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Archives: April 4, 2017

Anybody else feel like they need to take a bunch of psychedelics in the wilderness for a few days?

Tweety calls them the Romanoffs/Romanovs

Democrats have a better chance of regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 than in 2018 because in

Thank you Dems

Mylan hit with racketeering suit over big price hikes of EpiPen

FBIs Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites - McClatchy

Trump Is Ready for Tax Cuts, but His Treasury Department Isnt

Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections For Women Workers

NY AG Schneiderman suing Trump "for illegally blocking $-saving, pollution cutting energy efficiency

Updated article by CBS:" Susan Rice asked for "unmasking" for national security,"

Mercedes reportedly pulls ads following allegations of sexual harassment against Bill O'Reilly

Wow. ProPublica just rips Spicey a new one ...

Forget Trump TV. Bernie Sanders has struck gold with his new Facebook Live show

Enjoy Doing Your Taxes This Year, Because Next Year Will Be a Nightmare

Trump's Low Approval Ratings Are Not 'Fake News'

TPM - Josh - "De-Derping the Unmasking Story". Interesting read of a tangled web

Judge throws out jury decision to award $4 million to families impacted byfracking

A Former Trump Advisor Met with a Russian Spy

American & International Corporations In China - Wonder Were The Jobs Went list Co. moved to China

Fort Worth gas royalty fight gets even uglier

CNN Allow Man Convicted Of Election Fraud To Spread Lies About Busloads Of Out-of-state Voters In NH

In era of Trump, gun sales surge among LGBT, minorities in the U.S.

She looks so good!!!!!

If you watch no other movie before you die, you have to see THIS.

I miss Richard Nixon.

Taibbi: Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives

Pssst ... it's not working, Donnie

Toon: Preemptive Damage Control

John Wiley Price finances picked apart by IRS agents in attempt to prove tax fraud

McKinney surgeon sexually assaulted woman then asked what favorite part of visit was, police say

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Spring Break! Live Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Trump trust's been quietly revised to say he can take his biz's profits anytime, & he doesn't have t

Former Fox News contributor Dr. Wendy Walsh accuses Bill O'Reilly of unwanted sexual advances

Sarah Palin's wholesome family is back in the news.

Lara Trump is taking a government job,

On my twitter feed

Meanwhile, back in Egypt, reporter Mahmoud Hussein has been in jail 100 days.

Chesterfield woman charged with aborting 3rd trimester baby found buried in her backyard

Virginia Tech board approves tuition increase

So I am growing clematis up my mailbox post and am getting ready to fertilize

Protesters Hang Giant Impeach Trump Banner During Nationals Home Opener

More and more are agreeing with Maxine Waters when she said on cnn, Lets talk impeachment. Go Maxine

Richmond judge upholds 11 legislative districts challenged in gerrymandering lawsuit

Rachel Maddow tonight..

Rachel tonight - Carter Page and russian spies!

Hospitals' bid for extra Medicaid payments 'problematic' in Virginia budget

Question about Gorsuch

Mississippi LGBT religious objections law argued on appeal

Bernie Sanders Just Introduced His Free College Tuition Plan

Tobin S. where are you?

Who is ready for one of Bob Dylan's best unreleased bootlegs?

Virginia rolls out new substance use disorder benefit

Has anyone seen "Foxcatcher"? What a weird movie.

Monday numbers: NC Senate's tax plan a boon for the wealthy

Breaking barriers: The female mountain guide battling machismo

Today in Labor History, April 3rd bitter strike at the mills in Paterson, New Jersey

Today in Labor History, April 3rd bitter strike at the mills in Paterson, New Jersey

Great NCAA Finals game

This sums it up...

Federal judge blocks redistricting law singling out Greensboro voters, rules it unconstitutional

Serious questions arise for state's largest voucher school

Rachel is spotlighting our protest of Devin Nunez

Mexican Newspaper Shuts Down, Saying It Is Too Dangerous to Continue

Devon dog sets skipping world record

After HB2 compromise, GOP legislators want tougher penalties for bathroom trespassing

Michele Bachmann: FBI listening in on Trump staffer Russian calls "1000 times worse than Watergate"

Mayors denounce N.C. compromise legislation over HB2

Clint Watts (ex-FBI, testified at Senate Intel hearing last week) on E. Prince via tweets:

Will Ivanka and Jared be allowed to share a prison cell?

Furniture polish?

Watch out for this sneaky 50 percent retirement fee

Lack of ethics, conflicts of interests, violating the emolument clause of the Constitution, and...

Here's how I think the Senate will play out.

