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Joy hosting for Chris Hayes

2014 Washington Post series, "Stop and Seize"

Trump thinks SENATOR Sessions should have recused himself, before getting the AG job.

John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

CNN reporting McCain diagnosed with brain cancer...

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Trump threatens Mueller and team...

The best article I've read about why we don't have single payer/universal healthcare...


Republicans hold an emergency meeting to revive their healthcare bill, it already sounds like a mess

Trump: Second Putin Huddle Only Lasted "15 Minutes"

John McCain has brain cancer.

Sanders Statement on CBO Score of Affordable Care Act Repeal

Joy in for Chris Hayes. Just talked about T threatening Mueller. Next up more on this.

Agree? Disagree? Indifferent?

I'm getting deeply resentful of people claiming the left or progressive label who do not prioritize

Hump Day beer buzzed ... Ask me anything.

🐦 July 20 at 9:20AM EST - Al Gore to join Sanders on Facebook Live

July 20 at 9:20AM EST - Al Gore to join Sanders on Facebook Live

US Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer: office

My sincere apologies. I didn't mean to post politics here.

It is time for America to stop Donald Trump

I have to have a flashing small animal wanted sign

I feel shame.

There were 48 immoral republicans who were willing to take health insurance away from 31M people.

Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video]

Meghan McCain's statement about her father.

Is Guantanamo large enough to handle the whole trump family, cabal and all GOP leaders?

GOP health care holdouts to meet tonight to work it out

Trump to nominate Raytheon VP, Gulf War vet as next Army secretary

Arizona will have two US Senate Races in 2018. McCain(R-AZ) has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Big German Bank, Key to Trumps Finances, Faces New Scrutiny

Senate Judiciary letters to Donald, Jr & Manafort, and Fusion

McCain couldn't wait to kill others

NYT: Trump businesses are under scrutiny from regulators examining if millions in loans pose a

Obama and Hillary both tweet good wishes for McCain. 45? Nada

The next time you hear Dumpty blame his failed policies on an uncooperative Congress...

Please overrule the jury decisions on the following

Cameroon tortures suspects at base used by U.S., French troops - Amnesty

Erik Prince is on NPR right now

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

First meeting of Trumps voting commission makes clear that suppression is thegoal

I'm not a McCain fan, but the news of him....

Ryan rescues Trump, strips bipartisan amendment to repeal authorization for use of militaryforce

Holy Shite - Rachel says we're now on Sessions resignation watch

Mysterious, Gross Yellow Fluff Balls Wash Up on French Shores

Hang in there Atty Gen Keebler! Make him fire you!!!!

Did chump ever express condolences for the 18 dead soldiers from the airplane crash in MIssissippi?

Maddow-just now saying on Sessions resignation Watch.

Beautiful tweet from Obama about McCain. Trump hasn't commented.

WAPO: McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

Netanyahu accidentally reveals Israel has struck Iran-backed fighters in Syria dozens of times

The heat is on. The heat is on on!!

Republican Senate chairman investigating Trump and Russia wont visit the White Houseanymore

Chicago Official Mocks Violence In Black Neighborhoods

"Deutsche Bank has been in contact with federal investigators about the Trump accounts"

Trump booster who frequently appeared on Fox Business failed to disclose payments from presidents r

once again, a senator's brain cancer plays a role in health care law

Question: By doing this interview and basically setting up Sessions and others to resign

*Schaub ('retired' ethics officer) coming up on Rachel show.

I *know* I'm not the only one *LOL-ing* at DRUMPF's throwing SESSIONS & whomever under the bus 2nite

The great cruelty of conservatism is the moralization and ownership of random happenstance...

Mark your calendar!!!!!!!! Senate Judiciary Committee PUBLIC Hearing on Wednesday July 26th

Wonder if Christie is fluffing Trumpy for Session's job...

Trump's Statement regarding John McCain's brain cancer diagnosis

I got to say this...You would make a better president than Trump...So would I !!!

About Rachel's guest. How would it be "standing up to Trump" for Sessions and Rosenstein

NYT interview Trump suggests FBI director should, in future,report directly to him,not AG or congres

Priebus & Bannon dispatched Lewandowski & Dave Bossie to press Sen. Mike Lee to support Senate healt

"I'm not under investigation. For what? I didn't do anything wrong."

New exoplanet-hunting camera fires up in Chile

Suspected Isis fighter seized in Mosul may be missing German girl, 16

So Trump & Sessions are on the outs, looks like. Who will be he next AG?

This will end in complete and absolute disgrace for Don the Con and his family


Really bad.,fast moving storm with potential for tornado bursts moving thru Madison WI right now.

*Walter Schaub, ethics guy, on Rachel show NOW.

Obama sends well wishes to McCain: 'Cancer doesn't know what it's up against'

The ACA almost didn't make. We had just lost Ted Kennedy, and Massachucets just elected Scott Brown

McCain diagnosis, the sound of crickets chirping in the golden bathroom

I Kept My Doctor And My Plan

Is Trump more upset at Sessions himself or the situation around him?

