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Jared Kushner Calls Kim Jong-un Totally Unqualified Person Who Got Job Only Through Nepotism

first things first

Trump is creating a void on climate change. Can California persuade other states to help fill it?

Twitter Video: Bernie goes out to speak to the crowd that couldn't get in the theater in Louisville

Miami state senator curses at black lawmaker and refers to fellow Republicans as niggas

The White Houses misleading statements about Trumps armada heading to North Korea

100 Days of Horror

No Mr. Trump, America is Not a Mess

2020 will be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

White House Considers Dumping Petition Site

Activists: Gay men beaten, electrocuted

With boycotting Patriots players, White House visits no longer routine

Twitter Video: Sanders Nails Trump's Failings as President

Effort to ban open alcohol containers in cars dead for year

Iowa lawmakers OK 20-week abortion ban, 3-day wait period

New statement from O'Reilly's attorney. He plays the "M" card (It's McCarthyism, I tells ya!)

Live posting of GA 6th results as they come in ( from GA Sec State)

First numbers on the board (GA-6): Ossoff 13,416 (63.4%) Handel 2,414 (11.4%)

Early results in Georgia (link)

Cooper Veto imminent on GOP's court-packing scheme

Viral social-media post questions Durham police officers' use of force

Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to vanish in four days

Barbara Stars says Trump outed US submarines when he mentioned

Charlotte passed over for NCAA events, but it's not all bad news

2018 US Senate Election-Republican wave (2002) vs Democratic wave (2006)

when your friend is a lil too much into it..

Where did you say that armada was headed?

The Latest: White House cancels meeting on Paris accords

President George H.W. Bush hospitalized after mild case of pneumonia

Raleigh, Greensboro win bids to host NCAA tournaments

Ossoff victory would deal symbolic blow, signal anti-Trump sentiment among Dems has staying power

Groper Don the Con 'ar(e) mad a'(nd) I know

The Ice Cream Man

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber! Live Uncensored & a new

Budget hole projected if $1 billion tax-cut plan passes NC legislature

Morning Joe said: Trump could & should speak w/Obama about N Korea, but....

One of Billo's first jobs was in Dallas at Channel 8

Mitch McConnell led Super PAC took $2 million from a pro-Putin Ukrainian businessman last election

Never Compromise On Civil Rights, says billboard blasting HB2 deal

GA-6 Live Results

Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez on the future of democracy in the US

LIVE Facebook Video Link: Kentucky Round-table

Democracy NC calls for criminal probe of NCGOP for unfounded voter fraud claims

State appeals court says former UNC athletes can't pursue paper-classes lawsuit

GA-6: Jon Ossoff holding lead (20% counted): 56.7%

So I traveled to freebville to see what they're saying about the GA election.

$350,000 for pre-K education misused, NC auditor says; better oversight urged for statewide program

Senator Al Franken delivers Meals on Wheels to elderly Minnesotans

Live results: Georgia special election

First Protected Dreamer Deported to Mexico Under President Trump

I am not predicting anything but an Ossoff win would be the left's Doolittle Raid

First Protected Dreamer Deported to Mexico Under President Trump

Ossoff dropping close to 50% threshold

President Trump, can you find your aircraft carrier for us?

Appeals court cases: Fired school band director can sue principal

So the Trump Guy is at 9% and the RINO is at 18%

Ossoff still holding his own. Go Jon!..n/t

Democrat Jackie Smith wins special election for Circuit Court clerk - yay!

GA-6 Ossoff has 52.3% with 51% counted

Ecuador's Right-Wing Opposition Doesn't Show Up to Public Recount it Demanded

'Captain Marvel' Concept Art Revealed; Mystery Director Has Been Selected

I did some introspecting (sic) and found out my raison d'etre is defeating Deplorables, i.e. the GOP

Worst case -Ossoff gets 48% -49% of the vote.

Ossoff at 43% in Cobb County with 74% in.

Have you seen me?

Reminder: Adam Schiff is Daily Show guest tonight!

Florida Republican senator calls fellow senators the N-word and b*tch in racist rant

State, federal burden shifts to Asheville property owners

Star membership still not recognized

Good news from Virginia

$3.6 million per Mar-a-lago trip. Obama spent avg $12 million per year, Trump $18 mil in 3 months...

GA-6 Special Election results for today,June 20 runnoff,and 2018.

