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Archives: March 22, 2017

Schumer and Warren both came out today against moving forward with SC nominee Gorsuch

Tweety says no to Gorsuch - it's Garland's turn

Tweety just said Gorsucks should be filibustered for stealing Merrick Garland's seat.

Any Potential SCOTUS Judge Who Does Not Insist that Garland Get a Fair Vote First Is Not Qualified

U.S. charges Philadelphia's top prosecutor with corruption

Reince Priebus FBI contacts suddenly look even worse

Chris Matthews is saying Tillerson trip to Russia is bizarre AT BEST. I think it shows Putin is

FBI needs to investigate Ivanka Trump and Jarod Kushners laptops for this reason.....

If you watched today's hearing, which Senators impressed you?

Trump margin in PA in 2016: 44,000. Pennsylvanians whod lose Medicaid if ACA repealed: 670,000.

Democrats Live - with Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, and Elizabeth Warren

The snubbing of Jesus.

Al Franken-MN/Jeff Merkley-OR 2020.

Chris Hayes banner: Breaking News Schumer - Suspend Gorsuch hearing over Russia probe

Former chairman of Colorado Republican party suspected of voter fraud, forgery

Big man. Little kitty.

How can somthing so simple be so confusing (Tump and the Russians)?

Polls Show Voters Who Moved From Obama To Trump Now Swayed Away From Trump By ACA Repeal:

David Brock Offering 5 Million For Trump's Tax Returns:

13 months ago, Snowden tweeted that the 20l6 election would be between Donald Trump

Democrats Live - with Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, and Elizabeth Warren

Chris Hayes, what "people on the left" think the GOP Russian connection is a distraction?

Deflection as usual...

Accelerated executions: Arkansas plans 8 over 10-day period

Chris Matthews great clip on why the Dems must not fold over with Gorsuch

Join our campaign to hold Trump accountable on Russia #TrumpRussia

A Capital Idea

As Ivanka Trumps White House role expands, her company is sued for unfair competition

A Tantalizing email from Russ Feingold

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Wrong With Hillary Emails HOW SICK. Benghazi Another NOTHING.

U.S. reverses course and offers new dates for NATO talks

Is there a group for "dumb ass"? (...please don't nominate Florida)...

Kansas ranchers find out too late that Trump doesn't give a sh*t about them

Tillerson urges Senate ratification of Montenegro's NATO membership

"We're going to need to bring him in." Senate wants Manafort to testify!

Trump administration not considering a carbon tax: White House official

"The Butterfly's Dream". Great Turkish film!

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: Trump should apologize for wiretapping claim

Rusty LintBalls Tea Leaf reading for the day...Better late than never version.

GOP Health Plan Would Affect Older Mississippians, Many Rural Whites

U.S. pulls out of human rights panel on Trump executive orders

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! End of Days! Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

American Revellers chant "Build The Wall" while vacationing in Mexico...

The Guardian: Bank that lent $300m to Trump linked to Russian money laundering scam

Rachel is talking about BOTS drowning pro Hillary stuff

Slate - "Donald Trump is Not Having Fun"

Al Franken slams Gorsuch over a 'absurd' dissent in frozen trucker case (Video)

Sometime in the future, the ex-Presidents will have to appear with the present one...

Elmo gets fired. (Vid)

Groups Seek to Open 9 Charter Schools in Mississippi, Two in Jackson

I really do loathe Moaning Ho, but I just about SHIT all over myself when

Rachel Maddow is covering russian interference in primary, use of

Why has Trump targeted Obama? ...

TPM - "Inside the Alt-Right/All Russia Nexus (Josh Marshall)

Why does cinnamon-swirl bread have an outer plastic bag & an inner cellophane bag?!1 /s/Wondering.

The Trump Honeymoon Is Over: Markets Are Now Scared His Promises Wont Come True

Key witness in fired US Atty Preet Bharara's Russian money laundering case goes out window in Moscow

Sheriff: Woman tried to smuggle meth to inmate in Bible

TRO to Trump & D.C. Court, to block S.E.C. pick

Fight not fading over Confederate emblem on flag

Does putting Ivanka in the WH help make her subpoena proof?

So basically, if you spread pro-Trump memes last year, you were promoting Russian propaganda

Pass Health Bill or Lose Your Job, Trump Tells Holdouts

Not there yet: Education rewrite 'matter of timing'

Text "resist" to 50409 and they will fax your electeds for you

Old Roosters

Ya ever take a shit?

Mississippi's anti-'sanctuary cities' bill passes

Biden returning to Washington in push to save ObamaCare ahead of repeal vote

Supreme Court Nominee taken by surprise by Senator Sasse's wife question (VIDEO)

Damn the clips from all these ReTHUGs on Hillary being investigated are freaking hilarious

The CEO Pay Tax Break in the Republican Health Care Proposal

Russia stands to BENEFIT from climate change. So DT's climate change denial,

What did you think of Gorsuch?

Watching repeated parts of Comey's testimony from yesterday, has just made me angry all over again.

After disagreement, Biloxi votes on a plan to close rail crossings

Shes a lawyer too: Trumps Supreme Court pick snaps at Amy Klobuchar

The destruction that Trump and his cronies are doing to the office of the presidency...

Tillerson. OUR Secretary of State, yet doesn't want to

An illegitimate person is occupying the White House even though the FBI is investigating for

Twitter explodes over meme comparing Donald Trump and viral chicken

Lawmakers pass plan for faith-based advisory council

Fox News Juan Williams lost it with co-hosts: Youre trying to distract from news of the day (VIDEO)

80 times Trump talked about Putin

Key Lawmaker Decides Medical Marijuana Needs Another Year Of Study In Tennessee

"I believed everything he said": Ex-supporter whose son ODd says Trumpcare made him turn on the pre

Where's Trump's big budget for rebuilding the infrastructure? Did I miss it? Isn't that billions?

Remembering A Mathematician Who Invented A Divisive Way To Track Tennessee Teachers

In Coveted Nashville Neighborhoods, A Rush To Protect Senior Citizens From Rising Property Taxes

Patients Wait Overnight In Cookeville When A Medical Clinic Returns To Town

Democrats gather in DC this week to plot the resistance

OMG! Now Entering the Governor's Race ... Mae Beavers?

Never Forget

Fellow WA residents, call/fax Murray and Cantwell. Here's where they stand on Filibuster:

Trump's Nashville Visit Cost $30K in Police Overtime Pay

Tennessee House panel approves Haslam's transportation funding bill

Both reactors shut down at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Nikkei down more than 2% on unconfirmed NKorea missile test reports

President Trump's budget threatens Tennessee's college work

Non-atheists, a couple of questions?

9 Deaths Are Linked to Rare Cancer From Breast Implants.

Luckovich Toon: Neil Gorsuch - Hot Seat

The Birds

Despite ACLU qualms, court holds prayer circle in Memphis

Trump stepping down would not be enough!

