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Archives: March 8, 2017

Devin Nunes on Trump's "tapp" allegations: "A lot of the things he says, you guys take literally"

GOP pushes bill inhibiting Americans from filing class-action lawsuits against large corporations

The good Tweety is on today.

Trumpcare: dead on arrival?

About 40% to 50% of the people at the time supported the American Revolution

GOP-led panel approves Trump adviser's shift to White House

Tweety is on fire...He is taking the wood to Thump...

Trump's Intelligence Agency Is a Republican Propaganda Channel Owned by a Partisan Billionaire

The tax assessor

Jason Chaffetz Thinks the Poor Should Trade Their iPhones for Health Care

Senate revokes Obama federal land-planning rule

the new gop plan: you want healthcare? hock your phone!

A sincere request to those posting stuff you are watching on TV...

No, Jason Chaffetz, Paying for Health Care Is Not Like Buying an iPhone

If you thought cross check was bad and cost the 2016 election, future elections

iHeartRadio Wont Say Whether It Honored Conservative Radio Host Who Mocks Chicago Gun Violence

Trump: "I feel sure that my friend @RandPaul will come along...

Trump, Russian billionaire say theyve never met, but their jets did in Charlotte

Watch Trumps Health Secretary dodge millions who will lose insurance under Trumpcare

Republican health plan is a step backward that will cause chaos, Washington state leaders say

How many iPhones does your health insurance cost?

Jim Jordan asshole from Ohio...

Links between timing of Wikileaks release on CIA & Trump's allegations against Obama?


When did newsmax become a viable news source???

Another Indian national murdered - in South Carolina


Source for all Trump/Russia connections

Seahawks, Raiders Desirable For Adrian Peterson

Chris Matthew's Dissecting Christopher Ruddy, CEO Newsmax

Trump warns House GOP members of electoral 'bloodbath' if repeal and replace fails

Comedian Dave Chappelle addresses Village of Yellow Springs council meeting

Trump's travel ban contains a tool that could change how the U.S. conducts foreign policy


Robert Reich was live.

Conservatives/Koch's/Teebaggers Don't Want Any Health Care Assistance.

President Donald Trump is the most powerful cornered animal in the world (Guardian)

Health insurance companies would get $1 billion or more windfall under Obamacare replacement plan

I don't believe Kim Jong -un is intimidated by Thump.

Deporting undocumented migrants who only know America as their home has dangerous consequences

A Socratic Dialogue With Trump about Ethics, Politics and Pussy

ObamaCare versus ThumpCare

This Presidential Memorandum Is Ominous. Everyone Missed It Today Including Me

Does any elected repug have a brain?

Actually I am scared shitless.

Yet another "coincidence"? (Trump, Russian Ambassador, and Sessions)

Erin Burnett Out front has been following a family headed by an undocumented

Guess who is a huge Trump supporter? Update--check this out.

Do you know what America wants?

NOAA cuts could stymie research, put lives at risk

First time photos

Tues. night cuteness overload

China Warns of Arms Race After U.S. Deploys Missile Defense in South Korea

Presidential memorandum adds more facism.

US warning to Israel signals new backpedaling by Trump

House Intel schedules first Russia hearing for March 20

Lars Ulrich on Proposed Trump Border Wall: 'World Doesn't Need Walls'

Even Mexico provides universal healthcare.

I was just called "radical left"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! ALT-TITLE! Live, Uncensored & a new Maru gif

In case you're confused - Obamacare vs. Trumpcare

Trump campaign gave Page permission for Moscow trip

Yep, The Silence is Deafening..

"The New Yorker Book of War Pieces".

6 pgs in repug "health" bill deals with Lotto winners getting gov. benefits

For anyone have recommended reading for beginner investors?

Bomb threat called into Toronto JCC amongst other places in North America.

Bernie Sanders with Pramila Jayapal

Is the GOP "Healthcare" Bill subject to filibuster in Senate

How long is your daily commute to and from work?

Breitbart will push this theory soon and Trump will start tweeting about it shortly after.

ObamaCare vs. GOP Replacement

WP: Trump and Republicans see a deep state foe: Barack Obama

Let's call it Trumphaircare , because it's

Healthcare versus Wealthcare

New Milestone For Magellen Pipeline: 28 Spills In 16 Years In Iowa Alone - Latest 46,000 gallons

REMINDER: Melania Trump is a Birther.

Rachel Maddow goes there, collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.


Oz 5-Year Environment Report; Climate Pressure Growing, Some Changes Likely Irreversible

UT Legislature Can't Even Pass A Non-Binding Resolution Supporting Protecting The Environment

To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security

Abraham Lincoln said 'democracy is a government of the people by the people and for the people.'

A Woman's Place is in the Resistance (PHOTO)

Fuck immigrants, fuck blacks, fuck LGBT people, fuck women, fuck the poor, fuck muslims, fuck jews,

Republican health care plans break new ground in hypocrisy

Just got back from 5 days in Medellin, Colombia. Loved it! (cross posted from Latin America group)

"We are going to help the middle class", Donald Duck Trump

State of HI challenging new muslim ban

Just Wondering ...

A Letter to the Person who Dumped Your Dog

Florida Cabinet could get special exemption to carry concealed guns almost anywhere

Hospitals come out against GOP healthcare bill

Lawrence O Donnell has Al Franken on tonight!! Let's watch!

jared Kushner also has not divested some of his properties

Florida House wins Lottery lawsuit, sending governor another message

Presidential Portrait

Patton Oswalt Gets It!

