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Trump's Syria strike celebrated by 'terrorists', Iran says

Bill would exempt students from spanking

Just a reminder: the last time a GOP/actor/POTUS ordered a clusterfuck airstrike against Syrians...

Corsica is having her kittens now!

Democrats Are Bad at Midterm Turnout. That Seems Ready to Change.

Russia's Lavrov and U.S. Tillerson spoke by phone about situation in Syria

Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews. NOTE, it's OLD, dated 2012!

After Syrian Gas Attack, Pope Francis Calls on World Leaders: End This Tragedy

Former SNL cast member confirms what we all suspected about Trump in real life

Tiny Kittens' Corsica went into labor at 4:50 PST. She has had one ginger kitten already.

Progressive People of Faith: Jim Wallis

How Jeff Sessions wants to bring back the war on drugs

Woman accused of beating man with flagpole

Louis C. K. to host SNL tonight. The Chainsmokers are the musical

Alfred Schnittke -

Feuding Trump aides meet and agree to end 'palace intrigue': source

What's your favorite Donald Trump lie?

The Wrong Move on Student Loans

Yea, about holding Syria responsible for poisoning and killing their own people.....

Redemption Song

US aircraft carrier returning to Korean Peninsula in response to recent

Hacker Set Off All Dallas Emergency Sirens in Middle of Night, City Says

Kids who bring toy guns to school could go to jail if bill passes

Trump aids Russias disinformation campaign

Former Arkansas deputy sentenced in kicking of arrestee

I'm better now, thank you DU. :)

WTF CNN: raving about Ivanka, Jared. Praising their kid singing in front of Chinese prez!

Mass-picketing measure gets governor's veto

Missile strike a sham

School panic system bill vetoed

Bernie Sanders coming back to Utah for 'Unity Tour'

My wife just got an alert on her phone that tRump is sending warships to the Korean

Enforcement ban for Alcoholic Beverage Control gets veto

I realized I must be mistaken when I read 'Lost penis found in forest' on one of these threads :D

Arkansas governor signs bill making some sports venues now free of gun law

In Georgia race, Republicans battle as Democrat chases upset

Famed NYC bakery's immigrant workers defy Trump

World is home to '60,000 tree species'

BREAKING: US moves Navy strike group towards the Korean Peninsula

Sock puppet accounts unmasked by the way they write and post

NSC mulls "options" of placing nukes in S Korea, assassinating Kim Jong Un, etc.

Oklahoma Democrats urge Gov. Fallin to reconsider Medicaid plan

An Ambrosial Cake, and Thats Just the Filling

Trio of Oklahoma alcohol bills get House panels OK

Giant viruses found in Austrian sewage fuel debate over potential fourth domain of life

New Mexico Law Bans Schools From Lunch Shaming Hungry Kids

Is SNL live tonight? Yes. Yes, it is.

Ecuador has emerged from recession, Correa says

Discrimination lawsuit against Missouri Department of Corrections takes unusual turn

Very strange commercial.

Uruguay government legalises sale of recreational cannabis in pharmacies

Uruguay government legalises sale of recreational cannabis in pharmacies

Missouri car insurance industry is super racist, report finds

Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson speaks out against Missouri tort reform bills

The Navalny video that lit up Moscow protests -- viewed 18,000,000 times

AG Josh Hawley seeks to protect Missourians by advocating for destruction of agency that protects

Democrats guide to regain control of the US Senate in 2018,2020,and 2022.

Missouri politicians find a way to keep those sweet tax credits flowing: screw the sick and the ...

