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Archives: March 28, 2017

Jason Linkins, HuffPo: Just imagine what Kushners daily schedule is going to be like.

Inmate visitation at Montana State Prison limited to two days a week, for now

Schumer: Ryan should replace Nunes on Intel chair

Trump's de facto First Lady/fantasy mate Ivanka and Betsy DeVos

North Korea conducts another missile engine test, US officials say

Mom described her stretch marks as glitter stripes,

Montana woman sentenced in bank fraud returns to court

Negotiations to ban nuclear weapons begin, but Australia joins US boycott

Robert Reich is live now.

When men write op-eds abt how pols should abandon reproductive justice to win elec

So far, I love it here!

When men write op-eds abt how pols should abandon reproductive justice to win elec

Cost for Montana to comply with REAL ID over $2M per year

RIP, Trumpcare: How the Health Care Bill Crashed and Burned

So you are sick of all my anti Trump posts...

Montana caregivers push for wage hike for those who help disabled

Chris Hayes has Mo Brooks (R-AL) on his program. Brooks is batshit crazy and Hayes is . . . . .

Climate change: human fingerprint found on global extreme weather

Montana bill would require schools to set suicide prevention plans

Food safety info

Humor. *snort* Hilariously Accurate.

Top US coal boss Robert Murray: Trump 'can't bring mining jobs back'

How Right-Wing Media Saved Obamacare

Suppose it comes down to a brawl btwn tRump and Ryan

The All-Male Photo Op Isn't a Gaffe. It's a Strategy.

Montanans Grow Weary of Gianforte's Shenanigans

Montana TEA Partier Hijacks Revenge Porn Ban, Forcibly Inserts Victim-Shaming Amendment

Montenegro NATO accession clears hurdle in U.S. Senate

Harris wanted to "make white women rethink interracial relationships"

Mylan underpayment on EpiPen could exceed proposed settlement -study

I'm so obsessed with this scandal that I'm getting where I can pronounce these Russian names on the first try

MSNBC live stream

Trump Repeals Regulation Protecting Workers From Wage Theft

White Man Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Black New Yorker Is Charged With Terrorism

Perry pushes Nevada nuclear waste site in first official visit

In case you missed it, Supergirl and The Flash sing 'I'm Your Superfriend.'

Giuliani & Mukasey flew to Turkey for Erdogan meeting last month as Iran-related case pends in SDNY

Waters 2020

Rob Quist Leads in 2nd Straight Montana Poll Gianforte Missing

Mar-A-Lago Assistant Manager Wondering If Anyone Coming To Collect Nuclear Briefcase

Maryland lawmakers vote to ban drilling known as fracking

Bible and rocks thrown through doors of Colorado mosque

Milbank: Trumps high life starting to add up for taxpayers

60 minutes report on Fake news sites states there are "Liberal" fake news sites....

Montana Legislature considering solutions to states overcrowded prisons, jails

U.S. government watchdog to review Mar-a-Lago trips, Trump hotel profits

U.S. government watchdog to review Mar-a-Lago trips, Trump hotel profits

Sites wanted: Dicks Drive-In heads south with its next location

The White House is suddenly no longer concerned about leaks

Montana bill introduced to increase direct care salaries by expanding tobacco tax

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Drain the Swamp! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Aren't there visitor logs at the WH?

U.S. attorney general Sessions says sanctuary cities may lose federal grants

Peduto(D Mayor of Pittsburgh Pa.) Budget proposal would shield youth jobs program against Trump plan

Every time they deny accusations of all those awful meetings

AP Exclusive: Price tag of North Carolina's LGBT law: $3.76B

Cyclone Debbie: 'Monster' storm reaches Australian islands

Dems Demand Nunes Recuse Himself; Swalwell: he should be nowhere near Russia investigation (HuffPo)

Rachel Maddow connecting the dots with the esteemed son-in-law

Yesterday on MSNBC... I'm running for Congress against Steve King!

Secret Service: 16 grand in golf cart rentals

REPORT: Trump Killed More Civilians with One Drone Strike than Obama did in Eight Years

"I voted for Trump ..."

'toon: V.P. duties

Facebook's 'Town Hall' is probably the best thing the social network has ever done

Excellent first day of early voting in GA-6

Kids are listening more than we think.

The WNYC/NPR call-in show "Indivisible" is an interesting format for intelligent, good humored

REVEALED: Guiliani met with Turkish president on behalf of client charged with violating US-Iran

What 9 Muslim Students Want Trump to Know-wish you could understand that I am just as human as u...

How did I miss this?

The Las Vegas raiders (yes this is political not sports)

How's this for a crime?

Does anyone have inside info on World War Z 2?

He's trying to change the subject.

Plan to dig up U.S. president's body deemed "mortifying" by family

Seriously, who isn't tied to Russia?

Trump tweeting on Russia - saying Hillary & Bill and Podesta need to be investigated...