Daym. The Last Word is going there. Saying it is time to IMPEACH

Major hospital group (5,000 hospitals) announces its opposition to Trumpcare.

Rick Scott throws shade at Richard Corcoran in State of State speech

Leaving Rick Scott in lurch, Enterprise Florida CEO resigns after just 2 months on job

Top Trump Ally Met With Putins Deputy in Moscow

Critics of 'religious liberties' bill say it could lead to classroom discrimination

UCF fraternity brother accused of putting gun barrel to pledge's head

The first casualty of this "plan" will be rural hospitals

Trump Talks To Obama About His Wiretap Claim - CONAN

Trump floated hiring private investigator to substantiate his claim Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

Celebrate St. Patty's Day with a Four-Leaf Clover MAGA Hat! No one will notice the errors.

Hawaii plans to file a lawsuit against President Donald Trumps new travel ban.

Women Strike, March 8th, International Women's Day

Couldn't Find A Dog?

Florida utility-rate oversight could change in proposed Public Service Commission changes

A Day Without Women, March 8th. International Women's Day

Lawrence O'Donnell made a strong case for impeachment.

Every chance they get: GOP's Obamacare replacement plan would lower taxes for the rich

Hate to say it but I'm enjoying the Repukes thrashing around trying to

Dalai Lama says Chinese hardliners have parts of brain missing

Lawmakers propose $50 million to restore beaches

Push to restore voting rights to ex-felons reaches Supreme Court

Did Comey (Illegally) Tell Trump and Co. that the NSA Had Records of His Dealings With Russia?

Gun bill shows how Democrats struggle in Tallahassee

Trump's EPA: Fuck science!

Nursing home inspection reports leave gaps

Flattened T waves on EKG

Paul Ryan Calls Obamacare Repeal Plan An "Act Of Mercy"

Fort Lauderdale woman seeks right to trial in Trump University case

Republicans whined about the size of the ACA

Sean Hannity is claiming that Wikileaks is more patriotic than our own CIA and intelligence agencies

Report: Obama was furious after Trump accused him of wiretapping

Talenti gelato e sorbetto

Teen accused of posing as doctor pleads guilty in out-of-state case

Researchers: Kind Of Heatwave Recently Roasting Australia 10X More Likely, Thanks To Humans

Dark Night for Lady Liberty....Lights Reported To Be Out At Statue Of Liberty...

Hahahaha he seriously cannot do one fucking thing right...

Bill seeks to promote private flood insurance market

Women in political office. See how USA ranks...

Miami-Dade's SMART Plan meets tax dollars, and tensions flare

iphone health insurance premium calculator!

Trump and his Mar-A Lago last weekend


tRump Has Got To Be Pissed...

Fracking ban in Florida gets early Senate support

Rooster 1, drunk tourist 0: Man tries to run down rooster, crashes golf cart instead

Congratulations to the Republican Party

Russians Under Survelliance?

Scientology plans control of downtown Clearwater for retail makeover

Lawsuit says Lincare fired acquisitions chief for demanding her unpaid $1 million bonus

President of Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry resigns amid financial woes

Donnie Dingbat is going to cut the Coast Guard (actual border security)

Man ordered to turn over $950,000 for fraudulent tax returns

Nike introduces sports hijabs for athletes

Domestic violence gun bill advances to full Senate

Alabama has figured out a way to avoid issuing gay marriage licenses.

Florida resort executive bought gold mine with embezzled millions, officials say

It is International Women's Day (March 8th)

GOP health bill should be called "Trumpdon'tCare".

Just a bite . . .

No more! No more!

I was talking to a friend today and she told me

Donnie The Tissue Queen Is Very Upset Obama Is More Popular Than Him...

Hillary at Girls Inc.

Does anyone think that Donald Trump is an actual agent of Russia??

What if our intelligence agencies already have everything to put him away?

Florida court rejects opt-out testing arguments

Obama furious at Trump accusation.

the right has a lousy more expensive healthcare plan

Millions Risk Losing Health Insurance in Republican Plan, Analysts Say (Fearful Trump voters)

Truly Gone Fishing

those private prisons need to be filled:

Train hits bus, killing 4 passengers on senior center trip

Former Jacksonville Transportation Authority manager pleads guilty to grand theft, stealing $400,000

When, not if, when we get back in power

Please! Don't call it Trumpcare. It's GOPcare or RepubliCare Don't limit the responsibility of this

Rep. Adam Schiff is determined to talk to Steele and will go to London!!!!!

State worker pay raise hopes rest in Senate

I wonder if this is why Obama is under attack this week.

Senate President wants money for water

Nowitzki reaches lofty 30,000 career point mark


Post your Favorite music video from a genre you don't like......

Deplorable Wine Is Now A Thing

AARP's new ad: The age tax would force Americans ages 50-64 to pay thousands of $$$ more

They are damned if it passes and damned if it doesn't

Al Franken: I think Jeff Sessions committed perjury - CNN w/video interview

One Republican Florida State Senator Has Proposed Ten Insane Laws


Frost Museum of Science to Finally Open May 8 in Miami

Florida Legislators Want to Waste a Bunch of Money Drug-Testing Welfare Recipients

Trump Grants Oval Office Meeting to TMZ Founder

New Yorker - "Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War"

Garcetti declares victory, and City Council incumbents on path to reelection in early vote returns

South Florida Town: Stop Photoshopping Our Logo or We'll Sue You

Just saw your post to QED

Senate schedules hearing for SEC nominee Jay Clayton

White House praises ExxonMobil by plagiarising entire paragraph of oil company's own statement

Hillsboro votes to become sanctuary city

Watched The Opening Monologue's Of Cobert, Kimmel & Cordon Today And I Determined That.....

