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Archives: March 5, 2017

Sanders, Turner and Glover Joined by Thousands for #MarchOnMississippi

Sanders, Turner and Glover Joined by Thousands for #MarchOnMississippi

Will the March 25 Pro-Trump rallies include paid Russian trolls?

Did Pinochet-era deregulation cause Chile's worst-ever wildfires?

Did Pinochet-era deregulation cause Chile's worst-ever wildfires?

See a newish sport: Crashed Ice tonight at 8:30

I heard that Trump was hosting a political fundraiser at Mar a Lago tonight.

'Gun for hire': how Jeff Sessions used his prosecuting power to target Democrats

Per CNN: Trump in a rage over "a mini disaster" every week. Blames staff.

SNL live tonight! Host Octavia Spencer. Promo videos, details here:

Stand With Nissan Workers - Bernie Sanders

New York protest...for Trump, sees around 100 supporters face a smaller band of opponents

Is Melania in Florida with Trump?

Bill Maher Calls Out The GOP Double Standard On Sex

Turning East Texas blue

Scattered fistfights break out at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley

TPM updated an important story - "New Development on the Michael Cohen 'Peace Plan' Meeting"

No, Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps AM Joy MSNBC

So has 45 divested yet? Does he have business ties to Russia? Who does Hillary have to email to get

It's March - do kids play marbles today?

Heresy. Rev. Barber smacks down Jesus-quoting GOP Rep. who claims poor dont want health care

Home Depot return scammer gets 18 months

Trump is losing it bigtime mentally, this explains the tweets

WH legal staff gag WH team from speaking about wiretap.

HuffPo: Fake News Has Its Historical Origin in Xian Fundamentalism

Mystery donor pays off students' lunch debts

Bill Kristol on Twitter

One paragraph from the NYT article earlier this week stood out to me...

US Congressional districts Democrats need to win in order to regain control of the US House.

The best guide I've seen through the Trump/Russia maze.

NEW: Jeff Sessions greets guests at Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club

Republican Senator: Trump causing a civilization-warping crisis for US with wild wiretap charges

Ayn Rand is dead. Liberals are going to miss her.

Trump needs to be removed from office. He is falsely accusing President Obama of something that he

Trump's evidence-free wiretap claim follows rightwing Obama 'coup' stories

Heresy. Rev. Barber smacks down Jesus-quoting GOP Rep. who claims poor dont want health care

Fox & Friends' Heather Nauer will reportedly become State Dept. Spokesperson

40 people caught illegally crossing ND border into Canada in last week

Civil war in the Vatican as conservatives battle Francis for the soul of Catholicism

Dan Rather on dt...

I know that Spring is finally on the way when

EYE ON THE PRIZE: The clock is ticking and we should be focused on the 2018 election!

Has one sitting President ever accussed a former president

Russian gov coming under pressure to ban "Beauy and the Beast"..."gay propaganda"?

What we know about the GOP's healthcare bill

@nytimes--Don McGahn. Trumps Chief Council looking for FISA court surveillance order !!!!

Stephen King trolls Trump

Turned off the main spillway at Oroville Dam. This is the damage.

Could Trump be on a fishing trip with his accusation of Obama wire-tapping

The Deep State 2.0

Contractor accused of ditching project despite $55K payment

Do you think Barack Obama will sue Donald Trump for Libel?

Keystone Pipeline Wont Have to Use U.S. Steel Despite Trump Pledge

*A Thousand Clowns on TCM now.

Mother, 4 children die in Western Mass. fire Saturday

4 arrested at pro-Trump rally in Olympia for assaulting police

Former president of Mexico calls Donald a "so-called" president

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's skewed ledger of achievements

Many dozens of supporters gather across the country to March 4Trump

CNN'S Jim Acosta says that Trump was so angry at staff that Bannon

White House confirms 'dramatic' cuts proposed to US foreign aid budget

Tom Tomorrow: Welcome to Trumpcare

It appears Trumpy's weekend meltdown was triggered by the Sessions mess.

Senator Lindsey Graham on healthcare: 'I dont know what the GOP plan is'

So if Sessions has to resign could he get his Senate seat back?

Rare photo of Trump with a pet

Here's a surprise

Pretty sure Comey and FBI would tell Trumpland to piss up a rope.

Police search for man who shot Sikh in Seattle suburb

Well the chatter about Trumpy's speech seems to have gone down the Sessions rabbit hole.

Trump reacts to reports on crowd size

It should merit saying that March 4th is the original Innauguration day so appropriate that

Phone Tapping? The PERFECT distraction and BAIT to drag his base further from reality!

Power to the Little People

How many times did you hear someone say, "I give him 6 months and he's out." He only lasted 1.