Careful!1 - SNL is supposed to be *very* LIVE/across time zones - Problem:LouisCK

Alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after court ruling

This is not going well

Fake surgeon pleads guilty to operating on dozens of victims

Here are the Kansas Republicans who just voted to oppose expanding Medicaid to 150,000 people

it would be great karma if the open seats because blotus pulled them for his cabinet all go D

Thunderbolt: sexual orientation court case dares SCOTUS, other courts to find flaws in decision

I am seeing rumblings on Twitter about "activity" on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

St. Louis Cops Booked Following Charges in Alleged Payroll Scam

Donald Trump's libertarian supporters across the world desert him over Syria air strikes

Missouri's Multi-Million Dollar Appropriation to 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Comes Under Fire

Ecuadors Moreno Backs Vote Recount to Disprove Election Fraud

5 6 7 8's

The salacious affair saga of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is about to get really serious

Prescription drug monitoring: Missouri Sen. Rob Schaaf explains his about-face

After 137 years, military academy in Missouri to close

Kansas City contemplating another half-million-dollar lawsuit settlement

If this idiot Trump starts another war

Pence, Cruz wade into Kansas special election in final weeks

Senate passes amusement ride regulations after Verruckt death, sends bill to Brownback

APOD April 8, 2017 Zeta Oph: Runaway Star

Once we are full-fledged in a war...the GOP will say that it is "UNAMERICAN" to question anything

Five things to know about KC's new marijuana law

Why the payday loan industry is declining in Missouri

Trump faces 'open warfare' with Breitbart if Bannon is fired, says former executive of the far-right

After 4 domestic violence calls in Maplewood, city banned woman from living there, lawsuit claims

Women's strike on May Day.

The Uruguayan jail where inmates set up shop

Back in South Carolina, Democrat Martin O'Malley says "I just might" run for president.

Charge against activist over alleged threat to bomb Planned Parenthood is reduced to misdemeanor

US Action in Jordan

Greitens, Missouri lawmakers remain at odds over family leave

Truman State student from St. Peters dies; third death at same fraternity since August

Greene County Democrats gather on Jackson Day to start drawing a road map for the future

Chopped Liver (Gehakteh Leber)

OMG! SNL's Baldwin as Cheetolini tonight

Chopped Liver (Gehakteh Leber)

Children of the coup: Chilean cinema after Pinochet

Protests Against Trump's Airstrikes on Syria

This Mind-Blowing Stellar Explosion Is a Beautiful Mess

This Mind-Blowing Stellar Explosion Is a Beautiful Mess

Olvera Street's once-whitewashed mural by Mexican master David Alfaro Siqueiros gets a needed cleani

You can sell your chometz online.

As U.S. jobs flee the country, one of Trumps biggest campaign promises is already going down in fla

Missouri weighs funding cuts for sobriety checkpoints

tRump Breaks His Arm Patting His Self On The Back..

In Senate committee, REAL ID remains a divisive issue

Group proposes Missouri vote to ban toll roads

 Teach-Ins Helped Galvanize Student Activism in the 1960s. They Can Do So Again Today.

Prevailing wage law repeal meets organized opposition

Trump Assures Nation That Decision For Airstrikes Came After Considering All His Passing Whims

I think the Congress should bring up impeachment at this time.

Vigilante Justice

What the hell is going on here in Wisconsin?

Oncologist countersues government in unregulated medicine case

Can anyone confirm King of Jordan was in Oval Office with Trump Friday or Sat????

Defunct terrorist organization with Columbia ties ordered to forfeit assets

At Fox News, a wall of silence surrounds Bill OReilly...article from the Wash Post

New Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

Oldest tooth filling was made by an Ice Age dentist in Italy

US, Jordanian forces break into Syria to rescue rebels surrounded by ISIS

7,000 years ago, on a Swiss Alp

Did city councilman's opposition to a pork plant lead to suicide?

The golden land that lit the path to ancient empires

'Monumental' gun bill heads to Branstad for final approval

Uber isn't sure if it can 'remain a viable business' without building self-driving cars

Omarosa Got Married at Trumps D.C. Hotel

Uber said to use sophisticated software to defraud drivers, passengers

NY budget deal: Free tuition, upstate Uber, raise the age

Reporter Caught Daydreaming at Work

$10 million repair project starting on Iowa Capitol's crumbling golden dome

Budget won't include Cuomo's proposal to require online stores to collect sales tax..

