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1,500 economists to Trump: Immigrants are good for the U.S. economy

Scott Pruitt requests funds for 24/7 bodyguards, as poised to cut health and safety programs

Report: Body of country's first female Muslim judge found in Hudson River.

The Resistance Report, Wednesday, April 12th, Reich

Keith Olbermann: "You are a jackass, demagogue, liar, idiot, despot, simpleton, traitor, schmuck...

NATO needs to be "rejiggered"

This is interesting..

Tuesdays with Bernie - Senator visits Milton seniors at newly completed Elm Place

Putin Angrily Resigns from Trumps Relection Campaign

I just don't believe this stuff about "deepening tensions over missile strikes."

'image' of dark matter

By day, this 87-year-old Japanese woman makes dumplings. By night.....

Jared and Ivanka Are Not Good People. They Are Enablers.

Please make my day and tell me

Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka, Trump Whisperer Full Frontal with Samantha Bee TBS

If Putin is starting to turn on tRUMP....

Food, walks and opera music - the luxury airport lounge for animals

I think Dorito Twitler would have golfed more times in one year

Russia in Trump World Wind during Elections Chomey goes after Hillary last days WTF

Any Survivor Fans?

Pussy Grabbing on a Global Scale

AP FACT CHECK: Steve who? Trump shortchanges a relationship

Local tab for Trump's Florida visits closing in on $4 million

Very Interesting comments at UN By the Russian Deputy :

Rex Tillerson can't actually hold eye contact for over 10 seconds bc

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The RETURN! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

food not bombs.

MSNBC live stream

Oh Yeah.

Alabama senate votes to allow church to form own police force

Corporate Greed Comes Back to Haunt United Airlines

Prediction: Buh-bye, O'LOOFAH, the Dana PERINO can match the ratings & outdo Megyn KELLY

Ben Carson Trapped In Elevator On Affordable Housing Tour

Did anyone just see the last ten minutes of Survivor....

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Other Tech Giants Fight for Net Neutrality Again

United - 100 Ways to Screw Your Customer

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton Supporters Harassed Me On The Phone

🐦 Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7PM Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Louisville, KY

'The most ill-informed, under-prepared, and psychologically ill-equipped president in US history'

🐦 Wednesday, April 19, 2017 7PM - Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Miami, FL

DIA has been incredibly quiet throughout this whole thing

US senator presses Deutsche Bank for details of Trump loans

Trump's border wall plan hits snag as congressman backs environmental suit

Trump Threatens Health Subsidies to Poor to Force Talks

Kansas Democrat James Thompsons 47 percent

Montana Testicle Festival

US Hyperloopy

Apropos of nothing, Paul Begala

A NC state legislator compares Lincoln to Hitler

Russia vetoes UN resolution to condemn Syria chemical attack

NATO is "no longer obsolete," President Trump declares

States of emergency declared as Cyclone Cook bears down on New Zealand

New Age of Ayn

Suburban G.O.P. Voters Sour on Party, Raising Republican Fears for 2018.

Former Aussie Foreign Affairs minister has words on Trump

Pyongyang being evacuated!?

I'm sure we are going to hear he feared for his safety while ordering lunch

Is anyone buying into this theater?

New shrimp species named after Pink Floyd

Distant Object 'DeeDee' Makes the Dwarf Planet Grade

Distant Object 'DeeDee' Makes the Dwarf Planet Grade

Enablers in Chief

Do People really Beleive Bill Oreilly will be fired????

Video Link - Sanders: Dems win if we mobilize & educate - Chris Hayes MSNBC 4/12

Video Link - Sanders: Dems win if we mobilize & educate - Chris Hayes MSNBC 4/12

food not bombs.

March for Science - Earth Day - April 22 - Let's Promote This!

Trump takes credit for NATO fighting terrorism

When was the last time Democrats came close to winning a US House Race in a

Ottawa might have spoke a little too soon tonight...

Texas attorney general's criminal trial moved to September

Why are they allowing Manafort to register as a foreign agent now after being

Anybody watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee?