Trump: I never would have hired Sessions if I knew he'd recuse

Godspeed Sen. McCain on your fight against cancer.

so what's the dems response to sessions and the cops stealing everything we own now?

Stephen Colbert Visits Trump's Hotel Room in Moscow

A Melting Swiss Glacier Has Revealed a Missing Couple Buried 75 Years Ago

He hates the NYT and accuses them of being fake news, then gives them a big interview

A reporter broke White House rules by streaming live audio of an off-camera briefing

Even the Russians wanted a note taker present in the Trump/Putin bilateral meeting, Trump refused

il drumpf knows he's going under

Trump is destroying his own cabinet, word by word!

Slow Motion Cornered Rat Movie playing out in real life.

Know what Trump promised Putin during their after-dinner chat?

The problem with glioblastoma is that completely removing all the visible tumor --as the surgeon did

UN warned not to whitewash 'grave violations against children' in Yemen

Every time drumf makes threats there is a flood of leaks

Seems to be a lot of confidence here

What will Trump tweet regarding McCain?

Democratic Leaders are simply empathetic and compassionate. Kerry to McCain

Fucking Wingers.

Majority Report: Mitch McConnell is very disappointed in everyone

Poland may be stripped of EU voting rights over judicial independence

The NYTimes: more stories about the DT interview are forthcoming. Drip. Drip. Drip.

US Rep Mark Amodei(R-NV) is one of the US House Republicans angry at the US Senate for not passing

Robots take over retail jobs

Why I'm a Democrat: Senator Al Franken

In NYT interview, Trump says second meeting with Putin was about adoptions--no, really--

Trump tweet on McCain:

When did it start being inappropriate to start excoriating Bernie? At the beginning of the year,

Trump just nominated a climate skeptic to USDA's top science post

Speaking of Other Awfulness They're Trying to Slip Through

O'Donnell thinks Trump's threat to Mueller may have given Mueller MORE evidence of obstruction...

Pentagon voices 'concerns' after Turkish news agency posts map of U.S. bases in Syria

2017 is so unexpectedly warm it is freaking out climate scientists

If Sessions doesn't resign I'll assume that NYT interview was kabuki theater....

A Better Way for Venezuela Gustavo Dudamel

Joel Clement: I'm a scientist. I'm blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.

"I don't make money from Russia" - "I don't do business with Russia" - from NYT (edited)

Why don't the House and Senate write McCain-Care

Two Scoops' ignorance of fundamental governance is stunning.

Source: Senate leaders to offer $200 billion to win over moderates

He's such a big fucking whiny baby.

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell is live now.

Just finished watching Chasing Coral. WOW.

Kelly: States should ask feds for help to secure elections

Kelly: States should ask feds for help to secure elections

Peru's jailed ex-leader Fujimori backs son as opposition splits

House panel approves budget measure that advances tax reform

I'll be the first to admit that I've said some pretty mean stuff about John McCain over the years...

I do not think Sessions will resign, even as Trump has denounced him in public. He is in

U.S., China fail to agree on trade issues, casting doubt on other issues

O'Donnell says McCain has let Trump know that he can count on his vote on the healthcare bill.

Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty in U.S. offshore tax case

I finally got the "fix your computer" foreign scammers to stop calling me.

My brother had his first chemo and radiation therapy for brain cancer today.

trump's threat to Mueller not to investigate his finances or get fired if he does, that sounds to me

Transgender 'bathroom buddy' photo with Texas governor stirs tempest

Anybody else get the feeling,,,,,

Trump tried to obstruct justice again

It is coming down hard and fast that we may need an hourly post by "TheFerret" just to keep up BUT

What the hell are we going to do!?!?!?!

It All Makes Sense Now, Trumps Presidency Is An MC Escher Drawing

Gupta says the kind of brain cancer that McCain has is similar to what Kennedy and Beau Biden had

McCain could be a hero AGAIN (and the GOP for the first time) if

So tRump.

DU husbands. Is it really unreasonable of me to ask my husband update

Jujutsu politics

So what will happen if Trump fires Mueller? Or what can happen?

Here's what's so stunning. trump doesn't know or give a shit what's in the 'healthcare' bill

Guess what I just saw? DirecTvNow has ad with Rachel Maddow's pic on it.

Grace Petrie-God Save The Hungry

BOOK: "Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America"

Are the attacks on Bernie and Jane Sanders based on hearsay only? Any actual proof of misdoing?

New exoplanet-hunting camera fires up in Chile

Anyone watched Samantha Bee this evening?

well they spotted something with McCain

Resignation Watch: Donald Trump Lashes Sessions,

Interesting how Trump gave the interview to the New York Times

Missouri GOP coalescing around Hawley to challenge McCaskill

A Top Rohrabacher Aide Is Ousted After Russia Revelations

Area 51 UFO Documentary

Any Word On Michael Moore's New Documentary On Trump?.....

Could Congress reappoint Mueller?

My Take On Things

Seth Myers: NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Talks Suing Donald Trump

Stupid Dumbasses

I know that this is premature....But in the event ......

Please pay attention

The Daily Show: Toying with Russia - 7/19/17

The issue that should bridge the aisle

McCain To Receive Medical Treatment He Was Expected To Vote To Deny Others. How Ironic.

