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Need safety work shoes....steel or composite toes.

Tuskegee Syphilis Study descendants to seek settlement money

Hmm. ABC's Evan McMurry says "You'll wanna be online" for new Trump poll #s at midnight tonight

Georgia elections chief plans changes after security issues


Julian Castro addresses potential presidential run in 2020

Feds ask that judge's ruling on travel ban be put on hold

Driftless Hills Photography... amazing stuff

Do Spy Agencies Hold Answer to Dag Hammarskjolds Death? U.N. Wants to Know.

Alt-Right Mormon Mommy Blogger Destroyed on Twitter After Sexist Comments

Puerto Rico Moves on Tennessee Plan

Rescue planned to recover sunken Avro Arrow models from Lake Ontario

LOL! Trump told Theresa May he won't visit UK unless she can "fix it" so he has positive coverage

Quick help please.

Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort earned nearly $17m from Ukrainian party

Quick Help please

Student appears to topple art sculptures while taking a selfie at LA museum

Trump may reverse decision on climate accord, France's Macron says: JDD

Warning after ancient Preseli Hills monuments damaged

McCain to miss week, likely delaying healthcare vote

Go ahead and say it Ann, they gave it to this brown woman. That's what offends you.

If you think Donald Sr and Donald jr are bad, check out Fred Trump.

President Donald Trump urged Theresa May to 'fix better UK reception' for him

Congressman Lieu: SWAMP Act _Stop Waste And Misuse by President Orange

Special Legislative Session in Offing, Says Puerto RIco Governor, but No Date Set

No One Cares About Russia in the World Breitbart Made.

Favorite insults from books and movies

Brazil to open up 860,000 acres of protected Amazon rainforest to logging, mining and farming

Fake news?

Chelsea Clinton responds to Fox "The Five" Host over comments about her mother.

How Does the New 'Gene-Altering' Therapy Fight Cancer?

So then - who leaked the JOKE

At some point the Main Kompromat Tape will be made public and *45 will still be in the White House.

'Went to my expensive private club & rich people who play golf are stoked about the stock market'

CNN interview with die-hard Trump supporters: Delusional but reachable (VIDEO)

50 years of fighting for LGBTQ rights

Roy Moore introduces new book, "Abuse of Power: The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision."

Mccain may not make trumpcareless vote next week.

Gov. Ivey bans lobbyists from State boards and commissions

AG Marshall's campaign takes in questionable donations

"If Trump campaign can pay for Donald Jr.'s legal fees, it means the meeting was campaign related."

State Representative Ed Henry: Luther Strange is a "snake in the grass"

Pink Floyd star defends anti-Trump tour

Senate Trumpcare allows employers to refuse to cover birth control!!!

McCain having eye surgery, unavailable for the healthcare vote!

How to Talk to Your Teen About Colluding With Russia

Are you bored? Push Trump off a cliff!

GOP Eager to Repeal Rule that Allows Consumers to Sue Conniving Banks

Guns are fine racism is not: Armed redneck lefties are waging a different kind of war on Fascism

Private Equity: The New Neighborhood Loan Sharks Veterans of the Contract Buyers League hit the door

FLASHBACK: Mike Pence January 2017.

Hugh Hefner dead. Aged 91...

At what point does it become incitement to violence?

Profited off fundraiser for congressman

"Fix it for me so I get good press!" Donald J. Trump

Dear John McCain, Do Your Country Another Favor, Leave the GOP

Big legal bills

Maybe this isn't just about past Trump crimes. Could it also be about an ongoing Russian threat?

The Reichstag Fire Next Time - The coming crackdown

Descendants of Tuskegee syphilis subjects want settlement money

McCain didn't have "eye surgery." He had a craniotomy, which is brain surgery.

Huntsville closer to hosting Blue Origin rocket factory

United Airlines ticket give-away is a scam.

McConnell says he will "defer consideration" of TrumpCare while McCain recovers

Brazil's Environment Min proposes shrinking Amazon reserve

Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa to water the grassroots

Court Rules 12-year-old Girl Can Get Abortion

What's going on with Ivanka's hand here?

Neither will recover soon

Alex Jones rant as a Bon Iver song

Samford University Refuses $3M in Baptist Funding

Dog on a bike

Hillary: And then they found the evidence in his email...

VP Pence spreading fake news about Ohio and Medicaid

New Report shows Hate Crimes against Jews in the UK surged by 44% in last 2 years. Worst ever.