My sister committed suicide today. I'm the one who.found her and

CNN reporting Ossoff 51% with 66% of vote counted.

Finally, NASA has its universe of images in one happy, searchable place

WSJ reporting: Fox News is preparing to cut ties with Bill OReilly

The resistance is written--on a baseball jersey!

'Find my Phone' app used to find stolen phones at Coachella

Canada tries to strip citizenship from man accused of butchering villagers with grenade, gun and sle

Stoned People High as F*ck on the News

WSJ- FOX Is Preparing To Cut Ties With Bill O'Reilly

Bill Oreilly: Hot chocolate

Trump Calls Obama To Talk About Syria & Afghanistan

What gives us hope if GOP gets 50% of GA 6 vote tonight?

Experts Outline Pathway for Generating Up to Ten Terawatts of Power from Sunlight by 2030

Sources: FBI used dossier allegations to bolster Trump-Russian ties

"We need to find something that justifies Presidents crazy tweet about surveillance at Trump Tower"

I can't wait any longer...

Mechanism behind the electric charges generated by photosynthesis -A step towards artificial phot...

Democrat leads early returns in Georgia congressional race

Fake news - Trump's impeachment- helps man pass

Canary in the Kelp Forest: Sea Creature Dissolves in Todays Warming, Acidic Waters

Breaking: There Have Been No Reports That O'Reilly Will Become NYT Columnist ...

Heartless (Luckovich 'toon)

Fresno State instructor out on paid leave after Trump Twitter controversy

Ossoff 50.3 with 77% in

I feel like the way I feel is like

Katherine Johnson

Banned industrial solvent sheds new light on methane mystery

Trump, the Real Welfare Queen...

Run-off elections for all offices also tend to have lower turnout than first round elections

Scott Dworkin's point-by-point analysis of corroborating evidence for Steele's dossier:

Brazil police storm Congress over proposal to raise retirement age

Brazil police storm Congress over proposal to raise retirement age

Elizabeth Warren Lays Out the Reasons Democrats Should Keep Fighting.

Cheers for Ossoff!

Wash Post: Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism

Further insanity, I need a damn straightjacket.

Florida Manatees Likely to Persist For At Least 100 Years--US Geological Survey

US F-22s intercept Russian bombers off Alaska coast

I'm glad we are no longer refighting the primaries

Darrell Issa says he is not really that conservative.

Billo The Clown, he be going down ?

State mulls Cuban training for doctors, sports coaches

Adam Schiff on The Daily Show - Now

Alex Jones Conspiratorial Rants Irrelevant To Custody Battle, Judge Rules

Targets, the catch word

Goose 1, detective 0 - US cop whacked in head, smashed to ground in vicious attack

right now according to the NYT

Do they count votes with a freaking abacus in Georgia?

What's up, Dunc? Giant rabbit to stalk Rep. Hunter on campaign trail

Fulton County has a "bad card" which is delaying the results.

Faulty card found, new Fulton County counts coming soon?

There is an irony somewhere. O'Reilly is being dropped from freaking FOX for being a Deplorable

Senate begins roads debate, House and Senate leaders knock governor's plan

#GA06 but Trump supporter Bob Gray is in 4th place, so Trump's intervention didn't help much.

"Bring it on. We are courageous. We are humble. And we know how to fight,"

There's around 15k GOP-leaning vote left. I'd guess that brings him down to around 47.7 when it's al

Another "flipped" election in GA-6 today...

This is an utter disaster for Dump.

Georgia Special Election Goes to Runoff as GOP Gets Wakeup Call

Do we live in a multiverse?

What Right Wing Nut Job Will Replace Billo The Clown?

Sanders: I don't consider myself a Democrat

Alt-right icon Richard Spencer sparks clashes at Auburn; 3 arrested

Josh Marshall to mr. trump re: tonight's results: "Please help some more"

Who the Hell Voted for Karen Handel?

Heard a great quote on Colbert tonight.

Greenville, NCAA forge long-term relationship

So, if the outstanding returns in GA-6 are from Fulton County...

Trump's election spurs Democrats in SC and elsewhere

I usually watch MSNBC in the evening and it was strange. I know there was the

Democrat Narrowly Misses Outright Win in Georgia House Race. NYT

Why are teachers in blue states paying for health benefits for coal miners in red states?