"On Being" this week is the best discussion I've heard about transitioning. The guest teaches at

LTTE that is good for a laugh: Early childhood education part of communist ruse

Hats off to the Russian people in the streets protesting the corrupt Putin regime

$181,000 in severance proposed for ousted Bozeman, Montana city manager

Fences or Wall :(

I cannot wait for this election to be over

For a fascinating interview with the first out transgender employee of an Orthodox institution,

Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians

Montana bill attempts to clarify victim rights amendment, but opponents say courts should decide

Hey Twitler, speaking of uranium, how about Plame?

Today in science: Great Alaska earthquake

Senators Are Increasingly Concerned Carl Icahn Is Profiting off Trump Adviser Role

Montana lawmakers table privatization of $1.6 billion WC insurance fund

Rep. Ted Lieu shreds illegitimate Jeff Sessions over threat to cut funds for sanctuary cities

Rescue Puppy Born Without Paws Was Adopted, And Now Hes Getting A Life-Changing Gift!

Does anyone know if this is the official portrait of the trump* cabinet?

Scoop: Trump wants to do tax reform and infrastructure at the same time

Paul Ryan: House Republicans will continue their push for health-care reform this year

The Guiltless pResident

I'm 60 years old

WSJTrump Teams Ties to Russia: A List of Whos Who

Unfazed Or Disengaged? University of Wyoming Teaching Students React To K-12 Cuts

University of Wyoming president says outreach could boost fall numbers

The All-Male Photo Op Isnt a Gaffe. Its a Strategy.

Rex(Wayne Tracker)Tillerson May Be in Hot Water Over ExxonMobil Emails

Wyoming experiences population drop for first time in 27 years

Love Rep. Ted Lieu

Ted Lieu is awesome. Wish he was my congressman! Check out his tweet wall

Justice Department action signals serious legal concerns for Hunter

Hey Spicer wet your pointing finger and see which way the wind blows when you answer a question

Please Remember...from David Frum

Kansas Senate votes to expand Medicaid as Gov. Sam Brownback doubles down on opposition

I don't get the Game of Thrones references? I haven't viewed it

Nunes will not step down from Russia probe

irritable bowel or a bad burrito? 37-min tweet storm

Life imitates art - Foyle's War

CollegeAmerica closes its doors in Cheyenne

Ailing Vermont Town Pins Hopes on Mideast Refugees

Lacking E.M.T.s, an Aging Maine Turns to Immigrants

University of Wyoming voluntary separation program more popular than expected


Blaming the victims: dictatorship denialism is on the rise in Argentina

Disturbing 1995 Prediction by Carl Sagan Accurately Describes America of Today

2 fined nearly $31,000 for poaching elk on TV hunting show

Kaine (D-VA), Bennet (CO), Manchin (WV), Leahy won't block Gorsuch: please call them!

CO lawmakers want to give consumers more protection against zombie-debt collectors

Eye of Tesla

Senate's gun-rights bills shot down by House Democrats


Trump and the GOP's Health Care Con Falls Apart: A Closer Look (3.27.2017)

Denver Listed as Uncooperative by ICE in Weekly Report Ordered by Trump

Trump pressures House Intelligence Committee to probe the Clintons ties to Russia, not his

Brian Williams: Nunes' WH grounds games were ruse to shut down public hearing tomorrow - Yates

Does Ken Salazar's Rejection of Governor Run Open the Door to Mike Johnston?

IF GOP is not going to investigate Trump/Russia ties, Democrats should not permit SCOTUS vote

Fighting Free the Nipple Topless Order Will Cost Fort Collins $250K, Attorney Says

I am thinking that Donald Trump will be at 34 percent job approval tomorrow.

I returned to work today after 3 and 1/2 months. I had 4 foster/illegal students removed from rolls

Lawsuit seeks data over searches of electronics at US border

Rep. John Culberson's (R-TX) Town Hall & Protest in Houston Texas - We are still fired up (VIDEO)

Atheists among the least afraid of deathOxford study


Trump Treating Presidency Like A Family Run Business.

The Playa-Hater Phenomenon: The Daily Show

I Don't Feel Bad for the Trump Voter whose Husband got Deported

It Is Clear The GOP Will Continue To Try To Destroy The Health Care System In US.

Stone Age caves found in Odisha

Comey refuses to testify for House intel

Why is Jeff Sessions lecturing cities about the law...

Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders - A Groovy Kind of Love (VIDEO)

Nunes' "gag order on Sally Yates"

Senate Republicans Kill Transgender Birth Certificate Bill Again

Did anyone else hear

Yea or Nay: Filibuster the Debt Ceiling?

Heiltsuk First Nation village among oldest in North America: Archeologists

Palace remains in Mexico point to ancient rise of centralized power

Palace remains in Mexico point to ancient rise of centralized power

U.S. government watchdog to review Mar-a-Lago trips, Trump hotel profits

Is Kellyanne Conway Breaking the Law?

