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When the heck...

JOY is in for Chris Hayes!!!

Theres a Smell of Treason in the Air

Trumps budget is everything scientists have been fearing -

Spicey lying on olielly

Tweety seems to be implying Chump Care is dead. I hope he's right!

OK Who has that Delish NancyP Rookie's error video clip?

I find myself starting to say "Ha!" when I catch some GOPer or Alt-Righter in a lie or propaganda.

Woah. Rep Schiff: New evidence of Trump/Russia collusion "would merit a grand jury investigation"

CBO: New Health Bill Would Leave Millions Uninsured, Save Less

White House has no answer for 7 million veterans who stand to lose health care ("get over it"??)

Rebecca Otto??? Starting to get mail from her......

PELOSI smacks Donald" "Rookie's error, Donald Trump Clearly you're not ready."

House leadership is clueless on getting legislation to the floor.

If the repeal fails, who is the bigger LOSER? Eddie Munster of 45/140?

Obama breaks silence to slam GOP health repeal and rally the resistance

Was DU also inundated with Fake Russian bots and Fake news during elections?

Florida GOP Rep. Yoho (yahoo?) lies about Medicaid, claims 80,000 more deaths attributed to it

We Redacted Everything That's Not a Verifiably True Statement From Trump's Time Interview re: Truth

Ali Velshi is giving the best explanation ever of how insurance works.

How can you be "pro-life" but not have affordable insurance for pregnant women?

Putin using propaganda about immigrants to create chaos and unrest in Europe

GSA does a 360, and says GSA Rules Trumps DC Hotel Lease Is In Full Compliance...

Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants.

I'm afraid the repeal will not fail. Picture Medicare Part D years ago.

Watching a Documentary on Stalingrad

Trump Fan Who Believed Trump Would Only Deport Bad Hombres Just Got Terrible News

Former Boston drummer Sib Hashian dies at 67 aboard rock legends cruise

and oh gawd......Rick Santorum is a talking head on CNN??? eom

Has anybody told Trump that airbnb will do to hotel chains

It's going to pass......JMHO.

If the House rejects the GOP plan, the president says, Obamacare will stay.

Precarious jobs scar employees mental health: survey

Not sure if this is the right place to ask...

If You Think WE Miss Obama ...

Will trump's bluff work?

Another subpoena issued in investigation of GOP party chair, report says

Police: Mom beat, choked girl over incorrect Bible verses

Trump demands do-or-die Friday vote on healthcare plan

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Tick Tick Tick! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

'The Knick' Not Moving Forward With More Seasons *SPOILERS*

White supremacist's church burns down in North Dakota

Bernie will be on Rachel tonight; my man Bernie,

Should Nunes also be registered as a foreign agent?

Mitch Ryder - When You Were Mine (VIDEO)

Alternet: Big Strike Brewing Against Trump

Ok, lets fix the ACA.

Senator Apologizes After Joke About Losing His Mammograms In GOP Bill

Current list of Republicans voting no?

This held up well

The GOP's health plan (as brought to you by the Austin Lounge Lizards).

Been gone most of day, and I come home to ...THIS

No time to ask questions: Lawmaker appears to defend use of WWII Japanese internment camps

HA! Trump's ultimatum: vote for AHCA or ACA stays in place

Medicare Part G under Trump

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi: Barack Obama deserves an apology for false wiretap claims

"The President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle"

Bernie about to discuss Dem filibuster on Gorsuch w Rachel Maddow


Mighty Oregon!

Fair is fair re: SCOTUS

Bernie is right!

Wow, I think Rachel looks extremely tired.......huge bags under her eyes.....

Time article on Trump falsities (he doubled down)

(D) or (I) Bernie was the MAN on Rachel tonight!

Danish Supreme Court tosses same-sex wed in church case

The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency

Liberal commentators are too smart

TPM on the "Health" Bill - "So Much Winning"

WATCHING RACHEL MADDOW RIGHT NOW she is talking about PUTIN'S enemies. Scary

Chile sentences 33 over Pinochet-era disappearances

Rachel: "We are dealing with something very, very dark with murder at the other end. "

WOW the Russian lawyer who got pushed out the fourth story is stable and lucid!!!

France's Presidential Candidate Fillon Pulls a Trump on Current President Hollande

Putin slashes defense spending while Trump plans massive buildup

RNC paid intel firm for Clinton dirt, firm connected to Russian spy.!!!

Alea iacta est

Chris Matthews: Vote "Nay" On Gorsuch

"I wouldn't want to lose my mammograms," Sen. Roberts snarked.

Paul Ryan FAILED to pass #Trumpcare, his first big test as a Leader of the House..

One Million Moms launch own homosexual-free cartoon series

Rachel Maddow Show 3/23/17 One-On-One Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump, GOP Health Care Bill & Gorsuch

Next 4 years likely remain dark even if Dumpf booted

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 26 - Directed by Paul Newman

#TrumpRussia 'More Than Circumstantial' - Manafort -- Rachel Maddow

The White house is turning on speaker Ryan

TCM Schedule for Monday March 27 - Kathryn Grayson

So wait - the WH leaked that crap to Nunes?

Gummy bear candy maker Haribo to open factory in Wisconsin

so we are all on the same page - definitions - Collusion

John Fugelsang offers yet another brilliant observation.

Was KOMO just bullied into airing right-wing rhetoric?

Texas' Retired Teachers Face Billion-Dollar Health Care Dilemma

RNC paid intel firm for Clinton dirt

Paul Ryan

Nixon to David Frost: If the president does this, then it is not...

Confirming we have Toddler in Chief...

Drone Captures Leatherback Sea Turtle Returning to Ocean, Swimming Away

A Fable To Illustrate GOP Dysfunctional Ideas On Competition And Choice In Health Care....

Uncertain fate of Obamacare causes some hospitals to halt projects, hiring

Slate - "The Crazy House Conservatives Might Actually Be Right About Obamacare Repeal"

Drone Captures Leatherback Sea Turtle Returning to Ocean, Swimming Away

Ten critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways

What's wrong with this picture?

"...a number of conservative wins, including the elimination of essential health benefits"

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL): If the Obamacare Repeal bill doesn't pass, Trump will be impeached...

Second Intel Dem Confirms Trump-Russia Evidence More Than Circumstantial

So the healthcare vote is in the am, because that's

Trouble Is Even Presently Insured Not On ACA Will Be SCREWED ROYALLY.

I found a microphone

Report: Pres. Bannon Gave Ryan Ultimatum for Trumpcare Vote Tomorrow

Breaking News!!- NYT: Trump regrets plan to do health care first

Trump just threw Ryan under his semi truck and blew the horn.

Your reminder that these two scumsucking pigs have been corrupt and grifting a long time.

I'm looking to binge on a series. Has anyone seen "The Fall" and do you recommend it? I like this

Bloody hell! As Nunes speaks on Hannity/Fox, there's a completely false banner with "Fox News Alert"

Hannity is in full bash Ryan mode

Nunes really needs to step down but if he doesn't...