Mars Volcano Died at Same Time As Dinosaurs

FBI has assigned 100+ agents to investigate Russian interference & potential TrumpRussia collusion

Trump stepping down would not be enough

Jefferson County Public Schools: $40M 'mistake' found in salary study

Are the GOP members saying they are voting no

Democrats should walk out

They're grasping for straws.

what I wouldn't give to see a full on public melt down right in front of all of us

How will the conservative agenda affect lives of Kentuckians?

A sign of things to come - Paul Manafort just hired a crisis communications firm.

Germany Converts Coal Mine Into Giant Battery Storage for Surplus Solar and Wind Power

North Korea missile launch 'fails'

Can't get it up?

Her Memory Fading, Paula Wolfert Fights Back With Food.

trump shouldn't get to nominate a Supreme Court Justice in his final year in the White House

Trump to attend NATO summit in May...

Will we be able to get dRumph under oath?

Better for TrumpCare to pass the House or not?

Trump, should be placed under house arrest until this gets sorted out more. Pence,

Brian Little: Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality video 15:15

Bid to strip terrorist's citizenship may mark new Trump way

Speaker bans Sen. Dan Seum Sr. son for inappropriate comments

Federal judge defers ruling on Missouri abortion rules

Lawmakers finish work on university governing boards bill

Kentucky lawmakers take break after contentious votes

Killing Black Women: Capital Punishment During Slavery

After Trump bullies lawmakers on Trumpcare, "Mr. Dealmaker" loses three more votes.

Dispatcher fired over Trump wants $250,000 settlement

Bevin signs Planned Parenthood, Blue Lives Matter bills into law

Regarding the Gorsuch nomination...

Illegal presidential voter arrested!'s a frmr Colorado GOP chair

so are we tired of winning a la drumpf yet? just found this gem

Oak Grove library to shut down

Key witness in Preet Bhararas Russian crime probe was just thrown from fourth floor

Benghazi Pay Scandal Just Came Back to Bite Trey Gowdy

German reporter took on Trump. Now shes being hailed at home.

Tillerson: "I didn't want this job."

Rachel Maddow Show 3/21/17 F͙u͙l͙l͙ TRUMP NEWS RUSSIA

Judge suspended again for actions in child custody case

The original Cape Fear

Where is Mitch McConnell? Is the turtle hiding in his shell?

Who will be first?

Cities, sheriffs find flaws in Trump's immigration jail list

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Postponement of Gorsuch Hearing Until After Trump FBI Investigation

All In with Chris Hayes 3/21/17 Trump news

Peanut, a rescue dog, rescues an 3 year old girl

Lasso Wants Ecuador to be Paramilitary State: Colombian Analyst

Federal judge defers ruling on Missouri abortion rules

Ecuador: Tax Haven Expos Hits Lassos Hopes

I really hope that the Dems block Gorsuch in becoming accepted on the Supreme Court.

Surgery update # next

Land Rights Activist Shot Dead in Brazilian Hospital

West Side Story-Tonight (VIDEO)

IJR suspends three over Obama conspiracy post

I have been hearing on the TV machine

The Trump guy, Jason Miller, that CNN hired is a real doofus

This is us...

Call Senators Murray & Cantwell - Fillibuster Gorsuch!

Woman dies after drinking poisonous herbal tea

Trump to travel to Brussels for NATO meeting in May

If I don't learn the diff. betwn apple juice and apple cider NOW, my head will literally explode

When rethigs bitch about Obama

Not one Democratic vote for Drumpt's SCOTUS stolen seat nominee.

Two middle aged folks and a teenager (13) visit Minneapolis/St Paul

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Didnt Sign Trumps Ethics Pledge

Hey Coloradans in Denver and Aspen, tRump family coming to Aspen 03/25 or 03/26



Magnitsky lawyer injured after 'falling' from building near Moscow


You remember Tom Daschle? Can we try a similar play with Ryan?

Dakota Access pipeline: ING sells stake in major victory for divestment push

If Ryan thinks he doesn't have the votes on TrumpDon'tCare, will he still bring it to the floor?

Gurneys & Oxygen Tanks On The Job. Medicaid Clients Must Work For Medicaid.

World Baseball Classic: U.S. beats Japan, will face Puerto Rico in final


I guess tRump thinks he can bully the Teapublicans?


It seems like it's becoming more and more difficult to pull satire off online

How the FBI tailing Trump could dog his presidency

If President Trump announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed near Hawaii..."

For West Coast night owls, the classic White Heat with Jimmy Cagney is starting on TCM

Iowa Bill Would Allow Unlicensed Educators at Residential School to Teach Creationism

'Gong Show' creator Chuck Barris dies at 87

Automakers are slowing their self-driving car plans and that could be a good thing

Brussels attacks: First anniversary of bombings marked

What good is a filibuster that you never use because you're afraid

Nasa 'smallsats' open up new planetary frontier

Active Duty Member Of U.S. Military Pleads Guilty To Stealing Selling Military-Issued Night Vision

Manhattan Energy Investor Sentenced For Evading Over $45 Million Of Income And Sales Taxes

The GOP stole President Obama's right to place his judge on the Supreme Court.

Rachel Maddow SHow, gets it! The Russians will not stop. Not with their great success.

Lithuanian Man Arrested For Theft Of Over $100 Million (from) Multinational Internet Companies

Flight ban on laptops 'sparked by IS threat'

Since His Infamous Obama 'Wiretapp' Tweets Has 45 Tweeted ....

Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire guilty in sex abuse case

Conversations between Barack & Donald

Manafort's plan to 'greatly benefit the Putin Government'

Manafort's plan to 'greatly benefit the Putin Government'

Watchdog finds problems persist with veterans suicide hotline

3 truths:1 Profit-based healthcare is unaffordable, 2 R's are ungovernable, 3 45 can't govern

Where are all the Democratic supporting Billionaires ? Or do they not exist ?

Texas A&M Showcases Dutch Bike Safety Lanes

Texas A&M Showcases Dutch Bike Safety Lanes

"Red" America.

Trump signs NASA funding bill, sets goal of human on Mars

East Texas views mixed on GOP health bill

U.S. judge: ICE said Austin raid was because of sanctuary policy

Downtown Austin hotel moving forward without Trump affiliation

What time is Joe Biden coming to DC for the Obamacare protest?

My Take: Based On Past Performance, I Don't Think McConnell Would Change The Filibuster Rules.

Texas Wesleyan captures 2nd NAIA mens basketball title

Texas Wesleyan captures 2nd NAIA mens basketball title

Senate passes property tax bill state leaders love, some local officials loathe

Wall Street Journal blisters Trump as a fake president for clinging to fake wiretap story

Man arrested in online sting after tacos offered to young girl for sex

Woah Shamrock! Retired race horse bolts and unseats rider

It's too early to say we have the doofus on the run, but he isn't making incendiary tweets.

