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Archives: April 3, 2017

How N.J.'s Israeli boycott, Iran investment bans are affecting public pensions

N.J. homeless shelter rescued from closure by $260K surge in donations

Trump is spending SO much time & wasting SO much effort on his PR....

hats off to Dawn Staley and her national champion South Carolina Gamecocks

Thanks Obama...

How about these mic-drop commercials? They make me less

A new cafe is going to be the cat's meow of N.J. (Literally)

Former GOP House Intelligence chairman slams Devin Nunes investigation

Mom, daughter dead after mobile home flips off foundation in severe weather

I'm liking Tom Perez more every day.

Christie's Horizon 'extortion' leaves tea party steaming

Manafort Wanted for Questioning in U.S. and Ukraine

That's some serious weather in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi

Group run by ex-Christie aide not subject to public records law, court rules

Remember how they ridiculed Dukakis for wearing the tank

Shit! Just saw a Gorsuch ad on MSNBC

"Sci-fi" cancer therapy fights brain tumors, study finds

Revealed: rich peers paid for doing nothing

Can you name the US Senator in this picture?

'Fight starts here,' DNC leaders tell N.J. members at unity rally

Black Sails series finale starts in 20 minutes

N.J. governor hopeful slaps rival with election law complaint

Governor's race 2017: Conventions done, attacks sharpen

Kremlin spokesman suggests meeting between Trump, Putin

Trump remains the center of attention, but hes increasingly isolated politically

NJ bills call for $1K tax credit to organ donors

Koterba toon: Shadow of Russia

Lindsey Graham booed at town hall after saying he will vote for Gorsuch

Senator Tester a NO on Gorsuch

Gingrich Explains it all..

Want Medicaid coverage? A drug test should come first, Wisconsin governor says

Real Americans vs. coastal elites: What right-wing sneers at city dwellers really mean

The governments struggle to hold opioid manufacturers accountable

One disgusting law or order after another

Want Medicaid coverage? A drug test should come first, Wisconsin governor says

Sage advice-just breathe...

WP: Trumps budget would hit rural towns especially hard but theyre willing to trust him

Trump Screws Up... Movie Quotes

Sale of ex-Trump Taj Mahal casino to Hard Rock is finalized

Sentencings not the end of New Jersey bridge case saga

Russian Cyber Capabilities, Policy and Practice

Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you

Trump Backtracks: "Actually, I Didn't Want To Take A Vote" On O'Care Repeal

Dems looking to challenge in GOP-held districts

Alien 2 in the prequel series.

Jared Kushner is in Iraq, per NYT'S Maggie Haberman

If you miss The Good Wife, it's replacement is actually better, IMHO.

Philly to rake in $118 million in new taxes after reassessing commercial properties

Another Shore town bans smoking on the beach which one's next?

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers' Buttons

What if, God forbid, Ginsburg died in Jan 2020 and Trump nominates a conservative?

Judge dismisses all charges in Chesco businessman's bribery case

Lawyer: Seth Williams plans to stay in DA office, despite law license suspension

Fate Of Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Unclear Under Trump.


Sessions Was Notified of Giuliani Bid for Deal in Gold Traders Case

New Rule: Trump's Enablers

Jared Kushner is in Iraq

US Senate committee chairs if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2018

The 111 House Democrats NOT Supporting HR676/Medicare For All

Chechnyan gay men being rounded up. 100 taken in. 3 killed

How many Presidents?

Well lookee here..Kelly Ann's financial disclosure form


I remember seeing people in comment sections in various news sites pointing out Russian trolls

John Oliver is back. Can't wait for his take on the luncay around here (nt)

Donald "The Don" Trump: Rule By and For Organzied Criminals

Pre-Incan pyramid discovered in Peru

Jared Kushner is in Iraq

Pre-Incan pyramid discovered in Peru

How About Drug Testing For Tax Breaks?

April (Llewd sing goddamn!) is Poetry Month!

China Learns How to Get Trumps Ear: Through Jared Kushner

James Rosenguist modern artist dies at 83

That ol' charmer Trump woos Dems by saying TrumpCare won't be "as good" if they help

Mexico newspaper stops printing after reporter shot dead

Mexico newspaper stops printing after reporter shot dead

Have we done "who will be Mike Pence's VP nomination" yet?

