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100 days of this jamboree of craziness...Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The Daily Stormer

Far Right responsible for 73% of terrorist attacks since 9-11

The Resistance Report, special edition featuring the founders of Indivisible,

CNN re: Trump 100 Days: "He thought winning presidency would be like being crowned Miss Universe"

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.1 struck off the west coast of Chile.

Ivanka helps daddy talk to astronauts up in the sky.

7 Baffling Moments From Donald Trumps AP Interview

Rolling Stone: What's Missing From the Debate About Pro-Life Democrats

Any company/corp that wants to put their offices outside the US

Two die in Venezuela protests

trump is losing so hard

this message is for those of you who don't want to pay for unions

How to Build Trump's Wall - Privatize It

On preventing war, from Socrates to North Korea

Medicaid recipients in Kentucky to lose coverage, gain weird rewards accountsinstead

State Department removes article touting Mar-a-Lago

Fox roundtable promoting a preemptive nuke strike on N. Korea.

Serena Williams responds to Ilie Nastases racist comments

The oil market has one big problem: People aren't buying enough gas

Thanks a bunch!

Malcolm Nance tweet from a few hours ago re: North Korea

Climate change poses nightmare scenario for Florida coast, Bloomberg warns

Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesnt Know How to Be President

CDC Still Stumped by Mystery Paralysis in Kids

The jokes write themselves

This is some pretty good shade from a presidential library's Twitter account.

Post election French/run off polls

(French elections) Russia-linked hackers targeted Macrons presidential campaign: researchers

New brain-inspired cybersecurity system detects 'bad apples' 100 times faster

Travelgate - Luckovich 'toon

Tells Nasa to 'speed up' Mars landing

2017/2018 US Senate and Governors Election winner predictions

Black man punched by California officer files rights lawsuit

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber! Live Uncensored & a

That explains the dirty socks in the hall😽

Jimmy Carter Library chimes in on the accomplishments in the first 100 days debate

Interview replete with lies, exaggerations, rambles and non-sequiturs.

15 indicted in eagle trafficking case; more charges expected

The Navy's $9 billion plan for new frigates raises red flags

Twitter employee making $160,000 in San Francisco says he's scraping by

Scott Baio rants about drugs following Erin Moran's death from cancer.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! You Gotta Have Heart! Live Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Mom warns of dangers of fentanyl by posting picture of dying son on Facebook

Elizabeth Warren is on CNN-Gave Trump an F

Waterloo to turn dog poop into power, through new pilot program

Woman found shot execution-style in Oregon was from Russia

SEE how it works...

You will die a little.

Ontario to try giving poor a basic income

Abortion Rights: Why the GOP Wants Democrats To Stop Talking About It.

watching the wrestling match

2 ?s/thoughts from the past week, please?

Apple slashes affiliate commission rate on apps from 7 to 2.5%

IMO, This would be a nice way to get around.

Watching this incredible video of people getting a break from a heatwave,

Right-Wing Broadcaster Calls For Killing Of Globalists At CNN

Trump said he's bigger than 9-11

Arkansas Executes Jack Jones As Part Of First U.S. Double Execution In 17 Years

Border Wall Funding Fight

Trump advisor hosted a fundraiser for far-right French candidate Marine Le Pen at Trump Tower

I hate you James Comey.

Inmate Died After 7 Days Without Water in Milwaukee Jail, Prosecutors Say

A better take on Hillary's picture.

Russia may be arming Taliban, U.S. military says

Trump administration full of mixed messages ahead of shutdown fight

Scenes from the L.A. March for Science!

21 state AGs denounce DeVos for ending student loan reform

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 27, 2017 -- Star of the Month - Character Actors

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 28, 2017 -- TCM Spotlight - Post-War Melodrama

The Largest Galaxy in the Known Universe [IC 1101]

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 29, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - This is a Stick Up!


Albino Twins From Brazil Are Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm With Their Unique Beauty

2018 CO Governors and 2020 CO US Senate Election-Democratic Nominee.

Theresa May would fire Britains nuclear weapons as a first strike if necessary,

Trump seeks 15 percent corporate tax rate, even if it swells the national debt

Comey needs an orange jumpsuit and hard labor

The DRUMPF-sters at all echelons are cracking - viz., GORKA storms off the stage

Joy is on w Lawrence right now!