Imagine the scene...

Declare the last election null and void

Why is filibustering this potential judge better

Repugs stuck in the past

WTF-he is wearing a pin saying he hearts trump?

trump said if House doesn't vote tomorrow, he's moving on to make another mess

State reconsiders letting guns in stadiums, arenas

Dan Rather on what Trump hates the most:

Ex-Arkansas police chief's DNA sought in murder trial

'Sex-selection' abortion ban gets final OK in Arkansas House

Arkansas Senate backs repeat offenders bill

Gov. Hutchinson signs gun-rights measure

When Trump met Palin to eat pizza with a fork!

BREAKING: Trump "regrets" brings up Ryan's Health Care Bill

Arkansas marijuana proposal is rejected

What kind of LIAR is Donald Trump?

Arkansas plans to put eight inmates to death over a 10-day period

Who thinks Trump is going to hold a rally this Saturday?

Trump is a Sith.

Lockheed Martin moving F-16 production from Texas to South Carolina

Lockheed Martin moving F-16 production from Texas to South Carolina

I can't wait to hear Stacy Keach narrate the Trump special season (10 episodes) of "American Greed"

ryan in happier times.

It is people like this young man

RussiaGate blows WIDE OPEN in Abrahamson report: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

CBO releases new score for ObamaCare repeal bill

Another person has died on a for-profit prison transport

Upstate New York gets $2.3 billion gift in Republican health care bill

The definition of health insurance.

Texas appeals court overturns ex-Baylor player's conviction

OK pro-lifers, since ACA repeal will kill tens of thousands can we count on you?

Change in Texas Medicaid payments helps cut number of premature births

Supreme Court overturns Gorsuch ruling against student with disabilities

Is Occupy Democrats a fake news site?

Hugh Hewitt is the canary in the coal mine

The Trump administration wants to kill the ... Energy Star program because it combats climate change

Madison joins immigrant 'day of action'

TEN ESSENTIAL #ACA BENEFITS are on the chopping block TODAY!

What was the source of Nunes "reports?"

Am I right when I think that I have noticed since Trump put them

Chicago cop accused of shooting Laquan McDonald faces 16 new counts

Donald Trump Moves Stuff Around

What is the proper quantity of toilet paper to purchase at one time?

FBI prepares charges against North Korea over Bangladesh heist

San Diego woman dead after turmeric IV infusion

A new bug?

All In With Chris Hayes 3/23/17 Trump Done Negotiating, Wants Health Care Vote Tomorrow


The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 3/23/17 "JUDGMENT CALL" Nunes Under Fire After Briefing Trump

Trump on Wealthcare: MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY

About Trump's claim on Sweden having an attack.

Dog Seized For Being Part Wolf Finally Allowed To Return Home

Where are Tom Perez and Keith Ellison?

Wisconsin families seek better access to substance abuse treatment with 'no wrong door' bill

trump will get his bill so he can claim to be the massively successful president..problem is he

New GOP Bill Will Result In Ala Carte Health Insurance. Will Have Go Pick What Is & Is Not Covered.

Hawaii judge who blocked Trump travel ban now receiving threats, FBI says

Correct me if I'm wrong.....

Just how stupid is Mike Huckabee?

WaPo: investigate Nunes for leaking.

Nengmy Vang, 45, ID'd as suspect in Rothschild shooting spree

Best Movie Soundtrack?


Dad seeks school dismissals over alleged 'sex toy' claim

Bannon and the NSC

Rep. Nunes Is a Lapdog in a Watchdog Role

Hi there, Boys and Girls!

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Proposed Route

US Marshals sent to protect Hawaii judge who stopped Trump's latest travel ban

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Proposed Route

Add ACA Tax Cuts & Tax Reform $1 - $2 Trillions To The Rich.

Why won't Dana Boente appoint a special prosecutor?

Hannity and Fox News have jumped the shark...

Health-care amendment would reduce funding to nursing homes

Trump the Billionaire Con-Man at The Top of his Game.

If Ryan feels cornered by tRump, would he call for a special prosecutor?

Wisconsin discrimination claims would be harder to pursue under Gov. Scott Walker's budget

Milwaukee County Board approves study of switching troubled pension plan to state

Ex-Senator Feingold launches new issue group

GOP/trump are in a vice and it's squeezing tighter and tighter...

Tensions rise as vouchers pick up traction across Wisconsin

Panel: Purge acquittals from Wisconsin online court records

Brown County Breakfast on the Farm may be canceled

Lawmakers target welfare fraud in Wisconsin

Fiscal bureau: Scott Walker's budget leaves $1.1 billion hole starting in 2019

NeuroScience founder sentenced and fined for fraud

Wisconsin Hospital Association critical of health care bill

A couple of pieces of advice....

Nationwide Resistance Hurt GOP Anti-ACA Plan - Rachel Maddow

Utah getting toughest drunken driving limit in the US

so if the bill doesnt get passed Obamacare is here to stay?

So the right is going to have its Fitzmas moment on Friday?

Rachel Maddow 3-23-2017 Interviews Bernie Sanders

Breaking News Story on Friday

Can someone give me the cliff notes?

A little game of Wheres Waldo with Pence and the Koch caucus

Massachusetts Bill Criminalizing FGM is Gaining Momentum

What's Missing From This Photo of Politicians Deciding the Future of Women's Health?

LGBT Group Backs GOP Lawmakers Proposal to Remove Clerk's Names from Marriage Licenses

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak walks free

Toronto schools will no longer allow student trips to US

Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?

Why House Speaker Joe Straus Just Compared The Senate Finance Committee To Enron


Trans-Pecos Pipeline Crews Team Up with Border Patrol

British scientists in world-first TB breakthrough

Liquor regulators partying on taxpayers' tab

Senate Republicans Vote To Overturn Internet Privacy Protections

Gov. Greg Abbott to meet with President Trump at White House

Washington braces for Trump climate order

House panel votes to raise age of criminal responsibility from 17 to 18

Civilian Employee at Aberdeen Proving Ground Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes (re contracts)

Trump threatens to leave Obamacare in place if GOP bill fails

Let's repeal and replace this president

15% of UT women report being raped, Capitol hearing reveals

Owners Of Massachusetts Temp Agency Indicted For Failing to Pay Over Employment Taxes (etc.)

Most Deplorables are mean and stupid. Most Republicans are just mean.

A&M student who lost election files court papers for possible lawsuit

Do I have this right? If you remove the mandate...

Rep. Duncan Hunters Corruption Case Outsourced to Feds

The Deplorables want to remove emergency room benefits from health care plans

Question About the Filibuster

Paul: Pence should oversee Senate ObamaCare repeal votes

Senate approves bill to let grocery outlets sell hard liquor in stores

Breakthrough in diagnosis of tuberculosis

Report: Trump regrets backing health plan before pushing for tax reform

Austin Cap Metro bus service coming to Round Rock

Where in the world is Marine Le Pen? Why meeting with Pootey of course.