This Fucker going to rollback Obama's effort on Climate Change

I think Putin has some Video of Nunes

So I found this video to make a point about where we are today.

This emo parody song of Trump speeches is gold


Trump said during election: "And the thing with the terrorists-you have to take out their families"

One of the best investments you could have ever made...

April is NC Beer Month

I'm on my iPod right now...

Stan Garnett Opts Not To Run For AG

Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity, to his face, that he's bad for America

BREAKING: Suspect arrested in Fort Collins Islamic Center attack

Meet Phil Covarrubias, Colorado's Newest National Disgrace

Former GOP state chair, charged with voter fraud, does the right thing and resigns from radio show

The Ever-Deepening Mystery of Devin Nunes

Married hedge fund executive, 56, who lost billions with Bernie Madoff, leaps to his death from the

Lawmakers pitch fix for child welfare caseworker crisis

Remarks by President Trump at Greek Independence Day Celebration

Colorado budget proposal cuts youth surveys on drugs, sex


Colorado State University study: minorities and female professors earn less

University of Northern Colorado sets fundraising goal at $45 million

Mesa County eyes tax for DA, sheriff

Rep. Ken Buck faces constituents who place health care first

CU Boulder may ask applicants to disclose their sexual orientation

Kushner and Trump: Taped At Secret Trump Tower Meetings With Russians - SPECULATION by L.Mensch

Man who lit himself on fire outside Lafayette Walmart dies--cites FBI harassment

Musicians owed thousands after Colorado Masterworks Chorus dissolved

Some state lawmakers seek to protect birth-control access

The Doors - The Crystal Ship (VIDEO)

Saudi, Jordan sign deal on $3 billion in Jordan investments

Taxpayers may wonder how booming economy leads to budget cuts at Colorado Capitol

Colorado Springs can again feed its Blue Bell craving

Rudy Giuliani represented international money-launderer violating US-Iran-sanctions.

Michigan, Flint to replace 18,000 lead-tainted water lines

Brexit engineer Nigel Farage hired to promote effort to break California in two

GOP-dysfunction could lead to a government-shutdown on April 28th.

Can someone explain to me if someone introduces a bill for Single Payer either in the

Marijuana businesses form coalition to defend against federal intervention

World's biggest dinosaur footprint discovered in Australia's own Jurassic Park

Bill hopes to study, reverse Colorados growing teacher shortage

$3 Thousand Per Foot for The Wall

'Their message is urgent': the Holocaust survivor and his 7,000 pieces of antisemitic propaganda

Major overhaul to help rural Colorado could be a game changer for the legislative session

You just never know where a search will lead...

Kathrada: South Africa's anti-apartheid veteran dies aged 87

Denver will spend $200 per hour to investigate allegations against deputy police chief

Solid gold coin worth $4m stolen from Berlin museum

Alyssa Milano Wants To Drive You To The Polls In Georgia

Logan County man gets 48 years in prison for theft and securities fraud over trailer scam

Kayleigh McEnany Says Obama Rushed off to Play Golf after Daniel Pearl was Killed

Utah's largest job fair to be held in Provo

Aurora code enforcement officer recorded himself soliciting prostitutes on body camera

Two of Utah Legislature's top tweeters talk social media tactics

House Intel Chair Devin Nuness One-Man War on the Pentagon

How to overcome "Writer's Block" in 40 easy steps.

Navy Senior Chief Sentenced for ID Theft and Bank Fraud

"The Art Of The Faustian Deal" - coming soon by Donald Trump

Pahrump Man Sentenced To Six Years For $35 Million Penny Stock Fraud Scheme

Utah Democrats welcome veto of bill gutting partisan limits

Five Lessons From Trumpcare's Collapse...there's no better time to fight for single-payer.

Filibuster Question

Eagle Mountain Ranches HOA lawsuit decision of $14M in damages brings both sides to the table

New Poll: Perriello 26%-Northam 26%; Gillespie 38%-Stewart 11%; Platt Leads Dem Race for LG

Utah governor signs medical marijuana research bill

Sally Yates had revelations for House Intel about when she told WH Flynn lied -Nunes nixed hearing.

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Special Counsel, Michael Ellis, now works for Trump

They're reaching:

Utah's governor signs abortion-halting legislation

Leader of Russian anti-corruption protests jailed for 15 days

Laughable... Ex-Phoenix sheriff Arpaio wants his campaign talk banned at trial

Kushner and Trump: Taped At Secret Trump Tower Meetings With Russians?

If Trump Care Had Passed...

Days to deadline, Salt Lake County faces pressure to halt homeless site recommendation

New York's Fearless Girl statue to stay on till March 2018

Tuesday News: Trump Declares War on Environment; Nunes Must Recuse; Perriello, Northam Tied in New

Are there really Democrats who want to make a deal with this clown?