The faction of the party that endorsed Tim Ryan, Heath mello and tulsi

500 Years After Expulsion, Sicilys Jews Reclaim a Lost History.

Morning after pill in vending machine on college campus

Obama & Dems have faced over 300 filibusters from Republicans.

There were 46 staffers on just 1 of the 7 committees that investigated Benghazi. There are 7 Senate

Think Trump's Stupid? Get A Load Of This Interview

Interesting article from Huffington about the 2016 Democratic platform:

Beautiful music break by Lady Armstrong team

New Orleans takes down white supremacist monument

Dear Hannity, just heard your self-defensive rant

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley prepping for gubernatorial run

Michigan Senate, House pare Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget

Common goal at NAACP dinner: Fight President Trump

So PRESIDENT Obama Spoke Today

Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers (VIDEO)

Before I got branded as anti-abortion

Update: Jack Jones and Marcel Williams executed in Arkansas, Jones execution "torturous" per lawyers

Researchers Discover New Species of Giant Spider

Legislature votes to help identify people with special needs

Michigan still fighting about mental health funding

A Bounty of Europe Travel Deals

How state workers, Facebook, Twitter have $1B in common

I just want to introduce myself!

State agency 'actively working' despite embezzlement

Wilted Flowers

I just want to introduce myself!

Trump Signals Willingness to Drop Border Wall Funding in Budget Standoff

The Hill (April 2016) - Trump: I will eliminate U.S. debt in 8 years

Capitol repairs will happen, official says

Trump: Chinese president likes me a lot

Robert M. Pirsig, Author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Dies at 88

My playlist

Will tRump Allow China to End NK Hostilities?

Snyder investigating state worker harassment in U.P.

LTE (from a year ago): To the women in my engineering classes

Trump's MOST TRUSTED Paper Throws His Campaign Off The Bus

Lost appeal could cost GM billions

Conservative Kochs push Mich. criminal justice reforms

Maddow beating Fox

Japanese demand for nuclear shelters, purifiers surges as North Korea tension mounts

Ex-police chief pleads guilty to embezzlement

Crittenton pays $791K to settle Fata health care fraud claims

Dem gov hopeful: Make Michigan a 'sanctuary state'

Courser perjury case gets new judge

Female genital mutilation procedure 'hurted a lot,' child says

All unpopular

GM fires 2,700 Venezuela-based employees after plant closes, Reuters reports

Understanding Validation: A Way to Communicate Acceptance

NC Channel website

We need a Trump version of this WWII pin cushion...

Nasty Nastase really is Nasty and rather pathetic

We interrupt this program to report..."America is experiencing an illegitimate President"

This performance absolutely SLAYED ME

Did Donald Trump Commission Russias Hack of the US Election Himself?

Top NH Democrats say Biden, 74, would be viable, exciting 2020 presidential candidate.

2 men convicted on felony charges in NV Bundy standoff; judge declares mistrial on some charges

23 days to finish Bill O'Reilly. Could another mega-boycott force out his pal Trump as well?

Kobach ordered by Federal judge to share plans presented to Trump with ACLU.

Police: Indiana State professor behind fake Muslim threats

Private firm wins $110 million contract for new immigrant detention center in Texas

Gov. Holcomb vetoes public records search fee

Senate Ethics Complaint Being Filed On Senator Richard Burr For Obstruction Of Justice

Ind. Supreme Court dismisses wounded officer's claims against gun shop

Kokomo man, 80, arrested for rape after SWAT team deployed

Snipes are Snipes against any who have applauds or gripes

Trial of prosecutor rekindles death row ashes

Quigley- If the public saw what I had seen..they would want a full-throttle investigation

West Virginia public school's Bible class heads to court

How Indiana's $32B budget affects you

Politics Christie gives Trump a 'B,' says WH staff need to 'get their act together'

Rep. Rokita vs. a 'liberal scientist's hunch'

Can the official theory of the twin tower collapses be proven with experimentation?

Pot groups ban gets its (420) Day in court

State awards $87.5 million for Ball State University project

North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea

I-69 bonds downgraded again

Stephen Colbert: How Much of Trump's 100 Day Action Plan Has He Completed?