Scarborough just loves him some Gorsuch. I had to turn it off, it became sickening. Joe says

I think Trump can't retain information and that is why he needs Ivanka around

I told you God's not through with you

Rachel Maddow and this whole Russian "bot" thing...

Jeh Johnson is sickening on Morning Joe.

Not a smoking gun, but close...

First woman manager of Italian under-16 males' soccer team

Indian Dry Season Just Beginning, And 150 Million Already Facing Water Stress

*****AP BIG STORY***** Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Had Plan To Aid Putin Government

Alamo Rangers detain man in Speedo riding wooden pony with rubber chicken (NSFW?)

DW - Massive Peruvian Floods In Line W. Climate Models, But "Coastal El Nino" Something New

Russia, Russia, Russia...

UTSA President Romos hugs were sexual harassment, UT System report states

Perverse USDA Incentives Setting Up Dust Bowl Conditions In Five Southern Plains States

A VERY GOOD DOG interrupted a cross-country skiing race over the weekend 🐶 (video tweet)

Riddle me this...

I got it......Franken/Gillibrand 2020??

Trump picks the wrong slogan: Promises made, promises kept

"What did the president know and when did he know it ? "

San Antonio-set Madalyn Murray O'Hair movie humorous, horrifying

Putins Champion Award 6th Putins Champion Award Recipient Is

Gregory-Portland school board clears way for $10 billion petrochemical plant

complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. Gowdy

San Francisco teachers union official on leave after sting video released

Luckovich: "Pretend I Don't Know Him..."

Daily News: "Dr. Evil"

You can't make this ---- up- Russian mafia boss still at large after FBI wiretap at Trump Tower

Should the Dems Filibuster Gorsuch?

Man faces hate-crime charge in Dallas County over tweet that gave Kurt Eichenwald a seizure

Leader of Russian $$$-laundering ring operated out of Trump Tower was with Trump in Moscow at Miss U

Paul Manafort worked for Russian billionaire in 2005 to greatly benefit the Putin Government'

What percentage of Deplorables do you believe approve of Russia helping Trump defeat Clinton?

Butt injection victim left in makeshift salon like 'piece of garbage,' prosecutor says

What and who are neo liberals? Lots of criticism of them with nothing backing it up.

Are the republicans playing a game of political chicken?

Trump team wanted tanks at inaugural parade

Re: Manafort, Spicer tells me: "It would be inappropriate for us to comment on a person who is not a

Russia Continues Info-War Tactics In US Rachel Maddow

More than 30 dead after US-led coalition air strike hits school sheltering families near Raqqa

DU English majors

Regarding Meals on Wheels

Mt Vernon Trolls Trump

Dump The Myth That Obamacare Froze Out Republicans

Trollskis and Botskis

Through Mid-March, Fires Have Already Burned 2 Million Acres In US - 1000% Of Historic Averages

Stone and Manafort. Manafort and Stone.

The Bigotry And Idiocy Of Donald Trumps Favorite News Show

Board recommended discipline for Officer Daniel Pantaleo years before fatal Eric Garner chokehold:

The top tiers of government are fighting to convince ONE man an imaginary scandal isn't real

Well Gee Willikers - Concern Re. Climate & Presidents Shitstain's "Response" Spikes w. Independents

The Texas Hammer: Gerrymandering -- Fragmenting progressive counties

Rex Tillerson 'didn't want' State Department job and planned to retire from ExxonMobil in March

Whole Woman's Abortion Clinic To Reopen in Austin

As liberals, we do not owe it to Trump voters to conform to their projection of what real America is

Former Lobbyist With For-Profit Colleges Quits Department Of Education

SCOTUS Integrity Damaged By GOP Stolen Seat Rachel Maddow

What WE need is a new paradigm in thinking

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Under Investigation

Sears has 'substantial doubt' that it can survive

Then this pro-Putin operative was in charge of the campaign of the Republican nominee for President

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - GOP'ers

How a Trump Turnabout on Gay Rights Hurts Republicans

Early submissions for DU talent show have arrived.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Hack Coal Lobbyist David Schnare Abruptly Resigns From EPA; Scientists Using Encryption To Talk

Pelosi wrote this 'battle plan' to Democratic colleagues last night:

TPM - "Where Things Stand Ahead Of Thursday's Nail-Biter Obamacare Repeal Vote"

"So far I think I'm batting about 100%," Trump says

Anger Spice: "Paul Manawho? Never heard of the guy. No has ever proved the 'Russia' even exists"

BREAKING: Manafort had secret plan to greatly benefit Putin government

Here's what we're up against re media and Gorsuch.

A Republican Health Care Bill in Search of a Problem - By the NYT Editorial Board

Former head of CO GOP, who said almost all voter fraud is committed by Dems-charged with voter fraud

Matt Taibbi: Trump the Destroyer

Slate - "The Origins of Paranoid Nativism" - very interesting read.

Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe

Question 1: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Reality is creeping into the Trump show - By David Ignatius

Warren to Speak at Emilys List Gala as She Considers Campaigns

WSJ editorial: If Trump "doesnt show more respect for the truth most Americans may conclude hes a

county suspends worker who said prosecutor should be lynched for refusing to seek death penalty

Conservative women's group knocked for giving 'Working for Women' award to Pence

Is Trump Dumb or a Liar?

White House Fabricates Trump's Schedule To Hide That He Played Golf

French Catholic bishops accused of covering-up sex abuses

Trump voters repeated one of the most ancient, dangerous mistakes in mankinds history.

What Do Trump's Unforced Errors Tell Us About His Priorities?

Trump and House GOP's Really Not Good Health Care Meeting - Margaret Carlson

Religious countries likely to perform worse in science and maths, study finds

Fox-quotes source close to Manafort, says promise to "greatly benefit Putin" just "flowery language"

No Sympathy For The Hillbilly

Borowitz: "Able Bodied Senior ... Receives Free Govt. Meals"

Trump: 'I'll Criticize Judges' Even Though I've Been Told Not To

Ivanka Trump's family skiing 'funded by the taxpayer'

SAD but not surprised, Build the wall???

If Gorsuch had one shred of decency,

When you have catlike reflexes.

Kill those bears and wolves - Palin dream comes true again

Question: Would Trump Have Been Rejected for a Security Clearance?

So has anyone done a concise analysis of who brought whom onto the Trump campaign?

Mitch McConnell: Republicans MUST keep the promise they made 10 years ago to replace Obamacare

GOP Takes Up Russia-Aligned Attack On Soros

Top House GOPer: Repeal Bill 'Has Not Been Sold Properly' To Voters

women wore Handmaid's Tale robes in the Texas Senate

Rand Paul framing of Trumpcare on MSNBC this morning

Why Gorsuchs Alleged Sexist Classroom Comments Are So Troubling and Revealing

WSJ editorial: Most Americans may conclude Trump 'fake president'

Mayor refuses to remove cross from city hall despite objection from atheist group

Where Things Stand Ahead Of Thursday's Nail-Biter Obamacare Repeal Vote

Alabama legislature may give fundamentalist church its own police force: What could go wrong?

