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Archives: July 24, 2017

So, if and when there is another chemical attack on Syrian children

Two days

PHISH: Baker's Dozen at Madison Square Garden (13 shows in a row)

Sweet songs

Fukushima: robot images show massive deposits thought to be melted nuclear fuel

Republicans brewing Russian scandal to target greens

Fact-check: White House's Conway uses conservative blog to claim media is hostile to Trump

Say it ain't so, Keith!

Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson

2 Live Crew on The Arsenio Hall Show 1989

Southern Lights Dazzle in Spectacular Time-Lapse Video from Space (Video)

A few images from Battery Chamberlin

Chuck Schumer says single-payer health care is on the table for Democrats

More grousing and threats from LOSER 45: (updated)

Salt-N-Pepa - Push It

Question about pocket veto and Russian sanctions

Covefe! Covefe! - Jump On It! Jump On It!

Netflix' Ozark is excellent

Gingrich, small biz to launch major tax cut campaign

I would not get too excited about Schumer saying Single Payer is

Democratic lawmakers ask Coast Guard to reconsider Potomac River shutdowns during Trump golf outings

Former state senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate talks revenue woes, criminal justice ...

Al Franken wants them 'under oath'!

Tony the Mooch wants the world to call a time out for him as he gets up to speed

Crossword puzzlers, what words are harder to figure out,

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance

It's very sad that Presidents, even some that were carried over the line behind our backs,

Trump Jr.'s legal team adds another lawyer

Donald Trump Jr.'s legal team has a new member.

Oklahoma Democratic Party's new chairperson plans to put diversity first

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message

"Incompetence should not be rewarded with blind loyalty"

18 day vacation?????? He's taking off for an 18 day vacation????

Memphis Bleek - I Get High

Kushner will not be under oath in front of Intelligence Committee

Senator seeks to nail down state's cost for defending unconstitutional laws

Veep is just disgusting now.

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

The Expanse season #3 trailer's out

Leftwing Breitbart? Chapo Trap House is strong new voice in resistance to Trump

Security cost for Oklahoma's lieutenant governor raises concerns

Foster children getting access to state funds to attend private school

Jared Kushner will not be required to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...

What's going on?? All of a sudden no one has to testify under oath. That means they aren't

Jungle Love - Morris Day and The Time (Purple Rain Version)

8 yrs ago today, Obama held 90 min televised Q&A on healthcare

Valerian & the city of 1,000 planets. If you saw the preview you saw the best part.

Get the feeders ready. Waves of hungry hummingbirds are about to hit Wichita

Democrats: Want to win future elections?

Here's reassurance the House is onto him: dated July 13th

MORE MORE MORE by Andrea True Connection

Just FYI: Fandango is down in a many places.

Just got out of seeing Dunkirk. *no spoilers*

Bob Kerrey, a holdout on Clinton's '93 agenda, provides example in Trump era

GOP Campaigns Recall a Self-Dealing Leaker in Scaramucci

China moves to block internet VPNs from 2018

Can we all agree not to be snarky with each other? Division (perhaps because you think your candidate

Americans deserve better than the GOP agenda, so we're offering a better deal

Ten great things about Obamacare...

Bushtits flash mob the birdbath

On a lighter note

Trump Rails Against GOPers Who Do Very Little To Protect Their President

There's Spotted Poland China, Yorkshire, Duroc,...

Wow! Fox News reveals their White House source.

Post-Prayer, Drought Expands in South Dakota

Dear Kobby

High court vacates Annette Bosworth's perjury convictions

Sutton won't count on help from Democratic Party

I need to borrow a 9-year-old.

If we don't kill the bill it will kill us...MONDAY IS IT!


If DT fires Mueller, here's how Mueller could stay on the case.

IMF downgrades US and UK growth

Ruth Badar Ginsgurg opitmisticover the long haul for US

Westerners crowdfunding for the breakup of Ukraine

In France, murder of a Jewish woman ignites debate over the word terrorism

Kitten takes a gamble, beats the odds

A Democrat fears his party is losing its soul.

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

Brazilians funneled as "slaves" by US church, ex-members say

Ohio set to resume executions, child killer awaits appeals

Eric Bolling Cries ''Fake News?'' After Roland Martin Points Out Trump's Lies''

In China, Herd of Gray Rhinos Threatens Economy.

