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At the olddddd balllll game....

The Resistance Report, April 19, 2017 Reich

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus very often misdiagnosed as dementia. There is successful treatment

Live-stream: Come Together Fight Back Tour - Miami, FL

Two Years Since Freddie Grays Death

Live-stream - Come Together Fight Back Tour - Miami, FL

#MenschAMovie is trending. Love that she irritates Putin and his bots so.

The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal,

McCain tweets "Are they crazy?" about Exxon waiver request... Gets roasted in replies

Citgo's Inaugural Gift ($500K) Surfaces Amid National Security Concern

Richard Simmons breaks his silence after recent hospitalization

This is why we lose


UBI - "Free money for everyone." Isn't this what we REALLY want?

DHS's ICS-CERT warns of BrickerBot: IoT malware that will brick vulnerable devices

Trumps Got a Mega-Bomb Designed to Hit North Korea

Mensch's latest is a humdinger: Mike Flynns Treason Tour: Global Russian Propaganda Coordinated Wi

Funny or Die bids Bill-O a fond farewell...

GOP Sen. Susan Collins: Deporting 'DREAMer' contradicts Trump's own policy

Go Bill, GO (Luckovich 'toon)

So much negativity being spewed about Bernie

2018 US Senate Election- Recent poll in TX gives Democrats hope in regaining control of the Senate.

CBS: Manhunt underway for Agent or contractor

AT LAST! Bill O'Reilly is GONE!

Let's get us some Independents! Put Lieberman, Bloomberg, and Ventura in charge of the party!

Sources: WH looking to revive Obamacare repeal before 100-day deadline

Why do DUers think Bill Clinton visited GHW Bush last week

Dairy industry warns ICE raids on farms could skyrocket milk to $8 a gallon

First evidence found that LSD produces 'higher' level of consciousness, scientists claim

Three, for smiles ..

PIC: Patriots' turnout for Obama in 2015 vs. Patriots' turnout for Trump today: 34 did NOT attend

We need to stop "celebritizing" our Dem leaders.

A really creepy photo of DT and Marla you probably haven't seen before.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rachel having Elizabeth Warren on tonight. Just announced it. Dirt on Prince/Russia/Tillerson now.

Maddow talking of Family Research Council now. also DeVos and Eliz Warren coming up also

Have we heard from COLBERT re: O'LOOFAH? Tonight should be good.Keith is a broadsword/COLBERT rapier

InfoWars Alex Jones Is a Performance Artist

I love Rachel's background details

CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top-secret documents to WikiLeaks

Crazy Cruise IV is in the works!!!

Viggo Mortensen joins actors criticizing Argentine president

SHUT UP!: Watch Bill OReilly lose it when Al Franken exposes him as a liar during vintage segment

Mexico ex-governor arrested in Italy to face charges in U.S.

Bill O'Reilly..17 years. Breaks my heart.

Why is Russia ready to make a deal with Exxon, so soon after the disagreement over Syria?

White House sends press release featuring White House praise for White House

El Salvador seizes mining company's assets for payment

Georgia residents warned to prepare as Okefenokee fire grows

I'm starting to wonder where that vast intelligence budget I pay for goes.

Rest In Pieces, Bill O'Reilly's Career

NASA Sets New Human Launch Gap Record

Impeachment of Dilma Must Be Annulled, Brazilian Professor Says

Anyone else want to admit previously undisclosed contact with Russian officials?


Brazil's Temer Confesses Rousseff's Impeachment Was Revenge

Rachel Maddow 4/19/17 w/ Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Pope Francis Declines Temer's Invitation to Visit Brazil

Embrace all progressives. DNC isn't perfect; let all progressives do their work.

Brazil army awards medal to corruption probe judge

Prince: 12 things we've learned since his death

Concrete volume appears to rest on glass in Brazilian house by FGMF Arquitetos

Bill O'Reilly is Gone.

Hey Bill Oreilly

Now that O'Reilly is out who is going to prop up has-been Dennis Miller?

The Bernie Bashing is so counterproductive.

