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Archives: April 1, 2017

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Still Benefiting From Business Empire, Filings Show

BBC set to announce U.K. will withdraw from Eurovision

Trump has a hissy

IMO, Trump made Pense sign an undated copy of the Ford-Nixon pardon

Why The Best Southern Barbecue Takes Weeks To Make Southern Foodways Alliance

I wonder if Trump has ever even been in a National Park?

Apple being blackmailed

Why Were Three White House Officials Trawling Through Highly Classified Documents?

Trump's love of getting even comes to Washington

Banker who worked as Russian secret agent to be released early, deported

Houston doctors facing removal by Immigration granted temporary stay

Trump had a four point plan to protect himself from the Russia scandal. That plan is collapsing.

Hassan, Schumer, and Gillibrand sponsor stricter water standards legislation

We've all been students in Trump U. Chris at "All In" had clips of his classes and promos.........

Rep. Schiff, Trump's public prosecutor, says he must be a 'guardian against the worst abuses'

Sen. Markey Wants To Take Trump's Finger Off The Nuclear Trigger

FBI probing whether Trump aides helped Russian intel in early 2016 w/ video

Brazil's JBS accused of violating Amazon rainforest protection laws

Life Explained as a Video Game.

Brazil's JBS accused of violating Amazon rainforest protection laws

Stuff like this is why I left Mississippi

William T. Coleman Jr., Who Broke Racial Barriers in Court and Cabinet, Dies at 96

I just read the line up for Bill Maher tonight ...

Washington sues Tim Eyman for elaborate scheme

Second Detroit-Area Physician Pleads Guilty in $17.1 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Brazil police officers seen executing suspects are arrested

Penn. Man Convicted of Using Stolen IDs to File Tax Returns Seeking More Than $800,000 in Refunds

What the hell is going on in the brains of the president and Vice President? One thinks it's ok to

Five Revelations from the Senate's First Russia Hearings

Mayor Walsh: Boston Will Fund 20 More Police Cadets In 2017

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Spring Break! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Amazon faces pressure to remove ads from Breitbart News site

On Rachel: New Democratic Stars Emerge in Wake of Election

FBI probing whether Trump aides helped Russian intel in early 2016

Moreno set to win Ecuadors presidency

Trump walks out before signing executive orders

What are the odds Schiff wasn't given the real documents in question? nt

On RealTime with Bill Maher tonights show is vomit worthy...

Rachel isn't letting up

There sure is a lot of lying

Group of Lawyers @CREWcrew are posting all of the @whitehouse exec officials financial info online

Norman Goldman said this is going to be a long ride. (Attorney & Progressive Radio Show Host)

Mike Pence by the onion.

3/20 Comey Confirms FBI Inquiry Russia Sees No Evidence of Wiretapping, Nunes Rabbit Hole 3/21

Which Democratic US House Member from Texas has an excellent chance of winning a TX US Senate Race

Friday Talking Points (430) -- A Fool's Paradise

Russia blocks access to Internet pages promoting new Moscow protest

Does anyone else use Dragon Naturally Speaking software? I am up to version 15,

Connecticut may become first U.S. state to allow deadly police drones

Five arrested at Lawrence immigration office

27 indicted in largest animal cruelty case in New England

Mylan expands EpiPen recall to some devices distributed in US

Trump holds executive order signing ceremony; doesn't sign executive orders

The new Russian Army?

Follow the money....( you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours)

Anyone else getting on in years and noticing the taste in food is

Stop What You're Doing And Watch These Cats Ringing A Bell For Food

Julian Castro and Ron Kirk should be the Democratic nominee for the 2018 TX US Senate and the 2018

Bannon, Flynn, Cambridge Analytica, and the Trump campaign -data mining, Russia owned companies

Donald Trump Proclaims April Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month and the Irony Is Lost o

Caterpillar shuts plant in Aurora, Illinois, that employs 800

God, I love being a public employee.


Props to Rachel Maddow. She looks exhausted. I thank her

Paraguay congress set on fire amid presidential controversy

Clinton Watts Jack Webb??

