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Do you drink a red or a white wine or beer with a tornado warning?

Mobilize for Reproductive Justice

Sanders will 'absolutely' work with Trump to lower prescription drug costs


Freedom Caucus Loses Member Amid Trump Recriminations for Health Care Failure

So ... has anyone looked at a copy of this book yet ?

Roy Cooper-NC should be on the 2020 Democratic Ticket.

Remember Sesame Street's "One of these things is not like the other" song? Hum it and click here.

House Schedules Vote on Eliminating Consumer Online Privacy Rights Next Week.

Reporter and photographers say they were assaulted by Trump supporters at Huntington Beach rally

I now have a 'favorite' troll

2017 US House Elections-Special Election Democratic chances of winning Republican held districts in

I'm not a North Carolina fan, but

Judge says Pulse lawsuit may be tossed out of federal court

caramelizing onions in a crockpot

Atheist John Halligan's sermon in a Brazilian church: 'I felt it was the respectful thing to do'

I'm worried about our congress people

Catholic social teaching and the duty to vaccinate

60 minutes - I want to destroy my TV tonight

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 March 2017

Asperger's, not what you think it is Krister Palo TEDxYouth@ISH

For the First Time, Religious Group Campaigns for Civil Marriage in Israel

In Somalia, a tiny Catholic community brings a glimmer of hope

Trump could actually help Obamacare thrive if he wanted to

Internal Republican Conflicts

Warner of Senate Intel: why he hesitates on independent commission (it's much slower)- video

Donald Trumps Rise Has Coincided With an Explosion of Hate Groups

Schumer did great job on this week wgeorge: Clear, strong, informed, confident.

John Dickerson (Face The Nation) Just Won The DUMBASS REPORTER OF THE WEEK Award. No small feat.

The showdown that exposed the rift between Republican ideology and reality

Scott Pelley is pulling no punches on the nightly news and people are taking notice

Surprised that Lounge-teers aren't watching "Feud" Bette/Joan by LANGE/SARANDON on FX

Thanks to Berkshire's success, Warren Buffett is giving away a fortune that just keeps growing

Sanders boosts Arts Education at Town Meeting in Hinesburg

Marijuana could be legal in Canada by 2018

Sanders boosts Arts Education at Town Meeting in Hinesburg

#TrumpRussia 50 tweet MEGA-THREAD by Seth Abramson

Report: Ryan pleaded on one knee to deny Americans health coverage.

This Trump tweet was one of his most terrifying lies yet

I'm agitated about the NC General Assembly

Keep Obamacare alive, because the Trump family is still making money off it..

Please add an alert for fake news.

Community shows support for Islamic Center of Fort Collins

Omaha residents skeptical of streetcar plans, questioning project's $150M price tag

Should DU have an alert or policy for posts with suspected fake news sources?

Stymied by the restrictions of government, Trump empowers Kushner..

Its All Going So Well

Ivanka Trump to attend W20 womens economic summit in Berlin..

Maple Bourbon Oven Baked Salmon

Wow! American Crime is telling a tale...

Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas

Nebraska Legislature committee crafts early version of tax cut package

Fox News mocked for 'alert' that Trump spent weekend working at White House

America's for-profit media corporations catastrophically failed us

Nebraska lawmakers hear testimony on proposal to allow concealed carry without a permit

Friday's magnificent debacle

Flush With Victory, Democrats Are in No Hurry to Reconcile

Gay Texas A&M Student Body President Asks to Meet with Rick Perry, Who Charged Him with Stealing the

Scheer: Nebraska legislators won't get free meals from lobbyists during debates this session

Senators give final OK to bill barring candidates who owe civil penalties

From the 'Now I've Head Everything Dept' - United Airlines bans spandex!

The koi don't play fair

Lets remember if these Jerks go behind close doors in the Intelligence Committee


Bill to end automatic collection of union dues from state paychecks faces some pushback

Bill to end automatic collection of union dues from state paychecks faces some pushback

130-plus citizens, groups file to intervene in approval process for Keystone XL route across state

Time to Renew the Spell to Bind Trump

Twitter thread on Steele dossier

Gravitational Waves Boot Gigantic Black Hole from Galaxy's Core

Trump Reorganizing Govt Mass Contracting Jobs To Business Cronies.

Paul Ryan got down on one knee in unsuccessful bid to woo conservative Rep's vote on healthcare bill

The Kushners

If an IRS investigation prevents showing your tax returns, then surely...

Jewish Group: Jewish man makes anti-semitic bomb threats: is this internalized oppression?

