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Archives: April 2, 2017

KKK fliers dispersed in Perkins 4/1/2017

Elizabeth and Hillary: This is what leadership sounds like.

Elizabeth Warren faces sexism and misogyny from trump and repubs.

Suffolk, England: goat is friends with dog


Has anyone here ever met a liberal elitist?

Michael Steele: Trump will not finish his term; advises clients to bolster ties w/VP Pence

Gonzaga Wins!! n/t

You can add 'Colluding with Russia to steal election'

An Idea for Somebody in the Movies

Republicans dont give a sh*t about people says DNC Chair Tom Perez in fiery healthcare speech

Russian embassy offers 'election interference'

President Trump Has Tried Nothing and Hes All Out of Ideas

Are you pulling for the Freedom Caucus in their battle with Trump?

Judge to President Trump: No protection for speech inciting violence

Comedy Central: Brexit: A Titanic Failure

"Don't even dare bring up a Supreme Court nomination in this environment!"

I'm a Republican. I'll vote Democratic until my party regains its dignity.


The only 4 things you need to know about Trump and Russia

Lol, Pete Souza

My Trump voting sister went to an Indivisible event today

Henry Rollins: Make America Filthy, Hungry, Broke and Stupid Again.

Toronto Star keeps updating list of trump's post-inauguration lies

meanwhile, in Europe...

Colombia landslide leaves more than 150 dead in Putumayo province

Let America Be America Again

Ex-punk rocker challenges Ted Cruz for Senate

Remember this? From our former president with the intelligent, sophisticated humor?

Man accused of groping woman at Walmart turns himself in

The Afghan restaurant run by domestic abuse survivors

Does anyone wonder what Christopher Hitchens would be saying about all this?

Never the less, Eartha Kitt Persisted

Yes, you do have to report whether you were covered - when filing your income tax return

During the NC/Oregon game, a commercial for opioid induced constipation aired,

The key at the NCAA SemiFinals very much resembles a penis.

Scavino accused of Hatch Act violation re: urging that Amash be primaried

Donald Trump has been elected president of the united states...

Far-right demonstration falls flat as only 300 turn up to London march

Trump "greatest con artist in the history of the world"

Don't be cruel......

Solving the mystery of the Arctic's green ice


Is SNL, then, done with original shows?

21st Century Fox stands by Bill O'Reilly amid report of five settlements

The FBI and CIA are investigating Trump's ties to Putin I'd think they would obtain a warrent

Carbon monoxide suspected in Michigan hotel pool death

Is there a new SNL tonight? n/t

If you have a tattoo on your lower back of the President do

Methane emissions from trees

Mark Cuban Gives Theory About Donald Trumps Russia Connection, And It MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

Journal: Researchers can track hazardous chemicals from fast-food wrappers in the body

"George W. Bush's approval rating didn't sink to 40 percent until after his response to Katrina"

When A Cover Is Better Than The Original...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 4: Star of the Month: Character Actors

Butchered shark fins seized from shrimp boat off Key West

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 5: Zsa Zsa Gabor Tribute

"Does FBI stand for ...

Guantnamo has a feral cat problem. Operation Git-Meow to the rescue.

Luxury Homeowners Build Rooms to Show Off Trophies

Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Poet Who Stirred a Generation of Soviets, Dies at 83.

Interior minister, police chief fired after Paraguay clashes

I have a problem with https vs http here on DU

Interior minister, police chief fired after Paraguay clashes

Can Someone Answer Questions about NSC and Intelligence?

Canada Buys Arizona

Lol!!!! DIY Trump Voodoo Doll

"Hopelessly Patriotic"

Why I am Buddhist....

Protest at Ivanka's house in DC

Give It Up, GOP. Its over.

25 Trump supporter slogans

I have got my vacation home...

EPA mistakenly criticizes Trumps executive order

Re-homing a Horse

"His supporters would rather see America destroyed than admit they were wrong."

Trump aide accused of federal ethics violation

We created a monster...

Re-Homing a Horse

Hat Tip to Laffy Kat. Cross post from GD. ♡

Then get Nunes removed.

Happy Birthday!

Pre-washing dishes before putting them in the dish washer. Where do you stand?

A question for those senators still undecided on the Gorsuch nomination:

And so it begins.....

This whole "Rapture" thing makes sense now!

