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Mariachi band ambushes Cory Gardner at members-only Colorado Springs Chamber meeting

After covering the abduction of a 15 year old girl

Annie Lennox and Kevin Bridges to perform for Obama in Edinburgh

Missing you

Trump Care IS A DEATH Penalty For Thousands & Thousands Of Americans.

Blacklist is back tonight (nt)

TheRUMP is using the Office

I Hope Trump Blunders & Scares The Shit Out Of Everyone. But We Still Elude A Disaster.

How Bernie Sanders Is Uniting the Democratic Party

DOJ official leading Trump-Russia probe to step down

Mental Health professionals meet at Yale to Discuss Trump

Trump Pass Trump Care OR Government Gets Shut Down.

FDA affirms refusal to release Texas execution drug shipment

Sure Bill Oreilly may of gotten $25 Million BUT

so are freepers standing by Bill Oreilly?

Arkansas execution drugs intended for surgery, heart issues

Justice Dept. official overseeing Trump-Russia probe to step down

Democratic House Member Ro Khanna On Chris Hayes!

Group complains judge who called rapist 'good man' is biased

Late for Easter, Chump resurrected Luciano Pavarotti

Transparent star enables LGBT skateboarders to say theyre not gay as in happy, queer as in f*** yo

We need to find something that justifies [Trump's] crazy tweet about surveillance at Trump Towers'

2017/2018 US Senate Election-Top Tier Democratic challengers for Republican held US Senate seats.

Designated Survivor had part of a bombshell on it last night.

Sessions wants to put people 'in jail' for leaks

Two-thirds of Americans support gun limits in public places study

Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin walk into the Oval Office...

I have a crazy idea. Joe Biden in 2020.

Chaffetz confirms he may step down before his term ends (rumor mill says TOMORROW)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber! Live Uncensored & a

"Labour Uncut" calls for Labour MPs to run as independents AGAINST the Labour Party!

Trump budget chief: Spending bill must have money for wall

Luther Vandross - So Amazing.

Maddow segment on Where did all Trumps $107 M inaugural donor money go?

Trump: Iran 'not living up to the spirit' of nuclear deal, despite compliance

Chihuahua with anger issues 'arrested'

Pavarotti's Widow: "(his) values . . .are incompatibale with the world vision of . . . Donald Trump"

UI Hospitals raise alarm over Medicaid denials

Obama guests vs tRump guests.

A Day In The Life

UI Hospitals raise alarm over Medicaid denials

Damian Paletta Tweet of funding or border wall and ACA

O Sole Mio -- Pavarotti -- Oh My Sun

Americas biggest enemy isnt North Korea or Iran its Steve Bannon

House GOP pours cold water over new Trumpcare rumors

1 million big deal to tRump.

Sometimes talking to your best and beloved friend makes it better.

What is UBI? It's a system to keep society from collapse.

From FB: "How did you suffer?" (good reference list)

Donald Trump announces meeting with Pope Francis in Italy before it is finalized

Ossoff is on Rachel now n/t

Two-thirds of Americans support gun limits in public places study

CIA liaison is first casualty of conflict between intelligence agency and Trump

Bill OReilly Tearfully Packs Up Framed Up-Skirt Photos From Desk

Party Purity. What is it good for?

Are we going to have to roll Chump and the Deplorables again over health care?

Court again finds intentional voter discrimination in Texas

The Republicans are all "Good Germans"

Threat level

Hawaii fires back at Jeff Sessions after he called the state 'an island in the Pacific Ocean'

NHC issuing advisories for the Atlantic on TS Arlene

"Wonderful Life"-Zucchero

This thing is set to explode

My car is totalled and I have some broken ribs and bruised

Trumps vacant/cognitive mental Condition is real.

Sanders stumps for Mello in Omaha, stirs national debate about definition of a progressive

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 23 - Thinly Veiled Bios

TCM Schedule for Monday April 24 - Barbra Streisand's 75th Birthday

You gotta be s----g me Leon Panetta gives Trump a "B" on foreign policy

Trump held a secret meeting at Mar-a-Lago with former Colombian presidents

Trump held a secret meeting at Mar-a-Lago with former Colombian presidents

John T. Noonan, well-respected judge on Court of Appeals, dies

If the government does shut down next Friday at 1159 PM.....

