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Archives: March 31, 2017

Taiwan's top court hears landmark marriage equality case

Spicer explains President Trump's frequent golf outings

Dire Period Of Scandal For Donald Trump In Turmoil

Powerful cyclone hits Australia

Friendly Felines: Cats Like People (Really!), Study Says

Uncertainty looms as UK triggers Brexit

Friendly Felines: Cats Like People (Really!), Study Says

California wages climate war against Trump

Flynn talked about immunity in September

Was there any "sudden" deaths during Watergate?

California wages climate war against Trump

It seems like some believe that Flynn is going to "spill the beans" so to speak, but there

Walnut Creek leopard reveals its spots

Australian scientists amazed by rare dinosaur tracks

Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low - Again!

Cat hero or felon?

GOP scrambles to head off special election disaster

Mountain lion kills 8 pygmy goats raised by Trabuco youth club

Who will play Nunes in the movie version of all this?

Man who expressed support for Islamic State pleads guilty

Laguna Beach to crack down on bad behavior at Thousand Steps and other nearby beaches

On CNN now.. Nunes says Flynn did not ask for immunity...

Democrat Joe Manchin to vote for Neil Gorsuch

Of course cats can be trained:

Orange County court clerk pleads guilty to illegally fixing more than 1,000 DUI, traffic cases

Removing Assad no longer a priority - US

Trump talked about immunity during the campaign

Adam Schiff: Received WH invite to review docs. I've accepted, heres my reply. If same docs provid

I have some garlic bulbs...should I wait until Fall to plant them?

******BREAKING******Flynn- I got a story to tell

Yep, another NoShit...

Laguna Beach doctor gives up license after hiding millions in overseas account

Gov. Brown proposes $52B transit investment package

I hear he ran a pedophile conspiracy out of the basement of a pizzeria.

So Mike Pence can't hire a woman to be his chief of staff???


Jack Kingston, of course, says it's GOOD NEWS for the TTFEE! then immediately pivots to

I have a question re SC vote/filibuster

California Democrats seek congressional gains, but turnout is key

SpaceX makes history: It launched a used rocket and then landed it in the ocean

Flynn should go to jail, not be granted immunity. Whoever is complicit should

FBI Agents Visit Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege / **Money Laundering**

U.K.: Men who have cats

ICE arrests 84 people during 3-day sweep of Pacific Northwest

While Flynn noise going on...Republicans hurt women's rights

What Duncan Hunter is saying about the Justice Department probe into his campaign finances

Twisting in the Wind

The entire CNN panel is laughing at Jack (Ass) Kingtson

You can't make this up more Trumpbumbling-EPA mistakenly releases email slamming Trump

Trump's proaganda arm covers latest on Flynn. Not.

Anyone live near Oxford?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Spring Break! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Is there a list of who voted to de fund PP today?

Gasoline prices could leap to a 2-year high this spring

2% wage tax inadvertently not deducted from some American Samoan government paychecks

Net Neutrality Is Trumps Next Target, Administration Says

Three White House officials tied to files shared with House intelligence chairman

Anderson Cooper, at about 8:55, talking to Jack Kingston, said "do you guys all get.....

Why were the panel participants today not all from our government?

How do we drag McConnell into this?

Screen-grab of Flynn's computer screen

Texas Passes Law Requiring Doctors to Bury Fetuses

StarKist and Longline Service tell Samoan fishery management of their challenges

For those who despise Joe Manchin

Immigration officials threaten to remove two Houston surgeons

Australia wants more Samoan workers

Trump tax proposal would mostly benefit New York's wealthy: report

Is it possible that Trump might flee the country if things get too hot...?

Rubio: Russian hackers targeted campaign staff twice

Rachel is devouring Pence's

Trust in Northern Marianas Islands government sinks

FBI Agents Visit Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege (Northern Marianas)

Heidi Heitkamp: "I will vote for Neil Gorsuch"

The Senate Hearing Is Explosive. Nunes Blew Himself Up For Nothing.

Maxine Waters:

GovGuam to feds: Go ahead and sue

I saw the dumbest shirt earlier.

May we add a separate folder in the U.S. place group for American territories?

Former Boy Scouts in Guam allege abuse

David Corn: "This is too easy."

I wonder what stories Dr. Maddow was going to do

When it Comes to Trump and his Associates, I'm Pro-Choice

Good God Almighty. Tillerson--no eye contact allowed:

Former Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority legal counsel and friend charged with fraud

Analysis Heres what weve learned from the Senate hearing on Russia so far

Pakistan allows man to register as countrys first Jew in decades

What are we going to do about Cory Gardner?

Connect the dots! Did you wonder why Woolsey took so long to reveal the Flynn Turkish Kidnap plot?

2018 US Senate Rating

With Respect To Flynn's Request For Immunity....

Can someone explain the significance of the White House officials giving info to Nunes?

