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Archives: March 6, 2017

A few screwed up videos from Michigan trump rallies yesterday (video tweets):

South Dakota passes anti-gay adoption bill allowing religious freedom to discriminate

The FBI literally called him a LIAR

Why do some people believe Obama is Muslim? Is it because some right-wing

Man Baby Trump has a tantrum

If Obama didn't wiretap Trump (and I don't believe for a minute that he did),

Any of you belong to League of Women Voters? A friend is trying to get me to join.


Deplorables are traitors too, just like their hero Trump:

Prime snark from Josh Marhsall-

Louise Mensch saying IC has new tapes of Russian Govt officals discussing how Trump camp colluded

So far it is libel, how long until the slander? Obama could bankrupt Trump with a lawsuit. How sweet

North Korea fires multiple missiles into Sea of Japan

12 Dead Bodies Buried Under Mar-A-Lago

BEST Vietnamese Fish Sauce Recipe! (Nuoc Mam Ot)

BEST Vietnamese Fish Sauce Recipe! (Nuoc Mam Ot)

I attended a meeting of Progressive, former Bernie Sanders supporters in KC today.

My mind keeps going back to Rudy Guiliani and the NY FBI

Elijah Cummings said they had info on Trump that would SHOCK most Americans

Either by intention or by accident, Does Trump ingest gold?

Is it possible that Trump's aides were working with Russia without Trump knowing it?

At some point Trump must be put under oath

Imagine how bad of a shape we would be in if Thump acted normally...

Montana US Congressional race to replace Zinke

Attorneys for Afghan family detained by immigration officials in Los Angeles obtain restraining orde

This wasn't a planned attempt to divert attention away from the Russian investigations

I'm all FOR Congressional hearing on wiretap fairytale. Put Mark Levin/Breitbart editors UNDER OATH

Roger Stone claims he has 'perfectly legal back channel' to Julian Assange

digby: Trump is basically shutting down the state department

Well I hope this finally sinks in for EVERYONE.. you cannot be friendly to Donald Trump!!

El Salvador: Vatican mulls possible miracle by slain cleric

El Salvador: Vatican mulls possible miracle by slain cleric

Does anyone have the (no doubt massive) crowd numbers from this weekend's pro 45/140 crowds?

Schumer Professes 'Doubt' About Senate Intel chairman

Stupid and insane -- the worst combination. SAD!

Haberman: Trump frustrated by Sunday news shows, felt he wasn't defended strongly enough

Democrats Bet G.O.P. Will Come to Regret Opposing Scrutiny of Trump

Trump Remains Upset with His Senior Staff- 'Nobody has seen him that upset.'

'Nasdrovia!': Pelosi Greets Trump Staffers at Gridiron Dinner

What's up with Comey? I'm pretty sure his behavior cost Hillary the election. Now,

"... deeply disturbing pattern of distraction, distortion & downright fabrication."

Trump is incredibly p*ssed off no one believes his Obama wiretaps story, says adviser

Trump's cutting $1 billion from the Coast Guard at a time when it's doing more than ever

You all do realize there is a fantasy story taking place over this Trump demand to investigate Obama

Donald says, "Walk a mile in my shoes..."

House Judiciary Dems to send ltr to WH counsel asking him to explain what he was doing this weekend

Strikes against North Korea?

Well, well , well.... coinky-dink?

Several members of the Trump administration are living at Donald Trump's hotel in DC.

Hate in the Age of Trump

Ark. bill introduced to ban Howard Zinn books from public schools

Russia-gate began like Watergate - with a break-in that few noticed

Trump Losing 11% of His Supporters

U.S. allies shaken by Donald Trump's wiretap tweets about Obama

Jeff Sessions should resign in light of testimony on meeting with Russian official (2 letters)

Actor Don Cheadle Says that Donald Trump Referred to Black Women as N***ers

"so then he uses his unsecured Android..."

In the era of Donald Trump, Germans debate a military buildup

I think the Orange One's hair wants to take off before he gets on the plane!

Why The Hell Are We Always So Nice??!!

The Onion: Jeff Sessions Spits In Face Of FBI Interrogator Trying To Get Him To Turn On Trump

WaPo: Trump's team tried to cheer him up by going over plans for his new immigration travel ban

SPLC: Another Wave of Bomb Threats Hit Jewish Institutions, Worrying and Uniting Communities

You'll Never Think About Mass Media the Same Way Again After Watching This Noam Chomsky Documentary

So when the fuck are the Republicans going to stand up for our country?

girls six-on-six basketball - talk about a memory

Annie Lennox: Trump talk increases support for women's rights

I miss having a sane person as President.