Court asked to block Texas congressional map for 2018 election


The origin of Superheroes: Arrow

"We're not going to give up on destroying the healthcare system for the American people"

'Private school voucher' bill approved by Senate panel

I Would Like To See Craig Ferguson As A Host On SNL.....

Citing threats, Careys Getz (Mayor), Beckley (Law Director) step down

Paul Ryan: 'We're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people'

Trump administration approves Keystone XL

Why is the GOP scared of a pres with 37% approval and who is being investigated for treason?

Said & Done: Im carrying on with my career, dude. Im starting over

Lima Struggling: Water Supply Cut Of By Flooding, Bridges Collapsing, More Rain Coming

Fortune's 'Greatest Leaders' list includes Samantha Bee, snubs Trump

La Vernia High School athletes arrested on sexual assault charges stemming from hazing incident

Russian mafia boss still at large after FBI wiretap at Trump Tower

On Bill Press. Pregnant Women On Medicaid Must Look For Work Or Lose Benefits.

Revised Republican health care bill is more costly, but doesn't insure more people

2 Members Quit Australia's Climate Change Authority, Citing Anti-Science "Extremists" In Government

What's Missing From This Photo of Politicians Deciding the Future of Women's Health?

FFRF sues Texas judge over courtroom prayers

I Have A Putnam Dye Cabinet That Has Some Areas With Rust On It....

But Wait! There's More! Greenland Melt Aided By Microbes That Thrive In, Darken Ice And Snow

Survey by Sen. Lindsey Graham on Gorsuch, ACA, Roe and guns. Anyone can fill it out!

From Kos: The Best Single Statement Ever On GOP "Healthcare" - Devastating

Remember to use RESISTBOT to send a fax to your rep re: voting no on TRUMPCARE

Trump An Insult To Every Person Who Served Or Serve In Military.

You can not have a free market for health care because the demand for it is inelastic

I knew I would wake and start work hearing this crap

After 2.5 Million Years, Last Remnants Of Laurentide Ice Sheet Vanishing In Arctic Canada

'Unless something changes between now and the vote, #AHCA is going down'

Not Love, Actually: Emma Thompson Says President Trump Once Asked Her Out

"Well, the table was brown" Don finds the only diversity in GOP Freedom Caucus meeting

It Is Apparent That The Repugs Don't Understand The Basic Concept Of....

London mayor shuts down Trump Jr. tweet: I have more important things to do

I am on a health care tangent...Emergency rooms that receive any kind of federal funding....

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Nunes

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Donald the Unfit

If you read nothing else about Russiagate, read these two Twitter threads by Seth Abramson

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Health Battle Royale

Using the term "Final Solution" in relation to tRump's motives/actions

EPA chief pens oped about prioritizing saving automakers from spending over protecting environment

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Trump may really not know how NATO works

EPA chief pens oped about prioritizing saving automakers from spending over protecting environment

Trump Calls Out Freedom Caucus In Tweet Ahead Of Uncertain Repeal Vote

GOP Extremists Delay Trumpcare Vote, Demanding Exclusion Of 'Essential Benefits'

John Dean regarding Trump: "he's delusional"

Who Killed the Smart Gun?

Midwest and South DU'ers- Keep an eye on the Weather- Possible severe storms coming today

Puh-leeeze stop the Rump merry-go-round! I want to get off now!!!

Health Care Will Be Like Cable TV. Higher Prices For Each New Coverage. Some Diseases Not Covered

BREAKING: House Rules Committee clears Trump-backed Obamacare repeal legislation for debate

Trump's lie about health care for all is his most deceitful and devious lie...

U.S., in Reversal, Issues Permit for Keystone Oil Pipeline

TAKE ACTION: Call Congress Now! House Will Vote on Trumpcare Today After Delaying Yesterday's Vote

George Takei tweet:

Trump is a Mover and Shaker?...

Trump Healthcare Appointee: Opiates Are Proof God Exists

100 Million Or More Will Lose Insurance By The Time They Take Medicare & VA Away.

The Russian election attack constitutes a terrorist attack on the United States. What better way to


Segregation Had to Be Invented Had to Be Invented

'Trumpcare' Isn't Just a Political Disaster--It Makes 'War on Women' Real

So we know what isn't covered by the proposed Trumpcare bill...

picture of the leaders negotiating away birth control, maternity care and abortion. Notice anything?

So Mark Halperin had dinner with Trump at the WH...

Senate confirms David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel, with little Democratic support

Danziger: The Art Of The (Trumpcare) Deal

Russian election intrusion creates inquiry on vote & voter registration hacking at House Intel Comm

What's Behind Israel's Diplomatic Flare-Up With Russia ? Will Trump Throw Israel Under the Bus?

So, will the Republican 'Nonsurance' plan pass in the House today?

Groper Don the Con has to win

Trumps Treasury Secretary MNUCHIN on Trump:

GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill Clears Final Hurdle Before Heading To House Floor

Trump Calls Out Freedom Caucus In Tweet Ahead Of Uncertain Repeal Vote

Who is this Seth Abramson??

House schedule for today- final vote 3:45-4:45:

Trump appointee: Porn responsible for women's fear of male genitalia.

The Rude Pundit has nailed it this time.

Nunes: I Had 'Duty' To Brief Trump Since He's 'Taking Lot Of Heat' In Media

Fortune's 2017 World's Greatest Leaders. No Trump

Morning Joe bashes Devin Nunes for blowing up his credibility

CBS News: Trumpcare means no prescription drug, no hospitalization benefits

Rachel Maddow mocks Trumpcare as being less popular than Chris Christie

Can someone explain this executive order?

Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare...

After this disastrous week, it's clearer than ever: Yes, Donald Trump is a "real" Republican

Paul Krugman- The Scammers, the Scammed and Americas Fate

Why Does MSNBC Insist On Putting Their People Outside In Such Cold And Bad Weather.....

Why it is IMPERATIVE that Wealthcare NOT pass the house today (CALL UR REPS!)

So, Do House Members Even Know What Is in This Bill?

This Political Situation Is A National Disaster and State Of Emergency. We Must Get Combative.

What the fuck will Trump/RyanCare even fucking cover?

I Want To See This Healthcare Bill Fail To Simply See How The Blame Game Will Be Played Out.....

It takes a special kind of stupid...

Trump administration grants approval for Keystone XL pipeline

Something to soothe you at the end of the week

It Being Friday, and Congress Being in Session,

Joaquin Castro

Yeah tell us Mexicans are going to rape us and Muslims are going to kill us while you kill us GOP

DON THE CON: Health Care in Trumptopia

They will RatFuck Americans again today.

Live Stream: Repeal And Replace Obamacare Healthcare Law Vote - Trump Expected To Speak

Why??? on MSNBC Hallie Jackson do they sit outside on a balcony the entire show with coats on?