Gorsuch Has All the Qualities Needed to Become

How Zapatistas Will Help Trump Victims with Fuck You Coffee

Paul Ryan tweets a 2010 video. Watch President Obama's facial expression and body language.

The emotional arc of Trump supporters summed up in one gif.

Wall Street Journal blisters Trump as a 'fake president' for clinging to fake wiretap story

What Trump/Pence campaign website posted on October 9, 2016

University Of Houston Announces Arnold Schwarzenegger As Their 2017 Commencement Speaker

Is it possible to "unmask" a person who doesn't have a mask?

Heads Up DU, One Of H20 Man's..

In Maine, Portland Tries a New Tactic With Panhandlers: Hiring Them

BLS reports from Friday: Civilian compensation costs average $34.90: Jan. jobless rates down

No puppet

Houston Pension Reform Plan Advances In Texas Senate

Pelosi: "TrumpCare is a merciless assault on working families across America."


We just lost America's greatest spy, Chuck Barris

It's interesting in reading about "pension plan" changes proposed by various

Someone should give Cheetolini a gold star, he just learned something new

45's theme song?

Interesting - Dem Coalition now reporting Gowdy to FBI - found more evidence

Cheeto's theme song

No judicial appointments while under criminal investigation.

Scary - speaks to the time more than ever

San Patricio County Attorney looking into possible Violations of the Open Meetings Act

Sarah Palin gets roasted online for complaining about Colin Kaepernick's donation to Meals on Wheels

What does this mean? "LoadLibrary failed"

Guitar singing Trump supporter who attended 45 Trump rallies opposes president now

'I Thought He Was Gonna Cut Somebody Else's Program, Not My Program': Cenk Uygur Checks Up...

U.S. existing home sales fall from 10-year high

HA HA HA: Trump's "Come to Jesus" meeting lost 10 votes!

Exclusive: North Korea has no fear of U.S. sanctions move, will pursue nuclear arms - envoy

Arkansas's Reckless Plan to Execute 8 Men in 10 Days Could End in State-Sanctioned Torture...

Trump, Koch brothers at odds over 'Trumpcare' vote

Manchin Doubles Down on Need to Fix ACA, Not Nix it at Morgantown Town Hall

Dem Health Care Rally with Joe Biden on now LOTS of Dems at Rally--msnbc-or Watch LIVE...

Job-spurring grants in Appalachia are targeted in Trump's budget. Here's whats on the line

'Morning Joe' Openly Calls on Republicans to Dump Trump

Opinion: The nationalist wave in the U.S. and Europe that liberals still dont get

Rex Tillerson Just Dropped A Bombshell With His Reason For Becoming Sec. of State

Universities in W.Va. Ask State Lawmakers Not to Cut Higher Ed

Do Pell Grants Discourage Marriage? Republican congressman says, 'yes'

Slate - "Neil Gorsuch Was Hatched in a Federalist Society Lab"

House Moves to End the Racetrack Modernization Fund

Today's daily trainwreck: GORSUCH/CRUZ spooning. TILLERSON "didn't want this job". Jared.

Gov. Justice Lends Support to Controversial Fracking Practices at Energy Rally

Police: No One Reported Chicago Teen's Sexual Assault Which Streamed on Facebook Live

GOP Takes Up Russia-Aligned Attack On Soros

Paul Manafort Once Worked to Benefit the Putin Government: Report

Has anybody read Hillbilly Elegy?

Justice Asks Panel to Limit Legislators' Special Session pay

Eyeing Trumps Budget Plan, Republican Governors Say No, Thanks


Arnold Schwarzenegger mocks Trumps falling poll numbers & budget cuts (VIDEO)

DOT Secretary Backs Billion Dollar Bond Initiative

. . . and starring Rodney Dangerfield, as The Donald.

State Lawmakers Weigh Change in Abortion Notices

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 23, 2017 -- TCM Spotlight - March Malice

Trump Sics Lawyers on Teen for Making Silly Site Where Kittens Punch Him

Sean Hannity's "Let There Be Light" - Atheist Review

West Virginia House bill to establish anti-poverty project advances

Parliament shooting: Police officer 'stabbed'

Gorsuch won't even say he supports the holding in Griswold

West Virginia Senate committee votes down dark money disclosure amendment

Drug firm seeks to dismiss McDowell pain pill suit

House Democrats' new Obamacare strategy: Get out of the way

***BREAKING NEWS*** Shots fired outside UK Parliament

Poll: Approval wanes for GOP health bill

Serious incident outside of the British Parliament - gunshots

Trump's claim of fleeing doctors rings false

How to Read What Comey Said

Legislation would outlaw abortion in Oklahoma due to genetic abnormalities

Crushing power tools with hydraulic press

Hill Republicans say they're growing frustrated with Mattis

Photo:Paul Manafort in Ukraine for President Yanukovych inauguration 2010

Wayne County files lawsuit against drug distributors

NY TIMES OP-ED- Calling On a Few Good Men

From last August---Newty praises the great work of Manafort:

Proposed West Virginia tax changes worry businesses

"What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" is on TCM, 1:45 pm ET (3/22)

**BreakingNews- Reports of gunfire outside Uk Parliament**

House Obamacare repeal DOA in the Senate

Chris Matthews: Reject Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Old codgers scare Rep Labrador staff

Al Franken nails it what absurdity is all about.......................

Putin continues his murderous ways.

The Gorsuch problem.


Is this a real "conspiracy" or just a conspiracy theory?

Democratic Members of House and Senate on C-Span

Here is Russ Feingold's big announcement

House Ethics Complaint filed on Rep Trey Gowdy for taking Anti-Hillary PAC donations while investiga

This West Virginia school district has weekly Bible classes. A kindergartner is suing.

Never fear: Donald Trump is on the job...

Pence: We're 'very confident we will have the votes' on health care

Shots fired by Parliament: idea of Trump in office fills me with fear.UK Parliament/Big Ben Lockdown

Trump lost 10 GOP health care votes after personally visiting Congress for "hard sell": NBC News

"Now, you might very well think that..."

Ain't that the truth!

KO: The Only True Surprise? Trump's an Idiot How much grimmer would things be if these people were c

shots fired in london -- donnie announces all military options are on the table, including nuclear.

Our Friends In The United Kingdom Are Dealing w/ An International Incident....

Voter Fraud Found!