Video of Jared Kushner's SWAT team in action

Trump Said to Issue Far-Reaching Reversal of Obama Climate Push


Insults Fly Between Democrats in New York Senate, Underscoring Rift.

Conservatives Worry Flesh-Eating Robots Will Consume Christians

Excuseme, I think you left your cat outside

Jared Kushners building is a filthy deathtrap: lawsuit

The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump The Election Is In Plain Sight

TRUMP: I just want to stay in WH and "work my ass off"

Seats: we could win these four states ...

Why Stay In Manhattan When Moving To DC Means Your Husband Can Show You This Kind Of Public Respect?

They should be embarrassed.

The religious right elected a man who is guilty of most of the 7 Deadly Sins

Alt right going into conniptions at DI regarding probable Russia collusion.

Cross Posted. We could win seats ...

What is a production worth to Wilmington?

Cross Posted. We could win seats ...

Cross Posted. We could win seats ...

Cross Posted. We could win seats ...

I noticed that on the subscriptions page it says

Intel community: No record of Nunes using their secure rooms on his midnight run

Nebraska Dems criticized by far-right outlets for giving voter-registration forms to refugees

Regulator, attorney say oath wasn't broken with outside job

Senators end ban on teachers wearing religious garb

'Bathroom bill' to cost North Carolina $3.76B

They persisted

Rainy-day fund could provide stability for NU students and state of Nebraska

Good plan for former college campus

North Texas man gets 10 years for $5M cattle-buying scheme

Trumps Weekend Working - Everyones Laughing At This Fox News Tweet

Chu's day. 「Lovesick girl」‐LIVE 新宿RaNY

<MV> Chu's day. 「ROCKSTAR」

Impeachment date

Style Icon Sanders Town Hall Shoes

Graffiti to highway signs in KCK will add $20,000 to taxpayers tab

High school students killed in Japan ski resort avalanche

Joe Scum is tearing the Con a new one

Kansas House Democrat makes impassioned plea not to withhold KPERS funding

Australia braces for 'absolutely huge' Cyclone Debbie

Kansas legislators explore options for state worker raises amid tight budget

Let's Get Them all Out of There!

Democrats cancel special meeting due to low turnout

'People aren't spending': stores close doors in 'oversaturated' US retail market

Oklahoma Democratic Party hires Native American liaison

South Korea seeks arrest of ex-president Park Geun-hye

It looks like Fox is turning on Ryan

Closing schools could be hard sell for Oklahoma City school district

How does the Chump In Chief pass infrastructure without the Freedom Caucus?

Did state Senate stub toe on medical malpractice bill?

Petition Launches To Change Norman Street Named After KKK Leader

Another escalation in Iraq: The U.S. Army sends new reinforcements to Mosul

"I alone can fix it."

Morning Joe on Crack

Did you know that the russian anti-corruption protests yesterday were sponsored by Soros and CIA?

Serving alcohol until 4 a.m. could be an answer for safer nightlife

Once a fixed issue, the VA disability claims backlog is on the rise again

Trump approval for Keystone pipeline doesnt guarantee itll be built. Keep up the fight!

Can there be bigger marks than the Deplorables?

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. Don't gloat; get ready for round 2. Organize!" ...

1- UPDATE: Did Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich meet with the Trump family in Aspen last week?

Budget hearings mark Oklahoma Legislature's halfway point

'Good Samaritan' overdose bill doesn't advance in Oklahoma Legislature

Senate Cmte. to Question Jared Kushner Over Meeting With Chief of Russian Bank Penalized By Obama

Former senator makes first court appearance in child prostitution case

Montreal Gazette - Federal New Democrats future could use a bit more Bernie Sanders ...

As Climate Records Tumbled In 2016, Network News Coverage Of Climate Stories Collapsed

A Deplorable, A Freedom Caucus member, and Alex Jones walk into a bar...