Dedicated to Barack H. Obama, Pres. #44:

Furious South Koreans Blast Ignorant Trump For Distortion Of History

The FEC inaugural committee filings for donnie Rachel brought up tonite

Arkansas execution delayed by Supreme Court; state abandons second planned lethal injection

Was Mary McCord forced out at Justice?

Absolutely, Positively Not: Chaffetz Says Hes Not Leaving Congress Due to an Impending Scandal

Inside the plan to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana

Bill O'Reilly's Leaked Email Shows Last-Minute Effort to Save His Job

What if Cinderella was a cooking slave instead of a cleaning slave

Hawaii lawmakers criticize Sessions' island judge remarks

Congress Members Want Feds to Stop Messing With Legal Weed

Trump condos worth $250 millon pose potential conflict

Court again finds intentional voter discrimination in Texas

Congrats to Nashville Predators 1st round advance

Dont Play Chicken with a Mad Man

Only 4% of Uber drivers remain on the platform a year later, says report

Recode's Kara Swisher: Most Of Uber's Problems Are 'Self-Inflicted' CNBC

Stabucks F**k-it-ccino a drink for out times Jimmy Kimmel

How can one claim to be progressive while being pro-life?

"Tremendously Disheartening"

Arkansas executions: first death to go ahead after prisoner's challenge fails

FCC changes to data services could raise costs for rural areas, commissioner argues

Judge praises former LDS bishop, and holds back tears while sentencing him for rape

Luciano Pavarotti has great friends, the best friends, wonderful friends

Group sues Trump for repealing U.S. wildlife rule in rare legal challenge

Are you watching CNN right now?

Call the House Foreign Affairs Committee & tell them not to let ExxonMobil avoid sanctions to do bus

Russia Reportedly Moving Military Equipment Toward North Korean Border

Turkish police invade court & arrest 70 lawyers This is the new Turkey Democratic, secular Turkey.

I have a crazy idea. NOT SOMEONE WHO ALREADY RAN 2020


For a long life, Remembering the Worlds Oldest Person

Adam Schifff asks that we call House Intel Cmte members & demand public hearing on TrumpRussia

Trump Unleashes the Generals. They Dont Always See the Big Picture.

Clinton slams Trump on LGBT rights

Keeping an Eye on the Doomsday Clock

Trump's false claim he sent an "armada" to North Korea is dangerous: the world cannot trust him...

Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill-I Love You Mary Jane (VIDEO)

Apocalypse, how? A survival guide to the end of the world

Hillary Clinton blasts Trump on LGBT rights

I feel lost.

Trailer - Abacus: Small Enough To Jail

Lindsey Graham: Preemptive Strike On N. Korea

Deepwater Horizon: Seven years after explosion and oil spill study finds clean-up workers got sicker

Yes folks, friends and neighbors, Marion 'Pat' Robertson is right

Florida's U.S. 1 the Deadliest Highway in America, Study Shows

Note to Democratic Leadership for Voter Outreach

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Hosting Virulently Anti-Gay Pastor at Annual Prayer Breakfast

Trump campaign-lawyers get very imaginative when defending violence at Trump campaign-rallies:

Just returned from the vet.

There was a bomb-attack in Germany. It wasn't ISIS after all. It was a greedy asshole.

The Trump Administration's Reefer Madness: The Daily Show

The Trump Administration's Reefer Madness: The Daily Show

Court Upholds $300,000 Fine After Trump Refuses to Pay Miami Paint Store

Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Nearly 4,000 Demand Frank Artiles Resign for Using N-Word as Protests Begin

Father and Son Charged in $16 Million Health Insurance Fraud Scheme

Walgreen Co. Pays $9.86M to Settle Allegations of Improper Medi Cal Billings

Tomball Business Executive Sentenced in $15 Million False Invoicing Scheme

Former Fire Chief of the U.S. Air Force Sentenced for Procurement Violations and Wire Fraud

UF Health's newest hospitals take pains with details

Speaker seeks more details on use of secret state money

Owner And CEO Of Debt Collection Company Sentenced For $31 Million Debt Collection Scheme

Ex-U.S. Rep. Corrine Browns daughter: Ill take the Fifth

Alex Jones testimony at his child-custody-case: "George Soros is making Marijuana getting stronger."

