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Man Trump Named to Fix Mortgage Markets Figured in Infamous Financial Crisis Episode

Light can improve perovskite solar cell performance

New Alt-Right Fight Club Ready for Street Violence

Solar cell design with over 50% energy-conversion efficiency

Trump: My first 100 days 'just about the most successful' ever

ICE data shows half of immigrants arrested in raids had traffic convictions or no record

Trump has set the bar really, really low. That's got to count as some kind of accomplishment, right?

Friday Talking Points (434) -- 99 Days And Counting...

Trump is the best ever at.............

Alabama Judge:" a white city may secede from its racially diverse school district."

When Michael Moore isn't bashing conventional Dems he's insightful and hilarious

Professor Flair demonstrates how we should deal with Russian hacking.

Koterba toon: Governing by crisis!

How 2,000+ Americans Described the Trump Administration (in Two Words)

Reminder to Dems: Drumpt's 100 Days of Disgrace Must Continue

Colossal clansman launches piping hot summer in Glasgow

the wall street co.Obama is giving a speech to is a little bit different

Here they are again: alive thanks to Obamacare, but still support Trump

David Frum's epic response to 45's complaints about how hard his job is

Uneffingbelievable.... 44 FIRED Flynn. Was he supposed to shoot him?

2018 NV US Senate Election- Jesse Sbaih,a Henderson, NV Muslim lawyer is seeking the Democratic

Wichita group follows church model without religion

10 phrases you'll hear from Trump supporters in the post-Trump era

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Reality TV

Prominent VA politician implicated in NC GOP voter fraud deceit

Only an unusual connection.

Methodist High Court Rejects First Openly Gay Bishops Consecration.

What I find distasteful

Americas other drug problem: Prescriptions are being wasted while the needy are shut out

Bernie Sanders: Trump is on the right track with North Korea

Rachel is tearing Pence a new one

Bernie Sanders Facebook Video: Trump's First 100 Days Have Been A Disaster. Here's Why ...

**BREAKING- Trump and Pence knew about Flynn's ties to Turkey**

Hey, what happened to O'Reilly's "evidence"?

***BREAKING***: When Bernie Sanders says something it's not automatically breaking news

Donald Trump Has a Coke Button in the Oval Office

Looks like Britain is breaking our scandal for us...Do you want to build a snowman?

How many can be called to die for Ivanka's profit margins?

Anybody in NYC - Checking to see if DUers would be interested in grabbing a beer after work?

New Voting Restrictions in America and the narrow Electoral College margins.

NSA concedes violating surveillance limits and pledges curbs on US email collection

NSA concedes violating surveillance limits and pledges curbs on US email collection

Really interesting CBC News 'The National' report on what it is like to be

Friendly fire inquiry after US soldiers die battling IS

Holocaust museum condemns 'torture and killing of gay men' in Chechnya

'I couldn't care less about golf'

E-mail to local radio wingnut talk show about OBAMA's speaking fees:

I've Had Lingering Cough & Cold Symptoms All Winter And Now ....

Manafort-linked lobbying firm registers as foreign agent

GOP candidate has financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies

Tries to lower his property taxes in Florida

Suddenly, GOP doesn't care about wasteful spending

EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades

Despite more arrests, deportations slow

Trump vetoes Carter tribute in Argentina

Senator Responds to Trump's N.R.A. Speech With Photos of Shooting Victims

UK spy documents: Trump Organization paid Russian hackers who took orders from Putin

Whiteclay liquor stores will temporarily shut down Sunday after appeal by Nebraska AG's Office

People are really clever and funny. Compilations of really funny tweets.

Trump vetoes Carter tribute in Argentina

Le Pen's presidential campaign hit by more Holocaust denial allegations

Yesterday-Spicer Claimed They Had NOT Done Any Of Their Own Vetting On Flynn-THAT WAS A LIE.

Elizabeth Warren in Glendale Saturday April 29th

This Herb Deserves Your Attention.

PULLING HAIR OUT!. Couple On ACA. Man W/Black Lung Still Avid Trump Lover. On ABC News.

Concerns raised over students' unions' anti-Israel stance

Hacker- Levashov paid directly by Epshteyn on behalf of both Trump and the FSB - Louise Mensch

So Presidentin Is Hard Work?

So, Louise Mensch is saying this...

