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The Arab world needs to admit: It's racist

can someone explain mi car insurance rules?

checks and balances

"FireKushner" trending - some pepes are seriously unhappy. To my great delight:

One word says it all. Asian: Airbnb host reportedly leaves guest stranded because of her race

Was strike on Syria legal?

Other Nations May Exploit Crisis In Venezuela: US Admiral

Anyone else want to live in the alternate universe where Hillary is President?!

Options for North Korea Include Nukes in South Korea

Is anyone else going to an Anti-War protest this weekend?

Convenient U-turn from a president who cant be trusted

Bernie Sanders Shows America How A President Should Handle Syria And The Middle East

What photo of war room tells us

Gov. Brown declares California drought emergency is over

2018 US Senate Race-Republican held US Senate seats Democrats need to win in order to get back in

Presidential War Powers

Cardinals catcher Molina: "Dumb" to ask about substance on chest protector

Americans hated the idea of strikes against Syria in 2013

Scheduler (Putin) - Luckovich Toon

Scott Pruitt undermines the EPA with anti-scientific ignorance

Alabama governor halts impeachment, not disparaging report

Congress didn't just nuke the filibuster, it permanently politicized the Supreme Court

IF TRUMP CAN AUTHORIZE the killing of Sleeping Bears in their dens whats next?

Dangerous Syria Attack

The underlying oil and gas struggles in Syria driving neoconservatives...

Will Congress kill a $101-billion tax break for Californians?

US Supreme Court.

Is everybody still freaking out because Chump had a good news cycle?

Manhunt underway for Wisconsin gun shop theft suspect who sent threatening manifesto to Trump

Seven Lessons From Syria Strike

Man gets probation for attempting to defraud DuPage probation office

I am confused about the filibuster and "nuclear option" and final vote

I still hate Mylan.

Jumped into a quagmire with eyes shut

Commuter alert: Windstorm delays trains, could cancel ferries

Community protests deportations at Gary airport: "Ban ICE, not people."

Manhunt underway for Wisconsin gun shop theft suspect who sent threatening manifesto to Trump: offic

Trump sends sickening message to workplace sexual harassment victims

Big Questions After Syria Strike

Trump is a functional illiterate. Its simple. He simply can't read.

Kids poisoned by lead in CHA housing; landlords still got paid

Didn't Hillary have a No-Fly Zone plan for Syria which may have

Pageantry as Syria strikes unfolded

Gym, taxes, laundry: 'The Situation' hit with more charges

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and ..."

Roberts Kennedy Thomas Ginsburg Breyer Alito Sotomayor Kagan and *

Bannon was relieved of his duties on the NSC on Wednesday.

Donald Trump Considers Major Shake-up of Senior White House Team

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Spring Break! Live Uncensored & a new Kittehs gif

Trump's Syria airstrike victory dance getting stepped on by "too many" Kushner v. Bannon stories

First Trump kept us safe from refugee Syrian children, now he's avenging the Syrian children he kept

Didn't like $5M divorce deal? Then you shouldn't have spent it, Dwyane Wade's ex told

O'Reilly has a *soulmate*!1 - the GORKA dude. Google him.

J.B. Pritzker joins Illinois governor race, facing big Democratic field to take on Rauner

Dumb Donald has spent his entire adult life chasing ratings....this is no different.

Emanuel declines to pick sides in Democratic race for Illinois governor

Co-owner of companies in Chicago Public Sschools bribery scandal requests probation

Indictment charges former Sen. Jon Woods(R AR), college president(Xtian) and pal in kickback scheme

Democrats start moving stopgap state budget despite clear hurdles

Friday Talking Points (431) -- Rampant Republican Hypocrisy On Syria

Difference between message-sending and actual effect on war-fighting

🐦 April 9 Guest Lineups Sunday News Shows - Sen. Bernie Sanders - NBC's "Meet the Press"

Trump Confident U.S. Military Strike On Syria Wiped Out Russian Scandal:


This is FUBAR on steroids. No way to process it, no way to make sense of it.