NSA just lost control of its Top Secret arsenal of digital weapons - Snowden tweet today

Voter ID bill could spark fierce race for secretary of state

US aircraft carrier-led strike group headed toward Korean Peninsula

Rep. Nolan moves closer to a run for governor; Rybak backs Walz

Minnesota senators hope anger will help drive support for bill to curb drug costs

The state's hospital for dangerous mentally ill patients has big problems. And big bucks are needed

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit filed by AK-47-toting man in St. Cloud

House advances bill to scrap MNsure

Donald Trump at the Mine Cold Open - SNL

Health centers can't absorb Planned Parenthood patients, expert says

Higher education funding bills far from UMN's requested $147.2M

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Commission by Omission

Sunday's Doonesbury- Getting to the bottom of it

West Fargo teacher (former Miss Montana) under fire for offensive tweets

Sanford Health Plan sues government for $9 million

Burgum signs bills on spill reporting, new department

Tuning in...

Democratic lawmakers worry about property tax relief under ND budget cuts

Buyouts offered to employees at 10 state agencies to offset ND budget cuts

Campus police, freedom of speech bills go different directions in ND Legislature

Austin Medics report 39 people treated for K2-related illness Saturday

In windswept West Texas, Austin Energy's future is powered by the sun

Medical marijuana bill more closely aligned to voter-passed measure OK'd in ND House

Egypt Coptic church blast 'kills at least 13' in Nile Delta

****APRIL Photo Contest Comments Thread****

**** APRIL Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS****

North Dakota lawmaker seeks DAPL reimbursement through AG action

Just a heads up, my fellow DU'ers. If you look at Yahoo news stories, don't

Photography Group is accepting Submissions for the APRIL Photo Contest

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Poor Sportsmanship Edition

House passes commerce budget despite concerns over homeless grants

Brain-parasite spreading due to climate-change

I been using this

Canal City Hakata (Fukuoka, Japan)

US envoy Nikki Haley says Syria regime change is 'inevitable'

Egypt: 25 killed in explosion at Coptic Christian church.

One reliable constant stands out over these tumultuous weeks

This is the most amazing chart on Congress you'll see today

Paul Krugman explains why he cant sympathize with Trump voters

Writing about food: John Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley, In Search of America"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Australia needs programs to 'assimilate' Muslim migrants

Hasn't the US been trying to overthrow the Assad regime since the beginning of the conflict?

Syrian Catholic leaders criticize U.S. missile strikes, experts question larger strategy

NPR Weekend Edition Sunday shills for tRump

Not sure this will post...

Let the religious wars in Florida schools begin

Still no Secretary of the Navy

Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen (April Fools Prank)

Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen (April Fools Prank)

I have a dream...

New York Adopts Free Tuition

The O'Reilly Factor with Donald Trump - SNL

What does it mean to be a 'pro-life' police officer?

Alexis Frank for Congress

Dalai Lama's rapturous welcome at Buddhist monastery

Small babies..

Forget Sean Spicer the freak show in the new White House press corps is worse

'It's Trump'

Louis C.K. Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

The media says protests are done..

AK 47 or Lemonade?

In 1900, what did it mean if you were engaged for 3 years and your fiance jilted you?

Only Member Of Congress To Vote Against War On Terror Says She'd Do It Again


I have a complaint.

Syrian Refugee that Only Wants To Go Home and Blames Obama

Let's Give This a Name...How about...PREMATURE ADULATION?!

A day in the life of Joe republican...

Why haven't I ever posted here?!

Too much bliss.

Have you bought any new music that you liked?

Indian girl found in jungle was not living with monkeys, officials say

Corey Stewart Declares Va. State of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson; Confederate Flag Not Racist


Lindsey graham on trump the moron president does not need encouragement

I don't believe for a moment Trump was moved by the poisoned children.

Obamas Syria strike plan was much bigger than Trumps

What will be Trump's next military action?