Trump praises Exxon and himself for 2013 plan

More Pieces Of Donald Trump Russia Dossier - Rachel Maddow

PHOTOS: Jeff Sessions w/Russian Amb Kislyak at Trump's April (2016) speech.

Mexico cancels sugar export permits to US

Impeachment Committee to Reopen Probe

Does no one remember LEXX??? Epic Si-fi show....

If the GOP wanted to be truly evil about ACA replacement

See How Entrepreneurship Is Saving this Important Archaeological Site

State Auditor Suing Governor Bentley Over Senate Appointment

Latin Americans Hit the Streets to Strike on International Women's Day

Activists Appealing Minimum Wage Lawsuit Dismissal

Anthony Kennedy, save the United States.

Alabama House Passes Bill Requiring Cell Phone Companies to Hand Over Data to Law Enforcement

Bill introduced to suspend leadership in the Legislature if indicted

5 reasons why Republicans are going to pot on March 8

Casey to fight Trumpcare; Rothfus wants input

My son has now been diagnosed bipolar disorder

Congratulations to Mayor Garcetti. This is what a mandate looks like

Jon Meacham nailed it.

Lawsuit filed over Bentley's Senate Special Election date

Trump has a 91 percent approval rating among Republicans

This is what you look like on ObamaCare and ThumpCare

Alabama Senate passes bill to eliminate marriage licenses

Former Alabama police chief reports to federal prison in Florida

After loving WikiLeaks as a candidate, Trump decides he doesnt like leaks as president

Trump Budget Reflects Working-Class Resentment of the Poor

Do you think this gentleman in the middle is a good model for a health care bill

Donald Trump Seems Incredibly Constipated Alec Baldwin Tells ...

Daily Holidays - March 8

Central Alabama Community College pays $100,000 in tax penalties

The difference between RepubliThumpCare and National Health Insurance in one image

Trump and the Russians, Drip Drip Drip........

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox re-elected to fourth term

Happy Interntional Women's Day to all DUers

Payday lending amendment would cap interest at 36%

Will Jackson's water emergency this weekend affect you?

Mississippi moving to ban immigrant sanctuary policies

Can Uber Be Saved From Itself?

Does tRUMP even understand the new healthcare plan??

Mississippi flag fight moves to new battlefield

RT: celebrating Trumpcare, interviewing Roger Stone on wiretapping, and downplaying genocide

****WINTER Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

****WINTER Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

****WINTER Photo Contest Preliminaries are posted in GD****

"Access" and "choices" Republican weasel words.

"Fearless Girl" ...

Just a general question re: Greta on MSNBC

VA to start offering mental health care to 'bad paper' veterans

Pooping in space: An Air Force colonel's genius solution

If President Obama had power to stop investigations,

What exactly does "drip drip drip" mean in DU vernacular?

Iconic lady kicks off 'Day Without Women'

China's ZTE pleads guilty, settles U.S. sanctions case for nearly $900 million

Trump tweets about his "tremendous respect for women" #TicTacs #MovedOnHerLikeAB*tch #DoAnything

Former CEO of Coupon Clearinghouse Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Rex Tilleraon Ditches State Press Corps

Pruitt Stacking EPA With Inhofe Staffers, Denialist Hacks For Senior Positions - NYT

The GOPs Obamacare Replacement Is Just a Gigantic Tax on Women

NOAA's Sea Grant, Key Program For Coastal Communities Facing Acidifiction, SLR, On Chopping Block

Lawyer: Mississippi flag sends white supremacy message

Arctic Sea Ice Continues Streak Of Record Monthly Lows; Missing Ice Area 2/17 4x Size Of Italy

State House passes bill requiring use of seat belts

Washington Post: Khizr Khans claim that the U.S. is restricting his travel may be unraveling

Atmospheric CO2 Content On Track To Breach 410 ppm During March - UK Met Office

All 100 senators appeal to Trump administration: Jewish center threats 'are not isolated incidents,'

Trump: "I have tremendous respect for women"

The Madness of President Donald

Trumpcare reveals the foundation of lies on which the anti-Obamacare argument was built

Chaffetz campaign donors bought his iPhone and pay his Verizon bill

Chukchi Sea Temps As High As 37F 2/8-9; Arctic Ice Volume Comparable To Summer Volumes In 1980s

Yates, Comey Invited to Testify in House Intel Hearing on Russia - (getting popcorn ready)

Big Candy is lobbying the Trump administration. Its also holding events at Trump hotels.

G.O.P. Health Bill Faces Revolt From Conservative Forces

GET the word out: Health insurance companies PLAY POLITICS to get what they want. Remember AETNA?

What are out dear friends at the other site, the alleged left wing one, saying about ThumpCare?

Morning Joe calls Trump a liar

Trump Budget Proposal Reflects Working-Class Resentment of the Poor

Iditarod Start Moved To Fairbanks, 300 Miles North; 2X In Past 3 Years Not Enough Snow In Anchorage

Chief liar for hire. . . Please come CAPTION Sean Spicer!!!

Obamacare is "collapsing"

PHOTOS:Trump & Sessions w/Russian Amb Kislyak at Trump's April speech.


Man tweets about not seeing any postive reviews of GOP health plan


Republicans keep saying obamacare is collapsing.