Wells Fargo ordered to pay largest individual whistleblower award in OSHA history

The reason for corruption: Billionaire GOP donor Mercer avoided $6.8 BILLION in taxes

A constitutional question

Man-watching Royals Season Preview and the special on #30 ACE makes my heart hurt

2,700 jobs could be cut as Dollar General buys Charlotte discount chain

Typical Drumpanzee..

NC senators T.R.U.M.P. Act would force presidential candidates to release tax returns Read more

NC bill would raise legal vaping and smoking age to 21, some exceptions included

US Rep. Joe Kennedy urges NCAA to keep NC sports boycott

Right-wing preacher justifies Trumps Access Hollywood tape as Gods work

Every day brings a new scandal and a new assault against the powerless

Dear Big Con Voter...

Trump admin cuts off UN agency's funds over abortion concern

White supremacist asks Muslim lawyer why there is no 'Christian ISIS,' gets schooled.

Making America Great Again...

Rep Adam Schiff has been great. And he's spot on here.

Mosquitoes and ticks are going to eat us all alive this summer

If the Susan Rice "Revelation" had Come Up Prior to Nov 8

Trump's Secretary of Everything: Jared Kushner

It seems to me that Trump sees himself as our "Supreme Leader" in the tradition of the worst tyrants

How'd I miss that Pence told his wife - no meetings alone with women where alcohol served?

A once proud American political party will change the rules so a questionably elected . . . . .

Greenville Memorial files plan to avoid Medicare loss

Let's save humanity from pollution and harm. @ATTN

Why SC primary roads have crumbled even as DOT got more money

Trump calls Putin following St. Petersburg attack

So, it looks like the year of redemption in sports.

Trump Tries to Deflect Russia Scrutiny, Citing Crooked Scheme by Obama

Fox News hired aPR firm to slut-shame the woman Bill O'Reilly sexually harassed in tabloids

Slate - "Neil Gorsuch Blew Off Meetings with Females Senators of Color. Not Cool."

The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel on Jared Kushner

US fund manager fires lawyers for handing Donald Trump 'an unprecedented invitation to corruption'

NAN S.C. leader tells North Charleston store employees to go back to their country after video of

High court ruling South Carolina liquor license laws as unconstitutional shakes local liquor sellers

This tweet describes the Trump-Jared bizarreness perfectly

Men's Rights are just like any other group supporting civil rights

Monster South Carolina record 113.8-pound catfish caught on Lake Moultrie by Anderson woman

Roman Polanski is denied latest bid to resolve 40-year-old statutory rape case

Egypt's president is a bloodthirsty dictator. Trump thinks he's done a "fantastic job.

if the GOP goes nuclear

Dear Trump Supporters: Is America Great Again Yet?

CNN hires reporter who sparred with Sean Spicer (he ordered her to "stop shaking her head")

Charleston ports agency has put hundreds of thousands in embattled consultant's pocket. But there

Rep. Jim Clyburn calls on Democrats to take ownership of Obamacare they helped pass

Rep. Mark Sanford: Trump threatened to back primary challenger against me

North Carolina defeats Gonzaga for sixth national championship

Crispy Potato Roses Wrapped in Bacon

Experts Say Susan Rice Had Every Right To Request Unmasking In Intel Reports

by Chris VanHollen

An idea for political theater (fillibuster)

What Will Be Super Jared's Next Assignment?

Merrick Garland Isnt the Only Reason the Democrats Should Filibuster Gorsuch.

Will the Republicans remove Trump after...

Trump financier linked to Russian Big Data, Putin

White House decries media lack of interest in reports of Obama officials spying

SC soon could sell USC national championship license plates

Will SC Senate again refuse to increase gas tax?

Poop thrown by chimp at zoo lands on grandma's nose

Former SC Gov. Hodges endorses in 5th District Democratic primary

Mark Cuban's tweet about Trump

Racist posters target Chinese community in UT-Austin campus buildings

Letters from Boston: Trusting Our Neighbors

Satan Junior is now attempting to rework police reform agreements.

From the depths of depravity: Caligulas party boat to be raised after 2,000 years

Someone is spying on cellphones in Ottawa

Great editorial about the Con in the LA Times. "Our Dishonest President"

Paroled York County, SC, teen who tried to join ISIS arrested by FBI

So Kushner is in Iraq for two days and the WH starts renegotiating

DHS made a "last ditch effort" to stop Russia from interfering in the actual election process BUT

Martin Lousteau resigns as Argentine Ambassador to the United States

Martin Lousteau resigns as Argentine Ambassador to the United States

Mike Pence Asks Waiter To Remove Mrs. Butterworth From Table Until Wife Arrives

Coastal Carolina University cheerleading team suspended indefinitely, responds with statement

Smoke vs Fire

A tampon tax is bad enough. Using it to fund anti-abortionists is a disgrace (The Guardian)

Advertisers Pull Commercials From "The O'Reilly Factor" Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations


Full of Shiticus...

