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Question on security clearance levels

TYT: Trump's Tax Plan Explained

I've never heard the reason why Jill Stein was at the RT dinner that Flynn attended.

Why Was Heath Mello Thrown Under the Bus?

"I have been on record in favor of a late-pregnancy regulation..."

Russia Behind Mike Flynn's Work For Turkey

Rightwing vs. Leftwing terrorism:

Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders to talk human rights at the Carter Center - May 8

🐦 May 8 - Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders to talk human rights at the Carter Center

2017 AL US Senate/AL Governors Election

Facebook says it will act against 'information operations' using false accounts

Today: Married to this beach walker for 43 years today!

Pentagon Threaten's Trump's Wall of Legal Immunity by Investigating Flynn's (Military) Crimes

Haven't seen this posted on DU yet: ISIS Fighters in Iraq Killed by Wild Boars


DO NOT REPOST this PICTURE***Nightmare Warning***

Fourth and final Arkansas inmate set to die tonight in week of executions

Rick Wiles: Theyre Building A Global Brain That Will Embody Lucifers Mind

Fox host Jesse Watters announces vacation following backlash over Ivanka Trump remark

Trump tax plan could save him millions under guise of helping small businesses

Top Pentagon watchdog launches investigation into money that Michael Flynn received

Guns banned from NRA speech

Federal Probe Into Fox News Channel May Be Widening (Report)

Is he the most unpopular United States president in history?

Philly Cop Charged With Manslaughter for Hitting and Killing Pedestrian While Speeding

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Encore!! Live Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Pentagon probes Flynn

House GOP rebuffs bill to release Trump tax returns and visitor logs

If somebody is altering / manipulating an official US time clock-what can they accomplish?

Dems happy over GOP-sponsored bill to increase ballot boxes

Democrats exploring lawsuit

A red button on his desk

Hopes fade for using tax reform on infrastructure

Ivankas role a symbol of democratic decline

Out of Her League

Trump tax plan to trigger lobbying frenzy

Trumps tax plan could slash Trumps taxes

Trickle Down Devastation: A Single Mom Responds to Trumps Tax Plan

Once more -turn on Rachel right fugging now - the Sally Yates special

Why Trump Voters Still Support Trump

Be afraid of mismatched earrings

Tax plan could cost $5.5 trillion

CBC News says Trudeau's people believe Trump's NAFTA game this

I ask again: who outed Flynn first?

Rhetoric eroding America's moral authority

Berkeley braces for unrest despite Ann Coulter cancelation

Brazilians fight back against corruption with the help of a purple plug-in

Drumpt open to major, major conflict with North Korea

Oregon police respond to report of cat armed with gun-shaped stick

Southwest will end practice of overbooking, CEO says

Lies are working

Do you think we're getting played?

Please consider helping the kitties.

100 days down. 6.8% behind us

Millennials Disapprove

Seven percent of Trump voters would vote for someone else in 2020

Rachel talking about Chaffetz and just said...

Uber's Anthony Levandowski out as Advanced Technologies lead amid legal fight

Petition grows against white nationalist who punched woman in Berkeley

Trump just stated; "We could end up having a major, major conflict w/N Korea"

State and local governments express concerns about Trump tax plan

Politicians Martin OMalley and Kelly Ayotte engage in the 2017 'Great Debate' at Penn State.

Federal probe of Fox News expands

Trump says we could have a "major, major conflict with NK. Absolutely."

How One Small Bite is More Than Enough to Fill Your Stomach and Feed Your Soul

Do you think there's really a snake in here?

GOP bill would discipline hecklers at college speeches

Coast Guard suspends use of injured animals to train medics

Democrats exploring lawsuit against Trump

Trump: "Major, major" conflict with N.Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy

House Democrats call on Senate to reject Mark Green as Army secretary

NYTimes: Trump Tax Plan Would Shift Trillions From U.S. Coffers to the Richest

Are there even going to be history books?

Police: Man pepper-sprayed autistic man eating free cookies

United to pay oversold fliers up to $10,000 after dragging furor

"Trump isnt a president; hes an executive producer of a farcical TV show with bad ratings."

New Hampshire GOP Lawmaker Outed as Founder of Pro-Rape Reddit Group

Court: Employers can pay women less based on past salaries

Can their assets be seized under 'Trading with the Enemy'?