Maru tries out new hairstyles:

So the stories of DRUMPFwalking out on reporter, thinking of resigning weren't true? Am going to bed

If you're bored of a Friday: Bannon's financials

No matter the final result

Cruel New Bill Is About to Become Law in Mississippi

Bridgegate judge's smack down of Christie hits a nerve Moran

Several senators STILL "undecided" about Gorsuch. CALL and ask them to OPPOSE or FILIBUSTER

2020 US Presidential Election- a recent public opinion poll from PPP has Trump-R trailing

Go Fund David Weinlick - Former DFL Party Affairs Director who sadly, has stage four cancer.

Santander will pay $22 million for issuing high-rate subprime auto loans in Massachusetts

How Norwegians made sure criminals went to Hell

Kushner and Ivanka Trump Worth as Much as $741 Million

The nation may need to get a grip on the possibility that the POTUS is a traitor.

Ancient city from 2,000 years ago DISCOVERED - and how it looks now is ASTOUNDING

Shit's getting real.

Buy my new book!

Roman Baths Found Beneath County Durham Street

From Pidurangala to Sigiriya, ancient rocks and ruins reveal Sri Lankas past

Stonehenge tunnel plan 'modern scar on ancient landscape'

The 'Greenwald Left' Continues to Deny the Russiagate Story

Kellyanne Conway Worked for Accused Felons

Arkansas asks court to block order on execution drugs

Flynn and Nunes Fallout Over Russia Probe Grows Ominous for Trump White House

Real Time: Roger Stone FULL Interview On Russia and President Trump 3/31/17

Tennessee judge facing federal charges resigns

World's Biggest Ivory Market Shutting DownWhat It Means

Raimondo To Testify At Senate Finance Hearing For College Tuition Plan

Gov. Raimondo Donating Contributions From Man Convicted Of Running Ponzi Scheme

🐦April 3 at 12pm-1pm Press Conference with Sen. Sanders - National Student Power Summit

Louise Mensch: Theory: Alfa server passed hacked US voter roll info to PutinRF; he helped Trump use

Any scenic towns/landscape half way or more between Houston and Lubbock

Paraguay congress set on fire amid presidential controversy

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren LIVE Boston MA 3-31-17

I See Where Trump Met With Condi Rice Today. Wasn't She A.....

Dogs get engaged, have squee photo shoot

Fascinating if true: Alfa Bank and Firtash co-own Cambridge Analytica and SCL

Watch Overtime: March 31, 2017 (HBO)

Caption Time

New bill would make teaching cursive mandatory in R.I. schools

Confederate flag removed from Rhode Island DOT garage

10-year-old table tennis player sets record

Hope Jose Antonio Vargas was not grabbed and arrested after his appearance on Maher

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything...

Raimondo mulling corporate tax freeze for R.I. manufacturers

Red Lake County - the worst and the best place to live

Rhode Island Commerce agrees to $50K penalty to SEC for role in 38 Studios deal

Advocacy group: Strong support in Rhode Island for mandatory earned sick time

Bill Maher Real Time 3/31 - "Nunes: the dumbest thing out of California since Dianetics"

Anyone knows. what happened with the Russian sanctions?

What will Hannity do when Trump goes down?

Flynn's Testimony Could Implicate Higher-Ups

White House pets - Sack Cartoon

On the hook - Sack cartoon

Crumb Rubber Debate Continues

Ohgoodlord . . . . Ms Sarandon on Colbert

House Leader Ponders Phasing In Shift In Teacher Pension Costs To Municipalities

Trump Administration Scandals Risk Normalizing Corruption

House Democrats Continue Push To Change Campaign Laws


3 arrested in connection with large fire that collapsed portion of Atlanta highway

Joss Whedon set to direct Batgirl movie

Enfield Arsonist Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

Trump may not be so bad. We should give him a chance.

Raising The State Sales Tax Not Off The Table

Republicans Spar With Malloy Over Early-Release Program

Three Plaintiffs Against the State Will Get a New Day in Court

Seniors step out on catwalk for East Harlem 60-plus fashion show

Turkish Rondo - Mozart

Miss State downs UConn at the buzzer.