109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile

109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile Short Film Showcase

Franken calls Trump's Russia stance 'bizarre'

Donald Trump accuses NYT of foiling US attempt to kill Baghdadi

Mexican former state governor to be tried for organized crime

Brush Fire Threatens Homes In La Verne

Noahs Ark exhibit wants to take back the rainbow from gay people New York Post

Starbucks customer takes on armed robber

Trump unclear on Russian sanctions

Brazilians funneled as "slaves" by US church, ex-members say

Untangling the web of Donald Trump Jr.

Marines remaining in Afghanistan face hardship

Controversial Russian ambassador to US ends tenure

Fukushima robot finds lava-like 'melted fuel deposits'

Turns Out T. Rex Wouldve Broken Its Tiny Legs If It Tried To Run, Contrary To Jurassic Park TIME

The World's Plastic Waste Could Bury Manhattan Two Miles Deep: How To Reduce Our Impact TIME

ICE Is Using Prostitution Diversion Courts to Stalk Immigrants

Tenants Are Finally Getting the Right to an Attorney in Housing Court

Cuba's public face of diplomacy with US leaving post

Cuba's public face of diplomacy with US leaving post

Senate Dems Urge DEC To Ban Fracking Waste Disposal

Jared Kushner sealed Manhattan real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case

Anthony Scaramucci, Said Citizens United Made Possible a "Sleeper Cell" of Hedge Fund Managers

Sources: Tillerson thinking about early exit

"... We've now finished Act I of the Trump saga, and are quickly moving into Act II."

Kabul suicide car bomb: 30 killed in Afghan capital

5) NAACP meets this week -- no presidential visit -- but a Democratic parade

This will be the last time Kushner and Trump Jr answer questions in front of any Committee...

Poland's President Duda vetoes judicial reforms after protests

Don jr's email made into catchy folk song

Hurricane Hilary is going to be a Cat4 hurricane

Deep satisfaction on a Monday morning is to find that

Afghanistan: dozens dead in Kabul bombing targeting government workers

Who do DUers think is funding the unrest in Venezuela?

Jeff Sessions ...

Kushner just released a steaming pile of lies as a statement

Kushner: No additional contacts with Russians

Schumer Takes Aim at Clinton: Dont Blame Russia or Comey, Blame Yourself

Which Attorney General is the worse?

Washington Will Be the First State to Alert Victims When a Domestic Abuser Tries to Buy a Gun

Pelosi: Americans deserve better than the GOP agenda, so were offering a better deal

You can feel bad about John McCains cancer and still hate his legacy

What Trump can do to cripple ObamaCare

You can feel bad about John McCains cancer and still hate his legacy

Now Available - Bernie Sanders Podcast Episode 9: Al Gore

How and when will Mueller issue his report?

July 24 at 3PM Medicare For All March - Washington, D.C. - West Lawn Capitol Grounds

Democrats Bet on a Populist Message to Win Back Congress

India court hears 10-year-old rape victim's abortion plea

Golden retrievers and father hood

It's the electoral college that is causing all the Democratic

GOP trashes Trumps plan to end dozens of government programs

Better Deal Slogan Sucks: How about Bringing Back the American Dream

Microsoft is planning to kill off Paint after 32 years

Introduction from SMS Cohen

The man with the Merde-as touch. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Here come the negative low-post dem bashers again.

Oz: Unvaccinated Kids Can't Enter Preschool, Daycare; $30 K Fines, No "Conscience Exemptions"

The origin of Super Villains: General Zod

Trump CDC Nominee; Ob-Gyn Who Took Coke Money For Obesity Program That Didn't Mention Sugar

Top Comics and Comic reviews are on hold for a little bit...

Kushner not under oath. But still can be prosecuted for lying.

IMF downgrades American growth to 2.1%

Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with Russian oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case

Father, son get controversial view at Cleveland Indians game

Trump's DOJ gears up for crackdown on marijuana

What in the world is wrong with us?


Let's all have a refreshing champagne popsicle to celebrate Jared's self-proclaimed innocence!

A Better Deal for American Workers - By Chuck Schumer

ALECs Scary Plan For Electing Your Senators

Hightower: Does Anyone Really Think Corporate Profiteers Are Going To Educate Our Children Well?

Scott Pruitt Spent Much of Early Months at E.P.A. Traveling Home, Report Says

Hey Democratic Party!!!!!