Could those NSC lawyers in the White House be charged with any crimes?

The Tricks That Help Some Animals Live For Centuries -

Slate - essential read - "A System Designed to Make People Disappear" (real WTF stuff)

Leftist headed to narrow victory in Ecuador, defying Latin America's shift to right

Late Show Wins The 'Hi Stranger' Challenge

There are 36 Senate Dems against Gorsuch. We need 41.

I recommend tonight's "The Circus" on Showtime.

April 2017 Events. . . . RESIST! -- GO! -- CALL! -- RAISE HELL! R-E-S-I-S-T TRUMP!

The Hillary Uranium/Russia myth DEBUNKED.

A tale of two countries: inequality; we must help the working and middle classes (Piketty, Saez)


Newtown tries and, so far, fails to get Trump to acknowledge Sandy Hook massacre

Melamia, move to the White House or personally pay for your New York City security

The English Beat - I Confess (VIDEO)

Trump/Russia Connections...Main characters so far.

I can't get into my Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail accounts

Tweet heavy post about potential Trump money laundering (Bayrock)

Rob Gronkowski an active participant in Wrestlemania

The Difference is Clear who the real man is...

Kushner and China

Bella Bella, B.C.: The town that solved suicide

Illegal gambling ring (Russian) in Trump Tower..2014

Mexico Ready to Play the Corn Card in Trade Talks

Does anyone remember the crazy RW conspiracy that a training op was Obama secretly invading the USA

Note to Mitch McConnell ...

Do you find that Led Zeppelin fans don't like The Who & Vice Versa?

50 Years After Torrey Canyon Oil Spill, a Unique Record of Nature's Fightback

Make America Filthy, Hungry, Broke and Stupid Again

94% of Black women didn't fall for his shit

Cozy with Wall Street. LIE

Our next nominee must have at least 10 years taxes

His Towers have been under surveillance for a long time..not just recently.

Interesting 2014 article about Russia buying influence in US politics

South Carolina beats Mississippi State to win first national title

Federal judge throws out jury award for Dimock families who claimed shale gas contamination

It just got harder to deny climate change drives extreme weather

Former Penn State assistant McQueary gets $1.7M in whistleblower fees

A link to a picture that should make you smile..

Sci-fi forest tracks carbon impact

State senators unconvinced on health and human services merger

'To-go' liquor proposal might get another shot

Are we headed toward an "illegitimate" Supreme Court??

Peduto says it would cost Pittsburgh $411M to replace lead water lines

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Don the Con's latest - I never lose

Sexist. They now admit it.Many trump supporters now admit why they

The boss is back!

Man losing battle with PPL to keep electricity his sick wife depends on

"Big Little Lies" and domestic violence counseling

Couple in Pennsylvania pranks the mailman with extra-long envelope

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - unworkable

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

With climate change and increasing, more severe storms across the U.S., won't there come a point

Poll: 32% give Trump an 'F' - 59% embarrased by Trump

Wake up Indiana


Fox braces for fallout from Bill O'Reilly scandal

LA Times: Our Dishonest President - Why Trump Lies

Krugman explains what an idiot Trump is on trade.

I have a Bible verse for the King of the Deplorables

Neo-Nazi threats force Jewish group in Sweden to close

OMFG! Trump's tweeting about Hillary and debate questions

Big Pharma's anti-marijuana stance aims to squash the competition, activists say


did anyone catch what Joe said about the Seahawks this morning...?

Scranton's double pension recipients appeal ruling that cut benefits

Let's have some fun here...

Inmate pepper sprayed in genitals sues Lackawanna County prison

Somali pirates hijack Indian commercial ship

THAT video everyone is talking about...

It sounds like we are *this* close to a bipartisan deal on comprehensive tax reform.

