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Archives: April 17, 2017

A timely reminder:

World North Korea missile failure means no need for U.S. response, Americans say

Why My Family Would Rather Not Have Me Attend Holiday Dinners

Trumps 2020 re-election campaign is funneling millions of dollars back into his own pockets

Message for the Queen of England

Republican45: fighting for you! One golf game at a time...

Trump family held invitation-only Easter Egg hunt at Mar-a-Lago

Terry Jones: I've got dementia. My frontal lobe has absconded

Meet the charismatic opposition leader the Venezuela government just can't silence

Even Republicans get it ...

Why is it always the liberals and progressives

Guitar Pioneer Alan Holdsworth Dies

The dog's dance is real, but the music was added after the fact.

Remains of Five Archbishops of Canterbury Discovered Under London Museum

In the new MST3K episodes, what is the "payload" that Gypsy is delivering and retrieving?

There's not a single California congressional district with Republicans in the majority

Insurance CEOs haven't been speaking up for Obamacare except for one

A Little American Civil War In Berkeley

My last day visiting WI is bitter sweet.

University's three-legged cat 'relieves exam stress'

Vice President Pence to visit DMZ

Anyone watching the tribute to the BeeGees? I don't even recognize the tunes.

It would be nice if the far left, for once, did some introspection.

Looking for suggestions on financial planning/management

2 Tennessee Cases Bring Coals Hidden Hazard to Light

My husband and I just returned from 11 days in Cuba.

Colombias transitional justice system set up by communist sympathizers, Uribe tells US Congress

Colombias transitional justice system set up by communist sympathizers, Uribe tells US Congress

Workers relieve pressure on leaking Alaska oil well

I just saw something streaking across the sky...

So here I am on DU

2018 US Senate Election-Most Safe to Most Vulnerable Democratic/Republican Seat up in 2018.

Lawmakers across US move to include young people in voting

"Nucking Futs! The Trump movie!" Starring Alex Baldwin, Tina Fey, and the American Psychiatric

Lawsuit accuses company of exploiting foreign workers

Things that make you go "hmmmm".

Local ICE immigration arrests of noncriminals double under Trump

Next ten years critical for achieving climate change goals

Boy who died at rotating restaurant in Atlanta identified

Nuclear Weapons inbuilt bias. Why nations feel they must have them...

Pro-Trump group launches a $3 million ad campaign to prop up House allies

This is the best baseball jersey ever!

Bride, groom booted off United Airlines flight

Jared Kushner: Top White House Adviser and NYC Rat Lord

The DEA just gave a big boost to a cannabis-based seizure drug

Mexicans Revive 3,000-Year-Old Ballgame at Teotihuacan Ruins

Albany Finally Passes Raise The Age Legislation, But The Fight Is Far From Over

New York State Government Is Bad For Your Health

Which Trump Can Lick-Race Faster?

Trump suggests the media are favoring Democratic candidates in special elections

Extended Death Star Meeting Scene

Twitter Is Kicking Rump Jr.'s Ass For This "Fake News" Shirt

Soon There Will Be No Quarter For New York's Turncoat Democrats

I got my recall and precision rates up over .3 for my final project! WoooHooooo!

Claude Taylor says sources confirm that German intelligence handed over recorded intercepts

Days-old coyote pups discovered in sagebrush

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee at Trump's Tax March - Case for Trump to step down (VIDEO)

Grueling work hours triggers spike in suicides by Japanese employees

Little Italy, up the Brandywine to Montchanin and turn left...

Meet the Dutch Muslim Writer Who Predicted Europe's Islamist Problem

Kenya: Thimlich Ohinga, the Unique 600-Year Old Site

Little Italy, Wilmington DE and points north...


I cooked some duck for Easter. OMG. Duck!

New powerful telescopes allow direct imaging of nascent galaxies 12 billion light years away

Local elected officials demand Charter negotiate with IBEW Local 3

Tom Cat Bakery workers protest at Trump Tower

The Depth Of Disgust Gets Deeper Every Day. Seems To Be No Bottom.

