Not Your Negro" (alone in a 92 seat theater)

A GOP Revolt Threatens Trump's Agenda

California lawmaker proposes tax on OxyContin, other opioids

aint no Republican 'leaders' told their Lemmings what to say yet

Snakes, spiders and aliens - The Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center!

Mr. McCain: It Is Time To WAKE UP & Do Your Duty

Top Dem on House Intel Committee Says FBI Not Giving Them Enough Info


Antarctica's record high temperatures documented in new report

Sessions Was Linchpin For Trump On Capitol Hill When He Met Russian Ambassador

I Almost agree with Melania here:

All House Judiciary Cmte Dems are now calling for an immediate criminal investigation into Sessions

I think it's time to start calling him Orange Jumpsuit

Rep. Devin Nunes in testy presser - Tells media "What if we investigate YOU!"

Let this sink in: Nunes just threatened a reporter for persisting in Sessions/Russia questions

A 21st Century Reichtag Fire

Check out perjuror/traitor Sessions just AFTER he lied:

Anonymous White House official tells CNN it had no knowledge of Sessions's meeting with Russian...

It appears that Donald Trump has risen to the level of his ACTUAL incompetence...

ISIS dumped bodies in a desert sinkhole. It may be years before we know the full scale ...

Rep Adam Shiff: "At this point we know less than a fraction of what FBI knows" on Russia probe

Republican wall on Sessions REALLY starting to crack...

The fuse is lit: Dan Rather says Trump-Russia scandal is about to go off like a bomb

GIF of Sessions' face, turning to his lawyer, right after he lies to Congress

Documents show Trump's transition team canceled ethics training session days before he took office

Rand Paul denied copy of "secret" ACA Repeal bill...

36 Hours in Fez, Morocco

Have Dems In ANY State Tried To Enact Instant Runoff Voting?

Countries pledge millions to plug hole left by US 'global gag rule'

xpCountries pledge millions to plug hole left by US 'global gag rule'

'Beauty and the Beast' Features Disney's First Gay Character

US/Yemen Airstrikes last night

The Fake British Radio Show That Helped Defeat the Nazis

Look at what the White House is now saying about sessions....

When the fascists accidentally make a strong case for liberal values

March4Trump this Saturday at locations across the USA! Joy Villa, keynote speaker!

What are the 2 dates of the Sessions meetings?

Tavis Smiley Wednesday

Why some people skip the White House Correspondents Dinner

Nancy Pelosi sends help to find Obamacare Replacement Bill

Burr Dodges On Whether Comey Briefed Senators On Sessions-Russia Contact

Evidence contradicts all of Trump's claims about deadly Yemen raid -- from planning to results

Jeff Sessions met with Russian Officials in Benghazi...

For those who need their political discourse in a more palatable form...

White House says it didn't know about Sessions' meetings with Russian envoy

Trump Jr. Was Apparently Paid at Least $50,000 by Kremlin-Connected Foreign-Policy Group

This is DU. I hope all of us are calling our Representatives!

Jeff Sessions Met With Russian Ambassador the Same Day Trump Gave Interview to Russian Television

Rand Paul Blocked from Seizing Draft of Obamacare Bill

National Retailer's Federation running anti-Border tax an during SNL...

Novel idea for senators: You might have tried voting against confirming SESSIONS, doing your job.

Barack Obama to Receive JFK Profile in Courage Award on May 7th

US Senate calls British spy Chris Steele to give evidence on explosive Trump Russia dossier

Meet Maria Emilia, a 116-year-old scientist

Very exciting to see Trump falter bigly but folks the ACA is in trouble

Ivanka Trump vacationing with Putins rumored girlfriend

Healthier Cereals Snare a Spot on New York School Menus.

Pierce: Americans Have the Power to Push Back

I confess: -I- too have visited the Russian Embassy and talked to officials of the Russian Govt

Healthier Cereals Snare a Spot on New York School Menus.