I DO like the way Rachel is having fun with Russia Gate..

Keeping a straight face at work

our poor state! Slate - "America Could Look Like North Carolina by 2020. Yikes."

All these desperately ill persons with pre existing conditions who support trump

Locals stumble across ancient Mayan god monument while clearing debris in Mexico

Family Feud

Locals stumble across ancient Mayan god monument while clearing debris in Mexico


Don't Let it Happen Again!

London: 100 Days Of Shame

$10 St. Louis minimum wage could begin next week after court declines to reconsider

Joy on for Brian tonight.

California: Trump sabotage could equal up to 49% hikes, 340K losing coverage

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything...

Absolutely TRUE.

Casey's General Store ordered to pay former employee $1.5M over harassment, retaliation

In Kentucky's "deep coal county" alive thanks to Obamacare but still supports Trump

I had the dream again last night. The one where I'm a giant marshmallow and I kiss a flamingo.

Details released on Transylvania campus assault with a machete


"But we had two Democratic administrations" Bill Maher told Elizabeth Warren

All Trump wants to do is to serve this country. On a bed of lettuce

University of Missouri curators delays vote on tuition changes

Trump Again Derides Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas

New Planet Discoveries Signal a Shift in the Hunt for Alien Life

I would not want to be a rocket scientist in NK right about now...

Obama's $400K speech: Wall Street - Trump's weekly $3M Mar-a-Lago vacay: Taxpayers

US psychiatrists 'fear reprisals if they speak out' on Donald Trump's mental health

Trump claims he will 'probably pay more' under new tax plan

Alex Jones Calls A Press Conference To Tell Reporters They Suck

I bought a geiger counter last week.

Berkeley praises police for keeping peace at Coulter rallies

Dem senator lists victims of gun violence during Trump's NRA speech

Trump team did background check on Flynn, knew of Turkey ties

EPA removes climate change page from website

Trump and White House did background check of General Flynn

A dive into fantasyland

2 Grand juries have convened, per @truefactsstated (re: comey)

Faulty trade math may not make America greater or richer

Missouri House wants monthly reports on state legal settlements

In Brazil, protesters clash with police as a general strike empties schools and brings business to a

In Brazil, protesters clash with police as a general strike empties schools and brings business to a

EXCELLENT programs tonight by...

Lawmakers say lobbyist gift ban will likely fail again this year in Missouri

Greitens: 'I have no day-to-day responsibilities' with nonprofit attacking Republican senator

Executed Arkansas man 'convulsed and groaned'

New website helps US women self-induce abortions

Did Roger Goodell wipe his snot on a handicap child's back at the draft?

Michelle Obama reveals why she held back tears at Trump's inauguration

Schumer Warns Trump Over Russia Probe - ANY Interference Could Be Criminal

Cuba's slick TV channel that supports 'more revolution'

Montenegro ratifies Nato membership in historic shift to western alliance

NYT Editorial - President Trumps Laughable Plan to Cut His Own Taxes

Cantor Fitzgerald, where Obama will be paid for speaking, lost 658 employees in the 2001 WTC attack.

Brazil Supreme Court releases former billionaire Batista from jail

Bill Maher, Overtime: Nukes, Gun Control, Obama speeches

Steve Stricker is denied a place in the U S Open this year!!!!!!!

Julius Caesar speech to the Senate

'How is any Republican in California and New York going to vote for Trumpcare?'

Nice surprise on The Late Show - Gorillaz

Mahers advice to liberals Stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts youre wasting your time

2016-2017 Humpback Whale Unusual Mortality Event along the Atlantic Coast

What is the point.

It was a time when strangers were welcome here....

Democratic lawmakers introduce bill to ban conversion therapy nationwide

Democratic lawmakers introduce bill to ban conversion therapy nationwide

Famed Houston lawyer Richard 'Racehorse' Haynes dies at 90

Bill Maher, New Rule: Change Anxiety

BREAKING: Trump working on a new book titled "To Serve the People of the United States"

Methodist court ruling a blow for openly lesbian bishop

Snow coming down hard. Low front moving over Colorado.

Say, does anybody remember when RWers lost their shit over Obama's coffee salute?