Sorry Wingnuts, Even WITH Susan Rice, You're Still Being Beaten In The News Cycle 3 to 1.

For all the Trumpee trolls on DU...

FEMA won't pay for worst-damaged section of Sea Pines beach

A ballot measure requiring businesses to provide sick leave to all employees is being challenged

Mormon leaders encourage more baptisms for the dead

Georgia kindergarten teacher arrested for gun in purse

Georgia cannabis oil expansion bill heads to Governor's desk

How the I-85 closure will affect your commute

Atlanta I-85 collapse: Some MARTA stations run out of parking Monday

Gameday Entertainment Chairman Pleads Guilty to Defrauding San Antonio Victim of Millions of Dollars

Ally of Argentina's Macri reveals that his administration spies on opponents, and even Lionel Messi

#BREAKING: Dozens suffocate in alleged chemical attack by Bashar al-Assad forces in Syria's

More than 8,000 people have already voted ahead of Georgia's April 18 special election

Syria conflict: 'Chemical attack' in Idlib kills 18

Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Wiretaps, data dumps and zero days: is digital privacy no longer possible?

Email from Sen. Leahy of Vermont. He is no longer on the fence

Ex-Dougherty County deputy sues for $500,000 over being fired for racially charged social posting

Company to bring 115 jobs to Bibb, invest $18 million in new plant

Hungry cats ring bells for treats

Rick Scott takes 21 murder cases from Orlando prosecutor who won't seek death penalty

Clock runs out on vacation rental bill, but it's only temporary

"If I have to get a lawyer, I will": Trump voter upset the border wall will put her house on Mexico

Your daily dose of RT-propaganda:

Letter to Mike Pence from Hanover College alumni

Where did $1.3 billion for affordable housing go? Florida Legislature took it.

Chris King looks to stand out in Democratic field for governor

Justin Trudeau: Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Justin Trudeau: Cannabis Legalization in Canada

"The Times published a series of letters to the editor by irate Trump supporters, complaining...

Forget title of article - Does THIS paragraph-prove Russian hacking targeted voting machines?

St. Petersburg suicide bombing suspect believed to be Kyrgyzstan national

The American People Will Use Their Nuclear Option In 2018....

Donald Trump Signs Controversial Internet Privacy Bill

Trumps in trouble: Republicans may face a massive wave during the 2018 midterms

Adam Schiff - EXACTLY.


Hay Festival: Bernie Sanders and Graham Norton among line-up - BBC News

207 Confirmed Dead In Mocoa, Colombia; In 1 Night, Half Of March Avg Rainfall

Right-wing group claims care homes will be forced to open gay brothels for the elderly

Back by popular demand

Sierra Club on Trump's Nat'l Park Serv Donation: "This Publicity Stunt Is A SAD Consolation Prize."

Park Ranger's face: Priceless

Hay Festival: Bernie Sanders and Graham Norton among line-up - BBC News

PNAS Study: Heatwaves, Deadly Heat Stress Now Far More Likely For 350 Million People In Megacities

Bad News Bill - Luckovich Toon

trump national golf club vandalized before he got there this weekend and resist was spray painted on

Wondering how much did Rand Paul's golf outing trip cost?


Moving forward, the best way to discern fact from fiction in the ongoing #TrumpRussia saga

Lawmakers squabble over whether to allow liquor sales at gas stations

Sessions Orders Review Of Police Reform Agreements

NYPD officers accessed Black Lives Matter activists' texts, documents show

Trump's "Gift" to the National Park Service

Spouses of US immigrants on H-1B visas could lose their right to work

Will The Chump In Chief Get Rolled On NAFTA like he got rolled on Chump Care?

LA Times Editorial Board: Our Dishonest President Part III: Trump's Authoritarian Vision

I have a dream - Martin Luther King and the March on Washington in full HD

Expected Army Secretary pick Mark Green fought to legalize discrimination against LGBT Americans

Has anyone ever heard Jared Kushner speak in public?

California Senate approves bill curbing police immigration enforcement

Wow, this says something.

Republican Health Proposal Would Undermine Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

rand paul was bought with one golf game

Needed: A Democratic Shadow Cabinet.