State has a budget after weeks delay

Reminder: It Took Over 2 Years for the Watergate Scandal to Unfold

Historic Long Island maps found in Malverne basement


Donald Trump: 'Let Russia fight ISIS'

Cuomo and Clinton hail free college plan in joint appearance

Trump slams China as currency manipulator

Trump's reelection campaign raised $13.2 million in first quarter

Faso holds firm at town hall meeting

New York Falls Short in Resettling Mentally Ill Adults, Angering Judge

Wine sellers push to allow shipments across the border

I was updating Dragon NaturallySpeaking and was forced to say again these words of John F. Kennedy

Cover crops may be used to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Rare lunar rainbow spotted over central North Island

President Donald Trump planning Wisconsin visit on Tuesday

London, England At least 11 people have suffered burns from a suspected "noxious substance"

The Obama's attended church every Easter. Trump hasn't attended church once since his inauguration.

Watching Bee Gees Tribute tonight?

Ryan's Easter Wish

What's the FIRST word that comes to mind ...

Supporter Accused of Assaulting Woman at Rally Blames Trump

Nuclear weapons... new Documentary BBC 2016

A miracle in Israel? Christian, Muslim and Jewish mothers march together

Weekend Update on Failed North Korean Missile Launch - SNL

'Math can make our brains light up in the same way art and music do'

He needs called out on this shit.....

"THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading" (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)

I'm doing 90% dabs and drinking Voodoo Ranger... ask me anything.

The Crisis of Attention Theft - Ads That Steal Your Time for Nothing in Return

John Oliver - Spicer Hitler Flop, Mother of All Bombs

Two women charged with lying about racist UAlbany bus attack go on trial Monday

Bill Clinton to speak at Hobart and William Smith Colleges commencement

Former VP Joe Biden to deliver convocation address at Cornell University

Amid police attacks and stalled wage talks, Argentine educators set up school in front of Congress

Amid police attacks and stalled wage talks, Argentine educators set up school in front of Congress

NY State budget sets aside $1 million for new hate crimes task force

If Moses says it, it must be true

Syracuse's next mayor will inherit a city on the brink of serious financial challenges

North Carolina lawmakers threaten UNC, NC State's ACC status if league boycotts state

Democrats Try to Flip Ga. Congressional District

Winner of slots jackpot at Seneca Niagara Casino gets the bum's rush

Staff at elite boarding school Choate sexually abused students for decades: Officials

About weed.

Easter services mourn victims in Central Islip killings

Maxine Waters Political Career Makes Her Uniquely Suited To Take On Donald Trump

NYC DOT survey of privately owned streets could end in takeover

Donald Trump Jr. wore a very fake news shirt and the internet lost it

Indicted Maziarz no longer a lobbyist, but still representing Senate GOP on a board

Queens lawmaker to push for state funding of Planned Parenthood in case of federal cuts

US military bases worldwide

AG Eric Schneiderman hires Bernie Sanders' consulting firm to boost progressive profile

Clarence Darrow statue planned for Dayton gains opponent in well-known local activis

N.Y. lawmaker pushes for hearing on child sex assault victims bill in state senate

You know the religious right. Here's the religious left (and it's fired up)

A Court Used for Playing Hoops Since 1893. Where? Paris.

Russia and China send ships to chase US carrier in waters off Korean peninsula as tensions mount

Small Business Advocate Hauls Pentagon Into Court

F*ck you, Geraldo: John Oliver torches Fox and Friends crew for their MOAB war-gasm

First-in-class carrier Gerald R. Ford returns from builders trials

Google Chrome's "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" extension

Christie's defunct presidential campaign still has expenses

Ewing police bust 11 off-campus college parties in 3 weeks

Continuing Resolution Fears? OCOs Ugly But It Might Work

Move over, Bieber: An unknown N.J. boy band is headlining Trump's Easter Egg Roll

The Bestest, Most Awesomest Gir Compilation EVAR!

AmTrust knocked down 12% on secret tapes

N.J. Assembly candidate, a former 'Apprentice' contestant, under fire for vulgar video

Charlie Rose interview with Michael Morrell concerning North Korea.

N.J. just made a huge deal to sell 2 public television stations

Monday Toon Roundup

April 2017 2nd-Hottest April On Record, Even w/o El Nino

"Just like any other damn president": Trump supporters are angry theyre not "winning"

1st woman to officially run Boston Marathon to do it again, 50 years later

Gerrymandering Is Illegal, But Only Mathematicians Can Prove It

The Stolen Election Is Still A Wound That Will Not Heal.

Trump says he can't be sued for violence at his rallies because he won the election

Buy Or Sell

High Pressure System Crushing Arctic Ice; Regional Temps 4-20C Over Historic Averages

Pence, Ryan, Hatch, Tillerson?

