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Archives: March 3, 2017

Wasserman Schultz bashes Conway tweet on Navy SEAL widow ovation

John Cornyn defends Sessions: "I don't accept that as true" #PecanSandies #FudgeStripes

Who is Sergey Kislyak, and how did he become the hottest meeting ticket in Washington?

Sessions doesn't remember mtg with Russ AMB in Sept, but does know he didn't discuss campaign

My Brother is working the Sanctuary Breakout and there are still seats at the seminars.

Sanders Twitter Video: "The insulin makers are treating my daughter like a cash cow"

Al Franken/Sherrod Brown ticket in 2020 is a dream ticket for Democrats.

It's never the crime, it's the cover up. TPM - Josh Marshall - sees this as very big.

Remember when they demanded Obama say "Islamic Terrorism" Ooooh the tizzy

Elliot Richardson did the patriotic thing with Nixon...appointed special prosecutor Cox.

GOP, Dem foes of health care bill in scavenger hunt for copy (Ryan's Weekend Overhaul)

How do we even let a Russian spy in the Capital in September?

GOP Governors Forming Plan to Keep Obama Medicaid Expansion

What does Vlad really want?

It would be questionable at least to have these contacts

Great journalists

5 Trump Cabinet Members Who've Made False Statements to Congress

When Trump says sources should be identified, realize what he means by this.

Sessions lying to Al Franken...who is the guy behind him , to right...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 3 March 2017


The Fix Analysis Rand Paul, a copy machine and a secret Obamacare bill

The drip continues: Trump team didn't disclose meeting between Flynn, Kushner, and Russian envoy

What the Fuck was the Russian Ambassador Doing at the Republican Convention ?

September Russian cyberattack campaign on state electoral systems intensified alarm at Obama W.H

Revealing information: Cabinet Billionaire Wilbur Ross: Ties to Russian Oligarchs Close to Putin

AG of the United States Walked into a Perjury Trap

How does one spin this, re: Flynn?

Trump's Speech was the shortest news cycle ever

Undocumented woman arrested after seeking protection prepares for possible indictment

Obama played quiet 3-D chess and dumpt can't even learn beginning checkers

Trump's EPA budget proposal targets climate, lead cleanup programs

Carter Page on Chris Hayes tonight (msnbc, 8ET)

For republicans who are working for the Russians.

At this point, I would settle for Palin.

So today we learn that young Jared also met with Kislyak

How can Session's testimony be anything but lying under oath?

Minnesota governor undergoes surgery for prostate cancer

Jewish cemetery vandalized in New York, third case in two weeks

DRUMPF is a *user* - didn't care about FLYNN, SESSIONS, Caribou Barbie - nobody but momentary USE

larry Klayman is nuts.

Pence Routinely Used Personal Email for State Business and was Hacked!

LIVE Stream March 4 @ 1:30 ET March on Mississippi - Good Jobs Nation Facebook

How is this not Espionage?

Democrat accuses FBI Director James Comey of withholding Russia information from lawmakers

Pence used personal email for state business and was hacked..

Records of Trump associates who had Russian contacts

Tom Price's Last Known Plan to Replace 'Obamacare' Ryan Said this is it!

So where is Twitler? Something about the DOW this morning. That's it?

Trump Chumps: Media echoes Iraq War cheerleading by praising Trumps empty speech

Luckovich 'toon: Sessions - Lawman

Cherry Blossom special now on WETA-TV, PBS, ch 26.

Carter Page coming up on Chris Hayes

"Ataud Blanco" One disturbing movie.

dumpt didn't know there were female govs-Loves meeting the daughters. Everything is pervy

Don't let them shuck and jive...tether that chicken around their necks...

One of these things is not like the others,

No one from the Clinton campaign met or spoke with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 campaign

Imagine fake news brought down Flynn

Ellen interviews Bush: "George W. Bush Warns That Putin Wont Stop Unless Someone Stands Up To Him"

The Trump-Russia scandals: a quick visual guide -

These Bernie Alums Think They've Found the Secret to Reaching Trump Voters

If you are in Los Angeles please vote YES on Measure M in the election next week!

trey gowdy admits benghazi witch hunt

Turkeys circle dead cat.

The Great American Eclipse**Where will YOU be?

Legal experts think Jeff Sessions is in a whole mess of trouble

Rachel: Breaking major story tonight on the Muslim/refugee/travel ban

Tom Udall/Gary Peters ticket will help Democrats get over 270 ev winning all of the States Clinton

Chris Hayes interviewing Carter Page

Carter Page is being squirrelly

North Korea Claims Kim Jong Nam Likely Died Of A Heart Attack, Not Poisoning

Pence used personal email for state business and was hacked

Our 2020 nominee will be the antithesis of Drumpf

Trump, Kushner, Wilbur Ross, the $1 trillion infrastructure deal all in one handy flow chart

Early Genesis- "The Silent Sun"- 2-2-68

Musicians balk at SXSW contract that warns visiting artists about deportation

Rammstein - Mutter

Did Sessions mean to say a double negative when he denied his "communications" with the Russians?


LOLOLololong night in the Kremlin

Trump pulls Obamas final FCC nominee (remains 2 commissioners short)

Rachel Maddow connects the dots, must watch

Did Trump reverse Obama order last month because he knew there would be a Sessions investigation?