Happy Women's Day!

Maddow: "Operation had been conducted w-full knowledge of Trump & Sr members of his campaign team"

Intern killer Joe "You Think She Works The Pole?" Scarborough just hates sexist criticisms of women.

Ryan Might As Well Take Out A Gun And Start Shooting People. He's Killing Them Just The Same.

Happy Women's Day!!!

"We'll cover everybody." - Presidential candidate Donald John Thump

Monica Crowley Insists Plagiarism Scandal Was Political Hit Job, Its Been Debunked

Electronic voting machine calibration

"My report is on The Grapes of Wrath-Its a great bk, terrific-The grapes were so very-very wrathful"

Ryan Bill Will Collapse Health Care System In The US. Even If You Have Insurance You're Screwed.

The Hamilton Hustle.


China Tries to Defuse Tensions Over North Korea

Today's Google Doodle: International Women's Day

NYT: Why Republicans Cant Do Health Care: A Party Divided Against Itself w/o a POTUS to Lead

Our Book Club met last night...

House intelligence chief has seen no evidence to back Trump wiretap charge

Trump trademarks approved by China

Anton Gunn, former head of the Office of Internal Affairs for the US Department

Here's Donny!!!Trump springs out from behind a partition to surprise a tour group, gets photobombed

Hawaii files first lawsuit against new travel ban

Cotton: Trump Wants A Bill To Create 'Merit-Based' Immigration System

Wired: The CIA Can't Crack Signal and WhatsApp Encryption No Matter What WikiLeaks Says

How climate change battles are increasingly being fought, and won, in court

So Far, Not So Good: GOP Leaders Try To Have Their Obamacare and Repeal It Too

Happy International Women's Day From President Trump

Asked About Millions Losing Care, Ryan Says 'Lowering Costs' Is What Matters

Current Republican Philosophy in a Nutshell

The American Dream is Disintegrating Under Trump

80 year-old mom Lois, with her iPhone and her oxygen. She has a message for GOP

UPDATED: Report: Obama 'Livid' Over Trump Tweets

AMA says new health care act is "critically flawed"

Government, per Founding Father John Adams:

Fmr NSA Analyst: Russian Intel Helping Trump White House Target Journalists

White House Copy/Pasted Trump Statement from ExxonMobil Press Release

Mulvaney: Insurance is not really the end goal hereit's about affordability

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 298,000 Jobs in February

Sherrilyn Ifill: He [AG Sessions] listened respectfully and said that I was "articulate." (tweets)

Who Will Save Us From The Conspiracy Theorist In Chief? - by Gene Lyons

Would you buy a health care plan from this man?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Trumpcare

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Dr. Ben's Alt History Lesson

we all know tRump projects his own sins onto others so....

GOP hi-jinx.

GOP pushes bill inhibiting Americans from filing class-action lawsuits against large corporations

We must go to a medicare for all healthcare plan.

Women, and our tough gig today. Wear red, buy nothing, work, or not...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - Cheeto Benito

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

E.P.A. Head Stacks Agency With Climate Change Skeptics

Bomb threat prompts evacuation at Jewish community center in Delaware

So who's lying: The White House now, or the Wall Street Journal in May 2016?

Fallon to Deliver More Political Tonight Show to Win Back Ratings Crown From Colbert

Trump Aides Address His Wiretap Claims: 'That's Above My Pay Grade'

No Wonder the Republicans Hid the Health Bill - By the NYT Editorial Board

25 SECRETS Flight Attendants Know That You Don't

Grab 'em by the pussy tweeted about International Women's Day

Travel Ban: Why Trump (And Bannon) Mirror ISIS So Perfectly - By Joe Conason

Ryan Care....Dead on Arrival... Obamacare Survives.

China gives Trump preliminary approval for 38 new trademarks

The Nonvoters Who Can't Stand That Trump Is President

General Michael Hayden Says The CIA Is Not Spying On Us Through Our Televisions


Hey everybody! You will want to buy this health-insurance. It's so affordable. It's great.

Trump Promised Cheaper Insurance For Everyone. Price Says That's 'The Goal'

Sen. Tim Kaine's son arrested after protesters disrupt Trump rally at state Capitol Saturday

Cnn reporting trump to "rally" this weekend and next

The problem with "selling insurance across state lines"

douchebag Debbie Lusignan at it again-

80% provision of Obamacare. What does Ryancare say?

Montgomery College Students Discuss History of Black Lives Matter Movement During Community Forum

Thanks to Trump and the GOP, a California single-payer healthcare system is now possible

Ryan: All republicans on board

A $2.5 trillion asset manager just put a statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull

Dear media: Please make this Trump's "I am not a crook" moment. Thank you in advance.

The Thumpcare Battle is the political equivalent of Stalingrad.

By 2030, half the worlds oceans could be reeling from climate change, scientists say

We hold these truths to be self-evident,

This white house guard knows how to protect herself in the presence of a gropper

Rep. Mark Meadows: Emergency rooms already provide everyone with health care 'coverage'

He's going down on both Immigration and

ThumpCare has achieved one thing ... It sucks so much ...

Cnn Moe Brooks railing on Ryan health care

Obama press secretary fires back at Spicer's claim that wiretapping evidence 'above my pay grade'

The Obama reaction to the twit's tweets make it clear that we are seeing the collision

Religious Fundamentalism at Taxpayer Expense

From Russia With Love

Republicans Are Dumping All Over Don T. Care

'You think its acceptable to grab their p*ssies': Internet trashes Trump's cynical Women's Day...