Mother Jones: Is Donald Trump Really Worth Some Tax Cuts?

I would think Obama's staff examined the White House for bugs before

Reagan daughter Patti Davis on the Trump admin, and Bannon

"Get Out" - everyone go see this movie now.

House Judiciary Dems to send letter to WH counsel McGahn regarding FBI & FISA.

Gilbert and Sullivan Explain Trump Lies

Sean Spicer Was Once the Easter Bunny for President Bushs White House Easter Egg Roll!

David Cay Johnston Interview on Democracy Now

Wait! Could this lead to President Orrin Hatch?

Another Water Protector Camp-Little Creek, Iowa (3/3/2017) Live With Stephanie Big-Eagle

Afghan family traveling to Washington and detained in Los Angeles asking for release

Knives are out for Reince

Interactive Map Shows if Your Drinking Water Is at Risk From Trump's Executive Order

Trump Voter Regrets Based On Bad Faith. He Has Deported All Undocumented Quick Enough.

Debate erupts in Uruguay after court ruling blocks woman's abortion at ex-boyfriend's request

Debate erupts in Uruguay after court ruling blocks woman's abortion at ex-boyfriend's request

Debate erupts in Uruguay after court ruling blocks woman's abortion at ex-boyfriend's request

Are they gonna have to deport the First Lady after tomorrow's new travel ban?

Some Cardinals Want Pope Francis to Step Down Read more at

Re tRump Intell: 35 pg downloadable doc via Mensch. Money link: 19.5% of Rosneft might be the payoff

LGBT rights group's office reportedly targeted by vandals

Trump Lied: Keystone XL Now Allowed to Be Built Using Imported Steel

Group rallies after swastika found on Puerto Rican flag

N.J. 'Weedman' appears before judge on witness tampering charges

N.J. Supreme Court case could reshape what government information you get to see

Before speech ambush, Horizon offered Christie $135M for health programs

Were Trump's birther comments inspired by Russia?

N.J. lawmakers demand federal action after anti-Semitic incidents

Favorite Twitter Search Words for Trump Ridicule?

So How Is That Trumpy Thingy Working Out?

America to Putin: You Want Him? You Can Have Him!

GOP to Introduce Health Care Replacement This Week

Trump won't require Keystone XL pipeline to use American steel after all

Defunding Planned Parenthood would curtail N.J. care

How a too-strong presidency and a too-weak Congress are destroying the American experiment

Christie unveils $35.5 billion state budget plan, his last

Best line of the day, so far:

The murkiness of marijuana law is becoming a flashpoint in U.S.-California relations

Bon Jovi honors Rep. Gabby Giffords and astronaut Mark Kelly

Seen in WaPo reader comments:

Civil rights groups to appeal Red Bank Charter renewal

Trump supporters on Facebook have gotten quiet.

So the travel ban tomorrow? (serious)

Christie will not be charged in GWB case, prosecutor says

Tax question. Please help

Hard Rock to buy Trump Taj Mahal, site will remain a casino

Trying to support the local paper...

Monetary settlement reached in Burlington County jail death

This strikes me as good news. Check out Ruth Bader Ginsberg's fitness regime.

Fascinating read-- Red America vs. Blue America: State Maps lllustrate the Difference

The really big Trump scandal (almost) everyone is missing

Who Takes Responsibility for Fake News?

OMalley uses local soup supper to encourage Democrats to fight.

Christie mentor set for sentencing in United bribery case

Comey is terrified, he knows he violated the Hatch Act, Harry Reid warned everyone

Travel ban reversed.

Maine's largest city considers giving jobs to panhandlers

North Philly feud costs Democrats a shot at a state House seat

I just finished our income tax returns.

What Philly's Russians think of Trump and Putin

In your opinion, do Republicans embrace lies more than ever in the past?

The Republicans paid no price for the phony Benghazi investigations

1/4 and 509

Some Marines being investigated for sharing nude photos

Carter Page

Nurses strike at Delco Memorial Hospital over staffing levels

When One President Smears Another

We need to go harder and stick to ONE message

Has anyone here seen the "Fierce Grace" documentary with Ram Dass?

Doctor on front lines of Philly's heroin crisis: People who need treatment can't get it

Has anyone here seen the "Fierce Grace" documentary with Ram Dass? (x-post from the lounge)

Conflict of interest and possible criminal actions

YMCA in Pennsylvania won't let members watch cable news for safety reasons

Barack Obama receives one of America's highest honours for two policies Donald Trump is dismantling

While Trump golfs and has toddler temper tantrums N. Korea launches missiles..

Noseflags: Is this a thing?