If committees are serious they will depose Kushner's assistant, who was in the center of everything:

Pence: "President Trump's accomplishments are nothing short of historic"

Kellyanne Conway thinks Donald Trumps lies are ok because he doesnt think hes lying

The Kook, 'the Mooch' and the Loot - Charles M. Blow

GM weighs cutting six cars from lineup

Kushners Undisclosed Partners Include Goeorge Soros

First I thought it was the Jehovah's Witnesses again

"If you don't lie, you don't have to remember what you said."

This Gentle Rebuttal to a Christian Apologist Is Surprisingly Powerful

Is the U.S. a Christian Nation? Not At All, and This Video Explains Why

Already have a harder-edged replacement for Mooch

Trump: "Thank you to @LOUDOBBS for giving the first six months of the Trump Administration an A+"

This Is Why Natalia Veselnitskaya Was in New York

ok, du brain trust. what should the dem slogan be?

Donald Trump would make my dog trainer give up

Smooch: "I stand with Potus"

Democrats plan to announce their 2018 campaign agenda from a ruby-red corner of Northern Virginia

Trump's approval thus far- Above 50% in only 17 states

Trump calls top Intel Dem 'Sleazy Adam Schiff'

Charlie Gard's parents end fight over treatment for their terminally ill son

O.J. Simpson Need A New Lawyer

Sean Spicer may just be the happiest man in Washington right now

Trump got his theory FROM PUTIN-That Russia spooks SO TALENTED-if they hacked DNC-No One Would Know

The secret life of USC med school dean (drugs and hookers)

trump calls Adam Schiff 'sleazy'

The secret life of USC med school dean (hookers and drugs)

President Trump Dings Beleaguered A.G.' Jeff Sessions for Not Investigating 'Crooked Hillary Crimes'

Looking at Kushner's smug, smirk as he walks into the hearing

Pic Of The Moment: Jared Kushner Releases Statement

Jason Chaffetz on Jared Kushner Senate Interview: What About Chelsea Clinton?

Perry study backfires again: Draft praises efficiency standards he is stalling

I, too, like to use quotation "marks."

Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General? Trump Reportedly Considering Ex-NYC Mayor

Trump calling Adam Schiff 'sleazy' is the absolute end

The smug elitism of being super rich will be the end of tRump and Company

Morning Digest: How California's two top primaries could wind up saving a vulnerable republican

This Modern World: "Democrats wait in vain for Trump voters to express remorse....."

'The Chaos and Sloppiness Defense': Morning Joe Reacts to Kushner Statement

Trump ponders Rudy Giuliani for attorney general ...

'We Have To Get It Together': GOP Panics Over Imploding Agenda

Pocket Vetoes and Recess Appointments: How Trump can bypass Congress

Don Jr. Hires Another Lawyer Ahead Of Congressional Testimony

No Monarch butterfly sightings, no eggs either and it's mid-July. Getting worried.

Behind the front lines in the fight to annihilate ISIS in Afghanistan

Kushner Received 'Random Email' Demanding Ransom During Election

public Pension Funds Profit Trump Possible Shady Russian Deals

Freedom Tantrums: America Should Nuke Them All

"There is no question that Kushner will not answer"

The Mooch said Chump was hitting free throws at Madison Square Garden in a suit.

Hoseless water hose

Robbie Williams, Party Like a Russian

From my friend Allan Howe, running for PA11

Scaramucci Names Trump As His Secret Expert Intelligence Source.

Lewandowski: Nobody Needs Pardoning Except 'The Fake News For All The Lies'

Key GOP Moderate Still Hasn't Slammed Door On Obamacare Repeal

Auto insurance bills skyrocket in Georgia but regulator powerless

Trump: 'Drain The Swamp' Should Be 'Drain The Sewer,' Starting With Media

First Pet Job Opening

Microsoft Paint to be killed off

Microsoft Paint to be killed off

Sean Spicer ended live on-camera briefings to stop Trump from telling him he sucked at his job

If the Con is so popular how come Rachel Maddow and M$NBComcast are #1

The first woman to start a bank a black woman finally gets her due in the Confederacys capital

I was watching Columbo...

Amazing Bic Ballpoint Pen Drawings

About the "Better Deal"...

BridgeGater Turned Florida Man Avoids Hard Time

Ryan Contradicts Trump: Robert Mueller Is Not 'A Biased Partisan'

Today is the day to focus on 2 things: Health care and #TrumpRussia ☎️ 202-224-3121 ☎️

Rep Adam Schiff Responds: "With respect mr. president,....."