Maxine Waters' Defiant IWD Call-Out of 'Private-Parts Grabbing' President

Who does Thump think he's fooling with these lame ass International Women's Day tweets?

Remember James Manning, the nutcase "preacher?" 5 Ways The Middle Class is Taught to Despise the Poor

The Deplorable Care Act...

Daily Kos call the spawn of hell Obamacare 'replacement' DonTcare...and hahaha they need

I rarely alert

Florida Cabinet could get special exemption to carry concealed guns almost anywhere

White House Budget Director: 'Insurance Is Not Really The End Goal Here'

Schumer Slams Trumpcare on Senate Floor (Video) - Bad Message for Those Age 55 to 64

hhgregg files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

I found a group that supports the American Health Care Act (ThumpCare)

Ryan Calls GOP Health Care Plan 'What We've Been Dreaming About Doing'

I don't know about you, but I can't get over Melissa McCarthy's finest moment

AARP Tears Apart New GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan

Minnesotacare Buy-In Phonebank this evening

The Trump Oil Con...This Sums it Up

Tom Perriello: Republicans, This is NOT A Damn Game. These Are People's Lives."

GOP lawmakers are about to pass two laws that would make it nearly impossible to sue corporations

Overall, Be Careful about Which Intelligence-Related Bloggers You Trust

DU "Trump Ring" ads stink. Please stop.

Trump will use bully pulpit to counter conservative revolt over Obamacare replacement

Canada named 2nd best country in the world again, report finds

This Morning's Fake News:

Sen. Tim Kaine's son among several arrested after protesters disrupt Trump rally in Minnesota

Kellyanne Conway desperately tries to stop Fox host from calling GOP health plan 'Trumpcare'

Could Trump's tweets abt Obama wiretaps

School Systems Shut Down for International Women's Day

Lookie at me - All shiny and bright

NRA Russian ties

Should religious hospitals be required by law to provide abortion services?

Trump-branded escort service revealed on #InternationalWomensDay. The irony writes itself.

It's not "Trumpcare" because that is too limiting

The Trump White House Is So Feminist...

Trump Talks To Obama About His Wiretap Claim -Conan O'Brien

Trump bans press from all his meetings following baseless wiretap accusations against Obama

What about the Others?

NRA Russian ties


Comey: I intend to serve my 10-year term

Trump/Rybolovlev Planes Meeting At Airports. Now May Include Florida Twice More Very Recently:

If Republicans are so sure that their Health Care plan will be better, why don't they just

Who will investigate tRump/Russia?

KO:The Crisis of Trump's Conspiracy Theories-These fantastical lies are more than delusional, they'

A short story about the downfall of Drumpf

My pcp doc has recommeended that I keep the next appt. with the endocrinologist.

KO:The Crisis of Trump's Conspiracy Theories -These fantastical lies are more than delusional, they'

CIA providing raw intelligence as Trump-Russia probes heat up

Trucker Shortage Is Expected to Worsen

Steve Bannon Loves This "Shockingly Racist" Book (Young Turks)

Gross. On International Woman's Day, Trump got approval from China for this:

Schiff to seek testimony from Trump 'dossier' author

Poll: Majority of voters favor special prosecutor

Just for fun: Who will Pence's VP be when he becomes president because

Four GOP Senators Threaten Obamacare Repeal Effort

"This is unusually stupid and obnoxious even for Fox."

"They (Bannon/Miller) Want Him Ragey & Dangerous" So They're FEEDING HIM "Paranoid Talk".

Paul Ryan brags about gutting Planned Parenthood on International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, Trump has pledged...

Military Socialism

Obama rolled his eyes at Trump accusation-MORE concerned re: Trump kicking people off health care

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Asked Aides If He Could Hire A Private Investigator


This today from a die hard right winger-

The EPA no longer lists "science" as what it does.

Trump Tweets on International Womens Day and It Might Be His Worst Tweet Ever

Trump Tweets on International Womens Day and It Might Be His Worst Tweet Ever

Marchers arrive at the White Houses to protest today

As Regulations Change, Companies Grapple with Accountant Shortage

SEC nominee Clayton is set for a Senate confirmation hearing - here's info to call your senators to

A cappella 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(damental Rights)' is your new feminist anthem

Nice to see that on #InternationalWomensDay the majority of bylines on @WSJ's front page are women.

Farmers are fretting about the lack of an Agriculture Secretary.

Donald Trump Tweeted About International Womens Day. It Backfired.

Horrible winds hitting Flint, MI, today.

Obama press secretary shuts down Spicer's claim that wiretapping evidence "above my pay grade"

New Q poll: 52-40 Sessions lied 51-42 Sess shld resign 66-30 probe Russia 51-45 no full repeal

Poll: Should Julian Assange Be Extradited to the United States for Prosecution?

These fucking assholes. Did you see what they named the bill?

Why Repeal and Replace Is Going So Badly - by Josh Marshall

Thump gang (administration) unhappy with House re: TrumpCare

Did anyone check to see if Trump's WD tweets were plagiarized?

Isis militants disguised as doctors kill 38 in Kabul hospital attack

Hypothesis: the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russia to manipulate the US elections

Ryancare Lyin'care

iphones and welfare queens

My Wife and I Have Learned Something about What Doctors Tell You.

Rep Earl Blumenauer has an amendment to AHCA that is some high quality trolling

A gift for all the Women on DU

Why so much secrecy with the Russians?

