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Archives: April 24, 2017

This, from the Omaya mayoral candidate Bernie's being hammered for supporting:

Chinese Officials Move to Ban Strongly Religious Baby Names

Here's why Trump should think twice before blaming someone else for his meh 100 days

David Gergen: Donald Trump isn't learning from his mistakes

Trump team raises rhetoric against Iran

"You just said you did": AP busts Trump for lying about watching CNN - 2 minutes AFTER he admits it.

Florida man convicted of killing former FSU mascot in gumbo spice dispute

The pope is right

Trump, Pence allies cash in as lobbyists

Four nuns have formed a band at Catholic U. Its called Force of Habit.

Lawmakers want to rein in Texas universities four years after gutting oversight board Read more h

D.T. Phone Home

At a Unity Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But

D.T. Phone Home

Obama Derangement Syndrome LIVES!

Catholic immigrants didnt make it on their own

103rd Gaden Tripa Kyabje Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche Passes Away

FYI from L MENSCH: Intel Sources: Trump accepted laundered money-to pay for Russia's hack on America

Oh man, a friend's daughter was in a 15 vehicle pile up today

US citizen detained by North Korea as Japanese ships join war games

NARAL endorses Northam in VA...Sanders endorses Perriello.

Jeff Sessions on Hawaii gaffe: 'Nobody has a sense of humour any more'

Back in Texas, Rick Perry warns of gnarly oil and gas regulation

Suspected US drone strike kills three al-Qaida operatives in Yemen report

Yom Hashoah

Do not tease cats.

Maldives blogger stabbed to death in capital

French Presidential election. How they differ from us.

'Nuke all frats:' UT frat houses hit with graffiti

Rifts Over Abortion and Economic Populism Threaten to Divide Democrats

America Is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

Homeland security chief backs Trump in split over Dreamer deportation

Daddy (media) will never love you, Donald.

Why Mattis versus Kim Jong-Un Will End Badly for Us All

John Dingell tweet re: Trump's 100 Days Cracked Me Up...

More Nationalist candidates have done pretty badly since Trump won...

Is there on central place where all these crimes are being stored on the internet?

I miss the good old days of good governance

I couldnt agree with Bernie more. I know I'm going to be buried with this video, but so be it.

Donald Trump To Have Dinner With Supreme Court Justices

Pro-Trump Website Run From Eastern Europe May Be The Worst Thing On The Internet

Political polarisation has grown most among the old

Serious question: Did Trump snort an entire eight-ball right before his AP interview?

Full Stop

I made Jamie Oliver's Milk Chicken and it was wonderful. I would put more lemon zest in it.

Ten Times Carl Sagan Blew our Minds

The Senate's Russia probe has no full-time staff & barely any money, and it hasn't interviewed any

Why march for science? Because the value of social trust under attack by Trump is worth fighting

Home of prominent Argentine opposition figure attacked by Macri supporters

Using false information to defend promoting anti-choicers

Food, Sex and Silence

A New Jersey town is panicking because it's about to become Trump's summer getaway

How the Scottish invented Golf (Robin Williams - Live on Broadway)

Since when did abortion become between "choice" and "life"?

In terms of the first 100 days, this works out to one "nope"every 10 days. Sad! Unfair! Fake!

Transcript of AP interview with Trump

Home of prominent Argentine opposition figure attacked by Macri supporters

Food, Sex and Silence

Killer Mike Believes Trump is Invigorating United Activism THE CIRCUS SHOWTIME

How does a star member access the archives?

Senate Trump-Russia Probe Has No Full-Time Staff, No Key Witnesses

Trump announces WH dinner for Supreme Court justices, then hours later postpones it indefinitely

So which is it? Right now? Or wrong big?

Judge orders former hospital executives to pay $6 million

Anyone else watching the IAAF relays from the Bahamas

I know why the carpet in the halls of hotels has cool designs

Nuts! 100 Days Of Shame

Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission

So today's thing is Tim Kaine bashing. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Is anyone else squicked out by that "birds and bees" Volkswagen ad

At the Start of EVERY Disaster Movie...