First Lady Suggests People Losing Healthcare Should Rely on Nature for Cures

Lock Pence up too:

Carter Page, Jeff Sessions, Paul Ryan and McTurtle; They ALL keep smirking about it!

Damn That Was Fun. Trump Gets All Dressed Up In His Admiral Fetish Costume...

BREAKING:Mike Pence used PRIVATE Mail hacked!

Mike Rogers (R) National Security Commentator on CNN was rocking

Your favorite line from Goodfellas?

Al Franken: Russian Question

Chris Hayes, on repug health care, it is locked up

Is there a photo of trump in military garb?

Top Dem on House Intel Committee: Comey withholding info on probe into Russian hacking of election

Paul Bengala said "he's choking down vomit" @Kayleigh's "defense" of Pence email (CNN)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Dark Knight Rises! Live, Uncensored & a new

Hey Trump trolls. Here's something for you:

It was only the other night the press said Drumpf was presidential because he didn't soil himself.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions met Russian Ambassador in Washington DC in April 2016

Scrotus lies to naval audience

So, You Weren't Talking About The Election With The Russians? I've Got A Better Question...

(Third) Jewish cemetery vandalized; Cuomo starts investigation

Drumpf received 46% of the vote.

Poor Andrea Greenspan ( Mithchell )


Oh my. Is this for real??

Cheeto responds, just like Shakespeare, ain't he?

After Trump ban, Brussels pro-choice conference raises 181 million euros

Lester Holt is looking fly in his three piece suit.

Cong. Schiff on Rachel Maddow NOW, 9;30 on MSNBC

Jeff Sessions, Trump and Russia: A Closer Look

So will Drumpf issue the new Muslim Ban tomorrow so the demonstrations at airports

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 5 - Twists and Turns

Lie to Congress about a blow job will get you prosecuted

TCM Schedule for Monday March 6 - Star of the Month: Richard Burton

I would like to know how many times Sessions met privately with the Russian ambassador...

This image is disturbing on so many levels. Please don't click.

Who wants to bet "Muslim Ban 2.0" comes out tomorrow to stop Russia deluge?

School goldfish receive Viking funeral

Going to bed. What wacky highjinks will the Kremlin Don Show get into before I arise?

"He did not say anything wrong..."


Rut roh: White House no likey Gen. Mattis' pick for undersecretary:

POLL: What is Hillary's response to this mess?

A STIRRING and PATRIOTIC defense of Sessions from Trump, which he most surely DID NOT WRITE.

Larry ODonnell: here are some of the things jeff sessions should not have said:

LMAO at Jim Jeffries!

This could be big:

a ? for those who make bone broth

Amazon forest 'shaped by pre-Columbian indigenous peoples'

Sessions's Staffer's? face as Beauregard responds to Senator Franken's inquiry on Russian contact

Whoa! Sessions used campaign funds. Look out below:

Amazon forest 'shaped by pre-Columbian indigenous peoples'

Tim Cook introduces Al Gores new movie An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power in Silicon Valley

How did this man get past the press camped out at the Trump Tower of Terror in December 2016?


Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Expenses

Cenk's Prediction On Trump And Russia...

Jeff Sessions/Luther Strange AL US Senate seat could be Democrats 51st seat in 2018.

So, what I'd like to know is were there ambassadors from other countries coming to TT

The latest poll numbers in Ecuador are a bad sign for Julian Assange

Sessions says he was acting as a Senator when he spoke w/Russian ambassador at RNC. One problem...

I just viewed 'I Am Not Your Negro'

the reason trump has really lain off the tweets

replace Nixon with Trump

Unexpected deaths of six Russian diplomats in four months triggers conspiracy theories

Labour leapt into Brexit's fires - and now the party is burning

The Bush years

Just have to get this off my chest before I go to bed:

Actor Patrick Stewart applying for U.S. citizenship to fight Trump

hopefully it is too late for a "9/11" event or attack to prevent any more Russian investigations

Trump on Sessions: 'He did not say anything wrong'

Comedic Relief - Barack Me Amadeus !!

Donald on a plane doing a xword puzzle

Trump, aboard Navy carrier, vows to boost defense spending

Colbert: After Well-Received Speech, Trump's Team Basks In The Afterglow

Schindler predicts "a long night in the Kremlin" - "Expect yelling, vodka, judo & wrestling a tiger

FX's critically acclaimed drama, "The Americans", returns for a new season next Tueday, March7th

Sir Harold Evans brands Facebook, Google disgraceful for failure to tackle fake news

Ft. Campbell helicopters are very active tonite--the most I've seen in years!

Who gave him back his phone?

This is an interesting read.

Jeff Sessions' 2016 Day Planner

Cruz helpfully explains why Sessions..."mis-spoke...

"Franken wants Sessions to answer two demands by Friday..."

Colbert: With This Much Smoke, There Must Be a Fire...

Kushner knew denials of Flynn/Russia convos were false. Yet WH didn't admit till pressed today

Why did Trump and his team think they could pull this kind of stuff and get away with it?

If there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump

New DHS report finds most US-based extremists radicalized years after entry

Top Bush ethics lawyer: Sessions must resign, Russia can blackmail him

Billy Joel's "Miami 2017"...Well, It's 2017

A Couple of Important Question to ask Sessions, re: Kislyiak

San Diego judge poised to approve $1 million settlement in border death case

EPA no longer requires reporting of methane emissions.