Democrats welcome Bernie takeover

Democrats welcome Bernie takeover

Racism motivated Trump voters

El Paso grappling with the ramifications of proposals

Single-Payer Health Care Is Seeing Record Support in Congress

"What I sh*t, you eat!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

This is eactly like the Iraq war build-up the Republicans and the news media did

The Democrats should go left in 2018/2020. But not for political reasons. For tactical reasons.

Pence tells North Korea not to test American resolve, offering Syria & Afghanistan strikes as ...

Against all odds, a communist soars in French election polls

Trump's Latest Really Low Poll Numbers And What They Mean

Danziger: That Good Ole Law 'N Order

The L.G.B.T. Trump Fallacy - By the NYT Editorial Board

All-Male Panel Fails to End Maryland Law that Forces Women to Share Custody with Their Rapists

The Violent Clashes In Berkeley Weren't 'Pro-Trump' Versus 'Anti-Trump'

Every appointee despises the agency they run

Trump Voters in a Swing District Wonder When the Winning Will Start

For custody-trial, Alex Jones claims his persona is just a character, a fraud, performance art.

New Power Center in Trumpland: The 'Axis of Adults'

Hackney nightclub acid attack leaves at least 12 injured

R.I.P. Sylvia Moy, co-writer of Stevie Wonder's "Uptight," "My Cherie Amour," and more

Analysis: Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism or income inequality

Trump Blasts 'Fake Media,' Praises Fox News In Early Morning Tweetstorm

40 days and 40 nights.

Chump still hasn't made one consequential deal. Not one.

Betcha feel sorry now for deleting all his e-mails, huh?

After Their Break, Congress Will Have 4 Days to Avoid a Government Shutdown

What comes to mind when you hear the word ambrosia?

GOP's New Health Care Rallying Cry: Remember The Maine!

Maine Democratic Party is securing another stop for Unity Tour - details to follow

Wisconsin dairy farmers caught in Canada trade flap scramble for answers

Maine Democratic Party is securing another stop for Unity Tour - details to follow

Liar-In-Chief weighs in on georgia congressional election....

Zucchero and Eric Clapton "Hey Man"'

Tokyo Portal Outage Delays Millions Of Japanese Warp Commuters

104th Fighter Wing to conduct flyover along the Boston Marathon route

Turkey referendum did not live up to Council of Europe standards, observer mission says

Andy Borowitz has a petition going on

Russia says hopes USA will not act unilaterally against North Korea

Chinas Korea policy in tatters as both North and South defy sanctions

Sean Spicer is no longer the Easter Bunny... he is in Reading Nook (live).


GM has created an all-electric masterpiece with the Chevy Bolt

The alarming worldwide alliance of parties on the far right hasn't been seen since the 1930s

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #4 in B-flat Major, Op. 60

Maxine Waters, Donald Trump and impeachment: One Democrat is ready, her party and the American...

Republicans are now looking to pass a temporary tax cut that would balloon the deficit: report

"He has not spoken to me": Elizabeth Warren says Mitch McConnell is still angry about reading...

free field guides from chicago's field museum.

Learn sometin' new Monday - Horseshoe Crab blood saving lives

When did they start,,,,

The film about the Flint Water Crisis is a go - and it will be filmed in Toronto!?!?!?!?!

Trump Bashes 'Super Liberal' Leading Georgia House Race On Eve Of Election

Pic Of The Moment: Fact Of The Day

Is it typical for a president's grandchildren to have Secret Service protection?

Asking Whether Adam and Eves Kids Committed Incest May Have Led to Murder of Pakistani Student

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 18: Star of the Month: Character Actors

Only Star Wars fans would appreciate this deleted scene

Check this LOL out: Donald Trump Tweet Praises the First Book He has Completed!

Spotted the moon this morning!

"Starboy" : your new word for the week

In the arms of sweet Jesus - Actual Tiffany tweet

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 19: Claude Rains in the '30s

Here's why the Madman wants a golden carriage ride with the queen.

German intelligence hands over collusion evidence on 45 and RUS

U.S. top court leaves intact ruling against Central America asylum seekers

Melania just read to the kids at the Easter Egg Roll. No comment. it is

So now Eric Trump is talking about Korea?