EU ambassador denounces Israel's West Bank demolitions policy

Ethics Laws Will Sideline Jared and Ivanka

Major issues get little attention as Scott, lawmakers feud

don is tweeting about the drudge report....dumbest president ever

Ten states, including Maine, challenge Trump over energy rules

Before you count your 2018 chickens

"If I Had Sneezed".....A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King

Hungary passes law that could drive out Soros-founded university

Gambling bills roll through Legislature

The President Show debuts on April 27

Sean Spicer in about three months:

Is it me or is there a lull in the Trump Russiagate scandal?

The time is NOW....not 2018. Don't let ANYONE gaslight you

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Going Nuclear

Sen. Bernie Sanders endorses Tom Perriello in Virginia governors race

Pence To Speak At Grove City Colleges Commencement

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Twitler

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Donald Trump travel ban 'simplistic and wrongheaded', says former CIA chief

republicans don't care if russians tampered with our elections as long as they won.

LA Times: Our Dishonest President - Trumps Authoritarian Vision

The Deolorables want to remove the pre-existing condition provision

Prior to his SEC nomination, Clayton communicated with SEC contractor

This Susan Rice's actions is the real story is a ....

Was DU also inundated with Fake Russian bots and Fake news during elections?

Pope allows schismatic society to celebrate marriages

I'm watching Dick Cavett interview Jeanette Rankin on Decades TV!

AP Exclusive: Border wall contractors brace for hostile site

is it dementia with Donnie?

Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling

We can only assume that someone is getting very close to the truth.

In epic letter, investment fund fires law firm for enabling the Trump kleptocracy

Question - What happened to the Senate hearings

Josh Marshall: De-Derping the 'Un-Masking' Story

Trump Leaves Room Without Signing Orders, Fuels Dementia Concerns

Donald Trump Tells NBC News to Stop Covering Russia Scandal

Twitter Video: Bernie Sanders Gives a MLK Jr. History Lesson

Mercedes, Hyundai pull ads from 'The O'Reilly Factor'

The definition of the word "actually".

#TrumpRussia - Trump Adviser Gave Documents to Russian Spy

Data Patterns Suggest Trump Tower/Spectrum Health Ran a Stealth Data Machine With Russia

Did Anyone Besides Me Have to Look up Gonzaga?

Resurrecting Another Big Lie: The Myth of Social Security as Ponzi Scheme

This is why Putin wants Trump to be his tool

Trump wants to cooperate w/ Russia & Assad on counterterrorism:This is why we can't do that..

Ever Hear Of Black Twitter?

Honestly now, if the tables were turned, would Democrats reach out to Republicans?

Red Herring on rice.

N.C.A.A. Ends Boycott of North Carolina After So-Called Bathroom Bill Is Repealed

Does Sarbanes-Oxley sound familiar to anyone?

The right wing uses 'liberal' like people in Salem used 'witch'

Trump administration reviewing 'extreme vetting' policies: report

I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Surveillance Of Trump Began In The .......

Writing about food: Sumo Size Me, from Michael Booth's "Sushi & Beyond"

Outrage as Syria chemical gas attack kills dozens in rebel-held town

Perez unveils new DNC communications shop

S Africa unions to Zuma: Time to go

A Call To Action: A Message from Washington, DC: Those Calls and Rallies Really Do Matter

UNC coach Roy Williams - Taking the team to the White House?

A Call To Action: A Message from Washington, DC: Those Calls and Rallies Really Do Matter

Is anyone watching the "White House CEO Town Hall" starring Ivanka?

A Call To Action: A Message from Washington, DC: Those Calls and Rallies Really Do Matter

Second teenager arrest for 'Facebook live assault'

Will the GOP wait for the 2020 census before they try for a constitution convention or

New course available at the Univ. of Washington

Koch Brothers Operatives Fill Top White House Positions, Ethics Forms Reveal

Pic Of The Moment: Two Months In, Voters Are Not Happy About Total Republican Control Of Government

Question about developing an app

Trumpcare 2.0: Coverage for your pre-existing conditions is optional... for the insurers.

Hey, Omaha!! Go Vote today!!!

Over/under on any White House statement on Assad?

New DNC Ad Features Nurse That Gorsuch Ruled To Protect Medical Manufacturer

21 myths about the body

Live now - Trump at CEO Town Hall. Town Hall? Really? Is it Shamgrila? nt

Ancestors your family may not have wanted to recognize...

Trump order undoes workplace protections for women as Ivanka celebrates "Equal Pay Day"

The Moron In Chief is having a Town Hall.