The renovated neoclassical palace nobody wants

CRIPPLING OR ENDING NOAA Trump Goal. Catastrophic For Weather Forecasting.

Thomas Starzl, pioneering transplant surgeon, dies at 90

Is Judaism a Good Model for Islamic Reform?

Judge hears punitive damages arguments in Scaife case

Somethings happening ... How the Womens March inspired a new era of resistance

State Senate Democrats in contact with FBI after 'ransomware' cyberattack

Carnegie Mellon University to use large gift for new building

Dalai Lama: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Twitter must have bought ACME

The Trump Experiment may come to an early tipping point

MGM in talks to buy Sands Casino Bethlehem, source says

Morning Joe looks like he's going to be ill. (re wiretap tweets).

Are post-credit scenes after a movie the new "hidden track" after a music album?

Court rules football players can sue Lackawanna College for injuries

Cops hoping to reunite bag of weed with owner

Joe Biden: Attacks on news media, courts are dangerous

U.S. soccer players must stand for national anthem

Joe Scum is now trying to separate conservative from right wing

Trump to leave Iraq off new travel ban order - White House source

Is it time yet?

Accused Qaeda operative faces U.S. trial, despite refusal to appear

Trump vs. Founding Fathers

Daily Holidays - March 6

Delaware police agencies say they're not working as immigration enforcers

Fun idea: soliciting photos of reflections

I think a fitting name for the ACA replacement is Don'TCare

DU got the slows this morning or what?

"Pause This Presidency!" Charles M. Blow

Fort Howard developer signs agreement with county to avoid code violation fines

It's possible that Trump used the wiretapping accusation as an excuse to have access

Annapolis teachers fight for bonuses

Maryland looks to boost business incentives

Adams blasts bill seeking to lower state's attorney's annual raise

Question for DU Lawyers

Feds indict seven Baltimore cops in racketeering conspiracy

I just noticed a good price on a useful tool

Embattled ex-California mayor arrested at airport on numerous charges

Still think Trump/Bannon punked everyone on Sat

Conway challenges Comey to release info on Trump's wiretap allegation

Need more proof most Deplorables are traitors: scroll down

Who remembers SMARTECH?

Juppe Says He Won't Be a Stand-In Candidate in French Race

I'll just leave this here this morning

The authoritative voice of a White House spokesperson...

CNN/ORC poll: Most back special prosecutor for Russia investigation

I'm glad that both my Senators, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, had a face-to-face town hall

Best fundraiser auction item EVER for a local preschool: Political Survival Kit

45 is showing his Rust

In Conversation: David Letterman

I just finished THE RACE FOR WHAT'S LEFT by Michael T. Klare.

It sure is nice not to see any more talk about telling us to be nice to Deplorables.

Frum raised a good point -re the tower and FISA

Tether them together people...the GOP colluded with Russia

Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal U.S. Groups

Today's Google Doodle and the Komodo Dragon

Republican ACA-alternative is 25 years old... and was never intended to be actually implemented.

Maryland Senate approves Hogan's bill to fight sex trafficking

Maryland Senate votes to make open alcohol container violations a civil offense

House committee kills Hogans bill on Maryland charter school authority

So, the next election where Dems have a chance is in Georgia 6

Maryland lawmakers will withdraw aid-in-dying legislation

Rally held to urge Baltimore, state to help with $130 million schools budget gap

Paul Krugman: A Party Not Ready to Govern

Maryland Governor Backs Legislative Redistricting Reform

Maryland House Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill

DC Leaders, Allies Introduce Statehood Bills

WH couldn't keep their mouths shut on phony wiretapping charge as promised.

Couldn't we just force Levin to cough up his "source(s)"?

This is Stalinesque

We have as president a man who is erratic, vindictive, volatile, obsessive, a chronic liar"

Wall St. misreading Trump, market bloodbath is imminent: Stockman

Inside Trumps fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations

General Michael Hayden goes farther than I've heard him go before on "Morning Joe"

'Imagine, if you will, Barack Obama owned a nightclub in Chicago, while POTUS'

Letterman: "Trump, he's ignorant in a way that's insulting to the office, insulting to America"

Donald Trump May Kill White House Easter Egg Roll

WOW! Trump spokeswoman: "People believe Obama when he says things but don't believe us."

Like diarreha, it runs in the family. . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Huckabee Sanders!!!

ZETTAI_CLUB: Metamorphose

Pssst... Wanna read some really crazy shit?

We are in a battle for the soul of our nation

I'll have to say it trump is good at changing headlines.