Poll: Big Drop In Number Who Think Trump Will Keep Promises

The FLOTUS performing at the Easter Egg Roll:

Kellyanne Conway: Hillary Clinton Should Condemn Violence At Anti-Trump Protests

Got my first gun today and went hunting - got a turkey

Isn't it amazing how Trumpers all have the exact same thoughts at the exact same time. It's almost a

Cleansing the palate.

Belated Easter Joke -

OK, so is there a condition that makes an otherwise high functioning person unable to sense irony?

If you're wondering how Obama and Trump spent Easter Sunday

As Turkey slides toward dictatorship, and Trump fails to speak out, here's that conflict of interest

Scored a day off today. Just chillin'...

How the Airlines Became Abusive Cartels

Trump re-tweets Drudge, "APPROVAL AT 50%!" It actually averages to 41.7% on

Meanwhile, a new dictatorship has been born - by a friend of 45/140.

First Nations family pushes for inquest on anniversary of teen's mysterious death

Obit of a heartbroken Democrat

Berkshire Targets Wealthy Chinese Buyers for U.S. Homes

Trump plays the Austin Powers card on North Korea ("Oh, BEHAVE!")

How do they expect provoking NK to end?

If you like creepy movies, check out "Lavender."

Kellyanne Conway wants Hillary, Bernie, and Tom Perez to tell Trump protesters to stop.

Holy Shite! Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to vanish in four days

Raw Story - reporting Louise Mensch's Carter Page tape news

Donald Trumps big problem is he doesnt know what hes talking about

Obama's Easter Egg Roll vs @realDonaldTrump 's Easter Egg Roll. Pictures are worth 1000 words.

Badass Little Girl Confronts Climate-Denying Congressman With Brilliant Question

"My Mexican Husband Accused of Trafficking Our Daughter on flight"

Melania to the rescue?

Maxine Waters ROCKS! She's in my "TOP-FIVE" all-time favorite DEMOCRATS!!

A patient says something hateful, and heres what a Muslim medical student does

I'm not a very good photographer, but sometimes I get lucky

White House Easter Egg Roll: Reading Nook with First Lady Melania Trump, etc

Even Tricky Dick, "I am not a crook" Nixon released his taxes..CNN Money.

Trump On Fast Track To Outspend Obama's Entire Travel Tab In A Single Year

Prince documents unsealed: Opioid prescriptions written in manager's name

Nature Materials Science: How solar PV will be doing in 2030.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails launch mass hunger strike


Have all you slackers filed your taxes yet?

Kid asks Trump to sign his hat at the WH Easter Egg Roll. The president signs ... and then

Trump Just Bullied A Child At White House Easter Egg Roll

Sometimes Breaking News comes at exactly the perfect moment:

In South Florida, green iguanas spread into suburban scourge

When Pence talks it is like

So the GOP works with the Russians to propagate propaganda against the American Way

Crushing the CFPB

A Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion in North Korea

Trump touts poll showing 50 percent approval rating

On this issue, I'm going with Donald Trump

Is the "Oval Office Rapture" coming?

In Better Times...

Cascade Mall shooting suspect Arcan Cetin dies in jail

PLEASE STOP with the unsubstantiated claims!

Lawsuit: Wells Fargo banker fired for not scamming customers

Bernie Sanders coming to Montana to campaign for Rob Quist

Democrats welcome Bernie takeover

Puffer fish Art.

Holocaust survivor: Had Spicer been right, my dad might've lived

Bernie Sanders coming to Montana to campaign for Rob Quist

What can I do about my manager?

Poll: Majority no longer thinks Trump keeps his promises

Bill Moyers:People who read The Handmaids Tale think it could never happen here, but it already did

Feel like crying all the time

Nudge-Nudge - Hand over heart you idiot

Democrats say they can ride fury over Trump to a congressional takeover

When people who have 3 cars and a boat cry about the economy

"where have all the flowers gone" PPM 25th anniversary concert

Former Trump aide Epshteyn joins Sinclair

Neiman Marcus Finds Even Wealthy Want Deals

Perfection in a gif (Trump/Putin)

A Trump district co chair just called me: I am off the train. We were trumped.

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn looking to oust Ed Murray

Trump says he has taken nothing off the table.

The difference between Trump and our crazy trump loving uncles...

so, (no)-sensenbrenner says nobody HAS to use the internet. I say, jim, give up your

How shitty of a President do you have to be to screw up the White House Egg Roll?