Olbermann on "The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency"

A $59 Million Klimt Tops a Landmark Sothebys Auction in London.

Guess what nobody's talking about?

Bill Palmer posted Trump and Sessions met with Kislyak

State employee visited 48,000 webpages for online games, videos

Don't Forget this:

Proton therapy center in San Diego files for bankruptcy

Maybe we should start referring to climate change as "CO2 immigration."

I see signs of intelligent control

Iowa lawmaker under fire for referring to Sizzler certificate as business degree

Did Trump reverse an Obama order last month because he knew there would be a Sessions-Russia investi

maybe this will not only take down drumpt and co. but also groups like heritage foundation

San Diego paying $4.85M to cyclist injured by damaged sidewalk

little KKK is now seeing the whole world IS questioning the "absolute" powers of his

Bullet train suffers two big setbacks that could be fatal

Great Lakes restoration would be gutted in early White House plan

Government officials cant use private devices to hide texts and emails, court rules

Long smoke breaks and a do not hire list: Audit details state worker misdeeds

New contract raises pay by 24 percent for California prison doctors

Hillary at Home

BREAKING: Trumps Android Device Believed To Be Source Of Recent White House Leaks

I just want my country to be OK again!

Russian state oil company CEO offered Carter Page + allies a cut of huge deal if sanctions lifted

Russia wants the sanctions imposed by O for election tampering lifted. They also want...

3/3 Livestream Conference: CJR/Reuters/Guardian on Covering Trump...

Louise Mensch says @YourAnonNews on Twitter is really Russian hacker group Fancy Bear

What will our relationship with Russia look like

If a little white lie under oath is,,,,

Onion AV: Donald J. Trump State Park Is As Ugly As Its' Namesake

Pence sent Gov. email, over AOL. and Russia hacked him.

Pussy and balls -- WARNING -- this is not for everybody!!!

Trump business associate led double life as FBI informant and more, he says

A Caramelized Cabbage Casserole to Get You to Spring

'Tsunami of sewage spills' in Tijuana fouls U.S. beaches, may have been intentional

Marian Javits, Proto-Feminist and Widow of New York Senator, Dies at 92.

Palmer City Council addresses trip to Juneau, new Fred Meyer and dogs in parks

The Russian Ambassador visited Trump Tower

America was never great...

How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치)

Bibimbap (비빔밥) & Dolsot-bibimbap (돌솥비빔밥)

200-year-old Russian wreck found on Kruzov Island near Sitka

What Happened After Sessions Met W/ Kislyak for the 2nd Time - A LexisNexis Search

Industry reps voice concerns over proposed oil tax bill

Pervy Don didn't know there were women Govs. Also thanked males for bringing their daughters

WH pushing back against Mattis appt of US ambassador to Egypt-Anne Patterson as undersecretary

Anchorage Jewish community center among bomb-threat targets

Owner of new Sitka pot shop working to keep up with demand

What is the strategy behind drip drip dripping info instead of dropping it all at once?

Expect deep snow and minus-27 chill for Fairbanks start of Iditarod

What do youto have to do karma - wise to come back as a well taken care of dog?

State raises concerns about tugs to be used for oil tanker escort

Expecting deep budget cuts, UA Board of Regents discusses restructuring

4 former Kenai Peninsula residents accused of stealing $50K from public assistance program

Anchorage Credit Union 1 Teller Sentenced for Embezzlement

Homer City Council votes down 'inclusivity' resolution

De-Extinction. I'm listening to a BBC Radio piece about bringing extinct species back...

a video of 18 turkeys engaging in a strange pagan ritual around a dead cat

9th Circuit court rules in favor of Northern Marianas Islands immunity

This... is a love-song? I guess? (RUN!!!)

Would someone instruct on how to embed tweets from an iPad?

Closer ties to fight skimming, bank fraud among Guam Banking Association members

Air pollution in Asia is wafting into the USA, increasing smog in West

Port asks judge to delay enforcing $14M Guam YTK ruling

This beauty queen was the face of a fake news website. She says she had no idea.

$1million lawsuit against Samoa Rugby Union referred to mediation

You think the FBI is investigating some republican who sit on the Intelligence Committees??

Daily Holidays - March 3

Sessions is definitely telling the truth.

Let me see if I get this

Reach out and touch someone. (SFW)

Bookmark - Excellent Voting Tracker (with/against Trump)

Jeff Sessions used campaign cash for RNC trip where he met Russian ambassador for official reasons

Democrat Collier to challenge Patrick for lieutenant governor

MutherFlaker is going for YET ANOTHER VACAY in Money-Me-Go?

For some reason (cough . . iraq) I find it hard to believe Barbara Starr..

McConnell Covered Up CIA Reports That Russian Hacks Were Aimed At Electing Trump

Second Hawaii bill seeking fishing industry oversight dies

Malcolm Nance: Attention Russian Assets in the US Govt.

