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Archives: July 1, 2017

Bernie Sanders Team Explains Why He Won't Hand Over His Donor List

The American South Will Bear the Worst of Climate Changes Costs

Science division of White House office no longer staffed: report

WHO the HELL decided that scroll arrows had to go ?

Google News is PATHETIC now. This is what I get when I search for

How U.S. gun deaths compare to other countries

Peter Smith a Right Wing Nut..

So Joe and Mika Had This Scoop Months Ago

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher: Dan Savage, Michael Steele, Katty Kay,

McPuddles Cuddle Waddles aka Mac is getting bigger.

The Venus In Furs - 2HB (Roxy Music Cover - Vocal By Thom Yorke) [1998]

I can now add Oregon to the list of states that said NO

Per Claude Taylor, Mueller will be interviewing Joe Scarborough.

IMO, With the NY Subway system on the edge of collapse and the sea rising;

terrifying discussion of the looming climate singularity

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Twits and Twitter! Live Uncensored & a new

What are the D positions to "fix" Obamacare?

UN agrees to cut peacekeeping budget, a reduction US sought

Rachel says to expect a news dump

Does Robert Mueller need to pay Mika and Joe a visit?

Russian state-sponsored news outlet Sputnik take over local DC Radio station

Right on Rachel! Distraction and disrespect are his game.

Texas Democrat pushes bill to block taxpayer money from Trump's voter fraud commission

Jason Chaffetz has officially resigned from Congress. Resignation letter below.

Olivia Newton John - "Have you never been mellow?"

So everyone is expecting something huge this weekend dump/bombshell

Oregon Passes Pioneering Worker-Rights Bill

10 Battery Gigafactories Are Now in the Works. And Elon Musk May Add 4 More

Rick Santorum demands former Secretary of State commit fraud to run a sting operation on voter fr

David Brooks: The Republican plan resdistributes wealth - from the poor to the rich

Pride week in Tel Aviv

Tonight's BOOM: Peter Smith listed Bannon, Conway and Clovis, besides Flynn, in a recruiting doc.

I have been traveling. What's the status of the B(i)tter Care Reconciliation Act?

GOP Activist Who Sought Clinton Emails Cited Trump Campaign Officials

Some Republicans are willing to keep the ACA tax on investment income

Turn on Rachel part 2 of wall st journal story.

"No collusion!" really means "No, collusion."

What do you treat your critters with. I used to buy a can of tuna for the cats.

WSJ reporter: No one will tell me how GOP source who tried to get Hillarys emails from Russia died

Was thinking about poison gas use in Syria when I happened on this

Whoa. GOP operative invoked Bannon and Conway - not just Flynn - as he sought hacked emails

For your Fourth of July obligatory patriotic-song listening pleasure:

Two gripes after a 12 day road trip.

Israeli Jewish couple marries on Temple Mount despite ban on rituals

A Clue for the Clueless GOP

Agree with Dan Savage

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was charged with allegedly misusing European Parliament funds

Anderson Cooper on CNN is very emotional during his Pulse Nightclub special right now

Oregon to allow non-binary people to mark X on their driver's license

yes, ladies, it's true...

Dayna Steele to seek office in district 36 in Texas.

I would have bet money on it - Abbott and Voter "fraud" fraud

Republican lawmakers ask Jeff Sessions to ensure no religious test for government jobs

In honor of the 4th of July, a message from George Washington...

With all the administration SHOULD be doing, they're spending time on ELECTION matters.

Its 1046pm est as I write: What happened to Rachel Maddow's big news story

An Oceanside minister supported Trump. Now, he's getting deported

Sample Questions from the Trump University Final Exam

EPA intends to form red team to debate climate science

we need to keep asking the same question Howard Baker asked 43 year ago:

Governorships and State legislatures-Democrats need to regain control of in the near future.

Colorado SOS Wayne Williams says he'll turn over publicly available voter data to White House ...

But Ive tried to live a good life: Trump-supporting California minister now faces deportation

Mexican spy scandal escalates as study shows software targeted opposition

The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians - by Matt Tait (@pwnallthethings )

Texas won't release private voter info to Trump administration

Organised violence is ravaging Central America and displacing thousands

Weird Food Your Pet Loves

Second waste storage tunnel at Hanford is at risk of cave-in, regulators say

Did you guys see Rachel tonight?