Bannon & Miller have let it slip: it's about population/demographic reshaping, not counterterrorism

CNN/ORC poll: Most back special prosecutor for Russia investigation

Read and watch-

U.S. Warned of Foreign Intel Operations After Russian Met With Team Trump at RNC

Are we, In a matter of moments, going to see the tRump administration say "we can't

ASIS Director-General Nick Warner cops Mem Fox treatment at US border

Charles Blow: Suspend Trumps exec authority until we know what the hell is going on with Russia

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Twitler strikes again

Monday Toon Roundup 2- RRRRussipublicans

Introducing: ZETTAI_CLUB: Metamorphose

Why Politicians Can't Stand James Comey

Thankfully not real, YET.

First 100 days - The Guardian, is keeping track.

C'mon, Photogs! Get your entries in for the WINTER seasonal contest.

This is exactly how I feel now

The Best Bits From David Letterman's Epic 'New York Magazine' Interview

Bannon's nauseatingly unctuous propaganda framework to control Trump via flattery + paranoia

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

A Conspiracy Theory's Journey From Talk Radio to Trump's Twitter

Trump on Trump

No tweets from Thump yet!

Has anyone else noticed the Russian spy/Amb. at Heritage Foundation meeting suspicious?

Tsunami-hit area sets world mark for picking strawberries

Tsunami-hit area sets world mark for picking strawberries

Whats happening to apostrophes?

David Letterman weighs in on 'Trumpy' (calls him a stupid son of a bitch)

Poppy Harlow seemed shocked

Trump's Twitter feed is a gateway to authoritarianism

The "even if it turns out not to be true" bit here from a WH official kind of gives away the game

I APPROVE Of Wiretapping Trump!

Fox Gave Benghazi 10 Times More Coverage Than Trump's Botched Yemen Raid

How effed up are Deplorables? This effed up...

65% want Russia special prosecutor via new CNN poll.

Once upon at time...

Rep. Adam Schiff: 'Trump baseless tapping claim follows familiar if deeply disturbing pattern'

Chertoff on Trump's ability to handle a crisis: 'I'd be guessing'

Well done with ketchup: Trump "has been seething as he watches round-the-clock cable news coverage."

Infowars editor is whining this morning that Facebook is blocking Infowars links as spam

White House spokeswoman: Trump doesn't believe Comey that Obama didn't wiretap

"He nailed it, and he knew it," said Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president. But then...OOPS!

'Imagine being able to get the world's most secret info...'

*This* is how citizens can fight stupid bullshit laws

Determined Concerned Citizen Vet Receives Cease and Desist Letter from Senator Johnson's (R) office

Did clapper say no collusion between trump and russie during campaign?

Chaffetz: I've seen no evidence Obama ordered wiretap of Trump

Vice President Pence is quietly becoming a foreign policy power player

Man uses banana in robbery attempt

Someone Is Sabotaging the Trump Presidency

"Welcome to our post-truth presidency"

Agent Orange & his Nincompoop Minions Gonna PURIFY the Kingdom

Trump Says Hes Deliberately Refusing to Fill Hundreds of Top Agency Jobs

How the world sees the trump administration in cartoons

Like 1st mates on a pirate ship lost at sea w-No intention of telling outlaw captain he has no clue

The man just makes me ill.

Another huuuge trump rally

Any news about the Women's Strike Wednesday?

North Korea launches more missiles; 3 land in Japanese waters - Where's Tough Guy Thump?

King Of The Deplorables

US Supreme Court sidesteps ruling in transgender rights case

Trump's tax reform could tip America into recession and possibly serfdom

When Trump threw a tantrum, his aides used the new Muslim ban to cheer him up

'We are in crisis': Morning Joe warns president's Twitter meltdown has 'shaken this government...

The "Distractor-in-Chief"

Doctors: We could not create a leader more dangerously MENTALLY ILL than Donald Trump (VIDEO)

maybe trump is less dangerous in office than out......

At the root of Trump's new fury is absolute, unbridled contempt for American democracy

Sh-t about to get real. Thump calling Comey a liar

NorCal bay area weather this morning!

I'm salting my food again.

Mika Brzezinski is Officially Done With Donald Trump: 'This Presidency is Fake and Failed'

West Palm Beach Business Owners Say They Are 'Going Broke'

Trump supporter at one of the pro-Trump "rallies" thanking Russia for help winning the election

Report: Trump aides cheer up a moody president by talking about his travel ban

Who Has Trump Appointed to Be the Presidential

Who do you believe-James Comey or Thump?

Only POTUS has access to Breitbart?

How Venezuela, Once Latin America's Richest Nation, Collapsed

Remember Nazi Germany described Jews as plague-carrying rats?