C-Span link: Bernie headed to the Senate floor now to speak about Judge Gorsuch

Merrick Garland Isnt the Only Reason the Democrats Should Filibuster Gorsuch

The Moron In Chief just suggested up to 100,000,000 are unemployed

He's out of there....that was of very little substance.

The president's son thinks PizzaGate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich should win the Pulitzer

Devin Nunes rockets past CNN's Manu Raju as if he were invisible

Happy 52nd birthday, Robert Downey Jr.

House bill for TrumpCare Take Two: "Exorbitant" fees for pre-existing and no key services

*******Former Trump adviser was an "unwitting" Russian spy*******

2-year-old girl defends her choice of doll

U.S. trade deficit drops 10% in February

US withdraws funding for United Nations Population Fund

******Heads up ******Susan Rice to be on MSNBC at 9:00 A.M. PST

***Putin and Trump pal Bashar Assad gasses own citizens after Tillerson says he can stay in power***

Does a citizen retain a "right to privacy" if they are talking to Russian spies?

Race and cop shootings; investigation by the Tampa Bay Times...facinating

Sierra Club shreds Cheeto Benito's publicity stunt

Appeals court considers whether to allow Mississippi to enforce anti-gay law

I don't know about you but...

"Who needs lubricaton?" . . . Please come CAPTION Devin Nunes!!!

Water Maniacs

A Catholic School Banned A Lesbian Couple From Prom...

"Understand this: there IS NO large scale business in Russia that's independent of the Putin regime"

Susan Rice....'I leaked nothing to nobody'

Andea Miotchell persists with the "unmasking" BS msnbc crap

What composter do you use? Recs for a noob?

I'm getting a fan club at our "sister" site

Susan Rice on live with Andrea Mitchell

WikiLeaks Moves Two Servers to Russia

If this now looks to you like Kushner was lying about why he was meeting in secret with Putin's bank

Fact check: Republicans thwarted Supreme Court picks too

New MSNBC Host Greta Van Susteren continues Fox News Trump apologist role (VIDEO)

GOP health proposal would lead to higher premiums for sick people

Chump in charge blabbing

All the GOP AssHoles are fighting over,,,,

Moron speaking to builders...

trump is giving another campaign speech! talking to construction workers union.

Scarborough on Susan Rice: What if Cheney had asked for unmasking?

Just get a notification about new rates for my Long-Term Health Insurance

How soon until 45/140 does these meetings/rallies with cheerleaders?

Sorta Breaking News: Mike Pence is not allowed to look at First Lady Melania Trump's portrait

CDC study: Vaccinations significantly reduce flu death risk

Dumpty - to handshake or not - the world does notice....

Sean Spicer publicly slammed ProPublica and they responded with a must-read flurry of damning facts

White House blames Obama admin for suspected Syria chemical attack

Mexicans caught scaling wall into US definitely up to something sketchy

As you listen to the sanctimonious wailing of the GOP Senators ...

It's time for something like the empire state building- trump

Democratic Congressman Wants to Force Trump Tax Disclosures

What is the matter with our country and addictions: alcohol, crack, opiods?

Scarborough was out of control today

Conservative half truths have you tricked

It was impossible for Susan Rices unmasking to be directed at Trump

Trump RABBIT HOLE Over Hear Truth Susan Rice Andrea Mitchel Video

Bernie TV EXPLODING Online, Media Pretends Not To Notice...

So are the Democrats actually going to spend time hogging the floor during the Gorsuch debate?

Feds Raid Bicycle Casino In Criminal Fraud Investigation

Trump Ally A. Jones Threatens To 'Beat' Rep. Adam Schiff's 'Goddamn Ass' In Anti-Gay Hate Tirade

trump has been on national teevee twice today and never once mentioned assad gassing his own people

Donald Trump Jr. Wants to Give a Top PizzaGate Conspiracy Theorist a Pulitzer

Syrian Gas Attack: At Least 100 Dead, 400 Injured

Bernie Sanders Breaks Down His Opposition To Judge Gorsuch

April Ryan on CNN sounding great

Video: Bernie Sanders Breaks Down His Opposition To Judge Gorsuch

Seattle's proposed homelessness property tax has become a countywide sales tax proposal

"He targets the darkness, anger & insecurity that hide in each of us & harnesses them for his own.."

Robinson: Trumps to-do list for Kushner sets him up to fail

What Is Equal Pay Day? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Trump's new 'Death to Poor Sick People Act'

Census: Countys uninsured cut in half by Affordable Care Act

My Email To Schumer On A DEMOCRATIC Nuclear Option

Census: Countys uninsured cut in half by Affordable Care Act

Five more advertisers, including BMW, flee from Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show over sexual harassment

Calling BS: UW course aims to counter a profane new problem

Russian meddling in the election?