Volusia grants Hard Rock extension, despite beach-driving concerns

Anyone watching The Americans?

Florida man attacks clerk, saying I don't like Arabs

If I didn't know better I'd believe that ISIS loves RW racist governments

Experts excited by brain 'wonder-drug'

Police arrest man suspected of attack on Dortmund soccer team's bus

Ethics, Mathematics and the Rosary: An Ex-Atheist Discusses Her Conversion

How the Legislature could use $1.5B in extra Medicaid money for something other than hospitals

Posting private nude photos is now a crime in the Navy and Marine Corps

Smaller tax: Estimates for Edwards' business tax plan plunge

Greece beats a key bailout target but faces hard choices

Whose Higher Power? Atheist Legislator Draws Support After GOP Lawmakers Rebuke Her Prayer

Regulators sue Ocwen Financial, say it mishandled mortgages

How Bill OReilly used religion to fuel fear and his show

If Donald Trump had been President during the Crisis of the Monarchy in the 30s,

Got this in the mail last night, along with a lump in my throat...

The International Church of Cannabis Opens in Denver on 4/20

Does Chump sound a lil defensive ?

Idea: The Resistance Tour

Trump inaugural committee falsely claims donations from "Hidden Figures" hero

Obama photographer responds to Palin mocking Clinton portrait

These Rare Color Photos From the Second World War Are Incredible

WATCH: Watson the Special Needs Cat Has Custom-Made Boots

I love Maxine Waters!

Trumps first war is here at home: A military-style assault on undocumented immigrants

There's a plan in Congress to start charging troops for their GI Bill benefits

The difference between execrable and cretinous Deplorables and decent folk.

We have to keep the pressure on for trumps tax returns. The

March 2017: 1st Time Ever Monthly Temps 1.8F Higher Than Avg. In The Absence Of El Nino

Another place I'll never be.

The origin of Superheroes: Luke Cage


In Israel Pentagon chief says Iran deal still stands or Trump:Iran not living up spirit nuclear deal

On this new morning it's a great day to be a democrat and still kicking

Delta Airlines wins $6M judgment against Orlando businessman

"six pack abs on grandpa" good gawd so sick of those youtube ads.....

No matter how much money Faux news gives Bill O'Predator Reilly, the pussy grabber will never

the astute mind of sarah palin weighs in on fox news and bill o'reilly assaulting women

Joe Grushecky's and Springsteen's anti-Trump song

Before you leave for work or school today...

Gulf Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam (Dori and Louie)

Florida Insiders: John Morgan is strongest Dem for governor, but Gwen Graham probably wins primary

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Desecration of the Earth Day

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -The Wolf in the Fox House

Hey Deplorables, with this photo of Nugent floating around I thought I would remind you of this

Florida education news: Testing, classroom efficiencies, religious expression and more

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The moron in the White House

Tomorrow is the 10th Annual Record Store Day!!!

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Mulvaney wants to hold hostage to strongarm us into paying for Trumpsters' wall

Lawmakers revisiting requiring those on Medicaid to work

I would love to have dinner with the Obama's

Meet the Chemists Working to Improve Our Planet.

If calling the national Democratic party feeble led to Democrats spending a lot more money Montana

Trump: "The standard of 100-first-days is ridiculous. Also, media unfair."

Sending hopes and best wishes to 🇫🇷

If all it takes is a simple majority to raise the debt ceiling why is it our problem?

Progressivism is NOT just about economic rights.

republican rodney davis complaining that democrats are doing nothing to help them w/healthcare bill

Say what? . . . Please come CAPTION Wolf Blitzer and Jason Chaffetz!!!

Sen. Heller lied to my face about Planned Parenthood: Donna West

We Should Orgainze Marches Around The Country For Trump To Release.....

Sea Floor Erosion in Coral Reef Ecosystems Leaves Coastal Communities at Risk

A question about Alex Jones' custody case

Winning! Trump, GOP Congress Are 0-4 On Major Campaign Pledges

Water Is Streaming Across Antarctica--New Survey Finds Liquid Flow More Widespread Than Thought

Is there a better way to Hack an election than putting broken machines in Dem areas?

Straight to Goodwin's (mistakingly Moore's) law for this observation.