Will Alabama have to take Sessions back??

Sessions is now screwed.....Trump says he has "total" confidence in Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Crocodile Shark discovered in UK waters for first time


Rewarding Harassment and Abuse in Hollywood

Rewarding Harassment and Abuse in Hollywood

Don't spill your coffee!

Sanders: Sessions Must Resign

Report: Black College Grads In D.C. Are Likelier To Be Unemployed Today Than Before The Recession

I bet the applause for that dead soldier's wife is now the ringtone on Kellyanne Conway's phone

***UPDATE*** My Win10 (?) or Bing (?) wallpapers (?) got disappeared. "Clear history" problem?


Pharma Myth/Fact


Senate votes to confirm former Texas governor Rick Perry as energy secretary

Report: Black College Grads In D.C. Are Likelier To Be Unemployed Today Than Before The Recession

TOP STORY - Huffpo -

He PROBABLY did not kill anybody.

Bernie is using his email list to support Nissan workers in Mississippi...

Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed

Drump hair style is not carrier conducive

Republicans are secretly reviewing their new health care bill inside a basement

JUST IN: Trump says he thinks Attorney General Sessions was truthful in his testimony to Congress.

The Super Secret New and Improved 2017 GOP Obamacare Bill (my guess what's in it)

DNC plans major overhaul to appeal to young Sanders voters:

George W. Bush explains his fondness for Michelle Obama

Another day in Drumpf's hateful America- 2 transgender women were killed in New Orleans in 48 hours

"We cannot find the bill": inside the frantic hunt for the GOP Obamacare replacement

Cross posting.

Joy Reid : Trump is currently costume playing as a military man, complete with hat and jacket.

Loyal dog waits eight days for his owner and ends up reuniting him with his family

Say, do you folks remember all those donations Jill Stein got

Outsourcing the Constitution by Linda Greenhouse

Hey kids, come learn about the perversion of democracy!

Just in, Donald Trump Drinks Water With TWO Hands!

'Be careful': GOP Intel chair threatens to 'investigate' reporters for persisting on Sessions

(MSNBC) Watching Trump on the USS Gerald R Ford he acts as if he is

"bad romance" (women's suffrage) video

Say hello to Nashville's new baby giraffe!

"bad romance" (women's suffrage) video

"bad romance" (women's suffrage) video

Federal agents raid Caterpillar offices in central Illinois

All the lies about meetings with Russians.

School principal: Trump chants crossed line into hate speech

This afternoon, protestors are gathering in front of the DOJ to call for Jeff Sessions' resignation.

A special warfare unit flew a Trump flag in public. Now the Navy is punishing its members.

I don't want Sessions to resign over Russia

Bush White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter: Misleading the Senate in sworn,...

From an Environmental Protection Agency staffer:

"Be careful": GOP Intel chair threatens to "investigate" reporters for persisting on Sessions

The Putinista Coup is Upon Us

President Obama Just Received This Incredible Award That Trump Will NEVER Get

I've seen more reliable Cabinets at Menard's.

Top 9 Great Rock Songs with Terrible Titles

Mother Jones asked three constitutional law professors if Sessions could be prosecuted for perjury.

Cheetolini has "total confidence" in Beauregard...

Question for DUers re: Comey and Sessions investilgation

Malcom Nance

Hee hee -- Trump has announced he has "full confidence" in Sessions

Republicans Hit Embarrassing Snag on Confirmation of Medicare Chief

Chaffetz' House Overlook Committee (cartoon)

Kansas Supreme Court finds state underfunds schools

U.S. law enforcement searches Caterpillar's Illinois facilities

Caption the photo...

Jeff Beauregard Sessions to hold a press conference at 4 p.m. ET

Senator Al Franken sends letter to Jeff Sessions demanding answers. . .

Claire McCaskill accused of lying in attack on Jeff Sessions

Bannon's Dream - As Foreseen by Randy Newman

The cabinet is being destroyed.