McDonnell Would Be Brazen Enough To Fly McCain In To Repeal Obamacare.

I wanna listen to talks in the white house.

Seth Myers: Trump Tries to Revive His Failed Health Care Bill: A Closer Look - 7/19/17

Samantha Bee: Trump's Voter 'Integrity' Commission; Louie Gohmert's Freestyle History Lesson

That's it! I'm going to bed and I'm taking my camouflage bed with me!

Trump declares war on rule of law, attacks every top law enforcement official in America - TP


Speaking of glioblastoma

Pro-Trump TV pundits firm took undisclosed payments from Trump campaign

NYT: Manafort in debt to pro-Russia interests by $17M before joining Trump's campaign

9 y.o. N.Mexico boy finds 1.2 million y.o. Stegomastodon fossil

Seems tRump took this to heart

McCain compared to Teddy Kennedy

Stephen Colbert: The G20 Waitstaff Know What Trump And Putin Talked About

Top Jobs Go Vacant Under Trump

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 7/19/17

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Republican Losers

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - PINO

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Six months to the day

Immigration by the numbers - TheOnion

Gov. Abbott expands special session after Senates midnight action

How the dark webs gunrunners covertly ship US weapons to Europe

Grandma gets stopped for bag of Round Rock Donuts at airport security

Austin lawmaker asks Abbott to explain militia groups presence

Dear Mr. President

Democrats file no confidence resolution against Trump, listing 88 reasons why he is unfit to serve

Florida man shoots AT&T work trucks parked in front of his home, police say

House Democrats are starting to outraise their Republican counterparts

Dark New Territory

Indigenous rock shelter in Top End pushes Australia's human history back to 65,000 years

Trump on Macron: "He's a great guy smart, strong, loves holding my hand"...

Trump went completely off the tracks last night in that NYT interview.

Top 12 pre-impeachment collectibles Hurry before Trump is gone! by Mark Morford

Trump-Putin Meeting Raises Red Flags for National Security Experts

Trump goes off-script and fumes about Sessions and Russia probe

Mexico City floating farms, chefs team up to save tradition

Live-stream Link: July 21 Ziggy Marley - We Are the People Tour - Burlington, VT

Local heat index today 105. I brushed out the dog's fur. She hates being hot.

What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like Style Out There Refinery29

Austin dentist in toddler death sues Nancy Grace, other media outlets

Stephen Colbert: How To Be a Russian Oligarch with Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov

Trump to republican Senators: No summer vacation for you unless you pass my bill

On cancer and "toughness"

So what is "adoption" really a code word for?

About the "Dems need to move further left" theory.

Trumps Trick as Repeal and Replace Bills Fall Short: Help Obamacare Kill Itself

Wittes: Why the "main-stream media" is still a better source for information than Twitter or altnews

You Can Draw a Straight Line from the 2000 Recount to 2016 Voter Suppression

Georgia Mayor Lashes Out at Atheist Who Criticized In God We Trust on Cop Cars

Right-Winger: Megyn Kellys Ratings Stink Because Liberal Men Are All Gay

Gallup Finds Huge Drop in People Who Belong to a Specific Christian Denomination

Sally Yates tweet this morning - "violation"

Mariposa CA Fire Doubles To 45K Acres Overnight; Smoke Reaching As Far As Idaho

Do-over: 1 in 8 people who voted for Trump want to change their vote - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Trump Ends CIA Arms Support For Anti-Assad Syria Rebels

If the Founding Fathers had a crystal ball and could see the future

Reptile Cult Feud Over Raw Meat Ends in Death

"...critics of... Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways..."

Remember this Eric Holder tweet at midnight on 6/30/2017?

Four deferments for college. One for bone spurs in his heels. Meanwhile, others served.

Did you hear what Trump claims he was talking to Putin about in that second meeting?

The Dept. of Justice is the Police Department. The Atty General is the

Anti-Maduro strike paralyzes swathes of Venezuela

Larsen C - A68, Remaining Shelf Both Show Expanding Cracks; Stabilization Point At Risk Of Calving

Halfway Through, 2017 Tracking As The Second-Hottest Year On Record

Donald Trump thinks, health-insurance costs $12 a year.

Trump and Putin did not have a secret G20 meeting: Kremlin

Trumps Trolls Are Waging War on Americas Civil Servants

Russia says in talks with U.S. to create cyber security working group: RIA

Do we know that Trump didn't lift sanctions and return compounds in that 2nd G20 "talk"?

Trump lost popular vote to noncitizen voters?

Trump can't fire Sessions

"A lawyer, a spy, a mob boss, and a money launder walk into a bar..."

Republicans could target Obamacare tax in wider tax overhaul - Brady

Republicans could target Obamacare tax in wider tax overhaul - Brady

The Senate Judiciary committee is asking Don Jr to turn over communications he had with Jill Stein

7/18/17 Drought Monitor - Northern Plains Drought Intensifies, Wheat And Pasture Burning Up

Pennsylvania parents get jail time in 'gifted' girls case

NY Times Trump, "I'm not under investigation. For what? I didn't do anything wrong."