By the way, can we get a WayTaGo! for Lisa Bloom?

We really need to rethink our attitudes toward adoption in this country, and our understanding of

Rumblings of a Constitutional Assembly in Brazil

$8 a gallon milk coming to a store near you!

100% Unverifiable Diebold Touchscreens Save the Day for GOP in GA06!

My photo-share meme: permission to share granted.

Lindsey Graham heaps praise on Trump: 'I am all in'

Rob Quist - American Indian Council Pow Wow at MSU

Police search for Georgia man who ripped hijab off Muslim girl

Untangling the Ancient Inca Code of Strings

Tulsi Gabbard was endorsed by Bernie?

Today, in history, Apr 19th,

Untangling the Ancient Inca Code of Strings

I need slogans for the March for Science Saturday. Please help me come up with some.

Someone's going around writing The Smiths and Joy Division lyrics in double yellow lines

What If Donald Approached The Russians?

I have to ask...

Homeless, terminally ill dogs find sanctuary here

Carter Page: screwed, blued and tattooed

Some Of the Biggest Anti-Trump Voices Might Go Silent In a Matter of Days

Calls grow for Miami state senator who made racist and sexist comments to resign

Calls grow for Miami state senator who made racist and sexist comments to resign

State Board of Ed Lawsuit over HB17

"I think of you as a goon...."

About the Russia/Trump connection...?

*Eliz Warren on Charlie Rose now,

Survivalist who killed state trooper to spark 'revolution' is guilty of murder

Survivalist who killed state trooper to spark 'revolution' is guilty of murder

Man, we have had sooo much rain this season.

Hey, MSNBC. I hear O'Reilly is available.

Iraqi unit with U.S., Australian advisers hit by ISIS mustard agent

Arkansas cannot use drug needed for any scheduled executions, judge rules

One of the greatest movie moments of all time.

Celebrating O'Reilly being off the air is like

Key Official in Trump-Russia investigation will step down.

Cash-strapped Venezuela a major funder of Trump inauguration

My porch is as far as I wanted to wander.

Former Fox analyst: Bill O'Reilly was untouchable

HuffPo:1,000 Paid Russian Trolls Spread Fake News On Hillary Clinton, Senate Intelligence Heads Told

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Will Bill O'Reilly Replace Sean Spicer As Trump's Press Secretary?.....

Slate - "Bill O'Reilly's Long Career of Transforming BS into "Common Sense"

HuffPo - Bernie Sanders' Campaign Faced A Fake News Tsunami. Where Did It Come From?

This seems like a good place to ask.

Judge blocks Missouri's abortion-restricting rules

Random thoughts...

Conservatives stymied by latest Arkansas execution setback

Save 'breathtaking' west Quebec mine from demolition, petition urges

Trevor Noah knows this but I bet he'd like to hear these comments anyway

Utah Physician Says Shell Happily Do The Job Jason Chaffetz Wont

Patriots respond to speculation that delegation was smaller at White House this year

Mattis tries to downplay carrier confusion

Some Republicans Think They May Have A Health Care Deal

I had to jump on the line tonight..

Activist Calls White House 'Subsidiary of Exxon Mobil' at Cambridge Church

Jon Ossoff Credits Women For His Strong Showing In Georgia

Ryan to campaign with Republican in Georgia House runoff: report

U.S. House banking chairman unveils Dodd-Frank replacement

There Is No "Bernie Bashing". There's Reasonable Annoyance At His Insults & Unhelpful Comments

Plastic In The Arctic Ocean Making A New Garbage Patch, Thanks To Ocean Currents

Watched as much as I could tonight

Millennial women are 'worried,' 'ashamed' of out-earning boyfriends and husbands

Bernie bashing the democratic party and its members is counterproductive.

Guess what other GOP group had a private meeting with the Russians? Sanders Wrong on Voter Turnout

NY Daily News Cover: "NO JOB ZONE"

A Lump of Rock, an Otter and a Secessionist

So many "shoes" have been dropped in the past few months...


If DU is a Democrat-supporting board ...

