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Archives: July 22, 2017

John McCain has never wore a flag pin on his lapel

Scary Moochey has a Russian problem of his own.

Early picks for Dem nomination 2020

It's pretty clear now that Trump will be firing Mueller pretty soon.

I see a little silhouetto of a man - Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango

$10 sale could cost Ark Encounter millions

Most Murders Of American Women Involve Domestic Violence

Friday Talking Points (446) -- Pardon Me?

Slate - "The Law Alone Won't Save Us from Donald Trump". Good read. Call to Action.

I just figured out who that new WH Spox reminds me of.

Opposition to LGBTQ Rights Is a Test of Who Can Govern When Jesus Returns Says Christian Radio Host

Trump Assigns White House Team to Target Iran Nuclear Deal, Sidelining State Department

Alabama lawyers say a 12-year-old rape victim shouldnt be allowed to have an abortion

Congrats to @Maddow, @TheLastWord, @11thHour and @allinwithchris for making Top 10 among all of cabl

With the GOP Deathcare plan polling at 12% approval

Tell me again, how women don't have it so bad here in the US..... How we are so much better off??

Some serious questions I have about the drowning incident in Florida...

If Trump fires Sessions won't he be admitting there may have been Russian collusion?

i'm tired does

Trump said he will not leave DC until health care is dealt with:

Faith-Based Pregnancy Centers Must Now Post This is Not a Health Care Facility Sign

Mark Cuban

On CNN, the WA Post reporter just indicated they'd been sitting on this Sessions story for months.

Given the story that Sessions and Kislyak talked policy.

Trevor Noah: Sessions is an elf, not a genie! He couldnt predict he'd have to recuse himself.

Maggie Haberman So Trump intentionally planted a story that suggests collusion?

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Slong Sean! Best of Malloy & a new

Can Trump fire the Deputy AG, appoint his own, then fire Sessions, so his Deputy can take over?

Elizabeth MacDonough: Currently The Most Powerful Woman In Washington.

Heads up Rachel is on!

Traveler perplexed by telephone pole sticking up from road

Rachel on. Thought she wouldn't be. Talking Mueller/ T "disturbed" RE finance investigation.

Astronomers spot superluminous supernova 10 billion light-years away

Small courtyard. Spouse allergic to shrubs. Could use some ideas for what next.

Start talking Jeff.

Activists suspected in massive mink release only sentenced them to death

Putin on the Ritz

Go ahead, tRump, pardon yourself...I double dog dare you!

Why Blue Dogs Would Destroy Democratic Party...

Grassley has betrayed the country

Judge Says Dayton Wrong When He Effectively Abolished The Legislature

Minneapolis police chief resigns, mayor lost confidence in Harteau

Representatives to get pay increase after Speaker Kurt Daudt drops fight

Minnesota motorcyclist hit with sex charge for topless decal of his ex

Is it right that whoever a President pardons cannot then plead the 5th b/c cannot incriminate self

Trump administration seeks to sidestep border wall environmental study: sources

Trump administration seeks to sidestep border wall environmental study: sources


U.S. warship crew found likely at fault in June collision: official

OMG. Twitter nukes Scaramucci for fake Mark Twain quote

Lawsuit says North Carolina bathroom law still harmful

U.S. national monument in Colorado to remain intact

Thousands flock to free medical clinic, as Washington dithers on health care

2018 US Senate Election-Most Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held seats.

Eagan daycare provider found guilty in babys permanent brain damage

It's interesting that Trump's lawyers are concerned about the staue of limitiations

High on meth

Abortion fight rages in Kentucky, which has just 1 clinic

Something's wrong! News hasn't broken in at least an hour! Question to MSNBC watchers...

Iowa regulators deny environmentalists' bid to revoke permit for $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline

Dress code at downtown Des Moines bar called racist

Spicer should host SNL just to give Trump a compele meltdown

Stupid question but, what does Whiny Donny do all day?


OK...SOMEBODY has to say it: "Scaramucci, Scaramucci, will you do the fandango?"

Life imitating art? (In this case, a cartoon...)

Iowa Senate GOP's incompetence failed taxpayers

Reynolds backs IPERS study, but task force is dropped

Is it OK

(R Colorado Senator) Cory Gardner served with subpoena

Cory Gardner served with subpoena in response to disability advocates arrested last month

Ivanka's name has been bubbling onto the surface this week

95-year-old WWII vet from Wahoo flies in B-17 for first time since 1945

95-year-old WWII vet from Wahoo flies in B-17 for first time since 1945

Democrats try to tap into 'resistance'

Trump skipped over the next in line at Ethics office with someone sympathetic to his

Obamas Last Laugh- WSJ op-ed

Public Service-- Rachel Maddow's show repeats at midnight eastern.