There is one important reason both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren don't accept speaking fees

Recipes using lettuce - not salads

Missouri lawmakers pass limits on public construction

State Supreme Court rules against congressman's mother in dog-kennel defamation case

Theresa May's freudian slip

Budget cuts coming, Arkansas governor says

Defense Contractor Sentenced for $53 Million Procurement Fraud and Illegal Gratuities Scheme

NASA Human Space Exploration: Delay Likely for First Exploration Mission

Arkansas governor rejects call for independent review of execution

French amphibious carrier visits Japan ahead of Pacific show of power

In child-meal fraud, Little Rock man given 2 years

Deloitte to credit R.I. $27 million for UHIP failures; talks continue

Terracotta Army: The greatest archaeological find of the 20th century -

Exide Technologies locks out employees amid union negotiations

2 LIVE-Streams May 1 - Bernie Sanders - Global Center for Health Innovation

Arkansas panel backs reinstatement in judge's DWI case

Harbert Management to Pay $40 Million to Settle New York Tax Whistleblower Tax Case

Special election for state Sen. Troy Brown's old seat, school tax elections top Saturday's ballot

First NBC Bank fails, ordered closed; will be absorbed by Whitney Bank

Trump's method of vindicating his first 100 days? Re-tweeting Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson.

Huge challenge loom, but backers of a gasoline tax hike say they have a plan

House Democrats left wanting more details from Republicans on state budget

Having few beers after third shift

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Team Trump paid for the hackers and Putin controlled them

State, law enforcement officials seek compromise to save controversial prison reform plan

Team ClusterTrump's idea of "Vetting"

Did anyone remember when Scott Walker "upset" his recall?

OK, I need your help.

Another New All-Time Daily Atmospheric CO2 Record: 412.63 ppm - 4/26/17

Let 70,000 ex-felons vote? No, says Louisiana House committee

My son is excited today him and his friends jamming

Trump's America? Not for long. Democratic women are taking our country back.

Me talking tomatoes on Growing a Greener World (PBS gardening show)

The kids suing Donald Trump are marching to the White House

Temporary taxes could hurt Louisiana's credit, but lawmakers still consider them

Did Bernie's wife commit a felony when she secured a loan for Burlington College?

WaPo: As of our latest update on day 98, weve counted 452 false or misleading claims.

LOL, rump proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day'

It's Caturday---Time to wake up.

Healthcare groups denounce revised GOP health bill (Call your congresscritter, please)

Republicans dig thru all the bullshit...

Trump, November 2012: Hitting "sleazebags" back is much better than seeing a psychiatrist

Margaret's moment: Age is an advantage, says Atwood

Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia

Corporate flat tax bill gaining traction in Capitol

LTTE - Do tRump voters know what "personal responsibility" Means?

Boog the chocolate lab lord of the grill

Like Rats From A Sinking Ship

Trump Is Poised to Preside Over a Crackdown on Unions

trump: 'eight year assault on gun rights over'

Trump is poking a rabid dog with a sharp stick

Hiding from the truth.

John Wiley Price Acquitted on Bribery and Mail Fraud; Jury Unable to Reach Verdict on Tax Evasion

Woman Claims United Airlines Kicked Her Off Flight Instead of Cat

White House considers Milw Cty Sheriff [Pitchfork] David Clarke for post in Homeland Security

"Progressives are supposed to like change." . . . Please come CAPTION NY Times' new climate denier!

Should China withdraw the 35 licenses for business that they gave Donald Trump after the election?

In 2007 Mitt Romney was the first politician to use the term "Obamacare" in a pejorative fashion,

Saudi council rejects proposal for female sports colleges

Aspirin May Prevent Cancer from Spreading

Elizabeth Warren is our cheerleader

A good story: Syrian immigrant in Madison WI reunited with his wife and child after Trump lawsuit

Endearing tweet about a deaf baby being able to hear for the first time:

An Interview with Marie Alena Castle Communications Director, Atheists for Human Rights

New Yorker: A HUNDRED DAYS OF TRUMP & He threatens to be democracys most reckless caretaker.

Curious who removed my recent post that had 113 recs and why?

In Historic Decision, Federal Judge Says Harris County Bail System Is Unfair to the Poor

Trump: My trips to my golf clubs "cost almost nothing"

Pope Francis tells Muslim leaders in Egypt to fight violence in Gods name

Banished for bleeding: The women forced to move out of home when they have their periods

"Trump was bored of Syria, bored of his own country, thought he'd go after the fat kid over the sea"

Crisps in Japan selling for 8 a bag after panic-buying and shortages

I think the MSM is doing the same thing to Trump that it did to Hillary,

Trump signs executive order to expand drilling off Americas coasts: Were opening it up.