Father John Misty is the musical guest on SNL tonight 3/4

GOP senator cites 'civilization-warping crisis of public trust,' demands Trump explain Obama wiretap

Thousands of supporters 'March 4 Trump' at rallies across USA

Liquor Permit Suspended At Bar Where Teen Fell To Death

Lol, Pence Mad At A News Outlet For Publishing His Wife's Email Address

Carter Page saving his A$$, says 45 was behind GOP conspiracy @ RNC

Sunday's cover of the New York Daily News- NUTS!

It's amazing what you find out in a conversation at lunch

Papa's Priority

Cat concentration - Almost kills his buddy

Definition of Irony. Libelling yourself with this tweet

This is the one good thing I can say about Trump:

I do not think chump would ever resign.

Governor: Massachusetts will cover Planned Parenthood cuts

Faux News Really going into bat for Trump

Tax collections fall $117M below expectations for February

Steve Bannon Makes Headlines In Terrorist Newspaper

Trumps tweet about President Obama is disgusting

Ultra Violet airing this ad during SNL tonight.

Birthdays of the week to ponder

Sir Patrick Stewart DESTROYS Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin says theres a possibility hell show up to the correspondents dinner as Trump

Why RI Can't Put 38 Studios In The Rear View Mirror

2 intriguing developments happened today...

"This is what happens when a target starts getting buggy, because he knows that he's caught."

DU lawyers and FISA experts

The Ivanka interview: Oprah, Diane, or Dr Phil? Why didn't you stop him?!1

Who's a good dog? The tennis ball retrievers at Brazil Open

Who's a good dog? The tennis ball retrievers at Brazil Open

anti & pro 45 protestors brawl at Berkeley

(hmmm): FISA Tap included details that implicated Putin's Own Daughters, Carter Page & Paul Manafort

In Somalia, a drought killed 110 people in just 48 hours

Another Goodfellas reference. The Trump Family is a gift that keeps giving

Owners of Warwick medical marijuana business arrested after state inspection

Just look at this brave woman, and these pathetic men.

Freepers thrilled Trump took the gloves off and is going after Obama

Donald in LaLaLand

What horrible new things do you think Trump will do

Another one bites the dust (Russian in Trump scandal web dies)

Poor widdle baby got his feelings hurt ...

Kentucky Balanced Budget Bill is a Threat to the U.S. Constitution

I don't have an article or a link--

Another Russian...# 8...just died.

People say, this is secret footage from tonight's staff dinner in Mar a Loco:

A new Quebec right wing group goes public with demonstration

Mr. Charles P. Pierce, at Esquire: "The President* had another episode"

This Stunningly Racist French Novel Is How Steve Bannon Explains The World (HuffPo)

Fillon scrambles for political survival as party fast-tracks crisis meeting

Hated him since he asked my friend's father at a Doral pro-am if he'd ever "f----- a n-----..."

"This is the future that liberals want." LOL! Hilarious responses to right-wing troll ....

Was Corrupt Trump concerned with the sanctity of the election when he asked Russia to hack Hillary?

Octavia Spencer hosts Saturday Night Live tonight. I hope Melissa

PA Dems event finder

Pence: Last night the @AP published my wife's private email address, violating her privacy and our

Trump doubling down with Roger Stone:

This is how f------ stupid the Deplorables are

DUers do you realize the magnitude of the crap Groper Don the Con posted

I was wrong about Van Jones

Tiny Trump with his drawers in a bunch

Something for members of the Trump gang to think about.

WH attorney spending weekend "trying to secure access to a court order that may or may not exist"

The fact Van Jones (still) hasn't withdrawn his effusive praise for Donald Drumpf is telling

Chaffetz Will Probably Start Hearings On Obama Wire Tap Like Hillary Email Investigation.

Trump FREAKING OUT over Sessions Fallout!

If the Feds Did Wiretap Trump Tower, Its Not Obama Who Should Worry


Is it constitutional for states for force political parties to hold open primaries?...

Democrats Embrace Tax Exemption Without A Clear Path To Pay For It

Eye Doctors Worry About New Apps & Ocular Telemedicine

Second GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to share info on wiretapping claims

It Will Still Be A National Disaster If Trump Goes Down. We Will Still Have Pence.

On the Verge of Extinction, Taxi Industry Asks For Changes In Changing Industry

Rubber & Glue - A Losing Game

Plastic Bag Tax Advances To House

I think early suspicion of coke use by Trump was wrong

Is there anyone Kate McKinnon can't play? They went there with

Live shot of today's #March4Trump in Washington.

Sessions Unplugged

Was Sessions tRumps last line of defense?