Bluebird Cam Update 7/11/2017

At Whataburger, Take a Number Means Something Entirely Different

Coulter and Merrick Garland now have something in common

What Koreans Think of Marijuana (T.O.P scandal) ASIAN BOSS

Ashley Madison $11.2 million settlement: Adultery website users eligible for up to $3,000

No One Cares About Russia in the World Breitbart Made



The GOP Just Tried to Troll Hillary Clinton on Healthcare. She Dropped the Mic Instead

My early choice for President in 2020? Pete Buttigieg


Governors skeptical after 'pretty atrocious' session with top Trump health officials

Ann Coulter Whines Delta Gave Someone Her Pre-Booked "No Body Sits Next To Me" Seat Twitter Pounces

Jamie Dimon laments "stupid shit" in current U.S. politics

The Threat to American Elections You Dont Know About But Should (not Russia)

ABC/WaPost Poll - Trump "Record Low"

Poll finds Trump standing weakened since springtime

The wall that will make America safe again

Jackson State Faces 'Belt-Tightening' Year

5th Circuit Must Rule on Petitions, Issue Mandate Before HB 1523 Becomes Law

Have GOP members of Congress forgotten the oath they swore

How to talk to your teen about colluding with Russia, by Tom Russell

Governors skeptical after 'pretty atrocious' session with top Trump health officials

Mississippi health network to collaborate with Aetna

Pasta, Herbs and Plenty of Melting Mozzarella

Union files for vote by workers at Nissan Canton plant

More whining from Ann Coulter

Nevada Is Out Of Weed And It's A State-Sanctioned Emergency

Are they in prison yet?

Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Japanese Phrases!

Six-Week Paid Leave Now Available To Nashville's City Workers

The GOP needs to be made so small you can fit it in a matchbox

White House Analyzes Plan That Would Dramatically Speed Up Deportations

Stir Fry: Clams with Spicy Ginger and Black Beans Sauce

Stephen Colbert - One Week Older, July 16 - Highlights of the Week

Senate Dems on Kid Rock run: We can't afford to treat this as a joke

White House pre-buts CBO healthcare score: 'Little more than fake news'

Sunday's Doonesbury- Analysis Session

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Alt History

Sunday's PBS toon - Wall

Are Muslim, gay, black and Jewish swimmers safe at the FINA World Championship in Budapest?

French Jews fume as prosecutors reject hate crime in Jewish womans murder

Vandalized Murfreesboro Mosque Plans To Ask For State, Federal Investigation

Why Federal Prosecutors Say A Nashville Man's Threats To Police Go Beyond Free Speech

Beavers Supporter Kay White Going to Run for Governor Herself


Karl Dean, Confident a Democrat Can Win the Governorship, Tours Memphis

McConnell: Senate Will 'Defer' Vote On Republican Health Care Bill

Statue of 'Scopes monkey trial' evolution backer unveiled in East Tennessee town

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Friend Or Foe Edition

Netanyahu attends ceremony for 75th anniversary of WWII roundup of Jews in Paris

Venezuelas Opposition-Led Symbolic Vote on Sunday Could Be Turning Point, Say Experts

Memphis hospitals engage in illegal billing practices, suits allege

Time for progressive tax reform in Kentucky

Kentucky Retirement Systems votes for tighter pension projection, lowering assumed investment rates

U.K. aides to May TRANSCRIBIN', senior diplomats LEAKIN', the VERDICT: U.S. President Snowflake

A Wrinkle In Time Official US Teaser Trailer

Bevin closes $152M budget shortfall and repeats call for tax reform

Eric Conn gave Kentucky lawyers a black eye. The new bar president wants to fix that.

BREAKING: In another budget cut, Mulvaney tells Bowling Green Massacre survivors to "get a job"

The Twit tweets: Hillary, Hillary, Hillary

At rural Pa. hospitals, a tense wait as Congress weighs funding changes

University of Louisville may sue James Ramsey, others to recover estimated $40M to $100M for founda-

Mitch McConnell is failing to defend democracy

Trump equates "Hillary illegally getting questions to the Debate" with Don Jr.'s Russia meeting.

Could Congress put horsemeat back on the menu in America?

Well that settles the issue once and for all.