Minneapolis fatal cop shooting of white woman does not absolve institutional racism

GOP senator: "Trump doesn't scare anybody in the Senate, not even the pages"

History for inspiration. Fact for hope.

Texas senators will debate 'bathroom bill' on Friday morning

So this is what tRump and Pudding discussed

rand paul says the cbo is just guess work like astrology

It's a bit distressing that Rachel ran out of time last night. I wonder what else she had ready.

THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN. Team Trump Used Obamacare Money to Run PR Effort Against It

The Onion fact checks trump

Medicare/Social Security On The Block Next W/ HUGE Cuts.

Hill investigators, Trump staff look to Facebook for critical answers

Treatment of glioblastoma is not cheap, and yet right now in Congress the republicans are talking

It is Facebook's time in the barrel

Something Trump said doesn't make sense

What If Trump Fires Mueller/Pardons All The Principals & GOP Just Stands By Him?

Happy 79th 🎂 Diana aka Emma!

Air Safety Video from British Airways

Trump Reflects on World History During NYT Interview: 'Same Thing Happened to Hitler'

The City Celebrating Putin, Trump & a Notorious War Criminal

Not to toot my own horn, but I told you all the Agalarovs were front and center months ago....

Trump's hand gestures at G20 dinner to get Putin's attention. Make of them what you will.

Argentina's Macri mulls sale of ARSAT 3 to top spy satellite maker Hughes

Who was the Repub creep on Cuomo who wants the Weiner emails?

Happy 70th 🎂 Carlos!

Russia says in talks with U.S. to create cyber security working group: RIA

#SenecaFalls marked the birth of the fight for womens rights. From the right to vote to health care

So A) Trump doesn't realize Japan's first lady speaks english OR B) She chose not to around him...

This mornings' scorch marks across Trump's ass are courtesy of Preet Bharara.

Russia says in talks with U.S. to create cyber security working group: RIA

Sally Yates: Trump Attacks on DOJ Violate 'Bedrock Principle of Our Democracy'

Pro-Trump TV pundits firm took undisclosed payments from Trump campaign

WaPo's article on Trump's NYT interview is terrific.

Fox News' Jesse Watters Trolled by Fake Antifa Activist

"Repeal Obamacare, Replace Later" ALREADY Dead

More Trump drivel

"A Bad GOP Dream" (Wall St. Jounal today.)

Two strong women to watch. Kamala Harris and Sally Yates.

#NOTHINGMATTERS. Trump Takes Four Health Care Positions in 48 Hours, Aides Shrug

DNC Chairman Tom Perez plots strategy with Texas Democrats

Democracy In Chains - riveting - and I only read the reviews

Pic Of The Moment: So What If Trump Had A Secret One-On-One Meeting With Putin At G20?

Crown Prosecutor Chaika seems good

NYT Compares 'Fox & Friends' to Dora the Explorer

45 is an abusive husband, and america isn't willing to press charges: "He'll change."

French singer Barbara Weldens dies on stage in concert

"Do I look like a witch? What's wrong with everybody?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

How does Trump Get Away

Should a "McCain Standard" be part and parcel to any debate on healthcare?

Deputy AG Rosenstein Pretty Much Throws Comey Under Bus Over Memos

The President vs. Federal Law Enforcement: Trump Attacks Everyone (Benjamin Wittes)

Tight U.S. labor market appears to be leading to better pay for workers earning the least

Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments

Senator McCain will receive state-of-the-art treatment

Russians urged Trump to bring note taker to Putin meeting - but he was too paranoid about leaks

An anonymous neighbor criticized her lawn care. She responded with 100 pink flamingos

U.S. may grab $100 billion bounty as hedge-fund managers pay taxes

AG Sessions about to give a Press Conference

Conway: Senators Who Vote Against Repeal 'Will Be Held Accountable'

I wish John McCain well, but he was going to vote to deny healthcare from millions of Americans.

Jeff Sessions is going to speak officially soon (podium, flag, the works).

Six Months - 991 tweets, 0 major legislation - CNN - the dumpster by the numbers

Has Chump publically stated any sympathy for McCain and his family?

Not Deep Throat: The Trump Scandal Figure Who's Too Open For His Own Good

Judiciary Committee Requests Trump Campaign's Correspondence with Jill Stein, List of 40 Others

Must Read - Charles Blow describes the median Trump supporter to a tee

Trump is the King of Word Salads

Fortune Cookie Day: Jennifer 8. Lee's "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles"

Refried Beans recipe - Pinto Beans

So much for those "pillars", eh, Krauthammer?

"The senator from Kentucky (Rand Paul) is now working for Vladimir Putin." - Senator John McCain

Critical moments in World History.

I have undeniable proof that the US-government does not have contact with aliens, magic etc.

I'm tired of hearing about "being classy"

I am tired and need an internet break.

This is much bigger than that scumbag Sessions so

Ted Nugent is going to be playing at my county fair this weekend.

It takes 19 minimum wages to buy ONE food basket in Venezuela

Sessions IS staying after all.