The "health care" bill now is being covered as a chess move

She Voted For Trump. Now, Her Husband Is Being Deported

Women ages 18-50 will need to buy maternity insurance,

"Listen, Nunes, this is going to be great!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump.

BREAKING: US Officials Say Info Points to Trump Russia Collusion

Bombshell: Trump Campaign Manager Paid Millions Helping Russia & Putin

If Dug had a comma before moron his response to a Deplorable would have been perfect

"Not that it affected the outcome of the election..."

Hours before House vote, GOP blames each other over American Health Care Act's likely failure

Natural Disaster Victims Will NOT Have Adequate Coverage. They Will Really Be Screwed.

Jezebel redacted all the lies in the TIME/Trump interview

Rep. Chris Collins: We'll Explain Health Care Bill 'Once We Get It Done'

Manafort has volunteered to do an interview with the House Intel Committee?

No wonder CONWAY fit in so well with the DRUMPF mob

Devin Nunes seems very unbright

How crazy & ass-kissing is Treas Sec Mnuchin? Says Trump has perfect genes, should be on $1000 bill

'It's now the world of Putin, the world of Donald Trump,' says France's far-right leader Marine Le P

The GOP wants to take money from Medicares trust fund and give it to the rich

Slate - important read - "Trump's Accomplices"

Trump: "After seven horrible years of ObamaCare, this is finally your chance for a great plan!"

My compromise: 1. Lower Medicare eligibility to age 50; 2. Cover

So far, with TrumpCare on its way to this afternoon's vote: 202 Repubs "yea," 202 Dems "nay"

TODAY: BCTGM Nabisco/Mondelēz Digital Day of Action

You know as a Canadian watching these events unfold in America...

House leaders press for yes on health-care overhaul as some opposed changes their minds

TODAY: BCTGM Nabisco/Mondelēz Digital Day of Action

2 die, 20 hurt when semi hits school bus carrying track team in East Texas

LOL. He obviously has less time to spend fixing his hair.

Why Do The Media Believe Nunes Had Anything Of Substance At All?

The dark Money behind Trump and Bannon: Democracy Now

Pic Of The Moment: Inside The Republican Health Care Negotiations

In 2014 I Would Have Had To Decide On Death Or Bankruptcy & Homelessness/W No Insurance..

Schumer confident Democrats have votes to block Gorsuch

Mulvaney: If Your State Doesn't Mandate Maternity Care, Change Your State

What game is Nunes playing??

Man pleads guilty in Washington pizzeria shooting over fake news

NY mag: Bannon the big winner of GOP health-care civil war. Breitbart echoes, highlights column

U.S. sanctions 30 firms, individuals for aiding Iran, North Korea arms programs

Manafort volunteered to testify before House Intelligence Committee in its Russia probe

How to track the Health Care votes.

Loudoun resident files civil rights suits against county officials over social media censorship

Lobbyist advised Trump campaign while promoting Russian pipeline

House Intelligence Committee's Adam Schiff holds news conference on Russia investigation. Watch live

So, what happens to the Rosneft deal after the conspiracy is prosecuted?

RNC tried to hide payments for intel gathering on Hillary Clinton: report

Adam Schiff (D-CA) speaks to reporters following Committee Chair Devin Nunes' announcement

Editorial: Clearwater officials should not surrender to Church of Scientology

'Obsessed with translator's breasts'

Rick Perry Blasts 'Diversity' Election of Gay Student Body President at Texas A&M

Can somebody please explain this sh*t to me? PLEASE?

House Dems Warn GOP: Repeal Vote Will Be 'Tattooed To Their Foreheads'

House Appropriations Chair Comes Out Against Obamacare Repeal Bill

(WV) Senate advances religious exemptions for vaccinations

Trump Is Weeks Away From Missing His Chance to Reform Work Visas

So what is the latest whip count? Anyone hearing anything?

BLS reports: Feb. jobless rates down in 10 states; Gulf War-era II veterans' unemployment rate down

CIA experts say intel probe is a distraction from the next Russia propaganda attack on our election

Any Testimony That Goes Before The House Intelligence Committee.....

The House investigation is a sham

(OK) Bills allowing businesses to segregate based on personal, religious beliefs do not pass Senate

GOP is hoisted on its own petard on healthcare.

Not sure where to post this article about Lodz ghetto photos

Federal judge gets threats

Adam Schiff slams intel chair Devin Nunes for caving to White House and canceling key Russia hearing

(mass) Court rules nature preserve at Catholic shrine is not religious and eligible for taxation

I just trashed the word "tweet".

Do you know any old "sayings" or phrases that are humorous or interesting?

They are trying hard to get cost of insurance premiums down & the numbers who are covered up

There is a wonderful....good news discussion going on in the lounge ...

Schindler: Nunes went from GOP Anti-Leak Crusader to As Yet Unindicted Co-Conspirator in just 4 days

From a GOP staffer with a good sense of the vote:

Should we warn Canada that due to climate change our bread basket area will

Right now...there is a humorous discussion going on in the lounge...


Texas A&M student body president candidate says religious rights 'infringed'

Another deplorable realizes she has been hoodwinked

Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) just flipped from yes to NO

Ali Velshi is ripping Tom Coburn a new face on MSNBC

Call the traitor, Nunes, demand investigation hearings continue

How Egypt's religious institutions are trying to curb atheism

"Naynsee Palosa"

Who appoints an independent investigatory commision?

It pisses me off that CNN covering the Healthcare debate as if it is a game.

Senator Patty Murray: Republicans shouldnt change the rules, they should change the nominee.

Media needs to stop calling this a health bill. At this point it is an insurance and tax break bill.

Is there a count somewhere showing how many votes

Tom Coburn just on MSNBC

Gorsuch's Selective View of 'Religious Freedom'

So far MSNBC's Chump Care coverage is better than CNN coverage

As a Federal prosecutor, Schiff sent a crooked FBI agent who was spying for the Kremlin to slammer

SCHIFF: Trump's "slanderous accusation" "was just pure nonsense" "there is no evidence"

Guess who Fortune left off its "Worlds 50 Greatest Leaders" list?

Republicans hate "government"

Planned Parenthood's President: "It's Time For Ivanka To Stand For Women"

Weird Discussion going on right now in the lounge..

Pro-Trump mouthpiece-National Inquirer portrays Flynn as scapegoat, Russia 'spy'

UPDATED w/comm Twitter Handles Demand public hearings w independ comm on Russia, support Rep Schiff

trump made a tweet last week at the end of the hearing. It said something to the

U.Va. Law lecturer nominated to 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Send online email to your house REP that he or she

Did elimination of "essential services" coverage cause any loss of moderate support? nt

Chuck Todd said Chump Care may lose by fifty votes . The GOP might even yank it.

It's going down - bill pulled

Judge rules in favor of insurance company in lawsuit against former U.Va. lacrosse player Huguely

Does anyone here have what you need to do the math on how

Luckovich Toon - Uuuuuuge Crowd

Today's new terrorists were radical before they were religious (3/31/16)

Take a moment & make your voice heard. Trumpcare is a failure! ⚡️ Call ☎️855-981-7297☎️ to #P

Intel committee full list-please help me add their local office numbers

National Enquirer Branding Flynn A Russian Spy Means Trump Throwing Flynn Under Bus.