The Latest: Arkansas asks justices to not stop execution

Suspected Nazi enthusiast & Fake Terror Expert - Sebastian Gorka's degree probably fake

Should the DCCC share it's post-mortem report?

Woman reported man was abused at home for mentally disabled

Oh the irony:

This picture enrages me

Babies and children are listed in Homeland Security's immigrant database of alleged criminals

We just got our first glimpse of Elon Musk's new tunnel company

Why I haven't taken any photos for just over a year now.

Republicans fail to muster enough votes in their own party to pass health bill & drop it... again

House will not vote on Affordable Care Act rewrite, smoothing way for government to stay open

Don't yawn at Trump's 1st 100 days. Lies & corruption on a massive scale have set USA back for years

DNA From Neanderthals And Denisovans Found In Cave Floor Sediments

One president, 100 days, nearly 1,000 tweets

Study: Humans arrived in North America much earlier than first thought

TRUMP re: N Korea Leader Kim: 'not many 27-year-old men could go in and take over a regime'

Proof there's no global warming?

Souvenirs now on sale in Alabama's Bigfoot Capital, including Yeti sticks

Mexico's ancient city guards its secrets but excavation reveals new mysteries

Mexico's ancient city guards its secrets but excavation reveals new mysteries

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

The first Brexit: Submerged landscapes of the North Sea and Channel

So 8 possible charges against flynn?

Flurry of cow abductions reported to gov hotline

3 New Bridges Rise in New York, With Looks That Could Stop Traffic.

My absolute favorite Christopher Hitchens quote:

Exclusive: Trump says 'major, major' conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy

"There is evidence of collusion." Rep. Eric Swalwell

Voters in this Democratic part of Colorado backed Trump. After 100 days, they have no regrets.

Looks like Kelly Jones (ex-wife of Alex) will be the custodial parent.

Joy Reid is anchoring The 11th Hour tonight.

Alex Jones' "I'm an actor!" defense didn't seem to work. Ex-wife wins joint custody of children

Hey, working class Trump voters. Remember when Trump promised tax cuts for you and not the rich?

Trump 2017 Be There.

President Obama does not work for you or us *anymore*, he is free to work for those he choses to

State Dept. wants Haley to get approval for public remarks: report

The Expanse: Dream of Peace

BREAKING: Republicans won't vote on ObamaCare repeal bill this week

Exxon released 10 million pounds of air pollution in Texas ($20 million in fines)

DoD Opens Investigation Into Michael Flynns Russia Payment

Schiff: 'Full Speed Ahead' On House Russia Investigation

Don't let the new FCC kill net neutrality.

Texas House OKs bill to eliminate franchise tax

Trump refuses to provide Mike Flynn docs to House Russia Investigation

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loses child custody battle

Mandalay - Beautiful (VIDEO)

Love and Rockets - No Big Deal (VIDEO)

Milo Yiannopoulos Comeback Not Going Well: Vice News-Talks About Putting Cats in Microwave as Child

Oh No, How Terrible For The "Trump Train", Those Poor Voters...

Donald The Hutt - Luckovich 'toon

Exclusive: Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life

How I found DU

20 of the best signs from the March for Science

Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte- Malaika

I got a bumpersticker for you

Tillerson Said to Seek 9% Cut to U.S. State Department Workforce

Berkeley protests peaceful as hundreds rally over Coulter

Trump Tower Faces Height Restrictions in Bali

Five People Ejected From Anaheim City Council Meeting in Fracas Over Trumps Muslim Ban


NY Times - Tax Plan Shifts Trillions From U.S. Coffers to Richest Families

Sitting here watching Kurt Russel

What was the Specific Event that Made You Realise that Republicans Are Evil?

Politico - The education of Donald Trump

Follow your gut folks. I had an appointment about 3 miles away. I took a taxi

My review of new The President Show.

Is Mark Zuckerberg campaigning for 2020?

The GOP "Tax Plan" is a blatant looting of the US Treasury by Trump

What is your opinion of online K-12 education?

"Whose side are you on?"

It is impossible to stay angry...

Medica eliminating another 250 jobs as it exits state contract

Trump Derangement Syndrome - Mine. Need help.