Trump needs to study this prior to his next attack

Tens of millions $$$ in airstrikes had no impact because key leaders fled after hearing ON NEWS

Trump Finds Respite in Military Actions

Since you changed to HTTPS, I can't see photos in the photography

North Korea missiles: US warships deployed to Korean peninsula

David Frum is making many of the points being made here, albeit subtly

The "both sides do it" ploy

Tomahawk missile makers stock climbs after US strike on Syria

The Upcoming New Military Draft - Trump's Plan for Reducing City Violence?

Give it up for a former heart and brain donor. . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Bannon!!!

SNL's Trump Exploits Syria Strike: 'What a Difference 59 Tomahawk Missiles Can Make'

Nikki Haley says US bans refugee kids because moms are a threat

Reminder that *45 is under FBI investigation for colluding with Russia to fix an election

MSNBC host's conspiracy theory: What if Putin planned the Syrian chemical attack to help Trump?

(THREAD) Trump's military strike on Syria was just an empty gesture

Millionaire baseball owner caught on video bribing umpires

German army investigates soldiers over 'Heil Hitler'

These Cheez-Its are trying to tell us something...

Tweet on how the top 20 papers responded to Syria airstrikes

109 paths from Trump to Putin

MSNBC's AM Joy Segment On Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke

Video: Full Interview - Senator Bernie Sanders - 'Meet the Press' 4/9/2017

Trump Media Psychology Unwrapped ...

Navy Carrier Strike Force Steams Toward Korea

Senator Bernie Sanders On NBC's "Meet The Press" (4/9/2017)

Rep. Lieu warns Trump hes on the verge of getting us into a war with Syria and N. Korea

Sunday Toon Roundup 1 - Bombing for Approval

Bannon's Views Can Be Traced to a Book That Warns, 'Winter Is Coming'

Sunday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Somebody stole a WHAT??!!??

In Georgia, a Democrat's 'Make Trump Furious' campaign rattles Republicans

Do you like presidential trivia? Do you want to fight the trumpbots?

Assad allies say U.S. attack on Syria air base crosses 'red lines'

Russian naval activity in Europe exceeds Cold War levels: U.S. admiral

Generation JKF About to Re-Live the 60's in Their 60's: Are You Experienced?

Dems winning fight over wall

Where is this missing person???

Bombing the moon: It was real!1!11!!!

Is there a scientific reason for the following.

Butchered shark fins seized from shrimp boat off Key West.

#LUNCHSHAMING: New Law Stops Schools from Shaming Students Who Dont Have Lunch Money

Dear Journalists: Trump will never pivot. He'll never develop compassion & cease being a narcissist.

2018 US Senate Election-Republican US Senators in purple/blue states not up for re-election in 2018

Hey right winger Smerconish, have you look at O' Reilly's entire history Media Matters has

McFarland Out at NSC - by Josh Marshall

Tillerson: Election Meddling Something 'Russia Needs To Confront Themselves'

Hillary Clinton says misogyny played a role in her loss. Research suggests she might be right.

Rolling Stone: Trump and the Pathology of Narcissism

Great Flood of 1927: A Metaphor for Our Times

The Antiwar Movement Disappeared Under Obama - Let's Make It Great Again

Sanders calls on Trump to come to Congress over Syria strikes

Sanders calls on Trump to come to Congress over Syria strikes

2018 US Senate Election- Democrats chances of winning competitive US Senate Races.

Need some research help please

Deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland ousted: report

Administration is "partially to blame" for Syria chemical attack, McCain says

Tillerson, Haley issue differing statements on future of Assad in Syria

Blessed Holy Week to all

Putin and Rouhani Condemn U.S. Airstrikes in Syria in Phone Call: Kremlin

Schiff says Russia is absolutely 'complicit' in Syrian chemical attack

Kaine: Trump should have asked Congress to authorize Syria airstrikes

The US did this a couple weeks ago. Dead is Dead.