In Iraq, on camera, I would like to hear a high ranking military person

The Trump/Republican Coup will continue this week

Chomsky: Why Trump Is Pushing the Doomsday Clock to the Brink of Midnight

Ibrahim al-Amin alleges Tulsi Gabbard served as messenger for Trump, relaying readiness

Eastside Food Co-op workers submit cards for union election

Constitutional amendment to protect Transportation Trust Fund heads to state Senate

WH pulled out of pre-Prayer Breakfast meet up with Russian mobster/pol Torshin

Trump Can Pull Money From His Businesses Whenever He Wants Without Ever Telling Us

Gov. John Carney: Fix budget, update Coastal Zone Act

Photos: Bernie spoke with local organizers of #OurRevolution MA - March 31, 2017

St Petersburg metro blast leaves many injured - media

SCOOP: Trumps trust - revised to explicitly say he can take profits from his biz anytime he wants:

Remember the 'Star Trek' tricorder? These inventors built one -- and could win $9M

Senate committee holds off on prison guard pension bill

"Do your country before your country can do you!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

****BREAKING**** Explosives reported at Russian train stations

Bill legalizing recreational marijuana hitting Dover

Maybe It's Time Senate Dems Threaten a DEMOCRATIC Nuclear Option!

Victorian companies scramble for a slice of Trump's $70b US military spend

The OP below this one is lying.

How many Profiles are we going to read about Idiot Trump Supporters Doubling Down On Whiteness?

Giving back: State reimburses county seats for presence of tax-free government buildings

Tether that Chicken Motherfuckers

Gas Prices Inch Up, AAA Sees Possible 40-Cent Rise in Summer

Trump literally doesn't know what the word "regret" means.

Bill aims to amend death penalty statute

Timothy Snyder On Tyranny

Is Jared Kushner the defacto unofficial Secretary of State with portfolio?

Tester will oppose Neil Gorsuch

Sad Trump: Vol. 4-7

If you want to win 2018, remember how you lost 2014.

This story on FBI creating special unit to coordinate the Russia investigation

Crushing Log With Hydraulic Press

Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Advocates hit roadblock as they push to override Pugh veto of $15 minimum wage

Mika Brzezinski It's Time To Consider The 25th Amendment

NYT: This is not a debatable issue. This is not fake news. This is not a witch hunt. This happened.

Despite high fees, check cashers seen as part of community, customers say

Need more evidence many/most Deplorables are traitors

Mike Pence's Presidential Website Revealed by Web Developer

Tallying Hogan's $3 billion investment in the Chesapeake Bay

ADVISORY: Story on Kushner visiting Iraq withdrawn Article [AMP] Reuters but another story

Sick leave, marijuana licenses, possible vetoes all on deck in General Assembly's final week


Need your opinion re: a name/meme, please

Hundreds confront Harris at health care town hall

Today is the 83rd Birthday of a true and dedicated conservationist - Jane Goodall!

Happy 95th Birthday, Doris Day

I'd like to learn a marital art. Any suggestions?

Need to debunk RW talking point - Flynn immunity vs Clinton staff immunity

He's tagging the FBI.

Poland accuses Russian air traffic controllers over Smolensk plane crash

A toast to all the black women on DU. You are officially the smartest voting Demographic

I was looking back on some of the debates I had on DU regarding the Ukrainian crisis in 2014-15.

murdoch & fox support bill o'reilly's sexual harrassment of women.

The importance of punctuation (clever)

So it looks like The Russian Judge will get shoved down our throats

***** BREAKING ***** Trump Approval Plunges To 34% *

A nice pic of trump erosion from TPM - and good article by Josh Marshall. trump haz a sad!


Omigod. I am watching 101 Dalmations and my dog is actually watching television.

Boog the chocolate lab with a happy heart

Slate on 2 different losers - "Trump Isn't Nixon"

It's not even 7:30 A.M. on the West Coast and Chump is tweeting up a storm.

Paul Krugman: Trump has a small stick.

This is fine. (toon)

Top Obama Adviser (Susan Rice) Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel Rice

Sisi-Trump Meeting Shows Mutual Contempt for Rights

I'm just a caveman. Can someone explain the strategy of Joe Donnelly?

Diane Feinstein is eviscerating Gorsuch on CNN

Hey Oregon ( eclipse advice )

This Modern World: "This Is Fine."

Why Trump Lies: part 2 of LA Times editorial series

Colombia Mudslides r/t DEFORESTATION. This important fact has been missed.