Trump gets more disgusting every day. Check this from today:

Classic! TPM - Josh Marshall - "Trump: They Were Supposed to Love Me"

The Bette/Joan "Feud" miniseries wrapped tonight & LANGE/SARANDON were tops

Spring has sprung! Rainbows and animals and wildflowers oh my!

Caption for Pence Needed

About all that legislation that Trump has passed and is bragging about?

Now that's a separation I can get behind.

Women love being lied to and told we are not being thrown under the bus, when we are

Seriously, how bad could Tim Kaine had been?

Tim Ryan, the guy some of you endorsed over Nancy pelosi

The Compassion Files: Introduction

TIME claims that someone invented intelligence

The Compassion Files: Just when you think you are starting to get pure....

Trump Postpones Dinner With Supreme Court Justices

KEEP Donald Rump off the golf course !!!!

A 2000 year old warning about Trump...

Spring Haz Sprung, The Grass Haz Riz, I Wonder Where The Birdies Iz.

Round 1 French Election Results. Round 2 is on May 7th....

Trump budget chief: Border wall will protect millions of low income Americans who lose Obamacare

"Human beings do not have a right to water" - is this guy related to Trump's "budget director"

Report: US cases of anti-Semitism increased last year

Woman pleads guilty in Davis mosque vandalism

O'Reilly's words to Hannity: Tag you're it.

Missouri Legislature derailed by GOP spats

Review: Genius, a Portrait of the Man Behind the Equation

Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Review: Genius, a Portrait of the Man Behind the Equation

found this whilst pooking throough youtube. when we have a flying car

Question for anyone who has started their own business

Yom HaShoah --the 6 million Jews gone and those who fought to prevent it

The Children of Fukushima Return, Six Years After the Nuclear Disaster

My (supposedly anti-abortion) sister runs an adoption service agency

Watching Being_There,

I have to hand it to Nancy Pelosi.

Ohio Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls tout qualifications over policy differences

Ohio's no-bid IT contracting to insiders must end: editorial

How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss

Ohio nursing home inspectors fail to meet federal deadlines amid serious understaffing

Democrat Betsy Rader will seek to challenge U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce

Afghan defence chiefs resign over deadly Taliban attack

Rover Pipeline Spills More Than 2 Million Gallons of 'Drilling Fluid' in Ohio Wetlands

China calls for restraint as US carrier group nears Korean waters

Taiwan is about to make eating dogs and cats illegal. (Trigger warning)

Mattis in Afghanistan amid calls for troop increase

John Kasich says cultural erosion helped Trump rise

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Video)

Shutdown deadline looms over Congress' return

Lawmaker Keller spoke on white power advocate's show

Butler County lawmaker won't face career-ending felony

You're right, Chelsea. It's not the first time Trump's shamefully exploited the 9-11 attacks

JuJu's in France for 3 weeks! (photos)

New electronic health records on the way for soldiers, veterans, families

Canada's Trudeau defends dairy system after Trump criticism

Turkey referendum: 80% of voters did not know what the referendum was about.

Pence cites challenging times to troops in American Samoa

A few images from the south of France

Protest signs are really getting interesting

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Sooooo Stupid

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Detroit scales back drain fees after churches balk

Getting desperate: GOP wants to both repeal Obamacare AND fund the wall by Saturday.

Please tell me I did not think a satirical thread was true

Yesterday some top Dems supported other Dems with Right to Life views

Welcome to the New Detroit, white people. So long, poor folks.

Heads up for a tool deal; 40% off

Inside North Korea (in 3 parts)

Louisiana ad here causing problems

The Real Reason Why Saturday Morning Cartoons Disappeared

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson sets space duration record, will get a call from Trump

Trump, Pence allies cash in as lobbyists.

Trump executive order could undo designation of national monuments

Dem proposal for a graduated income tax is precisely what they should be fighting for

The Con's Voters on CNN this morning

Conservationist, author of I Dreamed of Africa ambushed and shot at her ranch in Kenya

Trickle down social justice will work out just as well as trickle down economics did.

It's Close To Impossible to Be Homeless In Houston Without Breaking The Law

100 days of Trump Resistance: the wins so far and battles to come

Marine LeTrump's dad lost the a run off in 2002 to Jacques Chirac by over sixty points.

Even with the math favoring the moderate, IMO, it will be Le Pen.