Not 1 Question For USDA Nominee Perdue On His Whackdoodle Climate History

Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians

China's Air Quality Substantially Worse In Jan-Feb 2016 Than One Year Earlier

16 Oklahoma state parks could close under 'worst-case scenario' 14.5 budget cut

House Science Cmte. To Hold Climate Hearing From Which We'll Learn Nothing

Tecumseh police officer critically shot overnight after traffic stop, exchange of gunfire

New high school math class hopes to solve problem affecting 40 percent of Oklahoma college freshmen

Sen. Jim Inhofe says climate change extremists 'are not going to give up'

Broken Arrow lawmaker opens up about past sex abuse

Oklahoma House Democrats offer their own budget proposal

Phoenix In Climate Crosshairs; Has Two-Person Americorps Staff To "Build Resilience"

Paul Krugman: Theres A Much Bigger Con Man In American Politics Than Donald Trump

Tulsa Jail legal woes may burden taxpayers with millions more past $10M Elliott Williams verdict

Jamaica's Iconic Hellshire Beach Going Fast; First The Reef Died, Then The Sand Washed Away

Chances are good that Boris Epshteyn was the active WH person under FISA

Trump Monday Morning Victory Lap, Border Edition: "Many are not even trying to come in anymore"

Reuters - Sea Levels In China Hit New Records In 2016

Trump Passes The Baton Of Technological Leadership & Innovation To China

Oklahoma Senate takes historic stand against LGBTQ discrimination

Did Jesus Really Exist? This Book Series Says Hes Mything in Action

Trump actually thought NATO members pay dues to the U.S. like protection payments

Trump supporters... have finally figured out that he is lying-a lot. The truth is, they don't care.

The Secret Service has spent $16k so far on golf cart rentals for Trump trips to Mar-a-Lago.

Boris Epshteyn Named in July FISA Application; Did Nunes Obstruct Justice?

A couple is suing Georgia to name their daughter Allah

It's not "normal", folks.

Developers to build 40k-acre wind farm in Johnston, Murray and Pontotoc counties

AP Exclusive: 'Bathroom bill' to cost North Carolina $3.76B

Lobotomies come in many flavors. . . . Please come CAPTION Roger Stone!!!

ICE detains 26 offenders reporting for community service in Fort Worth

Boris Epshteyn, Trump TV Surrogate, Is Leaving White House Job

Outstanding article by Congressman Adam Schiff on rise of the autocrats

"You tired of winning yet, you orange mothe"

Everyone needs a grandpa who can rant like this!

It's boring...Trump hasn't done anything crazy in 60 hours or so.

Watching Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix

Noam Chomsky warns that it is possible tRump may use a false flag terror attack against U.S.

Trump has cost the US travel industry $185m in lost revenue, with significant drop in flight searche

America: so sick of all the winning.

A question for DU military veterans

Apparently, Trey Gowdy has never heard of the Benghazi hearings.

Peter Alexander reminds me of a young Dan Rather.

The United States National Health Care Act

A timeline for the #TrumpRussia debacle

Just asking: Did Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich meet with the Trump family in Aspen last week?

The innocent lives lost amid Trump's war on terror

My take on how career Republicans view newly-minted SWAT Team Action Figure Jared Kushner.

AP Exclusive: 'Bathroom bill' to cost North Carolina $3.76B

Have you ever gone UNDER Route 1?

Justice Democrats.

The ongoing twitter game of: --this one didn't age well--

Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians

Ivanka Trump Has a New Book. The Question Is Who Gets the Money

22 ultra-Orthodox men arrested for sex assaults on women, minors

Tweet You Will Not See By Drumpt

America is 'waking up to walking catastrophe' of Donald Trump, former Labor secretary says

25 SPACE FACTS Youve Always Wanted To Know

UN to kick off talks on global nuclear weapons ban

Obstruction of justice?: Trump's team "wiping their elec devices" in anticipation of subpoenas

BREAKING NEWS: Bannon asks Michael Flynn to help moving his bathtub in through his 4th story window.

*****Oh boy, Dow down 175 points on open as health care bill fails *****

Has there ever before been a White House so full of incompetents

Just got a CNN bulletin Jerrod

Toshiba wants Westinghouse to file for bankruptcy as early as Tuesday: source

Noam Chomsky: Trump could stage a "false flag" terror attack and "change the country instantly"

Jared Kushner volunteers to talk to Senate panel over Russia meetings

PBS is the only network reporting on climate change. Trump wants to cut it.

Republican Congressman fesses up that Trumpcare just a tax cut scheme (VIDEO)

Republicans are facing another government shutdown, and they may not be able to stop it

Each Shows How SCREWED We Are With Trump/GOP. Resistance Must Be Constant.

The republican party can no longer govern and protect our way of life because

Inside Oklahoma's #1 Mugshot Tabloid

So much for all that winning: Will the health care debacle expose the fraudulent nature of Trump's..

It looks like Trump is going to ask "us" to save his floundering presidency.

Republican Congressman has come to the realization that health care is a right (VIDEO)

Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey

Trump notches his 13th golf course visit

Now Trump is begging us to help him.