Border wall faces first lawsuit

Presidency gyrates wildly with the winds

Any Pittsburgers here? I am speaking at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden tomorrow evening

The only thing North Korea can do to be different is setoff an H blast.

First black Muslim Appeals judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam found dead in Hudson River

Democratic Party alleges likely GOP governor candidate broke ethics rules

The United Fiasco clearly shows to me that people need to be trained to de-escalate.

Protester files lawsuit after being pepper sprayed during Portland City Hall demonstration

Trump bombs Syria bragging Mar-a-Lago chocolate cake

my sister is officially a stage 3 colon cancer victim

Portland to sue Trump administration

Jury hears closings in Nevada ranch standoff trial in Vegas

Deal over Trump-branded Dallas hotel dead

Malala Yousafzai spoke in parliament today. All the female Members

Earth Day

Smart dog. Not so smart dog.

Smart dog. Not so smart dog.

Sculptor of Wall Street's bull wants 'Fearless Girl' moved

Russia diplomat questions NBC journalist's manners

"London Spy" new Netflix miniseries w Ben Wishaw and Jim Broadbent

Keizer child care center shut down by state

I've largely (not bigly!) had to check out of politics this week

No, the media did not identify the wrong David Dao as United's passenger

Delta avoids the overbooking issue by having a much SMARTER policy

Have you seen these free Mary Englebreit downloads?

Dear @RepMikeCoffman: Since you're so concerned about transparency, we thought we'd invite you to

Carter Page trying to explain his meeting with a SVR intelligence officer

Tax returns will be immediately under audit

United Air has spent millions fighting for the right to CHARGE customers for the RESTROOM,

Democrats Say They Sometimes Need To Ignore Elections In Order To Win

Pew Charitable Trusts reports state pension funds, including Oregon's PERS, are making riskier ...

NJ teen sentenced in threats to Sul Ross State University, former Congressman Gallego

If you have not seen Survivor tonight,

I am dying here thinking about the upcoming

Donald Trump's border wall faces first lawsuit

Five RGV residents charged with Medicare fraud, illegal kickbacks

Bill penalizing celebratory gunfire heard by House panel

West Texas A&M investigating prostitution-related crime at all-female dorm

Limestone County judge arrested in Mart, accused of DWI

Call center closing will eliminate more than 800 Waco-area jobs

Franken - sign petition for independent

Texas A&M's Mays Business School to receive $25 million in support

Hearne school board votes to fight ouster by TEA

God Must Exist Because Nature Is So Gosh Darn Wonderful

If you haven't seen it yet check out 'Death in Paradise' on Netflix.

Senators: Russians May Take Control of Houston-based CITGO

Shifting Surveillance Claims

Eviction Notices Coming This Week to 150 Families Caught in Political Crosshairs

I am one of the few people still unionized in the private sector

In the middle of this maelstrom, I am reminded that Al Gore is still President-Elect.

NASA Has a New and Improved Plan for the Journey to Mars

Transgender Protests at Capitol Shift Location After They Find Legislators Have Private Bathrooms

"What life looks like inside North Korea"

Trump et al. bring a "special" level of awareness...

Moody's Warns of Houston Credit Downgrade if Austin Nixes Pension Plan

Support for Syria Airstrikes - Dems vs GOP, 2013 vs. 2017

More Plaintiffs Sue League City Dentist Amanda Hoover Over Dental Work

In Houston, Clinton Talks Syria and Promises a Blue Texas

In Houston, Clinton Talks Syria and Promises a Blue Texas

Scales of Justice and Comey

Nominations for the 2017 Ron Ziegler award now being accepted!

Harris County DA's Office: Police Investigator Made Errors In 65 Cases

Most White House Aides Viewed Unfavorably

Houston City Council Bans Public Encampments For the Homeless

Judge Ed Emmett Didn't Know About the Governor's Crime Plan

Galveston May Cut Some Bus Service Due to Funding Issues

Energy Star ratings are cheap, effective and popular. Why does Trump want to kill them?