Protections for sick Americans, once declared sacrosanct, now on chopping block in Obamacare repeal

Game of Thrones 7.1 "Dragonstone" - season premiere (spoiler alert)

Two arrested as Trump supporters, opponents face off at competing rallies in Hollywood

"Thank you for bring respect and strength back to the office"

Lawsuit alleges state is trying to sabotage initiative to repeal gas tax increase in California

French president Macron condemns anti-Zionism as a new form of anti-Semitism

Climate Change - Maize, rice, wheat: alarm at rising climate risk to vital crops

California water bill passes House, but Democrats vow to fight it in the Senate

look how happy taking health care away from millions makes these men......

Brad Parscale, DT Data Guru, met with DT at Trump Tower June 8, 2016

Australia's Prime Minister says laws of mathematics don't apply in his country


She put her kids in a plastic wagon then towed them with her car through traffic, police say

How much has our country changed in the last 6 months?

Arch foe of Sanders targets senator's wife -Boston Globe

Caitlyn Jenner Weighs Run for Senate

Antibiotic Resistant Disease About To Get A Helping Hand From Trump Budget Cuts

Americans give Trump lowest 6-month approval rating of any president in polls dating back 70 years:

Trump may have to use Obama's secret debt plan

Sick of the word Collusion!

Big student debt with no job? Trump blocks California's fight on predatory colleges

The Louisiana Environmental Apocalypse Road Trip

CalPERS beats earnings target for first time in three years

". . . waiting for our senators to give it to me." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I can assure 45 he will not get a positive reception. My British friends and family will see to that

Why Politicians Don't Give A Shit About Global Warming - Is It Because They're Old?

Xlnt question from Australian Foreign Minister: "I wonder if she could say the same of him?"

Trump: 'Fake' Media Is 'Distorting Democracy'

Will you ever be able to trust Republicans again?

Hmmmm.....Parscale was with Trump at Trump Tower on June 8, 2016.....

Sen. Kamala Harris is meeting with Hillary Clinton's biggest backers in the Hamptons

BC 2014 Toxic Mine Tailings Disaster Deeply Concered Gov. - Planned Mines Might Have Permit Problems

Soviet Veteran Who Met With Trump Jr. Is a Master of the Dark Arts

WH Daily Briefing...

Governors skeptical after 'pretty atrocious' session with top Trump health officials

At Least 2,100 Structures Submerged In Lake CO Alone; Rauner Declares Disaster Area N. Of Chicago

Russia Isn't Delivering for Donald Trump - By the NYT Editorial Board

Mama you ran from a civil war so I could be safe & get the education you didn't.

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of writing

Gross foods you love.

Trump asked Theresa May to "fix" british press-coverage for him.

I wish there were a Bernie Sanders figure in the republican party.

Is Putin funding anti-fracking groups? Republicans think so -- and so did Hillary Clinton

'I Know You Want to Change the Subject': Jake Tapper Confronts Jay Sekulow on Don Jr. Meeting

Private Equity: The New Neighborhood Loan Sharks Veterans of the Contract Buyers League hit the door

Wimbledon - Cilic has the trainer on and is in tears - spoiler

US citizen accused of 'infiltration' sentenced to 10 years: Iran judiciary

Just Listening To Some Of The Cable News Shows This A.M. And It's Clear The Repug &.....

Johnny Carson Predicts Little Don

Adam Schiff Drops A Bombshell By Showing How Trump Knew About Russia Collusion

Charley Pride's new album

President Lula has been subject to lawfare, the use of law for political aims

Ann Coulter's Lost Delta Seat: After Close Analysis,

As per tomorrow's Onion: "He speaks in tongues,"

UPDATED Trump Lawyer Blames Secret Service For Not Preemptively Stopping Jr.'s Meeting

IMO, Could DT45 pivot around to "Single Payer" and climate change???

White House Plans Messaging Campaign to Refocus Attention on Trump's Agenda

Throw him in the "high dungeon." Herb London, that is.

His parents said he just needed to sleep. A SWAT team came instead.

Eric Trump Leaves Plate Of Seared Foie Gras Outside Bedroom Door Of Despondent Donald Trump Jr.

Bought an 1801 Revere Ware 10" skillet (very good condition)

By a 2-to-1 margin, Americans prefer Obamacare to Republican replacements

Rubik's cube world championships live now

Trump rounds record-low 36 percent approval number to 40 and actually boasts it's 'not bad...

Chris Wallace pops Trump lawyer for 'ducking' on Jr.: 'It does show intent and willingness ...