Happy Birthday - Glad you're still with us

Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (April 2, 2017)

Dear managers and other superiors...

My take - Dems will block Gorsuch

do we know if any of donnie's russian dealings violate ofac sanctions?

Pic Of The Moment: Responsibility Is For Other People

Feinstein on SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch: "I cannot support this nomination."

Sen. Mark Warner announces plan to support filibuster against Gorsuch...makes 41 total

Julie Roginsky is suing Fox News for gender discrimination/sexual harrasment

Senator Menendez (NJ) undecided about Gorsuch filibuster

The Latest: Feinstein to vote No on Gorsuch Nomination

Trump Trusts Fox & Friends Over His Own Intelligence Community

now i understand trumpers unrelenting belief in donnie....


*if* donnie doesn't serve out his full term, the excuse will be

China's gotta be here somewhere !!!

Will Roberts or Thomas be replaced before summer??? IMO, it will be

*BREAKING*Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky files sexual harassment suit against Fox News/Ailes

Sen. Leahys to Vote No On The Gorsuch Nomination, And To Also Oppose advancing The Nom.

Senior North Korean Defector Tells Lester Holt: "World Should Be Ready."

Facebook LIVE Now: April 3 at 3PM - College for All Act

Facebook LIVE: April 3 at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM - College for All Act

The Rasmussen Awakening: Cheetolini down to 42%

Catholic Church must reform confession, abuse survivor says

Ten dead in explosion on St Petersburg metro

which is worse....coal or fracking


Brasil Prepares For General Strike - April 28

Ecuador election: Fraud alleged as protesters scuffle


Sorry, Democrats. Trumps not going anywhere. You wouldnt like who would follow anyway.

LIVE VIDEO: Senate Panel Votes On Neil Gorsuch

2 of DRUMPF's biggest, lies: Extreme vetting & keeping jobs U.S.

Fact Checkers Obliterate Trump As 70% of His Statements Are False.

Bennet says he won't try to block Gorsuch

"Baby, You're a Rich Man"

Can you really buy a congressman's internet history from ISPs?

Honest question: Is there any literary merit to Atlas Shrugged as a book, its message aside?

Candidly Canada: Legalizing marijuana is step forward (nationally legal marijuana by next summer)

I wish this little old lady would just get 2 cats instead

So, Trump ran out of an executive order signing ceremony because someone made him upset over Flynn

Big Pharma's anti-marijuana stance aims to squash the competition, activists say

White House cancels Trump meet & greet w/accused Russian mob figure

Stirring, patriotic ACTION PHOTO of First Son-in-Law on his his way to fix Iraq. #MIGA #BuyIvanka

Candidly Canada: Legalizing marijuana is step forward (nationally legal marijuana by next summer)

Two rulings by Gorsuch that should doom his nomination.

In Regards To The Russian Cyber Attacks

So, why the continual denial that race was a big factor in the election? by certain liberals even?

New DNC Chair: GOP doesnt give a s about people then articulated Democratic values (VIDEO)

Free market in healthcare kills Americans, and this is no hyperbole

Trump trust's been quietly revised to say he can take secretly his biz's profits anytime

Bill Could Make California a Sanctuary State For Marijuana

Dems must insert GOP 2016 SCOTUS obstruction in EVERY interview and

has everyone seen the google doodle for today-honouring Fazlur Rahman Khan-skyscrapers

Trump meets with el-Sisi - "He's done a fantastic job"

Noma Dumezweni reads Wordsworth's Daffodils - for spring equinox

3 Democrats backing Gorsuch.

Coal - Imagery of what Trump wants to revive

If Bill O'Reilly weren't the biggest star at Fox News, would he still have a job at Fox News?

This right wing fascist republican "guy" can't go back in Time with his double standard of BS

It will be a miracle if trump does not start a war.

Question about ACA credit or payments

Wow! Meet-and-greet for Cruz challenger Beto O'Rourke

Coons doesn't support Gorsuch!

Why Don't Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Buns Come in Packs of Equal Number?

I live in Mississippi. I'd kill to have any of the 3 Dems voting yes as representatives

***ANYBODY ELSE*** would have long since been fired...

Looks like the Socialist Lenin Moreno has won in Ecuador

Weird primary in GA 6!!!! Who else does it this way?