Coulter Vows To Speak At UC Berkeley Despite Event Cancellation

Eating pepperoni pizza over political discussions.

F%king Godd&*nit. Please step into this thread for a moment.


Man urinated on squad car, punched Dallas officer in downtown restaurant, police say

North Korea Blade Runner Style music.

Jon Ossoff liberal policies

A Farewell To Bill O'Reilly From Stephen Colbert And 'Stephen Colbert'

Board OKs $710M sale of Memorial University Medical Center (Savannah) to HCA

Cruise Line Ordered to Pay $40 Million-Illegal Dumping of Oil Contaminated Waste, Falsifying Records

How much credence do you give to Tweets?

Progressive group endorses Sanders-backed candidate in Va. governors race

New York Times Best Seller

Carter Page's Russia trip helped spur FBI probe: report

It's 4:20!

Bill O'Reilly Gets the Boot: The Daily Show - 4/19/2017

When babies need a nap, a Mom's gotta handle it

Lewis Black Begins His Mornings With The News And Screaming - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 4/19/17

Judicial Watch threatens suit over voter rolls in 10 Georgia counties

What happened in Cleveland during the Republican Convention?

Atlanta tech firm to chase health care fraud

Will Imminent O'Reily butthurt make him angrier and crazier?

Any chance we could get an Asia group in the International section?

Blue surge in Georgia: What election shows about shifts in suburban values

Fox Host Tells Colleague She Is Giving America An Erection

Man caught stealing Ossoff signs is arrested

No let up: A new volley of attack ads aims for Ossoff in Georgia 6th

Man accused of stealing Jon Ossoff signs arrested in Roswell

State opens investigation into issues with 6th District race

My goddaughter is making one bad decision after another.

Personal Privilege! Please Read!

The Hubris of Ignorance

How concerned are you with the lies and lack of transparency from this White House?

Penn States Atheist/Agnostic Association builds community of like-minded skeptics without God

Russia tests American airspace for the second time in two days, coming even closer

Open Carry in SC--how many SC people will FREAK if it's a black guy openly carrying?

Two Israeli Films at the Tribeca Film Festival

How Republicans are holding America hostage?

Trump team exploring possible Pope Francis meeting

In emotional service, Jesuits and Georgetown repent for slave trading

Dow Chemical Reportedly Pressuring Trump Administration To Kill Study About Harmful Pesticides

White House sidewalk to be closed to public permanently

Why an American went to Cuba for cancer care

So When does Fox and Friends give up the format

Student unlocks mysteries of Norlins Tibetan Buddhist texts

The war in Syria has been great for North Korea

Trump's Mar-a-Lago kitchen slapped with 13 health violations

Happy Birthday George Takei!!!!

WI congressman Glenn Grothman shows his stupidity, again...

Using the blinker was thoughtful.

The worst Democrat is better than the best Deplorable

Disturbing video shows 10-year-old with autism arrested at school

Rauner Campaign Using Koch Brothers Data Mine In Re-Election Effort

Let's just start from, "The Republicans are going to steal the Ossoff election

A Brief Musical Interlude For Your Listening Pleasure:

How much money will Trump make from his 35 new trademarks in China ??

Billy Connolly (famous Scottish comedian): Donald Trump - Now there's a C**T

Media coverage of election

EJ Dionne: No, Mr. President, you can't do what you want

Carter Page Visit to Moscow Got the F.B.I.s Attention

Trump Takes Credit for Reauthorizing Bernie Sanders Veterans CHOICE Act

Goodbye, Mar-a-Lago. Hello, Bedminster.

Miss Havisham's Bake Sale

Korea was "part of China."???????

Dem: Kushner may have committed indictable offense-wants his Security Clearance revoked

Obama Derangement Syndrome is Worse Than Ever

White House sidewalk to be closed to public permanently

Major Depressive Disorder: a quick personal summary

Fox has a higher standard for hosts than we do for President

Is being able to work well with others a prerequisite for a successful leader?

Meanwhile in Indonesia....

@foxnews lineup now that O'Lielly is gone...