There's gold in unregistered voters

Trumps Approval Stands at 50 Percent in the Counties That Fueled His Win

Republican governor (Kasich) fact-checks Pences lie about Medicaid

Schiff: Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting 'Clear Evidence' Of Intent To Collude

Cal Tjader was born on this date.

ONION: Eric Trump Leaves Plate Of Seared Foie Gras Outside Bedroom Door Of Despondent Don Jr.

Kasparov quote from twitter...

Trump lawyer blames Secret Service for not preemptively stopping Trump Jr.s Russia meeting

Windows 10 Question

The John Birch Society Is Back

Trump: His "almost 40%" approval rating in ABC/WaPo Poll "is not bad at this time"

Rand Paul: McConnell doesn't have votes for health care bill

So, Trumpcare has to wait for a vote until John McCain returns from his government paid-for surgery?

Keith Olbermann! Eric Trump! Texas Death Cage Match on is your front row seat.

Rupert Murdoch is about to gain the power to deliver targeted propaganda to millions of customers

More valuable than gold': Yellowstone businesses prepare to fight mining

Trump campaign and fundraising committees raise $13.9 million in second quarter

Another reason Senator Rand Paul is opposed to Trumpcare -- because he doesn't want to be blamed

Please do not click unless you have a cast iron stomach

Russian lawyer obtained Hill hearing seat from former Florida Trump campaign chair's husband

The Democrats' biggest donor says the party is blowing it and should get behind Bernie's platform

Trump triggers flood of Democratic candidates

GOP Crack Up- John Cornyn blocks former Kasich-McCain strategist on twitter

Roger Federer, at 35, wins Wimbledon for a record eighth time

Australian Foreign Minister on Trump's "rating" of Macron's wife

Warner: Trump Admin Has 'Clearly' Not Been Forthcoming On Russia Meddling

REAL LIFE DRAGON Of Sorts With 70-80 Foot Wing Span DID ONCE EXIST! And It Was Not Vegetarian.

Palm Painting - Clever and Fascinating

Telltale signs of a liar...

IMO, putting off the vote due to McCain just gives more time to sell a state by state

What kind of Healthcare do Russians have?

Jodie Whittaker is Doctor Who's Thirteenth Doctor

Maybe Repubs are quiet because they've used the Russians to cheat for years

Has Mueller explored this option?

Relocating to Cookeville

Surviving members of Eagles + Deacon Frey + Vince Gill: "Tequila Sunrise," last night Dodger Stadium

Trump receives lowest six-month approval rating of any president in polls dating back 70 yrs.

Russia didn't "meddle in the election"

Republicans have screwed up so badly on healthcare even their voters have noticed.

I hope Mueller has special team on Caputo

Tom Price admits that the new Trumpcare is only repeal, no replace

Tom Price admits that the new Trumpcare is only repeal, no replace

Richard Painter with Kate Bolduan Friday 7/14

Impeachment TV Commercial

Wow-Hackers tried to penetrate South Carolina's voter-registration system 150,000 times-Election Day

President Obama was right, we get the government we deserve

Islamophobia in The Time Of Trump

Lead culprits: Profiting from poison

Bill Clinton And George W. Bush Bond In Conversation About Leadership - Posted with no comment

Luckovich 'toon - Donald tusk

The Democrats' biggest donor says the party is blowing it and should get behind Bernie's platform

Just a thought, Yes we must protect freedom of speech when it comes to the news media.

Environmental Watchdogs Slam GOP "Climate Peacocks", Push For Real Action, Not Baby Steps

Primo wise-ass pool work

An absolute tragedy for American democracy...

Trump's Lawyer did it, He threw Junior under the bus

At the risk of sounding naive...

There's a stunningly beautiful hurricane in the Northeast Pacific

2020 US Senate Election Prediction.

What are you reading this week of July 16, 2017?

Doctor Who - Meet the new Doctor

BBC Reveals First Female 'Doctor Who' Lead

Trump approval THREE POINTS LOWER than Gerald Ford, five months after he pardoned Nixon.


Is there a record of where Trump was

Question of the Day: Will Trump stick around to hand out the trophy? *Warning: Disturbing Images*

Haters? Doubters? One LOOK at this photo of Trump at Besminster yesterday will PROVE he is WINNING.

