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It was a Taylor too.

tRump said "Lock her up."

Texas GOP lawmaker, pockets stuffed with bank cash, leads assault on consumer bureau

Study links higher wages to immigrant diversity

Bad enough that a second-rate reactionary wordsmith like Peggy Noonan won a Pulitzer.

One of the two students died.

More names added to CBC missing and murdered Indigenous women database

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns

SEAL instructor will not face charges in death of trainee who drowned

The Nation article: we must transform the dem. Party

Trump Tops Obama, Bush and Clinton in Golfing and Private Getaways So Far

Prosecutors request start date of June 5 for second Bunkerville trial

Article 1 of the Constitution.

Jared Kushner Is More of an Economic Populist Than Steve Bannon

Texas voter ID struck down

PBS: American Experience: "The Great War" Coming Up

Probably the most ludicrous comment being made by republicans

Thor: Ragnarok - First Trailer


2018 US Senate Race-Democrats guide to getting in the majority.

Study: Warm Atlantic waters contribute to sea ice decline

China 'moves 150,000 troops and medical supplies to North Korean border in case US attacks Kim Jong-

Trump's raid on the Syrian airfield was massively successful!!!!!!!!!!

Kansas Democrat Proudly Wears Support Of Bernie Sanders Group In Unexpectedly Close Race

Mandatory Monday Truthseeker thread The Return

Japanese scientists hope to reach the Earths mantle in massive borehole project

Aron Ra is running for political office in Texas in 2018

Religion & politics don't mix tell Trump & Congress

Saffiyah Khan: Iconic photos of defiance from women in protests

I have found I feel much better when I turn off the TV...

Trump & David Koch met on Dec 21; a *third* of Trump's transition teamcame from KOCH political ne

The mindset of the right - No experience is more "presidential" than some experience

Better Watch Saul! 3rd season begins today. nt

Thank you Rachel for not letting up

The world is as it should be: some Canadian NHL teams make it

Official Involved in Bush-Era Purge of Gay Employees Now in Trump Administration

Religiously Affiliated Hospitals & Fed Law (SCOTUS)

And now the AL gov booking record has vanished

Trump's Approval Relatively Flat After Syria Airstrikes

MR. Trump , now that the XL pipe line has been given the go

Its Time For The Religious Right To Embrace The Mind-Your-Own-Business Option

FL Legislators Push To Turn Public Schools Into Mission Fields

rachel.....the Spanish prisoner was her lead tonight. could be the key stone....see link:

Anti-Sharia Bills: Another Harmful Consequence of Anti-Muslim Sentiment

Whats at Stake in Trumps Proposed E.P.A. Cuts

The grifting groper golfing away our taxes

LGBT groups: Trump 'couldn't have picked a worse' Army secretary nominee

United CEO doubles down in email to employees, says passenger was 'disruptive and belligerent'

Explain to me why airlines commonly overbook flights?

Ann Coulter green lights North Korea to develop rocket that would hit Seattle

Watch three space station astronauts make a bulls-eye landing in the Kazakhstan desert

RED ALERT - Republicans are threatening to DEFUND SOCIAL SECURITY

Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming

Zillow ranks U.S. cities where people want to live and where they want to leave

Involuntary Bumping

China deploys 150,000 troops over fears Trump may strike North Korea

Music thread

Militarization of the police force, you say? Take a look at this...

Leaked Email: President Trump's Modeling Agency Is Shutting Down

25% of America's voting machines were hackable in the 2016 elections

Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year

Rosa Parks Heritage Abandoned By America

some say blotus has gained over 50 lbs since being installed

KC Star: Repub poll had Repub candidate only +1 in KS-04

High-speed rail is looking better all the time

There IS a War on Christianity

North Korea vows response to 'reckless' US Navy move

Happy Thai New Year

NC lawmakers want to shield factory farms

Yellen Signals Shift From Stimulating Economy to Sustaining Growth.