Sen Capito says she'll vote to appeal #ACA‼️ Must call your senators NOW ☎️ 202 224-3121 ☎️

🐦 LIVE Stream Link: Sen. Sanders to Address NAACP National Convention at 2:40 p.m. EDT July 24

Bring out your dead!

Kellyanne Conway says the White House is 'talking about America, America, America.' Not really.

Jane Sanders Adds An Appellate Attorney to Her Legal Team

AP: Democrats Attempt Rebranding with Populist New Agenda

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Pet hair vacuums

Just don't call it 'climate change.'

White House video misleads on CBO health-care estimates

My "WTF?" of the day, "" division...

Maduro tries to punish VZ businesses for striking... see what happens!

Damn, Canada is mostly empty land

GOP Preempts Democratic Messaging With New Digital Ad

Chuck Shumer needs to stop attacking the woman who won 3M more votes.

We need to be keeping ALEC (and especially their members) under a VERY hot spotlight

Spicer admits he shut off television cameras during daily press briefings to get Trump-off his case.

Howe for PA11.

Michael Irvin, NFL Network analyst and former Cowboys star, won't be charged in sexual assault case

Thousands of nuns sign anti-repeal letter. Nuns will be visiting Catholic Senators in Congress today

Suicide bomber in Pakistan's Lahore kills 25, many of them police

Two Women Claim Responsibility for Sabotage and Arson Attacks to Stop DAPL

Is he selling his steaks out of the Oval Office yet?

Are You a Carboholic? Why Cutting Carbs Is So Tough

Wyden wants Kushner to testify under oath: "There should be no presumption that he is telling truth"

They can omit on their security clearances

McTurtle's phrase in a TPM headline - "We Have to Get It Together" - reminded me of this

Five injured in chainsaw attack in Swiss town

MSM Continues to Misinterpret Kushner's WH Portfolio

Trump Voters-Republicans Overall Actually Don't Care If the President Shoots Someone on Fifth Avenue

Kinda Gross - but, the Truth hurts

Did Kushner just lie in his statement this morning? I mean specifically . . .

ICE is becoming so brutal under Trump that an agent went public with concerns to New Yorker.

If memory serves...

Q: Mr. President, should Jeff Sessions resign? Trumps face: LOL!

I think the Senate is going to repeal Obamacare today.

WTF is wrong with Schumer bashing Hillary like this?

Maine lobstermen, wholesalers worry Trump could ruin access to Asian markets

Massachusetts top court: State can't comply with immigration detainers

Comfortably Numb - Roger Waters & Eddie Vedder Us + Them 2017.07.23 Chicago Night Two

Is it fair to consider Two Scoops an internet troll?

What's Schumer's phone number?

Poll: Americans split 42%-42% on impeaching Trump

If these 'repugnant' Senators weren't women-he would challenge them to an "Aaron Burr"-style duel

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says Kid Rock Senate run will shake up Washington

He disgusts me - wipe that smile off your face!!

Senator Chuck Grassley trying to draw sympathy for Jared Kushner

The Guardian confirms ties from Kushner to Russian oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering

Massachusetts top court: State can't comply with immigration detainers (x-post from LBN)

Massachusetts top court: State can't comply with immigration detainers (x-post from LBN)

New Meme . . . . .

Nancy Sinatra's six-month review of the Trump "presidency."

Former GOP Senator: Resist the bullying. Vote no on the mystery healthcare bill.

A casual reader might take this sentence as a denial that Kushner had read famous Goldstone email.

There's a burglar in the house...

Reefer madness returns to America as Trumps DOJ begins a marijuana crackdown

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Honestly Lying

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Rudy Guiliani is being mentioned as a possible replacement for Jeff Sessions?

Another inconvenience for "loners".

Florida to Pay Legal Fees in Case That Kept Doctors From Discussing Guns

Rexit. coming soon to WH, exit for Tillerson? in Danger of Shuttering

Romans threatened with water rationing as Italy's heatwave drags on

Jason Chaffetz: Why is Congress questioning Jared Kushner and not Chelsea Clinton for Benghazi?

Slate - "Of Course Trump will Provoke a Constitutional Crisis"

"Donald's World" - He is LOST in a field of corruption

Trump frequently interrupts conversations about other topics to complain bitterly about Russia probe

Friendly reminder- Chump is at 37% -58% at gallup

Jared Speaks.

