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Archives: March 4, 2017

Can an atheist deliver a prayer? U.S. judge wrestles with challenge to Pa. House's invocation rule

Thanks to Trump and the GOP, a California single-payer healthcare system is now possible

Sergey Kislyak must have pretty shitty self esteem right about now.

The President of the United States is a Russian espionage agent.

Atheism- A Denial Of Reality

Donald Trump is not a smart man.

Trump's screwed folks ...and other short takeaways from this week.

Former Press Secretary Josh Earnest Talks Sean Spicer And Fake News

A Democratic Governor for President and a Democratic US Senator for Vice President in 2020.

'First chemical attack' in Mosul battle injures twelve


Best analogy I've seen so far

Bush feeling guilty for Iraq War? Hmmmm....?

Who Wears the Military Uniform Best?

White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency

Looking for synonyms for political shenanigans

Republicans dividing over linking Planned Parenthood defunding and Obamacare repeal

Pretty Good Response to Those Angry About Gay Character in Beauty and the Beast

It looks like another Trump adviser has significantly changed his story about the GOP's dramatic

Jeff Sessions claims legal marijuana causes violent crime despite lack of evidence

The United States Of Not America.

Get Ready, America, for a Muslim Talking Religion on Trumps Favorite Fake News Channel

Married lesbian Baptist co-pastors say all are beloved

Barbara Pierce Bush Gives Keynote Address At Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Has anyone else noticed Chris Matthews losing words and getting lost lately?

Howard Fineman- "The Russians have Donald Trump coming and going."

Overplaying The Hand?

Rex Tillerson skips launch of US state department's human rights report

Robert Reich was live.

Is Russia connection destined to be Trump administration's Watergate?

Masha Gessen is full of shit. She is intentionally spreading FUD about Russia

Help me get this straight. I'm their hearing on the news that

Did Barry Goldwater Smoke Pot?

Feels Like This Country Is Going To Explode. It Gets So Much Worse By The Day.

Does the CIA or FBI have access to Trump's tax returns?

When Workers Form Unions, They Improve Jobs, Communities!

Anybody watch the AC 360 interview with Carter Page?

When Workers Form Unions, They Improve Jobs, Communities!

When Workers Form Unions, They Improve Jobs, Communities!

Carl Bernstein : "There is a coverup going on"

Ted Cruz (R-TX) spokeswoman explains why she thinks Jeff Session lied

My husband passed away 1/26/17

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! The Dark Knight Rises! Live, Uncensored & a new

Trump Is Not a President; He is a Retiree

20 Years Ago, Starship Troopers Showed Us What Happens When Fascism Wins

Ex-Haitian president Rene Preval dies

Pro-Life Pol Who Pressured His Mistress to Have an Abortion Says It's Okay...

Friday Talking Points (427) -- Lock Him Up!

Maddow is talking about figuring out a "Deep Throat". Christopher Steele?

So happy to get my medical marijuana card today!

Sessions to respond in writing to questions over Russia contacts: DOJ

Immigration judges exempt from Trump's federal hiring freeze

Rachel makes me nervous. Is she outing sources.

What if Iran had hacked our election ?

Dreaming of life without the GOP? Welcome to California where things are far from perfect

Episcopal, Lutheran leaders in the U.S. and Canada issue Ash Wednesday message on refugees

Enough is enough: Throw out the whole Trump administration!

Rachel just reported that Sessions will go back to the Judiciary Committee on Monday,

Merriam-Webster again needles Trump over spelling fumbles

Judge shoots down Miami-Dade detention policy adopted to follow Trump deportation order

Judge shoots down Miami-Dade detention policy adopted to follow Trump deportation order

If you're not watching Rachel, tune in now. she's at commercial but when she

Rachel has just connected another dot in the trump/russia alliance. A mysterious

California high-speed rail ready to lay some track

GW Bush on the Ellen show

El Salvador hippo Gustavito 'did not die from knife attack'

El Salvador hippo Gustavito 'did not die from knife attack'

Funny? Sad? Pathetic? slate - "This reporter's description of Melania reading to kids is brutal"

Young Frankenstein

Trump just betrayed his promise to buy American three days after making it

First Twin Peaks trial delayed

How Uber Deceives the Authorities Worldwide

Am I the last person to see this cultural dance?

State-appointed board president storms out of Marlin ISD meeting

More info on FBI investigation of Ga. voter data breach

Let me try out this new cat bed.

Doctor Strange Soundtrack 11 - Post Op Paracosm (VIDEO)

300 gather to oppose new Waco landfill site

Am I the only one having a hard time keeping up with all the news?

IS anybody else seeing huge increases in homeowners ins?

Teague ISD school bus flips, injures several students

Has anyone else had trouble accessing this evening?