What about O Care's 80% spend mandate for Insurers?

After Promising Not To Talk Business With Father, Eric Trump Says He'll Give Him Financial Reports

It appears that the DOW is acting like a barometer on whether they believe trumpcare will pass

National Enquirer brands Flynn a Russian spy Trump just threw Flynn under the bus. Why?

Is it out of line to wonder if Nunes was shown documents by Russian agents?

National Enquirer brands Flynn a "Russian spy" -- Trump just threw Flynn under the bus. Why?

I know, I know, don't advocate violence

Twitter Video: Trumps "health care" plan is a war against working people.

Will we Democrats learn from all this?

What time is the trumpcare vote in the house today? I don't see anything @ NYT,WaPo or CNN. Thx

It feels like a bomb is about to be dropped on the US courtesy of our President and Congress

This demented White House writes it's own punchlines

Am I imagining this? Are some of the repukes who said they would

New pots and pans and changing my cooking habits

Alec Baldwin teaches young boy his Trump impression (GREAT)

Oklahoma lawmaker defends anti-abortion bill, says rape and incest are will of God

No difference: Saudi Arabia VS U.S. White House making decisions for Womens Health Care

RNC Used Security Firm During Campaign That Had Russia Connections

'The Republican Party is a Disgrace' 'They Can't Govern' : Fox's Stuart Varney Hammers GOP

GOP rep: Health bill 'one of the worst' I've seen


In some ways the most calculating thing for the Democrats is to oppose ACHA

GOP 'NO' Vote On O'Care Repeal Pleads: 'Please Stopping Calling Hourly'

I have noticed only repukes get added time and the

Lame-ass dude who was fired from jezebel now pushing the most desperate of all clinton fables..

Apparently, Trump Care will cover nothing so your


Republicans Unsure Health Care Bill Can Pass Hours Before Vote

Everyone will indeed be covered under the AHCA

Just how representative is the House of Representatives?

Scared people

China Fights Toilet Paper Theft With Facial-Recognition Technology (NBC)

The Scammers, the Scammed and America's Fate

Wait! What? During hearing Rep. Peter King (R) disclosed info about the classified version of Russia

The GOP Has a Nuclear Option on Health Care

Ryan Lizza on Nunes's intentions & what a top WH official told him about Nunes

Andrea. Mitchell just said on MSNBC

The DNC "Turnaround Tour" hits Michigan today. Thank you Chairperson Perez and Rep. Ellison!

Ryan to Trump: We don't have the votesupdated

Nunes's Monday testimony was coordinated w/ WH because top WH official told me, "Watch the predicate

HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Ryan heads to White House

I won't link to Breitbart, but Bannon just fed them an anti-AHCA piece

Guardian reporter: Looks like Trump's 1st infrastructure proposal high-speed bus lane over Paul Ryan

Large majority of the public opposes Trump budget cuts.

Barbara Lee kicks ass

U.S. workers face higher risk of being replaced by robots. Here's why:

Many Republicans don't care what's in the AHCA

I'm thinking Trump and Bannon are perfectly happy if the bill crashes and burns in the House.

"Woman tries to kill immigrant's dog. What has happened to us?"

Comet landslide recorded for first time by Rosetta astronomers (Guardian)

Is Steve Bannon Sabotaging the Health Bill?

45/140 Relishing This Health Care Chaos that HE Caused

Did you hear this one?

Trump and GOP Scramble On Health Care Amid Growing Russia Scandal: A Closer Look

Do Senate Republicans Want This Bill to Pass?

BREAKING - Trump/Ryan Care now has the votes

Just sayin'... "you don't have the votes"

SCHIFF says.... says it's time for a 9/11-style independent commission on Russia.

Can Trump Roll the House Freedom Caucus?

GOP Health Bill Changes Could Kill Protections For Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

Who could imagine

Pro-Trump Sites Take Aim At Ryan As Obamacare Repeal Bill Hangs In Balance

If the Justice Dept. actually finds proof of a crime

Earliest Lame Duck Presidency in history

Republicans looking at 33% hit for backing TRUMPCARE!

Shit just got real. trump is staying in DC this weekend to WORK!

Bravo, Rep. Hastings!

Dems watching the whip count be like

SOOO....Trump throws Ryan under a bus. Does Ryan approve an independent investigation on Russia??

The battle winds are changing.

Dems introduce bill to publish Mar-A-Lago, White House visitor logs

Devin Nunes says he will investigate Dems for colluding with Russians to stop TrumpCare!

I've been thinking. When this administration goes down and it will, the only thing that can

Paul Ryan rushed to the White House to tell Trump he does not have the votes to repeal Obamacare

Nunes Backs Down From Assertion Trump Was Monitored

Why the hell does Greg Walden get to rebut the Dems in the house debate?

Putin hosts French presidential contender Le Pen in Kremlin

"Do it all in one FOWL swoop...the Byrd rule..." WTF?

Trump is setting this up to blame Republicans in Congress...

Looks like Sessions is toast

Just got this idea: Think they're in touch???

All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger

Freepers react to Ryan's "We don't have the votes" announcement

Why doesn't the WH press corps call Spicer on his BS?

Bannon told Trump to keep a "sh*t list" of House Republicans who refuse to vote for Trumpcare

Sunday March 26 - Bernie Sanders - State of the Union with Jake Tapper 9AM ET

🐦 Sunday March 26 - Bernie Sanders - State of the Union with Jake Tapper 9AM ET

Serious questions...Do Republican Woman Get Pregnant?

Ever wonder why Trump continues to run against Obama?

Republican who wants journalists jailed for publishing leaks revealed classified intel during...

Stunning polls show Sanders soaring while 'TrumpCare' crashes

If the Intel Community has all this evidence of "High Crimes...

How about a little George Carlin to lighten the mood

"The Closer"

How many times do people say Trump wrote art of the deal, tony schwartz wrote that!

Barbara Comstock---another lying GOP flip flopper

Why members of Congress aren't very worried about Trump taking them out

Live look at President Obama:


Here is the contact info I could find on every member of the House Intelligence Committee

Everything is going exactly as planned

Spicer: Trump is "excited" to move on to tax reform once health care reform is behind him

Coming soon: the New Trump Tower

Barbara Lee slams 'hypocrisy' by GOP colleagues 'who say they are religious' but support Trumpcare

Noticeable lack of a smirk on smirking weasel Paul Ryan's face as he delivers the news to Trump

I think it's time for the Million Veterans March

Republicans say they lack votes to pass health plan in blow to Trump

Anyone else enjoying the spectacle of this "steaming pile" of a bill circling the drain?

Some Tea Pain tweets from today:

Peter Daou: This is Congressional Republicans realizing what's behind big bad scary Trump...