Elton John suffered 'deadly bacterial infection' on tour

Buttigieg cites $63 million in private investment in downtown

Indiana GOP announces tax-hiking agreement to pay for roads

Plastic-eating caterpillar could munch waste, scientists say

State provides another loan to keep Gary schools operating

Energy & Process Corp. to Pay $4.6 Million for Defective Steel Rebar, Quality Control Failure

McKinney Man Charged With Fraudulently Obtaining and Cashing $16 Million in U.S. Treasury Checks

Trump Is Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesnt Know How to Be President

Texas Man Sentenced for $19 Million Fraud Scheme

Obama to net $400K for Wall Street speech: report

Watchdog: Delayed testing could add $1B to F-35 program

Libya's warring sides reach diplomatic breakthrough in Rome

Gov. Holcomb signs assistance for East Chicago into law

Partisan battle over sanctuary cities coming to a head

This is how bad Republicans suck at governing, they can barely keep the lights on

In New Trade Front, Trump Slaps Tariff on Canadian Lumber

Waco gunfight still unresolved in court

Here's a small gallery of so called journalists obsessed with Chelsea Clinton.

Is it safe for the entire Senate to meet in the WH?

Chelsea Clinton Retweeted NYT Health Dear @nytimes would you please consider removing the pay wall

Doctor's arrest brings attention to U.S. female circumcisions

Wisconsin tribes clash in casino expansion fight

Sen. Ron Wydan RE Russia investigation:

🐦 April 28 - Bernie Sanders will be addressing the #NANCONV2017 on Friday.

Burgess talks to tamer but dissatisfied crowd

April 28 - Bernie Sanders will be addressing the #NANCONV2017 on Friday.

Mayor Taylor Says Poverty is a Symptom of Atheism

Fox News Slowly Implodes - Russia Investigation

Jack Kingston( R-GA): State Department plugged Mar-A-Lago and it's all OBAMA'S FAULT

Wikipedia founder aims to 'fix the news' with collaborative website

Pam Bondi "not guilty"; Orlando Sentinel begs to differ

Prediction: we will bomb NK very soon.

Some Atheists Choose to Be Kind to Others 'heartbroken' after being caught selling user data to Uber

Trump's First 100 Days and a Possible Government Shutdown: A Closer Look

Israel Appoints First Female Judge to Muslim Religious Court

The First 100 Days: Another Presidential Tradition for Trump to Ignore: The Daily Show

Will We Abandon Womens Rights in the Name of Progressive Politics?

A Demonstration of Perfect Samurai Swordsmanship

republicans in office, another war....championed by the media

Catholic deacon given job of hermit at 350-year-old cliffside retreat

NYTimes: Money Talked Loudest at Trumps Inaugural

Ivanka Trump arrives in Berlin to work on special relationship

French Mayor, Upset by Vote of Le Pen Backers, Says He May Quit Rather Than Serve Those Assholes

On Hillary Clinton's Beautiful Refusal to "Go Away"

Shell companies and money laundering.

Is Showbox legal?

What do Japanese ENVY about foreigners?! What are they jealous of? (Turn on CC for translation)

Apocalypse Sighting

WH fucks up softball press-conference with friendly right-wing journalists.

Dark money vs. corporate cash: Virginia Democratic rivals clash over funding

The FIRST day (and Time) in USA Anime Matsuri 2017 Houston, Texas

Finding the Catholic Voices in Social Justice Poetry

The hypocrisy of the latest round of Bernie-bashing

The "Ask Japanese" (Youtube) crew visits the USA for the first time ever in Anime Matsuri 2017

It arrived.

The Senate Committee investigating the Russian collusion scandal: CALL TO ACTION!

Willy Hitler, Adolph Hitler's asshole nephew

Pence thanks US military members during stop in Hawaii

Gotta face facts, there will be no serious investigation of Russia unless we take back the House,

tweeting about fake media.....again

NYTimes Editorial: Money Talked Loudest at Trumps Inaugural-Coal, oil, gas and chemical industries

Public pans Republicans' latest approach to replacing Affordable Care Act

If Trump had a set he would come right out and endorse his pal and kindred spirit Marine LePen

Today is the third anniversary of the poisoning of Flint. Here is Senator Ananich's statement

Who do we call to get an Independent Prosecutor?