Massive transfer from the sick to the rich, says Catholic health org head about new GOP bill

Optimism and the Democratic Party

Asia-based FIFA official pleads guilty to corruption charges


Judge to sentence former head of Chicago Public Schools


Feds seize $2 million from mental health agency accused of bilking Medicaid

Ga. Lawmaker Runs Underground Cannabis Network

Maddow Reveals The Secret To Silencing Trump: Ask Him About The Flynn-Russia Scandal

Off-duty security instructor pepper-sprayed autistic man for eating free cookies, charges say

Exclusive: Brazil agriculture minister sends request for ethanol import tariff to trade body

Do Japanese people wear Jade?

Senate advances bill to let FPL customers pay fracking costs

Just had fun time thrashing the president with some republicans.

MN power plant that burns turkey poop was once a wonder. Now, it may close.

Ex-finance official allegedly embezzled more than $100,000 from Hamline University

Eagan firefighter sues city, saying he was demoted because he is gay

Minneapolis woman gets probation in terrorism case at prosecution's urging

Top admiral: North Korea crisis is 'worst I've seen'

3 SD college students sent to jail after alcohol-related death at party

Schumer blocks one-week stopgap funding bill

Indiana University Health and HealthNet to Pay $18 Million to Resolve Allegations of False Claims

North Dakota Legislators Plan Study Of Gas Royalty Deductions


****APRIL PHOTO CONTEST -- FINALS**** are posted in GD

Partners Healthcare and Brigham and Womens Hospital to Pay $10 Million (Fraud)

Singapore Man Sentenced to 40 Months for Exports to Iran of U.S. Components

Malcom Nance's interview

Fifa Audit And Compliance Committee Member Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charges

Audio clip of tRump saying Korea conflict possible.

Minnesota House OKs more abortion restrictions

Fraud case in Minnesota stirs new legal ripples years later

Latest GI Bill fight could sideline a host of planned reforms

Court: DOT can order speed cameras removed from highways

The Trump 100 day bump

Lewandowskis firm appears to offer Trump meetings for $$

California Set To Harmonize Recreational And Medical Marijuana Laws

Gina Darling: "Boyfriend Does My Makeup" Tag Feat. David So Comedy

Daedalus - Human flight using jet-engine suit

Obamacare - Repeal! Repeal! Repeal!

A lot of assumptions

Iowa activists confront Steve King's staff over tweets

Rev. Barber tells Steelworkers: 'They're scared of our unity' (video)

Politico is utterly detached from reality. Read how they imagined President HRC's first 100 days.

Branstad 'likely' to sign medical cannabis oil expansion into law

An Uber engineer kills himself. His widow says the workplace is to blame.

Democrat Pete D'Alessandro exploring congressional run in Iowa's 3rd District

Joe and Mika have been MIA

FFRF urges Univ. of Mich. papal audience cancelled

Why Religion Is More Durable Than We Thought In Modern Society

Alex Jones Suffers Defeat In Custody Hearing

No Uber for me...

Catholic theology owes John Noonan a debt of gratitude

Can Maduro really be that oblivious and tone-deaf?

AP's Clinton Foundation non-scandal was the worst journalistic malpractice of the 2016 election


Health Law Repeal Will Miss Trumps 100-Day Target Date

Can a crazy president be removed from office?

Iowa legislators plug gun permit glitch

The origin of Superheroes: Max Mercury

Russia ponders to make it illegal to kidnap a woman and force her into marriage.

Iowa City Catholic Worker celebrates one-year anniversary

Texas Lyceum Poll shows hope for Democrats

Fourth and final Arkansas inmate Kenneth Williams executed

Hogg says Democrats will defend IPERS

Shoot me. I don't have a problem with President Obama giving paid speeches.

"I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. I like to drive. I cant drive anymore."

Muhammed Ali Defied the Vietnam Draft 50 Years Ago Today

Josh Landy, Richard Moseley Jr. slapped with payday lawsuit from Consumer Financial Protection ...

Missouri's GOP had a very bad Friday, thanks to Dems and Gov. Greitens' secretive nonprofit

Bernie Sanders calls Obama's $400K Wall Street speech "unfortunate" - CBS This Morning

Emmanuell Macron is holding on to his twenty point over Marine LeTrump with eight days to go.


Trump's First 100 Days: Trump's talking to the NRA. Here's what the gun-rights group wants.