New Name for Spicey's Daily Briefings: "The Gaslight Hour"

Trump shook hands with Egypt's autocratic leader el-Sisi, but not with Angela Merkel....

GORSUCH: Sen. Blumenthal links vote to constitutional crisis looming

Sanity retained through watching John Oliver - Devin, Devin, Devin!

for trumpians "How could you believe me when I said I love you when you know I've been a liar"

Democrats secure votes to block Gorsuch as Senate panel considers nominee

Full speech where Perez says

Dems NOW have the 41 needed to vote NO on cloture for Gorsuch - NEXT STEPS...

Hidden camera catches lab in the act

Official photographs suggest Donald Trump is avoiding the White House photographer

Sen. Blumenthal will vote for Gorsuch if he'll commit to independent prosecutor on Trumprussia

Lord Jamar: Trump is Peeling Back Scab and Exposing Old Wound of Racism

Alternative Universe cooking instructions -

A plea to liberals as the Trump administration self-destructs

Time to get our filibuster on!

'Women for Trump' Demonstrate with a March - Photos

Trumps enthusiasm for Sisi disturbs human rights advocates (Also drawn to brutal Putin)....

Could it be that the bomb in St. Petersburg Russia was a type of Reichstag fire. That they found

Pt. 2 - LA Times Series - "Why Trump Lies"

Okay I am not a dog person, but..this is love ...The Happy Dance!

So, yesterday when Trump and Rand Paul played golf...

Melania releases first official White House photo portrait


Lock her up! (the Tulsa cop)

wtf with the alarmist posts about Democrats voting for Gorsuch?

Meanwhile, in Japan...

His intent is to do me harm: White Tulsa officer explains why she fatally shot unarmed black man

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5

New details emerge about 2014 Russian hack of the State Department: It was hand to hand combat

When $65,000 a year for a drug is applauded....

Wheres Ted Kennedy when you need him?

Trump Plans Have Deal Makers Dreaming Big ($100-Billion-Cash-Takeover Big)

Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel

The rights jarring drift toward Russia

I learned something at the gym today. 2 Crowns in America cost $1700, in Mexico $250

The Republican dumpster fire is an opening for Democrats

When All Else Fails, Cut Taxes for the Rich


There's likely criminality associated with the individuals reportedly 'unmasked' by Obama officials

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin tells me what he thinks is immoral.

Did I really just hear Lindsey Graham correctly?

filibustering gorsuch: how many republican assholes are they going to put before the mic?

Bernie Sanders walked into a costumed battle at Anime Boston

Naval Academy to target midshipmen underage, binge drinking to address sexual assault issue

Home Act passed in Maryland House but could face more opposition in Senate

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Gorsuch in Party-Line Vote

If we never filibuster because we fear losing the filibuster, haven't we already lost it?

What to Cook This Week

PHOTOS: Light City Baltimore Illuminates Inner Harbor

Fox News Is Hit With Another Sexual Harassment Suit

CNN hacks - I'm amazed that you fail to remind America that Merick Garland

Homeland Security Employee Who Carried Loaded Gun at Work Sentenced to 18 Months

Margaret Atwood on What The Handmaids Tale Means in the Age of Trump

So the son in law is the de facto

Why did the US in February EASE restrictions on cyber-security sales to Russian spies?

The phony Susan Rice story, explained

Mitch McConnell cannot change the 60-vote requirement by himself...

Do these Assholes get off on saying "Binary Choice",,,,,,,?

Rare Photo of a Young Harriet Tubman Obtained by Library of Congress and African-American Museum

The credibility of the Senate and it's status as a legitimate political body is at stake

Democrats vote FOR a future they envision....

Tom Perez won't apologize for saying republicans don't give a sh*t about people.

AssHole in Charge shuck Sisi hand over and over,,,

Cernovich, a white nationalist, misogynist..key figure in Pizzagate-put out the Susan Rice FAKE stor

My "WTF?" of the day, Revisionist "historian" division...

It's the Sean Spicer Show for April 3, 2017, starring....