How to find out whether someone is trustworthy:

Morning Edition/NPR is interviewing GWB on foreign policy & foreign aid w/ David Green

How One Texas Town Fell To Communist Rule In The 1950s

MSM is astonishingly uncritical of Tillerson/Putin feud..

Owners of Two LA-Area Drug Wholesale Companies Arrested in $20 M Federal Structuring Conspiracy

For those interested in rocks, artifacts, and fossils in the Houston Texas area

Corpus Christi's First-ever Pride Parade Scheduled for June

Watchdog warns of 'unnecessary risk' to VA hospital patients in DC

State Health Department Investigating A Mumps Outbreak In Texas

CHRIS HAYES 4/12/17 SANDERS : Dems Win if We Mobilize & Educate

I'm sure I just saw the Space Station South East of Kingston, Jamaica

Why Did Texas Democrats Support a Measure that would Erase Billions from State Budget?

Environmentalists Protest Oil Pipeline Billionaire's Appointment to Texas Parks and Wildlife Board

House Gives Initial Blessing to 'Sanctuary Cities' Bill that Threatens to Jail Sheriffs

Google shuts down Burger King's cunning TV ad

Texas state employees rally for pay raises, against CPS privatization

Trump sabotaging Obamacare by holding CSR money hostage. And the insurers are pissed.

Texas poised to kill Oncor's $18 billion sale to Florida energy giant

Someone needs to leave a copy of this on Brian Williams' Desk

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7PM Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Louisville, KY

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 7PM - Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Miami, FL

In the history of our past presidents

Looks like Spicey's been moonlighting

Qurans found in toilet at University of Texas at Dallas, police say

Texas' liquor regulator got 'hazardous duty' pay on Hawaii junket

ACLU Sends Powerful Message To (Trolls) Trump With First Amendment Billboards

Robert Reich's Update for Trump Voters

Ex-Lone Star Funds exec, who wanted more for his 'genius,' loses $225M divorce fight

Saudi woman abducted, beaten up and disappeared by saudi embassy staff for daring to travel abroad.

Do ya thing

Sessions orders Justice Dept. to end forensic science commission, suspend review policy

They are kleptocrats and not even subtle about it

Father of Texas State student dragged to death accuses 14 people, groups in $10 million suit

Manifesto revealed: Jakubowski details how government wronged him in document

Bannon's real problem -- he threatens Trump family corruption

Protests against Dana Schutz painting of Emmett Till

DMN:Deal over Trump-branded Dallas hotel is dead

Texas Mumps Cases Hit 20-Year High, 2,900+ Cases In Arkansas

Dozens Of Sea Lions Picked Up In SoCal; New Toxic Algae Bloom Seems Likely Cause

H-E-B becomes largest privately held employer in Texas

I got a free breakfast this morning :)

Nicholas Kristof: How to Stand Up to Trump and Win

When in Russia... Tillerson ABANDONED Press Pool for Unscheduled Kremlin Visit W/Putin

So Trump is going to start WW lll to show he doesn't love Putey any more.

The MSM (greedia) has a VESTED INTEREST in the Russia thing going away

U.S. government sued over plan to kill cougars and bears in Colorado

Russian Nesting Dolls

Red-state progressives fight to protect abortion rights: Turning the tables on right-wing lawmakers

Surprise! Carter Page can't guarantee he didn't discuss easing of sanctions w Russian contacts

Suburban G.O.P. Voters Sour on Party, Raising Republican Fears for 2018

So I've started reading Zane Grey

Super beautiful commercial

With his presidency in turmoil, Trump keeps returning to past victories - and old foes

What happened to cable news coverage of BLM protests?

OMG-Trump Hack Jeffrey Lord said to think of Donald Trump as the Martin Luther King of Health Care

I thought this was weird.

'The most ill-informed, under-prepared, and psychologically ill-equipped president in US history'

Trump's weather-vane presidency gyrates wildly with the winds - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Little help re Maddow's show last night.