Hawaii's correctional facilities grapple with a 'silver tsunami'

Honolulu Mayor Unveils 2018 Budget and Pitches Rail Transit

Developers Weigh-in On Solving Affordable Housing Crisis

Sessions can not be allowed to correct the record

Over 170,000 Sign Petition to Stop Bomb Testing Off Kauai

Subaru Telescope Releases Image Data to Public

Federal Search Of Caterpillar Facilities May Relate To Tax Evasion Allegations

TOP - Turn It Up (Lyric & English Translation)

Things You Want To Recuse Yourself From On National TV

TOP - Turn It Up (Lyric & English Translation)

Gundam Seed Destiny Vestige

Gundam Seed Destiny Vestige

GOPer: Info On Sessions-Russia Contact 'Should Never' Have Become Public

Lobbyist advised Trump campaign while promoting Russian pipeline

The Blue Hearts - Linda Linda with English subtitles

DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out

Sweden brings back military draft because Russia. Fox News claims it's because refugee violence.

Where have you gone Joe McCarthy....

What are the chances that all of the Trump gang's contacts with the Russians were on the up and up?

Media demanded Obama's AGs to step down over way less than what Sessions did.

What is kyabakura (キャバクラ)? And top 3 kyabakuras in Japan

If Donald Drumpf was the skipper of PT 109 McMahon would have been fish food.

Why does Donald hate NATO? I don't get why Donald hates NATO?

NC man behind 'You live in Trump country.' anti-gay attack, police say

Two Women Plead Guilty to Orchestrating $20 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme- Miami Area

CNN Is Fake News: Trump And Russia Even Use The Same Talking Points

Fraudster Sentenced for $25 Million ID Theft and Money Laundering Conspiracy

This lawmakers bio touted a business degree. It was actually a Sizzler training certificate.

If Jeff Sessions has to resign, why the hell doesn't James Comey?

Founder of Suburban Tech Company Sentenced for Defrauding Investors out of More Than $9 Million

Big Crowd still feeling the Bern at Jewish Socialism Confab

EU must reintroduce visas for US citizens, say European lawmakers

Trump enjoys dress up day at the Shady Rest

Charts: Maines renewable energy production surges with opening of 2 new wind farms

How about a double minority ticket in 2020? Cory Booker/Julian Castro

A Call to Action: Serving Notice to Rob Astorino That His Re-election Bid This Fall Will Be a Battle

A Call to Action: Serving Notice to Rob Astorino That His Re-election Bid This Fall Will Be a Battle

A Call to Action: Serving Notice to Rob Astorino That His Re-election Bid This Fall Will Be a Battle

Drought Monitor 2/28/17 - Slow, Steady Growth In Drought E-W Across Nation's Midsection

UN Climate Chief Can't Even Get An Appointment With The State Department

Two other Trump advisers also spoke with Russian envoy during GOP convention

Joe Romm: Ivanka's Not Green; She's Greenwash, And It's All Meaningless Bullshit

In today's special #MAGA video, ICE arrests Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez in front of his family.

Farmers Cheer President Shitstain's Attack On Clean Water Rule That Doesn't Apply To Them Anyway


The origin of Superheroes: Namor the Sub-Mariner

Its Not Just Jeff Sessions: The FBI Must Investigate Scott Pruitt for Lying to Congress

Heartbroken Russian Ambassador Thought Special Meetings With Jeff Sessions Were Very Memorable

Huge Batagalka Crater In Siberia Provides Clues On Permafrost Melt, Associated GHG Releases

Which Saturday Night Live actor is playing Jefferson Beauregard Sessions ?

White House: Keystone exempt from 'Buy American' requirements

Hundreds chant Coward! as Paul Ryan visits Rhode Island

Heartbreaking statement from 22-year-old Dreamer facing deportation after speaking out

Adam Schiff always comes across smart and measured

I can't STAND my local talk radio (WWL)

Ted Cruz also suggested Sessions may have misspoke because...

Euro lawmakers press EU to impose visas on U.S. citizens

Jeff Sessions, Trump and Russia: A Closer Look

Trump has "private" friends and "public" friends.

There was nothing presidential about Trumps speech

Keith Ellison isn't just calling for Sessions' resignation, he's bringing up jail time

5 plots Hollywood can never use again now that Trump is President

Sessions last yr on Clinton: "She can't go under oath & just make statements that aren't true.."

NOAM CHOMSKY - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

Dreamer Arrested After Speaking To Media Will Be Deported Without Hearing, Attorney Says

US Senate calls on British spy Christopher Steele to give evidence on explosive Trump-Russia dossier

Kislyak just somehow keeps turning up everywhere Trump and his gang turn up.

GBR Bleaching Already Well Under Way; Already Worse Than 2016 In Multiple Locations

Rick Perry Is Officially in Charge of America's Nuclear Weapons Stockpile

Exclusive: Trump aides bid to plug leaks creates unease among some civil servants

Not Enough. Jeff Sessions' Russian recusal is a good start but we need an outside investigation

Hillary Clinton speaks at Wellesley College in a private, closed-to-the-press program

Sessions met w/ Kislyak for 2nd time on Sept 8-I did a LexisNexis search to see what was going on

W. Arctic Ocean Growing More Acidic Rapidly; Major Negative Impacts On Food Chain Base Likely

Pacific Ocean Floor Home To Large, Previously Unreported Methane Source - Science Daily

Hillary warned us-Coretta wrote a letter-Sally was fired-Warren was silenced

Jeff Sessions's puzzling press conference

Even if Trump is jailed for treason and Pence exposed for complicity

I confess. I met with a Russian last night.