Congressional Black Caucus leaders will meet today with Donald Trump despite pressure not to

KO:The Only True Surprise? Trump's an Idiot How much grimmer would things be if these people were co

Classic rock fan? Get netflix and watch Danny Says

Louisiana's birth certificate requirement for marriage challenged in court

I imagine Gorsuch will end up on the SCOTUS

Rex Tillerson On Being Secretary Of State: 'I Didn't Want This Job'

While Gorusch was testifying, the Supreme Court unanimously said he was wrong

Does anyone not see the connection??????????????

While Gorusch was testifying, the Supreme Court unanimously said he was wrong

Top Senate Intel Dem Says Committee Must Talk To Manafort For Russia Probe

While Gorusch was testifying, the Supreme Court unanimously said he was wrong

Pic Of The Moment: The Master Dealmaker In Action

Save Disability-related provisions of ACA!

Elizabeth Warren rips Labor nominee for refusing to say companies shouldn't be allowed to poison...

No Normalizing Neil!!!!

Chris Matthews urges a NO VOTE for Neil Gorsuch & gives the perfect reason (VIDEO)

Gorsuch Declines To Discuss Emoluments Clause

"Something happened in London."

The Right's Bastardization Of The Constitution

Trump Comments On London Attack: 'Some Big News' Just Happened

"Terrible Terrorist Incident in London" used as excuse to postpone AHCA vote in 3...2...1...

Russ Feingold announces LegitAction - a project to restore our democracy

Now he has lost the conservative Wall Street Journal

'Turkish Trump,' a Hotel Plan and a Tangle of Foreign Ties

George Takei Takes Aim At Donald Trump Over FBI Russia Probe

I know, right? - George Takei

A new political ideology on the right is rising, but it's not neo-conservatism, but commentservatism

Pence Expresses Confidence They Have The Votes In House For RepubliCare.....

House Intell Com Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes scheduled a press availability today at 1 p.m ET

It would take only a few real democratic senators to upend trump puppet Gorsuch and his

"Anti-Establishment" is Just Code for Irresponsible for Governing

North Korea Missile Launch Fails, U.S. and South Korea Say

Your secretary of state, ladies and gentlemen:

Trump, The Used Car Salesman or Why I Truly Lost Faith in My Fellow Americans

Tennessee manhunt: Suspect researched teen marriage, officials say

Calling anyone who has a personal web site.

Meals on Wheels could have used this money, but nooo!

*Trump is on the witness list in a lawsuit stemming from billionaire ephebophiliac, Jeffrey Epstein*

It's about Hell. Why the religious right likes Trump.

Samsung did an unwanted software update in the middle of the night.

Secret Service asked for $60 million extra for Trump-era travel and protection, documents show

GOP Obamacare repeal bill betrays key Trump campaign promise

Does anyone know if the AHCA requires insurance companies...

Neil Gorsuch Is Not Another Scalia. He's the Next John Roberts. Gorsuch puts a handsome face on an

Neil Gorsuch Is Not Another Scalia. He's the Next John Roberts.Gorsuch puts a handsome face on an ug

Thoughts and/or prayers for our British friends.

Conservative Christian pastor: 'Anointed cake' turned gay man straight

When I knew the GOP was worse than I thought....

Poll: By 2 to 1 margin, registered voters reject Comey

Deplorable accused of murder says he came to NYC to kill blacks

NEW: House Oversight Committee is requesting all documents on Michael Flynn's foreign contacts and

Devin Nunes is not just a partisan hack. He appears to be compromised - or worse.

Gorsuch WILL Be Confirmed But Al Franken

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-17: The Worst Day Since Yesterday Edition

Stop Gorsuch: DFA Live conf call w Sen. Merkley & NARAL Pres Ilyse Hogue today 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

Just to be clear...( pic)

Nunes just revealed IC collected info about Trump & Americans associated w/ the Trump transition

Add many architects to the various groups...who are distressed by Trumps 2018 budget proposal

BREAKING: House Freedom Caucus chairman, speaking after White House meeting, says...

A thread for sharing info on contacting our CA Senators

Secret Service likely to cut cybercrime investigations to pay for Trumps weekly Mar-a-Lago trips

I'm seeing a bunch of articles about "Hillbillies" & other rural whites...

Colorado Ex-GOP Official Charged With Voter Fraud Once Blamed It All On Dems

Terrorist attack London

NEA & NEH budgets equal...

live updates on london attack from the guardian, bbc, etc:

MP Tobias Ellwood giving CPR to the police officer stabbed in UK attack

While Gorsuch was testifying, the Supreme Court unanimously said he was wrong

House Oversight Committee Requests Flynn Docs From WH, FBI, DoD, DNI

U.S. House Freedom Caucus chair: Healthcare bill lacks votes to pass

Nunes: Trump transition members were under surveillance during Obama administration

Trump mum on healthcare plan's future if it fails to pass House

Nunes: Trump transition members were under surveillance during Obama administration

Trumps Team Said It Didnt Ask For Military Vehicles At Inauguration. Emails Show It Did.

A Call To Action: Sobering Report on Women

A Call To Action: Sobering Report on Women

Great report on Nunes from MJ

Genetic Determinism for Fun and Profit (and Mass Oppression)

A Call To Action: Sobering Report on Women

Democrats accuse Gorsuch of hiding his legal views

This Adorable Pup Named Biden Just Got To Meet Former VP Joe Biden

Mattis urges Congress vote to fight ISIS

"trump is the stopped clock of assholes"--john oliver

Huh?? Republicans all in on bill to force Anti-Trust laws again on Insurance companies?!?!?

Flynn didn't sign Trump ethics pledge

Gorsuch: 'I'm sorry' for ruling against autistic student

Sean Streicher, ne Spicer asked why nobody is asking why Trump associates are being surveilled?

Spicer is trying to claim Nunes proves Trump wiretapping claim. Press not buying it and Spicer is

Quinnipiac Nat'l Poll Finds; Voters Say 60 - 35 Percent President Is Not Honest. The 35% are drunk.

Sputnik News has picked up on Devin Nunes' claims. And they're spinning them wildly out of context

Senate panel passes bill to license advanced nuclear plants


This is everything thats wrong with humanity

Advice? I sold my mutual fund. What to do with the $ now?

My husband quit smoking! Now we have an extra $200 a month to donate to Democratic causes.

Rachel Maddow Talks Releasing Pres. Trump's 2005 Tax Returns on The View

Putins Chekist Cover Has Been Blown Kremlins brazen interference in our politics has been exposed

Spicer says John Podesta's ties to Russia were more extensive than Manaforts...

Trump Just Hired His Next Scandal

My thoughts are with the victims of the Westminster attack

President Obama on Citizens United..

spicer is saying if the healthcare vote doesn't get done tomorrow, there is no plan B

Railroads take steps to stop criminals from stealing guns, copper

4 dead, at least 20 injured in London attack; suspect believed to be among dead

Putins Chekist Cover Has Been Blown

****WOW**** Manafort still in communication with Trump

Maddow: Chairman Nunes did not discuss this with Schiff before addressing reporters about it today.