NC lawmakers want to shield factory farms

Obama's thoughts on Syria herein.

GOP strategist on Trump: A gigantic case of ADHD who cannot focus for 30 sec on anything (VIDEO)

Utah doctor who drugged wife, left her to die in bathtub, found dead in prison

Weber State seeks ordinance change for off-campus student housing

Utah corrections department releases protocol for executions by firing squad

Town Hall with Sen. Flake, in Mesa, AZ. this Thurs. 4/13

Intel plant near Rio Rancho continues to shed workers

Governor wants budget deal with lawmakers before special session

John Oliver rips media & politician's orgasmic reaction to Trump's Syria attack (VIDEO)

Veto surprises, concerns universities

Bills flounder on both transparency, secrecy in New Mexico

How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against anti-immigrant populism

Lubbock Democratic headquarters vandalism sparks bi-partisan responses

Shipping resumes to only US underground nuclear waste dump

Fox viewers knows what they like to see !!


Lujan Grisham raises $892K for gubernatorial bid

Gov. shoots down renewable energy measures, other bills

"Southwest: We Beat the Competition, Not You..."

Mine spill claims go from $1.2B to $450M

First SC Decision for New Appointee Gorsuch

When is the Democratic establishment going to wake the hell up!!!

North Korea issues warning as US strike group heads to Korean Peninsula

Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon/Evening (Time to Get Away) (VIDEO)

Alamogordo man with no identity denied driver's license

Stray cat found in North Albuquerque Acres died of plague

Cannabis Advisory Board recommends adding qualifying ailments

How can I stop Facebook from sending me friend suggestions several times a day?

Obama Spent $97,000,000 on Vacations in 8 Years. Heres How Much Trump Spent in 10 Weeks

Trump-taxes: President scraps tax plan, timetable threatened

That awkward moment when you realize...

Jimmy Kimmel goes off on United Airlines


Former MCSO Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new attorneys seek to dismiss or delay criminal contempt case

Knight, Swift combine to create Phoenix-based trucking giant

45% in mental-health crisis said Phoenix police made matters worse

A Blue Wave Begins? Republicans may be in trouble in Kansas, Montana and Georgia elections

Paws off the squirrel!

School-voucher, initiative bills spur Gov. Doug Ducey recall effort

Democrat Deedra Abboud announces U.S. Senate bid

Arizona Democrats: School voucher vote came without time for analysis

Another Gov. Doug Ducey appointee subject of investigation

'White Power' and Swastika Graffiti at High School Just a Prank, Suspects Claim After Arrest

Bill to tighten Arizona's forfeiture law goes to Ducey

Resignation of lawmaker for new job could revive teen texting measure

Senate rejects allowing use of 'snake shot' within city limits

The Department of Education Is Spending a Mind-Boggling Amount of Money to Protect Betsy DeVos

United CEO letter to employees: we did nothing wrong!

Official Involved in Bush-Era Purge of Gay Employees Now in Trump Administration

Costs to attend Arizona's state universities to increase

Brit 'Hang-Dog' Hume Throws A Fit At His Crew, Not Realizing He's On Camera.

Tallest home a hard sell in Prescott

Franciscan superiors ask pope to allow brothers to be elected leaders

At least Bentley resigned. Sanford didn't, after he went AWOL and went chasing after

Did United or didn't they overbook? Posts and articles keep saying "They overbooked"

Cuomo: I ain't 'fraida no Executive Mansion ghosts -- Easter Open House

Colorado River named most endangered river in nation

Harry Reid joining UNLV law school as distinguished fellow

Introducing McPuddles Cuddle Waddles

United Airlines offered less than minimum-compensation before dragging away passenger.

Assemblywoman wants to ban private prisons in Nevada

Chechnya detains 100 gay men in first concentration camps since the Holocaust

Legislature takes up bills to stop taxing tampons, diapers

You're Not Mad at United Airlines; You're Mad at America.