I have the transcript to Trumps next rally

Paging Mike Flynn. Are you being thrown under the bus for a reason?

Spicer Leaves No Daylight Between Ryan, Trump On Health Care Bill

Virginia court rules for Trump in travel ban dispute; order still halted

Rep. John Lewis rocks!

Parts of the trump/ryancare that will change

Vote now scheduled to begin at about 3:30 p.m.

I screwed my courage to the sticking-place

What's in the minds of the Freedom Caucus????

Before helping Trump win with data mining, Cambridge Analytica tipped elections with old-fashioned t

Naked demonstrators kill sheep under Auschwitz gates

Do they think that "Freedom Caucus" sounds better

The GOP civil war isn't over: If the AHCA goes down, Trump will seek vengeance

White House To Spin Failure Of Health Care Bill As A Success

From Trump's "The America We Deserve:"

I now feel that Trump will resign before the next election

Can a private citizen on a program like Medicaid sue Devin Nunes for irreparable harm?

So apparently FBI Director James Comey is over at the White House now....**Update

One Good Thing That Trump Has Accomplished Is....

Trump Didn't Just Reinstate the Global Gag Rule. He Massively Expanded It. (reminder)

Trump Didnt Just Reinstate the Global Gag Rule. He Massively Expanded It. (reminder)

Trump Didn't Just Reinstate the Global Gag Rule. He Massively Expanded It. (reminder)

Live Msnbc and CNN feeds

'Vindicated how?': Reporter calls out Baghdad Spicer for claiming Trump was right about false wireta

TRUMP catches Russian Spy in White House... LOL!

Federalist Society and "pot & kettle"

Where did the meme that Trump walks away from deals comes from?

A Call to Action: Fighting the AHCA Real-Time

A Call To Action: Fighting the AHCA Real-Time

A Call To Action: Fighting the AHCA Real-Time

Here come the AHCS excuses...

Ryan sought to weaken Trump, and he did.

Trump wants this vote over with so he can get back to what is REALLY important...

New game to play at Breitbart! Go to some page twhere not much is happening and comment about the

Lol. Newt Gingrich.

Gloria Borger (CNN) says Stone wants to testify . . .

"the Women of Standing Rock"

BREAKING: Closing arguments on TrumpCare debate starting now

This ain't nuclear physics.

John Lewis passionately opposes GOP health care bill

Apparently Comey has left the WH after an hour-long visit

The Women of Standing Rock

Think Drumpf is "Tired of winning" yet?

"I didn't want to do health care anyway!"

Trump touts Charter hiring that was in works for two years

But Bill Clinton talked to Lynch on the tarmac!

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

NEW: FBI official says Director Comey was at WH for "regular" meeting, discussing ongoing threat

Andrew Sullivan: Is Political Gravity Finally Sinking Donald Trump?

the Women of Standing Rock

Everybody talks about the Freedom Caucus but the "moderate" Tuesday Group has fifty members

GOP May Pursue Wildly Unpopular Planned Parenthood Defunding All the Way to a Government Shutdown

Can a president be arrested?

The Dow thinks the bill is going down

NJ TRANSIT Train Struck When Amtrak Train Derails At Penn Station

Nearly half of Americans say Republican healthcare reform 'not an improvement': Reuters/Ipsos poll

FYI: Pelosi Calling Trump A ROOKIE Was Not Feeble, Despite Sanders' Slur On Maddow

Happening right now.

House in recess. Is AHCA being pulled?

House just recessed...

Mo Brooks- They are still thinking about pulling the vote.

Ryan cuts off debate

What the hell


This is freaking amateur hour

WaPo reporter: "Trump just called me. Still on phone. "We just pulled it," he tells me."

Mike Flynn secretly met Turkish officials to plan illegal 'dead of night' extradition of fugitive...

BREAKING: Robert Costa (WaPo) reports Bill pulled

MSNBC Says: Trump "We pulled the bill"

What's your favorite "What's the difference" joke?


CNN Reporting Drumpf Called Ryan And Asked Bill To Be Pulled nt

Per CNN: Pres has asked Ryan to pull the bill.

Republicans Pull the Health Care Bill

If Trump fires Comey...

Truth be told - he's a fucking apprentice

Ryan To Hold News Conference @ 4 EST nt

Charlie Rose and Michael Morrell discuss House Intelligence Committee

Because Of Reconcilliation...

BREAKING NEWS: America calls trump, asks him to pull his presidency off the table

Called Hartzler's office

Stevie Van Zandt called it first:

Pic Of The Moment: The American Health Care Act Of 2017

BREAKING House pulls trumpcare death Bill - not enough support

Freepers and Cavers! It's over. I can now repost this:

So the bill is pulled. Is this good or bad?

Well Trump Will Now Be Off On His Next Misadventure.....

I dare y'all to ask any trumpanzees you'll run into...

North Korea ready to conduct nuclear test, US officials say

ok, Rachel freakout tweet:

Chris Jansing (msnbc) "Kushner just returned from Aspen"

FOILED AGAIN! House GOP Pulls Health Care Bill Before Sure Defeat


How does this sound, we will make trmpcare trump's Waterloo, or maybe we will make trump a one

They had 7 freaking years to craft a Health Insurance Program bill and they failed.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish Trump had had his way.

lol@President Trump thread

let's just take a moment to appreciate just how impressively epic this fail is

The bill failed because Republicans don't support abortions.

Report: Bannon Wants A 'S*** List' Of Health Care 'No' Votes

Today is the perfect time for dems to introduce a medicare for all bill at a big press event...


Bus, Mike Flynn, centipede, and the damn shoes that keep dropping

So, guesses on how Repubs spin this sack of flaming ...?

This is a big fucking deal. nt

Republicans - The Can't Get Anything Done Party

They have the House, the Senate and the White House.

"The only thing going right for the President is his

NYT correspondent tweet: Trump is going to blame the Democrats, says Obama will "explode"!

A message to GOP from Obama/Biden

Its dead - Per Rep.Renacci, Ryan told members they are moving on to tax. Bill was pulled for good.

Trump is now saying that he is willing to work with Dems?

Trump reverses position, now actually will be involved in Trump Organization

Final Version of House Healthcare Bill:

Trump's First Legislative Effort Fails as G.O.P. Pulls Bill to Repeal Obamacare

What's your favorite Donald Trump joke?


Chumpcare isn't dead...

45 0, USA. 1

Should Paul Ryan resign?

Chickenshit Trump won't make public statement . . .

This was such a leadership failure Ryan and Trump are now fighting over credit for PULLING the bill

Ian Millhiser. Heh.

Since it was wall to wall coverage of the insurance debate, I wonder what was not

So this is what happens when right wing AM radio policy advice is actually followed.

Has there been a change of rules for the LBN?

To The American People - You Know Who You Are - Take A Bow.....

So was there actually a regularly scheduled interagency meeting at the White House today?

Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted

Negative Nancy Here


Freepers having a sad! Sad!