Jared Kushner, Chief White House Nepotism Beneficiary (Colbert)

Ann Romney sees son Josh Romney running for Utah governor

Alice's Restaurant

This Trump tweet hasn't aged very well.

Of course congresssional SCIFs don't have access to info traitor Nunez mentioned on Blitzer

Three burglars entered an Oklahoma home. The owners son opened fire with an AR-15, deputies say.


We're not your customers, we're your boss.

The ballad of the bard who threw poo.

Amid turmoil, House Intel Committee scraps meetings this week

Gov. Herbert says health care reform is 'absolutely a necessity'

The Ryan graphic used in that NYT article is funny. I hope it bothers him.

MDs Race Against Time To Vaccinate Somalis; 13,000 Cholera Cases So Far In 17; 15,000 In All Of 16

Governor signs concealed carry bill for young adults

Farcical Environmental Rollback Will Do Zero On "Energy Independence": "We Don't Import Coal"

"There's gonna be so much whining. You'll get tired of all the whining."

The Soul-Sucking, Attention-Eating Black Hole of the Trump Presidency

Somebody Edited the Invertebrate Wikipedia Page to Include Paul Ryan

"Scared little boy, tweetin' on the loo, Scared little boy, tweetin' the loo"...SING with me, DU!

For Democrats who want to work with Trump and diminish ourselves in the eyes of the world.

The return of Colombias paramilitary nightmare

NSW Environmental "Policies" Failing On Multiple Fronts; Climate Fund Bankrolls Land Clearing

Utah guv hails President Trump's repeal of BLM land-planning reforms

CNN Steve King (r-loon)- today's TV destroying moment

Hillary Clintons comeback tour to include a speech at Georgetown

Bite Me (Luckovich Toon)

Here are your GOP'ers who are OPPOSED to #IndependentInvestigation-CALL THEM PLEASE..


Salt Buildup Growing In CA Central Valley; 88,000 Acres In One District Already "Retired"

"This is what a cover-up to a crime looks like." Rep. Eric Swalwell on Devin Nunes

Migrants are now drowning off the coast of Mexico, too

Expect New CO2 Levels At Or Above 410 This Spring; Do Not Expect To See 400 ppm Again

Chumpy at new approval low, 36%, 57% disapproval.

Costa Rican Town Fears That the Sea Will Steal Its Shiny New Face


Costa Rican Town Fears That the Sea Will Steal Its Shiny New Face

Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu, Mocks Jeff Sessions After AG Announces Attack on Sanctuary Cities

Trump's Weakness, Revealed - 'He lost. He choked. Like a dog, he choked'

Vanity Fair Asks: Is Trump's Chaos Tornado A Move From The Kremlin's Playbook?

With riveting words from Julie Kocurek, son, panel OKs security bill

I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations

South China Sea: Aircraft hangars, radar installed on artificial islands

Tourist Credits Monkeys After Surviving Nine Days in Amazon

When Trump CLAIMS today that Ford jobs are because of him say BS!!

Gorsich & Garland-Udall's suggestion too far fetched? nt

Trump and Russia: The controversy explained (Think Progress)

Amazon tribe has the healthiest hearts ever studied

Trumps environmental executive order is everything we feared.

Amazon tribe has the healthiest hearts ever studied

"The WH will direct government agencies to root out all rules, all policies, and guidance documents

TOON: Trump gets behind GOP elephant

PANIC: Trump Team Wiping Electronic Devices in Advance of Russia Investigation

Another Trump Embarrassment: Obamacare Replacement Is Dead

Lawsuit: City of Taylor discriminated against black business owner

Big Bend Futuristic Skyscraper- ROFL

Deplorable Who Confessed to Killing Black Man in Midtown Is Now Charged With Murder and Terrorism

Could the Senate Intel Committee request the testimony of Speaker Paul Ryan?

North Dakota church white supremacist Craig Cobb is buying destroyed by fire

Robert Van Wisse to plead guilty Tuesday in 1983 killing of UT student

Donald Trump thinks Mitt Romney Choked like a dog, Pittsburgh PA, 06-11-16

Maryland Teens Mass Shooting Plot at High School Stopped by Her Parents

Cyclone Debbie: Deadly storm batters Australia

They're here!...Passenger Drones and Flying Cars

Senate gives initial approval to voter ID law changes

Trump Goes On Nighttime Twitter Rant About Russia Probe, Health Care, (proof he's nuts)

Oppose the Trump Border Adjustment Tax That Punishes The Poor To Give Tax Cuts To The Rich.

The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming...


GQ: Photo of Paul Ryan Leaving White House Shows How Trumpcare Went Down

I gave up checking the Madman's Twitter feed for Lent, but apparently he's onto whataboutism now?