Nuclear arms abolition negotiations begin

Dear Donald, What to do with your NATO 'invoice':

Par for the course: White House says Trump's golf outings to his courses were "meetings"

Check out these cool Science March superhero tees!

Nunes went to WH to get his information...

Pic Of The Moment: 66 Days Of President Trump, By The Numbers

Hong Kong protests: Nine activists 'to be charged'

Meanwhile in Washington @SenSasse questioning WhiteHouse silence on #Moscow - 700 arrests in Moscow

NBC News signs former White House press secretary Josh Earnest

Nunes says he was on WH grounds day before revealing Trump surveillance info

The Yankees killed Santa Claus (and other strange Civil War things)

In the spirit of Ole Abe,,,,,,,

Should Democrats help Donald Trump save his floundering presidency?

CNN: Nunes was on WH grounds the day before intel announcement last week

Joe Scarborough: Trump can't remake government if he doesn't know how it works

i'm thinking we should stop calling donnie a "liar"

"Like A 5-Gallon Bucket Of Earthworms"

U.S. top court rejects bid to revive $7.25 billion credit card settlement

Masked burglars rob Bellagio hotel

Early voting begins TODAY for special election in Georgia!

Senator Graham talks Obamacare, gets booed

Early voting begins TODAY for special congressional election!

Pence revives talk of U.S. moving Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem

Several students feared dead in Japan avalanche

Hong Kong shoppers injured when escalator goes into reverse video

NYT: Irish Catholic straight man tells Dems to "stop being the abortion party" to "win again"

TRUMP: "Dear Diary" - by Tom Tomorrow

Democrats introduce the 'MAR-A-LAGO Act'

dear republicans, are you tired of winning?

Watch as plane flies through Southern Lights

Former WH Spox Josh Earnest Makes Debut As NBC, MSNBC Political Analyst

New study could shake up the dinosaur family tree USA TODAY USA TODAY

So: -Devin Nunes won't deny that WH was his source

Watch freshman save friend with Heimlich

If Trump is sincere about wanting our help he could pull Gorsuch and nominate Garland

EARTH HOUR around the world

NASA's Plan To Use A Giant Magnet To Make Mars Habitable

The GOP's problem is, Trump has undone the unification orchestrated by Rove/GWB.

US Bumblebee Lands on Endangered Species List

Spider Cure 9 News Perth

700 year old man's face is revealed -Science News

America's Number One Rabble-Rousing Pro-Trump Sheriff Is Under a Growing Cloud

The freedom caucus which i believe is the tea party, they are trumps worst nightmare. How ironic.

GOP congressman faces furious constituents at packed Texas town hall

SAVAGE fight between Pro-Trump marchers and Anti-Trump ANTIFA protesters

All These Trump People Volunteering To Go Before The Intelligence Committee To Testify.....

Epshteyn (just fired from WH) Named in July FISA Application; Did Nunes Obstruct Justice?

Wall St. hits six-week low on Trump's healthcare bill defeat

Life Magazine - 1954

60 Minutes: How fake news becomes a popular, trending topic

If Pelosi and Hoyer play their cards right, they can fracture the House

Dem senator: 'Not inclined to filibuster' Gorsuch

Sorry, but working with Trump on key legislation would serve two purposes

Sen. Coons: GOP Will 'Almost Certainly' Go Nuclear If Dems Filibuster Gorsuch

Coal executive: Trump 'can't bring mining jobs back'

Where are we regarding the Russian treason,collusion investigation ?

Dems say a White House by any other name ... still needs a guest log

Oh My: BREAKING: Breitbart denied Capitol Hill permanent press credentials

Rich people are happy to pay for wars, prisons, and a police state; but not for health of citizenry

Jared & State owned Development Bank?

So I heard on the car radio that Trump will let Kuchner modernize government.

Juan Williams: If Obama had acted like Trump...

The Scorpion and the Frog

So Nunes had to rush to the WH last week to tell Trump what he had learned AT THE WHITE HOUSE

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Bring Out Your Dead (Heath Care Plan)

Ann Romney says Mitt would've accepted State position if Trump had asked

Dealt a Defeat, Republicans Set Their Sights on Major Tax Cuts, less ambitious

Dear Senate Democrats: FILIBUSTER!

Republicans who opposed the health care bill showed they neither fear nor love the president.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

'We set a low bar - and he rammed his head into it': Economist rips Trump on CNN

Georgia Dems normally raise $10,000 for this House seat. This April theyll have $3 million.