Aerospace company in Newport fined $500K for 2015 explosion

This 4th, let's all try to remember

I have no use for a fucking republican period

WA Post: A state-by-state list of how they're handling the request for voter roll data.

Centralia, burning for decades, gets new documentary

Trios Health files for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Illinois man charged with kidnapping Chinese scholar at U of I

Lawmakers cut $4 billion from transportation package

Draining Oregon: Water bills dry up in Legislature

GOP lawmaker may try derailing Oregon's new Medicaid tax

Trump didn't remark on Congress taking away his power to wage war on his own, did he?

Family of dad crushed by Columbia Gorge tree sues Oregon for $2.2 million

Soon to be former US Senators

Lawfareblog: "The time I got recruited to collude with the Russians"

Oregon lawmakers refuse to fund Gov. Kate Brown's clean air initiative

Legislature pushes for more higher education funding to keep Oregon tuition hikes down

First Potential GOP Challenger For Gov. Kate Brown Surfaces

Now this is a teleprompter

Oregon lawmakers punt while PERS costs continue to rise

Oregon may miss July 10 deadline for Real ID compliance

Mom can sue son, 15, for crashing car while driving with learner's permit

Regence BCBS to exit individual insurance market in 15 counties

Promoter in failed Bahamas Fyre music festival arrested in New York

Promoter in failed Bahamas Fyre music festival arrested in New York

Oregon legislators derail effort to hide oil train safety plans

CNBC report summarizes latest Michael Flynn/Russian hackers/ highlights of Wall St Journal article

Oregon on way to become first state to guarantee predictable work schedules

Jacob Zuma under new pressure to quit over alleged links to tycoons

Oregon SOS letter to Kobach: how to prevent disenfranchisement & get all eligible voters registered

Transgender recruitment in US military delayed by six months

Transgender recruitment in US military delayed by six months

What the fuck is Bannon up to? We have heard little lately about that asshole.

Judge orders Illinois to boost Medicaid bill payments

Before cats ruled the internet, they ruled the Earth

Manhattan Prosecutor Joins Inquiry Into Russian Meddling in Election

UO suspends Chi Psi fraternity for a year due to hazing that included alcohol and marijuana

So when they can't get this trumpcare unstuck

States refuse Trump commission request for U.S. voter data

Forgot Where You Parked? Good

Indonesia's gay community driven underground after police raids

Democratic nominees for the 2017 US House Special Elections running for US Senate,Governor or Lt Gov

Dan Savage interview (Democrats should be the Urban Party), Real Time with Bill Maher

Later than usual due to the sheer volume of batshit crazy nonsense, my apologies.

Oregon Department of Revenue will undergo top-to-bottom review

Separated at birth...Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a familiar face from the not-so-distant past.

A New Problem for Keystone XL: Oil Companies Dont Want It

A Gay Pastor Leaves His Santa Ana Flock, Exposing the United Methodist Church's LGBT Rift

Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife Michelle Faces 7 Years for Insurance Fraud

Bill Maher, Overtime: 2020, North Korea, Gay Rights, Foreign Policy Turf Wars

State Budget Includes $15 Million for West Coyote Hills Purchase

Republicans Cry Crocodile Tears Over Orange County Dem Vice Chair's Yelling at Gay GOPers

Demand for voter rolls shows ugly truth

Man facing death penalty wears Tony Romo jersey at Las Vegas courthouse

Is this it?

Sure we love watching Morning Joke now.

Silence over dads tweets

From Her Los Feliz Basement, Stephanie Miller Is Rallying Millions Against Trump

The 22 highest-paid staffers

National Enquirer, mouthpiece

Critics Incensed by $56 Million "Giveaway" to L.A. Water and Power Workers

Donald Trump's Aides Named in Russian Spy Hack of Hillary Clinton and DNC

The Band UB40 Is Now Selling Wine ... Red Red Wine

Immigrant Set to Receive $190K in Sanctuary City Lawsuit

Student sues NVUSD, Napa High football players and coaches in relation to hazing

The Simple Truth on Trump: He's Dumb as Rocks

(Jewish Group) The Chicago Dyke March: The Ugly Intersection Of Progressivism And Anti-Semitism

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism Is Creeping Into Progressivism

To our Canadian friends...