3 people killed as fire burns troubled Oakland building

Officials Ruled Inmates Boiling Death An Accident. Documents Show They Omitted Key Details.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Losers gotta keep losing

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: More AHCA fallout

The world's largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years is hitting Africa as Trump slashes foreign aid

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Trump's treasury secretary accused of ethics violation after Lego Batman 'plug'

Ai Weiweis provocative Fences artwork coming to Downtown Brooklyn

Wyoming will be a leader in reducing CO2 emissions, state official says

The very edge of a city: Mexico City's deepest hinterlands in pictures

I've spent the last 24 hrs reading everything I can get my hands on, and sadly

Josh Earnest, Obama's press secretary joins NBC, MSNBC

In distress.....

How far are Republicans willing to go with Donald Trump?

Trump blames everyone but himself

Paul Manafort's Puzzling New York Real Estate Purchases

Massachusetts securities regulators fine San Antonio broker-dealer

'Religious left' emerging as U.S. political force in Trump era

Abby Lee Miller quits 'Dance Moms' before fraud sentencing

Analysis: States with more Planned Parenthood clinics have fewer teen births and STDs

'Sightings' of extinct Tasmanian tiger prompt search in Queensland

Chelsea-area mom accused of having sex with 14-year-old

"Carlos the Jackal" sentenced to life for 1974 Paris attack

Florida Congresswoman Tells Trump: Pay Up Or Keep Out

How many more Russians do we really need before we shut this thing down?

Swalwell on Nunes: This is what a cover-up to a crime looks like

I plan to

Why is it that just about every russian that met with

National Security Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress...

With Nunes cancelling committee sessions, will the Senate take over?

Fox News hypes WikiLeaks claims about Clintons ties to Russia just as Trump asks followers to watch

Hedge fund executive who lost millions to Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme jumps off hotel balcony to hi

Trumps DHS boss threatens to walk out of meeting after Muslim advocate criticizes racial profiling

A coworker just quoted, by his own assertion, his favorite line from Scarface

Trump White House sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to

English breakfast "Fry Up", made in one pan only.

Awww, we so mean to Deplorables!1 SCHUMER "caused a scene" with CALIFANO's wife in restaurant

Trump budget cuts could jeopardise efforts to end homelessness among war veterans

America has never seen a party less caring than 21st-century Republicans

Mom says TSA treated family "like dogs" during son's pat-down

WP: Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia

Which of Trumps Cronies Will Flip on Him First? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

The Dots are getting closer and there is a connection when taken together in their totality

Eminent domain for Trump's border wall is fine, says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Raw Story: in or out?

Australia scientists uncover dinosaur footprint that may be world's largest

The REAL reason Republicans are against immigrants revealed at MarLego this weekend

Poisonous talk radio

Anyone Else Get The Feeling That Something Big...

Why 'sanctuary'? California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye explains (March 16, 2017):

Trump Supporters Probably Happy Russia Helped Donald Win The Election.

Efforts coalesce to avoid cavern collapse in New Mexico

Another instance of O'Reilly being an arse (video tweet from MMFA):

Kevin O'Leary takes one between the eyes!

31 to 67 percent of Southern California beaches may become completely eroded by 2100

Nothing less than the inherent integrity of the legislative branch is at stake right now.

Michael Steele "Trump is going to build a wall..."

Trump touts jobs as Ford invests $1.2 billion in Michigan plants

One thing last week taught us

Schiff Statement on Cancellation of Today's Open Hearing With Sally Yates

the republicans are really really really up about losing the healthcare bill (press conference)

Gov. says furloughs could start next month

Big shift looms for local governments, school boards

Joy Reid: The cover up...

WTF? Nunes cancelled ALL the meetings this week?

Tom Brady to play another 6 or 7 seasons?!?! Pats' owner Robert Kraft says it's possible

She has a PhD, they're college dropouts....

Arizona couple get prison for $604K theft from man's parents

Russians! Russians! More Russians!

WH on Lockdown. Suspicious package?

Deportations could devastate New Mexico's economy

Bernie Twitter Video: We cannot allow Republicans to cut Medicaid

Open Call to Sally Yates: Speak to the Public because Nunes

Bernie Twitter Video: We cannot allow Republicans to cut Medicaid

Republican lawyer files three lawsuits against AGs Office over records requests

Lodger's tax legislation awaits governor's pen

Meeting with FOP: President says he wants a list of all,,,,

Nunes on why people want him to recuse himself as House Intel Cmte chair: "Because I'm effective."

Benghazi Pay Scandal Just Came Back to Bite Trey Gowdy

Is Nunes still going to the "Ag Lenders Society" in his district this Friday

VERY IMPORTANT new Tweet from the President, with ADVICE on how the NYT could do much better!

O'Reilly mocks Dem Maxine Waters for wearing 'James Brown wig'

Terrorist written outside Muslim man's New Mexico business

Schiff: Was today's open hearing cancelled because WH did not want Yates to testify re Gen Flynn?

2013: Newt Gingrich points out one of the single greatest differences between Trump and Obama.