Court: No $94M stock windfall for Connecticut state workers

That's gotta hurt, UConn

Woman pleads guilty to stealing $250K after employer died

No more Grimm!

GOP Rep. Chris Stewart booed at Salt Lake City town hall

Mensch unravels the electoral database hack thread ... LATEST

Trump could just pardon Flynn and anyone else who committed a crime.

The jokes just write themselves...

George Takei announces he's running for Congress against Devin Nunes!

JackPineRadicals is now bi-lingual.. Russian/English

Truths in life? Not that you will die

Who will bring down Trump?

Gilbert Baker, Creator of the Rainbow Flag, International Symbol of LGBTQ Pride, Has Died at 65

Do You Think That The FBI Will Put A Tail On Nunes From Now On?.....

Timothy Snyder On Tyranny Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

White House: President Trump Believes Rights for Transgender People Don't Need Federal Attention

New Rule: Trump's Enablers (Real Time with Bill Maher)

Mike Huckabee Once Again Proves Hes a Scumbag with Disgusting Homophobic Comment

Tom Cat does Trump's dirty work

If you can't sleep you should watch the pregnant giraffe...

Greek Syriza government and European Union finalise more brutal austerity

Sure, He's Guilty But Is Aaron Schock Being Railroaded?

Considered extinct, Tasmanian tigers may be alive and kicking

NCAA to review bathroom bill repeal before deciding on North Carolina return

Nine People Sentenced in $172,000,000 Insurance Fraud Scheme

Coke, meth, LSD fuel trucker's non-stop, cross-country trip, cops say

Sean Spicer Repeats Trumps Unproven Wiretapping Allegation

Most of Mars' air was 'lost to space'

How is that possible. Did you see on CNN if democrats filibuster gorsuch and

Senate Democrats: Don't forget Safety Net hospitals

Just FYI: That Letter From Flynn's Lawer Is NOT A Request For Immunity. It's A DEMAND For A Pardon.

New York state budget snags linger

Medicinal marijuana treatments are replacing traditional medications

Obama, Lama, Ding-Dong

trumps a wimp. He's 70 years Old and has no marriage.

Rachel Maddow show really gets it!

Um...You Forgot To SIGN IT, Dumbass.

We still want to see those tax returns.

BBC to announce that the UK is to withdraw from Eurovision

Basketball-Connecticut's 111-game winning streak ended by buzzer beater

Tina Fey SLAMS drumpf at ACLU event

Democrats propose a Medicaid counteroffer

National Atheist Day 2017: Quotes, Facts To Mark The Day

Heres why Comey may have stayed silent on Russia probe before we voted - & it should terrify Trump

Me first.

FFRF protests large NASA grant used for religious purposes

How to rig an election -- what the Russians did

Was the Trump White House spying on the FBI investigation of them?

American men place sixth and seventh at 2017 World Figure Skating Championships

Heres how much Comcast paid members of Congress to sell your browser history

CBS: "FBI investigation is nowhere near over."

A traitor to human consciousness. . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Steve Doocy!!


Confused by the Trump Surveillance Drama? Heres a Timeline

Don't be cruel, check out this rocking bird

Liberal in a cornfield

He's up

George Takei: Gotcha!

Dipshit's 2017 presidential filing

Denver. Civic Center Park. 10 AM. Be There.

What is a Saturday morning without tweets from the Chump In Chief

That first pitch!

This Just Popped Up On My FB Newsfeed..

Cheers, Whistles and Bernie Chants greet Sanders at Boston Rally

Iraqi state-run TV says Islamic State's second-in-command has been killed

If you think Trump is spying on the FBI, you're wrong

Totally tasteless - wanna watch? - "Hi Stranger" Trump twist

More Democratic senators oppose Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Venezuelan court backtracks on powers bid

Venezuela: Supreme court backtracks on powers bid

Hawaii pushes back against Trump, adopts resolution declaring itself a 'welcoming' state to..