Lock his arrogant ass up:

Let's say Flynn drops the hammer on Cheetolini

Ryan Adams donating Buck Owens guitar and hand-written lyrics to ACLU fundraiser

For their next rollback of an Obama-era rule, the GOP wants to tighten up on a new kind of retireme

What will tomorrow bring?

What is this weirdness?

French artist to 'become chicken,' hatch eggs

I just had to watch a little Fox News tonight

Would Heitcamp and Manchin work with trump and republicans to kill ACA?

Rachel's killing again tonight.

Nathan Chen in sixth place after short program at 2017 World Figure Skating Championships

If Flynn Fingers Trump - Will The Deplorables Believe Him?....

So Flynn wants immunity for his testimony? First he needs to hire some very skilled body guards.

Joy Reid is on NOW for Last Word Lawrence ODonnel!!!

Has anybody noticed the hot competition to bring down Trump?

Joy Ann Reid Retweeted my tweet!

Schumer Rips Senate GOP Saying Every Single One of Them Blocked Obamas Nominee for a Year

*****WAPO*****- Third White House official gave Devi(l) Nunes info to give to Trump

I know we're all consumed with Flynn, et al tonight......but, my GAWD, Atlanta!

Putin's Having Fits (Trump Is Gonna Shit Version)

Flynn? Willi Cicci or Frankie "Five Angels" Pentangeli?

Flynn Flipped Faster Than A Monster Truck!

President Trump dared Rep. Mark Sanford to vote against the Obamacare repeal bill last week

The big question now is

In the Senate hearing - Dr. Watts said his life could be in danger.

Why Were There Fewer Microcephaly Cases from Zika Last Year?

TWO Missing Girls

Get ready for Faux to hit Flynn hard

Flynn threw this all away. Islamophobia was the impetus.

Best thread on Twitter tonight is from Jester

cHump tRump options

Are Republicans getting ready to dump Trump.

My sympathies if your commute takes you on I-85 in ATL

Three Minutes For Devon Nunes......

Hypothetical: If Trump were impeached

from Bill Palmer: Former White House staffer says Trump is considering resigning - because of Flynn

Down Down Down, Trump Approval Drops AGAIN, Now 35%

Is Trump Suffering from Dementia?


Flynn's lawyer is a Never Trumper

Betcha Pence is drinking without the missus tonight.

RW incapable of connecting the dots; can't imagine consequenses

Bernie Sanders is coming to Omaha to campaign for Heath Mello

Flynn's asshole is tight as he seeks an out. Meanwhile, "Lock Her Up" Hillary . . . .

Thing One: Fox News Jokes About Rachel Maddow Starting To Sound Like Glenn Beck...

Dolt45 meets w/former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Friday; he once called her a "bitch."

ALTNPS T-shirts

Question: If all this shit brings this administration down, can we undo

Petition to save Public Media

Can't Wait To Watch Sean Spicer's Daily Presser....

*** White House officials asked intelligence agencies to do the unmasking and then blamed them***

everyone of these sumbitches involved in ANY way should be removed from any govt business

FBI Visits Office of Saipan Casino Run by Trump Protege

Can you imagine how crestfallen the Deplorables will be when their messiah Trump goes down?

If people do not go to prison for Russian collusion

Wanda SYKES just said,"Why the***does Tiffany have Secret Service?!1 *TRUMP*doesn't even like her!"

Classic Flynn: "When You Are Given Immunity, That Means You've Probably Committed A Crime."

Senate Intel panel tells WH to send Russia information directly

'Locomotive with no brakes and the emergency brake lever broken'

White House appeals latest Hawaii ruling blocking travel ban

GOP lawmaker stuns MSNBC host with Devin Nunes defense: He answers to the president

Pet dog is shot dead after it breaks free at Honolulu Airport

Rumors..... that Trump is considering resigning, post Flynn revelations re: FBI.

While others upgrade their venues, Aloha Stadium sits and rusts

Thirty Meter Telescope signs deal for backup site

Thirty Meter Telescope signs deal for backup site

Complaint filed over loosened liquor rules for Maui County

Anyone else think Flynn should be given immediate protection?

After debate gets heated, assisted-suicide bill is defeated in Hawaii

The world's rarest and most ancient dog has just been rediscovered in the wild

The world's rarest and most ancient dog has just been rediscovered in the wild

Man Stabs His Girlfriend More Than Two Dozen Times Because She Refused an Abortion

Coast Guard creates 300 meter safety zone near lava

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 2 - Brainwashed

White House Correspondence Dinner Should Invite President Obama for Encore

Easy-to-remember marker: Flynn granted Immunity Trump is Dead Man Walking

Pence wont eat with a women who isnt his wife?

So if Flynn testifies

Could Flynn Take Down Pence Along With Drumpf?

Oklahoma Bar Association Opens Investigation of Ex-AG Pruitt

Federal immigration officials arrest 4 in Anchorage during weekend operation

TCM Schedule for Monday April 3 - Starring Faye Dunaway

Alaska purchase was just part of Seward's legacy

Presidential Line of Succession

Alaska senators get behind bill to clean up America's trashed coastlines

Alaska lawmakers are inching toward overtime again. Is the 90-day limit defunct?