GW Bush* seems the apple of the collective American eye...dare I say

Miller threatens to raise fees unless Ag agency gets more money

BBC claims a second source backs up Trump 'Golden Shower' dossier

Democrats Propose Tax Break For New College Graduates Who Stay in Connecticut

If Trump hated Melissa's McCarthy's Spicer, he's going to go ballistic over Kate McKinnon's Sessions

Murphy Proposes Paying For Gym Memberships Through HSAs

Trump's spokeswoman says he spent Saturday hittin' balls 'n' makin' calls. #WinterWhiteHouse

I understand the Gridiron Dinner had a really great comedy routine tonight...

Rep. Esty Gets Two Bills Signed By Trump

Hearing set on Connecticut bill to ban minors from marrying

Several fall ill at Yale; officials probe coffee maker

Connecticut lawmakers to question tribes again on 3rd casino

Connecticut lawmakers considering bear hunting season

Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover: Union workers have it better

I'm dying here... You need to scroll down.

Elizabeth Warren demands Jeff Sessions respect state marijuana law

Sikh man told to leave the country, shot in US: Police

Police Patrols Increased at New Jersey Religious Facilities After Threats

Tony Blair has attended a secret meeting at the White House

Oklahoma lawmaker asks Muslims: 'Do you beat your wife?'

Dayton to spend 1 more day at Mayo after prostate surgery

White Privilege essay contest draws hate-filled response, entry time extended

What happened to the "Trump-Russia Investigation" PDF?

Super bloom coming to California Desert

Trump angry and frustrated at staff over Sessions fallout

I hope Sir Patrick Stewart's commitment to help us by obtaining US citizenry catches on.

Here are some things Trump advisor Roger Stone spent Saturday night saying to random people

It is not outside the realm of possibility Van Jones becomes a fulsome Trump supporter.

CNN: Trump extremely angry & frustrated at senior staff, communications team over Sessions fallout

Slaves symbolically set free

Vegetarian Comfort Food

How to Block Trump Arts Cuts? Groups Look for G.O.P. Help.

America Is in Warp-Speed DeclineIt's Way Bigger Than Trump

Editorial: Trump's Red cloud demands an independent probe

Professor sentenced to prison for drug ring involvement

One of trump's problems is he knows what happens when people who promise

Warren Buffett Says Greedy Money Managers Are to Blame for Public Pension Problems

How the Dallas Nasty Women Art Show Loops in a History of Women's Suffrage

Analysis: The Quiet Response to President Trumps Explosive Claim

Stakeholders foresee a better era for the Eagle Ford Shale

Mexican consulates tell immigrant communities they are not alone

Berlin Film Review: Logan

Layoffs, budget cuts prompted UC Berkeley to pay out $306,000 for PR contract


Dems Grow some big BRASS ones-repuks...Country over party

Another Trump-Russian link Oronov is dead.....

Roger Stone Baited Into Admitting "Back Channel to Assange"

SNL Kate Mckinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump

How far will Putin go?

Want to hear something silly?

State Grand Jury Focusing on Maziarz Campaign Fund

Cuomo will meet with Netanyahu during jaunt to Israel

Schenectady agrees to public housing pilot for former convicts

Daily Holidays - March 5

PEF/MC pay bill is signed

Lawmakers seek refugee funding amid federal uncertainty

While we were distracted by Trump, Republicans advanced these 9 terrifying bills

Senator Bernie Sanders - The March on Mississippi - UAW

Addiction recovery advocates propose tax on prescription painkillers

Senator Bernie Sanders - The March on Mississippi - UAW

China congress: BBC team forced to sign confession

UAW President Dennis Williams - The March on Mississippi

Eric Garland says

Mayor De Blasio To City Hall Staff: Keep My Name Out Your Mouths (Until After Election Day)

Staten Island's Republican Congressman Suddenly Not So Eager To Repeal Obamacare

Pilot of crashed Syrian jet rescued in Turkey

Kim Jong-nam killing: Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador

Campaign Advisor Now Contradicts Trump: Says Donald Ordered Ukraine Change at RNC

Mexico opens legal aid centres to fight US deportations

D-Day memorial to remember fallen (British) servicemen

Nasa's naming call for new planets

Palm Beach is up in arms, they are not happy people and want 45 to find somewhere else to go

This sign says it all!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Elebenty Ways Edition

The New Atheists of the Philippines

Small-scale rallies held across US in support of Trump

"This is not America" - Pat Metheny & David Bowie

Mayor de Blasio Levels With New Yorkers on Homelessness Crisis: I Today Cannot See an End"

Is There a Christian Double Standard on Religious Violence?

Catholic MP with ashes on her forehead causes stir in the Commons

Why Forms are Fundamental to Buddhist Practice

Why Is Governor Cuomo Cutting $17 Million From NYC's Senior Centers?