How the tune changes

my personal trumpkin on syria-

Nebraska ban on LGBT foster parents to end, court rules

UN chief selects education advocate Malala for top honor

California attorney general requests documents on EPA chief

US regulators accuse Google of underpaying female workers

Question about Twitter.

Trump administration backs down from unconstitutional push to unmask @ALT_uscis

You want to feel bad and dispair..Well I have felt worse in 1972..but things got much better..

State Department memo shows unconstitutionality of Trump travel ban: ACLU

Hey, Guys, Look Over There!

CNN shows us how normalization happens....

Be careful selecting your plan every year if you get insurance through the marketplace.

If you're going to a ball game, what's the likelihood you're going to eat these?

Mexico to grant residency to 588 stranded Cubans

Mexico to grant residency to 588 stranded Cubans

Why Didn't MSNBC Increase Its Viewer Base on DTV?

The Senate: The Big Picture

U.S. lawmakers ask for disclosure of number of Americans under surveillance

U.S. lawmakers ask for disclosure of number of Americans under surveillance

Assad Was Played by Putin/Tillerson the Way Saddam Was Played by Bush Senior

Watch Lawrence, he's breaking down the possibility that Putin planned

We already know that repubs will lie, cheat and steal to win the Presidency....but now the game has

Vallas named a top administrator, not president, at Chicago State

Former CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett wants 3 1/2 years in prison; feds seek more than 7

Link to watch Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Feds: How we made case against ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert

Forget "Where's Waldo" - we can play "Where's K A Conjob?"

900 Chicago government buildings to switch to renewable energy

Great News!!....California Drought is Officially Over..

An interview with Martin OMalley April 7, 2017

White House trumps Chicagoans in cop union battle

Rauner, AG lawyers trade jabs of hypocrisy, snark over worker pay

Democrats tout their agenda

When Pixels Collide

Kansas special election: Donate? (GOP, Pence, Ryan, Cruz all contributing)

Joan Walsh: Too Many of Trumps Liberal Critics Are Praising His Strike on Syria

Sturgeon praises Clinton in New York

Whole world knew in advance so Trump would get better T-V ratings.

SIU board trustee sidelines vote on allowing Carbondale campus to borrow from Edwardsville

Special elections this year

'One step away from military clashes with Russia'

Moves to open Atlantic coast to oil drilling

Trump Organization Settles Lawsuit With Chef Jos Andrs

What's with Jared Kushner? He has a stony face. No emotion for the most part.

Its why we have Trump: Airbnb host turns away Asian guest

Great New Rule tonight on Real Time.N/T

Molina's managed-care Medicaid patients to be placed in fee-for-service system

FOX has given a home to Roger Ailes and O'Reilly. Adverstisers should flee FOX itself.

Putin is laughing at us.

Xi? I'd give him a dbl size BigMac

THR & Associates founder Jeff Parsons faces civil contempt from '12 bankruptcy case

Ex-East St. Louis Township official gets 5 years for fraud

Maryland on track to become first state to give attorney general power to

House approves bill to protect prison nursing jobs

Does anybody think the Iran deal will suffer the same fate as the agreed framework?

Fascinating analysis of communications between Trump server

Could it be ??

Fire Bannshner

Madison police focus on education as roadway panhandling ordinance takes effect Monday

UW proposals removed from Scott Walker's budget as part of policy purge

Hold a town hall: Cards Against Humanity delivering 2,059 potatoes to Ron Johnsons Milwaukee ...

The Coming Incompetence Crisis ( hilarious satire)

A little Real Time with Ted Lieu, Ana Navarro, Jelani Cobb, Evan McMullan, and Bill Maher

UW-Madison worklife survey finds budget cuts shook morale of 91% of faculty

Top state Veterans Affairs human resources official leaving after less than a year on the job

Opioid bills pass Wisconsin Assembly after tense partisan debate

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Ask me anything.