What United and other airlines likely do not tell you

Legislators target how teachers are evaluated, cutting test scores out of equation

Nevada advocates try again to ban surprise medical charges

The GOP tried to plant a setup with Syria and President Obama

On ABC Florida this morning

Morning discussion: If all 44 presidents were to run for president who would win?

Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama's travel spending in 1 year

Just a gif.

Liberal journalist rips Julian Assange for gruesome Trump/Clinton comparison

Nuclear Power's Original Mistake: Trying to Domesticate the Bomb (Bloomberg View)

Not so friendly skies: United Airlines' public relations disaster

Kokoda Track (Papua, New Guinea) Commemoration---75th Anniversary

Hotel cleaning company owners plead guilty to $7M fraud

Update on GA 6th district election.

Wynn Resorts accuses Elaine Wynn of copying confidential company data

United Airline guy stirring more outrage than school shooting yesterday.

Nevada Senate committee hears guardian oversight bills

So it looks like Tillerson & Putin will be meeting on the sly.

United Airlines - Excess Baggage (Luckovich Toon)

Nevada senators work to undo 2015 bargaining law

Testimony wraps up in first Bunkerville standoff trial

One thing about DT that I find reprehensible (and there isn't

California - $1 Billion; Peru - $9 Billion; NZ - $1-3 Billion; Warming World Producing Record Floods

Obama to Visit Berlin in May :-)

Oh Boy! Koch-Tank Wants Artists To Celebrate Earth Day By Celebrating Awesome Fossil Fuels!

Nevada's record-busting snowpack keeps growing

Whatever You Do, Don't You Dare Say "Climate Change"! Don't You DARE!!!

Now that "The Walking Dead" is on break and "Game of Thrones" is also....

Trump takes control of the GOP machine

The Kushner Family Passover Haggadah

Major compromise reached on controversial Nevada beer bill

Was that doctor dragged off the United Airlines flight because he was Asian? Many in China think so.

Bonus! Massive Runoff From Debbie Propels Polluted Sediment Plumes Onto Broken GBR Corals

Eric Trump Says Syria Strike Was Swayed By Heartbroken Ivanka

Yet another lie exposed

Bill would criminalize sex with animals in Nevada

Laxalt demands hearings from Democrats on his bill package

40% Of Planet's Permafrost At Risk Even If We Stay Within 2C Limit

Wake up. Log in to Twitter. Talk tough.

Palm Beach County considers special tax for Trump's Mar-a-Lago visits

Collier plans run for lieutenant governor

The Kushner Family Passover Haggadah

Russia on verge of taking ownership of US oil company citgo which is based

Eric Trump should STFU.

Don't fight Trump with conspiracy theories. What's there is damning enough - By Dana Milbank

Morning Trump: Grateful Syrians promise to name their son Donald, and N. Korea "looking for trouble"

Tillerson: Russia must choose between Assad and the US

Boston 'Globe' Finds Romney's Real 'Binders Full of Women'

BREAKING NEWS: Trump to request an additional $50 billion in military spending.

Hatch: Sorry, Romney, Trump Is 'All Over Me' To Run For Reelection In 2018

Where crazy gets really dangerous

GOP Rep.: We Need 'Change In Direction' From Ryan Or 'New Speaker'

Alabama Luv Guv's Impeachment Probe Reveals Political Motivation Behind DMV Closures

Uniteds stock is set to fall 2% and wipe $500 million off the airlines market cap

2 Years, 2 Floods, 76 Failed Dams, 1 Dam Inspector; Welcome To South Carolina

Conspiracy theories about the Syrian air strike:

Hearing to determined fate of husky pardoned by Paul LePage

New Poll Suggests Donald Trump's Brand Is Going Right Down The Tubes

United Airlines Training video leaked!