Jeff Sessions Needs to Go

It's very simple GOP: Either there is an independent prosecutor or Sessions steps down

Day 1: Zinke rescinds Obama officials phase-out of lead bullets, fishing tackle

Robots won't just take our jobs they'll make the rich even richer

I believe!

Euro lawmakers press EU to impose visas on U.S. citizens

I think I finally get it now.This is some kind

Link to LIVE STREAM of Sessions press conference, coming up at 4 PM Eastern.

Arkansas moves to separate King and Lee holiday

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar 2, 2017

I'll just take Sessions at his word this was unrelated to Trump

How long before Dolt 45 starts wearing uniforms in public...?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will hold a press conference at 4 p.m.

LIVEFEED: Sessions Press Conference

Bannon's Naval Service (Eff his stupid a$$)

Uh-oh: Dad's home

"Blue Shining" - Kubrick/Lynch Mashup Nightmare

Republicans already think Obamacare repeal is a nightmare. It's about to get worse.

Dear Greta, please take as much time as needed to GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Trump and Pinocchio

The one question every republican is asking themselves tonight.

Jeff Sessions recuses himself from any investigations related to Trump campaign

MSNBC - Sessions is going to recuse himself.

He's shaking like a leaf and lying like a rug.

The GOP's protective wall around Trump is beginning to crumble

The real bad guys in this whole Russia scandal? Dems..

"I never had espionogial relations with that man, Ambassador Kislyak."

Jeff Sessions asks and answers the burning question, but something doesnt smell right

Sessions recusal statement

Attorney General Sessions is recusing himself from any probe related to 2016 presidential campaign

Sessions is not a very good liar.

So, do we get a Special Prosecutor now

Doesn't the pack o' rats need a leader?

NO matter the State Department disassembling

Taking an oath is not a joke. It is not something that can be brushed aside.

He is a fucking liar. And he is scared shitless

Sessions: In retrospect, I should NOT have lied under oath

Slippery J Beau cleverly recused himself ONLY PARTIALLY.

We need a Photoshop expert for this

"I should have slowed down and said I did meet a couple of times with one Russian Ambassador"

Sessions says he doesn't recall any specific political discussion with Russian ambassador.

Question: If There Is An Investigation.....

OK, I am thinking about one of the town halls.


Recusal's not good enough.

Sessions Called For A Special Counsel After Loretta Lynch Met With Bill Clinton

Recusal is a half assed response

Do you have more or less confidence in Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III after his press conference

So, Beauregard went with the clueless hick act, as someone who doesn't know anything

Sessions will survive and come out smelling like roses

I'm proud of Jeff Sessions

Remember Trump saying a lot of those vacancies he hasn't filled "aren't necessary"?

So how long til Sessions resigns or is fired

POWER of the PRESS flushes out Sessions and Flynn.

The Trump Effect On Domestic Violence: Whats At Stake?

so jeffrey was meeting with the russian ambassador and his staff didn't brief him on involvement?

The networks must smell blood

Highlights from the Sessions news conference

Why aren't they discussing Jeff Sessions' countenance?

MSNBC reporter just said the Intel Committee might ask Christopher Steele to appear

A timeline of Jeff Sessionss ties to President Trump and meetings with Russia - NYT

The US intelligence nominee can't believe India just launched 104 satellites


"Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy in December, White House Says"

Retired and watching old TV shows- "Diagnosis Murder" "Drill for Death"

Buy or Sell- Jeff Sessions' material representations to Senators Leahy and Franken were innocuous

Amanda Carpenter (R) on CNN just demolished Sessions. Said his two top staffers KNEW the meetings

Are we there yet?...

So what just happened re Kushner meeting with the Russians in December?