Members of Congress urge Trump to release Asian carp report

Amarillo Matters PAC jumps into veterinary school efforts

Amarillo man pleads guilty after feds find 91 guns on Mobeetie property; Lamborghini, nearly $25,000

Warming, taller shrubs may affect birds breeding on tundra

Man arrested after throwing rock through Wells Fargo window in downtown Amarillo

Judge gives extension to Trump lawyers in travel ban suit

Federal authorities approve California tortoise removal

Why did Billy Joe jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge? (VIDEO)

730-mile pipeline bound for Corpus Christi


Appeals court hands oil companies victory in coastal lawsuit

Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

Dont Bullsh*t Me: Bill Maher Faces Off With CNNs Jeff Lord on Trump, Russia

A Third Uber Engineer Just Came Forward About Sexism - But Her Story Is Very Different

Donovan - Jennifer Juniper (VIDEO)

EPA to reconsider vehicle fuel standards, may move against California targets

El Paso police investigate large-scale mailbox thefts

Politically vulnerable, Issa walks a tightrope on Trump and Russia

Grassley denies calls for Sessions to testify on Russian ambassador meetings...

Arkansas House backs measure to expand wine in grocery stores

Lawmakers put cap on lawsuit damages on 2018 ballot


Arkansas governor: Taking Lee off King holiday an uphill fight

Proposed legislation in Arkansas requires voter OK

Fort Bend school district apologizes after comment about hijabs

@ChrisCoons says FBI has transcripts that could show Russian leaders colluding w/ Trump campaign

Clinton spotted reading report about Pence's private email

Kansas new congress critter is a HUGE GOP SOB

Friday Night Wine-Buzz...

Maher: Trump is the first president not to have a dog; actually he does, his name is Sean

Life goes on in Dublin after Dr Pepper production halted


Another jaguar discovery in Southern Arizona adds to border-wall debate

I still don't understand the sudden lack of interest in Hillary's emails??

BBC commentary on Sessions' scandal

Puget Sound EPA funding gutted under Trump budget, reports say

Puget Sound EPA funding gutted under Trump budget, reports say

The Pathology of the Rich: Chris Hedges

I had one friend left...We don't talk much but I think of him often....

Some vets call foul on Trump for wearing flight jacket, admiral's cap

Monologue Bill Maher

Costco prices will rise with border tax, finance chief says

The Donald Trump Song

It turns out that Billy Zane is the gold-painted Colonel in the KFC ads.

China says defense budget to rise by about 7 percent in 2017

Under Trump, an Already Depleted I.R.S. Could Face Deep Cuts

State history class instills pride in young Texans

Maher in entirely

Trump won and has a robot majority in Congress...why are his supporters ANGRIER than we are?

All 36 victims of Ghost Ship fire died from smoke inhalation

State Republicans Claim There's No Such Thing as Voter Disenfranchisement

Debate prompts Garfield creator to clarify cat's gender

Laredo woman accused of taking $172K from employer

What Happens When a Brother & Sister Both Have the Hots for the Pool Boy?

Overtime with Bill Maher..

Uber loses court battle that challenged English-language test requirement for U.K. drivers

I would love for someone to take drumpts dumbass thumbs up and make it permanently down

Tensions mount between Dan Patrick and the Texas House

Can you please help me ?

European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans

Companies Have Four Days to Plan Their Proposals to Build a Border Wall

Hillary Clinton at Harvard on Friday.

Sandra Bland Act Would Crackdown on Racial Profiling

MSNBC'S Rachel Maddow Is Now Growing 3 Times Faster Than Fox News As Her Ratings Surge

NRC Reviews Andrews Site for High-Level Nuclear Waste Storage

House proposal aims to limit increases in Texas property tax bills

Texas House proposes using $1.4 billion from state savings account for health and human services

Near-Miss Asteroid Breaches Earth's Ring Of Satellites Six Hours After Discovery

Professor recruitment program a top Abbott initiative could lose funding

Jury finds ex-San Antonio cops guilty of all charges in sex case

The Trumpians are off the leashes again - walmart customer racist tirade in texas

Music Video I made a few years ago....more relevant now....

I keep asking myself over and over, how on earth Mrs. Clinton did not

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Fish Sauce?

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Fish Sauce?

Carrollton couple's gay pride flag torn from home, set ablaze in their mailbox

Former Cowboy Greg Hardy dodges prison with plea deal on cocaine charge

Man Saves Every Stray Cat He Finds in His Village and Turns Their Lives Around...

Frisco hospice owner accused of fraud and harming patients had ties to other health care companies

Here is what ABSOLUTELY MUST happen now. GOV must be frozen until we get this sorted out

Anderson Cooper reduces Trump-aide Carter Page to weaseling, stuttering mess

A music video I made a few years ago....seems more relevant now.....

Just tell me Trump doesn't want to start a fight

3 yr old twins face facts..adorable

Maine Medical Center turns away non-emergency patients

Well, Russia owns us,

Rep. Poliquin urges Maine Legislature to comply swiftly with federal Real ID law

If you were on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which witness would you call??