Ruh Roh, Nunes did not discuss findings with Schiff prior to announcing to reporters

Question: What if FBI says there is not enough evidence to establish collusion or Russian

For the D&D Players out there - Republican D&D

President Trump appears unable to make a substantive case for the AHCA

This is what we know...

Evidentally Trump w/ tweets March 4 and now Nunes obstructed justice

checking out shifty-eyed Spicer during the presser..

TODAY at 2pm FB LIVE, join @SenSanders, @SenWarren, at the rally to oppose #CorporateClayton

The problem with people in power is that

CNN: Is Trump afraid of stairs?

Just traded stink-eyes with a Deplorable over our mutually exclusive bumperstickers

Why is a pro-Gorsuch ad on the Home page of DU?

TODAY at 2pm, join @SenSanders, @SenWarren, our prez Rob Weissman & others at the rally to oppose #C

nunes is headed for the white house to tell trump what an anonymous source told him

Dozens of civilians killed in US-led airstrike on Isis stronghold in Syria

Reporter just said to Spicer that it was a FISA order and " incidental" collection..

David Brock suffered heart attack on Tuesday

Facebook Live Link: National Day of Action Against Jay Clayton, Trumps Nominee for SEC Chair

Germany prepares to clear gay men convicted under Nazi-era law

Chicago girl allegedly sexually assaulted on Facebook Live as 40 watched

Spicer now admitting Trump is going after Texas ranchers for land with "lawyers" & "eminent domain"

Should Agencies Decide Law? Doctrine May Be Tested at Gorsuch Hearing


Did Nunes just sacrifice himself for Trump? Isn't this illegal?

Catholic Priest Found Guilty Of Stealing From Parishioners In San Jose

Why I Marched. (Good news about Religion for March 22)

Nunes is delivering a Congressional subpoena to Trump, to testify under oath.

Germany to overturn convictions of gay men prosecuted after war

Al Franken's grilling of Gorsuch exposes the heartless cruelty behind conservative legal philosophy

Changing the subject again? Nunes Version.

Lurking Republicans: Nunes is saying Trump officials were either talking to agents of foreign power

I received a call from a debt collection agency about a neighbor

Mary Elizabeth Taylor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (AA lady sitting behind Gorsuch)

Fillon 'got $50k to fix meeting between Putin and Lebanese billionaire'

WTF? David Corn: Nunes told Ryan, went public, went to WH. Clear signs using political ammo

Regretful Deplorable Trump Voters Are (Mostly) a Myth

I am watching Shep. Can MSNBC please trade Gretta for him?

US diplomacy in crisis amid cuts and confusion at state department

WH Cautious On Claim That Trump Team Info Was 'Incidentally Collected'

nunes is before the cameras at the white house...he briefed trump!!! where's the fucking committee?

Muslims inside FBI describe culture of suspicion and fear: 'It is cancer'

So let me see if I get this

Nunes: surveillance was "political" and "inappropriate." At White House. SHAMING FBI.

Introducing the new self driving bicycle in the Netherlands.

It's not Nunes' job to "brief the president."

"I'm sorry...I can't tell you anything that will not support the narrative that I am selling"

LIVE STREAM: Devin Nunes CONFIRMS Surveillance Of Trump Transition

I'm a married Catholic priest who thinks priests shouldn't get married

Did Nunes run the "reports" by the FBI/NSA/ETC?

Nunes was on the Trump transition team. He needs to recuse

I have appealed 2 hides.

Nunes probably got info from Alex Jones who got it from Judge Napolitano who got it from

March Contest update

Do you think Devi(l) Nunes is in cahoots with Donald Trump to stymie the Russia investigation?

Watching Nunes drop Trump in it, exposing intel about an ongoing investigation

Nunes: "Multiple FISA warrants..."

I can't make head nor tail out of what Nunes has done exactly.

As Trump Guts Science, Who Benefits?

It's not possible that there was legal surveilance AND it wasn't part of an investigation.

Is this Nunes guy suppose to be helping the chumps??

A-HA! So Devin Nunes was the leaker!

Nunes just made it official. A special prosecutor is needed.

Pharmacist guilty of fraud, not murder, in U.S. meningitis outbreak

Pharmacist guilty of fraud, not murder, in U.S. meningitis outbreak

Fox News just called Nunes stunt a "dog and pony show." John Roberts and Shep Smith are discussing

Teacher Cant Stop Smiling After Being Accused Of Having Sexual Relations With Teen

In light of Devil Nunes' inappropriate behavior should he recuse himself from the investigation?

FMCSA Declares Georgia Truck Driver to be an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety

Nunes just said there are "multiple FISA warrants out there" involving Trump.

Hello, Agent Mike... Nunes just leaked classified information

Nunes threw a flaming bag of

Devil Nunes' lil stunt isn't even going to win a news cycle.

House Oversight Committee is requesting all docs on Michael Flynn's foreign contacts and payments.

This is my 15,000th post and why I am a liberal

About 17,000 AT&T workers in California and Nevada go on strike

Well, without knowing what Nunes was shown

Shameful and goes to your point Evan about need for independ commission. Nunes behavior shameful

White man who wanted to 'harm' blacks arrested after NYC stabbing

White man who wanted to 'harm' blacks arrested after NYC stabbing


Republicans lied about healthcare for years, and they're about to get the punishment they deserve

U.S. steel mills question Trumps Buy America talk as Russian competition revives N.J. community

Media Matters founder David Brock suffers heart attack

It's time for Boente (acting AG in charge of #Russiagate)

They never spend the night together ever

U.S. justices reject Gorsuch in win for disabled student

Question to DUers??

Prayer thread and healing wishes for the people of London

Hannity just said on his radio show--Trump has been vindicated and

CNN Header on what nunes told trump:.....'trump feels somewhat vindicated'

U.S. farm heartland lobbies to steer Trump away from Mexico trade war

U.S. farm heartland lobbies to steer Trump away from Mexico trade war

U.S. farm heartland lobbies to steer Trump away from Mexico trade war

Trump says he feels "somewhat" vindicated by House Intel cheif Nunes' White House visit

Report says 1,100 complaints of child abuse made against Australias Anglican church

Just a thought---if the repubs would just make Medicare for all

Malcolm Nance, Nunes, and what is really going on w "incidental collection"

One in three U.S. Muslims fear for safety in Trump presidency: poll

Social worker accused of hiding religious sect abuse resigns

Sean Spicer: On Health Care, There's No 'Plan B'

Video: Ex-House Intel counsel: Nunes briefing Trump is a breakdown in the entire oversight process,

Letter - Pity the unbelievers

What am I missing re Nunes revelations ?

Trump: I Feel 'Somewhat' Vindicated By Nunes' Surveillance Claim

When Anne Coulter thinks you're too conservative Donald, watch out...!