Transgender employees sue Wisconsin, UW System

Wisconsin Assembly Republicans alter zoning rules for one county only -- liberal Dane

Green Bay still paying ex-officers $2,700 a week

Sen. Blumenthal on Syria policy: 'Russia is testing us' By

Trump lifts ban on hunting hibernating bears

2018 US Senate Election- If the DSCC recruits young Hispanic US House members to run against

Seems like those Bombs are setting off some Gaslights.

Rib Mountain sues over address changes

Its 9:00 in L.A. Did

Ethics Commission chairwoman Peg Lautenschlager resigns

Quadruplets Offer Colleges Package Deal. Harvard and Yale Buy It.

Budget committee removes 83 Scott Walker budget proposals

Trump moves to open Atlantic coast to oil drilling for first time in more than 30 years

There is a very disturbing pattern to Donald Trump's military misadventures.

China president's plane stops in Alaska after Trump visit

Employee accidentally shoots self at NRA headquarters

Lamb files candidacy paperwork for Oklahoma governor's race

I was in college when Ronnie Raygun was elected.

Is Dallas Under Attack?

Louise Mensch called Trumpy's strike "#OperationPothole" on her twitter feed

My last day at Fox News ...

Dallas 4/8/17. Never Forget

Anyone remember Title and Author? Joke book titles with the appropriate joke author names?

boy the chinese president came and went with nary a whisper

Pro-Trump super PAC @GreatAmericaPAC fundraising off missile strikes in Syria

Saw Marc Maron Live Tonight

Commentary: Post-coup militarization in Honduras

American Apparel Reportedly Starts Making Clothes In Honduras And Nicaragua


Bird Is the Word!

Students mock Trump, local politicians in Guatemala parade

Will Their Be A Movement to Impeach Gorsuch?

Additional security for DeVos may cost up to $7.8 million

Emergency Warning Sirens in Dallas a Malfunction, City Says

Mission NOT Accomplished, Dumbshit!!!

Dog missing after deadly California boat accident found safe

Authorities: 4 inmates found dead at a South Carolina prison

Oil company finds another problem in Alaska marine pipelines

Don The Con will make a deal to drop sanctions with Russia...

Little hands, big gun


INSIGHTS: Mining Perus Andean Forests Puts Unique Species, Ecosystem at Risk

INSIGHTS: Mining Perus Andean Forests Puts Unique Species, Ecosystem at Risk

Nebraska SC Upholds Ruling Same-Sex Couples Can Adopt, Compares State Policy to 'Whites Only' Sign

LGBT Organizations Respond to Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Trump and the global disorder

Tech companies must do more to avoid using minerals tainted by rights abuses

Tech companies must do more to avoid using minerals tainted by rights abuses

Canada's Conservatives join with far-right in opposing anti-Islamophobia motion

Populist supporters abandon trump at home and abroad. Just read on cnn.

Federal judge approves decree to reform Baltimore PD, over DOJ objection

Florida man sues to keep inflatable Super Mario outside business

Man films confrontation with tent-invading skunk in Georgia

Austin Congressman Lamar Smith Leads The Charge Against Environmental Regulations

Four Legged Quilting Club

EPA shutting down climate adaptation program

Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill-I Love You Mary Jane (VIDEO)

Why the strikes against Syria probably violate the U.N. Charter and (therefore) the U.S. Constituti

Cat takes sip from Latvian mayor's mug during interview

Beijing to release more land for 1.5 million homes

Hillary Clinton shouts out satirical Texas masturbation bill during speech in Houston

Should I be ashamed of myself?

University of Texas releases plans for new basketball arena

Mitch McConnell, the man who broke America

Lawyer: Texas A&M WR facing indecent exposure charge was dealing with 'jock itch'

Thousands of gun owners expected at concealed carry expo in Fort Worth

William T. Billy Walters Convicted In Manhattan Federal Court Of Insider Trading

(crosspost) William T. Billy Walters Convicted In Manhattan Federal Court Of Insider Trading

Prediction (taken from Reddit)

So this dog rescues this cat. Or maybe he is stealing it. Or just messing with it.