Tea? More from my niece at the tea company in Japan

**BREAKING **Trump associate Carter Page possibly/likely discussed easing of sanctions with Russia

Aerial Shots Show Wetlands Covered In Coal Sludge From Oz Storm: Adani, Of Course, Lies

Environmentalists Protest Oil Pipeline Billionaire's Appointment to Texas Parks and Wildlife Board

Symone Sanders rains hell on Jeffrey Lord for saying 'vagina-grabbing' President Trump is like MLK

'i said it was obsolete, it's no longer obsolete'

Jared Kushner (You're An A-Hole To Me)

Pre-washing clothes before putting them in the washing machine. Where do you stand?

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Nazi Spice

Day 85 of Trump Presidency

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Redefining Customer Service in the Airline Industry

State Park Tourists shocked to see Wild Horse Attack Alligator to defend herd, with video.

Thank you Tampa! #RubioTampaBillboard

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Yep, Trump's still there like a bad case of the flu

When does Trump start appearing in a pantsuit?

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Seaweed shortage affects food testing.

Got the TFR in place...Trump going to Mar-a-lago AGAIN this weekend.

Let's stop calling North Korea 'crazy' and understand their motives

"Where's my nameplate?" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

HuffPo Headline This Morning

ON EDIT: I'm still furious that we were not allowed to post to DU on election night.

Trump's 4 flips yesterday (China currency, Ex-Im bank, NATO, Yellen) are just the latest of many si

Rudy Giuliani's newest gig is almost too sleazy to be true

Trump on North Korea: "After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it's not so easy" - Look up a march close to you - Saturday April 15th? "Trump Release Your Taxes!"

Drinkable Water Bubble Could Kill the Plastic Bottle Once and For All

North Miami cop charged in shooting of autistic mans unarmed therapist

Mississippi is rejecting nearly all of the poor people who apply for welfare

TAX MARCH - Saturday April 15th, All over America

Joe Scarborough: Trump is finally doing what America has been hoping he would do

I can't stop laughing. News media reporting trump is making major policy changes. It's called,

Gorsuch Arrives At The Supreme Court At A Crucial Moment For Voting Rights

He is tweeting again.

The coded language of the alt-right is helping to power its rise

Mid Atlantic DUes

GOP rep: 'Bullcrap' to say taxpayers pay my salary

12 Angry Men Is More Relevant than Ever in the Age of Trump

EPA head: Obama created false choice 'between jobs and the environment'

The Mormon War on Porn

Syria's Assad says chemical attack '100 percent fabrication'

** WELCOME TO THE LOUNGE! Owl you doin' today? **

TRUMP Budget Director Mulvaney Declares WAR on the American People

British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia

Trump's Army pick faces tough confirmation fight

Sean Spicer's Disastrous Ignorance on Hitler's Use of Chemical Weapons During the Holocaust

North Carolina Republicans Attempt to Nullify Supreme Court Decision & Ban Marriage Equality

Trump voters remind me of this date. OCT 30 1938.

Equal means Equal, the movie

I hope Spicer doesn't go.

Angry crowd greets Colo. GOP Rep. Coffman at town hall

Trump: US-Russia relationship 'will work out fine'

OC KKK Leader William Ernest Hagen Reported in Trouble with Law Again

Exclusive: North Korea oil imports, airline among possible U.S. sanctions targets - sources

Big Trump Problem Hiding in Plain Sight

David Min is Second Democrat UCI Law Professor to Challenge Rep. Mimi Walters

Assad says Sarin-gas-attack was false-flag and staged...

United passenger launches legal action over forceful removal

Trump's lawyers fought feverishly to prevent forensic audit of voting machines in PA MI WI

Tensions lurk behind Pence's 'partnership' visit to Indonesia

Here We Go Again: Foxs Andrew Napolitano Doesnt Believe FBI Investigating Carter Page

Rachel Maddow Reminds The Trump Administration How American Leaders Should Treat The Press

How times have changed. CBS then:

CNN Commentator Shuts Down Analyst Who Called Trump the Martin Luther King of Health Care

Where is trumps other daughter in all this?

Dumpty is off to Mar-a-lago again...when does this lazy man work? GAH...