Trump governs as he campaigned: impulsive, unpredictable and loud

My dad always asked me to keep a hankerchief in my pocket

This about sums it up - from The Washington Post

Trump may have the 'most executive orders' since Truman. But what did they accomplish?

Seoul rejects Trump demand, wont pay for missile system

Sen. Bernie Sanders on gov't shutdown, North Korea, Trump tax proposal - CBS This Morning

Sen. Bernie Sanders on gov't shutdown, North Korea, Trump tax proposal - CBS This Morning

The Top 10 Resistance Victories in Trump's First 100 Days

Writing about food: Happy birthday to Harper Lee, "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Trump, reversing Obama, will push to expand drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic

Met Dan Wood last night Dem for TX-05

Bernie Sanders calls Obama's $400K Wall Street speech "unfortunate" - CBS This Morning

Trump at 100 - his real problem is Leadership

Warren says she 'was troubled' by Obama speaking gig

The Trump Family's Massive Grift: As a Business and Branding Venture, This Presidency and His Family

A 10-year-old Virginia girl without a hand wanted to play violin. Now she can.

The Never-Ending Blame Game - Trump's focus on critiquing his predecessor could hurt him in the end.

'I was all set to terminate': Inside Trump's sudden shift on NAFTA

trump thought being president would be easier than being a reality teevee star

Fourth and final Arkansas inmate Kenneth Williams executed

""I'm a nationalist and a globalist,"

Fact Checker - The White House's claim that 'sanctuary' cities are violating the law

House Republicans FAIL in 11th-hour push to give Trump a "first 100 days major legislative victory"

When Trump is no longer Prez will people actually pay to hear him speak?

After 100 days, the media are still embarrassing themselves covering Trump. Just not as much.

A.G. Sessions on CBS This Morning show

In an apparent shift, Tillerson says U.S. willing to hold direct talks with N. Korea

Hah! Worst economic growth in 3 years for Trump's first quarter GDP!

Economy grinds to a halt under Trump

this is perhaps the most forced smile i've ever seen **pic warning**

We set a low bar for Trump. He still failed to meet it.

The Trump Slump:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Engage In A Peeing Competition

G.D.P. Report Shows U.S. Economy Off to Slow Start in 2017

"What do they mean 'Too wacky for Trump'?" . . . Please come CAPTION Mike Flynn!!!

British Columbia moves to ban US coal transport in retaliation for softwood lumber duties

Facebook found fake accounts leaking stolen info to sway presidential election

25 Surprising SECRETS Hotels Dont Want You To Know

Here's the map Trump handed out in his Reuters interview while discussing China:

Ex-House speaker Dennis Hastert stripped of Illinois pension

The question the supposed liberal media should be asking about health care

WH "admin officials have their own PR representatives now, due to infighting & backstabbing"

Homeland Security is not happy with your calls about space aliens. (Ha!!!)

Michael Flynn's fall tells a much bigger story - By David Ignatius

Seinfeld Character J. Peterman Does The Weather

1 In 3 Leave Voters Think It's Best For Britain If Marine Le Pen Becomes President Of France

Fr. John Jay Hughes: I've been a priest for 63 years. Celebrating Mass has never gotten old.

Congress to get White House-backed bipartisan bill to upgrade aging federal networks

Tea Cultivars - more tea blog

"I thought the job would be easier."

Living in the Trump Zone - Paul Krugman

For First Time Ever, Majority of House Dems Support 'Medicare-for-All' Bill (great progress!!!)

Trump isn't failing, he's stealing - Trumps first 100 days have been a moneymaking success story

Trump's Losing Streak in Courts Is Traceable to Conservative Judges

Kyle Griffin‏Verified account @kylegriffin1 2h2 hours ago Jeff Sessions is asked *3 times* if he a

The DISASTER That Is Donald Trump's Tax Plan

Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line Made in Chinese Sweatshop

Euthanasia drug found in recalled dog food

Dark money Mercers, and their involvement with Trump

'The Time is Golden and Now': Single-Payer Bill Advances in California

NEW: From the Catholic Hospitals - Trumpcare amendment is a sham.

Trumpcare 2.0: Its Even Worse Than the Original - By the NYT Editorial Board

I'm seeing parallels between the present admin and the novel The Master and Margarita

Make America Golf Again

Subject Of Michael Flynn Seems To Panic trump

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - It's Complicated!