Robots Ultimate Fails

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Blooming Idiots Edition

Adorable animal cuteness overload trigger alert: Pygmy goats busted in Belfast, Maine.

To Ivanka Trump. Don't ever think to speak for me about empowering women again.

Will the Democrats have the will to go for the power play?

Ivanka Trump showered in boos at W20 after praising her dad as a tremendous champion of families

Trump considers banning laptops on planes from UK airports

Japan warns citizens they might have only 10 minutes to prepare for a North Korean missile

I have yet to hear a good logical reason how,,,,

If you are Bernie *anything-ing* right now, you are falling for their tricks.

"This is my happy-to-see-you face" . . . Please come CAPTION Tucker Carlson!!!

Now that Chump is turning his ire toward our northern neighbor should Canada build a Wall?

Students protest to demand the UT end its contract with Nike over alleged human rights abuse

Real estate developers excited about SpaceX building rockets in Rio Grande Valley

This is why some of us are fearing reprioritising the issues of our party

WH Press Office is apparently lying to the media for sport

'It's going to hit the poorest people': Zika outbreak feared on the Texas border

Will there ever be meaningful tRump/Russia investigations?


Obama Steps Back Into Public Life, Trying to Avoid One Word: Trump

Senate Judiciary sets date for Yates, Clapper testimony on Russia.

Psychiatrists Say Trump Has "Dangerous Mental Illness"

Trump's 100 Day Approval Rating Worst Since 1945

Why Was Heath Mello, a Democrat who Bernie campaigned for Thrown Under the Bus?

Worlds First All-Electric VTOL Jet Tested Are Flying Cars Here?

Cyberattack on French presidential front-runner bears Russian 'fingerprints,' research group says

San Antonio Mayor blames poverty on people not having a relationship with Christ

After years of hiding their relationship, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron enter the political stage...

Toon: Passing The Baton

Victoria County DA faces employment lawsuit from applicant who spoke to university hate group

Tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth? Seriously?

Trump picked new Secret Service Director

Bill Maher with Rachel Maddow

If I can make a suggestion, why don't we all just ignore the anti-Bernie/anti-Hillary posts.

Freedom of expression does not exist if it is not universal.

No verdict after fourth day of jury deliberations in John Wiley Price corruption trial

We've got to get it together

So, Trump punts/wimps out on the wall AND healthcare repeal?

How 'Shattered' Changed My Mind About Hillary: Now I Like Her More

Should we unsticky the posts at the top of the forum ?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - 100 days

How Trump's presidency is on its way to success: by not governing

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Classless and clueless

Turn in 'illegal aliens': Posters call on UT-Arlington campus to do so as 'civic duty'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Texas Senate approves creating state music museum in Austin

Bye Bye Bernie...There is no economic populism without abortion rights and civil rights.

So 45 and his criminal cabal silenced the media & are stonewalling investigations into TrumpRussia

Trump Administration Changes Its Tune on Ed Snowden, Moscow's Star Defector

Call Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr at (202) 224-3154 TELL him to recuse himself immediately

Couple Get Divorced So Their Girlfriend Doesnt Get Jealous: EXTREME LOVE

"Perfect" photos from every state

Tim Kaine and Adam Schiff seek Trump's legal basis for Syria attack

Is it really true that the King Of The Deplorables wimped out on his Wall?

Are we being divided and conquered?

Team Bannon Pushed for a Shutdown 'Standoff'

79% of Americans don't want Chump The King Of The Deplorables to kill ObamaCare

Warren gives Trump's first 100 days an 'F'

Is this all because Bernie endorsed ONE LOCAL CANDIDATE IN A LOCAL RACE

Brazen Shit Dept - Timothy Loehmann (Tamir Rice's Killer) speaks:

CNN Jake Tapper destroys Trump's 100-day mark with a flip-flop montage (VIDEO)

Trump's famous deal-making strategy? Name-dropping and image. That's why he's failing right now.

Colombia sends brutal anti-riot unit to evict homeless disaster victims: National radio

Seems like every day with the Trump admin. is the same

Video Shows Conflicting Stories in Tamir Rice Case

Disingenuous attacks on Bernie Sanders persist, and his popularity climbs

Warren and Sanders endorse Tom Perriello for Governor

So Macron is Obama and Justin Trudeau.