Sanders calls on Trump to come to Congress over Syria strikes

All The President's Men' premiered in theaters 41 years ago today, April 9, 1976

Prayers for the victims of the Palm Sunday bombings at two Egyptian Coptic churches.

Could you help me please?


Sen. Lindsey Graham bating Trump into war: 'Assad telling Trump, F you'

The Conspiracy Theories of Trumpland: A Compleat and Comprehensive Bestiary (LIST)...

Should Tulsi Gabbard Leave Congress? MSNBC Discussion Now 9:53 pacific

"Benedict Mitch".....has a ring of truth to it doesn't it?

Trump Product Endorsements Drive Consumers...Away

Why Democrats have no regrets after McConnell's 'nuclear' blast

Trump's Travel Costs as Much as Obama's In Two Years

Don't forget to tether that chicken motherfuckers.

Preliminary Polling Results- No Trump Bump

What next?

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5

Good 'ol Lindsey Graham

What are you reading this week of April 9, 2017?

In case you missed it- China thinks our missiles were to distract from Trump/Russia too.

In honor of spring, from Johann Strauss:

New russian propaganda: US mainstream-media to blame for Trump's airstrike in Syria.

Syria: Who Is Fighting And Why -- The Timeline Since 2011

I can't be the only fan of Alfred Schnittke's music on this board..

"I'm Screaming "

"Whataboutism" : propaganda method we can watch for

Syria's Conflict Participants and Their Global Supporters

AUNTIE MAXINE (Waters) at tonight's MoveOn ReadyToResist Call. You should sign up and join in!

China mocks Trump missile strike after Xi leaves US: 'A weakened politician who needed to flex...

More evidence of a finely tuned machine: K.T. McFarland out at NSC.

"To my dying day, I will never understand how I've not seen my President's taxes..."

Did Obama Really Do Nothing In Syria? Lets Debunk This Stupid Right-Wing Myth

Kushner terrifying ISIS in the Middle East

Trump Administration Is Contradicting Itself On Regime Change In Syria

Americans Are Pretty Skeptical That Hard Work Will Pay Off

6000-8000 of USA finest is not going to bring regime change.

The Trump administration is ill-prepared for a global pandemic

Russia and Iran warn US they will 'respond with force' if red lines crossed in Syria again

Coming home today my 12 year old asked me why do people in power deny climate change

2018 US Senate Election- Democratic challengers in Republican held seats that Democrats have a

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 11: Star of the Month: Character Actors

This petition needs more signatures

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 12: Frankie Avalon

NFL players want to arm wrestle in competition, league says "not so fast!"

How many Saiyans does it take to change a light-bulb?

Can't Get Enough of Character Actors Thread

'No different than Trump with Putin': Howard Dean says Tulsi Gabbard should resign for defending...

Sen. Lena Taylor on AM Joy: Sheriff David Clarke is all hat and no cattle

Renowned atheist is hated, murdered, revived in new Netflix film

Global Catholic population tops 1.28 billion; half are in 10 countries

What if another country bombed us

Do the Culture Wars Really Represent America?

Your Move

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 9, 2017

Who is the dumb ass on M$GOP right now saying American's get

Pope prays for victims of attack on Coptic church in Egypt

Sweden Attack Suspect Had Been Ordered To Leave Country

Girls rule, boys drool.

Democratic congressman Ed Perlmutter announces run for Colorado governor

"Lucky" the Grasshopper

AM Joy segment - Can Democrats win back the white working class voter?

The Passion of Southern Christians

Donald Trump personally profited from missile-maker Raytheons stock jump after his Syria attack

Which of these two statements do you find to be true? There's a nut in the

Any good political satire on SNL last night? Was melissa McCarthy on as Spicer?

Serious Question: How Much Does a Dem Vote Count Per GOP Vote in States with E-Fraud?