Maine lobster catch tipped the scale at a record 130 million pounds in 2016

Without revealing your age....

The Platters - Twilight Time Remastered (VIDEO)

Legislative committee splits on voter ID, clean elections bills

I will continue to choose the truth over lies.

Today 30 years ago in the Iran-Contra Scandal, Reagan admitted to arms-for-hostages.

Oh Please! Kellyanne Conway: 'alternative facts' was my Oscars blunder

Philadelphia Will Stop Billing Parents When Their Children Are Incarcerated

Legislative session in a red state: Georgia bill tracker 2017

Venus goes retrograde today until April 15th.

Sessions isn't THE target, but he gives a chance to see behind the door. I think it's our ONLY one

Lawsuit against Maine State Police over deadly rampage gets reprieve

I've finally figured out normal white people.

More than 20 Colby College students summoned on underage drinking charge

Maine man jailed, must repay $360K to former employer

Daily Holidays - March 4

Real Time With Bill Maher - S15E07 Full Video (March 3, 2017) HBO

Hey, do any of you remember seeing that really funny Honeymooners episode with Jackie Gleeson

Women's Equality National Monument, Video

Have you noticed that with each revelation, Bannon seems have distanced himself

Maine ethics watchdog to investigate Rep. Dillon Bates finances

State can't be sued for selling off midcoast mans property and house, court rules

Bill Maher shreds Jeffrey Lord for claim Russia didnt influence the election: Dont bullsh*t me!

This smells of HIGH TREASON

Proposed bill could advance food sovereignty movement in Maine

Uber used secret tool, extraordinary measures to sidestep government officials

Disgusted by soaring prices, Maine doctor devises an alternative to the EpiPen

Trump on track to spend exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars on travels

A 70 yo man who watches 6hrs of TV a day, plays lots of golf, and always seems to be in Florida is a

Joy Reid shames media with battered pundit syndrome: Theres a desperate thirst for normal

Should FOX be criticized for not reporting the news?

LePage's school funding plan faces dozens of critics at State House hearing

A message to the GOP:

Koterba toon: 2016

Lawmakers Split on Gutting Public Funding for Maine Gubernatorial Campaigns

Trumps deputy national security adviser Gorka doesnt have a security clearance?

Orange Foolius just found out President Obama had his "wires tapped"

Democrats Could Play Key Role in Repealing Wage Increase for Tipped Workers

Trump now tweets....

Hahaha! So now dt is accusing PRESIDENT Obama of wiretapping

If Nixon could have tweeted:

Weekend toon roundup 1 - There's a reason why he wears red ties.....

Since everything is relative...

Weekend toon roundup 2 - The Rest

Bill to Include Deposit on Mini Liquor Bottles Clears Committee

US suspends expedited processing of H-1B visas

Conan: Trump Calls Obama To Brag About His Speech

Donald Trump accuses Obama of 'wire-tapping' his office before election

Maine Bill Would Ban Flame Retardants in New Furniture

I am utterly speechless, probably for the first time in my life

I See Fear

As an aside, do you know what I don't get?

Lawmaker Proposes Closing N.H.'s Primaries, Cites Potential For Electoral Sabotage

N.H. Revenues Projected At $59 Million Below Gov. Sununu's Budget Plan

Is it true "under God" will be dropped from the POA

Sununu Finds Himself in Cross-Border Fight With Massachusetts Officials on Opioid Crisis

The Donald just admitted thru his tweet storm that indeed there was a warrant to tap his phones

More concerned with where Trump got the information his phone was tapped

I think your site may have been hacked again. Any time I open your site, no matter what browser im

Nicholas Kristof on dt accusing Obama of wiretapping...

Who we are as a people and a nation has been 400 years in the making.

Federal judge sides with NH hospitals in their compensation argument with the state

Man who claimed he set fire to Candia home to kill bed bugs must pay $180k restitution

Grand jury indicts Tilton woman accused of trying to steal ambulance

Comey and the FBI were wiretapping Trump not PBO.

Iran tests new Russian-made S-300 missile system

He would be talking to the presidents in the paintings in the White House if he knew who they were

Luckovich Toon: In Danger

Physicians committee says D-H inappropriately uses live animals to train medical residents

State Democrats file campaign finance complaint against Manchester Mayor Gatsas

Thurs-Conservative radio: Obama sought Trump Wiretap Fri: Breitbart reports same Sat: Trump Tweets

NH Democrats push populist policies as president unveils his budget priorities

Evangers Expands Recall Of Dog Food That Could Contain Euthanasia Drugs

What does he not want us to see?

Trump to Undo Vehicle Rules That Curb Global Warming

Jail ?