Searches time out.

New Yorker: First 100 Days

Read about the Company where Pres Obama will give his speech....

New Texas Redistricting Maps Will Likely Be Drawn This Summer

Liberal left religious organizing, building network for change

In what ways has America changed since Trump became President?

TRUMPCARE updated in 1 place:

"Feels Like 100 YEARS"

High rent may doom Catholic chapel that survived 9/11

effing freeze warning tonight!!!!

Trumpcare attempt #2, same as Trumpcare attempt #1

Antidote to 100 days regurgathon: The DRUMPF joke that brought down the house

SLATE: Who had the better first 100 days: William Henry Harrison, who died, or Trump?

Eleven Bernie threads on today's GD forum menu,

Separation of Church and State - Hardly

Watching Elizabeth Warren on Real Time

yesterday in atlanta, the nra got it's payback.

Trump Frustrated With Failures, Anxious to Rig the System

If this is true we must boycott MSNBC . IMHO this is worse than the FOX hijinks.

Our country is a parody of a democracy, our leader a parody of a president. We live in a nightmare.

Any news on the "Open Russia" protests that were supposed to occur today?

I feel kind of dumb Trump voter admits being bamboozled by candidates progressive-ish rhetoric

Roseanne Reboot to Reunite Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, and More

Notice something strange about this photo. Look hard.

Flip floppin' away.... A Closer Look at the 100 days

Trump's presidency: Cartoon views from around the world and at home

Trump Administration asks Jimmy Carter to avoid North Korea rapprochement

This is the key point. This President is illegitimate.

am i the only one who cant stand Ivanka Trump?

Anybody here into large format?

President Trump Issues an Executive Order to End Arbor Day

Do Republicans believe in (a small d) democracy?

Flame away, but I support the antifa.

Trump wanted Washington Post to put election map on cover

Trump Administration asks Jimmy Carter to avoid North Korea rapprochement

Climate denial -- 200,000 biology teachers mailed propaganda by GOP-funded Heartland Inst

Voting Today in Louisiana

Yiannopoulos is back with a vengence

The Food Network's Most Saved Recipe

Rob Reiner: Man who's head of our country is pathological liar & everybody around him is lying

Tweety was one of the voices at MSNBC who didn't want Gretta

Voting Today in Louisiana State Senate District 2

Wash Post reporter: Trump asked us to run electoral map on front page

Russians, in peaceful protest, call for Putin to quit

Climate March expected to draw massive crowd to D.C. in sweltering heat

The Force is with Mother Cat

It's difficult to keep up with everything involved in this scandal...

The right wing is dying to provoke violent confrontations. Don't take the bait!

Don't forget, TrumpRussia aside, that voting reform has to be addressed.

Number Of Democrats Running For Congress Surges As The Resistance Builds An Army To Stop Trump

New PPP poll -Hillary voters only poll.....

Some Twitter talk of one grand jury being almost complete - Claude Taylor

Rep. John Lewis rallies with gun-owning mom against the NRA and Trump

How does one console

How a Professional Climate Change Denier Discovered the Lies and Decided to Fight for Science

The resistance is real. The resistance is working. The resistance needs you.

EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades

Ecuadorian Officials Getting Sick Of Julian Assange Always Leaving Dirty Dishes All Over Embassy

Maybe we should've been honest with the love of our life.

Trump lover attacks coffee shop patrons with machete. Where are the moderate Trump supporters at?

Told yah he was nuts:

WSJ: Ex-CIA Head Woolsey on Gen. Flynn and Covert Gulen Kidnap Plan

What's the goofiest thing your pet has ever done?

'Before sunrise tomorrow April 30, 2017 the planet Venus will display

Voter Turnout 2017

Rump's assault against hibernating mother bears and cubs: Please DO NOT respond unless you care.

Gold Star father Khizr Khan on Trump's first 100 Days

How long will Republicans continue to withhold the truth from the American people?

Josh Marshall: Thinking About Trumps 100 Day Fail

Baby's reaction hearing for the first time

Trump's first 100 days: Here's how they compare with Obama's, Bush's, and Clinton's

Are You Afraid of Speaking Your Mind in Public?

