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Archives: April 23, 2017

The Handmaids Tale Is a Warning to Conservative Women

This Islamic School Helps Students Build Their American And Muslim Identity

Harvard Researchers Discover Second Declaration of Independence Manuscript

I've been curious about this for a while. Are there any subversive

*John Dean discussed trump and Nixon on C-SPAN.

Hashtag about Christian women unleashes torrent of emotions

NatGeo channel re-ran five episodes of "The Years of Living Dangerously" this morning.

A clinical psychologist explains how Ayn Rand seduced young minds and helped turn the US into a self

Somebody please send me a message when we are done discussing Bernie's purity

Bernie Sanders Defends Campaigning For Anti-Abortion Rights Democrat

Penguins Stage Their Own Adorable March For Science

Russian trolls' goal: Make internet sites unusable by flooding with unnecessary debate and spam

Trump congratulates Purple Heart recepient

Good for you, ungrateful Amanda Knox!

Science March in Eugene (pics)

100 Days ago, we had a President who was compassionate, caring, smart, cool, calm & collected

Oh...please, please, please.

Duty to Warn: Mental Heath Pros warn about Trump

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump In New Speech For Staying Silent On Chechnya

The new Oprah movie about Henrietta Lacks reopens a big scientific debate.

Happy Days Star Dead at 56

Pope Francis' prayer for Earth Day: (from Twitter)

Josh Moore (R): Im Allowed To Grab Breastfeeders Nipples If They Use Them In Public


Just saw a segment on ABC news about vinyl...

Comey thought Clinton would win letter to Congress was hedge against favoritism charges: NYT

French Presidential Election 2017: When is it, how does it work and who are the candidates?

Donald Trump's Latest Approval Ratings In Election Swing States Show How Unpopular He Really Is

2016 Robot Test has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while

The GOP candidate in that Georgia special election is a pioneering vote suppressor

This one's for elleng - the 3rd Movement (only) of RACHMANINOFF's Sonata #2 in B-flat Minor

AP FACT CHECK: Sessions tags wrong city for immigrant crimes

New Seat Belt Law in Mississippi Starts July 1st

Sign: Science will save us...

When did Sanders's endorsement of Mello

Koterba toon: FDA and recreational Colorado

Tucsonan pleads to 28 felony charges in illegal liposuctions

Can state emergency fund cover more rainy days?

Most Mississippi agencies banned from vehicle purchases for year

Marches for Science Outdraw trump Inauguration - Have a fav sign?

Pope's message on Earth day

MDOT requesting funding sooner rather than later

The REAL Donald Trump theme song!

medicare for all. tulsi gabbard and diane feinstein

Should Trump be banned from giving eulogies?

Tax preparers owe $1.9 million, get prison for false returns

Actress Erin Moran of TV's 'Happy Days' dead at 56

NAACP banquet keynoter adds his voice to calls for new state flag

Kyung Wha Chung at Carnegie -- The SIX BACH SONATAS AND PARTITAS - May 18,

'Donald Trump lied,' Bernie Sanders tells crowd at Grand Prairie rally

$1715 "ass zipper" jeans

Former Madrid boss Ignacio Gonzalez, close ally of Argentina's Macri, arrested on corruption charge

What an AWESOME March For Science Sacramento: A few pictures and a video.

Twitter Video: Tom Perez chanting 'Bernie, Bernie, Bernie' on unity tour :)

March for Science Sacramento.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 25: Star of the Month: Character Actors

Muslims, LGBT advocates prepare to fight Mark Green's nomination as Army secretary

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 26: Cinematography by Haskell Wexler

HELP WANTED: verify the records of Trump's inaugural donors

French election results

Ancient Stone Carvings Show a Comet Swarm Hitting Earth Around 10,950 BCE

A New Third Way/No Labels Movement - A Coalition Between Progressives and the Alt-Right?

My grabs from Record Store Day!!

Tennessee AG says bill could create conflict with existing law, same-sex marriage ruling

How Republicans and Democrats in Congress are joining forces to defeat Sessions war on weed

Trump's 'big announcement' on tax to be broad principles: official

March for Science Lincoln, NE pix and story

yonige「さよならプリズナー」【Official Video】Goodbye Prisoner

"Hail Sagan"

yonige「さよならプリズナー」【Official Video】Goodbye Prisoner

House OKs bill requiring disclosure of legislative travel

Louisiana's Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Disappearing Coastline

Why people are marching for science: There is no Planet B

House, Senate approve Haslam's gas tax proposal

Trump pledges to protect environment while reducing burdens on workers

Real Reason why we never hear from Monty Python anymore

yonige -最近のこと-【Official Video】Recent things

yonige -最近のこと-【Official Video】Recent things

Bill that would disclose more on tax credits passes Tennessee legislature

Warren: Trump 'all talk' on Wall Street

Instructions on how to fill out a Trumpster survey...