You just knew my boy (NOT) would be tweeting this morning

The Donald is up this AM

Spanish writer who fled civil war to a British village honoured in Madrid

Why would trump care who tapped his phones unless he had and has something to hide.

Will we ever stand up to the bully Donald Trump?

Some call it Treason......and they are right

Trump shall herefore be known as the "Twitter Shitter"

The Walking Dead 7.12 "Say Yes" (spoiler alert)

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Don't Blame The Messenger


Guess he was sort of right. We are growing tired of all this WHINING!!!

Sunday's Doonesbury - Tweetin'

Trump sons, planning expansion of family business, look to leverage campaign experience

Have any elected Repubs had the courage to speak out against Trump's deranged tweets this a.m.?

He has spent more on trips to his hotel from January 20 to now

SNL Republican Movie Trailer: "it's definitely not about Paul Ryan"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 7: Star of the Month: Richard Burton

Toon- Presidential Pets


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 8: Star of the Month: Richard Burton

Girl at a Bar - SNL


Mayor Mike Spano Exemplifies the Yonkers Way of Nurturing Bigotry Under a Smokescreen of Righteous

'Can we live without God?' first humanist textbook for schools asks

She ain't got no legs.

cnn panel seems puzzled as to why meeting russians is wrong for trump adm....why not just admit it?

Religions must speak to the faithless, as well as to each other

Is Judaism a Good Model for Islamic Reform?

Haberman: Trump never shoulders blame, kicked aides off plane during campaign as a time-out

Sunday Toon Roundup

Trump and alleged wiretapping of Trump Tower

NY Catholic Church Seeks $100 Million Loan To Pay Priest Sex Abuse Victims

The President Who Cried Wolf!

Pelosi at Gridiron:

Spicer, minutes ago: Trump asking Congressional intel committees to investigate President Obama

Regarding the wall. With the right tools they can make holes in it sooner or later. And all that

What Exactly Did Kellyanne Conway Mean By Women Needing Bile In Your Throat To Run For Office?

Pence demands apology from AP for releasing wife's email address

Trump Assumes Command of the American Church

Former Queens Borough President Helen Marshall dies at 87

Mission Accomplished

White House calls on Congress to investigate Trump's wiretap claims

Lawrence High School gun threat posted on social media

6:00 AM 3/5/17 and Trump is tweeting

.....because they have no proof and have no way out.

Probe concludes East Rockaway teacher humiliated and intimidated students

Corey Lewandowski accuses Obama of bugging Jeff Sessions senate office when he met with Russians

Every time we take an Uber were spreading its social poison

Trump at Trump Tower

Are we already pooping our pants because Sean Streicher is bloviating about a counter investigation?

"The only difference between truth and fiction are words. Big deal." Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

When will Melania clear all this up?

Delusional Don's grand conspiracy theories--can we count them?

They are running scared - ignore their attempts at obfuscation

I had my American Identity Crisis in 1998. So glad everyone finally caught up.

Donald is bullying is again today. And our side will spend the rest of week on the defensive.

This is the start of a Civil War

Our Presidents Emotional Bait and Switch

How a New York worker can get 3,300 OT hours

Martha Raddatz: saying "If, if, if, if," is PERFECT.

America Is in Warp-Speed DeclineIt's Way Bigger Than Trump

Man, are things crazy right now or what?

Hey, Donald, try this:

Trump Goes After Dems With Rhetorical Questions In Sunday Morning Tweets

WH spox Sarah Sanders says Trump has the seen the "very real potential" of Obama wiretapping

Ex-DNI Clapper says on MTP that to his knowledge there was no FISA order on Trump Tower surveillance

Which statement best defines your attitude toward Sean Streicher's call for a counterinvestigation?

When is our next mass demonstration in Washington?...

Happy Sunday. Could things really be any different right now? Because...

This one nails it.

SNL Jeff Jeff Sessions epic skit

Jammed Sessions: Time to Give Our President Some Very Good Advice

Jammed Sessions: Time to Give Our President Some Very Good Advice

It Is Now Time For A Repug TBD To Step Up ...nt

Judge: Accused Irondequoit cop too dangerous to release

I want to know how long this orange piece of crap can get away with saying all this sh*t

The story of the Republican who stood up to Trump. TBD.

Today's Trump Twitter jewels, tweeted from his golden commode at Mar-a-Lago: Russians and DNC!

Why are Michelle Obama, and others, embracing/promoting W?

For a man of small hands, Trump has covered them with a lot of blood.

President Trump's Supporters Clash With Protesters at Rallies

When is the time to say enough is enough?

Thousands of ICE detainees claim they were forced into labor, a violation of anti-slavery laws


My concern is this.

Three sites for new Buffalo train station all pose challenges

In the Mar-a-Lago main kitchen:

The only reliable way in which the credibility of a witness can be tested...