Hey Spanone

100 days: how Donald Trump compares with last five presidents

Is the 8 to 9 hour of Mornin Joe always a repeat of the 6-7 hour.

The RUSSIAN HACK is the still the biggest story of the day...stay woke.

If you're happy and you know it

Trump to host conservative media at reception

Bill Clinton mocked Donald Trumps claims that Obama wiretapped him with one picture...

And the hits just keep coming.... Bernie Sanders: The Model of the Democratic Party Is Failing

Shattered or Contorted? What a New Book Gets Wrong about the Clinton Campaign

NARAL Virginia: GOVERNOR KAINE SIGNS SB817 (3-30-09)

Man lived above Japanese toilet for three years (but wasn't disposing of his urine)


I retired a few months ago, and I keep having work-related dreams.

Bill Nye the Science Guys Mom Was a Top-Secret WWII Code Breaker

After earlier omission, Trump mourns murder of 6 million Jews in video message to World Jewish...

What are you MOST grateful for in your life ?

Here's how congressional Democrats plan to mark Trump's first 100 days

"What did I just say?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

So, is it inevitable that we are going BACKwards to outlawing abortion?

Vicente Fox out-tweets Trump:

Chaffetz's abrupt - and welcome - exit - By the WaPo Editorial Board

Sessions's aloha-baiting could bring attention to the real problem - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Gender fluidity and the very real struggles some LGBTI people face

Breitbart Is Not Independent, It's The Communications Arm Of The Mercers' Empire

trump fumes.....

Trump Is Having A Real Time Breakdown Over The Collapse Of His Mexico Wall

Resilience of the Resistance - Charles M. Blow

Zombies of Voodoo Economics - Paul Krugman

French Parties Unify Against Le Pen: 'This Is Deadly Serious Now'

Trump, Pence allies see booming business as new Washington lobbyists

Bernie alerts.

Morning Trump: Wall will save yoots from drugs, I would still beat Hillary in popular vote

Benedictine College to remove yoga from course names

President Shitstain Preparing EO To Erase National Monuments - THAT'S How Much He Cares For Earth

There is nothing that prohibits Trump from campaigning for LePen in France. Should he go?

Are "General E. Watch" and "Easy D" the newest hip-hop duo sensation?

Trump in the AP interview sounds like HAL shutting down...

So Just Where Would Donald's 'Effin Wall Be Built?

Does anyone/everyone love the new season of Doctor Who as much as I do?

The Real Reason Why Cats Purr

why isn't there a call by the FCC to pull foxnews license?

Boxtruck beats the red light and gets a bit beat up

If you all can help me out here, I'll need some words. Any words.

An excellent read - I'm a White, working-class millennial. Bernie Sanders does not speak for me

It's Beyond Parody How Beyond Parody Trump Is

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said in the next 30 years, society will feel "pain" caused by technology.

Full Pelosi Interview: Trump Is Showing 'Weakness' With Wall

Fearing a worker shortage, farmers push back on immigration

Couple ordered to pay $41,300 each in fines for Pontiac pharmacy scheme

Beyond Sexual Harassment, Lesser Known Scandals Could Cost The Murdochs A $14B Deal

From what I've read and heard, most people who have committed atrocities

Sushi restaurant owners face multiple embezzlement, tax fraud charges

Bernie on Face the Nation

Trump Boasts of Highest TV Ratings Since 9/11

With Supreme Court seat filled, GOP looks to lower courts

111 F in N'Djamena, Chad, and it's several weeks from summer solstice

it's 'bring your daughter to the oval office' day

trump is talking to our astronauts live now, and....

Former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel claims Sean Hannity invited her back to his hotel room

The hotbed of anti-Semitism isn't a foreign country. It's U.S. college campuses, a new report says

President Obama on CSPAN at 12:00 ET

Sean Hannity latest Fox News host accused of sexual harassment; denies claims

Dealing with self-driving vehicles

Farmers fear losing immigrant workers under Trump crackdown

I'm a businessperson. Well, not really, but humor me:

Dear ESPN, We get it. The Cubs won the WS last year. We know. It was all over the news.

Attention all women who are pursuing a career in broadcasting or journalism...

Crews set to take down 600-year-old tree where George Washington once picnicked with Lafayette.