"Love Letters" by Ketty Lester.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Flying the Unfriendly Skies

The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Trump and Syria

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Syria Strike Swayed By 'Heartbroken and Outraged' Ivanka

Obama to join Germany's Merkel in Berlin next month

***Hey, Kansas: Flip the 4th!! Vote for James Thompson today! ***

Help me out here: Governor Bentley synced his sexts to his wife's iPad

Writing about food: Michael Ruhlman, "The Soul of a Chef"

Kansas--- Flip the 4th! Vote today!

India and Bangladesh Sign 22 Agreements, Discuss Water Sharing

Starting to Look Like 'The Three Stooges': Ana Navarro Mocks Trump 'Palace Intrigue'

Kansas City Star Editorial: Why do Kansas lawmakers think guns in hospitals are a good idea?

No one should feel good about Trump's attack on Syria - By Eugene Robinson

Don't forget to unplug the phone when you call. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Sweet Home Alabama

The struggle to give a soul to a soulless presidency - By Michael Gerson

A New Kind of Male Birth Control Is Coming ..........

Story about 69 year old Dr. David Dao; the man United dragged off the plane

What should be CORE Democratic Messaging? On Corporate Frankensteins:

Trump Just Lifted A Ban On Shooting Bears And Wolves From Airplanes In Alaska

March for Science and Climate Nashville---April 22

UN: Trump must become 'better informed' on Paris deal

GOP Strategist: White House Doomed To Fail Because There Is No Better Version Of Trump

Today is National Pet Day!

'Phony', 'failing', 'worthless' - here are the names Trump has called this year's Pulitzer winners:

Children of undocumented immigrants to protest at White House

Sweden terror suspect 'confesses' to Stockholm attack

Grammar experts: US will solve "the North Korean problem" without China.

Krugman knows why Trump launched an air strike and it's nothing to do with avenging Syrian children

Any Senate or House Intelligence Committee Hearings?

Trump Bombs Syria: It's Bad, Really Bad

Do You Understand What "Fake News" Is?

News Anchor Drops F-Bomb Over Bongs Blooper

When there is nothing more to say...

United Airlines Motto - We followed protocol.

A Special Election In Kansas Could Signal 'Big League' Problems For GOP, Trump

Poll: Sanders Is Most Popular Senator Among Constituents; McConnell Is Least

GWB redux: Spicer says Trump is "The Decider".

Lie of the Year

Putin says he wants a UN investigation into Syria chemical attacks

Trying to figure out the big difference between Seder photos from the Trump WH vs Obama WH. HM......

United Airlines Stock is in Free Fall, Down More Than 3.5 Percent in Early Trading

New United Airlines mottos

'We Will Solve (North Korea) Without Them!' Trump Warns China in New Tweets

Our country is in a crisis and our Congress is on vacation.

Vintage poster site - Free downloads

Please remember that this is the same United Airlines that had the Chairman's Flight

The moderator of Merriam-Webster's twitter account deserves an award..

CNN panel goes hilariously off the rails as conservative defends Trump spending taxpayer millions to

"God Forbid Innocent Children Are Hurt By Their OWN PRESIDENT!"

Poll: Christie is most unpopular governor in US

Indivisible groups descend on GOP Reagan Dinner in Cleveland Texas (VIDEO)

How United Airlines Train Their Staff

Oregon lawmakers pass bill banning marijuana merchants from keeping buyer information

Oregon lawmakers pass bill banning marijuana merchants from keeping buyer information

Maybe they should have done some 'extreme vetting' on their 'family values' paragon

Putin says expects 'fake' gas attacks to discredit Syria's Assad

Rosneft/Russia may take over US company CITGO.

DOJ plans to disrupt global spam network after Russian hacker's arrest

Everyone knew the web would affect retail, but a "retail meltdown"

The Man Who Wants to Tax Porn Thinks His Past Assault Case Is 'Fake News'

Donald Trump Skips White House Passover Seder

North Korea threatens US with nuclear strike as American warships approach

Student journalist protections die in Indiana Senate

Tonight April 11, 2017 the full-looking moon follows Jupiter across the sky all night long.