Treasury fines Exxon Mobil $2 million for violating Russia sanctions while Tillerson was CEO

Rosenstein and weasel Sessions state they will NOT resign. CNN presser

Conservative activists, media frame health-care battle as Trump against the world

Zombie Attorney General?

Breaking from Bloomberg: Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions

Sears to Sell Kenmore Brand on Amazon

China Showers Myanmar With Attention, as Trump Looks Elsewhere

Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions

U.S. Justice Department shuts down dark web bazaar AlphaBay

When MSNBC is going to show a double rimjob on TV...

Can someone tell the idiot blotus he is supposed to be "president" to ALL not just repukes

GOP Rep. On Trump: 'The President Is A Distraction' And Never Learns

Why Not Call It Treason?

Trump: 836 false or misleading claims since January.

Republicans lament an agenda in 'quicksand'

Betty Dukes, Greeter Whose Walmart Lawsuit Went to Supreme Court, Dies at 67

White House details environmental deregulatory plan

Even zoo animals suffer under Chavismo at Caracas zoo.

CEO Of CSX Rail: Not Buying More Engines For Coal Trains: "Fossil Fuels Are Dead", Long-Term

How Democrats Won the Healthcare War

Wray's FBI nomination approved by Senate committee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to stay in role, despite Trump's comments about him

I wonder if Red Hat Linux is having second thoughts about the name of their product ...

US has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the developed world

The Hill Staffer at the Center of the Russia Intrigue

WOW! President Trump clearly explains pre-existing conditions so that even I can understand them!

Who will be Rat #1, Junior, Jared, or Steve?

Attorney General Jeff Session explains why he will remain in his position after Trump remarks

Pic Of The Moment: With Health Care Fight At Critical Moment, Trump Has No Clue What He's Doing

Treasury fines Exxon Mobil $2 million for violating Russia sanctions while SoS Tiller was CEO

Rand Paul Agrees With Trump: Sessions Shouldn't Have Recused Himself

I'm reading the New York Times' transcript of their interview with the Madman.

For 1st time, over half of people with HIV taking AIDS drugs

"the cake is already baked" say outside experts; ACLU--Kobach wants to dismantle the National Voter

A Top Rohrabacher Aide Is Ousted After Russia Revelations

Trumps leaks crackdown sends chills through national security world

time for another rally, Loser 45 needs to feel the love somewhere

Should OJ be paroled?

"I've seen something like 50 articles about "the Left" this week ..."

Portraits of Far-away people

What is the amount this healthcare repeal has cost so far? I saw a total several months ago,

"What do you get when you cross a Russian, an email and an idiot?"

Kobach is a 'useful idiot' for Russia - By Jennifer Rubin

Unhinged RW blogger set to be confirmed for powerful judgeship

Chile takes steps to legalize abortion in certain cases

Chile takes steps to legalize abortion in certain cases

Wow! Blumenthal just said Trump knew about Jr's emails

Trump's deeply worrisome New York Times interview reveals a lawless president - By Greg Sargent

Chile takes steps to legalize abortion in certain cases

The Life of a South Central Statistic

Next time you meet an Evangelical... :D

No, President Trump, Sessionss recusal is not 'very unfair' to you. This is Ethics 101 - Ruth Marcus

Cannabis Revenue In Colorado Rises Above Half A Billion

Insurance For $12? Trump Betrays Health Care Ignorance In NYT Interview

Trump set a red line for Robert Mueller. And now Mueller has reportedly crossed it.

The Japanese First Lady might have pretended not to speak English to avoid chatting with Trump

female blackout day

Harley-Davidson is eliminating 180 jobs after earnings fall from weaker U.S. sales

India Elects Untouchable President From Lowest Dalit Caste

Strange Hand Gestures - Trump/Putin at G20 Dinner

My cancer/Obamacare story

Considering Trumps Legal Position (and Problems) After the New York Times Interview

IMO, the Democratic Party platform should be limited to 5 bullet points.

The Times Interview, Annotated - Josh Marshall

U.S. Justice Department drops $3 million Harley-Davidson emissions penalty

KO: A Timeline of Treason Kellyanne Conway said she wants to see evidence of systemic, sustained, f

KO:A Timeline of Treason Kellyanne Conway said she wants to see evidence of systemic, sustained, fu

"I saw Dems Scream Death open for Black Sabbath once."

GOP reverses course on healthcare

Transgender wrestling champ has a message for Texas lawmakers mulling 'bathroom bill'

Talking about Sanders statement of a possible run in 2020 and positioning self.

Trump did not win the election, Russia did!

Dems see huge field emerging to take on Trump

GOP Rep (Duncan Hunter) under FBI investigation has spent $336,664 on law firms

New today from McCain: the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin

As repeal and replace falters, more say GOP should abandon repeal plan

Can we give decent burial to the meme that Bernie Sanders didn't appeal to black voters.

" He wants to remain a senator, doesn't he ? "

samantha bee on trump's voter integrity commission

Trending hashtag #TrumpsFinalDaysMovieTitle..... Some of these are good

What should the Democratic message be in 18? This article addresses all points of view.