Former Obama spy chiefs upbraid Trump for his remarks about his intelligence agencies

Slate "The Nicest Thing You Can Say About Sean Spicer Is That He Was a Bad Liar"

Could it be that a brain tumor saves Healthcare?

Injured golden eagle recovering at Colorado raptor center

Should Malaria be worried about the communications director. He REALLY loves dump.

Would O.J. Simpson be violating his parole if he goes to DC to visit his friend D.J. Trump?

Sean Spicer should host Saturday Night Live

Kushner adds at least $10 million in assets he 'inadvertently omitted' to disclosure

Friday Night Vodka-And-Wine Buzz. Ask me anything...

One of the biggest regrets in my life

Apologies if this is in appropriate - but, what was with the eyelashes?

Kushner added the company Cadre to his financial paperwork--Russia connection

#Instamarch... If Trump Fires Mueller where in Kansas City

Mexico murders up with deadliest month in at least 20 years

4 kittens, 2 cats, a roll of unrolled paper, live!

KC convention hotel developers seek new lease deal to reduce potential income taxes

Jordan Peterson on republicans and order. Makes me wonder if

Union says some Kansas prison workers forced to work 16-hour shifts

Kansas Democrats announce new executive director

The Timing of the Sessions Leak and Trump's NY Times Interview Are NOT a Coincidence

Gov. Greitens nonprofit gives $250,000 in dark money to right-to-work PAC

Calif. firefighters rescue nearly dead dog, bring him back to life

In former coal country, the working poor show open contempt for neighbors who seek handouts

D'ya think ANYBODY @ the Very White House has told Trump that accepting a pardon, even a self-pardon

Gov. Eric Greitens orders prescription drug monitoring program for Missouri

Abbas announces immediate halt to all contacts with Israel

Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News (Trump)

Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Shut Down Key Posts

Police use pepper spray to disperse protest outside St. Louis jail

Finally watching the Designated survivor finale. Sounds like the trump organization

A movie called "The Hippopotamus" (No spoilers)

What are your top 5 favorite political films?

NYT - A Vocal Defender of Ethics Has Fans and Foes (Walter Schaub)

The three female Republican senators who wont repeal Obamacare are facing a vicious backlash

Have they stopped Trump from Tweeting? I've not seen a tweet for a couple of days.

I think the Sessions story came from Trump, but is a diversion, as they quietly make final plans.

Democrats Score Gigantic Win As Major Parts Obamacare Repeal Will Require 60 Senate Votes

Japan Pictures Likely Show Melted Fukushima Fuel

The 90s really ARE back!

Chesterfield pediatrics administrator swindled $115,000 from firm, charges say

Come to Cyprus: Trump, Ross, Putin, Panama Papers

Thousands flock to free medical clinic, as Washington dithers on health care

Would Justice Kennedy prefer Trump or Pence replace him?

Cannabis and depression

Stephen Colbert monologue - 7/21/2017

Blind Missourians' 11-year court battle for money they're owed may be nearing its end

Rachel Maddow Just Busted The [Grassley] Senate Republican Plan To Save Trump From The Russia Scan

Why Jews from Libya are worried about the fate of the countrys Jewish artifacts

Pay up - court orders Missouri to foot Planned Parenthood's $156,000 legal bill

Roger Waters, Linda Sarsour, Leading BDS Down Black Hole of Anti-Semitism

Interpol circulates list of 173 suspected members of Isis suicide brigade

Schools can stop the rise of anti-Semitism

Pride? Its hard to feel it

No more Missouri manuals: Budget cuts move it back online

NC governor on Trump drilling plan: 'Not off our coast'

Drones will have to be registered in UK safety clampdown


It appears that the subscript and superscript HTML codes are still not working.

St. Louis Police Want More Pay, But No One Is Talking About Pensions

Trump doesn't like reading--likes to see a lot of pictures...

After a hard day of treason, it's Mueller time

No, Trump can't pardon himself. The Constitution tells us so.

So has Jefferson Beauregard Sessions officially lied 5 or 6 times?

Anyone know what he's ranting about now?

Pentagon study warns of collapse of "American empire".