Mega March II comes to Dallas, hopes to leave in one 'peace'

Bohemian Rhapsody - Pentatonix

Samantha Bees message for liberals: Ivanka Trump is not your secret buddy

Good news. Someone posted yesterday that democrats won 12 of 13 elections in the special

Bannon and Kushner hold sit-down in attempt to bury the hatchet

Writing about food: Happy Birthday to Barbara Kingsolver, from "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"

#FireKushner hashtag blows up Twitter as Trumps base turns on his little snake son-in-law

After Syria strike, White House goes largely off camera...ONLY talks to fox

Hilary Knight's OT goal gives Team USA gold over Canada at World Championships

WaPo: The media loved Trumps show of military might. Are we really doing this again?

When i heard trump bombed Syria praise did not enter my mind, this did.

Seattle backup quarterback Trevone Boykin arrested again in San Antonio

Leader tells North Charleston store employees to go back to their country

No Appeasement: Garry Kasparov's "Winter Is Coming" 2015

Cake-"I Bombed Korea"

How I See It...

Assad, Taunting Trump, Mounts New Attacks on the Town He Gassed

Drone operator investigated for causing 'substantial risk of death' in Space Needle crash

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself at NRA Headquarters

Any idea as to trumps civilian "death toll"

Update: eBay bids on historic Schroeder Hall crack $200K mark just days after auction begins

BREAKING: Syrian city struck by air Saturday, US not yet taking credit

Inside the Emerging Trumpian Alt-Right Snuff Novel - by Josh Marshall

Dan Rather: "The number of members of press who have lauded actions last night as "presidential" is

Dan Rather hits journalists who called Trump 'presidential' after Syria missile strike

'Launching missiles' is to 'Presidential' as 'Everything else Trump does' is to _____?

His REAL Target:

Some Cooling For GBR From Debbie, But Not Enough; New El Nino For Other Pacific Reefs

We Are Now Part of This War

Award for Most Incongruous Foreign Policy: Ban Refugees, Then Bomb Their Country

R.I.P. Eagle Flight

President Shitstain Guts EPA Lead Paint Programs; Only 14 States Train For Remediation, Rest Use EPA

Corn: It let the president go bang-bang, whoosh-whoosh, but not much beyond that.

Nebraska Supreme Court rules in favor of gay couples in foster care case

Honestly, With The EPA Shutting Down it's Climate Change Programs, I'm Reminded of Something...

Reinforcements in Iraq

Photographing Glacier National Park In The Last Days Of Ice

Site of Chemical Attack Hit again

MEDICARE FOR ALL Day of Action April 8th (Resistance Recess April 8th - April 23)

"Every time you kiss her, Bill, you'll be tasting my ****!" Come CAPTION Donald Trump on The Factor!

WMO: Humanity Now "In Truly Uncharted Territory"; 2016 Confirmed @ 1.1C Above Preindustrial Average

Hillary Clinton says potential collusion between Trump camp and Russia should be probed

LawFare: Of Course theres Evidence Trump Colluded with Russian Intelligence

What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend

Sean Spicer: Kindergarten Press Secretary: The Daily Show (Reality Parity!)

This should be posted up on billboards...

If we eliminated racism and gender bias in hiring and compensation

Who's who in Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago situation room?

In 2011, there were soldiers in harm's way, and no political strategists in the room.

Well, This Should Be Mush-Mouthed: Senate Panel Talks Sea Level In Palm Beach Monday

Dear World:

What the hell is going on in New Mexico?!

Top 10 Republicans who have done a complete 180 on Syria now that Obamas not president

if russia had personnel and equipment at airbase where chemical weapons were loaded on to planes...

Who is the Bigger Tool,,,

The stupidest thing said about the strike is it's going to intimidate Xi Jinping

The Hippies Have Won

Louise Mensh blocked me on twitter

Are we all clear on Trump's charade in with that Syrian airfield now?