Ruling: State not bound to protect property from wildfires

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spends his first weeks isolated from an anxious bureaucracy

What Do you think of Orrin Hatch as President ?

Ad campaign targets lawmakers as battle over income tax heats up

Tammy Duckworth:I cannot vote to confirm him (Gorsuch)

Legislative inaction on Real ID could be a real problem for Alaskans who travel or work on military

Bethel protests 2 more liquor store applications

When did Tucker Carlson become such a dick? He used to just be a

Is the Trump White House Spying on the FBI? - Curly, Moe, and Larry ...

Trump Protege's Remote Casino In Saipan Raided By FBI (Money Laundering)

It all began with a Tweet.

Officials: Callers saw truck swerving before Texas crash killing 13

Trump reacts to Mike Flynn seeking immunity...

Is Trump's Chaos Tornado A Move From The Kremlin's Playbook? (Surkov, Van. Fr., April '17)

Legal Experts Familiar with Federal Immunity Negotiations Weigh In

Bell Helicopter ordered to pay $8.8 million to former engineer exposed to asbestos

Trolling for Trump: How Russia Is Trying to Destroy Our Democracy

West Orange-Cove investigating teacher for allegedly taping student to chair

Hardin County woman accused of stealing $79,000 from her church

Accused Lumberton booster embezzler tells judge she is indigent

Mitch McConnell...

Cuban man sentenced to prison for conspiring to commit wire fraud

2016 election and rightful winner - can the Marks vs Stinson ruling be applied

Judge moves, pushes Texas attorney general's criminal trial

I'm considering running for President in the upcoming special election.

Texas Senate approves scaled-back school voucher plan

University of North Texas professor files discrimination lawsuit

Former Eagle Pass City Manager Pleads Guilty to Making A False Statement to An FBI Agent

I think we should revisit the mystery of why Ambassador Churkin's autopsy results were withheld,

Nearly 2000 Lawyers ask Jeff Sessions be Disbarred

Rep. Beto O'Rourke to launch Senate run against Ted Cruz Friday

Trump WH is a well-oiled machine...NOT

Missing cat from California ends up in Canada years later

I could stand on 5th Ave and tell my supporters I sold the US to Putin...

Seattle is suing Trump for his threats to sanctuary cities. Says unconstitutional

North Carolina repealed bathroom bill and replaced it with the same bill in different language

Report: Russians used Bernie Bros as unwitting agents in disinformation campaign.

15 survivors ask $250M-plus in deadly Biloxi train-bus crash

Expert: Putin's dream come true (full interview)

Very cool - meteors

Trump Strips LGBT People of Workplace Protections, Then Erases Them from Census

You gotta see this.

Here Are the Republicans Who Sold Out Your Online Privacy to the Broadband Industry

EU sets out Brexit negotiating strategy

Bestiality isn't illegal in Texas. A Houston lawmaker wants to change that.

Texas senator pushes to abolish liquor store ownership limits once more

Missouri Man Indicted for $12 Million Tax Refund Fraud, Voter Fraud, Illegal Reentry and Firearm

Austin assistant police chief caught going 92 mph, gets off with warning

White Plains Accountant Pleads Guilty To $23 Million Tax Fraud Scheme

Removing Assad no longer a priority - US

$142M Frost Tower breaks ground in San Antonio, raising expectations downtown

Canadian Man Convicted Of Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Targeting U.S. Lawyers

Career diplomats instructed not to make eye contact with Tillerson - WTF

Two Houston doctors facing removal by Immigration officials are granted temporary stay

Home Health Agency Owner Pleads Guilty to Conspiring in $17 Million Medicaid Fraud Scheme

CHI St. Luke's announces biggest round of layoffs yet

Owner of Fishing Business Pleads to Falsifying Records & Smuggling Proceeds Abroad

Cy-Fair ISD administrators remove racist graffiti from high school bathroom

Malaysians held in North Korea return home, Kim Jong Nam's body in North Korea

Union bill advances on party-line vote

EU official to Trump: Stop, or I'll promote Austin's secession from US

Japan kills more than 300 whales in annual Antarctic hunt

Here's how the Brexit will play out, step by step:

TCU routs Georgia Tech 88-56 to claim NIT title

TCU routs Georgia Tech 88-56 to claim NIT title

Parker County judge has message for adult business with billboard near high school (NSFW?)

Yesterday Garth Brooks Released another video for we shall be free

Baptist pastor accused of taking more than $300,000 from Old East Dallas church

Bernie Prismacolor by Rachel Napier 🎨Portrait artist

Scientists understood the climate 150 years ago better than the EPA head today

My concern is that Gen Flynn will get immunity but blame it on the "greys".