BREAKING: CBO: Premiums will increase by ***$11,500*** for a 64-year old with middle income

Martin Landau 'A Look Back': "A Great Actor, One of the Sweetest Guys in the World"

Ark Encounters Latest Attempt to Avoid Paying Citys Safety Fee? Rejected.

Muslim Woman Faces Online Hate After Entering Race to Become AZ Senator

If Atheists Talked Like Christians, It Would Sound Like This (Continued)

colbert on how to be a russian oligarch


Trump on more U.S. troops in Afghanistan: 'We'll see'

The President of the United States thinks health insurance costs $12 per year

Sally Yates: Trump attack on Sessions violates 'bedrock principle of our democracy'

Toronto hotel removes the TRUMP name To attract customers

Christie's last big move could be filling Menendez's seat

Charles P Pierce - There Is No One Trump Won't Throw Under the Bus

The latest Trump interview once again reveals total disregard for the rule of law

Houston energy lawyer to challenge Cruz In 2018

Trump Administration (Quietly) Preparing Texas Wildlife Refuge for First Border Wall Segment

Climate Scientist Says He Was Demoted For Speaking Out On Climate Change

The return of welfare reform

Everyone Hates Neoliberals, So We Talked to Some

More right-wing media focused on the Minnesota cop who shot a woman...

Lewandowski: Trump's Putin meeting really just a conversation with first lady


OK, watching the OJ parole hearing......he actually looks like he's enjoying himself

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota - Beautiful Waterfalls!

O.J. is on ABC, CBS, NBC, and all the cable news channels

Pinky and the Brain

Donald Trumps Oldest Sons Are Reportedly Jealous of Jared Kushner

Sorry, but......

Jeff Sessions Just Revived a Policy Nobody Supports Why is the Justice Department going backwards?

If the OJ trial is on TV again, and Zima's back on store shelves, all things being fair....

Warren: 'I'd be very glad' for Sessions to quit

History of how Putin came to power and other important insights

Second-built Samba discovered in a field, to undergo restoration

I think we should henceforth start calling Putin Trump's Sugar Vladdy...

CBO: 22 Million More Uninsured Under Latest Version Of Senate Trumpcare Bill

Trump Terrorist Regime Used Obamacare Money to Run Massive PR Efforts Against It

Chump Gallup 36/59, one point off an all time low

Left-Center-Right: There is no single political reality

San Antonio-area Trump supporter threatened Cruz, sources say

Simpson- "Nobody has ever accused me of pulling a weapon on them."

O.J. doesn't seem to be doing himself any favors.

Don't You Need To Admit Wrongdoing When Up For Parole?

Did Jill Stein help Russia elect Trump?

People Are Being Punished for the Crime of Having an Ethnic Last Name (w/guest Greg Palast)

In twist of fate, Venezuelans flee Maduro dictatorship and return to Spain

Why I still GO to the theater!

Game of Thrones - the Libertarian Edition

OJ has no self awareness.

Protests in DC and nationwide, Sat July 29find one here and RT:

excuse me, my mind is trying to think about other things....OJ direct quote

Florida man...

Happy 48th anniversary, the Apollo 11 lunar landing

Great article by Kathy O'Bradovich concerning the sexual harassment verdict

OJ Just Said He Has 4 Kids

Trump Admits He Would Obstruct Justice If He Only Knew How

STEM Majors Who Excel On The LSAT Have No Interest In Law School

CBO: 22 million would lose coverage under Senate ObamaCare replacement

Chechnya's leader defends families committing 'honor killings' of gay relatives

Nike Introduces New Line Of Sauce-Wicking Competitive Eating Apparel

Twitter Video: On the issue of youth unemployment.

Rhode Island bans ex-gay 'conversion therapy' torture aimed at LGBT youth

Rockwell Collins plans job cuts in Everett as it moves work to the Philippines

The BoringLoop? Elon Musk Plans Tunnel-Based Hyperloop From New York To D.C.

We're being subjected to OJ with all

These OJ hearings serve a purpose. They show how unalterable personality is.

John McCain's Brain Cancer Diagnosis Shakes Up Washington

Sunday Talk Shows

House GOP Leaders Can't Get Votes for Budget

University of North Texas lab identifies another victim of bizarre killer John Wayne Gacy

Trump counterterrorism adviser blames Russia for election hacks

Fire destroys at least 20 boats at marina on Lake Texoma

Grassley and Graham trying to undermine the special counsel


Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention (first such) 19-20 July 1848

Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention (the first) 19-20 July 1848

Twitter Video: ... we have a president who wants millions of people to suffer ...

Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention (the first) 19-20 Juy 1848

Harley-Davidson laying off 83 employees in the Milwaukee area, union confirms

Milbank: Heaven help Calista Gingrich as Vatican ambassador

One Afternoon in Seneca Falls: A day spent reflecting on battles won and battles left to go.

One Afternoon in Seneca Falls: A day spent reflecting on battles won and battles left to go.

One Afternoon in Seneca Falls: A day spent reflecting on battles won and battles left to go.

GOP signals infrastructure bill must wait


Sir, May I interest you in an Aircraft Carrier? - We're #1

Don't get me wrong on this!