North Dakota lawmakers scramble to finish before deadline

Nikki Haley: What General Mattis and the military did was just a rock-star performance (VIDEO)

Oversen reelected to Democratic-NPL Chair

Jeremy Scahill Slams Fareed Zakaria on CNN: If He Could Have Sex With That Missile Strike, He Would

Race vs. Economics: Can Dems win Trump voters?

North Dakota bill forbids personal use of campaign funds

Almost As Good As A Full Night's Sleep: 29 Dishes to Cook for New Parents

I've been ragging on the L.A. Times since Trump began running,

Could recreational marijuana help pay S.D. teachers?

Lindsey Graham is calling for 6000 more troops to defeat terror attacks

They're back: ethics measure backers file constitutional amendment

Guerrilla warfare in GOP race for Governor

Lawmakers call for public hearings in Gear Up embezzlement scandal

Twitter link: Real progress appears to be taking place in New York State.

As Georgia Vote Nears, G.O.P. Asks if Ideological Purity Matters Anymore.

Access limited to 20 South Dakota lakes following ruling

Still meaningful and beautiful.

The Navy ship being deployed to Korean waters was just there in March. This is another gesture.

Since Kali wanted to see more climbing...

Ivanka Trump Has Always Been Oblivious

Nivea pulls "white purity" ad after backlash and racism claims

Blackjack dealers, pit boss charged in cheating conspiracy

Spotted at Florida golf club

The Mike Castle Trail

South Dakota man gets $190 fine for snake without leash

Ivanka 'pushed for her father to bomb Syria'

Politics Done Right - Is Trumps Syria missile attack a Putin/Trump ruse?

Russian computer programmer arrested in Spain--- UPDATE

Berkshire subsidiary on renewable energy push across the West

Nebraska law enforcement, Keystone XL pipeline foes prepare for possible protests

Janet Jackson Reportedly Splits From Wissam Al Mana

After inmate uprising, legislators talk of re-forming committee to investigate prison problems

"Patience, grasshopper" ever use that old (inaccurate) meme ?

Federal judge slaps down Jeff Sessions attempt to block Justice consent decree for Baltimore police

Pros and cons of bill to ban workplace bias based on sexual orientation are aired for third year in

Ricketts signs bill creating 'Choose Life' specialty license plates

Nebraska Legislature's Revenue Committee approves tax reform package

Hillary Clinton's chocolate chip cookies!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 10 April 2017

How about a bit of Paul Ryan Gosling for your Sunday afternoon? "Hey, girl..."

Bill would require state licensing of private 'bottle clubs' like Omaha's new BYOB strip club

Fox is using Trumps infamous Access Hollywood tape to train employees about harassment

BTRTN: Wag the Country

BTRTN: Wag the Country

10 Investigative Reporting Outlets to Follow

Coming Home

Senators advance bill requiring Nebraska schools to provide place for students to pump breast milk

Do you think investigations will find any collusion between Trump and Russia?

A Chicago cop is accused of framing 51 people for murder.


Texas masturbation bill is now in the hands of the Texas State Affairs Committee.

Naked Florida man enjoys bottle of wine in his driveway, gets arrested

Marine Le Pen denies French role in wartime roundup of Paris Jews

Video shows Colorado officer throwing woman down face-first

UK tourists to US may get asked to hand in passwords or be denied entry

Wisconsin churches on alert amid hunt for gun theft suspect

Radical Islamic Muslims.

U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan amid operations against Islamic State: U.S.

Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for his first major, the Masters.

Things they never said: "Play it again, Sam."

The Real Voice of Darth Vader...hilarious!

Anyone from Pennsylvania IAM watching joy Reid trumps tax returns

Hijacked ship's crew rescued from pirates near Somalia

Budget director to tell federal agencies to plan for major cuts: report

Into the Badlands

イノセントガール OP Art as ♡ by Kotoko

Trump Officials Dont Agree on Syria Regime Change

Born Rich - Ivanka Trump's Segments (VIDEO)

Syria's war: Who is fighting and why [Updated]

This anime introduced me to Kotoko (Onegai Teacher)