Sanders, Perez unity tour is off to a bumpy start

Weird history-facts: John F. Kennedy boned Hitler's ex-girlfriend during WWII

AP Exclusive: Pesticide maker tries to kill risk study

Support for marijuana legalization at all-time high

FOX-The voice of the GOP, i.e, Deplorablism was a den of racism as well

Man arrested for stalking Malia Obama

20000 pounds of cheese burn in Wisconsin semi fire

Syria chemical attack: Authority finds 'incontrovertible' evidence of Sarin

Trump Does Love Some Muslims--the Autocrats and Dictators

Sodomy trial begins in small Kansas town after struggle to find an impartial jury

Trump has already signed 66 executive actions here's what each one does

South Korea mocks 'ignorant' Trump for being completely oblivious about their region's history

Interactive map of Georgia 6

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Hey Ho Hey Ho, Bill-o gonna Go!

Deplorable sodomizes a thirteen year old. Town folk don't want to convict him. *

South Korea dismisses #Trump's remark that Korea was "part of China."

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Wrong Way Donald

Non-critical movie viewing: am I the only one ?

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- More similar than Different

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Homeland Security now acknowledges deported DREAMer had protective status

Dinner with the Deplorables

Humans have filled the pristine Arctic Ocean with 300 billion pieces of floating plastic

(Updated) Sarah Palin visits White House with Kid Rock, Ted Nugent

'Denigration of science is like a rot'

Why armed militia groups are surging across the nation (PBS)

Mexican heritage judge bashed by Trump will oversee deported dreamer case

Secret Service Allows White House Breach Again.

Google 'may build an adblocker into Chrome'

A Bill O. Classic; Say Baby put down that pipe and get my pipe up.

Trump invites vile trash to the WH for dinner...

Now on CNN Fox to pay Bill O "tens of millions" exit package

Bill Moyers and Steven Harper: 100 Days of Deconstruction: Part One

Mark Meadows pimps "higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions" in TrumpCare II

Bill O'Reilly Meets Pope Francis in Vatican V.I.P. Line

Cucumber Is Everywhere, So Why Are People Still Fat?

Drake wants case dropped against thirsty burglar

Reverend Barber: This reverends speech on coming together will inspire... (video tweet)

How far is too far? The Trump impeachment debate begins now.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Attempt A Home Pedicure

GOP desperate to carry out Koch Bros destruction

Trump promised report on hacking in 90 days....fails to deliver

If You Were Rich...

Alex Jones trial is interesting look into the conservative matrix

Royal Observatory Greenwich: The Story of Stars

WAPO: Bernie Sanders's strange behavior

Recent (200 years) nitrogen loading evident in shells of oysters in Chesapeake Bay

There Is No Presidential Race at This Time - There is Plenty to Discuss

This is what FOX should do:

Claude Taylor explains Dianne Feinstein's reaction after the Intel Committee briefing

ha ha! Sarah Palin Calls Out Elizabeth Warren for Stealing Her 'Fight Like a Girl' Line

Russia denies Reuters report think tank drew up plan to sway U.S. election

New Spelling Bee Rules For Trump's America

North Korea warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike' as U.S. plans next move

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #1 in C Major, Op. 15

In the old days , having a dollar

Hey, you lazy pot heads! Get up, you're late for work

Thurs. A.M. cutness overload - Head Bop

Senate Judiciary Chair: 'I Would Expect' A Supreme Court Vacancy This Summer

This video pretty much sums up my thoughts about our country being dragged along by Drumpt

Bill O'Leilly signs HUGE satellite radio deal (how long till we see this?)

A Fake and a Fraud

New PPP Poll: Dem Voter Enthusiasm in GA and KS is Nationwide

Wyoming, MN police department tweets Happy 420!

War on campus The escalating battle over college free speech

Bernie Sanders's strange behavior

A brief dispatch from Hell

Sernie Banders: A Thought Experiment

This Is Who Joined Sarah Palin At The White House

By the way...