WTF ?!! Fox gets tRump to fire AGs to protect Fox ??

Another April Fools Day gone..

Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series in 2017, according to Vegas

The Party Of Lincoln

Watch Susan Sarandon EXCUSE Her Anti-Hillary Behavior, Stephen Colbert CALLS HER OUT!

Mike Pence, 46th president of the United Staes.

As much as Trump's a lying, crooked, narcissistic POS...

Timothy Stanley is wrong. Its not too soon and its never too late.

Why Are "Progressive" Democrats Taking Money From This Union-Busting Law Firm?

Duel Of The Fates --John Williams

Free tuition details are evolving

State budget: Hope, a flare-up amid quiet at the Capitol

Flynn did not admit to being paid by Russian television RT on

Pavlov's cats.. a new twist

Bill Nye On President Donald Trump's Climate Orders: 'Clean Coal Is A Myth' The Last Word MSNBC

Black lives matter, except to journalists

Pakistan shrine: 20 murdered at Sufi shrine in Punjab

Black and Brown Girls Matter

Cyclone Debbie: Australia surveys devastation

Fear of Diversity Made People More Likely to Vote Trump.

Warm welcome awaits Sisi as Trump rolls out red carpet for Egypt strongman

Army, Navy secretary nominees expected to be named soon

With Trump approval, Pentagon expands warfighting authority

No more burials at Arlington in 25 years? Famed cemetery is running out of space

Congressional Dems, Cuomo Seek More Federal Medicaid Funds For New York

At long last, ribbon is cut on new Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Hempstead Town Councilman Ed Ambrosino arrested for wire fraud and tax evasion

Oneida Nation to build a $40 million-plus casino near Onondaga County line

HM Training Revision Better Meets Fleet Needs, SG, CNO Priorities

Election meddling: When Russia returns, will the US be ready?

Guest lineups for TV news shows on Sunday, April 2

A Presidency Stalled And Sputtering

Central NY students upset after being asked to defend Nazis, Holocaust for homework

Rikers Island will close: de Blasio

Big Gay Ice Cream comes in pints now

Sisters detained at Logan for 36 hours sent back to Colombia: Lawyer

Massachusetts man sues Dunkin' Donuts after his buttered bagel didn't have butter

Republican candidate for Philly DA sees opening after Democrat incumbent's indictment

The Walking Dead 7.16 "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" (spoiler alert - season finale)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cat Tree Edition

The legacy of All the President's Men

The legacy of All the President's Men

FPL Wins Battle to Store Radioactive Waste Under Miami's Drinking Water Aquifer

Flynn poss caught in FSB honeypot w/female Russian Intel asset.

Mensch : Comey has all the proof on voter hacking now according to sources

Former Obama staffers run for office to protect the progressive policies they built

Sunday's Doonesbury - Try not talking about him

Democrats unleash 10,000 robocalls blasting Pete Sessions on Internet privacy vote

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon- History Report


Why Is This Hate Different From All Other Hate?

Trump, who vowed to help Flint, is proposing to eliminate an EPA program studying lead hazards:

So if it's a sore loser Dem plot and distraction

The Trump implosion would be even more fun if Deplorables were smart enough to know they were jobbed

Los Angeles Times - Donald Trump's Train Wreck Presidency

Gotta love Steve Bannon with a fifty million dollar net worth pining for a revolution.

Report: Chechnya police arrest 100 alleged gays, 3 killed

Tom Perez: Republicans "dont give a s--t about people."

Adam Schiff is the hero America needs. He is not the hero America deserves.

Los Angeles TIMES: A Train Wreck Presidency

Vicente Fox on Trump appointing Ivanka: "their businesses end broke and failing"

In downtown Clearwater, Scientology's bid for an expanded role is a matter of scripture

Scientology's bid for an expanded role is a matter of scripture

Grand Ole Pervert.

Paul Ryan Should be Ownning the Devin Nunes Mess!

20 Years After Saying She Was Sexually Abused, A Child Gymnast Is Finally Believed: Huff Post.

The Swamp, an illustration

Sansa Stark: "You are either evil or you are stupid.

CNN - Every Third Commercial Is For Gorsuch This Morning

My Political View.