I sure wish I could go to the EAA convention this year...

MESSAGE TO DEMOCRATS - The Election Was Stolen/Rigged/Gamed Et Al.

Jared sounds

Man Who Runs Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier to Plead the Fifth

Cringey-Kushner says he didn't collude w Russia-knows of no one on the campaign who did-No Questions

Guess who said this: "Jimmy Carter is a bad person, he has gone to the dark side

U.S. Inflation Remains Low, and Thats a Problem.

Company to install microchips in employees

Putin's Pulling Tillerson Out

TYT: Trump Administration More Abortion (cutting sex ed funds)

Day 185

What the hell, Chris Jansing?!

Each Day This National Disaster Gets Harder To Watch.

Watching the nineties....Bill Clinton's second

We live in exciting times

Very simple explanation for why Schumer and other Dems are distancing themselves from Hillary

At Chicago Sun-Times, New Owners Vow Return to Papers Working-Class Roots.


IMHO: "I have not sought the spotlight." Translation: "He's the egomaniac, not me."

Here's what Schumer only half gets-- Trump is an amazing salesman...

Notorious R.B.G. (Love Ginsburg!)

Idiot Rand Paul just told @jaketapper that "in all likelihood" Trump can pardon himself.

'Wonder Woman' Becomes Top Earning Summer Movie at the Domestic Box Office

Joe Manchin says if Kushner doesn't testify publicly, Kushner's transcript should be released: "Make

an ugly new scam directed at women

Manchin seems to be going all out......Calls for Kushner to publically testify or.....

GOP Rep: Fight To Fix OCare Is Womens Fault, Could Be Solved With A Gun Duel

Kushner claims "Guccifer400" demanded bitcoins in exchange for not publishing Trump's tax returns

TPM - "Theres A Lot We Still Dont Know About Kushners Russian Contacts"

Donald Trump is hiding something TERRIBLE:

If "Ridicule" of Deplorables is Wrong

London Evening Starndard Cover: "I Did Not Have Corrupt Relations With That Country"

Am I the only person listening to the Democratic Party plan press conference

That Ridiculous Trolls Video, Though.

Posts and commentaries about Hillary Clinton are a waste of time!

Be Prepared To Be Contract Employee. That's Where Employment Is Heading.

Research Shows Gender Attacks on Women Work

Trumps Russian Laundromat

I feel your pain, Donnie

"Peace" Is a Verb--and "Women" Is the Noun

HRC would have been a great president...but she's never going to run again.

"I did not collude"

"Peace" Is a Verb--and "Women" Is the Noun

"Peace" Is a Verb--and "Women" Is the Noun

MAGA - Molesting American Girls Again

Joy Reid "gotcha" for Kushner

Wait. So now the HERITAGE FOUNDATION will score bills while CBO is gutted?

Michelle Bachmann is back! And as nutso as she always was!

Betty Dukes: A Celebration of Life --ERA activist, sued wal-mart for discrimination

Betty Dukes: A Celebration of Life--ERA activist, sued wal-mart for discrimination

Betty Dukes: A Celebration of Life--ERA activist, sued wal-mart for discrimination

Margaret Atwood's "Alias Grace" teaser for Netflix

Democrats try to fill the hollow Trump agenda - By Jennifer Rubin

San Antonio death toll in 'horrific' human trafficking reaches 10

Feinstein wants Sessions before the Judiciary Committee to explain himself.

Public Employees Federation: IT outsourcing will now be in-sourced

GM Previews New Cars for 2020

The Art of the "Better Deal"?

Conference re: rural hospital closures (Nashville)

Hey, Democratic Candidates: Pro-Choice Women Are Your Base

I know we all like to think something will be done

Hey, Democratic Candidates: Pro-Choice Women Are Your Base

Hey, Democratic Candidates: Pro-Choice Women Are Your Base

Trump to make 'dummy' visit to Britain

CNN - "Chuck Schumer just threw Hillary Clinton under the bus"

question about twitter

TPM - "Better Hair, Same Story"

Bush's Baked Beans Issues Voluntary Recall Notice

Please stop saying that discussion about Hillary is "irrelevant" because she is not in power

Why is the public barred from the discussion Mr kushner had with staffers

Are people that have a lot of debt more prone to suicide?

Slate - "Trump is Ordering Service Members to Support the GOP Agenda. That is Terrifying."