Toshiba warns it may not survive crisis

What happened to Chump's plan to rebuild our infrastructure?

Kansas' Sleeper Special

According to a guy I know, Alex Jones has called yesterday's school shooting...

Thanks to United Airlines, is flying while Asian something to fear? Good read

Think New York Transit Is Bad? Just Wait.

Trump Lawyer: 'At Least There's A Relationship' Between Prez And Putin

Your Most Distant Animal Relative Is Probably This Tiny Jelly

My four worse flying United experiences

MEANWHILE, in Australia:

United Airlines training video

"You Lie!"

Remember that woman who shot her ex and several innocent bystanders?

Shell admits dealing with money launderer

Out of curiousity, what church does Trump attend on Sundays?

GAO Is Investigating The Trump Transition

Democrats. Let us not fester or we will become what we hate.

On Point Radio on NPR: today: "The Fourth Turning" anyone listen to it??

In Chesapeake Bay Cleanup, a Larger Ecosystem at Stake.

My wife is at the hair stylist getting her hair done.


Last Year's Seder at the White House

Watching them scramble to slime the United Airlines doctor...

Pic Of The Moment: Sounds Like A Fantastic Idea!

MSNBC COMMENTATOR (TOM): " 69 yr old doctor has had run ins with the law " WTF !?!?!??!

White House solicits Sesame Street characters for Easter Egg Roll 4 days after bid to end PBS funds

a new family at "keeping up with the kattarshians"--mom and 5 babies!!

The Latest Test for the White House? Pulling Off Its Easter Egg Roll

KO:The Media Fell for Trump's Syria Stunt-The missile strike did nothing except teach Trump how to

Given the news and the Madman's tweets, toss in the meeting with Xi Jinping into the growing heap...

KO:The Media Fell for Trump's Syria Stunt-The missile strike did nothing except teach Trump how to g

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are the problem -- a staff shake-up won't fix anything

Martin OMalley will teach a political leadership course at UMD this fall.

Court Doc: Manafort was accused of taking kickbacks from Russia-Ukraine oil deals

Trumps Justice Department wont use outside experts to improve forensics

My "WTF?" of the day, Larry Klayman edition...

Can Antnio Guterres Fend Off Americas War on the UN?

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: Vysehrad

Progressive people of faith: The Nuns of Philadelphia

Nonreligious in India face hostility, danger

Madlib and HipHop.

The Latest Test for the White House? Pulling Off Its Easter Egg Roll (failing badly!!)

Experts warn 800 species, many endangered, affected by Trump's big, beautiful border wall

Trump is "seriously considering getting rid of Bannon, Priebus and Spicer?" NO! NOT SPICY!

Trumps followers are 80 percent men, anti-Trump calls to Congress are 86 percent women

The Trouble With Trumps White House Is Donald Trump

Spring migration is underway in Maine

The Trouble With Trump's White House Is Donald Trump

Our new Science Fiction Dystopia

Courier-Journal faces instant backlash for hyping doctor's 'troubled past' after United beating

Donald Trump's White House can't even organize the Easter Egg Roll

Is the alleged rift with Putin real, or Kabuki?

Do you think Russia knew Chump was a lunatic when they accepted him as a client?

Looking for Early Signs of a Wave

Myths about U.S. foreign aid

Donald Trump Jr nixes 2018 NY bid, but maybe later

Grandparents beware...

BREAKING NEWS: White House Easter Egg Roll to be held at empty Syrian airbase.

EPA ending program to prepare for climate change

Can religious Democrats be progressives?