800 miles from home, missing cat found in hole near Highland Park

Clint Watts coming up on Morning

I have a name for all this unpleasantness

I would hate it if Trump resigned

My Question for Sean Spicer Today

Stephen Colbert. Mike Pence: Wine, Dine and Reset Gender Norms to '69

Scarborough waxing lyrical about the patriots Rubio, Burr and MCCONNELL! Yes you couldn't make it up

IMO, EPA chief Scott Pruitt cannot put citizens at harm, Gov and State Atty file in court.

Laura Ingraham - Russian investigation a plot to distract Trump from fulfilling his populist agenda

Trump considering resigning...

Boo! Two "Democrats" Vote Yes On Gorsuch

Is this how you look when you're in love ?

Trump: "Flynn should ask for immunity, this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss)"

He's likely the first president to have his First Lady cheating on him

Interesting, Trump's advice for Flynn

Take One!


Ex-FBI Agent On Trump's Loyalties: It's Trump 1st, Russia 2nd and the Rest of America 3rd

LIVE-Stream Links at 7:30PM: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Boston MA 3-31-17

So the King of The Deplorables is folding on NAFTA

Large-scale planetary waves found on the sun

Astronomers search through supernova remnants for 'stellar survivor'

Henry Rollins: Make America Filthy, Hungry, Broke and Stupid Again

U.S. priority on Syria no longer focused on 'getting Assad out'

Mom taking pics of toddler spots deadly snake inches away

Resist. And let your Dem Congresspeople know that they must also Resist.

Is it surprising that US retail chains are in trouble?

Former Chairman of RNC Steele told WWR at lunch that Trump will not finish his term

Only Jon Stewart can sum it up for us

You look soooo different

I know. there is no constitutional path except the line of succession outlined in the constitution??

Nunes now openly admitting he conspired with White House

"We The People" Trump Version

Post cards that were sent on March 15......for The Ides of tRump

Was Michael Flynn the "mule" for the Trump Gang?

Trump baffled that his "chaos & loyalty" style of management doesn't work in government.

This whole Russia/Trump thing is like a Coen Brothers movie.

Full Interview: Sen. Bernie Sanders One-On-One with Wolf Blitzer 3-30-17

what do we do about blue dogs?

I just emailed my reps a note of encouragement...

Tonight: Celebrities To Unite For ACLU Facebook Live Telethon Stand For Rights


Full Interview: Sen. Bernie Sanders One-On-One with Wolf Blitzer 3-30-17

The origin of Superheroes: Lady Blackhawk

Trump signs law quietly undercutting Obama's protections for LGBTQ workers

ShitGibbons up tweeting this morning..

"Broken Windows"the cover of next week's @NewYorker

Ryan : "No, I told him to add it to the investigation" in reply to "Did you tell him to go to Trump"

MotherJones- In Private, It Turns Out That Trump Is Pretty Much the Same

Devin Nunes Is Just the Errand Boy in the Trump-Russia

Reich Newsweek article

Fear is never pretty

The other kind of good news: Polls reveal that religion is on decline.

Pakistan blast: At least 22 dead in border city Parachinar

1,000 Paid Russian Trolls Spread Fake News On Hillary Clinton, Senate Intelligence Heads Told

U.S. diplomats reportedly told to avoid eye contact with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Senate Republicans Just Voted To Take Retirement Accounts Away From Low Income Workers

cnn had a half-dozen deplorables on discussing trump and russia

Billionaire Education Secretary DeVos: Choosing a School Should Be Like Choosing Uber, Lyft or taxi

"It slipped my mind." . . . Please come CAPTION Devin Nunes!!!!

Browning students already on great trip, then Michelle Obama walks in ...

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Donald the Unfit

American ice dancers in 3rd, 4th and 5th at 2017 World Figure Skating Championships

Josh Marshall's "The Gravity is Strong #3".

There's a DUer that is fostering mama cats and their babies

Was Nunes involved in espionage?

Flynn is asking immunity from Senate Intel Comittee

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Russia

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Blind men examining an elephant...

The Trump presidency

It seems there is reason and evidence that Christianity is true

If Line of Succession is Illegitimate (Provide Ideas for a Solution)

After Just Ten Weeks, Trump Teeters on the Brink

Elect a clown.....

This Firebrand Ex-Congressman Blames The 'Deep State' For His Fraud Indictment

Venezuela's Maduro decried as 'dictator' after Congress annulled

Utah forces Drs to lie about "reversible abortions"

Utah forces Drs to lie about "reversible abortions"

If Trump ends up in the hoosegow do you think Melania will divorce him?

Did we all miss a major "tell" from Trump himself during the campaign regarding him and Putin?

Just a thought . . . .

1 in 3 voters give President Trump a grade F

New Arkansas Law Requires Doctors to Investigate Women Seeking Abortions

New Arkansas Law Requires Doctors to Investigate Women Seeking Abortions

Cards Against Humanity creator pledges to purchase & publish congress' browser history

Schiff: Public should learn lot more about WHY Flynn wants immunity when Yates testifies

FLASHBACK: Trump during campaign: If youre not guilty, why do you need immunity?