Art Buchwald's list of excuses for Nixon defenders

Ex convict misses job interview to help motorist, Community Rallys Around Him

They "promised" to repeal Obamacare and these women with severely sick children voted

New book on the Iran deal, features John Kerry"in-depth interview"

Do you think it bothers Trump that he is loathed and mocked, especially by the so called elites?

Frying cheese, fresh tomato, prosciutto, and cinnamon basal

Netanyahu: Israel Opposes Cease-fire Deal Reached by U.S. and Russia in Southern Syria

"Cristie Kerr visits Donald Trump inside the presidential skybox"

Did Trumps lawyer accidentally make a huge confession about the meeting with the Russian lawyer?

California woman's 'selfie fail' allegedly destroys $200,000 worth of art

White House announces new theme weeks amid health care bill uncertainty

Wing nuts are out in force on MSNBC this late morning/afternoon bashing Democrats.

Shells hit Russian embassy compound in Syria

NYTimes: Trump Goes on Attack as Russia Revelations Appear to Take Toll

"When you call someone a traitor, people start shooting"

Angry Fellows

Gwyneth Paltrows Goop posted a defense of its jade eggs for vaginas. Its a mess.

Right now on CNN 118 Eastern, if you want to find out about the whole Donald Trump, Vladimir, dynami

Democrat John Norris launches bid for Iowa governor

TMR: Cop Wanted To Harass Regular Black Person, Not State's Attorney

Koterba toon: Trump handshake

Battle of Brooklyn grave site at heart of new conflict over development plans

Better call Jared: Netanyahu: Israel Opposes Cease-fire Deal Reached by U.S. and Russia in Syria..

Does anyone have any experience with zucchini flowers?

Most Hated Railway Puts 15-Year-Old In Charge Of Their Twitter Account, And Things Escalate Quickly

Eagles set list from last nights Classic-West concert....WOW!

TYT: Steve King: Poor Kids Are Too Fat, Cut Their Food Stamps

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 18: Southern Exposure

Why Kushner Won't Lose His Security Clearance

Trump attorney Sekulow: Secret Service allowed Don Jr. meeting, which proves it wasn't "nefarious."

RNC was right there with Parscale's/Kushner's data arm of the campaign

Contesting the 45th: big oil jumps in

Hello Everybody

She was right. Say it. The Bruni edition

TYT: Republican "Fiscal Conservatives" ALWAYS Balloon Debt To Justify Cuts

Susan Collins Says 8 to 10 Republican Senators Have 'Serious Concerns' About Health Care Bill

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 19: TCM Spotlight: 50 Years of Hitchcock

ISIL: Target Russia Thousands of ISIL fighters are training in the mountains of Afghanistan, plottin

How Big Is Iceberg A68? Would Cover All 50 States In 4.6" Of Ice; Form A Sphere 8 Miles In Diameter

100s Of Shearwaters, Starving Or Dead, Wash Up Near NYC In Unprecedented Mass Mortality Event

PSA: You might want to look up at the sky on Sunday night

Britain's biggest pug festival has come to Salford Quays... and it's amazing

If it's out of bounds to keep attacking Hillary, it's out of bounds to keep attacking Bernie.

Of Past 16 Summers, 11 Have Featured 12 Or More Megafires Of At Least 100,000 Acres In US West

Update on Ann Coulter's Delta airlines temper tantrum. Delta has explained

Sitting Next to Ann Coulter on an Airline Flight

WaPo Opinion - Dream Of "Clean Coal" Future Is Burning Up

first-timer to bleaching clothes, need help

On Australia's Northernmost Island, Seawall Failing, Roads Washing Away - "Island Is Being Eaten"

Yale historian warns Trumps rise perfectly mirrors frightening ascent of Fascism & Nazis in 1930's

Trump re-election campaign paid $50,000 to law firm now representing Donald Trump Jr.

The scam (sham?) of the republican healthcare bills....

NOLA Editorial - Louisiana Coast Will Keep Eroding While Waiting For Restoration Project Permits

What's your over-under that an ACA Repeal/Replace will happen before the 2018 midterms?

The future of McTurtle - pure speculation

Jodie Whittaker: Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord to be a woman

At a Luxury Complex in India, the Maids and the Madams Go to War.