How Standard Oil and GM Stymied Public Transportation in Los Angeles

Eric Trump says Syria strike was influenced by 'heartbroken and outraged' Ivanka

Samantha Bee on HRC at Women in the World event:

Samantha Bee on HRC at Women in the World event:

Too convenient

Government Accountability Office investigating Trump's transition

No Bump For The Chump

I refuse to "voluntarily" give up a seat I have paid for, and am, in fact, occupying, and some

BREAKING: QPoll Has Perriello Leading Northam 25%-20%; Either Demolishes Ed Gillespie

African migrants sold in Libya 'slave markets', IOM says

Amazon is now using regular cars

Chaos as HUNDREDS injured in Venezuelan capital during violent clashes for fifth day

White House Accuses Russia of Cover-up in Syria Chemical Attack

Obama's Berlin visit to coincide with Trump in Brussels

Americans Named Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton As the People They Most Admired in 2016

Karen Handel / Planned Parenthood / and her History

If United or it's parent company are publicly owned, I hope their stocks plummett.

UK grid hits 26% solar. (In early April.)

Domestic violence and guns: the hidden American crisis ending women's lives (re:San Bernadino)

Domestic violence and guns: the hidden American crisis ending women's lives (re: san bernadino)

Domestic violence and guns: the hidden American crisis ending women's lives (re: san bernadino)

Anti-gay pastor who cheered Orlando nightclub massacre found guilty of child molestation

Venezuela Protests: Hospital Tear-Gassed, Chaos Ensues as Protests Intensify

Oh, look, Fox "News" defends United Airlines!

They're smearing Dr David Dao due to an insidious and implicit belief that people of color have

Schumer: We can get the budget done if the White House doesn't throw a Trump monkey wrench into it

White House Accuses Russia of Cover-Up in Syria Chemical Attack.

Watching MSNBC.. Spicer

Sessions warns of 'Trump era' of immigration enforcement

Dropping tear gas from helicopters Chavistas

Well, what do we expect the police to do?

Two Ohio pastors arrested for sex trafficking of children

hey, ivanka, any reaction to the children in flint? or any of the poor and hungry and dead and dying

Secret A.T.F. Account Paid for $21,000 Nascar Suite and Las Vegas Trip

Down memory lane - United breaks guitars

Mitt Romneys binders full of women are real. They weigh 15 pounds, 6 ounces.

This remains a continual puzzle to me. (Behavior on DU.)

Department of Veterans Affairs launches a new system to try to 'predict' veteran suicide

Where can I follow the Kansas special election?

So freak'n adorable!

Remember the millions of times I told you all countries spy on each other?

Shouty Spice: Hitler didn't use gas on his own people

***Sean Spicer, ne Streicher- "...Hitler didn't sink to the level of using chemical weapons..."***

Spicer basically said Hitler didn't sink to the level of Assad, Assad is worse I guess.

White House Easter Egg Roll: Celebrating 138 years

Pennsylvania congressman to be named drug czar by Trump

Another way to respond to the United incident

Trump REALLY doesn't like the ceremonial duties of being POTUS: WH Easter Egg Roll in trouble

Sen. Collins says she may run for Maine governor in 2018

Isn't this just precious....

To the best of his ability, Spicy clarifies that Hitler thing.

Trump Is Paying Back Corporations by Wiping Out Regulations

Y'all are being harsh regarding the Easter Egg Roll... they booked The Martin Family Circus, FFS!

Morning Consult polls job approval of every U.S. Senator

The EPA is beginning to feel under assault..

Why white people can't face up to racism

so trumpenspawn says that the strike "proves" there is no russian tie, eh? he just PROVED

Why Is This Photo Deeply Offensive?

It's OK if He's Asian.