Georgetown University hires star alumnus Patrick Ewing as men's basketball coach

**AND** they fucked with our voting machines...

Mitch really couldn't say it any more clearly

Charlie Pierce: A plea to liberals as Trump Administration self-destructs.

Which one of you cool foolios has an Amazon Fire HD tablet?

NHL Will Not Participate in the 2018 Olympics

Sanford Capital faces $539,500 in fines after D.C. inspects some of its buildings

Texas deputy constable fatally shot after arriving for work

It's time to get real, Putin would be insane to wage direct war on the US

Fire chief: 3 die, 4 hurt when boiler explodes in St. Louis

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 3, 2017

Thoughts and feelings

Preview For Wednesday's Top 10 Conservative Idiots


One very good reason to love California..

The Mets win their Home Opener 6-0 over the Braves. n/t.

Wichita Falls man armed with BB guns holds police at bay

Studies find more evidence that flu and pertussis vaccines save kids' lives

remember that "hiring freeze" that the orange menace crowed about?

Why were The Beatles removed from Youtube?

A Call To Action: A Review of the Special Elections, and How You Can Help Flip a GOP Seat in Georgia

A Call To Action: A Review of the Special Elections, and How You Can Help Flip a GOP Seat in Georgia

Experts analyze what would happen if NAFTA disappears

A Call To Action: A Review of the Special Elections, and How You Can Help Flip a GOP Seat in Georgia

Another Trump / Russia connection - this time via Blackwater's Eric Prince

guess who is at the opening day of the baseball at Fenway?

Irving Music Factory Hurts

Mormon elder speaks in support of tithing to church over ones starving kids (VIDEO)

Federal judge blocks Indiana abortion ultrasound mandate

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

Anyone else watching this fire in Opa-Locka in Miami

Okay... Joe Biden is going to New Hampshire...

Opposition grows to Iowa bill making many 911 calls secret

Op-Ed Why a mom's Facebook warning about human traffickers hurts sex-trafficked kids

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

Arkansas says it has no options if inmates delay executions

Who would be on your "American Nuremberg" List?

Dubai police say they arrest hackers after White House staff

Trump donates first-quarter salary to National Parks Service

Trump's phony National Park Service photo-op

Good Stonekettle Station essay about surveillance of Trump and pals

Suspects charged in London mob beating of teen asylum-seeker

Must read regarding Susan Rice...

Judicial decision

Forget Trump TV. Bernie Sanders has struck gold with his new Facebook Live show

Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

Scathing LA Times Editorial Lashes Drumpf, Urges Protesters to "Raise Their Banners."

Half Colombias municipality at elevated risk of avalanches

Houston Democrat Warns of Anti-LGBT Jihad in Texas Legislature

Half Colombias municipality at elevated risk of avalanches

Inviting the Easter Bunny to the Seder

Whoa! Impeach Trump sign dropped at Washington Nationals home opener:

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

Mo Brooks is the dumbest Rock in Alabama and ,,,,,,

Only those of a certain age will get this...

Migrants fleeing Trump's America

Protestors at Washington DC Nationals Game - "Impeach Trump"

How to protect Peru's rainforest? Indigenous land titles, researchers say

Anyone ever tried "relearning" math as an adult?

Map of how educated the United States is by county.

Legal Marijuana 2017: Increasing Weed Enforcement Could Be Dangerous, Governors Tell Trump Administr

SIGN: Tell the Senate: Oppose Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Likely Leftist Victory in Ecuador Election Rejects "Oligarch's Candidate"

Is Trumpcare Coming Back to Life?

How hibernating animals are helping doctors treat diabetes and Alzheimer's

Trump Impersonator Anthony Atamanuik Gets Comedy Central Late-Night Show

Fallout for loofah boy:

Former CIA directory​ Woosley on Nunes and voting machines.

**Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel**

Forget Trump TV. Bernie Sanders has struck gold with his new Facebook Live show

VICE interviews former FBI agent Clint Watts about Trump-Russia Investigation

Have you noticed the similarity between Kim Jon Un's and DT's default facial expression?

Pierce: A Plea to Liberals as the Trump Administration Self-Destructs

Teen Dies In CPS Custody As House Committee Considers Privatizing More Child Welfare Functions

Trump, Ryan Both Hit Record Low Approval

Will Gorsuch be confirmed?