Hillary Clinton is America's Biggest - And Most Important - Loser

Can Mueller subpoena the tax returns directly from IRS,

Trump's White House Has Evangelicals "On Speed Dial," Says Activist Who Prayed Over President

LMFAO @ this illiterate dunderhead - Why isn't the Special Council (sp) investigating Hillary ?

Draining the swamp - of brainpower: Trump's corrupt administration is fueled by anti-intellectualism

Riverfest calls it quits

Trump Twitter-rages about pardons and at media

At one end of Trump's revived Keystone XL pipeline, there's a scene you must see to believe

Arkansas health board approves regulations for abortion law

Federal grand jury indicts U.S. soldier on terrorism charges

Former Arkansas Senate president released from prison

In my opinion which is different from others I have seen:

Trump's angry that "SOMEONE" leaked on Sessions. Some...UNIDENTIFIED...leaker. A MYSTERY!

Could Louisiana survive without its colleges and universities?

FBI a presence in Amite for third time since December; this time to serve subpoenas on Town of Amite

Appeal rejected; Southern University Board votes to fire vice chancellor amid sex tape controversy

Senate Parliamentarian Upends GOP Hopes For Health Bill - supermajority needed!!

The Sinking Ship of State! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

With my cell-phone number, a private eye found 150 pages on me.

Writing about food: Fran Lebowitz's "Metropolitan Life"

Valerian - Potential Movie Spoilers.

Question: If it is all fake news then why is Trump and company hiring real lawyers?

Trump denounces 'illegal leaks' in new accounts of his campaigns contact with Russia

Justice spokeswoman questions report of Sessions' exchange with Russian officials

Trending on Merriam-Webster: 'Scaramouch'

Coats says he intends to 'try to get some details' on Sessions report

Trump wants Beauregard & the Special "Council" to look at Hillary and Comey crimes. So MANY crimes!

Did You Ever Say "Pardon Me" Without Doing Anything Wrong?

Like Clockwork, Trump Confirms Sessions Russian Contact Report, Tweeting About 'Leaks'

The long awaited sequel: The Art of Going from Election to Indictment in 140 Characters or Less

Wow, Mongolian throat singing

State Police Commissioner Calvin Braxton resigns; calls investigation allegations 'unfounded'

An OpEd from today's NY Times about golf

"And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate

U.S. attorney: Baton Rouge health care company to pay $1.7 million to settle fraud complaint

Sessions: 'I Have Never Met With Any Russians' on Elections Interference

Louisiana may need to borrow money to pay its bills; Here's why Gov. Edwards wants to avoid that

In light of WaPo scoop on Sessions conversations w/Kislyak-worth recalling THIS moment from Comey...

Danziger Toon - Who's going to own the failure of the failure?

The Madman's going to dedicate the USS Gerald Ford today. I wonder if he'll bring Mike Pence.

Sri Lanka Navy Saves Elephant Swept Out to Sea

Gov. John Bel Edwards: Time to explore to 'fiscal cliff' options, decide if special session 'will be

'Listen to me. The leaks are coming from inside the WH!'

Dana Milbank shows us how the wheels are coming off.

What's the penalty for killing a creek? In Alabama, $32,000

"So Far"?!?

Big News. They are handing out Nobel Prizes for not attacking Iran.

Two Baltimore detectives plead guilty in racketeering case

I'm just mean....

City Council To Force NYPD To Account For The Millions They Seize From Innocent NYers

Many people are asking

President Trump's Interview Bashing Jeff Sessions Meant Legal Spokesman Mark Corallo Had to Quit

Mueller's Conflict Of Interest - Illustrated

Surely Republicans Can't Be THIS Stupid, Can They?

Indonesian President orders officers to shoot drug traffickers

Donald Trump's lost opportunity

Can we please stop tolerating mafia references to Italian Americans?

Is 'HE' going to Bedminster Golf Club for the summer?

U.S. investigators seek to turn Manafort in Russia probe: sources

Republicans embrace tax hike targeting Democratic states

U.S. investigators seek to turn Manafort in Russia probe


Finally McCain: "This isn't what Reagan would have done"

Trump Says He Has Complete Power to Pardon

Jill Stein, Russian colluder, mocks "ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories."

Trump is building a Cabinet ready for political, legal war

Walls don't work. Never have never will. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 don't fall for it.

Jennifer Rubin at WaPo: "In no scenario does Trumps presidency recover."

A Scientific Reason to Stop Peeing in the Pool

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election cycle could be like 2006 and 2008 US Senate Election cycle.