The power of the pussy - Trevor Noah

ClickHole: Trump Admin Has Spent More Than $6 Billion On Swimming Lessons For Eric Trump

Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosions

Continental Air picked the wrong guy to bump: an aviation lawyer who SUED


Everything else is just noise:


Looking for a book about a bunch of folks in a cafe who are timewarped to Jurassic

We need to start pushing the message

Why Democrats Should Be Thrilled About the Kansas Election, Even if They Lose

Spicer Says Hitler Didnt Use Chemical Weapons 'In The Way Assad Used Them' (VIDEO)

Rhodes Scholar, Bronze Star Recipient Announces Against Rep. Barbara Comstock

Waka Flaka Flame Banned For Life From Norwegian Cruise Lines Over Poop

Spiceboy @ Press Briefing - Even Hitler didn't use chemical weapons in WW-II

Clear It Check It Lock It

President Trump taunts North Korea on Twitter, says it is looking for trouble with U.S. and China

Spicer has left to pursue an opportunity with United Air Lines

Anne Frank Center: Spicer now lacks the integrity to serve as WH press secretary-Trump must fire him

United Airlines appears to have violated their contract with their passenger.

New Male Contraception to Be Tested by FDA?

Anne Frank Center calls for Spicer to be fired

Candidate Trump OK when dictator Hussein 'throws a little gas' but strikes back as president

Spicer: Well Hitler never gassed his own people...

United Airlines: "Nobody could screw up their PR as stupidly as we have."

Charles P. Pierce: Fire This Man - Sean Spicer's time is up.

Update on Russian Election Hack Suspect from Spanish Source

United Airlines CEO apologizes for horrific event, promises review of policies after passenger...

Listening to Sean Spicer speak.

Ivanka apparently convinced Trump to bomb Syria. This is utterly INSANE!...

Trump flatlining

United Airlines confirms that beatings will continue until volunteering improves (satire)

Serious mixed message going on about Syria

Rep. Wagner, a potential rival to Sen. McCaskill, has raised $2.7 million

Anne Frank Center calls for Spicer to be fired

Borussia Dortmunds team bus hit by explosions before Monaco tie

Twitter wiping the floor w/Spicer - trending at #1:

This is how you get people to "Volunteer" to give up their seats

Aaaand Spicer earns a limerick

Surprise! Jupiter Has a Great 'Cold' Spot, Too

I-35 in Temple shut down as TxDOT makes emergency repairs

Trip from hell courtesy of United Air Lines

THIS IS JOURNALISM: Ali Velshi fact checks Trump lies at forum in real time (VIDEO)

Spicer says "even Hitler didn't gas his people". Excuse me dumbass, but hell yes he did!

Panama Papers Wins Pulitzer Prize

Panama Papers Wins Pulitzer Prize

"Holocaust Centers"

USA Today: Teacher on United flight took students off plane after incident

Scott Spicer to miss annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

In one of my law classes, the Professor was a DA

Pierce: Fire This Man

Joe Wilson Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

Future Spicer Press Conference Quote for Monday Morning

Justice Department Announces Actions to Dismantle Kelihos Botnet

Hey, at least Assad didn't use trains!

Law professor explains how United blew it.

PELOSI: Spicer must be fired & the President must immediately disavow his spokesman's statements

Job openings (5.7 million), hires, and separations little changed in February

Mitch McConnell is no Henry Clay


Joe Wilson at his town hall, "You Lie"

Spicer can't bring himself to say that the Jews were also Germans

The Deadly Liberal Delusion

So "The Gaslighting Hour w/ Sean Spicer" is now "The Gas Chamber Hour w/ Sean Spicer"? n/t

The big showdown: Pepsi vs United Airlines vs Sean Spicer

If Trump Was A Contestant On The Apprentice ....

I'll say it: that was not a gaffe. That served a purpose.

Best things to do in Key West?

Play ball !!

🐦 May 1 at 9AM - Sen. Bernie Sanders - Global Center for Health Innovation - Cleveland, OH

An unpredictable foreign policy looks incoherent.

Politician linked to Colombias record drug bust: report

Relationship with Russia was confusing enough

I just updated a post I made.

What the media refuses to say about tRumpco: they're idiots.

Errors prompt Trump to halt reports shaming 'sanctuary cities'

a handy timeline of Sean Spicer's statements and clarifications today

WTF next from Spicer -"Hitler was a holocaust organizer"?