WONDER WOMAN - "Goddess" TV Spot (VIDEO)

Light Noodles, Deep Flavor

King Henry VIII says:

Pence's big defense

I have Medicare it is not free health insurance.

Did Bernie speak out against tRump speaking at the NRA?

Staunch Supporters And Determined Opposition

LIVE on Politics Done Right: Automation not a problem. Rethink our economy with a 10 hour work week

GOP health plan for pre-existing conditions spawns worries

Terrible! Sad! FAKE! Very bad!

Rich murder suspect is freed on bail as man accused of welfare fraud stuck in jail

Trump to order a study on abuses of U.S. trade agreements

100 days of Trump whoppers

Quit the bickering, it is only 8 months until the 2018 election!!

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 -Do-Nothing Grifter

Sometimes I think we are dealing with something that is too big to jail?

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Conservationists alarmed by Interior nominee

Trump using executive orders at unprecedented pace

Indiana man pleads guilty in murder spree referencing the movie 'The Purge'

45 and the terrible horrible no good very bad 100 days.

Proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day'

Former Chicago Public Schools chief sentenced for fraud

Dakota the Owl hanging out!

The young people (9, 10 15) commenting on climate change on Freespeech Tv are

From Gandhi to guns: An Indian woman explores the NRA convention

Chechnya is persecuting its gays: Here's what we can do to rise up against it.

Japan, Philippines Urge U.S., North Korea to Avoid Brink of War

FBI investigations: "two grand juries ... one is almost complete" #TrumpRussia



Twitter Video: Let us stand together and create a planet that will be healthy and habitable ...

This is why dogs tilt their heads.

Armed neo-Nazis prepare for potential clash in small Kentucky town

Who is the most loathsome and (disingenuous) Deplorable pundit ?

"Please clap."

Turkey purges 4,000 civil servants, bans TV dating programs

You know what's distasteful??

WATCH: Serious Shade On Ivanka Trump's 'Feminism' From AM Joy

Climate March - AMAZING SIGNS!

Get Involved! RESIST!

Trumps Order Silences Alaskan Native Voices

Donkeys under threat as demand for hides grows

On Long Island, Sessions Vows to Eradicate MS-13 Gang

Joe Conason - Trump's Tax Plan: The Grifters Do 'Tax Reform'

Watching the marchers in DC protesting the Con's climate policies

The kids suing Donald Trump are marching to the White House

Keep that chicken tethered motherfuckers...

Hey Republicans, We Need To Have A Talk.

Another huge day of protest! The #climatemarch reaches the WH! Short video of marchers...

Trump: "Mainstream (FAKE) media refuses to state our long list of achievements"

Many Maine sawmill owners are not cheering Trumps lumber tariff

How artists are marking President Trump's 100th day in office...


Another example of working class americans destroying their way of life.

Holy Zeus, are the DRUMPFsters being interviewed completely devoid of sense & their senses?!!

MUST READ: 44 Leaders, Legislators And Artists Sum Up Trumps First 100 Days

I know I have been busy but I just heard about this Rightwinger rampage

New York Times Readers Are Canceling Subscriptions Over Climate-Denying Writer

GOP & Trump Supporters OK W/Treason As Long As No Democrat Is In Charge.

Climate march in DC is HUGE. 200,000+


Mom pulls gun on Cleveland barber when son's haircut takes too long

U.S. appeals court blocks Anthem bid to merge with rival Cigna

Thoughts on an Audi Allroad 2015?


TAKEI: "And on the 100th day..."

Hey democrats! Want to start winning elections again? Two words that will save you.

TPM - great take by Josh Marshall - "Thinking About Trump's 100 Day Fail"

What were the odds that the 100th day would be the same day as the Washington Correspondents' Dinner

Day 100

100 Down, 1360 To Go

Armed neo-Nazis prepare for potential clash in small Kentucky town

The First 100 Gays

CSPAN is live & covering the People's Climate March at the National Mall.

"I cant wait for the 100-day shit to be over."

Trump is now talking about consolidating his power

No one really cares about climate?

My wife and I are setting up a one-trip vegan food travel blog

Duck and Cover - "How to survive a nuclear blast"

There once was a double-chinned phony

Vincente Fox needles 45. Again.