You just knew Chaffetz would instantly do Trumps bidding......

151 Congressional Democrats call on Attorney General to resign

Crushing vice and other tough stuff with hydraulic press

Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted -- but may backfire bigly

Trumps New Order Bans Immigrants From 6 Muslim Nations, Except Iraq

'We're going broke': West Palm Beach business owners want Trump to spend weekends somewhere else

How to deal with Trump:

The hounds are getting close.

What would you recommend for anti-virus / malware protection software?

Believe me ... because I said so ...

What would any of you recommend for anti-virus / malware protection software?

Would The Donald Dare to Depose Comey?

The first American female war correspondent killed in action battled sexism through her life

How does the Trump-Russia thing NOT have a name?

Rep Schiff: "We must accept possibility that POTUS doesn't know fact from fiction, right from wrong"

Rep Adam Schiff: We must accept possibility that @POTUS does not know fact from fiction,

Over 200 economists say Trump is wrong on immigration

Was a FISA warrant issued last year or not?

This Modern World: The return of Baby-Man

The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events

Maybe the Russian Ambassador planted a bug at

Womens Strike Wednesday March 8: The Essentials

Do you think Thump will fire Comey and if he does what happens next?

"POTUS does not know fact from fiction"

Through all the tRump twitter BS, Sessions carries on schmoozing with swamp dwellers

Articles of Impeachment: Right now, there is evidence for

Did Trump adviser Roger Stone admit to working with WikiLeaks while on the campaign?

CBO: Obamacare Costing The Feds A Third Less Than Expected

Jury Secrecy Doesnt Apply if Marred by Bias, Supreme Court Rules

Is it just me?

Ooooohhh! I've got Priebus in the deadpool!

Democrats To Ask For Info On Contact Between WH Counsel And DOJ

Americans are confused on climate, but support cutting carbon pollution

A CO judge just granted 62,000 former immigrant detainees the right to sue GEO Group ...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you inbred cretin , "I read it on the internet is not a defense."

How Intelligence Monitoring Really Works - It's Not How Trump Thinks

Veteran advice to Trump 'Dont Be So Desperate to Rub up Against Russia

Here's a song that seems strangely topical (from "ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY")

The blame game: Reince Priebus is on the hot seat for West Wing chaos

My fear is that they're playing the Long Con: Setting us up to prevent Dem wins in 2018/2020

"We have as president a man who is erratic, vindictive, volatile, obsessive, a chronic liar..."

TPM: The President is in essence demanding Congress investigate him

Josh Marshall weighs in - TPM - "This is ridiculous"

CBO: Obamacare Costing The Feds A Third Less Than Expected

When do you think Idiot-In-Chief's "hair" will fly off?

Trump order drops protection for families of deployed military

Rachel Maddow Makes History By Finishing In The Top 10 Most Viewed Shows On All TV

Conway On Wiretapping: Trump 'Has Information' That The Rest Of Us Don't

Check my logic here...

Birth of a conspiracy theory: How Trump's wiretap claim got started

Sen Bernie Sanders: "Trump cannot continue to lie, lie, lie"

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Back At Work Today In Newly Redecorated Oval Office

"Bad hombres"? How about pedophiles and the people who protect them?

Amy Kremer-"you don't speak for me"

Bwaaaaaaaaaah Who's watching this loony lady on CNN?

Trump Ally Proposes 'Purge' Of 'Leftists' From The Executive Branch

Whenever he is under fire for something in a sustained way, he makes a shocking claim"

Russian 'sex worker' is arrested in Turkey over links to assassin who killed Kremlin ambassador

Tuam Babies: It would be... kinder to strangle these children at birth said doctor

Trump hires Rudy Giuliani's son for White House role

Some Alabama churches poised to protect undocumented immigrants

Gowdy Says He Hasn't Seen Evidence Of Trump's Wild Wiretapping Claim

Trumps new Muslim ban is ready for him to sign

State Dept. staffers have one question: Wheres Rex?

Is The WH Counsel Close To Obstruction Of Justice? Dems On Judiciary Committee Send A Warning.

Is there a chance the MSM will learn to ignore Trump's distractions?

How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trumps mentor.

White House aides "put Trump in a better mood" by going over plan to ban suffering refugees

Groper Don the Con refused to present the new travel ban

The Dilemma Facing Ex-Muslims in Trump's America

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Immigrants. Be REALLY Afraid Of Immigrants.

Risk and religion: St. George's speaker on embracing compassion amidst nationalism

time for Steve King idiocy! TPM - "Trump Ally Proposes Purge Of Leftists From The Executive

Press conference announcing new travel ban. 3-6-17 11:40 am

The New Atheists of the Philippines Their style is less Richard Dawkins, more Christian missionary.