Jim Vance of NBC Washington has died.

Huge toon collection from MSN

Pres. Obama shows how to put the smack down on Scaramucci

On the TV this morning, when I was half awake, they said Scaramouche was


Tony "The Tongue" Scaramucci Is Just the First Step

What is control?

"He's giving senile old men a bad name." (S. Fox, 70) . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The US Senate should censure Donald Trump because a censure is a slap in the wrist.

Just talkin' 'bout adoption. Who is... Svetlana Ukhnalyova?

Rahm Emanuel takes money earmarked for the poor and gives it to Navy Pier

Best video ever:

85-year-old looking for love ...

While we were all sleeping in our jammies, the 'president' was up working hard all night!!!!

Branden Grace- first 62 in a major golf tournament


So chump commissioning a ship that won't go to sea until

Shields and Brooks on Spicer stepping down, GOP health care bill fumble

Kushner: Oops! Forgot to tell you that I owe one billion dollars. Sooo-weeee!

Beware of August, Folks...

CFO and VP Sentenced in Nationwide Worker's Compensation Fraud Scheme

The Goalpost has been moved so far we've left the stadium and we're out in the street

Look Jeff, We Can Do This The Easy Way......

Look out chump in front of crowd since bombshells

World's Biggest City - Shanghai - Hits All-Time Highest Temp On Record - 105.6F

HOME ALONE DAD DIES John Heard dead Home Alone and Gladiator star dies aged 72

From the NYT- Parliamentarian nixes key Provisions of Trumpcare/now need 60 for repeal and replace.

Powerful earthquake hits Greece and Turkey

So, perhaps a sitting president CAN be indicted! NYT

Scaramucci's effusive praise of Trump sounded more appropriate for Kim Jong-un,

Is the Irony of Trump Commissioning the USS Gerald R. Ford Lost on Anyone?

Conservative Twitter, A Tale Of Two Tweets


Don the Con Just Doesn't Know.....

Kelli Ward, now here is a repug with a lot of compassion & class

Good-bye Spicey, I wish you well. You cashed your ticket to get

Is trumps 3rd person stick something new?

Unbalanced wind farm planning exacerbates fluctuations

negotiators reach deal on Russian sanctions bill including new ability to block WH from easing penal

Tiffany Haddish is everything...

Can you imagine The stuff Trump is gonna leak when he's finally out of office

Damn Photobucket!

Kingston coal ash spill workers treated as 'expendables

Trump won on white fright: Why identity politics win elections

Can the President Be Indicted? A Long-Hidden Legal Memo Says Yes

Trump won on white fright: Why identity politics win elections

Verizon accused of throttling Netflix and YouTube, admits to video optimization

If Pence is possessed of any good judgment at all ...

The canary in the mine??

Fake News

It only took two years for a 'robust' European democracy to fall apart

Trump Is Under Complete Russian Control ...

House, Senate reach deal on Russia sanctions, will vote Tuesday

It really seems to be this simple: Scarmucci is the Fluffer

Any suggestions about where John McCain should score some marijuana for his cancer side effects?

Global Sea Ice Coverage Falling Off A Cliff - We Have Never Seen Extent, Area & Volume This Low

Republicans Embrace Tax Hikes Targeting Democratic States

So many on the left tried to convince us that this Russia story was bogus

McConnell's last-ditch Obamacare strategy

Yes, Trump Could Pardon Himself. Then All Hell Would Break Loose

Report: Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Have Raked In $212 Million Since 2016

Report: Trump didn't fire his lawyers; they fired him.

Elderly Florida Man Puts Down AT&T Truck - Mercy Killing?


REVEALED: Secret Clinton-era Ken Starr memo provides blueprint for indicting President Trump

No President Has Been Removed Through Impeachment.

836 and Counting

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 22, 2017

Dems Post List Of GOP OCare Provisions Said To Break Senate Rules

The Mighty Hammer Of Bernie Sanders Socialism Is About To Crush Trump's Obamacare Repeal Dream

Tweets, replete, with snarkcasism..Ha Ha

Democrats to Unveil New Economic Agenda

Does anyone else remember "Baghdad Bob"?

Bluebird Update 7/19/2017

Advocates Praise Sen. Sanders, Call on Senate Dems to Follow His Lead in Opposing Dirty Energy Bill


McConnell's Last Ditch Strategy on Health Care

Scaramucci praises Breitbart in first interview since communications appointment

Im on WCPT .... coming up

Remember the TV Show "Get Smart"?