Horry County Schools facing false imprisonment and defamation lawsuit

US VP Pence says to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any US Atty's

McMaster wary of requiring convicted politicians to pay restitution

Nevada Senate approves bill for 3 paid sick days yearly

WSJ Thinks Billo is toast

Gov. LePage says he'll veto "death with dignity" legislation

Jill Stein Tweets About Priorities. Yes THAT Jill Stein!

Mark Sanford gets an earful on health care, affair

Become a Disciple of Duck Wings.

This should not be allowed.

Wyoming tech school personalizes program to veterans

Mapp Will Update Territory On Virgin Islands' Finances On Wednesday

In January, I overheard a few neighbors complaining about the Trump protests blocking freeways, etc

A tax mistake cost her $2.5K; she says York County should 'do the right thing'

Election breakdown (link)

Democrat accuses GOP candidate of promoting hate with Confederate flag ad

Vote tally GA 6th district 100% reporting

Attorney general, Homeland chief to visit El Paso

If anyone needs to know why the Daily Mail is a right wing rag that is a crap source for news

Georgia special election will go to runoff

Farenthold declines town hall invitation

Texas governor gives first clear support for 'bathroom bill'

Rep. Bill Flores takes questions during tele-town hall

E. Texans hold 'town hall' without Gohmert

Stupid or nefarious?

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Rally in Louisville, Kentucky 4/18/2017

UPDATED FULL INTERVIEW - MSNBC Chris Hayes 4/18 - Sen Sanders, DNC Chairman Perez

Hospice Companies To Pay $12.2 Million To Settle Kickback Claims

Poll: Bernie Sanders country's most popular active politician

Republican leaders take questions from Arkansans

Fugitive Pleads Guilty In $200 Million Credit Card Fraud Scam

Construction begins on N.M. power line segment

Parker CPA Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud Aiding and Assisting in the Preparation of False Tax Returns

Sen. Bernie Sanders, DNC chair Tom Perez stop in Frankfort Coffeetree Cafe on unity tour

Neurosurgeon who maimed patient in Dallas was 'acting as a serial killer'

Sen. Bernie Sanders, DNC chair Tom Perez stop in Frankfort Coffeetree Cafe on unity tour

New Study Suggests U.S. Has A Lot Of Closet Atheists

New Fort Worth arena (Dickies Arena) will host NCAA Tournament in 2022

SEC: Payments for Bullish Articles on Stocks Must Be Disclosed to Investors

Trump "gad to be of help" in Georgia runoff...DESPITE the fact that...

Why do Republicans hate sex and marijuana?

Playground Case Could Breach Barrier Between Tax Coffers, Religious Schools

Scientists Once Nuked Beer to See if It'd Still Be Drinkable After an Atomic Blast

Philippine archbishop rebukes faithful: I am a Catholic but

Miami state senator curses at black lawmaker and refers to fellow Republicans as niggas

Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison

The richest county in America is in Texas, but we bet you can't name it

There's a plan in Congress to start charging troops for their GI Bill benefits

Catholic immigrants didnt make it on their own. They shouldnt expect others to.

NBC News is reporting that Aaron Hernandez Committed Suicide

Breaking Aaron Hernandez committed suicide overnight n/t

Sanders urges Democrats to reach out to 'disillusioned' Trump supporters

Ancient Buddhist texts reveal shifting perspectives on women

Sanders urges Democrats to reach out to 'disillusioned' Trump supporters

Ted Cruz concerned Democrats will trigger government shutdown

A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any U.S. attorneys in

Navy veteran whose e-cigarette exploded files a lawsuit

Trump admin: Iran in compliance, but nuclear deal under review

VA halts changes to caregiver stipends, pending a full program review

I'm sure that a lot of Secret Squirrels in intelligence services all over the world

Man finds family's lost World War II letters on eBay

Dying man's wife tells him Trump has been impeached so he can die happy

A painful choice.

Jon Ossoff needs to immediately challenge his GA Republican opponent to a series of debates

It's not over for the Democrats in GA-06!

Death of NY Judge Found in Hudson River Is 'Suspicious,' Police Say

Evidence for historical Jesus is very weak:

Trump's deep links to organized crime: Federal investigators know and the public is catching on

Ex-NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Found Hanged In Prison Cell

A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department does not have any U.S. attorneys in

Trump claims immunity as President in lawsuit

TVA Chief - Not Reopening Coal Plants; Five On The Block For Closure By 2018

As Trump has drifted away from Steve Bannon

President Shitstain Abruptly Cancels Climate Treaty Meeting: "Conflicting Schedules" Cited

Gee, I Wonder How An OK Creek Could Become Contaminated With Hot Saltwater?

tom perez just said something that is music to my ears-

March for Science being held this Saturday.