Most Americans favor an independent inquiry into Trump associates ties with Russia, poll shows

It's Tweet burning time! WARNING: TWEETS INSIDE

Why isn't Chump not throwing out the First Ball

Cambridge University dragged into row over Donald Trump's ex-spy chief's links to Russia

And might I add 45 -- you'll find the food at Leavenworth pretty good...

The "liberal elite"

State Department: Most Under Secretary Posts Are Still Vacant

April Protests: Tax Day 15th, Earth day 22nd, Climate Day 29th. Apparently not a thing.

From the folks who brought you CLEAN COAL...

A kind of "Lest We Forget" thing that doesn't seem to be touched on . . .

One of the Most Frightening Things about Trump Is His Ignorance

Watergate's John Dean: Half the population isn't sure whether Trump is insane...

Trump Comes to a Fork in the Road; Impales Self On It

Trump Comes to a Fork in the Road; Impales Self On It

Trump's finally catching flack from his"Rallys".

Writing about food: James Villas, "American Taste"

The data suggests up to thirty percent of Americans have authoritarian tendencies.

Is Trumps epic downfall coming soon? Watch your phone -- By Mark Morford

Investigate collusion between Monsanto and the EPA

Rep Adam Schiff's Very Important Questions After His Trip To WH To See Docs

*Whoop*!1 - Reliable Sources is headlining the O'Reilly sex harassment pay-offs from NYT article!1

CNN: "How my daughter died from a simple case of the flu"

Funny anti-Gorsuch sign

If Dems Do NOT Block Gosuck, Trump Will Not Be Ousted

In case you are wondering where Trump is today:

Iowa governor signs law to prevent raise in minimum wage

Marijuana Could Soon be Regulated Like Alcohol in All 50 States

Its Basically Just Immoral To Be Rich

Sunday Toon Roundup

Tom Paine (From Beyond the Grave) on Trump (not a Tweet)

Find the leakers, Trump tells media as wiretapping issue refuses to die down

Millicent Fawcett Is First Woman to Get Statue in Londons Parliament Square

When a call for jury duty came up this morning, I was on a small screen device

Police arrest six after hate crime attack on asylum-seeker in London

A judge rules Trump may have incited violence and Trump again has his own mouth to blame

Willie, Mickey, and the Duke (Talkin' Baseball)

Trump could shoot trump voters on 5th Ave and

William Blake (from beyond the grave) on Trump

I did a google search on Svetlana Lokhova, Gen Flynn's friend.....

Do you think sexism played any negative role in the GE?

Top intel Dem hints at dragging Trump before House Intelligence Committee

The NRA & Steve Bannon get caught up in the Russian web

Millicent Garrett Fawcett, British suffragist, will be honored with a statue in London:

Is anyone else having trouble getting on Louise Mensch's blog site?

Our Dishonest President (LA Times editorial)

Chris Wallace repeatedly calling bullshit on Trump EPA admin Pruitt is, dare I say, kinda heroic

When they go low, DON'T BACK DOWN

Is the Trump thrill gone in Potter County?

REAL MEN - Meme Makeover.

The history of the republican voter is stunning.

If Trump gets away with this

Exhibit: ''Hippies, Freaks and Radicals: 1970's Counterculture in Vermont''

Top Senate Democrat says unlikely Trump court pick can clear procedural hurdle

Venezuela's democracy still broken, says opposition

Fake Pres. Dim now wants to love the GOP

French polling watchdog warns over Russian news agency's election report

Donate to Jon Ossoff for Prices seat in GA...paypal and all credit

The Turtle laughs during this interview, this traitor, forgot the Constitution

Tina Fey pretty much nails one aspect...

Leonard Bernstein: 5 minutes of music education

This how a gerrymandered hypocrite says about Health Care, he is a Death panel

Did White House show Committee members same info that Nunes saw?

Your road or bridge is not safe,

With Merrick Garland out, McConnell suddenly no longer a fan of the imaginary "Biden-Rule".

Nuke? No Nuke?

"Reminds me that 99% of humans are amazing" (airport worker reassuring a scared dog)

Why wasn't the Bank of Cyprus discussed Jake, I watched someone that did!

Thinking about Trump making drastic cuts in Education,

It's just a matter of time until John Cornyn blows up the Senate Committee.

What are you reading this week of April 2, 2017?