BREAKING: Trump wants to eliminate Social Security's primary funding source

What Is Trump's Syria Policy?

Congressman Who Shouted You Lie at Obama Hears the Same From Constituents.

Poll: Christie is most unpopular governor in US

In the battle over Obamacare's future, Trump just blinked. Bigly. - By Greg Sargent

Hey Spicer, Hitler did kill non Jews, even Germans

GAO investigating transition

NC House bill seeks to make gay marriage illegal again, defying Supreme Court

County considers special tax for Mar-a-Lago visits

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 11, 2017

Schumer: If Trump doesn't release his tax returns, 'it's going to make tax reform much harder


So, A spokesman of the President of the United States implies Assad is worse than Hitler...

Anti-gay pastor who cheered Orlando nightclub massacre found guilty of child molestation

White House solicits Sesame Street characters for Easter Egg Roll four days after bid to end PBS

The United conundrum. Been there...on the other side...sorta

Squirmy Spicer has been fired and already has a new job!

Jake Tapper slams Sean Spicer's claim that Hitler 'didn't even sink' to Assad's level

Pelosi: 'Sean Spicer Must Be Fired'

Euphemism of the Year: Re-accommodate

When Spicer applied alternative facts to the Holocaust during Passover we all had the same thought:

North Carolina House Bill Would Redefine Marriage As Only Heterosexual

Spicer's Hilter/Holocaust comments were a shoutout to Bannon's Breitbart/Infowars Mouthbreathers

It's your first day as Governor of Alabama. What would you do?

Spicer live on CNN with Wolf Blitzer doing full mea culpa re Holocaust comments. nt

6:19 pm Piano Concerto #3 in D Minor, Op. 30: I. Allegro ma non tanto Sergei Rachmaninoff

US Chief Justice Roberts decries "partisan hostility"

Roof feared mental state might block white nationalists job

So, even trump BFF Alex Jones has Spicer issues:

Episode 4 - Bernie Sanders Show Released 4/11 - Jane Mayer

Things smarter than fRump's administration.

In Southern Spain, a Pilgrimage (and a Party Too)

The Russian "Firehose of Falsehood" Propaganda Model

This is for Spicer...learn something

Report: Prosecutor jailed crime victims to enforce testimony


Written by Dan Rather. April 11,2017. (Facebook)

Ham or Lamb? The Easter Choice May Be Changing

Chief: Quick review of officer accused of kicking cuffed man

Easter Peeps Poll:

ABA: 'Troubled' by Arkansas' multiple execution plan

No statement from Jared Kushner? He should be outraged.

Dan Rather on Spicer's remarks...

NC legislators cite authority of Almighty God in bill redefining marriage as strictly heterosexual:

SPICER: says he doesn't want to distract from Trump's attempts "to destabilize the region"

Alabama Senate votes to allow church to form police dept.

Does DU have any members from Kansas? nt

Kansas SOS election results page

Diversity, new districts strengthen Democrats

Pope Francis opens free laundromat for homeless

"Come Fly the Friendly Skies" with the Casual Brutality of Guys with Badges

Government Is the One Force That Can Constrain Great Capital and Great Power (w/Guest Tim Snyder)

Eyes on the prize: SANCTIONS. Putin/Trump spat: all theatre.

'Blunder Here Blunder There'

Fishing Village Fights Iron Mine in Northern Chile

Vela pleased to learn of Yarrington's arrest

Fishing Village Fights Iron Mine in Northern Chile

Dr Dao (United Airlines victim) is still hospitalized

A Missouri Town Exiled A Woman For Calling The Police On Her Abusive Ex

This Is What America Means to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

In Wake of Siren Hack, Cybersecurity Expert Calls For Vigilance

What's the matter in Syria? This picture explains.

Full interview: Sean Spicer's apology

FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page

Condom-clogged pipe leads to prostitution bust at massage parlor, Austin police say

Is there an election in Georgia today? n/t

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ehlers/danlo syndrome..

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