Seneca Falls' (the musical) to open in Margaretville

Seneca Falls' (the musical) to open in Margaretville

Women are leading the resistance. These three can lead it all the way to the Virginia capitol

Xanda, son of Cecil the lion, 'killed by hunter' in Zimbabwe

Lena Dunham joins 'American Horror Story' in season 7

since two scoops projects about everything, why are we not looking into how many

Harley-Davidson Announces Layoffs. Sales are Down

Senate confirms judge who equated abortion with slavery

CRIME Rapist Loses Member To Anti-Rape Device; Instant Justice!

BREAKING NEWS: Linkin Park singer and father-of-six Chester Bennington commits suicide

new petition up

Trump threatens electoral consequences for senators who oppose health bill.


Afghan Girls Robotics Team Wins Limelight at Competition

Abortion rights groups sue Texas over procedure ban

Afghan Girls Robotics Team Wins Limelight at Competition


Uriah Heep Fans!

Slate. "The Law Is Irrelevant to Donald Trump"

New Democratic Party slogan revealed...

Why does Trump continue to give LONG interviews to "unfriendly" newspapers like the NYT?

Where do you stand?????

...and the fight continues...

Cal Poly has commemorative plaque next to the restroom where "My Bologna" was recorded

The citizens of Seattle are not going to pay blackmail for constitutional policing

Argh: Modern Pet Peeve: Use of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" at memorial services.

65% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents say they are likely to vote next year

Trump officially nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDAs top scientist

OJ Granted Parole...

BREAKING: Simpson wins release

OJ Simpson just granted parole.

Bedminster Qualifies for Federal Funding for Trump Expenses

Richard Painter on Christians in name only

Since it's apparently 1994 all over again, does it mean that Bill Clinton can be POTUS again?

When do we see OJ and trump on the golf course???

For Fucks Sake MSM!

Elon Musk Says He Has 'Verbal' OK To Build N.Y.-D.C. Hyperloop

The Juice Is Loose Baby!!!!

Looks like @***** plans to be in Bedminster from Aug. 3-20

What happens when you give a two-year old a classic ethical problem to solve?

If you're really a liberal, you must applaud the Simpson parole.

Trump's NYTimes interview annotated by Josh Marshall

Burundi High School Robotics Team Reported Missing In D.C.

Lead singer of Linkin Park commits suicide

How EVERY Nickelback song is written

No Shelter for Trump

What actual news are they cloaking with the extended coverage of Simpson?

Slate - interesting - "What Its Like to Interview Donald Trump"

Not sure if this is true but I can hope, right?

All the Simpson parole did today was

Buried oil from Deepwater Horizon disaster still harming wetlands

Chester Bennington Singer for Linkin Park..

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Dead at 41

Deutsche Bank agrees to hand over Trump records to investigators and they may contain Russia probe

"Mexicans" from INDIANA! "Baltimoreans" from PHILADELPHIA! Trump's alternate geography strikes again

Repeal with a Delay is Simply Repeal Alone

Florida Man - LOL

John McCain's Long Journey In Public Life......

The Senate is voting TODAY on horse-slaughter - PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATOR!!

Gore: Progressive ideas 'gaining ground' among Democrats

Nearly 550 German Choirboys Abused At Renowned Catholic School, Report Say

Cecil the lions son killed in a trophy hunt in Zimbabwe, officials say

Donnie cannot pardon himself from impeachment.

Key Trumpcare Holdout Says He's A Yes If Guaranteed A Vote On His Amendment

Facebook was where Pakistan could debate religion. Now it's a tool to punish 'blasphemers'

May, 2016. "From Trump Tower." ***3 weeks before Don Jr Meeting***

Gov. Paul LePage may seek U.S. Senate seat after all

'Pizzagate' Promoter Responds To ADL's Alt-Right List With Video From Auschwitz

How O.J Simpson gave the world Kim Kardashian and the reality TV genre

The Insecurity Of America's Old And Underfunded Voting Systems - 19:36 - Fresh Air


LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: TWould Trump revive Trumpcare as single-payer Medicare for all?

slim majority want democrats in charge of congress

O.J. and the rule of law

To put the coverage of Simpson today in perspective

The two greatest tragedies in our country are slavery and abortion.

Senate Judiciary Threatens To Subpoena Trump Jr. To Testify, Cant Be Contacted

Video: Justine Damond saved ducklings from a storm drain weeks before her death.

Nike Introduces New Line Of Sauce-Wicking Competitive Eating Apparel


It's not too late to save America's wild horses from slaughter

Donald Trumps 6 Month Report Card: 991 Tweets, 836 Lies, 0 Legislative Accomplishments

Of Course The GOP Women Who Opposed ACA Repeal Are Facing A Sexist Backlash

Advice to Donald Trump: Go Bankrupt.

The Senate Just Confirmed an Anti-Gay Blogger to the Federal Judiciary

This is a story that slid by the media!

Calvin Trillin By the Book:

I love getting even -I expect loyalty - the Con

So, this Louise Mensch/Claude Taylor etc anti-Trump fake news thing ...