Pic Of The Moment: He Means What He Says, Until He Doesn't

U.S.-Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 18 Anti-Assad Fighters in Syria: Pentagon

A FB friend posted this.

Do you want a 20 room mansion for less than half a mil? 8832 sq ft.

Interesting chart

I have finally reached the point where I believe nothing from this White House

It was Jeff Sessions to introduced Trump to Carter Page....

Seth Abramson MEGA-Thread: Ten things on Carter Page plus ...

Nuclear construction shutdown among options amid bankruptcy

Donald Trump Is the Worlds Most Inept Hostage-Taker

Scarborough: Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity Are 'On Putin's Side'

George W. Bush makes case for foreign aid and immigration reform

Russian smuggled Mammoth tusk haul seized by Chinese customs

What's with this "hole-less" belt nonsense?

How overbooking is handled in the future

NC Legislators Angry at 'Bathroom Law' Boycotts Pass Bill Threatening Atlantic Coast Conference

Day of Action for Syria on Thursday, April 13:

Trump carried it- Georgias 6th District- by less than 2 points against Hillary Clinton...Jon Ossoff

There more I read about Kremlingate, the more convinced I am that Trump is innocent. No, seriously.

EPA regulation cuts likely to hurt children most, experts say

United staff 'forced frail grandma, 94, out of 2,800 Business seat into Economy for 16-hour flight

Malcolm Nance -- posted new info about Foreign intell agencies assistance

UPDATED: British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia

See a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid From Your Backyard

Happy birthday, Thomas Jefferson.

Flying the Bloody Skies - How passenger abuse is built into the airlines' business model

Presidential?? - Definitely NO (Luckovich 'toon)

Scorpion Falls From Overhead Bin, Stings Passenger on United Flight

CNNs Jeffrey Lord: Think of Trump as Martin Luther King of healthcare

British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia (in 2015)

Donald Trump Jr. Mocks 'Triggered' LGBT Students Opposing A Chick-Fil-A

Trump Is The Jim Jones Of Healthcare... How Is That For A Historic Figural Analogy?

KO: A Heartfelt Message to Our President --What kind of man is Donald Trump? (a jackass)

KO: A Heartfelt Message to Our President --What kind of man is Donald Trump? (a jackass)

QUIZ: Which is Deadlier??

Why the Hell Did the New York Times Just Hire a Climate Denier?

David Barton: The Same Evil Behind Nazism Is At Work Today In The Push For LGBTQ Equality

Undercooled meat. Dangerous fish. Health inspectors zing Trumps Mar-a-Lago kitchen

Man Dragged Off United Flight Had Concussion, Broken Nose, Lawyer Says

Public Records of Presidential Transition social media accounts deleted (Sunlight Foundation)

Life Accordian to Trump -

Violence at parade highlights escalating Venezuela protests

Lawyer Says Man Dragged off Plane Has Concussion, Lost Teeth, Broken Nose

Minneapolis Muslims protest 'sharia' vigilante

chicago "aviation officers" are NOT part of the regular police force:

U.S. trade group hacked with Chinese software ahead of Xi summit

18 Syrian Fighters Allied With U.S. Are Killed in Coalition Airstrike

National Geographic Articles From 2030

Video shows cop pummeling alleged jaywalker; criminal investigation underway

Watch a Hypocrite justify his BS and then have raffles to screen the questions FU

PELOSI: The cruelty of Trump's threat is matched by the bill-Republicans want to pass

Would-be terrorists who wanted to throw gays off Sears Tower arrested in Chicago

Alec Baldwin Beyond the Screen- chicago ideas

First on CNN: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

Texas bill allowing magistrates to deny marriage licenses moving through Senate

I need your help if you live in Washington State

Relief at the diagnosis

Hand-written letters from @ossoff supporters are being sent to #ga06 homes across the district. Here

In which Trump explains president stuff is harder than WE thought

Ossoff Still Below 50% Threshold

GUARDIAN: FBI Now Has "specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion" - Guardian source.

House Democrats want Kushner's security clearance suspended

F*** and s**t: ever get conflicted ?