Sessions recusal can't be the end of the story - WaPo Editorial Board

One more misstep by Sessions and he will be gone.

Bush ethics lawyer: Trump's Russia scandal so far is "much worse" than the early stages of Watergate

Standing Rock: arson accusation renews fear of police targeting military veterans

Pence used personal AOL account for state business as governor...and was hacked.

Trump and Russians in sync on response to Sessions scandal

Deplorable lawmaker's bio touted a business degree. It's actually a Sizzler training certificate.

Sessions: My Russian Contacts Have Been 'Hyped Beyond Reason'

GOP Rep. Says He Used 'Poor Choice Of Words' In Comment About Town Halls

Banksy opens hotel on Bethlehem barrier wall

When Trump, Session, etc., were talking to Russians, does it occur

Christ carries a heavy burden...

So when will we get rid of the malignant narcissist?

TrumpBeat: Follow The Money If You Want To Know What Trump Will Do

Arkansas plans to execute 8 men over 10 days

So, Spicer Used to be the White House Easter Bunny? Lol!

Why are some people surprised the GOP sees Russia as any ally and a model?

Tabloid Brilliance

TRMS Exclusive: DHS document undermines Trump case for travel ban

GOP takes heat for ObamaCare secrecy

STEPHEN KING: The desk (Zen Pencils)

Jane Fonda reveals rape and child abuse

Once more for exposure: Illinois and contiguous states----

Arkansas plans to execute 8 men over 10 days

Ugh... "Democrat Party Ties To Russia" is trending on Twitter.

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - End The Sessions

How long till we find out about the FBI and Comey's ties to Russia?

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange is the new Red

I wonder if this hat will pi$$& off SCROTUS! Link

Striking Photos Show People vs. Climate Change

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The health care of the dead

Have the Russians already infiltrated our government?

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Trump and Russian foreign minister use exact same phrase to denounce widening scandal

UPDATED - Feds arrest suspect behind at least 8 bomb threats against Jewish community centers

Is there even one honest man or woman among the Republicans who will condemn Jeff Sessions

Warren Buffetts hero says Trumps growth target would be impossible to achieve

How are you spending this Friday?

Trump 'golden shower gate' file to reopen as former British spy called to testify in Senate

This Man Has Lived In His Mercedes Hatchback For 7 Years And Never Steps Out

Pence Used Private Email Account As Indiana Governor

Ways to contact Congress! Today is critical. Call them!

Here are 42 of President Donald Trump's planned EPA budget cuts

Less than half of Republicans think a free press is necessary for democracy

Experts find mass grave at ex-Catholic orphanage in Ireland

First lady Melania Trump reads Dr. Seuss book to kids in hospital

Trump Doesn't Know That There Are Female Governors

SHOCK: Jeff Sessions ALSO Met with Russians, LIED About It

Parents fearing deportation pick guardians for US children

United Nations expert slams Trump over stance on torture

How State-Sponsored Blackmail Works in Russia

Cali Supreme Court rules that elected officials' emails and texts are part of public record

Poacher in DiCaprio documentary gets 12 years in prison

(Chairman's Flight) Feds: Ex-transportation official should not be spared prison

Painting yourself into a corner

Who will be the first snitch to try to get immunity?

One of these two US Attorneys General in this video has integrity. One does not.

Breaking: St. Louis man arrested in anti-Semitic bomb threat case

I LOVE watching both of these REDNECKS sobbing after receiving prison sentances....

How Trump thanks Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin Great Lakes Voters

Oregon judge probed as undocumented immigrant eludes ICE agents by exiting courtroom through side do

What will you do? And you? And you?

Some days you feel like

Cardboard Boxer

Trump administration delays Asian carp project

Kids are starting to get worried

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Reaction To News That The A.G. Lied Under Oath, Translated

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Does The FBI Have Access To 45Pee's Taxes?.....

Hhgregg to close 88 stores, including all Richmond-area stores and 12 elsewhere in Virginia

Juan Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know - Bomb threats

Canada has seen jump in asylum seekers from US: officials

Two of the earliest high profile endorsers of Donald Trump were Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn.

Why is the speaker so blase' about Russian meddling? Maybe because he knows it helped the GOP win...

Trump & Sessions: The story of how two loathsome assholes formed a mutual admiration society

The strange confluence between the right and those that hold themselves out to be part of the left*

Anyone up on Northern Irish politics? The results of the election could get interesting

Danny Glover: Nissan Workers in the South Need a Union

Danny Glover: Nissan Workers in the South Need a Union

UAW - Marching for Justice

VERDICT IS IN at Fox & Friends! NO PERJURY, just a "tortured, circuitous, long, crazy question"

5 days after Sessions-Kislyak meeting, guess what happened? Hacked DNC emails were released.


angry wh staffer (twitter) real or no

Okay, Donald, now that it's a matter of national security, it's time for your tax returns!

"Dont mess around with us Senor Trump, because if you look for it, youre going to find it."

New details in GOP Obamacare replacement leaked

Most Dangerous Spinning Top / Beyblade / Spinner Toy Ever!