French police find bombs, make arrests over 'planned presidential election attack'

Dani Supports Rob Quist - Team Quist Information

Trump's inaugural committee reports record-shattering fundraising of $107 million

Peter Schweizer: Why Does This Liar Have Any Credibility?

Policy Advisers Urge Trump to Keep U.S. in Paris Accord

Bill O'Reilly's Future at Fox Grows Dim as the Murdochs' Support Erodes

Will The New York Times Ever Fix Its Clinton Problem?

Ossoff Smear Campaign created by Saudi Lobbyist

trump called karen handel to congratulate her on winning in georgia with 19.8 percent of votes

Shades of "Amerika" (1987): Russia claims it can disable U.S. Navy with elecro-magnetic pulse.

Trump's missile attack on Syria was justified with fake intelligence: experts

40 kids who take instructions a bit too literally...

Trumps missile attack on Syria was justified with fake intelligence: experts

Does anyone know what the turnout % was in the GA 6 election?

Lie-proof your life with Carl Sagans baloney detection checklist

CNN: FBI Used Trump Dossier Allegations As Part Of Justification To Monitor Ex-Aide

South Africa court drops case against penguin thieves

The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, a look back on 22nd anniversary

"Congratulations and great job to the person who received 19 percent of the vote!"

Aaron Hernandez just killed himself.

48.1 is much closer to 50 than 19.8

Pruitt allies explore hiring private lawyers to rewrite EPA rule

the era of strategic patience is over

Security forces deny access to site of US blast in Afghanistan

Pence: Misstatements about U.S. aircraft carrier location not intentional

It's like America is the victim in an abusive relationship.

RussiAfD German chancellor candidate Petry throwing in the towel

Earliest Dental Fillings Discovered in 13,000-Year-Old Skeleton

Mummies discovered in ancient tomb near Egypt's Luxor


More Labour MPs stand down before snap poll amid anxiety over seats

My father was first diagnosed at age 62 with bipolar disorder

Seattle Mayor Ed Murrays accuser in sex-abuse lawsuit reveals identity: I have nothing to hide

Factbox: U.N. sanctions on North Korea currently in force, US Not Telling Truth Extent of Sanctions

Desk contents: pencil, unopened box of Trojans, well-thumbed dirty joke book. CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!

Does anybody here use CREDO mobile?

BLS report: Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers are $865 in 1st quarter 2017

Opinion: Corbyn is rushing to embrace Labours annihilation

The Rachel Maddow Show - Tuesday April 18, 2017

Donald Trumps mental lapses rapidly worsen as he keeps calling Paul Ryan by wrong name - Hey Ron!

Trump might have vascular dementia

Happy Bicycle Day everyone!

Trump is a empty vessel. He has no soul. This is why i believe he will call for the complete

"Trump will be an insignificant Do-Nothing-President."

OK DUers there is a 70% chance of a system forming in the 'Effin Central Atlantic - update -now TD#1

President Donald Trump touts manufacturing, promises help for Wisconsin dairy farmers at Snap-on in

Donald Trump has never had a pet in his life and does not own a single pair of jeans.

40% of voters identify themselves as Independent.

'If I ever come back', a French schoolgirl's letters from the Holocaust

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Mad Men

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Trump and Taxes

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

The Insecure Male Behind Hillary Hate

NOT a Kellyanne fan? She says you are "unhappy people with poison keyboards" #BuyIvannka

Ecuador vote recount confirms Moreno as election winner

Pence says US won't negotiate directly with North Korea -- for now

Inspector who tried to rein in Peru illegal logging was fired

Test trial suggests hallucinogenic concoction ayahuasca provides relief from depression

Hey lurking Deplorables-Deplorable is as Deplorable Does

Turkey arrests dozens of protesters in overnight raids

Test trial suggests hallucinogenic concoction ayahuasca provides relief from depression

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz Will Not Seek Re-Election, Per Sources

Writing about food: Peggy Knickerbocker, "Sandwich Sub Culture"

Trumps missing armada finally heading to Korea and may stay a while

Billionaires, companies power Trump's record inaugural haul


Just a FYI: is back.