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

GOP rep: Bullcrap to say taxpayers pay my salary

'Slaps himself in the face!': Chinese press mocks Trump for caving on China currency manipulation

Source: Two countries' Intel agencies have handed over audio of Trump kids-criminal acts on tape.

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in history: report

The truest shit ever said: Trump "doesn't know anything."

Wasn't the last time they dropped a MOAB right before the Iraq War started?

Dem Reps: Suspend Kushner Security Clearance For Undisclosed Meetings

Spring is here! The cherry blossoms bloom at Lake Balboa.

WaPo: Trump Kids Worry That Family Business Will Take A Hit From WH Chaos

Trump Expected To Sign Anti-Abortion Bill

I'm not the darkness, you're the darkness

Seems like we were the last to know. . .

Coast Guard faces growing costs for protecting Trumps Merde-a-Lago

In this month of April, 2017 and we

Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence

Majority say they are "uneasy" about Trump handling North Korea

Disgusting: Trumps Mar-a-Lago kitchen

Mensch: Sources say there is kompromat on Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of Oversight & Govt Reform

Size matters less than how you use it (big bomb)

What if Russian hackers were going for the voting machines, not just the email servers?

Being president is hard

So, do Americans like presidents who drop bombs, with or without any justification?

Reaching Out to the Voters the Left Left Behind

Americans uneasy about Trump handling North Korea

🐦 Sunday April 16 - Senator Bernie Sanders on State of the Union

The White House's 28-word readout of Trump's call with China's Xi

Most Republicans want Trump to release tax returns

Overheard by a friend...

GBU 43

Is The MOAB a weapon of mass destruction by definition?

Congrats to DU on achieving the 75-million post milestone!

Who are the Copts and why are they persecuted?

Congressman tells angry constituents the idea that they pay his salary is bullcrap

Friend help please

Trump Russia Connection, on Bing

US Sikhs launch ad campaign that looks to push back on hate

Republicans Are Holding Themselves Hostage

Jeffrey Lord: King of false equivalency and tortured historical analogies

Betsy DeVos! Making America Great Again - for Grifters

In the Year of Our Lord

Trump quietly signs bill allowing states to withhold money from Planned Parenthood

Vulgar video costs NJ Assembly candidate GOP support

After US drops largest non-nuclear bomb, Spicer says 'weapons of mass destruction cannot go...

Distort reality:

Information on the GBU-43/B and effects.

Why people with no religion are projected to decline as a share of the worlds population

When a bomb of this magnitude is dropped is there accountability? Will we know about unintended

Do we have Ivanka's heart to thank for this bomb?

WTF is an "ISIS Affiliate?"

Rethugs Go Into Overdrive to Destroy Elizabeth Warrens Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Cell Phone etiquette question:

So, is Trump going to drop a bomb(s) every week now? Is this winning?

Former Australian PM Calls Trump The Most Psychologically Ill-equipped President In US History

The closer we get to the real collusion

Video: Sen. Sanders Visits New Federally Qualified Health Center in South Hero, Vermont

Warren reveals why she didn't run for president in 2016

We dropped a big bomb. Jeez. We have big bombs.

Let me count the ways..

D.C. bicyclist charged in collision that killed Kiplinger editor

Video: New England Board of Higher Education Excellence Award Presentation - Sen. Sanders

Why Americans Vote Against Their Interest: Partisanship

Professor who predicted Trumps election says he'll be impeached before 2018 - by Republicans

New England Board of Higher Education Excellence Award Presentation - Sen. Sanders

Radius damage of the MOAB bomb.

On the formerly Art BELL show last night somebody was *screaming* against DRUMPF's wars

What is the Christian Legal Society?

Must read: the Hungarian Connection

Trump says he's "proud" of "very successful job" the military did with the use of 'The Mother of All

"Small Saturn moon has most conditions needed to sustain life, Nasa says"

How many DUers fly to places, despite the discomfort and hassle?


Saudi banks, bin Laden companies face $4.2 billion U.S. lawsuit by 9/11 insurers


So, have Congressional Republicans Advocated All Power to Furher Donald?