Ryan: Don't tie Planned Parenthood to government funding fight

Heh. Fox News gets trolled after "Trump Working This Weekend at WH"

Ryan Backs Nunes as Intelligence Chairman Rebuffs Recusal Calls

Devin Nunes makes me think of a person trying to put his fingers in the dike.

I'll never ever forget

Nunes needs to be indicted

In the waning days of 2016 we were warned: save the data

Pic Of The Moment: How The Republican Party Is Working For You This Week

More cruelty from Trump reactionaries

First Woman Fire Chief in WV

Paul Manafort's Puzzling New York Real Estate Purchases

Robots Are Slashing U.S. Wages and Worsening Pay Inequality

republicans don't believe in science...sad

CBS obtained a copy of the letter sent to Yates attorney by the WH.

Chuck Schumer‏: My message to you: Keep organizing, keep calling & keep marching. Your actions ar

Scottish parliament backs Sturgeon's call for second independence referendum - Politics live

Are There No Patriots Left In The Repug Party?......

United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683.

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump a Mover not a Shaker

Gowdy, who railed against leakers now says it doesnt matter where info comes from

The Fix is in!

As Trump Touts Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Trying To Take Credit For Something That's Been On The Books.....

Payn, sorry, "Paul Ryan" timeline on TrumpCare "because we want to get it right."

Girl thinks broken water heater is a robot - really, really cute!

Mission Accomplished: White House evasive as House Intelligence Committee grinds to a halt

Attorney requests move for Victoria mosque fire suspect's case

Dear Gap (and other retailers): Listen to this girl

Paul Ryan: Nunes should not be step aside, claims he doesn't know the source of Nunes' info.

If they have nothing to hide, why not let Yates testify? Right?

So it is now up to the Senate HEarings to Make Hay on the Russian Scandal

the house is set to vote on repealing internet privacy rules....

Get Rid of AG SESSIONS! WeNeed LAWYERS! DC, Alabama!

By trying to silence Sally Yates, the Trump WH just made her testimony FAR more important.

American Patriotism

Sanders to headline progressive 'People's Summit'

While Trump is preparing for Xi Jinpings visit, he still has no ambassador to China

Sanders to headline progressive 'People's Summit'

The Left-Handed Whooper OR How Dum RU?

Humans 'Domesticated' Mice 15,000 Years Ago

Daniel Denato--young guitar phenom--Ghost Riders in the Sky:

WP: Trump is about two weeks away from discovering how complicated tax reform can be

Harrop: Trump, automakers shouldnt make California an enemy

Emptywheel: Did Trump Just Confirm He Hid Sally Yates' Warning From Mike Pence?

Robinson: What Trump could learn but wont from defeat

State House plan: Tax wealthy, businesses to pay for schools


Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obamas climate-change record

Barry Jenkins's The Underground Railroad in the Works at Amazon

In Health Bill's Defeat, Medicaid Comes of Age

Report: Rule banning leaping FG blocks expected to pass

Affordable Care Act Repeal Is Back on the Agenda, Republicans Say

Analysis Heres when well know the future of Obamacare

Guess we can kiss it goodbye:,,,

NTSB releases dashcam videos of December 30, 2013, Casselton, North Dakota, oil train derailment

David Frum hits the nail on Cover-Up in his tweet.

Arkansas Schedules 8 Executions, in 10 days time

Stunning advocates, Gov. Matt Bevin vetoes mental health law

Queensland OZ hit by Cat4 cyclone Debbie

"The leaks are real. But the news is FAKE!"

Justice Ginsburg tells Texas to stop ignoring science

Special edition Robert Reich Resistance Report interviewed Chris Hayes.

drip, drip, drip

this gif never fails to brighten up my day

Sen. Casey's next town hall: April 2 in Scranton

"but still, like the air, I'll rise"

Trump Officials Tried To Stop Sally Yates From Testifying On Russia Ties

Why Trump was/is/will be in the future terrible for our country in two stories

Another right wing asshole arises from the State of Wisconsin

Little Miracles.

Racist 'assassin' indicted as terrorist in NYC murder of black man

Spicer is losing it!

Spicer just freaked out over a Russia question

They want your browsing history..easy way to make them pay

Obama holes up suffering pangs of creativity in writing his book

Intel Dem on Nunes: This is what a cover-up to a crime looks like

Icahn Raises Ethics Flags With Dual Roles as Investor and Trump Adviser

Lazy Assed Cheetolini is refusing to throw Opening Day ceremonial pitch

Trumps approval hits a new low of 36 percent but thats not the bad news

Dear White, Christian Trump Supporters: A Follow-Up

Anyone have a DJI Mavic Pro drone?

News from Brownbackistan: Kansas lawmakers just dared Sam Brownback to veto Medicaid expansion

In 1974, the GOP lost 49 House and 8 Senate seats.

Sally Yates to testify before Senate panel even if she doesnt appear before House committee

Ok, rookie question but...