Check out the new GOP hat for sale:

Hillary Clinton will speak at Wellesley College tonight

Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy

The AG of the United States lied under oath/omitted key info under oath BUT THATS OKAY

Tom Hanks sends espresso machine to help White House press fight for truth

Acting Deputy AG Dana Boente, an Obama appointee, may now appoint a special prosecutor if he wants?

BREAKING: Climate protection budget cut 70%

March Photo Contest Theme

Jeff Sessions Met With Russian Ambassador the Same Day tRump Gave Interview to Russian Television

Oh, FFS! Enough! Isn't there some way we can FORCE Dolt45 to release his tax returns?

Key point - Sessions' recusal is partial.

TPM: The CIA & FBI Knew There Were Problems w Trump Well Before 2016

Acting Deputy AG Dana Boente, an Obama appointee, should name MERRICK GARLAND as SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!

Surely to God, the public must be getting sick of all this

How can you tell when Drumpf and his cabinet are lying?

Sign if you agree: Sessions must resign, special prosecutor must investigate Trump's ties to Russia

They can run, but they can't hide.

Scranton Gym Shuts off 24-Hour News to Stop Fighting

Sessions: "I do not recall...."

Sessions going for the hardball questions...

I seriously hope they get to the bottom of this Russia stuff. It's starting to get crazy.

Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy in December, White House Says

Protesters Call for Jeff Sessions Resignation

Top Dem on House Intel opens Pandora's Box today. The FBI withheld info from Gang of 8

So recuse is a yes, but what does it really mean? Special prosecutor??

British and Dutch intel report Putin people and Trump people met in Europe throughout campaign.

election day is independence day -- independence from russia -- vote for democrats!

Jeff Sessions Press Conference on lying to the Senate about undisclosed meetings w/ Russians (VIDEO)

Glenn Greenwald?

Mccain and Graham are beginning to regret their calls R.E Russia, they thought Pence would be immune

So why did he recuse himself?

The fuse is lit: Dan Rather says Trump-Russia scandal is about to go off like a bomb

Why in god's name did

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Networked Propaganda and Counter-Propaganda

Wow, the Russian guy Sessions met with with is a spy recruiter.

Jared Kushner met with the Russian spy too -Per CNN

G.W. Bush is on Ellen. He's making me smile. I feel like


Breaking : Two other Trump advisers also spoke with Russian envoy during GOP convention

Oh My - Trump's son-in-law and Flynn met with the Russian Ambassador

Ryan Zinke secy of interior

McMaster rebuked by Army in 2015 for his handling of sexual assault case

C'mon Dems in Congress, now's not the time

The church where I was baptized (and where my Daddy went to school) provides Dinner every Monday

Exclusive: Two other Trump advisers also spoke with Russian envoy during GOP convention

The Media Will Be Laser Focussed On This Sessions Issue.....UNTIL....

Who the hell on *45's staff DIDN'T meet with the Russians?

xp-Nepal & other areas fears over US ban on international 'abortion aid'

2017 Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts

This whole Trump/Russia thing is unbelievable. Every time I think that interest in

xp-Countries pledge millions to plug hole left by US 'global gag rule'

Breaking: Trump Jr. Was Likely Paid at Least $50,000 for Event Held by Hosts Allied With Russia

What The CIA and FBI Knew About Trump Before 2016 - by Josh Marshall

Trump's Russian Problems all in one easy to read chart. With pictures!

A moment of silent sympathy for Sergei Kislyak

and so a trump supporting relative I never talk to just called and

Ex-Christie associates lose bid for new trial in 'Bridgegate' case

ORNL Carbon Dioxide Information Center to Shut 9/30/17. View the Emissions Data While You Can.

Sergey Kislyak, this guy is the key. (slate)

Now Carter Page cannot confirm or deny meeting with Kislyak:

Hey, Jeff Sessions,

GOP Rep Says Holding Town Halls Is Like Being Yelled At In A Ritual By 'Orientals'

I cannot imagine that the Washington Post or the NY Times printed all the info they have on hand?