Bipartisan blowback to 'bullying' in California's single-payer health care debate

Charges Unsealed Against British Citizen For Defrauding Investors Of More Than $36 Million

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Individual For Defrauding (Fyre Fest related)

86 arrested in San Bernardino County street gang crackdown

Small plane lands in stream, crashes under bridge...

Does military equipment lead police officers to be more violent?

Mattis delays new transgender policy

Gavin Newsom campaigns in Riverside, warns to prepare for the future

Siri, Google Assistant and/or Cortana: am I the only one not infatuated with these ?

Trumps tweets are a distraction. To the Republicans.

$16.6 million verdict against Corona company in racial discrimination lawsuit

McKinsey: Cheaper batteries present imminent threat of load defection for utilities

Any Connections Between Rudy Giuliani And Peter W. Smith?.....

Pruitt will launch program to 'critique' climate science

Did you forget I'm a hard Brexit madman? asks Corbyn

Facing jail: Spanish 'stolen baby' who searched for her mother

BBC Showing Helmut Kohl Memorial and Bill Clinton Speaking Right Now

New Zealand 21 - British and Irish Lions 24

Obama calls for 'liberal solutions' to globalisation problems

San Franciscos minimum hourly wage to increase to $14 this weekend

Video footage of plane crash on the 405 Freeway near John Wayne Airport

Teen Magazine Promotes Conspiracy Theory from Protocols of the Elders of Zion

We're out! Orange County pays final bankruptcy bill on July 1. The ride's been wild

Many veterans would suffer under Republican health-care plan

Science division of White House office left empty as last staffers depart

Sperm donor connects with 19 children he fathered

Price war going on here, how about in your area.

Six things you need to know about Kris Kobach

Republican Senate caucus sends Turtle-Gram to Mitch to save them from angry voters

Florida Man Charged With Picking Magic Mushrooms While Carrying An Alligator

Vincente Fox strikes again!

We hate Murphy and his law

Oh, Tweety. You're not helping with this.

Steve Wynn Who Is Going Blind Furious At Fail Of Trumpcare. Ironic.

Pro-Trump Tabloids Resemble State-Owned Russian Media

Trump-supporting minister "tried to live a good life," now faces deportation

GOP Health Care Plan - Just Go Back To Witch Doctors, Shamans, And Faith Healers. Repeal ACA.

WSJ reporter: "We do not know how (Peter Smith) died"

The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians

Watch: Is Van Jones minimizing Trump/Russia Investigations?

Trump: "Hey Macron, why can't you guys parade like North Korea?"

So let me get this straight..

Paul Krugman - "... this is what modern Republicans do; this is who they are."

The day my husband and I have dreaded is here.

Hans von Spakovsky riled {Fairfax County, Va.} with voter fraud efforts; Trump just elevated him

Little Rock police say 17 people shot, none fatally, in club on W. 6th Street

Did anyone watch the Hugh Hewitt show on MSNBC this morning?

Neil Young Releases Resistance Anthem For Fourth Of July

Help me out here. Talking points for when we call Sect. of State about

California's top Republican won't be running for governor

I keep thinking of the three Civil Rights workers murdered in Mississippi in 1964.

CNN needs a word starting with "F" that means charges.

Groups file first legal challenges in Delta tunnels fight

Slowdown in Software Central: Indian-Americans in Silicon Valley (Automation)

Does the monstrous GOP health "care" bill directly affect CHIP?

This demand for State's voter information is a Hail-Mary Pass!

Trump hiring Greta?

Trump watches up to 5-7 hrs of TV per day, and plays golf all weekend..

Mother cat rescues kitten from giant

Salary Data Show Gender Pay Gap in Trump White House

BOMBSHELL: I was recruited by Trump campaign to collude on hack, says UK cyber analyst

Guam lawmaker offers new minimum wage legislation

Guam employer who treated workers 'like slaves' appeals sentence

Eric Rignot @ NASA: "Hours, Days Or Weeks" Until Larsen C Calving

President Trump EXPOSES the REAL reason why Van Susteren was fired. THE REAL REASON, DAMMIT! REAL!

Guam senators pass bills for Simon Sanchez repairs, medical marijuana and electronic signs

North Korea sitting on $7 trillion worth of minerals

President Trump, Melting Under Criticism - by the NYT Editorial Board

128.6F In Ahvaz, Iran 6/29 - Highest Temp On Record In Asia; Sat Data Confirms Rapid Warming

GOP Congesswoman compares transgender soldiers to North Korea, Putin, and ISIS

Judge denies Port Authority of Guam's attempts to dismiss $14M award to YTK

Adorable Raccoon Babies Make Human Friend National Geographic

Joe Arpaio learns that he is not above the law - by the WaPo Editorial Board

Samoa lawyer puts foot down on 'complicated fraud'

Have you ever been out walking?