Talk is cheap

I live in Middle Of Nowhere, SC and even I

After this any Democrat who goes nears this cretinous monster is finished with me

Hilarious if FISA court did approve a warrant to tap Trump's phones

Will James Comey do the right thing?

SUSPEND OR LIMIT H1B & Other Work Visas. Companies Have Abused These Programs For Profit.

Do you agree all Democrats should shun Donald Drumpf if he doesn't apologize to President Obama

Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles

Can you tweet from prison?

Petri on Kislyak -- a prescription for the blues.

I have lived through eleven presidents and never saw one president diss a former president.

"The time for trivial fights is behind us" -Donald J Trump like 80 hours ago.

Evangelist Franklin Graham Calls For Disney Boycott Over Gay Characters

Man arrested during Alton select board meeting, again

N.H. struggling to solve a psychiatric problem thats been years in the making

Should Donald Drumpf be Baker Acted? He is in Florida now

Lindsey Graham is having a town hall at Clemson this morning.

Ga. university hack may have compromised voter records

TV2 Denmark: All That We Share

Faux News are turning on Drump....Denouce Putin and release your taxes..

500 Billion dollars - from Untapped Oil

NFL Star Michael Bennett boycotts goverment-sponsered trip to Israel for NFL players

Report Assesses Addiction Treatment Insurance

David Frum Asks The RIGHT Question

What was the over-under for Trump wearing military garb?

Wiretaps Donald Trump "just found out" about have been reported for weeks

Wonder if Van Jones still thinks this is all very Presidential?

LGBT group says Winooski gay bar should choose new name

This is the only explanation that makes any sense. Sadly.

bush painting pictures of Soldiers

The only down side is Deplorables will react like rats when cornered.

Joy-ann Reid schooled Trump apologist: Why Republicans won't turn on Trump (VIDEO)

Wouldn't You Think The Trump Kids - Ivanka, Eric & Don - Would Be Very Embarrassed Of.....

Why is "sought to disrupt" all over MSM? "Disrupted" is the correct

Will it be discovered that Jeff Sessions met with the Russians a third time that he did not report?

this is what i was afraid of

"Trump this morning reminding me why Im glad I voted for Hillary Clinton."

The bigger issue for Groper Don the Con

You Are More Likely To Be Shot In A Republican State

White House seeks deep cuts for NOAA, a leading climate science agency

This Letter Trumps Grandfather Wrote Begging Not To Be Deported

Mexican Congressman Climbs US Border Fence To Illustrate Why Wall Is "Unnecessary & Totally Absurd"

If Trump AND Pence AND Ryan AND McConnell are implicated in Putingate

If the Republicans cannot see that our country is in a constitutional crisis?

Kushner's role in all of this

Which three ReTHUGs will cross the floor and caucus with the Dems

The tap was approved by a FISA Court, not President Obama

Oh man, in light of BLOTUS claims of wire-taps, AM Joy should be 'must see' TV today!

Refugee plan looms over Rutland mayoral race

5 Trump Cabinet Members Who've Made False Statements To Congress

Zinke Expands Hunters Access to Public Lands

Pretty sure this is what explains Trump's relapse into feverish early morning tweeting

Russia-gate Began Like Watergate -- With A Break-In That Few Noticed

Vermont mulls making president hopefuls share tax info

Despite early denials, growing list of Trump camp contacts with Russians haunts White House

So, we stay the course and keep on fighting until it

The FISA Warrant Process F/Tapping An American Politician Speaking W/Foreign Nationals (Eichenwald)

Breitbart: Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obamas Silent Coup vs. Trump

Trump gives commanders new powers to launch military strikes (w/o WH approval)

Vermont Senate wants to limit 'beautiful' prescription drug ads

There's no such thing as 'limited' nuclear war - By Dianne Feinstein

tiny fingers tweeting like crazy

Trump tweeted that this new immigration book is a "must read." So I read it -- and you must not.

State's budget gap is reduced from $72M down to $18M

Piece of puzzle - Trump, et al picked ONLY one platform issue to change and lied about it.

WE KNOW bad (or sick) guy WIRE TAPPED Trump because we know Trump's source: Breitbart. SAD!

The Pope on Panhandling: Give Without Worry

If there is a wiretap, it means Comey signed off on it.

Pittsford woman accused of $100K embezzlement

Trumps Pick for SEC Chairman Clears Ethics Hurdle

Even John Podhoretz is taking a rhetorical dump on Trump

Stay focused, squirrely media - the Trump Obama wiretap shit is just a shiny object to chase

The American People Have To Remember This When They Go To Vote In 2018.....

Trump just kicked McConnell and Ryan in the balls and may have hastened his own demise!

Middlebury College professor injured by protesters as she escorted controversial speaker

Here's an interesting facebook page

NY Times: Abuse Victim Quits Vatican Commission, Citing Resistance

Vermont lawmakers consider media shield law

We know Obama is rising in the best pres list. Where is Trump in the looniest dictator list?