Republicans getting indicted for major crimes

Who's been leaking to Rep. Nunes? Inquiring minds want to know.

Keep in mind that back on March 9 MSNBC was reporting that trump wasn't wiretapped, but

Pooling healthcare revenue...

Virginia GOP Wants AG Herring To Apologize For Visiting A Mosque

Idaho Senate kills bill to repeal exemption on faith-healing parents who decline treatment of their

Trump PAC fundraising off Nunes comments -

Number of times Barack Obama took a victory lap in his two terms for "WORKING HARD."

Have Any Democrats Got Their Faces On TV About Nunes Yet?

Dog is love

Oh my - "Nunes" trending:

Is this whole Surveillance-Trump-Nunes a Distraction from a Failed House ACA Vote tomorrow?

After fight, Goshen man receives atheist license plate

Not understanding this Nunes revelation thingy?

Ugh - Rastetter as new ISU prez?

Standing alone: atheism club provides for students questioning their faith

Nunes' number: call it! Demand his recusal or resignation.

Bannons origin story doesnt add up

DeviL Nunes is on CNN now.

Nunes Mentioning FISA Targets Is Strictly Illegal. That Is Classified Information.

nunes is on cnn right now.....3:07 cst

Is this what schadenfreude looks like? (Warning: Graphic nature scene)

so repugs are cheering that donnie was caught conspiring with, uh, bad hombres?

Bill would allow guns in private religious schools

Republican House Intel Chair Devin Nunes Just May Have Gotten Trump Impeached

Conservative groups sue Berks school district over transgender student

Fla. Senate to vote on religious liberties bill for public schools

OK so let me get this FISA Stuff Straight

the break point is coming and it's soon.

Conflating and reporting the conflating as REAL news; STRAIT OUT OF VLAD POOTS BOOK !!!

Kentuckys religious freedom law gives students the green light to discriminate against LGBTQ peers


(indiana) Lawmakers Remove Call for Prayer at School Events From Bill

The Osage nation votes "yes" on gay marraige

DU link: Conservative women's group knocked for giving 'Working for Women' award to Pence

If the omelet is a Independent Prosecutor, and the eggs are....

So Comey shifted to NUnes who came out today like he is so

@jaketapper: "There's still no evidence that Trump himself was wiretapped?"

Just called David Young's office on that screw our health bill

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 22, 2017

As Rivals Stand Silent, One Health Insurer Protests G.O.P. Plan.

Ex-CIA Chief of Staff: Other House Intel Committee Members Likely Horrified Over Nunes Actions

Schiff Statement on Nunes...

Protesters in DC confront Honduran president over Berta Cceres murder

DNC says Nunes is "running a Trump protection racket," calls for 9/11 style commission into Trump-Ru

Ex-Intel Committee counsel: Nunes briefing Trump on investigation is a breakdown in oversight...

Andrew Schneider: LGBTQ in WV, be concerned about Gorsuch (WV Gazette-Mail)

Devil Nunes is a lawless piece of ----

Andrew Schneider: LGBTQ in WV, be concerned about Gorsuch (WV Gazette-Mail)

Team Trump already fundraising off Devin Nunes's statement.

Four dead in London vehicle and knife attack; 20 hurt.

Nunes Was On Trump Campaign's Transition AND Helped Build National Security Team

Gorsuch is being cagey about his views on Trump and ethics. That could pose huge problems.

Nunes doesn't even have any reports!

A vast new tomb for the most dangerous waste in the world.

Nunes Nonsense

Trump set his lawyers on a teenage girl who made a fun internet game about him and kittens

David Corn straight out called Hugh Hewitt a liar

Segregation Had to Be Invented

Schiff coming up with Blitzer on CNN

Nunes, briefs Ryan, then runs to the WH to brief Trump. Then speaks to reporters without briefing th

Sanders: Reject SEC Nominee

Rekindling a Prophetic Moral Vision for Justice, Social Change and Movement Building

Labor nominee Acosta: Trump is the boss

Rep. Adam Schiff Comng Up On CNN

Adam Schiff is going to make statement on Nunes garbage presser CNN

Schiff on CNN now n/t

The NYT has a detailed whip count on the healthcare bill -- If you have a Rep repersentative, CALL

Nunes "couldn't have injected more suspicion into his remarks-He wanted to be on tv"-Brian Williams

Trump: Working Class Zero, Maureen Dowd, NYT, 3/13

so, i'm watching this and thinking

Republicans lied about healthcare for years, and they're about to get the punishment they deserve

Pierce: There's One Reason Devin Nunes Stepped in Front of the Microphones Today

Trump's Vegas Partner Says Business Is Not Dividing Profits From Foreign Governments As Promised

They're already fundraising off their stunt.

We've been looking for a hero and a leader. One has emerged. Adam Schiff.

So Nunes blathers away basically on the White House lawn. Comey testifies before a congressional

The idea that Nunes ran over to the WH to brief them on what is essentially nothing seems unlikely

No Independent Commission to investigate Trump Team ties to Russia? No Gorsuch confirmation vote

Never mind the giraffe, when will DU hit 75,000,000 posts?

Supreme Court sets higher bar for education of students with disabilities

Republican congressman moves from no to hell no on GOP health care bill

At what point can we use the word traitors?

so lemme get this straight, about how republicans feel about investigations:

Some 'question your impartiality': Jake Tapper grills Devin Nunes in contentious CNN interview

Well, that was quick: Trump team already fund-raising off of what Nunes just said

Schiff implores Nunes to decide if hes head of the Intel Committee or a 'surrogate for ...

Asking for help

Maybe Rudi's FBI gave that stuff to Nunes..

'A dog and pony show': Fox News' John Roberts says Nunes revelations don't clarify anything

FEC commissioner to Trump: Prove voter fraud

Jesus christ so NUNES doesn't have reports in hand. This is a clear political cover and obstruction.

House Intel Chief Tipps Off Trump...Huff Post..

Bernie Sanders thinks this $89,000-a-year drug should be $1,000 a year

This is what I don't get about Nunes and Ryan...

If there is any shame left to the Republicans,

Remember when this country used to give a shit about e-mails?

No statement from tRump on the attack in London.

Hackers: We Will Remotely Wipe iPhones Unless Apple Pays Ransom

BREAKING: Last-minute change to #TrumpCare strips tax credits from up to 7 million veterans. Pull th

Celebrating Shatner's 86th Birthday with Kirk's Best Moments

What makes them "driving shoes"?

Why Isn't Trump Screaming About This Leak To Nunes?.....

Media Matters founder David Brock suffers heart attack

The Republicans more closely resemble

Whoa! Even Trump sycophant Joe Scar has had enough:

"It's her fault she was raped because she didn't fight off her attacker."

GOP Senate played dangerous game w/ Garland/Gorsuch

The republicans are behaving really childish

Workers at embattled Jefferson County coal plant look to Donald Trump to help their cause

Joe Biden flabbergasted by Trump White Houses pro-Russia policies: What in the hell are we doing?