Putting insecure little men in charge of all these weapons.

UN Peace Council Drops The Truth On Syria And Propaganda Media

Is it legal for the U.S. to invade an independent county because it violates the rights

NEED REVIEWS: Anyone Here Use Internet TV Services Instead Of Cable or Satellite?

Syria: Another Pipeline War

At U.S.-China summit, Trump presses Xi on trade, North Korea; progress cited

Congressional Declaration of War needed for military attack of,,,,

Trump plans centrist push.

It is amazing how quickly FAUX NEWS changes their stance

Complaints about OPs that are just Twitter links are WAY overstated!

Hackintosh: it's a thing (Macintosh computers made by installing OsX on generic hardware)

Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Unforgettable Behaviour


Things more trusted than Trump

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - missile distraction

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 -The rest

I wish the media would stop saying "If Hillary had won the election blah blah blah".

Thunder and Lightning on the way!

Trump's Mexican border wall: See the proposals

Cat vs. headphones

When your boyfriend catches you in bed with Obama - Fleabag: Episode 1 - BBC Three

Alaska officials report oil leak in beluga whale habitat

Yep, seems legit...

The nine types of Trump supporters

Dangerous hypocrites. Thats what republican politicians and their voters have become.

A Strike in Syria Restores Our Credibility in the World. (sharing for 'info.')

Alt-Right troll Mike Cernovich twittered about Syria attack 1 hour before it happened.

Steven Leser discusses the Syrian strike and its aftermath with Bill Tucker on Newsmax

Here's a DEMOCRAT who is inspiring MILLENNIALS and who is LOVED by them!!

At the end of the day, Trump and Bannon are who they always were

Mudslide closes Highway 530 near Oso; no injuries

Does the lsos own stock in Raetheon?

Looks like The Donald is Dumping the Alt-Right

Ezra Klein - Trumps foreign policy is dangerously impulsive

Bill Maher slams Rick Santorum for lying; blames the sexual harassment network (VIDEO) is locke

Hypocrite-in-chief proclaims "Former POW Recognition Day"

Why is the media taking it as axiomatic that Assad committed chemical attacks?

Rolling Stone - What to Make of Trump's About-Face on Syria

Lawrence O'Donnell: Did Putin mastermind Syria bombing, Trump/Putin charade? (VIDEO)

xPost from V&M: Steven Leser discusses the Syrian strike and its aftermath with Bill Tucker on Newsm

A weak and paranoid president leads rapidly to a weak and paranoid government

Trump Should Open The Boders To Syrian Refugees Rather Than Bomb Them To Raise His Approval Ratings!

TRUMP JUNTA: Draining The Swamp REALLY MEANS Throwing Us To The Corporate Wolves...

Something that is curious about the unmasking/spying allegations

HuffPo - Top Democrats To Headline March For Release Of Trumps Tax Returns

Who damaged the integrity of the US Senate more?

No Death Spiral: Insurers May Soon Profit From Obamacare Plans, Analysis Finds.

The local radio wingnut talk show hosts were in X-rated *bliss* over DRUMPF's missiles

Dear Mitch - Suck on THIS

OMG! I heard someone on msnbc compare Trump to Ronny R!!

Why do hard working middle class people want to eliminate "wellness care?"

Hooded, handcuffed, and 'violated': South Dakota's use of forced catheterization

LIVE on Politics Done Right: Conspiracy Theory? Is Trump's Syria missile attack a Putin/Trump ruse?

Kinda hard not to be gloating right now🙄

Giving shit back to trumsters on FB - re: dear leader's Syria bombing:

Gloria Steinem to New York City: Take Our Dollars Out of Banks Funding Dakota Access Pipeline!

Kellyanne Conway: Trump is very comfortable receiving different insights from brilliant people

2 inmates charged with killing 4 in South Carolina prison

Now that there is a silect group of the media who is pushing back on the idea

New Rule: What Would a Dick Do? Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

"I became president last night"

Just when I was starting to warm up to pit bulls in general,

April Fool from Rough Mix

Tomahawk Viagra

He's already fundraising off his missile strike. That didn't take long.