5 advertisers withdrawing ads from O'Reilly Factor: BMW-Untuckit-Constant Contact-Mercedes-Hyundai

Why Ill forgo the big-time funeral and donate my remains to science

Tony Romo will replace Phil Simms in the CBS Booth

NY Times: Trump offered "exclusive rights" to Inauguration to Fox News

Fed's Lacker Resigns Over Role in 2012 Leak of Confidential Info

New CBO numbers offer a dose of reality on tax reform

Chicago Cardinal Cupich unveils church-led anti-violence initiative

So wait, it's Mike Cernovich who's been pushing the Red Herring on Rice story? Mike Cernovich?

After North Carolina's title victory, Roy Williams non-committal on visit to Trump White House

To the well to do in this country-where is your loyality and responsibly to this country?

President Trump vs. American landowners on the border - Private land could be seized to build wall

It went off the rails almost immediately: How Trumps messy transition led to a chaotic presidency

New Terms and words..say in the last 10 years or so.....

Be proud, America...

I need to ask about some issues targeted in a gop mail survey.

Just a reminder: Obama convinced Syria to give up its declared chemical weapons

Why Greta Van Susteren Cant Be Taken Seriously About Foxs Sexual Harassment Scandals Anymore

USA TODAY seeks records of Trump surveillance (Admire the mischief more than the headline.)

Need screenshot/copy of DT raving tweets today that disappeared

Quinnipiac - Trumps down to 35 - 57 job approval.

Former Trump adviser at center of Russia firestorm alleges in bizarre statement that Justice Departm

NY Times had a front page story, and it isn't kind to CNN, or for that matter the cable

All The President's Men

Emerging GOP Obamacare Repeal Would Mean Sick People Pay (Much) More

The GOP is pulling the trigger on the nuclear option - live on teetvee

Fugelsang on Assad

Boos erupt after Trump tells room full of construction workers that he won most of their votes

There are two possibilities in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Gillibrand: 'If we're not helping people, we should go the f--k home'

Kim Jong McConnell

State owes Barahona twin who survived horrific child abuse $3.75M. Maybe this year.

Now Republicans want to undo the regulations that helped consumers and stabilized banking

Yes to daily school recess, Senate says. The House is another matter.

Just had lunch with two good friends...interesting temp check on things

GOP pulling the "nuke" option could be their undoing...

Florida's marijuana growers capitalize amid uncertain market

Dogs making friends with dolphins

The Legend of King Solomon and the Passover Feast

Why haven't they made a movie of Chief Joe Medicine Crow?

Hillary Rodham Clinton Awards for Advancing Peace and Security

Jose Antonio Vargas Retweeted Richard Spencer

Heard there's a name change for O'Lielly's program

John Legend Stars As Frederick Douglass In 'Whiteface' Episode Of Underground

Police: Florida man brings machete, gun, ammo to shoplift at Walmart

JUST IN: Cow takes a stroll along busy Florida road

New Jersey teen admits role in plot against Pope, feds say

It's Basically Just Immoral to be Rich

Bangladesh accused of failing to act over murder of activist

'Extreme vetting' would require visitors to US to share contacts and passwords

Ooh! Look at the 2 tough guys--Roger Stone and Alex Jones:

Sessions Signals A Rollback On Justice Departments Police Reform Efforts

Trump: We Aren't The World ("I dont want to be president of the world. I'm the POTUS")

IRS to use private debt collectors amid huge telephone scam

419 Files NEW #TrumpLeaks document dump-Trump lawsuits-contracts-leases

Judge puts on hold Seattle law allowing a ride-hailing union

New show on MSNBC!

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 4, 2017

Woman gets $8 million verdict in DUI Daytona car crash; no one charged

Lawyer: Giuliani eyes 'diplomatic' end to Turkish man's case

Adam Ruins Everything: Why a Wall Won't Stop Immigration

FBI Creates Unit to Coordinate Trump-Russia Probe

BMW, Allstate (and many more) pull ads from 'O'Reilly Factor' after harassment report

FSU College Republicans say slow ticket sales force cancellation of D'Souza

Quinnipiac Poll: Trump Slump Continues

If private ISP's want to sell our data, it's time to revive PUBLIC run internet

while I'm glad the dems filibustered grossitch it wont stop the cons they can always recess appoint

Alachua woman gets one-year term after stealing $200,000

FBI plans to create special unit to co-ordinate Russia probe

Miami Beach Pride Plans City-Wide Light Show Honoring Orlando Shooting Victims

This is white privilege right? It's not just me?