Virginia State Police Experienced Email Outage 4/26 through ???

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Personalized Tax Cut

The Interview That Could Hurt Michael Flynn

Trump looks less like Superman & more like Prof Marvel in the "Wizard of Oz"

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

The New Yorker -- "One Hundred Days"

U.S. economy off to pathetically slow start in 2017 under Trump

5 Chinese phrases I wish we had in English by Christina Twu

Fmr WH Lawyer Richard Painter Russia This is Treason/GOP Keep Trumps tax returns secret, Collusion?

Trump misses driving himself around

Legal Weed's No. 1 Warrior Puts Down His Pipe

when 100 days seems like 100 years...

Is DU your main source for news?

LIVE: Jeff Sessions News Press Conference

PEPE HAS A SAD - White House Death Match: Plutocrats vs. Racists

Rex Tillerson Chairs UN Security Council Meeting On North Korea ***** LIVE

Why? Why? Why is the media chasing another crazy statement by the Drumpf

Lewandowskis firm appears to offer Trump meetings

Rep. Maxine Waters-Newsflash to Trump: Republicans control Washington. Russians control you.

Dorothie & Martin Hellman: "Peace, True Love.... and Cryptography" - Talks at Google

Would he start WWIII to avoid culpability

Former White House Lawyer On Russia: 'This Is Treason'

CENSORED - Report: State Dept. Wants to Screen Nikki Haley's Comments Before Speeches

Adding fuel to the pie fight...

The Obamas face the paid-speaking circuit and all the questions that come with it

Elian Gonzalez: First Exclusive Interview Since Childhood

Does North Carolina really suck more than Wisconsin?

"Hold my beer please, watch this" (my words lol)

All Bark, No Bite: Trump Ain't The Negotiator He Bragged About

Yes, you too CAN understand Trumps Tax Plan in one page

Does anyone have experience with the SSDI process?

Single Payer for California!!

Why isn't this video showing on the home page?

Sessions: 'Not Sure Anyone' Could've Caught Flynn's Foreign Payments

Just another gut punch... Court: Employers can pay women less based on past salaries

More Of THIS, Please.

"90% of our seed to grow food is OWNED by chemical companies!" [Seed: The Untold STory]

From the Oklahoma Observer on the Mello Nomination:

'The meds have changed': Morning Joe panel offers explanation for Trump's recent 'hushed tones'

Slandering Populism article from Counterpunch

Documents show Corey Lewandowski promises foreign clients meetings with Trump and Pence

'Appalling': CNN panel stunned that Trump thought being president would be easier than reality TV

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump's 1st 100 Days

Republican Congressman slammed GOP's Obamacare replacement on All-In (VIDEO)

Sessions recuses himself from any Michael Flynn investigation

Senators' press conference slams "drain the swamp" lie and more.

I look forward to making them fear us for the next 100 days, and the next 100 after that.

Trump Tax Plan: Plant Beans and Wait for the Beanstalk - By Eugene Robinson

Hopes for Trump's military buildup dimming

Why is everyone is looking at Trump thru "He's president so he must be trying to govern" spectacles?

This is the dumbest person ever- This came across on my YouTube feed LOL

Today's super-cute Google Doodle celebrates the invention of Camembert cheese:

Trump names anti-abortion leader Yoest to top HHS post

House passes spending deal to keep the federal government open another week

So, how many wells will Trump allow off of Mar-a-Lago?

Pic Of The Moment: President Snowflake's 100 Day Fanfare To Be Played On Sad Trombone & Tiny Violin

Can Bacteria Help Us Understand Religion?

Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life

Trump now agrees with the majority of Americans: He wasn't ready to be president

Number of Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions by Congressional District

Trump signs order that could open California coastal waters to new drilling

Ron Perlman: 'We must suspend this regime's power to legislate until allegations fully resolved'

Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.-Famous last quotes

Pride, dignity and suffering in one powerful photo

Imagine THIS Scenario if you will:

Idiot followers celebrate 100 days of failure of Gasbag Donald Trump

Hey Trump if being President is so hard...

Trump: 'I'm A Nationalist And A Globalist. I'm Both.'