Yonige "Sentimental Sister" Official Music Video センチメンタルシスタ

Trump administration's environmental policies and actions on this March for Science Day...

yonige -あのこのゆくえ-【Official Video】

If Elected Governor, Karl Dean Says He'd Focus On Economic Development Away From Nashville

After Protests And Arrests, Tennessee Activists Still Press Governor For Medicaid Expansion

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Former Memphis Area Transit Authority Chief Pleads Guilty on Prostitution Charge

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - にんじゃりばんばん,Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ninja Re Bang Bang

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - つけまつける , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Tsukematsukeru Warner Music Japan

Court OKs $16.8M Settlement in First Tennessee Bank Class-Action Suit

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - きらきらキラー / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kira Kira Killer

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - CANDY CANDY , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - CANDY CANDY

That's us. All of us, in Cassini's last view of Earth,

They are trying to shut us up.

Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock

House where Gov. Matt Bevin living sold at fair price, says seller

Former district judge charged with human trafficking

Gov. Matt Bevin's likely Medicaid shake-up scares Kentucky patients

Kentucky pensions chair wants more conservative assumptions

Maryland teens charged with hate crimes for setting President Trump campaign sign on fire

Healing Austin: How a lone doctor saw drug-fueled HIV plague looming (Part 1)

Healing Austin: Town races to stop America's worst rural HIV plague (Part 2)

Does anyone here on DU feel that we have been or are being

Healing Austin: Faith lifts small town from depths of HIV plague (Part 3)

I waited on Bernie Sanders in Burlington

Advocates call on Kentucky to stop child abuse

I pledge allegiance to the flag...

Stephen Colbert parodies Alex Jones, hilarious!

Pictures from the San Francisco march, along with a few of City Hall lit up for Earth Night.

Kentucky Derby season draws warnings of human trafficking

Government shutdown coming? If miners cant get enough help, maybe

Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at Tribeca Fest

Oh, France, I'm hoping for you! Vote well!

Somerset doctor sentenced to five years for Medicaid fraud

Doctor sentenced for improper prescribing after patients died

North Korea 'ready to strike' US aircraft carrier

Congratulations on losing your leg!

Judicial workers bought state cars at huge discounts in private sale

March for Science (around the world)- one recap

Anyone else like ambient space music ?

U.S.S Enterprise CLL-1701

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Gulf Of Linoleum Edition

Frankfort local named Kentucky Democratic Partys new executive director

Almost All My Worst Fears Being Realized Since Reagan. Thanks GOP & GOP voters. .

West Virginia Business College Loses Permit to Operate

Massive Iceberg Makes A Stop Off Newfoundland Coast

Ex-legal aid clinic manager sentenced in fraud case

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Translation

Sunday's Doonesbury - Talking Doll

What I learned on Science Earth Day......Forest Bathing

N. Korea warns it could sink US carrier with a single strike: report

Trump Works For Blackstone Now

Sad to learn that Erin Moran, from 'Happy Days' has died

LIVE-Stream 4/23: The State of the Revolution

Should "we the people" start talking the impeach the

Twitter Vid: too long the Democratic Party has turned its back on a lot of states in this country

West Virginia Democrats want voices heard in state budget talks

PolitiFact's guide to fake news websites and what they peddle

"Dear Big O"...letter from Jacoby Brissett to Barack Obama

Nearing 100 days, Trump's approval at record lows but his base is holding

At a Unity Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But

Trump Reaches Beyond West Wing for Counsel (His top 20 advisers. Ugh!)

'They Starve You. They Shock You': Inside the Anti-Gay Pogrom in Chechnya

I'm glad that people aren't allowed to continue fighting the last primary on DU

For Women, Its Not Just the O'Reilly Problem - By the NYT Editorial Board

Friday having few beers at local tavern

'Holding A BIG Rally!': Crazy Old Man Keeps Applying For A Job He Already Has

Is EarlG on vacation?

Poll: 96 Percent of Trump Voters Don't Regret It

DU is listed on Politifact's "Fake News List"

"I didn't . . . except I maybe did." . . . Please come CAPTION Carter Page!!