Devi(l) Nunes got the information from the White House he gave to the White House

Devin Nunes Met Source On White House Grounds Day Before Claiming Trump Team Was Surveilled

Trumpflation setback sparks rush back into euro zone bonds

If Trump is sincere about wanting our help he could concede the presidency and yield the position to

Israel's Netanyahu pledges to work with Trump on peace efforts

While Trump approval plunges nationally, it goes UP in Utah

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Prepare For An Important Dinner

Just in: Chuck Grassley wants to investigate political opposition research firm behind the dossier

Question about required flood insurance amount

The one piece of federal infrastructure I fully support Donald Trump building:

Mexicans who help build Trump wall 'traitors,' top Archdiocese says

Fuck trump and fuck anyone even thinking of working with him

The government should be run like a great American company"

Grassley wants details on firm tied to controversial Trump dossier

Old attendance record shattered as curtains close on RodeoHouston 2017

Question submitted by Aristus.

NSC offices, you say? Where the top WH #natsec lawyer works....who BY THE WAY was Nunes' lawyer unti

Trump's associates and friends 'still go via his longtime Trump Tower secretary to contact him'

What happened to trump as a child that makes him such a piece of shit as an adult?

California's Devin Nunes (CA-22) is fucking us over ... how do we fuck him back?

We Are Dealing with Toxic Levels of Smarm

Trump supporters call for Kaine's son and other protesters to be prosecuted

Breitbart Denied Capitol Hill Permanent Press Credentials

After healthcare loss, investor faith wavers as Trump turns to taxes

Nunes belongs in an orange jumpsuit and in jail

Once again we all need to be screaming it in many different ways:

Dems delay Senate panel vote on Supreme Court nominee

Obama approval in March of 1st term: 60%. Trump approval in March of 1st term: 40%. #HelpMeJared

We don't negotiate with illegitimate presidents. Period.

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump Is 'A Distraction In And Of Himself'

What exactly is an orange shitgibbon?

London attacker interested in jihad but no evidence of IS link: police

Here are your GOP'ers who are OPPOSED to Independent Investigation on Trump/Russia ties...

Never forget the fact that Drumpt

Spicer directed Nunes to rebut NY Times Trump-Russia story, and he complied

Dollars to donuts this is who sent Nunes the text.

G.O.P., Once Unified Against Obama, Struggles for Consensus Under Trump

Anyone wonder why the Russian protestors had yellow ducks

Voters Never Gave Ryan a Mandate for His Bill

2014 Bloomberg article on Giuliani law firm's global expansion. Moscow client mentioned: Rosneft

How in the hell is a Royal Family ok In America?

Republicans No Longer Fear Trump

Amateur cloud-spotters lobbied to add this beautiful new cloud to the International Cloud Atlas

ThinkProgress puts it into video form: Unraveling Trumps tangled ties to the Kremlin

Who was the Woman in the Famous Great Depression Photograph?

Walking and chewing gum...

One thing really bothers me about the Trumpcare failure...

We have Chump on The ropes. Why, pray tell , would we help him and let him off?

Charles P. Pierce: We Are Dealing with Toxic Levels of Smarm - Enough with Neil Gorsuch.

Raw Story just posted the Jared Kushner Aspen coincidence story with a great headline

Jared Kushner flew to Aspen same day as "one of Putins closest confidants" whose wife is pals with

******* BREAKING******* Gallup Trump Approval 36% Disapproval 57%

Will Sachs Crony, Jay Clayton, be confirmed SEC Chair?

Truncated LBN Subject Lines

Adam Schiff vs Devin Nunes

Malcolm Nance: Nunes Source was WH staffer googling names on Classified Internet.

Dems - If you truly believe 45 illegitimate, stop working with him

Think Progress .... a must see .... Trump's links to Russia

Trumps morally repugnant budget must be defeated: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Ooh, Ooh, Let Me Testify.....

Trumps morally repugnant budget must be defeated: Sen. Bernie Sanders

White House lawyers may be illegally sharing

Fugelsang finds an old tweet from Newt on rotten Obama golfing, 2013

Dozens of Dogs Rescued From South Korean Meat Farms Land In U.S: Huff Post..

Rep. Swalwell finally calls Bu!!sh!t ...

Slate - "Nunes Surveillance Claim: Its Coming From Inside the White House"

Nebraska Democratic Party draws fire for putting voter registration forms in gift baskets for refuge

Louise Mensch: Did Nunes Leak FISA Warrant Info via White House Lawyer Michael Ellis?