Bigly "Bidness"

BTRTN March 2017 Month in Review: A Crushing End to a Pretty Terrible Month for Trump

BTRTN March 2017 Month in Review: A Crushing End to a Pretty Terrible Month for Trump

Braking: tRump is human! Gotcha, April fools

Cat tries to save human from bathtub drowning

Today we're going to find out that the Trump presidency

Donald is into his usual childish name-calling today but whole tweet is a

Perhaps this is what has President Trump up and tweeting this morning.

For anyone who still doesnt think 160,000 lbs of jet fuel can make a bldg collapse

Herb Advice Please

Let's just stop with the nonsense our presidential platform wasn't middle and working class friendly

Joy-Ann Reid: The Political Walls Are Closing In On Donald Trump

I heard Donald Trump is publishing his new book....

94-year old Lithium-Ion battery inventor unveils new ultra-efficient glass battery

Why aren't we putting a public option plan on Trump's desk ?

There is no longer a threat of a constitutional crisis. It's happening now. Look at these facts.

Maxine Waters is on AM Joy

Whoa Nellie, Bill-o. Five sexual harassment settlements, two of them since Ailes left.

Trump just said he has a secret plan to win. - August 3, 2016

Mo Brooks (R-AL): "Democrats don't want to get within 10 feet of President Donald Trump"

Maxine Waters quote on AM Joy 5 minutes ago

MALCOLM NANCE: If Gen McMaster couldn't get Cohen-Watnick out-Then guy is buried in there for Reason


Paraguay congress set on fire as election protests turn deadly

Today, on April 1, Donald Trump announced that Medicare for All

Trump just named April "National Sexual Awareness Month"...

Polar bears spotted in Scotland as animals flee melting Arctic ice cap

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Worst Start Ever

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Russian Connection

This is what infighting looks like to the outside spectator.

Weekend Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Bill OReilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up

FYI: Roger Stone was peddling Kremlin propaganda on Real Time last night

Nancy Pelosi - Someone needs to tell him that the Presidency is not one of his personal acquisitions

Why did the Senate Committe defer giving Flynn immunity?


Joy Reid should be in prime time.

As a general rule, the actual message text of an OP should be as long as its subject line, at least.

Welp, I'm now 30

Video - Bernie Sanders‏: What hold does Russia have over President Trump?

The real reason Ivanka moved into WH

"Why Can't You Ever Shut Up During A Concert?"

How to Use a Vaporizer Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart

Ill Take Any Job: These Syrian Refugees Are Struggling To Find Work In America

A feud within the Republican party escalates over health care

"Trump Slump" in international tourism predicted to cost the United States more than $7 billion

Wausau shooting suspect dies

That can't be his belly

Alaskan capital on edge after series of avalanches

Trump tells NBC to stop covering Russia story


Chaos in Paraguay - Paraguay 'coup': death of activist threatens to reignite protests

Don't fall for browsing history fundraisers....interesting Snopes article

Bill Maher slams Trump enablers: It takes a village to help a man-child stay in power (VIDEO)

Republican must be punished for lying about health care for 8 years

Protesters Greet Nunes Back Home In Fresno

Watchdog groups ask ethics group to investigate Nunes


faux news story....Without Obama, once-booming gun industry poised to shrink

Ani Maamin

Comey vindicates Trump in the Russian scandal. Democrats stunned.

a poll about the Orange April Fool himself - which adjective best described him?

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power Trailer (2017) Official - Paramount Pictures

45 gives Chuck Todd a nickname via Twitter: "Sleepy Eyes"


Borrowers 'Chilled to the Bone' as DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness

A Zen master's advice on coping with Trump

With Stunning Moral Clarity, Wallace Global Fund Fires Firm That Endorsed Donald Trumps Kleptocrac

Carnak the Magnificent! (You're hearing it here first, folks. My Prediction)

Just thinking out loud . . . .

Iraqi state-run TV says Islamic State second-in-command killed in airstrike

Here's a new climate change reality that Trump's new policies ignore

Fractured Fairy Tales take it from here if you wish

Fuck you, Giuliani!