Mockery, anger in South Korea over USS Carl Vinson 'bluffing'

We had babies!

Chances of imminent war with North Korea wildly overblown, U.S. experts say

Fellow Florida homeowners: which home insurance company do you recommend ?

The 20 People Trump Turns To Outside the White House

People on both sides need to recognize the relationship between feminism and progressivism

Actual quote on Facebook, I kid you not...

Hey Democrats...about that Government Shutdown....

French election

-94 F at Dome A, Antarctica, and it's two months till their winter solstice

Trumps organized crime ties bring blackmail to the White House

Who watches the Blacklist? Spoilers

Sweet home Chicago: Obama re-emerges in city where it all began

Am I a paid Russian troll?

Are lawmakers cooking a budget WV can stomach?

a few depression graphics, hope they are helpful to someone

March for Science puts Earth Day focus on global opposition to Trump

Trump's Fake War on the Fake News

Bill O'Reilly's Website Promotes New Episode of His Podcast on Monday

President Trump Mistakenly 'Congratulates' Wounded Soldier for Earning a Purple Heart

Remember when doctors use to tap our knees with a triangular instrument?


Priebus Claims Trump Fulfilling Pledges At 'Breakneck Speed' As 100th Day Nears

Rafa Nadal - that's ten times in Monte-Carlo

Freedom Caucus Member: Trump Primary Threats To GOP Are 'Counterproductive'

"Spies of Mississippi" Reveals Extent of White Supremacy in the South During Civil Rights Era

West Virginia governor signs medical marijuana into law

Nancy Pelosi: 'Of Course' You Can Be a Democrat and Pro-Life

On People of All Ages Eating in Public

Ronald Reagans son defends OReilly, asks if men should sue for sexual arousal

DHS Chief: Trump 'Will Be Insistent' On Funding For Border Wall In Spending Bill

Nate Silver analysis: Hillary would have won but

Trump budget chief: Border wall will 'protect millions of low income Americans' who lose Obamacare

How the runt in the litter developed an obesity problem.

How to watch Obama's first speech since leaving the White House

The abandoned Arctic ghost ship: SS Baychimo

Jeff Sessions on Mexican Border Wall: 'We're Going to Get It Paid for, One Way or the Other'

Internet Archive to ignore robots.txt directives

Carter Page, Investigated for Russia Link, Told by Trump Legal Team to Stop Calling Himself Advisor

Union students, faculty rally for dignity and respect for immigrants

From the New Yorker, A Hundred Days of Trump

The case for impeachment author Allan j lichtman

Trump eyeing second Supreme Court seat

The Don negotiates on The Wall/Health Care

Marches for Science Outdraw Donald Trumps Inauguration

Donna Edwards gets it.

7 more faux employees to join racial discrimination lawsuit

Did you do that?" "No," Picasso replied, "you did"

Dems Like Jon Ossoff

2018 Midterm Election-Democratic guide to majority in the Governorship and State Legislature.

Just add an accordion and watching tRump is fun!!!!

CNN's Alisyn Camerota: Roger Ailes sexually harassed me

The Tyranny of the Majority Republicans would have Hillary's Head on a Pike, The Hypocrisy

600 March For Science Rallies Held Worldwide (At Least)

Triskaidekatrumpia -

Putin's predicament: Harrowing reports of anti-gay violence in Chechnya have Russia's leader in...

Sean Hannity the Latest Fox News Host to be Accused of Sexual Harassment

NYT: Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election.

The role model Deplorables have chosen for their children.

Very savvy.

Lurking Deplorables- We got Ailes' and O'Reilly's scalp. Sean Hannity's scalp is next.

Some recent articles on the French Presidential elections today..

A false claim about Heath Mello in a front page diary has been corrected. Thank you, Daily Kos.

Diet Coke and rhymes and that may be the only link?

There is hope.

Oh.My.God. Sessions is absolutely shameless in blaming the Democrats if there's a gov't shutdown.

WOW: Emily's List heard from 900 potential female candidates in 2016.So far this year: 11,000

2018 US Senate Election cycle could be like the 2002 US Senate Election cycle.

Nikki Haley is bringing UN Secuity Councill to WH Monday.

All these conservative female pundits that Ailes, O'Reilly, and Hannity sexually harassed

Pulitzer Prize winner David Remnick knocks it out of the park as usual

Had my first bad trip last night.