Whose fault if the "nuclear option" is used to put Gorsuch on the Court??

How low can he go - Trump falls to 35% Approval in Quinnipiac Poll

Question to be asked of Trump and the GOP

It would be smart marketing right now for a major ISP to declare their own privacy code of conduct.

Juiana Hatfield - new anti-Trump song "Short-fingered man"

DFL House Leader calls out her Minnesota Legislature white males for ignoring women (VIDEO)

Former Virgin Islands senator presents arguments for Danish reparations and apology

Inside Higher Ed: Sanders Keeps Focus on Free College

Donald Trump Defunds Global Maternal Health Organization

The right wing media attacks on Susan Rice are absurd

Doug Stanhope - Nationalism and immigration

My "WTF?" of the day, Larry Klayman division...

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered 49 years ago today (April 4, 1968) in Memphis

Criticizing Trump is "blasphemy!"

The U.S. Virgin Islands: One Hundred Years Under U.S. Rule

Syria 'chemical attack' down to Assad, US says

Virgin Islands Sin Taxes Now Law

Virgin Islands Governor Says Government Will Not Furlough Or Reduce Hours Of Govt Employees;

If what this guy wants took place...

Straight Men Are Suddenly Holding Hands For A Beautiful Reason

Photo of Michelle Obama rocking au naturale tresses causes internet meltdown

A Trump Talk Show, Courtesy of Comedy Central

McConnell: Gorsuch Is Going To Be Confirmed One Way Or The Other

Trump invites "Putin's Favorite Congressman" to White House

sincere question about business ethics

All eyes on French presidential candidates as they go head-to-head in mega TV debate

Senators advance bill requiring Nebraska schools to provide place for students to pump breast milk

Orrin Hatch: Comparing Neil Gorsuch to Merrick Garland is 'total B.S.'

The gender and racial wage gap, in one chart

garland aside, the "nuclear option" is a major middle finger to the democratic majority in the u.s.

When Britain Split From Europe, in a Big Way

Trump to meet with 'Putin's favorite congressman' as Russia story swirls

Democrat Jon Ossoff dominates Republican Stronghold District 6:

A Muslims Advice To American Christians

You guys, we got to watch the opening of O'Reilly tonite

Sign now - Urge other advertisers to pull out of the Bill O'Reilly Show on Fox...(UltraViolet)

Report: Trump donor met Russians in Seychelles

I despise them.

Arab News Throws Shade On AEI Scholar Who Wanted Job With Trump

Thom Hartmann: The Global Oligarchy's Key to Power Is Control of the Media

Adam Schiff full State of the Union Interview

Russia wanted a weaker America. So they backed Twitler. What does that tell you?

"Nepotism is kind of a factor of life": Eric Trump tries to salvage some credit for his own success

Love after Love : Derek Walcott.

Do Authorities Now Have What They Need on Trump? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

Only in America

Trump lets Assad off the hook. One week later, he gasses his own people. Trump is silent.

WA farmers to Trump: Show us the trade deals

Trump Can Pull Money From His Businesses Whenever He Wants Without Ever Telling Us


Affordable Care Act Gains Majority Approval for First Time

Two year old girl defends her choice of doll to cashier: She is a pretty girl, I am a pretty girl

Budget Wine Tasting

22 Spring Pastas On The Table in About 30 Minutes

You get a letter at work..marked personal/confidential

Sheriff's Office: Gas filled barge runs aground in Catskill,NY

Trumps Slump Gets Worse

Speaking of Gorsuch, what does Trump have on McConnell?

Training Your Brain So That You Dont Need Reading Glasses

President Trump Will Warn China That 'the Clock Has Now Run Out' on North Korea

Ryan Tries to Reset Expectations on Health Plan Deal

If you have 45 minutes to spare and a Netflix account....

Arizona sheriff to shut down famed Tent City jails complex

Eric Trump: 'Nepotism is kind of a factor of life'

So, I've been going through The Federalists Papers and other writings from that time period.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Arizona sheriff to shut down famed Tent City jails complex

Greenland's Coastal Ice Passed a Climate Tipping Point 20 Years Ago, Study Says

Trump Busted As 21 Senators Demand That He Release His Secret Plan To Destroy Health Care

Donald Trump Russia probe: Congressman investigating alleged links says 'someone will end up in jail

The Arctic Is Rapidly Turning Green, and Its a Serious Problem

Obama followed US Constitution. Sought permission for airstrikes on Syria in 2013...

Roger Stone trash-talkin Pres. Kushner? Oh my!