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 20, 2017

What Trumps Putin Love Reveals About Conservatives

Check in if you promised to send a thirsty DUer some Pepsi

I find it strange that DJT targeted Sessions. Sessions is the only one who is seriously

what is your favorite song by the B52s?

Help choosing tablet?

Is there anything Trump and his faithful can't screw up?

cake for thought

Music festival starts today!

slate "Todays Impeach-O-Meter: Better Skills, Better Jobs Is Not a Good Democratic Slogan"

There are many government vacancies. Now that O J is paroled do you think Trump will offer him a job

Why Trump's handling of a Deutsche Bank loan is so foreboding - By Richard Cohen

Alex Jones Imitates Stephen Colbert's Imitation Of Alex Jones

To Sen. McCain

I love it!

GOP leaders plan Tuesday 'health' vote, it's an uphill climb

Taking back Pixel, my stepdaughter's fur baby...

Total Disaster...

GOP senators dismayed at Trump's criticism of DOJ officials

Breitbart editor admits to being fascist, wanting *ONLY* media like him...

When Trump Fans Say Hes Keeping His Promises, Show Them This List

Conclusion after 6mo fact-checking every word out of Trump's mouth: No strategy he's just a liar

In October 2015, Trump retweeted a news article about Russian operatives promoting his campaign.

17 yr. old woman defends herself from criminal on the run

What's Michael Moore up to?

The other parts of Trump's NYT interview are just flat out bonkers.

Why is everybody always picking on me?

Jewish GOP Senate hopeful defends notorious 'white genocide' conspiracy loon and Pizzagate pushers

BREAKING NEWS: Trump appoints OJ Simpson as his Domestic Abuse Prevention Advisor

Guess what I am doing right now

Trump Interior Dept. bans climate experts from Zuckerberg tour of Glacier Nat. Pk.

Special Counsel Investigating Possible Money Laundering by Paul Manafort

Trump is untouchable

Creationists Sell Christian Theme Park To Themselves To Avoid $700,000 In Taxes

New: Special Counsel Investigating Possible Money Laundering by Paul Manafort

Sign the petition: Hold Trump accountable! Pass the no confidence resolution

MEANWHILE, in Florida...

Keebler the Elf...

would the post office deliver my letter if the stamp was on the wrong corner?

White supremacist gets 65 years for killing black man

Here Is The NRAs Latest Attack Against The First Amendment

Ted Lieu‏: Trump really has no idea what he is talking about on healthcare.

Over 5 million Social Security numbers exposed in Kansas breach: report

Arrested Development - Luckovich 'toon

DeVos tells conservative lawmakers what they like to hear: More local control, school choice

Right now, Trump is untouchable. But 2018 is around the corner.

Trump hired the most high powered criminal defense attorneys in the country because of fake news

Holding Your Ground Against Austerity: Lessons from the Illinois Budget Deal

Calvin Trillin By the Book:

Theses Donald Trump ridiculous gaffes?

just went out and got a reminder of why I hate summer



Senate confirms right-wing blogger to powerful court

First day of yoga, it was great!

Caption Me!!!

Question for DU's lawyer contingent

Toon - The Truth Is Out There

Resistance Summer is a Down Payment on Year Round Organizing (w/guest Tom Perez)

"Bathroom Bills" Are Really About Denying Trans People the Right to Exist in Public (w/ Gavin Grimm)

Phobos Orbiting Mars

Connecting the financial crime dots on Trump/Deutsche Bank/Cyprus -- wow.

Roy Cooper on East NC Drilling: "Not Off Our Coast."

Carrier quietly outsources jobs to Mexico

Tell NY: Get your pension $$$ out of Trump's pockets

Tell NY: Get your pension $$$ out of Trump's pockets

Overnight Tech: FCC withholds some documents on cyberattack

Tell NY: Get your pension $$$ out of Trump's pockets

Deutsche Bank agrees to hand over Trump records to investigators

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 July 2017

Interior Dept. ordered Glacier park chief, other climate expert pulled from Zuckerberg tour

Is the word "adoption" Trumpese for any crime?

Paul Ryan Just May Lose His Congressional Seat,

Manafort Being Investigated for Money Laundering

One of my favorite places in New Orleans

GOP Senators Dismayed with Trump

More People Paying Attention to Politics

Pretty damn long list

Trump Made Several Misleading Claims in Times Interview

Doctor Blake rules Oz.

Police detain 5 people during demonstration at Hellers office

Longer Bloomberg report says Mueller has issued subpoenas to banks, filed requests for records to

What's the last truly bad movie you watched?

With McCain out, McConnell still plans a health care vote

Would it be ethical for surgeons friendly to ACA

Abortion providers sue Texas for banning second-trimester procedure

Newsweek: "Cornered" Trump Could Curtail Russia Investigation

Is it time for another Diana Krall thread...

In a Cruel Summer for the G.O.P., Things Are Starting to Feel Incoherent

Pssssst! ExxonMobil Exxon fined $2m for violating Russia sanctions while Rex Tillerson was CEO

Trump administration pulls Obamacare help in 18 cities