Alex Jones Trial: Jones tears up, tells ex-wife's lawyer, you have 'no decency, zero'

Anyone here live in "The Villages"?

Fearless Girl in training.

If I was invited to the White House I wouldn't and you wouldn't make silly faces under GOP portraits

New analysis reaffirms likely MH370 location

Canada Just Ruled to Uphold Net Neutrality

Zucchero featuring John Lee Hooker

Texas Rally and Interview Video Links: Bernie Sanders Visits Grand Prairie TX 4/20

It's 3 am

Offensive content toward Texas State student displayed on social media

MEANWHILE, in India:

Fosters are four weeks old tomorrow!

Reuters' Pictures of the Week...

Neil Gorsuchs very first decision on the Supreme Court was to let a man be killed

Revisiting Bill O'Reilly's creepy-assed 1998 novel

Trump "wants a trillion dollars worth of work on the ground, were going to give it to him"

"It's disgusting the way that he talks about women and I just can't deal with it..."

Vox: The March for Science on Earth Day, explained

Advocates To Protest Trumps Proposed Budget Cuts To Science

I didn't know Bill O'Reilly "allegedly" dragged his wife down a flight of stairs by her hair

The Chemical-Weapons Attack In Syria: Is There a Place for Skepticism?

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson

Genealogical Survey

National Enquirer leads the way in explaining Trump's Russia problem

Genealogical Survey

Genealogical Survey

Abortion Access Is an Economic Justice Issue, and Democrats Should Remember That.

Broken health care promises: The new Republican plan to gore pre-existing conditions protections

Today's Daily Greenwald (It's all the Dem's fault, naturally)

Now trump is attacking Canada, jesus fucking christ you god damn NITWIT

In the era of Donald Trump, humor is a delivery system for truth

$17,320 childbirth. Surcharges! Get yer Trump/Ryan surcharges here!

Microgrids: Taking Steps Toward the 21st Century Smart Grid

Banned 1934 Tarzan swim scene - Tarzan,Jane and Cheetah

"I'm ashamed to admit I voted for him."

Thank you, President Obama!

For your Friday enjoyment: meanwhile, outside Nats park in DC...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' alternate facts about Trump's most excellent Columbian Mar-A-Lago adventure

Let's see Drumpt's 100 Days of Disaster in review

Paul Golding is a lying racist piece of shit...

Austin: Red River music venues face '11th hour' endangerment

Is anybody still here?

Memo to Homeland Security: Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Science says so.

Miami lawmaker resigns over racial slur scandal

Pioneering computer scientist Harry Huskey dies at 101

I am so grateful for Prince and his incredible talent...RIP Prince

Florida senator resigns amid outcry over racist remarks

King of Russian Chaos, Vladislav Surkov, will have own US special envoy soon:

Ain't this somethin'- Britian's 1st Coal-Free day since Ind. Revolution

Obama vs Trump on their daughters

Trump calls 100-day assessment "ridiculous"

Liberal Redneck - Mama Missiles and Baby Dictators

Let's look at some of Trump's accomplishments during his first 100 days: 0 wins...

Bad pun Friday posting

Naked mole-rats 'turn into plants' when oxygen is low

My quote of the day...

BP oil spill did $17.2 billion in damage to natural resources, scientists find

Petsmart buys

Origins of Indonesian Hobbits finally revealed

Petsmart Acquires

Nearly run over by Mike Pence this evening

George Will predicts Obamacare to become single-payer because of this inconvenient fact

Steam train hits 100mph in UK in 50-year first

KO: Trump Wants to Ride in a Gilded Coach?! Behold this man's vanity

Uh Oh, Faux Mark Cuban is taking on Trump!

KO: Trump Wants to Ride in a Gilded Coach?! Behold this man's vanity

Cuba Gooding Sr., Singer and Father of Oscar-Winning Actor, Found Dead in Car

New Obamacare repeal plan will explode premiums. The war is still on!

Maggie Haberman's interview on Fresh Air about Trump

A Small French Town Infused With Us-vs.-Them Politics

Keebler Elf: Hawaii's "fabulous," wasn't "criticizing the judge or the island"...#MAGA! #BuyIvanka!