Ossoff (D) dominates 6th district poll. This is Price's empty seat

I am truly, deeply sorry.

"Outrage over Russian Hacking Claims is Laughable"

2nd Pyramid Bearing Pharaoh Ameny Qemau's Name Is Found

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

Trump loves despots: He couldnt shake Angela Merkels hand, but falls hard for Egypts strongman

Harvard students launch course on resisting 'the Trump agenda'

Surprise discovery of Europe's first cave fish

Abraham Lincoln vs. Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. George Washington

Carbon Dioxide Could Reach Levels Unseen in 50 Million Years

Trump hits Obama while condemning Syria chemical attack

17 companies pull ads from 'The O'Reilly Factor' in growing backlash

WATCH: Bernie Sanders denounces Neil Gorsuch as too extreme for court in fiery Senate floor speech

Orwell's '1984' back in theaters in stand against 'alternative facts'

Mitch McConnells Nuclear Trigger Finger (NY Times)

Former Colombia minister admits to bribing congress to allow Uribes 2006 election

Army vet fears ICE will separate his family

O'Reilly Popularity Reveals How Many Despicable We Have In Us. Almost All Republican.

Jared Kushner: Force of order and moderation in the White House? Or central player in latest Trump

21 Colombia soldiers sentenced for executing civilians to boost kill count

Dramatic Video Shows Hero Rescuing Fallen Man On Subway Tracks: Huff Post

Evidence indicates Colombia military is bribing FARC rebels to abandon peace process

Trump personally met with Russian ambassador during campaign - ThinkProgress

TRump is nothing but a fucking animal. Wallowing with glee in the gasping deaths of Syrian people.

North Korea projectile believed to be ballistic missile but did not make long flight: Yonhap

Dems: Do the Right Thing."Sooner or later, you have to take a stand, even a costly one" (Moyers)

Trump just can't quit the 2016 campaign talk

Kusner is a Middle East expert - (Borowitz)

Panama seizes ex-president's helicopter over bribery claims

Syria Just Gassed Its Own People, Killing Dozens. Secretary Tillerson, Asked to Comment, Said Nothin

McConnell starts clock on Neil Gorsuch nuclear showdown

The only reason they're goingback to the health bill

Trump Somehow Blamed a Syrian Gas Attack on Obama

Groups sue to stop US use of cyanide predator killing traps

Have you ever performed the Heimlich Maneuver?

Trump is blaming Obama for not going into Syria, but earlier demanded Obama to stay OUT of Syria..

Islamic State says U.S. 'being run by an idiot'

ISIS Reacts to Trump's 'Idiot' Presidency in First Ever Official Comments

Putin's hacker(s) hacked America's VOTE SYSTEMS and the DNC!

16 companies have now pulled their advertizing from O'Lielly......List here...

Payless seeks bankruptcy court protection, 400 stores to close

Street Art for International Anti-Street Harassment Week

Putin's Puppet Assad Uses Nerve Gas---Trump Blames Obama, When He Should Be Blaming Himself

S Town anyone?

Trump Hypocrisy:...In 2013, Trump tweeted repeatedly that Obama should do nothing in Syria.

Rep. Castro says multiple trump associates probably going to jail

Spicer Calls Nerve Gas new "Political Reality" in Syria, Acknowledging that Trump is Putin's Puppet

Christian Activist: God Will Curse the Children and Grandchildren of Those Who Opposed Trump

Wool stockings, or cotton?

Ecuador Small Farmers Day In US Court Over Crop Spraying Comes Closer

As white men flee, Trumps approval rating dips again

Some dare call it treason

a trump limerick

Five Days Ago Tillerson Said 'Assad's Fate Is Up To The Syrian People'

Trump is an awful lot like this guy - tho not as likeable

Big Agenda: President Trumps Plan to Save America

An example of what Russia and Trump did with DNC Vertica targeting 2 pics

Anyone else just fed up - sick - of everything about this misadministration.

Tent City being shut down. There's a new sheriff in town. Arizona

This is an odd question to ask while all of this crap is happening.

Trees Have Their Own Songs

Dem predicts Trump aides will go to jail in Russia investigation

How big a badass is Susan Rice?

Middle Fingers - Maybe this could be a rallying tune

Ecuador election: Socialist Lenin Moreno declared winner

Machine learning is now used in Wall Street dealmaking, and bankers should probably be worried

Sexual Harassment Storm Against OReilly and Fox Intensifies

Jeff De Young: The dog who saved my life and came to live with me

Jared Kushner Says He Read Up on Middle East During Minutes Waiting for Ski Lift

Local man saved by tiger!