"We Deserve Better"

Great Goodfellas reference- Drumpf right now

It's not about "talking to the Russians" it's about selling Crimea

"This is what happens when a target is getting buggy

South Dakota State Senator Compares LGBT Parents to Pedophiles

"Without a shirt? . . . Well, I look just like Putin." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Dysfunctional Family brother-in-law's thoughts on the Trump Presidency.

What the Queen Really Thinks of Donald Trump (revelations about Trump and Princess Diana)

Christian Bros defend funding pedophile

Several Trump advisers woke up this morning surprised by the president's tweets.

A pedophilia scandal is engulfing the oldest Catholic institution in France

Alleged victims of pedophile priests say Pope Francis was made aware in 2014

Donald isn't smart enough to realize he just told on himself

Alexander Butterfield.

Snap of Clinton reading Pence email headline goes viral

Guess where it snowed more than in Denver ?

The Onion was ominously prescient...

'Outright personality breakdown in public view': Internet blasts Trump for 'tapped phones' Twitter..

David Corn made a very very good point on AM Joy; we'll give you a better deal IS collusion!!!

Did Trump eat a live baby last Monday, or Tuesday?

6th District race heating up

Tweet#2 - "a good lawyer"

March4trump today, at a street corner near YOU!

Keep the Pressure on Trump, Media!

Where do you hide your gourd?

Amazing Photography - Synchronized shutter speed

Help assuage your depression...Triumph at the diner with Chris Christie

I knew it, I knew it - What cats think of when laying on you

I'll say it! Trump is Lex Luthor

Poor people dont want health care just like Jesus said: GOP Rep justifies killing Medicaid

The Washington Post-Democracy Dies in Darkness

Serious question: if trump is such a lying liar, why on earth doesn't he PRETEND, at least, to

Trump reportedly furious over Sessions recusal

Oh Boy! It Is True

CNN Breaking News:Former Obama Sr. Official ways there was no wiretapping of trump's phone.

💡IDEA! If he's not using the White House on weekends, can we?

Hard to believe Trump just learned about the FISA Warrant on Trump Tower. Perhaps he needs a DU acct

Is this the "SAD" presidency? How can a president with the best words and biglyest brain be so

'In that moment I loathed America'

Per CNN: Former high ranking official says Trump's wiretapping claims are false.

Alabama drive-in nixes 'Beauty and the Beast' over gay character

'Stand your ground' changes bad for law enforcement

State schedules Vermont Yankee sale hearing

Coke commercial shows brother and sister fighting over the hot pool boy

Trump STUPIDLY declassifies FISA warrants against him in a tweet!!!

In Many Ways, We're Benefiting from A Media War

Sen. Graham talks Trump wiretap tweets

Ryan counting on Trump to help steamroll House maniacs and ram through Obamacare repeal

Surely hope the guy with the nuke-codes suitcase is hiding out someplace.

Someday the Cheeto's tweetstorms will be in the Library of Congress

Pervenche Beres Supporting March on Mississippi Nissan Rally 3/4/17

Senate Judiciary Dems Call For Sessions Hearing, Inspector General Probe

Pervenche Beres Supporting March on Mississippi Nissan Rally 3/4/17

First rocket powered human centrifuge reached 7G

Establishment Democrats like Auntie Maxine Waters are our bulwarks against fascism

Meanwhile at the kitchen table.......

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, literally...

WaPo: Donald Trump was a conspiracy-theory candidate. Now hes a conspiracy-theory president.

Liar-in-Chief goes to RNC event (in pictures).

'You're in deep sh*t': Lawmaker alerts Trump if phones were 'tapped' a judge found 'probable cause..

I'm beginning to wonder if we should consider a request for a 45 "scandal" forum.

Single father from Mexico in US for 20 years deported after Ice 'check-in'

FBI ... 45... RICO

Now the war on Climate Science begins in earnest; NOAA Satellite budget to be dramatically slashed!!

John Podhoretz wrote an editorial that Deplorables might become violent if Drumpf is removed.

After four tweets about being wiretapped by President Obama, trump got down to serious business....

Arnold Schwarzenegger fires back, LMFAO. Donnie is So presidential.

March on Mississippi Live-Stream Link - 12:30 PM CST 3/4/17

Cracked reviews the Trump administration like a TV show

While we chatter about Trump's Twittergasm, here are some bills going thru Congress

The Workmen's Circle Button

Mayor Walsh Says Boston Won't Comply With Orders To Detain Immigrants

Does anyone else worry for the safety

Trumps Hotel Trumped by Another President

We are in trouble. We are heading for a constitutional crisis.

'I Believe They Exist': Democratic Senator Says 'There Are Transcripts' Regarding Russia and Trump

Baker pitches plan to build state's reserve fund

How we know Schumer had no Russian Ties...(contrary to SHitler's claim)

If Trump nominated Jeffry Dahmer for Child Protect Agency

I wish we had someone like this...