Peter Paul and Mary TIP (tonight in person-bbc four) 1965

Stay Woke

Donald Trump is president. so get over it

Red, Ripe and Renegade: Berries That Break All the Rules

Eric Trump: "people who have nothing better to do than sit behind a computer & send a mean tweet...

F*ck you, Ger aldo: John Oliver Shreds Trump's Team of Jerk's or fellow psychopaths

7,000 methane gas bubbles under the Russian permafrost could explode anytime.

Alternative Facts & History, and Alarming Implications, in DOJ's CFPB Brief.

LIVE: trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Conference

Elizabeth Warren Says Mitch McConnell Wont Even Say Hello To Her

It would be nice if the centrists in this party did some introspection, too.

When people say Trump has done more in 100 days than Obama in 8 years...

Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country. Ask What Your Country Can Do for The Trump Brand.

Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country. Ask What Your Country Can Do for The Trump Brand.

Gee I wonder what Lara Trump means?:

"Hairs breadth from nuclear war": Kremlin TV says Trump is "more dangerous" than North Korea

"And here are the bears we plan to shoot...

North Korea 'will test missiles weekly' senior official tells BBC News

A Trump district co-chair just called me: 'I am off the train. We were trumped.' (VIDEO)

Easter Egg Roll Champ

The 2015-2016 El Nio Erased Hundreds of Feet of Californias Beaches


Yes trump the Dems would love to have 260 blank pages

MEANWHILE, at Coachella:

Who all thinks that if Trump somehow doesn't start a war in Korea

I'm not a centrist. I just don't think it's a well thought out plan or

Bold promises, fewer results: Trump's executive orders don't always live up to his claims

Looking forward toward 2020 - What to expect.

Bold promises, fewer results: Trump's executive orders don't always live up to his claims

Black Hawk helicopter crashes in Leonardtown, Md. EDITED, crash kills 1.

Mick Mulvaney's Steel Workers


Military helicopter crashes in southern Maryland

Minnesota at risk of losing a congressional seat after 2020 census

People need to stop letting the media scare them so much

Trump Voters in a Swing District Wonder When the Winning Will Start.

'The Situation pleads not guilty in latest tax fraud case

Oh, lawd! Bunnies with golden golf clubs?

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Russian prosecutors to investigate reports of persecution of gay Chechen men

This Modern World Toon- When Airlines Attack

John Oliver on the French election

Trump Recommends a Book.

Andy Borowitz: North Korea Offers Unconditional Surrender After Mike Pence Angrily Squints At It

Is approval rating really 50 percent?

Is the Universe Made of Math?

When Emma Morano died last week a Jamaican -Violet Brown became the oldest

Paul Manafort reportedly helping a Chinese billionaire navigate how to profit off of Trump's plans

One out of every five minutes in Palm Beach

Senators Troubled by Health Department Pick

Neil deGrasse Tyson: "Space Aliens may be surprised to learn that Humans have multiple...

Atlanta just can't catch a break - I-20 west closed due to road bucking

LOL: Presenting "The Secretary of Educatuon"

Michigan group joins fight over Bernards mosque

'New' world's-oldest-person is a church-loving, Jamaican 117-year-old

Former Atlantic City councilman sentenced to prison in tax-fraud scheme

The Nation: The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism

( 2 X _ ) X 7 equals 28

When dealing with a country that possess nuclear weapons...

Plants use acoustic vibes to find a drink

Suspect in Washington state mall shootings found dead in cell

Suspect in Washington state mall shootings found dead in cell

Republicans love Trump.

Atlantic County residents face substantial tax increase after proposed city budget

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 17, 2017

Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong, Say Both Dems and Republicans

Kenya's Geoffrey Kirui and Edna Kiplagat sweep at Boston Marathon

Atlantic City police investigate multiple bomb threats

Republicans Prepare To Lose On A Government Funding Bill

Federal tax bill hits hardest in District of Columbia

The New Turkish Flag

I just got home from the gym. What's this about Chump effing up the Easter Egg Roll?

'April had a small twist of her leg today...bogging down of will need be pulled'

This brutal new poll shows that fewer and fewer people believe Trump's lies - By Greg Sargent

A Deplorable would take a kid's hat and give it to someone else.