Trump proclaimed I love WikiLeaks and other complimentary statements as America got closer and clo

Chuck Todd decimates Reince Priebus blaming Democrats for Trump nomination failures (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd MTP 4/23: Genuine Ignorance or Alternative Facts?

North Korea detains third U.S. citizen

Thank you friends my son and I have are first lasagna in the fridge

WTF does this mean?

HEY Seniors! Do you want a lifetime Park Pass for national parks, monuments, and other Federal

Jon Ossoff

Gallup Has Chump at 41% Lowest of All Presidents

I can have respect for people who personally object to abortion,

Bernie Sanders: "The model of the Democratic Party is failing" - Face the Nation

Please always tip at least 15%, regardless of the service.

Bernie Sanders: "The model of the Democratic Party is failing" - Face the Nation

Labour slams SNP candidate over disgusting attitude to women

Chuck Todd: It's Becoming Hard To Ignore Trump's Conflict Of Interests Anymore


Can someone explain to me the value of "state pride?"

John's Notebook: When they go low, we go low? - Face the Nation

What are you reading this week of April 23, 2017?

Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 Ludwig van Beethoven

we've had major floods on the island after close to 36 hours of rain

It's unfortunate trump has suffered his entire life from this condition.

How CNN got Trump elected - Thanks, Zucker. (CNN treats politics as sports, hurting America)

March for Science Kansas City

First ever 100 day Lame Duck POTUS

"My government has recordings of more than one Trump"

Stores are closing at an epic pace

Remember the Velveteen Rabbit?

What if animals were round?

John Kasich: "Political parties are on their way out" - Face the Nation

General election 2017: Women's Equality Party leader to challenge MP Philip Davies

"We decide what carriage..."

Two-thirds of Americans think that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the country

Your brain during a concussion.

Anecdotal Hope

Fox News' sexual harassment corporate culture fits the overall Republican agenda

tRump to Purple Heart recipient

Trump: Mexico Will Pay 'At A Later Date' And 'In Some Form' For My Border Wall

GOP Rep. Won't Say Whether He Wants Trump To Campaign For Him In 2018

The anti-gay purge in Chechnya must be stopped

and climate change is a hoax

Breaking : macron and le pen leading at around 23 %

Homeland Security Secretary: I Dont Know How To Stop Homegrown Terrorist Attacks

Fox exec. demanded black employees arm wrestle white employees.

Trump: ObamaCare will die without 'big money'

Breaking...The Clinton Center has been bugged.

Top (MN) DFL lawmaker's 'white male' comments set off spat on Minnesota House floor

Kudos for House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman

Looks like Macron and LeTrump in the run off

My 'Identity Politics' Are Here To Stay. Deal With It. Or I Won't Deal With You.

A Macron win in France is a good step toward stopping the Deplorable world pestilence.

2018 US House Election-Democrats guide to a majority.

Ryan: Focus is on keeping government open, not healthcare

Teacher sells jewelry for students sake

President Obama's popularity in France is helping Macron.

Trump. The President of "It will happen eventually. Promise."

Though shovels are ready, Trump officials delay grant for Caltrain upgrade

Conflicting details of tax plan

Eyeing second Supreme Court seat

Russian oligarch with ties to Trump granted NC tax incentives for his business.

Macron and Le Pen through to final round of France's presidential election, estimates suggest

First 100 days the worst

Warren builds her brand with 2020 down the road

12th weekend in a row

Analysis: A bumpy first 100 days for Trump? Just wait

A bumpy 100 days? 1361 to follow


Trump! Le Pen! NK! Russia! Man lifes gonna be so good!!!

Trump Has Nothing To Show For 100 Days; Plans To Shutdown Government And Blame Democrats

Strange. I never hear people around here complaining

Worst mortgage application of all time

The GOP is facing major internal and dogmatic problems. (Long but good read.)

The world elite are colluding to destroy democracy

Imagine if Republican leaders had been as principled and patriotic.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 23, 2017

M$M: We're CERTAIN there is no gerrymandering, no voter suppression, no swing state voter purges.

Watch Pence being groomed to take the POTUS spot, happening right before our eyes. By the time...

Sean Hannity get's schooled:

A friend of mine is running for PA's 11th district

When you're a Whovian and your wife isn't...

I call bullshit, what say you ? Those two Deplorables are joined at the freaking hip

Not yet confirmed: Hamon, Melenchon, and Fillon urge their followers to support Macron in 2nd round.

Something weird is going on.