Lurking Deplorables : How do you like your messiah now?

How sweet it is!

Trump is a LOSER!

Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

The reason the bill failed:

I just realized I have a Trump emoji, well kinda!

Ryan up now

Anyone know about counter MAGA rallies?

Don't know how to embed tweets BUT:

Ryan just pulled the TrumpCare bill. Buh-BYE, Paulie.

"Doing big things is hard!"

Need any more proof they are trying to turn the entire country into Wisconsin

I know she is a republican, but Ana Navarro is funny as hell sometimes

Trump's biggest campaign issue goes down in flames.

Anyone else yelling "fuck you, asshole!" at their TV right now?

Oh Lord. Ryan's not out of turd polish yet?


Yes he did.

This is the GOP's plan B for Obamacare

Anybody want to guess exactly how angry 45 is right now?

hey prez putz, Obama beats you again, w/o even trying

Were going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future Ryan

"Deplorables Matter Too" - LOL, bumper sticker I saw today!

It wasn't votes the Republicans lacked

Did Fox news really say "the winner in all of this is Obama"

Ryan Is Saying They Were Close - But.....

How is ACA going to blow up?

Who gets thrown under the bus first?

ACA- Mend it, don't end it. (that's what the public wants)

Jake Tapper: "An ignominious defeat."

"This is not the health bill you were looking for"

TRUMP is happy having this in the rearview mirror. "It's enough already,"he said of the negotiations

Trump unhappy Jared Kushner took a powder on the ski slopes as health care bill floundered

My husband seriously needs new underwear. I can find Jockey brand but where are the undershirts?

Nearly 1 million pounds of chicken recalled due to metal objects

Trump will continue to get financial reports on the Trump Organization...

The birds are coming...

BREAKING: TrumpCare Bill won't be brought back...

Nancy up now

Where are the "fiscal conservatives" now?

How long until Donald claims he never supported repealing the ACA?

So great having a businessman as President! He knows how to get things done!!!

From March For Life To Womens Strike: My Journey From Pro-Life To Pro-Choice (Good news 3-24)

"I'm sure glad the GOP sold their soul to a dictator-admiring huckster for conservative policy wins"

Fox news, CPAC speaker, Dennis Kucinich has officially crossed to the dark side.

Eric Swalwell is on the stage with Pelosi and Hoyer

FOMT: Fear of Mean Tweets FHMT: Fuck His Mean Tweets

Anyone remember that old Mel Gibson film, "Payback?" The whole Trump thing reminds me of one scene

Johns Hopkins study finds two-thirds of all cancer is just bad luck.

Donald Trump, who hates the New York Times, called Maggie Haberman to announce AHCA was pulled...

Today's winners and losers

Navarro strikes again

President Toot Toot The Truck Driver

Don't anyone get too misty-eyed thanking Republicans

Shep Smith nails Trumpcare fail: GOPs been 'screaming' about this for 7 years and can't get it done

Saturday's Forecast: Cloudy followed by a large tweet storm near dawn

The art of the fart.

Now is the perfect time for Dems to draw up bill to fix the ACA...

So who did request that the bill be pulled?

Just watched Lyin' Ryan on tv.

Karma, Kismet, Cosmic Justice.....

"I alone can fix it."

No - No - No - 45 - You Can't Blame The Dems For Your Failure.....

Is Paul Ryan's seat safe

'Anybody tired of all this winning?': Twitter heaps scorn on Trump and GOP over Trumpcare debacle

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 24, 2017

Watching [Redacted] and Ryan simultaneously flopsplaining AHCA: Priceless.

Did any RETHUGs vote for Obamacare?

is that kerig

Trump-"Phase two" was going to be fantastic.

He just blamed the Dems. Wait there's a Republican house and senate .rofl

What is really important to Cheeto, play- acting as President of the USA

"Obamacare is going to explode in an explody explosion."

Speaker Paul Ryan Admits Defeat: 'Obamacare For The Foreseeable Future'


Give DRUMPF an L!1 L l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l *LOSER*!1

Paul Ryan admits"Obamacare is the law of the land"

Paul Ryan promised you a big bowl of nothing and by God, he delivered.

No. Obama thought Hillary would win and fix the ACA

Hey 45 - The Pottery Barn Rule Kicks In Here With Respect To ACA.....

Donald Trump is a small, spiteful little man.

He just said he didn't need the dems , but then said it's their fault.ROFLMAO!!!

Jane Mayer on Robert Mercer & the Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon

MR. SPEAKER, only ONE THING can improve Obamacare. MEDICARE FOR ALL

I am watching CNN. I can't wait for the talking heads to pan this abomination of a speech.

Trump hopes for bipartisanship

Lol, Trump Says Dems Now 'Own' Obamacare

I never said Repeal and Repair in 60 days

New York Times : Trump Blames Democrats as Major Push to Repeal Health Law Fails

This isn't over.

Well was it 10 or was it 15? Can't your whips count?

"Tom Price is healthcare acknowledged"..... Donald Trump

David Gergen just called Trump delusional

Fox holds wake tonight

Gergen.... "He's delusional"....

Trump says he "never said repeal and replace Obamacare in 60 days."

Next defeat repeal mortgage interest deduction

"Trumps colossal failure"

Can a President be a lame duck in under 70 days?

With Respect To Health Insurance Companies Now Going Forward......

Neighbors arent loving visits to Palm Beach

It's only bottom of the 2nd

Tightwad with his money but a spendthrift with yours

Did Trump really say this? At work with no access to tv.

The failure of Repubs not to fix the problems with ACA, most of which they created,

Chuck Todd saying the Town Halls had a big impact on today's defeat

POTUS 44 Weighs In on Today's Events...

Remember last year when the GOP house passed a repeal bill?

The Dems need to not let the GOP continue the lie that the ACA was completely partisian. It wasn't.

LOL! George Takei is priceless!

Sao Paulo street art debate over what makes cities livable

Steve Kornacki ....Just Sucks!

Trump blaming Dems for Trumpcare going down in flames

Repukes suddenly think they're the party of diversity

Musing about AHCA alternatives...

The committee probing the Russia scandal has erupted into open warfare

Sean Spicer got "pronged" with his "three pronged strategy" that I heard ad nausem from him

Some days the Trump administration looks like a new kind of protection racket - Tom Toles

"Obamacare was passed without even one Republican vote".

What's happening while the focus is on the AHCA?

Will the repubs and health insurance co. destroy the ACA?

A lifetime of FAIL! Now with Trumpcare!

Sanders Statement on Defeat of Republican Health Care Bill

Pelosi: GOP health bill failure victory for the American people

Switching Channels: Faux news hosts losing it

Sanders Statement on Defeat of Republican Health Care Bill

'Hello, Bob': President Trump called my cellphone to say that the health-care bill was dead

Sanders: Canceled ObamaCare repeal vote 'major victory' for working class

Let people buy into Medicare where effective markets no longer exist.