20 Logical Explanations For Why Donald Trump Keeps Promoting His Unqualified Son-In-Law

Melania has to nudge Drumpf to be patriotic during National Anthem

When a Boton Marathon organizer was enraged by a woman participant.. 50 years ago

Female kicker Becca Longo makes college football history

So looking forward to Trump lighting the White House Christmas Tree on December 27th.

Turkey - It's not JUST for Dinner ...

CNN treats politics like sports and its making us all dumber

Burial? Cremation? Do you have any other choices?

Hand, Donald.

Ryan & McConnell on tape discussing

A Republican Townhall Just Exploded As Voters Demand Trumps Arrest

This bunny is all of us

Can anyone tell me about the National Anthem singer's uniform?

Colombia government not amused by Trump-Uribe encounter

Colombia government not amused by Trump-Uribe encounter

Gaza crippled by electricity crisis as power plant runs out of fuel

Live Stream at 7pm April 17 - Come Together Fight Back Tour - Portland, ME

16 Little-Known, Impeachable Offenses Already Committed By President Trump

Live Stream at 7pm April 17 - Come Together Fight Back Tour - Portland, ME

Easter Egg Roll Chump

Cognitive Dissonance and Proletarian Republicans

Mr. Big Shot

Migration from sea-level rise could reshape cities inland

Marine and Amputee Carries Flag During The Boston Marathon

I Refuse to Hate....

Models, observations not so far apart on planet's response to greenhouse gas emissions

The day that Donald Trump became president

renewed my star membership, still getting ads

Impeachment Impatience

How to Pull Water Out of Thin Air, Even in the Driest Parts of the Globe

"I came back from the golf course for THIS sh*t? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING me?

Government Ethics Director to chairman of House Oversight...SEND HELP!

CNN: ex CIA says may need new election

Would you buy insurance from a convicted thief or murderer? In Pa., some get the OK to sell

Let me count the ways this is NOT OK ...

Philly community college students look at early effects of soda tax

My "WTF?" of the day, Christianity is *NOT* a religion?

It would be nice if the Meditation Wing of the party, for once, did some introspection :)

Cuban man pleads guilty in IRS tax return scam

Russian State TV Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Un

Gov. Wolf's budget proposal boosts minimum wage to cut Medicaid costs

Christie Angling For A Comback

Turning up the heat at Town Halls

So what is the worst case for Trump

Listen to Evidence: March for Science Plans Washington Rally on Earth Day

Pennsylvania Democrats facing pressure to oppose state immigration bills

Re N. Korea: I doubt seriousy that "all options are on the table

1st woman to officially run Boston Marathon does it again, 50 years later

"This is just the beginning": Alt-right rejoices as violent protests rock Berkeley

Brazil construction firm ordered to pay $2.6B in bribe case

Brazil construction firm ordered to pay $2.6B in bribe case

Lt. Gov. Stack under scrutiny by Pa. Inspector General

'Calexit' leaders drop ballot measure to break from the U.S.

Not feeling good about Greta's live tv report on Isis killing christians in Iraq

Sen. Dean Heller faces angry constituents -- and demands for specifics -- at rowdy town hall

This little girl cries pure tears of joy after her mom surprised her with a new kitten (video tweet)

Has the fake President bragged about his bigly Easter Egg Roll yet.

Is "Donald Trump" the best issue for Democrats in Congressional races?

It would be nice if Democratic Party leaders and supporters did some introspection on the

Easter Egg Role Convinced Me of His Senility

?? After Trump threw the children's autographed hats into the crowd, rather than return them...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Russian state TV calls Trump 'more dangerous' than North Korean dictator: report

Food Forest Revolution

It would be nice if Republican Party leaders and supporters did some intervention of trump,

Common-law marriages of same-sex couples must be recognized, Pa. court rules

Ex-Boyfriend Says Westchester Woman Lied About Having Cancer In Scam

Gov. Tom Wolf celebrates anniversary of Pa.'s medical marijuana law

Is Donald Trump lying to the American people when he says his taxes are under audit ??

Keith Olbermann: Are there two tapes of #TrumpRussia collusion to hack Dems?

Impeachment Impatience

Legislature shades surplus

The four proven war crimes that have Uribe against the wall

Prison officers protest pay with 'sick out' statewide

Should the United States have a standard Psychological Test

Delaware senator's anti-Muslim comments draw rebuke

An effort to take politics out of redistricting in Delaware

we should be bombing north korea