Kremlin spokesman: U.S.-Russia relations maybe even worse than Cold War

Rep. Adam Schiff's response to Donald Trump's tweet - this a.m. - will make POTUS shit his pants.


All this talk about how the Democratic party lacks young leadership potential

Funny thing is, "The United States of America" are just words to Conservatives.

The Von Trump Family Singers

Re: Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity

A review of the Declaration of Independence is rather interesting in view of current events

Ivanka Trump May Play Major Role In U.S.-China Relations

Unsent Trump Tweet in His Heritage Language Revealed:

WHY Did Russia Hack the Voter Rolls?

Can all this drama really sustain itself for four years?

One risk with granting Flynn immunity

Obamacare calendar: June 21, 2017....Please note!

What did Pence know and when did he know it??

It's a Trap!

The entire coal industry employs fewer people than Arbys

Please forgive my absence. I have been reading every once in a while to catch up

Who would be prosecuting flynn?

Trump supporters asked, "Do you trust the President?" Long Pause..... "In what vein?"

The Hillary Clinton double-standard.

Nixon's excuse for resigning for Watergate was to say it was a distraction for the nation.

Watching OA on Netflix and it's very engrossing if you like paranormal. But have a question.

I can't run with the bulls because of lack of health care (Dammit)

Of all the things that bother me about Herr Hair

Has anyone heard any news person fully articulate the phrase below recently?

Colorado progressive group wants to purchase, reveal Cory Gardner's internet browsing history

"Witnesses"- French crime drama. Well worth watching for those who liked The Killing and

Dirty stinkin' repukes want to keep poor people poor

US border agents are doing 'digital strip searches'. Here's how to protect yourself

Ex-intel official: Theres only one person Mike Flynn could give up to get immunity - Donald Trump

ICE Arrests Green Card Applicants In Lawrence, Signaling Shift In Priorities

Baffled, brooding Trump searches for new approach

Not kidding....Guess who ..."signed himself General Misha"?

I know! Let's build Trump's Wall around the White House

HRC Live on C-Span

White House shuffles West Wing staff after health bill collapse- Walsh out

Putin calls US election ...

Happy Birthday to Al Gore!!

Wonder what it must feel like to wake up this morning and know that if you voted for tRump

Republicans could possibly have prevented this whole mess.

Why isn't anyone talking about Trumps civilian BLOODBATH?? 200 Civilians DEAD!

The sheer stupidity of Trump suggesting that Flynn request immunity

What are the odds, you think...

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them

Senate turns down Flynn's request for immunity.

Senate Intelligence Committee turned down Flynn's immunity request

Here's a metaphor for Trump's administration

A conversation with a "conservative" in a video game

LIVE-Stream at 2PM March 31- Sen. Sanders at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Trump-STOPPING studies on Roundup. Robert Kennedy Jr. has 1 mil Monsanto docs

LIVE-Stream at 2PM March 31- Sen. Sanders at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Duming down Merica

Welcome to The Eleventh Week

A simple solution for Trump to end the Russian scandal

Modern-day Braceros: The United States has 450,000 guestworkers in low-wage jobs and doesnt need mo

It's gotten that bad - Polar bear praying

A "very strong source" leaked to me that somebody else was fired for leaking

Patrick Stewart Dons Drag To Impersonate Kellyanne Conway

The Rude Pundit . . .

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week: Friday Roundup

God, we really are the worst, aren't we?

help......some videos on Huffington post won't load.......any suggestions?? Thanks. eom

I'm getting texts from friends telling me Flynn immunity...

Grassroots groups to gather where Nunes will be today (Ag Lending conference)

Republican: "The Bible says the unemployed deserve no food." Bible says exactly the opposite.

Anti-trans bus met by protests in Boston

Edible geodes. Yum!

Oh goody! Dr. Watts is in the new article about trump chaos/Surkov playbook, Vanity Fair, April '17

Jared Kushner's head for business

FreightCar America Halting Production in Roanoke, Virginia, in June

Brief, new Josh Marshall - "In Deep"

The biggest hypocrisy. While people don't believe the election of Trump was rigged, they also don't

FreightCar America Halting Production in Roanoke in June

Fmr. RNC Chair Michael Steele: Trump will not finish term

slate - "Smooth Move, Nunes"

The question that remains unanswered is whether or not the Putin regime was able to penetrate

As the noose tightens, expect something crazy to happen, like a terrorist-ish attack

Every word of this rings true, even now

Colbert: take your daughter to govern day, pence and putin

colbert: take your daughter to govern day, pence and putin

Your vote in the 2016 election explains almost everything about your climate beliefs

Theres Going To Be A Huge Queer Dance Protest Outside Of Ivanka Trumps House (this weekend)

Didn't Trump say at one point...look at Wikileaks tomorrow?

Proposed Bill Aims To Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Obama Officials Made List of Secret Russia Probe Documents To Protect Them

Arrrrgh. I have a flicker working on the siding of my house and it's driving me nuts.

if you type in 'Michael Flynn' on Google...64,000,000 results.