Thump's new watered down travel ban is symbolic and meaningless

Is Trump's wire tapping claim an impeachable offense?

Is Trump trying to get any intel. gained from wiretaps thrown out of court?

Ex-sect members: Prosecutors obstructed abuse cases

Trump has made it okay to hate again

Video emerges of Trump's 'furious argument' with top adviser Steven Bannon

So, sad. our so-called President is all alone. Usually has lots of admirers around him so he can giv

This Is Ridiculous - By Josh Marshall

Battered Women's Shelter


LIVE STREAM: Trump administration announces travel ban revision

Updating a list of the members of trump's cabal

Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups

The President of the United States is an honest-to-goodness Russian agent.

The Newest "Der Spiegel" Cover Takes Aim at Trump's Ties to Putin

Bla, bla, bla media trying to equate Rump's statements/behavior with a "normal" person.

Leashes Come Off Wall Street, Gun Sellers, Polluters and More

How rush defended trumps wire tap tweet

Sessions' tiny elfin boots scamper off stage as reporters ask if first travel ban was "flawed"

some say. . . many say. . . . reports say. . . that the orange buffoon has buried

Folks are being held up at the Canadian border, told they need immigrant visa.

CNN will NOT show picture of trump signing executive order of new Muslim Ban

First Shipment Of Russian Steel Arrives In New Jersey

We need to see Trump's birth certificate

Question.. Can a President be brought up on charges for purposely lying to the Public

I'm glad the media is back to Russiagate and not focusing on the travel ban.

Hey TRUMP: what happened to "See You In Court"

KO: Why Trump is Refusing to Confront Reality The president lives in a dangerous, delusional cocoon

KO: Why Trump is Refusing to Confront Reality The president lives in a dangerous, delusional cocoon

Did Trump finally jump the shark?

Andrea Mitchell has the Newsmax asshole speading unbelievable lies

IMO, Trump has totally changed the political system. Oprah was correct, you just need money.

Coons: Intel panel to get access to Russia raw data

For at people (or not)

John Oliver described the ongoing scandal as "Stupid Watergate."

Do you remember the Good Ole Days?

ALL NEW Legislation Will Be Classified TOP SECRET In The Future - GOP.

It all makes sense now!

I know this won't go over well, but I think Ariana Grande has a great voice

Meanwhile, regarding the "good" Trump...

Do you need hope? Allow me to share...

Ryan plans to push Obamacare repeal this week against growing internal opposition

Milwaukee fifth grade teacher accused of having sexual contact with student

Charles P. Pierce: Why Republicans Can Never Fully Separate Themselves from Trump

Red Clay Creek

Trump water rule helps his golf links

Q&A: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry To The United States

I wish the MSM would start telling Trump

Say What Indeed

The Atlantic: "Behind the Internet's Anti-Democracy Movement."

A comparison of public and charter schools in Texas

Gorsuch warning Liberals to Senate Democrats: Reject Trump's Supreme Court pick or else

If Trump's backtracking on his travel ban is a guide his WALL will be a picket fence

Do you know where your _______ is?

ACLU legal director live now talking constitutional issues; how they & we can fight Trump agenda

A Deplorable on another site said you should need a passport to vote.

SNAP benefit problems? Was the system hacked?

Excluding Iraq From Muslim Ban Lays Bare the Lie

Happening now: ACLU national legal director @DavidColeACLU talking about why the #MuslimBan 2.0 is

Franklin Graham urging a boycott against the new "Beauty And The Beast"

Bombshell report links Trump hotel to corrupt Azerbaijan oligarchs and Iranian terror group

Mika Brzezinski: "I don't know how Anyone can defend this president"

Could Obama Sue Trump for Libel?

Bwa ha ha ha ha - Books for the White House Intern

New GOP Claim -Obama Left Government In Terrible Shape With Landmines For Trump

The Problem with a Lying President

Remember the criticism on people not saying "Extremist Islamic Terrorism"?

Are people overlooking this in Comey asking DOJ to refute TRump Obama wiretap claim?

Bye Bye Hellcat- DEMON is coming

GOP senator's defense of Trump backfires when he tweets story alleging Russian agents in Trump Tower

Senate Democrats Quickly Assail Muslim Ban 2.0

Australia's equivalent of CIA director endures the full treatment at US border.