GOP congressman Raul Labrador "people dont need paid family leave" leaves Morning Joe speechless

Finished with taxes! Almost had a heart attack yesterday when I was 90% done

Article Raw Story: Melania is being asked to leave NY City

Take a look at how the President treats an ordinary citizen

Sally Yates to testify before Senate panel even if she doesnt appear before House committee

Business Poll: Christie approval at 20 percent; 'Don't know' leads among Dem, GOP primaries

Jimmy Kimmel: Sean Spicer As A Looney Tunes Character

If Deadpool Were A Musical...

The Irish people told us how to deal with Trump

A side of Standing Rock that you have never seen...

Bolivia's Morales to return to Cuba for throat surgery

Former Fox News CFO Offered Immunity To Testify In Payments Inquiry Report

Sean Spicer feels he can disrespect April Ryan because she is black.

Brazil police raid brokerage for allegedly laundering 'Car Wash' bribe cash

Today is Respect Your Cat Day

Trump claims executive privilege in lawsuit

Linda Black Elk..We are not giving up

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

Wanna meet another one of our Wisconsin dingbats?

"Pray to God that I will not be the candidate", Said Lula, Warning His Opponents

Will Suburban Activism Pave the Democratic Path To The House?

Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies.

Sean Spicer says April Ryan is 'hell bent' on talking about Russia

The airline industry goes after United over "leggings"

Are the House and Senate investigations into #TrumpRussia related and mutually dependent?

This United thing has gone too far

Can the senate intelligence committee make a sitting congressman testify? That would make me

Regulation rollback is scary.

Senate Democrats Vow to Block Border Wall Funds

Trump Theme Song for Today

LePage considers starting state health insurance plan to replace Obamacare

OMG! This dummy is repeating the "U.S. steel for the Keystone pipeline" malarkey again

Donald Trump is afraid of.....

April Ryan, lol

Re: the response some people had to the United Airlines "leggings" issue:

For those of you on twitter, you gotta follow

I go to the gym for a few hours and then turn on the tv and see Sean Spicer ne Streicher has lost it

The piper will be paid

People Are Super Confused Over A T-Shirt On Sale In Trump Tower

Homeowner's Son Killed 3 Teen Burglars

Homeowner's Son Killed 3 Teen Burglars

Do you think that to keep a lid on Russian connections, there might be a few sudden deaths?


What walking dead would really have to deal with, 20 years into the post apocalypse.

Has anyone seen the bill O'ignorant little thing?

I came across this image in my computer today

Nunes Paralyzes House Intel Committee - Rachel Maddow

Dogwood and Clouds

Administrative Professionals' Day: Nice acknowledgement or demeaning?

I proudly stand with April Ryan

The Women Trolling the GOP with Bills That Restrict Viagra Use and Ejaculation

White House Denies Trying to Block Sally Yates From Testifying

April Ryan

Ex-CIA Acting Dir. McLaughlin: this is the most effective covert op that Russia has carried out..."

Jim Himes: I'm Waiting To See Evidence Of Surveillance Morning Joe

The uses of bureaucracy AKA why didn't I think of this? (smbc toon)


KRUGMAN: Trump support in coal country is ultimate demo that there is a sucker born every minute

A day in the life - "Robots are taking your job."

If you want to know why @AprilDRyan just tweeted Lawd!!!! this is why.

American workers are burned out, Bernie Sanders says

Calls Grow For Devin Nunes To Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

American workers are burned out, Bernie Sanders says

Republican says Raider move is great for their fans:

Senate Intel Cmte just announced - a presser tomorrow to provide an update on Russian investigation

Nunes all over the place, now invites Comey back to testify:

Help astronomers find our Solar System's 'ninth planet'

Why Is A Dairy Farmer With No Intel Experience The House Intelligence Committee Chairman?

***** trump signs executive action repealing clean power rule

Civilians deaths in Iraq and Syria

Senator Ben Cardin: Devin Nunes 'Lost All Credibility,

We are going to move forward on the things the American people sent us here to do

Baltimore's Democratic Mayor Breaks Promise, Vetoes $15 Minimum Wage Bill

I posted about Russian dressing twice yesterday. Today Spicer steals my line.

"A nation can survive its' fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

Trump's climate policies put China in charge of our future

Republicans just shut down Trumps request for border wall funding

Paul Quinn Becomes First Historically Black College to be Designated a Work College

Thousands of water lines to be replaced in Flint settlement

Voice of the people: Bernie Sanders will headline progressive Peoples Summit in June

Michael Moore, Trump kills Mother Earth today...

Architect Wants To Turn Old Subway Cars Into Housing For Homeless

Classic MAD

Senate budget guts funding for UTRGV School of Medicine

O'Liely meant his apology for racist comments so much he is dedicating his next show to...

My sister and I are trying to add more plant-based proteins into our diets.