Trump Healthcare Motto: "Sell all you have and follow me?"

Look at all them there pussy hats

U.S. trade deficit jumps to 5-year high in January

TrumpCare Would Mean Pay Full Premium For 12 Months Then Get Credit Later.

Worst Bill You've Never Heard Of Passes House

McConnell & Ryan Are Serial Murderers. They Are Determined To Murder Thousands Of Americans.

A day for Women deserves a special song

Two big reasons "Obamacare is collapsing"

COUPONS For Medicare And Disabled Veterans Under VA Are The Next Phase Of Ryan Plan.

"For All Women in Struggle" Kristin Lems

"For All Women in Struggle"--Kristin Lems

GOPers Preemptively Trash CBO Before It Scores Their O'care Replacement

The "Guns Are Inanimate Objects" Argument

Trump budget chief: Insurance 'not really the end goal' with GOP healthcare plan

"Nobody Really Cares": The Rural Voter Problem

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-15: Nothing Burger With A Side Of Treason Edition

Bread and Roses Strike. A salute to women

Why a $2.5T asset manager put a statue of a defiant girl facing Wall Street bull

CNN panel says trump(don't)care will increase premiums by 30% for those in 50's & 60's.

International Womens Day: Calls to Action, Words of Praise and Rallies (amazing pics!!)

Watchdogs ask US attorney to probe Trump over foreign deals

GOP Health Care Bill Would Cut CDC Fund to Fight Killer Diseases

The American Dream Is Disintegrating Under The Repugs.....

Betsy DeVos' Holy War

NYT on international women's day--some great pics from around the world

Republicans have opened a door, a window, they will totally regret.

I highly doubt TrumpDoesn'tCare will pass Congress

Republican governors complain about GOP health care plan

a little science fiction: 42 Hours of Ambient Sounds

Hawaii Sues to Block Trump Travel Ban; First Challenge to Order

Good God Almighty.. I just need a hug..

Wait until the tRump supporters figure out ,,,,

International Women's Day 2017--theme: Be BoldForChange

Remember The Disastrous Obamacare Rollout? Here Is The Don T. Care Rollout

"Nonsense Debt" concept ...

Apple Says Its Patched Vulnerabilities Exposed by WikiLeaks

Alzheimer's: The disease that could bankrupt Medicare

Alzheimer's: The disease that could bankrupt Medicare

Trump will name gay man as NATO ambassador according to White House official

And the hits (to RyanCare) keep on coming ....

Spicer's press conference on:

NRA met with Putin's deputy in Moscow

Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Want Sessions To Resign, Think He Lied Under Oath

10 Important Lessons I Learned From Growing Up Poor

The real culprit in our problems with Russia? Sarah Palin.

AMA: GOP version of ACA will 'reverse Obamacare coverage gains', 'cause millions to lose coverage'

Remember Vouchers (Coupons) & Tax Credits Are Like Being Given A Car With No Motor.

U.S intel, law enforcement officials aware of CIA breach since late last year

Court uses loophole to let Kim Davis avoid paying legal fees for wronged couples

Biggest Losers Under GOP Plan Will Be Women And Young Children.

Message to Republicans about Healthcare plan.

House Judiciary Republicans Ask For FBI Briefing On Trump's Wiretapping Claims

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were seen together in Hong Kong.

The (mostly unknown) story of the female Paul Revere

John Boehner: "I started laughing when Republicans started talking about moving lightning fast,...

The Republican Party is quickly falling into a black hole from which they cannot escape.

Looks Like Your Tax Credit Will Be Counted For Income For The Next Tax Year.

When Dinner Proves Divisive: One Strategy, Many Dishes

"Liberation" Therapy debunked

Uncle Ben's Converted Lies

Linda Sarsour and several other women arrested at NYC Women's Strike:

March 31 Event: Registration has moved to the waitlist. Sign up here:

This is making the FB rounds pretty heavily, so if anyone wants to a crack at it,

21 times Donald Trump has assured us he respects women

Sanders Statement on Republican Health Care Plan

Trump may have violated the Constitution to trademark massage parlors and escort services in China

First Lady Celebrating WD2017...

Republicans are now paying the price for a years-long campaign of Obamacare lies

Kellyanne Conway pushes back on "Trumpcare" label: He never said he wants his name on health care bi

"Justin Bieber; His World" is far superior to "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

Health Providers Denounce G.O.P. Bill as House Panels Get to Work

Ryan Wants To Pass Repeal Before Easter Recess. Don't Expect Any Town Halls. Protesters Might ----

Trump and Melania will continue the Easter egg roll...

'It's heartbreaking': Maltese mourn collapse of Azure Window arch

Nancy Pelosi tweeted that she will be talking to reporters at 2:30 re: trumpcare

Does Spicer know how stupid

I just learned that Kellyanne Conway's middle name is Elizabeth.

No video or scant coverage of WD2017???...was spicers press conference timed to take away attention?

Dem rep. trolls GOP with amendment requiring health bill to meet Trump's 'insurance for all' promise

Obamacare replacement heads toward political disaster: What are GOP leaders thinking?

I shit you not...."Melania celebrates Womens Day......

TRMS - MSNBC - The Russian Connection 9pm est

sean spicer is lying about the russian connection...the investigation is ongoing.

Spicer has made a mess of this

In personal computing terms, Trump has a 4-bit CPU chip

You did it! Congratuations! World's Greatest Healthcare Plan!