Jodie Whittaker: Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord to be a woman

Some of Trump's people want the RNC to pay Russia related legal fees

UCS Study: Low-End Estimate - By 2100, 40% Of Gulf & E. Coast Seaside Cities Chronically Flooded

Somehow I missed this pic of Trump and friend

Things That Will Not Happen Before 2020

Man's New American Citizenship "Welcome Packet" Still Includes A Letter From President Obama

Sean Hannity: Professional goalpost-mover.

Have to give Le Grande Orange credit for this:

GOP wants to repeal&replace Obamacare, but wants to keep the name to keep bashing it.

You are a Fake Horse!

Hello! I have a technical question.

Unveils Made in America week

Well, Lunch party for the family is done.

13th Doctor Who Just Announced!

The real lesson of the Trump family's troubles? Nepotism doesn't pay.

Just heard on NPR

Have the Nats adequately addressed their Achilles heel?

nursing home visiting my mother a rant just pissed

Paging Doctor 13. SHE is wanted in the Tardis.

How to Write a Holy Text

Russia took 4 clear paths to meddle in the US election

A giggle for your day: How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb...

After delay, Senate Republicans struggle not to let healthcare stall

Controversy over Trump Jr. meeting shows no signs of losing steam

Gov. Inslee, GOP spar over vetoed tax break for manufacturers

The "rural/urban divide". It seems to exist in a lot of places.

Pages quit loading Firefox 52 on Windows Vista 32

Secret Service responds to Trump lawyer: Russia meeting not screened

Gavin Newsom Takes on San Francisco In Court

New Medicaid worry emerges for centrists

Healthcare Battle Exposes Republican Bigotry

Are we getting things done? Congressional Republicans disagree

Journalism: Joy-Ann Reid fact checks Trump apologist peddling lies in real time (VIDEO)

The GOP Getting Anything Done Is Like A Successful Execution.

Trump umbrellas shield Giulianis at big NYC wedding

Christopher Hitchens v Tony Blair on the good of religion

Texas 'bathroom bill' may shape 2018 GOP primary campaigns

Is it a sin to tell a trump?

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 16, 2017

Got to shake hands and exchange

It took us weeks, but we finally came up with a name for our kitten.

Trump's valiant attempt to build a sarcophagus around a political Chernobyl is failing badly nt.

Trump: My sons Russian collusion doesnt matter because Hillary Clinton broke debaterules

Question about the "timing" of the Secret Service Protection. . .

Conway: Criticism of me is 'gender-based'

Of course, it's all Obama's fault...

GOP opponents to Senate health-care bill see vote delay as an advantage

White House unveils 'Made in America' week, though many Trump products are made overseas

Stress of poverty, racism raise risk of Alzheimer's for African Americans, new research suggests

Any fans of Heart out there ??? I need your help !!! I was wrong !!! Mystery solved by Mister Ed.

For those pretending there's no value, for legal purposes, in the information Russians stole.....

America's current situation is just chickens from the '80s coming home to roost

"Time to clean the hairbrush"

U.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meeting

White House Science Division Now EMPTY

Trump is ushering in a dark new conservatism

So, IT does believe the polls after all. We were told he doesn't allow such info to reach him,

Uribe ignores court, calls columnist child molester and gets sued again

George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77

TYT: Steve King: Build The Wall, Starve The Poor

Tell Congress: Tax cuts for working families, not billionaires!

Senate Health Care Bill Still On Brink Of Passage As Moderate Critics Lay Low

Flash flood at Arizona swimming hole kills 7; more people missing

R.I.P. George "Night of the Living Dead" Romero

Imagine you are part of tRump's secret service

UAE hacked Qatari government sites, sparking regional upheaval, according to U.S. intelligence offic

CNN "The 90s" tonight. Two episodes I believe.

We have a problem in this country with Black violence (oh wait)

Where do you reside on the Innovation Adoption Spectrum?

Well worth a read

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 17 July 2017

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused foster son, child-welfare investigator found in 1984

"Democrats refuse to come to the table on healthcare"

Justin Trudeau met Justin-Trudeau

Australian woman killed in police shooting in Minneapolis: UPDATE

The reason it SEEMS we are living in an Alternate Reality

OK - when did you first see 'Night of the Living Dead'

Tonight on Merv Griffin, on Get-TV:

The Trump gang can't stop stepping on the their own toes?

Warning! There is a good chance that Trump will tweet about.......

"I suspect the president wanted to halt the little stroll that they were having"

The obvious solution to the homelessness and unemployment problems.

What is the point of the Russia hearings other than to affect