Portrait of Elliot Richardson-who stood up to Nixon - Removed From AG's Conference Room by Sessions

Schiff: Sessions' explanations on Russia meetings 'not credible'

Dominos falling - who's next? Reince, or...

Is the FBI as compromised on the Russian/tRump investigation?

***Holy Mother of Documents*** / Exhaustive Document Concerning the Trump-Russia Investigation

Trump: It's 'pathetic' Dems are holding up Cabinet picks

The vote that could wreck the European Union

Tunis zoo to close temporarily after visitors stone crocodile

MEANWHILE, in Rhode Island:

a Sim who lacks the will to live

The GOP's Amusing Fixation On Health Care "Choice"

Morehouse College President: We Got Played

Trump and the Russia Thing

No ambiguity

Two Republicans sign onto effort demanding Trumps tax returns

Sessions seems to have a great deal of trouble remembering things.

GOP Health Care Plan Basics

Our government is now headed by treasonous criminals, bolstered by ideological idiots

Labour party has lost nearly 26,000 members since mid-2016, report claims

Two Republicans sign onto effort demanding Trump's tax returns

I Hate Republicans &Trump Supporters More Every Day. If They All Disappeared It Would Not Bother Me

Gay GOP group urges Trump to reinstate transgender protections Please Please Call about the ACA Link in header and below.

CNN Retires Running Clock on Trump Being a Grown-Up on Twitter

Schnucks' warehouse operator XPO laying off 204 in St. Louis County

Warehouse operator that replaced union workers sues Schnucks

Tying ObamaCare repeal to Planned Parenthood worries some in GOP

GOP Health Plan Would Eliminate Reproductive Care For Women. Would Be Religious Based.

Senator mocks Trump team's Jedi mind tricks on Russia: 'These aren't the droids you're looking for'

If Sessions is indicted, what will you drink to celebrate?

Aging Out Of The Work Force Is Younger Well Before Retirement In New Corporate Model.

Bush Reveals on Jimmy Kimmel if Comedic Impressions Ever Annoyed Him

Another (bleep)-ing "Christian" theocrat running for office...

Alabama GOPer Posts Meme Comparing Dem Congresswomen To KKK

Parents fearing deportation pick guardians for U.S. children

Native American Student Says She Was Removed From Class After Refusing Pledge of Allegiance

Trump would cut Chesapeake Bay cleanup from $73M a year to $5M

Maddow's secret to her ratings success.

leaked copy of Republican health plan, aka "Don T. Care"

Check out

We are thinking of selling our home in SF and moving somewhere cheaper...need suggestions for

A Russian diplomat who left because of Putin made a great point.

The Innocent Explanation, Part #1 - by Josh Marshall

The same Republicans who complained that Obama rammed the ACA through in the middle of the night...

Final answer: Spain is a bunch of deviated preverts

Remains of young children and babies found in sewage chambers at Tuam mother and baby home

Child abuse royal commission: Catholic Church blocks victims' path to further compensation

What words began in fiction and either became part of the jargon for their genre, or seeped into

Bush Talks About Presidential Impersonators On Jimmy Kimmel

Exorcists warn against Wiccan spell to bind Donald Trump

Happy birthday, Robyn Hitchcock.

My, my, my. More and more revelations about Cheetolini's Russian contacts

One Million Moms call for boycott of Disney over same-sex cartoon kiss

Most white evangelicals approve of Trump travel prohibition and express concerns about extremism

Rachel: FBI not cooperating w. House on Trump/Russia investigation- Interview Schiff of House Intel

The shady path of Paul Manafort

Man comes out at age 95, watch the heart-warming video

Were there ever any slaves working in mines in PA, MN, and other states?

Missouri Republican tries to block minimum wage hike because pay "wasnt meant to be a living wage"

Gays For Trump to March on Washington

Oh boy

Trump: We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin

Isn't naming an aircraft carrier after Gerald Ford kinda asking for trouble?

For National Women's Herstory Month, stories of Undefeated black women

How long before this cretin posts photos of FDR with Stalin or JFK with Kruschev?

For National Women's Herstory Month, stories of Undefeated black women

Pence used personal email for state business and was hacked

'This scandal could bring down the administration': Fox military analyst slams Trump's Russia...

well that's one way to take out an ad

Trumps Military Buildup Threatens to Gut U.S. Coast Guard

Baker promises funding to offset any Planned Parenthood cuts

Just release your tax returns Donald. That will stop those critics in their tracks

Missouri Republican tries to block minimum wage hike because pay 'wasn't meant to be a living wage'

The Daily 202: What Trump didnt want you to see him signing

European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans

Protestors shout down Paul Ryan at Rhode Island event

Guys, it's time to get over it and to get behind Donald Trump.

Rust Belt Voters Made Trump President. Now they Want Jobs.

Texas GOP wants to let doctors lie to women about pregnancies to trick them out of having abortions

Who wanted some of the artwork from the series Night Gallery?

Oklahoma tribe sues oil companies in tribal court over quake

"I will hire the BEST people."

John Ossoff (GA-6) campaign ads

Climate science denier Darrell Issa joins House climate change caucus

Impostor Scams Surpass ID Theft Among U.S. Consumer Complaints: FTC

'President Loco is off his meds again': Internet roasts Trump's feeble defense of latest Russia...