Bill OReilly to Receive 'Tens of Millions' in Severance From Fox News

Antidepressants not as harmful during pregnancy as previously thought, a new study shows

Looks like a Special Prosecutor may be necessary for Fox:

Palin, Nugent and Kid Rock in the Oval Orifice. Ain't that America? No, not my America.

BWAHAHA! "THE Factor."

Number of people collecting unemployment checks hits 17-year low, jobless claims show

Report: Fox News executives fear more to come

Trump Nominates Scott Brown As US Ambassador To New Zealand

This is the day the pot calls the kettle......oh screw it....where did I put that jumbo bag of

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock at the White House with Trump, Jared and Hillary's portrait

Aren't you glad we have someone honest, forthright, and steady at the helm (SIGH)


Conyers: What is Dem plan for healthcare, you ask? I've been introducing Medicare For All since 2003

VP Pence tours Indonesian mosque in outreach to Muslims

The View taking a victory lap over O'LOOFAH. Plus, they're hosting his latest victim.

I don't have a renewal showing yet, fyi Skinner

And still, he somehow seemed to come off as saner than Alex Jones:

Nigeria 'gay wedding' bust leads to charges

Jason Chaffetz might not finish term?

The Secrets of Jamie Olivers Chicken in Milk

Happy 420!

I don't get the negativity and I never will

Trump: NY Times 'Caught in a Big Lie' Over Patriots Photos

Be Patriots!

How Child Care Enriches Mothers, and Especially the Sons They Raise

Interesting article about Melania...

Access to White House fence closes permanently

CNN *****BREAKING***** U.S. Official : China preps for possible N. Korea event

Oh noes! Not the NOOJ!

The Palmer Report, Breitbart for the Left?

gov grifter, shitty pants nugent, kid rock at white house

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall . . . Please come CAPTION Bill (I'm Outta Here) O'Reilly!!!!

What is 4/20? The meaning behind the marijuana celebration day

I.R.S. Enlists Debt Collectors to Recover Overdue Taxes

POLITICO - Trump gets his 100-day report card

Name for Drumpt's late arriving armada

The 'Bernie Derangement Syndrome' seems to be growing!

"My government will work with him but we think he's ill. We don't trust him".

What's really going on with Chaffetz?

Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow asks Alabama House to condemn Rebekah Mason

Panama Papers: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif survives corruption ruling

All HC Insurance Worthless Under GOP Plan. Even Americans With Secure? Insurance Would Be Screwed .

Don't Bet On The Emergence Of A "Religious Left"

Trumps campaign is still spending heavily -4Million+- to defend against ongoing civil lawsuits

BLS report: In 2016, 6.5% of families included an unemployed person, down from 6.9% in 2015

10 facts about tucker carlson, sexual predator billo's replacement (#7 sooooo fitting)

stephen colbert says goodbye to billo in dueling tributes

Russian court bans Jehovah's Witnesses, rules group is extremist: agencies

Chaffetz considering early departure from Congress

U.S. FCC approves easing business data service regulations

Leon Trotsky working for Fox?!

UC Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter speech; she says she will do it anyway

Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea

Everything About Trump & Entire GOP Is Just GHOULISH Beyond Belief.

Fox News payout to Bill O'Reilly will be tens of millions of dollars (sexual predation pays)

The Exhaustive and Complete List Of Everyone Who's Died Of A Marijuana Overdose

So, When Do They Bomb Venezuela?

US to investigate steel dimping impact on National security-is the trailer on cnn as

sexual predation clearly pays. trump, ailes, billo, epstein

GM latest US company to have assets seized in Venezuela

Thom Hartmann is defending RT

Whoa. April 20: New Trump/GOP health care repeal bill leads to spike in premiums by:

White House plans Obamacare showdown next week

Larry, Curly and Moeete visit the White House

April and her "Little Boy"

I'm still so sad..

Oh, Ehwick, my widdle Pwiiince - just a heads up from Mensch:

BUSTED: Leaked docs show GOP is selling monthly meetings with House leadership staff for just $5,000

So very SAD for Trump.