Ahvaz, Iran Temperature May Have Been Hottest In Modern Instrumental Record - Revised 129.2F

tweet frenzy...saturday edition

Hong Kong residents march to defend freedom as China's president draws a 'red line'

Democratic Senate staffers are mostly white and women, new report says

Alaska Gov. Walker signs budget, leaves dividends at amount set by lawmakers

UPDATED - Trump Rants About Joe and Mika Again on Twitter

Carl Bernstein: We are in the midst of a 'malignant presidency'

North China Drought Worst On Record; 16 Million Acres Of Grazing Land Parched

The president is refusing to release his taxes. What is he trying to hide?

No joke: A bear walks into a Juneau liquor store

Funny quote from another board with more than a kernel of truth

Love how Sen. Schumer's calling it a 'voter suppression commission'

Global Warming Tipped The Scales In Europe's Searing June Heatwave

The Real Housewife of 1600 Penn Ave Doubles down again..

When oh when is Mueller going to lower the hammer on these knuckleheads?

Mississippi to Kobach: "Go jump in the Gulf"

Guess who's tweeting again

Trump's Muslim ban comes into effect-"Grandparents, grandchildren, aunts,not considered close family

About 40,000 gallons of crude oil leak after derailment

Corey Lewandowski: Trump Is the 'Ernest Hemingway of Twitter'

New Jersey State Government Forced to Shut Down; List of Services Affected

NYT's Maggie Haberman Chides Scarborough: 'Everybody Finds This Funny Until It's Aimed at Them'

Budget impasse could have 'accreditation consequences' for Illinois colleges and universities

Hell Freezes Over...Rep. Blackburn blasts Trumps Twitter tirade......when you lose marsha.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." - Lincoln

Francis replaces Cardinal Muller with deputy Ladaria as head of doctrinal congregation

AM Joy this morning

Let's suppose there is evidence that tRump colluded with Russia

Obamacares lasting legacy: For all its flaws, the greatest Democratic accomplishment since...

Block grants (to states for Medicaid)

I have no heart or want to celebrate this July 4th....1st time ever


When do the Soylent Green solutions begin?

Trump to sign executive order creating a national space council (see he can't be that bad) /s

Taking our Coexist sticker off of our car today...

Joe and Mika are angry at Donald Trump now - but they've never apologized for promoting him

"Screw the Vote!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's voter fraud specialist, Kris Kobach!!!

Oceanside minister supported Trump, now he faces deportation

A new William Seward statue will be unveiled in Juneau, scars and all

Anchorage Fire Department officials and union clash over attempt to curb overtime

An almost-forgotten moment of country over party: Bill Clinton's 1993 strikes on Iraq

Anti-Trump Banner To Be Flown In Protest Of U.S. Women's Open Being Held In Bedminster

As support for Trump goes up education goes down

So how come Groper Don the Con has problems with the States, the 10th amendment

Mean Mr Donald ( to the tune of "Mean Mr. Mustard

A Deadly Brain-Invading Worm Is Disturbingly Widespread in Florida (could explain a few things)

Trump Rails Against States Rejecting His Shady Election Commission's Requests

The Secret Ballot Is the Foundation of Democratic Governments


What I love most about Joy Reid

WOW @JoyRied....she is shutting the idiots up and fact checking their poor data

Here's what I fear about the voter data request

To hell with the Pastafarians

Trump Failed to Recognize Pride in June. That Matters

Kaiser takes reins of 3 Maui hospitals

How can you reconcile being a Slytherin in Harry Potter and being politically liberal/progressive?

New laws give public worker raises, support for caregivers

Christie Orders Government Shutdown Amid Budget Impasse

Attention Trump supporters: you don't get to play "patriot" this weekend...

NewsGrid - Al Jazeera's interactive news hour. Live every day at 1500 GMT. interactive news bulletin

If Watergate happened today

Thank goodness for Bulgaria! Drivers licensing, vehicle registration resume after computer snafu

Watching Franck Schaffer on MSNBC with Joy.