Slinky Kitten - Now on sale

Ella was born on this date......

Let's all smile.

Middle Class Contracted in U.S. Over 2 Decades, Study Finds.

Had Bernie supported BOTH Osoff and Mello, I would not criticize him

I think it is obvious that under republican control, the investigations aren't going anywhere

I have almost exclusively avoided the Bernie Wars.

Is this a pun?

Who Fights Colombias Wars?

Judge Orders Prosecutors To Disclose Cop's Anti-Black Lives Matter Facebook Posts

Albert King was born on this date.

Keith Olbermaan's feud gonna make a comeback ?

Violin Concerto Ludwig van Beethoven

Biggest Murder Spikes Not in Sanctuary Cities

Re: Bernie's popularity, GWB had a 90% popularity rating once too.

Congressional Credentialing Committee Deals Breitbart A Devastating Rebuke

White House denies House Oversight Committee's request for documents related to Flynn

WH refusing Oversight Cmte docs on Michael Flynn--breaking news on msnbc

Flynn's Turkish lobbying linked to Russia

Comey didn't blow up Clinton. Chaffetz did.

A Journey Through Baja Californias Wine Country

Flynn is going down! (n/t)

100 days of Democratic rage; Trump has enabled the Dem Party to overlook its serious problems.

Eric Cartman the Capitalist- Parody of Mortgage Backed Securities MBS

Poll: 67 percent of gun owners say NRA 'overtaken by lobbyists'

"One Hundred Day" Distraction Needed (North Korea?)

Conway: Border wall remains a 'very important priority' for Trump

Trump blames 'fake media' as he insists he's not backing off border wall

My Job Was Telling Bush Things He Didnt Want To Hear

Rep. Cummings: White House refuses to provide a single piece of paper #Flynn #Russia

Caracas has become the murder capital of the world

msnbc is covering trump speech at Capitol Holocaust Remembrance.

Mexico Worries That A New Border Wall Will Worsen Flooding

One issue voting, whether on abortion or anything else.

BREAKING NEWS: Eighth Grader awkwardly delivers report on Holocaust he cribbed from Wikipedia.

Flynn likely broke the law by failing to disclose foreign payments, House Oversight leaders say

Turkish warplanes strike Kurdish militants in Syria, Iraq's Sinjar

"They want to erase the Holocaust from history."

Countries Presidents visited first 100 Days

Robert Siegel Stepping Down As 'All Things Considered' Host In 2018

KO:Bill OReilly's Downfall (And Trump's, Too?) How the ouster of O'Reilly offers a roadmap for remo

KO:Bill O'Reilly's Downfall (And Trump's, Too?)How the ouster of O'Reilly offers a roadmap for remov

The disrupter president and the do-little Congress

putz is speaking at a Holocaust memorial

U.S. Senate candidate uses image of China to attack construction in D.C.

for your schadenfreude pleasure

Pinboy3niner died

Someone chained a cross to gates in Gay St in Greenwich Village

Sotomayor sees 'disturbing trend' of unequal treatment regarding police, alleged victims

Smart grids anyone?

Colorado marks 50th anniversary of historic law that significantly loosened abortion restrictions.

In Chicago, Obama tells young leaders that 'special interests dominate the debates in Washington'

Jimmy Dore, Fuck. You.


German crowd hisses, boos at Ivanka when she defends her dad

Hitting too close to home

'Congrats on not committing sex crimes': Internet roasts Trump's 'historic accomplishments' in 100..

On false equivalencies, you know like when CNN gives a climate change denier equal footing...

Kasey hunt of msnbc asked jason chaffetz if mike flynn broke the law.

I think this functionwould really help DU

Sexual crimes ARE violence

She's Back: Hillary Clinton's last 100 days (my, what a contrast to the orange madman)

Shes Back: Hillary Clintons Last 100 Days (oh my, what a contrast to the orange madman)

Chesterfield man, an early advocate of gay rights in Va., found dead in apartment weeks after being

SCROTUS is angry that Canada is hurting Wisconsin and other border states.

Whatever happens with Mike Flynn....

Hey Abbott!!