Paul Ryan Is Finished, And 2018 Is Looking Good For Progressives

The Daily Dodge...Aka

The German Government Denies Reports That Trump Gave Merkel A NATO "Invoice"

Live stream: Spicey's Press Briefing

Today's episode of The Russian Affair is sponsored by the law firm of

Trump keeps demanding credit for Obamas successes

Why the Hell wouldnt Dems work with Trump?..

Breaking -Sessions speaking at Briefing on Santuary Cities n/t

So will anyone at the presser ask Sessions any Russia questions?

*****BREAKING***** Nikita Beauregard Sessions is speaking- beating up on undocumented workers

Intelligence panel chair reviewed sensitive file on White House grounds

Crushing Stretch Armstrong with hydraulic press

Time to stop buying any Exxon products?

Democrats should use Gorsuch nomination to expose Republican hypocrisy.

Here's a relevant sanctuary city question for Jeff Sessions:


Time to burn up Congressional phone lines again. House votes *tomorrow* to sell your internet info!

Trump's Approval Rating Is Now 2 Points Lower Than Obama's Lowest Rating Ever

Donald Trump is behaving like 1930s fascist dictator, explains Yale historian

That Pig Sessions..

Russia who?

Breitbart Denied Permanent Senate Press Gallery Credentials

Jon KARL a.k.a. *TOOL* roots for DRUMPF to be "the transformational president he wanted to be"


Peppers in vinegar. I like it on greens. Anyone tried adding more vinegar when the vinegar

'he deserves an up or down vote' rich coming from the republican party

Brace yourself, taxpayers: Trump's plutocracy doesn't come cheap

Brace yourself, taxpayers: Trump's plutocracy doesn't come cheap

A photo for anyone who accused Trump of not "working hard" on TrumpCare. LOOK! He's WORKING, dammit.

No response from Sessions about Hate Crime

Sessions says grants to be withheld from sanctuary cities

America's dumbest ongressman is at ut AGAIN!

The Law is Pretty Clear....

Devil Nunes is the topic du jour at Spicer's presser.

Should we be allowing people to advocate for right-wing sites like this?

Devil Nunes thought he could help Trump win a news cycle . Was it worth it ?

Drumpf taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas

Dick Cheney: Russian interference in US election may be "an act of war"

Drumpf taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Sunland Derby

Official: Canada Expected to Legalize Marijuana by July 2018

DICK CHENEY: 'No question' Russia meddled in the US election, and it could be 'an act of war'

Onion: GOP Makes Good On 2009 Promise To Block Presidents Healthcare Bill

Why Trump's populist appeal is about culture, not the economy

(WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD) About Showtime's "HOMELAND" and the "Sock Puppet" episode...

A bit of ocean liner history passed by my window today

Why do some people insist that government should be run like a business?

Spice-Boy: "hate crimes should be called out in the most reprehensible way"

"We are so sorry that we did not do our jobs before, which is why we are in this mess" should be

About "working with Democrats"

Sen. Mark Warner---Nunes behavior suspicious.

Leggingsgate - What's your Opinion

Grande Dame Cesaria Evora

Photo: "I prefer my candidates as fed up and exasperated as I am."

Did someone tell Spicey about the clump of shit stuck in his teeth?

Zaha Hadid Architects/Jared Kushner Unveils Monumental Skyscraper Project for NYC

In Spicer's latest presser

Time to move. Owners approve Raiders move to Vegas

You know, I don't care

Remember, the folks who inundated social media with anti Hillary crap

Melissa McCarthy will do Spicey this Saturday with a huge piece of spinach

Spicer 'Not Concerned' About Leaks After News Of Nunes Meeting On WH Grounds

Well now that's interesting: Looks like @jaredkushner just deleted all his tweets. UDPATE

Preview for Wednesday's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Do Trump Staffers Need an Immunity Boost?

Dear JeffyBeau: Where's the rest of it?

Cross posted from GD - Why Trump's populist appeal is about culture

Is there a list of the 35 Russians Obama expelled over New Years?

Sean Spicer on Nunes' White House sources: 'Anything is possible'

Funny u never heard these MSM Aholes whine and complain,,,,,

Southern Conservatives Are America's Third Party

WH won't commit to defunding Planned Parenthood in spending bill

Here's the Hot, Time-Limited Deal for Trump Transition Team:

"'Religious left' emerging as U.S. political force in Trump era"

Nunes to join Wolf Blitzer live at 6pm ET

Republicans dont have the votes for the nuclear option. - They know Gorsuch could go down.