Workers' comp insurer drops Hawaii pot firms over concerns

Jay Inslee/Joe Kennedy III in 2020!

Conversation with what turned out to be trumpers on FB

Joe Paterno's estate drops lawsuit against NCAA

Joe Paterno's estate drops lawsuit against NCAA

Democratic women calling Trump out.

Weekend Toons

The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians

5-foot boa constrictor found near Kauai preserve

Civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria have reportedly spiked since Trump took power. What is going on?

Trump could take a shit on the oval office floor, start finger painting the walls with it and

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!!

A Shooting in the House - The Day Congress was fired on

MSNBC guest: Trump keeps 'weak-minded women' like Kellyanne Conway around because they'll defend him

"And it was the worst of times." . . . Please come CAPTION Ernest Hemingway/Donald Trump!!!

Dear Offended Christian, from a very tired Christian

Buzz Aldrin's Facial Expressions at Appearance W/Trump Are Priceless

Can We Get a Big Round of Applause for Our Nation's SOSs?

How To Plunge Your Approval Rating From 15% To O

Nevada launches sales of legal recreational marijuana

Nevada launches sales of legal recreational marijuana

"Ketchup / Catsup" - A History of the Sauce

Just spit balling but what can we do to put Hillary into her rightful place that is the White House?

The Young Turks Discuss The Guardian's Article About Jay Sekulow

Are we ready for next week? (Graphic image warning )

Mexico takes lead in Venezuelan dictatorship debacle

CNN's Jake Tapper shreds Trump for wasting his time whining on Twitter while ignoring America's...

NJ SOS and candidate for Gov- Kim Guadagno likely to hand over voter rolls- Call her office- email

Is there anyone on the planet that you trust less than Donald Trump?

Charles M. Blow: "Trumps Obama Obsession."

1,000 foreign-born military recruits facing deportation under proposed Pentagon plan

How about a shout out to Canada - Canada Day July 1

WP OPINION: The region cannot just stand by as Venezuela veers toward civil war

Why Does The BLACK PANTHER Casting Call Causes White Butt-Hurt?

Has anyone made a Downfall parody just using Trump's actual tweets?

Schemes and Dreams Will Not Reverse 2016

Saving America from Smart Afghan Schoolgirls -

Independence, Melania. Independence. Do it. Do it Fourth of July.

Trump's next attack on democracy: mass voter suppression, by our Russ Feingold

Pope Francis Ousts Powerful Conservative Cardinal

Pope Francis meets with separated and divorced women

Good article reminding us why Scott Walker is a bad governor

American Dignity on the Fourth of July (from the NY'er)

Trumps White House is all but ignoring Spanish speakers

Pope pushes out German hardliner, choses new doctrine chief

The Trump Administration Is Planning an Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights.

Neil Young Releases Resistance Anthem For Fourth Of July

Prince Charles, G-G arrive on Parliament Hill for Canada 150 bash

Fuck You Jill Stein.

When do Trump's nasty tweets become libel?

Jill Stein is NOT on our side.

Now We Have a Roadmap to the Trump Campaign's Collusion with Russia - Jonathan Chait

Democrats go in for the kill on ObamaCare repeal

Trump ignores backlash in ongoing feud with the media

Number of fatal shootings by police is nearly identical to last year

McConnell: 'We're going to stick with' ObamaCare repeal and replace despite Trump tweet

Hello friends, little update from Retrowire here

In Texas, the Bodies of Migrants Who Perished in the Desert Provide Clues to the Living

Atomic Fireballs are back at the Dollar Tree.

In Texas, the Bodies of Migrants Who Perished in the Desert Provide Clues to the Living

"Well, invite Sean Hannity. Were not going to be schmoozed because you gave us some fish."

Osprey nest camera in Colorado

LePage, lawmakers fail to reach budget deal, triggering government shutdown

Your Fourth of July Quiz from the NYT

Timely: The South African Song that Moved a Nation & showed injustice can be defeated over time

Why would any of tRump's people turn on him?

Washington secretary of state will review voter data request

Just to be a troublemaker... Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Trump goes after states on voter data: 'What are they trying to hide?'

5 ways texas gop will try screw texans during abbott's special session

Says states are trying to hide things from commission

Trump's nominee to lead civil rights unit defended an anti-LGBT law

Skiers hit the slopes in bikini tops as California's endless winter endures a heat wave

After the president's tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda

Trump appoints anti-trans activist to key human rights post

The real "Pepe" the frog...