Faux Snooze: "ObamaCare 'will explode,' Trump says after GOP pulls alternative"

Trump: TrumpCare Failed Because Of Democrats!

I guess I'll just call today, Good Friday.

So much winning!


I'm surprised 45 didn't take a vote so he would know who

Will anyone say it? For-profit healthcare is unaffordable.

Addiction, recovery & mental health services are still available.

"Today was a victory for all Americans." -Hillary Clinton

Politico: Trump more concerned about INAUGURATION CROWD SIZES than AHCA defeat...

We already know this, but

Presidents...must carefully nurture & guard their public image of wisdom, probity, patience, smarts

Trump not upset about AHCA going down.

I am really pissed!

Hillary Clinton Cheers Move To Pull ACA Repeal Bill As 'Victory For All Americans'

Sometimes a clusterfuck is just a clusterfuck

She persisted

Freedom Caucus AKA The Tea Party Bankrolled by Koch Bros - Save are Democracy, Vote Them OUT!

Trump: I alone can fix it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😄😄

It's such a perfect day.

Hey Cheeto, how's about this? You get the Electoral College to pass your healthcare bill

Quote of the day comes from Republican Joe Barton

Talking Head David Gergen called it "The worst first 100 years in history"

Obamacare to stay---time for the republicans to put it back

With health care bill scuttled, Trump and Ryan gear up for revenge

For Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), YOUR life, YOUR healthcare, is summed up in two words: Fantasy Football.

This isn't the AHCA, let's call it what it is. Trump/Ryancare

Appreciation thread to our democratic representatives and their leadership

Has everyone forgotten Ryan told Nunes to tell Trump? Why is Nunes taking all the Heat? (ODonnell)

Of all those disaster pixs of Trumpcare failing - This is the worst disaster pix

FAUX News "The Five" look like they're all ready to cry !!!

'Worst 100 days we've ever seen': Gergen slams Trump's 'delusional' response to Trumpcare fail


Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor, I'll piss on em.

Dear GOP: The "Freedom Caucus." You wanted 'em. You got 'em. Enjoy. n/t

Names, phone numbers and twitter handles of Sociopaths opposing Independent Investigation - CALL

I can't believe that Manafort and Stone are about to testify to their crimes. . .

Donald Trump played a game of chicken with House Republicans. Then he blinked. Bigly.

So much for the "Art of the Deal"

Pic Of The Moment: No Surprise: "Repeal And Replace" Was Just Political Theater By Cynical Cowards

What are the odds of Paul Ryan stepping down as speaker with in the next 90 days?

I'd like to personally dedicate this song to March 24, 2017

The Nobel Prize comittee has just announced they are

Nunes should be answering questions, not asking them.

Trump is RIGHT, it is the democrats fault that the American people have health care.

Now this is a selfie. Ha!

Paul Ryan: "Obamacare is the law of the land"

Congratulations President Obama! n/t

Schumer on CNN now

Cross posted from DU lounge. Photos from Lodz ghetto.

Trump unhappy Jared Kushner took a powder on the ski slopes as health care bill floundered

***Breaking***200 civilians killed by US airstrikes

Grade Donald Trump as a Closer

Viva La Resistance & We The People Assert Ourselves

Trump disappointed House conservatives blocked healthcare bill

A shambles.

White House Is Keeping a Shit List

A Republican Fiasco Years in the Making

Voters Oppose Most Trump Budget Cuts

Has There Ever Been a Crazier Week in Congress? No.

Trump tried to burn down Obamacare. He set his hair on fire instead ..

CNN? Why does Wolf Blitzer get so much air time?

To quote Robert Baril:

LOL. Trumpstains on social media are dumbfounded

we got pathology reports back. My sister's cancer spread to the lymph nodes

Russias Putin Picks Le Pen to Rule France

With Trumpcare behind him

In my best Casey Kasem voice, a dedication from Nancy in San Francisco to Donald in Washington

Trump Blames Democrats for not voting to gut there Own Bill

Hillary: Today was a victory for all Americans

Trump couldn't finish

Toon- At the Press Conference

So. What are you feeling tonight?

Embarassing Losses are Educational!!

I wonder if Drumpt's deplorables are now tired

Hardball Head's Up... Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin will be on at 4:30 PST

Thank you, Bernie!! -- Bernie Sanders Shares His Blueprint for Resisting Trump

Obamacare is the Law of the Land

FBI Director Comey visited the White House today

House Intelligence Committee open hearing into Russia links 'cancelled', says furious Democrat leade

Penn State ex-president convicted of one charge in Sandusky scandal

Ali Velshi destroys a flustered Fmr. Sen. Tom Coburn with pesky health care facts

Putting TrumpCare where it belongs

Paul Ryan Press Remarks After Trumpcare imploded (VIDEO)

I've just had a thought. The GOP gerrymandering has pushed the GOP elected reps to the extremes.

North Dakota governor approves concealed guns without a permit

How difficult was it for Paul Ryan to say this undeniable truth after Trumpcare implosion? (VIDEO)

Please call your senators about senate confirmations. Please.

Proof that the ACA is not "imploding" "collapsing" or "falling apart"

I'm celebrating but we're not out of the woods, Russiagate is our only chance

My favorite observation of the day. We have a temper tantrum president.

Why Lying Is So Easy for Trump

The Real Reason Why Obamacare Premiums Have Gone Up So Much

WaPo columnist Charles Krauthammer: "Single Payer within 10 years"

UN fears 200 died in coalition airstrike on Mosul

Who is Seth Abramson?

Can't wait to see those poll numbers next week

Baltimore mayor vetoes $15/hour minimum wage

Powerful Texas Republican sees tough road for 'bathroom bill'

Nancy Pelosi responds to epic failure of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump

A *very* brief history of Republicans in the 21st Century ..... and today

LIVE Stream Link: Sat. 3/25 at 1:30 Vermont Town Hall - Leahy, Sanders, Welch

Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare...

In these historic times, it is a GOOD day to be a Democrat

Judge finds UPS liable to New York over cigarette shipments

Not a selfie but Gurrlll ... check out this pic I found on the twitter

"Deliver the Goods"

Exclusive: Venezuela increased fuel exports to allies even as supply crunch loomed

Newt Gingrich: Complete ass.

Robert Reich: In a single week...

Are you catching on yet, Trumpers?

Black lawmakers call on FBI to help find missing black girls

Illinois governor vetoes Chicago pension fix, angers city's mayor

The big lie and I never hear them called on it

Turns out tRump and Lincoln agree.

Paul Ryan Plays Celebrity Jeopardy: Q "What is Obamacare?"

Tweety just shat in his Post Toasties.

If you did ANYTHING political since Jan 20, pat yourself on the back tonight.

Trump & Ryan hold cooking class on how to make chicken soup out of chicken shit.... Care for a bowl?

Pin-up cats ( a few slightly racy )

In case you hadn't heard (sorry if you have) that trump/kitten cease/desist letter

Trumps conflict-of-interest troubles come roaring back

How does a person respond to this?