AZ to become the latest state to move away from automatic isolation for death row inmates

So what if Obama had mentioned pardoning himself or Hillary had she won?

Paid family leave doesn't extend to state union members yet

man asks Jared Kushner to sign a Russian flag

Kushner's e-mail ("Can u pls call me on my cell? Need excuse to get out of meeting.") is a lie!

It is unbelievable that anyone running for President or in a high position of government...

What's with the Paul Ryan Love child and Lady with the Eyebrows...

I just called 14 senators about tomorrows ACA vote

The Sooner The Kochs Drop Dead The Better.

Donald Trumps sketch of the Manhattan skyline is going to auction

Huge development in the Trump-Russia case, The Real Story

Twitter Links: Bernie Sanders NAACP Convention

Pres. Trump says Obamacare has wreaked havoc on Americans "for the past 17 years."

Trump administration seeks to repeal Obama fracking rule

Did Trump take a time machine and kidnap a 15 year old Paul Ryan for his speech today?

" Dead cows. We're all dead cows walking."

So If You Are A Democrat You Are A Traitor To Military & US.?

Troops worry Trump crackdown puts their immigrant families at risk

When does Resistance become Rebellion?

Trump is coming to Ohio July 25th

trump's speech on health care:

Giuliani: Sessions 'Made The Right Decision' To Recuse Himself

Bill by Al Green would block Trump's ability to self-pardon

John Kerry, Yale's newest teacher - nice interview

Look at the woman over Trump's shoulder

The Voting Rights Agenda Must Include Felon Reenfranchisement

Ali just tore than Lannie Chen a new one re hearings on Obamacare

Too Bad Don't Have Firefighting Tanker To Drop Shit Bomb On Trump Rally. 747 Be OK.-

President Donald Trump: "Obamacare is death."

As For A Duel With a GOPPER I Would Not Give Them A Chance To Turn Around.

The victims of Obamacare, from left to right:

Can we stop using the word "collusion'".........................

Trump Is Inciting His Base To Go Ballistic & Become Violent If They Lose.

Medical cannabis grow sites are now almost legal in West Berkeley

Trump DOJ nominee used to represent Russian bank with ties to Putin

Federal judge allows Trump commission's nationwide voter data request to go forward

FuckFace Trump sends this stuff out daily..WEST WING news

I Simply Cannot Watch Trump Or Any GOPPER. Brings Out My Worst Wishes.

'Tail-Standing' Sperm Whales Snooze in Stunning Photo

Aviation enthusiasts; The 2nd airworthy B-29 - "Doc" arrives at Oshkosh (pics and vids)

Luxury hotels, fine dining for LePage on taxpayers' dime

Congressman: "If female GOP senators were South Texas men, I'd challenge them to a duel"

Luxury hotels, fine dining for LePage on taxpayers' dime

Googled - Trump eyebrows - and hit News. OMG Twitter is going off

Hope you are calling Ernst & Grassley about the ACA

Candidate for Sessions's Senate seat uses Scalise shooting in TV ad

Please help rock this vote!

Which is more important to you?

For the Homophobic Right?

Tillerson Mulls Quitting After Trump Bashes Sessions

Research Shows Gender Attacks on Women Work

Speedy Mars Moon Zips Around Red Planet in Amazing NASA Video

Bonus Quote of the Day

Lawsuit May Force Trump To Disclose If He Has Had Treatment For Psychological Problems

Trump is really on it: Obamacare has been "death" for 17 years now (WTF?)

For a while I had hope we would be okay. But today I again lost that hope

"You have no right to food, housing, health care !"

Alt-right activists say Trump and Bannon are giving them "space to destroy" by keeping FBI away

Putin told Trump that Russian hackers were too good to get caught: report

House to vote Monday on controversial fix to urgent VA funding shortage

House to vote Monday on controversial fix to urgent VA funding shortage

Trump Turns Bully Pulpit on Senate Republicans

Catholic nuns come out against GOP health care bill

I Dont Think This Church Gave Enough Thought to the Quotation on Its New Mural

Teacher Reprimanded After Telling Students That Saying the Pledge is Optional

NC Church Accused of Bringing in Brazilian Worshipers to Use as Slaves

Spanish islands approve booze-free and bloodless bullfights

Ready or Not, McConnell Says Senate Voting on Health Care Tuesday

18-year-old woman arrested after live streaming deadly crash near Los Banos [CA]

Ari Melber : The Beat on MSNBC .... 6pm Est. from tonight, opportunity to show Andy Lack that

Kushner is full of it.