If you all can help me out here, I'll need some words. Any words.

I found this action group on Twitter: Swing Left

Monday A.M. History Trip - London's underground ambulatory

Astronaut Peggy Whitson "we drink our own urine" Trump "better you than me"


Sessions: Democrats Will 'Pass Anything As Long As It Doesn't Work'

Tonight!! On The O'Reilly Factor!

*Breaking* NEW "American Horror Story" revealed and it's called "Resistance"

Dangerous vomitoxin found in some U.S. corn could sicken livestock, people

Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Wont Win the War

EV, PHEV, and Hybrid Car Owners Check-in

Crossing the street while a marathon is being run

This picture is of Jimmy John's CEO Jimmy John Liautaud. Never! Ever! eat at a Jimmy John's restaura

The Secure Fence Act of 2006

The Emperor's New Wall

A Pro-Bernie OP was removed from General Discussion(?) a few minutes ago.

Today - in many Southern States- It's Confederate Memorial Day

Barack and Michelle's twitter pages

Republicans sound alarm on Trump's troubles ahead of 2018

Article 308: Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists

Article 308: Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists

An attempt at something positive

Arkansas poised to conduct first double execution in US in 16 years

WATCH LIVE: Obama Delivers First Public Speech Post-Presidency At 12 PM ET

Bernie Sanders Defends Ann Coulter

An imbecile speaks - from Google News report

Japan to exceed bluefin tuna quota amid warnings of commercial extinction

This photo never gets old. SMH

The Gateway City is building a massive tunnel system to capture billions of gallons of polluted stor

BLS report: March jobless rates down in 17 states; payroll jobs down in 4 states,up in 3

Amidst Backlash, Ivanka Trump Clothing Is Secretly Relabelled as Adrienne Vittadini

interesting and a bit scary

How the White House plans to tout Trump's first 100 days

Trump brags that he got the highest TV ratings since the World Trade Center came down.

Art of the deal: Angela Merkel had to repeatedly tutor Donald Trump about the European Union

New Orleans takes down Confederate monuments under cover of darkness

The market is going bonkers over France's election result - here's how in 5 wild charts

Senate probe bogged worse than House. It's going to take DRUMPF having a breakdown in public

I've said it before about the Democratic Party, I'll say it again...

Has Chaffetz resigned yet? rumors are he is gonna...n/t

Holocaust: The careless anti-Semitism of morally-incoherent educators

Malaria: Kenya, Ghana and Malawi get first vaccine

March hiring reluctance hits national economic index: Chicago Fed

Incredibly ironic, isn't it. All he wants is to be loved. For the most part, he is reviled.

U.S. top court preserves Alabama campaign finance curbs

Despite Reports, Fmr Fox Guest Now Claims She Was Never Sexually Harassed by Sean Hannity

Did you know?

Obama on MSNBC now..

U.S. top court won't review Houston police shooting 'waistband' defense

Intelligent. Coherent. Complete sentences.

Obama"Political activism and civic Engagement talk just starting on cspan

Trump To Host Breitbart, Other Conservative Outlets For Reception

just a weird observation of the orange menace...

Trump's Maginot Line won't protect against bogeyman.

Lost copy of Declaration of Independence found in England

WOW-New NBC/WSJ poll: 73% prefer independent commission--instead of Congress--to investigate Russia

wonder if trump is watching Obama on cable news...msnbc & cnn

"i have the best words."

Trump to set new executive orders on environment, energy this week

I feared three Presidencies.

President Obama speaking now in Chicago. Look soon for bombs to drop somewhere.

Dear "Attorney General" Sessions: You are a racist and a liar.

Preview For Wednesday's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

AP FACT CHECK: Misfires in Trump's AP interview

Two enraged Trump voters not mincing words as they slammed his failures (VIDEO)

Top Democrats aren't stepping forward to challenge Gov. Walker in 2018

What do you think? Zoe Saldana as Chani?

Okay, who is this skinny, gray haired guy on my TV?

The Move - I Can Hear The Grass Grow - Promo

If this statement was posted by a member of DU

Why Marine Le Pen is confident she will be Frances next president

Why Marine Le Pen is confident she will be Frances next president

Corporations used racism to destroy the middle class and turn the US into a developing nation

Can they be the same?