GOP lawmaker confesses: GOP pledge to repeal Obamacare is 'one of the biggest shams in history'

At Jackie Robinson Museum, a Timeless Mission Will Live On.

Trump Report Card

LOL, the irony: Trump told Reuters that he hopes that Kim Jong Un is rational.

Border Patrol: Off-duty agent suspected of starting Sawmill Fire

I F*@%king kid you not!

Aspirin - wonder drug in your medicine cabinet?

A complaint about for discussion..??

tRump to appoint Charmaine Yoest to HHS. She says abortions cause cancer.

Whoever runs in 2020 MUST be able to criticize DT for not releasing his tax returns.

Private virtually unregulated healthcare pilfers cancer patients & families

Atlanta welcomes tRump, NRA. Happening now.

KO:What Would Trump's Immigrant Ancestors Say? They were once exiles and refugees and deportees with

A Spring Picnic Recipe From Two Rising N.Y.C. Chefs

KO:What Would Trump's Immigrant Ancestors Say? They were once exiles and refugees and deportees with

Really misses not being president

hey NRA, after all your lies, President Barack Obama never, ever touched one of your precious guns.

You know, Donald, there's an easy solution for your little problem.

Yes, Donald: Being president is hard

Purdue acquires for-profit Kaplan University

Peoples Climate March

Kelly Checks Expectations: No Wall At Some Points, 'See-Through' At Others

Personally, I think it's absolutely great that Trump spends all his time playing golf.

Thank you, Pete Souza

The Specter of Illegitimacy

13 Ways to Eat Falafel for Israeli Independence Day

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Democrats give Trump an 'F' for first 100 days

Americans are staging a die-in at the NRA convention in Atlanta,

Yes, your emperor has no clothes.

Fox News Weaponized the Story About Obamas Paid Speech

Season 1, Episode 1: Breaking The Fast (YidLife Crisis)

Vive la France

Handmaid's Tale on HULU


He wasnt ready

Every breath we take in AZ

Happy birthday, Eddie Jobson, keyboardist for Roxy Music.

How Presidents Handle Frustrating Moments

U.S. Economy Grew 0.7% in First Quarter, Slowest in Three Years

The Golden Goose

Krugman: Trump is like the monster child who terrorizes a town in an episode of The Twilight Zone

Nations only federally funded voucher program has negative effect on student achievement, study fin

Trump's administration after 100 days: A second-rate salesman surrounded by con men and losers

'He's Pretty Close to Perfect': Lou Dobbs and Hannity Take Turns Gushing Over Trump

Trump's going to be speaking in front of a friendly audience

Here's a group hoping to challenge "winner take all" EC votes

Saw a Republican congressman on tv yesterday, saying why he didn't support the GOP HC bill.

Since polls of just Trump voters are a thing, here's a poll of just people who voted for the top vot

This crazy Onion article had me busting up this morning!

Nations only federally funded voucher program has negative effect on student achievement, study f

Presidenting is hard - he only had time to color in 3 copies of the electoral map

Conservatives Are Not Victims Of Free Speech, PERIOD.

OK dumb question

trickle-down devastation for single parents

Rewatched 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' last night..."I'm Going Home" -Tim Curry

Edward Snowden Can Stay as Long as He Likes, Says Russia

Trump brought printed map handouts showing his electoral college win to his Reuters interview.

Brownback wants $24 million to keep guns out of psychiatric hospitals

Crowdsource request: investigate Gorsuch ties to Russia.

Machete-wielding man attacks non-Republicans in Kentucky campus rampage

Obama trolls Trump by pointing out Obamacare has better poll numbers than he does: report

WP: Trump exposes the myth of running government like a business

Trump wants to stop programs that combat child and forced labor abroad

The NRA convention is like a sad, sad caricature of itself.

For White House, no end in sight to Russia drama

Reports: Jim DeMint On His Way Out As President Of Heritage Foundation

24 Hours In Trump's America

"Pocahontas" right out of the gate in that NRA travesty.

Army Rangers may have been killed by friendly fire

Three perspectives on why man is Gods master.

U.S. economy bogs down in first quarter with slowest growth in 3 years, GDP shows (THANKS TRUMP!)