Well, that was a bust. NATO rescheduled their meeting

Symphony #9 "From the New World"

if the election were held today,...

Chaffetz: Very mysterious why Flynn suddenly wants immunity

Imagine the campaign ads....

With Flynn's propensity to lie, cheat and lie some more

Last day for Trump to quit and give us an April Fool surprise.

Does the WH have something on nunes?

Why Michael Flynn may be seeking immunity

Steak dinner for two

Nancy Sinatra, of all people, smacks down Donnie Junior

New: Obama Officials Made List of Russia Probe Documents To Keep Them Safe & hand-carried to members

Symphony #9 "From the New World"

'Big Little Lies' makes most of star-studded cast

Senate intel panel declines Flynn immunity offer 'at this time': report

Rick Perry actually showed up at scene...

BREAKING: Senate Intel Committee refuses immunity for Flynn testimony

Obama Officials Made List of Russia Probe Documents To Keep Them Safe

How Can One Embrace Trumpers Who Voice Support For Liberal (Progressive) Genocide?

we have a President

It's Deadly Serous, but it's also a Charade

SC Wal-Martian arrested

Iowa politician says even dead fetuses should be carried to term

Which should NOT go to jail ?

Trumps failing presidency has the GOP in a free fall

1 in 3 voters give an 'F'

Rogers Bill Would Tax Undocumenteds to Pay for Wall

Sen. Franken (D) and Senate colleagues lead effort to bring down prescription drug prices

Oddly worded NY Post article designed to malign LGBT teen girls...

What would it take for Republicans to take Trump/Russia scandal seriously?

Bike Lanes Are for Immigrants? A Queens Officials View Draws Fire

Adam Schiff‏: 'Grave step for a National Security Advisor to ask for immunity'

After Just Ten Weeks, Trump Teeters on the Brink

has everyone seen the google doodle for today--student winner's artwork

Sean Spicer isn't even pretending during today's presser

Nunes and Flynn Fallout Grows Ominous for Trump White House

Biden (wrongly) claims that the campaign ignored the middle class

xPost from GD: Oddly worded NYP article attempts to malign LGBT teen girls...

I see Shouty Spice is pushing the whole "The Russia story's about Hillary" line today.

Trump threatens hard-liners as part of escalating Republican civil war

Here's the Republicans' Idea of Good Porn

Here's why Comey may have stayed silent on Russia probe before election & it should terrify Trump

Francine Hughes Wilson, abused Michigan wife who inspired 'The Burning Bed,' dies at 69

Manatees taken off U.S. endangered list, conservationists cry foul

Are Telephone Polls Understating Support for Trump?

Michael Flynn Wins Russian Atomic Medal of Honor

As Flynn Flips, Wyden Speaks Out on Russia Investigation: "Follow the Trail of Dead Bodies"

UW Professor: The Information War is Real and We're Losing It

If Gorsuch is elevated to the Court, he will forever be known as the Russian Judge.

Why 'deep subprime' auto loans are beginning to worry Wall Street

Collins, King Stress Need For Senates Russian Probe To Stay Nonpartisan

Michael Flynn: new evidence spy chiefs had concerns about Russian ties

LePage Blames Legislature, Secretary of State for Maines REAL ID Noncompliance

Milbank: This is what you signed up for, Mr. Speaker

Mayor de Blasio vows to close Rikers Island: 'It will happen'

It wasnt regulation that killed coal; it was natural gas

Flynn says he is guilty of a crime

DOJ presses Colorado on marijuana cases

Who Is This Evelyn Farkas That Spicer Is Referring To And....

Maine House Rejects Bill to Elect President by Direct Popular Vote

The "feminists should be nice to men" trope is back. So is "The Handmaid's Tale"

The "feminists should be nice to men" trope is back. So is "The Handmaid's Tale"

Trump University $25 million settlement approved

The "feminists should be nice to men" trope is back. So is "The Handmaid's Tale"

Shall we place bets on Spicer's resignation/firing?

Obama Officials Made List of Secret Documents Related To TrumpRussia Probe To Protect Them

Dave Chapelle didn't change with the times, and that's the problem..

Student Loan Forgiveness Program Approval Letters May Be Invalid, Education Dept. Says.

Doodle 4 Google student winners artwork imagines a world of peaceful acceptance

Let's say he leaves office very soon. What would his Presidential Library look like?

I dont think Trump is going to like the new New Yorker Cover or the Economist...

Shouty Spice's show gets more ridiculous with each episode

Hate Crimes In New York City Continue To Soar, But Arrests Lag, Data Shows

Trollbots still very much hard at work

People watched those debates, yet still enough of them voted for Trump

Assanges asylum is at stake when Ecuador votes Sunday.

Did Cohen-Watnick jump out of the WH plane without a parachute?

DisneyWorld has a Hall of Presidents...