MassDOT plans network of bike paths to keep pace with demand

When Is Obama Gonna Wire-Tap Mar-A-Lago?

Trump thrived on hating/blaming Obama and Clinton

Anytime you see the words Obama+ordered+wiretap EQUALS LIE

President Obama already had enough threats against him.

Trump sons, planning expansion of family business, look to leverage campaign experience

Pelosi: Trump's lying about Obama wiretapping 'a tool of an authoritarian'

If the GOP tries to turn Trump/Russia into an investigation of President Obama,

Trump "never more upset" with staff than over Jeff Sessions Russia scandal

The sign on Trumps desk says: "The Buck Doesn't Even Slow Down Here."

It'll take video of DRUMPF "going ballistic" for his base to notice. The tweets are now "normal"

How a President Orders Wiretaps

World War Meme: How anonymous "keyboard commandos" helped Trump win, now going after Europe

'It's a tool of an authoritarian': Nancy Pelosi rips Trump for lying about Obama tapping his phones

Thousands of immigrant detainees sue private prison firm over 'forced' labor

Taxonomy of DJT's Tweets

You know what REALLY pisses Trump off?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends Trump's wiretapping claim

Can somebody quick send him a copy of "Presidential Powers For Dummies"?

New acronym for tRump's role: DIC is Deflector in Chief. Works well with SCROTUS.

Ex-DNI Clapper: 'To My Knowledge' No FISA Order For Trump Tower Surveillance

America's Mini-Seals Unit - Special Kneecap Division for small threats

Corey Lewandowski accuses Obama of bugging Jeff Sessions senate office when he met with Russians

So were's this great investigation into voter fraud?

Rut ro Maria fart a lomo has evidence Obama tapped trump

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvanians make a rum run to Cuba

Rep Mike Rogers (R): "He just put another quarter in the conspiracy parking meter."

With the media obsessed today over wiretap lies

Kellyanne Conway Spins Great Works of Literature

Obama's Rutgers Graduation Speech: Ignorance Not A Virtue, Rejection of Facts Leads To Decline

Collusion, cooperation, coordination

How is the "investigation" into Obama's birth certificate going?

Monarch butterfly population drops by nearly one third

Republicans are trying to turn the tables on us

Earnest: It May 'Come As Some Surprise' To Trump That Prez Can't Order Wiretap

Save your country: Will someone please leak the fucking tax returns NOW!

Did anyone notice kellyanne sat that way on the sofa in a room full of all black men but never in


Dread sets in, Pence: "worst governor ever"

'Thats sick': Joe Scarborough blisters Trump and Bannon for sliming Obama with tapping accusations

Clapper interview on MTP is worth seeing.

Is it dangerous to cook with aluminum foil?

Trump, uses obfuscation over and over again to mask his shenanigans and millions

Before and After of a ProTrump Nutter

President Pence's problems: Indiana Democrats say VP was "the worst governor we ever had"

You all know that he made billions by owning gambling casinos. Then he added the hotels & restaurant

Trump and Mussolini: The same, only different? Eleven key lessons from historical fascism

Josh Earnest: It May 'Come As Some Surprise' To Trump That Prez Can't Order Wiretap

Party or country? That is the question.

Schumer: Trump Is 'In Trouble' Whether His Wiretap Claims Are True Or Not

He's old and getting older by the minute in more ways than one. If you know what I mean.

Sikh Mans Shooting in Washington State Investigated as Hate Crime

So a couple of Corinthians walk into a bar

Help Talk Me Down, Guys!

Paul Ryan budget proposal threatens housing aid programs for the poor

How feds say former P. A. head shook down United Airlines

More expensive than Obama/Biden did in 8 years

Ex-DNI Clapper: 'To My Knowledge' No FISA Order For Trump Tower Surveillance

Five tombstones damaged at historic Jewish cemetery in New York

TBD- It's definitely not Paul Ryan.

Family members indicted over $7M 'Ponzi scheme' claims

I think some of our "new" posters could use some DU help.

Ten More Questions for Donald Drumpf

Interested in tiny houses? This is a MUST video with extremely creative ideas

Is Trump backer Adelson getting involved in N.J. governor's race?

Joe Scarborough thinks he can separate Trump from the Republican party "brand."

Donny Crappleseed

Trump is my anxiety's worst nightmare from a personality standpoint alone.

Trump needs an enemy

Spicer admitted Trump got 'Obama wiretapping' charge from media reports

Someting you don't see very often

Please do not be scared of the Deplorables (REDUX)

What do you do, when the FBI is threatening you?