Republicans are slow-walking any investigations.

Bates Motel checks out with a Strong Series Finale

Trump will actually claim he's done more in his 100 days than anyone since FDR

No debate

Hillary Rodham Clinton full interview with Kristoff at Women in the World Summit

Hillary Rodham Clinton interview with Kristoff at Women in the World Summit

Russian Newspaper Claims Chechnya Runs Six Prisons for Gay Men

Rob Quist has the right perspective on...

The Dog Breed Family Tree

Here comes the 100th day normalization

Pinboy3niners last post was simply

Women and the Progressive Movement

Ivanka Trump: I Don't Like The Word 'Accomplice' Because It Isn't 'Productive'

Trump Vows to Bring Back VCR Manufacturing Jobs

GOP Lawmaker Invested In Company He Tried to Help

Are Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Turning Red?

GOP Lawmakers Not Happy with Trump Tax Plan

After Knee or Hip Replacement, No Place Like Home

Support for Immigration and Trade Hit New Highs

Washington, DC, NOT To Go On Lockdown Tomorrow As Preparation For Korean Missile Attack

Homebuilders denounce tariff on Canada's softwood lumber

White House Sends Mixed Signals On Border Funding Demands

This is a disturbing trend

This is a disturbing trend

Flynn probably broke the law by failing to disclose foreign payments, House Oversight leaders say

Thats all crap: Lizz Winstead crushes Ivanka for pretending to back women while ignoring...

Looks like there's been some action in NK.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

National Enquirer flips?

Disconnect: Trump, GOP not on same page

There's no such thing as a blue or red state. Looking past stereotypes critical to electoral success

Gorillaz' Damon Albarn Edited Out All References To Trump On Latest Release

Justice Dept Says NYPD Traded Bribes for Gun Licenses

Trump's 15 percent corporate tax push sets stage for clash with Ryan

'A Lot of Smoke Here': Democratic Rep. Sounds the Alarm on Michael Flynn

Hardball health care option may cost Trump and taxpayers

No, Jeff Sessions, you cant just strip funding from sanctuary cities to hurt immigrants

Ivanka Trump can't be whitewashed with 'women's empowerment' talk

Best Friends

'We Will Stamp Out Prejudice': Trump Blasts Anti-Jewish Threats During Memorial Ceremony

What am I missing regarding the NK situation? Seems there wasn't much going on

Should you fertilize if the plant is in bloom?

An Activist Investment in Whole Foods Exposes Shifting Power on Wall St.

Trumps working class supporters would get just $5 from his childcare plan

'Run it like a business', eh? How many troops should die for a profit margin?

Alitalia goes bust: Italy's flagship airline triggers insolvency process as liquidation looms

A GOP Lawmaker Has Been Revealed As The Creator Of Reddits Anti-Woman Red Pill Forum

Fact: More Americans have lost their jobs in the

Conservative media figures disappointed with Trump meeting

Colorado Coal Country Turns to Solar Energy, Organic Farming (from ludlow to solar, organic)

Colorado Coal Country Turns to Solar Energy, Organic Farming (from ludlow to solar, organic)

Colorado Coal Country Turns to Solar Energy, Organic Farming (from ludlow to solar, organic)

CNN's Chris Cillizza, Ivanka's cuck.

Don't worry, there is a law against that. Don't worry, we will win that one in court.

"James Comey's Fear of Everyone Except Democrats Helped Donald Trump Upset Hillary Clinton"

We simply don't have the luxury my fellow Dems....

How the Murdochs took a multimillion-dollar gamble on Bill OReilly --and lost (time to go, murdochs)

How the Murdochs took a multimillion-dollar gamble on Bill O'Reilly--and lost (time to go, murdochs)

How the Murdochs took a multimillion-dollar gamble on Bill O'Reilly--and lost (time to go, murdochs)

Transgender woman denied food at soup kitchen because she was wearing a dress

Major Terrorism Exercise Coming to Arlington Tomorrow

TPM - LOL - TRUMP's First 100 Days

Atheists Invite San Antonio Mayor to Meet Constituents After Anti-Atheist Remarks

Regarding our differences here on DU

Disingenuous attacks on Bernie Sanders persist and his popularity climbs

... I'm uhh... Feeling a crash coming on today.