WP: On Russia, Trump and his top national security aides seem to be at odds

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin - Keep those tires arollin'

Poll shows Texas Dem Castro leading Cruz

Chaffetz won't run for reelection

100 Days of Deconstruction

Donald Trumps $100 million inauguration: We dont know where millions from top donors eventually we

Snap-On Tools.


Men who earn less than their wives become more partisan

Hypo, what if Comey declares Trump innocent of all Russia charges 11 days before the 2018 election?

Maryland Finally Stops Making Rape Survivors Prove They Fought Back

Key GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz will not seek re-election

How Corporations Plan to Screw You Over

Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the states largest solar farm

Lost city found: Etzanoa of the great Wichita Nation

Former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, ... Tom Perez stop in Frankfort on unity tour.

Building Information Literacy Skills in the Era of Fake News

Guatemala Opens Regional Military Exercises with USA

Sanders' office confirmed he did not campaign for Ossoff.

Prehistoric Sea Creature From 70 Million Years Ago Found by Elk Hunter in Montana

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 19, 2017

How the Russians recruit spies - Carter Page and trump's crazy tweet

Retired Miners Lament Trumps Silence on Imperiled Health Plan.

Susan RICE is sure to get an apology from DRUMPF any time now

Like it or not GLOBALIZATION is here to stay.

Richard Simmons hospitalized with severe indigestion

How Sicily Cemented an Unlikely Friendship

Is Serena Williams Pregnant?

Rachel Maddow -----4/18/2017 Updated


Tom Brady will not attend White House ceremony for "family reasons"

Breaking News - Serena Williams is

The President of the USA called THIS MAN less than 48 hours ago to congratulate him...

Bye, Bill. So long, Jason...

'The crowd alternated between laughing and clapping as Martin O'Malley discussed issues

Congratulations to khalid kamau - South Fulton City Council - Georgia 6th District

KO: Proof that Trump is Getting Crazier-- This thing is actually getting worse by the day

KO: Proof that Trump is Getting Crazier --This thing is actually getting worse by the day

Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill OReilly Has to Go

White House Snapchat Features "We Miss Obama" on Mural at Easter Egg Roll

Steve King Toasts Border Patrol For Deporting Protected DREAMer

Aaron Hernandez's suicide leaves legal loose ends from his final years

Piano Concerto #3 Ludwig van Beethoven

That's how it all starts.

Report: WH Directed Intel Agencies To Find Cover For Trump's Wiretap Claims

KAREN HANDEL background - how she tried to screw Planned Parenthood

Symbolism: Unknown individuals spotted laying flowers at O'Reilly's poster in the Fox News window

a special message from the easter bunny

Help! I'm looking for a fertilizer and weed killer safe for dogs.

Trump eyes cap on charitable deductions

Silly Media, Trump Armada taking OTHER way to North Korea!

FOX is debating whether Bill O'Reilly should be able to give an on air goodbye

Trump cartoon

Brady is just doing what anyone would do when a stalker throws an entire party just to get one guest

I know Richard Spencer is just whoring for attention, but holy damn:

colbert on alex jones

Hillary Clinton, the "flawed candidate".

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Science in America

CNN Jake Tapper effectively calls out Trump Buy Hire America Executive Order


Bill O'Reilly met with the Pope today

Are there any public hearings on Trump and Russia in either the House or Senate any time soon?

I'm still seeing "sources are saying" on O'Reilly. WSJ and NY Mag, yes, but still "sources."

Poll shows Texas Dem Castro leading Cruz

Emirates cuts flights to U.S., citing less demand under Trump's policies

You've got a new problem with ad tail wagging the dog.

Betsy DeVos Is Wasting No Time Screwing Over Students Who Borrow Money for College

Iraq War Vet Is First Democrat To Jump Into Tennessee Senate Race

Bruce Springsteen Bashes Trump in New Protest Song

Trump Admits Frequent Trips To Washington DC Havent Helped Golf Game (satire)

Pope Francis Trashes Transgender Teens

Butters. Sings. CHICAGO!

S. Koreans describe TRUMP: "Unpredictable. Unhinged. Dangerous."

'One of the happier facts I brought home from an otherwise very frustrating run for President was

Any good March for Science sign ideas?