Janet Yellen Says Fed Is Likely to Raise Interest Rates This Month

Prison Planet Said It First, Trump Echoes It

Apparently, liars lying under oath is the new norm. . .

What about this?

One Way To Clear This Russian Thing Up: If There Is No There There Then.....

Tale As Old As Time (Or At Least Since The Last Election)

Campaign adviser changes story and now contradicts Trump, says Donald ordered Ukraine change at RNC

Archbishop's QC friend 'allowed to commit abuse after evangelicals failed to report him'

Schwarzenegger Fires The Apprentice

I tweeted this to Agent Orange.

Why This Summers Vacation Could Kill You

Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into a fire in exorcism ritual

Fox And Friends: It Was Al Franken's 'Crazy Question' That Made Sessions Lie

What we didn't hear.....It's shocking!

Nigel Farage gets knighted by a little girl...Who thinks (Or knows) hes a racist.

Trump Dossier Analysis: Corroborating Evidence in the Trump/Russia Dossier

Oregon lawmakers push to protect pot users' info from US

Take a break: WTF Is Going On With These Creepy Turkeys Circling A Dead Cat?

That moment when you see the psychopath go rolling by.

Faith-healing minister charged in death of 2-year-old granddaughter

If the bankA gave me a loan for 1 million based on the 1 mil I borrowed from bankB

Billionaire Wilbur Ross Confirmed Despite Questions over Ties to Russian Oligarchs Close to Putin

Another important document not to be missed is this timeline

2nd Opinion: What about the spiritual condition of extraterrestrial life?

Trump Aides Bid To Plug Leaks Creates Unease Among Civil Servants

Fascinating. TPM by Marshall - "The Innocent Explanation". thoughts?

Haven't spoken to the Russians - Sack Cartoon

Don't say Yes!

Sessions not the only Trump cabinet member who lied during confirmation hearings

About T-rump's $1 Trillion "Public-Private" Infrastructure "Plan"

Ryan counting on Trump to help steamroll House maniacs and ram through Obamacare repeal

A few words about this so called president

Dear Trump Voters, here is your Friday Fun Message:

Trumpinistas force Nikki Haley to fire team coaching her to talk tough to Russians.

Homeland Security Still Doesnt Think Donald Trumps Immigration Order Will Work

Trump Ally Drastically Changes Story About Altering GOP Platform On Ukraine


What's the count of the number of Trump's people that met with the Russians?

Session "Tells" All

Want a Preview of Trump's Budget Slashing Cuts?

Mike Pence is like nails on a blackboard with that oh-so-earnest Eagle Scout sounding voice.

Snap chat Obama video I made:

Trump Cites Photo Of Schumer, Putin Eating Donuts In Calling For Probe

Schwarzenegger Quits 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Citing Show's 'Baggage'

March 4, Sen. Sanders, actor Danny Glover and others are joining Nissan workers for a rally...(video

March 4, Sen. Sanders, actor Danny Glover and others are joining Nissan workers for a rally...(video

March 4, Sen. Sanders, actor Danny Glover and others are joining Nissan workers for a rally...(video

March 4, Sen. Sanders, actor Danny Glover and others are joining Nissan workers for a rally...(video

He'll lie anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone!

What We Already Know About Trump's Ties to Russia Amounts to Treachery to the Republic

Russian critic who survived poisoning 2x: story on MSNBC now

Randi Rhodes' interview with Malcom Nance is a beautiful thing.

Publish a list of the ways Americans are being skinned alive

Racial Purity Is Important

Our President's Emotional Bait and Switch - By Andrew Sullivan

Former Bush official baffled by Trump team Russia amnesia:most forgetful team in history or..."

Richard Engel back from Russia: Kremlin edict now "Don't Talk About Trump"

Tweet Distractions

Epic Meal Time: "We got so much Cheetos powder in this blender..."

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 3, 2017

Maher tonight: Joy Reid, Jeffery Lord, Charlie Sykes.

Colombia family to speak against ex-paramilitary leader in landmark US trial

Fugelsang responds to whiny Cheeto RE:Cabinet

Schumer responds to Trump

Colombia family to speak against ex-paramilitary leader in landmark US trial

Taking the Dread Out of Cooking Dinner

Trump suspends Obama airline transparency review

How Uber Used Secret Greyball Tool to Deceive Authorities Worldwide

a big DRIP? TPM - "Trump Ally Drastically Changes Story About Altering GOP Platform On Ukraine"

The great unraveling. But how fast will it go? Trump will last...

Trump demands investigation!

Brace yourselves. The Right is trying to paint the Democrat's outrage over Russia to their Benghazi.

Has anyone on the right ever...

Pence is an incredible hypocrite on official emails. But that's only part of the story.

Trump promised to not let Iran jail Americans. When will he help free my father and brother?

So some on this site

This enrages me and should enrage every human.

Dear Republicans: About a special prosecutor . . . - By Jennifer Rubin

Victorious and crushing day in the fight for reproductive health in Iowa

Atheist license plate doesnt have a prayer

Evan McMullin is on CNN with Jake Tapper

In leaked document, the case for Trump's 'Muslim ban' takes another huge hit -By Greg Sargent

How can I change the amount of my monthly membership?