Months after departing the Oval Office, Barack Obama ...

A Roadmap to Campaign's Collusion with Russia

I Just Realized That Trump Is A Combination Of All The Bad Kids From....

Inslee rejects White House request for detailed voter data

I Only Protested the Affordable Care Act Because the President Was Black.Please Don't Take it Away

Why does Kobach think anyone would trust him with their state voter information?

Religious Privilege...

Yoyodyne Industries sends "Monkey Boy" tRump its Employee Voter Information (Satire)

Follow-up: UNBARLIEVABLE Protest: Group demands bar cut ties with owner

State Rep. Dawnna Dukes pleads 'unequivocally not guilty' ahead of October trial

Can the ACA be repealed with only a simple majority?

Vaquita porpoise: Dolphins deployed to save rare species

Vaquita porpoise: Dolphins deployed to save rare species

Former Reagan adviser Richard Clarke tells Maher that Russia hacking is far worse than people....

B.S. Study Claims Discarded Solar Panels Create More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Plants

Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Trump voter-fraud panel's data request a gold mine for hackers, experts warn

Kushner Nearly Bought the National Enquirer

Texas liquor agency rebuked after investigation of Spec's

How Trump Made Justin Trudeau a Global Superstar

What did you think when Trump refused to show his tax returns?

An inside view of the House Russia probe

How Can the Constitution Be Changed?

New head of Our Revolution Nina Turner on Unity with DEMS!!

BuzzFeed subpoenas feds for Trump dossier info

Submarine Cable Map -- 99% of Daily International Telecommunications Go Through Here

Everything We Think We Know about Politics is Wrong

89 year old built a train in his back yard with some new/old technology

Stop tweeting, please

Joy-Ann Reid grills Trumpcare shill defending free market in healthcare (VIDEO)

My column for this week's local paper.

New Drumpt Directive:

CBS News: No Staff Members Left In Science Division Of White House Office

It is amazing how some get so upset here when we tell Jill Stein off!

Ecuador Releases First Movie in Kichwa With Indigenous Actors

Schumer, Pelosi, and all dems should be screaming about Russian election hacking 24/7.

2018 US Senate Election-If Democrats contest every Republican held US Senate seat.

NASA Denies Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars

One of my neighbors has an old brown doggo, like mine

Brazil top prosecutor says more proof to come against president Temer

Brazil top prosecutor says more proof to come against president Temer

Texas Supreme Court rejects Tea Party challenge to campaign finance laws

Grateful Dead - Ripple (VIDEO)

Yes, Im a Progressive and a Patriot (Bear with me...but I just love this guy)

Peruvian Sportscaster's Racist Comments Trigger Outrage Across Two Countries

Donald will be filling his knickers with Mueller's latest team addition!

Protesters take over Maine State House on Day 1 of shutdown

Commentary: Canada's lamentable double standard towards Venezuela

Cubans Support its Government Close to the US Naval Base

It's time to go back to paper election ballots throughout the United States.

Hmmm. "Lord of the Rings" on TCM or CNN????

2020, North Korea, Gay Rights, Foreign Policy Turf War Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)


US Gov't Sanctions Fourth Company in 2017 to Worsen Blockade Against Cuba

to lighten things today - Trump's hairstyle - has anyone met...


Why Wont the Media Tell the Real Story of Trumps Military Strike in Syria?

The Russian Story is the real story, AMJoy, Rachel Maddow, are spot on!

U.S. deaths by police gunfire on track to reach 1,000 for third year in a row

The White House Now Has Zero Science Advisors

The National Enquirer's Fervor for Trump

Obama criticises Trump in Indonesia speech for withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Fyre Festival organiser Billy McFarland charged with wire fraud

GOPs latest worry: White House turmoil dividing Trump, Pence staffs

TPM - "White House Debating Future Of Obama-Era Council On Women And Girls"

Henceforth she shall be known as Sarah H Slanders.

AM Joy exposes Trump's lawyer's crooked enterprise that preys on evangelicals (VIDEO)

National Enquirer was the only publication attacked with anthrax after 9/11

Depressed Horses Reunited After Years Apart (Video)

A deadly brain-invading worm is spreading due to climate change

I now refer to him ONLY as:

Interstate CROSSCHECK has already been using voter info. that "Integrity" Commission seeks

Jill Stein: I Attended RT Dinner With Putin to Convince Russia Not to Wage War on Middle East

Dana Loesch Can't Believe People Are So Angry About Her NRA Ad That All But Calls for Civil War

South African Woman Catches a Cobra!