Asteroid to Fly Safely Past Earth on April 19

National security issues multiply for Trump

Africans wary of US travel under Trump's policies

Pacific Northwest leads most of the nation in employment

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-20: You Dropped A Bomb On Me Edition

Rep. Jason Chaffetz eyeing a new title governor

U.S. Missile Defense System May Not Work, Say Experts

Sheldon Adelson Gave $5 Million for Trump's Inauguration, Filing Shows

Tips for spotting trolls

Milbank: Trump wearing his flip-flops into D.C. swamp

O'Leilly is out... Damn should have happened 17 years ago!

Venezuelan opposition to hold 'mother of all marches' against Maduro

ICJ Says It Won't Impose Measures Against Russia In Case Brought By Kyiv

SPICER: Trump said we had a carrier group headed toward the Korean peninsula. "That is a fact..."

All jokes aside, countries are starting to doubt the military's ability to work effectively

There's a plan in Congress to start charging troops for their GI Bill benefits

WHEN ossoff wins the runoff, remind everyone to thank der drumpfenfuhrer. after all, had

Former Bush lawyer 'congratulates' Jason Chaffetz for leaving Congress: If you can't do the job...

"get that baby out of here" drumpfy. aug '16 (he hates kids)

Adviser: Carly Fiorina 'strongly considering' Virginia Senate run

Sources: Fox News Has Decided Bill OReilly Has to Go

Just got email from Tom Perez/DNC - They ARE fundraising for Ossoff...

Complaints received by the Office of Govt Ethics

If you can't stand the heat,

NYT - East Coast Flood Insurance System Beginning To Break Down

Glenn Beck still claims to be right...

Spicer: Ossoff's 1st-Place Finish In Georgia Election A 'Big Loss' For Dems

Jason Chaffetz, Powerful House Republican, Wont Run in 2018

Jesus paid taxes.

Looking at Trump's tweets, he can't seem to find presidential things to do!

You know who is celebrating today?

'Our New Press Secretary': Media Reacts on Twitter to Reported Departure of Bill O'Reilly

Teen Formula 4 Driver Billy Monger Loses Legs After Horrific Racing Crash

Doctor: Alex Jones Diagnosed With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Mother of four deported to Mexico as lawyer decries Trump's 'heartless policy'

Abolishing Bill O'Reilly

Why is Jason Chaffetz suddenly retiring from Congress? One word: Ambition.

Slobber, slurp, drool - Exxon wants a know, from Russia!

Foundation for Reason and Science w/ Robyn Blumner

Trump's ethical squalor is worse than you thought

Indian ruling party officials to be tried over 1992 Babri mosque demolition

I Support Bernie Sanders Remaining an Independent

BREAKING: Deputy commerce pick withdrawing from consideration

For those DUers that want to criticize Bernie and others for not helping Ossoff,...

Good way to blunt propaganda from the GOP Trump mill:

Tillerson makes his move: Exxon seeks US Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture.

The company you keep: NFL Owners Rained Cash on Trump Inaugural

Just thought it was nice

Hear the chilling tales of torture from gay Chechens who lived to tell them

Venezuelan opposition marches against Maduro; student killed

Some days you must SEARCH for irony - others, it just bites you in the butt

Russia launches investigation into US media: report

******BREAKING****** It's now official - Bill O'Reilly is out!

Thanks to the ACA, more than 55 million women pay no out-of-pocket costs for birth control coverage

Pro-Trump Attorney for Fox Employees Says More Discrimination Lawsuits Against Network Coming

Lunch time thoughts...

I'm tired of all these Bernie posts.

O'Reilly isn't being fired for what he did. Fox News has known for years.

Alec Baldwin's Approach To Trump: If You Can't Beat Him, Become Him

Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture

for billo

New campaign to target Christian anti-transgender activists as hate groups

Goodbye Chaffetz and Oreilly

FOX: Falafel out of hummus

God trolls a Trump supporter

In defense of Trump........

Now that Bill O'Reilly is unemployed do you think Chump will make him Press Secretary?

Lawsuits against O'Reilly, you do understand they are possible because a LIBERAL wrote a law, right?


Predictions from 2016...

Top Republican presses Trump to submit war authorization

Do you have a favorite Pre-Code movie?

*****BREAKING ***** Tucker Carlson to get Bill O'Reilly's spot

NPR reports Tucker Carlson getting O'Reilly's slot.


"Fake News Ale" - it's a real thing!