Trump's options on Russia probe: Discredit, pardon, fire

Scaramucci awaits U.S. approval for China deal

Chilling Fervor: This Weeks 8 Best Classical Music Moments on YouTube

Asking for a friend:

Need a good laugh? Obama's Anger Translator is Back.

Four German women who joined Islamic State detained in Iraq: report

The Hill: "Jill Stein looped into widening investigation of Russia and Trump Jr. connections"

Democrats are still chasing rural white voters, and it's a strategy doomed to fail

Article on Midichlorians gets published

Scaramucci is deleting old tweets because he's "transparent"

Florida's education system - the one Betsy DeVos cites as a model - is in chaos

Looks like "cryptocurrency" is the only game in town if you want to move dark money discreetly -

Did someone hack my smart phone, or is it less smart than I thought?

What if?

I'll Give Trump The Benefit Of The Doubt - He Might Be Innocent - But I Want Some Assurances That...

Storms are moving into the area.

Intelligence Director Says Agencies Agree on Russian Meddling

Jill Stein looped into widening investigation of Russia and Trump Jr. connections

The Political Clockworks Are Running Erratically.

Has anybody here gone on the Piero della Francesca Trail?

Break time: What were YOU doing when you were nine years old?

Mantra to Deplorables: "(You're) Making Russia Great Again"

Kingston Ash Spill @ 10 Years; At Least 17 Cleanup Workers Dead; Dozens Dying - No Respirators

Trump Nominates Climate-Denying, Conservative Talk Show Host as USDA's Top Scientist

Trump launches all-out assault on Mueller probe

Small Fees for Access to Public Lands Changes How Some Use the Outdoors

Deepwater Horizon Still Killing Fish & Plants; Spills' Enduring Effects Larger Than Thought

"Inducing hopelessness is a disinformation tactic."

Can Presidents Be Indicted? A Clinton-Era Memo Says Yes

Tony the Mooch risking carpal tunnel syndrome from repeatedly hammering delete key on Twitter

Do you think trump knows this is beginning of the end

Trump attacks N.Y. Times for 'sick agenda' on national security

Tough luck, 14 years and one day ago, Kinzua Viaduct

Inside The Obama Stock Market's 235% Return

Sean Spicer stole a mini-fridge from White House staffers. #PardonSpicey #GrandTheftMiniFridge

***BREAKING ***Congress Reaches Deal on Russia Sanctions, Creating Bleak Choice for Trump

Didn't John McCain say there will be more shoes to drop?

Conquest planet of the apes the ending reminds me of trump and his supporters

NSA chief on Russia-U.S. cyber unit: Now is 'not the best time'

Hair help

Free Iranian citizens, Iran tells U.S. in response to Trump

I was trying to remember who Scaramucci reminded me of and then if came to me

Is it too late for Sessions to reclaim his former senate seat?

Anthony Scaramucci deletes his past...

Sources say Trump-Russia investigators are seeking Paul Manafort's cooperation

Is That Pool Really Sanitary? New Chemical Approach Has Answers

Good news: Church to celebrate life of Catholic priest who found peace as a transgender woman

Tourists to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico suspect they were given tainted alcohol

"... at least one sealed indictment targeting multiple Trump Organization Principals".

Trump Starts Referring To Himself In Third Person During Incoherent Naval Carrier Speech

Arizona tells armed drivers how to avoid deadly police stops

so will the AGs office use civil forfeiture against trump, manifort,kushners, et al?

The Law Says President Trump Cant Just Fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Worlds First Autonomous Ship to Launch in 2018

Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

2018 US Senate Election-Announced Top Tier Democratic and Republican challengers.

Scaramucci faces steep tax bill should White House job fall through

Corporate TV Whores

McConnell has announced that he will hold an ACA repeal vote this week after all! CALL! CALL! CALL!

Home of Russian spies who inspired The Americans set to go up for sale

Scaramucci caught on Russian TV saying he wants to lift US sanctions

Sessions and Kislyak Talked Trump Russia

Could Trump become the new GOLDFINGER if he wanted to?

OH PUHLEEZE. Scaramucci is a PROPAGANDA MINISTER, not a "communications director"

Norway Takes Lead in Race to Build Autonomous Cargo Ships

First woman enlists to become a Navy SEAL

Everyday Resistance Knows Unity Is Not Uniformity -- Hella Black -- Mahogany L. Brown

Scaramucci bragged on Trump's football, basketball and golf skills.