Someone Chained A Cross To Gay Street In NY. What Happened Next Was Beautiful.

Would North Korea really launch a nuke

Republicans offer spending plan without border wall

National Memo: Trumps only talent is inheriting things he doesnt deserve

Wisconsin DOJ: James O'Keefe's Project Veritas tape did not show election law violations

Feminists have the uncomfortable position

DHS secretary on homegrown terror: "I don't know how to stop that"

Smart grids anyone?

Bernie's comments annoy me and you may not like Hillary, but we're being baited

Rush Limbaugh Throws Trump Under The Bus: "It Looks Like Trump Is Caving"

Support for Immigration and Trade Hit New Highs

Road Rage Cases With Guns More Than Double in 3 Years, Report Says.

From Louise Mensch: "Rybolovev hooked a computer to U. S. national grid

We Are Settling Into New ABNORMAL Of Criminality & Corruption.

It's the 71st Anniversary of the Wreck of the Exposition Flyer.

Breitbart Denied Capitol Hill Press Credentials Again

When I attempt to "safely remove" a USB drive but I can't because it's "in use,"

Trumps White House reportedly feeds lies to the press for fun:

The Con wants to ride down the Mall to Buckingham Palace in a golden coach drawn by 4 horses!

Gore won the popular vote by 500K but still lost -- and we were SHOCKED.

Canada pursues possible trade deal with China as softwood lumber dispute with U.S. heats up

Request for Signatures, Please. And Thank You in Advance.

Rachel has been doing a great job

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Had a second packed TownHall tonight in Redondo Beach. They still don't like

Everytime I watch 'Schindler's List' I think about today's Republican Party.

Wells Fargo board gets black eye in shareholder vote

My christmas wish this year

Nearly 80 million strong

President Trump just had his bluff called again

Yo, twogunsid any gray's running in the Derby this year???

Here's a fun little quiz.

Marlins expecting to finalize $1.3B deal to sell team to Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter group

Colbert: Trump Fascinated With Device That Allows Astronauts To Drink Own Pee

Colbert Dissects Trump's First 100 Days

The Great Yellow Turd's tax plan rumored to be out tomorrow possibly incl DEFUNDING SOCIAL SECURITY

5 Year Study: What Happens in the Arctic Does not Stay there

Nunes has a Dem challenger for his seat already.

Trump's sanctuary cities order blocked:

Spicer: 'No, No, No, No,' Nobody Said That Trump's Border Wall Will Be Delayed

Can you IMAGINE if Michelle Obama had sat in all the meetings like Ivanka does ?

Use of pardon can be criminal, though the pardon viewed in isolation would be legal/constitutional.

Shep Smith: It looks like the White House is trying to 'cover up' the 'unprecedented' Flynn scandal

guess who's defending ivanka trump?? chris cillizza

Republican called out in real time for lying talking points about border security

Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldnt Miss

Raising a glass to pinboy3niner...

It pisses me off to no end when:

A pissed-off Ivanka has "certainly heard the criticism from the media" about dad and women

"Under the wide and starry sky, dig the grave and let me lie...

We lost a group member, and great DU'er, pinboy3niner.

Trump's Sanctuary Cities Order Blocked by Federal Judge


Chobani Yogurt Sues Alex Jones Over Sexual Assault Report

Manchester (UK) pulls 750 (pounds sterling) public crucifixion offer

Coca-Cola says it will begin cutting 1,200 jobs later this year

Pinboy3niner needs to be added to the Memoriam Page n/m

Have you or will you run for office?

A musical expression of nobility, IN MEMORIAM...

Whom are you representing? Your father as the president of the United States, the American people,

Women Will Loose All Rights Because the Economy...

Asking for some help about one of Ivanka's books

**BREAKING: Federal judge blocks Trumps attack on sanctuary cities**

Abortion is the most progressive economic issue.

Five lesbians brutally attacked by 15 men in shocking hate crime

What is the perfect word to describe putz

Pinboy3niner's name needs to be entered in the Memoriam Page. Thank you.

If you were president which nation would you be least likely to pick a fight with?