Now Trump wants South Korea to pay for Thaad antimissle system

Sen @ChrisMurphyCT tweeting out names/photos of gun violence victims as Trump delivers speech to NR

I made myself listen because I need to know what the

Jennifer Granholm on msnbc now

UK was given details of alleged contacts between Trump campaign and Moscow

"A Patch of Fog." Another total creepfest

Schumer: President Trump Not A Great Negotiator

Trump just called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas at the NRA convention

Far left Melenchon attacks Macron.

Damn MSM always trying to normalize that monster named Trump!


Even if Congress is dragging their feet with Trump / Russia cant the CIA and FBI act alone?

Will Trump regime be the best seller of atheism?

Maggot hands reporters Electoral 2016

Trumps presidential checklist

"The hackers were paid by the Trump organisation, but were under the control of Vladimir Putin[ ]"

Betsy DeVos Says Media Shouldn't Emphasize First Hundred Days Because It's So Hard to Count to 100


Tennessee just passed a new law meant to undermine LGBTQ rights

Interview with CW Brown, Founder of Philosophical Atheism, and Exec Dir. of the Atheist Aliance

NRAs Wayne LaPierre calls Bernie Sanders a dangerous political predator

The White Houses Creeping Fear About Michael Flynn

100 days of Trump: delivering for the extreme religious right

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un 'would unleash 500,000 strong army of female soldiers'

NRA head: Sanders 'a political predator'

Arkansas executions damage 'our whole society,' Catholic group says

WHOA! How's Cheeto going to try to spin this article from The Guardian?

Priest Graduates of Catholic Colleges Release Chant Album

Schiff: House investigation slowed by so few staffers. Who decides how many & can we influence it?

Trump trims Air Force One cost-saving estimates from billions to millions

Sheriff Cory Hutcheson Vowed to Clean Up His Rural Missouri County. Now He's the One Facing Prison

Is Groper Don the Con preparing folks for his departure

"I thought it would be easier" says Trump on being President

Ferguson Court Audit Turns Up Illegal Fees, Missing Money in Moldy Files

What A War With North Korea Would Look Like

Physics Professor and 'Proud Homophobe' Gets Owned by Washington Univ. Freshman

'Oh, come on': Supreme Court justices incredulous at Justice Department immigration argument

The transformative power of googly eyes.

Schumer: If White House interferes in Russia probe, it is possibly criminal

100 WTF Moments From Trump's First 100 Days

Barrow, Alaska: 16 Months Above Normal and Counting

Ransomware attacks are increasing, Verizon reports

Key figure in Menendez corruption case convicted

Republicans won't vote on ObamaCare replacement bill this week

UK was given details of alleged contacts between Trump campaign and Moscow

99 Days in 99 seconds

'I thought being president would be easier': Trump's Reuters interview highlights

Trump says "major conflict" with N.Korea possible, China warns of danger of escalation

Trump's true 100-day achievement - E.J. Dionne, S.L. Post-Dispatch

100 days in 100 seconds.

Remember when he said, if elected, he would bomb Syria in the first 100 days?

Treason? GOP, whatever.

If you have a ROKU box, have you added yet? It a free channel with 75 channels.

Missouri Senate votes to up funding for public K-12 schools

Another option for cutting the cord to cable:

Missouri lawmakers might miss budget deadline, necessitating a special session

Fosters at five weeks

Here's a joke: A president walked into a bar - By Tom Toles

Area man who makes $4 million a yr by making sure men can gun down 1st graders for fun hates elites

Abortion restrictions pass Missouri House

Welp, I got in a shouting match with my boss at work.

THIS, is now part of an official White House transcript:

Margaret and Helen: If only jokes about assaulting women were reason enough to lose elections

I love that that the news doesn't even try to Photoshop around Trumpsky's head.

You do know that Obama fired Mike Flynn

Krugman: Trump is like the monster child who terrorizes a town in an episode of "The Twilight Zone"

They loved their lives too.

Can Trump Pardon Himself? You Ask, We Answer

Which Trumpista Is Most Deeply Involved with Russia?

tRUMP owes Obama an apology!

****BREAKING**** North Korea fires a ballistic missile

OUCH: Ahead of Trump's 100th day mark, Obama says Obamacare is more popular than Trump

NK just launched a missile. nt.

Who was our last openly, gleeful, unapologetically racist President?