Each Day Reveals How Much Deep Shit We Are In With Trump.

Some great advice when talking about 45, Republicans

Entire US Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing

Entire U.S. Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing

Just learned that WW1 and WW2 were called DEM wars

Donald Trump brags that he got 'higher ratings than 9/11' in interview about first 100 days

Crews are still working to put out the 5-alarm fire in College Park

Lawyer representing United passenger takes on American Airlines

Updated: Albarados Broken Ankle To Keep Him Out Of Kentucky Derby

Great read re Alex Jones trial - Slate - "Reality Check"

April Showers

Obama's Post-Presidential Goal Is Fostering New Leadership

I feel used up: Carrier workers arent happy about losing jobs after Trumps deal

Live stream: Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Sexual Harassment, who the hell needs laws for "Hot Chocolate" ??

Levashov (spam king) indicted yesterday

Richard Burr appears to be the new Devin Nunes

Trumps bonkers AP interview--His Doctor responds!!...............

Sessions is a Racist (period).

Another Idea for a March

Gregg Allman Enters Hospice

L.A. March Commemorating 102nd Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Tillerson's new mouthpiece is from "Fox and Friends"

Furious Sean Hannity loses it in caps-lock rant against accuser: "I will fight every single lie"

Found this on reddit re American Airlines

The government shutdown looks like it will hinge on Trump's border wall

I hate to bring this up but... one of the main goals of the supposed tax reform that the tRumps

Does Dump actually believe he won the popular vote?

Why tRump Bashing is So Disatisfying

democratic platform 2016 re: WOMEN and reproductive and other rights

Dana Milbank: Is Trump clear where hes steering ship of state?

Trump lists failed travel ban as one of his biggest "achievements" of first 100 days

This board is absolutely unreadable and it's not even an election year.

Arizona Republican legislators furious that Democratic legislators keep offering non-God-related i

Controversial removal of Confederate monuments starts in New Orleans

NO, Speaker Pelosi, being anti-choice is NOT being a dem (per the dem platform)

Trump tweets #BuildTheWall hashtag, pimps TrumpCare due to ObamaCare "death spiral"

Dow Chemical Donates $1 Million to Trump, Asks Administration to Ignore Pesticide Study

Obama talks youth leadership post presidency

The Democratic Party can compromise on principles to win but it cannot be a cult

Looking For Volunteer Orgs, Jackson County Need Help

Thought provoking view of the Marches for Science - Slate

There's a bigger place for us

Notice: Alabama and Mississippi state offices closed for Confederate Memorial Day today.

Dont Blame the Russians, Tax Judge Tells Sothebys Expert.

Obama equals class. Trump equals crass.

So any speech by anyone must be allowed an audience and center stage at a

Clinton surprise guest at Tribeca

Obama's barrage of complete sentences seen as brutal attack on Trump.

sen intel committee for russia investigation--no staff, no witnesses, no experience. SHEEESH

Did I just witness the start of the 2020 presidential campaign in NH?

Louisiana Coastline, minus one meter of elevation

CNN:Senate investigators chafe at pace of Russia investigation, grinding forward

What is he up to; bring the (whole) Senate to the WH???

*45 knows nothing: The moronic fiction of his really, really good health care plan is obvious

Confederate Memorial Day 2017 in Florida is Wednesday the 26th of April.

The Legitimate President Addresses The Nation

Obamas Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump (Borowitz)

He's Back in the game. President Obama returns for a specific purpose (VIDEO)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Apr 24, 2017

Le Pen 'steps aside' as party leader

Tennis star Ilie Nastase faces ban after insulting female players

Human World Population estimate tops 7.5 billion today.

The KING Summons you

Amateur Skywatchers Spot New Atmospheric Phenomenon

Abortion is economics and anyone dismissing it as a social issue

To pro-lifers

Fearing a worker shortage, farmers push back on immigration

One Toke Over the Line with Trump and Sessions

From the DNC Platform 2016 page 46

As Zika Season Nears, States Brace for an End to CDC Funding

British pop star probed for SA teen's '70s rape

Slate - "Your Grammar Would Be As Weird As Trumps If You, Too, Saw the Future"

Russia is sending weapons to Taliban, top U.S. general confirms

John Morgan: more likely than unlikely to run for Florida Governor

It has bee several months since election day & eyes filled with tears

Photos: Bernie Sanders speaks to #RiseUp2017. With him on stage, 72 community leaders ...