In Trump Country, Shock at Trump Budget Cuts, but Still Loyalty

TPM - what the hell? "Trump: The 'Fake News Media' Is Just Missing GOP's Inner 'Love And Strength'

Trump hits golf course with Sen. Rand Paul

Justin Trudeau challenges actor Matthew Perry to fight rematch

When I saw Steve Bannon, I thought 'Gee, he reminds me of someone, but who??'

Schiff: Trump trying to shift attention from Russia

Ask yourself this: Are Trump and Republicans Working on Plans to "Thin the Herd?"

McCain: Nunes 'killed' opportunity for bipartisan investigation into Russian interference

Trump thinks the Republican Party is characterized by "love and strength" ...

Nikki Haley: Trump Can Say What He Wants Whenever He Wants

Mitch McConnell tells Chuck Todd that it's absurd to suggest he blocked Merrick Garland

Natalie Morales calls Christopher Hitchens an 'A-hole' for saying women aren't funny

American citizens, including the House and Senate, have but one of two choices..

The President of the United States of America just agreed to pay $25,000,000 to people he defrauded

I'd like to learn a marital art. Any suggestions?

Hes increasingly isolated

I'm waiting to hear Chris Hedges

When Left-Wing Feminists and Conservative Catholics Unite

Low Poll Numbers Limit Influence

Donnelly becomes third Democrat to back Gorsuch

I think that McConnell KNEW that Russia was going to

Oh, FFS. President Meltdown schools us all on "the love and strength in R Party"

i can't wait till the FAKE NEWS brings down donald trump.

2018 US Senate Election Rating

Adam and Eve lesson gets teacher cast out of religious school

Former WH attorneys call for top Trump adviser to be fired

McConnell: No Evidence of Trump Surveillance

Fun Factoid with Autocorrect

Coming Out as a Catholic

On the golf course for the 14th time in 10 weeks

NRA Recommends Preventing Firearm Deaths By Securing Children In Locked Safe

Bill O'Reilly Renews Fox News Contract Despite Recent Sexual Harassment Controversy (Report)

Confess to something that might make people think that you're not human

A Peoples Buddhism?

Lahaina friend's family needs some aloha.

Our Dishonest President

Steve King travels the world on taxpayers' dime

Long time Verde Valley residents in need

Tina Fey Warns College-Educated Women Gains Weve MadeAre Under Attack

Ancient bones and new technology reveal the face of medieval poverty

Ancient bones and new technology reveal the face of medieval poverty

Putin: Criticism of Russia protest arrests is 'interference'

3 dozen reported arrested in Moscow protest attempts

Deepest State Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Bill Cosby of corporate America: Lisa Bloom explodes at Bill OReilly for sexual harrassment

Federal judge allows lawsuit against Donald Trump for violence at Kentucky rally


New York Post apologizes after app apparently hacked

My answer to the (G)overnment ) (O)f (P)utin's demand for an apology

Sheriffs say legal issues hinder ICE cooperation

Analysis: The entire coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's

Looks like slimy Newt has his own production website for his own headlines....

Trumps new Russia expert wrote a psychological profile of Vladimir Putin. It should scare Trump

Since I'm abstaining from posting twitter links

Whitehorse Trail showing signs of rebirth after Oso mudslide

Commentry: Lawmakers should leave minimum wage law alone

Why I Want [Redacted] to Finish a Full Term Through 2020

Why The FBI can't tell all on Trump & Russia

Spring and Squirrels

"Patriot" on Amazon.

And boom...another city resolves to request House to investigate Trump for Impeachment.

I just talked to my boyfreind who is in Germany at this time.

What if President Obama had hosted Heads of State

Elections Democrats aim to take out Cruz in 2018 The 2018 map is so bad for the party that to win

Question for sports parents out there.

Anyone else find it ironic the MSM profited by promoting Rump & then after he stole the election

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) Says Yes To Gorsuch

Third Senate Democrat announces support for Gorsuch

Homebuilder legend Arthur Rutenberg dead at 89

Why aren't independent investigations the norm?

I'd like to learn a Martian art. Any suggestions?

Russian Billionaire Tied To Paul Manafort Is $1.6 Billion Richer Since Trump's Election

summary on Nunes collaborator Ezra Cohen-Watnick, whom Flynn brought in & NSA McMaster wanted to fir

Opinion: Bernie bro Twitter attackers, like MAGA accounts, were Russian bots

An Open Letter To The Pro-Life Women Who Want To Defund Planned Parenthood

How SpaceX's Historic Rocket Re-Flight Boosts Elon Musk's Mars Plan

Happy 70th Birthday Emmylou Harris.