I think the Generals are making all the military decisions on who and what to bomb

MOAB--I find it beyond disgusting that penis-shaped weapons of destruction are called Mother

Maple sugar has a boosting effect on antibiotics for those of you fighting


How many of you,

Hawking warned alien life might be like us...

Who's The Sorriest? Post A Song About Being Sorry!

and orange vomit is cutting funding for birth control here and around the world

NASA: Nearby ocean worlds could be best bet for life beyond Earth

United Airlines Pilot Heading To The Gate

AI programs exhibit racial and gender biases, research reveals

The Bernie Sanders Show is now on @GooglePlayMusic.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something treasonous this way comes.

First DNA, then CRISPR, now looking inside LIVING genes...

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Apr. 13, 2017

Colorado Cop Slams Female College Student's Face to the Ground

THIS should send Trump WH into full panic mode: US intelligence has been monitoring Erik Prince

"We're not getting along with Russia at all... we are at an all-time low..."

About Rudy Giuliani (You had to wonder WHEN it would happen, right?)

Do you think Trump would ever drop a nuclear bomb?

In Coal Country, Environmental Regulations Are Creating Jobs

If you were given Bill-o's show during his hiatus . . .

As Mike Pompeo (CIA Chief) condemns wikileaks

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Let's not sugar coat losses. Progressives must get out there and wi

This guy seems credible:

***CONFIRMED*** British and German Intel have handed over electronic evidence on Trump kid's

Man Charged For Defacing Jewish Center And Church In Fairfax County

Scorpion Stings Man On United Flight

The "Arrested Development" White House

When in Rome ... Yes, You Can Have Rice on Passover.

Syria, MOAB, what's next and where will it be deployed?

I've been thinking...

Steelers chairman Dan Rooney dies at age 84

5 years ago

"Houston is what can happen when architecture catches a venereal disease." --Frank L Wright

North Miami cop charged in shooting of autistic mans unarmed therapist

North Miami cop charged in shooting of autistic mans unarmed therapist

So Some Of The Media Applauded Trump For Sending Missiles To Syria....

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is confirming that Russia worked directly w/ WikiLeaks

Michigan doctor charged with carrying out female genital mutilation

The first TRICORDER gets revealed tonight...

Border agents are seizing phones and asking for their passwords. Heres how to protect yourself

The family that preys together . . .

Sean Spicer is a profoundly stupid liar working for a profoundly stupid liar

Imagine if a year ago you read any headline from the news today, you really wouldn't believe it

Dean of Cornell Law School weighs in: why United Airlines was NOT legally justified in "deplaning"

Did Ben Carson really get stuck in an elevator

After hyping itself as antidote to fake news, New York Times hires extreme climate denier

Deal over Trump-branded Dallas hotel is dead

Donald Trump's Ever-Growing List of Flip-Flops

After Stiffing Paint Co., Trump Doral Ordered To Pay Hundreds Of Thousands

Even M$Greedia is not fooled

British intelligence passed Trump associates' communications with Russians on to US counterparts.

The Broken Supreme Court by Linda Greenhouse


Chuckie Todd's pissing away time with Roger Stone on "MTP" this afternoon.

Wathcing the Interview with MTP Daily Chuck Todd and

British Spies Were First to Notice Trump Ties to Russia

Jeffrey Lord is the Sean Spicer of Kellyanne Conways.

Montana's special election: Millionaire vs. Musician

Vote Vets latest ad.

Stevie Wonder is marrying his longtime girlfriend at a celeb ceremony with family

Robert Reich on MOAB

Iowa Gov: Polls Should Close Early So We Don't Have To Stay Up To Watch Results

Carrie Fisher Tribute John Williams George Lucas - Star Wars Celebration 2017

Shep Smith scolds Trump's WikiLeaks flip-flop: 'Love 'em when it's working for you, hate 'em when...

Who is more irrational? Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump?