American ladies take 4th, 7th, and 12th at 2017 World Figure Skating Championships

Now that I've finished the taxes, more time for fun!

Maine Ethics Commission Probing Casino Campaign's Finances

LePage Looks to Write Welfare Restrictions into State Law

EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto Kill Cancer Study

Japan's Annual Antarctic Expedition Returns With 333 Whale Carcasses

Compassionate Conservatives

Jeff Sessions admits crime is near historic lows despite his past warnings

Modern-day Braceros: The United States has 450,000 guestworkers in low-wage jobs and doesnt need mo

I have figured out Flynn's immunity plea

Modern-day Braceros: The United States has 450,000 guestworkers in low-wage jobs and doesnt need mo

Chaos-and-loyalty theory of management ...

I know this is minor at this point, but the President shouldn't tweet about immunity deals

Top Venezuela official (Attorney General) breaks with government, protests mount

Top Venezuela official (Attorney General) breaks with government, protests mount

Major internet providers say will not sell customer browsing histories

" A chap who conducted discussions, In shady conditions with Russians

Stephen King's "It" trailer: Trump version (video tweet):

South Carolina man charged with trying to join Islamic State

March 31 - Sen. Sanders at Kresge Auditorium, MIT

Carrots, Striking and Sweet, Have Arrived.

U.S. diplomatic delays, Trump agenda snarl Italy's G7 agenda

And the Lord said...

March 31 - Sen. Sanders at Kresge Auditorium, MIT

Welp . . . . The Senate Intel Cmte ain't buyin' what Flynn's sellin'

What We Are Doing to Fight Trump May Not Be Enough

LIVE-Stream 7:30PM March 31 - Our Revolution Rally with Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren

Special CT state election. Contribute to the Democratic momentum!

Trump was right.

Should Flynn go to Gitmo or Leavenworth?

Towns underwater, people missing in floods in OZ following Cyclone Debbie -

Krauthammer(!): US 'may be ready' for government-run universal healthcare

Sean Spicer completely goes to pieces when asked if Trump ordered Nunes cover-up

About immunity for Flynn

Traffic alert, southbound GW parkway incident

"Florida Man" posts and this group

Trump on tv now lying about jobs being stolen from other countires

They were singing "Bye bye un-American pie ...

Mike Pence just cast tie-breaking vote to gut family planning

Sesame Street deals with budget cuts and Trump's border wall

After being asked about Flynn, Trump leaves signing ceremony w/o signing executive orders. Pence

McCaskill is a no on Gorsuch.

A Propaganda Machine for the Internet Age

Wowza!! Here is proof of COLLUSION right here!

2 Democratic Senators Say Neil Gorsuch Refused To Meet With Them

Get out your red/cyan glasses and gaze across the surface of Comet 67P

Marksville (LA) officer sent to prison for 40 years for killing 6-year-old boy

Yes, Fake News Exists On The Left -- But It's Being Overblown - MM

after @MajorCBS asks about Flynn, Trump leaves signing ceremony without signing executive orders. Pe

WTH? - Spicer and Trump are claiming that Elizabeth Farkas "proves" surveillance claims

Trump and data mining

Sikh Journalist Ties His Turban In Honor Of Timothy Caughman In Powerful Video

Iowa to LOWER minimum wage

Takei, again

Vote GOP, and this is what you get - Wage roll back, seriously, I mean, WTF

Dozens of Maine Lawmakers May Have Failed to Disclose Changes in Income

Which event would you go to tomorrow

Rep. Donna Bailey's bill would give disabled free access to state parks

Ex-employee admits to stealing over $91K from South Portland Housing Authority

When you're a star, they let you do it.

Legislative committee to consider domestic violence bills

Gov. Paul LePage vetoes Jared Golden's bill to help veterans get IDs

Keith responds to a Fox news reporter:


Immigrants are going hungry because they're worried about being deported

Immigrants are going hungry because they're worried about being deported

Paris Hilton has (among other things) a sense of humor

Colombia's FARC rebels give up guns in disarmament camps


It looks like we have a viable candidate for the IL 16th!

Spicer as the press briefing goes on

Hitler artwork - Makes you wonder about paths not taken-

Bill creates manslaughter charge for drug dealers when a death occurs


How much money do we have to keep shelling out for travel/security for this asshole in the WH?


Trump proclaims April "National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month"

What did I miss?


Trump proclaims "National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month"

Like all other wingers, Pence's dining abstinence rule is all about his own dick...

Cat training 101 - But, who is training who?

Key Dem McCaskill to Oppose Gorsuch, Back Filibuster

Vermont House votes to expand temporary housing for kids, pregnancy

Trump forgets to sign executive order. Sends Pence back for it.

Bill would tighten Vermont birth certificate access

Vermont House finds rare unity in cautious state budget

The only cut the ReTrumplicans make for the wealthy is a tax cut

Vermont budget would end cold-weather motel program

Vermont on guard against federal cuts to low-income help

Louise Mensch on Data Mining, banks, targeting, and FISA. 2+2???