I think the WSJ editorial today pushed Trump over the edge. You know

Call your congress person RFN and tell them to ask Nunes to step down.

Smeee pizza?

Lorain police officer choked, tackled wife after son's birthday party, report says

"There is more than circumstantial evidence (to collusion) regarding trump"....Adam Schiff on MTP

Chelsea Clinton gets award, everyone completely goes apeshit

Here's what today's political stunt was all about.....imho

Adam Schiff goes there--direct evidence:

Just turned on Faux News, Donald trump's Team was under Surveillance???

Report: Donald and Melania Trump Dont Sleep in the Same Bed

KO @DevinNunes already made his choice. Now he needs to resign, and turn himself in for FBI question

Thoughts with people of London.

14 Ohio counties to receive $3.6M for foster care programs strained by opioid epidemic

LOL Glenn is mad...

Humpday Clusterf**k Roundup: March 22 "AHCA" Edition

Poll: Trumps Base Support Is Eroding

New Ohio gun law expands where people can carry concealed weapons

REP. SCHIFF: "There's more than circumstantial evidence of Trump/Russia collusion."

Ohio medical marijuana entrepreneurs want residency requirement for business licenses

National Security Expert Predicts A Whole Bunch of Republicans Will Be Indicted for Major Crimes

And the FIXED they fucking Elections...DOWN BALLOT

Colombia state bodyguards suspects in 1990 presidential candidate assassination plot

Sooo Greta and McCain are saying that Schiff is being coy and playing with us

Spicer dodges question about whether foreign spies are working for Trump administration

Honduran Police Evicts Demonstrators Against Dam

Trump (and who ever else in the WH) should have know better and told Numes NOT to tell them

Wes Retherford's drunken driving case heads to grand jury as GOP debates his fate

I have a question regarding presidential pardons.

Guatemala arrests 4 current, ex-lawmakers in corruption case

Two dead, 70 to Cincinnati ERs as overdoses surge over weekend

McCain: Kim Un "Crazy fat kid"

GOP rep changes healthcare vote from 'no' to 'hell no'

The Secret Service has requested an extra $60 million for Trump family travel and protection

US border agent sexually assaulted teen sisters in Texas, ACLU says

Brown backs legislation to provide electronic screening for fentanyl

Devin Numbnuts just gave the absolute reason why the nation must have an independent prosecutor

US border agent sexually assaulted teen sisters in Texas, ACLU says

Did Nunes make the decision on his own?

GOP scrambles for health care votes as Jordan rips Kasich for Medicaid expansion

Progressive group drops Columbus council candidate with theft conviction

Ohio Senate directs more funds to local road projects

As Ohio payday lending law fails, some lawmakers ready for new regulations

Racist Maryland man who fatally stabbed black New Yorker admits his intent to kill African-American

Liquor inventory computer a bust; JobsOhio, state promise to address problems

Do you think

Is there anything to be done about Nunes going rogue like that?

Joan Walsh/The Nation: Yes, Dems Should Block Gorsuch While the FBIs Trump Probe Goes on

UPDATE Westminster attack: Number of dead rises to five with 40 injured, Islamic terrorism assumed

A standard vote on the House floor is 15 minutes...

Why Are Trump Supporters Campaigning Already ? - The Daily Show

Nunes question

Colo. GOP chair who constantly accused Dems of voter fraud is charged with voter fraud

Toll rises. 3 innocents killed in London, 1 terrorist killed, 40 people injured. CNN NT

Something changed between Shiff's first interview on CNN and his interview on

Ohio bill removing spousal rape protection gets 1st hearing

Shout out to President Jimmy Carter

Schiff: there is evidence that is "not circumstantial" of campaign/Russia coordination

Nunes served on Trump transition team

Substantial fentanyl operation busted by Montgomery County Sheriff's task force

BREAKING: 30 Republicans are solid NOs on AHCA

Tweety coming up in twelve minutes. I bet he rips Devil Nunes a new, errrr, face

Ryan sics Capitol Police on disabled protesters fighting Trumpcare

Univ. of Akron director behind bars after he showed up intoxicated at a probation meeting

Al Franken Says the GOP Is Gaslighting Democrats on Garland and Gorsuch

th3j35t3r was right:

Did Trump hear intel on Russia that reminded him of a phone call he was on with russians and then

EXTRAORDINARY: Nunes just annulled the House Intelligence committee's charge of a legitimate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 March 2017

Should we assume that Trump knows everything that the intelligence committees know?

Nunes thing mystifies.

Trump's Vegas Partner Says Business Is Not Dividing Profits From Foreign Governments As Promised

Halfway house officials paid for alcohol, strip club

Meanwhile.... Judge orders Exxon to hand over documents related to climate change

Republican Rep Dave Jolly rips Nunes

This all comes down to one thing.

Since Nunes took himself to Ryan before he went to Trump,

"This isn't an investigation; it's a protection racket." DNC on Devin Nunes' claims

Trump fundraising off of Nunes statement

JUST IN: Sen. McCain : Needs to be a select committee for Russia investigation after today's events

White supremacist drove from Maryland to NY to murder a random black man in Midtown last night

**BREAKING** Needs to be a select investigative committee after Devil Nunes' actions - John McCain

"'You have to be kidding me?!': Donald Trump Jr reacts to London terror attacks

What would motivate someone to do an act of terror today? I'm posting this without comment

Goose just loves his human mother:

Schiff: More Than Circumstantial Evidence Trump Associates Colluded With Russia

So the MSM said "Trump Transitional Team was under surveillance"

Join campaign for Gorsuch FILIBUSTER

Chris Coons (D-DEL) another very articulate and knowledgeable spokesperson. I will say the

How will a special prosecutor be appointed if republicans control everything? Why would they

They asked me to make an invitation for our annual dinner . . .

I don't get 'The Big Bang Theory'.

GOP furious with Mattis as he's not playing ball.....he's hiring Obama people.

I was just botted.

What Nunes' Comments Mean In Real Terms- Schiff Gave Us An Example:

Somehow Trump knew "evidence" was going to come out about him being "wiretapped"

In light of current events regarding Trump-Russia

We should not forget this story from a couple of weeks ago.

Best Liberal Arts Colleges in America

Pelosi on Nunes: "Chairman Nunes is deeply compromised, and he cannot possibly lead an honest invest

Exxon must confer with New York AG on Tillerson emails: judge

Franken - Schiff 2020

About Nunez going to 45/140 today. Why? Can't 45/140 get the info himself?

What an innocent and "normal" President would say?

KO: President made sexual comments about Japanese Translator breasts..

Here's what my congressman said about tRump before he loved him.

I have a request for a creative Photoshop.

What's the betting line on the vote tomorrow? Is it on or off?


When a president simply lies too much