GOP candidate has financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies

Governing Dysfunction - Luckovich 'toon

Medical Racism Experiments on African-Americans

What's for Dinner, Fri., Apr. 28, 2017

'I am going to come through for you', Trump vows to NRA

Coughing, convulsing and calls for probe after Arkansas execution

Michelle: "They look like the Ceaușescus."

Watchdog group asks U.S. attorney to investigate Missouri Senate leader

Is Christian evangelicals' money helping to prop up North Korea's regime?

White House Weighs Kicking Out Sebastian Gorka

Planned Parenthood plans to offer abortions at clinics in Springfield and Joplin

In honor of Invader Zim's return (graphic warning)

100-day meme

Some cowboys walked into a bar--- Vintage pixs

CNN's Gloria Borger: Trump only ran for president to get a better 'Apprentice' deal from NBC

Suspicious 'white powder' packages sent to SNP offices

Cheeto obviously lacks "the stamina" that he claimed Hillary lacked

From a comment by someone named sam on Raw Story:

Trump didn't have the guts to face Obama in 2012

Lawsuit alleges child abuse at hands of Kansas state employee was covered up

What that sound from my car means?

2 Democratic candidates for N.J. governor just got more public financing

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Requirements for foster care workers too high, Kansas agency says


Talks Underway for New Conservative TV Network

Bernie Sanders and Patty Murray: It's time for a national $15 minimum wage

Despite Trump calling it a terrible deal thousands of times, the Iran deal is more popular

Just in! Video of North Korea's rocket launch.

In the US, the Iran deal is more popular than ever

Old Crow ready to rock on Bob Dylan covers tour

Top Kansas lawmaker suggests fee on utility bill for schools

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visual proof of why vaccines do more good than harm

Declining enrollment adds to budget woes at the University of Missouri system

Does anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident?


Coral Reefs Are Dying Off at an Alarming Rate. Climate Change 2017? (w/Guest Dahr Jamail)

Your daily Greenwald/Tracey:

Howard Dean just mentioned this Guardian article on Greta

Tillerson at the UN today was eerily reminiscent of

Alt-ICE is warning us about a new appointment.. (Like they need to

An idea and a question re: Perlman tweets

Missouri governor buys lake home in Innsbrook

Mizzou sets new policies in wake of protests

Stanford scientists test links between extreme weather and climate change

People who work for Missouri could earn pensions faster under bill OK'd by House

CNN should trade Chris Cilizza to FOX for Shep

should we laugh or cry? Overly obese' body sparks Ohio funeral home fire

Judge orders University City to apologize, pay lawyer fees of resident barred from meetings


Rising carbon dioxide levels, ocean acidity may change crucial marine process

Trump feels sorry for Kim, so Kim launches a missile. Trump might give him a hug now.

Here are 100 Lies and False Statements From Trumps First 100 Days

So well, when is Sally Yates going to appear before the Committee?

Is inequality about to get unimaginably worse? This is your future.

Indias outsized coal plans would wipe out (its) Paris climate goals

Tutu Protests And Parties Break Out In Wyoming Over Senator's Remark (NPR News)

why is it trump actually sounds intelligent....

So it may just be me

Bill Maher's Real time tonight at 10 pm EST, HBO - you might want to watch!

The woman running 40 marathons in 40 days

36 Grilling Recipes for a Spring Weekend

Has the world gone mad or is it only me?

NRL enables a family of zinc-based rechargeable batteries, safer than lithium

Trump echoes extreme militant group in NRA speech

How do you sleep?

Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt May Be Getting a Show on MSNBC

The bash Bernie folks are now going after his wife

Trump now agrees with the majority of Americans: He wasnt ready to be president

Brand New Trump Tweet On North Korea Missile Test

WHY does MSM have breaking news read in.....

Trump: "I like to drive"

Things President Obama never said:

Global warming accounts for tripling of extreme West African Sahel storms, study shows

Bill McKibben talks faith on his way to the Climate March

Fyre Festival, a Luxury Music Weekend, Crumbles in the Bahamas

Trump's Plan to Screw Over National Monuments.

Twitter Photo: "One planet, one world, one humanity." Bernie at Primo Maggio

Since 9-11, $15 trillion down a rat hole, & 1 million bombs dropped...

ObamaCare repeal: GOP seeks new game plan