Texas lawmakers consider declaring fantasy sports legal

Mayor Mike Rawlings won't support bill to save Dallas Police and Fire Pension System

The new republican song for the Gorsuch "Filibuster" by Senate Democratic Party

Amid legislative discord, Abbott predicts success

Trump and his spokesman are talking about how people have been "unmasked"...

Uvalde Crash Update: All passengers in church bus were wearing seatbelts, NTSB officials say

Bill could mean bigger late charges for Texas renters

Donald Trump changes trust rules to allow him take money from business without telling US public

Americans hate his agenda, and its based on lies

SB386 [Medical Cannabis] being debated on House floor:

Song for Republicans...enjoy

Secretary of Everything: Jared Kushner

Mayoral candidate Manuel Medina, supporters blast San Antonio Express-News over residence claims

Former San Antonio employee allegedly stole, pawned $60,000 in jewelry over 2 years

Watching NBC news, it looks like the Korean War II is going any

Trump: We'll Solve North Korea ourselves

Japanese ruling parties agree to start conspiracy bill debate Thursday

Olbermann: Mikhail Kalugin (ID'd by Intel as Putin's election-fixer) has Trump panicking

I ran a focus group with Trump voters. Half said they support single-payer

"Our Dishonest President"

Mercedes spokesperson tells me it's pulled ads from the O'Reilly Factor

In Ohio County, Word of Housing Cuts Stirs Fear

Budget would hit rural towns especially hard

綺麗 です! just beautiful

The Town Hall Project wants to help you attend a meeting with your Member of Congress


Today's Press Briefing/tRUMP's donation

Video: Introducing the College for All Act

A real estate agent in Iraq, a handbag merchant and a stripper in the White House

Introducing the College for All Act

Paintings on Cuba Exhibited at European Parliament

Former Trump adviser Carter Page met and passed documents to an SVR agent in NYC in 2013

#WeObject: Denver rallies to stop Neil Gorsuch

Eastside Food Co-op workers submit cards for union election

Eastside Food Co-op workers submit cards for union election

So Jared -- de facto president? People voted for him? CNN saying that foreign diplomats find

Fmr Trump adviser Carter Page met with & gave energy industry-related documents to... a Russian spy.

Good News for the Older Mothers

California GOP continues its plunge into irrelevance

Let's laugh at this fool:

One minute of a baby monkey on a pig.

This is why tRump didn't throw 1st pitch.

The Supreme Court just ruled against Trump on the environment.

Trump National Golf Club Vandalized, Course Spray-Painted

Trumps Defence Secretary urged to overturn appointment of ungodly le

Court denies mustang appeal sought by Nevada counties

Erik Prince Blackwater/Reflex Responses Eric Prince Advising Trump/Betsy Devos

Meet Devin. After losing the lead role in "Growing Pains" to Kirk Cameron, he went into politics.

does this korean dissident dude remind anyone

From the Gospels to Elizabeth Warren, women nevertheless persist

Woman charged in Sandy Hook parent threat arrested

Not What I Wanted, But What We Needed dog rescue by Janine Carbis Spokane, WA

Kim Jong-tRump

Interior Department repeals Obama-era rule on coal royalties

The Government Gorsuch Wants to Undo

Far from idle speculation: Dem. senator says looming impeachment is reason to filibuster Gorsuc

Justice Dept. seeks pause on consent decree with Baltimore

Justice Dept. seeks pause on consent decree with Baltimore

What is the floor on Trump's approval: I say 29%

Today in Labor History, April 3rd bitter strike at the mills in Paterson, New Jersey

Kansas House fails in attempt to override Medicaid veto

New York, other states take on Trump over energy efficiency

Joy Reid gives us a KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid).

A Former Trump Adviser Met With A Russian Spy

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 April 2017

U.S. appeals court sets May hearing on revised Trump travel order

U.S. appeals court sets May hearing on revised Trump travel order

UW professor: The information war is real, and were losing it - UW professor

Tulsi Gabbard carried a message to Assad from Trump!!!

For The Record: Willie Nelson

Homeowner arrested after fatally shooting intruder he found in his shower: Police