Jeff Sessions Will Submit Amended Testimony to the Senate on Monday

This is who I wish we had to...

Everyone's now forgotten about Sunkist Stalin's SOS speech.

South Carolina town hall crowd boos @LindseyGrahamSC

Do you believe Drumpf and Bannon are trying to ignite a civil war?

Obfuscation. Look at this shiny wire tap over here.

Does anyone have videos of the march 4 trump marches?

This One Great Paragraph Tells The Story About Government Leaks: Huff Post

I am so sorry, but the time has come and this has to be asked..

"March 4 Trump - NYC".. SOMEONE get out there with a tuba!

Oklahoma Rep. To Visiting Muslim Students: 'Do You Beat Your Wife?'

Photo: Bernie this morning at Reagan National

Can purebreds on leases democratize credit? The Nevadan behind Wags Lending thinks so.

DJT: 'I have nothing to do with russia, to the best of my knowledge, no person i deal with has'

Schwarzenegger fired, didn't quit 'Apprentice': Trump

"Let's get off the news so we can really make our own choices about what's going on" HA

Watching the pro trump protest in NYC

He's not making it up. Gah! This confirms there was a FISA warrant!

Maggie Haberman: "Trump was known for years to tape calls in his own offices" (so he's projecting)

Oh Fish LLL Trump is acting like a cornered rat thread ..... feel free to share any thoughts.

Vouchers are failing NC's children

Remember when this story was dismissed by NYT & WP?

FISA Warrant For Trump Russia-Connected Server Reported On DU Election am-Then Hackers Took It Down


Obama strongly denies Trump accusation that he wiretapped phones in Trump Tower

Trump is bugging out, can the military stand down from orders if he reaches for the Nuclear Codes?

Terse, professional statement on wiretap claims from Former Pres. Obama's spokesman

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Media and press gullibility with President Trump a danger to us al

***Statement from Kevin Lewis, Spokesperson to Former President Barack Obama***

To Trump "Restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you."

Former Obama Adviser Humiliates Trump By Explaining That Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps

Tweet Of The Day

Trump White House Shopping For Technology to Plug Leaks

Does trump toiletweet? is he bi polar, or just hypermanic?

Ben Rhodes is on a roll today.

Bald eagle dies of severe lead poisoning

Oh to gander: Did wiretaps capture collusion between James Comey and tRump campaign?

Laughingly weak portrayal on TV of two pro 45/140 rallies

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson largely disappears in the Trump Cabinet

OMG Obama's statement on the wiretap.

Whatta crowd! Live stream of Trump rally

What do you think prompted the Trump tweet about wiretapping?

Russia investigations a 'witch hunt'? Not according to polls

Amid firestorm, Trump appears to waiver on Russia deal

SNL needs to take any skits with Alex Baldwin as Trump and introduce them with the following

You find out you're being WIRETAPPED! A half hour later you tweet about Schwarzenegger?!

Pelosi rips Trump tweets: 'Deflector-in-Chief is at it again'

Time for a Special Counsel in the Russiagate Scandal

Trump Aides Refuse to Clarify Latest Accusations

A day in the life

AM Joy Reid 3/4/2017

What Trump just did seems like what a person in a panic and not thinking clearly would do

HEY- Does anyone know how the "MARCH 4 TRUMP" rallies are going?

Report: Trump furious that Sessions recused himself

'Gun for hire': how Jeff Sessions used his prosecuting power to target Democrats

The Repugs Haven't Learned Yet - Trump Is Tainting The Party And....

This Meme Has Never Been More Relevant Than It Is Today!

"Echoes of Watergate Resurface..."

1974 Mid Terrms

Trump Administration Plans Expanded Immigrant Detention

Another Sessions theory

I think Donald Trump is very afraid at this moment.

Boeing to cut at least 1,805 Seattle-area factory and engineering jobs in 2017

There's tapes. And Comey authorized it.

Here are the Ones and Tens huddled together for their groper rally today in Raleigh

If the President of the United States has wiretapped opponents for political purposes then the only

Van Jones - Is it still presidential for Drumpf to call your former boss and pres a "sick guy'' ?

If Trump Has Totally Flipped His Wig Shouldn't Somebody Take Some Action To....

Border adjustment tax plan splits White House officials

WARNING - Sophisticated "PayPal" Phishing email ...

Trump is taking defensive measures!

TSA to begin more intimate contact when physically screening

Schwab: GOP plan to replace ACA guarantees us liberty and death

Msnbc reporting that the DOJ has NO idea what Trump is talking about (Trumps lie about Obama

If Drumpf goes don't let Pence convince you he's Gerald Ford.