The Sanders Show: Welcome to 'Bernie TV'

Stephen King on Donald Trump: How do such men rise? First as a joke (Guardian)

Christian legislators lose battle to put In God We Trust on all Tennessee licence plates:

Sean Spicer reborn as a swan

Has anyone here ever met a welfare queen?

No more "strength" metaphors when referring to the unacceptable Oval Office occupant...

Why do Hillary haters almost invariably deny Russian influence in the election?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse (Ignorantia juris non excusat)

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 2, 2017

Interesting that Flynn was pro-NATO anti-Russia until about same time as he joined Trump campaign

From Reddit: A protest sign against DRUMPF/GORSUCH.

Ha - Right-wing website argues Jesus didn't want to help the poor at all

If the election were tomorrow, for whom would you vote?

Trump ready to tackle North Korea alone

Adam Schiff -- saw the same documents as Devin Nunes?

The Blaze malware alert: Be careful of links to today.

Theresa May would go to war to defend Gibraltar, former Tory leader says

And THERE is the question.

Presidents under FBI investigation don't get to make Supreme Court nominations.

So what do you all think of Mama June's transformation?

Six arrested over teenage asylum seeker beaten in frenzied attack

I have been a member of the Democratic Party and the DNC for DECADES.

Trump Border Wall Will Be a Huge Land and WATER Grab in Texas

To echo Adam Schiff, why the subterfuge??

Spatchcock chicken on the Kamado Joe.

If Ryan's goal was to render House Intel impotent, no way he will replace Nunes unless....

Mexican wolf captured in Chiricahua area of Arizona

Today in Church...

Iron Hill

Black WWII Hero, unrecognized for 60 years, dies at 100

FBI probing whether Trump aides helped Russia in EARLY 2016:

Ted Lieu: No vote on Gorsuch or other Trump nominees until we know whether presidency is legitimate

Our Dishonest President: L.A. Times editorial eviscerates Trump

Trump's at Trump Nat'l Golf Club in Virginia, 14th golf course trip since taking office 10 weeks ago

The only difference between the current administration and Westboro Baptist Church is

Did tRump golf this much before becoming ....

Back in the news - the Jamaica Lotto Scam

What's that in your bucket, doggie?

Dear Trump...THIS is how you do it.

Note to my senators (re Gorsuch)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 April 2017

What's your favorite line from The Odd Couple (1968)?

Until there is direct evidence that Trump knowingly collaborated with Russians, he will remain.

Trump Backtracks: Actually I 'Didn't Want To Take A Vote' On O'Care Repeal

Man tries to burn EU flag. It doesn't burn because of EU regulations on flammable materials in flags

after today, trumpie has limited to playing golf a mere 14 times since he took over

Yes, Paul Ryan actually did get down on one knee.

Report: Comey Tried To Warn About Russia But OBAMA Said No

When Will Home Insurance Companies Start....

While Hillary spent $140 million on tv spots, Trump campaign pumped its money into Facebook

Former WH attorneys call for top Trump adviser to be fired over alleged Hatch Act violation

It might be better for the investigation to drag out and not be resolved quickly

My crazy baseball prediction about Madison Baumgarner

60 Minutes tonight. They have a story about the Tulsa female

If tRump went to prison for something other than Russia, would it satisfy?

It's kitten season again!

Today was Golf outing #14

Dang right Maxine. Don't let up

WWII buffs and/or aviation buffs: Would a B-24 plane take a lot of musclepower to

Hear, Hear. Three cheers for reality. L.A. Times Editorial calls for saving America from Trump.

Trumps sagging approval ratings:

What is Adam Schiff's record like?

Does this idiot realize that NK might well attack SK and Japan because of his threats?

Measles outbreak across Europe

The craziness isn't just confined to politics. What's going on?

Today's LA Times editorial. Hillary said virtually the same thing last summer.

Just saw "Beauty and the Beast" - I'd forgotten about the "controversy"

Here's A Running List Of President Trump's Lies And Other Bullshit

The original Manchurian Candidate coming up on TCM

The Trauma of Facing deportation

Couple admits stealing $322K in goods from employer, selling the items on eBay, report says