Truth Be Told

Kansas Democrat Proudly Wears Support Of Bernie Sanders Group In Unexpectedly Close Race

Kansas Democrat Proudly Wears Support Of Bernie Sanders Group In Unexpectedly Close Race

"eve of destruction" with up-to-date pics (and an updated version)

Twitter drops lawsuit against government

GA 6th district early voting today. 1hr wait to vote.

"for what it's worth (something happenin' here)" buffalo springfield

A Safety Advance...We all can be proud of..and it saved lives...(smile)

A campaign bumper sticker for the current administration

Meteorology of Saturday's Colombian Flood Disaster That Killed 254

Because, why the fuck not, here's another reminder of what we're up against, everybody...

Luckovich sketches that were never published / April.

From Maine to California, Investors Build Own Green-Power Lines

One major advertiser still on O'Reilly

Trump heads to Florida golf club

Gabbard Doubts Assad Behind Gas Attacks

So I don't have to keep repeating this..Cruise missiles can not take out runways..

'Hands off Syria': Anti-war protesters clash with police in Jacksonville, USA

How everyone can help get a Dem elected by next week!

WH Attacks Susan Rice In Attempt To Back Up Trump "Wiretapping" Claims

Donald Trump personally profited from missile-maker Raytheon's stock jump after his Syria attack

Ok DU Gardeners. How do I keep the squirrels from eating my tulips?

Rand Paul: Syria strikes 'not in the national interest'

Just 1 of 32 utilities in 26 states said Trump's rollback would affect their plans for coal.

AM Joy: Ex-Breitbart exec. warns if Kushner forces out Bannon it will be open warfare on Trump.

Some light-hearted weekend perspective

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Florida Derby

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Louisiana Derby

PEPFAR saves millions of lives in Africa. Keep it fully funded. - By George W. Bush

GOP town hall gets personal

If you dread going to the dentist - Consider caveman dentistry

Kentucky Coal Mining Museum converts to solar power

The Madness of King Donald. Here We Go Again...

Robert Reich on dt's decision to bomb Syria

GOP State house rep Jim Christiana to challenge Casey

Bernie Sanders Says He's Willing To Campaign For Montana Populist Rob Quist

Bernie Sanders Says He's Willing To Campaign For Montana Populist Rob Quist

Court rules Alabama impeachment can move forward

Trump's brag "most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency"

Trump defends failure to destroy al-Shayrat base runways as Syrian air force resumes bombing runs

DU Groups are Receiving Very Little Traffic These Days

What's for Dinner, Sat., Apr. 8, 2017

Syria strikes: Site of chemical attack hit again

It's time for Spring Break!!

Japanese scientists want to be first to drill into the Earth's mantle

One dead, two wounded after gunman opens fire at Shops at Merrick Park

Does treating a deep funk with wallowing in a deep funk work?

What Trump did was illegal. You can't just fire cruise missiles into a country that has not attacked

Ok, MSM. Where is the evidence that Trump ever gave a damn about Syria's children?

Hightower: This Is Our Only Hope to Stop Trump & the Corporate Assault on Our Democracy

Stockholm attack: Uzbek man held on suspicion of terrorism

Where to spot the first signs of spring - beautiful

Venezuelans pour into Caracas streets in anti-Maduro protest

Saying it

Deportation threat is how tRump plans to get crime numbers down.

#KushnerAtWar: from a tweet by Louise Mensch...

Canadian province makes it illegal to require women to wear high heels

Illegal things trump has done

Ah so you just KNEW Twitler would have the obligatory hypocritical tweet in his history right?