China approves Donald Trump-branded spas, escort services, hotels and massage parlours without US Co

Mark Levin: the talkshow host behind the baseless Obama wiretap rumor

i really can't believe that trump is getting away with accusing President Obama of wire tapping him.

Let's say you are a seeker on a spiritual path...

R's ACA Replacement Isn't Healthcare. It's Wealthcare.

Obviously, the Republicans were not ready to roll out their healthcare reform at this time.

GOPDontCare Two-Tier Hospital System

They should replace Obamacare with....

photo of the week

Fake ICE Agents Are Harassing Immigrants As Raids Continue Nationwide

Say It With Me Again: James Comey Elected Donald Trump President

Now that GOPcare is revealed

Dave Chappelle showing how we should be fighting

Thank YOU, Donald Trump...

Been faking it for years

Gipson passes revived domestic abuse bill

No wonder they hid health bill ...

Thank You! :to all the Women Everywhere! ,,,

British government has just shot the solar industry in the face.

m$nbc: ari fleischer....really? says there is some truth to trump's wiretap bullshit?

Democratic Rep. Makes Gut-Wrenching Case For Commonsense Labor Rule, GOP Repeals It Anyway Video

Amendment added to bill to require flying state flag on campuses

University of Mississippi Medical Center 'collaborative' bill passes Senate

Nevertheless, She Coded.

First Look at Nintendo Switch

So about "Death panels."

First look at Nintendo Switch

Sean Spicer sarcastically asks if Trump should answer wiretap questions and immediately regrets it

Spicer On AARP Concerns: We're Not Trying To Accommodate 'Special Interests'

PUTIN AND THE RITZ - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody 🇺🇸💘🇷🇺

How Republicans Plan to RATION Health Care

Curious to know if any airport workers saw or know of Trump and Russian Oligarch meetings.

How about a Day Without Deplorables?

Phonelines to all of Speaker of the House's phones all tied up -- are they answering?

Wonderful movie for cat lovers: "Kedi"

My First Laptop Computer

GOP Sen. Susan Collins: House Obamacare repeal bill won't be 'well received' in Senate

NTSB aims to prevent future crashes at Biloxi's Main Street crossing


Trump's weekly jaunts to Mar a Lago displaces special needs children's charity flights.

more gerrymandering 2 days ago in Georgia

Elite law schools are tough to get into, but what if you're Tiffany Trump?

Trumpism is now getting exposed as a monumental fraud - By Greg Sargent

Boy the debrief on Spicer's presser today

Ohio home ins question

Wonderful movie for cat lovers: "Kedi"

How Trump blew it on health care

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as


I'm not really sure Alitalia gets the idea...

Rachel Maddow Perfectly Explains Why The People Will Have To Bring Down Trump Themselves

Republicans' Obamacare-light is so light people are seeing right through it - Tom Toles

Grandparents React to VR Virtual Reality Oculus for the First Time

Feds Close Over 100 Mississippi Bridges, Senator Says

Cuban Foreign Minister receives US Congressmen

Oklahoma bill aims to hold employers liable for paid protesters damages

At least 19 girls dead in fire at Guatemala children's shelter: police

Algeria: Dont Prosecute a Writer for Insulting Islam

No Shit...


Democrats ask White House about Trump son-in-law's potential conflicts #OhNotJared #BuyIvanka

It Sure Looks Like Paul Ryan Wants Ryancare To Fail - Michael Tomasky

Thump - Approval 42% Disapproval 53%


My Parents Play "Don't Let Go" on the Oculus Rift! Oculus Rift Funny Reactions

"Every outrageous statement, every crazy tweet, they are silent."

How it's done elsewhere. Essentially saying: If I were a man, I might have earned my paycheck by now

Women's March Organizers Arrested Outside Trump Hotel

The only possible explanation of the GOP Health Care Roll Out debacle

For White People, 'It's Conquer or Die': Richard Spencer Defends 'Hail Trump' Salute

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 8, 2017

The Perfect Gift For Your Republican Friend/Relative

Spring Came Early. Scientists Say Climate Change Is a Culprit.

Brilliant hilarious and TRUE

Once Again, Fake Story About CNNs Jake Tapper Makes Rounds on Alt-Right Twitter

Ex-youth pastor arrested in teens 1994 dismemberment death in Florida

It appears Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador a third time

A public service announcement from #InternationalWomensDay

Mason-Dixon poll: (D) Nelson leads (R) Scott in potential 2018 Florida Senate race.

Meet the 70-Year-Old Japanese Women Who Freedive for Seafood

Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed Across the Government

Trees might not be able to store as much carbon as we thought, new study suggests

Trump's favorite techie thinks there should be 'more open debate' on global warming

🐦 March 9 at NEW TIME 1:15PM EST Facebook Live - Sen. Sanders and Josh Fox

Steve Kornacki: The human kidney stone

KING: Using 'working-class voters' as shorthand for white people is insulting and rooted in racism

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer's embracing young insurance dodgers just a ruse (VIDEO)

The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is.

Minnesota Saw Its Record-Earliest Tornadoes During Monday's Severe Weather Outbreak

OOps: Spicer calling the AARP a special interest group that Trump refuses to pay off

80 degrees here today in So Az at 4600 feet.

Such a class act: China gives green light for Trump branded escort services

Stephen Hawking presents a wealth of enticing movie plots!