100 Days of Horror

California's Pay to Stay... $100/night upgrade to jail cell is now a thing...

JUST MY BILL (O'Reilly) 💘 A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

The Night a Bunch of Low-Class People Took Over the White House

Conference of psychiatrists at Yale University: Trump has 'dangerous mental illness'.

A Letter from Representative Adam Schiff

IG Report: ICE deportations hindered by internal disorganization

Help me out. Examples of 60s-70s BAD attempts at being cool in media.

Obviously Mad.

Why do I need my birth certificate to go to Toronto?

House Intel Dems Get Their Open Hearing for Sally Yates, John Brennan, & Clapper

GOP state senator who used racist, sexist slurs against black colleagues resigns

orange foolius gives shout out to his "great friend" pavarotti (uh, dd, he's been dead since 2007)

Judge sentences Volkswagen to $2.8B criminal fine for emissions cheating

Judge sentences Volkswagen to $2.8B criminal fine for emissions cheating

Fresno, California gunman enters court shouting

House plan for passing Health Care bill heard on Morning Joe

So, Trump wants to ride in a carriage?

The Donut Man on Route 66

A New Parchment Declaration of Independence Surfaces. Head-Scratching Ensues.

Twitter Video: We need to have the guts to address the issues of Little Haiti, Liberty City, ...

Senate may jam health-care bill through really fast after House passage

Lebanese PM criticizes Hezbollahs press tour on Israel border


President Obama to make 1st public appearance since leaving office

Change Happens.

Little girl visits with Siri

Why do we have sexual harassment laws? Which America does O'Reilly NOT get fired?

I also don't have a renewal showing.

So What Has Chump Accomplished in 100 Days?

No power in San Francisco

Legislative Update: Governor signs law barring 'smart' gun purchase requirements

Paul Ryan Wrote an Essay About the Greatness of Donald Trump

Take Your Baby to Work.


BBC Africa: Resident Presidents - Feeling Sorry for Trump

Scenes We'd Like To See

Jeff Sessions, Julian Assange, and the First Amendment

Kick & Rec thread for 30 NFL N.E.Patriots refusing Trump handshake

We're living in a world where US president is threatening to nuke US healthcare system for leverage

Could Be the Thyroid; Could Be Ennui. Either Way, the Drug Isnt Helping.

Trump Administration Distances Itself From Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman Amid Call For Recusal

BREAKING: Pres to meet with Bill O'Reilly " next week or two" to discuss possible WH position.

has chaffetz announced his resignation yet?


Kleptocracy?: How Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Personally Profit from Their Roles in the White House

Bruce Springsteen tells President Trump in new song: 'Don't tell me a lie and sell it as a fact'

Fired acting AG Yates will testify on Russia during an open congressional hearing

NFL helping fund new Tottenham Hotspur stadium - sources

Ann Coulter rejects Berkeley's new invite; GOP students threaten to sue college

How G.O.P. in 2 States Coaxed the Health Law to Success or Crisis.

Speaking of tea, a silly question-- does it go bad? Or just stale?

Trump Says Paris Attack Will Have Big Effect on French Election

Town hall with Mike Thompson

Michael Reagan: "Hot Choclare used to be a compliment on your looks"

Breaking. Exxon and Putin lose again! No sanctions waiver.

Mnuchin: Exxon Wont Get Russian Sanctions Waiver

America is like the frog that is placed in warm water...

Can Donald Trump keep his promises on US coal?

Vacation's Over: Obama Returns to Public Life Next Week

Fed's Fischer warns Trump's bank reform changes could be dangerous

How President Trump and congressional Republicans are undercutting wages and protections for working

douche boy announces meeting with pope before it is finalized

How President Trump and congressional Republicans are undercutting wages and protections for working

So everybody here votes in 2018 for the democrat on their ticket NO MATTER WHAT?

Trump administration may change rules that allow terror victims to immigrate to U.S.

Life Accordion to Drumpf

So, where's the big news dump today?

The House strategy on Obamacare.

Super Bowl winner rejects Trump's invite: Idon't want my kids thinking I'm okay with his misogyny

I miss the "old" normal.