Google accused of 'extreme' gender pay discrimination by US labor department

Trump, Inc. out to turn Washington into a plutocratic Heart of Darkness - ANTIDOTE

Courtroom prayers draw federal lawsuit against Montgomery Co. Texas JP

An Observation on the NYT Cover Coverage of Syria

Feed the starving? Guns are the true cause of hunger and famine

Presidentin''s HARD work, as these photos from earlier today will prove.

Dear Media, Stop pretending you have any clue why Darth Cheeto bombed Syria..

Spox: Group Founded By Nazi Ally 'Proud' To See WH Adviser Wearing Its Medal

How a man of few words reached the pinnacle of power

Protesters Call For Loser Trump To Be Impeached As He Plays Golf For 15th Time As President

Are we really doing this again?

Visited a Trump-branded property every 2.8 days

In case you missed it, Bannon and Kushner also got a Mar-A-Lago weekend, on us. #MAGA!

Options include placing nukes in South Korea

Hillary Clinton, Free to Speak Her Mind...NY Times Article - good read

Gabriel Valdez has something to say

The problem for [Redacted]...

Take a break with patty cake cats :D

Rogue White House Staffer Tweets about missile strike on Syria

Raygun used a battleship to lob shells into Lebanon; Drumpt repeats this process

Alabama Supreme Court allows impeachment of governor to proceed

Airbnb host cancels Asian woman's reservation, telling her: 'It's why we have Trump

The Test of Our Progress

Insurers Stem Losses, and May Soon Profit, From Obamacare Plans

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren: President Donald Trump's 'erratic approach to Syria is not a strategy'

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #4

Two Garden Photos -- Today

The Sap says

Vote for James Thompson! Election is April 11.

Trump asked for his daily briefings to include less words, more pictures

Tommy/Folsom City Blues Crazyass Video!

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Wood Memorial

Dallas siren system was hacked

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Bluegrass Stakes

TimesTalks Chelsea Handler and Gloria Steinem

Joan Baez has a great song about Trump...

New Spider-Like, Tree-Climbing Crab Species Found

220 Cities Losing All Passenger Train Service per Trump Elimination of all Federal Funding for Amtra

Bachmann: God Gave Us Trump As A Reprieve From Dangerous Transgender Rights

TM Revolution Heart of a Sword Live

Racquel Smith sues Cardell Hayes, man convicted of killing Will Smith, shooting her

Proposed bill would clarify state ban on strippers under 21 as dancers' court fight continues

Many old issues re-emerge as New Orleans prepares for upcoming legislative session

Labor hiring company ensnared in fatal LaPlace bus crash files for bankruptcy protection

In drive for gas tax hike, first and key battle is in the Louisiana House

I-49 South supporters tout economic impact study

After Xi Leaves U.S., Chinese Media Assail Strike on Syria

Louisiana tax proposal could increase cost of Netflix, Hulu, other streaming services

It just struck me....

U.S. Rep. Garret Graves spreading myths, 'can no longer be trusted' on flood aid, Gov. Edwards

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Santa Anita Derby

Dem senator: Trump's Syria policy 'immoral and hypocritical'

That Awkward Moment When You Realize YOU are Now the "Conservative."

California's gas tax hike shows governor's political skill

Reimagining Louisiana's film tax program: Gov. John Bel Edwards, allies have new plan

Poll finds widespread support for Louisiana law to address gender pay gap

Benefit From Rally Around The Flag Effect After Airstrike?

6 arrested, 1 hospitalized after Jacksonville anti-war protest erupts in violence (4.7.2017)

GOP lawmakers take aim at Louisiana Medicaid spending growth


Louisiana auditor finds $1.4M in improper, duplicate Medicaid payments

U.S. Navy strike group to move toward Korean peninsula: U.S. official

How does one volunteer to be a guardian of children whose parents get deported?

2018 Governors Election- Likely Democratic Nominee

Mayor Landrieu responds to Take Em Down NOLA demands on Confederate monuments

Alcohol regulations affecting local businesses

Serious question. How solid is the evidence that Assad specifically is responsible?...

'Tampon tax' would exempt feminine products, diapers from sales tax