Trump is now the third most unpopular President ever

Summary of Dem Sens who need calls about their positions on Gorsuch cloture

Michele Bachmanns missing million: Federal elections officials want to know where $1 million from...

Do you think the doctor who invented Kegel muscle exercises gets royalties from when people do them?

Hillary Clinton Is Speaking At Georgetown University On Friday

You really want to see Trumpeesta's heads explode?

Breitbart Has Been Denied Permanent Congressional Press Passes For Now

White House Fence Jumper Arrested For Similar Offense On Sunday


(The Jewish Group) The JCC Arrest and Antisemitism in the USA

Roger Wilkins, Champion of Civil Rights, Dies at 85.

What, if anything, can we expect out of Thursday's Senate hearing on Russia?

Did KANSAS, of all places, just see the light?

The 5 Most Deranged Conspiracy Theories from GOP Mega-Donors' Bizarro Climate Conference

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Attorney General Jeff Sessions For Obstruction Of Justice

What do you feel would be a good policy on illegal immigration?

Duffel Blog tells the truth again

Bring out the racism! TPM re Sessions today -" Interesting Timing"

Schumer just called on Ryan to remove Nunes

Please CALL PAUL RYAN - Demand That He Remove Nunes!! Ryan: (608)752-4050 (262)637-0510 (202)

James Bond ... umm James Nunes, No ... Devin Nunes!

This whole Russian thing should be relatively easy

House spat leaves Senate in drivers seat on Russia probe

Trumps morally repugnant budget must be defeated: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Alyssa Milano will drive you to vote for Jon Ossoff in GA-6...

I need your ideas! I'm running out of collars and need a solution...

Today: Dow's longest losing streak since 2011....8 days

Trump travel ban case could be on fast track to appeals court's full bench

"This is a nightmare for Trump": CNN panel says Nunes stunt will make White Houses life miserable

Las Vegas Raiders

Sobering: how the Trump presidency is succeeding

IMO, I think Gorsuch will fold and withdaw.

New Orleans' drug-related deaths exceeded murders in 2016

Schumer: Ryan should replace Nunes on Intel chair

Tax Reform is not as "emotionally charged". .

Seth Abramson starting another mega thread about Russia

ATTENTION! 8:00 tonight, KISS ME KATE (1953)

Gallup: Trump Approval Rating Now Lower Than Obama, Clinton Records

'This is a nightmare for Trump': CNN panel says Nunes's stunt will make White House's life miserable

NYPD Cop Who Fatally Shot Ramarley Graham Quits

Wolf:Nunes coming up on Wolf show Cnn NOW

Retailers get aggressive in fight over GOP tax plan

The Weekly Standards Arsenal to Fight Falsehoods: Facts, Logic and Reason

100 days of Trump claims: 'As 63, we've counted 317 false or misleading claims'

Georgia Dems normally raise $10,000 for this House seat. This April they'll have $3 million.

Why don't Democrats change the narrative on regulations?

Cheeto instructed Fox News to "tell America I stayed at WH to work"

🐦 March 31 7:30PM - Warren, Sanders to appear together at Boston rally Friday

Trump's accomplishment is impressive

It was the Democrats fault it was Paul Ryans fault it was my son-in-laws fault it was the

Warren, Sanders to appear together at Boston rally Friday March 31

My representative Tim Walz is running for Governor!!!!!

Why The Queen Isn't The Real Villain In Snow White

Trump approval, Gallup: 36%, 2 points lower than ANY time in BOTH Obama terms.

The Peeps Oreo cookies are interesting. I found them at the grocery store.

Nunes supposed to be on Wolf Blitzer at 6 pm

Argentina's Macri purchasing over $2 billion in U.S. military equipment.

Donald must be scouting for the next future ex-Mrs. Donald Trump in the meetings he keeps

Roger Wilkins, civil rights champion in government and journalism, dies at 85

Argentina's Macri purchasing over $2 billion in U.S. military equipment.

Boris Epshteyn abruptly resigned his position at White House this weekend.

Wikileaks Denies Roger Stone Had 'Back-Channel' Contact With Assange

Fearless Girl Statue to Stay in Financial District (for Now


As a Democrat I can't think of anything better than bolstering a GOP president with 36% approval

Chris Hayes just retweeted this, but I'm PRETTY SURE it's Fake. BUT, it's hilarious.

Dear CNN, Kushner didn't exactly "volunteer" to meet with the Senate Intell Committee

Areas of Dallas VA hospital evacuated: suspicious package

Stephen Hawking's New Voice

I'm on the same side as Dick Cheney, my world is upside down.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 28 March 2017

So what did s___forbrains F'up today?