Senate backs bill to examine, better fund mental health system

Two University of Vermont fraternities punished for alcohol violations

Keep Digging Groper Don the Con, Nunes

Donnie's going to use this excuse to resign.

New state Democratic chair once opposed marriage equality

Jay Peak developer Quiros fires legal team; attorneys place lien to get paid

Nicaraguan immigrant dies almost a week after trying to commit suicide at Southern California ICE fa

Nicaraguan immigrant dies almost a week after trying to commit suicide at Southern California ICE fa

April Fools Day cancelled on account of extreme FWS

Is there video of Trump walking out of the EO signing after getting asked about Flynn?


Vermont state workers evacuated over air quality concerns

$25 million settlement in Trump University cases

Must read Motherboard's - deep dive on Cambridge Analytics + Russian/CA connection

Thinking about Christopher Steele and the whole spy thing, here's Johnny Rivers!

Another promise bites the dust

Bwahaha! The Onion....

Hillary Clinton warns Trump's budget would be a "grave mistake" for the U.S.

White House in deep legal trouble, according to own standards

Flynn has a story to tell...

How the Russians Hacked Your Brain ...

How Trumpcares Failure Sets the Stage for Single-Payer (Medicare for All)

Danish Prime Minister Resists Don The Dolt's Killer Handshake

Trump: Hungry students do OK

White House said Donald Trump was in meetings, but he was pictured golfing

Trump: Hungry students do OK

Honduran Gang Used Tropical Storm Agatha to Launder Millions of Drug Money

ex-FBI guy Shames GOPers turning blind eye to Russian attacks on America

Trump Teeters on the Brink

Climate change brings in more favorable conditions and improves the economic potential of this regio

House Republicans: Steal All You Want

Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bill Could Be Revived

McCaskill to oppose Gorsuch nomination, support possible Democratic filibuster

Brazil's Temer Sees Approval Rate Drop to 10 Percent

Pablo Escobar's Hitman to March with Uribe, Colombia's Far Right

In Nashua, Hassan Touts Bill to Reign in Prescription Drug Costs

Trumps Chumps

N.H. Senate Kills Bill to Remove Redistricting Authority from State Legislature

If the White House spied on the FBI, theres a problem

Voter Eligibility Bill Clears N.H. Senate Along Party Lines

N.H. Senate OKs Bill to Remove Insurance Barriers for Substance Abuse Treatment

Trump Settles on a Culprit In Health Bill Fiasco:Freedom Caucus..Huff Post.

Endurance cyclist Mike Hall killed in collision

Bill Requiring Parental Notice on Sex-Related Classroom Material Heads to Governor

White people are still big fans of Donald Trumps job performance: poll

Schiff after WH visit: "Nothing I could see today warranted departure from normal review procedures"

N.H. House Speaker: Sununu's Full-Day Kindergarten Plan 'Another Expansion Of Government'

Tucson police: Remains of Isabel Celis have been recovered


U.N. experts see 'alarming' U.S. trend against free speech, protest


Hassan proposes stricter water standards


Putin defends climate deniers and looks forward to the Arctic melting

In Major Shift, Trump Taking Egypt's Human Rights Issues Private

I hope they already have the goods on Flynn

Mississippi will only honor largest scholarship for a given student

Gilbert Baker, Creator Of Famed Rainbow Flag Died R.I.P.

House committee votes against banning gay conversion therapy

Legislators defeat bill on Russian liquor ban

Trump budget threatens after-school programs for more than 10,000 N.H. students

Heres why Comey may have stayed silent on the Russia probe before we voted and it should terrify

WTF? Gorsuch won't meet w/Democratic women Senators? Scared of being in same room like Pence?

Here's The Shameless Defense Of Slavery Under The Confederate Constitution

Drip, Drip, Drip...It does look like Watergate..on steroids.

Evening Blues turn to Peach

This my 1000th post. Yeeehaa!! Want to thank all you DUers that have made this so special.

"This is not good, folks. Not good" --- guess who

Is There a Republican War Against Motherhood? It Sure Looks That Way.

Are the Kochs Really That Bad? Yes, Yes They Are.

Maxine Waters op-ed:"Repubs who continue to turn blind eye must reassess their duty to Constitution"

slate - "Everything You Need to Know About the Idiotic Non Scandal of Evelyn Farkas"

Driver who killed 13 Senior citizens was texting.

Atlanta police are seeking this individual in connection with the I-85 fire

Is the Gorsuch block a calculated risk?

Sorry, Melissa

FBI looking into whether Trump campaign reps had role helping Russian operatives as early as March

Republican lawmaker: The Bible says the jobless should starve

Eighteen hours without a crisis/scandal. I'm bored.

Students camp overnight to see Clinton

Mike Pence Is Why We Have To Stop Excusing Religious Sexism

Yet another Trump Limerick Contest

Mike Pence Is Why We Have To Stop Excusing Religious Sexism

Financial disclosure documents for Steve Bannon just released by the White House