Contradict the medical profession on abortion accessibility at your own political risk

Where is Meredith McIver?

I wonder if Trump has seen too many Cagney films.

An Official State Department Web Site Is Now Promoting Trumps Club Mar-a-Lago

An Aurora Called 'Steve'? Strange Sky Phenomenon Investigated

Why does MSNBC have that disingenuous schmuck Hugh Hewitt on? I quickly changed the channel.

They've stopped even pretending. The US Embassy in the UK is promoting Mar-a-Lago on its website.

Erin Moran Relied on a Feeding Tube to Stay Alive During Final Days Battling Stage 4 Cancer

Facebook Video: RiseUp "Movement Politics: From Protest to Power" - Featuring Sen. Sanders

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 "Choral": II

Icy Enceladuss tiger stripes are a window on its watery depths

Liberals are too f---ing nice.

Obamas Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump

🐦 4/27 Thursday - Bernie Sanders - Late Night with Seth Meyers

I loathe Bernie Sanders and have the hidden posts to prove it...

Tough choice here...

So, Sally Yates is testifying tomorrow, and Cheeto is going to war with NK.

Hillary AND Bernie are last year's news. Can you folks leave it there and focus on the Future?

Want to respond to 45, Spicer, etc's ridiculous tweets but feel it'll never get seen?

Rubio denies arranging encounter between Trump and Colombia peace critics

Nance sees unprecedented NK briefings at WH as 'grave indicator of poss imminent action by US'

Bermese Mountain Dog loves his Grandma.

Just saw this on Steve Kornacki's show.

Dan Savage Raises $100,000 With Impeach The Mother F*cker Already Swag

When a large group of what appear to be juveniles swarm the BART and rob and injure passengers,

Guatemala Indigenous Leader Awarded Top Environmental Prize for 43-Year Anti-Mining Struggle

Mexico Eliminates Disease Which Is Leading Cause of Blindness

State Department, U.S. embassies promoting Trump's Mar-a-Lago

My pal was just so pleased with herself with the gift she dropped at my feet.

Mexico Eliminates Disease Which Is Leading Cause of Blindness

The entire US Senate has been invited to The White House for a briefing Wed re: Korea situation

"The thing we share with these migrating peoples is that we are all deprived of land."

State Dept. blog promotes Trump's Mar-a-Lago, prompting ethics concerns

Looking at the topics on the board and the reactions to those topics...

How the 6th District (Ga.) went from red to purple..

Gregg Allman Denies Hospice Rumors

Return of the Right Wing Infopedia

Is Jean Stothert a better candidate than Heath Mello?

Further attempt to disenfranchise Texas voters - House Committee hearing tomorrow (April 25)

"I do not want to dedicate my life to assholes."

Vermont rescues starving bear cubs after wild food shortage

16 Writers Reflect On The Revolutionary Meaning Of Michelle Obama

Remember this? Well in Nevada this happened just now, today...................

Couple charged in shooting outside Seattle right-wing event

The Senate investigation into Trump-Russia is a hot mess

Something to celebrate! Maybe burn a few appropriate flags as well.

Trump just told millions of schoolchildren about the "tremendous military applications in space," th

Wolf pup born in Missouri offers hope for endangered breed

The a-hole has to learn he's not an emperor - Senate should have *refused* to go!

Wouldn't an Environmental Impact Study stop the Trump Wall in it's tracks?

Gregg Allman Denies Hospice Rumors

Who or what are you most angry with?

Heres everything Melania Trump has done as first lady

Trump seeks 15 percent corporate tax rate, even if it swells the national debt

State Department, U.S. embassies promoting Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Sugary Drinks Tied to Accelerated Brain Aging.

First 100 days: An exhaustive list of all of Trump's pro-LGBTQ 'wins'

So - anyone watch a gardening show called "Growing a Greener World" - on PBS stations?