VP Pence aims to reassure Australia after tense Trump call

It's official: Be afraid. - The Latest: Trump says dreamers should 'rest easy'

Reminder To Progressives: Abortion Is An Economic Issue

Dems probe claims of religious bias in DHS 'trusted traveler' program

South Korea to Trump: Weve never been part of China

Trump secrecy moves threaten his 'drain the swamp' pledge


Champs-Elysees gunman had note defending IS group

KUTV2 LIVE-Steam Link: Utah Rally 4/21

So when Republicans do it, it's not voter fraud but "alternative voting"?

U.S. forces kill Islamic State militant linked to Turkey nightclub attack

Safeguards against financial meltdown under Trump scrutiny

The weather in Houston: cloudy with a chance of freeway explosions

Ex-Illinois Governor Blagojevich's 14-year prison term upheld

****BREAKING.....Trump signs exec order on taxes and financial reform***

When will the executive orders end?

Top National Security Official Leaving Justice Department in Middle of Trump-Russia Investigation

Borussia Dortmund bombs: 'Speculator' charged with bus attack

Borussia Dortmund bombs: 'Speculator' charged with bus attack

It's Not Just Trump Who Evil & Crazy. It's The Entire GOP From Local To National Level Are.

Two more arrested in Michigan in first FGM prosecution in US

GOP Mails Out Trump Agenda Survey Asking More Power For Trump

The View: Palin, Nugent visit saddest day in White House history since the British burned it down

Dozens of Afghan troops dead in Taliban base attack

From 253 feet in the air

Trump administration threatens to hold grant money from sanctuary cities

Trump administration threatens to hold grant money from sanctuary cities

Sanders' leadership role in the Democratic Caucus.

Anyone watching Norwich v Brighton?

If you are not intersectional, you are not a progressive. Period. End of discussion. Card revoked.

Meanwhile, back at the White House...

2014: READ President Obama's mind as O'Reilly asks him this question.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish passenger wanted aircraft TV SCREENS turned off...

David Axelrod "Axe files" extensive interview with Adam Schiff. Brilliant and perceptive, as usual.

Mike Pence is Trump's Pooper Scooper.

Ga Rethugs are trying to disenfranchise Democratic voters in run-up to Ossoff's run-off.

What Bernie, Perez, and some others don't get: abortion is also an economic issue

"I wanna God bless America!"

What time is the customary time for Friday News Dump?

Kate Snow is Leaving MSNBC

Bernie Sanders, Al Franken and Sherrod Brown Quietly Owned Trump On High Drug Prices

Floridas First Black State Attorney Received A Noose In The Mail***NSFW

Will the Trump/Russian investigation help the Republican Party??

" Is there any grade lower than F ? "

Despite fears over Clifton wind farm, no one has complained since it went up

Carl Orff - O Fortuna Carmina Burana (briefly,)

Russian military planes approach Alaska for 4th straight night

Instead of throwing women under the bus, in a misguided attempt to appeal to anti-abortion people,

Check Out These Seedy White House Guests

ATT: Newbies to DU: I am re-publishing my art essays in case you discovered DU after

CIAs White House liaison abruptly fired after he clashed with Flynn loyalist in cahoots with Nunes

Mick Mulvaney, the White House Budget Director, really is a loathsome individual.

33 Senate seats up for reelection in 2018

Trump welcomes freed US-Egypt prisoner Aya Hijazi to White House

Artist turns glass into galaxies

Its official: Top psychiatrists at Yale conference warn that Trump has a dangerous mental illnes

5 Punk Rockers Explain Why the Alt-Right's 'Punk Movement' is Garbage...

Chechnyas president: I will eliminate the gay community by the start of Ramadan

BREAKING: Pres to meet with Bill O'Reilly " next week or two" to discuss possible WH position

Iranian-American State Department official demoted after Breitbart questions loyalty to US

More people watched

New data unearths pesticide peril in beehives

Today's LA Times, Op-Ed: I voted for Trump. I feel betrayed.

Sources: Russia tried to use Trump advisers to infiltrate campaign

FBI has intel that Russia tried to use Trump advisers, including Carter Page, to infiltrate campaign

Fish Thats Fast, Easy and Sometimes Even Fancy

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 21, 2017

The Persistence Of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Check out Jim Carrey:

So,,, whats up with this Trump deal,,,,

The Founding Fathers weren't amateurs

U.S. will not give Exxon permission to drill in Russia

Legal rulings could force Texas back into federal oversight

So what happened to all the wild Jason Chaffetz theories that were set to explode today?