Trump proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day'

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 29, 2017

Schumer Says He Tries To Talk To Trump About Issues But He Changes The Subject

Nate Silver needles NYT over Climate Op-ed.

Trump Declares His First 100 Days 'Just About The Most Successful' In History

I am scared as hell for my daughter's 2 year old cat

North Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure

If you're so angry at Obama for speaking at Cantor Fitzgerald

The American people not Big Oil must decide our climate future

Photos: Bernie Sanders - Climate Justice Rally - Montpelier VT 4/29

Best Surf Song of All Time?

superb cartoon for 100 days of fail

The folks pissed with Obama have no problem

Time-lapse, bird's-eye video: Thousands of protesters marching toward WH for climate change action

Republican approach to Trumpcare: 'insanity,' 'incredibly frustrating,' 'divorced from reality'

Where to watch the 2017 White House correspondents dinner online and on TV

ICE just shackled/detained a kid with pending asylum application on his 18th bday at a youth shelter

Eight Jamaican scammers were extradited to the US this week - here a tough American woman

The President Show - Amazing

The judge calling for a return to the guillotine

The Constitution is a living, breathing, vibrant document that does not get end run

I keep waiting for just one reporter, interviewer or whoever

Bill Maher: Liberals Need to Stop Trying to Win Over Trump Voters With Facts

SHitler appoints woman who believes abortion causes breast cancer to top post at HHS

Baa baa baa

Which button would you press?

How Trump Made America Less Secure in 100 Days

Speaking Fees for Former Presidents Top $750,000

Is this for real??? Disrespectful little jerk student...

Why do I smell Russia/Republican propaganda pushing the "Greedy Obama" meme?

2017 Horse Racing - Handicapping the 2017 Kentucky Derby

Ha ha, watching the NFL draft, and Rich Eisen just said "bye Felicia" twice......

DU pronoun check-in(for those who feel comfortable doing so)

Armed neo-Nazis prepare for potential clash in small Kentucky town

Two Minds About Obama Speaking at Wall Street Firm

WHCD - Will they roast Rump in absentia?

Joy Reid warms up

A brief history of nuclear near-misses

trump is so full of shit....Trump: 'My 100 days just about most successful'

1000 Protestors Stormed the Heritage Foundation, Did You Hear About it from the Corporate Media?

Bret Stephens/NYT thinks climate change can't be real because a climate activist had a baby.

NO SHAME: FOX "News" Propaganda on FULL Display

Trump's First 100 Days. And What Has He Done? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

Black Woman Cant Stop Laughing When White Supremacist Finds Out Hes Part African

Trump tweets on day 100: Media ignoring 'great optimism'

Koterba toon: Trump tax cuts

100 Days: Hannity Asks 'What is Trump's Biggest Accomplishment?' Twitter Hands Him His Ass

Armed neo-Nazis prepare for potential clash in small Kentucky town

EPA Website Removes Climate Science Site

Times Argus of Montpelier - Photo Spread Link - Climate Justice Rally 4/29

The imaginary world of Republican government...

Martin Shorts Jiminy Glick Roasts Jimmy Fallons Trump: Complete Embarrassment or Total Failure

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Rally in Louisville, Kentucky 4/18/2017

Chief Inspector Murphy can has cheezburger

Limbo Donnie. Now if there was only a Swamp under that limbo pole.

Kasich: Trump 'doesn't care' about what's in GOP healthcare plan

HUFF Post: How Democrats Got Mired In A Nasty Internal Battle Over Abortion

He wants to be a dictator--here it is:

The Borowitz Report

"We live in a nightmare" - How Trump turned America upside down in 100 days

GOP insiders slam Trumps desperate, totally insane last-minute push for 100-days accomplishments

UK spy documents: Trump Organization paid Russian hackers who took orders from Putin

Drumpt's mad scramble to do and sign anything before the 100 day deadline

Jews wear short shorts.

The war on coal is over! - Pence at Trump rally

Just watching Pence compliment Trump on his first 100 days. He's going on and on at the Trump rally.

I do not like president 45.....I do not like his orange beehive.....

Damn that's some serious weather in several states

Are these people in Pennsylvania really

Media sucks! Media sucks! USA USA

Book delves into history of Osage Reign of Terror

That asshole is in full throated attack on the WHCD.

White House Touts 'Historic' 28 Laws Signed By Trump, But What Are They?