Like the old saying goes " Can't stand the fire get out Punk"

i sell lemonade. free for emts, police, firefighters and their kids. but not if they wear leggings. Files Federal Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Nunes for Violating Espionage Act, House Rule

GOP Israel group says Sarah Silverman is a self-hating Jew

Grand Trunk - last steam powered passenger run, March 27, 1960

Cruz And Cornyn Co-Sponsored Bill That Allows Your Web Browsing History to be Sold Without Consent

18F To 54F Above Normal For Much Of Arctic Basin This Week; Ice Loss 1 Month Ahead Of 1990s Mean

so if the white house allowed Nines into a SCIF without registering, did they commit a crime?

Nunes says will not share sources with other members of committee



Medicare eligibility

If there's nothing to hide

Appalachian coal country, where sisters see little change in 40 years

First GOP lawmaker calls for Nunes to recuse himself

The Latest Gambit to Save the Bathroom Bill

Nearly 2,000 lawyers ask for Jeff Sessions to be disbarred

House just voted 232-184 to take away your internet privacy

Jennifer Rubin--again it bears mentioning that she is a Republican--is not mincing words on Trump.

The Most Colorful House in Texas

Atlanta has a cat cafe now!

DNC asks all staffers for resignations.

Why the fuck is Tom Delay back on TV instead of being in prison?

Oh man! I forgott just how much I hated Tom Delay! He's on MTP Daily and he's worse now than

Repubs keep complaining of lack of choices in the health exchanges

What do you use for cat and dog flea treatment?

Pierce: Do Not F*ck with Sally Yates

Joe Biden: The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period.

****Breaking*** Federal Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Nunes.

This Is Trump's Plan to Stop the Opioid Epidemic. It's...Underwhelming.

Question-does anyone know whether under the anti privacy

Former County Judge Paints Picture of Dallas Corruption in John Wiley Price Trial

Special Report: Trump's Business Network Reached Alleged Russian Mobsters

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 28, 2017

Whoa! From CNN:

wealth inequality: it's physical and flowing

This young Deplorable on the local radio has scratched the bottom of her barrel: "I hate bees!1"

Jeff Sessions sounds like Foghorn Leghorn on helium.

Alex Jones Is Mad Media Matters Is Tracking How His Hate Is Funded

The House just voted to wipe out the FCCs landmark Internet privacy protections

Why the hell is there a debate about financing Trump's wall?

What did Donald Trump say about Condi Rice in 2006 that was derogatory?

Paul Ryan Told Devin Nunes Take Info To Trump - Paul Ryan says Devin Nunes shouldn't recuse himself

Why we have sex

OMG! Will April the giraffe deliver already??!

Keith Olbermann: Russia is a spike-strip down the road on Trumpolinii's joy ride

WTF is wrong with Oklahoma?!

and as to getting along or working with tRump, Paul Wellstone says it all.....

Help Coke come up with a new advertising campaign

Manafort-Linked Accounts on Cyprus Raised Red Flag

Defending Putin more than you defend Obama..

Bernie Twitter Video - Mr. Trump: You are threatening the lives of our children and grandchildren

MMFA: Bill OReilly has a lengthy history of racist commentary:

Bernie Twitter Video - Mr. Trump: You are threatening the lives of our children and grandchildren

Uh....Is Trump Wearing a Diaper in This Photo?

Why in the name of all that is good would a Democrat throw a drowning Trump a lifeline?

'Way Out of Line: Iowa Voters Rethink Support for Steve King

'Handmaid's Tale' author weighs in after Hulu trailer gets trolled

OK, here's airline "non-rev" pax rules:

Best Cover Songs Ever?

Richard Engel is reporting on Paul Manafort and his financial ties

I used to say there was no such thing as evil. Not any more.

Why is Wolf Blitzer?

VPNs Won't Save You from Congress' Internet Privacy Giveaway

Leon Panetta, former CIA Director, on CNN said...

Tomorrow's the big day! Trump will prove that Obama wire tapped him

SHOCKING: Latino City Councilman reacts to Mayor calling him 'boy'

Tucker Carlson falls apart as guest confronts him with university study on sanctuary cities (VIDEO)

Governor LePag, Maine..said something intelligent..TPM, (about hurting Americans & ACA)

Great new "Love has no labels" commercial !

White House blame game intensifies as Trump agenda stalls

Bodies of Missing UN Investigators Found in DRC

In Private, It Turns Out That Trump Is Pretty Much the Same

Groper Don the Con is a narcissist

Trump Tries Outreach to Moderate Democrats

Nunes' hometown paper Fresno Bee calls him inept, bewildering,

Execution statue, with firing squad, heads to Miss. governor

Fact Check: Do 80 percent of Americans oppose sanctuary cities?

Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS) "not expected to" sign Senate-approved Medicaid expansion into law

Hillary Clinton rallies women, calls out tech companies gender bias in SF speech

Scott Dworkin...just now

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Could US Senator Susan Collins R-ME pull a Jeffords-VT and become an Independent who caucuses with

Make them an offer they can't refuse...


Trump's order signals end of US dominance in climate change battle