Judge seems reluctant to issue another travel ban injunction

Since election day,half of Trump luxury condos & homebuilding lots sold have gone to shell companies

House intel panel to hear from top officials on Russia probe

What was Mad Bum thinking?

Pyongyang drivers scramble as gas stations limit services

Electoral Commission launches investigation into Leave.EU referendum finances

Trump's 100 days flip-flop: After campaigning on a "100-day plan," he now calls it a ridiculous...

Wow, must be rough to be denied a seat you expected to receive

What it's like to eat dinner at the same restaurant as the Obamas

Origins of Indonesian hobbits finally revealed

Donald Trump Jr. Is in Montana to Campaign and Kill Prairie Dogs

It's not fair.

LA Times: Feinstein Waiting On Family Health Issues To Decide On 2018

Obama Returns to Public Life Next Week

WPA-Style Posters Imagine a Bleak Future for US National Parks

When racism rots the brain- Stupid things come out of the mouth

Quote of the Day

We're in a low-energy news cycle because Trump, our fake president, doesn't do anything.

Neil deGrasse Tyson says science deniers in White House are a profound threat to democracy

Report: Russia Sought to Infiltrate Campaign Through Advisers

"Work It, Baby..."

Wisconsin man accused of performing crude abortion on girl

Koterba toon: Mello vs Stothert

Billy Bushs Creepy Instagram Video Shows He Desperately Wants To Be Back On TV

Where is Trumps armada? Apparently, wherever Fox News says it is.

The Government v Anarchy spectrum

Anyone going to the science march nyc tomorrow?

Trump Confidante, Carter Page- Agent Or Dupe

Atheist Life Hacks: How To Become A Nazi Sympathizer

Video: Bernie Sanders & Tom Perez - Salt Lake City Utah 4/21 - Uphill Media

The position was overbooked: Internet gleeful after United CEO loses out on promotion

The Latest: Trump says charges against Assange would be "OK"

Slow Start (First 100 Days) - Luckovich 'toon

European Rugby Cup Semi final: Munster v Saracens

Defense Department expands its list of recognized religions

Trump orders review of financial rules to prevent future crises

Hoosiers Creators Call Technical Foul On Highflying Superfan Mike Pence

Republican Senator Frank Artiles resigns in Florida; Democrats gear up for winnable special election

Washington threatens funding cut to California, other 'sanctuary' areas

2nd doctor, wife charged in female genital mutilation case

Democrats to Trump: You dont have the leverage. We do.

Jamelle Bouie: Donald Trump Is Sending a Message

Alex Jones asks the press to be respectful and responsible in coverage of his custody battle

Apple Earth Day Videos

New York City just had its safest year on record. Sessions DOJ says the city is soft on crime."

Earth and Science

Who do you want to win the French election?

#TrumpRussia - Fired acting AG Yates to testify in public congressional hearing

Lawyer tells rape trial jury women are 'good' at lying

Roger Waters - Smell the Roses (Audio)

Pennsylvania governor strips lieutenant gov of security

Trump is starting to run out of U.S. allies to alienate

Picture in an email from Emilys List this afternoon:

Friday Talking Points (433) -- Trump Suffering From "100 Days Envy"

Warren to NewYorker: She's seen convincing evidence Russia hacked into US systems to influence elec.

There will be no Black Friday this year, the over 40yr may notice

Pixs of People from here and there

The Red Baron is dead - 99 yrs ago today

UK aims for first coal-less day since Industrial Revolution

Trumps quiet meeting with former Colombian presidents matters

Former US Surgeon General and Alabama native Regina Benjamin should get recruited by the

What the f---? The dolts on Hardball are giving Chump a C for his first hundred days

The panel on Chris Matthews is giving Trump a grade of C-D for the first 100 days.

So, who has read SHATTERED yet?

Lavrov speaks to Tillerson about Syria chemical attack

Both CNN and the National Enquirer finally reporting the Real Truth!

Inspector who tried to rein in illegal logging was fired

I have windows 10 and the gorgeous picture that is there when I'm not using it seems

Police arrest man accused of setting Dennys customer ablaze

I don't do banks