The Men Who Never Have To Grow Up - New York Times

Scaramucci: Gotcha politics are over

Russia has made it clear they want the Middle East in their orbit. Jared was put in charge . . . .

So they "update" software and eventaully I cannot use them

Scaramucci May Have a Russia Problem of His Own.

Trump's Big-Data Gurus Scout Presidential Candidate in Mexico

Bernie Dances on the Grave of Trump's Healthcare Bill

I have faith that we will stop trump and the Russian Invasion, and that scares me

Building Information Literacy Skills in the Era of Fake News

The Crisis Is Upon Us - Josh Marshall

One thing I know: Nothing is more dangerous than a cornered, injured animal.

Come on lurking Trump supporters just admit it ...

Prediction----Gerald R. Pence------Our 46th President

Coolest dog of all time?

Nat'l Enquirer: Hillary has more super powers than Gal Gadot

Senator Sam - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Separated at birth?

Senate Democrats Demand Info From HHS About Its Anti-Ocare PR Campaign

Vide-UH OH! The Internets reveal Tony the Mooch calling Trump a big-mouthed Anti-American hack

I guess Don the con's taxes are now technically, under audit, ironic

Trump #sabatoge -- Trump administration scraps Obamacare signup assistance in 18 cities

The criminality of Republican leadership

Just to remind you--THIS is from the man who has the nuclear codes:

Eric Schneiderman may be the biggest threat to the Trump crime syndicate today.

Of Course Trump Laundered Money For The Russian Mafia It Was His Job

Read Anthony Scaramucci's old tweets. You'll understand why he deleted them. (WP)

Hearing rumors that WH admin might be source for the latest dirt on Sessions

CAPTION Russia's favorite money launderer and his sad, sad anti-cannabis elf.

"Protest" at CNN goes just about nowhere...

How confident are you..?

This just occurred to me

Does anyone have a screwdriver?

The Demolition of US Global Power (via Donald Trump)

Trump Readies for Political, Legal War

Federal investigators in Russia probe hope to flip Paul Manafort: report

I don't normally experience schadenfreude. I'm finding it enjoyable at the moment.

What Criminal Charges Might Mueller Bring Against Donald Trump Jr.? Try None.

Luckily, we have this kit to fix things in DC

What kind of weasly deal did Grassley make with Trump Jr and Manafort?

Ah, yes. Plan 9 deals with the resurrection of the dead.

Trump's Q2 Gallup Poll approval rating lowest of any president's since 1945 #StopWinningSoMuch

Not Aliens: Weird Radio Signal from Star Likely Has Duller Explanation

Jill Stein looped into widening investigation of Russia and Trump Jr. connections

Citizen Scientists Find A Nearby Brown Dwarf

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Gerrymandering Case May Be Most Important Decision SCOTUS Faces

Follow the money and the russians

NYT has asked WH to clarify Trump's tweet

@WSJ found $1B in undisclosed loans to firms Kushner partly owns. Not in revised file either

Unemployed ex-Carrier worker: Trump blew smoke up our asses with a sh*t-eating grin on his face

Natural Wonders Destroyed by Idiot Tourists

Will August 21 be the end for Groper Don the Con?

If Paul Ryan can't handle himself around bare-armed women...

Piece of Shit Sean Hannity Pulled From W.F. Buckley Award

Channel 4 News Anchor Jim Vance Dies

Pic Snapped Of Spicer Leaving WH:

International Space Station on Google street view

Imminent Cultural Impact: Spielberg's "Ready Player One"

"Dunkirk" all sold out all over the place.

U.N. Security Council to meet Monday on Jerusalem violence: diplomats

WATCH: Only 30 people show up to Trump supporters anti-fake news protest outside CNN HQ

New study shows how Breitbart Media created the fact-adverse nation that elected Trump

The Resistance Is Already Planning for When Trump Fires Mueller

McCains primary rival urges him to step aside after diagnosis and suggests she could replace him.

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Diana Stakes

Multiple senior Trump administration officials were vulnerable to Russian blackmail

Aircraft carriers named for Presidents

Dana Rohrabacher dismisses new report on request he got from Russia as a 'nothing burger'

Here's why 45 thinks that health insurance costs $12/year

The Manhattan Hillbillies

Trump, ObamaCare and the Art of the Fail - Peggy Noonan

We saw The Big Sick.

The One Word Guaranteed to Make the Corporate Pundit Class Squirm