Venezuela seizes a General Motors plant amid anti-government protests

M0rford: Let us now cheer the end of Bill O'Reilly

GOP rep booed at town hall for saying healthcare isnt a 'basic human right'

Tad Cummings arrested. Elizabeth Thomas safe

Lest we forget, it was Chaffetz who...

When a friend is addicted to something that is harmful to them

Indiana Has Scrubbed 500,000 Registered Voters from the Rolls Since Nov. Election

U.S.-Italy Relations: ***** and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni speak to reporters

A possible future, or, is this progressive enough for you?

Indiana cleans up voter lists; purging 10 to 20%

this whole bernie not being a dem

Hey Billo! - Why are there so many wealthy and influential men who are

Back to you Megyn.... I mean Greta..... I mean Gretchen... I mean Bill.."

Perhaps It Is Time To Post Contact Information (Again)

Jason Chaffetz makes me wonder if most of the Republican Party was in on the Russian collusion

Does anyone know of any 420 events in Chicago suburbs?

Do pathogens have a "basic microorganism right" to infect people who can not afford treatment?

Failing NYT, big lie, NE Patriots...Commander-In-Chief has his tiny hands full with top issues.

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Trump Cabinet has Bible study meetings with pastor who wants 'disciples of Christ' to take over...

Question about Comey's e-mail revelation just before the election

Will you write off someone (or their art) completely because of one single view, belief, or action?

This is a relief to me -DU is not the norm in regard to angry dismissal of Bernie.

Democrats Hold Big Enthusiasm Edge for 2018

Trump Has Lowest Approval of Any New President

So what lessons have we learned about 2017 America?

GOP Plays Defense In Governors Races

WaPo: Trumps claim that no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days

OKC bombing 19 april 1995

White House Takes Harder Line in Shutdown Talks

Hahahah - Poll: More voters prefer United Airlines to Trump

Ludlow massacre 20 April 1914

triangle shirtwaist factory fire (no regulations--THIS is what we are returning to???)

Do politicians have a responsibility to not appear on Russian propaganda tv or radio as guests.

Pahrump (Nevada) TV station heads to WalMart to ask the locals how Trump is doing

Breaking Jason Chaffetz to step down as soon as tomorrow!

First Oreilly, then Chaffetz. Shitgibbons in chief must be feeling the noose tightening.

Black College Student, Friend Charged With Hate Crime For Burning Trump Sign

So the Portland Police tweeted this

Pay to Play: Lifting sanctions

Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas

To use a more pungent metaphor

Buh-Bye Bill

In Istanbul, Surprise That Trump Towers Complex Is Linked to Trump

What is the likeliest outcome of the current North Korean crisis in your view?

What was the big story that was to come out in the Washington Post today?

Get you someone who looks at you the way Macron looks at a speakerphone w/Obama

I have put up with a lot of shit in my life but this takes the cake!

hey, donnie douche, since you are currently squatting in the PEOPLE'S HOUSE, squandering

Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas found, former teacher Tad Cummins arrested in California

Do we have a group for Veterans...........

Dow Chemical gave $1 million to Trumps inauguration, now wants pesticide risk study buried

Pesticide Makers Move to Kill Government Studies

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock walk into a bar. Bartender says ...

Senate Democrats: Cost for US-Mexico border wall could 'soar' to $70 billion

Tornado Siren Test Here in St. Paul, MN

Deplorable Care is back next week...start calling Congress now.

MEANWHILE, in Florida:

Just for fun, name some people who weren't afforded the attention Trump showered on Ted Nugent

I have tried to be neutral for the good of the party, but when I hear that Bernie

Sen. Bernie Sanders to be Honored at Death Penalty Focus Dinner - May 7, 2017

I believe that Russian trolls are STILL TROLLING

Sen. Bernie Sanders to be Honored at Death Penalty Focus Dinner - May 7, 2017

Vladimir Horowitz plays Chopin's "Raindrop" Prelude

Zimbabwe DNA tests 'prove hunter was killed by a crocodile'

LIVE broadcasts of March for Science on Sat 4/22 and People's Climate March on Sat 4/29

Kremlin: No reason to believe gays abused in Chechnya

Twitter Photo Captions: Bernie Sanders Texas Rally April 20, 2017

LIVE-Stream: Bernie Sanders & Keith Ellison Nebraska Rally - April 20, 2017

Under #Trumpcare, hundreds of 1000's #vets would lose their health care coverage. Add it to


Deportation Solidarity Rallies

Sen. Warren: Turn Heat Up On President Trump-Russia Case

geezers and almost-geezers: what do you miss most about being young?