Fire forces evacuation at senior apartment building in New Kensington

Trump now goes after a hero's dad:

Chuck Schumer: 'Muslim ban makes us less safe, not more, it is mean-spirited & un-America'

Phone Call From Trump Interrupts Police Questioning of Netanyahu


BREAKING: Khizr Khan's travel privileges "being reviewed" (CTV)

Khizr Khan cancels scheduled Toronto speech after being told "travel privileges are being reviewed"

So, if I am understanding Drumpf correctly via Kellyanne,

NW Iowa curb your dog. Steve King "purge Leftists"

Spicer's press conference was on:

Not sure why Trump's being called a hypocrite for selling ties that were alleged made in China.

As spectrum auction winds down, some public TV stations must plan moves to new channels

When you've lost Joe Walsh of "You Lie" fame, you really have troubles..LOL..n/t

The Powers That Be

NO live feed of today's WH Press Conference

Does anybody ever wonder

So, everytime dictator gets upset

Breaking: NYAG email has hidden F.U. message to immigrants

Did everyone already know this?

"20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths Use To Silence You"

Republicans All Over the Country Pushing Anti-Protest Bills to Silence Peaceful Protest

Who Could Benefit From Water Rule Change? Trump And His Golf Courses

Scientology plans control of downtown Clearwater(FL) for retail makeover

Toon: This Call May Be Monitored...

Veteran fighting deportation after 2 tours in Afghanistan

Senators push Trump to release White House, Mar-a-Lago visitor logs

Trump's gonna buy American, right deplorables?

Side by side photos from Des Moines

Yanno . . . . if they're gunna put their hands on you, demand they put on fresh gloves.

The toilet paper roll is running out !!!!

ACLU Will Sue Over New Trump Travel Ban

Khizr Khan forced to cancel Toronto trip after being told his travel privileges are being 'reviewed'

"He has spent all his political capital, has no credit, and now has to face a political margin call"

Robert Osborne, TCM Host and Film Historian, Dies at 84

Trump's lawyer has told 4 different stories about the Russia-Ukraine 'peace plan' debacle

Hayden: Trump forgot that he was President

CNN refuses to show Trump signing travel ban because 'big boy' won't let reports attend

Rod Rosenstein: 'honorable' US attorney poised to be next Russia investigator (Guardian)

Donald Trump spends 31 percent of time on vacation, plays golf 8 times in 6 weeks-on taxpayer dime

Hayden: Trump 'Forgot That He Was President,' Could See Wiretapping Proof

Trump tracks honor killings by Muslim men while proposing cuts to violence against womengrants

It's unfortunate that the Democratic party takes the high road.

It looks like the CBP folks are making it more and more difficult for tourists

White House spokesman says almost certain Trump has not spoken to FBI chief

What if You Could Make Great Corned Beef?

David Samson sentenced to probation in United Airlines bribery scandal

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson held a news conference.

Ben Carson told Chris Jansing that slaves were "immigrants."

Make the world flat again!

comey @ FBI says no wiretaps, asks for concurrence from sessions @ DOJ....crickets

Primary sourcing, not News Aggregators in LBN....

Ben Carson just referred to *slaves* as "immigrants"

Cat 4 Cyclone Enawo about to hit Madagascar

Alexandria City Public Schools to close for 'A Day Without Women' due to teacher absence

Trump's endless campaign. $$$ for him and his, untold cost to us.

Italy Needs Abortion Doctors

Street Art: Signs Designating "Future Internment Camp" Go Up At Empty Lots Nationwide

Flag burning done right

I don't know, but a President Hillary Clinton would look pretty good

Trumps School Choice Plan: Religious Fundamentalism At Taxpayer Expense

(South Dakota) State house passes protections for religious adoption agencies

It's like a drunk is driving the bus & we're all just staring at each other bc 27% of the passengers

From John Schindler : "Carter Page part of a pro-Putin gang that pushed... "

WTF? Ben Carson: Slaves Were Immigrants Who Came Here And Worked Really Hard For Less

Ghoolianies son join 45s Admin .......Tweeter John DiLillo wins tweet of the day

This is THE moment for America's oligarchy, and they know it

Trump's Gallup numbers utterly mystifying


Holy crap, this is some nice northern lights over Iceland! (now edited for size)

If true this is some NAZI shit

Alex Jones Tells Trump To Use Violence Against His Opponents

A little girl gives coins to a street musician and gets the best surprise in return.

Getting on with Life as well as I can

Democrats, Sanders Blast Trump on Claims Against Obama

Just got back from seeing a United Kingdom... Here is my quick movie review-from an e-mail I sent

Sanders Statement on Revised Travel Ban

Fighting Wall Street frauds in the billions, means fighting DOJ, FBI and lawyers too

What happened to flash mobs?

So.. wait just a minute here.