Evil Fucking People: ex-soldier, boyfriend arrested for fatally shooting her dog

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 25, 2017

Heather Nauert (Fox news) named State Department spokeswoman

Trump's plan to kill Energy Star could benefit his properties

Homo naledi is only 250,000 years old heres why that matters

I promise this post is not intended to piss people off, BUT...just suppose for a second

Buenos Aires Police chief arrested on charges of running extortion ring

Dems to fund over $1 billion in border security as long as it doesn't directly to to Wall

Tonight 4/25 Bernie Sanders PBS interview with Judy Woodruff

Kasich on The Daily Show, video now up on Comedy Central website.

Feeling no pain. (Except emotionally...)

Sawmill Fire north of Sonoita now listed at 18,000 acres

"Humpty Trumpty"

'The Souls Of China' Documents Country's Dramatic Return To Religion

White House denies request for Flynn documents

Welcome to the Terrordome: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions ramp up their crusade against black and br

Lol, another "so called judge" blocks Rump's ability to cut off money to sanctuary cities!

Must Read: Pawn Storm (Active Cyber Espionage Group) & Their Methods To Disrupt Democracies:

Bernie Sanders interview coming up on PBS News.

American killed in Ukraine identified

Representative Adam Schiff On Russia's Interference In The 2016 Election

Trump's Defining Trait. It's his insecurity. Why that should frighten us all.

Philosopher who argued for God wins Templeton Prize

Trump inauguration committee admits errors in its donor list

German opinion editor on Ivanka representing US: She is his voice, but somehow she has a nicer face.

Breaking MSNBC: Flynn broke the law. House oversight cmtee announcement.

There must be an equation for this.

Kim Jong Un taunting US saying Donald Trump is just short of lighting the fuse on total war.

UCF Professor Invents Way to Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis to Clean Air, Produce Energy

Mike Flynn said Hillary Clinton should be locked up:

Republican North Carolina judge resigns and slams the GOP on the way out

The first photo of the USS Enterprise model and the men who built it

Gen. Flynn: 'If I did a 10th of what she did, I would be in jail today!'

Protesters storm Heritage Foundation building to call for Budget for the People

Going to the dogs

So, wait, what? DEMOCRATS are threatening a govt. shutdown?

UC-Berkeley readies police as Ann Coulter plans to speak in public plaza on campus

Remember that short guy down the path that you met just a few years ago...

I can't get my managers to focus on work. All they want to do is play all day. All day.

I just started Susan Bordo's Hillary book and I'm hooked!

Ella Fitzgerald would have been 100 today

Lock Flynn the fuck up

Genius on Tonight on Nat Geo

These poll numbers are like...

Ivanka Trump Chinese factory pays $62 for 60 hr work week.

Seriously, Greta? Really??

General Flynn is a wealthy Republican. Nothing will happen to him.

Flying Cars Coming to Texas by 2020-Border Wall a Monument to Stupidity of Man

Heads up, California! We're testing a Minuteman III ICBM missile for @AFGlobalStrike on Wednesday


Uber to test flying taxis in D/FW and Dubai.

Beto O'Rourke, declaring his candidacy for the Texas U.S. Senate seat

Which would you rather be: NHL, NFL, MLB, or NBA referee/umpire?

Trump's vision of the wall, aka, Dial it back a little

Is Wilbur Ross . . . .

so ivanks gets boo'd in Germany and when asked about it....

Deaf grandmother teaches deaf granddaughter Aria Belle sign language

Video: Bernie Sanders on making Democrats a 50-state party - PBS NewsHour 4/25

Bernie Sanders on making Democrats a 50-state party PBS NewsHour 4/25

 The Nation: Why Was Heath Mello Thrown Under the Bus?

NBC/WSJ Poll: Donald Trump Losing Electorate As Agenda Struggles

Lock. HIM. Up.

Wild pigs are attacking ISIS???

Ivanka booed in Germany at women's summit

Is there a more annoying participation trophy than Confederate monuments?

Former Police Officers, Ex-Brooklyn Assistant DA Arrested In NYPD Gun License Bribery Scandal

Trump Son In Law Jared Kushner Was Just Told To Lawyer Up Because He Committed A Crime

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 26 April 2017

True or false? :

Have the Russian troll farms hit DU again?

What are the chances of sitting or former Governors running for the US Senate and winning in 2018