If we had a French run off system Gary Johnson and Bill Weld would have endorsed Hillary

WHO'S RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT? 85% of key executive branch positions open

When Nigel Farage met Julian Assange

DHS secretary on homegrown terror: "I don't know how to stop that"

10 million gallon 'bath mat' of oil on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico

France has a lot more problems than us but it looks like they will resoundingly reject Deplorabilism

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Amazed That the Foreigners in Hawaii Can Influence Federal Law

The irony of Fox News building its fan base off of Bill Clinton's consensual

Obama started the annual WH Science Fair in 2010

We currently have 48 Senators who vote as Democrats. Tell Us about Yours.

Fifteen years ago today, I celebrated so much more than another birthday...

James Comey Wasn't a Partisan Hack. He Was Worse.

Churchill on Trump, Putin, tigers, and dictators

Bill Nye Destroys Trump Adviser William Happer, Scolds CNN over Climate Change

How will Bernie try to defend his record on this I wonder?

Labour needs a new leader

Why the French elections are less likely to be rigged.

Note to United States Attorney General Jeffery Sessions: How fucking stupid are you?

Zinnia Question

Bill O'Reilly starring in Dracula Movies.

Can the Senate Committee get Julian Assange to testify before the Committee?

Security Council to meet Trump at White House

Farewell, DU, I'm going away. (alternative fact)

Bill Maher uses poll to force Conservative to concede GOP base is tribal: Facts dont matter (VIDEO)

I wonder, when will Trump want royal guards at the White House?

A socialist and a conservative endorse Macron to stop Marine LeTrump and the alt-reich.

Bernie Sanders: On the issue.

I wonder how many of bill owrongilys audience will know how to access his podcasts?

trump to Deliver Keynote Address at US Holocaust Memorial Museum Remembrance Ceremony

Why Trump should think twice before blaming someone else for his meh 100 days

Our Best Chicken Thigh Recipes

FDR was establishment Democrat, Harry Truman was establishment, John F Kennedy was establishment...

So when is Chaffetz stepping down??

What a CROCK: A crocodile hunter gets eaten by crocodiles

Crime victims: Alabama is wrong to post personal info online

North Carolina civil rights center faces conservative ire

Trump says he "would still beat Hillary in the popular vote." tweeting the new NBC News/WSJ Poll

Last week the #mnleg passed a bill to take away workers' paid sick days. Have your friends in MN ca

California moves - slowly - toward resuming executions

4/23 at 8PM: Tonight, Sanders, Warren tell #SHOCircus what resistance means to them

Marches for Science Outdraw Donald Trumps Inauguration

All the DC Journalists should draw straws... the loser should be sent to Pennsylvania

UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit

4/23 at 8PM Tonight: Sen. Warren, Sen. Sanders tell #SHOCircus what resistance means to them

Your favorite line from Young Frankenstein?

The idea is to fight for social and economic justice with EQUAL passion

Bloomberg tells world leaders not to follow Trumps lead on climate

Bill Nye Slams CNN for Putting Climate Science Denier on Earth Day Panel; Tells him, "cut that out"

Businesses using trillions of gallons of Michigan ground water

Video: What the Earth would look like if all the ice melted.

the asshole-in-chief is still bitching about the election & Hillary winning popular vote

Please, DU: Dem. Unity. Griping about every little detail got us the worst potus in history.

Macron's organization has suffered from more than 4000 hacking attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 24 April 2017

Bluebird Cam Update 4/19/2017

Trump Delivering Keynote At Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony in DC Tues

Trump made at least 15 "unintelligible" comments in his Associated Press interview,

This is my basic proposal for where we as a party should be on the issues

Dancing in the kitchen on a Sunday night to blues music

Anyone remember the quiz-show scandals of the 1950s

Did Donald Trump Commission Russias Hack of the US Election Himself?

2018 US Senate Election- Top Tier Democratic candidates against Republican incumbents.

Democratic Dream Team Needed

I'm going to Tuscon

New York AG Opens Investigation Into Trumps Ties To Organized Crime

An Arizona Legislator Gave an Invocation That Didnt Mention God.

Trump touts new polls: 'Very good considering that much of the media is FAKE'

Recording the sounds of nature's quietest places

Trump team raises rhetoric against Iran

Humans are 'books' in Little Rock library project

What. In. The. Ever. Loving. F*ck.

Schiff to Trump: Taxpayers will 'bear the brunt of your broken promises'

Booker, Carper Question DHS About Revoking Global Entry Status Based on Religion

Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative. Don't let them gaslight you!

Funny thing about running as a populist.