Afghanistan's All-Girl Robotics Team Can't Get Visas To The US

Donald Trump and the Republicans have successfully divided this country.

About a dangerous, demented president

Trump to 30 states "What are you trying to hide?"

Pence staffers weary of being on poopy diaper duty for Baby Donnie

FBI Employees Wear Comey Is My Homey Shirts To Family Day

Mueller is hiring A class people. Trump is struggling to find folks to fill positions.

What's your favorite line or lines from the movie "Airplane" (1980)?

Is everyone else getting MSNBC at their "Y"?

nice guffaw from Doonesbury Re: Kushner

Now that Nina Turner has declared that it's the job of Democrats to "fit in with us"...

Olivia de Havilland turns 101, fights 'Feud'

Bwahahahahaha. When Justin Trudeau sees this tweet.


2017 Horse Racing - 2017 San Carlos Stakes

So long as we have a free press...

2018 US Senate Election Landslide Margin Democratic Victory to Landslide Margin Republican victory.

'The President ... Says What He Wants to Say'...Elaine Chao aka Mrs. Mitch McConnell

The Republican Health-Care Lie Is Collapsing

Is the transformation of a vegetarian animal lover into a gardener who calls chipmunks and squirrels

I'm sketching ideas for my Impeachment Rally sign...

What do we feast upon, saturday July 1

This is just Freaking Crazy...

Joy Reid is just effing MAGNIFICENT!

The Mitch McConnell Sinkhole

Virginia Governor race 2017 - a Libertarian WILL be on the ballot

Donald Trump would be immediately fired for his crude tweets if he was anyone else, experts say

Check in please, how is everyone ?

Virginia Governor race 2017 - a Libertarian WILL be on the ballot

Nothing About the White Houses Syria Announcement Was Normal

A Yale historian has a chilling warning about what happens next with the Trump presidency

Make sure your state SOS says NO to CROSSCHECK as well as "Integrity" Commission

The Root: The Troubling History of the Most Racist Politician in America

My smackdown of bigoted jerk

Facebook just told Christians they're not allowed a 'cross' button

Former Reagan adviser Richard Clarke tells Bill Maher that Russia hacking is far worse than people r

White House turmoil dividing Trump and Pence staffs has GOP freaking out

Mr. Trump, you are a 71 year old has-been. There is NOTHING "modern" about you.

Oh. My. God...

Ukraine: Russian security services were behind cyberattack

Trump and Pence Staffs are Fueding

I'm not worried about Pence replacing Trump

Did some sleuthing into social security number fraud

I can't help but wonder/worry when Trump will push the nuke button just to show he can! n/t

Blue America reaches out to the world, ignoring Trump

Anarchy in the U.S. in the warped view of the NRA

Democracy Dies in Darkness. It seems to be happening.

Kathy Griffins art is looking more and more appealing with every Rump tweet.

White House Debating Future Of Obama-Era Council On Women And Girls

"What are you trying to hide"

I'm liking Joseph Kennedy III more and more

Gander Mountain closing local stores.

Armed 11-year-old boy saves fishing party from charging bear

I almost had serendipity today. I was taking a picture of a blue heron

He is not modern day presidential. He is modern day crazy AF!

Violent lightning storms, one of the joys of living in Florida

Trump's White House is all but ignoring Spanish speakers

Return of the Inauguration Crowd Size Matter, trump is still crying over the crowd size, he's crazy.

once kris kobach finds enough votes to declare don trump winner of the popular vote.....

So who should run against Trump in 2020

'Presidential diaper might need changing': Internet hilariously mocks Trumps latest Twitterstorm

Keep Digging That Hole, Donnie!

Trump Just Undermined The Work Of His Own Election Integrity Probe

Man arrested for drone intrusion over Goodwin Fire

Another entitled, abusive misogynist turns shooter. (Hospital shooting)

Man accidentally shoots self in leg at Gettysburg park rally

3.1 magnitude earthquake rocks area in northern Oklahoma

White House Debating Future Of Obama-Era Council On Women And Girls

Blue city - red state conflict in Texas and the rest of the country