Trump Repeals Regulation Protecting Workers From Wage Theft

Army Veteran Charged With Murder As Act Of Terrorism In Deadly Midtown Stabbing

How Trump is succeeding.

At 91, Ella Brennan Still Feeds (and Leads) New Orleans.

I am getting a pop up advertisement on the lower right front on my screen and I have to

Trump son-in-law met with U.S. sanctioned Russian bank; will testify


First on CNN: Border wall ask: $1 billion for 62 miles

Spicer: White House "driving the train" on tax reform. Hmmm...high on cocaine, perhaps?

The Clown King says Obamacare is "exploding", GOP's defunding of "risk corridors" provision is why

How long before Sean Spicer says Donald Trump only knows Jared Kushner in passing?

President Obama on Amazing Grace after confederate flag removed after the Dylann Roof mass murder

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 27, 2017

Did I Miss Kushner's Election To Office & His Mandate


New Jersey credit rating cut for 11th time under Christie

Rachel Maddow Crushes Fox News As Viewers Stampede To MSNBC After GOP Health Care Fail

Why do all cartoon Bears have the same last name?

Expect more deadly heat from climate change, study says

What does "working with" Trump look like?

Here's the (ludicrous) invoice Pres gave to Merkel over #NATO dues. #net30's that Simple.

The future is female: Over 10,000 women sign up to run for office

Clean energy employs more people than fossil fuels in nearly every U.S. state

How long before Nunes' tearful apology?

Mummy of Ancient Egyptian Nobleman Discovered Along Nile River

Trump endorses stealing..

So far, SNL has material from Jared Kushner, that guy Nunes, and Boris Epshtain (hey, we'll

Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate Internet Privacy. What Are You Going to Do About It?

What Is the True State of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? (w/Guest Alex Lawson)

Court filing: Convicted former Christie allies lied at trial

mr nunes, where's the shit? this is almost a week ago and no one has seen a single thing.

Every third sentence Nunes speaks is "This has nothing to do with Russia"

Board recommends rejecting clemency for 2 Arkansas inmates

To lighten things up- Sin City Is Getting an NFL Team

Wherein Glenn Fucking Greenwald could benefit from a dictionary:

Racist sword killer says he'd mulled racial attack for years

A golden oldie...Al Franken & Tom Davis "hang out with The Grateful Dead" at Radio City Music Hall

Cautionary Notes on Select Committee for the Russia Matter: pros and cons (Lawfare)

Tweety - Deception

Number of N. Korean hackers rises to 7,700: report

AP Exclusive: Colombia 'panic buttons' expose activists

Yes, we've noticed.

Fake news sites: a listing

Is the Devin N. thing a smokescreen or really an issue?....

Nunes is up to his eyeballs in Russia, Russia, Russia

Nunes: Intel at White House came from Executive Branch

DUers from California:

Nunes switching cars, evading staff, and conducting his own investigation. Seen it before.

Trump Deportation Force Just Shot A Legal Resident

New Keith Olbermann video: "This is about treason, treason, treason, treason, treason...and TREASON"

Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians

March for health

Top Intel Dem Schiff calls on Nunes to recuse himself from House Russia investigation

Why President Trump has been very good for liberals

Don't you think they're cute as hell?

Fox once again does Trump's bidding:

Cheeto shit is nothing new...Roman history

Oh yeah, NOW we are supposed to do stuff on a bipartisan basis.

Devin Nunes Just Gave An Interview That Was A Total Disaster For Trump

Four year Old Pitch By Boris Epshteyn On Money Connections With Russia

Western Iowa soldier's remains identified; missing in Korea for decades, now he'll be buried at Arli

Honest people don't take a meeting with the people they're investigating without their team

Western Iowa soldier's remains identified; missing in Korea for decades, now he'll be buried at Arli

Montana transgender bathroom bill killed in committee; ballot initiative vowed

I don't think Nunes saw any intel at the WH

Isn't Ivanka friends with Putin's daughter?

Company: Oil in pipeline under Missouri River reservoir, will be in service soon

Is Trump Himself 'Deep Grope"....

Montana Senate rejects increase in resort taxes

Sarah Silverman to Host Weekly Topical Show on Hulu

Rachel Maddow Crushes FoxNews: Maddow beats O'Lielly & Lawrance beats Hannity HOOT!

On Muslims' agenda: Fight anti-Sharia proposals in U.S. states, including Montana

Montana bill to prohibit protesters from covering their faces is killed