Kushner should be exonerated because they were only talking about adopting orphans.

FARC to formally announce political party on September 1

MSNBC's Chris Jansing really, REALLY PISSED OFF that Democrats DARED to speak during Jared's speech.

Santos hopes to improve Colombias economic ties with Cuba

Now there's an actress!

Protester tries to get Kushner to sign Russian flag


Sherrod Brown thinks he could have helped Democrats win in 2016. But what about 2020?

Republicans in House push for Congressional Budget Office cuts

Schumer: Democrats were 'namby-pamby'

Thousands Of Nuns Sign A Blistering Letter To Senate Republicans On Health Care

Trump misspeaks, decrying '17 years' of ObamaCare

Paul: GOPers 'Have No Earthly Idea' Of Repeal Bill They'll Vote On Tomorrow

Democrats Mix Politics With Policy Rollout in Virginia

McCain may come back for health care vote tomorrow

These top prosecutors are threatening legal action against Betsy DeVos

Path of Totality - Bill Nye & the Totally Awesome Total Eclipse

Congressional Budget Office is Freedom Caucus's target in spending bill

Please, Democratic leaders, don't let Tom Carper do national interviews again.

REC if the Obama Presidency was the best 17 years of your life.

In 24 hours, the Senate will vote on a mystery health care bill

Al Gore in San Francisco: U.S. will fight climate change no matter what Trump does

Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case

Even if the ACA repeal doesn't take place until 2020

He meant 7 years.

Let's give Ari a yuuuuuge welcome and show Andy Lack how thrilled we are to have a

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 24, 2017

Trump claims, among other things, that ObamaCare has been in place for 17 years

Anybody see the scaramooch clip w/the whining to Obama

Ron Perlman Talks President Donald Trump Speech Patterns AM Joy MSNBC

This POS "president" is turning our country into a horrifying 3rd world country...

Can someone post side by side face picts of blotus from Jan 20 and this week? trying to show weight


By Taking On Rep. Schiff, Trump Again Reveals He's Panicking

Jared's Speech, Cliffs Notes Version: Trump won because he's good enough, he's smart enough, and...

Snopes Faces an Ugly Legal Battle

The lady with the eyebrows is another sign of the incompetence of Trump's staff.

Ari (on his new show) just said senators are trying to get McCain's vote!

Ari's fab start: How did the harried preppie

GOP Congress spouses shave eyebrows in solidarity with Twitter-mocked Trump supporter

Other forums?

What Does Steve Bannon Do?......

Dear GOP Senator: Do the Political Math

Trump renames drain the swamp to drain the sewer... great!

Trump and the Boy Scouts

Intimidation of Boy Scouts in W. VA. I will just leave this for you to ponder!

I just saw Kushner on the lawn of the White House............

Trump Speaks at Boy Scout Jamboree

Federal judge green-lights collection of voter data

Ari Melber new show.. MNSBC

RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark (NatGeo/Joel Sartore)

Lessons re Charlie Gard - Reason, Science and Medicine win over politics

President Trump: "Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the boy scouts?"

Senate Heads Toward a Health Care Showdown Vote Tuesday

I feel sorry for the women with the bad eyebrows...

Trump addresses 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia

The Boy Scouts of America boo Hillary Clinton

Twitter Video: Nobody who works 40 hours a week should live in poverty.

My Prediction about the People Behind Trump

What is the role of the Supreme Court in this "constitutional crisis"?

Chanterelle mushrooms!!!!

Will they Repeal Obamacare?...I don't think so..

Donald Trump has found a new audience to preen before...

Hardball is good tonight...

Keith Olbermann is on fire

When in mixed (right and left) forums where women politicians are being mobbed

A pro-Putin California congressman has been accused of violating US sanctions on Russia

Photo: Bernie with The Grand Rapids NAACP youth council before heading back to D.C.

California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher accused of violating US sanctions on Russia

Sanders calls GOP health care bill 'destructive' and 'irresponsible'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Jumpin Jack Flash

Derek Lowe's reaction to Panera's dopey (and misleading) sodium benzoate ad campaign

It will be a crying shame

Have you ever had to hire a lawyer?

Nice sign

Republicans consider flying McCain back to DC for health care vote.