Louise Mensch on British radio program right now - listen here:

Sikh Man Shot in Seattle Suburb by a Deplorable , Told to Go Back to Your Own Country

With Russia off his plate, Sessions is free to pursue his anti-LGBTQ agenda

My biggest fear after 911 was not another attack. It was something much more sinister.

Russian politician Igor Lebedev proposes legalising football hooliganism

As we Progress Forward do NOT let them frame the fucking narrative

Man who tells women what they can do with their bodies is super upset about wife's email privacy

By the way, the religious right is not religious biblically speaking. The bible says above all Love.

Out in the cold: New U.S. budget priorities threaten housing aid programs

Attempted.Re-post of "InvestigationDoc" at a member's request

Lawmakers stunned, baffled by Trumps wiretap allegations

House Intelligence Chair Says He Will Investigate Eavesdropping Claims

Anyone want to demand an Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump's Russia ties?

Charles Blow explodes on conservative claiming everyone should 'calm down' every time Trump lies

Is Merkel walking into a trap? Merkel to Meet Trump March 14 at White House

Name a floor that just moved you. (bad copycat)

High 5 for Nancy Pelosi!


New Yorker: 'Trump Orders All White House Phones Covered in Tin Foil'

Robert Reich- We are in a crisis of governance.

Obama press secretary: The bigger the scandal, the more outrageous the Trump tweet

Has Trump created the most successful political cult in history?

Shin Godzilla Just Won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Picture (ICYMI)

''I'm not Nostradamus here': Man behind Trump's wiretap claim says he can't prove Obama did it

Best protest sign I've seen so far

WaPo: Trumps evidence for Obama wiretap claims relies on sketchy, anonymously-sourced reports

It's Literally Pay to Play at Mar-a-Lago

Theres a new push to make Obama president again. This time, of France.

Federalist editor says reacting hysterically to Trump makes people get hysterical themselves

Actor Don Cheadle reports extraordinary racist/sexist Trump Comment

NSA confirms on Trump wiretap.

"And he did eighteen holes," Chuck Todd interjected.

Chuck Todd panelist slams Donald Trump: That is juvenile behavior (VIDEO)

L.A. Times: Who's responsible for driving the Trump-Russia story? Trump, of course


Conservative author tried to speak at a liberal arts college, but left fleeing angry mob

One Positive Thing About Trump - He's Engaged Americans In Politics And To Paying Attention......

Name a food that really moved you.

Trump wire-tap claim denied by ex-intelligence chief Clapper

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

One thing that SCROTUS knows how to do and that is make the media scramble like roaches

So is the FBI and CIA possibly building a case right now?

Never forget that England, Germany, France and others have intelligence agencies.

What a manifesto

Some of our Postcards - Ides of Trump

Yep, it happened. Got my Girl Scout cookies today.

What we know?

I've always said Obama was our first James Bond president.

Victims, Roman Catholic Church spar over NY sex abuse bill

tRump accused Obama of wiretapping his, trump's, office(s). Either provide proof or be prepared

Assuming he leaves office, can Trump be jailed

Trump Just Failed Big Lie 101. He Needs Help. His Needs His Own Personal Nancy (lyrics)


The front page of today's New York Daily News

Our Best Hope

Trump ran as a republican for a reason.

Rubio: White House 'Will Have to Answer' to Wiretapping Claims

What are you reading this week of March 5, 2017?

Roger Stone seems to be getting very testy.

Koch-Backed Groups Will Pressure GOP on Health Repeal

Roger Stone Admits Having Back Channel Communications W/Wikileaks, Assange

For Trump, the Presidency is about business opportunity.

Trump tweets thanks to the dozens of people who supported him across the U.S. at rallies this week

An agnostic approach to religions and the afterlife

This Time, Trump's Tweets Might Blow Up in His Face

NYT: Who replaces AG after recusal; can special counsel be appointed, by whom & limits of power

This just in. The NSA confirms that it wasn't a Wiretap that was ordered, it was a baby monitor.


US Sen. Warren turns fundraising powerhouse for Democrats

Is colluding with Russia to influence the election necessarily illegal/impeachable?

With tweetstorm, Trump may have exercised exclusive declassification authority / ABC News

The Role of Declining Genetic Diversity in the Final Extinction of the Last Wooly Mammoths.

Former intel chair: Putin must be thrilled with Trump's senseless tweets about Obama tapping phones

House committee to investigate trump wiretaping claims....Rep. Nunes

13 minutes of your life watching Kellyanne Conway that you will never be able to get back

Re-watching the West Wing

The Death of Community and the Rise of Trump

Mark Levin behind Trumps wiretap claim says he cant prove Obama did it

Republicans support Trump in the short term to launch PRESIDENT PENCE (VIDEO)

What I don't get is why M$Greedia allows these

The TSA pat downs as described that start tomorrow equate to molestation

State senator warns of 'insurgency,' 'sedition' by Trump critics

I implore my fellow du'ers to start referring to his a REPUBLICAN Twitler, or Mango or whatever

March 5, 1770 - The Boston Massacre

Today's "Bizarro" hits it out of the park.