This is actually pretty much what he said

Patriot's Gronkowski crashes Spicey's press briefing

Grrrrrrr - Steve King celebrated the deportation of a Dreamer by having a beer

Billo's next book coming out in time for Summer

So, what will O'Really?!? do now?

How long till Bannon and Ailes start a network wilth grabby hands

Ohio man admits soliciting murder of U.S. military members

Chump offered public support - and a vociferous defense - for both Ailes and Bill O'Reilly- Both out

OUTFOXED - Fox News Tosses OReilly After Sex Harassment Claims

Alabama Megachurch Close to Creating Its Own Police Force

Bernie! Bernie, bernie bernie bernie bernie bernie. Bernie: Bernie bernie

Nikolai Andrushchenko, Russian journalist and Putin critic, succumbs after March 9 beating:

Israeli officials say Assad believed to have up to 3 tons of chemical weapons

'The No-Job Zone': Gleeful internet dances on the grave of Bill O'Reilly's career

Bill OReilly is out at Fox News!

Just curious, since people are making an issue of it...

Supreme Court Weighs State Aid to Church Programs.

It was a good day. *

Twitter: Bernie - Today I taped a special with @natgeo in Little Haiti, Miami ...

'Appalled' liquor commissioners vote to deny licenses for Whiteclay (near Pine Ridge SD) beer stores

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Weighs In On Trump's First 90 Days, Working With GOP Women & More The View

Yes, its good that Chaffetz won't run in 2018, but that just means he'll be an even bigger a-hole

BLS report: Expenditures for July 2015-June 2016 are 2.3% higher than the July 2014-June 2015 avg.

FYI: Trump has said more for sexual harassers than for Muslims shot at a mosque by a RW extremist

Last stand: Nebraska farmers could derail Keystone XL pipeline

Sources: Rudy Giuliani wants to flip on Donald Trump, but FBI doesnt need him to make the case

U.S. must keep military options open on North Korea: House speaker Ryan

BREAKING! The new word is Unservative

U.S. economy shows only modest signs of inflation pressures: Fed

My dog has cancer.

Black Florida state attorney threatened with noose amid GOP backlash over anti-execution stance

A Facebook Link: Miami Rally Live-stream 4/19

The NEW SHINING STAR in the FOX GALAXY is a man Jon Stewart once called an "dick."

Something supremely satisfying seeing this story from this specific media source:

Question- Is Trump going from Putin's pawn to Putin's punk?

Massachusetts to Throw Out 21,000 Drug Convictions After State Chemist Tampers With Evidence

Allegations Come In, Bill O'Reilly Goes Out - You Can't Explain That

"Fearless Girl" redux...

Dan Rather on our priorities

Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - documents

Astronomers discover 'Super-Earth' planet outside solar system that could support life

Russian journalist and Putin critic dies after being beaten up by strangers

A second rate actor named Ronald

This is what failure looks like

Tillerson on tv right now making a case for an invasion into Iran.

Police say they've found thief who stole Cobb Co elections machines

Because, why not?

Even his buddy, Tom Brady, stayed away...

I figured out how to hide every thread with the word "Bernie" in the header.

Imagine, if you will, standing in front of trump

Sanders: "I don't consider myself a Democrat"

Buh-bye, Billdo

Bernie people choppin on Hillary. Hillary supporters choppin on Bernie

34 Patriots Just Defied Trump In The Way That Hurts Him Most

Our so-called president:

And they rose...and fought back! 74 years ago, today, the Jews said, "NO!"

Trump-Russia: Putin-linked group drew up plan to swing US election (Sydney Morning Herald)

Subtropical Depression One

Killing Bill O'Reilly

Where have all the Russia-apologists of DU gone?

Thread to celebrate the firing of "Bill-O"!

Stop Assigning Blame in the GA 6 race

Colbert: If You're Watching This, Thermonuclear War Hasn't Happened Yet

Wed. afternoon cuteness overload - lessons learned

If he says you're a wonderful man or you're a good man

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Miami, Florida 4/19/2017 Come Together Fight Back Tour

Supreme Court case could pave the way for vouchers for Christian schools or do just the opposite

Help! I think I have developed a very serious medical condition.

Can Democrats win without Independents?