Call (202) 224-3154 & say #BurrMustRecuse himself from the #TrumpRussia probe immediately

In lst encounter w Schumer - Trump Reduced to Seeking non-Custodial Relationship with Own Testicles

May Hires Jim Messina for U.K. Conservative Election Team

LOL-Hitler reacts to the French election

Democrats Head to Campaign School

Most Americans Want Government to Do More

Tastee Diner in Bethesda to be sold to Marriott.

Conspicuous Production?

My 10 year old neighbor just told me her favorite sign from the Portland science march Saturday:

Is the whole world screwed up?

Yogurt Company Chobani Sues Alex Jones For Defamation

Report: Nuclear-powered USS Michigan to arrive in South Korea

****BREAKING**** Perfidious Russians hacking Macron's campaign to help Le Pen

Gorka Storms Out Of Georgetown Panel After Tough Student Questions

Dissatisfaction With Ryan, Congress Is Growing

Names & phone #'s of every member of Senate Intel Cmte are below.

The only way I will vote to fund the stupid border wall idea of @realDonaldTrump is if Russia pays

Trump-backed Navy expansion would boost costs some $400 billion over 30 years: study

Trump calls for new U.N. sanctions against North Korea

Kentucky coal museum switching to solar power

Photos: Bernie Sanders meeting with #MomNation members 4/24/17


Will science ID the remains of the lost Franklin Expedition of the 19th Century

Everyday People- A song that is still very relevant and needs to be sung

Robert Pirsig dies at 88; wrote counterculture classic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance'

San Antonio mayor blames poverty on broken people who arent in a relationship with their creator

Lawsuit: Former Fox Host Had Digital Devices Spied On By Fox After Reporting Sexual Harassment

The Rich Are Living Longer and Taking More From Taxpayers

I'd say Alex Jones is having a total breakdown.

The Suwalki Gap - the potential European flashpoint Vladimir Putin is keeping a close eye on

In Trump era, Rachel Maddow starts beating Fox News

iHeart Radio in Financial Jeopardy---Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity face uncertain futures

Medicaid recipients in Kentucky to lose coverage, gain weird rewards accounts instead

Republican Judge Resigns to Protest North Carolina GOPs Attack on Courts

TPM - "Trump Prepping To Fold Like a Cheap Suit on Wall Demand ... SAD!" (LOL Josh Marshall!)

1. The threat of a Russia-compromised Trump is the single-most sensational news item now or ever

Senate Russia investigation to add 2 more staffers after pace criticized

So backup cameras on cars mandatory starting May 2018?

CIA director Mike Pompeo repeatedly cited WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during campaign

'Welcome to Hell': Drudge Mourns a Future Where Maddow Has Top Ratings

Which do you pay more for every month, electricity and heating fuel, or cable and internet?

Donald Trumps Associated Press interview: 10 things we learned (but may have already known)

Arkansas prepares for 1st double execution in US since 2000

Bye bye, Bernie: He's not fit to captain the Democratic ship if he can't stop chasing the great...

100 days: From 'I alone' to 'it's complicated'

Fox hacked Andrea Tantaros phone and used her dead brother in campaign of psychological torture: la

Why the World Needs to Sit Up and Take Notice of India's War on Meat

"Once you get off of the social issues abortion, gay rights, guns and into the economic issues,"

'Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' Author Robert M. Pirsig Dies At 88

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity face uncertain futures with iHeartMedia

Editorial: Why Are Democrats Fighting Each Other Over Abortion?

Republicans in Congress push for religious liberty executive order

Trump, LePage actions threaten Maines national monument

I'm ready to quit my local gym: The men think they own the place

"ISIS has won": GOP candidates in Va and SC enraged by Louisiana's removal of Confederate monument

I love you Barack Obama

Vatican calls on Catholics and Buddhists to work together to promote nonviolence

List of Republican pol businesses to boycott.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Koterba toon: Second try at Obamacare repeal!

opinions on appliance brands, please.

Gofund yourself, Donald!

How about this for a gender-neutral pronoun?

Elizabeth Warren endorses Tom Perriello for VA Gov. race

Catholics should speak out against Trump's proposed budget

Preventing Alzheimers Disease Is Easier Than You Think.

As opponents criticize Jean Stothert's similarities to Scott Walker, she praises him at a campaign..

The State Department has apologized for promoting Mar-a-Lago, Trump's private business. https://news