Huntsman offered Russia ambassadorship

If Bannon, Trump, Paul Ryan, Fox News, McConnell, the alt right

Takei re: Trumpcare

Trumpcare hurts older voters: Donald Trump endorses bill that punishes one of his key constituencies

John Huntsman offered Russia Ambassadorship

Unsweetened: Mexico cancels sugar export permits to U.S. because there's no one to negotiate with

Rachel Maddow(MSNBC): "The Russian connection"

Japanology Plus - Katsuobushi

Japanology Plus - Katsuobushi

US and North Korea set for "head-on collision" China warns

Great Messaging Dems!: "#PayMoreForLess" Signs

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison together tonight:

Japanology Plus - Katsuobushi

Wow-Fmr Acting CIA Dir John McLaughlin says Wikileaks could be working w-Russia AGAIN to help Trump

ACLU emerges as main Trump antagonist

In case anyone is interested, Margaret Atwood just did a IAmA on Reddit:

Donald Trump is haunted by the ghost of Barack Obamas first term

Russia Turns Wikileaks CIA Dump Into Disinformation

letters from Boston:

UK lawmakers to companies: End sexist high-heel dress codes

Adam Schiff says they are going to investigate trump's allegations of wiretapping

Holy $&*#@! nt.

"Nobody has more Respect for Women than I do ". DJT

The Steele Dossier Is Increasingly Being Corroborated

THIS! International Women's Day in one picture

My Favorite: Int'l Women's Day Sign

Newly released etiquette book for men by former Virgin Islands senator receives stellar reviews

Am I the only one thinking that this CIA leak right after Pompeo takes over is odd???

Spicer Lies on Same Subject Two Days Straight! (Video)

I Can Proudly Say I Haven't Clicked On That Thread Yet Despite The Flames

Virgin Islands Govt Failed To Make Payments To G.E.R.S. Because Of Financial Crisis

Awesome New Song - California Drought

Ben Carsons Gray Matter

Virgin Islands: Even With Passage Of Sin Taxes Other Austerity Measures Still On The Table

BEGIN Japanology Mini Miso

BEGIN Japanology Mini Miso

CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release: US officials

CNN's Jake Tapper: Trump is the only person on 'Obama-tapped-my-phone Island'

Virgin Islands Senator Jean Forde Says He Would Not Accept A Pay Cut

BEGIN Japanology theme

Boy finds WWII plane with pilot's remains in cockpit

WI wants to change Constitution....good bye America

Virgin Islands DHS Says Funding For Catholic Charities Homeless Program Has Been Identified

Hundreds demonstrate at Texas capitol but 'bathroom bill' still advances

A Tax Cut Masquerading As a Health Care Bill

My girl FAITH has some cool moves!

Crowley Claims Plagiarism Charges Were a Hit Job

Watchdog presses U.S. lawmakers to probe Icahn's role with Trump

Nothing Will Do More Damage To Repubs Than A Momentum-Stopping Failure Right Out Of The Gate.

Dumb and Dumber...

Islamic State leader Baghdadi abandons Mosul fight to field commanders, U.S. and Iraqi sources say

Farmers sue World Bank lending arm over alleged violence in Honduras

The Media Just Attacked Bernie For Calling Trump A Liar. His Response Is Epic

ACA Repeal Really A MERIT BASED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. Treatment Based On Your Value.

Ben Carson Presents :

Puerto Rico Restaurant Owners Indicted Over Minimum Wage Ripoff

John Schindler: Donald Trump White House 'targeting US journalists with help from Russian intelli...

Puerto Rico Statehood In The Age of Trump

The Difference Between How Michelle & Melania Spent Womens Day Says It ALL

Control board: Puerto Rico needs to take emergency action

Wolf Blitzer had a young lady on his show who was a former Attorney for NSA.

are you freaking kidding me? the R's actually called the bill

China approves Donald Trump-branded spas, escort services, hotels and massage parlours without US Co

Urban Outfitters CEO Says the Retail Bubble Has Burst

Puerto Rico Governor Submits Alternative Fiscal Plan

International Women's Day: Women protest gender gap.

Is Puerto Rico Like Hong Kong?

Why Trumps $1 trillion promise to deliver infrastructure jobs may not happen this year

How Donald Trump Is Reviving American Democracy

Mysterious whale filmed alive and underwater for the first time

I cling to NPR, Rachel Maddow, and DU

Labor Dept. to Amend Laws 20 & 22 to Boost Investment in Puerto Rico

I will NEVER forget that they impeached Bill Clinton for a perjurious statement

Why did Donald Trump cross the road?

Trump administration looks to resume Saudi arms sale criticized as endangering civilians in Yemen

Trump Invites Bids to Build Wall, Cites Importance of Aesthetics

Authorities looked into Manafort protege

Here's what Melania saw if she bothered to look out her window today.

Howard Dean Puts Greta in her place re Obamacare and Trumpcare *** Must see !!! Updated

Spotted at 30th & 5th in NYC

We Cannot Let This Happen

Secret Marines group is still sharing nude photos amid scandal

Obamacare Needs a Touch-Up

CNN Hires Ex-Trump Adviser Jason Miller

AP FACT CHECK: White House overly downbeat about budgeteers

Look at the list:

Why is Trump having dinner with Ted Cruz and wife at the White House tonight??

Need suggestion for new phone, please.

Scott Pelley on CBS tonight just asked Leon Panetta if Trump was rational. Panetta's response

Republicans Don't Know How to Govern, Only Oppose (w/Congressman Mark Pocan)(Pt 1)

It should be called Republicare not Trump Care or Ryan Care.....

New York: Someone on 39th Street thanked our President for his tireless efforts on behalf of women