White House solicits Sesame Street characters for Easter Egg Roll four days after bid to end PBS

After Trump O'Care Threats, Dems Signal Potential Gov't Funding Fight Over Subsidies

"I don't have a small penis at all!"

🐦 Friday, April 21, 2017 7PM - Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Mesa, AZ

Man wrongfully convicted in 1957 cold case killing ruled innocent

I really hope this bomb drop was the idea....

"The bomb TRUMP dropped today costed $314 MILLION. Don't tell me we can't...

🐦 Friday, April 21, 2017 12PM - Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Salt Lake City, UT

The Evangelical Roots of Our Post-Truth Society

🐦 Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:30 AM - Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez - Las Vegas, NV

Holy MOAB, Seven Allies Have Trump-Russia Smoking Gun Evidence

Dan Rooney died

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

Trump craves praise. We praise him for bombings. What possibly could go wrong?

#BREAKING: 24 people are stuck Joker's Jinx at Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Health violations galore at Mar-a-lago kitchen...

It appears that Trump was told about the bomb AFTER it was dropped in Afghanistan (per CNN)

Jared Kushner's NYC Building Infested With Rats...

Trump Russia connection from the Hungarian perspective - lots on Finklestein and Gorka

Early voting ends tomorrow in GA!

The Simpsons - on national testing

Georgia Power cutting jobs at coal-fired power plant near Rome.

Transportation in this country just sucks

Ever time I click on Crooks and Liars (Political Site)

Julian Borger (The Guardian) now on MSNBC discussing Trump/Russia ties

Almost everything you know about climate change solutions is probably outdated

BREAKING: Sources: US prepares for possible preemptive strike if North Korea chooses to test nuclear

Three Facts About Markwayne Mullin

How Much Do You Think the Doctor Will Get In a Settlement?

YAY! MY girlfriend Joined DU!!

Did you know that several Syrian US allies were killed by


Trump promised he'd have a full report on the Russian hack today - he doesnt have it

I saw the new NRA commercial today and it scared the crap out of me

Trump's base turns on him.

If Trump not impeached by 2020

Motivation for Senate 2018. Supreme Court

Detroit emergency room doctor charged with child genital mutilation

I can't help myself but re-interpret the dropping of the big bad bomb...

These are the small, agile new aircraft carriers meant to take F-35s into battle

tRump will NEVER be up to the job.

Students ask Auburn University for stronger stance against 'White Student Union'

In your opinion, what's the funniest episode of Fawlty Towers?

Well folks, especially you 3rd party folks, looks like everything is

Return of the Madman Theory

Before the nukes fly, FUCK YOU 3RD PARTY VOTERS ALL TO HELL!

Richard Spencer paid Auburn University $700 to speak on campus; students plan protests to stop him

Jeering crowd jumps all in Lamborn's (R-CO) shit.

"MY" military?

Women-Led Mosque to Open in Berkeley

Berkeley City Council Resorts to 'Nuclear Option' ... In Library Board Drama

What's your favorite episode of Seinfeld?

Wildflower Superbloom Can be Seen from Space

US Will Send 4,000 Somalis Back to Their Home Country

Tax March To Draw Thousands to San Francisco Streets

Official: 1 dead, 3 hurt in Atlanta transit station shooting

MSNBC live stream

HIV Hotline Forced to Crowdfund for Survival

Trump's job approval is a dismal 40%

Texas getting first immigrant lockup built under Trump

Analysis: Afghanistan strike may boost Trump, send message to North Korea

IRS: Undocumented immigrants paid $23.6 billion in federal taxes in 2015.

US: Nuke site cleanup efforts paying off for Idaho aquifer

Napa doctor sentenced to prison for tax evasion

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 14 April 2017

Rust, mold, parasites: Trump's Mar-a-Lago cited for 78 health violations in the last 3 years

Bill O'Reilly - Explain this to me like I'm a 4 yr old.

Mississippi high court: Execution plans can be kept secret

I bet they are happy!

Oops, Oakland city website down; domain name not renewed

The Latest: Firms object to drug use in Arkansas executions

Ex-mayor sues San Diego over wife's ruptured implants

Return of the Madman Theory