CNN has been more right than wrong. If their sources say Kislyak is a spy I tend to believe them

WH Now Says Flynn Had Meeting With Russian Ambassador At Trump Tower

Oh NO! Even sweet, innocent JARED falls under the spell of the Russian taint. #Sad! #BuyIvanka!

Rolling Stone: A Who's Who of the Trump Campaign's Russia Connections

In chaotic scene, Rand Paul demands to see the House GOP's Obamacare repeal bill

Could you imagine if HRC were POTUS today and PBO was AG and did what Sessions did?

Imagine being one of the America First idiots. All along it's been Russia First.

Will 45's supporters ever admit they were wrong about this guy? I don't think so.

Why did Sessions say that he could not "confirm or deny that there was an investigation"??

How many times did 45 say on the trail, "Putin doesn't like Hillary" and the like?

It must pain Groper Don the Con

And this is what republican are all about, sounds like a playbook from the drumpf:

The smoking gun (Russian financial entanglements) can be found in Drumpf's tax returns.

Co-worker said to show sTump a little respect.

Trump abord the USS Gerald R. Ford. Democrats are missing the speech. They're gathered at the Betty

Tom Hanks gives White House press an espresso machine

At least 2 others besides Sessions had contact with the Russian

NDRC Tweet. Past is prologue?

GOP Gets Rewarded For Doing ALL THE WRONG THINGS ALL THE TIME. Really Pisses One Off.

To Think The GOP Hates Obama So Much That They Want To Kill 43,000 Americans Over ACA.

Greta Van Suckup is questioning why people are upset that Comey

ALERT. In The Future The GOP Will Classify All Its Legislation TOP SECRET.

What happens if Putin decides Trump is more of a liability than an asset?

Where the heck is this guy, Not interested in investigating Trump?

Sessions met him in Cleveland at the convention..then at TRUMP TOWER?

You think trump had his campaign staff and surrogates sign NDA's.

Dems Should Be Careful...

What will Tweety say tonight?

I want to know if McConnell, Ryan, or any other Republican member of Congress met with the Russians

WaPo on FIRE!!! I'm this close to subscribing.

VA Whistleblowers Beware: Tweeting Under Trump is No Two-Way Street

Special Prosecutor Merrick Garland!!!

Would someone tell Sessions to wipe that fucking smirk off his face!

Rediscovering Black Bean Soup

Is it wishful thinking or crazy of me to say I want this Russia thing to take down chump and the GOP

AG Jeff Sessions' Double Standard on Perjury?

Heres proof Republicans are done with democracy

Trump Wants You To Denounce Your Neighbors, Just Like That One Guy... Hitler!

Pence also lied

I don't know about you but

"Then they gave me the beautiful hat. You know, we have a great Make America Great Again hat, but.."

Trump's casinos fined for money laundering in 2015

Feb 17 WI Sen Johnson just sent a cease and desist letter to constituents who want a town hall meet

Deputy AG Boente to take over campaign-related investigations, new Trump nominee confirm hearing 3-7

Pelosi‏: #Sessions sorry attempt to explain away his perjury is totally inadequate. He must resign

Here's what Franken asked Sessions and his reply:

I hate the fuckin Eagles, man. Don Henley said it was OVER when Glenn Frey died, but guess what?

Whatever happened to Anthony?

Take a break: The rarest things found on earth ever

Loyalty to Trump? How's that working out?

Amy Goodman interviews David Cay Johnston on Sessions, etal:

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions lll to resign to spend more time with his family.

My first direct connection to the travel ban & ramp up of abusive CBP activity.

Jeff Sessions said that people who commit perjury must be removed from office - ThinkPRogress

Sen. Leahy Calls for Sessions to appear before Senate Judiciary Committee

The FBI is at the center of a big unanswered question surrounding Jeff Sessions and Russia

This headline says ALL you need to know about the trump administration.

The press said Hillary was using the theft of data to deflect reporting on her email server.