Guess what. Something unbelievable!!!

Mike Pences Marriage and the Beliefs That Keep Women from Power

Politicization of intel by the Trump admin is a major scandal- cover-up, collusion, and interference

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - It is punishment time for Republicans who lied about Obamacare

Woke up this morning and checked to see

Dont tell me to stop watching Cable News...

Ivanka Trump Keeping Stake In D.C. Hotel Despite White House Role, Filings Show

Donald Trump - Magician

Mike Pence asks that Mrs. Butterworth be removed from his restaurant table ...

This is what democracy looks like Chris Stewart: Do you support the wall?

Prediction: I'm calling it now. ****** will bring down Donald Trump.

Trump is destroying Obama in 1st quarter statistics


Michigan Motorists Could Soon Have Pro-Life Licence Plate Option

Today is Grain of Salt Day! I suggest that almost all posts

on Thursday April 6th, watch Turner Classic Movies if you can.

Can anyone sum up what Roger Stone had to say last night on Maher?

8 mysterious Russian deaths since US election

Trump Team Wants More Raw Intel, Less Analysis from Spy Agencies: Report

Jeff Sessions says police are "unfairly blamed" for violence

Kushner is outclassed in his preparation for Trump's China summit meetings.

I generally agree with PETA-but, this is a stretch

If You Put Enough Political Bloggers in One Room,

Self-Deleted. Wrong Forum

While DU is on the DL ...

Pence on the cables campaigning in Ohio

Trump was on the golf course when he first heard about Flynn

Insane twump tweets of the day.

From Dan Balz---Russia investigation has a new front: Inside the White House.

All Politicians Lie, but They Don't All Bullshit

Trump Turns to FOX News to Defend His 'Wiretap' Lie, After His Nunes Stunt Implodes

New York Times gives Bill O'reilly some exposure.

April 1 at Wikipedia: "Did you know ... ... that a woman can open a bottle?"

Which clown is scarier? "It" or 45?

The Rule of the Lawless

86% of Trump counties make less in a year than 27 Trump staffers are worth

Trump's last 4 tweets are just off the effing rails. He's extremely aroused over "BIG" Fox "news."

Caroline lends Donald a magnifying glass ...

Do you think that the stories about Donald Trump and the "golden showers" are true?

Drinking Liberally Shot of Truth


The White House Wouldn't Post Trump Staffers' Financial Disclosures, So We Did


White House Ends 10th Week Like Others: Embroiled in Controversies

Bill OReilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up

is this the same flynn who said that anyone who asks for immunity , has something to hide ???

Chinese troops appear to be operating in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon is OK with it

Now trump is cyber lynching President Obama in ALL CAPS.

Another major retailer just dropped Trump-brand merchandise

Ontario Sunshine List sharpens call for equal pay for women

Congressman heading Russia inquiry avoids angry protesters

What the Reviewers Will Not Tell You About Why they Hate "Ghost in the Shell."

Trumpisms pessimism, insularity should make us all despair

Banker who worked as Russian secret agent to be released early, deported

No, Devil Nunes, you serve the American people, not "your voters".

I am convinced at least 2 of the conspirators are truly aliens. Here's proof: ( UPDATED)

Joe Manchins high-wire act: Working with Trump and criticizing both parties

We beat Russia then...

Analysis: Donald Trumps joyless presidency

Benjamin Franklin somehow knew about Trump!

New Poll Shows Trumps Base Eroding, Approval Rating Sliding, as 60 Percent Find Him Dishonest

"Its rare that we have someone who is an elected official asking for gaming approval..."

Reg now behind invisible HTML5 Bitcoin paywall (Reg is The Register, equal sign won't show)

April Fools Day: the poll to end all polls

(Warning:Graphic) WOW! Siberian Tiger from Russia visits Southwest Alaska...(from November 4, 2016)

James Rosenquist, Pop Art Pioneer, Dies at 83

There is no point in DU anymore.

Why Coincidences Are Meaningless - Richard Dawkins

Check out Google Maps today! You can 'Ms PacMan-ize' your location...