AG Bob Ferguson: Trumps original travel ban was indefensible, were reviewing the new one

The Party of Putin: How Republican Hatred of Barack Obama Led to Their Anti-American Stance

Could Trump begin a conflict with North Korea to distract us from his Russia problems?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 6, 2017

Bombshell report links Trump hotel to corrupt oligarchs and terror groups

Structural Joblessness ...

not allowing video worked to suppress coverage today- DT hates video becasue of ones like this:

What is the backup DU page?

Question submitted by Aristus:

Other right wing conspiracies taxpayers can pay to have congress investigate ?

Was DU down for others past hour? I got following error message, tho

Obama Denies Wiretapping Trump: Like Id Want to Hear More from That Fool?-- Borowitz reveals

PHEW! I was really worried that we were hacked again

from Tom Perez:Here's something you can do right now

Donald Trump tweets: "Obama has unleashed trained badgers to haunt my dreams"

Republicans join Democratic call for clarity on Trump abortion order

Our site was down because

Wish There Was A Way We Could Show President Obama Our Support

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Is this the place to ask if DU got hacked?

Republicans join Democratic call for clarity on Trump abortion order

Bloomberg: Russian Hackers target Liberal groups

Man Boy-In-Chief

Could we have a shamrock fundraiser?

Dan Rather Just Posted DEVASTATING Warning About Trump

Michael Hayden Segment On Trump Sacrificing Reputation of Presidency To Break Even On News Cycle

"We have an Administration in freefall." - Dan Rather

Samuel L. Jackson On Ben Carsons Slavery Comment: "Mothaf***a Please"

Ben Carson

Gilbert and Sullivan Explain Trump Lies


Jeff Sessions says he didn't mislead Congress in testimon

Trump University Lawsuits May Not Be Closed After All

Interesting question raised by Mensch: Did Bannon leak to Brietbart?

Gilbert and Sullivan Explain Trump Lies

Rump is a mean, demented old fool,

Christie mentor avoids prison time in United bribery scandal

Dan Rather Just Posted DEVASTATING Warning About Trump, We Have An Administration In Free Fall

CNN sticks it to the president where it matters most to him

Mississippi Confederate flag fight moves to new battlefield


Amarillo, Texas, considering law making bestiality illegal

Why investigate one and not the other, they ask?

Why is this wiretapping thing still going on after over 24 hours? Can't anyone come out

The current president accuses former President of a felony. Not an official word spoken.


TPM - "Trump Asking Congress To Probe Bizarre Wiretap Claims Shows Limit Of His Power"

At the start of the war, Hitler suffered from gas. Soon, he was taking a cocktail of morphine...

French conservatives in crisis as candidate Fillon flounders

Putin and the Ritz (by Randy Rainbow)

The Medias Addiction to False Equivalencies Has Left Them Vulnerable to Trump

UK lawmakers to companies: End sexist high-heel dress codes

Slovenian leader: Invitation for Trump-Putin summit still on

Is Colombia going from war to peace to genocide?

If you were wondering about Dr. Carson

Senate asks former Trump adviser to retain Russia material

Science, not silence: Scientists are poised to start a new movement during Trumps presidency

Kelly says considering separating women, children at Mexico border

Kelly says considering separating women, children at Mexico border

Peru president targeted in Odebrecht bribery probe

House GOP releases bill replacing Obama health care overhaul (with fewer people insured)

House GOP releases bill replacing Obama health care overhaul (with fewer people insured)

Harvard Business Review: Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

Honduras Becomes a Bridge in Migratory Route to the US

Rs actually release specifics on ACA reform

DHS chief: Agency may separate parents, children at border

This Administration is a nightmare

The Daily 202: Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted but may backfire bigly

A whopping 33% of 1000 adults polled by HuffPo thought Trump "pivoted" in his teleprompter speech

Republicans unveil bill to repeal and replace Obamacare

Khizr Khan and the risks of standing up to Donald Trump

Should we just start lying?

US airstrikes kill former Guantanamo detainee in Yemen

Re new immigration ban, the Big Disconnect

The Art of the Distraction

I think Trump has tapped my phone!! .............

"He forgot he was the President..."

Kick me out if this offends you or breaks the rules. I'm not proud of America. I'm embarrassed.

"From Russia...With Love!"

Trump pressed to release logs of visitors to the White House and Mar-a-Lago

George Stephanopoulos shuts down Sarah Huckabee Sanders

CSX Agrees to Hire Hunter Harrison as CEO.

4 Republican Senators Just Rebelled Against the House Plan to Repeal Obamacare

Not a BUG ... a FEATURE

Feds, bishop announce reform plan to address child sex abuse