Kentucky cop shoots unarmed man when he didn't show his hands within a second

trump team issues cease and desist requests to Page in recent months:

Trump Tweets To Call For Investigation Into Pelosi's 'Close Ties' To Russia

On the abject fucking dishonesty of the GOP, and a sycophantic media ...

Trump administration considering separating women, children at US-Mexico border

What happened to those extra sanctions?

An undocumented immigrant father was arrested while dropping off his kids at school...

FBI investigating alleged breach in Georgia at KSUs elections center

Bruh you gotta stop drinking at 10am. Poor Ben Carson, no respect.

Vegetarian Dishes You Can Cook in Less Than 30 Minutes

Questions for People Who Don't Have Cats

GOP Allowing Employers Free Run To Hire Undocumented Workers Caused Immigration Problem.

from Chris VanHollen:

I am proud to join the fight to give Nissan workers in Mississippi the justice, dignity...

Everything You Need To Know About Trump And Russia

I finally got a reply (form letter) from Toomey about Pruitt:

Bill introduced to ban Howard Zinn books from Arkansas public schools

Undocumented Dad Taken by ICE While Dropping Kids Off At School

Now Jeff Beauregard Baggins can go back to the Shire...

Trump slashes Great Lakes funding by 97 percent in early budget plan

Trump slashes Great Lakes funding by 97 percent in early budget plan

I hearby or hear by decree...that Trump is an idiot

Any DUers seen the Ron Reagan atheist ad

GOP governors to Trump: 'It's too late to turn back the clock on medical marijuana'

She Spotted A Dead Dog At A Dumping Ground. Then She Saw Him Take A Breath And Rushed To Save Him

Schumer's response to Trump's Russia tweet proves one not fuck with Chuck.

Sorry, billionaire doomsday preppers your wealth wont save you

Scientists say Dump's border wall will be effective at stopping animals - but not people

Berkeley Pit plan aims to stop repeat of Montana mass bird deaths

Pence says his private email use was not the same as Clinton's

Tapper nails Trump for claim 'we must do a lot more with less' while costing taxpayers $3M at Mar-a-

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths

Cards Against Humanity creator sends a message to cruel idiot Republican with a flood of potatoe

Rogue POTUS is absolutely correct:

I started a list of the members of trump's cabal

Keystone XL builders can use non-U.S. steel, White House says now

What's HRC looking at? it.

Comey declined to answer q's by House Intel Comm. - subpoena next

U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive

The March Meeting

How Uber Used Secret Greyball Tool to Deceive Authorities Worldwide

I just want to give a shoutout to Rhode Island..

Trump's web of Russian ties

Welcome Video - SNL

Exclusive: Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico border

Al-Qaeda likes Steve Bannon so much, they put him on the cover of their official newspaper

Did you hear in Arkansas they have a bill to ban Howard Zinn's books?

Der Spiegal Not Messing Around

This seemed worth sharing

Dems bring in OMalley for keynote speech at annual soup supper.

Democrats should stay out of the deep weeds.

Did Republicans Hide a Bill Somewhere In the Capitol and Refuse to Let Democrats See It?

Don't Fall for Republicans and Their "Grievance Politics" Scam!

Federal prosecutors have brought charges in cases far less serious than Sessionss

Trump Tower fire: Blaze breaks out in Donald Trump's New York City hotel

So Groper don the Con dressed up in his Commander in chief costume

Bernie Sanders Is Going to Mississippi to March With Workers This Weekend

On local news here tonight in Wisconsin. Rayan and Pence meet with "invited businesses".

A strange thing happened

Stricter workplace discrimination standards headed for Missouri House

Stricter workplace discrimination standards headed for Missouri House

Stricter workplace discrimination standards headed for Missouri House

Scott Dworkin comments on the Session statements.

Bloomberg - Bernie Sanders Joins Groups Urging Nissan to Stop Fighting UAW

Retired Mine Workers Are Getting Their Health Care Cut Off

Alan Dershowitz says Jeff Sessions will be a damaged Attorney-General.

DEMS are wounded. How we turn that around. Spoiler: It's not money.


Joy Reid on Bill Maher tonight

I have never been much for going low when it comes to politics.

Pelosi reponds to our Stupid so-called President tweet about her!!

Experts find mass grave at ex-Catholic orphanage in Ireland

Treasury Asked to Look Into Trump Foreign Associates

I am bothered by the "witch hunt" phrase..Republicans will Benghazi the hell out of it.

How Trump Lies to Undermine the News Media

Poor people dont want health care just like Jesus said: GOP Rep justifies killing Medicaid

NBC News - Senate Democrats in Pennsylvania Are Being Held Cyber-Hostage (breaking story)

Sen. Chris Coons: Jeff Sessions Lied to The Senate. (Bonus: THERE ARE TRANSCRIPTS.)

Defining Trumpism

Trump finds new person to investigate for Russian connections

David Frum's tweetstorm today regarding Sessions is chilling and shouldn't be ignored.

Trump/Media Quiz Kids

halo halo


There are days I can't come to DU anymore...

Trumps pick for commerce secretary shares a business circle with Putin associates Panama papers


Who here actually believed Morning Joe and his girlfriend had turned against Trump?

Arnold to 45/140: I Quit!

Spate of mosque fires stretches across the country


President Trump's Untruths Are Piling Up

Conservatives Face A Choice On Obamacare: Trump Or Their Principles **