The Orange Hairball was puked up by Ronald Reagan

The GOP is working on reviving the healthcare bill that failed in the House -- and it's worse than b

What do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore and Bill Clinton have in common?

Kushner didn't blink taking $400000000 from Anbang

Update on star problem

Latin American unity efforts continue despite left-wing setbacks

Fake Bernard-Henri Levy quote on French elections triggers anti-Semitic avalanche online

Dear Bill O'Reilly fans:

MSNBC: Shots fired along the Champs Elysees in Paris

Remains found in crocodiles believed to be missing hunter

Roger Stone gets twitter timeout (again)...isn't this " threat" crap a felony??

Reports of shots fired on Champs-Elysees in Paris

Apparently, lil' Beauregard the Angry Elf is neither a fan of weed nor the 50th effing STATE.

French police officer killed, Champs-Elyses in Paris closed, CNN affiliate says

Why are Sanders AND ELLISON speaking at a rally for a gestational slavery advocate????

Sessions 'Amazed' Hawaii's One of the United States

Republicans want to give patients with metastatic cancer a 3500% TrumpCare surcharge.

Ok, so I want to answer this, without saying

Mariachi band crashes Senator's private luncheon

Can there be a notice or sticky to warn

In a text message, Jason Chaffetz told me he does not plan to step down as early as tomorrow, as s

Sessions is utterly unfit to be Attorney General. Now he's attacking a sitting federal judge.

Another press conference being covered by msnbc! Seems 24/7!!

Texans Gone Wild

French police officer killed by gunman in Paris attack

Gazan sisters accused of smuggling explosives as cancer medicine

4/18/17 - New All-Time Daily Record For Atmospheric CO2 content: 410.28 ppm

Chaffetz just tweeted *THIS*.

Tennessee student found safe, teacher arrested in California

UPDATED: Sessions "Amazed' Judge On "An Island In The Pacific' Blocked Trump Travel Ban

We really need a name for Trump cult members, like the Modern Jim Jones Gang or something

The GOPs Attack on Voting Rights Was the Most Under-Covered Story of 2016

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono responds: "Jeff Sessions' comments are ignorant..."

What if Jason Chaffetz is stepping down to prevent russian black-mail?

Pelosi and Clinton sure know how to rock a pantsuit. #ThursdayThoughts

Hinting At Support, Obama Calls Centrist French Presidential Candidate Macron

Alex Jones tells jury his marijuana has gotten too strong and says George Soros is to blame

No place like my home...Chateaux in Medoc region of France

I was out. Did Chump put the killer handshake grip on the Italian PM?

Trump inauguration took $1 million from Russian businessman whose money the RNC rejected in 2000

Trump just said he thinks he'll get a vote next week on his new wonderful

There once was a loser named Trump

A conference call, "all hands," will follow Sat, with a "target date for vote Wed #Trumpcare!!

Heartwarming story: Blind & deaf puppy learning how to bring comfort to others as therapy dog

Car chase from "The Man With The Golden Gun"

our embarrassment-in-chief responds to paris attack....he didn't let us down

Courtesy of TV's Frank (Frank Conniff)

The DCCC has started running negative ads on Karen Handel in GA 06.

Getting out was Chaffetz's only good option

GOP Foreign Policy Maven Sarah Palin is on CNN Now.

DCCC already running ads against Karen Handle in GA 6th race.

The GOP has a new plan to destroy Obamacare. It's even crueler than the last one.

Trump Claims Paris Shooting 'Looks Like Another Terrorist Attack'

There is no party registration in Vermont.