The Cabinet Is Like a Piece of IKEA Furniture.

UP-date on latest dead Russian-American conspirator

Is there more coming?

White House Attorneys Scramble to Come Up with Evidence to Back Trumps Wiretap Claims

An explanation of white vs black supremacists #march4trump

Trump is his own worst enemy

The White House and allies are backing off on their story?

How Many Members of the U.S. Military Will Die Because of Trump Immigration Policy?

Sen. Franken: "The President of the United States did not tap Donald Trump's phone."

Former DNI James Clapper: I Can Deny Wiretap of Trump Tower'

Magazine seeking entries.

"As member of committee onto which you've dumped this mess-I look forward to seeing your evidence"

"This Cadillac is the best. That's gold, see?"

Thanks, Obama! Trump follows up bizarre wiretap allegations by demanding investigation - but of what

Here's how you're probably feeling right now - if you voted for this president

Hundreds of Marines investigated for sharing photos of naked colleagues

I will tie all the threads together in one coherent narrative:

Donnie might not have been wiretapped, but

We know what it costs for Trump to go to his estate in Florida but....

cui bono

Franken: Trump's wiretapping claims 'just a distraction' from Russia investigations

I spoke with a Hispanic minister today.

Newsweek: Which Republican will lead the Trump opposition?

The leading contenders for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination based on high

Donald Trump isnt the only villain - the Republican party shares the blame

Night at Mar-a-Lago: Inside charity event with Trump, Sessions nearby

The scariest thing about this regime:

Massive march on April Fool's Day

We forgot Harry Belafonte's 90th birthday last Wednesday

OK, MEdia, stop clutching your pearls now.

A Reminder: The More Crimes Trump Seems to Get Away With, the More His "Outlaw" Base Adores Him

Strange but GREAT anti-dumpt dream

Mr. Trump, where is your evidence? On what do you base

IKEA Failures

We all know -gate names for scandals are overused, but Trumpgate seems appropriate here

Fredericka Whitfield just asked if Trump committed a crime yesterday, on MSNBC

Joesph Stalin died on this day. March 5, 1953.

Trump is the Zodiac killer

Putin/Trump Ties

Why is #45 calling for a Congressional--rather than IC--investigation?

Dog Shaming

Hair Fuhrer

So it could be a good thing if congress launches an investigation into Trump Tower tapping.

Ohio collector to auction 700 antique, classic cars in mid-July

The Trump Management Company and a Grain-Salt Prediction:

Anyone remember Commander Cody?

Wilson: End of Sequestration, Increased Defense Spending Coming Soon

"A Tale Of Two Sessions..."

Trump Admin: We fixed the main leak that was destabilizing our government.

The Republicans are playing Russian Roulette with our country.

Watch ACLU Legal Director David Cole Live Mon: how we will protect civil liberties under Trump

Schiff: FBI Walled Off Details of Russia Probe From Congress (Comey working overtime 4 GOP again?)

Personal advice needed.

What's Happening in Brazil? Exactly What the Coup Leaders Said Would Happen


such lovely people - Slate - "Longtime Trump Adviser Calls Critic a Stupid Ignorant Ugly Bitch"

CNN: Trump is freaking out over Sessions; "White House staff seen in tears"

Mexico Preps for Immigration Under President Trump: 'Migrant Defense Centers' Appear at US Consulate

Mexico Preps for Immigration Under President Trump: 'Migrant Defense Centers' Appear at US Consulate

Deadpool 2 Trailer (w/ Stan Lee cameo!)

They made jimmy carter sell his peanut farm, didn't they?

I've been using photobucket for sharing photos for ages, but lately it's been just been horrible.

Giant Prehistoric Penguins Evolved During the Dinosaur Age

Jake Tapper: WH officials with whom I spoke said POTUS got the info about wiretap from media - Breit

Robert Reich: Three Possible Reasons for Donald Trumps Latest Obama Rant

"I'm dying if I ain't lying!" . . . Please come CAPTION Mark Levin!!!

Is there a central place where one can find a running tally of Trump's expenses via Airforce One?

26 Million Followers - usually only 120K or so likes on posts

Climate scientist: tRump budget is an all-out assault on Earth - ThinkProgress

Monarch butterfly population drops by nearly one third

What's for Dinner, Sunday, Mar. 5, 2017

Donald Trump Reportedly Eavesdropped on Private Phone Conversations at Mar-a-Lago

Monarch butterfly population drops by nearly one third

When Donald Trump says nobody, he really means almost everybody.