Malcolm Nance tweets about trumpy's tweets:

First draft of the first chapter of my first short story:

Today's petitions

Does Trump Have a Personality Disorder? An Analysis

Teaching History in TrumpWorld

This Russian Cover Up Involves ALL The GOP Leadership & Trump & Company.

Both Evan McMullin and John Schindler think we should be worried about what Trump will do now


So, a sitting President is charging the former President with a crime? Is this correct?

Magazine seeking entries.

I'd "tapp" that.

Amazing photos from Bored Panda:

Great listen - Malcolm Nance, US intelligence expert, on Randi Rhodes show

If The Media Had Done Its Job During Campaign Trump/GOP Would Have Lost.

Bruce Bartlett, former adviser to Ronald Reagan, compares Donald Trump to Nixon and it's EPIC

Finnish Trump sketch - 2017

Magazine seeking submissions

Electing Trump Like Ramming Titanic into 2nd Iceberg If 1st Time Not Successful.

LOL...keep it up Trump,show the WORLD your bat$hit crazy!!!

Fuckface punishes California for not voting for him

Republican Strategist Hit Trump With The Truth That FBI Has Warrant To Investigate Russia Ties

Just passed a Trump rally in Akron Ohio

Malcolm Nance: 'Trump is caught & knows it. Buggy.'

Take a break: Four year old plays, Flight of the Bumblebee" on piano

"He will die in jail"

Knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering...for or on behalf of a foreign power

SenSanders speech to Nissan workers


Stand With Nissan Workers - Bernie Sanders

I captured this image from a Trump rally

Ten Questions for President Trump - LawFare (regarding FISA wiretap)

Bernie: "I just published Stand With Nissan Workers"

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 4, 2017

Russian Oligarch's Plane Shadowed Donald Trump's Plane (VIDEO)

Photos: Mississippi Rally

Dear Pundits who lauded his speech. Is it still "presidential"..?

Jaws Drop As Malcolm Nance Tells AM Joy Trump Acting Like He Knows He's Caught (Video)

Russian Lawmaker Wants 'Beauty and the Beast' Banned for 'Gay Moment'

How to grab a p*ssy...


Facebook friend is holding a 'pro-Trump' rally online. Help me troll it.

Obama: Bad or sick?

Trump's wiretapping claim (mental illness)...

Moderate Republicans?

So we saw our first rally for President Shitstain today . . . .

In today's WTF moment, Lindsey Graham makes the best case yet for a full independent investigation.

To All My Fellow Wiccans, Witches, Shamans and Voudoun


A Tweet May Get tRump Impeached As President Declassified FISA Warrant On His Own People

Updated schedule: Trump will meet with Sessions, Kelly in Florida tonight

PGA Tour Move Very Costly To TRUMP Doral CC In Money And Prestige. Value Significantly Reduced.

Chao says U.S. drivers may face more tolls to raise infrastructure funds

Special prosecutor

Beginning to feel like we're maybe heading there...

m$nbc: new 'muslim ban' to be released monday.....i.e. let's change the conversation

Jane Sanders: "Where can we get these? 😉"

A majority of Americans are embarrassed by President Trump


Preemptive Framing, Diversion, Deflection, Trial Balloon

Is Better Good Enough?

Trump meeting with Sessions, Kelly at Mar-a-Lago.

Is Better Good Enough?

FUCK donald trump for blaming President Obama.

HRH President Bannon

Moose rescued after crashing through ice

And the answer to the most berning question ...

Yes, Hillary Clinton CAN STILL BE President before the 2020 election.

Trump has been more honest than we give him credit for if:

More from Bernie on the Magnolia State before the speech...

Bernie talks Magnolia State before speech against alleged union suppression

Trump Will Unveil New Travel Ban on Monday

Plumbing SOS Update

St Pauls appoints first full-time female chorister in 1,000-year history

Missing 400-year-old Jewish manuscript to return to Mexico

Wire Tapping allegation is the 2017 version of

Trump has changed his dinner schedule and has invited Jeff Sessions to join him in Florida.

In any event NO PARDON for scrotus

Why is Sessions refusing to be put back under oath & asked more questions about his Russian Contacts

Trump is filling the republican punch bowl to overflowing with one turd after another.

Now: Dems draft impeachment: GOP abstains. Buhbye donnie.

You heard it here first: the GOP Rats are going to start jumping ship very soon!

Priebus and Bannon are in trubble!

Boys get same haircut so teacher wouldnt tell them apart

The Trump wiretap story is more important than you realize

Koterba toon: Space...the final frontier

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Trump's wiretapping tweets: "We are in the midst of a civilization warlike

President Obama should call a Press Conference

If Trump is controlled by Putin, who is Trump's controlling agent?