When you do service

Jeff, Ernie Keebler called.

NC Democrats report unprecedented surge in meeting turnout and Republicans are adding volunteers

At City Ballets Season Opener, Dancers Like Greyhounds Unleashed

At City Ballets Season Opener, Dancers Like Greyhounds Unleashed

How Wolves Change Rivers

Satellite images suggest North Koreans were playing volleyball at their nuclear test site last...

Trump's FCC Votes to Allow Broadband Rate Hikes for Schools and Libraries

CIA liaison is first casualty of conflict between intelligence agency and Trump

Coachella Owner Donates to LGBT Hate Groups, Denies Climate Change, Has Koch Connections

Tesla recalling 53,000 vehicles over parking-brake issue

Republicans pushing that same old VooDoo crap

Is anyone in charge ?

True Turning Government Over To Radical Christianity. Cabinet Bible Study Weekly.

Your Brain On Drug Policy Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

Here's an interesting Russian trail to follow

GOP Plan To Take Over One Party Rule After Crashing The Country.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry wants to know if solar is eroding the electricity supply

Berkeley reverses decision to cancel speech by conservative pundit Ann Coulter

Standing Rocks Next Stand - Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in 18 states

Henry Kissinger's Blurb for Jared Kushner in Time Is the Recommendation Letter No Student Wants

Whoa! US to press charges against Assange:

Trump Administration Hasn't Finished or Started, Russian Hacking Report It Said Would Be Done by Now

In 1980 I said that Reagan had early Alzheimer's

Justice Dept. debating charges against WikiLeaks members in revelations of diplomatic, CIA materials

Entrepreneur dies waiting to get on wife's healh insurance

Maurice Sendak Sent Beautifully Illustrated Letters to Fans So Beautiful a Kid Ate One

NebraskaDems Facebook Link: Rally Live-stream and Schedule of Events

BREAKING:US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 20, 2017

APD releases name of officer involved in horrific crash

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 April 2017

Thousands of people desperate to hear Bernie Sanders speak in Bristol cause website to crash

Colombias former House president assassinated in southwest Colombia

1 In 6 Teen Girls Say Theyve Experienced Harassment Since Election Day

NBC Nightly News is covering risk of stroke or dementia tripling from


WOWT 6 News - LIVE-Stream Link Nebraska Rally


I don't usually like to kick a man when he's down...

Check In Time please. We've been busy recently.

Trump agency wants to end temporary protection for 50,000 Haitians in U.S.

Trump agency wants to end temporary protection for 50,000 Haitians in U.S.

Iran disqualifies Ahmadinejad from bid to regain presidency

Rising water temperatures endanger health of coastal ecosystems, study finds

45 Just Proved He's Got Dementia While Trying To Show Off For Italy's PM.

I'm howling... Chris Matthews just now quoting Winston Churchill to

Arkansas death row inmate faces execution after injunction lifted

NYC FDNY Firefighter Killed in Ridgewood Queens Apartment Fire

Methanol: The next fuel-efficient renewable energy source?


Donald Trump announces meeting with Pope Francis in Italy before it is finalized

I have been an active member of DU since 2001, and I have survived with this board

Ex-Employee Of NASA & Exxon Testified That Republican Congressmen Hired Him 2 Rig Elections in 2000

Most Say GOP Should Move On from Health Care

Yes, the Jason Chaffetz bombshell is coming

Making Batteries From Waste Glass Bottles

Ellison: Obama deserves blame for Democratic losses

tRump drinks a lot of diet Coke.

Some political pundit on Hardball said Ted Nugent is a great guitarist.

Julian Assange can call Donald Trump as a character witness

mike quigley, d-5 il (chi), intel committee, money laundering a central part of investigation.

Medical marijuana could save Medicaid $1 billion in prescription drug costs

"The Arsenal of Democracy." Great book

Releasing funds for Alzheimer's research?

The armada - Sack cartoon

Florida's real estate nightmare: Disappearing coastlines.

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795 "Tokyo Mushi Festival 7" to be held in April!