GOP Strategist Drops Some Reality: If Obama Wanted to Get Trump, He'd Have Leaked His Tax Returns

Trump Aims To Destroy Obama Politically And Personally

Do you think we would have known or cared about tRumps Russian....

Your and My Moment of Cuteness

Drumpt and Spicer throw a flaming bag of political dog shit

The village that's disappearing into the sea

The village that's disappearing into the sea

Nuqanchik: Peruvian news and the politics of language

Stephen King trolls Trumps wiretapping tweets as only a horror writer could

If you subscribe to the White House emails

Just got back from 5 days in Medellin, Colombia. Loved it!

Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trumps Wiretapping Claim

I wish I could attend Jessika Trancik's lecture tomorrow at the Andlinger Center for Energy...

Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trumps Wiretapping Claim

Franken: "We dont know what the Russians have on Donald Trump,... -we need to see his tax returns"

Senator suggests FBI has transcripts that might point to collusion between Trump and Russia

Donald Trump Has 1.26 Billion Reasons to Hire Stephen Feinberg

Darcy Cartoon: Nothin' to see here

Question - is the MSM a willing or unwilling aid to this tsumami of gaslighting and lies?


What. The. Fuck? Really? Taxpayer money? In my name. In your name?

An insider's view: the dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural america

Trump, Russia and a Watergate Veteran's Deja Vu

Pros and Cons of a Warren-MA/Brown-OH ticket in 2020

Separation Anxiety

These 4 US states depend heavily on Mexico

To the repugs who protested ObamaCare

This Girl Turned Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Into a Song...

I wonder how Comrade tRump is going to F*** up Womens History month?

If Drump fires Comey to hide his collaboration with Putin even the Republicans will be forced to act

We should have know PBO and his DOJ were too smart to even legally wiretap Drumpf.

Crocodile Stoned To Death By Visitors At Tunis Zoo

So I went to a half-priced book store for the first time in several years today.

Video shows heated Oval Office meeting

If you see a Deplorable proceed with caution.

An Interview with Roy Speckhardt Executive Director of the American Humanist Association

For The Good Of The Nation: 25th OR BUST!!!

Current chain of command at DOJ after Sessions?

Comey says, "No Way!"

Where is Melania? trump goes from DC to FL and bypasses NY

Diid tRump kick Priebus and Bannon off of AF 1?

With all the misdirection, obfuscation and outright lying that is close to

Stone's Tweets May Have Landed Him In Trouble

Money, democracy and religion: Why some countries disapprove of homosexuality

Just now on MSNBC

HOT OFF THE PRESS-Lets read together- Why Is Drumpf Returning to Birther-Style Attacks on Obama?

AAh Trump was angry today at the Sunday shows, lol..Paranoid delusional

Mark Smith of the Fall: not dead, hooray!

From Loise Mensch

Trump Tower shut down its Russia email server just before FISA warrant was allegedly granted

When you are Tweeting rants at 6 am in the morning, you have alot of shit on your mind

Trump's baseless wire-tap claim,, Uh, you want us to investigate whether Obama's an alien too?

This is just awful. Watch deputy WH press secretary move the goal posts:

Who Would Not Want to Go to Camp David

Guess who's unhappy AGAIN?

Is This A Defense Against Big Pharma Gouging....

Michael Moore on facebook about the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Trump

Garrison Keillors Trumpian Interpretation Of Psalm 23 Is Spot-On Perfect

A TRAGIC day in America...the END of Trump kisses blown across the room to James Comey.

Ellen Degeneres tweets funny ad for Mar-a-Lago:

Until I hear audio or see video of Trump speaking with Putin...

We are watching Thump* melt down right before our eyes.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 March 2017

Where's the FISA warrant, you unhinged, pumpkin spiced motherfucker?

The so called well oiled machine has been rusted for a long time

Do you realize that there are no laws compelling the Congress to impeach a president?

Smart condoms: like Fitbit for sex and you can even share your stats


If There Were No Trump-Russian Scandal .....

Just got this e-mail re Jon Ossoff's campaign. Gotta take back congress!!!!!

Cartoon: "Enemy of the People"

Was Ivanka Catholic at one time?


Fans of "Suspense" old time radio show, what are some episodes that you think were

Republicans six months from now (R RATING WARNING)

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths

Editorial: The Hartford Pledge

I could definitely see Trump saying this!

sweet tweet meat

3 Shocking Ways to Use Fish Sauce Explore Flavour

Would it be different now if Trump had released his tax returns and his business records?

Harry Reid tried to warn you. He shouted it from the rooftops.

Abusing His Power, Jeff Sessions Prosecuted Democrats Who Challenged Rethugs in Alabama