Tens Of People Rally Across The Country In March 4 Trump

Thousands participate in March On MS for Nissan employees' rights

Author Stephen King weighs in on Twitter

Former NSA Analyst Pulls No Punches About tRump Criminal Collusion With Russia - PoliticusUSA

It's Time To Force the GOPers To Take A Side

A deadly occupation: Environmentalists in Honduras

Trump referred to HBCU presidents as 'you people'

Russian Oligarch's Plane Shadowed Donald Trump's Plane (Did they have meetings?)

That, must going to be some fight between Trump and Sessions tonight at Mar-a-Lago!

Trump, his private security force, and his private plane....

Investigate Israeli Complicity with Pinochets crimes

Investigate Israeli Complicity with Pinochets crimes

I knew it wouldn't last- Check time stamp

Listen to the Many Different Hoots of the Barred Owl

Pierce: While You Were Sleeping, Trump Pushed A Wiretap Conspiracy Theory Into The Red Zone

Journalist shot dead by apparent hit squad in Mexico

Journalist shot dead by apparent hit squad in Mexico

Trump's evidence-free wiretap claim follows rightwing Obama 'coup' stories (Guardian)

The Russian Noose tightens.....who will be Trump's "John Dean"?

Golf Course In Mexico City Just As Challenging As TRUMP Doral In A Different Way.

"tens of people...march4trump" Huffpo: D'oh! Dupe"

cartoon: Bowling Green

We are approaching the moment of maximum danger.

THe ASS-hole, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of Nixon/Watergate plot to wiretap Trump Tower

How attach photo to my post about rally? nt

WOW, it looks like literally DOZENS of Trump supporters showed up for the NYC Support Trump rally.

Trump supporters march at State Capitol

The Republicans aren't just killing health care,they're killing any hope of retirement for millions


Driving north on 127 about 20 miles south of Jackson

March 4 Trump rally in Augusta draws more than 100 to State House

Trump accusing Obama of spying on him is the lowest act I have ever seen from a US President

Top Phillipine officials fly to U.S. carrier in disputed South China Sea

So now Ivanka is part of Trump's West Wing. I thought she was the acting FLOTUS

History will absolve me

I was thinking of Trump's supporters and how they'll react at the end of this road we're on.

Couple of thoughts on the tax return votes and Ryan's disastrous leadership

Did anyone notice how quick FOX jumped on the story where Trump blamed Obama for wiretapping?

PGA Move To Mexico City Will Prove To Be Historic For The Game In A Rebuff For Racism.

Russian ambassador to skip Gridiron Club dinner: report

If they have clear evidence Trump colluded with Russia to hurt Hillary what are the chances for Jail

The 3 investigations into Trump and Russia are all hopelessly compromised


GOP senator demands more info from Trump on wiretapping claims

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Gotham Stakes


Congress The cleansing by the Orientals: Lawmaker uses offensive term to describe raucous town h

Short Film: UNDER


Shit - we fell for his trap. US Official - said NO wiretap - may be what

Sally Quinn's pretty sick burn of Trump:



Charles Blow calls out Van Jones and others.. just not by name..


I think Trump may have done a deal with Russia that his advisers didn't know about

NY Times: Trump's chief counsel Don McGahn trying to get FISA court order


NYT asks "What to Do With Jeff Sessions?"

Our American Caligula ...

Someone asked how the 'anti-Trump liberals' would react if Trump actually turned

Indivisibles group at US Rep Steve Pearce southern New Mexico GREAT

New House Of Cards Series Cancelled Because It Cant Compete With This Shit

Can we talk about Comey's role for a moment please?

This Stunningly Racist French Novel Is How Steve Bannon Explains The World

Wire tap is more like Russian modus

Tea Party Group Organizes Mass(?) Rallies in Opposition to Indivisible Inspired Grassroots Marches

Did anyone here weave 'gimp' as a kid?


Anthony Foxx-NC/Julian Castro-TX or Julian Castro-TX/Anthony Foxx-NC is the ticket that could lead

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Santa Ysabel Stakes

Just back from counter-protesting "March4Trump" in Springfield, Illinois at capitol building.

it was obama in the study with the listening device.

Auschwitz staff on day off.

Hillary did it -

Oct 2016 - "Trump slams Clinton after FBI opens fresh inquiry into her emails"

Fugelsang shares Donald's 2013 Tweet

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Fountain of Youth Stakes

Trump sons, planning expansion of family business, look to leverage campaign experience

Bit of an update. Got a new lens: AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR

LA Times - Pro-Trump march will be in Huntington Beach after moving from Costa Mesa

Rex Tillerson skips State Departments annual announcement on human rights, alarming advocates

Electing Democratic Governors in states that congressional redistricting is crucial.


For lurking repubs and secret Tumpies:

Adolf Hitler also published a list of crimes committed by groups he didnt like

March 25th MAGA marches in planning stages:

One on One with Rep. Maxine Waters AM Joy MSNBC

Fascinating, scary New Yorker article. Long, but worth the time.