Berkeley cancels conservative firebrand Ann Coulter's speech over fears of more violent protests

It always comes down to crowd size

Washington State Employees Lunch time Rally

I will be seeing Bernie tomorrow night from a booth

******BREAKING****** O'Reilly said he was let go over unfounded claims

Texas ordered to pay $600,000 to same-sex couples who defeated state ban

With "friends" ***ahem:Bernie*** like these, who needs enemies? (tweet and link)

I love THIS toon! Fearless Girl says good riddance to O'Reilly

REUTERS EXCLUSIVE: Putin think tank docs show plan to sway 2016 to Trump

Trump to face Mexican heritage judge in Dreamer case

We just got huge sign US intel community believes Trump dossier is legitimate (Business Insider)

Baltimore's solar-powered water wheel has now removed 1.1 million lbs of rubbish from the river

I don't care what the haters say, I love the Lord of the Rings movies!!

Chaffetz expecting two term Democratic president after this disaster, will run in 2028

That wtf moment when reviewing pics and you see this

Now that Bernie Sanders...

Ailes, O'Reilly And.....

Praying for sanity at the Arizona House

Swing voters in key R districts want probe into Trump-Russia ties but dont trust Rs to conduct it

6 days before Jason Chaffetz's surprise announcement, Louise Mensch tweeted:

Dang. Louise Mensch is at times infuriating, but once again:

Gone. Gone. Next. . .

The Alt Right has a new theory on Trump-Putin collusion. Hold your hats on.

"Best, Rupert Lachlan & James"

"Drunk Kellie Leitch" defends her screening proposal

God complex: how religion became the bedrock of modern rap

Keith Olbermann does an O'Reilly victory lap:

As a proper send off to O'Reilly does anyone have the FUCK IT! video when he was on Inside Edition

Aaron Hernandez had John 3:16 written on his forehead

Has Bill Oreilly Been fired??????


The Catholic Church still cares about Latin

Sean Spicer just held an impromptu press conference at the demand of Trump himself

IMO, Ossoff will not meet Handel on June 20 but will run against Gray.

Wife clothes shopping, picked up a top by ivanka trump.

DC apartment building says banners must come down after neighbors' political feud

Gisele tweets anti-Trump march as Brady skips White House visit

Bye Bye Bill!!!

Bill is "disheartened" after leaving Fox over "completely unfounded claims" #CheerUpHaveATicTac

So who will Dennis Miller be unfunny with now?

What will happen to the O'Reilly-Dennis Miller "comedy" tour ?

Oh My - the 97 year old son of Violet Brown (the world's oldest person) died at

We went 8 years without fear mongering

Letter from Jacoby Brissett to Big O

Is it just me or does it feel like the 45 lollapolloza has been going on forever

I'm sorry, I can't get too excited about Bill O'Reilly being fired.

Some good news out of Alabama...

Donald Trump will probably stay in Paris Climate Deal, likely wont reverse obama's Iran Deal

Donald Trump's North Korea 'armada' gaffe was dangerous buffoonery

What is with this sudden uptick of anti-Bernie threads?

U.S. Officials say Putin-linked think tank wrote plan to swing 2016 U.S. election in Donald Trump's

Former NFL player Colin Allred launches campaign to unseat Pete Sessions

Lol Tucker Carlson is who they chose to fill O'Reilly slot.

It's as simple as this. The election was not legitimate. Trump was placed into the presidency.

If the Palmer report is not accurate, why post it here?

Pierce: Stop Lying to Yourself About Donald Trump

Chris Matthews & All His Guests Making Excuses For Hatemongers Like O'Reilly.

Where are the protest marches demanding clean elections??

Devos family, major GOP donor, owns AMWAY. One of Amway's biggest markets: Russia.

Jared Kushner Calls Kim Jong-un Totally Unqualified Person Who Got Job Only Through Nepotism

A simple question without an easy answer....

Ex-Microsoft CEO unveils government transparency database

CBS News has learned a manhunt is under way for a traitor inside the CIA who gave thousands of docs

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 April 2017

Bose headphones spy on listeners: lawsuit

Repost: 'Progressive' was used as a slur against Ossoff in campaign ads

Can a snap election be cancelled ?

Trump's On the Job Training Involves the Checkbook and Nuclear Arsenal of the Nation (w Mark Pocan)

Elizabeth Warren's new book "This Fight is Our Fight" is out...

Two Super Bowls...Two different POTUS

Sex For Rent, Free Market at Work, or Exploitation? (w/Guest Charles Sauer)

Some stained glass windows from a nearby church...