Don't forget the president and Congress work for you regardless if there is a D or R after the name.

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 1, 2017

What is Donald Trump Really Worth?

We're still getting hit..

Has our President even mentioned the Australian Flooding Catastrophe ?

Keep this in mind about anyone who may have "unmasked" Flynn

Kansas Governor Vetoes Expansion To Medicaid

Kansas Senate approves KanCare expansion, sends bill to Gov. Brownback

Mormon leaders encourage more baptisms for the dead

Trump walks out on signing ceremony without actually signing order

Congressman Chris Stewart Town Hall didn't go well

PD introduces cat patrol on April Fools' Day

JOE: Michael Flynn In Focus: 'Like Listening To The Watergate Tapes Live'


The Clown King Wants to Gut Protections for Bank Customers. Here's How to Fight Back - MJ

Josh Earnest: President Obama 'Genuinely Concerned' About Country

Here's why states are pushing ahead with clean energy despite Trump

Trump Couple, Now White House Employees, Cant Escape Conflict Laws

Ice Dance Results - 2017 World Figure Skating Championships

Turning the tables on right-wing troll memes.

The Man in the High Castle: I binge watched both seasons and it's great!

And this "Doctor" does represent Maryland's 1st District what a jerk

President Plays Up 'Unmasking' Report, Criticizes Russia Coverage

Judge: Trump Incited Violence Against Protesters At Kentucky Rally

Bill Maher Gets Owned On Islam By Panelist Louise Mensch

My favorite April Fools' Day tradition: New Think Geek Products!!!

154 dead after rivers overflow in Colombia

Bolivian President Evo Morales has throat surgery in Cuba

I agree with something Donald Trump said this morning.

The fight for gun sense in America

Need to cheer up and smile ? Watch this.... smiles pretty much guaranteed

Has anybody seen this? There was a trailer for it on YouTube.

Don't look now: Hillary's back

GOP congressman threatens constituent at town hall: Maam, if you yell one more time like that

Refugee children in Sweden are falling into coma-like states on learning their families will be depo

Ford recalls 53,000 trucks that can roll away when parked

S Korean cargo ship Stellar Daisy vanishes in South Atlantic

Colombia landslide leaves more than 250 dead

Donald Trumps Team Escalates Freedom Caucus Feud

Missouri GOP Wants To Keep Voter ID Policy But Not Pay To Tell People About It

Am I a misfit in the "do something" USA?

Disinformation - Babes in the Woods ...

It trailer sets record for most online views in single day's the final four.....who ya rooting for??

Think This Coal Country Southerner Voted for Trump?

Trump campaign-era "MAGA" t.v. ads are running in my (very red) state. WTF?!! Trump is running

In 1968, according to a book I just read, a British airline had an advertising poster that read

Woman who drove 3 slain in Oklahoma home invasion speaks out

So, I Have A Twitter Account...

John Fugelsang At this point it's the OJ Bronco chase of presidencies

Trump aide threatens primary challenge against GOP member

WH financial disclosures: Trump aides worth hundreds of millions


Bill Oreilly and Fox paid 18.5 Million in Harrassement lawsuits

Not trying to be snarky here.

Paul Krugman's take on why people vote against their own self-interest

Donald Trump wont finish his term

Flynn files new financial paperwork disclosing payments from Russian firms

Russians used Bernie Bros as unwitting agents in disinformation campaign: Senate Intel witness

Russian Foreign Ministry's "official April Fools joke" makes Trump a global laughing stock.


I Write Music And I'd Be Incredibly Appreciative If Someone Listened

Circular firing squad, eating their young, Lord of the Flies, and...ladies and gentlemen, JARED.

Come on Bernie... I love ya but

Facing angry constituents, more Republicans voice concern over Trumps Russia ties

White House staff turns on out of his depth Jared Kushner amid chaos and turmoil: report

Energy Department climate office bans use of phrase 'climate change'

2018 US Senate Election Most Vulnerable to Most Safe.

Closest aides hail from ranks of financial elite